Ok, now that we got that out of our system, let’s begin by saying this: we started doing our Kpop reviews back in 2008 as a guide for people teaching English in Korea. Korean students often refer to Kpop lines and dance moves during class, and – before we got into Kpop – we were totally confused by these references. Anyhow, long story short, THIS SONG IS PERFECT FOR TEACHERS. Got unenthusiastic students unwilling to participate? PUT YO HANDS UP PUT YO HANDS UP PPPPP. Say that in class and you’ll see an immediate reaction. You might even have some students putting their hands up. Great success!

As for the song and video itself, we do like noting similarities between videos, but we don’t really think it’s fair to compare this video to other club videos. We’ve heard people comparing them to GD&TOP’s “High High” and Far East Movement’s “Like a G6″, and we’d be tempted to do so as well, but what’s the point? They’re club videos! What do you expect? Are there really any revolutionary dance club videos, apart from Hot Chip’s? Doesn’t seem that way. You can probably accuse every other club video that’s ever gonna come out as copying some other club video.

With that being said, that doesn’t make this a perfect club video. For starters, that whole “look at me doing rich things” montage at the beginning was just a bit awkward, no? Pour me a drink in my private cabin on the airplane while I awkwardly look out the window! And then Taecyeon gets into a car while everyone else is in a limo, but were does he get that car? Looks like he gets into it right in the middle of the street. Did he steal that car? We’d understand if he got into it from his hotel or home or something…but the setting , to us, looks like he stole the car.

Anyhow, forget about the montage: shouldn’t clubs be a bit more packed and bumping? 2PM had a loooooot of room to dance, while the ten extras in the back look really bored. In fact, one of them seems so bored at 3:24 that they cut her out instantly the next second for the guy who’s taking off his jacket. Check it out:

2PM Hands Up Dancer

The backup dancers in this video are booooored.

But this is just one screencap. Watch the video and pause randomly. You’ll see plenty of bored people. We’re not saying that this in any way reflects 2PM. It’s just the movie making process. They probably did the same take 20 times, and it was probably reaaaaallllly late at night, and everybody was floored. We know this from our 2PM interview. All we’re saying is, next time, if you’re gonna shoot a music video, at a club, that late at night, when everyone’s exhausted…CALL US YO! We’d totally rock that club inside out! But it’s a good thing that they didn’t call us, because we’d steal the spotlight by rolling down our sexy windows.

2PM Hands Up Album

2PM Hands Up Album

On another, more important note, we mentioned this at the end of the video, but zombies put their hands up. And zombies are scary. Feel free to discuss the scariness of zombies. We’ve been discussing this recently: can zombies pull doors open? We know they have forward momentum, but do they have the motor skills to pull a door open? We don’t think so. Luckily, the stairwells to our new apartment have pull-doors, so we’re safe. Yes. Safe. Oh, and didn’t 2PM’s “Heartbeat” have a zombie dance in it? Coincidence, or have we just unraveled the biggest Kpop conspiracy out there? Nah…probably just coincidence.

Ok no, on a non-joking note, we’re happy that 2PM released a fun song. Heartbeat, Without U, and I’ll Be Back are all serious songs. Good songs, yes, but serious songs. Not really fun songs. This song was fun and lively, and we’re totally getting the new album, which we recommend as well. PUT YO HANDS UP PUT YO HANDS UP! You can buy the album by clicking on the image here :D

  1. O my Simon, you’re quite the amazing dancer there. You should try out for YG Entertainment. I think they would be blown away when you roll down your sexy windows. tehe ^^

  2. I’m voting for 2PM’s ‘Hands Up’! (:

  3. i want a Bollywood Music Monday xD i would love to see you guys review tht kind of music video xD anyway props to Martina for her jelly dance :D
    voting for 2PM cuz they’re back in their 10 points out of 10 days and out of mirror-staring, thick-eyeliner wearing days :D
    Put your hands up! pppppppppp-put!!

  4. loving the cameos of your parents!! so professional^^ LIKE A PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. 2pm of course! besides no matter wat u say i still see that this MV is way better than like a G6~
    2PM is the boss of the club~♥
    Hands up~♥

  6. I saw your tweet and if it helps, my roommate thought your T-shirt was awesome. So you have that going for you, which is nice.

