Guise, this is the best song ever. If you haven’t seen 4Minute’s masterful rendition of Milkshake, you’re sure in for a treat. Check it out here:


Now, I’m worried that this glorious video, because it wasn’t uploaded on an official channel, might get taken down one of these days. I’m sure you’re worried about it, too. Well, don’t worry guise. We downloaded the video, and we’re saving it in a special place. If ever the video gets pulled, we’ll re-upload it somewhere special. The majesty must live on. Never forget, guise. Never forget.

Oh! And we hope you’re having a fun April Fool’s Day as well :D Don’t worry – our real Music Monday is coming up. It’ll be late as all hell because we spent so much time on this, but what other chance would we get to honor this great video?


  1. You asked on fb for kpop artist doing english covers my suggestion is Henry Lau with “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz or “Baby” by Justin beiber



  2. I have to admit I was fooled, I kept thinking, ok they are being sarcastic to get back at some haters. I never thought about April Fools, LOL.

  3. I knew before i even clicked on it but i already got. got by drama fever they. announced that they were doing a another boys over flowers complete with the whole original cast plus psy and Dakota Fanning.

  4. You can’t fool me! XD It’s a pretty good joke though, I can’t even watch the whole video..

  5. When I saw your Facebook post you had me for a 10th of a second. And then I was like right, it’s April Fools day. You troll better than Red Box with there post about CD shaped sandwiches.

  6. Why do I always get tricked?? I believed you until the end!!

  7. gah i even saw that the video was short but i was fooled~~~~~ i thought it was like an extra music monday at the start of a playlist for real music monday

  8. <3 You guys had me for about 10 sec then I realized that the video was only ~2min long. Thanks for the Monday Morning Laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. You guys honestly got me… I sat there watching the video for about 1 minute and put it on pause because I COULD NOT listen to it anymore! I was literally about to throw a table. But HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!! (>.<) LMAO

  10. You got meeeeeee. I went WHAT?! But then I realized before I actually opened it. Totally hilarious though, my son laughed so hard at Meemers…… Happy April Fool’s Day!

  11. I realised it was an April Fools joke when I clicked on the link on facebook :) and LOL, Meems is so embarrassed he can’t look at the camera.

  12. i couldn’t watch past 45 seconds of the milkshake rendition by 4 minute… i wanted to melt away… *embarrassed*….

  13. HAHAHA At first I was like huh?? Why 4Minute?? Then I saw the date :p You almost fooled me :p

  14. Really, WAS there english in this song? Cause if there was I didn’t notice it…

  15. I realized almost exactly at the 1 min marker….I was like HA!!, I may only be 5 hours into April- but I see what’s happening…

  16. that was the best 1st April’s joke in 5 years or something! I love you guys =)
    you didn’t fool me, but that was just hilarious!
    now I know where the dubstep came from :D
    really… i’m nearly tearing up from laughter… thank you)))

  17. I was watching this on my phone. before opening it, I looked at the length of the video “2mins? rly?um.. there must be something wrong with this… these are not the bloopers, right? nope. the right video. ok, let’s watch this” the video starts “um… OMG! so cool! they picked something what they wanted to review (like they did with itaewon freedom)! but there was no warning that they’ll be doing this… they’ll get so much hate… dammit” and when the last lines of the vid came up, my reaction “they totally got me there” XD

  18. i was so confused when the post on facebook said “we talk about 4minute’s “milkshake” for this week’s kpop music monday!” and i was like “WUT.” and throughout the video i was thinking “what is this…” thank you for trolling us simon. thank you.

  19. THat was possibly the shortest KMM ever. And I realized I was being trolled when I read the blog post. …

  20. I’m lucky I read the blog post before I see the KMM (or whatever video you post), so,yeah. I was able to see the video through a whole new set of eyes and not be fooled by the SERIOUSNESS you guys approached this with. Awesome guys, as expected. ^^

  21. you can’t fool me!!!!!
    knew it was an april fools joke when i read the title of the post, and i watched the horror that was that video from last weeks live chat!!! mwahhaha!!!!
    ahahahaha Simons face for the english of the song!!!
    Meemersworth definitely does it better!!!

    i just love how into it they are!! they look like a bunch of girls in front of the whole school holding their performance for an assembly or something!!
    there’s one’s that looks lost! one’s that think they’re all that and are awesome but in reality they just aint! and one that even looks like she didn’t have enough time to practice!!

    ” Well, don’t worry guise. We downloaded the video, and we’re saving it in a special place. If ever the video gets pulled, we’ll re-upload it somewhere special. ” bwahahahahhahahahah oh my god you guys!!!!!
    excellent idea indeed!!!

  22. GUYS! How did you not mention that this epic video has a Pt. 2?
    They got so many requests they decided to do it again for a TV show!
    This time in front of a live audience!

  23. I vote for “You can’t fool me”. :D but it’s a good joke. At first I was like “Ohh,music monday is a bit earlier today” and then saw 4minute song. >.<

  24. I didn’t believe it hell yeah I’m a Hottest 2PM troll us all the time also today with that “Morse Code” teaser LOL genius I tell ya “LEADER IN ENTERTAINMENT” indeed $___$ anyway still waiting 4 that real KMM :)

  25. Simon and Martina be trollin’. I knew it was an April Fool because it wasn’t in the top 3 :D I am hoping Girl’s Day is the real winner because they managed to stick in the top 3 for 2 weeks now.

  26. I honestly thought that Meemers had you lobotomized in revenge

  27. At first I was like whaaaat a KMM this early ?!
    But then I saw that it was 4minutes milkshake cover and since I knew that video already I knew that it wasn’t going to be a serious KMM. :D
    And also I was expecting a trollvideo from you on april fool’s day :DD
    So my vote goes to “You can’t fool me !” :P

    Oh and Meemers seems.. uhm… really happy about being in this video..

  28. This. This. This so wonderful this… xDDD I love that you did an April Fool’s day joke~ Because it’s true. When else will you get this chance. xD

  29. uhm…. I actually wasn’t that surprised Simon :P … just forgot it was April fools’ day…besides that’s an old video…they seem to be doing pretty well now…

    what happened to Meems?


  30. Bahahaha. The girl that’s second on the left of the video totally sounds like she’s taken too many ambien. XD

  31. Dear god. I only made it 49 seconds into the video before I had to make the noise stop, i’ll never be able to wash that from my brain, thanks S&M. I figured I was being April fooled/trolled when the video was posted so early.


  33. Meemers makes me miss my cats….they so cute….but don’t worry Meemers I wont tell them that you are the cutest cat in the universe XD

  34. Lol, I was too flabbergasted when I saw the title under the recent uploads. So I read the blog post BEFORE watching the video (which is something I normally don’t do) so I already knew it’s a joke when I started the video XD But your seriousness in reviewing this cracked me up!

  35. lol I watched the original video first. And after a minute I was like O.o what’s so funny.?So I skipped to yours, was worried until the part were you comment on their voices melting together in harmony. There I got it. XD Meemers wil forever be haunted by this vid O_O

  36. Iol i was like half way through it ‘plz say this is a jk’ near the end ‘OH OKZ B A JK- oh its a joke. Hahha.’ U two XD

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