BATOOST IS BACK! If you haven’t seen their video for Shadow yet, check it out here so you can know what we’re talking about:


Now, I could be wrong, but does it seem like Batoost is giving up all of its branding as B2ST? Here’s what it says on their video page on YouTube:

Batoost no longer batoost?

I don’t see any mention of “B2ST” anywhere on the page. Guise? Wh…what’s happening here? Guise? Well, in case you’re ever unsure about how to pronounce their name, you can always check it via the Shirt I was wearing today, or you can check the official website on How to Pronounce B2ST. And, in case you’re wondering, no, that joke will never die. Not for us. Not for us…

As for the video itself, I’m going to start this off by saying we both really like this song and video, however, it felt a little bit lacking, and we don’t quite know why. The song itself was actually very pretty and vocally very nicely arranged, with the layering of vocals and harmonies and all, but it feel likes it’s missing either a build up or a crescendo. It kind of felt like it just stayed the same the whole song. We had a similar complaint with Lee Hi’s “Rose” and even through we totally loved that song we were waiting for something to change. It doesn’t have to change in a drastic, here’s-a-totally-different-song-withing-this-song kind of way that Kpop sometimes falls prey to, but it felt like the song needed to grow a bit more, you know?

We were happy, though, that the video for “Shadow” wasn’t shot in a boring box. It had great use of lighting. We loved the dancing ballerina girl and the creepy shadow dancing guy, and the colours matched the title of the song. But the ending with them dancing outdoors in the Kpopcalypse was kind of a weird change. They just went from the indoor misty murkiness to a broken city with a random Mr.Brohoho giant hand statue. I don’t know how to explain it. It wasn’t a bad song or video, but something about it left us unsatisfied. Anyone else feel the same way? Care to help us understand our feels?

We did feel like it really reminded us of Jaejoong’s “Mine,” and I’m sure some of you thought it, too. Which one did you like more, though?

Side note: I’m totally loving having the polls here instead of on Facebook. It’s got pretty animations and everything, and – if last week’s poll is any indicator of things to come – more people vote here than on Facebook. You Eatyourkimchi Nasties are the best!

Anyhow, if you’re liking the song as much as we are, download it via iTunes or get the real deal CD via YesAsia. Or, if you’d rather do neither, but still feel inclined to click on a button, you should click on this one below, which is amazing!

And, lastly, our bloopers for this week are pretty lame. We were super efficient this week, for some reason, and barely made any mistakes, apart from Martina’s horrendous math. Whoa Martina: can’t no one help you with that one there :D


  1. Dunno if you guys will read this but I have to share this story I experienced today.
    My brother who totally isn’t a kpop fan saw me being on tumblr and he read ‘B2uty’. He began with “what?” I was only like I hope he reads it in not a retarted way then he said: “Batooty?” And I laughed my ass off. I explained that that are the fans and the group’s name is B2ST. His reaction was: “So they’re Batoost”
    I just laughed and found it really amazing.

  2. jaejoong no1

  3. how to vote in here plz guys someone tell me

  4. “From a good music, I want to be taken to the very edge. I want a glimpse into that outer darkness.”

  5. It has a very VIXX hyde feel to it I am not gonna complain though…. I like the dark- scary theme going on this summer season!

  6. Loved the Flight of the Conchords reference in the bloopers XD

    Great KMM this week!

    This song reminds me of Midnight.

  8. Guys, ”within”, not ”withing”…

  9. Yay for Meemers being in the background! I miss playing “Where’s Meemers?” Since you’ve moved to the studio.

  10. Actually, BEAST officially stopped using B2ST a long time ago, right after their debut or something. It’s just all the fans and news sites and everyone else that keep using it, but officially they’re called BEAST. Although they still use the B2ST logo, but that’s just stylized I think…

  11. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO EXO NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!! Been listening to so much K-Pop and Exo has just been blowing my mind. I would introduce this sing to any of my non K-Pop friends any day!!! Reminds me of “Heart Attack” (Still got that on my everyday playlist). The song is absolute brilliance! (Except the SM budget cuts with the rooms and such….) I am 100% with Fangurilla on this one. EXO FO LYF!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I would like to see a kpop mv where the world has already ended, and the band starts singing to create a brand new, beautiful world. ^_^

  13. This KMM was awesome! I loved the zombie dance skit, Martina’s gun was super badass, Simon’s English segment was hilarious, and I’m glad that there’s someone (Martina) who’s as bad at math as I am.

