B2ST is finally back with an awesome song and a video that – to us – at first seemed fun, but then turned out to be quite disturbing. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:


Ok, so we’re worried with this week’s Music Monday that we might come across as angry, so we want to clarify that, indeed, we are not angry. We are just passionate when it comes to expressing our opinions. We’re not name calling anyone here; we’re trying to present our points in a logical and – hopefully – convincing manner. We’re also quite disappointed. Simon and I have talked about this video a lot. We’ve tried to figure out why we feel so disappointed with it and we’ve come to the realization that are several factors contributing to our sense of disappointment.

To begin with, let’s talk about our personal experiences with Kpop, and then maybe you’ll get a sense of why we’re so let down by this video. we got into kpop only once we started living in Korea, before the hallyu wave really hit the overseas shores of our hometown. Having been in Korea for over four years now, and now fully converted to Kpop evangelists, we’re excited whenever kpop makes its presence felt in North America. It’s something we had no clue existed beforehand, so when we see it now in North America, we’re quite happy about it, not only because it shows that Kpop is doing pretty well, but also because it reveals all the hidden kpop fans and the special subcultures that comes with it. When we went to California for the Google Kpop Concert we were just BLOWN away by all the people waiting in line before the show and all the fans cheering at the concert. It was like, “OMG! Look at all these like-minded people that are into kpop! OMG! They know the dance to this song! OMG! They know the lyrics! The fan chants! The names of the idols!!!”

Moments of connection like this, for us, are rare. Even though we live in Korea, it might be surprising to people to hear that only ONE of our friends actually likes kpop. The rest are either indifferent to it, or absolutely hate it. And we’re talking here about both our foreign friends AND our Korean friends. In turn, if it wasn’t for you guise visiting our website, we wouldn’t really have anyone to talk to about Kpop besides each other.

So, we were really excited that B2ST was going to film in NYC, because we felt like this was a great opportunity to show kpop outside of the boxes in music videos in Korea, to show that it’s not only present in other parts of the world, but quite big there as well. It seems like every time I tried to introduce kpop to my friends back home, I found that every group with more then six members failed to impress them immediately. Bad English lost their focus, too much makeup on guys brought grimaces, and synchronized dancing for too much of the video was alienating…arghhh!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!) while I feel like groups like B2ST, SHINee, Girls Generation, Boyfriend, B1A4, Girls Day, Super Junior (and I could name more) are more difficult to introduce to people who aren’t already interested in Asian culture or Korea in general. I find that people who have zero interest and connection to Asian culture are really quick to judge a band by the way they look or the English they butcher. I’m sure you guise have experienced your non-kpop friends saying your favourite band “looks like they’re all gay” or “has way too many members” or “looks weird with those contact lenses”. B2ST in New York City would show them that, yes, you might not like them that much, but they’re quite big in the U.S. Give them another chance, maybe!

This video would be that chance! This video could have shown that Kpop is cool! And it could have been done, easily, with your help. I have a strong feeling that B2ST has tons of fans living in NYC. I JUST KNOW IT. These fans may not chat with each other on a regular basis or be even aware of each other’s existence, but if B2ST put out a message saying that they needed B2ST fans for their video in New York City, B2ST would be flooded with throngs of genuinely excited kpop fans. Instead – and this is not blame we’re placing on the members of B2ST because they are just following the orders of their company – we get this awkward sham of a music video which just reeks of fake fake fake. Yes, kpop is cool, but – come on – no one believes it’s as cool as this video makes it out to be. Graffiti artists, BMX bikers, people with low riders – they’re not the ones that listen to Kpop, and all of you know it. Sure, there may be SOME who do, but generally Korean Pop music is not a part of that culture. In trying to make B2ST and Kpop look cool by hiring a bunch of actors that represent another cool culture, they just made B2ST look like posers. Awkward, awkward posers. Such a frickin’ waste of a great opportunity.

It’s usually our friends who cringe at kpop music videos, not us. So, we sent this video to some of our friends who we mentioned above, and asked them what they thought. They most notably laughed at B2ST clothing, they called B2ST posers for singing pop music in low riders, they wanted to know why there was a DJ spinning when there was clearly no scratching present in the song, and overall they thought that the video looked like it was trying too hard to be “cool”. They found it awkward, just as we found it awkward.

