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B.A.P – Power

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  1. Is this even a question? Of course B.A.P should win! Look at everything they’ve done this year!!!!!

  2. Come on Babyz We have to let B.A.P win at the EYKAs (especially best rookie group)! NEVER GIVE UP guys, we’re UNSTOPPABLE!!! YESSIR, (I) REMEMBER that WE GOT THE POWER to BURN IT UP on the polls and possibly even CRASH the EYKAs voting site with all of our love for B.A.P! Just like a WARRIOR, we are UNSTOPPABLE and have to show NO MERCY for the other groups when voting. Don’t let anyone tell you to STOP IT, we can do this! B.A.P and Babyz fighting!!! ♥

  3. Come on, B.A.P is the best rookie group this year ‘cuz they are so multi-talented. :D not that other groups are not talented…but B.A.P captured my heart the most

  4. I think that EYKA are showing one thing, and thats the huge power of BABYZ!

  5. B.A.P are the best rookies in the intire k-pop history^^

  6. Woop woop! Let’s keep them up Babyz!!! They are so unique and talented, that’s why they deserve #1!! (not because they made a lot of comebacks)

  7. I just love B.A.P. :3 They have done so much this year and I truly forgot they were rookies! <3

  8. I’m so happy for them after a very long year they got their Rookie award …. :””’>
    B.A.P <3<3<3<3

    Baby Zelo cried T____T

    I’m so happy for them!!! (‘: Group hug for Babys!! <3

  10. Lol I remember the first time I saw B.A.P….I didn’t know they were rookies and when I found out my jaw practically slammed down onto the floor. I was so impressed! They’re from a smaller company and they’re putting up a good fight for being pit up against EXO and all of the other rookie groups. I love EXO as well but B.A.P. really deserves this!

  11. I’m a Love, I would really like Nu’est to win, but considering they have no chance against exo and b.a.p I think I will just vote for B.a.p as well (I won’t stop voting for nu’est though TT^TT) because I think they where the most hardworking rookiegroup this year even though I don’t really consider them beeing rookies because Bang Yonguk debut last year and I’m not sure but Bang&Zelo never give up is from last year aswell isn’t it? Anyways for being from a label like TS I think becoming known is hard but they managed to get soooo many fans wow. That’s a bit of my problem with exo..I can’t really be sure if they have so manny fans because they are so good or because they are average and had so many teasers that eventually everyone saw at least one. I would really like to know how many fans exo would have had if they where part of a smaller label.But I should stop talking about exo now.

    Why is B.a.p nominated with Power? O.o Not that I mind, I like Power but why not Warrior?

  12. We’re almost to 20,000! Yay!

    Just a note, though: We need to remember to be voting *every day*, guys. Just because we’re fairly comfortably in first place right now, doesn’t mean that if we lax the others won’t catch up, so let’s show the world (or I suppose Simon and Martina at least) what we BABYs are made of. :D

  13. I know this is a selfish thing to say but I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEIR NEXT COMEBACK …. I just hope it will be soon….
    I know I know I’m a bad person but I miss them … T-T


  15. I really want B.A.P to win and I don’t think they deserve it just because of their promotions. Their hardworking attitude, stage presence, talent, and personalities are what won me over. Honestly, I’ve never been this attached to a rookie group or even a kpop group this fast.

  16. I hope they get the recognition they desrve as the best in the industry not just the best rookie!

  17. pls pls babys keep voting,they deserve this.

  18. I cant believe tht we are already beat EXO but we still have long way to go . Keep voting BABYs . :)

  19. HECK YES!!!! B.A.P IS THE BEST :D ♥

  20. Lol I was just listening to this but I actually think that
    B.A.P is really cool and has awesome potential to
    Be big in the future hehe
    HWAITING !!!!!!:)

  21. B.A.P is going to be featured in a Discovery Channel documentary about Korea!!! I’m so proud of the boys :’) but sadly I found out it won’t be aired in the States or Canada

  22. B.A.P is my MOST FAV ROOKIES EVER! They debut this year with 4 hit songs and so many babies appreciate their hard work.

  23. Wat if Simon and Martina says the best rookie group of the year is Busker Busker and the voting was a joke :O

  24. We got the power I got the power!!! I’m so proud of my babies and BABYS w rock as a team!

  25. BAP are the best thing that happened to k-pop in years,they sure deserve to win every damn award out there .

  26. And the winner is….BUSKER BUSKER

  27. I really cant believe right now that BAP are still rookie..They have released many hit album and awesome songs!! They have popular worldwide!! Actually they have to be in the same spot as Suju and BigBang!! Im a BABY and i really support BAP forever!! Im proud to be Babies of BAP!! Fighting!! i vote for you guys in every catougary!!