  14. I am sorry guys, i didnt pay attention to a single thing that Martina was saying….was way too distracted by Dr Meemers chilling in the corner. >.<

  15. I loved this KMM, I thought it was hilarious! Personally, this isn’t my favorite B2ST song, that would be Breathe. I don’t like this song or dance that much, although I like it better than their last single. I do, however, love the video! Definitely the best B2ST video, and one of the best videos of this year! It was really very interesting.

  16. as much as i super friggin love Beast Shadow, my subjective opinion on better usage of birds and dog goes for kim jaejoong

    but beast is awesome..loving the song…

  17. Ah yes! The thing about wanting more from the song, I’ve also noticed this with other Kpop songs. Though, I’m not entirely sure what is it they’re lacking, I’ve decided to call them “prelude songs.” It’s seems they always sound better or complete when the next single is released. Or if no follow up is released, then isn’t it just a damn shame. My best example of this would be, Aziatix – Speed of Light. Really beautiful song, but boy is it missing something. Anywho, just my two cents.

  18. When I saw them perform live in the concert I thought the choreo was the best I’ve seen of them so far. It’s a really good choreo and I’m not talking about kpop standards, I mean you can take this choreo and actually perform it in Broadway kinda way.

  19. Haha, Martina’s whole explanation of, ‘Because I’m Shadow,’ and ‘Somebody had a baby and named it Shadow; Hey, I’m Shadow,’ really just made think of American Gods. :P

  20. Pauline Macapagal


  21. i think the dance is so cool because the point is not about some memorable movements, but two members in a pair changing their positions frequently in a very short time (in the chorus of the song), one in the front and then going to back and then back to the front, but still in company, which stands for the connection and struggle between the individual and shadow. shadow means another yourself deep in your heart. have you guise seen an American dance show named “so you think you can dance”? there was an impressive dance named “addiction” made by a great choreographer Mia Michael. the shadow theme is kinda similar as the “addiction” theme. i’ve said these not because i am a beast fan, but it’s really a good dance.

  22. I think EVOL’s We are a bit different MV also had the Kpopocalypse theme too. Gosh guys, I never realised! First pastel coloured pants, now this. Hopefully the next trend will be “foreign countries” in which every group flies overseas to film their MV’s (evil cackle)

  23. For a second I thought I heard it wrong. I said to myself, “Wait is not SHADOW? but SHALLOW?” LOL! So nasty!
    I started to like B2ST aka BEAST and now Batoost, after watching Monstar.

  24. I understand Martina’s math…and I like to believe that I am good at math…
    There is a 6% difference from a 50/50 split. One is 56% while the other is 44%.
    Yes, I do realize that there is a 12% difference between 56% and 44%, but if you go off the 50/50 split that Martina was saying than it is a 6% difference from them being dead even. That 6% boost B.A.P received had to come out of Infinite’s 50% making it 44%.
    I love math so I felt the need to make a comment, and I hope I’m not too confusing…who knows if this will ever be seen, but Martina I think you were correct with what you were saying.
    *throws fairy dust in the air and flies away*

  25. I noticed today you didn’t use as many skits/characters today. Good to change the pace up a bit. I really love this MV, creepy eye thing FTW!

  26. There’s a new word for the Urban Dictionary…Kpopocalypse!!!

  27. vaxanne

    Jaejoong’s MINE is EPIC!!!

  28. same thoughts here about the song. it was nice and all but it def is missing an OOMPH factor.

  29. I think B2ST is kind of like their trademark but BEAST is their name…uhh. You can see they still use B2ST on their albums, so Batoost fo’ life!!!

  30. kpopfan123

    “I don’t see any mention of “B2ST” anywhere on the page. Guise? Wh…what’s happening here?” they’re on to you guise :)

    I thought the song was catchy and video was pretty cool but I got that feeling like the company didn’t pay that much attention to the song or video… like since k-pop is starting to get dark “visually” but the message doesn’t change much…

    Great job as always! :D


  31. Please do BADMAN next week! :D Kpopocalypse!!!!!!

  32. Persephone Basilissa

    OK, I usually just respond to others, but this time…. Did anyone else wish that the members would get to have the cool body paint, too? All through the video, I was hoping (and in the beginning, even expecting) that similarly to VIXX’s “Hyde,” their makeup would change to help express the lyrics. I was excitedly looking forward to seeing their faces and arms get slowly ‘invaded’ by geometric ‘tattoos.’ ‘Seeing’ them sink farther and farther into darkness as they plead for the sunlight of their love interest would have made it that much more poignant! I even expected to see some of it in the live stages, but no…. :(

