This week we review 4Minute’s “Heart to Heart” for Kpop Music Monday and deal with quite possibly the stupidest boyfriend ever.

No, we don’t mean the guy from C.N. Blue. He’s not the idiot. He just plays one in this video. First off, WHO COULD EVER CHEAT ON 4MINUTE?! Ha! There’s Simon’s fanboying moment. Seriously though, we like the Amelie idea that they’re going for, but so many things are just wrong with how it was executed:

1) Couldn’t he feel the sandwich was rock hard before he picked it up? Where did those sandwiches even come from to begin with? How many people have perfectly made sandwiches lying around the house? Is this how rich people live?
2) Why would he shave in the middle of the afternoon for no reason? He’s clearly got no facial hair on him at all. And shaving at some random time fully clothed? I don’t know how other guys shave, but it’s usually before or after a shower, not after a failed snack attempt.

4Minute Heart to Heart Shave

Umm, did they just put Whipping Cream into his can of...WHIPPING CREAM?

3) Maybe this was just a weird continuity error, but why does the guy’s can of Shaving Foam say “Whipping Cream” on it? We were a bit confused by this. Looking at it later on, though, you see that both cans say “Shaving Foam” on them instead. Could be just a boo boo. But how do you put cream into a shaving foam can? Ever use one of those? There’s not like an easy thing to unscrew so you can just dump in some other stuff. But…we digress.
4) Doesn’t he notice the girls across the street from him when he’s looking under the hood of his car? They’re like…RIGHT THERE! If my car malfunctioned, and I saw a bunch of girls giggling at me across the street, especially with one of them HOLDING A TIRE IRON, I’d be a bit more suspicious. I’d like to know what they did to his engine with a tire iron, though…beat the hell out of it?
5) No more comment on him sitting on a box covered in fabric. Wouldn’t he notice that there’s something different in his room? We…we don’t know.
6) Who passes out into a vegetative state from seeing a spider drop down in front of them? I mean, that guy is pretty, sure – but his survival skills are horrendous. Whatever happened to throwing shoes at spiders? That’s how you handle them!

4minute Heart to Heart Photoshopped

Damning evidence that Simon is a gangsta who stoleded the Mona Lisa

7) If a sexy police officer lady walked up to you in a uniform clearly bought from a naughty Halloween shop, and she showed you handcuffs, wouldn’t you think that this is a bachelor party for someone, NOT that she’s a real police officer, and that this was not really something to worry about. Come on! And she’s arresting him for bad photoshopping? Since when is that a crime? If it is enough evidence to get you arrested, you should know that we’re risking jail time here by posting Simon with money and guns and stolen art. If you don’t hear from us in a while, we’ll put up a video of where you can help us cover the bail money. Also, what exactly is he doing in the picture? Climbing a building? We…we’re confused.

But that didn’t stop us from laughing more than we’ve laughed at a video in a long time. We could have just been laughing for the wrong reasons: the guy from CN Blue was a complete toolbag, and his girlfriend is better off leaving him.

Also, we are a bit disappointed with the song. It’s a good song, don’t get us wrong, but it’s not like their other stuff, not the comeback we’ve been waiting for. We mention in the video how “I My Me Mine” was Simon’s favorite kpop song of 2010. It was intense. It had so much energy and just blew us away. “Heart to Heart,” though, just doesn’t seem befitting 4Minute. Maybe it would be better for Sistar? Who knows. We just hope we can hear more bombastic shazaaming songs from 4Minute in the future.

Anyhow, that’s it for now. WHY OH WHY DIDN’T YOU REQUEST “ITAEWON FREEDOM”?!?! That’s the best video we’ve seen all year. It’s not very Kpop-ish, sure, and it’s not really big in Korea now compared to the other big songs…but it’s got the best video we’ve ever seen. TVXQ’s “Before You Go” wasn’t even half as good as this one! Ahh! It probably won’t get voted in, though. Also, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos into Korean. Huzzah!

Also, 4Minute’s new album isn’t out yet, but you can Pre-order the album here. And finally, we’ve received lots of questions and comments about Simon’s T-Shirts (because, let’s face it, they’re awesome). And so we’ll be linking them here. You can find Simon’s shirts over at Threadless.com, or you can get the specific shirt by clicking on ET below :D

Simon's T-Shirt
  1. Martina so cute when she does the dance!

