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B.A.P – Warrior

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  1. Hey guys, we’ve moved over to 1004 (Angel) page. Join us when you can!

  2. I left a comment here yesterday about my thoughts on the Battle of the B Name Boybands – where has it gone?

  3. Been a while since I’ve been here…

    Anyway, I watched Battle of the B Name Boy Bands and I didn’t like it.

    I sat through the whole thing, the the only thing that entertained me was Martina’s reaction to the hip thrusts (but I didn’t care for the skit after that).

    Maybe I’ve just grown out of the type of humor they do (“Bitch Ass Pussies?” Seriously, that’s a bit too malicious and juvenile), but I don’t think the KMMs are for me anymore. It was the first KMM I’ve watched in a while (life has been busy) and it was a disappointing one.

    Now, I know it doesn’t state in the title that a KMM has to be a review, but there was no mention of the singing, a brief mention of the dancing and they didn’t really talk about the symbolism. It just felt very poorly done to me, in that regard.

    Yes, S&M are just sharing their opinions, and they are perfectly entitled to that. I just didn’t agree with how they executed this video. I honestly would have preferred if they had not reviewed either of the music videos.


    How did anyone else feel about it? Happy/not bothered/angry/upset?

    • It’s been a while for me too. I have to admit that I didn’t watch their KMMs anymore, and just watched this one, because of BAP. I have to say, I didn’t like this one. The hip thrusting was indeed very funny though. I thought it was mean to put a group in the title they didn’t even review, then the thing about the English words, and the bitch ass pussies comment was uncalled for. While I think that peole are pushing this issue too far, I was also upset that they said it. They were making a joke, but it wasn’t a good one for me.
      I’ve been reading comments and articles, and it seems like a lot of people are really upset with Simon and Martina, and the quality of KMMs.

      To be honest I think it’s time to stop KMMs. To me it seems like they don’t have fun anymore, and that they’re actually quite frustrated with it, because on one hand KMMs get the most views, but they also get the most hate for it – no matter what they do. That’s why they’ve become meaner, I believe. Maybe it’s even because they have more pressure because of becoming a business. I really liked their KMMs more when they were still doing them at home. They’ve developed this “ef it, no matter what we do we’ll get hate- lets just get it over with”-attitude. They hardly reviewed the songs in this “review”. If they don’t have fun anymore they should stop this segment and develop a new one. It doesn’t have to be Kpop if they don’t like it that much anymore. I still like their other videos, and they seem to be more enthusiastic about them. Maybe it’s time to quit KMM, they’ve been doing it for what? 3 years now?

      • It’s interesting that some of us have stopped watching the KMMs (for whatever reason).

        I think I kinda agree with you – S&M do seem a little tired of K-pop, and a break might do them good (though many of those who complain about them complain about how 2013 saw a significant lack of KMMs).

        I also think that maybe S&M wanted to change things? and by change, I man in style – they moved on from adorkable fun to throwing shade. I don’t see too much wrong with that, only that it’s such an unannounced, drastic change that many fans would find it unsettling.

        I also agree that many people are overreacting and seem to be using this as a reason to throw hate at them.
        Like I said, I was disappointed in this KMM, but not butthurt or anything. Honestly, I didn’t care one way or another – what was most remarkable to me was the fact that I only laughed once.

    • ChocoPandaa

      I’ve actually never watched their KMM for a long time… Like many people said, their old ones are better. Their old ones = before they actually became a company… >_>

      • I agree, I find their older content more entertaining.

        Like you, I think I’ve grown out of their type of humor (and life keeps getting in the way – argh!)

        BTW, how did your trip to Japan turn out? :)

        • ChocoPandaa

          I think my type of humor these days consists of pervy kpop jokes :x

          Haha overall it was great, of course. Especially the food and making my bros jealous! :D I want to eat Ichiran ramen again, it’s amazing. And I also bought my first Infinite album there (koi ni ochiru toki limited edition, I got sunggyu version). I should’ve bought more albums because I had like 5000 yen and I still have it now. :/ Also, the overall experience would probably change from great to wonderful if it had snowed… >_> I was looking forward to snow the most, but it didn’t happen…

        • Lol, pervy Kpop jokes are the best!

          I’m delighted to hear you had such a wonderful time in Japan – it sounds amazing!

        • ChocoPandaa

          Yeah. And all those kpop valentines day cards are hilarious xD
          I even made one, but it was waaay past valentines day >_>
          …well actually my friend did it, I just told her what to put as the text… xD

        • OMFG, loooooool!
          Kpop valentines are the best~

        • ChocoPandaa

          Hahaha I’ve seen those. The akp one is just hilarious but….the JYP one is seriously creepy though… xD

          okay so the banana one is because of this xD

        • OMFG.
          But that last one tho… kinda creepy/incestuous.

    • I’m replying so that my comment will show :/ cause I can’t see it.

    • This is my first time commenting about this whole thing I was trying to avoid it! I just felt really sad and disappointed about it.
      Ok at first when I opened the video I thought how they are going to review 3 MVs in 8 minutes! and then they just pushed Btob aside, I get it that they don’t like it but they didn’t say why! Ok the MV is boring so what about the song!
      and then the name calling!! that is not funny, by saying that you are encouraging people to make other bad names out of B.A.P cause I saw some comments making more ugly names!!
      I was looking forward to hear the review and what they think about the plot, But I guess now if they don’t like the song, they wont care about the MV too.
      The older KMMs and reviews were fun, they would point out some stuff about the MV that you didn’t even notice and without even realizing you would like the song and the MV. But now if someone watches this first and then watch the MVs they will remember S&M opinion they will think btob’s mv is boring or b.a.p’s members are crying cause they are P****
      and I know people say “its their opinion” I get it we all want to hear their opinion thats why we all follow them! but put it in a nicer way.
      I guess they should be glad somehow that they made these mistakes about these groups cause their fans are really nice, like they are 3 of the nicest findoms in Kpop, if it was other groups they would get MORE hate !
      anyways I REALLY REALLY hope they will learn something from this and try to review the MV and the song from now on and think that all this people commenting on youtube on tumber on twitter and here too are only butthurt fans. cause we are not, we are just hurt and disappointed.

      • *Hugs*

        I think that yes, it is S&M’s opinion, but up until now, the EYK brand did not express their opinions in such a crude manner – I think that’s what shocked a lot of viewers. If EYK had thrown lots of shade and crude words around in the past when talking about an MV, I think a lot of the annoyed fans would not be up in arms now (of course, they might not even have those fans if they had started out that way).

        And yes, it’s their opinion – just as people who say they disagree with S&M or dislike how they expressed themselves are expressing that as an opinion, yet they get shit from over-zealous Nasties (though some expressing their unhappiness are Nasties *Sigh* I really hate this “if you’re a real Nasty” business).

        I wasn’t really hurt over the MVs, but I am disappointed to see EYK swap their old adorkable style for what they have now (which, going by the latest KMM, is more of a reaction piece than a review).

        I’m not going to go ape-shit and write crap about them, but I just don’t think there’s anything in EYK’s KMM for me anymore. The humor in the MV didn’t make me laugh. I have busted a gut laughing at some of their older vids, but I only laughed once while watching the Battle of the B Name Boy Bands.

        I’ll still come here though, because I like the community for the most part :)

        • aww *Hugs* ^^
          Yeah I’ve seen those comments *if you’re a real nasty* … well if you are a real nasty you wont agree with calling names and being rude, instead you will try to to say your opinion(in a nice way) and help them improve their KMMs.
          and I’m not like some who say “BYE I unsubscribed” … like I feel we all should wait and see what happens, if they tried to improve their reviews then that would be AWESOME! and if they didn’t then that will be just sad I guess.

          I like it here too, there was something wrong with the page and it couldn’t open I was really worried but now its fixed, I’m glad :)

        • ” if you are a real nasty you wont agree with calling names and being rude, instead you will try to to say your opinion(in a nice way) and help them improve their KMMs.”


        • Oh.. thank you !! ^^

  4. Elanor

    I wll just leave some reading here for now :) *busy, because wok and Christmas and ahh*

    Anyway it made me think at those times when I said that real music is the one what rock bands does… I’m happy that I’m not that judgemental anymore… I grew out of it… actually I think I’m quite an open minded person.

    Oh and I started to learn japanese! :D It’s fun and I like my class a lot, we will go to a Japanesee restaurant on thursday… can’t wait. :D

    • Blueberries

      Intresting article.. but I don’t agree with writers views either XD

      I appreciate artistic freedom and love when kpop group members or soloist have done something themselves. That article was actually lacking the fact that many kpop artists actually can write songs and have lot of creative unput in what they are doing. GD, Seungri, IU, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yongguk.. the list is rather long.

      Also article failed to mention that kpop is not all about music. It’s dance, looks, variety, acting.. idols need to be multitalented. Compared to average artist who only makes music and performs it by standing on state with microphone.. well idols aren’t any less hardworking or talented than he/she is.

      Real music is quite difficult as concept. Every artist under label is influenced by label more or less, especially pop-artists. Kpop music is still composed by someone even if idols are just performing it. But what about opera singer, when she/he is singing Ave Maria, is he/she singing fake music since it’s not made by him/her?

      And then in other topic, nice that you are learning Japan now too :D

      日本語はたのしいですねえ :D

      I have studied japanese now three years.. kind of. I had one cource in high school and two in university but I’m still quite bad in it XD

  5. Just to let you know, TOS are hosting a giveaway, where you can win a BADMAN CD or any CD of your choice.

    This is the total list of things you can win:
    1. G-Dragon – Coup d’Etat
    2. Exo – XOXO (repackaged)
    3. B.A.P – Badman (mini)
    4. Teen Top – Teen Top Class Addition (repackaged)
    5. FT Island – Thanks To (6th Anniversary)
    6. Kara – Full Bloom
    7. Any album of your choice

    • ChocoPandaa

      OMG “any album of your choice” REALLY?! :o I’m so gonna get Infinite… I need to start my Infinite collection xD
      I don’t think I’m that funny… but whatever it’s gonna be really random and weird.. 3 idols is so little though..
      how many people are gonna be winning though?

      • Yes, really! I think it’s 7 people winning – whatever the albms are, and then the seventh person gets to chose whatever.

        3 people is so little – I was going to invite the three eldest of BAP, but then i wouldn’t have cutie-pie Jongup, and Himchan would just be acting all couple-y with BYG, who would want to play games/compose and Daehyun would just eat all the food. So I just went with Key, Jongup and Daesung.

        OMG, I am slowly getting into Infinite, because of all the stuff on my dash, and Dongwoo is worming his way into my heart and I’m getting massive feels. Plus, one of my rl friends is a massive Inspirit, she went to see them in Paris, and I think feels are contagious, because that can be the only explanation for me getting interested in them.