  33. kawaii_candie

    I thought this was a very smart KMM! loved the whole English bit, haha…

    i think the apocalypse trend has to do with dystopian fiction being so popular these days… they’re just trying to hop on the bandwagon :p

  34. Where’s the comment section on Vixx’s G.R.8.U on the kpop charts???? I need to talk to my fellow starlights. DX

  35. I actually know a Shadow……

  36. I wish you guys would review Ailee’s U&I! I just discovered it and the vocals are so powerful, I love the trumpets, and I think the sounds is so different from most kpopo that you hear. She kinda makes me think of what Lee Hi might become when she grows up a bit more and gets a more confident and mature sound. I voted for it on the kpop charts but it’s at 15 so I don’t think it’ll get reviewed :(

  37. Didn’t I see something about them changing the choreo to “Shadow” recently?….runs off to check Oh, p.s. Cube is totally droppin’ the ball because the new B2ST album is not available in the U.S. iTunes store (same for Woolim with the new Infinite one). Sad panda :(

  38. I was so surprised with the 5 out of 5 for English at first hahaha

    By the way, I think it is supposed to be 12%, but I haven’t taken algebra in years so I could be completely off haha.

  39. I’m sorry that this isn’t related, but I have a question for a mod. Can someone please help me?

  40. PunkyPrincess92

    haha GD deja vu!!
    zombie skit was awesome!!!! “had to kill my parents cos they tried to eat me” had me laughing hard!!
    oh man Simon you had me SO CONFUSED there!!!!! i actually believed for a second they were saying Shallow instead!!!

  41. Am I the only one who would love it if S+M considered continuing the blog pos for the Kpop Chart updates or tacking on a little paragraph about their opinion on what’s going on on the kpop charts to the KMM blog?

  42. … What’s with hat? o_O

  43. Does it sound weird that something that reminds me of the past feels like a breath of fresh air to me? Well, this KMM does. It’s like the good old review style. I like this talikng to skits ratio, simple jokes and the screencaps/short fragments of the MVs with your comments in the corner have always been my favorite part of Music Mondays. But I understand that Nasties have different preferences and sense of humor and you’re trying to diversify your videos. Now that I think of it, it could be interesting to see a poll about Nasties’ favorite elements in Music Mondays. Hmmm…
    Back to B2ST! I like Shadow a lot and it’s still growing on me. I thought it was only okay the first time I heard it but now I think it might be my favorite song of July (or a close-tier with Destiny). And as Simon was talking about it, I soooo wanted to step in, say “I beg to differ” and have 30 seconds to disagree with him. First time when he said he wished Yoseob had more parts in the song because one of the things that I like about this song is how the lines are distributed and hwo each member gets a fair share. The second thing I disagree about is the rapping. Junhyung is one of my favorite rappers from Kpop groups. And I also have to partially disagree about the dance. Indeed, it’s not as memorable as Fiction. Shock or Breath, but I liked it, especially during live performances, with backup dancers. The English section today was hilarious! I knew something was fishy when Simon gave it 5 out of 5 ;D
    And even though I was happy not to see Fangurling with Fangurilla this week, please forgive me but I have to have my own fangirling moment because they look oh so fine (including the shadow guy) in this MV! I couldn’t take my eyes off Doojoon and WHOA, YOSEOB’S ARMS!!! Seriously, someone should sneak into his wardrobe and cut off all the sleeves!
    Oh, and I’m loving the random endings of your videos, Crayon Pop Simon was precious! I feel rewarded for watching it to the end.

  44. Kahu Pohatu-campbell

    I love how crap martina is at maths! I know that feels gurlfrand ^^ No but seriously after not doing maths for over 5 years I am now severly mathematically challenged

  45. Martina’s math makes total sense to me

  46. Noel

    56 – 44 = 12! Thats a difference 12% Martina!

  47. That “Boys have a desire” hat reminds me of something…

  48. I really liked this KMM. It felt similar to your older KMMs, not the really old ones, but the ones you made in your second apartment in Bucheon. Those ones are like the Golden Age of KMM to me since they were a great balance between your honest thoughts on the song/video and skits. I’m only one person and I might be in the minority here, but for several months now I’ve felt like your KMMs lost some of the “review” aspect of them. Everybody has their own taste and can say, “I like this and I don’t like that,” but in those older KMMs I feel like you guys went beyond that when you talked seriously about either the song or video (while taking some goodhearted pokes at random silly little things). This is the quality that I personally feel has been missing in the more recent KMMs. On the other hand, I thought that the Michigo one was too much review and not quite enough skits or random asides to break it up a bit. So it’s really nice to see a KMM with that old balance to it. Thanks for this KMM!

