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Nu’est – Face

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Award Contender for:
  1. Will this get a review finally? Finally? *sigh*

  2. If comments counted, we’d be wayyy up top.

  3. This is really the one award in this which Nu’est just have to get. Seriously, Infinites The Chaser was good, but I think Nu’est deserves to win more, because they’ve been so close to winning! It would be so ironic if they don’t win it this time either :(

  4. Agiza

    we deserve this award. simply because it is almost 5 times did a review on NU’EST .. but did not:

  5. thisisjustforfunval

    I really want Nu’est to win Best Potential KMM! LO/E’s we can do this, we need a lot more Facebook and Google+ shares. Likes and everyday Twitter shares. I have faith in LO/Es! ^_^

  6. ohhhhh I hope they win~~~
    I love them so much! They came out so strong, were so consistent! I loved watching all of them so much!

  7. Nu’est please win this one TT__TT

    • They aren’t doing the regular KMM review for two weeks, whereas this is votes for an EYKA. (two very different things) Keep voting strong and Nu’est may catch up!

      • I know it’s dif, I helped with the nominations, but that had better chance than this does. I posted it b4 they said none for 2 weeks. But Nell and Secret will expire in two weeks and OC/NU won’t so if u guys helped then Pledis could get its first win!

  8. OMG. I’m a total inspirit (HOYA OMG<3) But Nu'est! SARANGHE!
    LO/E's! Vote Vote VOTE!

  9. Happy 9-months-with-NU’EST-anniversary LOVEs!! n_n Thank you for everything… Let’s support this amazing group for the next 1000 years, Kay? They’e counting on us! :9

    We might have to focus on this since our chances are looking bleak.

    Maybe we could sneak this vid up to the top while every1 else is still voting for these awards.

  11. I really liked the message and look of this video and I think it’s great that a rookie group would start with this kind of instead of just dancing in a box or going for the sexy angle. Too bad we never got to see a KMM of this.

  12. Well the song came out… And NU’EST got ONLY ONE FU… LINE! >:/ Is PLEDIS trying to Troll us LOVEs or what? I know they were a “Feat.” but I was hoping for this awesome song and they gave me this! I like the song and Orange Caramel (like a lot) but I am truly disappointed!

    • I think the stuffed animals were meant to add cuteness to the MV. The MV was nothing but fanservice and Pledis looking beautiful anyways lol. grrr, so much eye candy. I’ve been watching it on repeat since i came out.

      I knew that NU’EST won’t get many lined since the beginning because it was just feat lol. So I expected it. Hopefully they do a real life collab some day XD And I really hope this doesn’t replace the Happy Pledis Special… I want a Happy Pledis special with ALL of Pledis. I want to see Seventeen!
      And the JRen. Oh my, the JRen. Anyways, I’m not going to say too much. I’ll wait until it’s uploaded on the Kpop charts.

      • “Not going to say too much” lol you just covered half the vid.

        • iloveminhyun

          It takes so long for the charts to update. *sigh*
          Anyways, I won’t be on tomorrow at all because I have a final.
          I’m not sure we’ll make it this time though. No ‘special’ like this has ever made it on EYK, so I don’t know if this will. But fingers crossed.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Idk what is taking so long, maybe they just watched a little bit and didn’t think it was an acceptable MV. Because I think it was quite a ways in before they actually started singing any of it.

      • I’ve edited it and I don’t think there’s anything to stop it from being published, so it’ll be up whenever S&M have time :)

      • I’m convinced we were all epically trolled by Aron and Baekho and the true couple is JRen

    • All OC with a little NU’EST, that’s the way I like it. ;)
      At least you guys are predominant in the MV.

    ㄴㅇㅅㅌ’S FIGHTING~!!!!

  14. I was so sad when this song didn’t get a KMM moment. When it first came out, I couldn’t stop watching it.

  15. I really like this song :) and the dance moves match the song and video ^_^ shame they didn’t review this song on KMM :s

  16. unicornsgalaxy

    OK, so I’ve finally watched this the whole way through. My thoughts:

    1.) Oh they look so young…they probably are young but they look it too!
    2.) They kinda remind me of fairies (the mystical kind with wings…not the derogatory word for homosexuals)… only kinda like bad a$$ fairies (especially the blond with the fringe… I can totally imagine him shrunk down to fairy size flitting about with iridescent wings with a trail of glitter following him).

    3.) I love how the incorporated the bullying message into the dance too. Even without the “story line” of the video, you can still get the jist of it by the dance alone… do I remember hearing that one of them actually got punched for real or was that a totally different group? Sorry if it was a totally different group.

    All in all, pretty good and I agree that it would have made a totally good KMM *DAMN THE NU’EST EYK CURSE!!!!*

    • I don’t recall any of them getting punched during practice, though that could totally happen. Any L.O./.E.s know of this? i do know, however, that in UKiss’s Believe, Dongho got hit by Kevin while dancing and the company hadn’t noticed so they uploaded the version with the mistake. They took it down in a few minutes with that part edited out, but the punch is still somewhere on Youtube.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        Oh! UKiss was the one I was thinking of! Sorry about that! I’m tired and I tend to confuse little tidbits like that especially if it’s one of the groups that I just kinda watch from the sidelines and don’t really follow! Thanks for letting me know!

        • No prob, I was exhausted from studying for finals and completely told you the wrong thing: it was actually Kevin who got hit by AJ XD Good thing I have fellow Kissmes to correct me :)

      • Umm u meant the MV rite? Isn’t that supposed to be Kevin got hit by AJ?

        • Or was it AJ that got hit by Kevin?

        • It was Kevin who was hit by AJ xD

        • Either way somebody got hit in that Brohoho tunnel :P Poor Kevin, I imagine him to have such a sad puppy face for some reason when he’s disappointed/hurt.

        • LoL, but he kept dancing! that was the amazing thing. The look on his face though, it must have hurt, or at least been quite surprising. But he kept going and AJ’s ‘oh no, I hit Kevin’ face a couple of seconds after XD. I guess these things happen, especially in the small confines of the Brohoho tunnel.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          U-Kiss is gonna hold a showcase in Indonesia early next year!! asdjkajskajdf And AJ will be there too~. \^o^//

        • :O I’m super jealous right now!!
          They will be kinda ‘close’ to Australia… they might come over right? right? hahahah probably not… but I can dream lol >.<

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Orange Caramel, tomorrow, with NU’EST.

