BATOOST IS BACK! If you haven’t seen their video for Shadow yet, check it out here so you can know what we’re talking about:


Now, I could be wrong, but does it seem like Batoost is giving up all of its branding as B2ST? Here’s what it says on their video page on YouTube:

Batoost no longer batoost?

I don’t see any mention of “B2ST” anywhere on the page. Guise? Wh…what’s happening here? Guise? Well, in case you’re ever unsure about how to pronounce their name, you can always check it via the Shirt I was wearing today, or you can check the official website on How to Pronounce B2ST. And, in case you’re wondering, no, that joke will never die. Not for us. Not for us…

As for the video itself, I’m going to start this off by saying we both really like this song and video, however, it felt a little bit lacking, and we don’t quite know why. The song itself was actually very pretty and vocally very nicely arranged, with the layering of vocals and harmonies and all, but it feel likes it’s missing either a build up or a crescendo. It kind of felt like it just stayed the same the whole song. We had a similar complaint with Lee Hi’s “Rose” and even through we totally loved that song we were waiting for something to change. It doesn’t have to change in a drastic, here’s-a-totally-different-song-withing-this-song kind of way that Kpop sometimes falls prey to, but it felt like the song needed to grow a bit more, you know?

We were happy, though, that the video for “Shadow” wasn’t shot in a boring box. It had great use of lighting. We loved the dancing ballerina girl and the creepy shadow dancing guy, and the colours matched the title of the song. But the ending with them dancing outdoors in the Kpopcalypse was kind of a weird change. They just went from the indoor misty murkiness to a broken city with a random Mr.Brohoho giant hand statue. I don’t know how to explain it. It wasn’t a bad song or video, but something about it left us unsatisfied. Anyone else feel the same way? Care to help us understand our feels?

We did feel like it really reminded us of Jaejoong’s “Mine,” and I’m sure some of you thought it, too. Which one did you like more, though?

Side note: I’m totally loving having the polls here instead of on Facebook. It’s got pretty animations and everything, and – if last week’s poll is any indicator of things to come – more people vote here than on Facebook. You Eatyourkimchi Nasties are the best!

Anyhow, if you’re liking the song as much as we are, download it via iTunes or get the real deal CD via YesAsia. Or, if you’d rather do neither, but still feel inclined to click on a button, you should click on this one below, which is amazing!

And, lastly, our bloopers for this week are pretty lame. We were super efficient this week, for some reason, and barely made any mistakes, apart from Martina’s horrendous math. Whoa Martina: can’t no one help you with that one there :D


  1. Dunno if you guys will read this but I have to share this story I experienced today.
    My brother who totally isn’t a kpop fan saw me being on tumblr and he read ‘B2uty’. He began with “what?” I was only like I hope he reads it in not a retarted way then he said: “Batooty?” And I laughed my ass off. I explained that that are the fans and the group’s name is B2ST. His reaction was: “So they’re Batoost”
    I just laughed and found it really amazing.

  2. how to vote in here plz guys someone tell me

  3. “From a good music, I want to be taken to the very edge. I want a glimpse into that outer darkness.”

  4. It has a very VIXX hyde feel to it I am not gonna complain though…. I like the dark- scary theme going on this summer season!

  5. Loved the Flight of the Conchords reference in the bloopers XD

    Great KMM this week!

    This song reminds me of Midnight.

  7. Guys, ”within”, not ”withing”…

  8. Yay for Meemers being in the background! I miss playing “Where’s Meemers?” Since you’ve moved to the studio.

  9. Actually, BEAST officially stopped using B2ST a long time ago, right after their debut or something. It’s just all the fans and news sites and everyone else that keep using it, but officially they’re called BEAST. Although they still use the B2ST logo, but that’s just stylized I think…

  10. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO EXO NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!! Been listening to so much K-Pop and Exo has just been blowing my mind. I would introduce this sing to any of my non K-Pop friends any day!!! Reminds me of “Heart Attack” (Still got that on my everyday playlist). The song is absolute brilliance! (Except the SM budget cuts with the rooms and such….) I am 100% with Fangurilla on this one. EXO FO LYF!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I would like to see a kpop mv where the world has already ended, and the band starts singing to create a brand new, beautiful world. ^_^

  12. This KMM was awesome! I loved the zombie dance skit, Martina’s gun was super badass, Simon’s English segment was hilarious, and I’m glad that there’s someone (Martina) who’s as bad at math as I am.

  13. I am sorry guys, i didnt pay attention to a single thing that Martina was saying….was way too distracted by Dr Meemers chilling in the corner. >.<

  14. I loved this KMM, I thought it was hilarious! Personally, this isn’t my favorite B2ST song, that would be Breathe. I don’t like this song or dance that much, although I like it better than their last single. I do, however, love the video! Definitely the best B2ST video, and one of the best videos of this year! It was really very interesting.

  15. as much as i super friggin love Beast Shadow, my subjective opinion on better usage of birds and dog goes for kim jaejoong

    but beast is awesome..loving the song…

  16. Ah yes! The thing about wanting more from the song, I’ve also noticed this with other Kpop songs. Though, I’m not entirely sure what is it they’re lacking, I’ve decided to call them “prelude songs.” It’s seems they always sound better or complete when the next single is released. Or if no follow up is released, then isn’t it just a damn shame. My best example of this would be, Aziatix – Speed of Light. Really beautiful song, but boy is it missing something. Anywho, just my two cents.

