See! It is possible for us to review rookie groups! People have been asking for this song for a long time now, and, somehow, it withstood the torrent of votes that came in for 2NE1′s “Lonely” and Jay Park’s “Tonight.” Sweet. Bilasa has some very dedicated fans.

B1A4 aka Bilasa


Yes, we will call them Bilasa henceforth. We were proud of ourselves for coming up with Batoost, but Bilasa takes the cake. Quite possibly the most epic band name ever. BILASA! CONQUERER OF THE UNIVERSE! DEVOURER OF GALAXIES! Doesn’t that sound epic? I mean, look at this picture here. Doesn’t that look like a Bilasa? And doesn’t that sound better for their image? Their name is supposed to represent their blood types. One member has blood type B. Four have A. Who cares a crap about their blood types? Compare the possible awesomeness:

1) We are a band whose name was made to represent our blood types, which is something that’s totally lost on most non-Asian fans

The answer is obvious.

I think Kpop agencies need to hire us to help them out with idols’ brands and images. This video is a clear example of just how wrong things can go. It’s not a terrible video, don’t get us wrong. It didn’t infuriate us like B2ST’s Beautiful did. This video doesn’t have a terribly stupid girl in it. This video just seems so…chachy. It feels like the producer is a 47 year old man who asked his kids what their classmates think is cool, and then rammed all of that junk into a video. Stick with one image, please: you can’t do everything at once. If they’re going to be sporty, make a video of that. If they’re going to be making music, make a video of them making music (even though we highly doubt any of them had any hand in the making of the music. Can any of them actually play the instruments that they’re holding?). It really just feels like a bad Disney series: like Hannah Montana meets High School Musical and makes a love baby.

Which is a shame, because we find the song quite catchy and fun. The chorus is totally stuck in our heads. We just have a terrible video associated with it, and that’s too bad. For a debut video, we’d like it if they put a bit more thought into it. B1A4, I mean, Bilasa, has a great chance we think: just hire a different video producer next time. Hire us! We’d make an awesome video for them! They’d fly through galaxies and…actually, no, we probably wouldn’t make a good video for them. We hope that B1A4 fangirls, aka slaves to the Galactic Emperor Bilasa, don’t get too upset about this. We like the song: we wouldn’t review it if we didn’t. The video is what we don’t like, and I think we can all agree that they deserve better videos to match their songs.

Anyhow, since we do like the song, but don’t like the video, we still recommend you buy the B1A4 Mini Album and show a rookie band some support. Yeah!

  1. Bilasa all the way! No matter what, b1a4 makes my heart melt, especially Sandeul. Isnt’t he the cutest thing?

  2. to me ‘Bilasa’ sounds like ‘kielbasa’xd

  3. Urban Dictionary took my definition for Bilasa. LOL!


    The common name for the K-pop group: B1A4. Coined by the eatyourkimchi blog from the Korean pronunciation of the numbers 1 (pronounced: IL) and 4 (pronounced: SA). B1A4 is then B-IL-A-SA, just like how B2ST is pronounced BEAST because 2 is said as ‘EE’ in Korean.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Bilasa on Inkigayo next week!

  4. I didn’t know Batman said “Batman!” when getting out of frame. Oh well, we learn everyday ;)

  5. Just watching this K-Pop Monday for the first time.
    Love the explanation for the name, but the point where it goes ‘The Ugly One “Sungari….. I mean Sup …….gari?? TIME FOR KISSES” ‘ had me in tears of laughter. You two come up with the best comedy gold!

  6. I’m confused. 1 is “il”? Isn’t it “han”? I trust you know that better than me but still, I’ve seen translations and even went to google translate (yes, very reliable, I know) and it said that 1=han.
    So, which is it?

  7. I think B1A4 has a reason why their group name was like that, but for me I think they wanted their name to be unique and mysterious (not like other groups) for us to find out or be interested with them and know more about them (opinion only no hard feelings)

  8.  I don’t get it !!! seriously I mean OK Simon said the sound of 2= E and then 1 =il and 4=sa but when I searched the pronunciation in the translator it said something completely different …PLEASE SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS KOREAN help me! :$

  9. wait, they’re the ones who produced these songs. B1A4, I mean.

  10. Bilasa fans –> BILASARAPTORS. Equally terrifying and appropriately irrelevant. 

  11. they’re called B1A4 because there’s one member with type B blood and the
    other 4 members have type A blood. if you pay attention to the ending
    of the music video then it tells you each members blood type.

  12. “even though we highly doubt any of them had any hand in the making of the music.”

    They did. Not this song, but another song on their album:

    Remember (with the wierd english) was made by the kid (Jinyoung) who is acting as if he writing music in this video. So hey, that was a little true at least, since he did write the other song.

    But lolz Bilasa <- you guys made this so popular!