        • ChocoPandaa

          This is such an awesome giveaway… >:D Did your friend get a good view of them? ..front row perhaps? :o

        • I know, 3 is too few ;A;

          I can’t give into feels. Not now. Noooo! I’m already destroyed by BAP (and they have the audacity to come back when I have essays to write!!!)
          IDK, she ended up near the front towards then end of the show. she was in the pit, it was perfectly fine. She also saw Myungsoo on the streets of Paris before hand, but she started fangirling (but didn’t run over – just trying to point him out to her friend) and he ran away, with his camera-man-helper following behind XD)

        • ChocoPandaa

          So I just sent in my entry for the giveaway. LOL. It turned out to be a oneshot. I didn’t expect it to be that long, seriously. x____x I’m not expecting you to read it, but if you do, tell me what you thought about it xD

          One more group won’t hurt(I think..)! And if you didn’t know: Infinite is planning to comeback in January 2014. I suggest you get ready for your tumblr to be filled with Infinite again. c:
          I wish I was at the front row but there were a bunch of crazy ass fans in front already so I just stuck to the back where the extended stage was. And whut..What.. WHAT?! She saw Myungsoo on the streets OMG that’s even more lucky .. I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad that he ran away.. xD

        • Oh, WOW! That’s so good xD hope you win~

          IDK. I’m in too much pain after K-pop… I probably will get into them eventually, but I don’t have the time atm (and I want to find a girl group to fangirl over)
          Aww, so long as you stayed safe, that’s all that matters!
          Yeah, she saw him prepping to take a pic, then he and his li’l camera man saw her and her friend, then sprinted down the street, lol

        • ChocoPandaa

          omg really? Thanks haha xD It’d be a Christmas miracle if I do :D Tell me whenever you post yours~

          Pain?! xD I don’t know if it’s just me, but I just can’t like girl groups as much as I like boy groups.. .__.
          Definitely… I wouldn’t want to be fainting any time soon, especially in a crowd of fangirls.
          I wish I was there to witness it.. must have looked pretty cute or funny..

        • I don’t get into girl groups as easily either, but I want to make the effort.

          No one wants to be fainting, or making the guys cry like in New York…
          I’m guessing funny, because she and her friend still laugh about it xD

          I already posted mine. This is what I said:
          “You had to limit it to three people! I was going to invite all of BAP, plus others. Man, my parents are lame.
          Anywho, I’d invite SHINee’s Key, B.A.P’s Jongup, and Daesung.

          After drinking some mulled wine and soju bombs, Key would insist on playing dress up, but because we are bordering shitfaced drunk, I look more like a clown than usual (gettin’ my Block B on), Key a drag queen (harsh colours, but still expertly applied), Jongup would have a rainbow going across his face (it’s difficult to predict how this 4D sex-bomb angel would act) and Daesung would throw on a wig, and run about the place, screaming “SMELL!”
          By this time, my parents would be like “Time to take your friends to another room,”
          Key would strut down the hallways as it were a runway, Jongup would backflip through it before
          falling into a giggling heap (I, of course, would help him up, and keep him close, lest he should stumble again… not like I would have ulterior motives… ¬_¬), and Daesung would shimmy his cute little ass towards us.
          We would then proceed to sing very loudly and drunkly.
          Key would perform missA’s “Hush,” complete with the sexy dancing, and a few other girl group covers. There would be lots of body rolls, and thrusting pelvises and I would pass out, overwhelmed by the sight of it all.

        • ChocoPandaa

          Good luck with that. I’ve tried hard to get into one…I gave up after like a week (more like a day) .__.

          And good luck with this too~ That’s pretty good, and I died at the Daesung screaming “SMELL” part LOL. It never fails to crack me up whether it’s in words, a gif, or the video itself. xD

        • Yeah, IDK, they’re kinda tough… I was thinking f(x) cuz of Amber… or maybe Ailee?

          Anything with Daesung’s smell is amuzing XD I still get the giggles thinking about it

        • ChocoPandaa

          Ailee isn’t a girl group though LOL I can’t get into groups if I don’t find their variety funny and apparently to me most girl groups variety aren’t funny :/ One of my friends told me to watch SNSD’s Hello Baby and I forced myself to watch..stopped at the 5th episode. Whereas it took me like 4 days to finish VIXX’s MTV Diary, VIXX File, VIXX MTV Plan V Diary and being updated til the latest episode of VIXX TV. They’ve shot up to my #1(Infinite is also #1, there can be 2 #1s right? ><) within such a short period of time. xD

          Oh and tomorrow I'm heading to Japan til the 24th! I'm so excited :D I can finally eat authentic sushi and sashimi and ramen and… -drools- But I'm also going to be meeting up one of my kindergarten “friend” and he’s a guy..and we obviously did not keep in touch since we were only kids when we met lol.. now that part is gonna be awkward.. I’m a shy and awkward person in general. Double the awkwardness.. .___.

        • She isn’t, but it’s a place to start :)
          I haven’t really gotten into VIXX yet (but I’m starting to like BtoB as well ;A; I don’t have time for this!)
          but it’s great how they won their first win, and that one guy crouched down and started crying, and EXO were patting his back and ;A; the feels!

          OMGGG!! That’s so amazing!
          but “friend” – is there something more or…? ;)
          Just start by greeting him with a good smile, and I hope it all goes well for you~

        • ChocoPandaa

          Then start with it! :D
          I like BtoB’s songs. They’ve got some pretty catchy songs. xD I totally fell in love with VIXX and their members after watching their variety shows. That guy is Leo, believe it or not, he’s really shy and barely speaks when he’s being filmed..and when he does, he’s so soft!! Though there are times where he doesn’t know he’s being filmed and we can hear his voice loudly xD I loved it when those EXO members did that! so sweet ><
          "friend" or something less.. we've only been friends in kindergarten LOL right now it's 10 years later and we didn't keep in touch. I don't know how this will go xD I hope we'll be able to be not awkward..I need at least one guy friend.. -.-"

        • I have! I’ve listened to two of her albums, and like her very much. Might check out her variety later :)
          I like some of them, and am casually listening to them. Haven’t checked out much variety stuff of either BtoB or VIXX…. but BtoB on Weekly Idol had me cracking up – I loved how they bugged Ilhoon with Skinship xD
          Aww, cute. I hope it turns out well and that conversation will flow naturally – if not, you can always ask about stuff in Japan and growing up there! that should prevent any awkwardness :)
          I have guy friends, I’ll share with you :P

        • ChocoPandaa

          You’re already halfway there! Hope you’ll like a girl group this fast too :D
          VIXX haven’t been on Weekly Idol yet..sadly.. but if you’re planning to watch one of their variety shows then Plan V Diary would be a nice start. Or VIXX File, I loved it so much xD
          I hope I can even manage to ask that LOL I’m a shy and awkward, introverted person… damnit ><
          LOL I wish :P

        • I might watch some VIXX in the new year – I didn’t notice that looks-wise, they’re quite different from the usual ones in K-pop….
          You will :) Practise saying them before hand, if that helps. I’m sure it will go well :)

        • ChocoPandaa

          Haha I get what you mean :P One of them (Ken) looks like a foreigner (I actually thought he was a foreinger and Ken was his real name..) and another one (Leo) has really high cheekbones.. xD
          We’re going to his place on Thursday…so close! omg it better goes well ><

        • Yeah, and they all have long faces, with long noses… so many of them have it, IMO.
          and the high cheekbones don’t help!
          and wow, Leo is soooooo unusual looking (well, in the realm of K-pop), it’s really gorgeous.. for some reason, I think he’d make a great elf (not the SuJu kind, but the Tolkien kind)

          I hope the visit to your friends house went well!

        • ChocoPandaa

          I didn’t realize that about their noses LOL wow they are long..
          omg yes Leo is gorgeous and cute :D and him being an elf…who’s good at photoshop here? xD
          It didn’t go well but it didn’t go that bad either.. I was too shy/scared to talk to any of the brothers and well they were busy with their own thing anyway.. and him, since he has exams early next year, he’s been going for tuition from like 1pm to 6pm and 6.30pm to 10pm.. O__O And let’s just say both of us are just awkward people LOL, also he kept avoiding me when he came back from his night tuition >___>”
          I can’t believe my Japan holiday is ending so soon?! ;___;

  6. Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BAP might be coming to Europe!
    I really hope that if they do, it won’t be during exam month.
    And maybe we might see each other! 0o0

    BTW, it’s been a while since I was here, I hope everyone is well~

  7. Skully

    So I guess that now that Vixx got KMM they shouldn’t win BPKMM? Just to be fair and let someone that never had one have it….

  8. ChocoPandaa

    MWAVE has these Meet & Greet offers and OMG it’s seriously WORTH IT. First, the albums are slightly cheaper. Second, free shipping. Let me say it again: FREE SHIPPING! :D Third, the albums are either all signed, signed by a member, or not signed unless you get picked in the mosaic set. Fourth, you can also write a message to them. There’s a few other stuffs too but it differs for each Meet & Greet so yeah.. It’s kinda hard to explain it all, so if you wanna check it out:

    Isn’t this like totally cool and awesome?! >< I participated in Teen Top's one, and I got picked! I really thought I wasn't gonna get picked since I was on the last row and the last person on the set I was in.. But my panda profile picture caught their eyes and they picked me as a winner :D They didn't read my whole message though.. L.Joe didn't know how to scroll down, instead of clicking the bar at the side of the profile box to scroll down, he was highlighting the words and dragging it down, but that doesn't work in there.. I find it a pity because the rest of the message was dedicated to him and… ugh.. xD

    I can't wait for other artists to do this.. Hopefully companies of really popular groups would agree if MWAVE asks them to do this. I'm pretty sure they would let right? It benefits all fans outside of Korea~ :D And if the albums come in like perfect quality, it'll be so awesome..

