A short while ago we reviewed B2ST’s “Soom”. This week we review B2ST’s new song, “Beautiful” and – whoa, is it ever different. Different in the same SHINee Lucifer vs SHINee Hello different. The former was all rough and badass, while the latter was all cutesy and made you wonder what ever happened to the badass side. The same thing’s happening here with B2ST’s new video. “Shock” and “Soom” were cool, while this one is all cutey. It’s a bit awkward, and – in fact – we read that they were finding it awkward for them as well, and that they just did this video for their fans. Hmmm.

We were really harsh on them this week for their English, because – really – the English is quite bad this time around, and I think we need to take a stronger stance on this. I mean, someone’s out there putting in these English lines, but it doesn’t seem as if this person, these people, know enough English to know that it’s awkward. What’s worse is that these English issues could EASILY be solved/prevented if they just asked one of the thousands of thousands of English speaking people living in Korea. Seriously now: B2ST shouldn’t be singing to their teenaged audience to “make a love baby. Just make a love.”

Otherwise, what the hell is up with the girl in the video as well? Supposedly there’s going to be a part 2 coming soon, and she better redeem herself somehow, but the way that it seems now she’s an evil b!@#$ who leaves her boyfriend when he breaks his arm and can’t dance for the contest…AND she winds up dating the new guy who she was clearly checking out the minute he stepped through the door. AND isn’t the new guy a member of B2ST anyway? This girl’s dating different members of the same band? Not cool. She better be dying of cancer or secretly saving everyone’s life because she’s otherwise the worst girlfriend EVER.

It’s also too bad that this song doesn’t have its own dance. There’s lots of dancing in the story for the video, but no real dancing for the song itself. And that’s too bad, because B2ST are otherwise good dancers with some really iconic dance moves. Ah well.

Finally, as always, big thanks to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations! This video was longer than usual, so thanks a lot for still translating it for us! Also, don’t forget to vote for who we should dance to in our upcoming Kpop 2010 video. We’ve got well over 5,000 votes already, so thanks to everyone who already voted! One last thing: if you’re a fan of B2ST and this song, you can buy the mini-album in the link below. Huzzah!

BEAST Mini Album Vol. 4 - Lights Go On Again
  1. I Know this comment is late but MARTINA, that ghetto impression, was awesome, so awesome. I couldnt stop laughing especially when “she” said “i will cut you!”, Ah-mey-zeeeng!

  2. Yeah, that's super sexual. Totally agree. "I've Got You Under My Skin" though, isn't sexual :D

  3. I didn't know 4Minute was part of the same label. That would explain a lot!

  4. We totally understand that it's their management. That's why we say that it's not the best time to mention your record label :D

  5. It's YouTube's fault. It's been uploaded for over six hours now, and still is "processing".

  6. Thanks! Glad you like it. We use Final Cut Pro :D

  7. Thanks :D You know, I don't know Purple Line that well. Will definitely have to check that out now!

  8. So freakin funny with this video. I loved Martina taking care of Simon lol and her going all ghetto. Is Minzy of 2ne1 becoming an influence? Lol too funny. Spudgy always looks unimpressed lol. I am not familiar with either of these groups so yet again not voting. And yes Simon meatball subs rock. Oh speaking of 2ne1 when are you guys going to review their "It Hurts" mv? It's a great song and gotta love the mv.

  9. Thanks Cari! We're fine over here. So far it doesn't look like anything big's gonna happen.

  10. Ha! Yes. Unfortunately, the font that we're working with didn't allow for uppercase. Not our faults!

  11. That's what I'm sayin! I'm starting to think that the MBLAQ girl wasn't evil as much as she was just scared of her crazy boyfriend!

  12. Is it just me or does it seem like the girl in B2ST's video was checking out the guy in the first day of school? She had some smouldering eyes for him…

  13. Gaaah this viedo confuses me so much….between the google translate of the korean and the english I'm all wrapped up lol.

    As to the evil girlfriend?…. without a doubt MBLAQ. For goodness sakes her cheating leads to him shooting her and killing himself. The woman is a MONSTER. I bet if they had shown her face clearly in the video she would have gotten a host of anti-fans lol. Although, I'm not sure what I would do if given the chance to leave Lee Joon for Seung Ho……..Seung Ho!!!

  14. I must admit, I kept waiting for the awesome dance moves to pop out at any second and it never happened. Even when they sing Beautiful live :/ But it's cute and they seem to have fun…?
    I'd have to choose B2ST's Beautiful for the evil ex-girlfriend. He broke his arm, who cares! You don't break up with him! Or maybe she didn't want to do it and make a love child with him…?
    I really like MBLAQ's Y, but she doesn't seem super evil or anything. That MV is more like most evil ex-boyfriend 8/

  15. Amazing as always. Martina your ghetto chick impression is pretty funny…though I think Mark still has you beat :)

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