JEEZ THIS NAME IS TOO LONG FOR THE TITLE BAR ABOVE. Look how it doesn’t fit! I’m not a fan of long song names, but that’s just about my only real complaint, and it’s not really a complaint either. If you haven’t seen 2PM’s awkwardly longly titled “Come Back When You Hear This Song” check it out here!


Yeah! It’s an ok song. It’s not amazing. It’s just politely tame and pleasant. Not jarring. Not bizarre. Pretty sounding, but not a blow-you-away kind of song, you know? It’s not something we’ll be dancing to in the mornings when we’re getting ready for the day, like we do with other Kpop songs. It’s just…nice!

We brainstormed over what we could have our 30 second showdown disagreement over, but we agree with each other about this song through and through. 2PM are dressed really well. They look like men; forget a boyish image. They’re great dancers, but the broadway-musical aspect of the dance sometimes makes us uncomfortable, but it’s not terrible. And the Seven Deadly Sins weren’t really like the Seven Deadly Sins at all. They were really vaguely related. I’m sure some people might be like “oh it does make sense! Having sex with someone is lust!” No it isn’t. Being overly horny is lustful. When we saw that scene, it really just looked like two people lovingly looking at each other and about to get it on. And ripping off a necklace is pride? I don’t get it.

OH WAIT! We did have one complaint we didn’t talk about in this video – HOLY FRACK WAS THAT ENDING EVER CHEESY. Walking away from fireworks in slow motion? How in the bubbletoads is that relevant? How is that not excessively 80′s cheesy? The rest of the video was cool and interesting, and we were digging it, but we legitimately bust out laughing at slow motion walking away from stuff. It’s just lazy! Did JYPE not see this video?


Yeah man. That was lame.

Otherwise, since we’re so happy to finally see 2PM back in Korea, we want to give away one of their new CDs. Woot! We would have it with us today but it’s sold out, but it’s coming in tomorrow. HUZZAH! Want to win one? Let us know in the comments how many JYP Diamond Tears headphones were in our video. OOH THAT MEANS YOU GOTTA WATCH THE VIDEO AGAIN! Good luck finding them. A lot of them are really hard to catch :D

OH! And you gotta be subscribed to win. Leave your YouTube username along with your answer, so we can be sure you’re subbed :D

And, lastly, we’ve got some cheesy bloopers, as always. The dance scene didn’t go as planned at first…


  1. OHHHH I would have never guessed that Martina hated musicals! #recent2pmfanhere

  2. So, given that everything that was being symbolised was written next to them, what are we supposed to infer about them dancing outside the ‘Legend Building’? They collected all 7 deadly sins and this makes them legends? Good message, guys….

  3. There were 10 small product placements of the JYP headphones

    but there were 9 other placements including the one you were holding when you were talking about the random product placement, the one time you had it around your neck, the two big ones, the three screenshots that had a rectangle around them in the music videos, the one time you held it while you were talking about the CD giveaway and the one placed in the bloopers screenshot at the time of the video

    So in total 19. pleasepleaseplease

  4. um…have they announced who won the 2pm Cds?

  5. doesn’t the headphone come 2 times out on the video?? I want the CD~!!

  6. I love Simon’s skits! Freakin’ funny!!!

  7. Raine

    Watching through twice I got 15 including you holding them up and
    flashing them and wearing them…and its Key, T.O.P. and Jay Park. Hehe.
    I made my sister come take the quiz. Hehe. Oh yeah, I love
    musicals…Hehe. Just had to put that out there. But, the choreography
    WAS a bit hokey ’cause….this wasn’t a musical. LOL.I thought the song was boring. I’ve been finding that a lot lately.


  9. LOL chicken chest. I like what you do with the blackboard XD
    The song isn’t that great, I expected something better for their comeback…

  10. Are the JYP headphones good quality?

  11. Simon’s teacher persona is the best. He needs his own special name!

  12. 2pm looks more mature :) no question about it

  13. teah I thought so too!! I LIKE the song , but I don’t LOVE the song.

  14. Fangirling with Fangurilla could be a legitimate YouTube channel. xD

  15. OMG. I’m bursting to laughter at your skit. Like Simon you’re really the best! And it’s a trivia for me knowing that Martina hates musical. It seems you’re very passionate with any kind of music LOL anyways, this is one of the best KMM for me. Though your reviews for 2PM’s new song is i think 8/10, i think your points are correct. And hey! I was rewatching the video like for the nth time and i think it was 16 times! Not sure though but I’m hoping for the best! ^^ YT: lakamasabino

  16. The only thing I have to strongly disagree with Martina on is…musicals. I’m such a musical nerd! Watch musicals, been in musicals – the whole lot. I didn’t find 2PM’s dancing musical-ly at all, but whatevs…

  17. OK!!!! I Am a 2pm fan and anything they do is awesome! I love their new songs they are beautiful and fun and I would dance at a club to them. So I do not know why you are picking them to pieces. 2pm is coming back and needs all of our support, OH! JYP is a genious and anything he touches turns to gold! Example RAIN,2pm, 2am etc…don’t pick to pieces groups that bring allot of money to South Korea.

  18. krittika roychowdhury

    2pm def looked better

  19. I just wanna say that now, every time I watch 2pm perform this song, I can’t help but laugh when they do the hand-grabbing move xD

  20. I lied..
    there are 5 headphonesss

  21. i actually made a Diamond Tears tv spot for an advertising class this week :D :D :D
    i made sure to put a JYP whisper in the beginning hahahaha.
    i’d be honored if you guys watched it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7Hg0B7wwxU&feature=youtu.be

  22. My answer will be quick ;) In video is in total 26 headphones (which include 12 mini headphones)
    Youtube username: Paulina Z

  23. I just rewatched the video and felt like commenting on it, since you critized it a bit for being kinda “vague/weak”. I think it works for it to be like that. Maybe the purpose could be not to show actual dramatic scenes, but rather to give you a hint that the deadly sins are stuff that could (slowly) destroy a relationship, so you have think more for yourself about why they’re angry and so on more than forcing on an explanation. And maybe that could, at least a bit, justify the words in all the scenes, cause otherwise you might not get the theme instead.

    Well, that’s just me speculating. Bye, now I’m gonna go back to laughing at the KMM :D

  24. ok the video in total has 17 time, but this 17 are, 9 in the video, 3 in the MV 2PM, 4 of the section when talked about the headphones and when Simon said about the dynamics 1, so the total are 17

    And my vote is 2pm

  25. Martina hates musicals and turtlenecks XD what else?

  26. OMG Fangurilla is freaking awesome

  27. I loooooved this format!! Really guise, I laughed soo much at this KMM, a lot more than others recently, and I hope you’ll stick (mostly) to this format! I really liked… well, all the skits, I can’t choose one :3 But the classroom skits with the jokes on the bord in the back are amazing. Chicken chest! :D It’s also very clever of you to have the 30sec/1min debate when you actually disagree. Overall, this is just awesome!