        • hahaha yes, I’ll be there! lol Link me, because I’m sure you’ll see it before I do

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          We’ll see if Pledis actually sticks to their word this time. lol

          Ummm hopefully it has a MV too, although I might just get mad at NU’EST stealing some of OC’s screen-time. :P

        • lol I’m not sure about all of the animal soft-toys in the picture… can’t really imagine a song or MV with them, but it should be interesting. Is there any word on what the song will be about or what it is called? If its another Christmas song, I’m probably not going to like it :P

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I don’t rly know anything about it besides pic and that it’s coming the 13th lol.

        • ah well, nothing to do but wait and hope for a good MV I guess

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Ummm lol I just got word of a title.
          “Riding Through the Snowy High Heels”

          Sounds like Christmas and I find it comical to have NU’EST sing a song about high heels. (Although Ren would probably fit right in…)

        • hahaha… what the? Poor NU’EST lol
          Damn, why does it have to be a Christmas song! lol because its almost Christmas time, but still ᅲ.ᅲ
          Never know, I guess, it might be good.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          It’s OC, it has to be!

          Ummm some1 else said it was hills not heels. Idk which is right, both would make sense. One for literal, one for cheesy OC title.

        • hahaha uh oh! “Please look forward to another vibe these 2 groups will show which is different from their previous music style.” lol I can only imagine what that could mean. I don’t see the 2 groups having similar music style to begin with… so if different from their previous music style… hahaha oh no.
          and that gif is too fast! I can’t pick out everyone

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          That gif I think is from a past Happy Pledis.

          All I know is that I want OC to stay their stile and when I read that it would be “different” I instantly got worried.

          I guess we’ll have to see what we end up with tomorrow.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          After visiting Latin American countries this year, who knows they”ll focus on Asia and Australia next year. Never lose your hope! :)

        • LOL omg yeah I don’t know where I got Dongho getting hit by Kevin from ><

      • no in Belive Aj punched Kevin.
        And I think in B1a4s Beautiful target outtakes is a part where someone gets punched.

    • They’re 17, one is 19 :P
      lol this is the first time I hear someone call Nu’est badass fairies. XD Well they are beautiful people so yeah ~
      I’m glad you liked it ^_^

    • Next up, Action! (Better of the two IMO)

    • I haven’t heard about someone getting punched because they punch very bad :’D(look at 2:32 the guy at the front)

  17. [INFO] NU’EST will make a comeback next year january
    GAAAAHHHHHHHHH omg screaming like a fangirl right now.

  18. If there were a “Best Message” category, Nu’est would surely be nominated/potentially win!

    • I wish there was~

      • So sorry but you would not be winning that most likely if they did lol.

        • iloveminhyun

          why not? who else would be nominated? I’d say Nu’est, Miss A, Sunny Hill, Epik High, Jo Kwon… none of the big groups that jack all the votes so we probably would win XD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well if it was voting still, but then you guys would be viewed negatively if you all got them to win by a lot w/o actually taking the nominees seriously. (Kind of like how I don’t like Baby’s or VIP’s now because of those same exact reasons.)

        • iloveminhyun

          I don’t see your point. If they were nominated for any category of course we’ll try to get them to win just like any fandom will try to get their favorite groups to win.
          I don’t dislike the Babyz or the VIPs. They are large in number and they vote for their bias group. Of course BAP doesn’t have the best aegyo, but still, the Babyz get a sense of satisfaction that their favorite group won something and that’s why they vote and that’s okay. :)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I dislike ppl that are blinded by their biases.

          I guess I’m just not as biased as you guys. I wouldn’t have voted for Orange Caramel for Outfits if it made it (I actually cut it from there).

        • iloveminhyun

          I guess you dislike me then. *pouts*
          Okay, I guess I see your point and I am guilty of being too biased… it’s a fangirl thing.
          I’ll try to be less biased., I promise. Don’t dislike me pwease.

        • iloveminhyun

          I guess you dislike me then. *pouts*
          Okay, I guess I see your point and I am guilty of being too biased… it’s a fangirl thing.
          I’ll try to be less biased., I promise. Don’t dislike me pwease.

        • Brigid_AnDarrach

          This is also a reply to NANAandLIZZYfanatic’s comment up above.

          As both a gigantic BABY and VIP (two of the only three fangroups I would count myself an actual part of, though I I’m not too picky about what K-Pop I like), I’d like to say that I also hate it when people vote for only their favorite groups. It makes things like this, that win or lose purely on votes, a lot less fun, and it’s a lot less fair to the artists that don’t have the kind of exposure that the bigger groups have.

          On behalf of my fandoms, I would like to point out that a lot of BABYs and VIPs do actually take this into account, and that it’s very unfair to make generalizations like these. The problem is that, even if 100% of, for instance, L.O./.E.s voted for a Nu’Est video that was up against a BigBang video, and only 40% of the VIPs voted for the BigBang video, the sheer numbers would still end up drowning the voting system. BABYs do, perhaps, tend to be a bit more biased when it comes to voting, accounting for the situation over at “Best Aegyo”, but I think that’s also because where “Stop It” is concerned, a lot of them feel like S&M purposefully sabotaged the voting by saying the things they did, and they feel like they’re owed a review. I’m not saying that’s the right thing to do; indeed, I am *not* voting for it, as I don’t really count it as aegyo, which I define as purposefully adorable and cutesy. I view the video as more lighthearted fun than cute, so I don’t think it fits.

          I know that Nu’Est has faced a lot of disappointment where voting has been concerned as well, but with “Stop It” having failed to obtain a review so recently, those wounds are still fresh enough for the BABYs that they’re latching back onto that same fervor and indignation.

          I guess that what I’m getting at mostly is that it’s a broken system, without a real way to fix it, but generalizing us is hurtful and saddening. Not all of us are mindless voting machines. :)

        • Kpop in general is, in general, composed of fangirls (with some fanboys) mindlessly voting for their biases :)

        • I actually like all the nominees. I don’t get why you think we wouldn’t take the other nominees seriously :/ L.O./.E’s know how difficult maintaining a position can be and how easily rankings can change at the last minute. But I think Nu’est would be able to win because they actually have a really good message, and of course a lot of other people from different fangroups think the same, at least judging by the Youtube comments. I personally don’t see bullying being talked about by a popular group so that’s why Nu’est stood out to me (and thousands of other fans). I see a lot of “women independence” messages though, so I think Nu’est would definitely have had a really good chance.

        • But Exo’s Mama also had a great message and there are lots of Exotics so we would have had a tough time haha.

        • They would definitely be nominated though :) Who do you think would win?