  14. I prefer Block B’s Don’t Stop (it’s not called freeze, it’s called Don’t Stop [as said on iTunes] but I guess they mean the same thing XD)

  15. But wait, it’s not bilasa is B1A4, they said it in their MV


  17. you guys made me addicted to Block B Freeze! Chanks^_^

  18. UAU! i’m not the only one who calls them batoost :D it’s perfectly correct! thats how a normal person reads it :D

  19. Soooo…
    “it’s not a terrible video. Don’t get us wrong”
    And then
    “the chorus is stuck in our heads. We just have a terrible video associated with it.”
    Inconsistencies, much!!!
    Seriously guys, make up your minds! Was the video terrible, or wasn’t it?!?!

  20.  totally agree. Block b ftw.

  21.  totally agree. Block b ftw.

  22.  BLOCK B. i mean… b1a4 is kinda… ehhhh…. block b has way more freaking experience. ;) they worked underground a lot.
    plus, check out ‘wanna b’. that song is awesome.

  23.  BLOCK B. i mean… b1a4 is kinda… ehhhh…. block b has way more freaking experience. ;) they worked underground a lot.
    plus, check out ‘wanna b’. that song is awesome.

  24.  Actually, they did have a hand in writing the music. The leader (Jinyoung) composed one of the songs on the album (Bling Girl) entirely by himself, while the rapper (Baro) had a hand in creating each rap in the album. The rest of Bilasa also helped to write (Bling Girl) and Jinyoung knows how to play guitar while maknae Gongchan is said to play the drums. I just thought I should inform you, because although your review was I guess fair based on people’s own opinions, that one bit was wrong. 

  25.  hey do you know that in the part where you figure out what the dance moves look like you say my last name in the wizard one :)!

  26.  Totally B1A4!!

  27. ROFL Galactus  photo rofl that Bilasa is much more suiting lol rofl

  28. b1a4! thank you soooo much for reviewing them, i understand all the weird things about them, but they’re like my new favorite band ever…buying their mini-album TODAY! 

  29.  Block B !!!!!!!!!

  30. if i pick upon one song i pick B1A4 too, like the other song too not bad at all :D 

  31. i pick B1A4, bc i would love to have these guys as my friends and  i go to what ever that place was after school to playyyyyyyyyyy, lolz sooo many cool things in that room things, and cute things like B1A4 members lolz

  32. This is a hard one, hmm….I’d have ta say…. B1A4 ^.^ Their song is just sooo cute and happy, compaired to Block B’s Freeze. I still like Block B tho! (: 

  33. hahaha bilasa= B1A4 to be honest simon in the philippines specifically in tagalog bilasa means rotten mostly used for fishes :DD funny though

  34. B1A4!!
    Their song is really good, even if the video is a big barf of pop culture. 

  35. Hahhah!!! BILASA!!!!!!! aka B1A4

  36. B1A4 should WIN BIG TIME !!!!!!

  37. Block B !!!!!
    And they should hire new stylists !!!!

  38.  I’m going to go with B1A4 since I found the Block B video is such a clear attempt to copycat Big Bang. They’re both gimmicky yet catchy, but I like the cute way of failing to be cool over the “tough” way of failing to be cool. 
    I mean seriously, Block B even stole G-Dragons old fro-ponytail hairstyle and Top’s current look with the glasses and neat side-swept hair. Best part though is when the say “focus” umm…talk about a pronunciation problem!  

    • first of all block b and big bang sound totally different every group/band have ther own style and as for the hairstyle and style so what many artist copy eachother mickey/yoochun in mirotic and hyungseung in shock have the same hairstyle its called in style, the pronunciation they had trouble saying the word and it sounded wrong alot of groups have the same problem

  39. Block B!!! 

  40. BLOCK B <3
    Sorry B1A4 I love you but… :P 

  41. I think this is the only time i disagree with you guys lol
    this video was ADORABLE and SILLY and RETARDED but one of my fave videos EVER.
    It was freaking adorable  

  42. BLOCK B <3

    Throughout the 'love me' part, I thought they were going 'omniomomomni', mimicking some sort of wierd space-type animal. Goes with the name, I guess.

    But yeah, Block B. THough Bilasa's cute, Block B's got my heart.

  43. So, I just spent the last 3 days immobilized by some stomach virus/flu/fever thing. Last night, before my fever broke (YAY), I kept reeling in and out of consciousness and, for some reason, the only thing on my mind in my fever-induced stupor was Simon’s renaming of B1A4. Like, literally, over and over, my mind was just playing B=B 1=IL A=A 4=SA. BILASAAAAAAA.

    So, thanks for that.
    Love you guys!