  28. madame bromocriptine

    I would really love for u guys to do a review on 2PM’s A.D.T.O.Y man! gonna c Simon do the dance! muahahaha.. pretty much fell in love with the song, so I really want u guys to review it.. wohooo

  29. 11 flashing small headphones
    1 while Mr. Brohoho was talking
    3 from Simon’s awkward Product placement
    1 Simon talking about the product placement, while holding headphones in his hand towards end of the video
    1 In the blooper clip icon towards the end of the video with mr. brohoho
    5 times in the actual music video clips (wooyoung at piano x3 & 2 near nickhun and chansung)

    So I’d say there’s 22 all together! Ahhhh I hope that’s right :P :)
    My Youtube name: Samiya321
    Doubt i’ll win but hey, this was fun! That was such an engaging kpop music monday :D

  30. OMG THIS WAS EPICC!! I can’t stop laughing i swear!! I loved everything about this episode of the music mondays and i couldn’t agree more about the song. As you said, it’s an okay song but its quite catchy. Like it grows on you you know? I know how the mv was supposedly all serious and stuff but the dancing (the leaps, taps and jazz hands) kind of made me want to laugh? I kind of got confused….is that weird? xD And Simon, you make one heck of a pretty girl! ahahah and all the linguistics and etymology class with Dr Trulio was genius! I don’t get how you guys think of these! Like seriously, HOW? And “I’m not ugly, I’m exotic” is definitely on its way to becoming my most used one-liner! ahaha can’t wait to use it xD
    And as to how many JYP Diamond tears headphones there is:
    appears with Simon holding/wearing around the neck- 3
    Awkward product placement- 2
    Other small headphones pictures that appear throughout- 12
    From 2pm’s MV clips that were included- 8

    At the end, where Spudgy is being cute and singing(?), the blooper video link!- 1
    So in total 26! I really hope i got this right! I spent so much time on this video that i think i got most of your lines memorized! xP
    Hoping to win!^^

    Youtube username: Farah Habib ([email protected])

  31. Ok, I think I got a headache from counting those headphones. I watched it in so many ways and so many times that I could probably repeat all comments from KMM myself. My last idea of how to watch it was playing KMM in slow motion so it took like about an hour just to see it all (it has never been that long lol). So after huge amount of time spent at staring at S&M and 2PM I gotta say that I found 26 headphones (if not then I must have sight problems). Just in case you don’t think I counted it myself I’m gonna say where they were: 12 mini headphones (eyk’s logo, 2PM’s album cover, CBWYHTS MV, left side of the blackboard, right side when Martina is talking, JYJ Junsu’s picture, Nichkhun’s shot from MV, above the laptop, the dance part, English part, 2PM vs SuJu, Seungrina), MV (4 shots of Chanana, 4 shots of Wooyoung), 2 huge JYP advertisements, with Simon (2 times wearing them including bloopes preview and 2 times holding them) and I even have print screens with those moments LOL. I must really want this album or I’m just crazy to write all of this. I hope it is a correct answer (26 is also my age so I like that answer ^^) and I will finally win coz I really love 2PM’s music (them too) and it’s not easy to get their physical album in Poland. Youtube username: Daria B :)

  32. ok if i counted them will that would be 11 of the small
    random ones , 4 that have been with simon ( + the one at the end of vid
    in the bloopers link ) , 2 of the big full scren ads and 8 from the mv
    caps .

    as total 25 or ( 24 without the bloopers link ).

  33. amazing!! This FanGuerilla Thing! its f* hilarious XDDDD I laughed so much and rlab XD best EYKMM for the moment!! thanks for this funny time, i really enjoying to watch it :)) *going to watch it again*

    and don´t forget, I´m not ugly, I´m EXOTIC!! :DDD

  34. There was 12 mini headphones. If we add the two free ads, the times Simon showed his and Mr. Brohoho’s in the bloopers preview, that makes 18. And with the ones in the MV extracts, it makes 26 headphones!
    That’s a lot! JYP should be grateful. :P
    Youtube username is music2moon. Thank you for giving us the chance to win CDs! Yay! :D

  35. I actually didn’t mind the first half of the song. I actually kind of liked it. It was the second half I had a problem for. It was just….so awkward. Especially that part with the arms flying back into an airplane-like position. You know what I’m saying?

    Oh! Oh! Here’s another thing I couldn’t stand: the outfits. What waswith the old-school, country style going on in that video? (Seriously? Did I spot bolo ties?…No. Just, no.) They just didn’t fit the vibe of the video

  36. KMM is awesome once again. Never fail to make me laugh. That blackboard seriously… Too bad I couldn’t see you guys when I was in Seoul. I even saw De Caunes… Anyways. I think there were 27 headphones? (YT username: Chokobeee) So many ninja ones! I’d pick 2PM for the showdown… I love tuxedos but… I also like when they’re not all dressed the same. Too boys band-ish.

  37. Martina, why do you hate musicals so much?? …Bad experience?

  38. I really want to get one! Oh pleaseeeeeeee 2PM Fighting!

  39. I really feel you found a good balance between the new and old format, this was engaging and wonderful

  40. You hate musicals?? That explains why I actually the loved the dance portions in this video and you didn’t…

  41. I seem to be the only one to agree that musicals are the work of the devil who came to torture us with cheesy songs and forced smiles. I truly hate them from the bottom of my heart! Nice to know I’m not the only one though :)

  42. kawaii_candie

    lol. cool headphones! i hope JYP does buy you dinner… that would be awesome! you could take him fapfapping… lol.

    and i really loved the “fangirling with fangurilla” segment! lol. they really are some of the best dressed k-poppers.

    well done for this week guise! <3

  43. is it 20 headphones? (YT: hobooncouch567)

  44. Omg, I was genuinely listening to G.NA’s Banana about two minutes before I saw the recipe on the board XD

  45. I really like the dance actually, but then again I am a huge musical theatre nerd, sooooo…

  46. I was also expecting a song and video with more umph. But after I was able to push that aside and take the song for what it was, I really enjoyed it. And I thought the title of the song was kinda cute considering it was their first Korean song after such a long time. I don’t ming long song titles, though. The video’s still just alright for me, but I really do love their clothes. Seriously one of the best dressed kpop mvs I’ve ever seen. I agree that some of the dancing is a little cheesy, but I still liked it. Unlike Martina, though, I am a fan of musicals haha.

  47. I was distracted for the rest of the video after Martina said she hates musicals. Whaaaaaa? Don’t hate on all musicals! They have some edgy ones out there like RENT and plenty of other ones that don’t involve the traditional musical choreography/style.

  48. 11 Headphones spotted!
    (at least if you only count the pasted ones that “pops” up here and there, otherwise I saw 25 of them lol)

    YT: YukiiDaruma

  49. I found 12 headphones~
    Youtube account: Liraelwolf6

  50. I think there were 16 headphones, so i’ll go with that. :) My youtube account is asiandramasxmusic

  51. So I am pretty sure that there were 26 headphones throughout the video and with the set on the back counter to the left for most of the video, I make that 27 total. (Karen Welborn on youtube). As for the most mature, while I LOVE a man in a tuxedo, I have to pick 2PM for the showdown. I cannot get the recipe on the blackboard during Simon University. Can anyone help me with that?

    Will this be your new format for KMM? I really like this way!

