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SHINee – Sherlock

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  1. I think this is one of ur funniest reveiws that u you have done! Even my non-loving kpop brother loves this song (although i think he listens to GD!! ) loves this video! Its funny yet you make a point! Love u guys!


  3. yea come on shawols they deserve to win! they are obviously the best dance group! :)
    taemin <3

  4. Soy un Dorito! :3

  5. It’s Onew’s birthday! ^^
    Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! I don’t know the song in Korean, but happy birthday to you~!

  6. shinee jiang ^_^

  7. shinee fighting ^_^

  8. Dear Shawols… Don’t forget to Vote SHINee in other Voting..{ ie : allkpop, kbs, KCEA, mnet global awards, etc} There are many other Voting at the end of the year.. So guys..please take a look, Ok? Let’s support Our Boys.. Fighting..!!

  9. SHINee are the bast dance group in Korea right now. they have consistently raised the bar and Sherlock (Clue + Note) is no exception! SHINee deserve to in this!

  10. pumpkin_spice

    this mini album introduced me to the pure AWESOME talent that is SHINee!! if this video doesn’t win then I would be very sad. I mean this dance is so technical and awesome and cool and awesome and just awesome :3

  11. You know, i really think that U-Kiss’ Neverland should be at least in this category, that choreo was amazing! But i’m happy that Shinee is winning though! =]

    • It was a good choreo but I think not good enough to compare with the other nominees (except Like This…but it is a funny choreo and I never watched Tasty’s video because I hate the song…) but the song is great ;)

      I’m not surprised about SHINee winning because not just fans vote for them. Even non-fans think that SHINee are one of the best dance groups. And even people who hated Sherlock liked the choreo lol

      • I will have to disagree with you there, i think it can be compared to other nominees, i mean, they have outdone themselfs, it was a high paced energetic dance that few could pull it off!
        BUT i totally agree, SHINee are the best dancers EVER! so the fact that SHINee is winning makes up for U-Kiss not being in this category!

        • …well like I said there are some exceptions…but S&M wanted to mix up the categorie and nominated some funny choreos too not just complicated and difficult choreos ;) I would have nominated U-Kiss instead of Wonder Girls lol

          yeah SHINee are amazing. No matter what non fans or hater say but SHINee have more than 1 great dancer. Key and Minho are also very good dancer (holy shit Minho has improved a lot) and Onew and Jonghyun too. SHINee can dance to really difficult and complicated choreos. How could they do it if not all of them would be very good at dancing?! x)

          btw. do you know when AJ will come back to U-Kiss?

        • Yeah, i think they’ve done that too! I love WG too, so i would replace T-ara with U-Kiss, sexy love’s dance is not all that much! lol

          I don’t really know when AJ is comming back! i’m not that much of a kissme, i just cheer for them for a long time now!
          but i know that once he finishes his studies he’ll be back, wich is probably in about a year or so! idk, other kissmes might answer you better =]

        • oh I see but I guess you are right…I think an article wrote that he want to study for a year or something like that before he returns to U-Kiss… (:
          I just hope he come back, I already miss him

    • but Neverland came out last year…

  12. Looks like some one went around disliking every comment made on this page.

    • I bet it is just a troll or an extrem fan. Just ignore the person ;) Shawols and Inspirits never had problems with each other….except for some stupid comparisons


    • Infinite is great yes. So is Shinee and every group nominated in this category Who really dedicated more practicing time? Well, I don’t think you can actually know that. And maybe one group is more skilled then another and they don’t need to practice as much. Either way you look at it Shinee came out with a great dance.

      • as if. obviously infinite pratices more. they said that when they went for interviews. i support hard work way more than talent.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          You’re obnoxious, shutup and leave you troll.
          You’re probably also the loser that had nothing better to do than to go through and downvote every comment on here, aren’t you? lol Pretty sad and pretty stupid.

    • seriously grow up. fans like you don’t belong to a great and lovely fandom like Infinite’s.

