A short while ago we reviewed B2ST’s “Soom”. This week we review B2ST’s new song, “Beautiful” and – whoa, is it ever different. Different in the same SHINee Lucifer vs SHINee Hello different. The former was all rough and badass, while the latter was all cutesy and made you wonder what ever happened to the badass side. The same thing’s happening here with B2ST’s new video. “Shock” and “Soom” were cool, while this one is all cutey. It’s a bit awkward, and – in fact – we read that they were finding it awkward for them as well, and that they just did this video for their fans. Hmmm.

We were really harsh on them this week for their English, because – really – the English is quite bad this time around, and I think we need to take a stronger stance on this. I mean, someone’s out there putting in these English lines, but it doesn’t seem as if this person, these people, know enough English to know that it’s awkward. What’s worse is that these English issues could EASILY be solved/prevented if they just asked one of the thousands of thousands of English speaking people living in Korea. Seriously now: B2ST shouldn’t be singing to their teenaged audience to “make a love baby. Just make a love.”

Otherwise, what the hell is up with the girl in the video as well? Supposedly there’s going to be a part 2 coming soon, and she better redeem herself somehow, but the way that it seems now she’s an evil b!@#$ who leaves her boyfriend when he breaks his arm and can’t dance for the contest…AND she winds up dating the new guy who she was clearly checking out the minute he stepped through the door. AND isn’t the new guy a member of B2ST anyway? This girl’s dating different members of the same band? Not cool. She better be dying of cancer or secretly saving everyone’s life because she’s otherwise the worst girlfriend EVER.

It’s also too bad that this song doesn’t have its own dance. There’s lots of dancing in the story for the video, but no real dancing for the song itself. And that’s too bad, because B2ST are otherwise good dancers with some really iconic dance moves. Ah well.

Finally, as always, big thanks to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations! This video was longer than usual, so thanks a lot for still translating it for us! Also, don’t forget to vote for who we should dance to in our upcoming Kpop 2010 video. We’ve got well over 5,000 votes already, so thanks to everyone who already voted! One last thing: if you’re a fan of B2ST and this song, you can buy the mini-album in the link below. Huzzah!

BEAST Mini Album Vol. 4 - Lights Go On Again
  1. Spudgy is GREEN? WHAT IS THIS!

  2. OH MY GOSH ghetto Martina! xD

  3. I Know this comment is late but MARTINA, that ghetto impression, was awesome, so awesome. I couldnt stop laughing especially when “she” said “i will cut you!”, Ah-mey-zeeeng!

  4. I didn’t think the girl broke up with him because of the arm – I thought they had already broken up by this point and were on awkward terms with one another, hence why she froze up upon seeing him.

  5. LOL Martina 1:28-1:48 Ye-ayh! That was worth all the hours I’ve spent here at EatYourKimchi.com

  6. They probably say “In the cube” because they are from Cube Entertainment,but it still sounds weird :))

  7. I personally think that both types of videos were amazing for both bands. Every band tends to have a variety moods to their music. It doesn’t always have to be bad ass or cutesy. They can change it up. Granted Shock, Breathe and Lucifer were all incredibly sexy videos…

  8. in the cube means the company that they are from.

  9.  you should change spudgy’s mohawk to blue because the little cartoon spudgys that come out in the middle of videos have blue mohawks and are really cute so spudgy would be cute with a blue mohawk                                         cos hes cuter

  10. i think the reason she dumped him is because of the new kid played by gikwang at the end of the video where he dances they hug so i think she dumped the guy with the cast because she liked gikwangs person

  11. simon is sooooooo! funy! and Spudge is the better dog dancer ever :D you should make a music video for Spudge and we will do a fansclub, you should call oppa? is a joke, bu..t it is a good idea xD greetings from chile!

  12. One last thing: if you’re a fan of B2ST and this song, you can buy the mini-album in the link below. Huzzah! BEAST Mini Album Vol. 4 – Lights Go On Again. For the original post on Kpop Music Mondays: B2ST’s Beautiful and other kpop ..

  13. … Cube Entertainment is the name of their agency.

  14. LOL. It’s almost different like Infinite BTD vs. Infinite Nothing’s Over. Like, WOAH. They were all so manly in BTD, and then all cutesy in Nothing’s Over! HAHAH!

  15. MBLAQ!!!! I love them soo much!!! They are soo freaking amazing!…..and HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Actually in Part 2 it explains why she broke up with him. She thought he got in a fight and she doesn’t want to be with a violent guy. He gets in a fight at one time out of jealously. (not going to spoil it but seen part 2 and it explains why)

  17. Hi! Umm.. Beast company's name is 'Cube Entertainment' so, 'In the Cube' means they were making this song in their company!

