JEEZ THIS NAME IS TOO LONG FOR THE TITLE BAR ABOVE. Look how it doesn’t fit! I’m not a fan of long song names, but that’s just about my only real complaint, and it’s not really a complaint either. If you haven’t seen 2PM’s awkwardly longly titled “Come Back When You Hear This Song” check it out here!


Yeah! It’s an ok song. It’s not amazing. It’s just politely tame and pleasant. Not jarring. Not bizarre. Pretty sounding, but not a blow-you-away kind of song, you know? It’s not something we’ll be dancing to in the mornings when we’re getting ready for the day, like we do with other Kpop songs. It’s just…nice!

We brainstormed over what we could have our 30 second showdown disagreement over, but we agree with each other about this song through and through. 2PM are dressed really well. They look like men; forget a boyish image. They’re great dancers, but the broadway-musical aspect of the dance sometimes makes us uncomfortable, but it’s not terrible. And the Seven Deadly Sins weren’t really like the Seven Deadly Sins at all. They were really vaguely related. I’m sure some people might be like “oh it does make sense! Having sex with someone is lust!” No it isn’t. Being overly horny is lustful. When we saw that scene, it really just looked like two people lovingly looking at each other and about to get it on. And ripping off a necklace is pride? I don’t get it.

OH WAIT! We did have one complaint we didn’t talk about in this video – HOLY FRACK WAS THAT ENDING EVER CHEESY. Walking away from fireworks in slow motion? How in the bubbletoads is that relevant? How is that not excessively 80’s cheesy? The rest of the video was cool and interesting, and we were digging it, but we legitimately bust out laughing at slow motion walking away from stuff. It’s just lazy! Did JYPE not see this video?


Yeah man. That was lame.

Otherwise, since we’re so happy to finally see 2PM back in Korea, we want to give away one of their new CDs. Woot! We would have it with us today but it’s sold out, but it’s coming in tomorrow. HUZZAH! Want to win one? Let us know in the comments how many JYP Diamond Tears headphones were in our video. OOH THAT MEANS YOU GOTTA WATCH THE VIDEO AGAIN! Good luck finding them. A lot of them are really hard to catch :D

OH! And you gotta be subscribed to win. Leave your YouTube username along with your answer, so we can be sure you’re subbed :D

And, lastly, we’ve got some cheesy bloopers, as always. The dance scene didn’t go as planned at first…


  1. Watching through twice I got 15 including you holding them up and
    flashing them and wearing them…and its Key, T.O.P. and Jay Park. Hehe.
    I made my sister come take the quiz. Hehe. Oh yeah, I love
    musicals…Hehe. Just had to put that out there. But, the choreography
    WAS a bit hokey ’cause….this wasn’t a musical. LOL.I thought the song was boring. I’ve been finding that a lot lately.

  2. Simon’s teacher persona is the best. He needs his own special name!

  3. The only thing I have to strongly disagree with Martina on is…musicals. I’m such a musical nerd! Watch musicals, been in musicals – the whole lot. I didn’t find 2PM’s dancing musical-ly at all, but whatevs…

  4. woooooooooooooooooooow valid valid mind blown point there

  5. Martina, why do you hate musicals so much?? …Bad experience?

  6. lol. cool headphones! i hope JYP does buy you dinner… that would be awesome! you could take him fapfapping… lol.

    and i really loved the “fangirling with fangurilla” segment! lol. they really are some of the best dressed k-poppers.

    well done for this week guise! <3

  7. Omg, I was genuinely listening to G.NA’s Banana about two minutes before I saw the recipe on the board XD

  8. So I am pretty sure that there were 26 headphones throughout the video and with the set on the back counter to the left for most of the video, I make that 27 total. (Karen Welborn on youtube). As for the most mature, while I LOVE a man in a tuxedo, I have to pick 2PM for the showdown. I cannot get the recipe on the blackboard during Simon University. Can anyone help me with that?

    Will this be your new format for KMM? I really like this way!

  9. Totally agree with you guys. I am more than happy that they are back and hotter than ever but I’m also kinda disappointed. Oh well.

  10. Nice fashion magazine… If it really existed, come in my aaaaarms!!!
    But you guys hate Annie? *drops dead* and the Lion King? That’s musical too….
    I just discovered that eatyourkimchi is mentioned on the wikipedia page of kpop..’ O.o

    I say Suju for the showcase!

  11. I know exactly why you don’t like Musical Martina! I hate those!…

    However, I really love Why so Serious and I don’t get what part of it you consider musical XD

    I have to say that I’m happy that you didn’t do a music monday of it because you always say true facts about the videos even when you don’t like it….

    You make me agree at the end even if I love the song XD

  12. Completely agree with everything you guys mentioned! I liked ADTOY much better than Come Back When You Hear This Song (title is too long, completely agree with Simon hahah), but still it’s catchy and I liked the video for the most part! And I’m voting for SJ for the more mature, manly look :)

  13. For some reason I like this song. Try hearing it with good quality earphones.

  14. I’m an ELF but I gotta go with 2PM, they do look more ‘mature’.
    Also, I agree, this song was a bit of a let down and lacked ‘oomph’ as Martina said.

