B2ST is finally back with an awesome song and a video that – to us – at first seemed fun, but then turned out to be quite disturbing. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:


Ok, so we’re worried with this week’s Music Monday that we might come across as angry, so we want to clarify that, indeed, we are not angry. We are just passionate when it comes to expressing our opinions. We’re not name calling anyone here; we’re trying to present our points in a logical and – hopefully – convincing manner. We’re also quite disappointed. Simon and I have talked about this video a lot. We’ve tried to figure out why we feel so disappointed with it and we’ve come to the realization that are several factors contributing to our sense of disappointment.

To begin with, let’s talk about our personal experiences with Kpop, and then maybe you’ll get a sense of why we’re so let down by this video. we got into kpop only once we started living in Korea, before the hallyu wave really hit the overseas shores of our hometown. Having been in Korea for over four years now, and now fully converted to Kpop evangelists, we’re excited whenever kpop makes its presence felt in North America. It’s something we had no clue existed beforehand, so when we see it now in North America, we’re quite happy about it, not only because it shows that Kpop is doing pretty well, but also because it reveals all the hidden kpop fans and the special subcultures that comes with it. When we went to California for the Google Kpop Concert we were just BLOWN away by all the people waiting in line before the show and all the fans cheering at the concert. It was like, “OMG! Look at all these like-minded people that are into kpop! OMG! They know the dance to this song! OMG! They know the lyrics! The fan chants! The names of the idols!!!”

Moments of connection like this, for us, are rare. Even though we live in Korea, it might be surprising to people to hear that only ONE of our friends actually likes kpop. The rest are either indifferent to it, or absolutely hate it. And we’re talking here about both our foreign friends AND our Korean friends. In turn, if it wasn’t for you guise visiting our website, we wouldn’t really have anyone to talk to about Kpop besides each other.

So, we were really excited that B2ST was going to film in NYC, because we felt like this was a great opportunity to show kpop outside of the boxes in music videos in Korea, to show that it’s not only present in other parts of the world, but quite big there as well. It seems like every time I tried to introduce kpop to my friends back home, I found that every group with more then six members failed to impress them immediately. Bad English lost their focus, too much makeup on guys brought grimaces, and synchronized dancing for too much of the video was alienating…arghhh!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!) while I feel like groups like B2ST, SHINee, Girls Generation, Boyfriend, B1A4, Girls Day, Super Junior (and I could name more) are more difficult to introduce to people who aren’t already interested in Asian culture or Korea in general. I find that people who have zero interest and connection to Asian culture are really quick to judge a band by the way they look or the English they butcher. I’m sure you guise have experienced your non-kpop friends saying your favourite band “looks like they’re all gay” or “has way too many members” or “looks weird with those contact lenses”. B2ST in New York City would show them that, yes, you might not like them that much, but they’re quite big in the U.S. Give them another chance, maybe!

This video would be that chance! This video could have shown that Kpop is cool! And it could have been done, easily, with your help. I have a strong feeling that B2ST has tons of fans living in NYC. I JUST KNOW IT. These fans may not chat with each other on a regular basis or be even aware of each other’s existence, but if B2ST put out a message saying that they needed B2ST fans for their video in New York City, B2ST would be flooded with throngs of genuinely excited kpop fans. Instead – and this is not blame we’re placing on the members of B2ST because they are just following the orders of their company – we get this awkward sham of a music video which just reeks of fake fake fake. Yes, kpop is cool, but – come on – no one believes it’s as cool as this video makes it out to be. Graffiti artists, BMX bikers, people with low riders – they’re not the ones that listen to Kpop, and all of you know it. Sure, there may be SOME who do, but generally Korean Pop music is not a part of that culture. In trying to make B2ST and Kpop look cool by hiring a bunch of actors that represent another cool culture, they just made B2ST look like posers. Awkward, awkward posers. Such a frickin’ waste of a great opportunity.

It’s usually our friends who cringe at kpop music videos, not us. So, we sent this video to some of our friends who we mentioned above, and asked them what they thought. They most notably laughed at B2ST clothing, they called B2ST posers for singing pop music in low riders, they wanted to know why there was a DJ spinning when there was clearly no scratching present in the song, and overall they thought that the video looked like it was trying too hard to be “cool”. They found it awkward, just as we found it awkward.

Kpop companies are trying soooo hard to be successful overseas, but they will ALWAYS be successful for those of us that are already kpop fans. Breaking into the non-initiated kpop crowd should be their goal, but it feels like their marketing strategies are so poorly conceived. You can’t trick a North American audience into listening to B2ST because you hired a bunch of actors to pretend that they like B2ST. You could interest them, though, by showing some of the genuine hype surrounding Kpop. This video wasn’t for the world to watch, though. It was for Korean people to watch, so that they can say “Wow! Look at all the beautiful white and black people who like B2ST!” Seriously: where are the Asian people in this video? Are they not both a significant part of A) The Kpop Crowd and B) New York City?!?! Why were there no Asian people in the crowds in this video? Was that accidental or intentional? And, if you think it was intentional, what do you think it says about how B2ST and Kpop are marketed?

ARGHHH!!!!! *Martina collapses in frustration* I’ve had it. Guise, what do you think? Are we totally wrong? Did the B2ST video look great to you? Have you shown any of your non-kpop friends? All I know is that I need a cupcake. *mumbles while eating imaginary cupcake*

Anyhow, we’ve got nothing against this song or B2ST as a whole. We just really dislike this video both in execution and in principle. But, that doesn’t change the fact that this is still an awesome song. We’d like to give away a new B2ST Midnight Sun album, in support of the band itself. We’ll be hearing their song played outside everywhere. Fortunately, we won’t have to watch their video anymore. So, if you’d like to get a B2ST CD or a TOTALLY AWESOME BATOOST SHIRT, here’s what you gotta do:

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Let us know what your favourite outfit was in this video and why. Oh boy. Some of the outfits were…special. We barely even got a chance to talk about them! If you’re gonna leave a comment here, rather than on YouTube, let us know your YouTube username as well, so we can make sure you’re subscribed. Yeah!

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That’s it! We’ll pick two winners next week, and the first to contact us gets first choice in either CD or T-Shirt. If you’d like to get the CD yourself, you can pick it up at YesAsia. Not sure why it’s not on iTunes yet! And, lastly, though this was a bit of a serious Music Monday, we do have some bloopers that make us seem less serious. Our friend, Brendon, who you might remember from our Gangnam Style video, isn’t really the best actor. We’re working on it, though. Soon, he’ll be as Oscar worthy as we are :D Also, add a scene in there that we cut out from the main video: our comparison of B2ST’s video to Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” and Sistar’s “Loving You”. So, it’s not all jokes in the bloopers as well.


  1. Simon is not alone.. Husband & I partake in the loving of Kpop… He is almost as white & nerdy too if that make you feel better!

  2. my previous post got lost in the web???

  3. Haven’t seen the video, but read you post; well YES Kpop companies really lose it when trying to make it into the US.

    I’ve been a fan of K-pop since 2002 and my fav band at the time was girl band Baby VOX which is still one of my fav bands/music of all time, but when their company tried to export them to the US made some moves that actually detracted a lot from their image although the music was good; They specially ran into a copyrights problem cause they used un-published recordings of the late 2-PAC; 2-PAC family sued, 2-PAC label sued and well, even some Korean rappers took the chance at getting some free punches at the cute ladies for the free exposure. After a few months the groups separated and although the girls are doing fine (one is a K-Drama actress, other solo singer, other married) I still remember how sad I felt when I heard about the separation. The company filmed 2 videos for the coming to US plan: One was cool filmed at around 2 am in the morning (with the girls freezing in mini-skirts) dancing with a “fast and furious” ambient, mostly Korean/Asian looking people as extras and a US black rapper… (Rebecca Black move?!?), then the other featured the girls at a house bored and then making a party where few if any Asian people showed, with the girls in a more “slutty” attitude, which clashed against the “cute sexy” image they used in Korea/Asian markets.

    So the thing is Kpop companies try to “americanize” the looks of their bands and loose some of the Kpop looks/style that actually got the fans in order to get to a broader audience who just end up ditching them as posers and wannabees. Hope that with the success of Psy’s Gangnam Style they understand that what we Kpop fans love about them it’s being Korean pop thus different (and btw Kpop has been “crazy” long before Lady Gaga showed up)

  4. As much as I like the video and mostly the song. You have a point in the kind of angle that the company took in shooting this video. I showed this video to one of my friends but he already had an interest in Asian culture, and I only showed it to him because Dujun was wearing a San Antonio Spurs jersey which is the basketball team for the city in which we live in.

  5. I’m kinda late to watch your review guys. And it realizes me. Tryin’ to be cool but you know so sorry. Actually the first time I watched the MV, it mesmerized me. Thanks guys.

  6. Completely agree with this review – not even gonna start on the ethnic debate…

    Just wondering – why do you keep saying “Guise”?

  7. Apparently I am more fluent in Engrish/Konglish than I thought because I seem to be one of the few people that heard that chorus correctly. XD 

  8. Wow, I didn’t realize all of the misconceptions in this video till you guys reviewed it ._. No Asians in the dancing crowd is reallllllly odd O.o B2ST could be awesome in America if they followed what you two said to do instead of having the fake fans (who knows, maybe they are real fans??? I have (not to sound racist) a black guy friend who loooooooooves K-pop and secretly wants to be Asian XD Anyways, good job on the review, I don’t hate you!!!! :D

  9. My favourite outfit in B2ST’s Beautiful Night M/V is all of Gikwang’s outfits! It looks really good on him, it fits him well, it makes him look really edgy, fresh and comfortable! The outfit he wore at 0:13 illustrates his b2utiful arm muscles and his b2utiful shoulders and the outfit he wore at 0:24 illustrates his b2utiful long legs. If I’m a guy myself, I would love to wear those outfits especially the ones at 0:13 and 0:24. 

    Thank you Simon and Martina for this opportunity! God bless you!

    Youtube username : BB5members

  10. They sang a fun and upbeat song and wanted to make a fun video in New York. If they want to use NY hipsters in their music videos instead of derpy (and possibly crazy obsessed) fans then that’s their choice! This is exactly how 95% of music videos are made in North America. You shouldn’t get so mad about it and hold it against them.

  11. B2ST was definitely more fake! Good video review! It’s the first one I watched in a while that made me laugh really hard! 

    I was more bothered by the incongruence of the fashion versus the environment. They looked SO SILLY with their super colorful hair and wacky outfits. They reminded me of characters in a Tim Burton movie (along the lines of WIlly Wonka). At first I thought the video was cool and fun, too. But as it went on, I kept focusing on how ridiculous they looked walking down the urban streets of NY. Maybe that colorful and flamboyant style can fly in a brightly lit room or on a sound stage, or hell, maybe even walking down the street in Seoul (somehow I still doubt it). But definitely not in America. ANYWHERE in America, let alone the “hoods” of NY.

  12. omgzzz….Dr. meems in the last cut of d bloopers is just astoundingly adorable~~ weeeee…can’t stand him..>.<

  13. <— Non Asian KPop Fan from NYC … this video just seemed so fake and I feel it actually painted B2ST negatively. The vibe they portrayed of NYC + Kpop Culture outside of Korea felt insulting and out of touch. And why the hell wasn't this filmed in KTown or in Queens which has such a high Kpop fan base?

  14. Hyunseung’s weird dance matched with what he was wearing. Which was a funky and crazy outfit that fit with the summer look and the song. I LOVE YOU HYUNSEUNG <3 B2UTY 4LYFE 

  15. I thought he says : I`m youuuuuuuuuursss No money :D 

    hey u guys are awesomeeeeeeeeeee 

  16. hmm I lost mah money…I lost mah body , thats what I thought it says lol

  17. so when I first watched the video I also thought the perfomance with the foreign (non-asian) people was a bit weird :O
    I was like do they know beast?? probably not :O they’re just there for the money (so that;s why he lost his money xD ) haha kidding

    for the outfit I like most is yoseobs outfit at the beginningand around the 1.40 mark  with the pink trousers and the sweatshirt (I don’t know if you can call it that)
    I like it because it’s casual and I would even want to wear it myself xD hahaa
    I loved their casual clothing because it fitted the song most. the suit stuff didn’t impress me :O I found that it didn’t fit with the song xD
    also I loved kikwangs shirt around the 0.25 mark xD It’s very colourful but it’s not too much cause the lower half of the shirt is white :) It’s so cool that I also want to wear it myself haha
    I really would like for dutch guys to dress more like that haha  o well that will probably never happen xD

    soo that’s my entry :) My youtube name is LPjudith

  18. My favourite Outfit is that from Jun-hyung in 2:01. At first I thought he was waering a black bra with little metall pyramids ( I don´t know the english word q__q). And then his hand appears and you can see a RAINBOWCOULERED mouth… how cool is that? the newest way to wear lip tatoos…. :)

  19. It isn’t even a full outfit that I like it is the one sleeved “leather” (?) jacket that is worn seen at :34 into the video.  I understand removable sleeves on things but to have one sleeve there just seems like I am missing half of my cool jacket. However, I would wear this with one sleeve just to see how many people stop me and ask what happened–or look at me wondering if I won the mugging or lost…tnybabydrgnfly

