See! It is possible for us to review rookie groups! People have been asking for this song for a long time now, and, somehow, it withstood the torrent of votes that came in for 2NE1’s “Lonely” and Jay Park’s “Tonight.” Sweet. Bilasa has some very dedicated fans.

B1A4 aka Bilasa


Yes, we will call them Bilasa henceforth. We were proud of ourselves for coming up with Batoost, but Bilasa takes the cake. Quite possibly the most epic band name ever. BILASA! CONQUERER OF THE UNIVERSE! DEVOURER OF GALAXIES! Doesn’t that sound epic? I mean, look at this picture here. Doesn’t that look like a Bilasa? And doesn’t that sound better for their image? Their name is supposed to represent their blood types. One member has blood type B. Four have A. Who cares a crap about their blood types? Compare the possible awesomeness:

1) We are a band whose name was made to represent our blood types, which is something that’s totally lost on most non-Asian fans

The answer is obvious.

I think Kpop agencies need to hire us to help them out with idols’ brands and images. This video is a clear example of just how wrong things can go. It’s not a terrible video, don’t get us wrong. It didn’t infuriate us like B2ST’s Beautiful did. This video doesn’t have a terribly stupid girl in it. This video just seems so…chachy. It feels like the producer is a 47 year old man who asked his kids what their classmates think is cool, and then rammed all of that junk into a video. Stick with one image, please: you can’t do everything at once. If they’re going to be sporty, make a video of that. If they’re going to be making music, make a video of them making music (even though we highly doubt any of them had any hand in the making of the music. Can any of them actually play the instruments that they’re holding?). It really just feels like a bad Disney series: like Hannah Montana meets High School Musical and makes a love baby.

Which is a shame, because we find the song quite catchy and fun. The chorus is totally stuck in our heads. We just have a terrible video associated with it, and that’s too bad. For a debut video, we’d like it if they put a bit more thought into it. B1A4, I mean, Bilasa, has a great chance we think: just hire a different video producer next time. Hire us! We’d make an awesome video for them! They’d fly through galaxies and…actually, no, we probably wouldn’t make a good video for them. We hope that B1A4 fangirls, aka slaves to the Galactic Emperor Bilasa, don’t get too upset about this. We like the song: we wouldn’t review it if we didn’t. The video is what we don’t like, and I think we can all agree that they deserve better videos to match their songs.

Anyhow, since we do like the song, but don’t like the video, we still recommend you buy the B1A4 Mini Album and show a rookie band some support. Yeah!

  1. Bilasa all the way! No matter what, b1a4 makes my heart melt, especially Sandeul. Isnt’t he the cutest thing?

  2. to me ‘Bilasa’ sounds like ‘kielbasa’xd

  3. Urban Dictionary took my definition for Bilasa. LOL!


    The common name for the K-pop group: B1A4. Coined by the eatyourkimchi blog from the Korean pronunciation of the numbers 1 (pronounced: IL) and 4 (pronounced: SA). B1A4 is then B-IL-A-SA, just like how B2ST is pronounced BEAST because 2 is said as ‘EE’ in Korean.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Bilasa on Inkigayo next week!

  4. I didn’t know Batman said “Batman!” when getting out of frame. Oh well, we learn everyday ;)

  5. Just watching this K-Pop Monday for the first time.
    Love the explanation for the name, but the point where it goes ‘The Ugly One “Sungari….. I mean Sup …….gari?? TIME FOR KISSES” ‘ had me in tears of laughter. You two come up with the best comedy gold!

  6. I’m confused. 1 is “il”? Isn’t it “han”? I trust you know that better than me but still, I’ve seen translations and even went to google translate (yes, very reliable, I know) and it said that 1=han.
    So, which is it?

  7. I think B1A4 has a reason why their group name was like that, but for me I think they wanted their name to be unique and mysterious (not like other groups) for us to find out or be interested with them and know more about them (opinion only no hard feelings)

  8.  I don’t get it !!! seriously I mean OK Simon said the sound of 2= E and then 1 =il and 4=sa but when I searched the pronunciation in the translator it said something completely different …PLEASE SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS KOREAN help me! :$

  9. wait, they’re the ones who produced these songs. B1A4, I mean.

  10. Bilasa fans –> BILASARAPTORS. Equally terrifying and appropriately irrelevant. 

  11. they’re called B1A4 because there’s one member with type B blood and the
    other 4 members have type A blood. if you pay attention to the ending
    of the music video then it tells you each members blood type.

  12. “even though we highly doubt any of them had any hand in the making of the music.”

    They did. Not this song, but another song on their album:

    Remember (with the wierd english) was made by the kid (Jinyoung) who is acting as if he writing music in this video. So hey, that was a little true at least, since he did write the other song.

    But lolz Bilasa <- you guys made this so popular!


  14. I prefer Block B’s Don’t Stop (it’s not called freeze, it’s called Don’t Stop [as said on iTunes] but I guess they mean the same thing XD)

  15. But wait, it’s not bilasa is B1A4, they said it in their MV

  16. you guys made me addicted to Block B Freeze! Chanks^_^

  17. UAU! i’m not the only one who calls them batoost :D it’s perfectly correct! thats how a normal person reads it :D

  18. Soooo…
    “it’s not a terrible video. Don’t get us wrong”
    And then
    “the chorus is stuck in our heads. We just have a terrible video associated with it.”
    Inconsistencies, much!!!
    Seriously guys, make up your minds! Was the video terrible, or wasn’t it?!?!

  19.  totally agree. Block b ftw.

  20.  totally agree. Block b ftw.

  21.  BLOCK B. i mean… b1a4 is kinda… ehhhh…. block b has way more freaking experience. ;) they worked underground a lot.
    plus, check out ‘wanna b’. that song is awesome.

  22.  BLOCK B. i mean… b1a4 is kinda… ehhhh…. block b has way more freaking experience. ;) they worked underground a lot.
    plus, check out ‘wanna b’. that song is awesome.

  23.  Actually, they did have a hand in writing the music. The leader (Jinyoung) composed one of the songs on the album (Bling Girl) entirely by himself, while the rapper (Baro) had a hand in creating each rap in the album. The rest of Bilasa also helped to write (Bling Girl) and Jinyoung knows how to play guitar while maknae Gongchan is said to play the drums. I just thought I should inform you, because although your review was I guess fair based on people’s own opinions, that one bit was wrong. 

  24.  hey do you know that in the part where you figure out what the dance moves look like you say my last name in the wizard one :)!

  25. ROFL Galactus  photo rofl that Bilasa is much more suiting lol rofl

  26. b1a4! thank you soooo much for reviewing them, i understand all the weird things about them, but they’re like my new favorite band ever…buying their mini-album TODAY! 

  27. if i pick upon one song i pick B1A4 too, like the other song too not bad at all :D 

  28. i pick B1A4, bc i would love to have these guys as my friends and  i go to what ever that place was after school to playyyyyyyyyyy, lolz sooo many cool things in that room things, and cute things like B1A4 members lolz

  29. This is a hard one, hmm….I’d have ta say…. B1A4 ^.^ Their song is just sooo cute and happy, compaired to Block B’s Freeze. I still like Block B tho! (: 

  30. hahaha bilasa= B1A4 to be honest simon in the philippines specifically in tagalog bilasa means rotten mostly used for fishes :DD funny though

  31. B1A4!!
    Their song is really good, even if the video is a big barf of pop culture. 

  32. Hahhah!!! BILASA!!!!!!! aka B1A4

  33. B1A4 should WIN BIG TIME !!!!!!

  34. Block B !!!!!
    And they should hire new stylists !!!!

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