YESSSSS! A 4Minute video! We know a lot of you aren’t voting for 4Minute, because you think we’re gonna trash on em, but that’s not true! Well, not…entirely true! Sure, they suck at using phones and at generally having any self-preservation instinct, but that doesn’t make me like this song any less. Check out 4Minute’s “Is It Poppin” if you haven’t seen it yet:


It’s not as good as WASH YO NEIGH, but it’s not bad, either. It’s just not breathtakingly awesome. It’s just…ok. The verses fall rather flat and leave you yearning for the chorus to come in to save the song, and it does a great job at that. It’s light, airy-fairy, and serves as a decent appetizer, rather than as a main dish. It’s not offensively bad. It’s forgettable, but it’s something to sing along to if heard on the streets.

The video’s not great for the song. Cute and sexy don’t go together for us. Be cute or be sexy. Cuteness isn’t sexy, and mixing the two is uncomfortable, and the video does that a bit too much. The staring at the fire in the club just seems like such a needless, thoughtless addition as well. Why would everyone stop to point at a fire? Who proposed that during the script writing for the video? “Yeah: they’re all gonna dance, it’s gonna be really hot. So hot that the club catches on Fire! And then…everyone will point at the fire” You had me up until the pointing at the fire part. It would have been great if the sprinklers came on right away, instead of making everyone look like dummies waiting for Natural Selection to whisk them away.

And I’m totally confused about the message of the song and how it matches the video. They lyrics are supposed to be about a girl being sad, because her boyfriend neglects her, won’t pick up her calls, and goes out to party without her, and she feels all sad for it. Did any of you get that sense of sadness in the video? At the beginning they look a bit sad when the phone isn’t being picked up, but then the rest of the video is a sexy party. How the eff does that match up? It’s just such a sloppy and lazy and asinine video. This isn’t us trashing on 4Minute. It’s just the concept of the video that’s terrible.

Anyhoodledoodlepoodle, even if the video’s not the best, we’ve felt like there’s been a gap in our hearts with the lack of 4Minute videos on Kpop Music Mondays, and there have been some real goldmines out there (ohh “Ice Cream,” how we mourn for you), so now that they made it into the top 3 we definitely chose them above everyone else. Sorry B.A.P. fans. We like Coffee Shop, but we’ve done just about everything B.A.P. has ever made, and they make videos almost as much as U-Kiss does, which is, like, every 3 days. So, not only did we pick this video to do a Music Monday for, but we’re also giving away 4Minute’s latest CD. You want it? Here’s how we’ll give it to you!

1) Subscribe to us on YouTube: that’s the easy part!
2) Let us know in the comments what you would name their dance. We thought of fart wafting because we’re childish. What do you think?

If you want to leave your answers here rather than on YouTube, make sure to leave your YouTube username as well, so we can make sure you’re subscribed. Yay!

Other than that, we have a few bloopers this week. Spudgy had a bit of a laugh at us after he set up a trap…


  1. It says “get your big ass home right now”

  2. Eh,eh,eh,eh it’s 4minute!

  3. Just commented on youtube for the cd. Is it too late?

  4. Yay! This review was informative and HILARIOUS – you guys were back on form. :-) With the phone number, is there a Korean equivalent of 555 (the American TV and film fake telephone number prefix) that ensures they don’t accidentally use a real person’s number? Though I don’t know how you’d do that with a mobile phone…. After The Doctor’s mobile number was shown on Doctor Who, I tried it but it didn’t connect to anything. It was saved in my phone for a while though, just in case…

    I would name the dance the Banishment Bothering Butt Wiggle. Note the degree of bending over, and the amount of shake. There’s nothing there that’s quite extreme enough to incur the wrath of The Ministry of Banishment but this whole butt wiggling epidemic must be making them feel mighty uncomfortable…. Also, I don’t think the profile I have on here is linked to my youtube one, but I promise I am subscribed!

  5. so music core just included the engrish at the beginning in the subtitles. apparently they’re saying “GET YOU BIG ASS HOME RIGHT NOW”. i am crying omg.