  19. LO/ES WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR THIS XD NU’EST needs to be reviewed!!!!!!!

  20. I just love Pledis Family and know its hard for them all to win but still. I’m voting for them all cuz they deserves it my heart.

  21. UGH. I REALLY hope they win in this category at LEAST. 4 TIMES. 4. TIMES.

  22. LO/Es, where are you? The gap between Infinite and Nu’est is getting larger. >.<
    *sigh* I guess the eatyourkimchi curse has yet to be lifted :(

    • I’ll say 2 things: Comments and other nominations.
      The Comments are one of the LOVEs strongest weapons because we’re a pretty small fandom, that can only vote 1-5 times a day, and we used to duplicate those votes with talking.
      And two: a lot of LOVEs are fighting for “more important awards”, they’re not so worried abaout winning or losing in EYK.
      At least that’s what I think :P

      • I guess you’re right XD Plus commenting always encourages people to come and vote more often.
        Second place to the one and only Infinite isn’t bad I guess. I’m actually surprised we’ve overtaken EXO and Bilasa and TVXQ. And second place in Best Outfit is amazing as well ^_^
        NEXT COMEBACK, WE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT. This curse will be lifted.

        • Well I know there is some shared fan base, cuz I love Bilasa, I’m a BANA but I’m more of a LO/E so I’m voting for NU’EST over Bilasa even though I really really wanted a review for that song. But then again the only group I really like more than NU’EST is SHINee and they have a massive fan base so I rarely bother with voting for them, cuz they almost always win.

  23. apred pledis’ love by voting all pledis artists’ nominees

  24. i vote this mv along with OC. so well deserved ><

  25. I want this to wiiiin!

  26. So close so close so close

  27. annyeong//… I’m a L.O./.E Vietnam. Let’s vote for Nu’est… Fighting. Because We’re L.O./.Es. We love Nu’est…

  28. NU’EST arrived on Japan! Will they shoot another mv there? keke XD

    • I wish! Maybe for a track in their upcoming album!

      • Heyy! Someone said, “NU’EST is going to have their SOLO CONCERT in Japan today”. Really?

        • iloveminhyun

          YUP. *excited state*
          If I didn’t have exams today, I would have gone to Japan. I’m not joking. I would have FLOWN ALL THE WAY TO JAPAN to attend their first solo concert. But the timing was wrong. :(
          Next solo concert, I’m flying to wherever they go XD I’m not joking right now. I’ve collected the money ^_^

        • Velvetblue Veille

          What about their next concert in Malaysia? Will u fly there? :)

        • iloveminhyun

          I haven’t heard of that.. when is it? If it’s a solo concert and i have a holiday, heck yeah!

        • Velvetblue Veille

          It’s on 15th Dec. But the tickets have been sold already. Not sure if u can make it or not..

          Btw, do you know that Nu’est will be back on January?!

        • iloveminhyun

          oh no, I couldn’t have made it. Exams until the 20th hehe.

  29. Nu’est ya~~~~~

  30. ~flail~ ;-; Oh so depressing, but still always voting, hopefully we’ll win? Maybe? C’moooon

  31. Hey guys… What do you think about the difference between the “Fansub translations” of this song and the “English Text version” that is available in NU’EST´s official Youtube channel? Which of them do you prefer? I prefer the english text version, its shows the real meaning of the song rather than literal word-for-word translation.

  32. Guys, so I’ve been doing some calculating in this category. The gap between us and Infinite is quite large, and the problem is that it’s not getting any smaller (rather it got a little bigger from yesterday >.<) PUSH HARDER LO/Es. I think this category is our best shot..

  33. Starsania

    Though I love Infinite to death, <3 <3 I think I'll be voting for Face and Lipstick in this category. Both Face and Action were major letdowns when it came to review time cutoffs and such. I'd love to see them reviewed. Lipstick also deserves a review for the great video they put out.

  34. Voting NU’EST for Kpop Awards

  35. Vote NU’EST for Kpop Awards

  36. MIN~RON Couple

  37. ♡ NU’EST ♡ Minhyun ♡ JR ♡ Aron ♡ Baekho ♡ Ren ♡

  38. wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii amo a NU’EST LOS AMO ♥♥♥
    NU’EST ♥♥♥♥ NU’EST ♥♥♥♥ NU’EST ♥♥♥♥
    NU’EST ♥♥♥♥ NU’EST ♥♥♥♥ NU’EST ♥♥♥♥

  39. Okay… I know this is off topic from the random crap being discussed below, but can someone tell me what the hell I just watched? Like, what was this video about, normally I get it, but this time I don’t. So… did they pose while the kid got his ass kicked or is this one of those, if we befriend him he’s cool type of things? Can anyone clarify, I really am curious.

    • It’s about bullying. Look up the lyrics it will make more sense.

    • Oh, I thought it was quite clear o_O. But to explain, this song has an anti-bullying message. You see the kid getting beat-up? Nu’est steps in and befriends/defends him. At 0:55 JR (the guy with pink studded gloves) grabs the bully away from the victim, defending the helpless boy on the ground. The choreography afterwards, at 1:00, mimics the actions of the bully (physical abuse). The scene cuts back to JR telling the bully he’s just a flea (as in, even if you bully someone and feel more powerful than them, in the end you’re nothing but a dirty fleabag). At 1:11, Baekho (manly-looking blond) starts singing more anti-bullying stuff and again, performs a dance move that mimics physical bullying (kick and elbow jab). Then Minhyun (guy with cornrows) comes in and sings more about anti-bullying (“I won’t say, Hey what’s up, Loser?”) His next dance move of pushing Ren (girly looking blond) down is another manifestation of what bullying looks like. But then, Aron comes in and helps Ren up which is a message to the audience that bystanders should help the victim when they notice bullying. Afterwards, the entire group “retaliates” in a mock-fight choreography that knocks down Minhyun. His role just turned from bully to victim, and then Aron again, extends a helping hand. This entire choreography mimics the fighting in the story, as you can tell by the cuts going back to the group of kids kicking the boy/victim. The next part at 2:25 is very symbolic- the teacher is wearing a mask and continues to teach (pointing at blackboard) despite the fighting going on in front of him. This is actually something that apparently happens in Korean schools- the teacher will blatantly ignore bullying and turn a blind eye to it. So this scene speaks out against the silence of society, because silence is just as bad as the actual bullying. More BA shots of Nu’est walking like the bosses they are while singing about how bullying is bad and why bullies are just little people and that people shouldn’t let their bullies take away their happiness so they should continue to reach for the “jackpot” and “don’t stop” until they achieve their hopes and dreams. I think. Look up the lyrics, they really compliment the video and the song. Anyway, 3:25, Aron helps the victim up, showing the audience that just by giving a helping hand/being their friend, you can stop the victim’s loneliness and be a light in his dark world. Then the English at the end, I assume you understand. David and Goliath is a biblical story of how a little boy won against a giant- the little boy refers to the victim, the giant represents the bully. So the victim will win. “Keep up with my pace, if you can, don’t lag Wile E. Coyote, b/c I’m RoadRunner, fast.” <– Wile E. Coyote and RoadRunner are cartoon characters, and RoadRunner was always outsmarting/faster than the Coyote. By saying that, Aron is saying how the victim will eventually evade the bully and soar to new heights that the bully can't reach.