  2. Its KEY not KI…. 

  3.  I’m going to make a FIRE MURDER placard and flash it in every inappropriate situation i can think of.

  4. sooo, i love how all these comments are way late, but i’m almost done with my music monday marathon, so i’m almost caught up! finally! whew… *sigh of relief* anyway, LOVED the princess bride reference!

  5. 2NE1!!! She kills that abusing, cheating punk!!!

  6. I think a Heart to Heart to Heart might equal therapy…

  7. fire murder 2NE1 <3 lol XDDD

  8. I vote for 2NE1…only if it happens in my fantasy.

  9. 2ne1 fosho !!

  10. I have to vote for the FIRE MURDER just so I can hear it be said in a video one more time.

  11. BOTH! :D
    i sound so bloodthirsty 0-0

  12. My vote goes to 2NE1's FIRE MURDER!! =))

  13. Well since in 2NE1's video he really wasn't a cheater and they both died… I'll have to go with 4minute. I still love 2NE1 more. =D

  14. My vote goes to 2NE1 Fire murder..!!

  15. 2NE1's FIRE MURDER!!

  16. 2NE1! It wasn’t really FIRE MURDER but the revenge their is better than pulling stupid pranks.

  17. 2NE1! The revenge was better. 4minute was quite alright but the pranks was kinda silly. Seriously. While in 2NE1. Showing off the your better without him was a bittersweet revenge.

  18. 4MINute's heart to heart, bc its not fun when he die and donlt know who killed him or y he died :P lolz let him be scared kakakaka

  19. I hope you guys get Rania's Dr Feelgood requested for next week…. I've been voting for Girl's Day for weeks but it might be more fun seeing Simon do their dance LOL.

  20. 2NE1 blowing someone up in an epic high speed car crash is way more awesome and reserved for revenge. 2NE1 FTW!!!! <3!
    4minute's pranks are just that with the exception of putting glue as a sub for tooth paste Id do those things to my friends. Not to be mean but really, if you have a friend that would fall for the cardboard box thing, you know you would totally do that to them! :P

  21. FIRE MURDER!! definately

    2ne1 obviously know how to get rid of bad boyfriends.

  22. Itaewon freedom next week, please?

  23. Hey :) someone here is a YunJaeshipper ^^ not that im complaining XD
    hehehe i choose 2NE1,,,,i mean it was a whole lot coooooooooler….and heart to heart just wasnt my cup of tea U-Know XD

  24. Although murder is really cool…. I think we would all get arrested if we tried that, so I’m gonna go with 4minute, at least they taught us things we can actually use XD Also, the guy would still be around at the end to feel stupid and defeated, same wouldn’t happen with murder XD

  25. 2NE1 only cause I like the words FIRE MURDER lololol but 4 Minute's was cute and nice :D So…big bang has a new mv…and 4 Minute's mirror mirror came out….wonder which one will be reviewed next week. It would be awesome if you threw us all off by doing Itaewon Freedom :P and YAY for the evil laughter and YES I My Me Mine was amazing and Heart to Heart felt lacking D: but the mv is so cute~ And it looks like Sohyun has your hairstyle Martina :D and Jiyoon too!

  26. 2ne1, because when you truly love someone you wanna have a good revenge and no some bad jokes, besides CL truly love the guy in the vid!!

  27. It seems 2NE1 is already on their way to winning, but umm… I don't think Murder is the right answer to a broken heart.
    I vote 4Minute!!

  28. 2NE1's FIRE MURDER!!!

  29. Funniest video by far!! I laughed a lot. I have to say tho, fire seems extreme..soooo I think the cheeky joke way would avoid jail time; lets go with that. :)

  30. i vote for 2ne1…………..i'll crush you hahah (evil laugh)….

  31. Lol Martina's so bad to you Simon with the sandwich lol. Love the dance part too lol. I vote for 2ne1. Gotta have some fire!

