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Now, this song sounds a lot different than Ok and Beautiful Target. Really different. While those two songs were fun and lighthearte, this song is a lot more serious. It’s a big change to their sound: it’s a lot more mature, and definitely gives the feel of the band growing up, which we appreciate.

But, on the same hand, we feel like Bilasa has lost some of the things that we loved about them. Sure, we made fun of Joom Joom My Heart Like a Locket almost incessantly, but holy crap was that song ever fun. It was so ridiculous that you can’t help but remember it and laugh both with it and at it. That was special, you know? Now, this song and vibe are both so different. We miss Bilasa’s absurdity. That’s what really made them stand out for us, and now that it’s gone we have a song and video that we’re trying to take more seriously than before.

And, looking at it seriously, it’s reallllllly hard for us to get over how horrendous the English is in this song. Really, really terrible terrible unforgivably bad English. It’s marginally passable, as it was in Beautiful Target (Joom Joom my heart like a locket), because it was silly, so you can laugh at it being cute. But this is just…mash your face on the keyboard awful, and there’s no silliness to save it for us. Just not sure how a song called “Baby I’m Sorry” – which, to us, sounds like the words of an apology – could have a Dancing Party Time breakdown in it. WTF, YO?!?!

Moving on: we’ve talked about this in previous Music Mondays, and I want to talk about it here again: why is it that Boy Bands all crush on one girl? Seriously now: why? Is anybody else distracted? When I see that girl with each member I can’t help but think “wow. She’s a mega bitch” and totally forget about why I’m watching the video. Why…why can’t you get more girls on set? One for every guy? I once thought that maybe it’s too expensive to hire a whole bunch of different girls, but that’s ridiculous. This is Bilasa: Conquerer of Kitties and Devourer of Teenaged Girls hearts. They don’t pay for girls to get on set. They command them, give Galactic orders and it’s done. How many of you would love to be that girl in that video? You’d do it for free. Hell, you’d even pay for it! Bilasa can, in fact, not lose money, but GET money by having more girls on set. And all of you would be infinitely better actors than that girl, clearly looks like she doesn’t even wants to be there. Come on! This is a win-win situation!

Anyhow, that’s it for this week. If you’re a fan of B1A4 and want to get the album, you can do so by clicking the link here:

B1A4 Vol. 1 - Ignition

Otherwise, I’m sure a lot of you are here to find out who won last week’s SHINee Sherlock album contest. We announce the winners in the Bloopers! Check them out here!


  1. Did Simon just call BANAs Bilasaraptors? I am strangely unoffended………..

  2. clearly they are saying sorry they got the better of her and beat her head in with a baguette

  3. I think the “worst English in a kpop song ever” title for this song is now invalid.

    *Anonymous, Anonymous, Heartless, Mindless, no one who care about me*
    not bashing though, that song is still AWESOME. ^^

  4. waw i never knew B1A4 existed lol i think im a new fan 

  5. You guys should totally do this for NU’EST!!:) that would be so awesome! (although i love them i still want to see how you guys view it:)
    P.s: i agree that the song “Baby I’m Sorry” makes absolutely no sense yet its extremely catchy:)

  6. lol!  I like the rant about always using one girl for each member. 
    I totally agree with you.

  7. I prefer listening to this song live since it is MUCH LESS auto-tuned and it sounds better

  8. I like bilasa better, although yayaya always makes me think of Simon’s rant about how the guy should appreciate being tied up by hot girls :D 

  9. About the One-Girl-For-The-Whole-Band-Phenomena:

    Could it be that Korean teenage girls prefer to identify with one girl, rather than having to choose with which girl among several to identify? Maybe the freedom of choosing is more of a distraction for them, and kind of takes away the boy-band-heart-throb-magic? If you look at the phenomenon like that, it seems more plausible – Korean girls might actually prefer the day-dream of being charmed/ desired / hit on by several boys rather than being admired by just one.

    I am in no way an expert about this issue though, just musing.

    Olive Oyl

  10. i agree about bilasa’s english being horribly bad. i’m somehow wishing that jinyoung will take up english classes lol. 

  11. lol is it weird that simon’s crossdressing ALWAYS cracks me up to death…?? XDDD

  12. My Vote Is For T-ara’s Ya Ya Ya. Its way more catchy and fun!!

  13. LOL at the baguette bludgeoning. And that actor with the mustache was such a jerk. Good thing he was fictional…

  14. I just got Ignition in the mail today, the same day you guys uploaded B1A4’s K-pop Music Monday. Coincidence? I think not…SOY UN DORITO!