  28. BAP rocks!!! They are amazing at singing and dancing on top of that they are hardworking adorable bunnies:)

  29. ever since they debuted i already feel like no new rookie would beat them. n i was right. they really deserved it,

  30. B.A.P made a BIG impact in my fan girl life.. first group i instantly loved since debut.. they totally blew me away.
    they came so unexpectedly.
    the fact that after watching their debut mv minutes after it got released i couldn’t get over it and end up sleeping 3am says a lot..

  31. Best rookie idol group of the year hands down.

  32. I seriously want them to get this one

  33. Bap rocks!i like the new song too..

  34. BABYs lets show them who the REAL rookies of the year are. bap really went ALL OUT this year with warrior, secret love, power, no mercy, crash, and stop it, they have been promoting nonstop and have proved that they deserve best rookie!

  35. YES!!! GO B.A.P!!! :D ♥

  36. I BAP will stay in first place, I’m a little worried that EXOs fanbase will be tough competition..

  37. i cant click the share button!! it keep disapearing!!

    • You’re here!! Awesome!!! <3 :/ The problem sucks though…

      • i haven’t been into EYK or the kpop world in general (since BAP have stop their promotion for the year LOL) and concentrate on the voting for year end awards. hahah. it been quite a long time. how’s everyone doing?
        (since the comment are not counted in the scoring this time we can spam rite? rite? HOHO)

        • Sup Jack :D

          Yea chat as much as you want, I don’t care~

          Just remember:
          Be Respectful
          No Fanwars please :S


        • Oh, I get it. :D You could help Secret though^^ I haven’t been around that much either for the same reason. I vote for artists I like here and there, but the conversations somehow don’t flow like they did in the BAP comment section :D Or it’s because of my time zone again. It’s good to see you, I was worried that you wouldn’t come to vote anymore as well. :)

        • i’ve come once to check for Kim Sunggyu 60 seconds. that song is awesome i couldn’t help but listen to it. LOL
          i’ll never leave eyk as long as BAP still around. i’ll always come back when they return to the music scene.

  38. it should be Warrior not Power.. i preferred Warrior better =/ but nevertheless BAP’s the best new rookie group!

    • We tried to showcase as many videos as possible if the group had more than one nomination. BAP is already nominated for Best Dance with Warrior, so we chose to use Power instead to represent them in Rookie, since the video is not what’s being voted for in this category. :)

  39. always Babyz have the power, we can do this …
    remember what we did at the MAMA … We can do it here too ..

  40. YongGuk looks so good with that new hairstyle and I hope we will see more of him in the MV…
    Can’t wait ^^

  41. I hope we can keep them in first place the next 2 weeks :) Would be really cool if they could win something on eatyourkimchi at the end of the year :)

  42. Award or not B.A.P ARE best rookie of 2012. Everyone knows it; unfortunately some can’t admit it.

  43. c’mon babies, we got this! lets keep this up!<3

  44. Hands down, BAP has been the most active rookie this year. :) To me they deserve every rookie award they can get, but I’m a big fan. <3 I think that I would recognise this though even if I wasn't a fan.

  45. B.A.P and EXO were both very strong debuts, but I feel that B.A.P has put so much more into their debut year. I know that EXO is supposed to be getting ready for their comeback, but they debuted all the way back in April/January (depending on if you count “What is Love” or “Mama” as their start), and have only had the one mini album. B.A.P has had three singles, a mini album, and a repackage, and you see them doing performances and fanmeetings practically every other day. They seem very invested in their fans, and very genuine in all of their activities. They really look like their giving everything, heart and soul, to their careers; I’m not saying that EXO isn’t, but I think that having SME as their label is, though great for promotions, holding them back on that front. It’s hard to attack something with reckless abandon when you have a company as big as that controlling your every move.

  46. Yes Sir <3 B.A.P <3 México <3

  47. Hands down no question, who should win this award!

  48. BAP has to win this. :D They’re hardest working rookie group of the year and almost every one of their songs was reviewed :)

  49. WOW B.A.P are really dominating here, I’m happy :P

  50. thisisjustforfunval

    For me their is no other best rookie group out their other than B.A.P. There was a lot of very talented new groups but for me B.A.P. stood out the best above all others and literally worked none stop all year long confirming that they are indeed the best rookie group out their this year.

  51. Why isn’t the nominee BAP – Warrior? Warrior was BAP’s debut.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Warrior was already in Best Dance so since we wanted to showcase as many videos as possible by the artists we tried to use videos that weren’t better suited to a different category with more specific requirements.