  32. Hey guys! i love your music mondays, really making better my mondays haha
    but I really wanted you to review 2NE1's Go Away MV when it came out, I know You did Can't Nobody, but I just wanted to know your interpretation on the storyline, I know you say that murder was too much but that guy even hit her, i mean….omg domestic violence much?
    and i'm pretty sure she died or it was an accident, not intentional, they were both driving faster and faster and those things happen in car racing….I guess
    I would love to know your thoughts on that song and MV even if it's just on a comment here :)

  33. First of all… I love this Music Monday, just like I do with every Music Monday :D Just wanted to point that out..
    oh, and I wanted to tell you my theory for the photoshop-thing… when I first saw the video, I was confused too, but the first thing I thought was that the girls did the photoshop. So climbing a building or trying to beak in or whatever that picture should show is a crime, and by photoshopping his face in, they make it seem like he commited it -> he is getting arrested for it (by a sexy, not AT ALL (no of course not…) suspicious looking police officer… oh well, we already figured he's stupid, didn't we?)
    oh, and I'm for 4Minute, just because I always thought CL was a little harsh…

  34. I like fire murder more so my vote is for 2NE1 killing the boyfriend is more evil than to plays tricks on him !!

  35. Martina's expression at 3:25 = priceless. Simon reading a pizza box, also priceless.

  36. 2ne1 – go away duh!!! -.-'' 2ne1 fighting!!! :D

  37. Does the song Gee have the disease? They wear colorful skinny jeans!

  38. LOL….absolutely LOVED this review. I actually look forward to Mondays – just for these vids. ❤
    p.s. odd question: In the Bloopers, early on, when you mention that Spudgy-babies *might not be that smart*…you say "hellllooo, hellllo"….in voices like the nameless-randomly-abducting-unicorns from the YouTube series 'Charlie the Unicorn'. Was that intentional…or just a coincidence? 'cause it made me laugh even more. (sparkle, sparkle Charlie)

    • Just coincidence. We've been pretending that's Spudgy's voice for the past year or so, like "Hey guys, I know you're busy and all, but can you give me some noms?" That's how we amuse ourselves…

      • How funny….we "do" our dog's voice as well. Daisy is a Jack Russell terrier, and they are prone to be a little high-strung – so her 'voice' is a cross between princess-regal ('cause she's really pretty) and neurotic-tic. "WE do not like taters, precious. Taters is for common folk…n,n,no..nooooo ~ Only c-c-cats preferrrr taaaaaters!" (sorry that's as close as I can get) :P

  39. 2ne1!! THAT"S the MOST EPIC revengeee ever! I mean. racing? TOO COOLL <3

  40. 2NE1… we can't help it if we like to see things blow up??

  41. I go for 4MINute's heart to heart. it's more fun than 2ne1's. I don't want to be arrested for arson. AHA.
    anyways, as usual, super fun music monday :)

  42. so, um….yeah…..After watching ITAEWON FREEDOM per your suggestion, it should TOTALLY be next weeks KPOP Music Monday!!!!!!
    I'm pretty sure that ITAEWON+FREEDOM=SHAZAAAAM!!!!!!!

    • Nooooo… Everyone should vote for Girl's Day "Twinkle Twinkle"… I keep voting for it every week but I guess they aren't a popular enough group :( It's like, one of my favorite kpop videos… if not my favorite. Like a live action anime :D

  43. 2NE1 wins for revenge. Hands down. Cute hair Martina!

  44. FIRE MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I want to have 2NE1 style revenge on everyone who didn't vote for Itaewon Freedom.

  46. Your stairs confuse me! They look really small at the bottom, near Spudgy's food bowl. Are they stairs that you guys walk up? Are they there for Spudgy? I don't understand! Why are they there? What is the purpose of such tiny stairs? I would love an answer :)

    • We had the camera on a more downward angle now, plus the lens is wide angle and has some warping on the edges as a result. The stairs are unusually tiny, though: they're for the upstairs which is just…weird in itself. We need to make a video about that. Ha!

  47. hm….
    4Minute's stupid pranks against 2ne1's murder…. what a hard choice ^.^
    but i'll have to vote for 2ne1's FIREY DEATH! (:

    by the way…. i love your shirt Martina :D

  48. although 4minute was really adorable w their method of revenge.. i choose
    2ne1 is bringing the girls back on the block.

  49. Vote for Music Monday: ITAEWON FREEDOM I fell out laughing over this video. Thank you for pointing me in that direction.

    Can I not vote for either revenge videos. 4 Minute was just childish pranks, were 2NE1 she died in it, what kind of revenge is that. That is just murder/suicide. Maybe if the two of them were to have babies they would be stupied babies also. hmmm we are thining the gene pool around here.

  50. ummm if my boyfriend just randomly dumped me on a date an then immediately started going out with another girl, i'd be ANGRY!!!!!
    plus 2ne1 is awesome and no one in their right mind would dump CL. soooo GO FIREBALL!!!!!