    EDIT: I can’t believe you shot Yoseob! :P

    • thisisjustforfunval

      Right, why shoot Yoseob? Cube could easily gather all the artists that have turned to the zombie side and create the first all zombie kpop group. They’d have to be chained up a bit like Shaun of the Dead, but I could see it working. I’m sure their contracts have stipulations in case of zombie apocalypse. Since they are still “alive” they are still bound to said contracts. XD

  49. After watching this KMM I really do wanna know what you guys think about all this ‘illuminati/ satanism’ thing going on in the kpop industry/ entertaiment . PLEASE. TLDR. – about how everything in korea it’s been “american-azed” , how all in kpop is full of symbolism…the mvs for example (under the most important labels out there). I’m really interested in what you personally think. Sorry for posting this here >.<

    • I would loooove for them to talk about this as well ^^

    • Persephone Basilissa

      I’m not sure it’s ‘illuminati/satanism’ so much as gothic influence, just as you saw during the Victorian age — very similar imagery and symbolism. And while I will grant that such influence is from the western world, it’s not fair to say that it’s American. If anything, the supernatural character types are mostly European — think Romania, Germany, England and so on. And the gothic architecture is iconically medieval and renaissance French.
      Still, I’m enjoying the supernatural gothic trend in concepts — as it’s always been one of my favorites in novels, TV and films. In fact, I was thinking just today that some group should try a reversal of the Jekyll and Hyde story and do a Beauty and the Beast concept, where a bad guy is redeemed by love for a woman. It would certainly be rich fodder for romanticism, even if not necessarily the best message for impressionable young fangirls to internalize.

      • Vixx did Jekyll and Hyde… And they’re both great! :D The Jekyll mv is called G.R.8.U but still… Since you’re familiar with the story I’m sure you’ll catch on to some things and how the two videos are connected. :)

        • Persephone Basilissa

          Yeah, I know. I’m a big fan of those, as well as ‘On and On’ — then I was thinking of ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl’ and wondering what other concepts in the same genre could be used — and that’s what made me think of Beauty and the Beast.

        • Lee Anne Ledwell

          Vixx is one of my favorites! I had my bias list pretty set before I found them but Leo messed everything up! :P
          Yeah, I’d like the see a Beauty and the Beast theme. I wonder who’s going to be the beast tho… no kpop idol is beast-like…. well except B2ST… haha

        • Persephone Basilissa

          To pull it off, you’d need someone who truly has something of a dark side and can act. He doesn’t need to be ugly; that’s what stylists are for. I haven’t watched many dramas, but from what I’ve seen on variety shows, documentaries, etc., the few that come to mind are Shim Changmin, T.O.P. and Lee Joon.
          I’d want to see Leo give it a try, but I don’t know if he can lose himself in a role yet. For a real stretch, I’d even consider Seventeen’s as-yet-undebuted Jang DoYoon; he’s normally full of gentle aegyo, but during a prank on new members, he was truly scary as a scolding hyung.
          Of course, there’s Kangin, but I don’t think SuJu would fit this concept! Maybe CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun, but they don’t do concepts. Can Taecyon act?

        • Persephone Basilissa

          Or, hey! How about a female idol doing a variant on the Picture of Dorian Gray? Someone like Lee Hyori or BoA would have plenty to identify with in this story, and it would be fascinating to see her performing the title song in various retro styles in scenes ranging over decades. Other idols would be jealous of her eternal youth, tabloids would be trying to out her as a vampire, it’d be great!

      • I know it seems so but i didn’t request that TLDR especially for this mv. I’ ve just seen a lot of vds on youtube “talking” about illuminati in kpop ( go see yourself) and they’re starting to get pretty annoying so i wanted to ask for simon and martina’s opinion. Remember the tatooo on yo seob’s arm saying “illuminati” that was quite funny. Anyways where’ re you from? cause I’m from Romania and that Dracula thing it’s not that big as you may’ ve heard but what am i doing here..i’m spoiling a possible interest for Romanian culture.hehe

        • Persephone Basilissa

          Ah, I’ve not seen any of those illuminati vids; that explains your question, then.
          Since you ask, I’m from the USA.
          I make no claims about how “big” any of these gothic images/characters/stories are in their “home” countries; I just meant to make the point that they are pretty much *not* American, so their use in k-pop is not evidence of everything in Korea being “american-ized.” I am willing to concede the possibility that it may be being westernized. Which may be a good question for S&M….

