We got the better!


Now, this song sounds a lot different than Ok and Beautiful Target. Really different. While those two songs were fun and lighthearte, this song is a lot more serious. It’s a big change to their sound: it’s a lot more mature, and definitely gives the feel of the band growing up, which we appreciate.

But, on the same hand, we feel like Bilasa has lost some of the things that we loved about them. Sure, we made fun of Joom Joom My Heart Like a Locket almost incessantly, but holy crap was that song ever fun. It was so ridiculous that you can’t help but remember it and laugh both with it and at it. That was special, you know? Now, this song and vibe are both so different. We miss Bilasa’s absurdity. That’s what really made them stand out for us, and now that it’s gone we have a song and video that we’re trying to take more seriously than before.

And, looking at it seriously, it’s reallllllly hard for us to get over how horrendous the English is in this song. Really, really terrible terrible unforgivably bad English. It’s marginally passable, as it was in Beautiful Target (Joom Joom my heart like a locket), because it was silly, so you can laugh at it being cute. But this is just…mash your face on the keyboard awful, and there’s no silliness to save it for us. Just not sure how a song called “Baby I’m Sorry” – which, to us, sounds like the words of an apology – could have a Dancing Party Time breakdown in it. WTF, YO?!?!

Moving on: we’ve talked about this in previous Music Mondays, and I want to talk about it here again: why is it that Boy Bands all crush on one girl? Seriously now: why? Is anybody else distracted? When I see that girl with each member I can’t help but think “wow. She’s a mega bitch” and totally forget about why I’m watching the video. Why…why can’t you get more girls on set? One for every guy? I once thought that maybe it’s too expensive to hire a whole bunch of different girls, but that’s ridiculous. This is Bilasa: Conquerer of Kitties and Devourer of Teenaged Girls hearts. They don’t pay for girls to get on set. They command them, give Galactic orders and it’s done. How many of you would love to be that girl in that video? You’d do it for free. Hell, you’d even pay for it! Bilasa can, in fact, not lose money, but GET money by having more girls on set. And all of you would be infinitely better actors than that girl, clearly looks like she doesn’t even wants to be there. Come on! This is a win-win situation!

Anyhow, that’s it for this week. If you’re a fan of B1A4 and want to get the album, you can do so by clicking the link here:

B1A4 Vol. 1 - Ignition

Otherwise, I’m sure a lot of you are here to find out who won last week’s SHINee Sherlock album contest. We announce the winners in the Bloopers! Check them out here!


  1. About “Baby I’m Sorry” and all that dancing party time (lol)… Jinyoung has this knack for reverse songs. So basically, he writes something sad and makes them sing it happy and vice versa

  2. Did Simon just call BANAs Bilasaraptors? I am strangely unoffended………..

  3. clearly they are saying sorry they got the better of her and beat her head in with a baguette

  4. So I haven’t watched the video because I don’t really have the time right now, but here is something that bothered me:  “why is it that Boy Bands all crush on one

    “I once thought that maybe it’s too expensive to hire a whole bunch of
    different girls, but that’s ridiculous. This is Bilasa: Conquerer of Kitties
    and Devourer of Teenaged Girls hearts. They don’t pay for girls to get on set.
    They command them, give Galactic orders and it’s done.”
    I’d say my main point is that boy bands don’t all crush on one girl. I don’t know about this particular song, but for a lot of songs in which you comment on this, it’s a love song told from one person’s point of view. There are just more than one person singing. And if it was one guy, singing a love song for one girl… Wouldn’t it be totally weird to have several girls on set? Not to mention that it’d be confusing, especially if the group has a lot of members.
    Second, no. They can’t just give orders. They could, maybe, take a fan into the video, but that would be rather unprofessional unless they’ve given her lessons or something beforehand. If it was a prize for a competition or something similar as well. But I’m guessing the girls in the MVs are either actresses or models and they have to be paid for what they do so yes, it would be expensive.

    I hope I managed to get my point across and didn’t offend you. I just had to say it because it’s been irking me for a while now.

  5. For a song that was composed by a group that wasn’t fluent in English, they did a really good job.
    The whole “We got the better” I think, wasn’t that much of a flaw in the video. The first time I saw the mv, I thought it was “We can do better” which made more sense, but now I think that Jinyoung meant to say “We had the better (half of relationships)”. It makes sense when you think about it that way. Which basically meant he was trying to say Baby I’m sorry, but we had the better half of a relationship. He just left it out because he wanted to rhyme & thought his fans would understand. :u
    The “love together’s” and the “lonely love tonight’s” and the “in a city; in a city love light’s” all crossed me as poetic. Didn’t anyone else kind of get that? o Ao; I mean, CNU was singing while the others chanted “in a city love light,” so i thought it was like while she was in the city with all the lights(which symbolized love?), they’d be far far away, loving her together. 

    :D dang this makes me sound really deep.