  9. Blueberries

    Now all categories are out :D
    Best Video: B.A.P- One Shot, no doubt in this and it seems like Nasty’s agree :D I also gave vote for MFBTY and K.Will

    Best female group: 2NE1 and Miss A, I have to be biased about this XD
    Best male group: B.A.P and 2PM, being biased again.
    Mordney choice: Jaejoong-Mine
    Best hip-hop: No vote.
    Best Aegyo: Hello Venus- Would you stay for tea?
    Best Artsy: No vote.. I’ll maybe later check all mv’s out and vote then.
    Best Plot: Mr.Mr-Highway. But this category lacks plots.
    Most Bizarre: T.O.P- Doom Dada. It’s awesome and bizarre :D
    Best Rookie: KSY, my baby.
    Best Solo: GD and Lee Hyori
    Best Dance: Shinhwa and Taeyang
    Best Vocals: KSY, my baby again. Lee Hi too.
    BPKMM: NU’EST cause I want that KMM for them. There hasn’t been proper one since something always comed up T_T
    Nastiest video: N.O.M- A Guys cause it’s just too nasty! The lyrics and everything.. pure nasty gold :D

    • ChocoPandaa

      My votes :D
      Best video: B.A.P – One Shot
      Best Female Group: — I don’t listen to girl groups
      Best Male Group: INFINITE because I’m biased
      Mordney’s Choice Awards: VIXX – Voodoo Doll … Because dark concepts suit VIXX more than anyone~ :D
      Best Hip-Hop: — I don’t listen to that kinda hip-hop xD
      Best Aegyo: Boyfriend – On and On because I’m a little biased
      Best Artsy Video: Geeks – Wash Away
      Best Plot: Jin – Gone .. IT’S SO SAD ;~;
      Most Bizarre Video: I’m not even a fan of T.O.P but his MV is pretty crazy..
      Best Rookie: BTS~
      Best Solo: Jaejoong .. I’m planning to check out some J-rock groups because of this guy xD
      Best Dance: SHINee – Everybody
      Best Vocals: Junsu!
      Best Potential KMM: VIXX – Hyde .. I really want Hyde and Voodoo Doll to be reviewed
      Nastiest Video: Going with Troublemaker

      • Skully

        Haha everybody is like “where the F is Teen top Rocking” XD
        No but seriously where is it?! The Epik Nasties actually had it on the list and it was S&M that removed it….. I can’t understand why they would do that o_O
        U kiss is evidently gonna win this since they are…. well U kiss and this is EYK and ppl here are totally biased to them. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying their dance is bad, I just mean that it’s evident they are gonna win, like Junsu is gonna win in vocals and would in solo of Jaejoong wasn’t there……

        • ChocoPandaa

          It was actually on the list?! Wait but what did they replace it with.. Bar Bar Bar? .__.
          Haha when it comes to EYKAs, UKISS always has to win something. >>
          I’m voting for Infinite for best male group, but even if they don’t win, I don’t really care that much since they’ve already won that in MAMA xD

          I did watch MAMA. My friends were watching it too and we were making worthless bets.. surprisingly I won many of those bets xD I heard that Seungri’s reaction is like that because of himself. Apparently his reaction was caught on camera and he saw it on the screen and started laughing because of it?

          Honestly I’m pissed at the girl. First, she reveals the relationship. Second, she gets backlash because of it. Third, she complains about it. Um, she brought this all to herself so I don’t get why she’s complaining, I’m pretty sure she knows she’ll be getting hate after revealing herself.. Yeah, the fans who her harassed her weren’t right to do that, but if she didn’t reveal it, none of this would have even happened. I wonder what L’s image is like in Korea now… :/ And I’m also surprised at how calm I was when this scandal broke out xD

        • Skully

          They replaced it with After School (which should have been in nasty -replacing Dalshabet imo. No seriously, am I the only one that thinks it doesn’t fit in nasty??)
          It was really weird that they zoomed Seungri at that moment, everybody thought Hoya and Hyuna kissed and in that case it would’ve been strange if it wasn’t shown. When I saw that I was like “They kissed right? But if it was just a kiss why is Seungri reacting that way? Did they do something more? Why aren’t they showing it??” I found it so weird….

          Since I’m not following gossip lately I’m not too sure about this, but I heard that that girl already has some scandals with other idols….. in which case it seems like she is just an attention seeker. In the Woollim anouncement I read it was mentioned that L wanted to reveal the relationship from the beginning.
          The sad true is that the gfs from idols are always gonna be attacked, I mean even that girl from A Pink that was on WGM with Taemin was insulted, for beeing in a fake relationship with oppa!! Moments like this make me really feel ashamed of beeing a girl…. I know that fanboys can be just as bad, but there are more fangirls and you hear a lot more crazy stuff about them :(
          Unfortunately he probably lost a lot of fans…. I just hope it doesn’t affect Infinite too much. They are having their best time right now, they are at the top of their carrer and it would be sad if this scandal would bring them down, especially considering that the groups that are on top don’t stay there for that many years normally, so they have to make good use of this few years on top.

          Haha would you have been just as calm if it was Woohyun??? XD

        • ChocoPandaa

          Nah you’re not the only one.. I find Dalshabet’s Be Ambitious cute instead of nasty. Even the voices are uh high and cutesy.
          I was in a WTF mode when that happen. I thought the performances wasn’t over (I read that Infinite was performing 4 songs.. turned out to be 2 only..) and they just cut it off to an advertisement… But I knew they didn’t kiss since their faces weren’t close to each other and they weren’t in a kissing position.

          I heard about that too, but I’ve tried researching on it and I can’t find any articles relating to her and GD/Jaejoong/Wooyoung, so I’m not too sure whether it really is true or just something someone made up. I don’t get why fans would get butthurt over idols in WGM. My friend was one of them and I was like “Why are you so sad?! I’ve been waiting for this to happen!!” but it’s funny how I didn’t even start watching Taemin and Na Eun’s WGM when I was so excited about it… xD
          Yeah he did. I heard that a number of fans left the fandom when the scandal broke out. And a lot of L’s fansites (14 I think) closed down too. Reminds me of when Junhyung and Hara announced they’re dating and B2ST lost lots of fans. I don’t get those fans who leave the fandom. I really hope this scandal wouldn’t ruin Infinite’s image (but it sure did ruin L’s..) that much. Butthurt fans should just stop being delusional and accept that their oppa will never date them. (ouch.) But hey, some older groups have been through worse scandals and they’re still on top~ :D
          I probably still would because I’ve tamed my delusional thinking..I think.
          Btw I saw this on my twitter last night:

        • Skully

          Well right at the end Hoya turned his face to her and well I simply assumed that they kissed (I don’t wanna sound mean, but the fact that it was Hyuna is what probably made me think they would kiss….)
          Well a lot of fans live with the illusion of having a chance to be with oppa/noona (even if they probably know that it is basically impossible), or think that as fans have “rights” over them, to decide over their privat life and will get crazily jealous of the gfs/bfs. And let’s be honest, a lot of kpop fans don’t really have social lifes, which leads to them sitting at home in front of the computer and getting sucked into this delusion more and more…. and if they have, then with other kpop fans that are in the same situation so they can influence each other… really healthy yep
          Give those fans a gf/bf and a lot of them won’t mind it that much if their idol is in a relationship.
          The other thing is, that a lot of fans are more interested in the idol him/herself rather than in the music, so when said idol does something that pisses them of, then bye bye

        • ChocoPandaa

          I’m kinda like that too (dreaming that I’ll really meet them one day and all that) as you can see from my comments from some time ago, but I know how to not cross the line. xD I’m a little antisocial myself.. But I’m just naturally awkward with people unless they’re my close friends. I asked one of them what’s their first impression of me and she said was “scared” of me when she first saw me in class.. LOL apparently I give out some vibes that I don’t wanna talk to people -.-” As for staying at home with computer as entertainment, I don’t have much of a choice.. I can’t drive (I wouldn’t mind watching a movie or something alone, really..), I can’t walk/run my dog and my friends are all lazy to get their asses out of their houses for outings. >>” I know you aren’t directing it to me, but I am a kpop fan and I felt the need to “defend” myself LOL xD
          True, and I really don’t get fans like that… it’s just…whaaat. Plus nobody really knows if their image is really them or not.. :/ but of course there are idols like Heechul and that’s completely understandable, but his fans are telling him to date because of the sad harsh truth spoken by him to his fans :P

        • Blueberries

          Omg. Fans leaving because their idol dating someone is stupiest thing I have heard off >-< And even those fansites, sigh.

          This happen with every idol though. IU lost lot of male fans when she had scandal with Eunhyuk. Se7en he had scandal about dating Hanbyul. Are these fans just assuming their bias' will stay single and virgin for rest of their lives? Like why are they even wanting them to be alone.. are they waiting for kidnapping idols and make virgin sacrifices or turn them into vampires or what is this about?

          I guess some people just are mentally dating idols and can't stand the thought of their bias with someone else and feel like their bias was cheating on them when there is dating "scandal". Quite delusional in my opinion. At least I'd be happy to find out my bias is dating someone (though my happiness level would depend on who is he/she dating).

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          AS was originally in Nasty and S&M swapped that to Dance and removed Rocking.
          BUT Sunmi wasn’t in our list either so it may not be AS who was swapped for them.

          Edit: Quite a few swaps were made this time around.
          The three biggest being Rocking from Dance, KARA from Female, and Nell from Video.

        • Skully

          Yeah I read about the changes on your page. Some of you were really pissed with them, which is totally understandable considering all the effort you put into this and often the changes don’t make sense at all imo…..

      • Blueberries

        We have.. two same choices XD Oh and we aren’t into hip hop :D

        Jaejoong really is great :) I’m glad that he choose to go with rock instead of “safe choice” pop/ballad etc.

    • Why no vote at all on the hip hop? Is it just not your type of music because even within that category there are vast differences with each nominee.

      • Blueberries

        For some reasong my message don’t show up although I wrote it 10 hours ago :(

      • Blueberries

        Yes it’s because I don’t like hip hop generally. Idol hip hop that goes towards pop like Big Bang and B.A.P is okay but there is mostly k-hip hop artist’s that I ‘m not intrested in.

        Though I might listen them if I have time and decide then if I’ll vote but for now no vote from me ^^;

        • Skully

          Disqus is acting weird again -_-‘
          Btw since I replied to you now it should show up :) (that’s why I replied here cause this is the important comment)

  10. Heya,

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for hanging out here and chatting. I’m sorry we don’t have a better discussion platform for you. We’re looking into it, though, and have been looking for a long time. Hopefully we’ll find something reasonable soon.

    Till then, thanks for being awesome :D

    • Skully

      I’m actually ok with this. Or I’m just used to it…..
      I like the “privatness” we have here. Yeah I know there more then probably are ppl reading our conversation here but it still feels intimate~
      It’s not that I hate it when random ppl stop by, but this beeing a small group that knows each other allows us to speak more openly without fear of fans starting a fight with us cause we said we didn’t like their oppas/unnis song

      • Tessa Ledeine

        I like the “privacy” as well. When we have unpopular opinions about a song or a topic we can just discus them here without anyone really bashing us for it, the most we get is a downvote from someone we don’t know.
        What we do need is a place that doesn’t start freaking out when we get close to 7000 comments … xD

      • ChocoPandaa

        LOL WAIT.. “I know there are silent readers here” Whut? Are you serious? There are actually people reading our stuff here? xD

        • Tessa Ledeine

          You didn’t know? :p Why do you think some comments get random down or up votes ? I’m not sure what’s so interesting about our conversations but some do read them xD

        • ChocoPandaa

          Right, those guest votes, and random comments. If only we could see who views this page.. xD

        • Tessa Ledeine

          People that wonder why this page is still alive ? :p

        • Skully

          About the up and downvotes, isn’t it unfair you can see who upvoted but not who downvoted? lol

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I don’t mind the downvotes but I would like to know why they don’t agree. It’s nice to hear other’s opinions.

