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B1A4 – Tried To Walk

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Award Contender for:
  1. This song deserves to win it for all the turtlenecks 8D

  2. Oh come on you guys. VOTE! we all want this to win so badly! Get your siblings to vote, your mom, your grandma, cousins, that one kid at the family reunions 3 times removed by marriage: just get them here!

  3. Amusing post to bump up the spirit of fighting Bana’s.

    Sad confession. Spent the past few days confused as to why they called them Bilasa.

    Then my Korean learning kicked in and I performed an epic face palm.

    People warned me that trying to learn more than one language at a time was not a great idea. LOL.


  5. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Hey, you guys should focus on Aegyo. Because you guys are in 2nd there and IMO B.A.P doesn’t deserve to win that category.

  6. BANA please vote for B1A4 in all awards they nominated in TT^TT

  7. Rika Zakaria

    mv of the year… Luv this song ^_^

  8. the voting is broken !!! why i vote but the number is not changes!!!!

  9. I have one word why this should be awarded Best Potential KMM: turtlenecks.

  10. Why nobody votes? We will lost :c

  11. I_U_I_U_I

    Come on everybody you know you have to vote here! You guys want to see Martina spazzing over turtlenecks don’t you?!

    And man-skirts! :)

    And the awesome-ness of bilasa’s music!

  12. Foar Namme

    In the other catagories I agree with the majority (except for nastiest dance, I wouldn’t know who to vote for), why can’t the majority agree with me here? =P

  13. turtlenecks!!! shall i say more?

  14. Dubuhunnie

    I want them to win so badly! I LOVED their music video and the song was very pretty! :D

  15. SunnyHope

    Hope they win ^^

  16. i think Simon & Martina too shy to reviewed B1A4 .. thats too much B1A4 videos has reviewed by them… wkwkwkwk… and i think Simon & Martina is BANA too… ^.^
    Don’t too be shy you two… we’re BANA understand about your heart.. ^.^
    BILASA..!!!! Joom…Joomm…Joom…

  17. hello .. can you tell me what it KMM??

  18. i’m hoping for b1a4 to have their version of MBLAQ idol manager. it must be lots of fun.!

  19. MidnightEkaki

    Sort of hit me how this absolutely wouldn’t win KMM when they announced it in this category… lol… Even if it doesn’t win it still means a lot to me because it turned me into a Bana(na) :}

  20. I was praying it would win >:( and I was kind of mad since most their other songs got reviewed. AHH. It was such a pretty M/V too! Except for the fact that Gong Chanshik only got, like, 18 seconds. My bias D:

    BTW, does anyone else think that Gong Chan kind of (a lot of) looks like Himchan from B.A.P.?

    • creepy rice cake

      I think both of B1A4 and Boyfriend songs were good too please don’t bring down any other group you’ll just bring fanwars…
      and unfortunately in my opinion is different that gongchan doesn’t looks like himchan at all… just a little bit but not a lot.. his personality totally different while himchan likes to being deep and gongchan isn’t…..

    • How dare u talk about my favorite group like that !! :O

    • fuuko4869

      Correction; B1A4 had been reviewed 3 times (OK, Beautiful Target, Baby I’m Sorry), whereas Boyfriend had never been reviewed prior to Janus.

      Please, we’d really appreciate it if fans can support their favourite groups without feeling the need to bring down others. m(_ _)m

  21. I_U_I_U_I

    I don’t get why this is moving so slowly. _| ̄|○

  22. anything B1A4 get for this year is the best for them and i still love them soooooo MUCH !!!! and i love BANA too who work hard to support them ^^ big hug for all BANA ^^

  23. The winner of this should actually have a consolation KMM.

  24. This was a beautiful video it was really a shame they couldn’t record it

  25. Sandeul Baro

    I was totally wishing for this to be put on KMM ! This is soooo beautifullll n i love the song n this would been a great KMM video cuz…uhhh…well…hmmm…Martina would go nuts over the *whispers* turtleneck shirts…LOL ^^ BILASA!!!!!!

  26. juliapark

    other fandom move fast guys… go go. :D

  27. Let’s do this!!!BANAs are a family!We CAN do this!!!

  28. mihuru

    I was sooo disappointed that this did not get reviewed because the mv is absolutely beautiful and the song is super catchy as well! It was so close, so so close urhg!


  30. This was the 2012 most beautiful Music Video & the best song from B1A4, but it didn’t manage to win in KMM. So everyone, lets give all out to make it win here. *side note* I really think Simon & Martina made this category because they wanted so much to review Tried To Walk. :P

  31. 한데야

    it’s time to shine BANAs!!!! woot woot!!! i’m too tempting to repost comment we had on that page!! if only i could access it XP

  32. I_U_I_U_I

    EXO is climbing up fast oh noes!

  33. monsieurme

    Lol new battle.. I can’t barely rest from those tiring 3 weeks of being cursed..T_T

  34. unicornsgalaxy

    GO BANA’s! I honestly don’t know who to vote for so I’m going to bounce around a lot but you guys put up and awsome fight last time and I really like this song and video! Here is your second chance. Bring up everything that you have already brought up and think of this as a new slate! :)

    EDIT: Oh wait. It looks like the comments aren’t going to count! Well good luck on the voting!

  35. Simon and Martina always have so much fun with Bilasa, of course this has to be my vote!

  36. Epik High didn’t make the list, so voting for Tried to walk because I couldn’t get to the comment page when they confirmed they would be doing KMM.

    • Thanks for voting for B1A4! :D Sadly.. due to a certain crash, we couldn’t get reviewed. Huhuhu. T.T

      Either way, keep sharing and voting. :D Tell your friends about it and spread the word, we NEED B1A4 to win this this time!

      • I really like this song. Will definitely be keeping an ear out for B1A4 in future.

        but the Music Video is something else entirely. Out of all the ones they put on, yes they could do something hilarious and awesome with Hyuna, but this MV deserves some recognition because it is artful beyond the average Kpop MV.

        • Thank you! Lol, even tho I didn’t make it (I wish tho, I could’ve met them then! :D) lol, B1A4 really does surprise people. ;)) Hoping to see the another person being added to the ever-growing list of BANAs in the future. ;DD

  37. We can’t lose this time!!!!!!