    • Wouldn’t that make SHINee even better then if they can do all of these moves in half the time?

    • Totally Agree. All these comments about “SHINee being the best” is making me cringe. It was a close competition, I’d say

  14. They are by far the most hardworking dancers.

  15. SHINee… The BEST DANCER / Choreo in The KPOP World..!!

  16. SHINee owns this one… no doubt about it. and everyone knows it. xD!

  17. go SHINEE……………………

  18. I love the dance. we have to thanks Tony Testa for it <3
    I love it how they are 100% sync with each other but we still see their own personality in the dance

  19. Go SHINee! <3

  20. SHINee Yaaaay <333

  21. SHINee Fighting!

  22. It is safe. Of course, it’s SHINee. Obviously, SHINee is the best forever ! Fighting Shawols <3

  23. I think this dance is certainly memorable and sort of a landmark in itself: the peacock dance step is iconic, and I love how they start from the far right of the stage (if you’re facing them) and the many ways the dance reflects the whole “after-image” theme :) And no joke, I can just keep watching this dance over and over.

      I agree. I could watch Sherlock on repeat for forever. And the Russian Peacock Strut? That is totally how I walk nowadays whenever I’m really bored or my friends need a laugh / break from thinking about school stuff. XD

  24. Of course it`s SHINee. They are BEST!

  25. Dear Simon & Martina,

    Have you noticed that the video which is at the top of the page has the most votes in every category? I strongly believe this is because it is pretty much one of the only things you see when you open a new category (you can’t see most of the other videos). And the videos aren’t ranked (e.g. video #6 has more votes than video #5) but the layout of the voting page causes it to be ranked. The videos at the bottom have very little votes. I might suggest that next time, you make the voting page a ‘thumbnail’ layout so you can see all the nominees at the same time, not for my benefit, but for the benefit of fairness.

    Thank you.

    • Actually that isn’t technically true. The layout is almost exactly like the Kpopcharts layout where the video at the top is the top voted video and all the others are ranked in order of number of votes. Remember that google and Facebook shares are worth 4 points and so some videos might have less votes, but more google and Facebook shares.

      I can see where you are coming from about the fact that the top video is the only one visible but anyone familiar with the KPop charts should understand the way the page works. If the page just had the videos in no particular order then we would constantly get numerous requests asking which one is in the lead and unfortunately that is time consuming. I would just encourage people to check out all of the videos. You can use the playlists if needed. Those are in random order as well.

      Edit: here are the playlist for all the categories released so far. Each playlist will be added as the categories are revealed.

      • That would be perfectly true if you assume that everyone who votes for the EYK awards is familiar with the K-Pop Charts. And if people are wondering about who is in the lead, then they could go through the whole list of nominees and might find someone else who they wanted to vote for but didn’t really know existed. I totally agree though about the ranking system to ‘save time’ but wouldn’t it be more effective to have a ranking system where you could SEE everyone who is ranked at the same time?

  26. How did I know Shinee would lead by a landslide? ^^


  28. Yay!! SHINee!!
    I love SHINee’s choreos … but this is the most energetic and awesome and dknfjksdnjkbdki!!
    They are so awesome!!! go SHINee!!! :D!!

  29. I Hope SHINee will Win


  31. Definetely SHINee. They won a MAMA award. They can sing it live, so perfectly while dancing – Not everyone has that ability. VOTE for SHINee.

  32. literally the best dancers ever.

    God,, I love SHINee so much.

  33. shinee shinee shinee!!!!! shinee is the best!!! ^O^

  34. They got this!

  35. Yes. YES. All day every day, yes.

  36. Definitely one of the best dances of the year!!!!

  37. Best dance hands down. I was thinking about B.A.P and TVXQ but I think they fall more along the lines of expressive choreography rather than ‘dance’. EXO maybe. But SHINee is always the best when it comes to dance no doubt. And besides… SOY UN DORITO!