    Anywaffles, I totally agree with you guys on so many levels! I’ve been a BANA (the actual name for the B1A4 fanclub, even tho Bilasa-raptors sounds cooler…), since they debuted with OK, and I totally fell for their adorkableness. Then with Beautiful Target, well everytime I listen to it I get all fuzzy inside and have to have a crazy dance party in my bedroom. Don’t judge me…
    But, yea! I’m like all distressed now cuz their doing that thing that EVERY other boyband seems to do, y’know? Their becoming a manband. And not even the good, Fantastic Baby, Mr. Simple kind of manband (even though Super Junior sorta went crazy-rocker-emo with Don’t Don 0_0)  But I’m not really liking this new image either, it’s just not what I fell in love with! >poutyface<

    Rant aside, I'm actually secretly happy that they obtained the WTF award for engrish, because it still makes me laugh even though the song is serious…mostly because it's just so ridiculous, but still…  DANCING PARTY TIME! XD

  15. anyway did u guys listen to the full album.? wut do u guys thnk bout it.?

  16. “Just not sure how a song called “Baby I’m Sorry” – which, to us, sounds like the words of an apology – could have a Dancing Party Time breakdown in it. WTF, YO?!?!” – clearly u guys dont even check for the translation of the lyric, am i right.? if u go thru the lyric u’ll know that the two lines somehow related. anyway, i really appreciate that u guys made a review for b1a4. tbh, i’ve been waiting for this for so long.! unfortunately, u guys focus only to the bad english and the girl the mv (which ppl dont even give a damn). i, badly, want to know u guys review on the song-self and the overall thing bout the mv. dont worry, i still love u guys anyway~ SARANGHAE <3~~

  17. This song makes me so confused. They are sound so energetic & happy/cheery while apologizing.  I like this new mature song from Bilasa although I’m agreed that ‘dancing party time’ didn’t go with the supposed theme of apologizing. I guess after saying sorry they wanna go to party.  BUT… I wont listen this one at my office because the Engrish is so ridiculous, I’m kinda embarrassed by it. So, like the song but saved it under epic-engrish-fail folder.

  18. but now i’ve come to expect terrible english from bilasa and honestly it would be disappointing if their english was good hahah
    yeah the autotune in this song is actually distracting, they’re all great singers so it’s not like they needed it. i guess they were going for a certain effect but making sandeuls voice sound like that is a crime! and i know jinyoung had the most difficulty acting out of the members cos they had a BTS on sesame player and omg it was hilarious watching him try to film the bag scene. i really love cutey boy bilasa but i don’t think this is too far a departure from their original image cos you can still tell it’s a b1a4 song. but yeah their lightheartedness and sense of fun is what really set them apart from other rookies.oh and fyi, CNU’s named is pronounced shinwoo. :) jinyoung has also produced & written a few of their other songs including “wondeful tonight”, the unplugged version is really good.i love your vids so much!! you brighten up my week!

  19. i watched the bloopers to see if I won… and then i realized.. i never entered…lol *palm to face*

  20. I vote for YAYAYAYA because it dodn’t make sense in English OR Korean.

  21. It ain’t a BILASA song without crazy Engrish phrases. I love their troll-tastic Engrish. I prsonally don’t mind. :))) Thank you for the great funny review!

  22. OMG Nu’est does an air punch in their Face mv!!!!

  23. I didn’t know that amazinging was a word (00:46).I thought you were former English teachers.

  24. Thank you guys for being awesome! That was soo funny :) 

    I vote for BILASAAAAAAAASSS crazy engrish! :P (naturally!)

  25. I’ve come to the point where I accept their bad Engrish. It adds to their charm in my opinion and leads me to add so many of their Engrsh phrases to my everyday vocabulary.

    And I don’t think the song is that serious. It’s maturer for sure but it still has a quirky B1A4 charm to it. You can see it especially in their live performances with the choreography and outfits (the other night they wore glow in the dark shoes and their suits had neon pink pin stripes).. It’s just toned down a bit from the penis shirts and the blow me necklaces.

    What I am impressed with them especially is that they aren’t even a year since debut and they already released a full album. And they composed 8 out of 11 songs on their album. In my opinion that is very impressive for a rookie and I’m glad that WM Entertainment is letting them express their creativity.There was an interview that they gave recently that explained a lot of the reasons why they chose to take this direction in regards to their music.