  6. I think the “worst English in a kpop song ever” title for this song is now invalid.

    *Anonymous, Anonymous, Heartless, Mindless, no one who care about me*
    not bashing though, that song is still AWESOME. ^^

  7. I think EXO – Mama just raised the bar in Kpop for the Engrish level ^^ Bilasa fighting!!!

  8. The girl in the video looks like your cat… (1:08) … this is not meant as hating or meaness I just find it humoress (punny too)

  9. Another T-ara vote, even if they wouldn’t last 2 seconds in a Hungry Game.

  10. waw i never knew B1A4 existed lol i think im a new fan 

  11. You guys should totally do this for NU’EST!!:) that would be so awesome! (although i love them i still want to see how you guys view it:)
    P.s: i agree that the song “Baby I’m Sorry” makes absolutely no sense yet its extremely catchy:)

  12. Martina, that wig actually looks pretty hot on you haha. Die your hair that color. I demand it!!!

  13. baby i’m sorry!! fo shooooo

  14. B1A4 should win, such a perfect nonsense :D

  15. lol!  I like the rant about always using one girl for each member. 
    I totally agree with you.

  16. I prefer listening to this song live since it is MUCH LESS auto-tuned and it sounds better

  17. I like bilasa better, although yayaya always makes me think of Simon’s rant about how the guy should appreciate being tied up by hot girls :D 

  18. why NU’EST is mention so many times in here.? they’re not related in any way in this.! just go away haters.!!

  19. About the One-Girl-For-The-Whole-Band-Phenomena:

    Could it be that Korean teenage girls prefer to identify with one girl, rather than having to choose with which girl among several to identify? Maybe the freedom of choosing is more of a distraction for them, and kind of takes away the boy-band-heart-throb-magic? If you look at the phenomenon like that, it seems more plausible – Korean girls might actually prefer the day-dream of being charmed/ desired / hit on by several boys rather than being admired by just one.

    I am in no way an expert about this issue though, just musing.

    Olive Oyl

  20. i agree about bilasa’s english being horribly bad. i’m somehow wishing that jinyoung will take up english classes lol. 

  21. Random comment:
    Pandora is finally putting on Alive tracks!! I heard Blue this morning and it totally made my day!!!! Let’s just say it’s DANCING PARTY TIME!!!

  22. I almost feel bad for JY LOL

  23. Absolutely no chance of squeezing in a review of History by EXO? 
    Pretty please? <3
    I know you want to do it.

    Sorry you guys had to stay up for this though D:

  24. Hey! I thought U-Kiss had the worst English with their “WTF out of 5″ for Shut Up! lol! I guess you guys shouldn’t mention that anymore since the one guy from U-Kiss actually called you on that sh*t, huh? LOL! Best moment ever, by the way! (And what happened to Mordney?? I miss him. *sad panda* Has he finally been retired? haha!)

  25. even worse than t-ara’s yayaya

  26. i’m going with t-ara’s yayayayaya .3.
    its a mv and song i would like 2 show my freinds without worrying about wut they
    might think

  27. they had “My love” before “Baby im sorry” unfortunately it wasnt a title track nor did they have a video for it. Which sucks because i absolutely loved that song and the choreo in the live performance.

  28. lol is it weird that simon’s crossdressing ALWAYS cracks me up to death…?? XDDD

  29. It’s silly but think the reasons why K-Pop boy bands and girl bands oppose having more than one romantic interest is because they don’t want the fans who fantasize of dating their favourite members to stop watching. If they had love interests for each one, then that seems more realistic and takes away the silly element of going after one girl. Also the songs are usually made to sound like they are addressed to the listener (ups the fantasy factor) and if it looks like it’s addressed at these specific girls that takes away that element.

    Not to mention the girls who act in these would get targeted too.

  30. LMAO @ Martina’s Baguette Beating

  31. This song sound so auto tune but there’s other two songs in the album that is more auto tune than this song.I have to agree for the english part.Although i like the fact that Jinyoung wrote the song,i hope that he can spend some money and time to attend english class and not to depend on google translate.I think of you listen to Feeling,you will literally passed out when you hear the english just like me and it’s written by Jinyoung.

  32. When Martina said “I have no idea what emotion he’s supposed to be conveying” all I could think of was this:

  33. The meaning of the lyrics help explain how “Baby I’m Sorry” can turn into “Dancing Party Time”, but yes, the English was terrible, sorry Jinyoung.

    The only thing i disagree with – you said Baro was the only one that acted convincingly.
    CNU apparently acted so realistically that the staff members applauded him after his scene was done. I blame the choice of shots for that scene for making his acting look fake. :P
    But I LOVED the plot you guise made for the video. GENIUS.
    Imma buy me some bagettes now :9

  34. So cool, I wanted B1A4. :) Yesterday I really waited this video, but I slept. >< Congrats SHINee CD giveway winners~ I really wanted, but oh well. I can wait for next week :D

  35. i wanna say that the english was really bad,and the auto-tune make me nuts.I hate that girl,she looks so ugly,where did they find her? the story is horrible,except for baro^^ 
    I gonna peek T-ara-yayaya,because i love indian style xDD

  36. T-ara!

    Also NU’EST you are so close to winning Music Mondays it’s not even funny. Just one more week to hold out!

  37. It’s not a K-pop music Monday without Spudgy licking his own eye :P

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