  6. it should be called “what’s with the Butt?!”, ” Rub that BooTY ” or “Rub-A-Bum” lol from the rub-a-dub
    or.. baby Bum-ble bee.. since they look like a child getting sleep w/ their thumb choreo hahaha & bee is just nothing.its from the song baby bumblebee

    YTname: Jeremae Agrimor

    i did comment the rub that booty on yt :)))

  7. My name of the dance:

    “From thumb to ass wiggle wiggle”

    I’m sorry, my creativity for names are terrible beyond belief :DDDDD lol

    My YTname is : YTNeox

    Although I probably will comment on the YouTube as well lol xD

  8. KissJadeMeNastieHenry

    I SAW THAT TARDIS IN THE KITCHEN, just sayin! ^^

  9. It shall be known as “Trimming the Goatee”

  10. It can be called BUT WAVE!!!

  11. Richard Hollingsworth

    Signs are going up in the US about evacuating from a fire “BEFORE” posting about it.

  12. I think the dance should be called “Silent butt sexy”
    I vote for 2PM :)

  13. youtube user name: wolfwhispered

    The “Feel the Burn Dance” for after you exercise and you spent too long working out your gluts and now you’re all sore so you rub your poor bum in pain and have to bite your thumb because it hurts so much.

  14. I’d call it the “This video isn’t turning out the way we wanted so lets shake and rub our bums. Then people will watch it whether it makes sense or not” dance.
    My vote is for 2PM

  15. I Lost My Pants In Omaha

    Dance name: The Thumb & Bum Twist.

  16. oh i just remembered! in the beginning of the song, i think it’s get your big ass home right now but they had to like bleep it out since kbs banned the song…something like that haha

  17. Am I the only one who sees the shirt that says “satan” at the beginning? O.o

  18. buttering

  19. 1) Nessthenoob

    2) I’m gonna call it the “baby bottle” dance because it looks like they’re holding a baby bottle while shakin their booties??? I DON’T KNOW???

  20. Martina’s “how does phone?” faces are too hilarious!!

  21. Hi S&M, While I respect your choice to choose whomever you want cause it’s your show, I can’t help but to wonder why have a voting system in place if number one isn’t reviewed. While B.A.P to you, “make videos almost as much as U-Kiss does, which is, like, every 3 days. So”, to us they deserve to be reviewed because their music is really good and original working really hard for their fans.

    Coffee Shop deserves to be reviewed because it’s refreshing and totally different from the same ol’ generic worn out music playing in kpop right now just like the MV concept. Coffee Shop stands out including the MV they have. Your reasoning for choosing 4minute is rather lacking but once again it’s your show so you get to run it the way you want. Babyz and Warriors kept working hard to vote even through your bonding trip skipped Kpop music Monday. It’s not fair to us either. Notice only 2 have favored the review on EYK site.

    If 4minute had done something different and better than Coffee Shop then I wouldn’t be saying anything. Once in a while even if a video has nothing to poke fun at for a good skit it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be reviewed and this goes out to those who said B.A.P’s video was boring compared to this. There is depth and beautiful scenery in the MV.

    Now 2NE1 is in first place, by no means am I taking away from them cause I happen to like them a lot, the best female group to me, but I’m betting you will review them and not B.A.P because you reviewed them so much before and they’re not a female group leaving B.A.P fans out in the cold again.

    Just sharing my take on the matter other than that Kudos to you. I do like 2NE1′s knew song very much. <3

    • They used to only review #1s until they got tired of having no real say in the choice; there were videos they wanted to review that didn’t make it to the top because of ballot-stuffing by certain fandoms. Thus a compromise was struck where Simon and Martina would pick one of the top three.

    • Oh please. Until you’re in a Heo Young Saeng position, get over it. Seriously, bap fans are one of the last fans that should be butt hurt. So many songs that are actually good have been passed on. Both coffee shop and this song are okay songs, nothing amazing about them. Actual interesting songs from lesser known people don’t get reviewed though. Just get used to not being reviewed, even if a song reviewed is totally crappy while a possible one was amazing.