  44.  B1A4, B1A4, B1A4 ~~~~~

  45.  i vote for B1A4! forever and always will be~

  46. Just watched the actual video, and it really reeeaaally does sound like they’re just saying ‘ok go’. There’s one bit where the music tones down a bit and if you listen really hard you can hear ‘girl’…but apart from that, they’re definately singing ‘go’ xD
    Also I love that the highest voted youtube comment on their fan channel is “BILASA!! Eat Your Kimchi ftw!”…..and the one on their official channel is “thumbs up for being here BEFORE and NOT cuz of k-pop music mondays”….either way, you guys have serious promoting powers. Kpop agencies really do need to hire you!!! :)

    Ahhh, I like both songs, but I’ll have to go with B1A4….that chorus truly is so damn catchy :’)

    • Wow.  I just checked the comments there now.  That’s pretty awesome!  Some people are a bit too upset about it though.  Ah well!  

      • I think those are probably the people that didn’t understand that while you have quite strong opinions on the video, you actually do like the song.
        Ahaha, I just saw a comment saying “Through this video I found out about Simon and Martina” :)

  47. BLOCK B, come on~~~

  48.  B1A4 absolutely~ ^0^ they’re really cute =3 I like B1A4 more than Block B yeah~ =D Bilasa.. that’s funny XDD

  49.  eumm.. I like both of them >< but I think I'm gonna choose B1A4~ =D fihgting!!

  50.  B1A4~~ sorry Block B I like you too but I like B1A4 more =D

  51.  But I advertise my secret hiding place all the time! still, no one ever finds it…sniff….sniff…

  52.  B1A4  B1A4  B1A4  B1A4  B1A4  B1A4  B1A4  B1A4  B1A4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ><

  53. block b 

  54.  WHOOOH! YES, B1A4 fellow fans! Our work has finally paid off! WHOOH! And I vote for B1A4. Sorry, Block B, but the younger girls like cute guys better. XD

  55. No matter how much I love B1A4, I’ll have to go with Block B. Sorry B1A4, I still love you too. LOL

  56. No matter how much I love B1A4, I’ll have to go with Block B. Sorry B1A4, I still love you too. LOL

  57. B1A4, they’re too cuteeeee! <3 BILASA HAHAHAHA. :3 I didn't really like Block B's debut very much – the song isn't that catchy. ;-;

  58. B1A4, they’re too cuteeeee! <3 BILASA HAHAHAHA. :3 I didn't really like Block B's debut very much – the song isn't that catchy. ;-;

  59. Hannah

    ….Simon…..You know what to do for next monday…..

    (Block B FTW)

  60. Block B !!!!

  61.  My vote goes for Block B, they don’t really seem like rookies to me. They have a lot of potential and all…I like Bilasa too [I LOLed at this for 1 hour XD] but I’m kinda tired of dance/pop bands….BLOCK B is swagger <3

  62. OMG! i feel that i can’t vote, here i got my favorite rookie band Y.Y, I loved  both debut songs…and i cant stop singing “I love you uuuuuu~ But…i have to vote for BB…I mean Block B…omg i love them but i think they ‘r so wannabe of BigBang….But i love that kind of stile so…Block B. Greetings from CHILE :D pd…your OSOOOOM xD

  63. Block B have more awsome and confident debut

  64. Mwahaha :D Great review guys. I like B1A4 more than Block B, however, the word Bilasa is quite funny because in the Philippines, Bilasa means to spoil, and their video did spoil their song. :3

  65.  block b is cooler

  66.  I wanna be angry because I really like B1A4 however you guys are to funny! As for the challenge I’m gonna go with B1A4 because I actually didn’t like Block B’s song and B1A4 seem to have more fun. =)

  67. oh darn i just REALLY, LAUGHED SUPER LOUD with the explanation of Bilasa omg cannot unhear

  68. B1A4

  69.  I vote for Block B!!!!

  70.  I vote for Block B

  71. I’m soooo glad you did a video for B1A4! You guys do amazing videos and now I’m a regular watcher. <3

    As for the voting for favorite debut, its a tough call because I love both B1A4 and Block B, but I'm gonna go with B1A4 on this one because O.K. is one of my current favorite songs to rock out to dancing around my house to.

  72.  BLOCK B!!!! [Wanna be a star? Wanna be famous . . . . singing to myself]
    All mv directors should watch eatyourkimchi and take some NOTES. ;3

  73. Block B Freeze!! Bilasa was catchy, but couldn’t compare.

  74. At first I looked at that picture and thought, “So… this happy pop band’s mascot is Xenu?” But then! I realized! Duh! That’s Galactus!  The only being to survive the Big Bang!
    IT’S A HIDDEN MESSAGE! Beware Big Bang! Bilasa is coming for you! Dx

  75. I vote for -Be The One, All For One!!!!!… i Mean B1A4. lol

  76. i get why their name is B1A4. It’s because in the group there is 1 person with type B blood and 4 with type A, therefore B1A4

  77. Lets see Block B dropped an F bomb in their FIRST song… I’m gonna have to go with B1Ar the conquerer of stereo types!!!

    • HE DIDN’T MEAN TO (i think xD) !!   It was supposed to be “Focus”….   Cut Zico some slack on pronunciation.   D;  xDDD lol

  78.  this just reminds me of f.cuz’s wanna be your love. they’re all just dancing in a room aka their hiding place and they have close ups of each member singing.