  20. Outfit that I like the most was Yoseob’s outfit! the one he’s wearing at the part where they’re in a building with fans.. [is it top of the building?] the pink one! x3 its style is unique ♥ wanna buy that one. but i dunno where I can buy xDDDD 
    he is also wearing it when they Comeback and 1st won in MCountdown x3

    youtube name : ilysnangel25

  21. I like   Yoseob’s  outfits,especially the one when he wears the pink jeans.it’s a funny outfit,lovely and why not…atractive.it’s slightly and it matches with the video,with summer.
    you tube name:mary kim

  22. The Beast member’s outfit I realy really like Is DooJoon’s outfit :)
    Not just because he’s my major bias but I really think the outfit suits him..It’s not too exaggerating and well it show’s off his figure really well (muscles <3 *dies!) The one his using a white sleeveless shirt and the orange colour pants…Luckily he wasn't using the kind of knee length tight pants which is just ewww ._. to watch at..And he looks very comfortable in it :D His hair is put up very nicely too :) And not too much accessories is VERY nice to look :) And The another outfit that I really heart is Junhyungie white shirt and black pants..It makes him look like a skater boy? XD He looks so cute and handsome in it :) That's all of my comment basically..A diehard B2UTY here praying for a chance to win the prize :)
    NO matter what all the haters say..I HEART BEAST FOREVER <3 
    Youtube username : monkey9459 ( http://www.youtube.com/user/monkey9459?feature=mhee)
    Twitter account : https://twitter.com/change_TheFACTS ( I follow back :) )

  23. Before I tell you my favourite outfit, I would like to say that the stylists did a wonderful job with the clothes – I loved them all! The outfits were very much my style, and every article of clothing in that video is something I would wear – even Yoseob’s one sleeve jacket! haha Yes, I’m a girl but my wardrobe mainly consists of clothes that most of the time, only guys would wear… But I’ve got to say my FAVOURITE outfit in the video would have to be Dongwoon’s red suit in the beginning of the video! Love the colour and again it’s something that I would actually wear! The yellow studded shoes, white studded collar shirt, and necklace that he wore with it makes me love the outfit even more! :P

  24. KATHyphenTUN

    My favorite outfit was the one with Junhyung’s animal ears!!….. okie they *may* have just been his sunglasses on his head, but I think it would be way cuter as kitty ears!! who doesn’t love a kitten outfit!?

  25. lol, all this discussion about yeoseob’s part. :D
    I really thought Dongwoon looked like he was straight out of an anime so I loved his style/wardrobe. But it did seem a lot more classy than the rest kind of like how Himchan wears the nice suit in BAP’s No Mercy stuff. :D
    youtube: neha200

  26. Honestly, I didn’t even notice how awkward the MV was until you guys talked about it. Though, I was surprised when the MV was full of white people…

    Anywaaaays, for the contest! :D

    I had a really hard time picking ONE outfit >_< It was a tie between their awesomely (is it comic strip?) printed suits, Hyunseung's (almost) pink suit with the floral patterned shorts, and Yoseob's one-sleeved leather jacket. I FINALLY NARROWED IT DOWN THOUGH by re-thinking which one made me say "…what? What the heck is he wearing." the first time I watched it, which was YOSEOB'S ONE-SLEEVED JACKET! :D I didn't fully notice that it was one-sleeved until his first few scenes, LOL. Hyunseung's floral patterned shorts were very tempting though, but they aren't THAT uncommon… (I wear monkey-patterned shorts, for goodness' sake, HAHA!).

    THE END~ 

    P.S. I'm sorry this is so long; I always tend to say too much. ㅠㅠ" 

    Youtube username: pengupengu8
    Name: Elle~! ^^

  27. i really thougth ita was, “I’m yours, No money” too, and thought it doesnt make any sense n search the MV with Eng trans in Youtube to see the real words, and it turns out it was a korean words, lol..
    i dont really like the MV but i love the song. i mean i would love to keep replaying the song but just enough to occasionally see the MV. but i love that they have a MV where they seemed to having fun =D

  28. My favorite outfit would have to be the shiny suits around 2:20 (or is it SHINee?).    I’m half Italian and those suits just bring out my inner guido.  I feel like you should be wearing some gold chains with greased back hair.  Who doesn’t love a two tone shiny , SOY UN DORITO, suit that looks so slick and slippery like you’d fall out of a chair every time you try and sit down. 
    My youtube id is hedge7476.

  29. aww i thought it was “IM YOURSS… NO MONEY, lalala out of control!!!

  30. I like Yoseob’s one-armed ripped leather jacket because that’s probably what his jacket would look like if he really did try to simply walk around the streets of New York. Those fans can get crazy!

  31. I love HyunSeung’s blue suit thing XDD The contrast between his hair and the blazer/shorts is awesome, Also his hair is the same color as mine. Im biased! I love bold colors, but not busy patterns, so his outfit stood out to me. Plus blue is a nice color. It is a very nice color. I also like what I can see of the t-shirt he’s wearing under that beautiful blazer. And school-boy shorts are just cool. They remind me of Doctor Who for whatever odd reason my silly little brain has come up with.

    my Youtube is RaggedyCharly (I make it easy to remember this stuff XDDD)

  32. I really liked their SHINee suits during the night time roof party scene at the end of the video. I especially liked the ones that faded from hot pink to black. We all know those SHINee suits are popular!  They looked really sleek and mimicked the colors of the fireworks, they also seemed more representational of what Kpop idols wear. They were really fun and matched the tone and feel of the song and video well. ^^

    Youtube user name: AnonymousFREEZEpOp1  

  33. so, this is in case my comment gets lost on the youtube comments section:
    I think Beast’s stylists went all out in this MV. They were probably sth like: “OMG they told us we can dress the boys in bizzare yet high-fashion outfits if we want~~ Let’s do it folks” xD
    But seriously: flower patterned shorts AND a pink jacket with his red hair? Poor Hyensung :P
    So, my answer is this: My favourite outfit in the MV was Yoseop’s simple but well-coordinated outfit consisting of pink pants, a grey sweater and blue sneakers with a touch of white matching with the sweater. It was one of the most simple outfits but the best in my opinion ^^ (1:43)(I also loved his outfit in the rooftop-dance-club-like scene, the white one)

  34. My favorite outfit was at 0:49. He’s wearing a San Antonio Spurs jersey!! Being from Texas, I NEVER see outfits repping Texas. Even if he doesn’t know who the Spurs are, it still makes me proud to see them in a kpop music video. A jersey is also something common, that you would actually see someone on the street wearing, compared to the other outfits. The basketball shorts also look really comfy. :D 
    yt: XoceanxsunX

  35. Do we have more chances if we RT a lot ? x) My finger is ready…

  36. i like this song ever since it was released but never cared to really check its lyrics so i ALWAYS ALWAYS heard and sang “i looooooooooooost my money!” hahahahah

    as for the video i’ve always hated it; i didn’t ellaborate my thoughts on it like you guys did but i felt the exact same way about the fake audience. and it’s just a proof of all that is wrong about kpop’s tentative into taking hallyu to the western side of the world. it’s interesting because, like you mentioned on the tl;dr about the t-ara scandal, i love kpop for its aesthetics, the different approaches on pop music’s ellements it provides and of course the functioning of its industry and business. i must confess i also love the groups and all the efforts and work it’s done to bring up new/interesting concepts at each release.

    but one thing that i try to ignore about k-pop is this deranged imperialist idea of making k-pop bigger than it actually is overseas by imitating what the western world had already done before and already threw away. it is sad because there’s something really unique about k-pop groups and their team work ethics, and that should be more explored as a k-pop standard instead of “hey look how american i can get”.

  37. I was trying to figure out whether they were using English in the chorus or not without looking up the lyrics, but I couldn’t make anything out, so I figured that there was none.
    And you guise didn’t give Kwangie credit for pronouncing “Love” not only with an actual “L” sound, but he even pronounced the V as a V rather than a B.

    I personally didn’t give the background to the MV too much thought. It had sexy batoost in it with a fun sounding song and so, it was alright with me.
    However, you guys actually opened my eyes. At first I was like “LOOK AT ALL THEM FOREIGNERS” *Foreigner glow* but you guys had very valid points…Then again, I didn’t see it as BEAST performing for fans, I thought it was like they were the performance act for a party.
    Even then though, the place would have been flooded with fans. I think that your guys’ idea about showing them just hanging out in NY was awesome. Maybe you guys should be the producers for Kpop MVs :o

  38. When I first saw this vedio I thougt “EYKimchi’s gonna like this!!’  as you complimented how GDandTOP used a bunch of white people. I do understand you’re point, but I think Beast really came outside to the world even for the fact that they didn’t use a strangly lit room for a set. I’m just saying. And also it is a bit sad for you guy’s to defend yourselves before saying things about the vedio, but you DO say alot of good stuff about YG. I’m not complaining though as I’m a big fan of bigbang :)
    It’s the first time for me to leave a comment after months of visiting here. It’s a great feeling for me as a korean to watch and hear about different views of kpop. I think i saw almost every vedio here and it was verry meaningful. Hope you won’t leave Korea. Keep on!

  39. i did’nt think the setting was supposed to be ny…i guess it could be any where but it was more apparent in bad boy…definitly not ny. also not lovin this one bad girl is my favorite, but i think it was their best song

  40. I’d love a Batoost shirt. I’d wear it proudly with typical B2ST swagger, doing the crapping chicken walk!

    Wow, outfits… that’s a difficult question, with so many train wrecks to choose from.
    But the red cowboy inspired suit with the rhinestone cravat (is that what it was?) takes the cake in tackiness. What I love most is the fact he wore it so stylishly and confidently that he made me question whether it was in fact tacky or I’m just crazy not to think it’s fabulous.

  41. HUGE B2ST FAN! But I agree with every single thing you said. I hated the video right away… It doesn’t even look like them… this video doesn’t make sense…. ARGHH!!!!

    Love the song though.

  42. 휴.. 리뷰가 정말 부정적이네.
     꼭 kpop이라고 항상 kpop스러운 걸 시도할 필요는 없잖아.
    약간은 어색하게 느껴질지라도 kpop과는 관련이 적은듯한 문화를 잘 융화시켰다고 생각할수도 있는거 아닌가:3 리뷰가 너무 부정적이라서 실망이야..

  43. I liked Doojoons because of the fact that it was the only one that i think someone can wear down the streets of new york without getting their a$$ handed to them…..

    i commented on here cuz for some reason it won’t let me on youtube
    username: Mossgrl615

  44. youtube ID: littlespazz1914

    First off…were those fireworks even real?!…they all happened to shoot up and open in the air at the same time…

    3:11 pf the MV…its hyun bin from Secret Garden and his tracksuit! LOL…yeah…in the middle of SUMMER you are going to find men wearing track suits…in NYC…hm…probable? I think NOT!

  45. FriedChickenOnew

    RODEO CLOWN SUIT? i thought he was supposed to be a lobster pimp… hehe i liked his hair though

  46. I chose Hands Up. It was such a sad club that barely had people in it. It was not an accurate portrayal of a club, unlike High High with GD and TOP where they were dancing with a bunch of people and there were soo many people in that club.

  47. Big Bang wannabes. Love the song; laughed in disbelief at the video. Be proud of being Korean, not posers.

  48. I am just baffled by the San Antonio spurs jersey. I am from San Antonio and it seems that they would be wearing a knicks jersey but the video did make me laugh and smile so maybe that is a good thing just kinda got a wtf face when I saw the jersey.

  49. I like the way you give funny interpretations of all sorts of aspects of a music video that I wouldn’t notice. And if that involves poking fun at this and that, that’s where the fun comes from. Keep it up. There are plenty of fun-loving people out here who know that your criticism is meant to enlighten and to lighten up.

  50. I am confused with the voting-ting of facebook. In the video Simon says; “which video felt faker?” – which I would answer with B2st, since I think their video looks even more fake than 2pm’s put your hands up. HOWEVER, in the facebook pull it says; “What fake audience did you perfer?” and I would answer that with 2pm because I just like the people in the 2pm audience more than the people in the b2st mv. SO. I’m confused.
    ,,,^.^,,, (here’s a kitten looking over.. something to show I’m not angry/upset and I like you guis a lot, but I just want to help)

  51. well,thanks for ur Review. i don’t know why i like the mv so much. it’s like BEAST says “hey we are BEAST ,please love us and enjoy with us”.

  52. Who is your friend that stared in this video ? I just loved his t-shirt :>

  53. My favorite was Yoseob’s outfit where you said he was all checking himself out ^^ I seriously love that outfit because it gave a vibe of the bad-boy trend that is going around. And as a dream to become a fashion designer I love how the colors stand out from his black leather jacket with an intriqute design but they don’t try to pop in your face. I seriously thought it was a representation of BEAST’s hardcore styles they have maintained over the past three years~ Thank you ^^ [vitna95]

    [Plus my twitter message was too long xDD] @eatyourkimchi ㅋㅋㅋ Thank you for all of your videos ^^ I’ve been a fan since way back although I have never commented. But your B2ST review neither made me hate you nor want to destroy you. It made me be grateful for the fact that actual B2UTYs out there who can be truthful without being all fake. so thank you~

  54. okay i know you guys just throw in “batoost” for fun But actually its pronounced Beast.
    See you spilt the “2″ in half and it becomes a ‘e’ and ‘a’. its shows it on some of their first videos …just sayin.

