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100% – Bad Boy

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  1. bringingyoulove

    Even though many people would prefer B.A.P or EXO this year, but 100% really got me the most..They are really talented and of course, best live performance! EXO can’t even sing that much live and always lip-syncing

  2. unicornsgalaxy

    Here’s a live stage with fanchants! I swear I don’t think I have ever been as happy to hear fanchants as I have here!

    *sigh* if only I was younger! Rokhyun….*sigh* #DontJudgeMe!!!!

    • No judging, you and him are just like Natz and Seungri, lol. It could be worse you know: he could be Zelo’s age. XD Rokhyun’s voice is so fabulous he’s hard to resist, but besides him my unconscious leader bias struck again: Min Woo. I don’t know why, but 70% of the time the member that stands out to me in a group turns out to be the leader, even when I had absolutely no idea that they were the leader, like in this case. Luckily for me, he’s an ’85-er. Is it weird that I’m enjoying the idea that I could call him “Oppa~” if I wanted to? :D

      I like this performance better than the other one you and I posted earlier because this time their outfits don’t blend in with the stage and the camerawork allows you to see the dance better. Someone in the YouTube comments said that 100% was actually supposed to debut before Teen Top. If that’s really true, that could explain why they are already so professional for a rookie group, if in fact they’d been ready to debut since a long time earlier. Then again, you always have to remember to take YouTube comments with a grain of salt.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        I usually go for the leader or lead vocal. Like in MBLAQ I’m team Seungho all the way, In B2ST, it’s Yoseob (although one again Leader DooJoon is right next to him). Then in Shinhwa…well I’m still having a bias crisis in Shinhwa. I don’t find it weird that you are enjoying the idea you can call him “Oppa~”. Why do you think I’m so over the moon with Shinhwa? I can call them “Oppa~” and I’m so excited about that fact!

        I did like this performance better. And you are right about the outfits. They work much better with the background. I read on Wiki (which once again take it with a bit of a grain of salt) that Rokhyun actually sorta debuted in 2009 as part of the group called Jumper (once again from Andy).

        • Main vocalists and leaders? That’s just like me. I don’t think my bias in a group has ever been the rapper or the maknae. Seungho is my ultimate bias in all of kpop. :D It’s funny how it turned out that way because when I first started watching MBLAQ’s MVs and was learning who was who, Seungho was the last member I was able to recognize. He was the one who if I couldn’t put a name to the face, I assumed he must be Seungho. XD Then after I’d gotten their names down, I simply watched one of their MVs without concentrating on who was who, and suddenly this really charismatic guy popped out at me and I was all, “Damn, who is that hottie?” Lol, of course it was Seungho. Then I watched Sesame Player and my bias was cemented. Yoseob is also my favorite member from Beast, but I’m not familiar with all of the members, so maybe that would change. As for Shinhwa, I’m still in Dongwan’s camp, though I like Eric more than I did before after seeing him loosen up on ShinBang. Besides MBLAQ, I guess these are my non-leader biases? I always forget that GD is in fact the leader of BB… Oh, and in U-Kiss, though I don’t have a bias per se, Kevin’s voice is the one that stands out to me the most.

          Haha, sorry for the bias tangent ^^; You brought up Seungho and all my biased fangirl feelings had to be expressed. What can I say to get this comment back to 100%? …Did you see that their song Guy Like Me is up to #11 on the EYK charts? Just a bit more and they’ll be on the first page. I think the exposure they’re getting from the awards is paying off. :) Sure, it’s not a good MV for a KMM, but I like that people are recognizing them as the rookie group with the awesome dance and checking out their ballad song as well. At least, I think that’s why a simple MV like that would be almost on the first page. :)

  3. I am also happy to see that 100% got nominated they are very talented ive fallen in love with their latest single Guy Like Me so heart warming <3 100% fighting =)

  4. unicornsgalaxy

    My ONLY problem with this song is that if I listen to it, I end up singing it for days! It gets stuck in my head and at random times I’ll just break out into singing it.

  5. I’m actually just happy that 100% is nominated…

    • fuuko4869

      Thank you!!! >_<

      So far, the fans of smaller groups have just been complaining because they'll never be able to win. But the fact is, just to be nominated at all is an honour in itself. It means a few hundred other videos were eliminated in favour of this (no joke, they went through over 350 videos in total)

  6. So here I am again voting for 100%~ It’s an awesome rookie group >< (though I'd love to see A-JAX being nomitaed too…but oh well u.u)

  7. Here is a link to one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen, let alone by a rookie group:

    This recording of their practice session is 100% live and 100% in sync. Their voices never so much as waver as they pull off that jerky choreography. 100% is truly talented and a group that I’m going to keep my eye on in the future.