Kpop companies are trying soooo hard to be successful overseas, but they will ALWAYS be successful for those of us that are already kpop fans. Breaking into the non-initiated kpop crowd should be their goal, but it feels like their marketing strategies are so poorly conceived. You can’t trick a North American audience into listening to B2ST because you hired a bunch of actors to pretend that they like B2ST. You could interest them, though, by showing some of the genuine hype surrounding Kpop. This video wasn’t for the world to watch, though. It was for Korean people to watch, so that they can say “Wow! Look at all the beautiful white and black people who like B2ST!” Seriously: where are the Asian people in this video? Are they not both a significant part of A) The Kpop Crowd and B) New York City?!?! Why were there no Asian people in the crowds in this video? Was that accidental or intentional? And, if you think it was intentional, what do you think it says about how B2ST and Kpop are marketed?

ARGHHH!!!!! *Martina collapses in frustration* I’ve had it. Guise, what do you think? Are we totally wrong? Did the B2ST video look great to you? Have you shown any of your non-kpop friends? All I know is that I need a cupcake. *mumbles while eating imaginary cupcake*

Anyhow, we’ve got nothing against this song or B2ST as a whole. We just really dislike this video both in execution and in principle. But, that doesn’t change the fact that this is still an awesome song. We’d like to give away a new B2ST Midnight Sun album, in support of the band itself. We’ll be hearing their song played outside everywhere. Fortunately, we won’t have to watch their video anymore. So, if you’d like to get a B2ST CD or a TOTALLY AWESOME BATOOST SHIRT, here’s what you gotta do:

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Let us know what your favourite outfit was in this video and why. Oh boy. Some of the outfits were…special. We barely even got a chance to talk about them! If you’re gonna leave a comment here, rather than on YouTube, let us know your YouTube username as well, so we can make sure you’re subscribed. Yeah!

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That’s it! We’ll pick two winners next week, and the first to contact us gets first choice in either CD or T-Shirt. If you’d like to get the CD yourself, you can pick it up at YesAsia. Not sure why it’s not on iTunes yet! And, lastly, though this was a bit of a serious Music Monday, we do have some bloopers that make us seem less serious. Our friend, Brendon, who you might remember from our Gangnam Style video, isn’t really the best actor. We’re working on it, though. Soon, he’ll be as Oscar worthy as we are :D Also, add a scene in there that we cut out from the main video: our comparison of B2ST’s video to Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” and Sistar’s “Loving You”. So, it’s not all jokes in the bloopers as well.


  1. Simon is not alone.. Husband & I partake in the loving of Kpop… He is almost as white & nerdy too if that make you feel better!

  2. my previous post got lost in the web???

  3. Haven’t seen the video, but read you post; well YES Kpop companies really lose it when trying to make it into the US.

    I’ve been a fan of K-pop since 2002 and my fav band at the time was girl band Baby VOX which is still one of my fav bands/music of all time, but when their company tried to export them to the US made some moves that actually detracted a lot from their image although the music was good; They specially ran into a copyrights problem cause they used un-published recordings of the late 2-PAC; 2-PAC family sued, 2-PAC label sued and well, even some Korean rappers took the chance at getting some free punches at the cute ladies for the free exposure. After a few months the groups separated and although the girls are doing fine (one is a K-Drama actress, other solo singer, other married) I still remember how sad I felt when I heard about the separation. The company filmed 2 videos for the coming to US plan: One was cool filmed at around 2 am in the morning (with the girls freezing in mini-skirts) dancing with a “fast and furious” ambient, mostly Korean/Asian looking people as extras and a US black rapper… (Rebecca Black move?!?), then the other featured the girls at a house bored and then making a party where few if any Asian people showed, with the girls in a more “slutty” attitude, which clashed against the “cute sexy” image they used in Korea/Asian markets.

    So the thing is Kpop companies try to “americanize” the looks of their bands and loose some of the Kpop looks/style that actually got the fans in order to get to a broader audience who just end up ditching them as posers and wannabees. Hope that with the success of Psy’s Gangnam Style they understand that what we Kpop fans love about them it’s being Korean pop thus different (and btw Kpop has been “crazy” long before Lady Gaga showed up)

  4. As much as I like the video and mostly the song. You have a point in the kind of angle that the company took in shooting this video. I showed this video to one of my friends but he already had an interest in Asian culture, and I only showed it to him because Dujun was wearing a San Antonio Spurs jersey which is the basketball team for the city in which we live in.

  5. I’m kinda late to watch your review guys. And it realizes me. Tryin’ to be cool but you know so sorry. Actually the first time I watched the MV, it mesmerized me. Thanks guys.

  6. Completely agree with this review – not even gonna start on the ethnic debate…

    Just wondering – why do you keep saying “Guise”?