  7. Vote -> Like a G6
    Now.. *puts on shades*

  8. like a g6……….better vid tbh

  9. 2pm they make we wanna dance like im in a club lol
    i request b1a4 tell them please

  10. I’m going to have to go with 2PM, just because I like their clubbin’ clothes better.

  11. Like a G6 – Far East Movement~ I do love 2PM, but this song isn’t really into me, for now~ 

  12. F-ART is my favourite character set that you guys play! This boyband has the cuteness of sad wet supple kittens, certainly a very … endearing concept.

  13. HANDS UP ERRRRBODY!!!!!!! I am so glad that this is a happier image for 2PM. They deserve to show how happy they are after the craptastic stuff they’ve had to go thru in the last couple yrs. YAY 2PM!!!!!!! 

  14. 2PM!!!……..Why am I the last one to know about this video?… :(

  15. hands up!!!!, by the way, did you noticed that the girl that dissapear(now you see her, now you dont), she did not dissapear, she was in the right at first, but in the second image she is just in the left XD

  16. Far East Movement! they did it first!

  17. Far East Movement “Like a G6″ is most Definitely better. However… How is it KPOP ?  Sure, there are Asians in it, but it isn’t KPOP, They are from KoreaTown in LA….

  18. Re: Can zombies open doors?

    Have you guys seen Return of the Living Dead?  There’s this one scene where zombies attack a group of EMT paramedics, and when the dispatcher tries to contact the paramedics’ ambulance, one of the zombies takes the hand mic and responds, “Send more paramedics.”  If zombies can master the fine art of ordering delivery, I’m sure that unraveling the mechanics of a door handle is for them mere child’s play.

    P.S.: Martina, how awesome are your parents?  Very!  Woot woot!

  19. Great review as always…but more importantly, “can zombies pull doors open?” Typically …no. They amass in groups and use their undead bodies as a unified battering ram. However, a lone Zombie may be successful in scratching through screen doors, but are then thwarted by the solid door beyond that. I suspect that an actual living human opened the doors of the 2pm video Club so that the back-up Zombies could wander in freely without the impediment of ‘handles’. (hope this helps)

  20. aww u didn’t mention the shot dance? Where they line up and pretend to drink shots? Anyways, good review, and u guys added your parents!!!!!

    Oh and my vote goes for 2pm, because I found the song for G6 very annoying. 

  21. Wooow, if I go to Korea, can you guys show me the club on Flaxton Street? There seem to be many Kpop celebrities going around there! ;) tehe~

  22. My parents would not do that :/
    So, because your parents did that scene i give them 5 out of 5 and they are now officially amazing.

  23. why you didn’t paired it with highhigh? coz the winner is clear?

  24. My vote goes to FM’s Like a G6. No offense to the Hottests though. I like 2pm but I’m not that into the song and video because there are so many artists who already did the whole ‘club type’ music videos (like FM, GD+TOP, and a bunch of rappers and hip hop stars outside of kpop..) This video actually reminds me of FM’s “Like a G6″ i mean the song structure is the same…you know, the repetitive and chatchy chorus, “like a g6, like a g6..” and “put yo hands up 2x” so..I feel like that kind concept is pretty much used. just sayin’.

    ps. Is 2pm promoting Singapore’s tourism? cause the locations are all in Sg..lucky country ;)

  25. LOL Totally made me laugh for a good 15 minutes. 
    And then I saw at 2:40 te wrong text in the boxes. XD
    And then i remembered there was a green mask in the video,
    A hint for the Zombies?
    I thought so!

    And I choose Fly like a G6!!

  26. LOL Totally made me laugh for a good 15 minutes. 
    And then I saw at 2:40 te wrong text in the boxes. XD
    And then i remembered there was a green mask in the video,
    A hint for the Zombies?
    I thought so!

    And I choose Fly like a G6!!

  27. totally 2pm put your hands up. Like a g6 is an awesome song but i never put my hands up for it hahah.

  28. your parents are ADO-RA-BLE!!! (:

    ps my vote’s with 2pm…cause I’m biased that way ;D

  29. omg i could never choose between 2PM and FEM! impossible, i have to pass on this one! xDDD

  30. aww no mention of sohee’s part or the diq slapping move?

  31. gee..u quite like summed up all that i wanted to say about this vid..thanks! nevertheless my votes go to 2PM..LOL

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