        • Skully

          With some comments I get why ppl would downvote them, but with others I don’t get them cause they are totally harmless comments and that’s when I wanna know the reason behind….
          I think the main reason why I don’t like not knowing the downvoter is cause I basically never downvote, unless it’s a really rude comment, or one I totally disagree with or something like that, so I’m curious as to why they do it

        • Tessa Ledeine

          Doesn’t Disqus read our comments and change it right after? Maybe we need to let them know that we’d like to know who downvotes :p

        • Skully

          Hmmm I doubt they read all the comments since those must be hundrets and thousands each day….

        • Tessa Ledeine

          Maybe they just read the ones that have “Disqus” in it so they can keep up with bugs

        • Skully

          Well I guess if it changes that’s cause they saw our comments XD

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I hope it changes, just because when it does we know for sure :p

        • Skully

          lol yeah but then when ppl see the downvotes they will confront the voter directly like “hey you why did you downvote me” and wars might start….. :P

        • Tessa Ledeine

          Yeah … If only people woudn’t be so butthurt about others opinions…

        • Skully

          And if pigs could fly. Which is when ppl will actually stop being butthurt….

        • Tessa Ledeine

          Flying piglets would be so cute …

        • Skully

          They’re watching us~~ lol

          No seriously, the probability of silent readers is really high (evidently I’m not including the EN here). Don’t you remember a while ago that person that left a comment in portuguese mentioning you?

        • ChocoPandaa

          Oh yeah.. that comment :P And “A while ago..”? Didn’t that happen last year in december? Good times~ xD

        • Skully

          Well I didn’t remember when it was…. or even if it was on this page or still the one before…. XD

    • Tessa Ledeine

      We’re so used to being here I think it would be weird to change to something else :p
      Also, thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to meet these lovely ladies ^^

      • Skully

        You’re so greasy~ XD

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I know :p but it’s true , I’ve had a lot of fun chatting with you girls ^^

        • Skully

          Haha I know it’s weird that this is so quiet lately, I feel strange not commenting here ever day T_T

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I feel like we’re running out of thing to talk about since we talked almost 24/7 in the beginning xD

        • Skully

          Well we DID manage to crash a page in only a couple months O_O
          I think the main reason is simply that at first this was something new and exciting and we were getting to know each other and spazz about BAP (for some -like me- for the first time since you guys are basically my only kpop friends) and we talked about basically everything stupid (remember the muses thing and so one….. >.>’)
          Now this became simply something normal, we got used to it

        • Tessa Ledeine

          Plan Zeus … good times :p
          We need something new to spazz about. School and jobs are keeping us from staying here all the time too. Live outside the internet is not fun if you have no kpop friends xD

  11. Blueberries

    So are have you watched EYKA nominations? Who are planning to vote? Not that it should influence other votes but it would be just nice to know and talk about I guess :) There is some categories that I’m not even intrested in like hip hop but for most I have some I’d want to vote:

    1. Best kpop dance: Shinhwa and Taeyang, also maybe Girl’s generation since although I dislike IGAB as song it’s dance is amazing. I guess I’ll go with Shinhwa this year cause I’m quite into both song and dance though I didn’t first care for it much. It’s actually mostly Attack on Titan (one really popular anime) that I’m into it right now XD

    2. Best solo act: This has so many nice artist’s and songs but I think I’ll be biased and go with G-Dragon. But why not IU in this genre?? Isn’t IU one of biggest solo artist’s in Korea and her album was amazing : /

    3. Most Bizarre kpop video: TOP. Cause wtf? Though I’m again biased XD Bilasa’s mv is really bizarre too though.

    4. Best aegyo: I’m not even that into aegyo. I mean it’s funny and good but not for mv’s and songs. I guess I need to be biased and take Hello Venus.

    5. Best artsy fartsy: I’m not intrested in this category.

    6. Best vocal performance: Lee Hi or Seung Yoon. I haven’t decided yet.

    So that’s it for now. I haven’t still decided in many categories what is my final choice though ^^;

    • Tessa Ledeine

      I’m not sure if I’m going to vote because lately I haven’t been paying attention to most of the new releases unless it was a group/artist that I really like. I’d just be super biased when I vote xD Maybe when I find the time to listen to all the songs I’ll be able to vote but for now I don’t know

      • Skully

        Since you are not voting do me a favour and vote for Infinite in best group pretty please, they are only 5th T_T (yeah I’m beeing totally shameless lol)

        • Tessa Ledeine

          Yes ma’am!

          Infinite has been releasing pretty solid songs since debut IMO.

        • Skully

          Thanks~~ ^^
          Yeah I’m with Martina in this, there is a specific sound to them that makes them recognizable
          I got so into them, it’s crazy lol. But I have to say they kinda ruined other groups dances for me. You know they are famous for their synchronization right? Well now, after seeing a gazillion dances from them I got so used to that, that when I see other groups I’m like “why are they not in sync”….. -_-”

    • Skully

      Ok so nastiest video came out
      I have to say I’m really confused as to why Dalshabet is here. I mean ok, they have a few sexy moves, but overall this is a cute video for me. I actually couldn’t finish it due to aegyo overload….
      For me they are the weakest in this category (should have been replaced with After school -not that I think AS had a chance compared to the other nominees, but their video was at least sexy – even if the sexy+sad is weird), followed by Wassup (rather than nasty this video is just awkward and bad and has totally failed twerking) and then Girls day which would be ok if it wasn’t for the fact that the others were 100 times better
      It’s really difficult to choose the best one in this category, should I choose the sexy ones (Sistar19 and MissA) or the more lewd, dirty ones? (NOM -this could be clasified as bizarre as well lol-, Troublemaker and Phantom) I feel as if nasty has more to do with the last one, so I’ll probably vote for NOM

    • Skully

      My votes:
      Male group – Infinite and B.A.P (tbh I don’t know if I should vote for them, last year they were better and imo they really deserved Rookie award and I feel I would vote for them just cause of biasness)
      Mordney – Jaejoong & Vixx
      Hip Hop – not really a fan but there are some songs I like, especially the ones with more vocals. I really like Lessang Tears and Verbal Jint Walking in the rain, so there goes my vote
      Aegyo – can’t vote there cause I’m not masochistic enough to watch the videos……
      Artsy – haven’t seen the videos and the music doesn’t seem to be my style so I think I’m gonna pass
      Plot – Mr.Mr and Myname
      Bizarre – Top cause WTF?! and Norazo even though I don’t know if it’s bizarre or just plain hilarious XD
      Rookies – Bts cause I think they really deserve it, they are the ones that stood out the most this year and Ladies Code (I haven’t really listened to them but I have heard of them wich kind of is a reason to vote for them, means that they stood out enough for me to know them)
      Solo – Jaejoong and Lee Hyori. For me this was definitely their year.
      Dance – Shinee and Taeyang (have to say it’s weird not to see Infinite here cause well, they are considered one of the best dance groups, but all the nominees are good and maybe it’s just my biasness speaking cause I just love seeing them dancing so much that I possibly can’t be objective here…. oh and also Teen top, I really liked the Rocking dance)
      Well at least here GD will not win XD
      Vocals – Ailee
      BPKMM – Cnblue and Vixx (they never had one) and Infinite H (ok this might be my biased)

      • Blueberries

        There has been some new nominations :D

        Male Group: B.A.P and 2PM for me. Although B.A.P wasn’t as good this year as they were last year I still really like One Shot’s album and Coffee Shop. 2PM was pretty good this year too with their album although they didn’t promote much.

        Mordney: Jaejoong probaply :)

        Plot: Mr.Mr. I really liked their mv and it’s story. But why no One Shot here? D: It has best plot ever!

        Rookies: Seungyoon. He’s only one who I have liked from rookies this year :) And next year he’s going to be rookie again XD

        Solo: I liked Jaejoong’s and Hyori’s solos too. Hmm I guess I’ll vote for GD and Hyori this year.

        BPKMM: Definitely NU’EST. I’m going to be biased here but .. they deserve even one KMM too XD

        • Skully

          I would like it if Nu’est had a KMM, but not with this song tbh….. it’s a shame they didn’t have one for Face, that would have been perfect, or at least Action or the crazy one where they are upside down

        • Blueberries

          Personally I really like Hello both as song and it’s plot/scenery too. And it’s quite wintery as well, would fit to this time of year :D

          But I doubt S&M will like it since it’s quite slow as song hmm.

        • Skully

          I found the song ok, it’s just that the other songs were better for KMM imo and as you said S&M might not like it and it’s always better if you get a possitive review. But it’s better than not getting a review at all i guess

    • -intrudes in-
      :D I like your picks~ I want to vote for everyone hahaha I’m really struggling to pick only 2-3 per category :P
      I’m seriously going to have to look up this Attack on Titan anime, so many people are talking about it but I have no clue >.<;
      We had the same dilemma with IU. Popularity in Korea doesn't necessarily translate over to the international audience. Like Busker Busker, they are huge in Korea but not so much internationally and they're barely voted for on EYK.
      I think there were too many good solo acts this year to include everyone xD

      • Blueberries

        I think that you can actually vote as many in one category as you can. At least if the system stays same than last year XD

        Hmm yea I guess IU isn’t that popular on EYK : ( Lot of female solo’s aren’t.

        Attack on Titan is really popular :D It’s quite confusing and brutal anime though but pretty entertaining as well.

        • Yeah, but I feel like its defeating the purpose if I vote for everyone, even though I still do :P

          Female soloists have it tough on EYK, they do better if the are from a group, but still not fantastically. Most fans are still chasing after their Oppa’s and don’t notice soloists >.<;

        • Skully

          I’m not saying that ppl here aren’t biased towards boy groups, they are, but I noticed something about the girl groups that get voted in.

          I think I noticed this cause I myself am not a big fan of girl groups, the main reason beeing that I can’t stand aegyo -especially when it’s girls doing it- (there are some rare exceptions like Bilasa), and most of the girl groups (or random songs) that get voted in are basically the ones I like (or think are ok). Those will then evidently be the non aegyo ones. So i noticed that often it’s not that girl groups are not voted, but that the ones that get voted are the non aegyo ones which clearly are minority in kpop and therefore the total number of girl groups voted is rather low. GG is excluded for obvious reasons, they are after all one of the biggest kpop groups right now.
          Well this is the impression that I got, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong~

        • Oh definitely, most of us are biased towards boy groups, but that’s partly because the majority of k-pop fans here on EYK are females… They are most likely to be here for their favourite boy group rather than girl group. There are a few that are passionate for their girl groups, but not a large number. So its going to happen that boy groups are going to so better, hence part of the reason S&M changed KMMs to a pick from the Top 3. GG and 2NE1 being the exception, but it still depends on the song/video not all of their videos do well.