        • Anyways, I’m glad you’ve heard of Romania though ^^ lol.

    • Persephone Basilissa

      In fact, Ladies’ Code’s new MV “Hate You” might be a good jumping-off point for this, with the voodoo doll symbolism. Then one can spin off into VIXX, EXO, Lee Jung Hyun, QUEEN B’Z and M.Pire. Wow, suddenly it seems the gothic concept is everywhere! What happened to bright, happy summers?

  50. If you look at their comeback stage on InkiGayo, their stage did say “B2ST” in the background.


  51. I’m surprised you didnt like the dance more. I get your point about there not being as obvious big move as usual. But to me the dance was still super impressive/effective, especially live – as each member came on/danced with back-up dancers during their parts (even though there were always 6 people dancing, so the others could have acted as the back up dancers) until they all came together. I also thought the cowboy step was really good – matched the song well and subtly ephasised it by switching in unity (when the two members in the middle did it alone)…. But I do agree it isnt as ‘catchy’ as previously

  52. What kind of a rapping name is Steve?

  53. unicornsgalaxy

    I think this was a great KMM guys. I’ll be completely honest. Your KMMs have become a bit hit and miss for me. Sometimes I find them amusing and sometimes I get close to the “hate” mark with them. I have found that I am firmly in the camp that wants you to talk more about the video and your thoughts on it and have less skits. I mean I really liked you Michi Go review (the only problem I had with it was I thought it needed a bit more structure).

    I thought that this KMM had a really good blend of your thoughts about the video and song and a really amusing skit that was completely relevant to the video and was seamlessly integrated into the KMM (sometimes I think the skits don’t always go with what your reviewing and talking about).

    Onto the song. I love it and I am admittedly biased when it comes to Beast. I love them to bits (even if I don’t necessarily love all their songs as there’s a handful that I can live without). I do agree that there feels like there is something missing in this song though. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is either. It’s quite catchy and I’ll probably be singing it for the rest of the day but if you compare it to say Soom then it just feels like something is missing.

  54. It reminded me more of Vixx’s Hyde than it did of Jaejoong’s Mine, tbh

  55. Jaejoong’s Mine of course!!!! Don’t get me wrong i like Beast but Jaejoong is Jaejoong, so yeah….Jaejoong!!!!

  56. I love the new poll too and please make this the only way to vote so that the comments are more “discussional” on the YT video.

  57. when my sister and i first heard it we heard “because I’m CHEDDAR CHEDDAR CHEDDAR” so now we think there is a secret kpop picnic going on with infinite (WE GOT THE ORANGE JUICE) girl’s generation (I GOT A BOY CHICKEN) and mblaq (SMOKY GIL SMOKY GIL SMOKY GIL). so much food…….

  58. Nasties! For everyone asking S&M if they could do short posts about new music videos, I asked them what they thought about ‘Kill Bill’ on the DICK video and here’s what they said:

    ‘We’re going to find time for some Kpop Music Mondays to do some list-like videos, kind of like what we did for the Best Videos of 2013 thus far, in which we’ll get a chance to talk about the other videos, hopefully :D”

    (So yaaaay!)

  59. “People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

    • My god. That second one is -amazing-.

    • Great fan art!!! Is this yours??? If so amazing work, drawings are incredible!!! ;) If not yours then thanks for posting them here!!!

      • No they are not mine (on two of those fanarts are ‘signatures’ of the original artists but the 1st fanart didn’t have it so I dunno who is the author but all the credits goes to him/her) and U are welcome. I sheared those fanarts coz I thought they did match the ‘dark’ concept and visually described MINE perfectly without me needing to prise MINE by using many words.

        • Well, thanks anyway, now that you mention it there’s the signature of 2….i kinda overlooked it the first time, but really good stuff…Mine is really a great song the visuals in the video are amazing….

    • Is there a website where this fanart is located? If not then where did you find these because they are AMAZING!!!!!

  60. Lee Unđerground Manson
    Lee Unđerground Manson

    if the sung about “IM SHALLOW” then they could probably compete with Jaejoon but like this? :P Jaejoon wins infinitely!