  55. I just think they could have easily done this in korea other than that i dont see anything wrong with the styling and such

  56. I always thought the chorus was “I’m yours for money.” XD Love your friend. His shirt is boss! And Memers and Spudgy in the bloopers, yay~! ^^ <3

  57. Ok, when I read you haven’t liked the music video at all, I got angry. Very angry. But when I watched the very first 2 minutes of the video I just realized that you have pretty good reasons to dislike the MV. I still don’t agreed with all of them (I still love this video) but I sure agree that if they had made a documentary video in NYC it would be a lot more intersting and funny. And the One Direction comparison… Yeah, that wouldn’t be nice >.<
    Although, I think that if anyone besides you two had told me that, with the same arguments, I would most likely to hate that person for good. Yeah, I really can't be mad at you at all xD
    P.s: Just loved Dr.Meemersworth's voice and also when she was clawing at Spudgy's scarf… Sooooo cuuuutee! *3*

    For the giveaway:
    My favorite outfit must be JunHyung's tuxedo. With that hyper discrete pink tuxedo with white stripes and also his purple hair he can walk around the whole NYC and the other Batoost (damn Simon, I no longer can say it other way) members would still be able to find him while away. He will never get lost! :D (and ok, I confess, pink and purple are also my favorite colors, lol o/)
    Youtube username: 19pba95

    • Honestly why would you get angry with someone just because they happen to not like the mv? Just wondering since there are alot of people who won’t like it without any real reason at all it’s just how they feel…just as there are many who does like it…Or maybe you weren’t serious? :) Just curious…

      Anyway I do not agree with any of S&M’s reason for not liking it (it never even occurred to me) I just more got the feel that, like someone else wrote here, they were trying to show a “come play and have fun with us” -feeling :) In regards to them not showing more asians, does it matter? Yes to some it does, but for me I didn’t notice -oh look there’s a guy and over there’s a black woman…I just saw people who seemed to enjoy themselves. I’m not taking the mv so seriously I guess, however I don’t have anything against other people’s opinions so don’t hate me because of mine. I think having different opinions and being confronted by them makes one grow as a person and makes one see things one may or may not have noticed before in a different light that’s why I enjoy watching KMM XD

      I two liked when kittie tried to climb up his leg, my kittie used to do that all the way up but even though it hurt I couldn’t stop him because he was too cute lol I really liked your friend in the video S&M, I hope you’ll use him more… XD

      Now this being said I hope I didn’t offend anyone that actually happened to have read this comment it’s all just my opinions ;)

      • Yay, way to go Diana!! Good on you for stating your disagreement in a mature and polite tone. I wish more kpop fans could handle the review in the same manner….. :(

        Tbh the points the mentioned didn’t really occur to me either, perhaps because I’m not American? Maybe if it was filmed it Australia with kangaroos and Aboriginal people in the bush, then maybe I’d be feeling a little awkward, but yea…..

        In other news, my sister used to have a kitten and she used to climb up all the mosquito net doors and windows, completely ruining them. I was not happy :(

        • Thank you that made me happy to read, since I tried my best to not offend anyone :)
          Actually it would be no fun or even interesting if S&M always had the same opinions as me. Even if it’s about my favourites, I’d be happy if they like it if not, I wonder why, and then ponder over it to see what I think about their reasons. Still opinions are a very personal matter everyone has the right to express them but some might wanna think about HOW they do it :) It’s a little touchy, it feels, to express one’s opinions here if they aren’t positive about the group, bcz of some fans, but contrary to what some thinks, it’s ok, or should be, I think, to state I don’t like this for this or that reason. It isn’t bashing or putting another group down or even mean that one dislike the group just bcz they say they don’t like something about the song or mv. The mv’s comment section is a place where I want to talk about the mv wether it’s positive or negative things, to hear other fans opinions. I actually think, as artists, they themselves also want to hear constructive criticism…not just blind worshiping :D

          Also isn’t this just the best? Doojoon and Yoseob singing along No mercy performance XD  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypZDufSb2DY&feature=youtu.be  I’ve seen Exo do the same. Why should fans be at it in fanwars when clearly the groups themselves get along well? lol I don’t mean there are any between these fandoms, just that freedom of expression, respect for one another should exist between fans/fandoms/people unfortunately those  few who behave badly reflects back on the rest of the group unfortunately. Sorry for such a long comment…

  58. greenwich! it’s grehn-itch! aaaaaahhhhhhh

  59. I agree the video SUCKED, song was great but video SUCKED……Yeah and how come they didn’t use more Asian fans in the video that’s just baffling.

  60. hello~my YT username is acarlex00 and my comment is WAY past the count on YT so I thought I’d leave it here and I apologize for it being so long but I really wanted to tell you guys what i thought on Junhyung’s outfits and why I liked his so much to see if you guys share the same point of view? Anyway, here it is:

    [outfit #1: black tee with heart, dragonfly(?) necklace, cap, printed pants] It is NYC…there’s bound to be something that stands out. Not everything there is plain high fashion…there’s always that one piece of the outfit that stands out…and that was his pants. Don’t tell me you just walk down the street and not notice him? Those pants just catch the eye. All together, the outfit itself seems like something I would see in NY. Plus, the blue hair does him justice in all the outfits he wears in the MV.

    [outfit #2: 'LOUD PACK LIFE" tank, (correct me if I'm wrong) sleeve suspenders, navy blue shorts and cap] this is just a simple outfit that I think any guy in NY would wear or could easily pull off. The suspenders(?) adds a nice touch to it, in my opinion. Surprisingly, his hair caught my eye in the scene. I liked the way he wore the cap to show off his hair. It’s the way he pulls off this look that makes me think that he could easily blend in with the crowd in NY. Also, I liked the rainbow lips painted on his hand. It was cool and something I think I would LOVE to do if waving to someone or trying to catch a cab in NY ^^

    [outfit #3: same tee in outfit #1 but in white, gold chained necklaces, black skinny jeans and cat sunglasses] I JUST LOVE THIS OUTFIT!! I really do see someone in NY wearing this especially those sunglasses just because again, it’s new york. In the scene, all the members are wearing intricate suits, “look at me!” outfits or just a weird outfits while Junhyung wears skinny jeans, a white tee and sunglasses along with gold chained necklaces….this is why I loved this outfit. They are on a rooftop partying and there’s Junhyung wearing probably the most casual outfit out of all the members. I really really really loved the sunglasses since they added such a ‘cute’ touch to the outfit. ^^

    [outfit #4 (though it was barely seen when all of them walk down the street together): bright yellow shirt, dragonfly necklace (same in outfit #1), and black shorts] this is an outfit that is most ‘realistic’ or something I would see where I live. It’s really nice and I am mad that they didn’t show this one as much. It’s a really nice outfit that he pulls off, of course, perfectly. It’s an outfit that someone in NY would wear if they were going to the park or just walking around town (like B2ST seems to be doing but with pure perfection ^^).

    overall, I loved his outfits the best. They were really eye catching because of it’s ‘simplicity’ unlike the other members’. Sorry again for it being so long but I was just really curious to see if you guys understand why I like the outfits so much and share the same point of views as me! Again, my YT username is acarlex00 ^^

  61. Why would people get upset over this? agh seriously, I’m a Beast fan and I myself, while watching the MV thought: owh soo many people yaaay …wait they’re all white…wt..where are the asians? XD so yeah I’m sure others have felt the same way but just don’t want to admit it hehe but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the song cause seriously I really like it, I listen to it whenever I get up, it makes me kinda happy and cheerful :D

  62. Even though this was shot in NYC, it was not meant for us. They would not use real kpop fans bc were not pretty enough.

    I actually really just disliked their clothes and hairstyles. They were so bad.

  63. Thank you so much for your vocal opinions on this video. I live in the NYC area and there are many kpop fans of all races. This video was so uncomfortable for me to watch. B2ST is the band that got me back into Kpop and I am a huge fan. But, this video was so not them. And the song is just so amazing. I love listening to it. Instead of watching this MV, I watch their live performance from Inkigayo outdoors with their fans. That would’ve been a better MV. They seem to thrive when their fans are there. That’s the B2ST I love.


  65. Ok its fun, why read anymore into it, The song is good and fun, I like watching it hearing it and a great fan. I know you guys are great at giving reviews and love ya guys but again its meant to be fun and they did it. Give them a break :)

  66. Hi Simon and Martina, love Kpop Music Mondays. Awesome to see how you pick apart videos and songs or find things to praise.
    In this one I will say that for the graffiti, if it is not your own-like gang related-than it is feasible that a rival would cover it up. Also when you have people who don’t pay attention they will cover up things like that too. The funny thing is, except for exceptions-like I am sure this was-graffiti is usually considered vandalism and is illegal. lol.
    Anyway. Keep up the awesome work on all your videos! Thank you.

  67. I like your honest opinion. Keep up the good work guys.

  68. My favorite outfit is Pink Gigolo, yeah Dongwoon…you can see him in 1.10 playing around with his poor friends with his outstanding pink pink chic (?) Pink Panther outfit “look at me beasties!”

  69. I liked yoseob’s clothes most when he had leather jacket and jeans and t-shirt.
    I thought his clothes were the best and looking cool out so I liked his clothes best. But I also liked a little hyunseung’s clothes.
    Youtube account:bellap3n

    What fake audience do you prefer…. hoho XD
    still gonna vote for batoost ? XDD yeaaaaaaaaa

  71. Simon and Martina:



  72. I vote for 2PM’s Hands Up MV~ XD

  73. Mixed feelings about the video and mixed feelings about the review. The points raised by S&M were all very valid and true. But I guess it’s unfair to judge the MV by western standards, since the video was made for Koreans. And to Korean people, you’ve made it big when even the white folks know your music. Since it’s a given that Kpop is the shiet among Asians. And that’s what B2ST’s production team wanted to portray, so the boastful vibe was intentional. Is it then just to dislike them for wanting to fake popularity just like black rappers fake material wealth in their music videos? I think we and the Koreans all know that their popularity is not of that scale. But hey.. we are mostly westerners watching Music Monday right? We can’t help viewing things our way, just like Koreans portray the wrong but familiar view their audience have of NYC/USA. Koreans could blame us for lack of cultural awareness just as much as we blame them. Agree or disagree, the truth is in the middle. So B2ST fans don’t be offended or saddened by this review. The video’s fault is that it doesn’t educate the viewers but only play into stereotypes. Western audience think that Asians are silly people with silly fashion. This video does nothing but confirm that. My god, I could die of secondhand embarrassment watching them in their gay getup in front of all those white people who must be thinking “WTF are they wearing?! ”

  74. My favourite outfit is Yoseob’s outfit at 0.34, or as I now like to call him *puts on fail NY gangster voice* “Yo, sup!”. I like that the stylist is being ‘artistic’ with the one-sleeve look though I think their ulterior motive is to use that sleeve in future MVs. Since SuJu’s Sexy Free and Single, everyone now knows that a single top can be chopped and tailored into outfits for 5 or more people, and it looks like Batoost’s crew has caught on. I don’t even know what you would call that top.. a vacket? A jest? Either way, it’s a cool outfit in it’s own weird and wonderful, kpop way!
    YouTube ID: taniiah (No need to check if I’ve subscribed. I’ve triple checked!)

  75. Hahaha so i’m not the only person who thinks that they sang I LOOOOOOST MY MONEHHHH :P

  76. Simon & Martina,My favourite outfit in this music video is during the first part of the mv when all the members wore those awesome black suits that somehow looked so “punked” up yet classy & elegant.I love the dirty (not filthy-dirt but sexy-dirty) look that looks like you’ve been wearing the same clothes forever (just the look, not actually practising it). It looks like they came from the punk-esque streets of London (prejudice i have, i know). And I love the suits blends in with the music video well, with the night scenery and all. The suits didn’t look awkward on them. But seriously I almost died when I saw the mv when this outfit came on, because I really have a thing for punk/rock/grunge stuff. To me,seriously,these suits really gives off that punk rock vibe.
    Not to mention the hot pink jacket with the floral shorts Hyunseung wore.The jacket is just awesome, the vibrant colours of the jacket really stands out and I really don’t care that Hyunseung might look weird in it.The jacket is the center of attention and the “statement piece” of the outfit yet it is not overdone by the rest of his accessories.I also really like the shorts, I like how the lower part of the outfit is all exaggerated and loud yet casual. and funky.oh and the neon sky blue suit Hyunseung wore was just as lovely..!So practically,the music video might be a let down..but seriously,their outfits,especially the suits were DAE to the BAK~
    It gives off that “whatever” kinda of feel.p.s : I’m here to enter the contest.My youtube username is :MsCocomint :)

  77. LOL your words are so true XD Wish they also did more interaction with their real fans cause that would have looked awesome!

  78. I’m your’s no money xD
    It’s really interesting to see B2st in colorful outfits.
    Hyunseung wore a pink jacket and later a blue costume, Dongwoon wore a red one. It looks cool in clip, because it really has a feeling of summer music video. But… do NY people wear this kind of clothes? I mean like blue or red costumes with big chains? But I know that it is a music video and it has to atrract peoples eye, so It was hard to take the most favorite outfit, because they wore a lot of different clothes and a few looked really good. I want to announce that I liked Yoseob clothes the most 0:35. His looks doesn’t seem awkward to me, because he wore blue jeans and cool jacket.~
    YT: Imiliukea

  79. Youtube name : DemiYori
    I would have to say my favorite is the red lobster suit, it doesn’t make me think gangster it makes me think Matador or some odd Pimp/Drug Dealer while the other outfits if they weren’t so brightly colored or pastely or floral patterned they could pass off as thugish. Oleh red lobster suit oleh!

