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Secret – Poison

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Award Contender for:
  1. when it comes to nastiness this totally won :))

  2. Brigid_AnDarrach

    For those that don’t already know, Secret’s vehicle rolled two days ago, and Zinger’s still in the hospital with a broken rib and bruised lungs. Here’s an article with information updates.

    Not only do I believe that they do have the best video for this category, I would also love to continue to support them, especially now. They’re scheduled to pick up their promotions again at the end of the month, so hopefully that will give them time to rest and recuperate, especially Zinger. Secret Fighting!

  3. lunibelle

    The only dance that’s close in nastiness is Ranias Dr. Feel Good :D I think..

  4. Forever the nastiest dance…

  5. lunibelle

    Even if this doesn’t win, it will still be the nastiest dance for me :D

  6. This was so nasty

  7. King Nguyen

    I voted for this because the dance is so damn nasty that I hated Secret for it. They’ve lost me as a fan. That just proves how nasty it was.

  8. fuuko4869

    So this is the highest ranked female group huh? 2nd place. Not bad :p
    They are, after all, very sexy, and very nasty. Even the thumbnail has 80085.

    This is the kind of MV where, 10 seconds into the video, I’m already fanning myself from all the hotness lol xD

  9. lunibelle

    Meh, Xiahs fans are a force of nature! He’s awesome, but I really want Secrets Poison to win!

  10. don’t forget to vote for Talk That!!!!!!!

  11. lunibelle

    Double post ftw! :D

    I remember how surprised I was at the sudden leg spreading when I first watched the MV. :D I didn’t see that coming

  12. lunibelle

    Damn, Junsu has like double the amouts of votes. :D Junsuuu why you so naaaaasty! :D Let’s keep voting, the leg spreading is naaaasty and they should get the nasty award for this!

  13. Guys for serious! The leg spread dance literally has to win this award (my hyosung bias/obsession not withstanding) totally the sexiest and most nasty dance video of the year.

  14. lunibelle

    The leg spreading dance is so naaaasty :D But they just have the bodies for it, and the moves. If I danced this… oh Lord, it wouldn’t be pretty

  15. seriously the nasties video…and thats a damn compliment! this girls were awesome. Its refreshing to see girls in a sexual way just like guys..
    p.s. i feel like ppl will think i m les… well i m not :P

  16. This dance is so Nasty that even Sunhwa feels the need to put her hand between her and the camera on that first ‘in yo face’ shot of the leg splitting move xDDD Love the song and, specially, I liked that they felt they could pull out such a dance… which they totally can, of course =D I really love it when they try new things and don’t stick to the things they know they can do <3

  17. This is the Nastiest Video!! :S

  18. lunibelle

    The song was awesome, and they looked smokin hot, not to say naaaaasty! oooohhH!

  19. Really hot and a good song too!

  20. Oh gawd, this video… My friend and I were at a kpop dance party and they started playing this song and showing the video, and my friend and I were just like… 0.0 … female reproductive organs EVERYWHERE. I love the song, but I can’t look at that move SunHwa does at 1:03 without feeling like I’m watching pr0n. -_-;;;

  21. By far the most sexiest dance! I really liked this song

  22. i might get hate for this, but whatever.
    Xiah’s song is great, but SECRET’s dance was 10x more nastier than xiah’s. This is a category for nastiest dance, not choose your bias from the list below. Sure, xiah’s background dancers were pretty nasty but there were no dance moves he did that were sensual or as sexy as SECRET’s leg splitting nasty dance.

    • so true its all about who have biggest fanbase not based on the category… and i just hate it

    • This is what I don’t like about the charts, anything that has more fanbase will win in every category, also that the charts is populated by mainly girls. The best potential kmm rank 1 – 5 guys, 6 – 10 girls sigh

    • Srsly, THIS. I know Secret won’t win, even if their dance is the nastiest of the year (c’mon, it’s the vagina dance!) but all the fangirls will vote for their beloved Xiah.

      • lunibelle

        :/ Yeah, but let’s be honest, it’s how if works. Most people will probably vote for their biases even if there are better dances/videos/whatever on the list. I can’t really blame them, to a certain extend I’m the same ;) Just that I’m voting for Secret.

        • soo true ~ hate it! :/
          Boybands always win more than Girlgroups , cuz they have so many fangirls , this is so unfair!
          and SECRET’s dance ist very very very nastie! i hope they win ;/

        • I’m with you guys. I love Xiah and Tarantallegra is an awesomely fantastic dance, but Secret’s video is just such a collection of gyrating womanly parts in our faces…
          I guess Junsu has developed such a “nasty persona” in this arena that everyone associates nastiness with him. Tarantallegra is sexy and powerful, but “nasty” in the EYK-ian sense of the word? I can do most of the Tarantallegra dance, and do it without feeling awkward at all, but I can’t even imagine learning or performing Poison.

  23. Kitchel 17

    i still can’t believe its secret!!! goo girls woo!!

  24. Secret Fighting!! This dance is the perfect combination of nasty, sensual, and classy.

  25. EviGishki

    So nasty. So sexy. So naughty. : >

  26. disqus_nqOqWayb4g

    i wanted secret to be on music mondays
    this song was amazing

  27. SECRET!!!!!! Hwaiting!

  28. This girl group is one my favourites!! Such a sexy dance. *o*

  29. lunibelle

    This dance was naaaaasty for sure! :) Go Secret!!! :) If you vote for Secret on here, can I suggest that you drop by the KPMM page and vote for Secrets new song there too?^^