    “Because of our fresh and cute image during our debut days, I think that many people already have a biased look about B1A4. And we receive misunderstandings about whether or not we’re a group that cares more about visuals rather than the music. So we wanted to show a new side to B1A4 and our own color through this album. And a matured side as well.” (Jinyoung)

    B1A4 participated in the composing, lyric writing, and arranging for 8 out of the 11 songs on this official full-length album. The leader, Jinyoung, personally made and participated in the producing for their title song, ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, proving his amazing musical sense and potential talent as a singer-songwriter.

    Just as much as the members’ participation level was high for ‘Ignition’, their contentment about it should be just that high. “It was an album that we suggested first because we wanted to do it and I think our passion for music was higher than it ever was. And that’s why the communication between our members worked out so well too. I think I liked it because it was different since we were able to show B1A4’s colors well.” (Jinyoung)”

    “B1A4, who sang ‘OK’ and ‘Beautiful Target’ last year, were fresh. They worked shiny, fluorescent-toned clothes along with cute choreography. To this, words like ‘handsome boys’, ‘male gods’, ‘younger males’, naturally followed B1A4.

    To this, Jinyoung said, “Truthfully, I’m quite sensitive about hearing ‘handsome boy’. Haha. But there were words like ‘macho’ and ‘beasts’ this time around. But there’s one thing I’m a bit sad about. We wanted to originally show you an image of the process of becoming young men from being boys, but they looked us as in too much of a manly way.” (Jinyoung)”

    Full translated article here: http://b1a4trans.tumblr.com/post/20265307732/interview-120401-were-young-men-now-not-boys

    Which B1A4 has worked on lyrics and helped with the making of their albums since their first mini. Jinyoung had composed a song for both of their minis last year. And that was a fact most people didn’t even know, outside of the Bana fandom.

    What impressed me from the beginning about B1A4 was their love for music and performing. And I know from experience that a lot of kpop fans didn’t really take them seriously because of the image they debuted with. So I can see why they changed up their concept a tad.

    And in another interview I read recently they mentioned that another reason why they took this route was because their past songs were all about confessing love and they wanted to write about the heart break.

    But anyways, I enjoyed the Music Monday highly! It made me laugh and I will never look at baguettes the same way again. The funny thing was on Sesame Player Jinyoung commented that he once had a crush on a girl and made her a chocolate covered baguette and she threw it away without even tasting it. So maybe this is his revenge song and music video? lol

    Wow this comment is long. Sorry to word vomit all over your comment page. ><

  26. Simon and Martina… you don’t get it… they actually sing “Baby I’m sorry, we got the butter” :D

  27. When Simon’s “Dorito” picture came up my sister said he was cool ranch only.^^

  28. I can only listen to this song live… ’cause the auto-tune in the mv is too overwhelming for me… I don’t really understand why did they had to over-use it, I mean, I’ve heard them live and they sound amazing… why the autotune in almost the entire song?
    And then.. well.. the english.. I didn’t even try to understand it.. I just gave him credit for trying, and then I imagined myself trying to write a korean song O.o .. so.. lovely english!
    Anyway.. I ended up getting this song stuck in my head at the most random moments… so I like it now.. Or may be the conquerors of kitties just got my little kittie heart MEOW! (save me!)

  29. I kinda missed Baro getting punched in the face in the bloopers at the end. Aw, darn, I thought that was gunna be a thing. :p

    Anyone else bothered by the groceries in different handle bags? Is there such a thing as a grocery mall??

  30. Yay! More exposure for the puppies, even bewilderedly exasperated exposure. I’ll take it. XD

    Yep, the English is atrocious. I’ve come to the point where I embrace it as a point of charm rather than taking it seriously. :P Also, I feel like they get kind of a pass on this one because it was entirely written and composed by Jinyoung…who should really know better than to reach his arm beyond his sleeve, as the French put it, but still! I think something like more than half of the songs on this album were made by the members, and they contributed creatively in some way to all of them. I read an interview where they said they wanted an image as developing/growing young men for this album, but people said they jumped right into grown-ups, which disappointed them and I guess is a bit of the fun-factor you guys are talking about. 

