Yes, our words are quite strong here. We don’t go out right and say stuff like this usually, but we’ll say it now: this is quite possibly the best kpop song of 2011. Sure, everyone has their different opinions, and many people will argue for different songs and videos. Our opinion is just an opinion, and this one may well be argued against. That’s fine, but it doesn’t change the fact that we’re so immensely impressed by this song that we’re willing to call it the best Kpop song of 2011 thus far.

We mentioned on Twitter that it sounds like Enrique Inglesias’ “Heartbeat”, but we didn’t say that as a plagiarism charge. The piano does sound similar, but B2ST’s piano chords instantly struck us. When we first heard it we thought “man, this is gonna be an awesome song.” And we were right. Really, such a great improvement from B2ST’s “Beautiful”, which – we think – really strayed from their image. Cutie boys being cutey and lovey dovey…nah. That didn’t seem right. Here, they’re not bombastic, and they’re not ninnies either. They find a comfortable balance between both sides with an awesome song. Well done.

That doesn’t make this our favorite video of the year, though. That honor still goes to Big Bang’s “Love Song”. We got really annoyed by the pen at the beginning. Sure, we know that they’re trying to show that he’s writing in a diary, but couldn’t they have done so with a quieter pen? God! That thing was LOUD! And we kinda get the whole disappearing into dust thingy at the end. He’s trying to rewrite his story with her, but then he realizes that she’s really gone or something, and it’s supposed to be sad. Sure. That didn’t stop us from thinking about vampires, and if there’s one thing about us that’s consistent thus far, is that we’ll make videos about the weirdest stuff that pops into our minds.

B2ST Fiction Video Still

Dear Kpop Video Girls: Plz cry more than one tear from now on

On a side note: what’s the deal with single-tear crying? We saw it in Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry”, and I’m sure we saw it elsewhere before. Why don’t we see some genuine, breakdown sobbing? This single-tear crying business is just getting odd now. Lip quivering, people! You need to quiver your lips when you cry! We get that they’re trying to show how they’re holding back emotion, but can’t stop their tears from squeaking out, but now it just seems like they’re being lazy. More tears! More passion!

Anyhow, good chance is that you’re here because of our giveaway contest. Here’s what you need to know:


We’re giving away 2 copies of the B2ST Fact or Fiction CD. We’d like to know what you think the name of B2ST’s dance in “Fiction” should be. You have three different ways to submit your answer:

1) For our YouTube Subscribers: Leave a comment either in this thread, or on our YouTube page telling us what you think the name of B2ST’s dance should be. Easy peasy!

2) For our Facebook fans: Leave your answer in the Contest Thread. Don’t post it on the wall. Just on the contest thread. The link to the thread is here.

3) For our Twitter followers: Leave your answer in a tweet linking back to this page and mentioning us. Sound too complicated? Just click this link, fill in the blanks, and submit!

B2ST Fiction and Fact Album

B2ST Fiction and Fact Album

If you don’t win the CD, you can still buy B2ST’s new album here. It’s definitely awesome and worth it. And you don’t have to worry about your location: they’ll ship internationally. Great success!

One last note as well: this is the last Kpop Music Monday you’ll see in this setting. We moved the camera over for this episode to hide all of the boxes in our apartment. We’re starting our move on Wednesday! Huzzah! We found a new place, right here in Bucheon, right beside our current place, except it’s a lot bigger. With a full size kitchen! Wow! No oven, though. Pooh. Anyhow, we’ll be filming our WTF segment in this apartment tomorrow night, and then our TL;DR video for this week will actually be in our new apartment. Yay! We’ll post a video of our new place soon. We’ve got some other videos that we have to put out first :D

  1. Okay, though Fiction is not my favorite song by them, I am a firm believer that Fiction and Fact was their best era. I absolutely adore Beast, and had not idea i could adore them anymore than I already did until F&F came out. It totally got me out of my depressed stage. My best friend had “broken up” with me the day before and I was distraught. When I heard the album, I forgot about everything. The seriousness of Fiction, Though I Call, and Virus mixed with the happiness of Back To You, Freeze, and You make this my favorite album. :D BATOOST FOR LYFE