  79.  BILASA!!! fo Sho!!! they have an awesomer name, and are more fun! Block b made me shout a lot… they look too much like they are trying to look like everyone else. even though they have that one very good looking fellow.


  80.  I love love love your shirt, i was actually thinking of that yesterday,, how i could not survive life without meat, not fake meat like tofu but real honest to goodness used to be alive but is now dead on my plate, preferably with a minimum of gravy, chutneys, other weird sauces covering up the taste, meat. 

    oh i vote block b

  81.  Although I love B1A4 and think they are completely fun!!!  I think Block B has that on lock down!

    Zico is a BEAST!!  Gotta love em’!!

  82.  B1A4 !!! :)

  83. I lmao at Simon’s pronouncing of these groups names. Don’t forget you had no clue how to say SS501 either lmao. That was so humorous to me watching you trying to say their name. And lol about them advertising their hide out. All that was missing is a “no girls allowed” sign lol.  That would have been complete! Lol.  And what? Broccoli makes you fart?  I lol about Seungri hahaha.  Oh and I vote for BLOCK B! I’m really in love with these guys stuff. 

  84.  block b! ^^

  85.  Block B, not even a contest for me… have you seen them in vids for radio shows? I was really impressed with their main rapper, plus they supposedly write their own music ;) It’s interesting a rookie group made it in this week, I keep thinking only the real popular groups will get in… unfortunately I feel the same way about B1A4′s vid and i’m not real crazy about the song. But it’s kind of refreshing to see this sort of review for a group :D

  86.  Block B! :D Perhaps, I suppose I have a thing for B-Bomb C:

  87.  BIA4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88.  ..i’ll go for B1A4!!!!!..but FYI…jinyoung [leader]..is really good on playing the guitar..can write and compose songs too…and i also saw  on one of the music show in my country..that they play the keyboard as if its a guitar..just like what jinyoung did the the video..

  89.  I thought that they use their blood types. 

    Block B!!

  90. Woah, i had just found out about b2st being b-EE-st yesterday, and now bilasa? AWESOME!
    and I vote for Block B (but i still like you bilasa ^^) 

  91. great vid guys.1 question… in your video write up… what does chachy mean?

  92. So after watching both videos, although B1A4 is cute, my vote goes to Block B. I remember seeing Block B at Inkigayo and was like “who?” But I do remember their energy and crazy costumes. So it’s Block B for me. 

  93.  I also thought it was ok go for most of the time… but seriously, I didn’t even notice all these small things like the secret hiding place ad or that they don’t know how to play the instruments, because I was too busy staring at their cute “I want to cuddle you all day” faces… awwww they’re so cute… but a little young. So yeah. As for my vote… really, this is so hard! It came out around the same time and at that time I had so much time listening to music that I listened to both of their songs the whole day for a week… Block B is much cooler but their makeup makes them ugly, while Bilasas (I like that :D) song is so so sooo cute and they look like (young) gods playing on the playground…well, if you look at the count of my listens in iTunes it’s B1A4. So I’m voting for B1A4 :D sorry I wrote so much -.-”



    oh yeah!! B1A4 best debut of the month! :D

  95.  BILASA (B1A4)  all the way!!!!BILASA (B1A4)  all the way!!!!

  96.  Block B Block B ;) Block B Block B ;) 

  97.  MOST EPIC ONE YETT!!!!! 
    SIMON IS THE B2ST!!!!!!!!!!
    ^^ so i just have to say i laughed so hard!

  98.  LOL, apparently the leader actually writes songs (or at least had a hand in it somehow), which is why they had that really really gimmicky beginning.  It’s still too… much… but the lives make up for it, yes?

  99.  Ha ha ha. You guys are so funny. Doesn’t Bilasa sound similar to Bin Laden? Just my two cents. ^_^

  100.  Block B, of course. ^^

  101. Dude…you’re doing it wrong…

  102. B I LA S A !!!!!!!!!


    now I gotta clean up the mess I made while you made laugh… ’cause I was trying to eat something at the same time  jaajajaj

  103.   BLOCK B! :DD

  104. awwwwwwww~ I liked Bilasa’s(LOL) video~ BUT, my vote goes to Block B. ^^

  105.  Block B. Their MV was insane!

  106. Go go see their comic! It will all make more sense! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg2hF_Im8YUhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg2hF_Im8YU

  107.  I’m totally agree with you …When I first saw the video was like… o.o Why 
    this guy plays the keyboard like a guitar? …Then I started to think that the video has not sense at all … and when I thought that it can’t be worst…the car appears  o_______o !  
    But the song is actually good 
    I love the chorus and the members (YES! I’m a Fangirl)

