BILASA IS BACK! YES! We’re so excited! Not because we like the song or the video in any way, but because it’s Bilasa, and we have sworn fealty to our Galactic Overlords, conquerer of kitties and devourer of teenaged girls’ hearts.

However, regardless of our devotion to Bilasa, we have no choice but to say that we don’t like the song and we don’t like the video. They’re not terrible, and we don’t bear a deep loathing for them as we do – say – Teen Top’s “No More Perfume on You”. This song isn’t offensive or annoying. It’s just, so bizarre, so oddly put together, that if it weren’t for our respect for our overlords, we probably would have refused to review the video altogether. Yeah. It’s that bad. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it yet:


We mentioned a bunch of things in the video that we didn’t like. The video is really confusing, the outfits and accessories are quite bad (if not just ridiculous), and there seems to be little to no thought put into this video apart from “make the boys look as cute as possible!” The whole closeups of their faces as they make silly gestures are just silly, but not in a cute way, (seriously: why is the guy with glasses blowing on his thumb to make his fingers pop up?), and altogether the acting just seems so painfully unnatural, and really made us uncomfortable.

I think maybe a story will help better explain ourselves: you might have seen our two videos on making kimchi around Korea. In those videos, we’re supposed to make kimchi with kimchi masters, and taste and describe it. Great. It sounds like a great idea. There was one thing in the filming, though, that really irked us. We kept on being told to have more over-actions. React more. Be super excited! When we tried the kimchi, we couldn’t just shake our heads and say “yeah, this is delicious” and be genuinely impressed by the kimchi. Instead, they wanted us jumping around. Taste the kimchi, and shout, and run around, because it’s so delicious. Uggh. It was so fake and unnatural, and we just couldn’t be SUPER EXCITED about kimchi. I mean, Koreans aren’t even SUPER DUPER EXCITED about kimchi, we eat it EVERYDAY for crying out loud! We really disliked that part of the directing.

When we see this video, we can only think of the same thing. “You! Glasses guy! Make cuter faces! More expression! More energy!” Do more! It felt like watching Barney the Dinosaur, like kids TV. Which makes sense if Bilasa is out to devour teenaged girls’ hearts. But since we’re not teenagers, our hearts aren’t so easily devoured. Yes, we know that a lot of Korean TV is slapstick in that way, and this is more up their alley, but – hey – we have a right to not like it. We prefer videos with better acting and more interesting stories rather than people acting goofy.

Weird Bilasa Camera Guy

Am I famous or something? There's gotta be a reason why I'm awkwardly in this video

Another thing: who the hell is that non-Bilasa guy in the video? Is he someone famous that we’ve just never seen or heard of? And frankly, even if he is famous, he’s SO SO MISPLACED! Hi, I’m the weird camera guy who runs around awkwardly fanning people during the fire. What in the world was his purpose? The point of this video is to see Bilasa looking cute, and for you to say “OMG BARO IS SO DREAMY!” when they do closeups of his face. Having that non-Bilasa guy in the video really is jarring, and shocks you out of thinking about the boys, which is what the video seems to be intending to do. It was almost like Teen Top’s “Supa Luv” in which an old guy is awkwardly out of place. Hmm. Funny how often we use Teen Top videos as examples of what NOT to do.

And one last thing: if you listen to the lyrics, you’ll hear them say tell you to go to myheart.com, and that the id and password is “your love”. LIES! We went to myheart.com. It’s just a crappy page where someone bought the domain and filled it with ads. There’s no where to log in! Shows you how much Bilasa cares about your love, if they send you to a fake site! Why did they even include such a weird line, anyways? Why would you need an ID and password? For what? Gosh. What nonsense.

myheart dot com

Where exactly am I supposed to log in? I don't see the log in button. And what will I be logging in for? DON'T LIE TO ME BILASA!

Altogether, the video isn’t tailored to us, so we don’t like it, and we like it less for doing a bad job of making a video for its target audience, by having the weird looking guy take up way too much screen time in the video. We still love to scream out BILASA as much as possible, and we’re happy that this video gave us the chance to do so, but that’s about the only joy we were afforded this time :(

Ah well. We had fun filming the video, though! Oh Martina has a special message to Viel who personally designed her the awesome and funky earrings she was wearing in today’s video. She sent them to me in the mail with another pair (I’ll be sure to wear them in a video) along with a cool bow ring, it’s like a hair bow, but it spans across two fingers with two ring backings attached to it. Anyways, check out her funky stuff at: www.twentythreejewelry.com and NO, THIS IS NOT A PAID POST, I just wanted to say thank you for making me personalized earrings! I LOVE THEM!!! *SQUEAAAAALS AND JUMPS UP AND DOWN* They’re so cute and—- *Simon takes the keyboard away*


Anyways, don’t forget to check out the super embarrassing bloopers from Simon’s many reggae mistakes. SHABBA! LORDAMERCY!