  61. Heheh, Kpop Apocalypse. Try saying THAT tongue twister 10 times. *attempts and fails*

    Also, I think the percentage goes, if there was a 6% difference between the two, and B.A.P was ahead, then B.A.P got 53%, ad Infinite got 47%. 53-47=6, and 53+47=100.
    (I swear I hate math. Really! It’s just… I’ve been taking a math class all summer and it’s taking over my mind. T__T)

  62. Jaejoon’s mine is my vote

  63. I’m a fan, but I really thought Simon would give 0 out of 5. The lyrics “you’re my last” ouch… but it’s really creative. And I’m really glad you didn’t use fan guirella skit, I’m a bit scared of her. hehe..

  64. Shelley Beh

    I get why you guys decided to stop kpop chart updates so you can have more time with more videos :) but I was wondering if there was any possible way for you to perhaps maybe just do a written blog post on short thoughts of new releases. Sometimes there are new songs released but not necessarily “fun” enough for kpop music mondays and I totally get that, or that they aren’t voted up enough, but I find myself wanting to just know a bit of your opinions on them you know? I know you guys primarily do videos and that’s your main focus but I’m pretty sure some of your Nasties would gladly read your thoughts on new songs and actually have discussions with comments below :) no need for epic essay lengths .. just a thought :)

  65. Starsania

    Jaejoong’s Mine video kept my attention longer than Batoost’s as far as the visual elements go. While still dark, the visuals seem cleaner and there was a bit less to try to focus on. A little easier to try to thread together what everything meant and little less like a jumbled mess. I still liked the visuals in Shadow but Mine’s were more effective to me.

  66. Cyber_3

    Great KMM! It had all the elements of KMM and some cool skits and even some interaction for the normally solo parts – awesome! And so early! Kudos! It was just perfect. I loved that Meemers was sleeping in the background for Martina’s bits. Animals love those types of carpets for naps.

    I also found it disjointed for the kpopacalypse scene at the end, it didn’t really flow out of the rest of the video. I think that the thing that you are talking about that the song lacks is a “Bridge” or “Coda”, that short (sometimes instrumental) bit usually between the 3rd and 4rth verses that somehow levels up the whole song for a crescendo at the end. A lot of songs (internationally) seem to have obsoleted this bit in the last 5-10 years that we have come to expect – so disappointing.

    I’m going to vote for Jaejoong but only because his video reminds me so much of WoodKid’s latest bunch of MVs, I really did like this video too.

  67. Yes my roommate though they were saying cheddar hahahah

  68. Oh man, Jaejoong is owning Beast
    But then again what should I expect xD

  69. JaeJoong’s MINE is perfect m/

  70. Or maybe they really are Shadow. He had a much darker back story than Sonic after all.

  71. I liked the imagery in Shadow way than in Mine. It was just a really beautiful video. But song wise, in my opinion, Mine totally kicks Shadow’s butt.

  72. Simon is the winner of this weeks KPop Music Monday!!!
    That is right Simon. I saw you at the end of the video. You win this week.

  73. i think their English was fine ;P

  74. According to the Internets…pre-debut they were called B2ST (Boys to Search for Top), but just before debuting, they changed the name to BEAST (Boys of the East Standing Tall). Both are pronounced like ‘beast’. The fan names though keep the 2 – B2tys and B2sties – sort of a beauty and the beast theme is the idea.

    As for the song, I think it is MUCH better when they perform it live. They just won one of the music shows, and that performance helped me to like the song a lot more. I think it’s one of those songs that the more you listen to it, the more you like it. At least that’s the way it is for me. I also think that Yoseob kills it in the song! Well, they all do, but he was particularly mesmerizing this time round.

  75. Denise

    I totally agree with what S&M said about the song. I found it boring, probably because the lack of build up or something. I liked the chorus but that’s the only part that I remember, to be honest. The video though was pretty awesome! I don’t know much about the symbolism or whatever, I never catch these things…but it looked amazing! Big improvement for Batoost. I just expect better music from them in the future. This video was kind of epic and the song didn’t match it at all in my opinion.

  76. This week’s skit was the best (aka the only way I want to talk about zombies… ever).

  77. Before debuting Beast officially changed their name from B2st to Beast…. they keep B2st for the tags though, cuz some ppl (read: Simon) still think of them as B2st….
    Then again, the English of the song… Simon I’m upset; sometimes you rate them for their bad pronunciation and sometimes you say you don’t mind it since its pronunciation only… pick one Simon, PICK ONE (pick the rating including the bad pronunciation otherwise they’ll all get 5s… WASH YO NEIGH, WASH YO NEIGH?)