    Well my vote goes to BILASA (B1A4) ^-^

  108. BILASA!!! 

  109.  BLOCK B, but only becuase of their Engrish….. focus……

  110.  & I thought it was “ok go” not “ok girl” lmao
    wow I have to look up the lyrics next time also.. -__- 

  111.  I didn’t get a shout out :(

    B1A4! Block B is really good… but they dont interest me much O_O

  112. Definitely Block B, their video was incredible for a rookie debut MV.

  113. Definitely Block B, their video was incredible for a rookie debut MV.

  114. Oh Yeah! And I vote for Block B :) ( I keep forgetting stuff…. (: )

  115.  Yes, they can play the instruments that they’re holding.

  116. Oh, and did you guys see the “blood type” thing… They’re all “a”….that was kind of…weird…

  117. Umm yeah, I’m going to go with  Bilasa on this one… They’re sooooo, so, so cute! :’D *tears of joy*

  118. YES!  I am now going to go stoke my piano… 

  119. Aw, I honestly thought that the band name was really creative and cute. But I guess that’s my own opinion. Right?

  120. Definitely Block B! I love their song a lot! B1A4 is really cute, but the mv was so random! I was laughing when they pulled the random girl into their “secret” hiding place! I was like, Omo! Where did she come from?! So yeah, I vote for Block B!

  121. That is a cruel show-down, you guys. :C Even though I am one of the slaves to Galactic Emperor Bilasa, I’m in trouble with him for my potential treason aka…alliance with Block B. It’s basically like having to choose between your children. (I don’t actually have any…just imagining!) Can I vote for both of them? 8D

  122. :o One of those guys in Block B reminds me so much of TOP o.e And, i laughed SOOO hard when i watched B1A4′s video and saw them with those instruments because, all of your points were true XD But, i thought they were cute, i think that they in their later career’s could possibly improve with their Engrish (xD) and i like their song a bit better than Block B B’s…Plus, the makeup? All of the black and white? It just seems so done…So, i vote B1A4

  123.  Block B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. pierrotinlove

     Omo! I just saw Ciel Phantomhive on there! Never thought I would have met a kpop loving Kuroshitsuji fan ^^

  125. *sad face* poor B1A4. its okay guys I love your mv.

    XDDD This was hilarious, hahahaha~ Yeah, I see your points lol even as a fan of the group~ so funny~ good job guys

    and I vote for B1A4~ Because our forum rocks~ come visit Flight B1A4 everyone~

  126. Block B!! They are amazing singers, dancers, rappers and producers! 

  127.  The slave to The awesome Galatic Emporer Bilasa, bow to them, is not ticked off. Lmao. Their name really is silly. Btw, I vote for B1A4, I mean Bilasa. Not because Im thier slave but I didn’t think that Block B’s video was all that original either. I got such a bad deja vu when I watched it. Everytime I heard that rapper I kept thinking “TOP!!!! Where is he??!! Oh wait, he just sounds like him.” Good review guys, I really enjoyed it!

  128. guys, I haven’t commented your posts for such a long time, but this one was so incredibly hilarious, I just couldn’t stop myself from writing xD I’m totally face down on the floor and laughing, rotfl xD  

  129. okay so after watching this me and my best friend went to watch the music video to see all the flaws you pointed out, and we figured out what B1A4 stood for, there are 5 members and we think the name is based off their blood types. one person has a blood type B and the others have blood type A. there was something after the video that led us to believe this. and we were laughing so hard at the keyboard playing skills and their hiding place advertisements.

  130. Have you seen the comic that was released before their debut, then this video makes alittle more sense. Like why they have so different personalities in their costumes and roles. I really liked your review, I see what you mean and I think it’s funny, I was laughing most of the video. I can’t choose between Bilasa and Block B though, that’s just too hard! I love them both so much! But if I have to go by which I feel most attached to, it would have to be Block B, because the fan community I’m with is so dedicated and are so fast at subbing their videos and sharing news of them. Thank you International Block!

  131. Awesome!  You guys are so funny.  I agreed with your take on this video.  Song is really catchy but I have to just avoid the video…just isn’t doing it for me either.  ^_^  Peace!

  132.  Block B!!!

  133. Block B:) 

  134.  I vote for Block B

  135.  B1A4!!! haha I loooove B1A4 ;_; JinYoung ♥o♥ But.. the part of “band with super instruments” … 2NE1 do the same thing with instruments in a video… (go away? I don’t rmember xd)  well, the song is super catchy xd and in the part of “O.K GO!”…. I think is… Go… not girl… is GO, I’m pretty sure of that XD The video is a good presentation video xD Before I called “B1A4! like… “BIA” XD silly me *u*

    anyways… B1A4 GO GO GO! *O*

  136.  Block B please.

  137. you guys rocks!!!!  best in all aspects far beyond the the ordinary creativity. congratulations Simon & Martina,  soon you guys will have your own  reality TV progam wow, wow, wow , I think this is a landmark for korea to leap into north america culture , go… go….go.. guys  yeaah :) greetings from Richmond VA /US

  138. Block B

  139. Block B

  140. Simon I am going to have to agree with you….BILASA IS FREAKIN AMAZING!!!! Way better than B1A4.  I still don’t understand the facination of blood types but whatever.  I like the song and the video was fun even though it probably could have been better but whatever.  I vote for BILASA! CONQUERER OF THE UNIVERSE! DEVOURER OF GALAXIES!  That is all.  Thanks for another great video!