  1. It’s funny that you mention how B1A4 saying “I love you like a love song” doesn’t make sense because Selena Gomez has an entire song based on those same lyrics XD

  2. He is a comedian he works for Park Myeong-su, did you see OMS/100 out of 100? he has been in different shows and is close friends with Heechul and other artist his name is Kim Kyung Jin he is really funny :)

  3. But.. the song its at least good :P and I think my opinion that the outfit was kind of creative… :)

  4. You guys really crack me up! I cannot stop calling B1A4, Bilasa! Oh and … If you didn’t notice, the creepy, “non-Bilasa guy is also in Batoost’s (B2st) “Beautiful” as the Bookie/Hobo guy ;D .Shame you don’t like the song or the video though, I quite enjoyed it (probably cause I’m a big Bilasa fan) :P

  5. at first i thought his necklace said “blow me” in Hangul but now im re watching this vid *cuz im bored like that!* and it says “blow me” in English… WHAT THE ^%$#!!!!!!! >//<

  6. “Fact : 98% Banas died of cuteness over dose ”

  7. uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, B1A4, they have way more hoses(or water guns) then hyori

  8. lmao you two always crack me up! lmaooooo

  9. Canada has a Hood?? WHERE SIMON, WHERE?!!?!

  10. the awkward guy’s an awkward comedian person… he became pretty famous through this other show… apparently mv directors like to put him in mv for some reason… he was in one of sistar’s mv

  11. the whole “myheart.com” thing is funny..but if you actually type in “naemam.com”..that’s a real site…but i have no idea what it’s for lol..but i think it’s just a part of an online shopping mall…

  12. I just watched “I like you the best” by B2ST and that creepy old guy was in it too. Apparently he is another Kprop. Just thought you’d like to know :D

  13. DON’T LIE TO ME BILASA! jajajajaajajaj oh my, love u guys…..

  14. wonder why you guyes call them bilasa, instead b-one-a-four

  15. In terms of firefighting, Hyori would probably do better.

    Cause you know, you guys end up burning down your house every time you say BILASA so I’m guessing they do better at fighting WITH fire. :D

  16. B1A4 Beautiful Target for firefighting!

    Ahh and the cameraman is a korean comedian…he is in quite a lot of kpop videos ahahaha.

  17. Lee Hyori!!

  18. hyori is better

  19. hahahahahaha “blow me” ……sorry

  20. dooo bad girl from beast i dont care if t japanes it soooo good this song it my head doo itt 

  21. ahaa that random guy in the music video is actually famous :L

    watch the variety show oh my school! and hes on there. hes really really funny :)

  22. this is so lol-worthy… can’t suppress my laughter everytime u guys refer to them as BILASAAA

  23. Helloooo. I just want to express to you guys that 9 out of 10 KPOP music videos don’t match the song. And they do it on purpose. I’ve talked to multiple native Koreans and they say this is true. So, please don’t pick apart the music videos so much and make fun of their English. There’s no way that their horrible English isn’t cute to you. No way; It’s impossible. Thank you. <3 (:

    • Um, so what if you spoke with native Koreans?  Their opinions mean that we don’t have the right to express our own opinions?

      •  In no way am I saying you guys can’t express your opinions…

      • ………because that’s polite. :

        • Polite to who?  The Native Koreans who don’t want their videos talked about in any other way apart from the way that they’re comfortable with, or polite to the bands who only want people to say great things about their work?  Is there no room for criticism ever?  Should we just bow down and fangirl over ever video?

          No thanks.  That’s not us, and that’s not what this site is for.

        • Polite to the person who wasn’t being an asshole to you guys? Apparently you don’t have the same decency.
          We weren’t trying to attack your videos. We like(d) your videos. But you guys took things about this one way too seriously and you do it all the time. You said yourself that it was a fanservice video, but went on to make fun of pretty much everything that they did. You make fun of their English, but you guys yourselves won’t learn Korean. It’s okay to critique them TO A POINT, but then it just gets ridiculous. It’s not productive, it’s not funny, and it offends people who actually care about the band.
          You don’t criticize. You make fun, so much so that it stops being funny, and those are two completely different things.
          Oh, and it’s nice how you only reply to people (that I’ve noticed) who have something even remotely criticizing to say about your videos. I guess it doesn’t feel very nice when it happens to you, does it?

        • I don’t mean to offend anyone here, just point out a few things.

          You’re saying that Simon and Martina are doing a bad job at criticizing because they take it to far.
             Even if it is a video made for fan-service doesn’t make it ok to do whatever. I personally liked the video, but I can understand S&M’s point. And honestly, the “Blow Me”-necklace is offensive…
             B1A4 haven’t really displayed amazing English and in every video S&M talk about the English in the video. If the English is bad ofc it’s going to be mentioned.
             Also I don’t quite understand where their criticism is over the line. They never said that B1A4 sucks at all, they said they don’t like the video or song, because it isn’t for them to like… They never liked cutesy videos like these.

          The reason to why S&M are responding to negative comments is to explain themselves. Not to pick up a fight. People would probably be more mad if they only responded to nice comments…

          And my last point. You’re being very offensive towards S&M. Much more than they were against B1A4′s video and song. If you think what they did was wrong aren’t you worse? Sure B1A4 got their hard work criticized a bit harshly, but these videos are what S&M are doing for a living and they have the same right not getting their work bashed.