      Everyone feel free to share your interpretations :) I'm lacking sleep at the moment so this probably isn't a very well-written response lol.

  40. Why we still no number 1 yet?

  41. unicornsgalaxy

    If Nu’est doesn’t win something in the EYKA’s, then I so don’t even care if their next video is balls awful, I will still vote for it because it’s like they are cursed or something!

  42. So… Are we keeping our strenght for a last minute push or what? I don’t see ANYONE talking here! Is it because comments doesn’t give us points? I miss all the conversations between LOVEs :’(

  43. L.O.ㅅ.E FIGHTING!! For NU’EST comeback!! FIGHTING!!!!

  44. Yay, you climbed a place :) I hope this makes it to the top!

  45. guys, careful, EXO is not far from us!

  46. Okay guys! Now we have to spread the word okay?
    make sure other Loves know that Nu’est is Nominated <3

  47. Why do I feel like the votes aren’t moving?

  48. I’m not going to lie, the reason I started listening to this song to begin with is because Ren’s red shoes caught my attention when I was flipping through the channels I watch…going from MNET to BBC, but I stopped for that reason. And I stayed for the talent and the message. NU’EST is one of my favorite groups and I LO/E them.

  49. Nu’est Hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Hello L.O.Λ.E’s!!! I know Infinite are amazing- but it may seem harsh- but please don’t vote for them as well as NU’EST. NU’EST are my favourite band and I would love to see them win this! I am really sad they were never reviewed. If you guys vote for Infinite as well- Infinite will beat us!
    Keep voting for NU’EST! <3

  51. I really hope that they’ll win this time. Nu’est and Loves, you really deserve it for fighting so hard. I’ll come here everyday to vote and twit…. and obviously to leave a comment. :D

    I actually can’t really name the members, but I think there was some guy doing Kendo, right? Please let me be right,… it would be so awkward if I wasn’t.. :D

    • Blueberries

      Yes, Baekho was the one who did Kendo. Or to be more precise he does korean version of kendo.. it have different name (that I can’t remember XD) but it’s really similar.


  53. I can’t share it on twitter or face book cuz the pop up button when the mouse goes over it everytime I try to click the share button for it :/

  54. Let’s be greedy and vote for NU’EST for best Rookie, too! x3

  55. Wait, wait, lemme get this straight… I thought this was just an EYK award. Are they really going to review the winner? As in, we’ll get a second chance to get Face reviewed?! Because my goodness, if that’s the case, HALLELUJAH!!!! The subject of bullying, the choreography that fits with the song, the teacher in the mask pretending he doesn’t see anything while the fight’s raging in front of him, the amazing English ladden with metaphors, everything can be touched upon!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG MUST. GET. THIS. TO. NUMBER. 1. AND. MAINTAIN. IT. IN. FIRST. PLACE!

    • They haven’t announced prices yet, but we are hoping they are going to review the winner of this category. Because if not, it’s going to be like: “NU’EST won PKMM, they should’ve got a review but didn’t get the chance… HOORAY FOR THEM!… Thank you for voting” xD

      • Aw boo I just read their blog post closely and it seems there’ll be a huge KMM for all the categories… so I’m guessing just 3-5 minutes for each song/group, at best? Still, that’s better than nothing! :) Let’s go, L.O./.E’s!!! Face is SO epic, I literally listened to it nonstop for 2 months… and even now it’s still my go-to song hehe. The message struck me the most though. I mean, the melody was instantly catchy and got me hooked (plus Ren was total eye-candy at first sight. They all are, but Ren was just super flashy although my bias is Shanghai boy lol). But the message to me, is the best part of the song. It’s very rare that something like bullying is touched upon by a boyband, and a rookie as their debut, at that! I absolutely adore Nu’est and wish all the best for them! <3

    • Blueberries

      Yea Face has so much potential in many ways. The message and story are really strong and important. Also the beat, lyrics and dance are so powerfull. I’d really love if they would review it :D

  56. Omoo, they’re second !!!LO/Es let’s voteee

  57. oh god the face slap dance lol JUST EPIC!

  58. yeah this vid would of been so funny to review lol

  59. We’re up in 2nd now! we’re climbing quickly, maybe we can get this first place!

  60. I sort of like that comments don’t count, that way we can chat freely. Like, for instance, let’s talk about how short the potential members of Seventeen/Tempest/you-know-what-I-mean-make-Aron look.

    Speaking of that group, anyone know when they are supposed to debut or know anything about the members?

    • I think they’re supposed to debut sometime early next year. Poor Aron, he’ll forever be the short hyung XD

      I’m actually a little nervous for their debut, I can just feel that most of them will be younger than me, lol

      • I’m really excited for them, so they better not disappoint and I hope that Pledis markets them better.