  52. I think there were 15 headphones, so i’ll go with that. :) My youtube account is asiandramasxmusic

  53. i am not sure which headphones counted to i put them all…there were 7 ones placed into the video…4 from clips of the MV and 6 from the one Simon and Martina’s personal headphones and the JYP ** whisper** commercial that they made…i wasn’t sure if all of those counted so i just included them…hihih…>.<…i hope i got them all i REALLY want to CD i don't own a K-pop CD yet and hope that you guys will help me with this little wish of mine :P

  54. Haha, “Chicken Chest” on the Blackboard……AJ, AJ, AJ…smh

  55. I’m not ugly, I’m exotic!

  56. Wae u no like Musicals??!!!! WAEEEE!!!!!!! >_<!!!

  57. KEEP FANGURILLA!!!! that was freaking hilarious!!!!!

  58. 2PM is Back! Ahh~ I’m waiting for them 2 yaers ^^ And they give me big present! Their 2 title song are realised in my BIRTHDAY~! :D I’m so happy ^^
    Ok. This is my answer:
    12 cartoon (?) headphones ( what you just add in video )
    When Simon was in video: 3 + 1 in the end ( bloopers )
    That awkward advertising (?): 2
    And when you show 2PM’s video: 7
    So all it was 25 ^^

  59. Haha shouldn’t dressing up as a girl mean you contort your voice to be more Girly as opposed to more coarse and scary?? xD

  60. Totally agree with you guys. I am more than happy that they are back and hotter than ever but I’m also kinda disappointed. Oh well.

  61. I hope there will be more Seungrina. XD :)

  62. MORE Seungrina Segments!! :)

  63. Nice fashion magazine… If it really existed, come in my aaaaarms!!!
    But you guys hate Annie? *drops dead* and the Lion King? That’s musical too….
    I just discovered that eatyourkimchi is mentioned on the wikipedia page of kpop..’ O.o

    I say Suju for the showcase!

  64. Lust is really just an extreme desire for something, it doesn’t have to be sex, it could be a lust for life. So there could’ve been much better ways to display the 7 Deadly Sins. Just a comment, haha.

  65. I know exactly why you don’t like Musical Martina! I hate those!…

    However, I really love Why so Serious and I don’t get what part of it you consider musical XD

    I have to say that I’m happy that you didn’t do a music monday of it because you always say true facts about the videos even when you don’t like it….

    You make me agree at the end even if I love the song XD

  66. Completely agree with everything you guys mentioned! I liked ADTOY much better than Come Back When You Hear This Song (title is too long, completely agree with Simon hahah), but still it’s catchy and I liked the video for the most part! And I’m voting for SJ for the more mature, manly look :)

  67. lipstick, chicken, butter….roll? Bananas – GNA or is it just me? HAHA

  68. MrJungleBoi 15!!!!

  69. For some reason I like this song. Try hearing it with good quality earphones.

  70. I’m an ELF but I gotta go with 2PM, they do look more ‘mature’.
    Also, I agree, this song was a bit of a let down and lacked ‘oomph’ as Martina said.

    Lastly, great skits! I loved them all, especially Simon’s literature class and that blackboard. So much fun figuring out the questions. XD

  71. @simonandmartina:disqus Did I ever tell you you’re my favorite cross dresser Simon? This was an awesome KMM guise!!! I laughed so hard my balls fell off. Tank you.

  72. That was hilarious hahahhaha i love the seungrina fangurilla skit it was awesome i want more of it xD
    The chalkboard was awesome as always, i just loved this kmm!
    And i agree with you guys about the song it is not bombastic but im still digging it because it is such a great song to ears. That r&b feel in the song is so good. But indeed the mv is not that good, its not bad but its ok. Ending was really bad, and had nothing to do with the rest of the music video.
    Anyways love you guys ^^

  73. 19 JYP Diamond Tear headphones! BAM! Youtube Username: JazzyHMM

  74. The whole finding the headphones thing is confusing cause of the hidden ones and then the real ones Simon is holding/wearing plus the ones shown in clips of the MV, but I’m going with just the tiny ones that pop up here and there during the KMM video.

    –> I spotted 10. Not sure if that’s right but that’s with what I’m going with. I watched it over and over and paused all throughout and I need to stop. lol. :)

    YT: Diana Sanchez

  75. Well..got comment about the 7 sins here…although it wasn’t the 7 deadly sins it was really smart and great how they put it in the MV and for thr pride collar is not about throwing the collar that means pride, it’s more like she throw her pride and run after the boys, in this case boys, she like after hearing the song xD

  76. So this comment is going to be somewhat relevant to those that watched the “Cool guys don’t look at explosions” music vid.

    I luff you guise S&M!!!!!!!!!!! and I also love the “cool guys don’t look at explosions” video a lot! mostly because andy samberg is posing as a Bruce Springsteen type rocker, and The Boss is quite possibly my fave artist of all times…. gah that man, last year’s Wrecking Ball tour was the bomb! I was bribed by my parents with those tickets… otherwise I would have stayed in Mexico and not have gone for vacation to see them… My cancun plans evaporated as soon as they mentioned Bruce, hahahaha,

  77. I think there were 13 headphones! Not 100% sure but it’s definitely worth a shot!

    Oh, and I vote for 2PM in the showdown. They looked SNAZZY~ <333

  78. Zara Pamela Abrasaldo

    11 jyp headphones .

    username : Zara Pamela Abrasaldo

  79. YouTube Username: breakingmyheart43
    17. 18 if you count the one in the tumbnail for the bloopers.

  80. I got 23 username 15Aprilsky

  81. 27 headphones.
    YouTube: KatieAnn297

  82. Name this Kpop Idol answer:
    1. Key
    2. Top
    3. Jay park

    on the side note, I really like the chorus… i don’t know the lyrics but nanananananana Dorawa… something like that..

  83. Agree T__T This could be a video darker than it was TT____TT That is my only complain about the video so sad….. XD OH Simon u always make me laugh Thanks!

  84. Fangurilla needs to be a regular segment….just saying….

  85. Fangurilla is officially my new favorite EYK character. Noona neomu yeppeo. <3

  86. I saw 12 headphones appearing randomly, I saw the headphones 3 times with Simon was with them and saw 8 in the little clips from the music video. Over all were 23 headphones. :D

    This video was HILARIOUS! Love you guys! :)

  87. Just watch the MV, does anybody have an IU vibe from it? The hand movements and slightly high tones?
    Side note: This song would be awesome if more like a ballad excluding the randomly placed rapping.

  88. Youtube Username: theAandB
    Answer: I counted 9 headphones ^^~!!

  89. I’m going to throw in my guess and say 14 headphones, the hidden ones and then the ones showed from the clips of the mv
    Youtube name is DemiYori

  90. My favorite Music Monday in a while :D. So funny!!! PERFECT balance of skits and discussion. The Fangirling Guerilla segment caused me to tear up I was cracking up so hard. It sounded just like some comments on Soompi or AllKpop. I didn’t mind the whole “musical” vibe of the song, but I’m not anti-musical anyhow (although I thought “Why So Serious” was the weakest track on SHINee’s new album and they definitely should have led with some other track…despite it being the title). This song has really grown on me. I was “meh” at first, but just like History’s debut song “Dreamer”, I really dig the beat. It’s sort of uplifting in an “anthem song” sort of way…anywho…

    I vote for 2pm in the showdown. I really like the fashion (suspenders! lol).

  91. thisisjustforfunval

    I had to stop watching when Fangurrila came on, I was literally about to die of laughter at work. XD OMG Simon how did you hold it together doing that skit?

  92. Another great Music Monday! The “Fangirling with Fangurilla” was fantastic! Bloopers were funny, too.

    I don’t have the time to hunt for JYP teardrops in a video, but that’s a funny idea for this contest.