          I agree with you, the other reason for girls groups struggling here is their Aegyo. For many Aegyo is a huge turn off, they won’t watch the video or listen to the song because of it. I don’t mind Aegyo (to a point), but there are some performances that still make me cringe and run in the opposite direction. lol Those videos have a different target audience, and its not the fan girls that are on EYK :P

        • Skully

          Haha I have so many troubles with aegyo that I didn’t even try to watch the nominees to vote XD
          When S&M came up with the top 3 system I had mixed feelings. On one side I liked it cause it’s true that sometimes the one on top is not really review-worthy or it’s big bang again, for the millionth time XD. But on the other side I was worried they would review too many females. Even if nasties will watch reviews from groups they don’t like, I think they still prefer watching them from groups they like, and putting too many females, who are not that popular here, might not be wise….. but seems like now it’s pretty balanced which is good.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        Oh Oh!! *sorry all, I stalk her ^^ don’t mean to intrude* Look! Some of the Attack on Titan (shingeki no kyojin) put the characters to Shinhwa’s This Love….which now that I actually looked up I see that Blueberries mentioned that already…. ummm………………..*runs away*

  12. Skully

    I really like 2ne1s new song! Finally a good song from them this year! :D
    Ok this isn’t my fav song of them and it isn’t as catchy and bombastic as some of their other ones, but this is a really pretty song! And I love the MV, it is so beautifully shot, I love the guy with the mask.
    The only complain I have is that at 1:03 I was expecting a climax, and instead it goes down

    • Blueberries

      I like it but I kind like Falling In Love and Do You Love Me more :)

      • Skully

        This is weird, sometimes your comment doesn’t show up o_O
        Hmmm I don’t really like those songs, they’re pretty indifferent to me, Cl’s either, so I’m happy with this release~ :)

        • Blueberries

          I actually checked my comment yesterday and it wasn’t here. I was like: oh I think I did comment to you. And now it’s back XD I guess disqus doesn’t like me.

        • Skully

          Since I replied to you the comment is there….
          Same happens to Tessas reply to S&M. It’s been there for 4 hours supposedly but I see it just now……

  13. ChocoPandaa

    VIXX Voodoo Doll MV!! I LOVE IT. Everything about it.. The song, the acting, the dance, the MV itself. Though it’s a little creepy. That girl is evil too, she stabbed him in the crotch. That’s just.. xD The chorus is so catchy, and as for the dance, I love the part when they swing their right arms from left to right. And I also love the parts of Ken stabbing N and N stabbing Ken. And what they did with their eyes.. And OMG at this rate VIXX might be able to be part of my favourite group list. I’ve been loving almost every song they have….now if only I took some time to watch their VIXX TV and some of their variety shows then they’ll definitely be on the list xD

    • Skully

      I have to say Vixx really surprised me this year. Last year they were one of those rookies whose name I heard but they didn’t stand out for me at all and I didn’t like their songs, but I’m loving this years releases :D
      I really love this darkish style they’re going with, it’s totally my thing! :D Actually the only song I didn’t like this year was -unsurprisingly- the cutie song they had, oh and that collab one which was also cute. I even liked the one they shot in Sweden, it’s really nice and the MV is beautiful :D
      Between On and on, Hyde and Voodoo, this is actually the one I like the least, however, this is still a really good song!
      Haha I saw a reaction video and was laughing my ass of seeing the guy creeped out by the MV XD I have 0 problems watching it.
      That girl seems to be in every kpop MV lately, first in Bilasas, then Infinite H and now here…..

      • ChocoPandaa

        I only started looking at VIXX and paying attention to them when I heard them performing On and On in Music Bank on my TV.. That song got stuck in my head. Then Hyde came out and I freaking loved it. Soon I downloaded all their albums and started to really like them :D Now I’m loving them..eventually I did start watching VIXX TV. xD I’m completely into VIXX and I just have this gut feeling that they’ll be big in like 2 years or so..
        I actually like Voodoo the best out of the three dark concepts. I forced like 3 of my friends to watch the MV and they got so creeped out by it. I love how VIXX aren’t fawning over girls in their dark concepts.. :P
        I read somewhere that her name’s Song Hae Na and she’s a model

  14. Blueberries

    So T.O.P will have solo debut tomorrow at 12PM in korean time. These are teaser pics:

    Quite unique, right? XDD

    I don’t have anyone what I’m waiting for but I’m excited!!

  15. Elanor

    I think it’s going to be a really nice calendar… too bad that I’m broke :(

  16. I am now consciously boycotting AKP
    Nude photos of Ailee (rumor has it that she is underage in them) were released by AKP. It seems that they faked a source, and that they got these photos from Ailee’s ex-boyfriend (who many people suspect works for AKP).
    Now, having read most of the comments on the various articles on netizenbuzz, most of the K-netz are angry at the ex-boyfriend rather than Ailee (which is a relief, given that she is a victim in all this).

    The ex-boyfriend tried to sell the photos to Dispatch, who turned him down –

    Jay Park, Amber and G.Na have all unfollowed AKP, and I think it’s great that they are showing support for her.

    • Elanor

      Her label didn’t relly handle it wel… like I can’t really believe that she took those pictures, because of an underwear company asked it… they just made her seem stupd with that… I guess she took them for her boyfriend… well it’s not a wise thing but can happen if someone is in love… the real dickhead is the ex here who leaked them… I wonder if it was really that allkpop dude… well most of the poeple think it was him and it’s very likely…
      Either way I feel sorry for Ailee, except for being either young and stupid or just being in love she didn’t really do anything wrong and now she have to go through this… I think all girls can understand how bad she must feel…

      I alreay hated allkpop, they are so shady and there are too many stupid troll…. well since they feeding them. Theere wer so many articles where they wote it a way to cause fanwar… I hope this will give other, quality new sites to be even better and take allkpop’s place

    • ChocoPandaa

      The whole thing is really shady (as usual, different statements everywhere), but I’m almost convinced that the whole thing is a set up by AKP themselves. Ailee’s company statement about that “famous” underwear company thing seems bs to me imo.
      I lurk on KPS forums and like I said before, forums are a good way to get some time to fly by when I have nothing to do.. xD Anyway, after reading this, I’m pretty much convinced already. But then again, who knows if the truth would even be out. >>”

      Kevin and Siwon unfollowed AKP too.
      And beyondhallyu are boycotting AKP too.
      Even on twitter there’s an AKP boycott.
      Also knetz are slowly changing their opinion… :/

    • Tessa Ledeine

      I really hope this won’t affect Ailee’s career and that the K-netz stay on her side because these obviously weren’t meant to be shown to the public. I also hope that this is the end of AKP because they just took it too far this time

      • They really did. I’m just going to make a more conscious effort to avoid them from now on. There are plenty of other news sites to provide translations w/o the dodgy shit

    • Blueberries

      This whole scandal is really shady… like all scandals in kpop ^^ It’s hard to know what’s truth.
      First there was story of ex-boyfriend who sold those photos, then it came up that ex-boyfriend is part of allkpop’s staff but later on Ailee’s label made statement that some shady modeling agency took those pictures. Now allkpop has made article how their employee really dated Ailee but that he’s not the one who leaked photos and they wouldn’t have published the photos if other newsites wouldn’t have done it first: they say they got offer of photos by someone from Canada.

      So is allkpop trying to protect themselves with using kpop label’s tactics: coming up with detailed and weird story and what Ailee’s agency is doing with saying that these nude photos were for modeling agency?

      I guess only thing sure is that Ailee has nude photos who were sold to newsites by someone.

      • Well YMC said the pics were for a shady modeling agency, and that when they didn’t get back to Ailee, she told her boyfriend at the time, who insisted he needed the pics to help her sort out the situation.

  17. Tessa Ledeine

    I’m loving Taeyang’s Ringa Lina :D

    • It’s really catchy ^^ I really liked the dance version.

      I also spotted one of the non-Asian dancers wearing a shirt by Victor Kim (the LOVE one) and I wonder is that the connection there…?

  18. Tessa Ledeine

    I know this if fake but he looks good with the black and the tattoos and the piercings :p

  19. Skully

    What’s up with Youtube and BAP lately???
    First it was the korean version of Warrior we can’t see anymore, then the japanese one was taken down and then a few days ago it said that the official Youtube channel was removed due to some legal problem or something like that!! Well at least the channel is up again……

  20. Tessa Ledeine

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but … I’m getting married next year :D

  21. ChocoPandaa

    I love this so much, along with his other songs.
    I never thought I’d love a rock song so much.
    But Jaejoong proved me wrong. ><
    Anyway.. in the MV when things started falling from the sky and exploded, I burst out laughing I don't even know why xD

    • Skully

      I’m really really liking the rockish style he’s going with
      I like rock, so it’s not surprising that I like this, but it’s not too much rock, which probably is why you like it even though you’re not into that :D
      Falling objects seems to be a trend in kpop, have seen it in a few MVs already….. still weird XD

      • ChocoPandaa

        I’ve listened to rock in the past and no offense, it hurt my ears.. but I think, just maybe the genre was really metal and I mistook it for rock.. >>”
        Just like that brick room and Flaxtron street sign.. xD

  22. Skully

    Stardoms new boygroup “Topp Dogg” Seriously what’s up with that name. . .?
    I like it! Well most of the song at least~ I like the rapping and the chorus (mallohae mallo~ yeah :D). Is it me or are the rookies lately better at rapping? Well since the badass style with a lot of rapping seems to be in I guess it makes sense (or maybe they realized that a lot of the idol rappers are rather bad… What I like less is the singing part, specially the guy at 2:20
    But hmmm…. are they singing “I wanna get high”?!?! o_O I think I should look up the lyrics…..
    My problem is, THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY PPL!!! Really they should cut out half of them!

    My question is: if they had problems paying 7 guys, how are they supposed to pay the 13? members of topp dogg???

    • Tessa Ledeine

      I like the chorus :D The rookies seem to be taking rapping a lot more serious lately which I can only applaud because I never liked idol “rappers”.

      I stopped being suprised by the “interessting” names of groups but why Topp Dogg with 2 pp’s and gg’s?

      Wasn’t it Cho PD who dissed Exo for having a lot of members? I don’t like it when groups have so many members, too much work trying to remember who’s who xD They could easily make 2 groups out of that…

  23. ChocoPandaa

    I wanted to post about this earlier but lately my body has been like SO TIRED OMG. I don’t even know how to explain it! I’ve never been so tired in my life before. My sleeping schedule has always been messed up but I think it’s even more messed up nowadays. But I’m hoping it’ll revert back to “normal” soon..

