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4Minute “Is It Poppin?” – Kpop Music Monday

July 9, 2013


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YESSSSS! A 4Minute video! We know a lot of you aren’t voting for 4Minute, because you think we’re gonna trash on em, but that’s not true! Well, not…entirely true! Sure, they suck at using phones and at generally having any self-preservation instinct, but that doesn’t make me like this song any less. Check out 4Minute’s “Is It Poppin” if you haven’t seen it yet:

It’s not as good as WASH YO NEIGH, but it’s not bad, either. It’s just not breathtakingly awesome. It’s just…ok. The verses fall rather flat and leave you yearning for the chorus to come in to save the song, and it does a great job at that. It’s light, airy-fairy, and serves as a decent appetizer, rather than as a main dish. It’s not offensively bad. It’s forgettable, but it’s something to sing along to if heard on the streets.

The video’s not great for the song. Cute and sexy don’t go together for us. Be cute or be sexy. Cuteness isn’t sexy, and mixing the two is uncomfortable, and the video does that a bit too much. The staring at the fire in the club just seems like such a needless, thoughtless addition as well. Why would everyone stop to point at a fire? Who proposed that during the script writing for the video? “Yeah: they’re all gonna dance, it’s gonna be really hot. So hot that the club catches on Fire! And then…everyone will point at the fire” You had me up until the pointing at the fire part. It would have been great if the sprinklers came on right away, instead of making everyone look like dummies waiting for Natural Selection to whisk them away.

And I’m totally confused about the message of the song and how it matches the video. They lyrics are supposed to be about a girl being sad, because her boyfriend neglects her, won’t pick up her calls, and goes out to party without her, and she feels all sad for it. Did any of you get that sense of sadness in the video? At the beginning they look a bit sad when the phone isn’t being picked up, but then the rest of the video is a sexy party. How the eff does that match up? It’s just such a sloppy and lazy and asinine video. This isn’t us trashing on 4Minute. It’s just the concept of the video that’s terrible.

Anyhoodledoodlepoodle, even if the video’s not the best, we’ve felt like there’s been a gap in our hearts with the lack of 4Minute videos on Kpop Music Mondays, and there have been some real goldmines out there (ohh “Ice Cream,” how we mourn for you), so now that they made it into the top 3 we definitely chose them above everyone else. Sorry B.A.P. fans. We like Coffee Shop, but we’ve done just about everything B.A.P. has ever made, and they make videos almost as much as U-Kiss does, which is, like, every 3 days. So, not only did we pick this video to do a Music Monday for, but we’re also giving away 4Minute’s latest CD. You want it? Here’s how we’ll give it to you!

1) Subscribe to us on YouTube: that’s the easy part!
2) Let us know in the comments what you would name their dance. We thought of fart wafting because we’re childish. What do you think?

If you want to leave your answers here rather than on YouTube, make sure to leave your YouTube username as well, so we can make sure you’re subscribed. Yay!

Other than that, we have a few bloopers this week. Spudgy had a bit of a laugh at us after he set up a trap…



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