  52. No particular order so puts B.A.P on top!! Hahaha Thhey are already winners for me!!! Voted

  53. Coming from a small company and getting big in no time I applause B.A.P for all their hard work. They totally stole my heart! ;__; My favorite rookies of the year in no doubt and maybe even my all-time fave too, oh my god. From their music, to their personnalities, to the awesome fandom that are the BABYz, everything fits together just perfectly! ouo



    B.A.P & BABYs HWAITING!! n_n

  55. Why is this the song we are voting on and not “No Mercy”, which is not only BAP’s song about how they are THE BEST, but also the one that is exactly balanced between their tough warrior image and squishy cutie-boy image? XD

    There were SO many rookie groups this year. I like C-Real a lot, personally, but am realistic enough to realize that they stand no chance against monster rookie groups like BAP and EXO. That’s my suggested group to add, though. I also really liked that one song (“Superhero”) by VIXX.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      You’re really voting for the artist here and not the song, so for categories like these we tried to use songs that weren’t already in another category (spoiler!) if possible.

      • Oh, interesting! I’m going to go ahead and guess that “No Mercy” will be the BAP song to go with a best male group nomination, since it is, after all, a song about how they are the best XD.

  56. BAP is definitely the best debut in 2012. I can honestly say that they are my favorite rookie group.

  57. I feel that 2012 had some of the best debuts in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, groups like in past years had pretty good debuts but this year totally blew me away. I mean the members of EXO have soooo much talent and Busker Busker made such a huge statement this year. However, B.A.P really captured my heart. How could they not? Their stage presence is just amazing. Their dancing is killer. I think B.A.P has some of the best vocals out there. And Bang Yong Guk and Zelo are extremely talented rappers. They really set themselves apart from most of the groups out there. Even though they come from a small company, they really proved themselves. I feel they can pull off both the manly look and the cute look which is really refreshing. B.A.P is definitely my favorite group this year. B.A.P FIGHTING!!! BABYS FIGHTING!!! :)

  58. I think that BAP is the hardest working rookie group EVER! They have put out so many videos and been on so many variety shows. I think the y got about a week off, or something like that.

  59. Zelo is like the most badass maknae everr~ ^o^ …and it may just be me, but he kinda reminds me of GD

  60. Why were there so many good rookie groups out this year. I wasn’t even sure on which one to post this comment on. I decided to chose B.A.P because they really did have a great debut song among the rookie and I think released a total of 6 songs this year. They really worked hard so I’ll be cheering for B.A.P as well as most of the other rookies.

  61. B.A.P. Hwaiting!! They are amazing dancers and have such a gritty style that no one can compete with. Let’s go F.A.P.s!! We can win this for our boys.

  62. I’m choosing B.A.P because they are the rookies who have impressed me the most with their music quality, solid live performances and continued improvement! B.A.P fighting!! <3

  63. BAP!!! <3 They really deserve to be the rookie of the year!!

  64. B.A.P are just so amazing! Rookie groups rarely ever grab my attention right away, it’s usually until their second release that I start paying for attention specially to the members individually, but with B.A.P I was immediately hooked!

  65. I’m so excited that BAP is doing so well! They nail both the dancing and the singing so well with such fierce passion! :D

  66. Hi Simon and Martina. I’m curious why you put Power instead of Warrior, which was their debut song.
    Is it because it’s your favourite? Or does it not matter in this category?

  67. Was tough to decide between BAP and EXO because they are both extremely talented. I feel that the other groups fit more into the usual kpop mold and those two stand out the most. I opted for BAP because they came from a very minor company, unlike the giant media propaganda that is SME…so they deserve the award double because they worked so hard to come out of the mold and show their talents. Being a huge BigBang fan (known to not care much about looks but more about talent, individuality, style and trend setting) BAP speak more to me. I hope all of you choose wisely and don’t always pick for the sake of your biases :)

  68. Well obviously B.A.P, there was noone better this year!!

  69. Are the comments counted like in Kpop Charts? Because I don’t see the comments’ number under the title of the song, so maybe…?

    • Comments are not counted. It would be way too much work for us mods to control the comment pages on so many videos, thus, you can only vote and tweet once every 24 hours, and Facebook and google share once ever.

  70. que mas podemos decir de B.A.P? han demostrado que son los mejores! desde españa FIGHTING B.A.P!

  71. Come on Babyz, WE GOT THE POWER to make them win!!! B.A.P and Babyz fighting!

  72. B.A.P. Yes Sir!! They compete with big companies’ rookies and I think that says a lot..!!! Vote for our talented and hardworking bunnies :3 Babies hwaiting~ =D

  73. there’s no doubt in my mind who the best rookie group is for the year. If BAP isn’t the best rookie group for those gayo daejuns as well, well.. that just means it’s rigged.

