OH oh oh OH OH!


4minute is back and they finally released a new song that we love! We really weren’t into their last two singles, “Mirror Mirror” and “Heart to Heart” so we were beginning to worry that their label might be taking them down a new path that we weren’t really digging, but their new song “Volume Up” has renewed our hope. We’ve always liked 4minute for their really loud, energetic, GO!GO!GO! kind of songs for the same reason we like T-ara, except T-ara has more ridiculously-fun-disco-ey-upbeat songs while 4minute has more fist-pumping-dance-crazy songs.

I think 4minute surprised us this time around with their range of singing, and I don’t mean this in a snippy offended way when I say this, but I never really thought of 4minute as a group of great singers, since most of their music involved a lot of angsty sounding rapping, or yelling or shouting out lines with short bursts of simple singing as a group. This time around, I was really impressed to hear Gayoon and Jihyun’s vocals, although I wish I could have heard more than 10 seconds from Jihyun because her part sounded really pretty. This song was pretty ridiculously catchy with all it’s “AH-ah-ah-ah-ah” and “OH-oh-oh-oh-oh’s” but I do have to say the “oh oh oh oh oh” sounded a lot, and I mean, A LOT like the OH OH OH OH from Hyuna’s solo song “Bubble Pop“. *I stroke my beard suspiciously* But nonetheless, both songs were still ridiculously awesome and catchy.

*Simon interjects* Why is Martina stroking her beard? Girls don’t have beards *Simon disappears again, but continues to lurk and edit this post for potential grammar mistakes*

When it comes to the video, a lot of people have been comparing it to Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra,” especially with the scenes of Hyuna and Ga-in being groped by a group of girls. Also the whole dark vampire theme in 4Minute vs. the pleather clad dark outfits in Brown Eyed Girls do resemble each other. However, I feel like “Abracadabra” has more of a interesting plot, with the spliced scenes of Ga-in and her lover, which dabbles in possible concepts such as S&M gone wrong (and I don’t mean Simon & Martina) from the imagery of the guy with the horse whip, and Ga-in’s exposed back, the rough makeout sessions, and the final surprise ending. Besides Ga-in’s erotic scenes, the other members of the band are all doing different things as well, from being trapped behind bars to sitting confidently in a chair in a suit with cane. That video has a lot of scenes to work with regarding symbolism which all lead up to the moment of Gain being groped, but by that point the videos is both erotic and sexy, rather than just sexy for the sake of sexy. If that scene with Ga-in getting groped came right at the beginning of the music video, it wouldn’t have had the same effect. It would have just been a plain old sexy dance.

Now, when I heard the comparisons of Brown Eyed Girls to this new 4Minute video, I really struggled to dig out a deeper plot that was clearly accessible through the video itself. The video really doesn’t lend itself to interpreting anything very deep. It’s really important to look at the video as it’s own entity, because that’s how analysis of symbols should work: you can’t bring in all the other information you know about 4Minute as a fan, or from the teaser photos, and so on. You have to look at the video as its own complete piece of work that can stand up on its own. It’s up to the director to have vision, and to make that vision come to fruition. It’s the same with a book: you can’t read it and analyze it based on what you personally know about the author’s life, or based on their other stories. You have to look at what they’ve given you and see it if it has anything you can delve from it.

The point of this talk about how to analyze stuff: 4Minute’s video doesn’t have anything we can really analyze. People have given the video a lot of meaning because of 4Minute’s history or past drama, but all of the interpretations we’ve read really seem like stretches. A white dress doesn’t represent innocence, for example, unless there’s something in the work of art to suggest that it means something else. Sometimes a dress is just a dress, and a cigar is just a cigar.

Long story short: we’re not buying the different interpretations of this song and video. To us, it’s not deep or profound or sends any message (and this is coming from the people who love finding deep messages in videos).

Ok, enough talk about artsy-fartsiness or lack thereof. If you’re a fan of the song the way we are, you can buy it and get it shipped to you via YesAsia. Not sure why it’s not on iTunes yet, oddly. Hrrm.

Otherwise, pretty cool announcement here: we’re going to start doing Live Broadcasting! Now, we’re not too fond of that phrase, because it sounds so important. We just want to do video chats with you, live. We sometimes have Twitter chats, or respond to comments on YouTube or Facebook, but those aren’t really good ways to get in touch with people, we think. It’s not too real time, or – in cases like Twitter – it’s too real time, and we can barely answer all of the questions coming at us.

So, tomorrow, 1PM Korean time, we’re going to Broadcast on Kondoot. We’ve read cool things about it, and we like to be cutting edge as much as possible, you know! It seems like a cool service, because it’s live streaming, but it’s also very social, and we like that. If you want to leave us questions or comments during the live chat you have to sign up for an account, but if you just want to watch the live streaming, you don’t have to do anything. It works exactly like YouTube that way. Anyhow, we’re gonna give it a shot and see how it goes. If you guise like it, then we’ll do it again and also we can take you to some cool places with us around Korea. Yeah!

And lastly, time for something silly! We’ve got bloopers this week, as always. Today is, probably, the first time you’ll ever hear Martina swear! Your virgin ears! Oh noes!


  1. Oh Simon, Simon, Simon….. Did you not see the Doctor Certificate in the background? Check again Simon.

  2. I have to agree with your review sadly. I normally don’t agree with any 4Minute reviews, but this one may be true to itself. I think Hyuna got more attention then the other members, which CUBE should’ve thought about before producing this song. I personally think this song would be better if ALL of the girls got fair amount of solos. I have a bad feeling that CUBE is going to be bashed on by 4ins sooner or later… I know I’m one of them. See, since I do not know any other of the other girls names, I can’t really criticize your judgement on the other singers. Great review.