        • I think they’re going to be epic. I’m actually really interested how Pledis is going to market them: are they going to go the Exo group and promote in different countries, are they going to be in subgroups but technically be called Seventeen/Tempest? I can’t wait til they debut^^

    • They are supposed to debut beginning of 2012. looking forward to them XD
      I saw a bunch of pictures from the members. Let me tell you. THEY ARE FRIGGIN BEAUTIFUL. I think Pledis chose them based on their looks. here’s one of them that caught my eye.
      I look forward to their debut. 17 beautiful boys in one group. ajdisguhjksg
      BUT, to be completely honest, I don’t think I’ll become a fan. 17 members is just wayyyyy to much, and I sincerely hope that Pledis changes its mind. I don’t think they’ll be epic like Nu’est, and I don’t think, like pledisboss seems to think, that they’ll be as popular as EXO or as Nu’est. I think I’ll like them for eye candy, but it’s not likely I’ll love them enough to learn all of their names… lol.
      BUT, still, I have my fingers crossed XD

  61. Feels like old times, voting for NU’EST until I fall asleep, chatting with the Nasty Lovers. Don’t ever stop guys. :D

  62. LO/Ers, let’s vote for NU’EST ^_^

    1-Melon Awards: We can help watching FACE here:

    2- Seoul Music Awards: Only Korean fans can vote u.u (THIRD PLACE AFTER JOHN PARK + BAP)

    3- Allkpop [best new boyband]: in the page you can vote as many times as you want. (WE HAVE NO IDEA, BUT VOTE YOUR ASS OFF)

    4- KU Awards [Best Male Rookie]: Many times as you want. (WE ARE WINNING)

    5- HALLYUMANYAS: [Best Debut, Choreo & Song of the year]: = As many times as you want ^^.
    05 Mejor Coreografía: (3rd PLACE AFTER SUJU & JUNSU)
    06 Mejor Canción: (5th PLACE, BUT THAT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER)
    02 Mejor Debut: (WE ARE WINNING)


    • Nice to see you again iloveminhyun lol. anyway Nu’est is Nominated for alot of stuff its crazy

      • annyong <3 What's up fellow nasty lo/E? <3

        • chadaria ellis

          voting hardcore for Nu’est ^0^ they HAVE to win something for this year!
          i don’t wanna have them be disappointed again! (it made me sad )

        • iloveminhyun

          JR’s message about Mama :( </3

        • chadaria ellis

          yeah. . . . .
          MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cough cough*. . . ha.
          p.s. its nic to see some of the people that where voting for action and not over you hear too lol

        • Velvetblue Veille

          What did he say?

        • iloveminhyun

          This is his exact message:

          We’re preparing for sailing.
          Our L.O.ㅅ.Es have been waiting for long, right?
          We’re now preparing for the next album.
          We will sail, so please wait just for a little bit more.
          And also us.. Rookie awardsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
          Funny…sad.. hurt..
          Well, anyway…I’m happy because there are L.O.ㅅ.Es who are more important than rookie awards .
          We’ll try to work more, more and more hard this time.
          Please like us a lot~ But because we’re doing fancafe activities in between practicing and recording .. We’re so busy that We can’t do fancafe activities often……I’m sorry..sorry..
          But!! From now on, although it’ll takes our sleeping time!!!!!
          I’ll wake the other members up for our L.O.ㅅ.Es….
          And we’ll do our best for NU’EST fancafe activities!!!!
          Just wait, I’ll visit often and upload a lot of photos~ Everyone should wait 24hours, you won’t know what will I do..
          But .. I think we’ll be the best this time? According to my feelings?
          My feelings are never wrong.
          Well…You can look forward for it.
          Then, I have to go to preparing again.

  63. Blueberries

    Yay, we are going up. Now number 4! :))

  64. I’m voting for Nu’est! I’m not a Love, but I think they deserve to win this. They’ve been so close to winning so often, and their fans are wonderful :) I hope this wins!

    • Blueberries

      Thank you! :D I think this voting is little bittersweet to us.. like reminder how close we always were XD But well.. winning this would suit to Nu’est and it’s bad luck at EYK.

      • Will we get a KMM for Nu’est if we win this?

        • Blueberries

          I don’t actually know. They haven’t talk about prices. KMM would be awesome.. like KMM for Nu’est best and most reviewable song! But well I think they at least do a video where they announce winner and maybe say something about them.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          I hope so.

  65. Let’s give them more and more LO/E and support !

  66. Voting on mobile is a pain in the butt, buuuuut if it’s for NU’EST I can put up with it.

  67. These guy’s better win!! It’s AMAZING!!

  68. I believe Nuest deserves to win this category not only for not getting reviewed multiple times, but also for having such dedicated fans. Every time I come into a nuest video to lurk , everyone is always so kind ^_^

  69. This is my vote because it touches on a serious issue. And it’s refreshing to see a K-pop group bring out to the fore front like this especially a rookie group like Nu’est. Great video they deserve recognition for it. They won my heart and respect with this video. I really hope they win.

  70. Even though I would have wished they review Infinite or B1A4, no one deserves this award more than Nu’est. They always lost by a little 3 times. If they don’t win people are just being biased.

    • I think every one of the nominees deserves to win, and everyone is biased, no? Including you? xD

      We want people to enjoy these awards, so let’s not bring down other groups ‘k :)

      I agree about Nu’est needing some recognition for all their persistence though

  71. I wonder why they used the 400,000+ video instead of the 12,000,000+ video:P

  72. Hi guys :D I never thought I’d see us here again… It brings back so many memories /cries
    Is this gonna be Nu’est’s chance at redemption? Hope so ;) But let’s just try our best for our lovely boys~
    …Nu’est Time Showtime! Nu’est Hwaiting!

  73. Oh God, I’m here and I’ve got all this feelings mixed inside of me! (Happiness to be with all the LOVEs one more time, excitement for the competition, anger because… well it’s obvious, and FEAR… I don’t want to lose AGAIN, it was pretty hard last time, and the one after that, and the one after that). NU’EST really, REALLY deserves this! I don’t want to be rude, but they deserve it more than the other groups nominated (and I really like some of those, and Orange Caramel is part of “our” family, but still…) :D LOVEs FIGHTING! n_n You’ll see me here very often, I’ve been saving coffee fo this moment… sleepless nights HERE I COME!

  74. we must win…we must break this evil KKM curse…I really hope we win, this is a very awesome song with a great message and the video is so cool

  75. LO/Es let’s unite and vote a lot <3

  76. Dear Nasty LO/Es,
    As you know, we are a very unlucky fandom… We are so unlucky, we created a page to help us with future endeavors, like this one.
    So can all the Nasty LO/Es like this facebook page please? It’s wholly dedicated to eatyourminchi+ Nu’est and it will help with our goal of finally getting Nu’est reviewed.
    Thanks <3

    • Eat Your Minchi?

      lol I’m nvr going to let u get away w/ a spelling error after pointing our my Bora-Baro swap.

      • the baro/bora swap was hilarious XD and I will forever hold you to that misspelling.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Where all the Pledis fans at?!
          I refuse to post on any AS FB pages and let that crap be on my friends news feed.

          I posted a comment about the awards in an AS blog but idk if they’ll make a post about it.

        • iloveminhyun

          lol. why? Are you embarrassed?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I try to refrain from letting too much of my nerdiness show. All my friends know I’m a big gamer but I don’t go sharing/commenting about it because none of them give a crap/know what I’m talking about.

