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Infinite – The Chaser

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  1. We desperately need a review for this. XD


    1 more day left~! yeahs!!

  3. Melissa Martin

    Favorite part of the dance is 1:25-1:27

  4. The rankings haven’t changed at all. :)
    So, INFINITE for best potential KMM.

  5. I remember, I wasn’t a fan of Infinite until like 4 days before this video came out, but by then I was already borderline obsessed with them. I literally learned all of their names in a day. I remember voting for this video every single day until it seemed that most of us gave up on the video (I even voted a few weeks later because I felt terrible that they were at 100th place, and just wanted to get them up a little bit from that XD How sad, huh?).
    But I owe being an Inspirit to Woohyun. I’ve been watching Immortal Song 2 off and on for some time and I had just watched the first episode with Woohyun in it a few days before their new video came out in May. At first, I was like “Hm, he’s cute.” and then I didn’t pay much attention to him. I was watching the other singers do their thing (talent is always a big thing with me. I’m always talent first, looks later). Until he sang. I was mesmerized by his voice, and then in the middle of the song when he did that cute little piano playing move dance thing, I was like “Pfft he’s so adorable XD” The closer on the deal was when he threw his hearts Namgrease style at the end. I was just like “Okay, what group is he from? Infinite? Okay.” I went through and watched every single music video for Infinite, trying to find him in each one, and along the way, I fell in love with their music and dancing skills. So, that’s my story. If you read through all of that, well then, you deserve a cookie. *nods*

  6. Infinite must win this award no matter what!!!

  7. Even if we don’t win the other categories, let’s win this one because it is seriously the best potential KMM ever!

  8. I read this on allkpop…

    …read “INFINITE is expected to flip the tables…”
    And wondered why it wasn’t “flip the cars”. Haha.

    I was seriously devastated when this didn’t get reviewed, and I hope they win this category this time!
    인피니트 화이팅! 인스피릿 화이팅! ‎(ノ^▽^)ノ~~~~♥ *throws hearts*

  9. This should have been reviewed!

  10. Black_winds

    This time…we can do it!I love Woollim and their “wtf is happening” MVs *sobs*

  11. Kelly Jel

    I need this video to be reviewed… :( When I saw that it wasn’t I was FLABBERGASTED ( I love that word). As an inspirit I dedicate myself to giving these handsome hardworking boys.. no no NUMJA!! The credit they deserve by voting all the time. I hope you inspirits do the same! (>.<)/


  13. kaynichelle

    OMG, THIS video. I WAS SO ANGRY that this didn’t get reviewed when it came out!! haha! I stopped voting for months. I still don’t vote, really. And didn’t it happen because they ended up reviewing like three G-Dragon or Big Bang videos in a row or something?? I don’t remember anymore.

    But apparently I’m very immature when it comes to Infinite. Good to learn these things about yourself. lol!

  14. if The Chaser wins please make a KMM pleaseeee!!!!!! Y____Y

  15. minty_chip

    I really wanted to see Infinite on KMM so I hope The Chaser wins this category. Inspirits hwaiting! haha

  16. Sophie Wang


  17. I’m definitely voting everyday! I reallly wanted this on KMM but it didn’t happen :( Everyone please keep voting! :)

  18. Although, they won’t probably explore the symbolism of this video in a KMM, I still love S&M’s funny skits.
    you could look at this blog posts if you really don’t understand the mv :)

    at first i didn’t understand it too then i read those. i thought the chaser was just your usual visual kpop mv but it wasn’t. so proud of infinite and their director. the production team of course. kudos to whoever is responsible for thinking up the concept and making the chaser a success.

  19. a lot could happen in 14 days. we need to make sure infinite stays on top. :)

  20. We’re gonna vote for our babies non-stop! They deserve it.

    TKIR: What do you think was the theme for this MV?

  21. INFINITE GOING STRONG! DAEBAK! This video has symbolism in it. Really artsy too.

    Looks quite funny though if you don’t understand the symbolism in it. XD

    TKIR: Have you seen the BTS of this MV?
    Did L really ride that rolling car thingy? O_O
    SO COOL.
    And Sungyeollie wore an Audrey Hepburn t-shirt. :)


  23. I think the “prize” for this award should be a review!


    wow!! in first place already! yeahs~ hopefully it can remained like this until 20 Dec! >.< prays hard. cant wait for S&M to review the car flipping scene. and the epic kongrish at the beginning of the song.

  25. GUYS! EXO is catching up! we must keep voting vigorously for our boys!

  26. BishieAddict

    Favourite song of this year. So catchy.

  27. I was really looking forward to this to be on “Kpop Music Monday” whole summer. I was like, “OH MY GLOB!” when they first came out. But nooooooo~ it wasn’t reviewed.

  28. irfan gunawan


  29. i love this song!!! this got me into infinite<333

  30. MisunderstoodByuntae

    I pray we keep first place >___<

  31. Simon and Martina love this song and so do we! Inspirits have to vote for this to win the Potential KMM category! Let’s see how they’re going to do the car flip XD

  32. HOLY MOTHER OF YES. I didn’t get to vote as often for The Chaser :( But I voted a lot for Sunggyu :) SO GLAD THEY DID THIS. This video had so much potential to be hilariously reviewed. Especially the car rolling part :)


  34. i remember the inspirits spamming the video in KMM for two weeks after it wasnt reviewed. I used every computer at school I could find to vote it up T^T this better win!

  35. i remember how disappointed i was when this wasn’t reviewed :'((((

  36. Honestly, I don’t know too many Infinite songs (right now I pretty much just know this and Paradise), but I absolutely loooove this song (and Paradise)!!! They’re so catchy that their the songs that get stuck in your head and you don’t want them to leave. :)

    • Infinite is known for their great dancing and I can watch their live performances again and again. But I also have to say that Infinite is one of the very few Kpop groups that makes me willing to sit down and spend my time to listen to all the songs in their every album. Though I have to admit that there might be a few that are not so great, surprisingly majority of their songs other than the titles are really good! I don’t know if you would be interested but I’m willing to recommend you some of their non-promoted songs if you wish to know more =)

    • Sungyeolie<3

      Dear goodness. I think you should listen to their song BTD (Before the Dawn), which IMO is their best title song. The dance is superb, especially the famous scorpion dance at 2.56
      During their BTD promotion, they also promoted my favorite Infinite song ever, Hysterie.