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Nu’est – Face

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Award Contender for:
  1. Velvetblue Veille

    Will this get a review finally? Finally? *sigh*

  2. builtbymachines

    If comments counted, we’d be wayyy up top.

  3. lunibelle

    This is really the one award in this which Nu’est just have to get. Seriously, Infinites The Chaser was good, but I think Nu’est deserves to win more, because they’ve been so close to winning! It would be so ironic if they don’t win it this time either :(

  4. Agiza

    we deserve this award. simply because it is almost 5 times did a review on NU’EST .. but did not:

  5. thisisjustforfunval

    I really want Nu’est to win Best Potential KMM! LO/E’s we can do this, we need a lot more Facebook and Google+ shares. Likes and everyday Twitter shares. I have faith in LO/Es! ^_^

  6. yinyue168

    ohhhhh I hope they win~~~
    I love them so much! They came out so strong, were so consistent! I loved watching all of them so much!

  7. Nu’est please win this one TT__TT

    • They aren’t doing the regular KMM review for two weeks, whereas this is votes for an EYKA. (two very different things) Keep voting strong and Nu’est may catch up!

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        I know it’s dif, I helped with the nominations, but that had better chance than this does. I posted it b4 they said none for 2 weeks. But Nell and Secret will expire in two weeks and OC/NU won’t so if u guys helped then Pledis could get its first win!

  8. OMG. I’m a total inspirit (HOYA OMG<3) But Nu'est! SARANGHE!
    LO/E's! Vote Vote VOTE!

  9. Happy 9-months-with-NU’EST-anniversary LOVEs!! n_n Thank you for everything… Let’s support this amazing group for the next 1000 years, Kay? They’e counting on us! :9

  10. NANAandLIZZYfanatic
    We might have to focus on this since our chances are looking bleak.

    Maybe we could sneak this vid up to the top while every1 else is still voting for these awards.

  11. I really liked the message and look of this video and I think it’s great that a rookie group would start with this kind of instead of just dancing in a box or going for the sexy angle. Too bad we never got to see a KMM of this.

  12. Well the song came out… And NU’EST got ONLY ONE FU… LINE! >:/ Is PLEDIS trying to Troll us LOVEs or what? I know they were a “Feat.” but I was hoping for this awesome song and they gave me this! I like the song and Orange Caramel (like a lot) but I am truly disappointed!

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      All OC with a little NU’EST, that’s the way I like it. ;)
      At least you guys are predominant in the MV.

    • iloveminhyun

      I think the stuffed animals were meant to add cuteness to the MV. The MV was nothing but fanservice and Pledis looking beautiful anyways lol. grrr, so much eye candy. I’ve been watching it on repeat since i came out.

      I knew that NU’EST won’t get many lined since the beginning because it was just feat lol. So I expected it. Hopefully they do a real life collab some day XD And I really hope this doesn’t replace the Happy Pledis Special… I want a Happy Pledis special with ALL of Pledis. I want to see Seventeen!
      And the JRen. Oh my, the JRen. Anyways, I’m not going to say too much. I’ll wait until it’s uploaded on the Kpop charts.

      • I’m convinced we were all epically trolled by Aron and Baekho and the true couple is JRen

      • fuuko4869

        I’ve edited it and I don’t think there’s anything to stop it from being published, so it’ll be up whenever S&M have time :)

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        “Not going to say too much” lol you just covered half the vid.

        • iloveminhyun

          It takes so long for the charts to update. *sigh*
          Anyways, I won’t be on tomorrow at all because I have a final.
          I’m not sure we’ll make it this time though. No ‘special’ like this has ever made it on EYK, so I don’t know if this will. But fingers crossed.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Idk what is taking so long, maybe they just watched a little bit and didn’t think it was an acceptable MV. Because I think it was quite a ways in before they actually started singing any of it.

    ㄴㅇㅅㅌ’S FIGHTING~!!!!

  14. I was so sad when this song didn’t get a KMM moment. When it first came out, I couldn’t stop watching it.

  15. I really like this song :) and the dance moves match the song and video ^_^ shame they didn’t review this song on KMM :s

  16. unicornsgalaxy

    OK, so I’ve finally watched this the whole way through. My thoughts:

    1.) Oh they look so young…they probably are young but they look it too!
    2.) They kinda remind me of fairies (the mystical kind with wings…not the derogatory word for homosexuals)… only kinda like bad a$$ fairies (especially the blond with the fringe… I can totally imagine him shrunk down to fairy size flitting about with iridescent wings with a trail of glitter following him).