          I kind of feel like I have to say once more that I don’t mean to offend you. I’m afraid otherwise you’ll misunderstand me and hate  on me as well… Sorry~

        • Sophie Haselgrove

          I think that S&M are making these videos for entertainment purposes, not for fan girls/boys. Personally, I find them really funny and they put a bright spin on my Mondays. I fan girl over many bands, but I can always make room for comedy. What S&M say doesn’t ruin the way I view the song, and not all of what they say is negative. Most of the time they are commenting on things I haven’t even noticed. Do you want comedy, or adoring fan-made videos? I prefer comedy. If you want praise and adoration, then you’ve come to the wrong site. Find a fan site or something. 
          (I’m not being biased, I am actually a fan of B1A4) 

    • Joom Joom like a locket is not cute by any standard

  24. Next week do sixth sense by brown eyed girls!

  25. I love your Bilasa reviews and will request a Bilasa MV everytime one is released…however Hyori is the better firefighter.

  26. B1A4′s “Beautiful Target” seriously brightened up my day when it was released, because I was having a pretty crappy day :P This group is so crazy and hilarious that all of their videos show off that hilarious side of them, especially this one~ The “creepy” guy is a really famous Korean comedian named Gyeongjin, and I’ve seen him on several variety shows and such; he’s known for doing aegyo, aha ha ha! XD The whole line about “myheart.com” is just supposed to be a cute little saying like, “Here’s the password to my heart, I’ll give you all my love”; something like that :P But it’s funny how you guys actually looked up for a website XD The bloopers made me laugh sooooooo much! 

  27. Let’s vote for Get Out again this week!!!

    Perhaps the situation will still be alright! (Remember how funny the last JYJ video videos was?) psssst. Simon and Martina has a personal bias for JYJ so their JYJ videos are funnier. ^^

    p.s. I LOVE PICKLES. don’t you?

  28. Not only is Mr. Creep (the random man “no one cares about”) was also Flava Flav from Batoost’s Batootiful, btw.

  29. Never heard of B1A4!!! CONQUEROR OF KITTIES AND DEVOURER OF TEENAGED HEARTS until now, but I really, really enjoyed this video. The, er, whistles were too funny.  I couldn’t stop laughing while watching this on the bus this morning.

    Question for Simon: where do you get those awesome T-shirts?  Do you get those in Korea or from home (or online)?  I am envious.  :)

    P.S. I have sworn fealty and eternal servitude to B1A4 now.

  30. hahah you’re ‘pretending’ not to undertand the plot to make this funnier.. right? because it was obvious this time.. they make a ‘conspiracy’ xD to get Jinyoung in jail so they can get the girl like Bugs Bunny would do it, so suddenly “there’s a fire caused by him”, they’re suddenly firemans and judges and stuff and they get Daffy Duck in jail.. that’s it. hahaha I don’t know why when I see this video I don’t think they’re acting cute, I don’t know why everyone is saying that ahahah I say “hahaha wtf? xD” in a good way hahahah I think the video is funny, I loved it.. I’m Hyori’s fan and a Lord Bilasa’s minion Bana at the same time, so I won’t vote, I loved them both as firemans<3

  31. Gyeongjin is a comedian. I love him.

  32. That weird dude is a sorta famous comedian. Yep. That’s all I got to say…

  33. i have to say bilasa wins the firefighter contest :) sorry you guys didn’t like the video though! D:


    and oh! i think that random really ugly guy is some TV host or something cuz ive seen him on some of those like celebrity game shows and he seems to be the host??  idk…LOL >________<

  34. ive heard their group name as “billassa” so much and i dont even know what they are really called hahahahaha simon and maritna u guys r epic

  35. I can see Jaejoong in the background <333

  36. That non-bilasa guy is Kim KyeongJin. He’s a comedian. So it makes sense when he does all that weird stuffs. haha

  37. I kinda dreaded if Simon & Martina reviewed this video. Not saying that I didn’t want them to review it, but I was kinda afraid that lots of people would start being anti-fans of B1A4. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge BANA. B1A4′s one of those few rare rookie groups that stood out from the rest. I do like the MV and providing fan service is part of being in a boy group. And, wearing wacky clothes is kinda IN right now. It may look really weird for people who watched the MV the first time, but it kinda grows on you. As for the English, not a lot of people would mind if it doesn’t make sense. For the ‘you zoom zoom my heart like a rocket’ part, there was an explanation about it. It means when the guy sees the girl he likes, his hear will beat really fast, hence the ‘zoom zoom heart like a rocket part’. There’s also a line that goes ‘i love you like a love song’ and… Selena Gomez actually has a song titled ‘ Love You Like A Love Song’. 

