JEEZ THIS NAME IS TOO LONG FOR THE TITLE BAR ABOVE. Look how it doesn’t fit! I’m not a fan of long song names, but that’s just about my only real complaint, and it’s not really a complaint either. If you haven’t seen 2PM’s awkwardly longly titled “Come Back When You Hear This Song” check it out here!


Yeah! It’s an ok song. It’s not amazing. It’s just politely tame and pleasant. Not jarring. Not bizarre. Pretty sounding, but not a blow-you-away kind of song, you know? It’s not something we’ll be dancing to in the mornings when we’re getting ready for the day, like we do with other Kpop songs. It’s just…nice!

We brainstormed over what we could have our 30 second showdown disagreement over, but we agree with each other about this song through and through. 2PM are dressed really well. They look like men; forget a boyish image. They’re great dancers, but the broadway-musical aspect of the dance sometimes makes us uncomfortable, but it’s not terrible. And the Seven Deadly Sins weren’t really like the Seven Deadly Sins at all. They were really vaguely related. I’m sure some people might be like “oh it does make sense! Having sex with someone is lust!” No it isn’t. Being overly horny is lustful. When we saw that scene, it really just looked like two people lovingly looking at each other and about to get it on. And ripping off a necklace is pride? I don’t get it.

OH WAIT! We did have one complaint we didn’t talk about in this video – HOLY FRACK WAS THAT ENDING EVER CHEESY. Walking away from fireworks in slow motion? How in the bubbletoads is that relevant? How is that not excessively 80’s cheesy? The rest of the video was cool and interesting, and we were digging it, but we legitimately bust out laughing at slow motion walking away from stuff. It’s just lazy! Did JYPE not see this video?


Yeah man. That was lame.

Otherwise, since we’re so happy to finally see 2PM back in Korea, we want to give away one of their new CDs. Woot! We would have it with us today but it’s sold out, but it’s coming in tomorrow. HUZZAH! Want to win one? Let us know in the comments how many JYP Diamond Tears headphones were in our video. OOH THAT MEANS YOU GOTTA WATCH THE VIDEO AGAIN! Good luck finding them. A lot of them are really hard to catch :D

OH! And you gotta be subscribed to win. Leave your YouTube username along with your answer, so we can be sure you’re subbed :D

And, lastly, we’ve got some cheesy bloopers, as always. The dance scene didn’t go as planned at first…


  1. OHHHH I would have never guessed that Martina hated musicals! #recent2pmfanhere

  2. So, given that everything that was being symbolised was written next to them, what are we supposed to infer about them dancing outside the ‘Legend Building’? They collected all 7 deadly sins and this makes them legends? Good message, guys….

  3. There were 10 small product placements of the JYP headphones

    but there were 9 other placements including the one you were holding when you were talking about the random product placement, the one time you had it around your neck, the two big ones, the three screenshots that had a rectangle around them in the music videos, the one time you held it while you were talking about the CD giveaway and the one placed in the bloopers screenshot at the time of the video

    So in total 19. pleasepleaseplease

  4. um…have they announced who won the 2pm Cds?

  5. doesn’t the headphone come 2 times out on the video?? I want the CD~!!

  6. I love Simon’s skits! Freakin’ funny!!!

  7. Watching through twice I got 15 including you holding them up and
    flashing them and wearing them…and its Key, T.O.P. and Jay Park. Hehe.
    I made my sister come take the quiz. Hehe. Oh yeah, I love
    musicals…Hehe. Just had to put that out there. But, the choreography
    WAS a bit hokey ’cause….this wasn’t a musical. LOL.I thought the song was boring. I’ve been finding that a lot lately.


  9. LOL chicken chest. I like what you do with the blackboard XD
    The song isn’t that great, I expected something better for their comeback…

  10. Are the JYP headphones good quality?

  11. Simon’s teacher persona is the best. He needs his own special name!

  12. 2pm looks more mature :) no question about it

  13. teah I thought so too!! I LIKE the song , but I don’t LOVE the song.

