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Infinite – The Chaser

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  1. Still the best dance no matter what! ^_^


    I mean, this choreo is awesome. It’s sexxxxy! hehe

  3. they worked hard for this guise. the chaser can’t just be second!
    don’t think that i think that other groups didn’t try as hard or harder than infinite did but since infinite isn’t the most popular group ever like big bang or b2st or something, i think they would deserve this :)

  4. im not an inspirit but gosshh!!!!!! I FREAKING LOVE THE CHASER!! and the dance i have to say its the best one ive seen :) i want them to win


    Seriously, INFINITE and SHINee are like…the 2 best dance groups in K-Pop right now.

  6. If this doesn’t win I swear I will die ;__;

  7. Infinite’s dance is like the best on Earth!

  8. millie102685

    millie102685: Am I the only person that notices that every comment has one down vote?
    Like someone went through and down voted regardless of what is being said? LOL

    • I noticed that few days ago when I came back checking here.. I thought I wrote something offensive when I saw down vote on my comments but then I noticed that most comments here have it as well.. Should I be happy for Infinite’s current massive influence because someone is actually willing to spend time to come to Infinite’s page just to downvote us?

      • millie102685

        I feel more sorry for the person because of their futile attempts to make us feel bad about something and it doesn’t even matter. One down vote doesn’t take away from The Chaser’s standing in the poll. :/

  9. CroixJean

    This choreography for The Chaser I feel is much more creative here.

    And it’s funny to me due to the fact that SM had to pay a big amount of money for Sherlock, it’s their most expensiv dance, and yet…:x.

    Big ups to SHINee for performing it so well, yet when I get down to it, I didn’t like Sherlock too much. I don’t know what’s the fascination? The Chaser is better, even LUCIFER is better.

    • millie102685

      What people are mostly fascinated with in Sherlock is the running part. Most people will deny it but that’s what grabs most people’s attention. Some will say that the spinning out in the beginning and spinning in in the end is fascinating but ballerinas twirl all the time. Some people will mention the parts when the members pose as the member in the front does the movements (which is actually what I like the most) but Infinite kind of did the opposite of that in Be Mine.
      In the beginning at 0:08 when Hoya is dancing by himself and each member joins in when his body movements match their poses. That’s actually one of my favorite dance moves in that song. The “beggar” move is notable because it’s repetitive but that part is the best to me.

      • for me Sherlcok’s choreography is the most creative this year. by far. the part where a member pauses to the movement of the first is my favourite part. along with the part at the end of the song.

        It’s not just the movements, but also their meaning. SHINee explained it on weekly idol. first you take the picture (first pause) then you think about the evidence (second pause) then you write down your findings (third pause) and then you lean on the wall to investigate (last pause). the part at the end where they point with their finger is a type of invistigation to see the direction of the wind. you wet your finger and then raise it to feel the breeze.

        everything is so connected in this dance. and SHINee dance it amazingly. so that’s why I loved it and that’s why I voted for it. The chaser has a great dance yes and infinite are great dancers, but the dance just isn’t as creative or memorable.

        I really didn’t want to say anything about another group here but since you guys so casually did it, I suppose it’s fair for me to share my input.

        • SS501jjang

          And so let’s respect each and everyone’s opinions. We all do have different tastes so I guess people choosing The Chaser over Sherlock is really expected.

          You could watch Be Mine’s choreography in the beginning part. It has the same feel as Sherlock’s different-pose step. The step started with Hoya and then the members one by one continued moving while matching their poses :) I dont know how to explain it further but you can watch it here. It starts at exactly 0:08

        • exactly ^^ good luck to inspirits and infinite!

          yeah the move may be similar but I meant that it didn’t have the same meaning and depth as sherlock’s version did.. and it also wasn’t used as the key to the dance (by that I mean it’s not the memorable part in be mine’s choreo). buuuuuut yeah I can see the similarity ^^

        • millie102685

          Please enjoy the hospitality of the SHINee comment section.

    Definitely one of the best and notable dances this year!!

  11. 민 박연

    INFINITE IS THE BEST… INSPIRIT!!! Faighting.. ^^

  12. 민 박연

    INFINITE IS THE BEST… INSPIRIT!!! Faighting.. ^^

  13. lokifairy

    Well I did also voted for infinit not just SHINee because “The Chaser” is also a good choreo.
    SHINee, Infinite, Teen Top and Boyfriend are the best dance groups in Kpop.