      • I can say or feel however I want. I am a Hardcore Baby, a real fan and I want Coffee Shop to be reviewed. I believe it’s a great song and totally different from the crap that’s floating around. I don’t like this “is it poppin” song at all, that’s my right. Coffee Shop isn’t much to you well then good for you that’s not my concern. I am a hardcore B.A.P fan because I happen to truly LOVE ALL of their SONGS and following since before their official debut so yeah I don’t agree with their reasoning for not reviewing the song. Their is a voting process in place and if people are taking the time out to vote relentlessly caring enough to do so and not have fruition then yes I or any other Baby/Warrior can voice their discontent. This also applies to other fans with majority whom vote like crazy and they don’t get their song reviewed.They really didn’t have good enough reasons to me…period.

        • Inspirit13elieve

          First of all, if you seriously think that coffee shop of all songs is the most different song out, then you seriously must not know what’s in the music scene right now. Coffee Shop is no different than is it poppin in terms of uniqueness. I don’t understand why in the world babys think that. Seriously, that song is not special. No mercy is more unique than it.
          Well no one cares that you love all their songs. Just because you’re unobjective fan doesn’t do anything. I’m a inspirit and at least I knew man in love didn’t deserve to be reviewed and many better songs could have.
          Anyways, just because for once babys were “screwed over” (they weren’t) doesnt mean anything. Do you know how many groups have never been reviewed and fan kept them in the top 3 for almost a month? Get over the fact your bias group hasn’t been reviewed. You only took notice of the terrible voting system once you felt wronged. You have no idea how fans have been truly wronged.

        • Oh shut the f***k up! You can’t tell me what is a good song or not to me! My opinions and thoughts are mine not for you to approve or anyone else! Get this through your thick ignorant head, COFFEE SHOP IS A UNIQUE GREAT SPECIAL SONG! If we Babyz/Warriorz think so and want this song reviewed cause we VOTED it’s our prerogative! Who the hell are you to tell me I’m an “un-objective fan” just because I LOVE ALL OF B.A.P’S MUSIC?! I don’t give a damn whether or not you liked that Infinite song! You should have minded your damn business! Your opinion means zilch to me! I didn’t ask for your two worthless cents! My comment was for S&M. They have a segment for comments for that purpose to listen to their followers, good or bad, agree or disagree with them. Damn right B.A.P is my BIAS so what, that’s non of your business! I feel bad for Infinite with a fickle half assed fan like you! I will not reply to you again so don’t bother answering me just be on your way! Btw If no one cares then you shouldn’t have gotten involved with something that’s non of your concern! B.A.P for Global Domination! Victory Yes, Sir!!! <3

  22. Great KMM, even if I will never be able to watch the whole 4minute video. BAP’s song wouldn’t have had as much to do cool skits with. From the little bit I watched, There are a ton of epic shirts in there. “girls find boys” “class of 1981″ ( I doubt she was alive in ’81) and I really want to know what that skirt said. I couldn’t find a clear shot to pause.

    I vote 2 pm for the showdown. I will admit, i prefer pretty boys to pretty girls when it comes to butt dancing. Also the song is more my taste.

  23. Simon, you don’t need to stop, drop and roll until you ARE ON FIRE! XD If you just see fire nearby, rolling around might not be the greatest idea… :x

  24. PunkyPrincess92

    i was so shocked at the part of that mv when they started pointing and looking at the fire!! what the hell!!! who came up with this video!???
    you see a fire, you get your butt the furthest away from that fire and outta there!!!

    ahahahahah you actually dialed the number!!! man that is one of the most hilarious things ever!!

    bahah oh my gosh!! Martina’s creepy face through the kitchen door!!!

  25. I hate you Simon…*not really please do ‘Coffee Shop’! And I kinda disagree with you as that girl is the hottest girl ever? (no idea who I’m talking about…) I believe its either Suzy or Jessica or Taeyeon or IU.

    I need that shirt.

  27. Call it the “S” dance! Youtube username: crystalxlov3
    1. S sounds like the word ASS which was one of the reason why this song was being noticed and had to be censored;
    2. S stands for SATAN which is another reason this MV created such a hype;
    3. S also stands for the “sucking thumb” movement;
    4. S is also the letter that one can see when the girls are doing the “water flowing” action during the chorus;
    5. S for representing the “S” Line figures that the girls have;
    But more importantly, personally, I feel that this is the best song that 4 Minute have which is similar to the fact that 4 Minute has always been lacking an “s” to be grammatically correct.