  93. irritablevowel

    Martina’s dislike of musicals makes me sad since Broadway people/Theatre people are the most hilarious people that ever there were.

    I really want to share my count of the headphones, but I just want to play, not win a cd. Since I know there is someone out there who really wants the CD, I’ll keep my count to myself (but there were a lot I say! A LOT!)

  94. Mar, thx for clearing up why you don’t like Why So Serious? We understand that your pet peeves like turtle necks, ballads, and (now we know) musicals, are insurmountable. I saw a pic of Taemin and a key for “guess that idol” on the chalk board.. i guess the fact that you don’t like WSS doesn’t mean you’re not SHINee biased any more…hehe

  95. Hi guys!

    I’m sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could look over Roh Ji Hoon’s song Punishment, even though it has been out for a while, and if you like it I was hoping you could add it to Music Mondays because I would love to hear what you guys think of it. But if its already been put on Music Mondays then sorry for the bother!

  96. CWHTS 2PM’s video like a musical xD

  97. I know the song!!!!! G.Na’s “Bananas”!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha
    It sounds just like that!

  98. KATHyphenTUN

    That skit was awesome!! Haha i loved it! And simon you brohoho rap was pretty impressive!! XP

  99. HAHA G.NA. reference on the chalkboard! ICWUDT XD

  100. there was 11 hidden headphones and more obvious ones such as the awkward ad placements and in the m/v, etc. so…like 24 in total headphones, but 11 hidden ones.

    jjrocker98 is my youtube name

  101. I found 26 JYP headphones.
    2 when Simon held them up
    2 during the EYK product placement ad
    8 throughout the KMM
    1 at the end on the blooper video
    4 with Chansung
    4 with Wooyoung
    1 with Nichkhun’s scene during your sin explanations
    1 with Mr. Brohoho
    2 with Seungria
    1 with PR. Trolio
    I watched this video so many times in order to make sure I got all the headphones. I really hope I did find them all.

  102. I died a little bit inside when Martina said she hated musicals…. </3

  103. Yay 2PM! And I would enter 2 win the CD but I already pre-ordered it cuz I’m cool like that haha! But I wouldn’t win anyway so yeah… lol

    Also as a Theater major I love musicals so I loved the dance….I didn’t really agree with you guys this time, but other than that as always KMM was freakin’ hilarious. ^^

  104. Yay 2PM! And I would enter 2 win the CD but I already pre-ordered it cuz I’m cool like that haha! But I wouldn’t win anyway so yeah… lol

  105. I watched it and I only found 23 Youtube Username: Speckleddotz

  106. Fangirling with Fangurrilla! That skit was too funny. And I agree, even though I’m super glad 2PM is back, this song didn’t blow me away. It was a pleasant and pretty song, but I prefer A.D.T.O.Y. over this one. Aaaaaaaaaand I see BILASA on the computer screen! I hope you guys review them next week! :)

  107. I don’t know whether I’m too happy that 2PM is finally back or what, but i really like the song. But the first time i listened to it, it just as you say, okay. but the article about nickhun came out recently, i can relate the song and what happened to them. so i feel this song is really heart-warming that make hottests to come back. well, actually i’m not a hottest though but still the feel of the song match well with the situation they are on. love this KMM though, super hilarious! especially at the club XDD

  108. I found 10 headphone thingys. I hope i get it right! ;D

  109. Fangurilla rocks!

  110. I haven’t laughed this hard over a Music Monday for a long time. This is hilarious. Keep the skits coming!

  111. Martina you said Dodo! (:

  112. Well my answer is
    12 mini headphones
    3 headphones that Simon is either wearing or holding
    8 headphones in the clips you included from 2PM’s MV
    2 headphones in the awkward product placement “commercials”
    1 headphone in the clip inserted from the bloopers while Spudgy sings
    26 six headphones total
    Maagaaaad! I saw the video sooo many times
    My YouTube account is Sing Cyn
    Thanks guise (:

  113. I got 23 headphones :)

    Username neko2341

  114. okay… a couple things….

    nothing about that choreography is musical theatrish…i dont understand at all where they are getting that from
    some of it is cheesy old school boybandish
    but not theatre
    and as a professional musical theatre dancer i think i am informed enough to make this observation
    MARTINA WHY DO YOU HATE ME…i feel like i just took a shot in the heart…
    oh well ill get over it. Its not for everyone.

    and thirdly
    better videos!


    • AHH! now that you mention it! Yes, I agree it is from old school boyband style! explains the walking away from the fireworks scene at the end. Cheesy old school is definitely the theme in this MV. LOL

  115. Totally love this week’s KMM!!! :D So funny! OH god…Fangurrila…awkward skits….Mr. Brohoho~!! XD Great job guys! Great job!

  116. I only counted 12 and I know I’m wrong but it doesn’t matter thanks guys for looking at 2PM I have to say they are really great dressers and keep up the good work simon and martina (AND SPUDGY, AND Dr. Memersworth(?) and SooZee and Leigh

    Youtube account name: Julia Hamilton

  117. I hope ya’ll were talking about the individual mini headphones EYK crew put in throughout the video because I counted 12 MINI HEADPHONES!!!! :D
    I even have the time marks for each of them.. but it i were to include the JYP product placements and you wearing / holding them in the MMvideo then it would be 17 Headphone Product Placements.. (not including the ones from the clips of the video) that would make it 21… oh gosh now I’m confusing my self, let me watch it again.. lol

    Youtube Username : IwishIwasaSharpie

  118. For the headphones:

    Without counting all the extras I’m going to list below, I saw 12 awkward headphones in the video.

    If you guys are counting the ones Simon holds + whispers JYP + the one he wears in the blooper clip at the end of the video: there’s 19 awkward headphones

    If you guys are counting the awkward placements from the clips of the music video: there is 20 headphones

    If you’re counting the ones associated with Simon + the Music Video clips: there’s 27 headphones.

    YouTube Account Is: XDHyperheadXD

  119. I’m super happy you guys did a 2pm review!!!
    It was awesome and Simon’s fangirling Angelina part was HILARIOUS.

    I really want A.D.T.O.Y. to be reviewed though.
    I think that one will give you guys more to play around with as well.
    It’s so naaasssty… there’s no way you guys can pass that video up for KMM if it makes Top 3.

    Anyways, great review as always! ^^

  120. Jennifer Tran

    I counted 9 that popped up, but if you count the announcements and the time you showed the scenes from the music videos with the headphones in it and when you actually showed yourself holding the headphones, then it would be 17.

  121. hahahah MC Brohohoho at the end of the bloopers~ so awesome~

    you guys should do like.. an introduction to all the KPop Music Monday Characters Video~ iuno, if you guys are ever bored and run out of ideas, like that will ever happen xD

    Loved todays KMM! :D Fangurrillaaaaa 4evaaa~ <3

  122. the album overall was very dissappointing :(
    also, anyone else find it funny/ironic there are 7 deadly sins, yet only 6 2pm members…seems like they are missing one *COUGH*

    • I think the girl is supposed to be the 7th deadly sin. Which made me wonder, if she’s running back to them at the end of the song, is she dating them all? If so, HOT DAMN! You go girl!

      • madame bromocriptine

        that girl represent Hottests. Hottests are 2PM’s Pride. and they want Hottests to comeback after listening to the song. Man, I love the inside meaning.. It’s.. It’s beautiful.