  3. Woooww..!!
    Do Martina and Simon watch Yoochun’s recent drama too? >,<
    *out of topic but, hell yeah.. I'm excited!

  4. First 4min song and video I like :) Martina are you watching rooftop prince? I LOVE it!

  5. So there is a 2 AM parody video about this? Where? Can’t find it. 

  6. I wish that one day Shinhwa will win Kpop Music Mondays!! I will vote for them everyday!!!
    LOVE THEIR NEW ALBUM “THE RETURN”!!!! Epecially their songs Welcome, Venus, and Hurts!!!!!

  7. hm I think that the choreography-part is not valid; I mean that there is no focus on choreography in the MV, does not mean there is none. The director chose not to show the choreography that often (which is a shame, cause it is in the choreography where the meaning of the song comes together: “puppets and puppeteers”, through many controlling hand movements. But they should get more focus on the other members except for Hyuna (hopefully the double yoon project will help to at least get Gayoon and Jiyoon known)

    I vote for 4minute!

  8. FJS!! hilarious – thank you for the kristen stewart remark, i was beginning to think i was the only one ;) stay classy simon and martina and spudgy!!!

  9. If Kondoot doesn’t work out, how about Chat Roulette?

  10. “you’ve obviously get that wrong you misogynist.”


  11. rooftop prince wallpaper jyeah!

  12. You know you’ve been in Korea too long when, “Everybody, time to rock!” sounds OK. How about, “Everybody, IT’S time to rock!” It’s OK. I did the same thing when I lived in Asia. You kinda forget how English is supposed to sound. You’re like, “Let’s walking down the street? Sure, that sounds A-OK! Nothing wrong with that at all!” :-) 

    And YAY for a Mordney mention!!! 

  13. I vote for Tara! Cause the song was as addicting as the dance!! And oh man 50 points?! I guess its okay cause I love like both groups…but I love bap just a little bit more hehe

  14. i ‘ll have to go with 4minute caz the song it just so cool i mean my girls are back 4 real
    ( happy fan girl time ) ^^
    i hope sistar is next week so i can have another happy fan girl time kk XD

  15. Mordnay is awesome lol my vote goes to 4minute

  16. what?! No comment on Sauron talking in the beginning?

  17. my vote goes to..Hmm its so hard… i loved lovey dovey but your were asking about the concept and for the concept i have to go for


  18. I spy Rooftop Prince…
    I agree with most of what was said in your review.
    excpet I really liked the sax part… I thought it was the best part of the song haha
    Yes, and this “Hyuna and the 4minutes” thing is really annoying.. I wonder how the other members put up with it :/
    BTW Martina, you look AMAZING with back hair and contacts.

    And I’m so crazy happy that EXO won (even barely).

  19. Simon’s ‘Go Away’ is brilliant!

  20. Martina, i loved your doctor scene.. that was soo awesome & funny :D 

  21. loved the review ^-^ 

    * I agree with the mouth-open poses…at first it was ok and then it just started to look weird… o.o
    Also, I agree that the other members should get more screen-time…all of the members should get an even amount of screen-time … honestly, when I saw 4minute for the first time , after a few MV’s I thought that Hyuna was the leader until someone said that the other one (forgot her name) was the leader…I was shocked…because she got like 5-10 seconds of screen-time and Hyuna was all over the MV’s … -.- it is kind of sad when one thinks about it…

    ** comment on the winner:  I am kind of sad that B.A.P. lost… oh well….

    *** can’t wait for next Monday ~ you guys are the best V(^-^)V

  22. I laughed really hard at this ’cause I actually have a real problem with OPENING my mouth sometimes. When I close my mouth, occasionally the disk-thing that slides forward (idk this is what my doctor told me a couple years ago and I’ve forgotten half of what he said) that allows you to open-and-close your mouth and doesn’t slide back, so I can’t open my mouth all the way. 

  23. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I can’t stand EXO winning. *sigh* BAP was way fiercer. 

  24. I think 4minute is emo & cooped up in their castle because they’ve wiped out the human race, hence the skull.

  25. Yes, I believe we may have all just crashed the server XD  I can’t sign in or get on now!

  26. I can’t get on kondoot either :( i think everyone’s trying to go on it so it doesn’t work for some people..

  27. I can’t get on to the live chat :(

  28. Ummm… I think you guys crashed the Kondoot server… :P ><

  29. you should do ailee heaven

  30. Simon and Martina bring up a good point when they mention basing and judging a piece of working on just its entirety. However, I feel as if you can extract information from a piece of work through back ground and other works at the time. To begin with, I learned that there are two ways to interpret a book or a play in my English class; there is the way that Simon and Martina brought up, and there is the way that I am about to introduce to you all. Let’s take “Night” by Elie Wiesel for example. The basic plot of the story is about a young teenage boy (Dr. Wiesel himself) being taken away from his home in Romania and is then put into the horrific setting of a concentration camp. This all took place during the Holocaust. Now, if you didn’t know what World War II or the Holocaust was about, then how would you understand Elie Wiesel’s life was in and out of the camp. It leaves you as the reader distraught and uninformed. It is crucial as the reader to be able to understand what the author has been through before reading a novel or a play. Therefore, there should be no reason to ignore such pertinent information that could in fact change the clarity of the reader’s interpretation. Sorry for the verbose post, but I just wanted to get my point across to you all. Thank you!

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