  28. All the Korean guys in my school doesn’t like Hyuna. (They don’t hate her) xD

  29. What is Fanguerilla saying at the end in her demon voice? Your subtitler didn’t understand it either..lol.

  30. 물 좋아? actually doesn’t mean is it poppin? it means “are there any cute guys there at the club” so the mv in the club makes perfect sense to me.^^

  31. Blueberries

    I really liked Is it popping song but mv was quite meh to me. Well I’m not into club mv’s, I don’t usually like even my bias’ groups club/party mv’s so that’s it for me. KMM was really hilarious though I just hoped you’d have talk about outfits choices and all funny english texts in them XD To me it was most intresting thing in the mv.

    I vote for 2PM, their butt-dance was sth completely new for boy group and I loved it!

  32. This was funny and I recommend everyone to always read your blog post, too, cause it gives additional laughter ^^

    I don’t really like the song – it’s just boring to me – and the MV is not that compelling either, but I thought the pointing-at-the-fire-scene was quite fitting “Look, we are so hot we set the roof on fire – best party ewa!” :D
    For the showdown I vote for 2PM, they are the definition of sexy :)

  33. okay i love 4minute, but at the beginning i understood..”Get your big a** on right now!” lool and i was like…wait how would they know I have a big a**???

  34. I’d name this dance the SATAN13!!!!
    (yt name: bernidamm)

  35. Martina: ” Hello ~ ”

    Voice: ” Hi there, Simon ”

    *lol* xD

    Nice KMM, my day started out well ^-^

  36. 3497-1672 doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like 867-5309.

  37. kawaii_candie

    omg!! your phone rings with the Tae-MAN song!!!!!!!!!! where can i get that?!?! XD

    this was a really funny KMM though… i laughed so hard at the fart dance… and god, Fangurilla doing the moves… so gross! lol.

    and i also like the little blurbs of fangurilla at the end. it’s a nice touch. i hope you keep them going! (PS: Fangurilla needs to shave….. )

  38. Siri saying “Hi there Simon” in the bloopers after Martina said hello just really cracked me up for some reason. And you’ve got balls, if I tried a number from a music video and it worked after adding an area code I would hang up the instant I heard it going.

  39. When I hear “butt rub”, somehow I think of barbecue seasoning.

  40. Thx for the giveaway ! :D
    My Youtube username is Missunendlichtraume !

    How can I name their dance ? Maybe the “Wavy dance”, because when they shake their hips, its like a wave ! ^-^

  41. 2pm!

  42. Fangurilla’s beard and mustache gave me the heebie-jeebies, lol.

  43. Cindy

    Martina – the bandana looks awesome! The colors look so much brighter than I remember. And Log Pillow is helping Simon to be comfortable. Good Log Pillow. :)

  44. Your Hyuna calling skit was spot on……. yup… even married Korean guys… haha.

    And thanks for ruining that dance for me! I’ve been doing it lately and now I’m just going to think of farts! haha

  45. First of all, it was Sohyun who called, not Hyuna.
    Secondly, it was supposed to be “GET YOUR BIG ASS HOME RIGHT NOW” but thanks to the tv station KBS, the word ‘ass’ had to be censored and that became a mess of mumble-jumble english at the start TT^TT
    *sigh* I’m really happy that you guys, EYK, reviewed 4Minute^^ but I also had been hoping that you knew about the banning problem with KBS…and that you knew your members…
    On the bright side, 4MINUTE CD GIVEAWAYYYY!!!

  46. Another entertianing kpop review! This music video is ok and song ok, still like 4minute.
    Sad you still haven’t reviewed After SChool :–//

  47. yanagiba yusuke22

    im not disappointed with the review since KMM lack of girl group mv review…. b4 this im hoping for expectation and first love…

  48. yanagiba yusuke22

    its ok babys….they will hv another track coming up as 2ne1, junsu….

  49. I vote for 4minute.
    And I would call their dance the Cheese Roll.
    Youtube name: hkfunla

  50. I Lost My Pants In Omaha

    The Shake & Fries Dance. They’re obviously licking the grease & salt off they’re thumbs while shaking their bums.