  17. When I saw them perform live in the concert I thought the choreo was the best I’ve seen of them so far. It’s a really good choreo and I’m not talking about kpop standards, I mean you can take this choreo and actually perform it in Broadway kinda way.

  18. Haha, Martina’s whole explanation of, ‘Because I’m Shadow,’ and ‘Somebody had a baby and named it Shadow; Hey, I’m Shadow,’ really just made think of American Gods. :P

  19. i think the dance is so cool because the point is not about some memorable movements, but two members in a pair changing their positions frequently in a very short time (in the chorus of the song), one in the front and then going to back and then back to the front, but still in company, which stands for the connection and struggle between the individual and shadow. shadow means another yourself deep in your heart. have you guise seen an American dance show named “so you think you can dance”? there was an impressive dance named “addiction” made by a great choreographer Mia Michael. the shadow theme is kinda similar as the “addiction” theme. i’ve said these not because i am a beast fan, but it’s really a good dance.

  20. I think EVOL’s We are a bit different MV also had the Kpopocalypse theme too. Gosh guys, I never realised! First pastel coloured pants, now this. Hopefully the next trend will be “foreign countries” in which every group flies overseas to film their MV’s (evil cackle)

  21. For a second I thought I heard it wrong. I said to myself, “Wait is not SHADOW? but SHALLOW?” LOL! So nasty!
    I started to like B2ST aka BEAST and now Batoost, after watching Monstar.

  22. I understand Martina’s math…and I like to believe that I am good at math…
    There is a 6% difference from a 50/50 split. One is 56% while the other is 44%.
    Yes, I do realize that there is a 12% difference between 56% and 44%, but if you go off the 50/50 split that Martina was saying than it is a 6% difference from them being dead even. That 6% boost B.A.P received had to come out of Infinite’s 50% making it 44%.
    I love math so I felt the need to make a comment, and I hope I’m not too confusing…who knows if this will ever be seen, but Martina I think you were correct with what you were saying.
    *throws fairy dust in the air and flies away*

  23. I noticed today you didn’t use as many skits/characters today. Good to change the pace up a bit. I really love this MV, creepy eye thing FTW!

  24. There’s a new word for the Urban Dictionary…Kpopocalypse!!!

  25. Jaejoong’s MINE is EPIC!!!

  26. same thoughts here about the song. it was nice and all but it def is missing an OOMPH factor.

  27. I think B2ST is kind of like their trademark but BEAST is their name…uhh. You can see they still use B2ST on their albums, so Batoost fo’ life!!!

  28. “I don’t see any mention of “B2ST” anywhere on the page. Guise? Wh…what’s happening here?” they’re on to you guise :)

    I thought the song was catchy and video was pretty cool but I got that feeling like the company didn’t pay that much attention to the song or video… like since k-pop is starting to get dark “visually” but the message doesn’t change much…

    Great job as always! :D


  29. Please do BADMAN next week! :D Kpopocalypse!!!!!!

  30. OK, I usually just respond to others, but this time…. Did anyone else wish that the members would get to have the cool body paint, too? All through the video, I was hoping (and in the beginning, even expecting) that similarly to VIXX’s “Hyde,” their makeup would change to help express the lyrics. I was excitedly looking forward to seeing their faces and arms get slowly ‘invaded’ by geometric ‘tattoos.’ ‘Seeing’ them sink farther and farther into darkness as they plead for the sunlight of their love interest would have made it that much more poignant! I even expected to see some of it in the live stages, but no…. :(

  31. I thought this was a very smart KMM! loved the whole English bit, haha…

    i think the apocalypse trend has to do with dystopian fiction being so popular these days… they’re just trying to hop on the bandwagon :p

  32. Where’s the comment section on Vixx’s G.R.8.U on the kpop charts???? I need to talk to my fellow starlights. DX

  33. I actually know a Shadow……

  34. I wish you guys would review Ailee’s U&I! I just discovered it and the vocals are so powerful, I love the trumpets, and I think the sounds is so different from most kpopo that you hear. She kinda makes me think of what Lee Hi might become when she grows up a bit more and gets a more confident and mature sound. I voted for it on the kpop charts but it’s at 15 so I don’t think it’ll get reviewed :(

  35. Didn’t I see something about them changing the choreo to “Shadow” recently?….runs off to check Oh, p.s. Cube is totally droppin’ the ball because the new B2ST album is not available in the U.S. iTunes store (same for Woolim with the new Infinite one). Sad panda :(

  36. I was so surprised with the 5 out of 5 for English at first hahaha

    By the way, I think it is supposed to be 12%, but I haven’t taken algebra in years so I could be completely off haha.

  37. I’m sorry that this isn’t related, but I have a question for a mod. Can someone please help me?

  38. haha GD deja vu!!
    zombie skit was awesome!!!! “had to kill my parents cos they tried to eat me” had me laughing hard!!
    oh man Simon you had me SO CONFUSED there!!!!! i actually believed for a second they were saying Shallow instead!!!

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