  80. Hahaah, i knew i couldn’t be i looooost my money cause it simply didn’t make sense! But i was singing “Im youuuuuurs, mamani” which is kind of worse ._.

  81. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t starstruck by this music video. I was beginning to think I was alone, considering how many reviews I’ve seen praising it as a revolutionary chapter in Beast’s career.
    I agree with S&M one hundred percent. I adore the song, but the music video was a pretty big letdown. It was a good effort, but ultimately unsuccessful.

  82. What I liked about the video was the bright yellow colors
    and the summer vibe. And also how much fun Beast have in the video
    dancing and jumping around. It doesn’t matter if the people in the video
    are actors because they look like they are having fun and the last
    thing is that I like their new funny style. They all changed their
    hairstyle and had clothes bought from a store in New York. This is quite

  83. Meemer’s voice is sooooooooooooo cuuuutteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :3 Kyaaaa!

  84. Totally agree with you guys.

  85. One of my favourite KMM. Thank you Martina and Simon.

  86. When there was the Kpop music fest in Sydney last year, it was filmed and later shown on Korean tv. I was actually there and the majority of people were Asian Australians, there were white Australians there, but it’s not a secret that fans are usually Asian. However, the footage of the concert when shown on Korean tv really focused on the white fans, like they wanted to prove to Korea that white people like Kpop? I’m not sure but it wasn’t an accurate representation. Yeah lots of white people love Kpop but there is still a majority of Asian fans, and there is nothing wrong with that! Like you said… there is an icky feeling because it’s uncomfortable that some Korean producers want to hide other Asian fans of Kpop.

  87. I’m really suprised to hear so many people here don’t like it.I’ve only heard about how much everyone loved it. I also loved it and it’s not just bcause I was there. They actually did something smart in my opinion. B2uties love B2st no matter what but I believe this video was to gain new or foreign fans. All of the people that I know who do not like Kpop but watched the video to to see my short takes absolutely loved this video. Also, everyone on set who didn’t know b2st, became a fan. So now b2st has their dedicated fans and non kpop fans. Although, I disagree with the review this week I always respect simon and martina for having such funny and clever videos that state their true opinion, which I know they constantly get torn apart for. The Hyunseung rooster dance is genius. I ve seen this video 10000 times and never noticed. XD

  88. I was wondering why this review didn’t really resonate with me….I think I get it now.
    Simon and Martina are FANS of Batoost, and of kpop.
    I am neither a fan of Batoost OR of kpop (in general).

    Thus, when this video came out, I expected nothing. Or rather, I expected a typical kpop video with a typical kpop song. So, my main reaction was “Hey, they’re not in a box!”
    (My next reaction was NOOO THEY’RE RUINING THE SUSPENSION but that’s irrelevant)
    I didn’t even know they were in NY, until I saw the comments. Sure, the video was cheesy and lame, the outfits were outrageous, and the whole concept was obviously fake – but what’s new? It’s what I’ve come to expect from kpop. And I’m still not a fan.
    The song, however, was quite catchy. I actually listened to it a few times while scrolling through the comments :)

    Simon and Martina, on the other hand, are fans of Batoost. They were looking forward to this. They wanted to show it off to their friends. So when it came out looking just as lame as all the other kpop videos out there – they were really disappointed. They were hoping for it to be a lot better. I suppose I can see where you’re coming from.

    In short – you can take Simon and Martina’s review as a compliment to Batoost. They believed that Batoost had the potential to act out an amazing video in NY, but their stupid producer ruined that chance for them. Such a shame, really.

  89. Your review is just spot on. I thought it was just me that felt awkward while watching the whole MV. I guess I’m not the only one…. *sigh*

  90. … i was hoping for more funny:( …hmm the vid didn’t seem fake to me; it was funnnn n colorful… i thought u’d be excited they’re outside (not in a box) n in america :D

  91. “We get this awkward sham of a music video which just reeks of fake fake fake. Yes, kpop is cool, but – come on – no one believes it’s as cool as this video makes it out to be. Graffiti artists, BMX bikers, people with low riders – they’re not the ones that listen to Kpop, and all of you know it.”

    I agree with you guys 100% on this!! Everything you stated is indeed true. I’m a New York gal, I grew up in the Bronx AKA the “ghetto” lol and I have never seen a huge amount of low riders in the city EVER! That’s all West coast not the East.. lmao This video isn’t all that I saw it once and even forgot about the song until I saw your music video review. I’d have to give this song and video an epic fail, the guys still look handsome but I just didn’t really see or feel anything special about the song or video it was fake… Damn & I wish they would have at least had a little fan event for NY fans. Thats kind of messed up… I think it would have been a great opportunity for them to gain more fans.

  92. yt name:cloiebuggeater
    The Blue Shorts Suit! It makes its first appearance around 1:25/1:26. He wears it with such swag that I can almost forget it’s a neon blue suit with shorts instead of pants.

  93. Soo..,you didn’t do the big list of, “thanks to all the batooties who voted this week” and I was really looking forward to maybe seeing my name up there? Will you thank me anyways?

  94. I don’t really know why anyone would be offended by what you said, considering a large amount of the comments I’ve read so far have agreed with you, including myself. I didn’t really think much of the video when I first watched it, though I did find it kind of strange. And looking at it now, it’s just. Everything you said. All over.

  95. Hmm. Well, I agree with you guys, but I didn’t think it was such a big deal…most kpop videos are amazingly fake anyway, with their boxes and sets and whatnot. I guess this stands out because they managed to make it look fake even in a real location – pretty impressive huh? :p
    In other news, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one cringing over the hydraulics. I’ll be honest here, I care more about cars than kpop, so I was looking at the cars the whole time. They’re not really my type though, I prefer Japanese cars……

    Oh, and your friend Brendon is super cool……is he single? xD

  96. u know i totally agree with u guys…all the things that i didnt notice before i noticed now and i didnt like it…maybe cuz when i was watching the video, i was too busy staring at them pretty boys….I agree that it was a little too fake that all the people in the video were white or black….hey men at least they had some black people…i heard Beast did some stupid racially insensitive thing a couple of months ago….i agree that this video was made for a Korean audience…as if they are trying to say “look KPOP is popular in America cuz we got white and black people in the audience dancing”….n i must add that every kpop band that has come NYC to film a music vid always go to Brookyln….n not the good part, the ghetto part…Y???? Are they trying to prove something…they are other places in NYC that u can film in u know….*sigh*

    Anywhos my “fave” outfit had to be Hyunseung….gosh i hope i spelt that right….i mean first start with the bright red hair, then go to the neon pink blazer with the white shirt underneath then flower pants that are knee length to those horrible sneakers….all in all a KO outfit…LOL….youtube name is ajeebzs

    • also noticed that during the dancing part, when they were “performing” for the crowd, apart from whoever was doing the singing, all the other members had nothing to dance, n so they were just being awkward turtles in the back…LOL

  97. Thank you for articulating the uncomfortableness of this video. I was so distracted and in constant cringe mode because of the outfits and the overwhelming unreality that it was hard to pinpoint why the MV was so far off. It’s rather saddening that you had to preface your opinion on your video on your channel in preparation for the haters or harsh comments.

    I just can’t watch the video again to pick a “favorite” outfit. Batoost for the “win”. The song itself is great! Love the Meemersworth voice!!

    Thank you for making this controversial video.

  98. Dyania ハナーフィ

    true, when i first watch this, i remembered thinking to myself “why are there no asians, but only black and white people in the audience?” i mean this is a KPOP song right? and it seems also that they are trying too hard to fit in the urban NYC subculture, which obviously failed in my opinion when i watched this.

  99. Before even watching the video, the screencap got me dying of laughter!!!

  100. Spudgy and Meemers –> death by cuteness.

  101. B2ST isn’t part of an urban NYC subculture? Wait, WHAT?!

    But really, I think it’s obvious they didn’t use real fans because they/we don’t have those professional hair-flipping skills. Yeah, we just ain’t pretty enough. But I’m pretty sure they could have found plenty of Asian actors/models if they’d tried/wanted to.

    I think y’all (S&M) got it right when you pointed out that this video was definitely NOT made for a non-Korean audience. I really have to wonder if they even thought it could be convincing to ANY audience. Not for a split-second did I think this was anything but highly orchestrated and impossible in real life. So did the producers ACTUALLY think they could fool anyone, or was the thought process so artificial that they just thought (this cool stuff + B2ST = cool B2ST)? I don’t know.

    I think as a Western fan who enjoys kpop and thinks that the music itself is genuinely decent pop, it’s frustrating when it seems like artists/their companies do things that would only alienate international/non-Asian fans. Like, for instance, AYYY Gurl. I mean, the English wasn’t really bad, but uh, that’s about all that can be said for it. (I love JYJ, that’s why I was so disappointed.)

    It just seems like it’s not always clear whether kpop/artists really want to move beyond Asia because there are issues in songs/vids that could be fixed if they talked to any ONE person familiar w/N. American pop. (Like flower suits plus blinged-out low riders? How about no.)

    • Okay, I believe I get what the company tried to do with this video, with Beast being cool in NYC. It is because they are, not saying scared, but cautious about how to handle Beast popularity because if they aimed for something higher and don’t achieved it then they wouldn’t feel disappointed. .

  102. I’d like to be a witness in this case. Being a white blonde girl that was very much the odd ball in Korea when I studies there and Being a native NYer, I have to agree. I went to the WG and 2PM concert with my Puerto Rican sister in law (also a kpop fan) and we were trampled upon (yes trampled upon) by screaming kpop fans 95% of which were Asian.. Now I didnt mind it because I love Asians! but i did mind being trampled upon.. anyway.. yes the concert in the vid is a lil far fetched as to what it would really look like..

  103. I completely agree with you guise review! When I first watched the video I had to open another page of my browser and do not really watch the video (I just listened to the music), because to be honest I didn’t want to see one of my favorite kpop idols like that. It was painfully fake for me and I’m really glad that other people had the same opinion because I was worried that I was alone in that (since it’s not the first time that happen). I love Beast!! I went to their concert in Brazil and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I know a concert is different from a MV but I agree that they could have done something more “natural”, like a real concert, with real fans. Or even something else! It just had to be more natural, more real! What surprises me is that I read that they (Beast) were worried with this song because (and as Martina pointed out) it’s really different from their style, but I think that they fitted the song perfectly!! They do have all this amazing energy that makes you jump, dance, and sing like there’s no tomorrow. I just wished that their MV could correspond to all that.

  104. My favorite outfit from the video was Yoseob’s because, come on guise, who doesn’t want to wear a leather jacket with one sleeve and skinny jeans in the hot streets of NY in the summer?? XD

    Youtube: uaexia

  105. I Lol’d too much when Meemers was clawing Spudgy’s scarf…too cute :)

  106. Martina. its not pronounced GREEN-WITCH. its pronounces GREN-ITCH. Thank you. Also, you guys look really good (the diet worked!)

  107. thisisjustforfunval

    Lately I haven’t fallen in love with a kpop video like I have in the past. I have loved many songs, including this one, but not the videos. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who felt awkward about this video. It felt like forcing two things that just don’t go together, like peppermint ice cream and tuna.

    Now, Beast management, never do that again to this awesome band. And I totally agree the audience should have been made of real NY fans, since that is what this song was made for. Getting closer with their fans, not a bunch of paid actors.

  108. Entering for the t-shirt…one can never have too many shirts…

    Favorite outfit? The track suit that was attacked by bloody tires (on I think Yoon Doojoon?). Why? Because he’s like a friggin double homicide victim come to life: first murder was the guy who’s untimely death painted the tires, and the second murder his own because, well, he got run over multiple times by that car, clearly. And he’s wearing a classy track suit. He came prepared to party.

    username: misformagical

  109. Loved the flowery pants and pink blazer. It seemed very…. summery…. And awesome.
    youtube username: sayakitsune

  110. I agree with you guys fully. I actually couldn’t even sit and watch the music video all the way through. I ended up just listening to the song.


  112. My favorite outfit in the “Beautiful Night” MV is hands down Dongwoon’s red suit.
    That + his blonde comb-over and studded shirt & shoes, I almost thought Elton John was making a cameo. I seriously have a weird love for him and that outfit though. o_O

    Youtube Username: Diegogirl2010

  113. My favorite outfit of B2ST has got to be…
    Yoseob with that long purple shirt and white center thing. Nah, just kidding, that was very special and just weird looking, it really showed off his silhouette, making him look very girly. That, imo was his worst outfit.
    My real two favorites have got to be
    1.Yoseob with his black jacket which only has one sleeve and yellow undershirt while walking down the street. So adorable yet makes him look so stylish :D
    2.KiKwang @ 1:11. He looks so cool during that dance scene!! Blue top, jeans and a red handkerchief covering his mouth. OMG words cannot describe how awesome he looks!!

    B2UTY <3 B2ST!!~

    Youtube: EmikoxD

  114. D’awwwww, Dr. Meemersworth’s voice is so cute!!!!!! :D

  115. I’m a B2UTY and i agree with your video. love the song, hate the vid. they should have just tweeted the night before like, “b2uties in nyc? come over we’re filming a mv” or something like that. at least everyone in the video would be real fans that love and know beast. and im sure the b2uties in the area would have done it for free!

  116. I think it would have been way better if they had a bunch of random fans and not just models……..would’ve been less fake…..and didn’t they say they personally chose their outfits?

