Guise, this is the best song ever. If you haven’t seen 4Minute’s masterful rendition of Milkshake, you’re sure in for a treat. Check it out here:


Now, I’m worried that this glorious video, because it wasn’t uploaded on an official channel, might get taken down one of these days. I’m sure you’re worried about it, too. Well, don’t worry guise. We downloaded the video, and we’re saving it in a special place. If ever the video gets pulled, we’ll re-upload it somewhere special. The majesty must live on. Never forget, guise. Never forget.

Oh! And we hope you’re having a fun April Fool’s Day as well :D Don’t worry – our real Music Monday is coming up. It’ll be late as all hell because we spent so much time on this, but what other chance would we get to honor this great video?


  1. KATHyphenTUN

    You asked on fb for kpop artist doing english covers my suggestion is Henry Lau with “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz or “Baby” by Justin beiber



  2. there mak shake guys! there mak shake! XD

  3. i’m getting the feeling that April Fool’s was just an excuse to review the awesomeness of “4Minute’s Milkshake” te hehehehee~ ^-^

  4. I’m sorry, I’m all for April Fools jokes, but I felt that was just mean spirited.

  5. thanks for helping me troll my sister!! XD

  6. As for the English of this song … Simon’s face was amazing. As was Meemers. Too funny

  7. ERMAHGERD, BEST KMM EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT <3 Thanks for putting this up guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! MADE MY DAY XD!!!! i just HAD to show it to all my friends XD!!! i'll NEVER forget this BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS VIDEO ^o^ p.s, i downloaded it too xD!!

  8. the actual video. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHA. I just peed my pants, I can’t ever look at 4minute the same. EVER. And I was soooo fooled this morning. I saw this posted before I went to work, and when I realized they weren’t doing a normal K-pop Music Monday and the regular was replaced by this I wanted to throw a bitch fit. Needless to say, I turned it off BEFORE finishing it, never thinking hey this MIGHT be a Troll…Got home. Saw that S&M had posted ANOTHER MM for Lee Hi. So I thought well maybe the previous posting was just something extra they wanted to do. Still, how at this point I did not get the connection that it MIGHT just be a joke…I don’t know. I’ve been trolled so many times today I think I am losing confidence in myself. THANK YOU S&M for not actually losing your damn minds. Yes, I lost mine, but I knew that already.

  9. why does the meems have a cone of shame???

  10. Thou shalt not fool me!

  11. I look and then go…when in the world did 4Minute Milk Shake song make to the top? I click on it and as soon as I start watching them sing, I start laughing because I realize that it’s April Fools Day. But I still continued to watch it because the video was funny.

  12. haha lol this was so funny i was wondering why you guys were doing a music monday over this lol….. but 4minute sounded horrible and i like 4min i hope they never do something like this again

  13. I was like “WHUT..??” when it first started and I scrolled down in the middle of the music monday because I wanted to watch the video… And I found out it was a April Fool’s Day joke. Thank you, simonandmartina, for crushing my hopes and dreams. lol xD jkjk

  14. 4Minute has always been godawful at English…

  15. I have to admit I was fooled, I kept thinking, ok they are being sarcastic to get back at some haters. I never thought about April Fools, LOL.

  16. I was about to get mad at you guys…you are mean :P

  17. Haha I realized it was a joke as soon as the video started xD Meemers isn’t as fond of dancing as Spudgy, huh? :P

  18. Victoria Morris-Cartagena

    April Fools….

  19. laughing abou the cat in the end. OMG LOLOLOL

  20. the cover makes me want to run and hide when i realized that someone else was around me.

  21. OH MY FLIPPING DUCK!!!!!!!! YOU GOT ME LOL!!!!! I thought that this was a real music Monday lol!!! I was literally screamed WTHECK!!!!!!

  22. Here I was thinking “Who won this week’s KMM? Young Saeng? Girl’s Day? Lee Hi?”

    When I saw the title though, I figured it was a prank. Well played guys, well played.

  23. i realized is wasn’t real after the first few seconds

    i kept hearing daylight instead of damn right
    you were right simon their english is……………………………………../(*o*)

  24. I can’t even watch the whole video of them singing that omg

  25. LOLWHUT?! Lol….I suck at April Fool’s Day >_>

  26. NOT GONNA LIE, I realized it AFTER the showdown.. at the very end of the video. Don’t ask how, I don’t know how. Well played Simon and Martina, well played.

  27. Gotta put me in the not fooled section. I thought maybe you were going to switch during the middle to your real KMM. Didn’t realize it was April 1.