  51. http://www.eatyourkimchi. com/kpop-4minute-isitpoopin

    How ironic, that’s what I was doing too.

  52. there’s a dude at their party named satan

  53. Hi!!! did you guys get the email y sent I think it was yesterday?? My favorite band is 2Pm

  54. I’m sad that you didn’t review B.A.P. However, I understand the reason, and I still enjoyed the video. My vote goes to 2pm because Martina totally ruined 4Minute’s dance for me.
    On a slightly related matter will you guys tell us what you had planned for last week’s KMM that went so terrible wrong? I’m super curious.

  55. Maybe 4minute are sims.

  56. I love Fanguerilla and her random yelling at the end~ ^_^

  57. baby beans booty shake. they are sucking their thumbs and fart wafting XD

  58. at list they got some lines!!!

  59. When i saw the part where the roof was on fire, i just thought they were trying to visualize the chant “The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire! …” but maybe that was just me.

    • nah, me too!

    • Same thing here. I remember that being a bit Arsenio commonly used, but only now 20+ years later do I find out the original artist: Rock Master Scott and the Dynamic Three.

      Don’t forget the rest of it though: “We don’t need no water, let the mother(father) burn! Burn, mother(father), burn!”

    • It’s just disappointing because I’m pretty sure all of them visualized it then failed to try and support the roof with their hands.

      • :-) I think you might be confusing this with “raising the roof”

        • … I thought… I thought you’re supposed to do the raising the roof while yelling that? Am I the only one who has grown up thinking this yell and dance were married? Uhm ._.


  60. Cyber_3

    The dance: ” my barstool spin is so wicked, I have to bite my thumb to anchor myself so I don’t spin off dance”…

    Meh, I’ve got nothin’. This was a great KMM, much greater than lately (when there has been a KMM at all…..9_9….). I feel that Simon must have secretly deleted Candy Crush so that he has more time to focus and laugh again, good job ;). You all seem refreshed after going to the pension, despite the lack of sleep there, go crew! I’m glad that you pointed out the fire pointing, that was totally ridiculous and thanks, I wasn’t bothered by the phone thing before but now I can’t help but think how dumb it is – LOL! Excellent use of Seungrina as a personification of unreasonable fans, extremely clever!

    Martina, I really like your shocking pink hair (as always) but somehow, I really liked it freshly bleached and toned too, like it had more texture and layers and helped brighten your face without being in yo’ face….perhaps it just had that “fresh from the salon” magic going on though.

  61. Josue Jimenez Arguedas

    Yet I still expected them to say something about the satan 13 shirt

  62. Becky Strickland

    Good job on this review guise!

  63. Guys… HAVE YOU SEEN THIS???
    Wikipedia acknowledges TaeMAN! XD

    • ahha I had to check. awesome!

    • no more TaeMAN on wiki :(

      • NOOOOOOOOO! Why wikipedia?

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Wiki is an open source encyclopedia that anyone can edit. So you could easily go back in and add it back in. :)

        On a side note this is why teachers and professors usually don’t allow Wiki for source citations. XD

        • just Anna :)

          that’s why we should thank Jessica who was fast enough to make print screen :D

          this is also the problem with wiki, now I can’t deal withouth it even though I know I can’t rely on information in it, ages ago I was using encyclopedia :D

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Yeah I’ll go to Wiki and look up something and think “Should I be trusting you or not?” Man I can’t even remember the last time I touched an encyclopedia. Plus they are lacking on important kpop facts XD

        • Yeah someone -hacked- edited the eco page and Block B pages to have something ridiculous. I can’t find pics but i know it happened. If someone could post up the pictures if they could find them that would be awesome.

        • i wish during my school days, there was wikipedia. we had to literally go to the library and look for books and encyclopedia…

        • thisisjustforfunval

          So do I. Wikipedia started and really took off when I was in college but all the professors I had and knew about banned its use for papers. With good reason but at least it would have been a great starting point. Growing up there was an encyclopedia set in my house, whatever happened to it no one knows.

  64. So funny! Fangurilla cut herself shaving.

  65. Aiyaiyai
    It was “Get your big a** home right now” but it got blocked and then edited to “get your big sass on right now”.