  117. I’m not a batoost fan per say, but I have seen some of their darker, more angsty videos before. Thus, I was really not expecting this video. I was just blown away by the gay-fabulousness of it all. That I prefer “beast” types over “flower boy” types may be a contributing factor, but this video was a bit too much for me to handle. And by a bit too much I mean it assaulted my eyes with a kaleidoscope of neon colors and feminine dress that could match not other.

    And as a New Yorker myself, I definitely could not take anything that happened in the video seriously. Not a single thing.

  118. I am not a fan of this song or video. I hope their next songs and videos are better or they just might lose a fan!

  119. If I have to say best out fit it would be
    Hyunseung or
    Dongwoon. I would have to I agree with your opion about the music vid. It would have been better to have real Beast fans there. Or maybe mixed in with the pro dancers/models. But I LUV the song Beatiful night though. GO Beast/

  120. LOL….i thought it was “I LOOOOOST MY MONEY” at first too!! *high five* lol
    so i watched a parody of Beautiful Night (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afDqU9kCpJ0) and changed the subs so that it was about B2ST’s adventure of how they got lost in New York and Yoseob losing the money ^^ its so funny!! you guys should watch it if you have time (:

    Youtube: 4everpiggie
    Favorite Outfit?
    Hmm…. gotta say its Dongwoon’s super vibrant red suit with those awesome yellow shoes and shiny ring. I have to say… its one weird outfit… and Dongwoon managed to pull it off totally fine with this awkward blonde- green tinted hair. The thing around is neck… was like WTF…. well its not as bad as U-Kiss’ Dongho’s Seaweed necklace in Believe (loved Simon’s Seaweed necklace.. haha) but yeah overall… the outfit was interesting… and if you watched the parody… at that part it said “I also don’t know where i’m going, So i dressed like this so that i could be found easily in case i get lost” <— died at that part.. haha. yeah… stylist choose the weirdest things, but i guess they just wanted b2st to stand out o-o *cough* skittles—- taste the rainbow… *cough* also… saw some pastelpantophillia… hehe

    Thanks again Simon and Martina for the opportunity to win stuff and thanks for entertaining us with your awesome videos.Even a gigantic b2uty like me didnt get offended because everything you said was absolutely down to earth and true. When i first saw the video i was kindof disappointed because it was so not-beast like (the style and the fakness of the mv) but the song definitely grew on me and now it has been stuck in my head like forever now.

    p.s. i know i comment this in youtube all ready but youtube had a limit so i couldnt say everything i wanted too :

    hehe… thanks again… love you guys! best youtube/blogger couple ever!!

  121. bigbangfosho

    TT TT I sang that line as I’m girlllllllllllllllllllllllssss nobody

  122. I loove this song! On the other hand, I agree! The MV just doesn’t fit with the song =(
    And I don’t think this would be the right MV to show to my friends that isn’t into kpop.
    I’ve tried so many times, and they are all like: “ahmahgahhd, they are so gay! Look at what they are wearing, look at their makeup. So gay!” T^T
    I only have one friend that likes kpop. But she only likes SuJu, and I’m trying to introduce her to other groups… She’s soooo hard to convince -.-
    There are so few kpop fans in Norway. I only know of 1 person, ONE! And as I said, she only likes Suju…
    So if any Norwegians read this, contact me! I wanna make Norwegian kpop friends =D

  123. my favorite piece o art work of clothes would be gikwangs crumpled pper tuxedo when it was night time and they were partying with girls and guys, i liked the crumpled paper tuxedo because it would be useful for taking a dump when needin to go number 2 , by the way it would have been useful for hyunseungs rooster taking a dump dance, plus the tuxedo is great for entertainment while taking the dump !

  124. Simon and Martina!!!
    Let me get through college and I’ll move to Korea and become an amazing producer for kpop videos. I’ve been watching this video a lot just cause I like some of the camera work, all together it seemed awkward…. like super dooper weird. But I love the camera angles and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song! But I think you were totally right about the video. And even thought it seems like an insincere joking around idea I honestly want to do that one day! Anyway! Good review! Glad the song was reviewed cause I was super curious!!

  125. Really? is very hypocritical your review because we are ONLY a video or listening VIDEOS NOO! Music: D

  126. (Youtube: catzygirl)

    My favorite Beast outfit? This would have to be a tie for me between…

    Doojoon’s Texas San Antonio Spurs jersey in the hoods of New York. Why not a NY Knicks jersey instead? I mean come on, who doesn’t love Jeremy Lin?!
    Hyun seung’s red hair matched with Pepto Bismo colored jacket and flower print shorts. So colorful and absurdly funny, especially when he did the backwards lobster jig.

    I love B2ST and this song!! Sometimes, I feel like a Kpop promoter among my friends in California. And like you, I was excited that this video was filmed in the U.S. I plan to show this video to my friends and see what they think. PSY Gangnam Style was an easy sell, so I’ll see their reaction to B2ST.

  127. i have mixed feelings about this review. i both agree and disagree with you. i see where you’re coming from but i think you guys were a bit harsh on B2ST. yes they come off as poser-ish but i think that happens whenever kpop tries to pull off certian musical concept (such as rock, punk and hiphop). c’mon kpop is still pop and no amount of graffiti will convince me otherwise. i find the MV more fun and hilarious than cringe worthy. just wondering would you have been as harsh had the MV taken place in korea instead of NY? or was B2ST in beautiful night just not able to convince you of their concept like big bang was in bad boy?
    p.s. i liked the MV more than the song ^^;;;

  128. So, I went to a kpop show in London with two dudes. And surprisingly, the amount of guys at the concert threw me off. I was warning them that we might be the oldest people there and that they might be the only dudes, but we weren’t the oldest (well, actually, we might have been) and they weren’t the only dudes (one dude was legit rocking an EXO shirt in front of us). So…I actually think there are more guys into kpop that we might initially assume…

  129. I thought the lyrics was at first ”I curse nobody” Then I thought It was ”I’m your nobody”
    and ”something something money?” XD

  130. Now that I’m not watching the film clip I actually really like this song.

  131. Hm, I understand what you’re trying to say and I can’t argue with that.
    But honestly I don’t think like that about the MV. Maybe because I don’t tend to take MVs seriously or maybe because I’m not American thus the things that you pointed out really don’t stuck out to me that much. I did notice the graffiti and thought it was funny, because hardly someone will do it in real life, but I’m ok with that. I mean – it’s a MV and I don’t have the specific need to see reality in it.
    Also the crowd seemed as fake as the crowd in any other music video. Or at least in the most of them. Nowadays Kpop has the trend to hire and show foreigners in the MVs. I think it’s stupid but oh well, I don’t hate it and cope with it.

    Idk, it really could be because I don’t live in NA and I don’t see and know the things you’re talking about. Or because I don’t want so much from a music video. It would be cool of they showed real fans and etc., but I’m fine like that too.
    I really like the song and the MV, it’s the first song I liked from Beast actually. But hey – different people, different opinions ^^^

    As for the outfits, the most hilarious and thus the one I liked (^^^) was the Hyunseung’s blue costume with shorts. It beats even the flower printed shorts :D. Really, it’s something a child would ware on an afternoon party and only if his mother made him. And I bet he can be seen for a 500 meters too. It’s cute.
    [Yutube: angelinthecave]

    • It certainly could be because you’re not American, but to anyone familiar with the culture here, the video is ridiculous. Martina’s Venn diagram was 100% accurate. It couldn’t stop laughing through the video. If you’re going to co-opt a culture to try and look cool, you shouldn’t do it in a way that makes it clear you don’t understand anything about it.

  132. I, personally, like the pink shirt and flowered shorts. It’s so… absurd. And colorful. And happy. And I honestly couldn’t imagine someone walking casually down the street in that, except I just saw it in this video… :D (Youtube name: TeamNakatsu)

  133. I really liked Yoseobie’s one armed jacket outfit. It was pretty cool, not too strange (except that it only had one sleeve). I also liked both of Doojoon’s outfits, because they both looked like something you’d see a normal person wear.

  134. Also thank you very much in pointing the part about the cars because since I say the video I was always writing about the low riders being out of place. They belong to the west coas, to be precise East Los (East Los Angeles, for people out there)!

  135. My username is veronica mejia.
    My favorite outfit was Yoseob because it is something that most people would wear on the streets. The jacket with one sleeve was prytty stylish because if would be something you would wear to a concert, a alternative band concert like Neon Trees.

  136. This is the best review ever. Well done!!! You put my thoughts into words!!!

  137. Dear Simon and Martina,

    This music video was filled with many outfits, but none can even be compared to
    kikwang’s suit. He shows it off it at the end of the music video where everyone is partying on the rooftops. In fact right before that shoot his outfit was all white but then a gang of confetti balls showed up out of nowhere. While everyone else ran away kikwang stayed to fight. By looking at his suit it seems like he got beating up pretty bad since confetti got imbedded into it. With not much time left beast had to go ahead with the shoot with out letting kikwang change. So this outfit shows how dedicated he is to beast and this music video, which is why it’s my favorite. That or the stylist thought confetti fabric was “in” right now… but what are the odds of that?

    Youtube: tigerSoul

  138. Ok, since I was afraid my comment for the contest might end up lost in the Youtube comments I decided to do it here. My favorite outfit from the video…well it is kind of hard lol they seriously are VERY special x3 but honestly I totally loved Yoseob’s outfit the most. He looks good in it and in my eyes it’s the most Kpop-ish outfit out of all the other ones. It wasn’t exactly a Yoseob style but it doesn’t look bad on him or anything. Actually I’m not disappointed in the new style at all because they all look good xD even if their hairstyles were like KABOOM! to me first but they managed it well. So I fell in loves with Yoseob’s first outfit, and the one where he is on top of the trash thingy was ok it wasn’t bad or anything. The Red & Black suits are really cool, I liked them lols and his last outfit I was so glad when I saw it. To me that kind of resembles Yoseob style :D so there, I liked Yoseob’s outfits the most in this video ^^

    My Youtube accout is: ermozaacutee
    (Sorry my username is weird, I did it when I was 11 years old xD)

  139. Why can’t i see the the bloopers??

  140. I have to say i’m a lowrider girl :D that loves B2st ;D Also what was hyunseung doing i hadnt noticed that and when you guys pointed it out i was laughing my head off :D

  141. I was also disapointed in the video also. When me and my friend first watched it, we couldn’t stop laughing. The song is catchy but not the mv. Dongwoon’s outfit is so hilarious, I feel like he came out of a Beatles video for some weird reason. Then I saw all of the bouncing cars, and I’m like “What are they doing in there? O__e”
    Despite it being cheesy, I still love Batoost! ^^

    But still…the video was served with to much cheese, imo. >.>

  142. I agree with your opinion on the music video. It seemed so fake and I hate when the “fans” in the videos are all attractive skinny people because it makes it even more fake….The song is still good and catchy though! I love the parts with the “bamiyaiya” that Kikwang and Hyunseung sing. :)

  143. Hello… Please, does somebody know why the bloopers have been removed ?
    I really liked your view on the whole “fake” thing. I really cringed at how much fake was conveyed through that audience, I don’t get why they don’t have the idea to ask real fans to do it. Plus, they’d do it for free to see B2ST, no need to pay extra actors !

  144. i found b2st’s mv faker than 2pm’s…tbh, i was really..kinda hurt when I saw all these Americans who probably had NO IDEA who B2st were, pretending to cheer for them in NY. The reason is that I know a lot of fans who would be genuinely excited to see B2st! So why were these fakes put in instead of genuine fans? That’s really mean :( I don’t live in NY, I live in Michigan, but I do know that there are a LOT of kpop fans there-even non-Asian kpop fans if they really wanted to go for that image. Sorry b2st, i really love you guys but..i didn’t like that /:

  145. The bloopers were out of sync.

    I think they took it down.

  146. Youtube Username ~ CharlotteGrey2319
    I’m putting my comment here because it goes over the character limit on Youtube comment box.
    It’s hard to pick out my favorite outfit, because there actually quite I few I liked. Yes, there are quite a few rather, shall we say “interesting” outfits worn in the video, but they weren’t all bad. For starters, the red and black suits they wore were just, wow (My personal favorites of those being YoSeob’s and HyunSeung’s). And I loved DongWoon’s comic book suit jacket (which if I’m not mistaken was one of the outfits he picked out himself ( I read a post about each member picking out an outfit when they were in New York)). But I would have to say my ultimate favorite would be the outfit YoSeob wears towards the end (the poncho hoodie thing) I love it because I think it looks awesome, and if I could, I would buy it. (I believe it’s one of the outfits he got in New York.
    P.S. Also I think the fireworks in the MV were from the 4th of July, since they were in New York at that time, if anyone knows for certain, I’d love to know

  147. BTW~ where are the bloopers?

  148. true im B2UTY but i really really like it ^^

    hope i won the cd & t shirt

    fighting my favorite Canadian couple <3

    fan from saudi arabia =$

  149. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one, who didn’t like the video. the video seemed to be like all of those usual American singers/rappers. It really wasn’t that kind of awesome/interesting Kpop video …. But the song is still fantastic…

  150. Hello Simon and Martina! I am commenting here for the contest! Here is my YT username: anahimuniz93
    I like Yoseob’s one sleeve jacket because it looks like he’s going for a Holloween theme especially with his orange hair! Plus the one sleeve with the square holes LOL they left Yoseob to take care of the money, but he lost it. If he weren’t wearing that dyed shirt underneath at the :40 second mark he would be able to show all the B2TIES his manly armpit hair! ^^ That is the reason I would choose Yoseob’s outfit as my favorite (:

  151. lol
    as for myself all i can hear is

    aaaand… i vote for… hmm… B2ST.