    Anyways, I’m voting for B1A4 no matter what! :D

  38. Someone has probably told you but comedian Kim Kyung Jin is the cameo. he has been in B2ST, M & D, on variety shows like 100 out of 100. Any hoo, mv reminded me of what I dislike about Japanese mv & esp. some Japanese mv made for Kpop groups. Daeguknamah comes to mind. Looking like they dressed in the dark & consists solely of bopping around being overly aegyo.
    I do like the song. Very catchy. I found myself singing along right away. I agree that the pd & choreographers could have done better.   

  39. he the pimp husler from b2st video dont you recognize him

  40. Simon & Martina = YG biased >.>
    sorry BUT the song is GREAT n i luv it <33 the MV was CLEAR and not confusing at all BUT maybe cuz u guyz r jst 2 old 2 understand younger generation u couldn't get the MV :)
    my vote is B1A4 <33

  41. ………Where do I vote? =.=”

  42. Their outfits were adorable! >:|
    “And one last thing: if you listen to the lyrics, you’ll hear them say
    tell you to go to myheart.com, and that the id and password is “your
    love”.”  That wasnt meant to be taken facetiously!  The lines are so cute! >:O  Seriously, they’re Korean, try the Korean myheart.com>>내맘.com. It’s BANA-made and coming soon.
    The “Blow Me” necklace has a whistle on the end, it’s referring to blowing the whistle.
    I introduced several of my friends to KPOP with this video and they loved it!  Now they’re all full-out KPOPanatics and BANAs, and constantly burst out in random song singing B1A4′s BEAUTIFUL TARGET. Plus, they weren’t on the YT front page for no reason.
    That guy is Kim Kyung Jil, he’s a very famous comedian and friends with the manager of B1A4 AND a very close friend of Heechul of Super Junior.  /who could chomp your heads off/
    I vote B1A4, of course. /completely biased. sorry if I sounded mean

  43. Based off of this review I was totally expecting to just hate this video, and yet…for some absurd reason, I find it catchier then all get out.  I was doing their little movie theatre dance all around my core shack as I was working yesterday (I’m a geologist and my geotech thought I lost my bloody mind) :)  

    I’ll vote B1A4, cutie pies or not :)

  44. i love you like a love song is a song.. by selena gomez. Even americans don’t now english speakers don’t know english! XD
    And… simon… you should go and join Bilasa.. that was… epic! :D

  45. The ugly guy is a comedian but I don’t get what he was doing there either LOL!

  46. You know, I think he was going to jail for creating the girl… And maybe the girl just disappeared or melted… because she was created from a bunch of Kool-Aid? The song itself wasn’t bad, rather catchy in fact. Just very confusing.

  47. B1A4 rocked the song, and what I like the most that it was on youtube front page ..and all the non k-pop people were saying that it’s cute and “something new” you may hate this song, but lots of fans loved it ^^

    and I vote for B1A4 ^^

    about myheart.com ..lol you guys ..click (내맘.com) ← Bana’s made it ^^ but it’s still coming soon

  48. btw is their fanclub name called bana?
    rub my bananas. hehheh.

    anyway martina you look extra pretty here ;w;

    and i vote for hyori’s mr big :D

  50. Another great video. I love the flash-fwd sequence with the cute robots. LOL. I totally agree with y’all that 2AM’s video was much sadder! martina you looked so cute! 

  51. if you go to allkoreanentertainment.com via the link in this video (I tried typing it in but it didn’t work)  and find a show called “Welcome to the show!” the random guy is on there. I liked the show a lot actually, it had 2AM’s Seulong and 2PM’s Nichkhun as well as IU, Maestro, Sulli from F(x) as well as other groups like infinite. (it’s a drama involving inkigayo(hence so many different idols)) Here is the link to the video that has the site’s link in the descripton! ^_^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hftop4iUy8g 

  52. That old guy actually shows up in a lot of music videos such as B2st – beautiful, B2st – I like you the Best, um what was that called again? a sort of xtra group with Heechul and someone else… all im remembering is “D” (?) hm… and a couple others that I’m just not getting the name of, it’s on the tip of my tounger but oh well if i remember I’ll tell you gaise

  53. I was about to say that b1a4 voters was biased, but then I went to watch Hyori’s video… even none of them wear proper pants, at least b1a4 hit a burning building with their water.

  54. The rap scene is awesome though .. kinda sounds like a bunch of trolls (from world of warcraft) rapping away. ..:D

    My vote goes to Hyori .. seriously .. this is a no contest .. how can one not vote for Hyori :D


  55. Ah, the camera man is a comedian named Kim KyungJin. ><; He's known for being awkward &… fail &… just awkwardly awkward as a human being could possibly get. I guess it's kind of his 'thing' as a comedian. ^^; He's in a couple other idol groups' music videos too (SISTAR's "Shady Girl," B2ST's "Beautiful" & M&D's "Close Ur Mouth") & believe me, his cameos are just as awkward & random as in this video… I personally still like him though.