  14. INSPIRITS, let’s vote for INFINITE!! <333 hope INFINITE wins in this category, they are the best dancers ever *-*

  15. noticed there are some really nasty sore losers unliking all the comments in this threat. pffftttt. i believe in karma. the comments are not even counted, much less then comment ratings. this is just pathetic and childish.

  16. I really really hope they win. If not, I will flip a table. Maybe.

  17. This is a really awesome dance go infinite hwaiting

  18. Infinite never dissapoints ! I feel in love with this group when I saw the scorpion dance and ever since then I became an inspirit :D I love SHINee too but my love for Infinite and their dancing skills are stronger <3 INFINITE FIGHTING!

  19. 인피니트 사랑해요 <3 my favourite korean band have been changing a lot from the moment i got into kpop. but the moment i fall for infinite, i know they're the one. ive only been a fan since their "be mine" period. but even until now, i can watch a dozen kpop dance videos and come back to infinite's video feeling overwhelmed. no other band can blow my mind (lol, no, not suju either heh) like they do. they're such amazing dancers… i wont say infinite dances better than shinee. but the thing i know for sure… they're different. i cant explain. it's like they dance with their heart and soul. am i being dramatic? well im always a drama queen when it comes to anything related to infinite :)

  20. Interpretative dances FTW! Let’s go INFINITE and INSPIRITS. We aren’t giving up because NOTHING’S OVER. :D

  21. Come on INSPIRITS. We all know that INFINITE really deserves this award so let’s get voting. ^_^

  22. Not gonna lie, at 0:48 I sing “BUTTTTS AND THIGHSSS” in tune to the music. Every time I listen to the song. yes. every time.

  23. I love this dance, and also comparing to Shinee, I LOVE Shinee’s dance, but I just love this dance more. It’s more difficult and the moves are more intricate and the dances go from being synchronized as a whole to two groups both perfectly synchronized then going right back to being a whole. And considering that not all members are the best dancers, the fact that they keep the synchronization is amazing. It shows how much hard work and effort went into perfecting it. That’s why I love Infinite too! Very hard workers and always do their best on EVERY performance. Proud of my boys :)

  24. Elizabeth Cha

    i’m chossing INFINITE for best dance not because i’m bias but because they truely pulled off a good dance and song that’s why they were crowned triple crown! hehe

  25. Melissa Martin

    OMG. It was such a hard choice between Shinee and Infinite. I think they are both awesome dance group but i had to vote for Infinite. Shinee are good dancers but Taemin is the best and for me the focus is too much on him and not the whole group. With Infinite not one person sticks out as better…the whole group sticks out and I think that is the point of the best dance award. I like Shinee’s actual music video better, but I think Infinite’s dance fits the music better than Shinee’s. I love you Shinee but you lost this fight.

  26. Admins, we still have to comment something related to the video and dance right?

    (i just love TKIR)
    To Keep It Relevant… :)
    from 0:34 to 0:39
    The lyrics state, Aiya Go Back First

    You could see they had two different lines. The Hoya line went first (they did the stepping dance first) then came Sungjong’s line.
    I really like how they interpret the lyrics.

  27. INFINITE’s dances are so wonderful. Their dance here is more of an interpretative dance than a Kpop dance. I hope I am not spamming. I just can’t control my feels for INFINITE.

  28. infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite

  29. a lot could happen in 14 days. we need to make sure infinite is on top. :)
    we can do this. team inspirit ftw!

  30. SHINee has more fans but that doesn’t mean that we have to lose to them, right? INSPIRIT team fighting!

  31. woohoo! best dance evaaar! seriously, i could see the story that they are trying to portray through their dance. no matter what, infinite is the best dance group for me.

  32. Okay, I don’t even listen to Infinite nor does this song really like, stick to me, but I dig the video and I LOVE the choreography, like, it’s perfection. So Infinite gets my vote for the dance category for sure.

  33. I’m not even a Inspirit but this is definitely the best dance of the year, hands down!

  34. disqus_9OZJMSuSUe

    Go team infinite :D My god they are hot~ Myungsoo <3

  35. infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite

  36. I was really surprised when Simon said Infinite was his second favorite dance group… While I can understand why he likes SHINee (they are very very very good dancers), I very much prefer Infinite… they are so fluid and together. They are the perfect combination; they are all fantastic dancers that can stand out on their own, and yet they perform flawlessly together. Also, all of their choreography is so unique and fits their group.
    And thus my friends, Infinite was MADE for this category. ♥