  152. Even though I am a big B2ST fan, I have to agree with what were mention in this week’s music Monday, especially about how the real kpop stateside fans didn’t have a chance to be showcased. Seeing people of other ethnicity in a kpop mv is rare so I was glad that it they were shown here but then I too realized that there were no Asians in the crowd. I mean there has to be more Asian fans than any other ethnicity and the lack of did make the mv look really fake.

    As for the outfits…those where some interesting choices. Yoseob’s leather jacket/vest, although wasn’t as bold and colorful as others, did stand out. The so called jacket is left with one sleeve that is barely hanging on. Maybe just maybe…there really were some true B2ST fans in NY, just hidden in some dark alley somewhere. When he was walking alone they ran into Yoseob and mobbed him and took pieces of his jacket. Being the professional and full of swag man that he is, he walks out into the streets as if nothing happens. At the 0:43 mark you can see him touching his left wrist, probably thinking, “They might’ve taken a sleeve off my jacket but at least I still got my cool accessories. I can still pull this off, just gotta walk it off with some swag”

    youtube: wishinggrl209

  153. It pains my heart to no end, but I wholeheartedly agree with you guys.. I love B2ST a lot, despite cringing at the poor english in their songs, and I was really disappointed when watching this video.. Partly because of the points you stated, but also because it is sooo far from B2STS previous hits like Shock and Beautiful and so on.. This felt so non-B2ST..

  154. I wish this review wasn’t so apologetic! I’m sad to think that you have to warn people about what you’re about to say! I’m guessing you’re getting a lot of aggressive feedback from unhappy people…or something. I think you’re hilarious and it’s great to see you guys explore various sides to music videos. Because we all know they’re always a little weird and awkward. And strange. And awesome! And that doesn’t only apply to kpop!

    • Yes, because when they talked about T-ara (altough it was a different topic), almost all of the comments were by people agreeing with what S&M said, and we (or at least I)’ve even thought “well… maybe people are getting more flexible because of S&M thoughts?”, and then we see that S&M need to say all of that stuff again and again on Music Mondays when they’re about to make a criticism… it’s even (ironically) funny, right?

    • I think it’s because almost anyone with anything non-positive (not even necessarily negative…just that they’re not praising the artist(s)/group) is almost always met with extreme backlash. It’s really the reason I got out of the KPop fandom..’cause some fans really suck and really ruin it for others. 

      Every single time someone, not just Simon and Martina, makes a comment that isn’t PRAISE THE ALLMIGHTY KPOP GROUP THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THEM BLAH BLAH BLAH, they basically HAVE to defend themselves by going “it’s not that we hate the group! WE ARE NOT HATING THE GROUP! WE ARE NOT BIASED AGAINST THE GROUP”. I notice that I do it all the time, too, even if my points are not all negative, even if they are completely legitimate. It’s really awful.

      • Yes, I agree with you. It’s very unhealthy and quite frankly, plain immature. I think people overreact and take things way too seriously. It’s okay to have an opinion, just as long as you’re respectful. And Simon and Martina are always super respectful and certainly don’t deserve to get bashed for no reason.

  155. i like gikwang outfit he was veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sexyyyyaaaaa…….i meannnnnn..his shirt was very sexyyy…..lol
    youtube name: korealovergarcia…….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pick me………………………..or else …dandandaaaaaannnnn…jkjk…..

  156. i love that everyone pretty much feels the same way….we love the song, but dont really like the video. usually i rewatch the video for my fav songs, but i couldn’t get past it after one time. However i do love their practice video, and so i go there instead. The video may have been a dud, but the dance is sick.

  157. For the more fake video, I’ll go with B2ST.
    For the cd/t-shirt giveaway: I left my answer on YT. :)

  158. Am I the only one who actual heard it as I’m yours 너만이? XD

    My favorite outfit is Yoseob’s starting at around 2:36 I want to steal his clothes.. He’s like a little bird!! :D soooo cute! :3
    first time I picked something not Hyunseung related lol
    I just can’t get over how awesome his jacket is, anyone know where I can get it? :D
    youtube: Apocalyptichist

  159. My favorite outfit is the one at exactly 2:02 (sorry Idk members names yet). I really like this one because of the little rainbow circle painted on his hand. I am not sure if this was intentional or not, but this video came out right before the one year anniversary of New York having same sex marriage legalized. Also having that paired with his “Love Pack Life” shirt. On one side, his pack is his band, and he loves them. I think there is more there though. He loves his pack, because they are like brothers, and aren’t we all brothers in this crazy life? I really do not know them, so I can not say if this was a political love everyone inspired outfit, but I think that some things fit together quite well to form a message of love.

    My youtube name is EunFox

  160. Your summary of the video expressed my thoughts about this MV pretty well. I’ve long since dropped out of the Kpop wave but I go back and watch my favorite bands once in a while. Beautiful Night made me think I was being transported to a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alternate universe where there are Asian boybands singing and dancing while foreigners jumped around them with blank faces. :| Highly disappointed.

  161. My favourite outfit is definitely the pink suit clashing with the purple hair at 2:27. It proves that their stylist is colourblind, and that B2ST’s managers were open-minded enough to let him/her a chance to become a stylist despite this handicap. Props to Cube!

    Side note: I’d like to know in which country your T-shirts are made. I couldn’t find the info on your shopping page. Thank you!


  162. p.s. Your friend is cute hehe

  163. Guys, isn’t Super Junior’s Spy coming out this week? It looks incredibly James Bondsy in a ridiculous way, I think I kinda want it to get reviewed.

  164. I agree with you guys, that is exactly what I thought when I watched the video. But it didn’t annoy me as much as it did you guys LOL. The song is fun though. I vote for BAROOST for most fake video, although 2PM is almost just as fake.

  165. Being studying design myself I felt that the stylist maybe tried to hard(?)
    Like Simon and Martina pointed out, this music video wasn’t that “sincere”. I felt that maybe the stylist where just pointing out the fact that this music video was trying to hard to be “New York hipster hip hop cool” :P
    I was asking myself this; ” ok, is this what they think people wear in New York?”. They should be trying to fit in, but still keep their original Kpop vibe in the outfits, “But hey, one armed jacket instead, because it’s so cool and new”.
    It was just….silly.
    One of the reasons I love kpop is that it’s trying to be more original with the styling, even though they really like the 80′s XD

    But I wasn’t all that sad, because Kikwang clothes where just perfect! :D They gave of a real New York feeling that matched the setting, but still kept that Kpop craziness to it. It was more toned down than the others, focusing on a colorful hip hop and rock style. It was something you would find in a fashion magazine from New York.
    So yeah, Kikwang absolutely!
    Sorry about my grammar. Aim a norwegian waiking and ay be travling with mah polar bear. And sorry for the long post. Batoost forever! (Just don’t have one armed jackets and my aunts old flower shorts on ever again -.- )
    My youtube name is Bladsuppe^^

  166. I don’t think this music video was shot in New York to show off Beast’s popularity or kpop’s popularity or something like that :/ I think it was more made to match the song because when you think of cities that are active during the night time, you think of places like Seoul, Tokyo, New York, etc..I personally think they chose New York because the song’s got a more western feel to it so it’d make sense to film a night party-like music video in New York you know? But then again you guys are experienced kpop reviews. I’m just a fan-girl who basically loves whatever kpop boy groups do

    • I love your disclaimer!! :D
      “Fangirls who love whatever kpop boy groups do”, are actually quite cute. I’m more than happy to hear what they have to say, while keeping in mind what their bias is and discrediting it to some degree.What I don’t like is fangirls who not only justify their oppas in their own head, but also won’t rest until everyone else thinks the same way they do. “My oppas are always right and never wrong and that is the one and only truth and everyone who disagrees is wrong!!! Anyone who doesn’t glorify my oppas to 7th heaven is a hater!! <- I don't like these people. :(
      But you weren't like that, you put 'I think, I don't think, I personally think' in front of every sentence, and that's cool. (Am I analysing this too much? lol xD)

      Also, S&M aren't really 'experienced kpop reviewers'….they're just like you, another kpop lover with their own biases and personal opinions. It's just that a lot more people listen to them. I don't always agree with them, but they often bring up points that I don't think of, which stimulates discussion. And I like that. :)

  167. omg I completely agree with you guys! Love this song but the video is soo so so so awkward! I felt the same way about CNBLUE’s Hey You. Like where did they get all these out of place foreigners from? Is there some sort of foreigner vending machine you go to for that? It’s sad cause it could have been so cool but they really do look like posers. And omg your idea about contacting their actual fans in NYC is genius! Argh now I’m so mad they didn’t do that!

  168. I totally LOVE B2ST~ and I 100% agree with everything that was said in this video!

  169. what happened to the bloppers video????

  170. Karen Maranan

    It’s is nice to hear from you Simon and Martina that even you are batoost fan for life, you gave an honest and unbiased review in the music video of batoost. I find that awesome!

    If I have to choose which are my favorite outfit in the music video, I would likely to say that it’s a tie between Dongwoon’s pinkish reddish tailored suit with matching studded yellow leopard chucks and Hyunseung’s hot pink coat that is a pair of yellow-purple floral shorts. I like Dongwoon’s fashion here cause he grabs my attention by the striking color of his bright pinkish and reddish suit that is paired in his studded yellow leopard printed chucks. I like Hyunseung outfit because his hot pink suit matches well with his hot red hair especially when he flips his hair even though the floral shorts looks obsolete. =)))

    Youtube username: lakamasabino

  171. I understood an even weirder version of the chorus:
    I’m youuuuurs. Ma body!

    Like… what?

  172. what happened to bloopers?????

  173. The weird thing is that Gangnam Style is actually a minor hit internationally – it reached number 8 in the dance charts in the US, and it was featured on CNN. We have all these people doing their best to sing in English and appeal to a Western market, but it’s PSY’s ridiculous video and dance (plus its catchy beat) that actually managed to catch on.

    I guess western audiences enjoy silliness over stylish posing and choreography?

    • enjoy authenticity, i think. i love when these idol groups just keep doing their thang. that’s what appeals to me, as an American. if i wanted another cookie cutter pop star, i’d just listen to …(insert American pop star name here). but i like that i’ve found something so different, whether it’s for the sound or silliness or style, it’s all different from what is going on over here.

    • I’ve noticed that too, I showed my friend (who cringes when I mention K-pop) and she LOVED the song and video. She’s been singing it for two weeks straight. She said she loved the simple yet parody feel of it. (Especially the “You know what I’m saying?” line to which she responded “No, I don’t!” but continued to laugh and dance along) I’ve also noticed very few Western artists dance anymore. I think Western audiences just want something straightforward (& sometimes slutty) in their music videos not well practiced dance routines/ model shoots.

    • irritablevowel

      I think it hits the western humor button just right. Western audiences tend to like sarcastic and/or ironic humor, and Gangnam Style is very much in that vein. Plus, that’s a type of humor that doesn’t seem to come out of Asia very often. Korea in particular seems to go for more absurdist humor (which is in the video as well) or humor based on misunderstanding. A video filled with sarcastic humor was a delightful surprise.

  174. thanks guys, for the honest review!

  175. I love B2ST but like some other people here i couldnt even finish the video it felt fake not natural at all

  176. Simon & Martina,

    My favourite outfit in this music video is during the first part of the mv when all the members wore those awesome black suits that somehow looked so “punked” up yet classy & elegant.

    I love the dirty (not filthy-dirt but sexy-dirty) look that looks like you’ve been wearing the same clothes forever (just the look, not actually practising it). It looks like they came from the punk-esque streets of London (prejudice i have, i know). And I love the suits blends in with the music video well, with the night scenery and all. The suits didn’t look awkward on them. But seriously I almost died when I saw the mv when this outfit came on, because I really have a thing for punk/rock/grunge stuff. To me,seriously,these suits really gives off that punk rock vibe.
    Not to mention the hot pink jacket with the floral shorts Hyunseung wore.The jacket is just awesome, the vibrant colours of the jacket really stands out and I really don’t care that Hyunseung might look weird in it.The jacket is the center of attention and the “statement piece” of the outfit yet it is not overdone by the rest of his accessories.I also really like the shorts, I like how the lower part of the outfit is all exaggerated and loud yet casual. and funky.

    oh and the neon sky blue suit Hyunseung wore was just as lovely..!So practically,the music video might be a let down..but seriously,their outfits,especially the suits were DAE to the BAK~
    It gives off that “whatever” kinda of feel.

    p.s : I’m here to enter the contest.My youtube username is :MsCocomint :)

  177. a real, screaming crowd of b2st fans vs. small hord of obviously paid actors: b2st fans win all day e’ry day. aside from not making me cringe when i watch the video, showing the real fanbase would have actually accomplished what it seems many kpop groups are trying do and open up kpop to the rest of the world.
    p.s. thank you for always saying it like it is and voicing your honest opinions. it means a lot to me and i’m sure many of your other fans that you guys don’t shrivel up in the face of criticism. peace.