  51. My favorite line- "This isn't my couch at all! Inconceivable!"

    Best revenge: I would've gone with 2ne1, but that was fire murder-SUICIDE! What's the point of getting revenge if you can't gloat afterwards?! So I vote for 4minute's pranks, since they survived to laugh at him afterwards.

  52. 2NE1's fire murder, but i dont really think she was trying to do that though….

  53. 2NE1!!! Whoever mess up with CL should BURN IN HOT FIRE! ): BTW, my first language is not English, so forgive me if I write something wrong… Or you can give me English classes too :D

  54. 2ne1 evilness for sure they gave what that guy deserved.

  55. Fire murder: Because he wasn't just a cheating asshole, he also beat her. And those men deserve it.

  56. and my vote goes to….2NE1 and the FIRE MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
    that's what happens if you brake up with korean girls!!!…you're dead!!!!!mihihihihh!!!!

  57. Um Yes 2NE1 totally ripped that up! Revenge is SWEET!!! Exspecially when there are fire works involved!

  58. i vote for FIRE MURDER! 2NE1 is the way to go for ultimate badass revenge. Haha.

    (Though 4Minute-style revenge was hilarious. Lol.)

    This video was hilarious btw hahaha. I got all my friends into you guys too!

  59. 2NE1 definitely. Let them burrrrrrrrrrn >:) Pranks is only to get on his nerves. but to make him pay…… fire… I got that fire fire XD

  60. 2ne1. That guy deserved it, alright. XD

  61. 2NE1: FIRE MURDEERRRR!!! I don't know…maybe it's because i'm a little sadistic. lol. XD

  62. This video was hilarious. Martina your expressions were priceless.
    Loved it!

    (HELLO KITTY earrings!)

  63. I'm going to go 4 minute for the better revenge….Constant light-hearted pranks are much better for the soul. 2n1's was dark and needy (in very stark contrast to the lyrics which seem to be very much "Screw you, jerk! I'm going to make you pay by finding someone better." That would be a fun video). Not cool to destroy yourself for revenge.

  64. i was just about to ask you to do itaewon freedom. that song is brilliant.

  65. Vote for 4minute.At last they had fun .

  66. 2NE1!
    It wasn't just a murder, it was a murder/suicide.
    Simon. Maybe you should invest in a backless chair to sit on so when you are on camera, you will fit in the picture. I was going to say stool…..but you might think I was talking about a poop. :-P

  67. 2ne1's way more merciless and ends all while 4minute makes the boy ashamed (maybe for his entire life?) but I still prefer 2ne1, they get rid of the boy (literally)

  68. It could be murder, but it's the best way to erradicate cheaters >:) I vote for 2EN1 :D

  69. I'm against the creation of stupid babies as well! The best way to get revenge is thru gratituous violence…so 2NE1!

  70. Haha, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT MAKES MY MONDAY BETTER! When Martina started dancing, i started singing just like her. xD Thanks for the video! Good job :3

  71. Music Mondays is the only thing that makes Monday tolerable. Thanks!

  72. 2ne1 of course :D is there any better way?

  73. Spudgy should wear keroro costume

  74. I'll go with…… 4 Minute this time :3
    Because…. Murder…. Is a bit too much LOL.

    2NE1 xD

  76. 2NE1!

    FIRE MURDER for the win lmao

    Also, I just looked up Itaewon Freedom – SO EPIC.

    Love you guys! <3

  77. noooo! I wanted CN Blue today :( its ok…thts gotta be next time!! *vengeful 4minute face*
    omg Martina your hairstyle in this video is so cute :D and Simon, is that E.T. phoning home on your shirt? xD
    I actually like the 4MINUTE song, but i dont really like the video xD im happy more members got more lines, but it didnt have the HUH or I My Me Mine feel to it…but they're coming out darker for their full album so cant wait for that :D
    aand for the vote, mine goes to 2NE1
    because seriously…how EPIC was their revenge xD 4MINUTE played with child pranks and all but 2NE1 made A FRICKIN CAR CRASH INTO FIRE AND CAR PARTS AND AWESOMENESS!! and it did not look CGIed like some other things…>.> *cough*greekparthenon*cough*
    sorry for the caps…hardcore YG fan over here xD

    love Eat Your Kimchi :)