  14. Fangirling with Fangurilla could be a legitimate YouTube channel. xD

  15. OMG. I’m bursting to laughter at your skit. Like Simon you’re really the best! And it’s a trivia for me knowing that Martina hates musical. It seems you’re very passionate with any kind of music LOL anyways, this is one of the best KMM for me. Though your reviews for 2PM’s new song is i think 8/10, i think your points are correct. And hey! I was rewatching the video like for the nth time and i think it was 16 times! Not sure though but I’m hoping for the best! ^^ YT: lakamasabino

  16. The only thing I have to strongly disagree with Martina on is…musicals. I’m such a musical nerd! Watch musicals, been in musicals – the whole lot. I didn’t find 2PM’s dancing musical-ly at all, but whatevs…

  17. OK!!!! I Am a 2pm fan and anything they do is awesome! I love their new songs they are beautiful and fun and I would dance at a club to them. So I do not know why you are picking them to pieces. 2pm is coming back and needs all of our support, OH! JYP is a genious and anything he touches turns to gold! Example RAIN,2pm, 2am etc…don’t pick to pieces groups that bring allot of money to South Korea.

  18. I just wanna say that now, every time I watch 2pm perform this song, I can’t help but laugh when they do the hand-grabbing move xD

  19. I lied..
    there are 5 headphonesss

  20. i actually made a Diamond Tears tv spot for an advertising class this week :D :D :D
    i made sure to put a JYP whisper in the beginning hahahaha.
    i’d be honored if you guys watched it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7Hg0B7wwxU&feature=youtu.be

  21. My answer will be quick ;) In video is in total 26 headphones (which include 12 mini headphones)
    Youtube username: Paulina Z

  22. I just rewatched the video and felt like commenting on it, since you critized it a bit for being kinda “vague/weak”. I think it works for it to be like that. Maybe the purpose could be not to show actual dramatic scenes, but rather to give you a hint that the deadly sins are stuff that could (slowly) destroy a relationship, so you have think more for yourself about why they’re angry and so on more than forcing on an explanation. And maybe that could, at least a bit, justify the words in all the scenes, cause otherwise you might not get the theme instead.

    Well, that’s just me speculating. Bye, now I’m gonna go back to laughing at the KMM :D

  23. ok the video in total has 17 time, but this 17 are, 9 in the video, 3 in the MV 2PM, 4 of the section when talked about the headphones and when Simon said about the dynamics 1, so the total are 17

    And my vote is 2pm

  24. Martina hates musicals and turtlenecks XD what else?

  25. OMG Fangurilla is freaking awesome

  26. I loooooved this format!! Really guise, I laughed soo much at this KMM, a lot more than others recently, and I hope you’ll stick (mostly) to this format! I really liked… well, all the skits, I can’t choose one :3 But the classroom skits with the jokes on the bord in the back are amazing. Chicken chest! :D It’s also very clever of you to have the 30sec/1min debate when you actually disagree. Overall, this is just awesome!

  27. I would really love for u guys to do a review on 2PM’s A.D.T.O.Y man! gonna c Simon do the dance! muahahaha.. pretty much fell in love with the song, so I really want u guys to review it.. wohooo

  28. 11 flashing small headphones
    1 while Mr. Brohoho was talking
    3 from Simon’s awkward Product placement
    1 Simon talking about the product placement, while holding headphones in his hand towards end of the video
    1 In the blooper clip icon towards the end of the video with mr. brohoho
    5 times in the actual music video clips (wooyoung at piano x3 & 2 near nickhun and chansung)

    So I’d say there’s 22 all together! Ahhhh I hope that’s right :P :)
    My Youtube name: Samiya321
    Doubt i’ll win but hey, this was fun! That was such an engaging kpop music monday :D