    3.) I love how the incorporated the bullying message into the dance too. Even without the “story line” of the video, you can still get the jist of it by the dance alone… do I remember hearing that one of them actually got punched for real or was that a totally different group? Sorry if it was a totally different group.

    All in all, pretty good and I agree that it would have made a totally good KMM *DAMN THE NU’EST EYK CURSE!!!!*

    • I haven’t heard about someone getting punched because they punch very bad :’D(look at 2:32 the guy at the front)

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      Next up, Action! (Better of the two IMO)

    • iloveminhyun

      They’re 17, one is 19 :P
      lol this is the first time I hear someone call Nu’est badass fairies. XD Well they are beautiful people so yeah ~
      I’m glad you liked it ^_^

    • I don’t recall any of them getting punched during practice, though that could totally happen. Any L.O./.E.s know of this? i do know, however, that in UKiss’s Believe, Dongho got hit by Kevin while dancing and the company hadn’t noticed so they uploaded the version with the mistake. They took it down in a few minutes with that part edited out, but the punch is still somewhere on Youtube.

      • no in Belive Aj punched Kevin.
        And I think in B1a4s Beautiful target outtakes is a part where someone gets punched.

      • Velvetblue Veille

        Umm u meant the MV rite? Isn’t that supposed to be Kevin got hit by AJ?

        • LOL omg yeah I don’t know where I got Dongho getting hit by Kevin from ><

        • Or was it AJ that got hit by Kevin?

        • It was Kevin who was hit by AJ xD

        • Either way somebody got hit in that Brohoho tunnel :P Poor Kevin, I imagine him to have such a sad puppy face for some reason when he’s disappointed/hurt.

        • LoL, but he kept dancing! that was the amazing thing. The look on his face though, it must have hurt, or at least been quite surprising. But he kept going and AJ’s ‘oh no, I hit Kevin’ face a couple of seconds after XD. I guess these things happen, especially in the small confines of the Brohoho tunnel.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          U-Kiss is gonna hold a showcase in Indonesia early next year!! asdjkajskajdf And AJ will be there too~. \^o^//

        • :O I’m super jealous right now!!
          They will be kinda ‘close’ to Australia… they might come over right? right? hahahah probably not… but I can dream lol >.<

        • Velvetblue Veille

          After visiting Latin American countries this year, who knows they”ll focus on Asia and Australia next year. Never lose your hope! :)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Orange Caramel, tomorrow, with NU’EST.

        • hahaha yes, I’ll be there! lol Link me, because I’m sure you’ll see it before I do

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          We’ll see if Pledis actually sticks to their word this time. lol

          Ummm hopefully it has a MV too, although I might just get mad at NU’EST stealing some of OC’s screen-time. :P

        • lol I’m not sure about all of the animal soft-toys in the picture… can’t really imagine a song or MV with them, but it should be interesting. Is there any word on what the song will be about or what it is called? If its another Christmas song, I’m probably not going to like it :P

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I don’t rly know anything about it besides pic and that it’s coming the 13th lol.

        • ah well, nothing to do but wait and hope for a good MV I guess

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Ummm lol I just got word of a title.
          “Riding Through the Snowy High Heels”

          Sounds like Christmas and I find it comical to have NU’EST sing a song about high heels. (Although Ren would probably fit right in…)

        • hahaha… what the? Poor NU’EST lol
          Damn, why does it have to be a Christmas song! lol because its almost Christmas time, but still ᅲ.ᅲ
          Never know, I guess, it might be good.

        • hahaha uh oh! “Please look forward to another vibe these 2 groups will show which is different from their previous music style.” lol I can only imagine what that could mean. I don’t see the 2 groups having similar music style to begin with… so if different from their previous music style… hahaha oh no.
          and that gif is too fast! I can’t pick out everyone

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          That gif I think is from a past Happy Pledis.

          All I know is that I want OC to stay their stile and when I read that it would be “different” I instantly got worried.

          I guess we’ll have to see what we end up with tomorrow.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          It’s OC, it has to be!

          Ummm some1 else said it was hills not heels. Idk which is right, both would make sense. One for literal, one for cheesy OC title.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        Oh! UKiss was the one I was thinking of! Sorry about that! I’m tired and I tend to confuse little tidbits like that especially if it’s one of the groups that I just kinda watch from the sidelines and don’t really follow! Thanks for letting me know!

