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B1A4 Beautiful Target – Kpop Music Mondays

September 27, 2011


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BILASA IS BACK! YES! We’re so excited! Not because we like the song or the video in any way, but because it’s Bilasa, and we have sworn fealty to our Galactic Overlords, conquerer of kitties and devourer of teenaged girls’ hearts.

However, regardless of our devotion to Bilasa, we have no choice but to say that we don’t like the song and we don’t like the video. They’re not terrible, and we don’t bear a deep loathing for them as we do – say – Teen Top’s “No More Perfume on You”. This song isn’t offensive or annoying. It’s just, so bizarre, so oddly put together, that if it weren’t for our respect for our overlords, we probably would have refused to review the video altogether. Yeah. It’s that bad. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it yet:

We mentioned a bunch of things in the video that we didn’t like. The video is really confusing, the outfits and accessories are quite bad (if not just ridiculous), and there seems to be little to no thought put into this video apart from “make the boys look as cute as possible!” The whole closeups of their faces as they make silly gestures are just silly, but not in a cute way, (seriously: why is the guy with glasses blowing on his thumb to make his fingers pop up?), and altogether the acting just seems so painfully unnatural, and really made us uncomfortable.

I think maybe a story will help better explain ourselves: you might have seen our two videos on making kimchi around Korea. In those videos, we’re supposed to make kimchi with kimchi masters, and taste and describe it. Great. It sounds like a great idea. There was one thing in the filming, though, that really irked us. We kept on being told to have more over-actions. React more. Be super excited! When we tried the kimchi, we couldn’t just shake our heads and say “yeah, this is delicious” and be genuinely impressed by the kimchi. Instead, they wanted us jumping around. Taste the kimchi, and shout, and run around, because it’s so delicious. Uggh. It was so fake and unnatural, and we just couldn’t be SUPER EXCITED about kimchi. I mean, Koreans aren’t even SUPER DUPER EXCITED about kimchi, we eat it EVERYDAY for crying out loud! We really disliked that part of the directing.

When we see this video, we can only think of the same thing. “You! Glasses guy! Make cuter faces! More expression! More energy!” Do more! It felt like watching Barney the Dinosaur, like kids TV. Which makes sense if Bilasa is out to devour teenaged girls’ hearts. But since we’re not teenagers, our hearts aren’t so easily devoured. Yes, we know that a lot of Korean TV is slapstick in that way, and this is more up their alley, but – hey – we have a right to not like it. We prefer videos with better acting and more interesting stories rather than people acting goofy.

Weird Bilasa Camera Guy

Am I famous or something? There's gotta be a reason why I'm awkwardly in this video

Another thing: who the hell is that non-Bilasa guy in the video? Is he someone famous that we’ve just never seen or heard of? And frankly, even if he is famous, he’s SO SO MISPLACED! Hi, I’m the weird camera guy who runs around awkwardly fanning people during the fire. What in the world was his purpose? The point of this video is to see Bilasa looking cute, and for you to say “OMG BARO IS SO DREAMY!” when they do closeups of his face. Having that non-Bilasa guy in the video really is jarring, and shocks you out of thinking about the boys, which is what the video seems to be intending to do. It was almost like Teen Top’s “Supa Luv” in which an old guy is awkwardly out of place. Hmm. Funny how often we use Teen Top videos as examples of what NOT to do.

And one last thing: if you listen to the lyrics, you’ll hear them say tell you to go to myheart.com, and that the id and password is “your love”. LIES! We went to myheart.com. It’s just a crappy page where someone bought the domain and filled it with ads. There’s no where to log in! Shows you how much Bilasa cares about your love, if they send you to a fake site! Why did they even include such a weird line, anyways? Why would you need an ID and password? For what? Gosh. What nonsense.

myheart dot com

Where exactly am I supposed to log in? I don't see the log in button. And what will I be logging in for? DON'T LIE TO ME BILASA!

Altogether, the video isn’t tailored to us, so we don’t like it, and we like it less for doing a bad job of making a video for its target audience, by having the weird looking guy take up way too much screen time in the video. We still love to scream out BILASA as much as possible, and we’re happy that this video gave us the chance to do so, but that’s about the only joy we were afforded this time :(

Ah well. We had fun filming the video, though! Oh Martina has a special message to Viel who personally designed her the awesome and funky earrings she was wearing in today’s video. She sent them to me in the mail with another pair (I’ll be sure to wear them in a video) along with a cool bow ring, it’s like a hair bow, but it spans across two fingers with two ring backings attached to it. Anyways, check out her funky stuff at: www.twentythreejewelry.com and NO, THIS IS NOT A PAID POST, I just wanted to say thank you for making me personalized earrings! I LOVE THEM!!! *SQUEAAAAALS AND JUMPS UP AND DOWN* They’re so cute and—- *Simon takes the keyboard away*


Anyways, don’t forget to check out the super embarrassing bloopers from Simon’s many reggae mistakes. SHABBA! LORDAMERCY!



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