    Lastly, great skits! I loved them all, especially Simon’s literature class and that blackboard. So much fun figuring out the questions. XD

  15. The whole finding the headphones thing is confusing cause of the hidden ones and then the real ones Simon is holding/wearing plus the ones shown in clips of the MV, but I’m going with just the tiny ones that pop up here and there during the KMM video.

    –> I spotted 10. Not sure if that’s right but that’s with what I’m going with. I watched it over and over and paused all throughout and I need to stop. lol. :)

    YT: Diana Sanchez

  16. I couldn’t figure it out at first… Hehe…

  17. Well..got comment about the 7 sins here…although it wasn’t the 7 deadly sins it was really smart and great how they put it in the MV and for thr pride collar is not about throwing the collar that means pride, it’s more like she throw her pride and run after the boys, in this case boys, she like after hearing the song xD

  18. Ha! Yes it was :D Did yo notice his shoes?

  19. So this comment is going to be somewhat relevant to those that watched the “Cool guys don’t look at explosions” music vid.

    I luff you guise S&M!!!!!!!!!!! and I also love the “cool guys don’t look at explosions” video a lot! mostly because andy samberg is posing as a Bruce Springsteen type rocker, and The Boss is quite possibly my fave artist of all times…. gah that man, last year’s Wrecking Ball tour was the bomb! I was bribed by my parents with those tickets… otherwise I would have stayed in Mexico and not have gone for vacation to see them… My cancun plans evaporated as soon as they mentioned Bruce, hahahaha,

  20. I think there were 13 headphones! Not 100% sure but it’s definitely worth a shot!

    Oh, and I vote for 2PM in the showdown. They looked SNAZZY~ <333

  21. 11 jyp headphones .

    username : Zara Pamela Abrasaldo

  22. YouTube Username: breakingmyheart43
    17. 18 if you count the one in the tumbnail for the bloopers.

  23. 27 headphones.
    YouTube: KatieAnn297

  24. Agree T__T This could be a video darker than it was TT____TT That is my only complain about the video so sad….. XD OH Simon u always make me laugh Thanks!

  25. Fangurilla is officially my new favorite EYK character. Noona neomu yeppeo. <3

  26. Youtube Username: theAandB
    Answer: I counted 9 headphones ^^~!!

  27. I’m going to throw in my guess and say 14 headphones, the hidden ones and then the ones showed from the clips of the mv
    Youtube name is DemiYori

  28. I had to stop watching when Fangurrila came on, I was literally about to die of laughter at work. XD OMG Simon how did you hold it together doing that skit?

  29. AHH! now that you mention it! Yes, I agree it is from old school boyband style! explains the walking away from the fireworks scene at the end. Cheesy old school is definitely the theme in this MV. LOL

  30. Martina’s dislike of musicals makes me sad since Broadway people/Theatre people are the most hilarious people that ever there were.

    I really want to share my count of the headphones, but I just want to play, not win a cd. Since I know there is someone out there who really wants the CD, I’ll keep my count to myself (but there were a lot I say! A LOT!)

  31. Mar, thx for clearing up why you don’t like Why So Serious? We understand that your pet peeves like turtle necks, ballads, and (now we know) musicals, are insurmountable. I saw a pic of Taemin and a key for “guess that idol” on the chalk board.. i guess the fact that you don’t like WSS doesn’t mean you’re not SHINee biased any more…hehe

  32. Hi guys!

    I’m sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could look over Roh Ji Hoon’s song Punishment, even though it has been out for a while, and if you like it I was hoping you could add it to Music Mondays because I would love to hear what you guys think of it. But if its already been put on Music Mondays then sorry for the bother!

  33. That skit was awesome!! Haha i loved it! And simon you brohoho rap was pretty impressive!! XP

  34. HAHA G.NA. reference on the chalkboard! ICWUDT XD

  35. I found 26 JYP headphones.
    2 when Simon held them up
    2 during the EYK product placement ad
    8 throughout the KMM
    1 at the end on the blooper video
    4 with Chansung
    4 with Wooyoung
    1 with Nichkhun’s scene during your sin explanations
    1 with Mr. Brohoho
    2 with Seungria
    1 with PR. Trolio
    I watched this video so many times in order to make sure I got all the headphones. I really hope I did find them all.

  36. I watched it and I only found 23 Youtube Username: Speckleddotz

  37. Fangirling with Fangurrilla! That skit was too funny. And I agree, even though I’m super glad 2PM is back, this song didn’t blow me away. It was a pleasant and pretty song, but I prefer A.D.T.O.Y. over this one. Aaaaaaaaaand I see BILASA on the computer screen! I hope you guys review them next week! :)

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