  56. OMFGsun….The picture on your laptop back ground totally just wow….damn thats HOT =.=

    BLOW ME…..My God…Kpop producers sure have sick minds even in funny cutesy songs =.= 

  57. Imo, I find B1A4 a group with so much talent and maybe cute is just not your cup of tea, but I found this video absolutely adorable. I’m sure B1A4 will release something that will grab you, the same way BATOOST did with Fiction ;)

  58. Well, I’m not a Bana, but I had fun watching this video. Maybe I just like various concepts – dark being my favourite – but this was a total candyparty for me. Bunch of overly cute guys having FUN in cute (sometimes TOO cute) outfits (tiger one was the best), bizarre action and settings, Kyungjin (whom I find totally unnecessary, even though I kinda like him) – it was all a little surrealistic for me, but in a fun way. This court with innocent-looking judge and IMMORTAL sprout dance made me laugh because of the contrast with typical super-boring court. Their props looked like toys and I guess they were all like a bunch of kids who are playing their own imaginary game. 
    Aaaand I’m not writing this to criticize anything, I would just like to share my point of view, which is slightly different – actually I HAD fun watching all that bizzarness and I somehow thought, that you would have it too, even if you aren’t too much into such cute songs. I thought, you would like it more than other cute songs – I guess I was wrong :)
    But nothing’s wrong with that. Simon’s reggae totally owned this.

    (OK, by ‘song’ I meant mostly MV)

  59. Wow, -5 out of 5.  That in itself is a pretty awesome feat.

    Or maybe I should have said, “Excite! -5 of 5.  Awesome feet itself has pretty.”  You know, keeping in pattern and all…lol.

  60. Haha, the misplaced man called as ‘natural mountain’, he is korean young comedian.
    I know this because I saw him somewhere in variety show ‘go to school’ or sth like that.
    I agree with you, he is misplaced

  61. I didn’t vote for this mv and I’m not a Bana (I like them though) but THIS MV IS AMAZING. Seriously, I have no clue what’s going on. It’s all so insane. xD Reminds me a bit of the mv for Big Bang’s lies, what with the members being everyone around the girl, except that was much more artistic and this was just a big bowl of adorable crazy. In the end, I like both (though I would absolutely hold Lies at a higher level).

    I think that he created a girl from chemicals, and his burning passion for her set the hotel on fire. The judge then found him guilty for burning the hotel and they put him in jail. Best plot ever. <3

  62. Lotsa cute boyz doin’ cute things. This looks like a “So bad it’s actually pretty good.” bit of filming. I love those. I just don’t understand how that deep voice is coming out of that little boy. (I’m old enough to be his and probably your mother, I can call him a little boy. LOL). Anyway, you two are too too cute and those are some great earrings.

  63. Oh, and I’m a BANA so I don’t want to further ruin their video…but did no one else notice that during the news broadcast the text in the background says “FIRE AT WM ENTERTAINMENT”?

  64. I personally loved the video…not so much the song at first, but it grew on me. Usually I cringe at watching idols trying to be cute, but like Simon and Martina mentioned, B1A4 looked like they were GENUINELY
    having fun on the video, therefore I too genuinely enjoyed it. I do sometimes need a break from the typical synchronized choreography of other boy groups. As for the song, I guess what made it forgivable is the vocals. In fact, I became a new fan because of how impressed I was with the main vocals’ voices.

    I just hope B1A4 would promote more songs like Chu Chu Chu, which might appeal to more people.

  65.  They look awesome on you Martina! I’m glad you like them!

  66. b1a4 but i can’t stop laughing at all the subtle innuendos in this video……..*sprouts dances her way outta here*

  67. I actually really loved the music video, probably because it was fan-service. I voted for it numerous times, thinking that would count. Who cares if they speak nonsense, they’re hot thus they can get away with it. If they just filmed Jinyoung, Gongchan or Baro making random insane sounds at camera, I would still watch that, I’d probably but the t-shirt. Then again, my complete acceptance of they’re terrible grammar (I’m a bit of a grammar nazi) and insane clothing (and strangers think I dress like crazy) may come from the fact that I’m one of the teenage girls who’s heart they’ve conquered.

  68. i vote for B1a4 um n i didnt really like these guys until this song came out it puts me in a better mood n omg i love Baro!!!! totally in love with the deep voice!!!! one thing that really gets to me when i listen to it or watch em perform i have an attack n find myself yelling at my laptop is when Baro raps oh yes sir gotta shot n on the lyrics it says gotta shoot!!!!!!(besides shot doesnt make sense) it frustrates me soo much also that they say locket not rocket!! lol

  69. I personally happen to like Kim Gyeongjin and think that he’s pretty funny (in a ridiculous way), especially on Oh My School!.
    P.S. he’s in SISTAR’s Shady Girl as well with Heechul

  70. I feel like guys would vote for Hyori and girls would end up voting for B1A4 but, whatever…
    My vote’s for B1A4. Baro is an adorable, if not all that effective…firefighter.