    I love Bilasa, but I definitely think their videos work better for people who are already fans than for making new fans. I started to like them because of their behind the scenes personalities, their live performances, and their albums, not because any of their MVs were awesome. (Have you listened to Wonderful Tonight Unplugged? That’s my favourite song on the album, and definitely shows that they’re above all else a singing group) 

    • I don’t know if Simon and Martina will like Wonderful Tonight Unplugged because they have said they don’t really like ballads. But it is definitely one of my favorite songs off their album. It shows off their vocals.

      But also I forgot to mention that B1A4 definitely has songs on their new album that is more upbeat and like the older songs.

      You Are My Girl http://youtu.be/MFbBEbMH2ps
      Super Sonic http://youtu.be/JmSg5EBrzaU

      Of course there is lots of Engrish, esp in Super Sonic. It’s one of my favorite songs off the album because it is such a B1A4 song.

      • Yeah, it’s more of a ballad. But I think it’s part of a good point; namely that B1A4 is less of a dance/visual group than most idols and more about the music/vocals. I think I can honestly say that this is the first boy band I got into BECAUSE of the music, rather than their off-screen personalities or appearances (although I love those too).

        Oh, definitely agree that those are more like their first two singles. And the Engrish is quite choice. (Super Sonic is mostly of the ‘fantastic elastic’ variety, but “Girl I love you faster” and “feeling like a farty party” are pretty awesome.) 

        • Yeah I got in to them first because of their music too! I remember I happened to click on OK and I went WTF is this. It’s so cheerful. Within 5 minutes of me listening to it, I was hooked, and I was doing the youuuuuuuu finger dance. 

          And so after that I decided I was going to wait for their live performances before I make a final opinion. So I watched their debut stage and I was so impressed with their overall performance I became a Bana!
          Which was a big moment! They are my only third group I stan besides Big Bang and 2NE1.

  31. Thanks for the review! It’s hilarious as always. And Martina worked so hard to stay up and get it put up for us! Thank you!!! <33333

    The Engrish in this song is terrible, granted, but I think the worst I've ever heard was in I Don't Know Why by CN Blue (the English version). "I think about you a lot take care I wanna do, and I wish I think about you all the time my life…. I think about you a lot take care I wanna do, and I wish I don't be silly she is popular." 

    Or possibly one of Yoochun's English raps, like in Shelter. "My dear baby, listen to the whistle lil' whisper missle of fiscal, the theory of porno, oh no… waiting for so long. Hold on, it belongs to no one, it ain’t discovery of love one win or lose there is no freakin’ love of own, that shit that ohh". I'm not sure anything will EVER be able to beat that. xD I remember everyone trying to decipher the English before the lyrics were released, we were all sooooo far off, but the actual lyrics made less sense than what we heard. xD

    I swear, you can't make this stuff up. <3 Anyone else know some good Engrish in kpop songs? =D

  32. You’re damn straight I’d be in their MV for free! Because it almost physically pains me to see the actresses in boy band MVs these days. I just want to strangle them. So. Much


  34. I thought NU’EST would win as well, and I love the album that SHINWHA put out , the sound and beat is great, loving them….. GO SPUDGY

  35. 1st thing that caught my attention was the table where the laptop is sitting because it matches w/ Ignition’s album cover

  36. I already have my Viva La Spudgy t-shirt.  Brought it to Korea with me!!!

  37. Wait… What? I was in the middle of watch your video and all of a sudden I was watching T-ara’s Yayaya video…LOL??


  39. Well…I’m not sure what happened to my other comment. O_O
    Soo…I guess I’ll redo it? xD

    Wuhhh! (>o<)/
    I can honestly thank you guys for my newfound LOVE for B1A4!  Thanks to you guys showing this video a couple weeks back, I started listening to all of their songs (and like Martina, became obsessed with Beautiful Target).  No joke, I listened to the song nonstop for DAYS.  I annoyed everyone around me, haha. xD

    And since I found them, I have to admit that my favorite is Baro. .<)!  Anyway, I found this awesome (short) video of the "upgraded" sprout dance (I told you I was obsessed!) and I thought you guys would like it and laugh (I sure did). xD  I'm not sure how old it is exactly or if you have seen it already, but I loove it (and omg Baro! Lol! *fangirl mode: ON*)! <3


    Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my long comment and for watching the video. ^u^

    Oh yeah!  And I vote for T-ara. xD  After listening to the song I have to say that it was a looot of gibberish (no matter what language it's in). xD

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