          I was just nerdy enough during school that I could still hang out w/ the “cool kids” lol.

        • iloveminhyun

          well I’ve complete embraced it and its for show. With my Nu’est bracelets and Nu’est stickers in my car and ‘Face’ on repeat playing full volume whenever i give someone a ride. not to mention my super junior t-shirt that I wear to university and my TVXQ playing cards. I’m getting a Nu’est calender as well.
          so yeah, everyone knows i’m a nerd and I don’t care.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Ewww SuJu T shirt. Burn that thing now!

          Well my cousin is rly the only other person that knows I’m into K-Pop. I tried to convert him lol, he liked some of it but I don’t think I fully succeeded, he doesn’t rly say much about it, but yet when I ride in his car I play some from my iPod and he’s like “Don’t skip this one” or stuff. So yeah idk.

          Nah I can’t fully embrace the nerd inside of me.

        • iloveminhyun

          i’m not a SuJu fan really, my friend got it for me. But I love it because its my only Kpop shirt.
          I’m starting to like SuJu so shhhhhh. XD
          Convert him!!! CONVERT THE WORLD. I want kpop to take over the world.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I might have to go all nerd this weekend tho because on Friday I’m going to be in Chicago for Final Fantasy’s only North American 25th anniversary concert.

          And I’m a BIG FF nerd, I might have a total nerdgasm and not be able to hold myself back from going crazy on FB. We’ll see.

        • iloveminhyun

          Final Fantasy is so pretty. I don’t know much about it, but I know it looks pretty and artistic. I bought it once for my PS3 but I didn’t know how to play it so right now its sitting there collecting dust.
          wait. how can a game have a concert? is there a band called FF? sorry, I’m clueless.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Nope just all the music from the games. Most of it is like symphony type music w/ some J-Pop, and a lil bit of everything thrown in too.

          I kind of got into it late so I haven’t played them all but I do own IV, VI, VII, VIII, X, X-2, XII, XIII, XIII-2 and some non-main entry titles.

          I’m guessing the one u own is XIII then, the tutorial is quite long to understand the combat system.

          Here lemme give u links to a couple vids I made.

          My fav songs from XIII^

          My fav songs from XIII-2 (This one’s soundtrack was more experimental)

          I was going to make a vid fro my top 10 songs from FFX but I’m waiting for more FFX:HD news to come out so I can release it at peak popularity.

          Wait, PS3, u play much?

        • iloveminhyun

          woah, they’re soo long XD
          I’m listening to them in the background. not bad ~
          I love(d) Jpop XD Arashi was my everything at one point.
          I never really go through tutorials, so I just started playing and got all confused so I stopped. I like simple.

          I play the simple games. Singstar, dance dance revolution, and all of those adventure games for little kids because I’ve got a lot of younger siblings. my absolute fav game of all time will always be Spyro: Year of the Dragon. PS1. I still play it till this day. nothing can compare to it.
          maybe I should give final fantasy another shot…

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Kingdom Hearts 1&2 are where it’s at. Final Fantasy meets Disney w/ Utada Hikaru singing the theme songs. C’mon now, what beats that?

          Seriously tho check them out if u haven’t they don’t play like a FF game.

          And yeah that’s what every complains about when I made those vids. Sorry but I had to do top 10s cause I’m too indecisive to do top 5s and I refused to hack up the songs to shorten.

          FFXIII is one of my fav games of all time tho. In my top 10, once u get past tutorial it rly isn’t that hard, it’s one of the easier FF games. (And the graphics are like FREAKIN AMAZING!!!)

        • Kingdom Hearts was my childhood! I’m actually planning to have a Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 7 marathon when I’m home for break

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          KH2 is my fav game of all time, they are killing me w/ all the spinoffs on a dif portable for each one tho.

          *shameless self-promotion* All KH and FF news worth a mention are posted here, mainly by me lol.

        • iloveminhyun

          I shall order Kingdom of hearts and try it. If I don’t like it I’ll give it to my little brother or the neighbor’s kid and blame you for wasting my money XD
          And i don’t know my PSNID and too lazy to go see what it is. Next time I play, I’ll make a note of it and give it to you. But I don’t really play all that often lol. It’s usually my little sister who play barbie and stuff.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Ouch Kingdom Hearts, no of. 1 for plot 2 for gameplay. And it has fanfics galore lol.

        • iloveminhyun

          ooo fanfiction!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Ugh the worst ones ever. Disgusting ppl online I tell ya!

        • iloveminhyun

          lol what is it that you find disgusting? is is the boyxboy girlxgirl? i admit that I am a shipper so this stuff doesn’t bother me too much. XD
          if you mean erotica, then yes i agree. quite disgusting sometimes ^_^

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yaoi and lots of nasty pics online between practically every1.

        • iloveminhyun

          oh pics. yeah, reading about is one thing, seeing it is something else..

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well idk which is worse all the pics ruining the innocence of the game or the fanfics doing the same.

          I mean it’s a freakin Disney collaborated game ppl, keep ur panties on.

          And somehow a majority of ppl seem to think friendship equals hidden gay romance… -_-

          But yes Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, ignore all the sidestories and spinoffs. 1′s controls are a little dated but the story is incredible, 2′s combat is far improved but story is slightly weaker due to it just being a continuation.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          What’s ur PSN ID?
          (Mine is too retardedly long to have u add it)

          This sucks, I just realized Aegyo category releases while I’m gone.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          S&M just replied to me about the concert, they said they went to one!!! :D

        • iloveminhyun

          the FF concert? where did they reply?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I commented about missing aegyo because of it on the initial post about the awards.

        • iloveminhyun

          NUEST IS IN FIFTH YAY. sorry, i had to rub it in XD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I saw, I mourned.

        • iloveminhyun

          no seriously, use all your fbs and google plusses and stuff.
          and its 2AM (JOKWON) here and I have a lecter in like 5 hours. i have to go sleep, byebye.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Umm u said u only got me 2 points…

        • iloveminhyun

          I’ll get you more. come on, YOURE A PLEDIS STAN. we shouldn’t be in competition!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Oh but we are!

          Yeah I gave u another vote on my phone lol. Also I got the AS site to post about it so that might have brought u guys some more points too.