  71. Ok. So, the first thing I thought after seeing B1A4′s video was, “O, mah, gawd, sprout dance!!! B1A4 is so cute and amaaaaaazing!” Because, yes, I’m a total BANA and I fangirl over them. Obviously. My second thought was, “Oh boy, if Simon and Martina saw this they’d HATE it. They’d completely tear these guys apart and spit them out like one of Spudgy’s chew-toys.” (Which isn’t exactly what I thought, but the first part is pretty spot-on) So, in order to make an attempt at saving my boys I actually voted for a different video for K-pop Music Mondays, cuz, c’mon, they’re video was so fan-centered. It had the sprout dance in it for crying out loud.
    So, when I saw the headline for this week’s music Monday I about had a heart attack. But, after watching it, I’m really surprised at how easy you went on them. I mean, the video was obviously meant to be totally crazy and funny, and I guess you guys got that. I even have to admit that the review had me laughing despite how nervous I was that you’d totally bash them. I mean, there are some things that I do disagree with (the cameraman was actually funny to me and made me laugh even though he did distract from the boys, and Baro’s line where he says “I’m like a Robin Hood, whatcha gon’ make me do, oh yes sir, gotta shoot” was pretty clever, at least to me.)  But I really have to say that I genuinely enjoyed this week’s review even though I’m a hardcore B1A4 fan, it didn’t make me feel bad and I wasn’t made to feel like I have to defend one of my favorite groups, so, really, good job you guys. And I’m sorry for the EXTREMELY long comment, but I have a feeling that Martina might sympathize with how I feel. (Imagine if a couple who loved cutie-boy bands were made to review a Big-Bang video…yeah.)

  72. i never reall cared much about B1A4, but my friend is a huge fan of them, so i decided to watch the video. yeas, i agree with everything you guys said, though, i must say that the camera guys is actually pretty famous, no0thing that justifys him being there, but…
    the “blow me” whitles… wow, i dont even want to think about it XD
    well, im going to mock my friend using this video, so thanks ;D
    great as always

  73. That’s not fair!! I wanted you to do the “i like i lke i lke it” dance!!!!

  74. he is famous but tbh he irks me sooo much like i dont ever laugh at his supposed “gags”. he also annoyed the crap out of me in Beast’s beautiful MV but thank god he didnt come in it as much. he was also in Heechul’s MV

  75. Oh yeah the dude is famous, I’m surprise you don’t recognise him because he is in Beast Beautiful video. His name is Kim GyeongJin, his boss is Park MyeongSu and is in the Kim Hee Chul/Hongki friends club.. As seen in M&D Close Ur Mouth MV.

  76. I really liked the song, but it seems that if you’re not a fan of the boys themselves then you won’t find anything amazing about the music video.

    Baro’s weird reggae thing reminded me of Block B’s leader Zico when he had dreads. He’d burst into song like a hobo you’d see on the street thus the “Jamaican Beggar” was born. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W82WcxB7nYw)

    I have to agree with the wardrobe choices as if the stylist seemed to have picked out in a dark room. ^^

    Oh and about the myheart.com, it actually exists! But you have to write it in Korean which is: 내맘.comLove you guys! Mondays are finally awesome because of you! <3

  77. Lollll the non bilasa guy is a comedian :P pretty well-known actually. And i think the song’s okay but they really could have made the mv better xD

  78. BILASA!! their video made me laugh so hard i couldn’t dislike it :) 
     besides it annoyed me that Hyori’s song was called “Mr Big” but it always sounded like she was saying “Mr Boy”

  79. This kpop music mondays was hilarious…I especially found it funny when Simon broke out into his reggae moment and that really awkward “Blow me whistle” lmao XD

  80. I personally loved the video <3 It was really fun and made me want to dance all over the place. Sure the English isn't that best but it doesn't seem to bother the fans. I absolutely love B1A4 I've been a Bana since their debut. I think if they improved their song writing skills they could possibly shoot up the charts. I loved the lyrics for "Only Learned Bad Things". Their songs may not make sense but I believe that they do have talent when it comes to their vocals and rapping. Maybe it's because they are a rookie group in a fairly new and unknown talent agency but I believe if they were given the right guidance they have the potential of being big. Lots of Love to B1A4 and Eat Your Kimchi!! <3 Keep up the good work!

  81. thisisjustforfunval

    OMG this Music Monday was as hilarious as I thought it was going to be. I voted for this song because I knew you guys would have a lot of fun discussing it.

  82. Am i the only one tht thought of selena gomez as soon as they said love u like a love song?


  84. thats sooo weirdd when i saw the music video i thought for sure simon and martina were gonna like itt

  85. We all know why this video made it to K-pop Music Mondays. We all wanted to write BILASA!!! and watch you say things like, “BILASA!!! Galactic Overlords, conquerors of kitties and devourers of teenaged girls’ hearts” three time fast while the screen goes up in one fiery intergalactic fiesta of destruction.
    Can’t help but agree with the whole thing. This video is not exactly my cup of tea, even if it is meant to be ridiculously cute (emphasis in the ridiculous part.) I was specially bothered by the fakeness of it all. Como on, does that kid really have that deep voice? It’s like, is this the k-pop version of Milli Vanilli .
    Anyway, thanks for the review and adding one more fav moment to my list of must remember moments with the B1A4 Army of Robots.Specially in the blooper reel where they go after Spudgy. Priceless.