  178. Youtube: IGoQuackers
    At 2:57 Yo Seop is rocking a totally ghetto lace shirt.

  179. Here’s the story, Doojoon is wanted for his cute boyishly good looks and charm. When he realized he was being followed even though he went to America, he had to do something to throw them off.. So he pretended like he had backup and “knew some people” to scare em off. Meanwhile the random people of new york are confused like.. “why is waving at us?”

  180. am i the only person who actually got the “i’m yours. nobody.” line right? D:

  181. Is it just me or is that girl (the one in the top right corner when you showed 4 pictures of non-asian people) also in Big Bang’s Blue as the girl running away…

  182. I thought it was I own you money in the second verse of the chours lolz xD
    Anywayz the songs awesome~~

  183. irritablevowel

    Can we just have Simon saying the phrase “voice of the ghet-to” over and over again. That just made me laugh so hard.

  184. Oh and just want to let you know…the blooper footage seems to be private

  185. Sascha_Wong

    My bad, I posted my comment twice >.<

  186. I did not see the video that way first, I just tought: Oh, look, caucasian extras, A LOT OF THEM. After watching the video, I realized how chances to spread kpop, like this one, are terribly wasted!!

    I’m going to enter the contest here :D my username in YT is JustDense28 n_n
    About my favorite outfit, I a little torn between Hyunseung (Red hair) and Yoseob (Orange-ish?)
    About Hyuseung, I liked what he wore because of the uniformity of his clothes in all the video, everything has a similar style, and his image has a subtle androginity which is kinda appealing to my eyes.
    And Yoseob, I liked his clothes because of the funkiness and “silliness” of it, specially that weird leather jacket with just one sleeve hahaha, why didn’t just madfe it a vest and ta-da! Also, towards the end, that bat-cut(I think that’s the name), short-sleeved thing with the pink and blue design, was quite eye catchy, when I first saw him on that, I tought, “he really pulls off that thing”, I guess his new hair color helped merging everything into a nice concept.

  187. Sascha_Wong

    I have to vote for B2ST on this one. And I love B2ST. Everything about
    the MV felt a lot more fake (and that 2PM video was just… so awkward).
    There is no way you could get away with walking down the street in
    North America wearing those kinds of outfits without getting some sort
    of confused look from a stranger. Not to mention those hydraulic car scenes *face palm* Such a great summer song, but I agree, poorly executed MV.

  188. You guys are so thoughtful and conciderate when making your videos. So proud of you guys :’) I love your idea of a sincere video. Although I’m not really a kpop fan and I just watch you guys cause you’re hilarious…I think showing real culture should be what it’s all about.

  189. What’s up with that guy at 3:22

  190. Oops I was wondering why the vocals weren’t matching up with the lyrics.. 0.o

  191. If only B2ST actually did have a street concert, I’m pretty sure that I would lose my voice INSTANTLY. Seriously! Why not have all the B2UTYs around B2ST instead of fake Americans who probably don’t like k-pop?! I sure as hell would’ve ran out of my house, even in pajamas, just to see them. And I’m pretty sure that New Yorkers don’t mug their tourists since I rarely see that.

  192. I understand for what you guys are saying in the video but I would just like to ask you guys if you are aware of how hard it would be to get a permit from New York City Hall to film on the streets of New York with that many fans in a post 9/11 world? The amount of Security and paperwork to do so would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXPENSIVE. I’m not saying I completely content with this video frankly I hate most of wardrobe choices and the ad that beast management out out on craigslist for Caucasian people only. But, the reason why I am telling you guys this is cause I live in Vancouver and you would not believe how many times roads here have been blocked because we were doubling as New York City because the scene and the amount of Crew was too large to get a normal permit for and the permit they needed was too expensive. So I understand why Beast’s management did not send out a message to the entire tri-state area that New York is in, that Beast is coming and is holding a massive fan-meet the day after the fourth of July. After this long comment my main point s that while doing a documentary-mv would have been nice but the amount of paperwork, security and money would have sky-rocketed the budget.

  193. What was with the bloopers? It kinda made my head hurt.. :(

  194. Sascha_Wong

    I have to vote for B2ST on this one. And I love B2ST. Everything about the MV felt a lot more fake (and that 2PM video was just… so awkward). There is no way you could get away with walking down the street in North America wearing those kinds of outfits without getting some sort of confused look from a stranger. Not to mention those hydraulic car scenes… *face palm* Such a great summer song, but I agree… poorly executed music video.

  195. Yays Dr. Meemersworth has a voice!

  196. I honestly didnt even finish watching the video. the whole cool vibe, swag poses just shouts awkward. It would be cool to win the album but i wont be able to pick an outfit since I didnt even finish the MV =__= kpop is not something u can force someone into. If it clicks, it clicks. learnt from experience.

  197. I always thought it said “I’m yours! My BODYYY~” Maybe that’s why I got weird looks… o.O Oopsie. Wellllll that would make sense at 0:38 of the M/V you can tell some crazy KPOP-loving new yorkers obviously ripped around Yoseobs jacket to get to his little korean body.. Those girl should’ve looked up the lyrics ಠ_ಠ LOL at Doojoons “straight face” at 0:53 “They didn’t wave back.. -.+” And am I’m the only one who was stuck on this? —>

  198. To me it sounded like I lost my body but it’s pretty close to yours. haha

  199. Your idea for a video would have been a MILLION GAZILLION times better!!! Seriously, trying to order food in English, hanging out with real NY people and performing for real fans, would have been fun to watch and good for their image. You are spot on with the fake feeling. My favorite outfit? The Spurs jersey and blue shorts. Because all the rest were outfits no actual guy hanging in a low rider or skating around Manhattan would have been caught dead in. Seriously. Flowered shorts? Pink? Rrgh, guys, normally I like B2ST’s outfits much more. Song: alright. Video: barf. “Shock” and “Fiction” were so different from this.

  200. I’m a huge B2UTY! I’m Chinese. I was in the MV. My friends and I were lucky. LOL. Majority of the extras definitely were Caucasian then Blacks, Asians, Hispanics. I was told that they didn’t want Asians because then the South Korean viewers would think that they didn’t need to go to the US to film if they had many Asians. *Shrug*

    I definitely understand what you’re saying and I do agree. While I was there, I was so worried as to how the MV would turn out because of the extras. It really did seem silly. My friends and I all wished they casted fans instead of models/actors. *Sigh*

  201. simon and martina i think this was an awesome very honest review….. i sorta feel bad sometimes because people are haters towards you for your personal opinions. thats why you started music mondays, right? to give your opinion. i think people should respect that.

  202. What a let down, but what you said it’s true…// btw, I loved the kitty’s voice!

  203. Totally agree with this, even though I love B2ST. I’m totally willing to appear in their MV, but it would be too far for me to go. I get SO many comments that degrade the artists; it drives me insane. I actually got this one girl I met online from FanFiction to listen to K-Pop. She only had ties to Japan due to anime (Detective Conan), and I easily converted her to K-Pop by Boyfriend and SHINee. But for other people that I actually meet, it’s harder since all the girls are obsessed with One Direction and I’m in my own K-Pop World. T_____T And Martina looks so pretty! :D Simon & his shirt is epic~ xD Spudgy! Meemers! :) Fighting~! TL;DR… T______T

  204. Simon and Martina always make very valid points in MM’s that I often find myself agreeing with their comments. I think the producer totally could have made this videomore realistic than they attempted.

    For the YouTube question:
    I think the “best”/”least special” looking outfit is what I like to call the “I’m a Tumblr famous Hipster” outfit worn by Gikwang. The only special part of the outfit is that flower necklace…it seems like they tried to make it seem similar to his hair. o.o
    Username: SelfishFiction

  205. 100% Has to be Hyunseungs red suit/shorts outfit omg it looked so great with his hair! i loved it! oh and my youtube user is jaydeisvip :D

  206. We agree, once again, about the video.
    This is what I said when I shared the video two weeks ago:
    “Nice song, typically cheesy “look, we’re in America, so we’re cool” video.

    All of those people in their audiences have the most obvious “Who are
    these guys? Whatever just dance! :D” faces I’ve ever seen. xD”

    I’m totally all for the song, but yeah, I don’t like watching the video at all unless I want to get a giggle going. While production was nice, it really does come off as very fake. What a shame. But again, the song is really great, and that’s all I care about.

    I don’t know any of these guys’ names, but my favorite outfit is at 1:00 – the one who knocked on the wrong door. I went from staring at his shoes to a nice BAM of red suit all over the screen. I kind of think it actually looks decent on him, though. xD
    YT Username: MamushiLove

  207. Dr. Meemersworth was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! The review was good too. I really appreciate how both of you are so objective and realistic when it comes to reviewing something or answering questions. I really appreciate all the thought and effort you guys put into all of your reviews. :D

  208. “You are just a freeloader” that was sooo funny….yeah he have to work hard for his food =))

  209. Was that “Ouran high school host club” music in the last few seconds of the bloopers? I immediately thought of Honey-sempai when Dr. Meemersworth was talking.

  210. As someone who lives in the ghetto (South Bronx in NYC, anyone else? D:), it actually really infuriates me when I see celebrities in general attempt to show participation in this culture without actually participating in it. I hated Big Bang’s Bad Boy (MV, not song) for this and this one as well. The urban subculture is often ostracized and there are so many preconceived notions on how rough it is, so to see people who aren’t apart of it glorify it without touching foot in it is frustrating and demeaning (especially as a KPop fan who lives in the ghetto with no one to talk to about it). Why are you pretending to be apart of this culture? What image are you trying to associate yourself with this culture by pretending to be in it? Why aren’t you using this to reach out to this culture and your fans instead of pretending to? It’s irritating and I wish it would stop

    So I’m really glad you guys spoke about this. It’s something that needs to be addressed for more than just K-Pop.

  211. My favorite outfit is Dongwoons. You should already know why :D Apparently, they were allowed to pick their own outfits from a store in NYC, and it just made me wonder how he’d think looking like a ghetto cowboy was the answer. I love the outfits, all of them. But his is by far the best. I think it shows that he isn’t afraid to (attempt) to embrace the western culture. Albeit, he should know we dont dress as cowboys and cowgirls anymore, but I think his intention was to show his interest in the culture.
    Puckey07 = my youtube username

  212. OHHH MY GOOODDDDDD!!!! watching this finally clicked on that lightbulb in my head!!! that’s EXACTLY why i kinda did not like this MV. i was like, why don’t i like it? they’re doing what they normally do cept it’s in nyc and they have americans in it instead. which is EXACTLY what was wrong with it. lol. but the song grew on me really fast. once i got over thinking it was too similar to BIGBANG’s tonight. the MV just ticked me in an uncomfortable and itchy way. now i know why. thanks simon and martina. another AWESOME music mondays. *applause*

  213. I’m seriously right there with you two on this MV. I’ve been a B2ST fan since debut and I was shocked when this song came out. While different from there normal style, I really liked the song. The MV however, *facepalm*!. This video just personifies arrogance on so many levels. Their entire comeback has also be overshadowed by controversy surrounding this mv.
    According to reports, the production company put up craigslist adds for extras that specifically stated “white” women only, which cause a serious uproar in the NYC Asian community. The adds were quickly pulled down after the NYC Kpop community got wind of it but the damage was already done. I totally agree that it would have been more authentic to use real fans but unfortunately that doesnt happen often. ><

    I'm seriously disappointed in this MV. They should know better. It's like they are trying to prove to native Koreans that B2ST is super super huge in the US and they are well known/popular across the nation. Where, in fact, if your not part of the Kpop community, you have no idea who B2ST is.

  214. True. SOMETIMES it really sucks to be an asian fan since kpop idols/companies give special attention to non-asian fans. You’re just in front of oppar but he will never notice since your face is common XD

  215. I’M SO OFFENDED ! not really. I agree with you guys. I love the song but that video is just… not great. When I first saw it I said “batoost, the most colorful gangstas I’ve ever seen” .

  216. :D I didn’t see that coming, but it actually makes sense. I wonder why they didn’t ask actual fans to party with B2st. The video was a bit awkward in some aspects, but I couldn’t really put my finger on what exactly was so awkward, I guess I’m so used to seeing awkward Kpop music videos, that I don’t realise it anymore :D Still love you B2st :) And you guys as well, Simon and Martina. :)

  217. I really like the Black/Red suits that they all wore in some of the night shots near the end of the video. I think that they were pleasing to the eyes, yet different. The black faded into the red perfectly without it looking awkward, and it fit their body types well. *Youtube username: kpop4worldpeace *

  218. You guys seem kinda worried xD I appreciate your honesty :) Even though I thought you guys were nit picking a little bit >.>…. While the music video is definitely not accurate, it was made for entertainment purposes, so I myself don’t hate the video, but I can see your point.

  219. OMG !!! the english i heard was exactly the same as what simon heard !! not until i seen their live performance with lyrics at the bottom that i know its/ im your nobody/ !!!

  220. I really couldn’t agree more with you two! I love B2ST and I love this song but the music video, eh not good AT ALL in my books!

  221. PunkyPrincess92

    thank you guys so much!!!! these were the EXACT problems i had with this video!!!!! i was like eeewww what is with that car?? and just the whole setting and everything!! it just didn’t go!! i was like yeah, that’s so right to see a bunch of kpop boys dressed in what i thought was some ugly outfits and hairdos (some of them though) acting like they belong in the area and fit in!! it was awkward!!

  222. Huge fan of Batoost, since their first video, but I was disappointed with this MV as well. Also if
    http://i49.tinypic.com/23jn7rb.jpg this picture is true, it further disappoints me and explains the lack of Asian fans in the MV. Thank you S & M for your review!