  2. I am an extremely ambivalent person. Generally speaking songs and groups just kind of exist and while I can see their merit, talent, and bright futures and honestly wish nothing but the best for everyone included, I just don’t feel much about them. Batoost are different. More often than not groups don’t really progress, the quality of their songs and performances lie stagnant no matter how talented they are. Batoost had a pretty good start but with every song they progressed, their grand talent becoming more and more evident, and they haven’t taken a step back. Batoost has a charismatic and actually talented rapper, and five, at the very least, unbelievably solid singers, and that dancing… Not to mention the fact that they have one of the best male vocalists in all of kpop, Yoseop. They shed of the ‘rookie’ title almost immediately because of a professionalism many older groups still can’t pull off. To be a little bit emotional, I’m just really attached to them at this point. They have worked so hard to become more than a group of people rejected by the rest of the industry. They have proved themselves and made a long lasting spot for themselves in said industry. Putting aside the obvious talent and skilled performances, as people they really are lovely. The dynamic within the group is wonderful, they all seem to be the very best of friends and I genuinely believe that they all really care about each other. One of the greatest things in kpop are the groups with deep bonds and strong dynamics of dependence and love because god knows they go through a lot together. ‘Will You Be Alright?’ solidified my strong love for Batoost tenfold. A song about a type of relationship rarely discussed, a highly dependent one where the independent side worries so much about how their dependent partner will be without them to the point where they just want the dependent partner to stick around for a while so that they can make sure that they won’t fall apart. We don’t whether who the truly dependent person is, why the relationship went sour, or whether the girl is really all that screwed up, HOWEVER the concern and worry on the mans part is so genuine it’s touching. In the end, I own a boatload of their songs, they have made me laugh and cry, they have left me in awe, they are and will always be one one of my favorite groups, kpop and not. Plus, Yoseop is one of my only biases in kpop. Did I mention their dancing? I mean Shock, Fiction…though my favorite is ‘Not Me’, so clean. Prepix has done right by them. *cough* I really wrote a lot and I’m not even sure if doing this on the website will count *cough* Anywho, so pumped for their comeback!

  3. The first kpop group I met was BEAST, it was like love at first sight.. I came across their Say No MV on Youtube and I just fell in love with them<3 Words cannot explain how much I love these 6 boys. It may sound cheesy but they changed my life(: They're talented, can sing, dance, compose & are the sweetest guys on Earth. I'm so proud to be their fan:D To me there is no group like BEAST. When b2uties do something wrong Yoseob isn't afraid to scold us like a good father would. They're such good role models. They've never dissappointed me with any of their comebacks, I know their engrish may be a little bit bad sometimes:P but they always sing with their heart, always improving and working hard to make b2uties proud^^ I could go on but it would take forever to finish :)
    Now, THEIR JULY COMEBACK AJKFHJHDLKSHFKJHSK. Will you be okay & I'm sorry are such beautiful ballads(: Junhyung & Kim Taejoo are amazing composers. I love Cube for pre-releasing these songs but it's making me even more anxious about their comeback omg.<3 They'll be releasing their 2nd full album & I'm sure it's going to be as flawless as Fiction & Fact who is like my favorite album ever.<33

  4. I Love BaToost because their songs make me want to sing along, even though I can’t really (yet) I still try and dance around the apartment where no one but my poor daughter can see. And I really Love Fiction. So I am glad that it is this Cd that you are giving away. It would be a nice b-day present for me:) since my b-day is tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

  5. I think B2ST dance should be called the Shuffle-N-Slide (sounds like Shufflin’ Slide) :P

  6. I like B2st, but not as much as my friend. I want the Album for my
    friend :D who is an extreme B2ST FAN! He loves everything about them
    and Kikwang is his bias :3. I would love to win for his birthday~ THANK
    YOU! I’m more of a korean Indie fan and love CLAZZIQUAI, but I get my pop on too~

  7. the fecal take off. Were you just walking down the sidewalk? Did you just happen to step into a cute little puppy’s not so cute business? Do you not have anything similar to a napkin or tissue at your disposal? Well with this quick step you don’t need one. Just dance away the poo and your embarrassment while looking cool doing one of B2ST’s infamous dance moves…”THE FECAL TAKE OFF” (I will not be held responsible for your inability to execute this dance move accurately which may cause further embarrassment.) lol! people probably already had this idea but I wanted to post something

  8. I love Batoost alot,i have 35 songs of Batoost in my phone and u can stalk me and steal my phone if u have to simon and martina!!~^_^ I even bought a $50~60 batoost cd before and it was worth it!!~I absolutely can’t wait for “I’m Sorry” and “Will U Be Alright” was AWESOME~Ballad lover over here…Sorry Martina!!! I wish i could get the fiction cd,i actually thought they said friction to be honest but i still love the songs in that album!Oh yeah~I’m a Singapore Nasty but no one in my class knows you,i feel SO left out…Anyways,i would really love to have a BATOOST CD~!:P

