See! It is possible for us to review rookie groups! People have been asking for this song for a long time now, and, somehow, it withstood the torrent of votes that came in for 2NE1’s “Lonely” and Jay Park’s “Tonight.” Sweet. Bilasa has some very dedicated fans.

B1A4 aka Bilasa


Yes, we will call them Bilasa henceforth. We were proud of ourselves for coming up with Batoost, but Bilasa takes the cake. Quite possibly the most epic band name ever. BILASA! CONQUERER OF THE UNIVERSE! DEVOURER OF GALAXIES! Doesn’t that sound epic? I mean, look at this picture here. Doesn’t that look like a Bilasa? And doesn’t that sound better for their image? Their name is supposed to represent their blood types. One member has blood type B. Four have A. Who cares a crap about their blood types? Compare the possible awesomeness:

1) We are a band whose name was made to represent our blood types, which is something that’s totally lost on most non-Asian fans

The answer is obvious.

I think Kpop agencies need to hire us to help them out with idols’ brands and images. This video is a clear example of just how wrong things can go. It’s not a terrible video, don’t get us wrong. It didn’t infuriate us like B2ST’s Beautiful did. This video doesn’t have a terribly stupid girl in it. This video just seems so…chachy. It feels like the producer is a 47 year old man who asked his kids what their classmates think is cool, and then rammed all of that junk into a video. Stick with one image, please: you can’t do everything at once. If they’re going to be sporty, make a video of that. If they’re going to be making music, make a video of them making music (even though we highly doubt any of them had any hand in the making of the music. Can any of them actually play the instruments that they’re holding?). It really just feels like a bad Disney series: like Hannah Montana meets High School Musical and makes a love baby.

Which is a shame, because we find the song quite catchy and fun. The chorus is totally stuck in our heads. We just have a terrible video associated with it, and that’s too bad. For a debut video, we’d like it if they put a bit more thought into it. B1A4, I mean, Bilasa, has a great chance we think: just hire a different video producer next time. Hire us! We’d make an awesome video for them! They’d fly through galaxies and…actually, no, we probably wouldn’t make a good video for them. We hope that B1A4 fangirls, aka slaves to the Galactic Emperor Bilasa, don’t get too upset about this. We like the song: we wouldn’t review it if we didn’t. The video is what we don’t like, and I think we can all agree that they deserve better videos to match their songs.

Anyhow, since we do like the song, but don’t like the video, we still recommend you buy the B1A4 Mini Album and show a rookie band some support. Yeah!

  1. to me ‘Bilasa’ sounds like ‘kielbasa’xd

  2. I didn’t know Batman said “Batman!” when getting out of frame. Oh well, we learn everyday ;)

  3. I lmao at Simon’s pronouncing of these groups names. Don’t forget you had no clue how to say SS501 either lmao. That was so humorous to me watching you trying to say their name. And lol about them advertising their hide out. All that was missing is a “no girls allowed” sign lol.  That would have been complete! Lol.  And what? Broccoli makes you fart?  I lol about Seungri hahaha.  Oh and I vote for BLOCK B! I’m really in love with these guys stuff. 

  4.  Block B, of course. ^^

  5. awwwwwwww~ I liked Bilasa’s(LOL) video~ BUT, my vote goes to Block B. ^^

  6.  Block B. Their MV was insane!

  7. Go go see their comic! It will all make more sense! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg2hF_Im8YUhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg2hF_Im8YU

  8.  I’m totally agree with you …When I first saw the video was like… o.o Why 
    this guy plays the keyboard like a guitar? …Then I started to think that the video has not sense at all … and when I thought that it can’t be worst…the car appears  o_______o !  
    But the song is actually good 
    I love the chorus and the members (YES! I’m a Fangirl)

    Well my vote goes to BILASA (B1A4) ^-^

  9.  BLOCK B, but only becuase of their Engrish….. focus……

  10. Definitely Block B, their video was incredible for a rookie debut MV.

  11. Oh Yeah! And I vote for Block B :) ( I keep forgetting stuff…. (: )

  12.  Yes, they can play the instruments that they’re holding.

  13. Umm yeah, I’m going to go with  Bilasa on this one… They’re sooooo, so, so cute! :’D *tears of joy*

  14. Aw, I honestly thought that the band name was really creative and cute. But I guess that’s my own opinion. Right?

  15. :o One of those guys in Block B reminds me so much of TOP o.e And, i laughed SOOO hard when i watched B1A4’s video and saw them with those instruments because, all of your points were true XD But, i thought they were cute, i think that they in their later career’s could possibly improve with their Engrish (xD) and i like their song a bit better than Block B B’s…Plus, the makeup? All of the black and white? It just seems so done…So, i vote B1A4

  16.  Omo! I just saw Ciel Phantomhive on there! Never thought I would have met a kpop loving Kuroshitsuji fan ^^

  17. *sad face* poor B1A4. its okay guys I love your mv.