    • I usually don’t defend bands or reply to comments so I’m kind of going out on a limb here…But, yes, Baro’s voice is actually that deep. I was really surprised when I heard it at first, though, too. I actually had to hear them sing live for me to believe it, haha.

      • Thanks for the reply :) It is really hard for me to believe that voice came from that cute little Korean kid, surrounded by all that cuteness. Seemed really out of place. And I didn’t even bother to have a look and confirm. So, really, thanks ^_^

  86. i agree, i didn’t like neither the video or the song.

  87. Im suprised you dont know who that old guy is. he is a comedian and he guest stars in a some Music videos. M&D close ur mouth and BEAST’s beautiful girl. Btw, I liked the music video a lot bc of its randomness.Oh and, I didnt know about the blow mw whistle, lol.

    My vote goes to B1A4, wait I mean BILASA!!!!!!

  88. blow me whistle ahahha XD
    OMG can you do BEG Sixth Sense :D
    and LOL their engrish is totally priceless.
    i get the plot though!! i think…. so the main guy creates a lab gf and all his buddies are jealous so they sabotage his date with her by setting the OTEL on fire, and then they disguise themselves as firefighters, medics,etc to impress the girl. THENnnnn to continue the sabotage, they blame the fire on HIM (as he was the only one there) and put him in jail so that they can steal his girlfriend. sigh, this is really supporting those lunatics who believe in conspiracies…

  89. My sister of 8 years liked this mv, btw she also likes Barney! LOLOLOL

  90. Btw, the creepy guy was also in episode 2 of ”the ojakkyo brothers’


  91. that weird guy is a comedian lol i guess he is just guest starring… =P u can also find him in Sistar’s ‘Gossip Girl’ i think….

  92. For me 2AM was much more sad.. oh well. I chose Hyori BTW.. 

  93. Actually there is a website 내맘.com I believe K-Bana’s made it.
    The camera guy is a comedian, his name is Kim Kyung Jin, he was also in B2ST’s “Beautiful” Video and M&D’s “Close ur mouth” along with other artists.

  94. i did not catch the blow me whistle the first few times i saw this.  but yeah i get you guys … the song and mv are kinda terrible … but so terrible its freaking adorable.  and i think that the camera guy is some one famous.  I can never remember his name but he’s in B2ST’s Beautiful MV and in M&D’s MV and he was on Idol League …. he’s so freaking creepy and i love him.

  95. Funniest Music Monday ever! Flex it Simon, rofl!

  96. There is a myheart dot com! If you type in 내맘.com it takes you to a site where it says ID password “your love” LOL It seems to still be in the works xD

  97. I love you Simon. Come here and give me a big Brohug

  98. Even though B1A4 video had alot of flaws, I still loved the video to death :) first time i listened to it i thought it was weird, but I soon got used to it and started singing along “Oh my beutiful target, you joom joom heart like a locket!” but i will give them a high five for the news scene, the bottom thing (subtitle?)  had from what i can tell perfect english (Compared to FT Island Hello Hello). Oh and i have to say the OTEL lived up to its name (The Big Flaming(‘O?) otel)

  99. I wasn’t too fond of the MV. It was just a bunch of guys having fun and wooing a girl in a weird kpop way. Anyways, the first time I heard the song I was really turned off by it. I didn’t like the pacing, the beats, the deep Jamaican voice, but upon multiple listenings I have made the decision that I like it. It’s so……..quirky and…….different. It’s not generic kpop, it strays from the norm. The song does its job of just making you feel silly and just let go. 

  100. I feel like I could almost forgive the poor English and strange video…but I really don’t understand the song at all. At parts it slowed down to sound almost ballad like…then sped up to T.O.P style rap.. then Jamaican reggae.. It really does not make sense at all. So, sorry b1a4…its a thumbs down from me

  101. The “ugly” guy is Kim Gyeong Jin! He’s a comedian and is pretty funny :) He also was in Heechul’s M&D vid I think….

  102. BILASA sounds like BELASAH which in Malaysian means to destroy or beat to a pulp! 


  104. the weird camera guy isn’t he the same one that appears in B2st beautiful?

  105. i think that martina is right 2AM it’s much sadder 

  106. Hyori was definitely a better fireman..or firewomann~

  107. haha the “non-Bilasa guy” is famous,Kim Kyung Jin^^ You really do not know him?
    Yeah, he allways looks like that…..but he is/was apparently A+ student.

  108. lol @ lethal injection!!! this whole video had me laughing so hard i was seeing stars

  109. B1A4 has a better fireman :D

  110. The voices and faces are pretty good but I’m totally distracted by the bad fashion. Seriously, I know Korea has a different style than America but that is just ridiculous and distracting. Did anyone else notice that set is the same KHJ performed Kiss Kiss @ Music Core?

  111. omg… is so funny that you guys really check out with the myheart.com! 