  66. The FART-ASTIC BUT DANCE!!!! that’s what I would call it :) loved this kmm please do BAP next week!!

  67. No comments about Gayoon’s awesome Rogue hair? *X-men shout out*

  68. It’s 4Minute!!! Yeeeeaaaaaaa!

    Love the review and completely agree on the fire in the club. Phone explanation was good too. Also, I hate in the video how Sohyun’s pushing of the buttons doesn’t match up with the sounds the buttons are making in the song.

    Agree with the disconnect between the song and the video. Happy video, but the lyrics are about a girl who is going crazy that she cannot get a hold of her boyfriend on the phone and thinks he’s clubbing it up.

    I also see a disconnect between the lyrics and the musical style. The song has a happy summer feel, but the lyrics are about a sad angry girl. I would expect a song with these lyrics to be more fierce like Hit U from Dal Shabet.

  69. Maya Hayslett

    Martina should totally be a kpop video director. She always has better ideas for videos than what is in the actual video.

    I vote 2pm.

  70. I would name this dance “Jay Jay the Jet Plane” because of their hands and body movements, so funny. @MyBlueDotofkpop

  71. LongClawTiger

    1. Love the haircut simon!
    2. Love the Tae-MAN ringtone!
    3. Explosions!!!! Does this get any better?
    4. Dance name: “You have 4 Minutes to spank me!”
    5. My youtube name is the same as here: LongClawTiger
    6. Wouldn’t say no to Hyuna, but I would hope GaYoon would call me first. :)

  72. Wait, when Simon called that number, it was the dial tone that answered, right? It can mean that Sohyun is actually another dial tone lover! Dongho has a companion in his problem now.

  73. Funny as always! Now i have some great news! i got my friend into K-pop and hopefully soon EatYourkimchi

  74. I would name 4Minutes dance the “Sexy Lavadora” (Sexy Washing Machine) XD

  75. The KMM was great and really funny as always but I feel kind of sad, after having so many good videos in the charts during two weeks (And not getting a KMM during that time, even if I know you guys had your reasons and I’m okay about it), we have a KMM of a song and video you didn’t really love (In contraposition to some videos of this group, and it’s members solo work, you did like and we would all had loved to see reviewed, I mean: Simon and Icecream? That would have been awesome!). It’s okay that you wouldn’t review BAP, they comeback a lot and the video was pretty basic, so I think soon enough they would be in the top 3 with some other video (That hopefully has a lot more to talk about).

    I guess the good thing about this is that you have a lot of freedom to laugh at it and make fun of it (And I guess the comedy is waht brings us here) xD I just hope you do something like last year’s EYK award that managed to give Infinite’s video a KMM.

    As for the showdown, I vote for 2PM.

    See you guys next week :)

    • Yeah, I’m hoping BTS’s next single is equally KMM worthy and gets a review! I so wanted to see what S&M had to say about these schoolboys and their hip-hop. ;)

  76. 2PM ADTOY ftw!

  77. I think it should be called the New Pants dance, as in “Check out how good my ass looks in these new pants!” But 2pm totally rubs their buts better.

    username is geekgrrl16

  78. martina’s hair is so vibrant! bleaching first really helps absorb the color… doesn’t it?

  79. A good name for the dance could be “the pASSifier”
    because they look like they’re sucking their thumbs when they’re shaking it lol
    YouTube name: nofaithinmankind

  80. Love this KMM :D

    Btw, the phrase “Is It Poppin” means in korean “Is It Cool” and related to clubs and such. Therefore they kidnap ask “Is it cool in this club?” “This club is worth it?”. And that why they also dancing in the club :D.
    Aww and about the weird word in Hyuna’s part, it was “Ass” but then they changed it because korean broadcasts are just so… kid friendly (?) to “sass”.

  81. 2 pm, has a better rub-ba-bum dance :)
    rub ma bum ru-rub ma bum (sorry couldn;t help it.)

    you guys have no idea how i was dieing at the fart wafting evilly. what makes it better is it was very relevant today. :D

    I hope 2ne1 is next week because it’s been a long time girls two weeks in a row would be awesome.