  141. what about 2NE1?  

  142.  Please, block B! <3 They're really talented and produced their album themselves. :3

  143. I think the name could work has Bhanaanet as well, pronounced Like A Man! It reminds me of a banana website :)

    BlockB all the way! I love their hiphop style that actually counts as real hip hop :D

  144.  Block B<3 u guys are awesome!!

  145.  Keke Funny as always!

    B1A4 can also be read as: ‘Be The One, All for One’.But it totally like Bilasa more ;)
    As for the best debut song, i tottaly b1a4′s OK. Block B should’ve debuted with Wanna B of their album. That’s such a better song!

  146.  I’m going to vote Block B’s Freeze only because they have raunchy thrusting and lip rubbing. Those are always necessary in a kpop MV. 

  147.  I’m going to vote Block B’s Freeze only because they have raunchy thrusting and lip rubbing. Those are always necessary in a kpop MV. 

  148.  yesss!!! Max Time!! always makes me laugh, every time. I always wonder how the members feel when they are filming and given instruments, such as B1A4, and they’re told to “jam it out”. seems really awkward, the only people who should be playing instruments in videos are CN Blue or FT Island… or if you can actually play then thats alright. 

  149.  yesss!!! Max Time!! always makes me laugh, every time. I always wonder how the members feel when they are filming and given instruments, such as B1A4, and they’re told to “jam it out”. seems really awkward, the only people who should be playing instruments in videos are CN Blue or FT Island… or if you can actually play then thats alright. 

  150.  LOL Bilasa sounds like a type of kielbasa i can buy at my nearest Polish supermarket. 

    Anyway, Freeze is my pick hands down. LOVE P.O’s voice and the awesome rapping of Zico!!

  151. block b =]

    haha i’ll always say it was bilasa now. thanks simon

  152.  the name thing is hilarious!  Actually I rarely follow newer groups so I never knew the real pronunciations of groups like batoost…and I really called F.cuz “effcause”.  but can’t b2st also be called bdeulst and b1a4 BhanaAset?? :P

  153. Literally LOL  , I love how you can criticize them and support them all at the same time : )

  154. Ha! From this day on, I will read it as BILASA XD
    Because BILASA won and 2ne1 didn’t, i am lonely lonely lonely ;))

    You both look so cute singing the I Love You oo oo oo oo oo part together <3

    Dance Move practical application is a total win!
    And yeah, who writes their 1 backwards?! :D

  155. lmao i actually never noticed how all over the place the video is until i saw this review XD now i’ll never watch it the same way again LOL. I laughed at the part with the pencil during the music composing part, hahahah~ i never noticed that there wasn’t paper! You guys have really good eyes LOL. my vote goes for B1A4! Even though their video may have been a failure, I really like how they’re not following all the other new groups with their “sharp and edgy” concept to start off with. It really makes them stand out and I believe that this concept fits their age more…there’s always time to experiment other concepts, so I hope they will release a more epic video XDThanks for reviewing this Simon and Martina! I’ve always enjoyed your reviews, and even though this review was a bit harsher than your previous ones, i still really love your efforts for fulfilling our requests :) 

  156. lol now I’m a slave to the Galactic Emperor Bilasa? cool name for the fanclub xD Your reviews are the best, this was one of my favotites.. *still laughing while writing this* thanks for reviewing it, I hope this way more people get to know them. And I vote for B1A4 all the way!!

  157. Galacticemperorbilasa


  158.  BLOCK B!! 8D

  159.  BLOCK BBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. BLOCK B!!! Love them the MOST!! XD

  161. I prefer BLOCK B!!
    the name B1A4 just reminds me of a Thailand horror movie (4BIA)
    Which is quite contrary with this boy band energetic song. ^_^

  162.  block B

  163. Block B – Freeze <3

  164. Sascha Wong

    Block B! Their debut song was awesome!

  165. I guess it is really that hard too see ANY SS501 reviews here. I give up.

  166.  My votes goes to BILASA~~~although, Block B had my attention too~~

  167. BLOCK B !!!!!

  168. What is the significance behind what blood types they are (speaking as a non-Asian)?  

    • In Asia, there is a popular belief that a person’s blood type is predictive of his/her personality (type A = creative, sensible / type B = wild, active/ type AB= cool sociable / type O = agreable, optimistic for example)There’s a movie about it : “My boyfriend is type B” it’s soooo funny ;)

  169.  Just listened to the entire album, and I’m impressed! Not a single bad track! Which is saying something, cause even most rookies don’t even impress me with their lead single.