        • No prob, I was exhausted from studying for finals and completely told you the wrong thing: it was actually Kevin who got hit by AJ XD Good thing I have fellow Kissmes to correct me :)

  17. iloveminhyun

    [INFO] NU’EST will make a comeback next year january
    GAAAAHHHHHHHHH omg screaming like a fangirl right now.

  18. If there were a “Best Message” category, Nu’est would surely be nominated/potentially win!

    • iloveminhyun

      I wish there was~

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        So sorry but you would not be winning that most likely if they did lol.

        • They would definitely be nominated though :) Who do you think would win?

        • iloveminhyun

          why not? who else would be nominated? I’d say Nu’est, Miss A, Sunny Hill, Epik High, Jo Kwon… none of the big groups that jack all the votes so we probably would win XD

        • But Exo’s Mama also had a great message and there are lots of Exotics so we would have had a tough time haha.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well if it was voting still, but then you guys would be viewed negatively if you all got them to win by a lot w/o actually taking the nominees seriously. (Kind of like how I don’t like Baby’s or VIP’s now because of those same exact reasons.)

        • I actually like all the nominees. I don’t get why you think we wouldn’t take the other nominees seriously :/ L.O./.E’s know how difficult maintaining a position can be and how easily rankings can change at the last minute. But I think Nu’est would be able to win because they actually have a really good message, and of course a lot of other people from different fangroups think the same, at least judging by the Youtube comments. I personally don’t see bullying being talked about by a popular group so that’s why Nu’est stood out to me (and thousands of other fans). I see a lot of “women independence” messages though, so I think Nu’est would definitely have had a really good chance.

        • iloveminhyun

          I don’t see your point. If they were nominated for any category of course we’ll try to get them to win just like any fandom will try to get their favorite groups to win.
          I don’t dislike the Babyz or the VIPs. They are large in number and they vote for their bias group. Of course BAP doesn’t have the best aegyo, but still, the Babyz get a sense of satisfaction that their favorite group won something and that’s why they vote and that’s okay. :)

        • Brigid_AnDarrach

          This is also a reply to NANAandLIZZYfanatic’s comment up above.

          As both a gigantic BABY and VIP (two of the only three fangroups I would count myself an actual part of, though I I’m not too picky about what K-Pop I like), I’d like to say that I also hate it when people vote for only their favorite groups. It makes things like this, that win or lose purely on votes, a lot less fun, and it’s a lot less fair to the artists that don’t have the kind of exposure that the bigger groups have.

          On behalf of my fandoms, I would like to point out that a lot of BABYs and VIPs do actually take this into account, and that it’s very unfair to make generalizations like these. The problem is that, even if 100% of, for instance, L.O./.E.s voted for a Nu’Est video that was up against a BigBang video, and only 40% of the VIPs voted for the BigBang video, the sheer numbers would still end up drowning the voting system. BABYs do, perhaps, tend to be a bit more biased when it comes to voting, accounting for the situation over at “Best Aegyo”, but I think that’s also because where “Stop It” is concerned, a lot of them feel like S&M purposefully sabotaged the voting by saying the things they did, and they feel like they’re owed a review. I’m not saying that’s the right thing to do; indeed, I am *not* voting for it, as I don’t really count it as aegyo, which I define as purposefully adorable and cutesy. I view the video as more lighthearted fun than cute, so I don’t think it fits.

          I know that Nu’Est has faced a lot of disappointment where voting has been concerned as well, but with “Stop It” having failed to obtain a review so recently, those wounds are still fresh enough for the BABYs that they’re latching back onto that same fervor and indignation.

          I guess that what I’m getting at mostly is that it’s a broken system, without a real way to fix it, but generalizing us is hurtful and saddening. Not all of us are mindless voting machines. :)

        • Kpop in general is, in general, composed of fangirls (with some fanboys) mindlessly voting for their biases :)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I dislike ppl that are blinded by their biases.

          I guess I’m just not as biased as you guys. I wouldn’t have voted for Orange Caramel for Outfits if it made it (I actually cut it from there).

        • iloveminhyun

          I guess you dislike me then. *pouts*
          Okay, I guess I see your point and I am guilty of being too biased… it’s a fangirl thing.
          I’ll try to be less biased., I promise. Don’t dislike me pwease.