  7. Apparently I am more fluent in Engrish/Konglish than I thought because I seem to be one of the few people that heard that chorus correctly. XD 

  8. Wow, I didn’t realize all of the misconceptions in this video till you guys reviewed it ._. No Asians in the dancing crowd is reallllllly odd O.o B2ST could be awesome in America if they followed what you two said to do instead of having the fake fans (who knows, maybe they are real fans??? I have (not to sound racist) a black guy friend who loooooooooves K-pop and secretly wants to be Asian XD Anyways, good job on the review, I don’t hate you!!!! :D

  9. My favourite outfit in B2ST’s Beautiful Night M/V is all of Gikwang’s outfits! It looks really good on him, it fits him well, it makes him look really edgy, fresh and comfortable! The outfit he wore at 0:13 illustrates his b2utiful arm muscles and his b2utiful shoulders and the outfit he wore at 0:24 illustrates his b2utiful long legs. If I’m a guy myself, I would love to wear those outfits especially the ones at 0:13 and 0:24. 

    Thank you Simon and Martina for this opportunity! God bless you!

    Youtube username : BB5members

  10. They sang a fun and upbeat song and wanted to make a fun video in New York. If they want to use NY hipsters in their music videos instead of derpy (and possibly crazy obsessed) fans then that’s their choice! This is exactly how 95% of music videos are made in North America. You shouldn’t get so mad about it and hold it against them.

  11. B2ST was definitely more fake! Good video review! It’s the first one I watched in a while that made me laugh really hard! 

    I was more bothered by the incongruence of the fashion versus the environment. They looked SO SILLY with their super colorful hair and wacky outfits. They reminded me of characters in a Tim Burton movie (along the lines of WIlly Wonka). At first I thought the video was cool and fun, too. But as it went on, I kept focusing on how ridiculous they looked walking down the urban streets of NY. Maybe that colorful and flamboyant style can fly in a brightly lit room or on a sound stage, or hell, maybe even walking down the street in Seoul (somehow I still doubt it). But definitely not in America. ANYWHERE in America, let alone the “hoods” of NY.

  12. omgzzz….Dr. meems in the last cut of d bloopers is just astoundingly adorable~~ weeeee…can’t stand him..>.<

  13. <— Non Asian KPop Fan from NYC … this video just seemed so fake and I feel it actually painted B2ST negatively. The vibe they portrayed of NYC + Kpop Culture outside of Korea felt insulting and out of touch. And why the hell wasn't this filmed in KTown or in Queens which has such a high Kpop fan base?

  14. Hyunseung’s weird dance matched with what he was wearing. Which was a funky and crazy outfit that fit with the summer look and the song. I LOVE YOU HYUNSEUNG <3 B2UTY 4LYFE 

  15. I thought he says : I`m youuuuuuuuuursss No money :D 

    hey u guys are awesomeeeeeeeeeee 

  16. hmm I lost mah money…I lost mah body , thats what I thought it says lol

  17. so when I first watched the video I also thought the perfomance with the foreign (non-asian) people was a bit weird :O
    I was like do they know beast?? probably not :O they’re just there for the money (so that;s why he lost his money xD ) haha kidding

    for the outfit I like most is yoseobs outfit at the beginningand around the 1.40 mark  with the pink trousers and the sweatshirt (I don’t know if you can call it that)
    I like it because it’s casual and I would even want to wear it myself xD hahaa
    I loved their casual clothing because it fitted the song most. the suit stuff didn’t impress me :O I found that it didn’t fit with the song xD
    also I loved kikwangs shirt around the 0.25 mark xD It’s very colourful but it’s not too much cause the lower half of the shirt is white :) It’s so cool that I also want to wear it myself haha
    I really would like for dutch guys to dress more like that haha  o well that will probably never happen xD

    soo that’s my entry :) My youtube name is LPjudith

  18. My favourite Outfit is that from Jun-hyung in 2:01. At first I thought he was waering a black bra with little metall pyramids ( I don´t know the english word q__q). And then his hand appears and you can see a RAINBOWCOULERED mouth… how cool is that? the newest way to wear lip tatoos…. :)

  19. It isn’t even a full outfit that I like it is the one sleeved “leather” (?) jacket that is worn seen at :34 into the video.  I understand removable sleeves on things but to have one sleeve there just seems like I am missing half of my cool jacket. However, I would wear this with one sleeve just to see how many people stop me and ask what happened–or look at me wondering if I won the mugging or lost…tnybabydrgnfly