    Maybe if I hadn’t been following your twitter and seen you twice give us the link to the Milkshake video I might have been fooled.

  28. I knew before i even clicked on it but i already got. got by drama fever they. announced that they were doing a another boys over flowers complete with the whole original cast plus psy and Dakota Fanning.

  29. Starsania

    You can’t fool me! XD It’s a pretty good joke though, I can’t even watch the whole video..

  30. well I totally fell for it haha

  31. I can’t even…..o-O

  32. thisisjustforfunval

    When I saw your Facebook post you had me for a 10th of a second. And then I was like right, it’s April Fools day. You troll better than Red Box with there post about CD shaped sandwiches.

  33. chachamaru013

    Why do I always get tricked?? I believed you until the end!!

  34. Good thing this was a joke, but all I thought the whole time was “They wouldn’t… please no… I watched it during the live chat… not again!” Honeslty I needed the laugh and you so generously provided it. Thank you, you’ve brightened my day. Happy April Fools EYK and EYK Nasties!

  35. What a surprise my dear nasty leaders, you totally got me

  36. I actually thought it might be a real KMM, but then when I clicked to your site and saw BEST SONG EVER I was like: Haha, April Fools! First time I tried to watch it I actually stopped after 20 seconds, because it was so… unique. Good job guise!

  37. omgggggggggggggg I can’t even watch the 4 min video all the way through. I’m embarrassed for them.

  38. I opened the original video for kicks and all I can think is — what the hell did I just watch/listen to?! O__O

  39. S&M you guys are truly hilarious. This is the first funny april fool’s joke I have come across today, everything that other websites doesn’t even come close.

    I knew after staring at the post for about 5 sec and before clicking on the video link, that this was an April fools joke.

  40. I totally read the blog post before I watched the video because I was so confused. So, I guess I was trolled for a very short time… I hope reading the post before watching wasn’t cheating…oops, oh well.

  41. When the name of the video contained 4minutes and milkshake…..

  42. I don’t trust anything on April Fools so, sorry.
    But man that video, all I can say is WOW…

  43. Isabel Ruby

    gah i even saw that the video was short but i was fooled~~~~~ i thought it was like an extra music monday at the start of a playlist for real music monday

  44. You’re trolls. Yuuup, trolls. You may be concurrencing SM and EXO’s comeback, I swear ! I’ve believed it for like 3sec, and then I saw 2minuts. Meh, impossible. SIMON YOU’RE SO NASTY x) Anyways, I hope that the true one will come out soon !
    And poor Meemers… he looks like he has been kidnapped years ago, and the poor thing can’t take it anymore. Well, that’s kind of true, no ? #RollsAwayLikeABuffalo
    Well, good April fools ! Do you have to work ? In France that’s a closed day 8)
    Anyways, I say bye to the biggest trolls ever ( a part from SM and YG )

  45. canada rocks Nicole_P

    i was trolled big time. i was just about to make a giant comment saying how much i wanted heo young to be in kpop monday and how this song wasnt even on the chart but then he said april fools and i was look ahhhhhhhhhh! no way. tears of joy came runing down my face… ok maybe not but in my mind it did :D ! you guys are awesome ! (martina and simon)

  46. u guys I thought you were soooo dead serious! Don’t do that to me! I’m super gullible! I couldn’t believe I just believed that it was a real KMM but it wasn’t! T_T oh well! That was a good joke! Not gonna lie!

  47. <3 You guys had me for about 10 sec then I realized that the video was only ~2min long. Thanks for the Monday Morning Laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Saw the comment on YouTube so I’ll repeat it here. “That was English?”

  49. Guys. I mean.. guys :DD As soon as I saw the title of this music monday, I laughed to tears. I’ve checked it out as soon as the livechat ended and.. well. I was speechless. Who wouldn’t be? It’s such an.. amusing video!
    Thank you for the best joke today! *hugs*

  50. WAAH got me so confused when I came on the website!! Then 30 sec later I realized it was April Fool’s day! :I see what you did there: This song was hilarious!! I’m happy you guys reviewed it xDxDxD

  51. Even 4 min looked like they were suffering with this song. Holy bejeebers,,,what a nasty, nasty April Fool’s joke!

  52. I realized soon but in the middle of the video I was getting piss off cuz I tought you guys wouldn’t do a real music monday !! Martina I love your makeup of today !! good lord that cover is the worst I’ve ever heard !!