    XDDD This was hilarious, hahahaha~ Yeah, I see your points lol even as a fan of the group~ so funny~ good job guys

    and I vote for B1A4~ Because our forum rocks~ come visit Flight B1A4 everyone~

  18.  The slave to The awesome Galatic Emporer Bilasa, bow to them, is not ticked off. Lmao. Their name really is silly. Btw, I vote for B1A4, I mean Bilasa. Not because Im thier slave but I didn’t think that Block B’s video was all that original either. I got such a bad deja vu when I watched it. Everytime I heard that rapper I kept thinking “TOP!!!! Where is he??!! Oh wait, he just sounds like him.” Good review guys, I really enjoyed it!

  19. guys, I haven’t commented your posts for such a long time, but this one was so incredibly hilarious, I just couldn’t stop myself from writing xD I’m totally face down on the floor and laughing, rotfl xD  

  20. okay so after watching this me and my best friend went to watch the music video to see all the flaws you pointed out, and we figured out what B1A4 stood for, there are 5 members and we think the name is based off their blood types. one person has a blood type B and the others have blood type A. there was something after the video that led us to believe this. and we were laughing so hard at the keyboard playing skills and their hiding place advertisements.

  21. Awesome!  You guys are so funny.  I agreed with your take on this video.  Song is really catchy but I have to just avoid the video…just isn’t doing it for me either.  ^_^  Peace!

  22. I think the name could work has Bhanaanet as well, pronounced Like A Man! It reminds me of a banana website :)

    BlockB all the way! I love their hiphop style that actually counts as real hip hop :D

  23. Block B! Their debut song was awesome!

  24. I guess it is really that hard too see ANY SS501 reviews here. I give up.

  25.  My votes goes to BILASA~~~although, Block B had my attention too~~

  26. I think B1A4 did the best in my opinion. Even more so from an English person point of view because in the video they showed us their names too. Which is helpful to someone who is just now seeing these people and not only that they did focus on each member. It is refreshing to see a group not focus on one member. 

    Block B though I felt like they were trying to be Big Bang and B2ST, the song they had did quickly grow on me. I like both groups now.

    And Simon I loved the name you gave them, people should come to you for band names!! 

  27. Watched both back -to-back, and while I think 5 is the perfect number and B1A4 reminds me of a (not as good) version of BigBang, Block B’s Don’t Move was much more musically and visually stunning. Thanks for introducing them! My vote goes to Block B.

  28. BILASA does sound like some sort of incredibly awesome Brazillian deathcore band.

    Awesome job again Simon and Martina.

    BTW Spudgy is looking very streamlined and handsome now.

  29. Ah, Bilasa. I’m impressed with their new name, although I think the name Batoost will forever be my favorite :D

    And oh my. I just watched the music video for Block B, and I am having serious KPOP deja vu xD
    The original black room where all of their dancing is taking place seems like a fusion of Batoost’s Shock dance room and MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah, with just a bit more contrast in the lighting, no? Then we get to this one guy’s individual stop in a room of black and white stripes reminiscent of Gina’s Black and White MV. Then the colorful outfits with one guy wearing a vest that matches the other guy’s pants sort of reminds me of a mixture MBLAQ’s oh yeah as well when they wear odd pieces of fabric with colorful geometric shapes over their black clothes and Big Bang’s Lollipop or Lollipop 2 xD
    And then, my goodness, we get to the rapper’s small part at about 2:22 and is it just me or does Martina see it too that this boy is the reincarnation of TOP?? Even his voice sounds incredibly familiar.
    But I digress, haha. Since their music video made me think so much, and I actually went back to look at all the videos it reminded me of, I’m going to say I liked Block B’s, but I do like both songs a lot. ^_^

  30. Their naming bandgroup name reminded me the way that MBLAQ named their fanclub~
    Anyway.I agree with you  that their name is kinda hard for me to understand (and speak as well as)
    It won’t help them to promoting internationlly…for me…it’s still awkward
    I don’t know how but nowadays there are a lots of rookie try to show their silly cuteness instead of showing their true talents..Anyway wishing you the best things, B1A4 (BE-ONE-A-FOUR??!!)

  31. I agree with your opinion… I do think it was meant for that Disney, teeny boping audience.  Lately that has been the increase fashion on the bands as well as movies have gone the Twilight way in there cast an story and I am pretty sure is just the money making part of it since if you really think about it’s where the money is due to the majority of the population and projections and it is sad that substance and intelect and artistry on it’s own are put last by the prooducers.  In all truth we all know that ones the artists sign those contracts a lot of the product that goes out is not up to them.  In conclusion everyone got to start somewhere.  I hope they grow out of that and be able to do great things. 

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