  112. That weirdo camera man is Kim Kyung Jin! Extremely funny comedian. The
    same guy that was in B2ST’s Beautiful/I Like You The Best asking for bets or whatever. He was also in that program Oh My School! But yes, he is always that goofy and eh weird looking.
    As for the video, I’m as confused as you guys. Song is quite good but like umm what…

  113.  “Beautiful target” makes me think of this lecture I got once back at my (all girls) high school about “being a treasure, not a target”… way to objectify women, Bilasa!

    but yeah, the video was crazy but that’s what makes it entertaining. Plus, I can’t get the song out of my head…

  114. Oh god, this video was even worse than the WTFokayentertainmentcompanyfail that OK was, THAT ASIDE, this song has really grown on me. I don’t love it, but I like it! And I really like a few of the other songs on the mini album like Foool and Wonderful Tonight. They’re a little simpler and they really good for what they are, upbeat cute rookie group boyband love songs. I think OK is still my favorite Bilasa song though keke its just too much fun to go woooohooohooohoohoohoo…. yeah that.

    bahahaaa I love how many little things you guys catch that I wouldn’t have noticed by myself, cannot unsee the blow me necklace, such EPICNESSS! anyway, as usually you two are hilarious and made legit points about the MV (especially the english baha wut b1a4?) and I’m glad that even though it’s not really your type of video/song you gave a fair trial and judged it for what it was :DD

    ps…. you’re k-pop album of the week…. A-CHA… ME GUSTA. ^__^

  115. B1A4 MV…em sorry… Bilasa MV is like a horror movie! I agrees in all with Martina while she was talking about MV story..and I don’t like horror movie.. but I like these parts when they were dancing and having fun ^^ Here they look cute ^^
    I’m totally upsat that JYJ wins that week…
    I vote for Hyori! ><

  116. I think the song is one that’s starting to grow on me. It was so random and not like their other songs that it just kinda hurt my ears at first. But after three of four times, it gets stuck in my head. And every time I watch the video, i see something new. Too much there. -_-’ but it’s exciting to see what I’ll discover next. And after watching the live videos of them for this song, I really want to learn the dance. Though it would be a weird one to do alone… And as for the Jamacian part, wonder if Simon would like to go up against Zico, the Jamacian beggar… XP

  117. The random guy looks like Reporter Kim from You’re Beautiful! Hahaha and we all know how weird and slimy he seemed in the drama… right, Martina? Maybe it’s just supposed to be an imitation/parody of that? Just a thought.

  118. BLOW ME. LOL, that was pretty good :)

    I can´t believe JYJ has won the sadder music video :(
    Anyway I would put my house on fire if I had known that Lee Hyouri would come as a firewoman :)

  119. are they really called BILASA?  When I read the title I was like are they talking about a filipino word? LOL
    because BIlasa in filipino means OLD, STALE

  120. Hands down…better fire fighter MV is Lee Hyori in Mr. Big!!!

  121. Yup, this non-BILASA guy is someone famous. I’ve seen him in some variety shows and in Heechul’s M&D “Close your Mouth” MV, but I don’t remember his name >< Unfortunatly.

  122. YES! Thanks for including the video! I like watching the videos and then reading the reviews!

  123. Great video :D The guy in the video is Kim Kyung Jin, he’s a gagman. He’s in a lot of music videos playing the creepy guy xD For example..SISTAR’s Shady Girl and M&D’s Close Your mouth. I’ve also seen him in a lot of TV shows :D He’s famous for his impersonation of the ostrich xD
    My vote goes to Hyori unnie cuz…well she is more credible xD

  124. LoL… SO TRUE! i thought i was the only 1 who thought of the MV this way…. xP

  125. well.. i’m a teenager and a BANA.. so i enjoyed the video ^.^

  126. Yeah, JYJ’s Get Out or BEG’s Sixth Sense are way better!! Bilosa are just weird… ‘Ok’ was good, but cute guys are creepy ~~

  127. I enjoyed the ridiculousness of the video, and… I’m a complete sucker for their cuteness~ But the weirdness in their outfits inspires future costumes for me and my friends. Plus, I like that if a video is going to make me go “W.T.F.” it needs to go all out weird throughout the video, compared to, maybe, romance-based WTF videos.

  128. That dude was also in Beast’s Beautiful MV…..o.O He’s a fairly well known comedian? I don’t remember his name tho. Anyway, I also was quite displeased with his presence in the video. But I loved this mv…just so cute and goofy. 

  129. anyways… i vote for BILASA!!

    i dont get the english in the video no matter how many times i read “you zoom zoom like a locket”

  130. the awkward camera guy is in alot of variety shows, I think hes a comedian of some sort. hes been in oh my school and he was also part of a team in the idol championships if im not mistaken. oh he was also on idol army too i think. I quite like him, kinda think you were a bit harsh lol

  131. LOL @ The other guy. Yes he is famous. I dunno his name but he is under MyungSoo’s agency. 

  132. WTH What happened to Get Out D:

  133. Can you review BEG’s Sixth Sense MV next week? 

  134. Love your shirt Simon!!!!!!^^


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