  53. I was actually in disbelief just looking at the post, ….but then I read “April Fools” and I went back to normal XD

  54. You guys honestly got me… I sat there watching the video for about 1 minute and put it on pause because I COULD NOT listen to it anymore! I was literally about to throw a table. But HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!! (>.<) LMAO

  55. at first was actually wondering if this was music monday. I was like oh 4 minute came out with a new song and i didn’t notice. Then i realized how old the video was and how long your video was and i knew. Thought this was an april fool’s joke. I have to ask where you till the truth about this being a really good song that they sang and showing there true talent. you can email me the answer to my question at [email protected]. just in case you don’t want to answer what on the comments. Personally i am not a 4 minute fan but i was actually impressed by this song.

  56. Ahhh that feeling When i troll the bigger troll muahahah.

  57. of course i knew this was for april fool’s day and i’m sure this video brought on more laughs to Martina than when her students pretended to have all jumped out the class’ window. i surprised myself with how much i laughed and Meemers singing milkshake XD that video was definitely pure gold and should be shared with the world. question: was that song planned or impromptu? i just don’t know…. will this video change the way i see 4minute? will it make me love them more? because if they can make me laugh they definitely gain points :P

  58. “You can’t fool me!” Since it’s April Fools day I ain’t believing shit… [I've been fooled one too many times OTL]

  59. After the google nose incident i was sure i couldn’t be had again xD Thankfully i clocked on just before it was announced it was an April’s Fools so i have a smidgen of respect left

  60. i laughed so hard when i searched this up during the live chat , they even got 4minute singing it to children and parents at a playground , appropriate . xD

    • Ha, yes, real appropriate. I’m not entirely 4 Minute understands what they’re singing about. Which is only one of the many, many things that is wrong with their cover.

      But on the plus side I spent quite a while laughing at those videos. Definitely brightened my day.

  61. you are not gonna troll me ever again! NEVER XD

  62. I just like this for the fact it mentions “spoon music…again the spoon music” when you have captions on. Spoons!

  63. I’ve always wondered how bad I sound when I sing along to Korean songs… I have a feeling this is pretty much the equivalent except you know, the other way around.

    • MOTHER OF GOD…… I’m scared to view the comments on Youtube….LOL love the radio lady’s expression at the end, cannot unhear or see EVARR!

  64. I knew when I saw the link on facebook. LOL.

  65. The second I saw the title of this KMM, I knew!
    So painful.
    But it’s like a train wreck. I can’t look away.

  66. I knew what song it was, and yet for some reason I still thought you were serious until I watched it XD

  67. Cyber_3

    You got meeeeeee. I went WHAT?! But then I realized before I actually opened it. Totally hilarious though, my son laughed so hard at Meemers…… Happy April Fool’s Day!

  68. Hahaha! I read the comments FIRST! So I did realize I was being trolled! -Genius-

  69. I realised it was an April Fools joke when it said “What is this sorcery?” And when I listened to the music and my ears bled, also when you praised Hyuna. My ears are still bleeding. :( Going to listen to EXO “History” and read my book while my family pranks each other and ultimately destroys the house. :D

  70. I realised it was an April Fools joke when I clicked on the link on facebook :) and LOL, Meems is so embarrassed he can’t look at the camera.

  71. i couldn’t watch past 45 seconds of the milkshake rendition by 4 minute… i wanted to melt away… *embarrassed*….

  72. YOU GUYS ARE SUCH TROLLS!!! Like seriously, I saw this in my Youtube feed and I was like, “Am I being trolled?”, but I had yet to watch the video!! So I boot up my computer, come to the blog, and watch here… THAT’S WHEN I FOUND OUT I WAS BEING TROLLED!!!! Seriously, that video was too awesome XD

  73. HAHAHA At first I was like huh?? Why 4Minute?? Then I saw the date :p You almost fooled me :p

  74. Really, WAS there english in this song? Cause if there was I didn’t notice it…

  75. I realized almost exactly at the 1 min marker….I was like HA!!, I may only be 5 hours into April- but I see what’s happening…

  76. that was the best 1st April’s joke in 5 years or something! I love you guys =)
    you didn’t fool me, but that was just hilarious!
    now I know where the dubstep came from :D
    really… i’m nearly tearing up from laughter… thank you)))

  77. I was watching this on my phone. before opening it, I looked at the length of the video “2mins? rly?um.. there must be something wrong with this… these are not the bloopers, right? nope. the right video. ok, let’s watch this” the video starts “um… OMG! so cool! they picked something what they wanted to review (like they did with itaewon freedom)! but there was no warning that they’ll be doing this… they’ll get so much hate… dammit” and when the last lines of the vid came up, my reaction “they totally got me there” XD

  78. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvH7n–jJpQ
    I think this video could also join your treasure box!!! Yoon Jong Shin face is priceless! Thanks for this April Fools Music Monday!^^

  79. i was so confused when the post on facebook said “we talk about 4minute’s “milkshake” for this week’s kpop music monday!” and i was like “WUT.” and throughout the video i was thinking “what is this…” thank you for trolling us simon. thank you.