  82. Yey! 2NE1 in the wallpaper! hahaha!

  83. Hello from Poland!!! love your hair Martina! and the T-shirts as well. keep up the good work!
    You Shouldn’t Care about negative comments! You guys are awesome!

  84. Anybody else feel like Brave Brothers has suddenly become allergic to bass? I know the low end of a song isn’t the be all and end all, but this and “What’s Your Name” sounds really empty. Once you really get over that fact, “Is It Poppin’” is actually kind of fun to sing and dance to; I honestly like it better than “What’s Your Name”. This song is more light hearted and not as try hard (the first song was trying to be all trendy with the switch during the chorus, but all it did was kill the little energy had it had going for it); it is rather forgettable, but most summer jams tend to be. Other than that, I don’t have much to say about this song; it’s just kind of there, not really trying to make itself distinguished from the rest of the pack.

    As for the showdown, I’ll go with 2PM’s “A.D.T.O.Y” for 200. Better song and more complex choreography. It’s everything a Joshie likes about K-Pop :3

    EDIT – One thing I forgot; Martina, your creepy face is really scary XD Like seriously, I felt the hair on my arms raise up when I first saw that thing >_>

  85. According to some lyrics I’ve read, the incomprehensible English at the beginning is, “Get your big ass on right now.” which kind of makes sense (not as a sentence though), because I remember reading an article about one of the broadcast stations having a problem with the word “ass” in the lyrics, which is nowhere to be found in the rest of the song.

    And as for the contest, I would call it the “This is what you’re missing” dance, cuz yeah, whoever doesn’t pick up the phone for 4Minute is missing out.
    youtube username: homers321

  86. Annie

    2pm?!! vs 4 minute, Really 2PM guise!!!???!!!! that was an AMAZING DANCE, 2pm’s dance, oh the gold that it was.

  87. Ok I would call their dance the Wiggle and the Wave. They wiggle their butts and wave the magical butt magic away. :)

  88. Simon, actually, they used to say “get yo big ass on right now”, but they had to cut if off, that’s why that part is so weird

  89. I cannot believe you guys didn’t comment on the guy wearing a shirt that said ‘Satan’ in the beginning! LOL i was like wtf

  90. Call that dance a cheek-wink!

  91. Can anyone explain how “Is it Poppin’?” = “Mul joa?” aka “Do you like water?”

    Don’t get it… is it a common Korean phrase that has some interesting meaning behind it???

    • Seems like the Korean title has nothing to do with the English one, just like Dal Shabet’s latest title track. The English title is Be Ambitious, but the Korean one is Look at My Legs XD

      • Ok, I can see that… but then why ask,”Do you like water?”

        The roof is on fire in the video… does it have something to do with being hot?? lol

        Oooooh…. is it like a pickup line? “You’re so hot…. do you like/want water?”

        • Josh Chinnery

          You got me. The girls are chillin’ in a pool all dolled up to look link a pond during the video, so I guess that’s the tie to the title?

    • I think I prefer 4minute’s MV… I prefer the song anyway :)

    • “do you like water?” is apparently a phrase that guys use at clubs to ask whether a girl’s hot or not, in a sort of derogatory way. so i can kindaaaaa see how “is it poppin” would equate to the meaning for “do you like water”

    • Yeah, what ilovesys said, but to make it a bit clearer, a better, looser translation of “mul joa?” would be “How’s the water?” which, as has been said, is slang used by guys to ask other guys before going in/on the phone if the girls in the club are hot or not. At least that’s what I’ve gathered from what I’ve read.

  92. MarVi

    How did you miss the “SATAN” jerseys?

  93. Spudgy, “HEHEHAHHHEHEHEAHAHA I pissed there ha haheh ha”

  94. I paused Lord of the Rings to watch this. Totally worth it!
    P. S. Remember how you said in the Music Monday for “Smoky Girl” that no one drinks lemon juice? My sister does! She thinks it tastes good, for some weird reason.

  95. actually,hyuna’s part supposed to be ‘get your big ass home right now’ but kbs banned the word os ‘ass’ so cube puts ‘sass’ instead of ass

  96. So did anyone ever answer at that number since it was ringing (after adding 02)? :) How cool would it have been if they were Nasties??