    • madame bromocriptine

      7th: PRIDE — the girl — represent HOTTESTS, 2PM’s Pride.

      I actually love the album – more than HANDS UP album.. They pretty much grew up and show more talents vocally and making musics. Not just some shitty music with autotuned all around. I must say, I love it.

  123. Really liked this weeks’ Music Monday!

    Pffft, I listen to Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy; the longest tiltles in Kpop are nothing compared to them. There’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet Yes, this is a song title. Yes, I can remember it.
    I liked this song (however, I like A.D.T.O.Y. much more), I liked their outfits, I liked the dance and oh Martina, it breaks my heart to hear that you hate musicals! Well, actually it doesn’t but it surprised me.
    The quizzes on your blackboard are getting more difficult! I didn’t know that G.NA’s song and oh my, it’s hilarious! I never would’ve guessed that lipstick + chicken + butter + roll = banana XD
    Yay Seungrina! For a moment I forgot it actually was Simon (I don’t know if it’s something he should be happy about though…).
    And thanks for that cool guys don’t look at explosions video, it was so funny (and appropriate)!
    Lastly: your desktop! All hail BILASA! Glad to know you liked their video.

    I’m afraid I blink too much to count these headphones…

    • Oh gosh, recommending P!ATD songs are a pain the neck! “Oh, guise, have you heard that song ‘There’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey. You just haven’-hey wait.don’t walk away!”

  124. I spotted 24 (if you included the one in the blooper clip advertised on the Music Monday video), seven of them being in clips taken directly from the music video.

    My youtube name is Soullessgingerninja

    The headphones also appeared twice in the actual blooper reel, and I wish that those cuts of Mr Brohoho were in the KMM, because they were hilarious. I laughed so hard, and that’s saying something because I have tonsilitis and making noise of any kind really, REALLY hurts.

    Oh, and I felt that 2PM were more manly.

    But thanks for brightening my day :D I hope the fangurilla skit will appear on a fairly regular basis — it was an absolute gem.


  126. I counted 19 Headphones.

  127. FANGURILLA. OH my god. I’m dying.

    In all honesty, the last few videos have been killer. I wasn’t super excited about this 2pm song, but I can’t even handle how funny the skits you guys did are. I hope you guys are having more fun making the videos again. It definitely seems that way. :)

  128. I can’t believe Martina doesn’t like musicals. ;-;

  129. OK for the 2pm album

    I got 11 stickers that you put in throughout the entire video (so funny)
    then there were 2 when you were making the commercials (jyp headphones awkward product placement)
    There were 11 from the music video scenes and Simon was wearing them (looking good)
    So then you get a total of 24. :)


  130. If you guys ever get to interview some of the really crazy huge k-pop stars in the nasty studio…Please do Fangirling with Fangurllia. There is no way anyone could keep a straight face with that.

    Great job this week!

  131. Lol, I was so distracted by the blackboard that I had to rewind and concentrate on teacher Simon’s speech! Actually I would love to attend Kpop linguistics classes. Oh and I love the new show with Seungrina (so that’s her name, huh?) ^^
    Btw I totally love this song and the choreo to it – it’s awesome!
    My answer for the showdown: Man, I love Super Junior but I vote for 2PM they are more convincingly manly in this video :P

  132. I got 24. not sure if i’m right ’cause idk if you count some of them since some of them weren’t like pop up ones but they were still featured in the video soooo i’m counting them anyway :)

    Youtube name- Sandeul Baro

    • You can’t be real. One person does not simply handle two Overlords.

      But seriously, your login reminds me of Martina’s “Can I Baro a Sandeul?” Loved that sentence XD

      • Us Banas can handle anything :D lol but really, It was sooo hard to pick between Baro and Sandeul for my bias :P So its like a Bardeul type thing lol idk :)
        Ohh my goshh yes! I love that sentence too xD

  133. I think I counted 13…that is if you allow the one in the blooper reel link that was there as Spudgy was singing at the end…(and my Youtube username is dewaanifordrama)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the skits for today’s KMM!!! You guise are so creatively hilarious!

  134. There were 18 in total, 8 of which were ones pupping up at random times, and 10 that you were either holding, or was in a clip of the MV, or the bloopers.

    But I agree about the oompf. It wasn’t there this time around.

    My Youtube user is ReaKinata. I also posted this directly on the YT page itself.

  135. Saw 23 and if you include the jyp product above the thing on the box at your background (yup, the background with simon’s shirts on the frame.), 24! You guys won’t believe how many times a played this video over and over again, pausing at almost every second. -_- but i’m still happy .. :D

  136. lol. I thought I was seeing things when I kept seeing JYP’s earphones.

    It took me a while to guess Jay Park’s. I was thinking J=Jay and car=Park.

    Fangurella segment was funny also!!

  137. omg, the vid was so funny~ you guys rocked it again!!!! (ノ ̄ω ̄)ノ*throws confetti* hooray~~!! 〜(^∇^〜)
    … i counted 9 headphones.. (o´・_・)”.. and my eyes are hurting now :P, (not counting the actual ones on the mv though :P) i almost memorized the entire video! XD. Thanks for the opportunity to win the CDs though~! I have to say i pick 2PM for this showdown ..(yaaaaaaay 2PM! ┏(^0^)┛) ..even though i love both of the groups, i think 2PM is a total win on this one (。⌒∇⌒)。

    youtube channel: MyAmethys (http://www.youtube.com/user/MyAmethys)

  138. Love the Fangurilla! Oh and I’m sorry teacher Simon but I was busy reading the board so I didnt listen to the lesson. loool I dont get the long title too. When I first saw it I though people were talking not saying the name of it. lol oh you dont like musicals?! I love musicals and maybe thats why I liked WSS from SHINee ;P

  139. i think the recipe written in simon’s background during the skit was a reference to Here I am by ZE:A

  140. anita9524: 18

  141. The headphones appear 6 times

  142. Seungrina is pure gold!!!Love your new KMM!! they brighten my mood instantly .

    <3 4 u

  143. I counted 24, but it would be 25 if you counted the headphones with Simon on the bloopers button at the end.

  144. Lipstick chicken butter roll! Banana – G.Na! It suddenly hit me! xD (I also got the TOP, Key and Jay Park pics xD so proud!)

  145. i saw the headphones totaly 4 times :) but if i have to count it on how many scenes in the MV – on 2 places
    macopis04 on youtube

  146. Good review, though I honestly would prefer a review of their latest song over this one (this one didn’t really interest me)
    That being said, I really want you to review B1A4 or Lee Hyori or LC9 – all have great MVs that I think you guys could do a lot with

  147. Youtube name: TheWicola
    In your vidio were 19 JYP’s Diamond Tears headphones ;P

  148. Name the kpop idol:

    1. Key

    2. TOP

    3. Jay Park

  149. Martina hates musicals. I’m sorry, EYK, but I have to stop watching your videos now.

    ……eh, well, maybe I’ll stick around. But I’ll be making obnoxious musical references in the comments from now on!

    • IKR i’m really happy she cleared that up; i was wondering how they could dislike like the awesome geniusness that is Why So Serious… now I know musicals are in there with turtle necks and ballads and other irrational pet peeves… SHINee bias still intact… *whew*relief!