  80. Now I see why this wasn’t uploaded on their official channel.
    HYUNA’S FACE! PAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is the most beautiful thing ever /cries/

  81. THat was possibly the shortest KMM ever. And I realized I was being trolled when I read the blog post. …

  82. I’m lucky I read the blog post before I see the KMM (or whatever video you post), so,yeah. I was able to see the video through a whole new set of eyes and not be fooled by the SERIOUSNESS you guys approached this with. Awesome guys, as expected. ^^

  83. PunkyPrincess92

    you can’t fool me!!!!!
    knew it was an april fools joke when i read the title of the post, and i watched the horror that was that video from last weeks live chat!!! mwahhaha!!!!
    ahahahaha Simons face for the english of the song!!!
    Meemersworth definitely does it better!!!

    i just love how into it they are!! they look like a bunch of girls in front of the whole school holding their performance for an assembly or something!!
    there’s one’s that looks lost! one’s that think they’re all that and are awesome but in reality they just aint! and one that even looks like she didn’t have enough time to practice!!

    ” Well, don’t worry guise. We downloaded the video, and we’re saving it in a special place. If ever the video gets pulled, we’ll re-upload it somewhere special. ” bwahahahahhahahahah oh my god you guys!!!!!
    excellent idea indeed!!!

  84. Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha. :(

  85. GUYS! How did you not mention that this epic video has a Pt. 2?
    They got so many requests they decided to do it again for a TV show!
    This time in front of a live audience!

  86. I vote for “You can’t fool me”. :D but it’s a good joke. At first I was like “Ohh,music monday is a bit earlier today” and then saw 4minute song. >.<

  87. I didn’t believe it hell yeah I’m a Hottest 2PM troll us all the time also today with that “Morse Code” teaser LOL genius I tell ya “LEADER IN ENTERTAINMENT” indeed $___$ anyway still waiting 4 that real KMM :)

  88. It’s better than your daylight it’s better than yours daylight hahahahahahahahah but i have to charrrr

  89. Well played EYK, well played.

  90. so I spent like the first minute of this (prank) KMM thinking…’what is wrong with them?’ ‘how could they do this to us??!!’

  91. Simon and Martina be trollin’. I knew it was an April Fool because it wasn’t in the top 3 :D I am hoping Girl’s Day is the real winner because they managed to stick in the top 3 for 2 weeks now.

  92. I honestly thought that Meemers had you lobotomized in revenge

  93. At first I was like whaaaat a KMM this early ?!
    But then I saw that it was 4minutes milkshake cover and since I knew that video already I knew that it wasn’t going to be a serious KMM. :D
    And also I was expecting a trollvideo from you on april fool’s day :DD
    So my vote goes to “You can’t fool me !” :P

    Oh and Meemers seems.. uhm… really happy about being in this video..

  94. This. This. This so wonderful this… xDDD I love that you did an April Fool’s day joke~ Because it’s true. When else will you get this chance. xD

  95. uhm…. I actually wasn’t that surprised Simon :P … just forgot it was April fools’ day…besides that’s an old video…they seem to be doing pretty well now…

    what happened to Meems?


  96. this has a special place in my kpop heart ♥

  97. Bahahaha. The girl that’s second on the left of the video totally sounds like she’s taken too many ambien. XD

  98. Dear god. I only made it 49 seconds into the video before I had to make the noise stop, i’ll never be able to wash that from my brain, thanks S&M. I figured I was being April fooled/trolled when the video was posted so early.

  99. seriously you got me~ XD


  101. Meemers makes me miss my cats….they so cute….but don’t worry Meemers I wont tell them that you are the cutest cat in the universe XD

  102. Lol, I was too flabbergasted when I saw the title under the recent uploads. So I read the blog post BEFORE watching the video (which is something I normally don’t do) so I already knew it’s a joke when I started the video XD But your seriousness in reviewing this cracked me up!