  78. I was a bit dissatisfied with the shorter KMM but I think you guys got it right this time. I think the problem before was there was more of a focus on the skits than on the discussion of the song and video, but the ratio of skits to discussion on this video was perfect and the video didn’t feel too short :)

  79. Could you only ask to click the subscription button only if not subscribed already? because what happens if you are already subscribed? You may end up like me unsubscribing and re-subscribing a couple of times now…..sigh…..damn this mindless obedience of mine XP

  80. LOL, GD “Fantastic Baby” Cameo Deja vu!

  81. Happy (nasty ~) birthday Teeba!

    That BEAST video needs a spider warning ardgjakjdh. The visuals were very cool but got to agree with you that the song felt kind of lacking. It seemed more like an intro track to me. Still it’s nice to have a more mellow song being promoted.

  82. Still can’t understand why the KMM are so short now :<

    • And don’t understand me wrong. I actually loved this KMM more than others. Why? Because you talked more about the song and the MV, and didn’t focused only on the skits~

      • yanagiba yusuke22

        i love the way they make this week’s KMM… they r simple but hv all element that nasties want to know abt S&M opinions abt the song…. good job S&M!!…

    • Music Mondays are shorter now because we found that, on average, people stop watching after 7:00 minutes. We looked at all the stats from Kpop Music Mondays, and that’s the usual drop off time. So we’re trying to make Music Mondays more concise, and not lose a lot of viewers by the end of the video.

      • I usually stopped/stop watching your videos 1-2 minutes before the end, because I know what the rest of the video about. It’s not that I don’t enjoy your videos, I simply refrain from subscribing to anything and taking part in competitions ( yeah, the truth is out, I am a social site illiterate…. but I still try my best and am improving. See? I registered to Disqus :D ) So please don’t keep reducing the videos’ length.

        • I stop the video when Spudgy starts singing, since I know that from there on out it’s just the same everytime (also, I don’t care about competitions).

        • Leann Reemer

          Oh? Well you missed something EPIC this week. *jumping yeah*

        • Haha yeah… it was funny because we were singing that song not long before watching this KMM too…. jumping!

      • We know, we know… Nasties will watch every single KMM no matter what, but from time to time you should bless us with a longer KMM, just saying

      • I hope it saves you time at least?

      • Maybe… but I personally prefer longer ones~^^
        Besides you cut KMM time yet you extended Spudgy showdown like for a lot (or at least it just feels like it? O.o)
        I like Spudgy don’t get me wrong, but honestly his showdown doesn’t brings anything to the KMM (and this is the only part I rarely watch in every KMM) so, just a thought, maybe you should do those 7 min fully MV/song oriented and add Spudgy after? (Then everyone – me in particular – would be happy)

        • Hey, that’s actually a good point. I didn’t think of that before and even though Spudgy is so loveable, if you guise have to make the video shorter (which is understandable), I think it’s better to reduce the outro rather than the review.

      • Why do people have such short attention spans these days? *shakes cane* Kids these days. But seriously and then no one reads anymore either..

      • weird. I’d never click away early. I always watch until the end!

      • I wonder what would happen if you put up a poll here on the blogs asking what time-frame(s) your viewers prefer your videos to last..

      • I usualy skip the Spudy part since I know it is Spudy and what is going on.

        I guess I am one of those who prefer longer KMMs but maybe you guys should do a poll where you ask nasties about their fav KMM lenght?
        In the end, as long as the KMM is balanced, I don’t really care how long it is.
        Besides, I always read the post after I watched the video.

        And I have to say that voting here is better than when it was done on facebook. Sometimes I even forgot to vote there *lol* .

  83. I’m so sad about inkigayo. ;A; I hope that they can have an awesome experience when they come to kcon and that stupid 사생 fans don’t hurt them.
    I love your videos lately, they are super nasty and I give you mad props for all of the new stuff you’re trying!

  84. Jaejoong’s MINE is waaaaaaaaaaay better!

  85. Btw Simon & Martina, about kpop chart update:
    I thought it might be interesting to do it once in a while when there’s a video that won’t be voted into the top 3 for sure but you find it interesting (like Wonder Boyz Tarzan), it would be nice hearing couple of lines on the matter~^^

  86. I’m going to be singing the Spudgy version all week.

  87. I really miss what kpop music monday’s used to be S&M used to actually review the video instead of going through various skits that have nothing to do with the MV! The last really great music monday was for Jaejoong’s Mine ever since then Music Monday’s have been less than stellar! Please S&M go back to actually talking about the video!