  20. Outfit that I like the most was Yoseob’s outfit! the one he’s wearing at the part where they’re in a building with fans.. [is it top of the building?] the pink one! x3 its style is unique ♥ wanna buy that one. but i dunno where I can buy xDDDD 
    he is also wearing it when they Comeback and 1st won in MCountdown x3

    youtube name : ilysnangel25

  21. I like   Yoseob’s  outfits,especially the one when he wears the pink jeans.it’s a funny outfit,lovely and why not…atractive.it’s slightly and it matches with the video,with summer.
    you tube name:mary kim

  22. The Beast member’s outfit I realy really like Is DooJoon’s outfit :)
    Not just because he’s my major bias but I really think the outfit suits him..It’s not too exaggerating and well it show’s off his figure really well (muscles <3 *dies!) The one his using a white sleeveless shirt and the orange colour pants…Luckily he wasn't using the kind of knee length tight pants which is just ewww ._. to watch at..And he looks very comfortable in it :D His hair is put up very nicely too :) And not too much accessories is VERY nice to look :) And The another outfit that I really heart is Junhyungie white shirt and black pants..It makes him look like a skater boy? XD He looks so cute and handsome in it :) That's all of my comment basically..A diehard B2UTY here praying for a chance to win the prize :)
    NO matter what all the haters say..I HEART BEAST FOREVER <3 
    Youtube username : monkey9459 ( http://www.youtube.com/user/monkey9459?feature=mhee)
    Twitter account : https://twitter.com/change_TheFACTS ( I follow back :) )

  23. Before I tell you my favourite outfit, I would like to say that the stylists did a wonderful job with the clothes – I loved them all! The outfits were very much my style, and every article of clothing in that video is something I would wear – even Yoseob’s one sleeve jacket! haha Yes, I’m a girl but my wardrobe mainly consists of clothes that most of the time, only guys would wear… But I’ve got to say my FAVOURITE outfit in the video would have to be Dongwoon’s red suit in the beginning of the video! Love the colour and again it’s something that I would actually wear! The yellow studded shoes, white studded collar shirt, and necklace that he wore with it makes me love the outfit even more! :P

  24. My favorite outfit was the one with Junhyung’s animal ears!!….. okie they *may* have just been his sunglasses on his head, but I think it would be way cuter as kitty ears!! who doesn’t love a kitten outfit!?

  25. lol, all this discussion about yeoseob’s part. :D
    I really thought Dongwoon looked like he was straight out of an anime so I loved his style/wardrobe. But it did seem a lot more classy than the rest kind of like how Himchan wears the nice suit in BAP’s No Mercy stuff. :D
    youtube: neha200

  26. Honestly, I didn’t even notice how awkward the MV was until you guys talked about it. Though, I was surprised when the MV was full of white people…

    Anywaaaays, for the contest! :D

    I had a really hard time picking ONE outfit >_< It was a tie between their awesomely (is it comic strip?) printed suits, Hyunseung's (almost) pink suit with the floral patterned shorts, and Yoseob's one-sleeved leather jacket. I FINALLY NARROWED IT DOWN THOUGH by re-thinking which one made me say "…what? What the heck is he wearing." the first time I watched it, which was YOSEOB'S ONE-SLEEVED JACKET! :D I didn't fully notice that it was one-sleeved until his first few scenes, LOL. Hyunseung's floral patterned shorts were very tempting though, but they aren't THAT uncommon… (I wear monkey-patterned shorts, for goodness' sake, HAHA!).

    THE END~ 

    P.S. I'm sorry this is so long; I always tend to say too much. ㅠㅠ" 

    Youtube username: pengupengu8
    Name: Elle~! ^^

  27. i really thougth ita was, “I’m yours, No money” too, and thought it doesnt make any sense n search the MV with Eng trans in Youtube to see the real words, and it turns out it was a korean words, lol..
    i dont really like the MV but i love the song. i mean i would love to keep replaying the song but just enough to occasionally see the MV. but i love that they have a MV where they seemed to having fun =D

  28. My favorite outfit would have to be the shiny suits around 2:20 (or is it SHINee?).    I’m half Italian and those suits just bring out my inner guido.  I feel like you should be wearing some gold chains with greased back hair.  Who doesn’t love a two tone shiny , SOY UN DORITO, suit that looks so slick and slippery like you’d fall out of a chair every time you try and sit down. 
    My youtube id is hedge7476.

  29. aww i thought it was “IM YOURSS… NO MONEY, lalala out of control!!!

  30. I like Yoseob’s one-armed ripped leather jacket because that’s probably what his jacket would look like if he really did try to simply walk around the streets of New York. Those fans can get crazy!