    Having said that, I preferred Block B’s debut! I’m not a very hip hop person, but these boys have amazing stage presence! One of the rookie groups to look out for!

  170. I think B1A4 did the best in my opinion. Even more so from an English person point of view because in the video they showed us their names too. Which is helpful to someone who is just now seeing these people and not only that they did focus on each member. It is refreshing to see a group not focus on one member. 

    Block B though I felt like they were trying to be Big Bang and B2ST, the song they had did quickly grow on me. I like both groups now.

    And Simon I loved the name you gave them, people should come to you for band names!! 

  171. Block B with Freeze!!!! ♥♥♥♥

  172. My vote is for B1A4~ Love Block B too though but I’m with my cuties B1A4!!!  

  173.  block b is deffinetly better!

  174. Also I chose BILASA for this music monday

  175. Watched both back -to-back, and while I think 5 is the perfect number and B1A4 reminds me of a (not as good) version of BigBang, Block B’s Don’t Move was much more musically and visually stunning. Thanks for introducing them! My vote goes to Block B.

  176. block b block b block b all e way~ 

  177. BILASA does sound like some sort of incredibly awesome Brazillian deathcore band.

    Awesome job again Simon and Martina.

    BTW Spudgy is looking very streamlined and handsome now.

  178. Ah, Bilasa. I’m impressed with their new name, although I think the name Batoost will forever be my favorite :D

    And oh my. I just watched the music video for Block B, and I am having serious KPOP deja vu xD
    The original black room where all of their dancing is taking place seems like a fusion of Batoost’s Shock dance room and MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah, with just a bit more contrast in the lighting, no? Then we get to this one guy’s individual stop in a room of black and white stripes reminiscent of Gina’s Black and White MV. Then the colorful outfits with one guy wearing a vest that matches the other guy’s pants sort of reminds me of a mixture MBLAQ’s oh yeah as well when they wear odd pieces of fabric with colorful geometric shapes over their black clothes and Big Bang’s Lollipop or Lollipop 2 xD
    And then, my goodness, we get to the rapper’s small part at about 2:22 and is it just me or does Martina see it too that this boy is the reincarnation of TOP?? Even his voice sounds incredibly familiar.
    But I digress, haha. Since their music video made me think so much, and I actually went back to look at all the videos it reminded me of, I’m going to say I liked Block B’s, but I do like both songs a lot. ^_^

  179. LOL made my monday!

  180. Their naming bandgroup name reminded me the way that MBLAQ named their fanclub~
    Anyway.I agree with you  that their name is kinda hard for me to understand (and speak as well as)
    It won’t help them to promoting internationlly…for me…it’s still awkward
    I don’t know how but nowadays there are a lots of rookie try to show their silly cuteness instead of showing their true talents..Anyway wishing you the best things, B1A4 (BE-ONE-A-FOUR??!!)

  181. Sad TT_TT I really like this one, lol. I vote B1A4 (Bilasa. Brilliant, btw.).

  182. I agree with your opinion… I do think it was meant for that Disney, teeny boping audience.  Lately that has been the increase fashion on the bands as well as movies have gone the Twilight way in there cast an story and I am pretty sure is just the money making part of it since if you really think about it’s where the money is due to the majority of the population and projections and it is sad that substance and intelect and artistry on it’s own are put last by the prooducers.  In all truth we all know that ones the artists sign those contracts a lot of the product that goes out is not up to them.  In conclusion everyone got to start somewhere.  I hope they grow out of that and be able to do great things. 

  183.  Block B!  Their video is cool and the song rocked.  The B1A4 song is really sweet love song though. 

  184. Bilasa sounds a bit like bazing from big bang theory =D

  185. Totally agree about MV.. the song is good, I actually love it, but MV.. scenes aren’t connected with each other and I don’t like their shining suits.. And about lyrics, I also thought it’s “OK GO!” and then I watched their debut performance on Inkigayo and I realize that it’s “OK GIRL”
    I don’t know which one I like more B1A4 or Block B.. I love their songs but I Block B doesn’t look like rookie so I give my vote Block B ^^
    P.S. Thanks Simon for BILASA!!! I can’t stop laught XD

  186. lol bilasa! now that’s a scary name.. Block b please <3

  187.  I agree with the band names.

    And lol, you guys see a lot of details in videos! =)

  188. Totally want Block B on music Mondays, but yes that name is by far THE COOLEST!!! BECAUSE OF SIMON NOW IM SAYING BATOOST INSTEAD OF BEAST! THANKS A LOT SIMON. But that picture is just EPICC!!!!! Love this music monday so much!!! Thanks for sharing guys!!

  189.  I have to admit, both of those songs are on my mp3 player now so it’s hard to pick one. Because I have to choose, I’m going to go for B1A4 simply because it has members wearing glasses, and that makes the fangirl in my heart squeal..