  223. i completely agree with this entire review. When that famous 5 member male idol group went to film in NYC for those two songs, the mood and atmosphere flowed perfectly with their song. They didnt show a fake NYC and in turn weren’t being fake themselves.

    I dont mind them shooting in the States or anywhere overseas but it do mind it when they film something that they could have just done in Korea. It’s like “so you went all the way to the US… for this?” like SISTAR with Alone. I was like, “WHY?” they’re not even showing us anything. For that they could have just rented out a Korean club and emptied it out. -.-

  224. xDD omg I didn’t notice Hyunseung’s…….dance… eherm.. before xDD great music mondays AND I don’t hate you guys… and I’m a beatooty? xD Gotta agree with a lot you said here.. no asian people for example :/ EYK fighting~!

  225. Didn’t B2st’s agency advertise for “caucasian female models ONLY” on Craig’s List for this M/V? I think that’s why there are no Asians/African Americans/etc

  226. I just wanna say that I am a big BATOOST fan and I totally agree with you guys about the video. I think a lot of times producers in Asian countries of any kind (be it for movies or tv shows or music videos) always want to keep up this image that western countries have ONLY white people. They probably only included black people in this instance because of the ‘street’ theme in the video. And all of that made me feel icky too!! :C

    As for the outfits, I’m gonna have to go with Dongwoon’s ridiculous hot pink pimp suit type thing. Had he actually been sporting that in NYC in a non music video context…I don’t know how he would have survived. The crazy jewelry just made it shine will silliness all the more. If only he’d been carrying a cane with a giant diamond on top!

    Youtube username is shortcynic. :D


    I’ve been doing things so wrong.

  228. Ugh, I’m really really sorry for all the hate you’re going to get for this because it was an amazing review. 8(

  229. nice review! thanks for agreeing with me XD i was like…. WOAAAAH NEW K o r e a n POP SONG :DDD AWESUUUUMMMM… wait… AMERICUUUU? what?? oh this mv makes sence…. *awkward silence* … this is very… korean like…. *_^ I think too much kpop artists try to become more european or american or whatever. NO. STOP. you’re korean, be proud of that. people who like kpop don’t want to see america or european things, they like korean things. right? why would you look to kpop if it’s the same as american mv’s or european? o.O then it’s just pop, sang in korean….

    • I don’t think them shooting anywhere outside of Korea has to do with anything. It could still be Kpop even if they do film their video overseas. It’s just their creative team that sucks.

      • There are many Korean videos shot overseas over the years. This isn’t anything new. I mean does any know of LOVE by S.E.S? That’s filmed in NYC. And I know there was a kpop concert in DC over 10 years ago. Kpop is now bigger, but they always had some foothold in the USA.

        • I actually don’t really care about the place, some artists have an mv in just one room,.. but it’s just the thing, kpop puts more and more american or european fluences in their mv’s, while the fans like the korean thing

        • JenniferSakraida

          I kind-of get what you are saying. It seems there is this sort of “low class” thing going on with Korean culture being “Korean.” All the rich people in Korean dramas don’t know certain Korean foods, don’t drink soju, but only imported wine, etc. And they seem to always eat spaghetti (which cracks me up since it is so dirt cheap here)

          It reflexes a little in kpop. I mean Jpop has some old Japanese influences in their music videos (IE kimonos, food, etc) but not so much in Kpop. I haven’t seen a Hanbok in a music video. Honestly. I can think of several kimonos in Jpop videos- or at least nod to the kimonos.

          Again, this isn’t anything new. I can’t think of an old video even that shows Korean culture in it other than something very modern. Can anyone else think of any?

        • Hmm….Didn’t Fantastic Baby have a Korean hat? That GD wore?
          But yes, I’ve noticed that inferiority complex that some countries have. It saddens me sometimes, it’s kinda like, “Where’s your patriotism yo?!” …though I think I would still prefer that over racist arrogance.
          Btw, I’m not naming any names. It’s getting a bit touchy and I want to stay clear. -_-

        • JenniferSakraida

          I THINK I know what you mean, but I always thought it was the face mask just flipped up. But maybe it is suppose to be a traditional hat- or at least suppose to resemble it. Funny that you mention it because when writing the other comment I was thinking about that video and how they are wearing crowns, and TOP is wearing all the old timey European garb.

          Clearly there is patriotism in Korea. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many historical dramas.

        • I wasn’t talking about Korea……I know nothing about Korea. As I said, I’m not naming any countries. Let’s drop it? :p

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNCJ4hKo900 drinking culture etc
          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZXNUUYep2g plastic surgery which happens a lot in korea, also the issue that keeping your job isn’t easy, also drinking etc,…

          it’s not that hard to find korean culture in kpop songs, there will always be a part in it, like korean fashion or so.. but these days, the song elvis by AOA and others are too not korean. the mv of elvis is so french like… that’s what i am trying to say :) it’s nice to see cultures, and when i watch and listen kpop, i expect to see korean culture, if i didn’t want to see that, i would probabbly just listen to other pop songs. :)

    • At least it’s still sung in Korean… The worst is when bands release English versions of their songs. We don’t need that!

  230. I think Simon would perfectly fit in Batoost’s video xD he has more swag than everyone else haha and omg Martina I love your pink hair!!

  231. I agree with the Asian thing bc I wanted 2 go with my friend so yeah i agree but I &hearts: the song though!

  232. I losssssssssssssssst my moneeeeeey!!!!!!!!!! Oh batoost you lost your money in NY

  233. WAIT, there’s a website to learn how to pronounce B2ST?????? And B2ST definitely takes it this time, at least 2PM had sassy finger snapping.

  234. your bloopers….were hard to watch. . . . the “YG BIAS” loop thing gave me a headache. lol

  235. ….WAIT WHAT?!

    So you mean to say I’ve been singing that line wrong ALL THIS TIME??? :’(

    I sincerely thought it was: I LOOOOOSST MY MONEY!!! :’(


  236. No worries Simon & Martina.. I am a B2UTY but I agree with what you guys said about the MV ): The song is soo good, the MV…… :S

  237. W O W. I swear I’ve been watching B2ST’s video like 1765t89 times a day everyday since it came out and I never thought about that. But now that you guys mention it, it is totally true. I don’t think of them as fake or posers though. I indeed still LOVE the song and like the video since it seemed like at least THEY (B2ST) had so much fun doing it. Actually I had thought about the fact that why did they hire those people that I’m like 99.9% sure they had no idea who B2ST was at first. I was more in shock about their clothes and hair at first not noticing the point of the video first x3 sorry… but Yep I totally agree. Still I love and truly support B2ST till the end, B2ST FIGHTING!!

    Ps. The kitty was SUPER adorable (and I’m a dog luver lol btw the dog was the cutest thing ever!!)

  238. Just FYI B2ST’s first ever song was really upbeat-sounding (Bad Girl) although the meaning was sad. Also, Beautiful was pretty upbeat and happy too. I will say though that in general I guess they go for serious songs.

  239. Simon i am from NYC! Its kinda offense with that accent. And no Facebook for the cd and shirt, :’(. And we dont mugg ppl that much here, (I have been living here all my life so yeah) No facebook No!

  240. Simon & Martina – did you not hear about the “Caucasian model types” only ad on Craigslist from Beast’s management? That’s why you didn’t see Asian women, and that’s why you didn’t see Hispanic women, Native women, and only one black woman (friends with the dancers?). Pathetic and offensive attempt at culture IMO.

    • Yeah, we heard about it, but we didn’t want to comment on it because we weren’t sure if it was true or not. Was it confirmed, or just a rumor?

      • Tbh I think the video is confirmation lol…Beast’s management and some of the members have a really bad history of making racist comments or requests such as making all the colored people in their Spain concert go to the back of the room (including a pregnant woman) to “unify” the crowds or something…even after paying for front row tickets. I haven’t heard any definite confirmation from anyone who was at the shoot, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was real since Bigbang’s casting call in New York was legit.

        • It’s too big of a leap to conclude that Beast’s management decided to single out a particular group of ethnicity and focus their attention on other types as a way to further their agenda.

          Music videos takes multiple shots with hours and hours of footage.
          The proper lighting, the proper timing and proper actions or scripts by the actors/actresses are required for it to “make the cut” into the final video.

          Their were no Asians?

          Check this vlog from those who were there on set:


        • irminxa avenañito

          why are all the people making and believing all the fake rumors, why?

        • because all they saw was one of the ads and automatically think theyre racist, There were several ads circulating around the web and no one has yet to mention them because those ask for other ethnicities not just caucasian >..<

        • irminxa avenañito

          thats not true!
          really ?
          are you serious? o.o

      • Oh, and btw I completely agree pretty much 100% with your evaluation on the video. I love the song, but I thought the video was a joke–especially Hyunsung…lol. The only thing I’d add is that I found it really offensive even as an Asian person that there were like no black women in the video considering how large the population is there. This kinda reminds me of how GD&TOP used white models in a lot of their videos instead of Asians or other races.

      • I was actually in the video! :D I’m one of the male fans haha
        Martina! you drew an arrow to me in the video at 2:05! :D I’m the hispanic guy all the way in the back.

        There were actually 4 black women, several hispanic women, and quite a number of asian women as well. In front of me you can see two hispanic women and 2 asians women.(2:05)

        Those rumors about the ads that were flying around the internet might’v been true but I dont know since I never saw that specific ad on craigslist, but there were several other ads on the internet asking for other ethnicities as well not just Caucasian >.<

        • If what you said is true, I don’t think it makes it any less disgraceful that the closeups are still only largely on the white “model” types…it reinforces what we are taught about racial prejudice in Korea (that all colored people are bad somehow). Idk I’m just not buying it after seeing blackface on them and other ignorant comments. If they wanted other races why is the video largely white? I would’ve loved to see them interacting with real fans, not some faux upscale high rise party of tall, thin, beautiful people.

        • I’m honestly tired of people accusing them of being racist because of the blackface incident. It was a hidden camera kind of thing where they put makeup on Kikwang and made him do ridiculous things, and they didn’t let him stop till he got the mission right. HE DID NOT KNOW WHAT HE LOOKED LIKE. He was totally in the dark about it, and when Doojoon came on the set he said, “Who is that? Kikwang? No, the Kikwang I know wouldn’t do something like this.” So honestly, the people to blame here is the production team/scriptwriters. Please get your facts straight before you throw accusations around.

        • true. im a b2uty, i know how much the boys looks up to artists like chris brown, omarion, especially hyunseung. sad thing theres even some people even left the fandom because of the rumours.and im pretty sure beast isnt responsible in casting the extra/editing the mv, so why the hate on them? another thing i notice is how skinnier some of these boys look, kinda feel sad cause theyve been really busy, and when their comeback i heard this stupid racist rumour *mental facepalm* anyways theres already people from the set sayin theres also other ethnicities. i guess u cant please everyone, people will find other things to bitch at~

        • And you obviously don’t know very much about Beast if you think that was the only incident.

        • I was just pointing out the blackface incident? I said “because of the blackface incident”, so I was just explaining that particular one, and where it could have made it seem like a Beast member was being racist. There’s no other blackface incident other than that, unless you seem to know Beast better than me.

      • Its true.. A local ad hiring caucasian women. Probably a quota to fill in the mv. They even put beast in the ad so actors might be fans. Lol

    • Stop being so negative Tiffany.
      I’m not saying that what happened with the blackface wasn’t wrong, (which btw, it wasn’t BEAST who did it, it was just Gi Kwang) but you shouldn’t be blaming BEAST. You think that Gi Kwang said “Hey! I wanna be racist today, so imma do this skit :D”?
      No. He didn’t voluntarily do that. Sure, he could have refused to do the skit, and then he could have suffered consequences from his manager.
      Once again, in absolutely no way am I saying that this type of thing is ever okay, but you’re not being fair. How would you like it if you did something basically against your will, and people labeled you for life?

  241. Great job by Brendon by the way on this and the Gangnam Style video. He should be an honorary member of EYK. :)

    As for Batoost, the video reminds me of failed efforts by JPop groups to enter the North American market about 5-10 years ago. Instead of playing to their strengths (and letting people appreciate them as they are), they tried really hard to look “cool” or “hip” and looked really awkward in the process. They’re out of their element, and look like poseurs. It seems some KPop agencies are falling into the same trap.

  242. i completely agree with your blog (i need to watch the review now!). I was so disappointed when i saw on allkpop some pics of Batoost in NYC~~what the hey! how come i didn’t know they’d be there! i live less than 2 hours from the city, and, while i don’t love NYC, i’ll go into town for a once in a lifetime opportunity! so i watched the music video, and, again~~what the hey!! it was disappointing. i’m not introducing any of my hard-to-convince friends to kpop using this one… just… no.

    • lol can i be the first (and hopefully only) to be so very deeply offended … Greenwich might be spelled Greenwich, but it’s pronounced “grennich” like… like a grenadine sandwich? without the w. now, hows about that be the ONLY thing people give you flack for…?

  243. well,people has different taste i guess and i have shown this video to my non kpop friends and she like it and now became B2ST fan!^^ anyways thanks Simon and Martina to review this.i thought you review the song a little bit.B2ST fighting…i love them so much! :D

  244. FINALLY!!!!
    (‾▿‾)┌(_o_)┐ (/‾▿‾)/

  245. ITS UP! THANKS S&M :)

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