  97. Oh 4Minute, I miss your glory days. I got my hopes up with Volume Up, but their latest songs just haven’t been doing it for me. I like the chorus of Is It Poppin, but that’s about it…

  98. Holy gosh! I don’t know how I put this in italicized font! What did I just do?!

    Anywho, I think this may be my favourite 4Minute song EVAR. I personally could play it almost all day, because for me it is just so upbeat and catchy.

  99. Ermagerd! Martina is wearing the shirt I sent way back when. Woohoo!!!!! Ok, happy fan spaz attack over, back to watching the video now :D

  100. honestly Martina, I think the blonde streaks look better as the pink. :) But the pink ones look great too so yeaah!!!
    and thanks for this wonderful butt rubbing kmm :D I enjoyed it very much.

  101. youtube username: annyisvip
    i would name it “showing my awesome ass right now” dance XD
    just changed the english in the beginning XD

  102. Maybe “butt is getting on fire so I will shake it and bite my finger in pain dance”. ok fail martina version is better. :D

  103. thisisjustforfunval

    “It would have been great if the sprinklers came on right away, instead of making everyone look like dummies waiting for Natural Selection to whisk them away.” Sentences like this is why I love reading your blog as well as watching your videos.

  104. What did Fangurilla say at the end? I couldn’t understand her demon talk haha
    Martina was so funny in the phone dialing skit hahaha. I loved her voice too XD

  105. Yes, and now We have TOP and GD Bubble Butt :((

    have you heard about this news guisse???

  106. I demand a fanguerilla vs. Mordney sketch. I have no idea how it would work or how it would come up, but those are my two favorite characters you guys have come up with XD

  107. I love how Simon practices non-violent communication with Fangurilla at the end… It doesn’t work the whole way, but it’s a good beginning! Keep up! ^^

  108. Lol the TaeMAN ringtone killed me! :)

  109. Really fun video (yours, that is – 4Minute’s MV… not so much). I love your skits and love how you often pick up on small details we miss, or perhaps don’t think much of until you point it out.

    Thanks for an entertaining KMM!

  110. What about the cd from Ubeat guysss? Martina your hair looks awesome

  111. All this randomness between cute and sexy always remember me why I don’t hear girl groups hahahahahaha

  112. ‘toilet issue’ instead of ‘hot issue’

  113. The dance sorta reminds me of SISTAR’s original dance for So Cool

  114. Martina! Your hair looks so pretty!

  115. can I win the cd .-.?

  116. Everyone is waiting for B.A.P! *w* I hope they can keep the 1st spot

  117. Isabel Ruby

    oh fangurrila….. possibly my favorite part of kmm….

  118. Yay for a 4Minute Review! :D Summer time is usually girl group time.

    What happened last week with the KMM though?

  119. Elanor

    As a B.A.P fan I’m happy that you didn’t review BAP this time. 4Minute’s song is fun. :D

    • sorry but what deserve..4niaz ,we try to stop this but again they reviewed… Just another opportunity for them to bash 4Minute

      • Elanor

        Well when S&M review a song I see it as a good thing even if they liked the song or not, or they make fun of them. It’s promotion and there were a lot of songs what I started to like after their review… even if it was positive or had some negative parts. But I think if you think this way KMM is just not for you.

      • Haha, troll you strike again! :)

    • In my opinion Coffee Shop was a rawsome MV & song(heck, my mom liked the song and video and she generally dislikes Kpop) but didn’t have the makings to be a great KMM. Great song, great video, just not KMMish. 4Minute, however had a more KMMish video.

  120. I’m glad 4Minute got a review because it seems like not a lot of girl groups get reviews. (PS I love Simon’s shirt!)

  121. I hoped for B.A.P, but another funny KMM x] thanks guys!!! (:

  122. Isn’t (+)34 Spain? I didn’t understand the “this number is not available” message that wasn’t english

  123. Hi Simon! Hi Martina! (Hi Spudgy & Meemers…hi Soozee and Leigh^^)
    ….just thought I’d get that in while there aren’t many comments in yet and try my luck XP

    PS Your hair looks super awesome Martina^^

  124. On one of their newer lives, the subtitles say “Get your big ass home right now.”

  125. Hey guys ^^ Love your new hair Martina!

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