    Anyway, I’ll gonna summarize the Infinite concert in points: if I were to rate my experience in this, it’s a 3.5/5..? Well somewhere around there…

    -it was raining, it messed up the lines(if there were even any) really badly >:D
    -I had quite a number of “interactions” with Infinite :D
    -when Sungjong came to my area, a fan behind me pushed me really hard and I nearly fell, but Sungjong looked at me as if asking whether I’m okay or not. ..I always thought he looked pretty girly on screen, but seeing him in real life, woah.. nothing like that.
    -Dongwoo did some uh dance thing with his hips in my area lol I’d say hip thrusting, but it wasn’t exactly that… >>”
    -during the fan service stage (cover girl), Sunggyu came to my area and I REALLY thought he was gonna take my polaroid because he extended his arm towards mine but then he brought his arm back and blew a kiss instead. .__.” Ah well, better than nothing.
    -Sungyeol was squatting down for awhile and made eye contact with me for like 5 seconds. He even tilted his head, probably wondering why I wasn’t screaming at all LOL but that eye contact felt so good. It’s like your crush looking at you in the eye.
    -when they had their talk breaks, Woohyun kept looking at my board from time to time and smiling. I may not show it outside, but I was freaking dying fangirling inside. Guess my hardwork of making a board paid off :D
    -when the concert ended and when they were walking to the left, middle and right to do their bows, I was holding out my polaroid hoping that one of them would take a selca but Sungjong and Woohyun shook their heads and hands. Sungjong winked and Woohyun grinned. Nearly fainted on the spot. xD
    -my mum who had a seating ticket picked up a small rabbit toy that fell near her. Pretty sure it was Myungsoo who threw it because he was throwing stuff in that area. :D
    -Hoya didn’t really stop by my area..
    -Infinite is really great live, it isn’t much different from their songs, if anything it’s even better… and the performance is just awesome!! Seeing the scorpion dance with my own eyes, live, is wow… -speechless-

    -woke up late, at 12pm, was suppose to wake up at 8am.
    -it was raining and it caused lots of traffic
    -I was lonely, but I was chatting with my friend on whatsapp. Eh I kinda threatened her to talk to me.. xD
    -I can’t scream so I can’t help but listen to the other fangirls’ screams, which nearly made me deaf. How can people scream so loud?! D:
    -there were a few girls behind me who are so mean. They kept pushing me and the girl beside me telling us we were blocking them. But they were taller than us -.-”
    -whenever one of the members came to my area, other fangirls would rush to the area and push and scream like mad people
    -I didn’t get any phone or polaroid selca. I even borrowed my friend’s polaroid and bought films for this! >>”
    -but there was so little fanservice, like seriously! But I’m not blaming anyone..
    -How the hell did 3 hours pass by so fast?! ;___; It only felt like an hour..
    -and my phone died not long after the concert started so I got little to no pics at all. I was too concentrated on watching them perform anyway xD
    -Woohyun is positioned on the right side of the stage. All my fantasies went down the blackhole. x__x

    And here’s my foldable doublesided board.. and I don’t really know how to explain where “my area” is at so here’s a pic of Infinite’s backs and butts from the area.. the near corner of the inner part of the stage.. thing.. yeah… xD
    This whole thing turned out longer than I thought.. ><

    • Skully


      Wait, does Jongie look even girlier in person (is that even possible XD) or less? (sorry am confused >.<)
      So you didn't scream at all? Lol well I guess exactly that made the guys notice you XD
      Ugh the pushing…. these fans ¬.¬
      I think I wouldn't do that many pics either, too distracting. I rather enjoy the concert as much as possible~~
      How come he saw your board that well, weren't there many others? (still I'm really happy for you) I see you didn't put the Chu~ at the end, but the =3= is also really good^^ (Ps I wasn't 100% sure about the meaning of 내꺼하자 -I was quite sure it said be mine but still- so I put it in google trans- the result in Spanish was quite weird…. XD -for Woohyun it says starboard XD) 486??
      BTW my order still hasn't arrived T_T it was shipped october 3 and it's already 25!!! I'm starting to believe it got lost or was send to the wrong adress OTL
      EDIT: woah I don't know how I could forget to ask this….. ¬.¬
      Did you see Destiny ver. A?? (have to say I watched a fancam at the end….)
      What were the solo stages????
      Was your mother just sitting there alone for the whole time?? Wasn't she bored? What did she think of the concert?

      • ChocoPandaa

        Everyone has different POVs but to me he didn’t.. When I saw him close up I actually thought “Woah is that really the Sungjong I see in the internet?!” xD
        Well I actually did try to scream at first (because it would be quite awkward not screaming at a concert right..?) but it failed so terribly. Nothing came out. I really can’t scream. But I guess it made some of them notice me, the non screaming fan. :D
        I didn’t really observe the fans except for the ones around me, but none of them had Woohyun boards (mostly Hoya boards) I still can’t get over the fact that he looked at mine for a few times.. and he’s like on the right side of the stage too!! x___x -fangirling so badly on the inside-
        There wasn’t enough space for it, sadly.. 486 is like the Korean version of 143. Didn’t know about it til I heard Henry’s 143 song haha

        Yeah, it was the first video played when the concert officially started. :D But I have to say, watching on youtube in HD is better… no pushing, no screaming, no blinding lights.. >>”
        L playing and singing Love U Like U while sitting on a bench with a huge teddy bear which he hugged and kissed at the end. Woohyun being all greasy (well not really though.. .__.) performing Beautiful and giving that freaking lucky fan a rose and a huge ring balloon (yes. balloon. well you know, those inflatable plastic things.) And Sunggyu’s 60 seconds performance.. which was AMAZING!! :D
        I tried to spot my mum in her area but I couldn’t see her. I don’t think she would be bored when there’s 7 guys singing and dancing, and talking for like 3 hours right.. xD She didn’t say much. Seriously, all she could say was “Their english pronunciation is so bad” and complain about all the screaming fans LOL ..yep. not one single thing on their performance. D:

        Bwahaha I’m glad it didn’t get lost in the ocean or got sent to the wrong address~~ though if it did got sent to the wrong address, that person is really lucky xD

        • Skully

          I’ve heard numerous times fans comment that idols look really different in person (well not just idols, ppl in general actually).
          Woah I didn’t know Hoya was that popular…. or at least there…. but I’m with them XD
          But that version isn’t the original either right? It was like 30min long and even if the crash happened a while ago they still edited everything….
          Haha I bet fans went crazy when L hugged and kissed the teddy and when Woohyun gave the rose and balloon to the fan XD
          Gyu once performed a rock version of Beautiful, LOVED IT!! :D
          Haha yeah…. their english is not the best~ XD But I thought at least she would comment on their dancing skills, even if she didn’t like the songs…..
          Uff 25 days to arrive!! That’s a lot, but well it was a package and not an envelope….. Haha I don’t know if that person would consider himself lucky XD But who knows, maybe after listening to the albums a new fan would be born XD

        • ChocoPandaa

          Haha true.. well that’s probably because of camera manipulation or something like that I forgot what it’s called…
          I didn’t know that either. but just saying, the few mean girls behind me were Hoya fans xD
          Wait what.. Where’d you hear about the original one being 30 minutes long?
          Oh yes they did. You don’t even know how much louder they screamed omg D: I agree with my mum on the fan screaming comments.. HOW DO PEOPLE SCREAM SO LOUD (well more like screeching actually…)?!?
          Really? Link! I didn’t even know about that xD
          I find their pronunciation pretty cute though.. Hoya pronounced stage as “stae-ji” :D I was hoping she’d do that too.. especially on the scorpion dance!! .__.

          I remember it taking like a month (or more than that) for my Teen Top repackage album and the BAP album I won to arrive. The wait can be such a pain -.-” I think anyone would consider themselves lucky if they got free things though, whether they like it or not xD

        • Skully

          Well Martina mentioned it in the chart updates and I also read it on Youtube comments……
          Ugh I just noticed that I got it wrong, he did rock version of Because (I have no idea how I could confuse those 2 songs -_-”) Here’s the link
          The interesting part starts after the song actually, at 3:10
          BTW I l LOVE his clothes there *-*
          Haha I think the only thing that Hoya can pronounce correctly in english is “Let’s go” and “I say HO you say YA” XD I find it cute how Koreans add the ‘eu’ to some words that end with consonant. On Jjangs interview with Sunggyu they’re talking about underwear (don’t ask XD) and Jake (the host) shows him his pink ones and the conversation goes like this:
          SG: but that’s not really my style
          Jake: no pink?
          SG: pinkeu…
          Jake: you like colourfull?
          SG: colourfull?!…. ledeu!
          Jake: red?
          SG: redeu
          Jake: like your hair (60sec era)
          SG: *points at his hair* redeu…
          It was so funny and cute ><

        • ChocoPandaa

          She could’ve just been kidding though..? .___. A 30 minutes MV.. well that would be a first.. if it’s true..
          Ah damn. I knew something was wrong.. Like how could a song like Beautiful have a rock version?! xD I love it when Infinite makes another type of version of one of their songs.. they’re so nice :D
          LOL true. That’s the only sentence he said where he didn’t have a funny pronunciation xD
          I’ve seen Infinite’s and Sunggyu’s Jjang interviews before, and yes whenever Koreans do that it’s so cute haha ><

  24. Blueberries

    This is kind of creepy:
    But well.. usually girls use make-up alot to look good so why guys shouldn’t XD It’s just.. wtf he had on his eyelids??

    • Tessa Ledeine

      I’m pretty sure that’s eyelid tape.
      I’m fascinated by how make up, circle lenses and some eyelid tape can make someone look like a different person.

  25. Blueberries

    How have you guys been? I haven’t been in EYK a while.. I think I need to get here more often :D

    BTW guys have you seen MAMA votings? They opened yesterday, here’s the link: Now that BB isn’t included I don’t have as much intrest (though there is GD and Seungri who to root for) but it’s still nice to vote for IU and 2NE1.

    I was quite sure that I wouldn’t watch YG’s WIN variety since I was worried that I’d get too emotionally attached to groups.. and now I have XD But these boys are so cute ^^ (pic). I like them all but Team A slightly more so I’m rooting for them.. tomorrow final episode comes out and we get to know who will debut.

    • ChocoPandaa

      I haven’t been here for a while either >>” I was busy “preparing” for the Infinite concert.. gonna summarize the whole thing in a post soon. Now I’m free from exams, school work and “concert work”! :D Well at least until next year comes…
      I voted for MAMA. EXO will obviously definitely win one. They’re leading in all the categories they’re voted for.. And I hope BTS wins rookie award because I really like them, but voting is only 20% of the thing right?
      I’m not a big fan of any YG artists, their songs just aren’t my taste.. so I’m not really bothered or interested with the WIN thing.. But I can’t deny that it’s sad that the losing team is gonna disband.. :/

      • Blueberries

        Oh have fun in the concert! :D

        Hmm yea usually voting is only small part. I’m not sure how it’s this year since I haven’t been that intrested. I mean last year there was these big battles: EXO vs BAP and Big Bang vs Suju. Without BB, B.A.P and NU’EST I’m not just that pumped up to vote XD

        Ah really? I’m so YG biased myself, I love almost everything that comes out of YG. Maybe you don’t like Eletropop or hip hop? That’s mostly what comes out from YG. Hmm right now Team B has quite hip hopish sound when Team A does goes between pop/rock/ballad XD Yea it’s really sad and last episode will be aired live in 20 minutes so I’m quite nervous what will become for teams. Maybe YG trolls and debuts both of them? I can only wish..