      • Yeah man. Musicals just…hurt us on the inside. Not sure what it is about it. We tried thinking about it but just got too hibblyjibblied trying to research it. UGH MUSICALS URGGGHH

        • I share your pain, guys. I hate musicals with a burning passion, too. My hatred is so deep, it could probably inspire a passionate, epic musical finale performance. . .but of course that’s never going to happen. Oh, the horror.

        • Awww. That’s too bad, There are a number of musicals I like. I grew up watching the old classic musicals from the 1930s through the 50s. Singing in the Rain is one of my favorites, I still love Doris Day and Debbie Reynolds. Maybe that’s why I like Why So Serious. Plus, the musicals are so ripe for mockery…Youtube has a favorite of Spamalot’s song “Song That Goes Like This” underlying scenes from the Phantom of the Opera movie…lol.

        • YouTube Avenue Q, that shit is funny.

        • But mostly because of the puppets. Puppets make things more awesome.

        • blackcatamaran

          Most of the time when people say they hate musicals it’s because they’ve been dragged to really bad productions of shows that were never that great to begin with. If the first musical I had ever seen was “The Most Happy Fella” I would hate musicals, too. I had to leave before intermission.

          If your idea of a musical is “Annie” well then, of course, you hate musicals. “Annie” is like the benchmark of “Holy smokes, somebody thought *that* was a great idea?” But, audiences love it.

          There is a big ol’ world of musicals out there and many of them do not require the liberal application of spunky show kids, jazz hands or moon/june/baboon lyrics.

          I hope one day you get a chance to give one of them a try.


        • I love musicals, but a lot of the “mainstream” popular ones make me wanna cry; they’re just so… Blah!!!

        • What?! So much hate for musicals? Why? Well, I’ll show them some love: I love them! And I actually like Annie and a couple more. But one of my favorites is Fiddler On the Roof. Have you guys seen that one?

        • Even the South Park movie? Or the singing episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

      • I actually love musicals but I couldn’t get into WSS? no matter how hard I tried AND I TRIED SO HARD. OTL
        I will say that Orgel is my favorite SHINee song and I’ve been listening to it nonstop since I got around to listening to the entire album.

  150. For the name this kpop idol behind professor … ???,

    #1 is Key, #2 is t.o.p. and #3 is Jay Park .. :D and on the fashion idea, is that like … G Dragon ???? XD

    Sadly, I couldn’t guess the song from the recipe … :|

  151. ‘ you are definitely pretty good dresses’ xD

  152. Simon… you have officially joined the ranks of kpop crossdressers…

    i died.

  154. I’m so selfish and happy that you two went back to the old music monday style! I know you wanted to have more creative freedom and I hope you’re both still having fun doing the KMM this way because holy crap…it’s hilarious! Really really good job on this one!

    I’m soooooo glad to hear your opinion of ‘why so serious’. THANK YOU. I thought maybe I was the only person who didn’t like the song. The cheezy-ness levels were off the radar. I can’t even get past the first 17 seconds. There were some cheezy parts in this MV, too, but they weren’t as bad. I like the song and I’m always for a MV that at least attempts a storyline!

    Oh and I choose 2PM’s manly look over SuJu

  155. I only see 19 including the blooper headphone that pop up at the end. -ashtenmorgan/ erica elizabeth- I like the I’ll Come Back one also; however, this one is really slow so it’s good for sleeping and thinking of them :) Tae and Nick have been on We Got Married, but Tae is still doing it now. He is different in the show.

  156. LOL is Fangurilla SeungriTimeForKisses’s twin sister?

  157. For 2PM album:
    11 stickers that you put throughout the video
    2 when you were makeing like commercials (jyp headphones this…and that)
    11 from the music video scenes and simon wearing them
    TOTAL: 24

  158. The musicals loving girl in me just doesn’t get it. I love this kind of dances. And this was one of the reasons I liked Shinee’s Sherlock even if I loathed the song. NU’EST’s Face dance impressed me because of the same reason and I was happy to see they kept this feeling. But 2PM’s dance feels even more like a musical than the others I mentioned, so I see where you guise are coming from, especially considering you don’t like musicals. It’s good that we have plenty to choose from to accommodate our “demands”(?) in life(damn it, I really don’t know what word to use here)

  159. I counted 16! At least I hope some of what I spotted was right…LOL. I watched the video more than a couple times becasue I didn’t know…LOL

  160. Annie

    Justified Anger! hahahahahaha!

  161. I got reaaaaaly sad when I heard you don’t like Musicals Martina….Have you seen The Secret Garden, or The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee??? SO DIFFERENT THAN ANNIE…*sad sad puppy face*….

  162. ‘Lipstick chicker butter roll’ that makes one great recipe LOL and the ‘exotic’ fangirl is awesome :) Oh, and I counted 22 headphones (I think ) my youtube username is SertjeSchat

  163. I was also looking forward to their shirtless scenes they teased in their teaser ;)

    I counted 15, not sure if the ones you were holding count lol :)

    YouTube: sarahserised

  164. I was also looking forward to their shirtless scenes they teased in their teaser ;)

    I counted 15, not sure if the ones you were holding count lol :)

  165. This is what I counted:
    1. 0.10 on the CD
    2. 1.01 on the head of the little doll at the left
    3. 1.38 upper right corner after “like this song”
    4. 2.10 under the last “a” of “fangurilla”
    5. 2.48 on the table in the music video
    6. 3.26 same table as above
    7. 3.32 flying above the pool
    8. 3.35 on the piano
    9. 3.58 above the laptop screen
    10. 4.02 again on the piano
    11. 4.09 Simon holding the headphone
    12. 4.09 in the video on the top
    13. 4.09 in the video on the bottom
    14. 4.12 on the piano (third time!)
    15. 4.17 quite big :)
    16. 4.20 on Simon’s head
    17. 4.31 the big one
    18. 4.35 above the “a” of “dance”
    19. 5.32 next to the 5
    20. 5.16 under “VS”
    21.6.39 on the left fist of Simon, so on the right side :)
    22. 7.11 Right there!
    23.7.28 in the blooper video

    Should the bloopers be included? Naah, probably not :)

  166. I saw 11 awkwardly placed headphones. This MM was really interesting (especially FANGURILLA) but what amazed me even more was this smart smart way to get your you tube views up. :)

    Chance of winning the CD is really small but I will hold one hope. :) My youtube username is Victoria J. Rain ^^

  167. I really like this song, but I really hope they make a kmm next week with BILASAs song and video instead of two kmm with the same band

  168. Martina doesn’t like musicals? WHAT?!!?!?!?!? Idk why, but that’s really surprising XD You seemed like that kind of person who would really like Broadway style dance :3 ANYWAY!! I wasn’t blown away by this song either, but I thought it was really good; top notch production from JYP :D It was a typical dance ballad, but it was done well (because this is top 40 pop music; no one is looking for creativity XD). And I really REALLY like the dance in this song, the cheesy Broadway style stuff and the cool looking stuff ^^ Overall, this is a really good comeback. Btw, you guys really should listen to the rest of the album; it has a jazzy and RnBish feel to it that really does go with the album title (which I lawl’d at when I first heard it XD).