  38. if talk about best dance i think Sherlock its the best so SHINee will wiin Best Dance :D

  39. Clearly the best dance of the year.

  40. this dance was choreographed by the Tony Testa – who if you didn’t know, was in charge of the choreography for Michael Jackson’s (may he rest in peace) This Is It tour!!!! Which I kind of think is suiting as SHINee constantly reminds me of MJ :D This dance is just amazing^^^ I love BoA’s dance too so so much, especially the partner section^^^ and the Chaser is also awesome but in the end this dance is just the most innovative and I believe, most intricate and BEST of them all. Also, SHINee executes all the moves perfectly!! They deserve this award so bad :3

  41. this was the best dance of the year, by far. the “russian peacock strut” was just brilliant and the spinning thing in the opening – awesome!

  42. Everyone knows this was the best dance of the year, it was nominated in like every award show, and when it first came out people flipped out! They were the first people to start the followed or shadowing movement trend in dances this year, now everyone is doing it, even their Sunbae’s! Everyone has to admit SHINee is the best dance group, there is no bad dancer in SHINee.

  43. Wahhhhhh! Voting! SOY UN DORITO! ^^

  44. Epic marching band slow mo shutter speed choreogragraphy, this totally deserves best dance of the YEAR!!!!!

  45. PunkyPrincess92

    HAS TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!
    SOY UN DORITO!!!!!!!


  47. If Gangnam beats out SHINee I will be very disappointed in the nasties… come on people

    • Refrain from bashing on competition. Actually Gangnam Style is the only song that I’d accept defeat from because people all over the world know its dance.

    • I agree with @NANAandLIZZYfanatic:disqus Gangnam Style is the only song where if it wins instead of SHINee, I will not go and bang my head against the wall for a full minute.

      I do agree that SHINee being some of the best dancers in K-pop is a fact that is inevitable like.. anywhere, but at the same time, Gangnam Style is far more well-known beyond Korea. It might not be the “BEST” dance, but it is the most WELL-KNOWN dance, and then there are some people (like me… >.>) who don’t even bother to watch ALL the videos before voting. So, there might be people out there that are just voting for Gangnam Style just because it’s the only one they know.

      I, personally, have been trying to get through all the MVs, despite it actually being finals week for me, but in the mean time, I’m mostly voting for biases and MVs I have seen and know are good.

      Keep voting! ^_^ HWAITING!

  48. SHINeeeeeee!!!! Best dancing EVER!!!!!!

  49. Hands down it’s “Sherlock.”

  50. SHINee’s choreo is the best, followed by TVXQ and Psy (lol)

  51. just listen to their mr-removed videos. with this choreo i don’t know how they do it honestly. especially jonghyun!

  52. Seeing the list, i think Sherlock really deserve to win. Not only because i’m a Shawol, but u can see by yourself how hard the dance is, especially the ending part.

  53. of course it’s SHINee.

  54. SHINee for sure. I can’t find any group can beat SHINee in dancing!

  55. You’ve got to have serious respect for a group who can still sing clearly while doing this dance. I mean, when they do it live, there’s so much huffing and puffing at the end that it’s ridiculous. So, yes, this is the best dance… that, and I’m totally SHINee bias.

    • I think the Darth Vadar-esque huffing and puffing is intentional though?? I wouldn’t know, but they do songs like Lucifer and Replay and Ring ding Dong, which I think take more energy, and I don’t think they’re “huffing and puffing” like that at the end of those so… maybe it was intentional.

      • No, I don’t think so. Haha maybe some just forgot to turn off the microphones or something but you should watch their MAMA performance….just wow. There was a lot of huffing and puffing at the end of that one.

  56. Sherlock is not my favorite SHINee song, but the dance is AMAZING! <3 So i vote SHINee <3

  57. Gangnam Style was memorable, but “Best Dance”?? SHINee all the way!!

  58. I Mean They Won A MAMA For It. I Think That’s Enough Proof.

  59. Go SHINee!! (Shawols – vote!! :DD)

  60. Sherlock <3 really adore this dance, it must win :3