    • Been good, though it’s only in the alst week or so that I came back here. Haven’t watched any EYK vids in a LONG time, except for the ‘Very Good’ one.

      I’ve seen them. Seems like EXO are guaranteed an award, due to their fandom (the translated comments on NB were complaining about it). I think it would be cool if BTS got it, but I doubt they will (not a major fan, but I love the gifs of them cross-dressing on tumblr)

      I didn’t watch WIN. I don’t think I could take it. But if PapaYG does dismiss one group, Imma kick his ass!

      • Blueberries

        Yea I haven’t watched lot either. I guess I need to watch their european trip, I have only watched Norway’s part right now.

        I’m quite sure that EXO will win. Their album sold a lot this year and their fanbase is getting really big.

        It seems like other groups debut will be pushed (and knowing YG.. they will probaply never debut) and some of members will be get cut and new ones will come : /. It’s cruel world this idol business. But also.. I think the losing team will have better shot on music business after the show since they got chance to show their skills and they have some fanbase too now :)

        • EXO probably will win. I think everyone expects it. Unless Busker Busker are in the same catagory? (IDK, haven’t had a proper chance to look at it)

          True. I hope they get good companies (like HyungSeung and Cube).
          But it seems a bit cruel. I mean, YG is always boasting how it’s a family and whatnot, but it’s this kind of move/attitude that has me wondering if you have ot audition for the family as well. Like, once you debut, you’re a part of the family, but as a trainee, you’re disposable.

          Or I’m just reading too much into YG’s marketing strategy to ensure brand loyalty *shrugs*

  26. @mariafernandez297:disqus I found a pic that shows Himchan’s had work done on his eyes
    He looked better without it, IMO

    • Skully

      Guess it’s true then…..
      I have a theory (which might be completely wrong!): Himchan is supposed to be visual, but we all know Dae is getting all the attention for his looks. Could it be that he got it cause of that? Double eyelids on guys is not as common as with girls,but still it is considered pretty…..

      • Makes sense… and given that you don’t hear much about his singing or mood-making, maybe he felt a bit insecure :/

        IDK. I hope that’s not the case, because I want B.A.P to be comfortable in who they are.

        I hope that if they double lids wear off (as they sometimes do) that Himchan won’t get them again. It might be petty to not want people to get PS, but I honestly think he looks great w/o double lids…

    • Blueberries

      Himchan has PS? Oh noo, why, he’s face was perfect already! ;__;

  27. Skully

    Where did Warrior japanese vers. go?!?!?!
    It’s not in the official jp youtube page!

  28. More legal trouble for Block B :(((((

    On a happier note, I really liked the Block B KMM (First KMM I’ve watched in a while).

    Just read an article about JB in Korea. Ugh. And while the internet was blowing up about that peck he gave Dara, no one really said anything about the one with CL (then again, it was deleted shortly after it was uploaded)
    Does anyone here like JB, and like his music?

    • Blueberries

      Oh no, poor Block B!

      Hmm actually in allkpop there were some trolls starting shit with both Dara and CL receiving peck from JB (I hang around the forum section sometimes). Hmm I doubt anyone likes JB.. I mean he’s quite hard to like with all things he has done?
      Personally I’d prefer YG to stay away from JB.. or JB to stay away from YG as much as possible.

      • I know. I just want Block B to have a fairytale ending and to live happily ever after (they deserve it!)

        What exactly were the trolls saying? Shitting on Dara/CL for allowing it or what?
        I’d like YG to stay away from JB as well… but I doubt it. If anyone of their artists try to break into America, JB might help them promote :/
        ^It talks about what GD/YG might be getting from the relationship, if anything.
        And apparently, while in SK, JB tried to take a swing at a guy at a party… This kind of attitude simply doesn’t mesh well with K-pop – or you know, human civility. In the realm of the K-ingdom, manners and respect are highly valued.[…]If Bieber wants to make it in Asia, he needs to cop on, and stop with the douche-bag persona. It’s simply not accepted in the cultures he’s trying to appeal to.
        He really just comes across as an incosiderate brat. It’s sad to think he’s only a few months younger than me.

        • Blueberries

          Well Allkpop just has some 2NE1 haters and trolls so they will pick on anything they can. For that photo they compared how SNSD is more “pure” than 2NE1 *rolls eyes*.

          Yea JB is quite awful, I hear more and more things about him everyday. How he spitted on his fans, how he peed in cleaning bucket in restaurant.. Quite bad XD

        • OMG. Honestly, “purity”?! It’s sad that that is still a ‘virtuous’ thing to judge people by (I’m doing Chaucer [medieval poetry] atm, and it comes up A LOT). And don’t 2NE1 still have a dating ban, where as SNSD technically don’t? (Cuz Hyoyeon did get a bf, right?)

          The peeing in a bucket thing was lame. I think he and friends were screaming about how wild they were.. Uh, no, you’re an inconsiderate prick who just peed in someone’s tool that s/he needs for her/his job *rollseye*

    • Tessa Ledeine

      Please let Block B finish their promotions this timee *fingers crossed*

      I didn’t really care about JB when he started getting popular and I don’t care now. From what I’ve seen he’s just another spoiled child with not 1 person around him telling him to grow up and stop acting like a douche.

      I think he’s losing it big time after seeing this:

      • I hope they manage to do so. Really, if shit keeps coming at them, it would seem that there’s a curse on them. And they’re too precious to have a curse put on them.
        It would really suck if they disbanded (I hope that doesn’t happen) because they all make great music together (I can’t stop listening to Very Good and Be The Light)

        Yeah, I don’t care about him, but I did kind of let myself get bugged seeing him interact with K-idols (as I said to Skully below, he tried to punch a guy at the AOMG launch party, because the DJ wouldn’t switch the track, or something
        or, as TOS pointed out in their last few paragraphs, there are some painful similarities between JB and YG in that both latch onto hip hop and sometimes come off tryhard

    • Skully

      Who downvoted you and why???
      Well at least this one looks like it doesn’t involve them directly……

      Does it answer your question when I say that it took me a sec to realize who you where talking about?

      The only song I ever heard of him is Baby (it’s kind of impossible to not have listened to it, it was everywhere) and the only thing I know about him is that he is from Canada and that Usher? found him or something like that. Oh yeah and that he’s all crazy now….(don’t really know what he did, just heard “he’s crazy now”, I guess drugs???)

  29. Skully

    I’m gonna have supper. If you’re still here we can keep on chatting later^^ (it’s nice to finally talk again, I missed it <3)

  30. Skully

    Wow for the first time after I don’t know how much I have problems with Disqus :S
    I get the blue thingy on the right indicating reply but not the bar on top…..


    • Tessa Ledeine

      I can’t even find the TSENT2008 ‘Warrior MV’ anymore …

      • Yup, that’s the pic above T_T

        America still has it, Europe doesn’t. IDK what other countries are affected

        But I was so freaking pissed off when I found out >:(((

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I don’t get why it’s been blocked … All this copyright bs.

        • I don’t either. But it’s really disappointing and annoying

        • Tessa Ledeine

          What do these companies have agains Europe? When an MV gets blocked it’s usually only here

        • I don’t know. I wish I did. But I’m really sick of this shit.
          And why Europe? BAP is really big in Germany, so what the hell are they trying to achieve?

        • Tessa Ledeine

          Is the EU that strict when it comes to copyright stuff or is it the Korean companies?

        • I don’t think it’s the Korean companies. They tend to be more lenient, I think (well, compared to Japanese companies, many of which don’t even release their stuff on YouTube).

          So maybe it is the EU..? :/

        • Skully

          Well I think Japan doesn’t release full MV or with HQ to sell more albums (they include dvd with MV’s which is why they are so expensive)

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I hate that soo much because sometimes I forget that and start watching an MV and it stops at a random moment. xD

        • Skully

          True, but thankfully it doesn’t happen that much with the ones from korean groups and they are even in HD often!!!! :D
          I’ve also seen lately an increas of Japanese artists releasing full MVs in HD. I don’t listen that much to jpop/rock, but there is this rock group I like, One ok rock, and they release full MVs in HD :D

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I’m happy they do because I really like them xD I like some VK bands and their full MVs are on youtube for limited amount of time because of companies that get them removed. Most of the time it’s a subbed version but I don’t really mind those, I’m just happy I can see the MVs :p

        • Skully

          “Official Jpop PVs on Youtube – they exist!!” love this! XD
          Thanks for the link :D

        • Tessa Ledeine

          But I don’t like Jpop … xD

        • They usually release teasers, or 1:30 of a song… It kind of prevents them from getting overseas fans, but then again, there isn’t a lot of piracy iin the Japanese music market
          Still, irksome for international fans

        • Skully

          True but I get the feeling Japan aims more for Japanese audience rather than international like the Korean does…..

        • It does, but apparently, they’re now trying to gaina global audience

          (don’t particularly like this article [which is rare, as I usually like HB])

        • Skully

          Reminds me when EYK went to Japan and where asked to do Eat your sushi…..
          They probably got jelly of kpop popularity (and the money of course)

        • Maybe. I didn’t like how the article pitted one against the other. Can’t you like both? You don’t see anyone pitting American pop vs English pop, saying only one can survive, y’know?

        • Skully

          I haven’t had time to read the article yet so I can’t really comment……

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I guess it wouldn’t make sense if Korean companies would stop people from watching their videos.

        • yeah, that was what I was thinking.. IDK, I hope that the songs are back soon

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I usually don’t care if MVs get deleted or blocked because I’m not that into the group anyway. But I do feel bad for the group itself and the fans because even if it just looks like a random number for an outsider, the viewcount is a big deal in the group/fandom.

        • That’s true… and views sometimes contribute to music shows (idk which show, but tumblr BBCs kept repeating that views helped BlockB on music shows)

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I was so happy when I found out Block B won for the first time.

          Music shows… I kinda miss having those here. I remember watching them with my sister.

        • OMG, I was so excited for them! Everything paid off for them ^^
          And the best part was that they won due to the fan votes. It was liek the best present they could have gotten from BBCs :D
          We had music shows a LOOOOONG time ago… I can hardly remember, tbh ^^;

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I will never forget Zico’s face when they won. He was looking around like “What is this? Did I hear that correctly? We won?” And the rest of them having a mix of “YAY!!” and “Don’t cry”

          The only one I remember clearly is ‘Top of the Pops’ but we had to watch the Dutch version because Belgium likes to share tvshows with The Netherlands for some reason :p

        • I know, such disbelief – and the other members! Ugh! It was so cute~

          I think we had the Irish Top 30 every Sunday… I can hardly remember

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I wanted to hug them all. They looked so shocked. I get it, they did beat Gdragon and Busker Busker.

        • And Busker Busker are huge in Korea atm (something which some K-pop fans don’t seem to get) as they appeal to so many people, and GD has his loyal legion of fans all over.