  18. Hi people!
    Love the website, I'm toooooootally addicted ^o^

    I wanted to react to something said in the video about problems TVXQ had had about singing 'I've got you under my skin', and B2st not being in trouble about saying 'Let's make love, baby'… well… has anyone paid close attention to what G-Dragon says in Lollipop (the version by BigBang alone, not the one featuring 2NE1)?

    Okay, so what's between [ ], I had to look up on a website because I just couldn't make sense of what he was saying, but the rest is just clearly audible: 'Now here she comes she wants some of my lollipop, she [touchin on] my body makes me wanna rock, so here I come I give it to her straight up and down, so here I come, here I come, come,come,come, come'

    Okay, so I'm no specialist, but it sounds soooooooooooo sexual to me… or maybe it's just me? XD So I don't know… maybe Korean people have a different understanding of what is or isn't shocking…?

    Anyways, love your videos guys!!

    Hugs and kisses

  19. Hi! :) Im new here and i was wondering if anyone knew what the 2 beginning songs for b2sts beautfil mv are? and also the ending song? please reply! :)

  20. Out of all of the entertainment companies I think Intercube abuses english the most… both 4minute and b2st make me cringe. Even if the other companies don't make any sense gramatically they at least have decent accents. Anywhoo~~ have you ever though of reviewing Korean dramas or movies?

  21. I saw the video on youtube. And about the 'in the cube' Junhyeong said this because the management that beast is in is Cube Entertainment. And I think beast is so much better than mblaq.

  22. where's today's music monday video?? :p

  23. Aw man, poor B2ST. My vote goes to them even if it is awkward! By the way, has anyone noticed how accepted it seems to be in kpop videos to kill your ex? First MBLAQ and now Minzy in Go Away. It's rather disturbing…

  24. MBLAQ! Totally!! At least the girl from the beautiful mv doesn't cheat behind the back over and over and over and over again! lol

  25. OMG =)) ROFL =)) So love it :))))

    Btw, what video editor do you use??

  26. i vote B2ST.
    i think that girl is so bad;;
    why does she leave him??
    because he broke his arm??
    it's must be kidding!!

    ps-i can't write english well…
    but, it;s my best!!>///<

  27. i vote B2ST.
    that girl is bad, why leave that man because he broke his arm.
    (sorry, i can't write english well…… >////<)

  28. i vote b2st. ^_^

    that girl is the same one from soom/breath and in that video, she was with junhyung (guy with the broken arm) in the beginning and at the end she was with gikwang (the new student guy)… i see a trend going. >:[

  29. wow. both the girls were crazy and evil ex-girlfriends. i would have to say that B2ST's girl is worst.

  30. i think the girl in beast is more evil because who breaks up with a guy just because he broke his arm.

  31. Not to derail the subject too much, but I think the king of all awkwardly inappropriate English lines is in DBSK's "Purple Line." I mean, really, who's genius idea was it to have Mickey declaring to the entire English-speaking world that he really wants to touch himself? I don't know which would be worse: the writer had absolutely no idea what that meant and just happened to throw those words together in that specific order, or they knew exactly what it meant… and left it there anyway. Gah.

    Thanks for all your videos! You both do such a fabulous job, and I love being able to peek through a window to another culture. :)

    ps- B2ST = be two street. Just sayin'.

  32. Haha, I absolutely love your Music Monday videos! xDD When I watched this video, I was a bit disappointed in B2ST for their lyrics. : And lovin the meatball sub! xD For the competition, it's a bit hard to choose since both girls are both unkind to "Btoost" and MBLAQ, I'd have to choose MBLAQ for this one. ^__^ Can't wait to see the results and the new videos! (^o^)/

  33. totally voting for btoost here. the girl is pure EVIL!!

    i think you guys should do the orange caramel one. i think it's, magic girl. :)
    nice video, as always.

  34. Nonononono! The video's story is like this:
    1. They dance :) and the cool guy has a cute girlfriend
    2. A new guy comes to the class who is a bit… less cool than the others but the cute girl likes him
    3. And… the cool guy at first doesn't worry but later he realizes that their relationship with the cute girl is in danger and he worries so much that he can't properly concentrate when he dances and broke his arm… auch!
    4. The girl breaks up with her cool boyfriend because he chooses the "looser" guy
    5. Everybody realizes that the "looser" actually is a great dancer!
    6. And the end: pure junhyung! T^T

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