        • iloveminhyun

          well when it comes down to it, who would you rather have winning, Infinite or Nu’est? Use your logic! i mean if OC was winning, i would have definitely voted there XD
          and wow, you’re dedicated. ^_^
          DONT WORRY, I’ll help OC with aegyo. But if Hello Venus gets more points, I’m going for Hello Venus XD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Infinite ;)

          Ummm OC WAS winning… -_-

          I gave u a share and a tweet. But yeah Rookie I’m helping y’all but if u guys are way behind and it’s a battle of Exo and BAP then I’m going Exo (Outfit I will solely be voting for you tho so yeah)

        • iloveminhyun

          lol are you serious or are you trolling me? PLEDIS FOREVER AND EVER.
          Yeah OC was winning but I knew they were only there because Simon and Martina’s video, and that we’ll overtake them lol.
          I’m torn as to whether to vote Sistar or AS as best girl group. I’ll probably go for both.
          You were the one that suggested outfit for Action? lol I should have said this a loongg time ago, but I don’t understand why that’s there. OC’s outfits were definitely ‘better’ that nu’ests. Nu’est had plain outfits imo XD but we might win so that’s cool. ^_^

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I was trolling but still u didn’t help us much.

          I’m voting for both, kind of like I’m voting SHINee and PSY for dance. KARA is also getting a lot of support from me because I hate seeing them in last place… :/

        • iloveminhyun

          haha that’s cute. OKAY OKAY, I’ll go tweet and fb share and google plus OC. I’ll help you overtake BILASA~

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Ummm the shiny reflective suit is amazing, I had it readded after it was removed, I fought for it. Then Fuuko said she had her fam watch all the nominees and it was their fav choice so YEAH!

        • iloveminhyun

          I thought it was hot, no doubt about it, but there were better options. XD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Ummm no, it was cool. Not hot.

        • iloveminhyun

          heh, I think differently than you XD
          ok nvm, now that I remember, it was both cool and hot.
          did you know JR started to bleed from that outfit? >.< my poor baby.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Eww I usually downvote comments w/ stuff like that on AKP (My poor baby)

          Anywho nope didn’t know lol.

        • iloveminhyun

          whyyy JR is my baby <3 I'm his noona, i love him in a maternal way. He's my baby ^_^ so is everyone else in Nu'est ^_^

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I’m sorry but this comment is getting downvoted.

          Obsession has a line I refrain to cross, you have crossed it lol.

        • iloveminhyun

          lol i acknowledge that I am obsessed with them ..
          you soo don’t know me :P I crossed that line a long time ago XD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          SISTAR is getting whooped on in Nasty Dance too.

          Bora and Hara… I have failed u both.

          (OC is doing better than I expected)

        • iloveminhyun

          well because that definitely was not the nastiest dance in that list XD
          I can’t bring myself to care about those categories…

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          -_- SHINee and SISTAR.

          It’s isn’t the nastiest but it is def the sexiest. Wait, don’t vote, u’ll just bump up frontal wedgie man.

          Dance tho, c’mon now Sherlock is like pure amazazazing.

        • iloveminhyun

          I already told you I’m not a fan of shinee or that song. BUT, I’ll vote for it because of you because I don’t really care otherwise.
          My fav dance in the nasty cane video was Venus. That was definitely one of top 5 fav releases of this year (along with Face, Action, Nillili Mambo and Loving U)
          I’ll go vote Sistar though, because I don’t really care XD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          What about Gangnam? Well wait dance shouldn’t matter bout bias, it’s freakin amazing! (Infinite is on there…)

          Yay! While you’re at it give KARA a charity point lol.

          Ooh ur gonna have trouble in Aegyo. OC, HV, SISTAR…. (I’m totally ticked that I won’t be able to do anything the 1st day most likely!!! Hmmm possibly vote on my phone at least…)

          Aegyo is the only one I care about D;
          Nana/Lizzy, Bora/Hyorin, Hara. One of those three must win, THEY MUST!!!

          I’m getting all worked up now. *REMEMBER THE LINE, JAMIE!*

        • iloveminhyun

          I’m not really a Gangnam Style fan XD
          okay, i gave Kara a few points. not like its going to have much of an impact :P
          oh Sistar is in aegyo? but Loving U wasn’t the best aegyo for sure..

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Oh yes, yes it is (Well besides OC and maybe Hara…)

          Be biased, we did the nominations so that all are deserving, so go w/ ur biases, we don’t care.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          FF could actually be part of the reason I got into K-Pop so easily because there are a lot of Japanese songs in the games that I like so I was already fine w/ liking a song even if I didn’t understand it.

        • Lol, all my friends refer to me as the Korean girl OTL
          I like Suju…although U-Kiss just beat them out of my bias position(Soohyun T_T)
          I’ve actually converted my best friend somewhat. I always talk about kpop around her so she actually knows the name of idols and groups and she actually likes some songs *evil laugh*

        • iloveminhyun

          haha it won’t be long now before your friend is brought over to the dark side!
          and I like U-Kiss too. XD Somehow though, SuJu is moing up my list of favorite bands and might JUST overtake U-Kiss… XD

        • She’s already addicted to EYK^^
          Suju’s awesome, but U-Kiss, Nu’est BTOB, Infinite, and Block B are beating them right now…and I regret nothing

        • iloveminhyun

          BLOCK B. I loved them so so so so so much.
          For me, Nu’est, TVXQ, B1A4, Block B, Epik High, 2AM are beating them. But slowly, I think I’m transforming into an ELF. I never thought I would say it… I didn’t even like Super Junior until like a month ago.
          I think it’s leeteuk. I might be in love with him.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic


        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Hey u see in Australia AS, SDB, Block B, and a bunch of other ppl are having a concert?

        • iloveminhyun

          yup. So jealous of all those Aussies. It’s like a perfect combination. (If only Nu’est was there XD) I’d have probably flied all the way to australia.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well u could drop BEG, TT, and KTW, but other than that yeah all ppl I at least slightly like.

        • iloveminhyun

          i don’t much about any of those three XD
          oo, 100%, Lunafly and EvoL. Some of my favorite rookies <3

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Idk the person lol, Brown Eyed Girls is Ga In and their adultness, Teen Top I don’t know anything about except Neil and Lizzy like eachother or something along those lines.

        • iloveminhyun

          nawwww that’s soo cute about Neil and Lizzy <3

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Idk they mentioned it in the newest OC WI episode (WHICH I SENT YOU).

        • iloveminhyun

          WHICH I SHALL WATCH VERY SOON. as soon as I finish my exams, first thing on my list of things to do is watch playgirlz school.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Playgirlz Girl?