  78. W..what? Why it's not CNBlue…? I know that Jung Shin is here but… I wanna CNBlue T-T ! Because on next week it will be Big Bang… and the week after that it will be somebody else… or Big Bang again ^^ you know that Big Bang spent $200k for “Love Song” MV?
    Btw I voted for 2ne1! I like that MV ^^ I don't like 4minute MV because they made Jung Shin looks like stupid boyfriend!!!
    P.S. KERORO! Cute ^^ And I love Martina's dance! It's so so cute ^^

  79. Thanks for the link. I've been waiting for it.
    But, I still can't find one of the shirts Simon wore. It was my favourite.
    I don't remember which week it was worn. But it involved milk and infidelity.
    Was it from the same site ?

  80. hmmmm 4minute's pranks were really silly and only seemed to work on Jungshin (sorry Jungshin i love you and all but i think you forgot to turn your brain on for this mv) 2EN1 advocates murder … i think my vote has to go to 4minute.

    • Also … am I the only one that noticed that Jungshin got a whip or collar and leash thing and sexy lingerie? And that's more than a little creepy but also really funny.

  81. 2NE1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooh btw, martina looks so cute when her hair is like that >.<

  82. Normally I would probably say 2NE1 just because I love them way more than I've ever been a fan of 4 minute (sorry Simon >.<) and if a guy cheated on me I wouldn't just let it slip by, and the guy in the video was a complete jerk to CL — talk about domestic abuse -__________-
    But, today, since I'm in a good, giggly mood from watching your Music Monday, and because the the 4 minute video was too funny for words, I'd go with 4 minutes way of harmless pranks, because it would give me a really good laugh to see the guy that cheated on me thrown into a vegetative state over a fake spider. =D
    Plus, I just watched Itaewon Freedom for the first time and that's probably got a considerable effect on my happy state of mind. =DDD
    And with that being said, ITAEWON FREEDOM for next week's Music Monday.
    If you do it, please oh please talk about how they censor JYP during his dance fully clothed =D
    Love you guys~ (:

  83. I would say 2NE1 FIRE MURDER!! lol, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut you don't really come back from that kind of revenge and he needs to stay alive to suffer!! :)

  84. I voted for Itaewon Freedom, but it was apparently not enough T___T

  85. 2NE1!… Ok, it is murder. So it is too far in the revenge but 4minute's revenge is not enough so I vote for the intense revenge.

  86. My vote is going to go with 2en1. They don't mess around when they want revenge!! haha. 4minutes pranks were just to harmless but 2en1, on the contrary!!! They get fire involve. It was awesome :)

    • Wow I can't believe I spelled 2NE1 WRONG!!!! I ment to spell it that way <—- Sorry it's early in the morning and I'm still not thinking straight :p

  87. i prefer the pranks. I don't want to have murder in my conscience.

  88. yeah I love threadless!!

    of course Shinee because Infinite looks good in those jeans, lol. and yeah, I'm not sure if everyone reads the question or get the question properly, lolol.

    I vote for 4Minutes I guess, I hate Go Away's MV.

  89. 4 Minute. 2NE1 was a little intense… O_o


    I voted for Itaewon Freedom. :p And anyway I think you guys should just do a video about something you really like from time to time even if it doesn't have the majority of votes…

  91. You should do Itaewon Freedom just for the lolz. The awesomeness in that video is too much to ignore.

  92. I want Itaewon's Freedom PLEASE~~~

  93. My vote goes to 2NE1 ,no doubt !!!

  94. 2NE1's FIRE MURDER FTW! :))

  95. I think you should work at fashion magazine with your level of photoshop skills… :] just saying.
    2NE1 I mean really she got the ULTIMATE REVENGE on that creep!!!!

  96. Glad Shinee won in the showdown. Those pants Onew was wearing in the video y'all chose NEED TO DIE! Nevermind Key's outfit…

  97. 2NE1 hands down. FURY!!

  98. I requested Itaewon Freedom!!!!!!
    So it was only me who asked that??

    Can you do that for 'bonus'? No need to do that for Music Mondays~~ :D :D

  99. 4minute! :D Their pranks are EPIC!

  100. hahaha yes! he does seem kinda dum!! LOL~
    I totally agree, I My Me Mine was such a good song and I am a little disappointed by the song but the video definitely makes up for it!!
    It's so cute when they put the glue in the toothpaste and they laugh evilly~ <3

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