Guise, this is the best song ever. If you haven’t seen 4Minute’s masterful rendition of Milkshake, you’re sure in for a treat. Check it out here:


Now, I’m worried that this glorious video, because it wasn’t uploaded on an official channel, might get taken down one of these days. I’m sure you’re worried about it, too. Well, don’t worry guise. We downloaded the video, and we’re saving it in a special place. If ever the video gets pulled, we’ll re-upload it somewhere special. The majesty must live on. Never forget, guise. Never forget.

Oh! And we hope you’re having a fun April Fool’s Day as well :D Don’t worry – our real Music Monday is coming up. It’ll be late as all hell because we spent so much time on this, but what other chance would we get to honor this great video?


  1. You asked on fb for kpop artist doing english covers my suggestion is Henry Lau with “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz or “Baby” by Justin beiber



  2. there mak shake guys! there mak shake! XD

  3. i’m getting the feeling that April Fool’s was just an excuse to review the awesomeness of “4Minute’s Milkshake” te hehehehee~ ^-^

  4. I’m sorry, I’m all for April Fools jokes, but I felt that was just mean spirited.

  5. thanks for helping me troll my sister!! XD

  6. As for the English of this song … Simon’s face was amazing. As was Meemers. Too funny

  7. ERMAHGERD, BEST KMM EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT <3 Thanks for putting this up guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! MADE MY DAY XD!!!! i just HAD to show it to all my friends XD!!! i'll NEVER forget this BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS VIDEO ^o^ p.s, i downloaded it too xD!!

  8. the actual video. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHA. I just peed my pants, I can’t ever look at 4minute the same. EVER. And I was soooo fooled this morning. I saw this posted before I went to work, and when I realized they weren’t doing a normal K-pop Music Monday and the regular was replaced by this I wanted to throw a bitch fit. Needless to say, I turned it off BEFORE finishing it, never thinking hey this MIGHT be a Troll…Got home. Saw that S&M had posted ANOTHER MM for Lee Hi. So I thought well maybe the previous posting was just something extra they wanted to do. Still, how at this point I did not get the connection that it MIGHT just be a joke…I don’t know. I’ve been trolled so many times today I think I am losing confidence in myself. THANK YOU S&M for not actually losing your damn minds. Yes, I lost mine, but I knew that already.

  9. why does the meems have a cone of shame???

  10. I look and then go…when in the world did 4Minute Milk Shake song make to the top? I click on it and as soon as I start watching them sing, I start laughing because I realize that it’s April Fools Day. But I still continued to watch it because the video was funny.

  11. haha lol this was so funny i was wondering why you guys were doing a music monday over this lol….. but 4minute sounded horrible and i like 4min i hope they never do something like this again

  12. I was like “WHUT..??” when it first started and I scrolled down in the middle of the music monday because I wanted to watch the video… And I found out it was a April Fool’s Day joke. Thank you, simonandmartina, for crushing my hopes and dreams. lol xD jkjk

  13. 4Minute has always been godawful at English…

  14. I have to admit I was fooled, I kept thinking, ok they are being sarcastic to get back at some haters. I never thought about April Fools, LOL.

  15. I was about to get mad at you guys…you are mean :P

  16. Haha I realized it was a joke as soon as the video started xD Meemers isn’t as fond of dancing as Spudgy, huh? :P

  17. laughing abou the cat in the end. OMG LOLOLOL

  18. the cover makes me want to run and hide when i realized that someone else was around me.

  19. OH MY FLIPPING DUCK!!!!!!!! YOU GOT ME LOL!!!!! I thought that this was a real music Monday lol!!! I was literally screamed WTHECK!!!!!!

  20. Here I was thinking “Who won this week’s KMM? Young Saeng? Girl’s Day? Lee Hi?”

    When I saw the title though, I figured it was a prank. Well played guys, well played.

  21. i realized is wasn’t real after the first few seconds

    i kept hearing daylight instead of damn right
    you were right simon their english is……………………………………../(*o*)

  22. I can’t even watch the whole video of them singing that omg

  23. LOLWHUT?! Lol….I suck at April Fool’s Day >_>

  24. NOT GONNA LIE, I realized it AFTER the showdown.. at the very end of the video. Don’t ask how, I don’t know how. Well played Simon and Martina, well played.

  25. Gotta put me in the not fooled section. I thought maybe you were going to switch during the middle to your real KMM. Didn’t realize it was April 1.

    Maybe if I hadn’t been following your twitter and seen you twice give us the link to the Milkshake video I might have been fooled.

  26. I knew before i even clicked on it but i already got. got by drama fever they. announced that they were doing a another boys over flowers complete with the whole original cast plus psy and Dakota Fanning.

  27. You can’t fool me! XD It’s a pretty good joke though, I can’t even watch the whole video..

  28. When I saw your Facebook post you had me for a 10th of a second. And then I was like right, it’s April Fools day. You troll better than Red Box with there post about CD shaped sandwiches.

  29. Why do I always get tricked?? I believed you until the end!!

  30. Good thing this was a joke, but all I thought the whole time was “They wouldn’t… please no… I watched it during the live chat… not again!” Honeslty I needed the laugh and you so generously provided it. Thank you, you’ve brightened my day. Happy April Fools EYK and EYK Nasties!

  31. What a surprise my dear nasty leaders, you totally got me

  32. I actually thought it might be a real KMM, but then when I clicked to your site and saw BEST SONG EVER I was like: Haha, April Fools! First time I tried to watch it I actually stopped after 20 seconds, because it was so… unique. Good job guise!

  33. omgggggggggggggg I can’t even watch the 4 min video all the way through. I’m embarrassed for them.

  34. I opened the original video for kicks and all I can think is — what the hell did I just watch/listen to?! O__O

  35. S&M you guys are truly hilarious. This is the first funny april fool’s joke I have come across today, everything that other websites doesn’t even come close.

    I knew after staring at the post for about 5 sec and before clicking on the video link, that this was an April fools joke.

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