  190.  I totally agree with you guys. Love this Music Monday !!

  191.  Block B

  192. Block B Block B Block B!  

  193. my vote is going to rookie of the year Block B thank you very much…

  194.  oh yay finally :DI’ve been waiting for this <3

  195. Before watching you music video review, I did not even notice how bad this video was filmed. Indeed the theme is all over the place. At first I thought they were just conveying a bunch of lively and bubbly teenage boys singing. You guys really have sharp eyes. ᄏᄏᄏ

    However I really like the song (like love at first listened) Haha I love the You~~you part too! Anyway I am going to vote for B1A4.


  196. It does indeed have some Helzapoppin charm to eat. Cutesy coo chaos.
    I vote BATOOST!

  197.  I’m a B1A4 fangirl (slave) and I totally agree with you guys! The song is very fun and catchy, but the video had soooo many things! I had to watch three times until I understand everything that was going on!

  198.  Another great video, guys!  Martina, your make-up looks beautiful.  Did you buy your eyeshadow here in Korea?

  199. Bilasa xD hahahaha!!! EPIC!!!! I think korean music industry should hire Simon xD…you make the most epic band names ever xD…

    Block B (^_~)V

  200. Actually it’s really pronounced as b-one-a-four.. It’s means that one of them has blood type B and the rest have blood type A. It also means “Be the One, All for One.” 

    I’m kinda disappointed with you guys cuz you didn’t make any research on what their name means before making this video.. And now they’re gonna call them Bilasa instead of B1A4..*sigh*

    • Well, we’re even, because I’m kinda disappointed in this comment because you didn’t read what we wrote in the post above. 

      Scroll up a bit.  We did our research.  And that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a silly name.

      • what the hell does blood group have to do with anything 

        • it’s an asian thing. I know that there was a craze in the 90s where (I want to say Japanese people, but in case I’m wrong I’m going to stick with) asian people thought you had a specific personality type based off of your blood type. There was even marriage/dating compatibilities based off of it.  based off of it. 

        • huh…just googled it lol

    • first, learn how to read. second, this is a review where there are positives and negatives. chillax girl  

  201. bilasa and Block B roxx !! 2 different style ! i can’t choose =)

  202.  B1A4 = I think it’s B (one) A (four) because the name is the member’s blood types. One of them (I don’t know who) have blood type B and the others are all A, so…. Anyways, what you said about the english it’s sooo true. I’ve just realised that it was ok GIRL , OMGGG O.o

    I vote for bilasa ^^

  203. Bilasa’s song is awesomely catchy, and Block B was too similar to Big Bang for my liking, so…my vote goes to Block B. :)

    Btw congrats to Bilasa for making it this week!! It’s nice when you can’t guess who will win xD

  204. puahahaha..BILASA in Filipino/Tagalog is lapse or not fresh..GO GO SIMON~~

  205. Ehm…the guy who was with the pen and pencil (Jinyoung) indeed does write songs and one of them is in the album. It’s “Bling Girl” so don’t doubt and check it out, yo.

  206. Okay, I like both B1A4 and Block B, but Block B is more my style, so I’m voting for Block B (And they a T.O.P Look-a-Like ohyeah. <3) Even though I really do like B1A4, because they're kinda cute and I wouldn't call Block B cute .. But anyway, I'm voting for Block B.

  207.  BILASAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. “It really just feels like a bad Disney series: like Hannah Montana meets High School Musical and makes a love baby.” That part of the article made me chuckle. Hehe. I agree with you. Bad video, but nice song. I thought it was OK Go! too. 

    Awesome video!

  209. I agree, ‘We are a band THAT DEVOURS GALAXIES AND FARTS OUT BLACK HOLES’ sounds infinitely better than the blood type thing, you should suggest it to them (next album concept maybe?). I love them but agree the video is alllll over the place. Here’s hoping the director of their next video isn’t a schizophrenic HSM fan :’D Lolirl at Bilasa. I vote for them over Block B, although both are good :)

  210. I think i will go for Block B, they are more my style. 

  211. ROFL, but i literally lol-ed at Simon and how he came up with bilasa… totally creative!

  212. i’m no B1A4 nor Block B fan but this ain’t place to bash.. go to youtube haha!

  213.  haha, LOL! this video sooo COOL man! yeah! haha, even ut dog can dance like that too.haha too funny! >_<!

  214.  not 2ne1.. T_T gosh blackjacks you’re really slacking off!

  215. awesome vid. I love both Bilasa and Block B, it’s hard to choose, but still… BILASA FTW!

  216. So, I’m pretty sure “Slaves to the Galactic Emperor Bilasa”
    is the best fandom name I’ve ever heard :D

  217.  I can’t choose!!! I love both of the styles…I’m going with BILASA. XD Cuz they’re so cute~~^o^

  218. i vote for cutesy b1a4 :D  

  219.  omg Block B should beat these b1a4 losers out ten to one. I’m totally voting for Block B.

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