    • Wow! It’s like you can’t even tell where the mirror is at some parts..

      • Exactly :) One thing I noticed is how small their practice room is; if anybody was out of sync they’d hit the person next to them, who would crash into the person next to them, and then everybody would end up in a tangle on the floor.

        If you’d like to watch it, here is a link to their official live debut stage:
        There’s some cool broken doll style intro choreography before Bad Boy starts. Unfortunately the background of the stage combined with their outfits plus the bad camerawork don’t show Bad Boy’s choreography off to its best advantage, but the intro alone is worth watching.

        • Yikes k new bias, right there :P Bad Boy is the first music video where I noticed the dance right off the bat…it’s also a dance I think really suits the song, as if the song was made perfectly for the dance. Definitely not your standard ‘kpop music video’ dance! Super excited for more!

    • That. was. Awesome!

      • I know, right? I’ve been hunting around YouTube for other stuff that they’ve done. They’re label mates with Teen Top, so they actually did a show called Teen Top Rising 100% that I think you can find on YT with English subs.

        This is their first live stage performance, months before they even debuted. It’s a cover of Mirotic, and while I don’t think anyone can do Mirotic like DBSK, considering that 100% are rookies who hadn’t even debuted yet at that time, I think it’s a pretty solid performance.

        They did another DBSK cover of Love In The Ice, also pre-debut:
        There are a few points where their voices cracked and they don’t quite have the vocal range of DBSK yet, but you can definitely tell they’ve got some great potential vocal talent. (One of my favorite voices is the guy who sings “uri ga wae~” in Bad Boy; I think his name is Rokhyun.)

        And finally here is a new song that they just released today:
        It’s one of those BTS style MVs that aren’t really my cup of tea, but you can clearly hear their wonderful voices.

        • Thanks for the links!

          Their sweaters are nice in the new song. I don’t think the melody is that memorable, but their voices are nice and they actually harmonize with each other – live! The guitar is really nice as well.

          Right now I’m kind of fascinated by how they are all exactly the same height, haha.

        • The new song itself is one of those ones that’s nice when you hear it, but you’ll forget what it sounded like later. It’s pleasantly forgettable? I just liked hearing their voices.

          As for their height (which I didn’t notice until you pointed it out), maybe they are wearing various shoe lifts that end up making them all the same height, lol.

        • Very possible, XD. Perhaps Andy only signs contracts with singers who are his height or shorter.

    • Starsania

      I agree I love the choreography, haven’t seen this much sync since Infinite. I also am keeping an eye on them.

      • I thought of Infinite too when I first saw them. I know S&M said that they were like a mix of Shinee and U-Kiss, but they remind me more of Infinite with some U-Kiss.

  8. unicornsgalaxy

    I absolutely love 100% and it’s not just because they are from Andy’s company! ;D

      • unicornsgalaxy

        you may be sorry you asked :D.

        Andy is Andy Lee from Shinhwa (who incidentally is the longest running active idol group and are nominated in Nasty Dance for Venus. They have been around for 14+ years and have some really great songs…I don’t usually push my bias onto people so that’s as far as I will go into them. Do let me know though if you are interested in learning more though.).

        Anyway Andy is the president (I’m pretty sure president…the structure is a bit confusing) of T.O.P Media which is the company that 100% and Teen Top belong to. You can see him giving missions to Teen Top and 100% if you watch Teen Top Rising 100%. There are eng subs available on youtube.

        • Oh thank-you! I only know Eric in Shinhwa :/ But how come 100% is not as known as Teen Top is? I mean yea, they’re rookies but how ’bout Teen Top in their debut years?

        • unicornsgalaxy

          No problem! Shinhwa are my bias group so it was hard to not go on and on about them! If you want to know more though just let me know and I would be happy to oblige!

          I don’t know why 100% doesn’t seem as well known. I guess maybe because they only debuted a few months ago (like around Sept)? They did the Teen Top Rising 100% with Teen Top before their debut and I think they are doing another show too right (or they did)? I’m hoping that they get more exposure cause these guys are super talented!

  9. I’m gonna vote for BTOB. I think they have done so much this year. I know BTOB won’t win so i’ll buy som popcorn and watch fanwars between Exotic and Babys :P