    Also, I pick 2PM for this week’s showdown; SuJu looks good too, but they don’t look as mature as 2PM do (which is interesting since Super Junior debuted before 2PM :3)

  169. Well I’m not sure about the number of headphones but I saw 10 :)
    Youtube: SweetPoisonTwins

  170. Q2 by any chance BigBang Monster? I mean, I just saw the ‘For the Roll’ part :-/ Oh well, I failed haha and why is GD in his Fantastic Baby Beetle Juice get up wearing Spudgy slippers?

    Anyways, I only counted 11 JYP headphones which where awkwardly placed throughout the entire video -NOT including the ‘JYP unapaid for advertising’ and the actual headphones being held in simons hand and being wore by simon.

    Yup, still, youtube user name ; abtc16

    I couldn’t help it with the pictures too … LoL, i couldn’t clearly see a pic of Seungri in the back tough haha ♥you guys♥

  171. I agree with you S&M!! I liked this song but I was missing that UNF! Really lovedddd this KMM, likin’ this format of your videos!

  172. first,that blackboard was sooo ditracting
    second… I am not sure if you are aware of this, but the unofficial exo’s fandom name is exotics… so yeah PMSL

  173. Zara Pamela Abrasaldo

    20 JYP Diamond Tears Headphones .. * whispering *

    username : Zara Pamela Abrasaldo

  174. 12!!! I THINK! I totally watched this at least four times, and once with my sister helping me count. Is this how much work you put into examining k-pop videos? DANG GUYS! I didn’t even see the headphones until you mentioned you slipped them into the video… You could be brainwashing me for all I know.. Anyways~ 18 including every time you held them up, showed them in a separate screen (twice with the whispering), and the blooper video clip at the end. And all of this not including when it was in the 2pm video originally. Oi! My head hurts. Haha. :D

    Youtube: wynnre

    Aaaaannnnd. I actually did like this song. I don’t normally pay attention to 2pm, but the song is… pleasing to the ears? The dancing did make me feel uncomfortable, too. The weird, grabby-ness. But I also agree that the feet thing (wow, I feel my vocabulary slipping!) was cool. That’s my two cents!

  175. Am I the only one who thinks that KMMs are getting funnier and funnier? XD choosing the MV you want to review was a good decision.

    • I find myself laughing out loud so hysterically as I watch KMMs in the most awkward of times. Like, seriously, watching it in the middle of a study hall period as my students work quietly and I laugh so much that I snort. I don’t care cuz it makes me exotic…LMAO!

    • Cyber_3

      You are not the only one. XD I’m not sure if it’s _entirely_ due to them picking the MV to review though. Before the last 2 KMMs, there was a decided lack of skits lately. Only one skit usually per KMM and most of them with only Martina (One Shot? It’s Over?)…now Martina is hilarious, but it was more a case of lacking in quantity rather than in quality, IMO. I am really enjoying all the skits – So. Much. Win. I think it’s a good choice to go with only some skits with them interacting so that it’s not all the same. The 30 sec. debate could also be a battle if they agree too much to make good arguments – so many battle styles, so little time – LOL!

      I do have to watch Prof Trolleo’s (sp?) skit several times though because I am too distracted by the blackboard and his waving the back-scratcher handle around to actually pay attention to what Simon is saying until, like, the third time around. I did like the dancing skit a lot but for some reason, that 2PM dance looked more like they were milking cows to me (different type of breasts?). Woulda been a funny N4-2PM tie in – LOL!

      If Simon and Martina would feel awkward about putting their own faces on t-shirts, why don’t they have a contest to make caricatures of their characters and put those on t-shirts? They don’t all have to be the same art style. I’m sure a CD will do for a prize, the NSC (Nasty Street Cred) is more than prize enough ;)

      I vote for SJ – SPY as the better dressed – Look at Shin Dong – finally cool for the whole video and not always cut out of the shot!

  176. 22 headphones!

  177. i think there is 25 headsets. i also counted the one in the way back every time it flashed to yall talking so idk if i’m right

    youtube name is Rachel T

  178. hand slap and tag team..lol

  179. I would have voted for Dalshabet but I didn’t know where to vote ;_;

  180. PunkyPrincess92

    1. Key
    2. TOP
    3. ……………..Junsu? Jaejoong?

    oh man, she’s kinda creepy at the end though! it’s like she’s staring into my soul!!

  181. What??? You don’t like musicals??? That is a real siiiin!! (just kidding xDD)

    I love them. A lot of my favourite movies are musicals, actually. Maybe that’s why I liked this song (I think there are better songs in the album though xD) and also loved Why so serious?! :D

    I counted 17 headphones in total, by the way (username: Drixu).

  182. I kept seeing the headphones and then I had to go read the blog post before finishing the video to see why the heck there was random headphones popping up xD

  183. OMG! That headband that Simon is wearing….I SENT THEM THAT! (: Ahhhh!!!

  184. I counted 11 awkward placements. My youtube username is 1MsNicole. :D

  185. omfg hahahahahahahahahhaa

  186. 11 pictures of the JYP headphones, I left a comment on youtube too talking about this song and your video.
    Also fun fact! After forcing my mum and step-dad to listen to K-Pop this weekend this song was actually their favorite. :)
    Youtube username: s4ml3j3

  187. I have to know what song the recipe on the blackboard is…
    Tell me please…>.<
    I have my chicken chest and lipstick and everything,but I can't get the answer D:

  188. ohhhhh i post on youtube thinking it was the music video headphone but it was your video :/ oh noooooo i have to watch it againg that means i have to laugh out loud again :D

  189. YESSSS SIMONEEE!!! Fangurilla is just her stage name!

  190. I counted that the little popup placements of them appeared 10 times. This is not including the times it popped up in the music video clips or the actual product placements that were talked about.

    If you count this, I counted 4 in the mv clips, 2 more for the product placement segment, and 1 more time where simon was wearing them at the end. So that would be a total of 17 times.

    My youtube user name is chels917.

  191. 2PM “COME BACK WHEN YOU HEAR THIS SONG” – KPOP i have the the head phone nummber i think xD there are 10 cartoon head phones !! i think XDDD

    greetzz lisa XDD

  192. I think there were 9 of them …

  193. You guys, this MM is so great. It’s the best one I’ve seen in so long. It’s really fast paced & interesting — you have such a great balance of inside jokes and new things going on. Augh. I love it. Thanks so much!

  194. i count like 17 including the ones that simon use and the one that they spot in 2pm videos… but if i exclude that and count only the stickers.. i think i saw like 11 diamond tears .. my user name in youtube is Akiyuki.. ok seriously my head hurts…

  195. there are 11

    youtube username: Jovana Dotlic

  196. SIX!! -kpopisawesome123
    yeah, I know.. My name is cheesy. XD

  197. i want fangirl program in every boy groups’ music monday seriously it was so much fun

  198. HI :D

    I counted 8 awkward placements that you guys incorporated.

    but if you meant how many time you see the headphones including from the music video then 9 more, for a total of 17.

    Thank You!

    youtube username is Julie Cheng

  199. 16 headphones!
    youtube name: alisyaaaaaa

  200. I would give SO MANY THINGS to take Kpop Linguistics and Etymology with Dr. Trulio. So many things.

  201. i found 10 headphones :D

  202. Isabel Ruby

    i was so distracted by the stuff on the blackboard i didn’t hear what Simon sonsengnim was saying at all >.>;

  203. ADTOY is a much superior song, in my opinion, even though the video is a little boring (if hot n_n). i super dig the r&b feel that song has as opposed to this one, which is fine to listen to but just not my thing!