        • iloveminhyun

          SCHOOL. grr…
          (ahem Bora/Baro) XD
          don’t laugh at me :P

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          One mistake, I have found like 10 you have done since then lol.

          All were relatively comical but Playgirlz Girl might be my fav.

        • iloveminhyun

          Bora/Baro will always be the most comical so shhhh

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I was tired! And it was a letter swap, you’re randomly switching and jacking up words! LOL

        • iloveminhyun

          still it was funnier than any of my mistakes lol

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Only cause dude has long hair lol.

        • iloveminhyun


        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          nvrm I had brain fart and forgot which 1 was Baro. He’s the rapper dude.

        • iloveminhyun

          yes. but even if you were talking about CNU, the comment makes no sense XD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yes because I found my mix up funnier because it was at least w/ a dude w/ long hair. But it wasn’t so nvrm.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          See now I don’t find it as funny… lol

        • iloveminhyun

          never mind, I think I get it XD

        • I feel your pain, Kyuhyun totally converted me T_T

        • iloveminhyun

          so many people like kyuhyun XD For me, hands down leeteuk if I’m ever going to become an ELF.
          I can’t not love leeteuk. He’s just so magnificent and enchanting and just like the face of Kpop XD and the strange this is that I’m not even attracted to him or anything, it’s like he’s someone I respect..
          OK OK, i’ll stop fangirling over leeteuk now XD

        • He is awesome! I’m really going to miss him for the next two years :/ But yes, enough Leeteuk fangirling, Nu’est!!! XD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          yes please

        • iloveminhyun

          how did you even get into this conversation? XD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Disqus stalking of course.

        • NU’EST is one of my favorites too. :D My obsession with SuJu? Ryeowook and Yesung. Gorgeous men. And who doesn’t love Shindong, right? He’s so funny!! My top two biases in the whole male world of Kpop though are Yunho from TVXQ and U-Kwon from Block B. U-Kwon, U-Know.. I must have an obsession with those letters, hahaha. But at least Yunho is about my age so I don’t feel like a creepy noona, lol. xD

        • iloveminhyun

          ooo U-Kwon! you have good taste XD
          I love shindong too <3 I don't know yesung and ryeowook lol. from suju i only recognize leeteuk, shinddong and heechul XD
          lol if you're yunho's age then NU'EST are like your little dongsengs XD

        • At first I didn’t feel good telling people that I listen to Korean boybands, but now I’m like ‘f-it, I love KPop, deal with it’, so no more hiding ;)

    • Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads all the stuff we put in the info section..xD So many paragraphs..


      And I would go tell everyone to vote, but they probably already did.-cough-And forced everyone they know, to do so as well-cough-

  77. Vote ,vote ,voteee <3 They're the best !!


  79. Starsania

    I’m so so torn between Face and the Chaser. I’ll vote for em both, but Nu’Est really really deserves a review after all the drama the fans have been through.

  80. I would have loved seeing NU’EST on K-Pop mondays! They’re a new group and they deserve the spotlight~ I hope they win this category :3

  81. LO/Es, now is our chance! We’ve been so close every time, and Face actually was first place but then EXO officially debuted and knocked NU’EST out of 1st place, but we can win this time!

  82. This was the only song by a rookie that I really liked this year (Ailee and Busker Busker not included).I love the beat, the rapping, and the awesome dance moves.

  83. I LOVE NU`EST and this song. They have to win! <3

  84. Gonna vote for it and for Infinite *-*

  85. Im so much EXO biased, but I think I will vote for Nuest.^^ Nevertheless, I think ‘Not over you’ was a bigger drama than ‘Face’…three weeks on second place is cray.

  86. We have to win this time, guise! ; A ; We have tooooo!

  87. Guise, guise, this is our chance!!

  88. I guess comments don’t count. That was what we had going the best before! XD Anyway, definitely will be voting for NU’EST like cray-cray though. NU’EST FIGHTING!

  89. This is our only chance to let Nu’ests face get reviewed !!! LO/ES come on

  90. This HAS to be the best potential KMM. Nu’est is so right for this one. Come on Nasty LO/Es!!!

  91. Blueberries

    Yea let’s vote for Nu’est L.O./.E’s! This is category for us! We were so many times so close but no.. NU’EST is right choice for this one. And think all great both funny and serious stuff S&M could have talked about Face.

    commenting doesn’t count for voting right?

    • Don’t think so *le sigh* If it did we would totally kick butt though XD

    • Yea sorry, I told them I couldn’t handle comments from 170 videos at once :p

      But on the plus side, you can spam spazz as much as you like now? xD

    • *ahem*
      Orange Caramel is beating you guys right now lol, just thought I’d have a victory dance.
      Maybe ya’ll should give us an occasional point or two also since we are both Pledis. :D

      But yeah I’ll be helping you guys in Rookie and the other spots you are in so we’ll see what happens.

      • heh XD
        give it a few more days. I think we’ll at least make it to the top 3. :P
        I’ve given OC two points.
        The same thing would goes for you btw, you should give us a point or two because we’re in Pledis. But I’m def voting for HV, OC and AS, so don’t worry about that. XD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Egh I already voted for you guys once, I’m too busy trying to find out how to get more points as opposed to sittin around doin nothin. (I might have to come up w/ another dirty system breakin scheme.)

        • iloveminhyun

          its your fault for making your evil strategies known during the lipstick era XD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic


          And for getting comments removed from points, although I think that would have helped others more than OC.

        • iloveminhyun

          It would have helped Nu’est for sure. That was like our strong point.
          was the getting comments removed from points your idea?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Ummmm possibly ._.

          Well me, Jas, and Fuuko.

          I said most comments would be spam, bashing on competition, or repeats from last time vid was up, and that it would be total chaos trying to mod. So yeah I brought it up 1st, but Jas agreed, and Fuuko said she had already tried getting them removed before so…. IT WAS ALL FUUKO!!!


        • iloveminhyun

          but I think it’s for the best actually. Now I won’t feel compelled to waste my time and so I can actually study for exams.. T_T

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          But it’s kind of depressing now that it’s really here because I’m like “OK I did all I can within 10 minutes…”

        • iloveminhyun

          you could create FB accounts + google plus and vote?
          (*cough*i have a strategy but I’m not sharing because mods will kill me*cough*)
          its not very effective but still ~

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah after the two things I let out of the bag, I’ve refrained from releasing any other strategies I have even when asked lol (they all suck anyway).

          Umm I already have two G+s because YT made me lol, but I’ve thought about creating another FB just for this because I rarely FB like anymore….