  74. there are a lot of great rookie groups that came out this year, and they each have their merits. as for this particular award, i’ll go with B.A.P.

  75. they should win, because when they debut they leaved a really powerful impression, then give us more power then they transform in those amazingly cute guys! and they really did a lot to keep us wanting more of them!

  76. BAP are definitely the best rookie group and they worked hard for this.

  77. BAP fought the hardest of all rookies, with like 5 promotions in one year?! They completely deserve this award.

    • Elanor

      I think most of the rookie groups deserve an award, this year was full of new groups… so let’s just stay with voting who you like the best and not talking about who deserve it more… ^^ (I’m kinda sick of this statement from the Mama award even if I’m a Baby as well.)

      • BAP actually isn’t my favorite rookie group (SPICA is) but I’m voting for them anyway, hence the ‘deserve’ statement :)

      • I don’t agree yes a lot of rookie groups worked hard but B.A.P doesn’t deserve to win because they’ve worked the hardest but because what they worked on was the best.

        • I agree with what Elanor said, we’d really appreciate it people could be as civil as possible in regards to comparing your biases with other groups – I like BAP, but they are not the only group in the nominees, y’know? All 10 groups were amazing, and these awards aim to introduce people to the best songs/videos/artists of the year.
          Have you listened to any of the girl groups? Spica has released 5 MVs this year, and they were all amazing. Check them out. ^^b

        • This is an award based on our own personal biases or favorites… so of course we are going to say that whatever group we are voting for is the best because that’s why we are voting for them >.>

        • Well that is the easiest way to go. But surely the Nasties here can be creative enough to show how the group they’re voting for is the best without kicking other people down? Don’t give in to temptation!! Fighting!! ;D

          Some countries may use negative campaigning in their elections, but I’ve lived in countries that relied on positive campaigning alone, so I know it is possible. ^^b

        • And I didn’t kick any other groups down, I simply said B.A.P is the best in my opinion and they have produced the best quality work. I didn’t say anyone else had to agree but that is why I am voting for them.

        • Elanor

          I partly agree with the second part… BAP’s works are the best… for me. And I think the most important part here is that it’s for me the best. Everybody has different taste, that’s why I’m not saying things like BAP is the best or they worked the hardest, because the first part is my personal opinion and the second part is something what I couldn’t know… all I know that they worked har with a lot of comebacks and it wasn’t just quantity but quality as well. So my comment wasn’t about BAP deserve to win or not, because as a BABY of yourse I want them to win… my comment was about to stop compare groups with each other and just love your favorite groups, and vote for them. That’s it. :P

  78. I’m totally cheering for B.A.P~
    Let’s show them the Power of Babies/Warriors, shall we? ^____^

  79. b.a.p and nu’est (and jj project ~) I love them all :DDD

  80. B.A.P, yes sir, Victory! No one else deserves this award more than you.

  81. B.A.P is AWESOME! I seriously think that they had the best debut for 2012…..and thats saying ALOT considering the level of competition there was this year with other groups…but B.A.P….they nailed it!!

    • Elanor

      Agree.. I’m happy that they could compete with big company rookies I think it means a lot. :)

    • I think so too! In my opinion BAP is the best rookie of the year. Their capacity to manage with any image (be it fierce or cute), their remarkable stage performance, and on top of all, their fantastic live performances stole my heart.

  82. After MAMA I’m scared that even if there isn’t Busker Busker in this category they would win anyway…

  83. I’m not a BAP fan but they’re the only group that makes me forget that they haven’t been around for a while.

  84. Elanor

    That’s the only category where I vote only for one. :)

  85. WHy is it power and not Warrior?

    • Elanor

      Guess they didn’t want to put Warrior twice, it’s already in best dance category. You are voting for groups and not songs here anyway.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      If the group came out with multiple videos and they were nominated in multiple categories, the videos were spread out so if possible each of the videos could be represented in a category. Warrior is in Dance (although this video could have also been in dance but I personally like Warrior’s dance a bit better…although I might be biased towards it since that video is what made me love B.A.P) so Power is a good representation for Best Rookie.

      • Elanor

        For me Power was the first video what I saw from them and it made me love not only BAP but Kpop as well. I was listening some Kpop before but not much. Now I’m really into it. so i’m happy that I can vote for Power as well here. :D

  86. Even though alot of rookies this year are pretty skilled, no other group has as much stage presence and confidence as BAP. And that’s why they have my vote.