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Gain – Bloom

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  1. I’m thinking Gain is getting robbed in this category. The first two…seriously??

  2. Synnøve Skaaheim

    this is true nastyness covered with hot pink sweaters and cute animals. Gain should def. win this :)

  3. this video is artistically nasty, naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty

  4. I really like Gain a lot but I just don’t see her mv being nasty. Sure it is a really sexual mv but nasty is just the wrong term to describe it

  5. Marta_Loves_Spudgy

    oh man Tallentalelelelelelgrelalaleelalrlelelalalalllaaaalllllla has 11,000 votes. T____T seems hopeless but ill keep voting for bloom until the end

  6. That 2 min intro maan..”zzzz” other then that..this song is pretty catchy and NASTY!

    • Marta_Loves_Spudgy

      yeah i agree about the intro but once the song begins is so nasty. i think that intro is the only thing that is hurting Gain’s chances of winning.

  7. Marta_Loves_Spudgy

    idk how poison is nastier than bloom????

  8. pumpkin_spice

    if GAIN doesn’t win then I don’t think nasties know what true nastiness is. I mean or god sake she’s have sexy time with herself in one scene and with a guy in another. It doesn’t get nastier than this. Bonus point: got banned for being too nasty. I think I’ve made my case. :)

  9. Marta_Loves_Spudgy

    the subject is so “nasty” and she shows us what Junsu secretly tries to show in his video. She fingers herself on the kitchen floor, she has sex in a bed with a hot guy, her hands are all over her male dancers as well as herself, this has to win the award. I applaud her for being confident and fearless with her sexuality as a mature woman. Its women like her that make other women, like me, bloom with confidence.

    • Marta_Loves_Spudgy

      oh forgot to add that shes rolling in the sheets probably doing a combination of touching herself and thinking about the sex she had with the hot guy last night

  10. dude, she was fingering herself on the kitchen floor!

    definitely nasty

  11. CrazyJezy

    LOL I was debating between Junsu, Gain, & Hyuna xD all of their videos are nastyyyy~~~ but their dances are not as nasty as videos themselves … soooo NOT SURE NOT SUREEE… ALL THE OTHER ONES HAVE NASTY DANCES TOO… maybe I should vote for secret …… since their dance has more thrusting LOL GAHH SOO HARDDD …

  12. MidnightEkaki

    Was going to vote for Hyuna, but it didn’t feel right even if this probably wasn’t the best category to win in. But Ga-in deserves to win more. It’s a really pure and well-done nastiness, not disturbingly over-the-top like Hyuna’s.

  13. Gabriela Ochoa

    Por que ese tipo le snifea el trasero a Gain? >:O!!!!

  14. this…….. is nastyyyyyyyyyyyy lol

  15. Why did she win for music monday, i was very sad. so win Ga in i llllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  16. wow this is a NASTY

  17. C’mon guise, this one has a scene of her doing the NAAAASTY! As much as I love XXXIAH Junsu, Tarantallegra was way softer than IIIN~TOH~XICAAA~TIIIIOOON~ so I vote Gain :D

  18. builtbymachines

    It honestly doesn’t get any nastier than this.