  103. lol I watched the original video first. And after a minute I was like O.o what’s so funny.?So I skipped to yours, was worried until the part were you comment on their voices melting together in harmony. There I got it. XD Meemers wil forever be haunted by this vid O_O

  104. Iol i was like half way through it ‘plz say this is a jk’ near the end ‘OH OKZ B A JK- oh its a joke. Hahha.’ U two XD

  105. This must be the best KMM EVER

  106. Oh shit…it’s an April Fools isn’t it?? isn’t it???

  107. Got trolled. LOL
    Happy April fool’s day guise :)

  108. Ugh you guys are so 4minute biased!

  109. Damn you I thought it was a cover of Orange Caramels Milkshake >3<

  110. All I can understand were the yeahs and the lalas. :)))

  111. Oh guys…I just…Love you guys XD
    So freaking amazing^^

    The fact that you ‘liked’ the 4Minute video before brought MANY nasties to the site to watch that…glorious piece of art…
    Like me :D

    I really don’t know what I should say to their singing…Or their English…It’s just…unique…

    I like some of their songs through… :P

  112. I knew really early in the video when I noticed it was less than three minutes lol

  113. PLEASE REVIEW GIRLS DAY!!! Soon they will drop off the charts…

  114. Oh my jesus! WOW! is just what ii have to say…just…WOW…just…(sigh)…

  115. OMG I had NO IDEA this song was “the Milkshake” and wondered if there was another song called milkshake as well. But no, I wasn’t fooled by this joke ha! It was actually 4minute who trolled me with their own “unique” style so I couldn’t recognize what was once my favorite song of the month…:P

  116. i knew it the moment i saw the title 4minute milkshake. i guess all those who watched the livechat would know since simon trolled us once on the livechat, you wont get us again on KMM lol

  117. Watching the 4Minute video made me cringe so bad. It’s worse than getting Rick Rolled!!! Why EYK? WHY??

  118. Almost believed this. HA!!!!!!!!!

  119. Buwhahaha, best April Fool’s Day joke I’ve seen yet! XD I knew right away but still massive lol’s.

  120. LOLOLOL MEEMERS. my little sister said “is that a real cat?”

  121. hahahahahhaa can’t fool me XDDDD

  122. omfg!! i was so pissed! i thought THAT was the real thing!!! haha


  124. Damn the one time I read the post before watching the video….

  125. I couldn’t believe it lol. there are so many better songs to review. i actually watched the whole video though. Nice one guys. =P

  126. hapagirl

    Guys, that was the most beautiful thing ever. You should stop making videos, nothing will ever top this! For a minute you got me but that didn’t last for long. And poor Meemers, he seriously looks like someone is going to murder him or chop off another part of his body!

  127. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. MEEMERS <3 and I forgot because April Fools was over in NZ a while ago.

  128. I heard 4minute’s version before but not the original song, so I had to look it up. I thought the was bad to begin with. Now knowing what it’s -supposed- to sound like~ >_< It's funny and painful at the same time~

  129. Oh my God, that was the song of the century!!! Totally inspiring and thought-provoking. Brown Eyed Girls and Sunny Hill could never.


    P.S. Even Meemers can’t handle the disaster that is 4Minute’s Milkshake. He can’t even look at the camera. LOL

  130. HAHAHAHA!!!

    LOVE the sarcasm there guys xD

    I showed this to my dad, who seriously asked me, “What language are they singing in?” xD

  131. wat
    april fools is sad
    jonghyun from shinee got into a car accident
    is true google it up

  132. I knew that this was a April Fool’s joke the moment I saw the video length. Hahah! 2 minutes plus video is too short for a KMM. XD YOU CAN’T FOOL ME!! :P

  133. I realized it when before I clicked the link from FB, I knew something had to be up lol
    I was almost tricked by DramaFever earlier lol Had me thinking there was a BOF season 2 for a second

  134. yep. you got me. *sigh* realized it just at the end LMAO :))

  135. Meemers looked really scary at the end. Cone of shame indeed xD

  136. i realised it was an april fools joke as soon as i saw 4Minute Milkshake LOL! This would have to be the worst cover of an english song! Sorry 4Minute but its true

  137. You guys had me going there… XD Good job.

  138. I think Meemers wants to murder someone… Just look at his eyes o___o

  139. KNEW IT THE MOMENT I CLICKED THIS LOL <3 YOU GUYS MAKE ME LAUGH EVERYTIME xD I think half of it has to do with the fact that it's 2am in Vancouver q.q

  140. how come this never went viral?…

  141. you never disappoint :) love it ahahhaha


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