  31. I love HyunSeung’s blue suit thing XDD The contrast between his hair and the blazer/shorts is awesome, Also his hair is the same color as mine. Im biased! I love bold colors, but not busy patterns, so his outfit stood out to me. Plus blue is a nice color. It is a very nice color. I also like what I can see of the t-shirt he’s wearing under that beautiful blazer. And school-boy shorts are just cool. They remind me of Doctor Who for whatever odd reason my silly little brain has come up with.

    my Youtube is RaggedyCharly (I make it easy to remember this stuff XDDD)

  32. I really liked their SHINee suits during the night time roof party scene at the end of the video. I especially liked the ones that faded from hot pink to black. We all know those SHINee suits are popular!  They looked really sleek and mimicked the colors of the fireworks, they also seemed more representational of what Kpop idols wear. They were really fun and matched the tone and feel of the song and video well. ^^

    Youtube user name: AnonymousFREEZEpOp1  

  33. so, this is in case my comment gets lost on the youtube comments section:
    I think Beast’s stylists went all out in this MV. They were probably sth like: “OMG they told us we can dress the boys in bizzare yet high-fashion outfits if we want~~ Let’s do it folks” xD
    But seriously: flower patterned shorts AND a pink jacket with his red hair? Poor Hyensung :P
    So, my answer is this: My favourite outfit in the MV was Yoseop’s simple but well-coordinated outfit consisting of pink pants, a grey sweater and blue sneakers with a touch of white matching with the sweater. It was one of the most simple outfits but the best in my opinion ^^ (1:43)(I also loved his outfit in the rooftop-dance-club-like scene, the white one)

  34. My favorite outfit was at 0:49. He’s wearing a San Antonio Spurs jersey!! Being from Texas, I NEVER see outfits repping Texas. Even if he doesn’t know who the Spurs are, it still makes me proud to see them in a kpop music video. A jersey is also something common, that you would actually see someone on the street wearing, compared to the other outfits. The basketball shorts also look really comfy. :D 
    yt: XoceanxsunX

  35. Do we have more chances if we RT a lot ? x) My finger is ready…

  36. i like this song ever since it was released but never cared to really check its lyrics so i ALWAYS ALWAYS heard and sang “i looooooooooooost my money!” hahahahah

    as for the video i’ve always hated it; i didn’t ellaborate my thoughts on it like you guys did but i felt the exact same way about the fake audience. and it’s just a proof of all that is wrong about kpop’s tentative into taking hallyu to the western side of the world. it’s interesting because, like you mentioned on the tl;dr about the t-ara scandal, i love kpop for its aesthetics, the different approaches on pop music’s ellements it provides and of course the functioning of its industry and business. i must confess i also love the groups and all the efforts and work it’s done to bring up new/interesting concepts at each release.

    but one thing that i try to ignore about k-pop is this deranged imperialist idea of making k-pop bigger than it actually is overseas by imitating what the western world had already done before and already threw away. it is sad because there’s something really unique about k-pop groups and their team work ethics, and that should be more explored as a k-pop standard instead of “hey look how american i can get”.

  37. I was trying to figure out whether they were using English in the chorus or not without looking up the lyrics, but I couldn’t make anything out, so I figured that there was none.
    And you guise didn’t give Kwangie credit for pronouncing “Love” not only with an actual “L” sound, but he even pronounced the V as a V rather than a B.

    I personally didn’t give the background to the MV too much thought. It had sexy batoost in it with a fun sounding song and so, it was alright with me.
    However, you guys actually opened my eyes. At first I was like “LOOK AT ALL THEM FOREIGNERS” *Foreigner glow* but you guys had very valid points…Then again, I didn’t see it as BEAST performing for fans, I thought it was like they were the performance act for a party.
    Even then though, the place would have been flooded with fans. I think that your guys’ idea about showing them just hanging out in NY was awesome. Maybe you guys should be the producers for Kpop MVs :o

  38. When I first saw this vedio I thougt “EYKimchi’s gonna like this!!’  as you complimented how GDandTOP used a bunch of white people. I do understand you’re point, but I think Beast really came outside to the world even for the fact that they didn’t use a strangly lit room for a set. I’m just saying. And also it is a bit sad for you guy’s to defend yourselves before saying things about the vedio, but you DO say alot of good stuff about YG. I’m not complaining though as I’m a big fan of bigbang :)
    It’s the first time for me to leave a comment after months of visiting here. It’s a great feeling for me as a korean to watch and hear about different views of kpop. I think i saw almost every vedio here and it was verry meaningful. Hope you won’t leave Korea. Keep on!

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