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B.A.P – Power

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  1. Is this even a question? Of course B.A.P should win! Look at everything they’ve done this year!!!!!

  2. Come on Babyz We have to let B.A.P win at the EYKAs (especially best rookie group)! NEVER GIVE UP guys, we’re UNSTOPPABLE!!! YESSIR, (I) REMEMBER that WE GOT THE POWER to BURN IT UP on the polls and possibly even CRASH the EYKAs voting site with all of our love for B.A.P! Just like a WARRIOR, we are UNSTOPPABLE and have to show NO MERCY for the other groups when voting. Don’t let anyone tell you to STOP IT, we can do this! B.A.P and Babyz fighting!!! ♥


    Come on, B.A.P is the best rookie group this year ‘cuz they are so multi-talented. :D not that other groups are not talented…but B.A.P captured my heart the most

  4. I think that EYKA are showing one thing, and thats the huge power of BABYZ!

  5. B.A.P are the best rookies in the intire k-pop history^^


    Woop woop! Let’s keep them up Babyz!!! They are so unique and talented, that’s why they deserve #1!! (not because they made a lot of comebacks)

  7. I just love B.A.P. :3 They have done so much this year and I truly forgot they were rookies! <3

  8. I’m so happy for them after a very long year they got their Rookie award …. :””’>
    B.A.P <3<3<3<3

  9. danceoutloudd

    Baby Zelo cried T____T

    I’m so happy for them!!! (‘: Group hug for Babys!! <3

  10. Lol I remember the first time I saw B.A.P….I didn’t know they were rookies and when I found out my jaw practically slammed down onto the floor. I was so impressed! They’re from a smaller company and they’re putting up a good fight for being pit up against EXO and all of the other rookie groups. I love EXO as well but B.A.P. really deserves this!

  11. I’m a Love, I would really like Nu’est to win, but considering they have no chance against exo and b.a.p I think I will just vote for B.a.p as well (I won’t stop voting for nu’est though TT^TT) because I think they where the most hardworking rookiegroup this year even though I don’t really consider them beeing rookies because Bang Yonguk debut last year and I’m not sure but Bang&Zelo never give up is from last year aswell isn’t it? Anyways for being from a label like TS I think becoming known is hard but they managed to get soooo many fans wow. That’s a bit of my problem with exo..I can’t really be sure if they have so manny fans because they are so good or because they are average and had so many teasers that eventually everyone saw at least one. I would really like to know how many fans exo would have had if they where part of a smaller label.But I should stop talking about exo now.

    Why is B.a.p nominated with Power? O.o Not that I mind, I like Power but why not Warrior?

  12. Brigid_AnDarrach

    We’re almost to 20,000! Yay!

    Just a note, though: We need to remember to be voting *every day*, guys. Just because we’re fairly comfortably in first place right now, doesn’t mean that if we lax the others won’t catch up, so let’s show the world (or I suppose Simon and Martina at least) what we BABYs are made of. :D

  13. I know this is a selfish thing to say but I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEIR NEXT COMEBACK …. I just hope it will be soon….
    I know I know I’m a bad person but I miss them … T-T

  14. VIP4LYFE01


  15. minty_chip

    I really want B.A.P to win and I don’t think they deserve it just because of their promotions. Their hardworking attitude, stage presence, talent, and personalities are what won me over. Honestly, I’ve never been this attached to a rookie group or even a kpop group this fast.

  16. I hope they get the recognition they desrve as the best in the industry not just the best rookie!

  17. pls pls babys keep voting,they deserve this.

  18. Kikwang_DaeDae

    I cant believe tht we are already beat EXO but we still have long way to go . Keep voting BABYs . :)

  19. dekonmaru


  20. Lol I was just listening to this but I actually think that
    B.A.P is really cool and has awesome potential to
    Be big in the future hehe
    HWAITING !!!!!!:)

  21. B.A.P is going to be featured in a Discovery Channel documentary about Korea!!! I’m so proud of the boys :’) but sadly I found out it won’t be aired in the States or Canada

  22. B.A.P is my MOST FAV ROOKIES EVER! They debut this year with 4 hit songs and so many babies appreciate their hard work.

  23. Wat if Simon and Martina says the best rookie group of the year is Busker Busker and the voting was a joke :O

  24. We got the power I got the power!!! I’m so proud of my babies and BABYS w rock as a team!

  25. BAP are the best thing that happened to k-pop in years,they sure deserve to win every damn award out there .

  26. ZGirl4ever

    And the winner is….BUSKER BUSKER

  27. BabyAngel

    I really cant believe right now that BAP are still rookie..They have released many hit album and awesome songs!! They have popular worldwide!! Actually they have to be in the same spot as Suju and BigBang!! Im a BABY and i really support BAP forever!! Im proud to be Babies of BAP!! Fighting!! i vote for you guys in every catougary!!

  28. BAP rocks!!! They are amazing at singing and dancing on top of that they are hardworking adorable bunnies:)

  29. ever since they debuted i already feel like no new rookie would beat them. n i was right. they really deserved it,

  30. SeiSatou14

    B.A.P made a BIG impact in my fan girl life.. first group i instantly loved since debut.. they totally blew me away.
    they came so unexpectedly.
    the fact that after watching their debut mv minutes after it got released i couldn’t get over it and end up sleeping 3am says a lot..

  31. Best rookie idol group of the year hands down.

  32. I seriously want them to get this one

  33. Bap rocks!i like the new song too..