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2PM “Come Back When You Hear This Song” – Kpop Music Mondays

May 14, 2013


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JEEZ THIS NAME IS TOO LONG FOR THE TITLE BAR ABOVE. Look how it doesn’t fit! I’m not a fan of long song names, but that’s just about my only real complaint, and it’s not really a complaint either. If you haven’t seen 2PM’s awkwardly longly titled “Come Back When You Hear This Song” check it out here!

Yeah! It’s an ok song. It’s not amazing. It’s just politely tame and pleasant. Not jarring. Not bizarre. Pretty sounding, but not a blow-you-away kind of song, you know? It’s not something we’ll be dancing to in the mornings when we’re getting ready for the day, like we do with other Kpop songs. It’s just…nice!

We brainstormed over what we could have our 30 second showdown disagreement over, but we agree with each other about this song through and through. 2PM are dressed really well. They look like men; forget a boyish image. They’re great dancers, but the broadway-musical aspect of the dance sometimes makes us uncomfortable, but it’s not terrible. And the Seven Deadly Sins weren’t really like the Seven Deadly Sins at all. They were really vaguely related. I’m sure some people might be like “oh it does make sense! Having sex with someone is lust!” No it isn’t. Being overly horny is lustful. When we saw that scene, it really just looked like two people lovingly looking at each other and about to get it on. And ripping off a necklace is pride? I don’t get it.

OH WAIT! We did have one complaint we didn’t talk about in this video – HOLY FRACK WAS THAT ENDING EVER CHEESY. Walking away from fireworks in slow motion? How in the bubbletoads is that relevant? How is that not excessively 80’s cheesy? The rest of the video was cool and interesting, and we were digging it, but we legitimately bust out laughing at slow motion walking away from stuff. It’s just lazy! Did JYPE not see this video?

Yeah man. That was lame.

Otherwise, since we’re so happy to finally see 2PM back in Korea, we want to give away one of their new CDs. Woot! We would have it with us today but it’s sold out, but it’s coming in tomorrow. HUZZAH! Want to win one? Let us know in the comments how many JYP Diamond Tears headphones were in our video. OOH THAT MEANS YOU GOTTA WATCH THE VIDEO AGAIN! Good luck finding them. A lot of them are really hard to catch :D

OH! And you gotta be subscribed to win. Leave your YouTube username along with your answer, so we can be sure you’re subbed :D

And, lastly, we’ve got some cheesy bloopers, as always. The dance scene didn’t go as planned at first…



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