  29. OMG THIS WAS EPICC!! I can’t stop laughing i swear!! I loved everything about this episode of the music mondays and i couldn’t agree more about the song. As you said, it’s an okay song but its quite catchy. Like it grows on you you know? I know how the mv was supposedly all serious and stuff but the dancing (the leaps, taps and jazz hands) kind of made me want to laugh? I kind of got confused….is that weird? xD And Simon, you make one heck of a pretty girl! ahahah and all the linguistics and etymology class with Dr Trulio was genius! I don’t get how you guys think of these! Like seriously, HOW? And “I’m not ugly, I’m exotic” is definitely on its way to becoming my most used one-liner! ahaha can’t wait to use it xD
    And as to how many JYP Diamond tears headphones there is:
    appears with Simon holding/wearing around the neck- 3
    Awkward product placement- 2
    Other small headphones pictures that appear throughout- 12
    From 2pm’s MV clips that were included- 8

    At the end, where Spudgy is being cute and singing(?), the blooper video link!- 1
    So in total 26! I really hope i got this right! I spent so much time on this video that i think i got most of your lines memorized! xP
    Hoping to win!^^

    Youtube username: Farah Habib ([email protected])

  30. Ok, I think I got a headache from counting those headphones. I watched it in so many ways and so many times that I could probably repeat all comments from KMM myself. My last idea of how to watch it was playing KMM in slow motion so it took like about an hour just to see it all (it has never been that long lol). So after huge amount of time spent at staring at S&M and 2PM I gotta say that I found 26 headphones (if not then I must have sight problems). Just in case you don’t think I counted it myself I’m gonna say where they were: 12 mini headphones (eyk’s logo, 2PM’s album cover, CBWYHTS MV, left side of the blackboard, right side when Martina is talking, JYJ Junsu’s picture, Nichkhun’s shot from MV, above the laptop, the dance part, English part, 2PM vs SuJu, Seungrina), MV (4 shots of Chanana, 4 shots of Wooyoung), 2 huge JYP advertisements, with Simon (2 times wearing them including bloopes preview and 2 times holding them) and I even have print screens with those moments LOL. I must really want this album or I’m just crazy to write all of this. I hope it is a correct answer (26 is also my age so I like that answer ^^) and I will finally win coz I really love 2PM’s music (them too) and it’s not easy to get their physical album in Poland. Youtube username: Daria B :)

  31. ok if i counted them will that would be 11 of the small
    random ones , 4 that have been with simon ( + the one at the end of vid
    in the bloopers link ) , 2 of the big full scren ads and 8 from the mv
    caps .

    as total 25 or ( 24 without the bloopers link ).

  32. amazing!! This FanGuerilla Thing! its f* hilarious XDDDD I laughed so much and rlab XD best EYKMM for the moment!! thanks for this funny time, i really enjoying to watch it :)) *going to watch it again*

    and don´t forget, I´m not ugly, I´m EXOTIC!! :DDD

  33. There was 12 mini headphones. If we add the two free ads, the times Simon showed his and Mr. Brohoho’s in the bloopers preview, that makes 18. And with the ones in the MV extracts, it makes 26 headphones!
    That’s a lot! JYP should be grateful. :P
    Youtube username is music2moon. Thank you for giving us the chance to win CDs! Yay! :D

  34. I actually didn’t mind the first half of the song. I actually kind of liked it. It was the second half I had a problem for. It was just….so awkward. Especially that part with the arms flying back into an airplane-like position. You know what I’m saying?

    Oh! Oh! Here’s another thing I couldn’t stand: the outfits. What waswith the old-school, country style going on in that video? (Seriously? Did I spot bolo ties?…No. Just, no.) They just didn’t fit the vibe of the video

  35. KMM is awesome once again. Never fail to make me laugh. That blackboard seriously… Too bad I couldn’t see you guys when I was in Seoul. I even saw De Caunes… Anyways. I think there were 27 headphones? (YT username: Chokobeee) So many ninja ones! I’d pick 2PM for the showdown… I love tuxedos but… I also like when they’re not all dressed the same. Too boys band-ish.

  36. Martina, why do you hate musicals so much?? …Bad experience?

  37. I really want to get one! Oh pleaseeeeeeee 2PM Fighting!

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