    OMG I am sooo loving their music! I like “Say no” and “Shock” a little better than this one, but all of their songs are so good! They have such an amazing blend of vocals and the music it is set to is always right up my alley! Maybe I am just a CUBE fanboy in general because I have a very similar feeling for stuff by 4Minute. Anywho, I am so excited that there is more material from B2ST coming soon! WOOO!! My whole summer feels brighter already! :)

  10. Fiction was the song of the year and I hope they come out with another song of the year in July. Batoost is amazing!!!

  11. id say both u kiss and sumthin else

  12. Is it just me or does Simon is on the verge of bursting into laughter when he goes “This is Mordney present”? I laught so hard because there’s a moment when he was smiling somehow akwardly for a bit too long. I watched it at least five times, but still not quite sure if I’m right or… just crazy o_0

  13. I think the move should be called “Replay dance?” (The one from the chorus of SHINee’s Replay)

  14. I don’t know if y’all are still accepting entries for this giveaway, lol, just kidding, obviously this is old!!! but what the heck! I totally agree with your idea: this is totally the pee dance; better yet this is the ‘I need to pee, but someone else is in the bathroom and won’t freaking hurry up dance’. At least that’s the first thing I thought when watching the video, and no, I’m not trying to buy you guys; though, I’d totally be your ranch provider Simon!

  15. I find that I always leak tears out of one eye first, my right tear duct takes a few minutes to warm up…

  16. “astrau-penguin feet dance” — kkkk

    ~ LOL . I really can’t think of other name of the dance. It does really remind me of how a penguin move. kekeke

  17. “Friction dance” ftw

    and heeey don’t make fun of sweaty people, we can’t control it! hahahahhahaaha it just happens! XD

  18. I thought I was going crazy xD Im glad you noticed the screaming pen too. its like DEAR DIARY.. *guy pops in* “so whatcha writin?”     Also in the bloopers there is a scary shadow on the door and makes me think of slender man.. :<

  19. i think penguin dance is more cuter than pee dance pee nahhh it sound uhhhhh….!!!! peeing in a toilet???

  20. fiction is way better than heartbeat by enrique

  21. hahaha actually before i even knew anything about the song like the song
    name or anything i used to think it was called fRiction not fiction.
    but “friction” would be an awesome name!! or “b2stly” would be an
    awesomer name!! cuz its b2st, b2uties, AND b2sts b2stly dance!! <3

  22. penguin dance! i love penguins <3 and b2st! the dance is cute and hot at the same time… =] and the vocals are amazazing!

  23. hey!!!
    The dance of Fiction called Cold City Man or Penguin Dance (it’s a fact you know?)
    and for Simon, don’t said Beast with Batoost wkwkwkwk

  24. The Feet-Moving-Non-Stopping Dance :P

  25. The dance should be dubbed the “Beat-Around-The-Bush-Nervous-Shuffle.”

  26. I think the dance should be called – Cool guy trying to squish an ant dance. This cool guy is terrified of ants but trying to be cool at the same time so he put his hand in his pockets to pinch himself preventing him to scream. He use this swag-like dance to kill the ants.  :D 

  27. I think the dance should be called the “Carless Guy Dance”

  28. It should be slide and step dance? because of their mooooooves ;)

  29. I think the dance should be called the “heartbroken walk”.

  30. This is an awesome song and i agree with you guys: the best of the year so far
    Actually  I like all the songs from this album and it’s funny because I heard about B2ST a few months ago…tried to listen some of their songs but nothing really  appealed to me to make me stick to them
    But this album is LOVE for music 

  31. i think the dance should be called: the waddle(: i vote for B2ST-Fiction!(:

  32. I’m not the biggest fan of kpop but I love this song! Are there any other songs like this one, with melancholic undercurrents and paradoxically upbeat melody?

  33.  Wait,i think the dance should be called “The Broken Step” :D My vote is for B2st!

  34. i think the B2st dance should be called “Loner’s Half-hearted Stride” xD

  35. I´m sorry!! my vote for song is for B2ST !! 

  36. B2ST is the best! i love fiction so much  … sorry for my english but i am Méxican girl :´)  Hahaha the dance “penguin” is so Cutee~ and original … i love to dance the penguin 

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