          It was a miracle ^^

        • Skully

          Yeah but Germany has per se a lot of problems with that. I often see them complain that they can’t watch videos…….

        • Now that you mention it, you’re right… I recall them complaining about not being able to watch a youtuber’s vid because it had copyrighted material in it…
          still very odd though

    • Skully

      The next one, like Mblaq Mona Lisa….. TT_TT

      I don’t get it, why now after one and a half years??

  32. Is it me, or does it seem that Himchan and Youngjae have a crease on their lids now…?

    If TS has made them get PS, then I really want to punch them, because BAP are perfect as they are
    They had better not touch Jongup!

    • Tessa Ledeine

      I know that only one of them had double eyelids but I cant remember who. I don’t really pay attention to people’s eyelids …
      But if they did get PS I hope it’s because they wanted to and not because they were forced to do it. I’d prefer them to just accept their own face because I don’t see anything wrong with it but you never know what goes on inside someone’s head, especially in the entertainment industry with all the added pressure to look good.

      • Skully

        Well it was only Zelo with double……

      • I remember reading 5/6 had single eyelids, but now I’m wondering has that changed. I might be wrong, but they do look a little different (their eyes)

        Honestly, there should be regular mental health checks in the entertainment industry

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I would love to know what goes on in their head. Maybe that way the public might see that all the pressure they put the idols under is not good for their mental health at all. I wouldn’t count on record labels to care too much though :( I feel like they’re to interested in money to care about their artists. like ” If you can’t do it we’ll find another idiot with a dream that’s willing to suffer for us”

        • The K-netz can be vicious. That doesn’t mean all of Korea is, but I was shocked at their reaction to the ‘hate’ comments people made about Psy talking at Hardvard. They didnt’ think the comments were mean or all that vicious, and took pride in being better at being nasty.

          I think that kind of mentality is worrying, especially when an over-worked teen bears the brunt of it, and has to deal with nasty comments about their person. I would be ripped to absolute shreds, and become a nasty bitch, I think.
          No, the labels would see them as replaceable and not care too much… for goodness sake, they barely look after their health (bad hours). They’re kind of dicks

    • Skully

      Where do you get that from???
      I just watched One shot jap and didn’t notice anything o_O

      • IDK, maybe I’m imagining it. but pics like this make me think so
        zoom in

        Can’t find the Youngjae ones atm

        • Skully

          Mmmh ok it kinda looks like that in the pics…. but maybe it’s cause of the expressions, don’t know…
          But isn’t it kinda stupid to do it know, more than a year after debut when everybody will notice it??
          I have to say that I like it more when guys have single eyelids, they look manlier with them. The big eyes and double eyelids make them look younger and cuter, which is ok if they are supposed to look like that (e.g Zelo), but I just find the single ones more attractive…..

        • Maybe… it’s one thing if they themselves want PS (though I hope otherwise) but it’s another if TS is introducing the idea to them…
          Maybe I’m paranoid, esp after Sunhwa’s new look

          But I agree, it’s stupid to change their image after debuting.
          I think they should be happy with the eyes they were born with. They look great with single-lids, and hell! they were notable for it – it is another thing that makes them stand out in the sea of boygroups.

        • Tessa Ledeine

          When I saw the picture of Sunhwa I thought it was Jieun …

        • Skully

          Yeah I also had problems……

        • I didn’t see that resemblance, but I had difficulty recognising her as Sunhwa. She looks too different.. and honestly, it seems like she’s lost a bit of her charm :/

        • Skully

          Well Sunwha’s eyes look suspicious…..
          Well we all know how much power over the idols the companies have, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the idea came from TS if they really had PS

          I guess we’ll have to wait for more pics/videos to confirm….
          I’m a bit torn about celebs doing PS, I’m more open to it than with normal ppl. Maybe it’s cause it’s so common (also in the west) and eyelid surgery is so “normal” there and not a major op…. and also the fact that looks play a big role in their career and everybody is gonna talk about their looks and criticize etc.

        • I have mixed feelings about PS – if you want it, you should have it. It’s just a more permanent alteration than make up.
          But, as we’ve seen with some idols, it can become a habit that results in odd, unflattering looks.
          But the main reason I’m against it is (idealogically) we shouldn’t feel pressured to conform to the standards set by society, that we should be happy as we are.
          Even if eye surgery is not a major op, I find it weird. I know some people say it’s to look more Western, and that others say that it’s to look like the people in West Asia, but at the end of the day, it makes me a little sad that they can’t be happy with a single lid eye. I mean, if the operations are common, we can assumer the single lids are common amoungst SKoreans – why would they want to erase that part of their identity? esp as they’re very nationalist.
          IDK. I just think that they’re as good looking (sometimes better) without double eyelids, and that PS is not necessary, and yet they think that it is…

        • Skully

          Well it’s all about moderation…
          But some ppl (I mean generally not only celebs) have so many ops that you can’t even recognize them anymore, others became totally expressionless (I’m looking at you Park Bom)

          The problem I see in Korea is that since they have this strict beauty standart they all look kinda the same (big round eyes, v-shaped face etc). Some say it’s to look like ppl in the west, but other theory is the doll look. Rather than to look like us, it’s to look pure and innocent, cute, so big eyes, small everything else. Dunno~~
          I’m more worried about their mental state. You’re basically told that you’re natural look is not good, or that it could be better at least. Plus, when you’re famous ppl will talk very freely about your looks and criticize very easily, even call you ugly since we have this really high standart about how celebs should look like. So we call ugly what we normally wouldn’t. This leaves a big impact on someones self esteem…..

        • Yeah, it is different for people in the media. The constant scrutiny and criticism they receive for their looks is really unfair :(

          Honestly, I hope it doesn’t impact on BAP’s mental state. Y’know how Jongup was always being rated last in looks? There was some 60 second questions thing, and they were asked to arrange themselves in order of looks – Bang put himself after Jongup, and afterwards explained that he and Jongup alternate between who is last in looks. I found this notable because Jongup wasn’t constantly being put last, and I can only recall them doing so now – so I was wondering did Jongup get fed up with being last all the time? Or did fans complain? Or did BAP think of it together?

        • Skully

          I remember they told once that they were really surprised after going to Malaysia? Thailand? Don’t remember exactly, just that it was a S-E Asian country. Jongup was the fav member there and they liked his looks and Bap said it totally surprised.
          And also once on Weekly idol with Infinite a fan called and said that Sunggyu was better looking than L (the visual) and everybody laughed at it and then he said that L was very good looking but that ppl in Europe liked his looks better cause he looks more asian to us….

        • Yeah, I recall those. I think the one with Jongup was that Daehyun said he was surprised at the number of fans he had… I think it was Singapore or Phillipines (not 100% though)
          But I agree with those countries – he’s beautiful~

          Poor Sunggyu. I actually really like his look as well

          and then there’s Taeyang. He’s got small eyes, atypical of an idol, and yet he’s part of one of the biggest and most respected idol groups out there

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I remember talking to a Korean girl about the difference in what we think what is beautiful/handsome and what they think. She’d show a picture of a group and we’d point out who we thought was attractive. Turns out that almost everytime I picked someone that was the ‘ugly’ one of the group.

        • Really? Whoa, that’s quite interesting. It’s funny how we have such different standards for beauty (considering we’re all humans). Was she surprised that you’re idea of what was attractive was so different?

        • Tessa Ledeine

          She was really suprised at first but after just talking a bit and explaining what I thought was attractive about them she got it . By the last few we started joking and pointing out who we thought the other found the most attractive using everything we told eachother. The only one we agreed on was T.O.P xD

        • I think most people would agree that TOP is good looking
          I think he’s dominated the poll here

        • Skully

          Wow non kpop fans are not gonna like this…..
          but I’m surprised Justin and Harry don’t have more votes…..

        • Tessa Ledeine

          It’s because their fangirls haven’t found this yet xD

        • IDK. I read someone asking did Americans ever care about Fuse… so it might not be relevant to them

        • Skully

          Haha I often like someone from a group that isn’t considered that handsome or at least not the best looking one (like Yongguk) and I often try to guess for fun who is the visual (and I often don’t agree lol)

        • Tessa Ledeine

          To me Korean beautystandard is too much everyone trying to have the same face (double eyelids, big eyes, v-shape chin,innocent face…) So guessing who the visual is isn’t that difficult now

        • Skully

          True normally it’s quite simple, only sometimes I have trouble choosing between 2 members XD
          But the funny thing is that I tell myself “look not at the one you like but the prettiest one (taking in account Korean beauty standarts)” to guess him and sometimes I don’t even think he’s good looking, that’s when I’m surprised…..

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I’m not into pretty boys, so when I can say I’m not attracted to a member it tends to be the visual. I don’t really get the point of ‘the visual’ either. How much does it suck when everyone around you goes “I’m the main vocals, dancer or whatever” and you have to say “I’m the visual”

        • Skully

          Well I guess it’s different for them since looks are so important there. I mean often the visual is the most popular member (at least among k-fans)
          But yeah, if someone from a westen band would say that it would sound ridiculous……

        • Tessa Ledeine

          I know looks are a big deal there but still, if you have a dream to be a singer or a rapper and all you’re known for is your looks…

        • Skully

          True, but some ppl just want to be famous and don’t care if it’s just for their looks, maybe others really want to be idols but know they are not good enough so they rather be “only” the visual rather than not a member at all….
          But yeah I wouldn’t want to be known just for that……

        • Skully

          I think Jongup is the 2nd in terms of looks (just that he still looks to young for me)
          But it’s cause I’m not so into pretty boys. I can see that Dae is good looking, but he’s not my style…..
          I also like Sunggyus look, and I actually think that his small eyes are the best part of his face, they have character. I’m not sure bigger eyes would look good on him, and he would probably loose his charm….

        • Really? He is 18 now ;)
          I think we have a lot of that in western beauty – character, that is. Like, in SKorea, they’re all aiming to fit a certain standard, but here it’s a little less rigid – so long as you’re symmetrical, healthy, and have something characteristic about you (like Jolie’s lips, or Pitts blue eyes/baby lips, or a strong jaw), you’re attractive (or am I the only one that thinks like this?

        • Skully

          No you’re right, character is really important here, especially with guys. You often hear ppl say “wow he’s really atractive” and maybe he’s not that handsome but there is just something about his face.
          Korea is more about beauty i think. It’s more that the features have to be perfect, pretty eye shape, good nose, nice jawline…… and if you don’t have those you’re not good looking

        • I agree with you. Your point that they’re more about beauty than attractiveness makes a lot of sense. It’s kind of sad (to me) that they rely on that as the sole feature of initial attraction :/ I think character is really important. Even if it’s a little odd looking, it generally is a reason I flind someone attractive.

          It’s probably part of the reason Jongup became my bias, ha!

  33. Fangirling over Bang posting this on instagram
    It’s too cute TT__TT