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100% – Bad Boy

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  1. The fact that this one is so low on the chart boggles my mind.

    • They just debuted a few months ago so it makes sense that a lot of people have never seen this MV or heard of them. Everyone who actually does take the time to watch this video is blown away by their awesome dance. So the issue must be that the majority of people coming to vote aren’t watching all the nominees in a category, otherwise I would expect 100% to be ranked higher. Of course people still tend to vote for their biases, but since you can vote more than once, there would be nothing wrong with also giving a vote to a rookie group with a great dance like 100% or Tasty. Actually, positions #6 through #9 in Best Dance are all grouped very closely point-wise. All it would take for 100% to skip up a few ranks would be about 100 FB Likes or Google + shares.

      All that said, just being nominated for Best Dance alongside well-known dance groups like Shinee and Infinite is already a great award/achievement. We knew when we nominated them that the less well-known nominees were not likely to win, but simply by being nominated and included in the category playlists they are receiving a lot of exposure that will hopefully grow their fan base. Personally, 100% has become one of my favorite rookie groups this year; they are great dancers as well as vocalists, as evidenced by their strong live performances.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I know, but just to be nominated as a rookie that has only debuted in Aug/Sept for something like Best Dance is awesome in and of itself. That being said, I’m also surprised that its so low on the chart. This dance is awesome and they have become one of my favorite rookies!

  2. bringingyoulove

    Im voting for them coz they’re the first rookie group that got me impressed. Well done, boys!

  3. unicornsgalaxy

    Don’t worry 100%! You’re day will come! You are too good to not get the recognition you deserve! Plus you have some serious skill to be a rookie and nominated in Best Dance. Shhh… don’t tell anyone, but I’m rooting for you!!!

  4. This dance is great and the way they synchronize reminds me of Infinite.
    Awesome for rookies (and more awesome than more of their sunbaes)

  5. unicornsgalaxy

    I am so impressed with 100% and this dance!

  6. Simon you just had to say that 100% was U-KISS ‘ and SHINee’s love dance child didn’t you? BTW I love both groups and this one is very promising….and yes, I’ve tried to dance to all three and I really wish they (all 3 groups) were my dance instructors..

  7. Seriously this is one awesome dance. it’s a shame, as Erin said, people will vote for their favorite group.
    Well, I’ll keep voting for this~ let’s hope everyone, even just for once, don’t get biased and vote for who deserves this award (though SHINee isn’t that bad~)

    • This is an awesome dance. And just think, they’re only rookies who just debuted in September! I hope that even if people vote for their biases, that they still check out the other nominees. Also, I think a lot of people don’t know that you can vote for more than one group in the same category at the same time. That way people could still vote for their bias if they can’t help themselves, but they could also vote for an unknown group with a terrific dance like 100% or Tasty.

  8. fuuko4869

    My favourite performance of Bad Boy by 100%!!

    Note that amazing live singing, while doing all those complicated dance moves – and not a single hiccup. Very impressive for a rookie group.

  9. I do appreciate you guys opening the voting to the fans. But it’d be nice to see your choice as well. Because even though this video has a really complicated cool dance, everyone is going to vote for their biases. Which are groups with a larger fan base because they’ve been around awhile. It’s unfortunately the way the kpop world works. Like you guys said, everyone voted for “tonight” for best dance last year. When there wasn’t even a dance to it. I was confused as well. Most people aren’t going to vote based on the categories, it will always be biased to their favourite groups.

    Will you guys maybe include who you would have given first, as well as who was voted first?

    • Unfortunately it is true that most people will probably vote for their biases, regardless of whether or not they actually are the best nominee in that category. Like Fuuko said, though, it is a huge honor to even be in amongst the top 10 because we literally went through over 350 Kpop MVs released in 2012. 100% is a rookie group that just debuted this September, but they’ve already given us such an awesome dance that it was judged to be of a high enough quality to deserve a place alongside well-known dance groups like Shinee and TVXQ, as well as Infinite. That right there is a gigantic award/achievement. I’m sure that the members and management of 100% would be ecstatic over them merely being nominated (if they hear about the EYK Awards *fingers crossed*). Also, these smaller nominees might not win, but simply by being nominated and included in the category playlist they are gaining tons of exposure, all on the basis of their own talent, not the size of their fan base.

    • fuuko4869

      Well, look at it this way. ALL 10 NOMINEES have been chosen as videos that ALL deserve the award. Selecting 10 of the best dances from the 350+ MVs released this year wasn’t easy.
      In other words, being nominated is already an award in itself, y’know?

      S&M did say they’d talk about their favourite songs of the year as well as the winners of these polls, so you can rest assured.