        • iloveminhyun

          I guess you dislike me then. *pouts*
          Okay, I guess I see your point and I am guilty of being too biased… it’s a fangirl thing.
          I’ll try to be less biased., I promise. Don’t dislike me pwease.

  19. LO/ES WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR THIS XD NU’EST needs to be reviewed!!!!!!!

  20. Lee Dahyun

    I just love Pledis Family and know its hard for them all to win but still. I’m voting for them all cuz they deserves it my heart.

  21. UGH. I REALLY hope they win in this category at LEAST. 4 TIMES. 4. TIMES.

  22. iloveminhyun

    LO/Es, where are you? The gap between Infinite and Nu’est is getting larger. >.<
    *sigh* I guess the eatyourkimchi curse has yet to be lifted :(

    • I’ll say 2 things: Comments and other nominations.
      The Comments are one of the LOVEs strongest weapons because we’re a pretty small fandom, that can only vote 1-5 times a day, and we used to duplicate those votes with talking.
      And two: a lot of LOVEs are fighting for “more important awards”, they’re not so worried abaout winning or losing in EYK.
      At least that’s what I think :P

      • iloveminhyun

        I guess you’re right XD Plus commenting always encourages people to come and vote more often.
        Second place to the one and only Infinite isn’t bad I guess. I’m actually surprised we’ve overtaken EXO and Bilasa and TVXQ. And second place in Best Outfit is amazing as well ^_^
        NEXT COMEBACK, WE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT. This curse will be lifted.

        • Well I know there is some shared fan base, cuz I love Bilasa, I’m a BANA but I’m more of a LO/E so I’m voting for NU’EST over Bilasa even though I really really wanted a review for that song. But then again the only group I really like more than NU’EST is SHINee and they have a massive fan base so I rarely bother with voting for them, cuz they almost always win.

  23. apred pledis’ love by voting all pledis artists’ nominees

  24. i vote this mv along with OC. so well deserved ><

  25. lunibelle

    I want this to wiiiin!

  26. builtbymachines

    So close so close so close

  27. annyeong//… I’m a L.O./.E Vietnam. Let’s vote for Nu’est… Fighting. Because We’re L.O./.Es. We love Nu’est…

  28. Velvetblue Veille

    NU’EST arrived on Japan! Will they shoot another mv there? keke XD

    • iloveminhyun

      I wish! Maybe for a track in their upcoming album!

      • Velvetblue Veille

        Heyy! Someone said, “NU’EST is going to have their SOLO CONCERT in Japan today”. Really?

        • iloveminhyun

          YUP. *excited state*
          If I didn’t have exams today, I would have gone to Japan. I’m not joking. I would have FLOWN ALL THE WAY TO JAPAN to attend their first solo concert. But the timing was wrong. :(
          Next solo concert, I’m flying to wherever they go XD I’m not joking right now. I’ve collected the money ^_^

        • Velvetblue Veille

          What about their next concert in Malaysia? Will u fly there? :)

        • iloveminhyun

          I haven’t heard of that.. when is it? If it’s a solo concert and i have a holiday, heck yeah!

        • Velvetblue Veille

          It’s on 15th Dec. But the tickets have been sold already. Not sure if u can make it or not..

          Btw, do you know that Nu’est will be back on January?!

        • iloveminhyun

          oh no, I couldn’t have made it. Exams until the 20th hehe.

  29. Nu’est ya~~~~~

  30. ~flail~ ;-; Oh so depressing, but still always voting, hopefully we’ll win? Maybe? C’moooon

  31. Hey guys… What do you think about the difference between the “Fansub translations” of this song and the “English Text version” that is available in NU’EST´s official Youtube channel? Which of them do you prefer? I prefer the english text version, its shows the real meaning of the song rather than literal word-for-word translation.

  32. iloveminhyun

    Guys, so I’ve been doing some calculating in this category. The gap between us and Infinite is quite large, and the problem is that it’s not getting any smaller (rather it got a little bigger from yesterday >.<) PUSH HARDER LO/Es. I think this category is our best shot..

  33. Starsania

    Though I love Infinite to death, <3 <3 I think I'll be voting for Face and Lipstick in this category. Both Face and Action were major letdowns when it came to review time cutoffs and such. I'd love to see them reviewed. Lipstick also deserves a review for the great video they put out.

  34. @SndyNuestBieber

    Voting NU’EST for Kpop Awards

  35. @SndyNuestBieber

    Vote NU’EST for Kpop Awards