  204. Though I agree with this song, they totally one my heart over with “A.D.T.O.Y”

  205. I counted 25 :)
    My youtube is doramaaprncss ~

  206. I found 8 awkardly placed headphones!!!!
    My username is Hinagy :D love u guise!!!

  207. I love the riddles on the board, but I can’t figure out the song :( Great Music Monday for a song you weren’t gaga over.

  208. There is 24. I win!!! :P lol uhhh i mean i hope i win!! ;) tee hee!



  210. OMG I totally loved this KMM…u guys should definitely keep this format going! the chalkboard had me dying…though i didnt notice the dolls…still trying to figure out the answer to #2. i agree that this 2pm song isn’t the best…i came into kpop after 2pm so i didn’t experience the mania and i was like this is the best they could come up with…but then i saw ADTOY…and i i died!!! Jun.K has ruined…RUINED my bias list completely!!!! umm yea the song, ADTOY is much better IMHO than this one…its pleasant still! Also Fangirling with fangurila was FANTASTIC…it had me dying!!!!!!! i also agree that their definition of the seven deadly sins was very weak…but its kpop…we cant expect too much….they might get banned by the ministry of noob for it…or for completely unrelated reasons….its hard to tell with those guys! hahaha

  211. people say that im exotic…mmmmmmmmmm im depressed now… hehe

  212. Mr Brohoho rapping !!?? Awesome
    “When i say bro you say hoho” Bro -> Hoho Bro -> Hoho !
    I laugh soo hard ^^. This KMM wwas really hilarious. Thank you for your hardwork

  213. Including the times where they appeared in the video clips from the music video and in your video, I counted 22 diamond tears headphones. For just the small little icon picture of the headphones photoshoped in, I counted 15.
    I don’t know if that’s right, but my YouTube username is castelcatjerome
    Great review, as always! :D

  214. Sorry teacher Simon, I NEVER listen to a word of your lessons, the board is too distracting (especially for us non-English-native-understanders!)

    But on the other hand, I’m a new fangirl of MC Brohoho. I hope it makes it up for it.

    About the super long title, when you mash it together as you do in the url (comebackwhenyouhearthissong), it can be re-split as “come back when you heart his song”, which makes no sense but sounds very KPopish to me. Don’t you think?


    They’re full of catchy songs, corniness and other wonderful things I cant think of right now xD Maybe it’s the corniness you don’t like? o: Maybe something like Avenue Q is more your style? I could totally picture that type to be more your style. xD

    But yeah, I was wondering why you dont like musicals? o:

    • I think it’s the corniness that burns us so deeply. We can’t handle it. It’s too much.

      • lol I think you guys just haven’t seen any good ones…or bad productions of good musicals. Avenue Q is hilarious like a few people have mentioned. A few other musicals I like would be Wicked, Les Miserables (not the movie version >.<)…what else? West Side Story and The Phantom of the Opera are classics…I saw Lion King on Broadway and it was AMAZING! I'd recommend Guys and Dolls, but I don't think that'd be up your ally.

        If nothing else, youtube avenue q, the songs are hilarious! (Everyone's a Little Bit Racist and Schadenfreude are my personal favorites)

  216. This was hilarious! Please,please, please make fangirling with fanguerilla a reccuring joke!!!!!!! Also, have you considered making Seungrina t-shirts?

  217. Gotta love the fangirling with Fangurilla part – “I’m not ugly, I’m exotic.” :))

  218. 4 awkward placements? Haha idk I’m a lil blind sorry but I so agree with that ENDING, they look like backstreet boys ending a cheezy song [I love bsb but the way 2PM did it is do blech] and the dance steps are TOO CHEEZY but this is way better than their A.D.T.O.Y. steps okay.. and as much as I am an ELF I have to go with 2PM for the showdown because they dress so nice ^^

    I just don’t how they’ll perform this on stage…*shudders* it will so look like a musical >.< (utube username : jhonez479)

  219. please talk abt ‘why so serious’ while opening ur fan packages. it gives us shawols ur reaction to it and saves the video from having awkward no talking time…

    Or any music video that you couldn’t review in general….

  220. Ahahahahaa! I laughed soooooo much at this KMM. You guise are so funny XD And yes, the song was just ok, not bad, but the video… Well, at least they are good looking :D And nvm, you two made it great!

  221. Simon makes a beautiful fangirl

  222. i found 12 JYP headphones total, but i don’t think it’s right…. i hope it is though!!!

  223. super junior!

  224. I think…. I saw 8 JYP Diamond Tears headphones??XD

    oh well…my username in youtube is Criyu M

  225. There are 13 headphones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  226. The video commentary on 2pm’s song was true. Still, I believe that Shinee dresses nicer. As for the headphones, all I saw were in two places. Beside the bed(Lust part) and on the piano(S___ part).

  227. :O I lost count of the headphones already T T

  228. Martina I am so devastated that you loathe musicals!

    Randomly breaking out into song and choreographed dance makes my life complete.

  229. I laughed so hard at the “groping dance scene” I had to stop the video for a second to recover.

  230. Really really enjoyed this week’s music monday! Thought it was really great :)

  231. Fangirling with Fangurilla was hilarious~! Simon should cross-dress more often. kekekeke

  232. hey guise – loved Simon Uni and Fangirling with Fanguerilla :)

    And lastly – SuJu, hihih

  233. Here’s a question. I’m a 6 foot 5 and moving to Korea in August, I’m anticipating struggling with clothes.
    Simon, you look to be roughly the same build as me (ish) and you still have clothes, whereabouts do you find them? Itaewon?

  234. YukiRed

    has anyone figured out the recipe?? T^T

  235. Yay Simon and Martina!!! I love you! They were 13 JYP headphones! ;)

    Youtube username: JadeC’estMoi

  236. What do you mean Koreans don’t buy music? Is it a country full of pirates?

  237. Charades!!!!! I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!! they are stretching and warming their fingers for their ‘real’ comeback with all the nasty grabbing they do in that one…..

    Sketches were awesome S&M! I wish you guys were invited to SNL….hey SNL Korea.. how about that??? no… okay :(

  238. UHM. SPUDGY SLIPPERS? I don’t know if I should be disturbed by the implications or aggressive in requesting those be made into something us nasties can purchase.

  239. Seriously JYP,
    You owe us dinner
    For this s**t

    I’M DONE!

  240. Chicken chest! AJ is never going to live that down!

  241. Haha, I always love the chalkboard in Kpop class, one of my favorite parts. Jay Park took me second to get and when I finally got it busted out laughing, and chicken chest!! xD Now I have to back and watch again so I can pay attention to what you were actually you were saying. :P

    But LOLOL at Fangurilla. Definitely way too many clothes in the video.

  242. I keep seeing glimpses of a drawing behind Simo- I mean… the Professor. It has a pimp cane… And long hair to the side… LOL! IS THAT GD?!?!

  243. Oh my goodness! Was once again totally distracted by all the wonderfulness on the blackboard behind Simon when I noticed the dolls I sent you guise are chilling on the little blackboard shelf! AHHH so exciting!!! So much happy feels :D Ok, back to watching the video now!

  244. LOL! Name this Kpop Idol:

    I KNOW!

    Jay Park!


    I’m totally enjoying class here at Simon University.

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