  88. yanagiba yusuke22

    im distract by meems behind martina…. the naughty giant meems is coming to studioooo…:)

  89. I was really hoping you guys would do the KMM on f(x) this week. We worked hard to keep it up there on the charts, but I don’t know if will survive another week. If we can’t, I’d like to know what you guys think of the song and video.

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      if u want S&M to review fx mv…u should watched the old fx KMM or other SM in box mv… its just the recycled thing…i dont want to watched a repeated thing all over n over again

      • Perhaps. But, I enjoyed their reviews for the other f(x) songs. And I’d like to hear their thoughts on the dance and the Perv Cam, as someone on the video thread called it.

        • yanagiba yusuke22
          yanagiba yusuke22

          thats y im kinda miss kpop chart update… even they didnt review all thing…they will b saying sumthing abt 3 song that hv no chance to b review for KMM…sumtimes i want to know wat their opinion abt the song…not just the MV

        • S&M, have you ever thought about doing a short video a day or two or whatever AFTER KMM to talk briefly about any songs you wish you could have shared your opinions on? Kind of like a k-pop chart update but after the fact so you can talk freely since you already know who the winner for the week is. Just a thought. I don’t want to add more work for you and will watch whatever you decide to do but wanted to throw it out as an option if you haven’t already considered it. Hmmm…perhaps something like a Consolation/Revelation/Appreciation Prize (CRAP) video?

    • If I remember correctly, VIXX’s Hyde stayed in the top 3 for like 5 weeks and F(x)’s MV isn’t even 2 weeks old, so keep it up. There is hope!

  90. Hey guys. I completely understand why you decided to stop doing kpop chart updates any more to make more room for other things, but I was wondering whether there was a way to incorporate talking about new releases into the end of the KMM? Just a few lines mentioning big releases in the previous week or upcomings, just before saying to vote on the kpop chart. It’s just that I used to find most of the new stuff I liked from the chart updates but I don’t have that now! Just a suggestion! <3

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      agree 101%….

    • I was thinking that if the videos are too time consuming to make, they could just do the blog post and post that on the site. There are a lot of kpop videos I love that I never would have seen if it weren’t for the weekly updates, so it’s a bit of a shame if it disappears completely.

    • I always thought that they should email notification when a new video hits their charts.

    • I would appreciate a short video with no commentary, just saying “These are the new videos this week! Go vote!” with links to the videos. Would this be too hard? I actually don’t pay much attention to what’s coming out, but having the kpop chart updates introduced me to some music I wouldn’t have known about before. I basically only keep up with U-Kiss, but I do like many other groups. I would have never gotten to know some if not for the chart updates. Maybe there’s somewhere I can go to see this, but I love EYK and am totally selfish about wanting more! lol.

      By the way, I kind of like this song, but I wish the chorus wasn’t ruined with “because I’m shadow”. They could have said so many other things, like “I’m a shadow” or “I’m your shadow” or just… ANYTHING, and it would have been fine. I actually like Doojoon’s high parts in the chorus ( I don’t listen to a lot of Batoost’s music, so I have no idea about his range ), and all of them look pretty handsome. Except.. wtf is that on the baby’s face? >_> The only idol allowed to have facial hair is G.O., alright?

      Martina, you should have totally called AJ for math help, in the bloopers. :D

      • I do like the aspect of the Kpopchart updates that we get to hear their opinions on songs that we wouldn’t know of otherwise. But whilst the video itself could be short, but there’s all the organising and formatting, e.g. putting all the videos into a playlist and getting clips of the videos into that video and then making the link boxes to all the relevant videos. I think the kpopchart in itself is amazing with all the new songs coming out every week! I’ve just kinda gotten into the habit of checking their site now, also means I go straight into PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYLIST MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODE!

    • Do people really rely on their Saturday updates to find out, as you said, the big releases of the week? I highly doubt it. If you don’t know that GD or SNSD or SHINee dropped a song, then quite frankly, you don’t go here. But I was always of the opinion that, should the updates stay around, they’d be better suited to talking about releases that most people wouldn’t have seen or heard.

      I suppose people can always just sort the kpop charts from popular (which it defaults as) to newest. And we can stop being lazy and let S&M have more time for the stuff they want to do, haha.

      • The thing is I have work and other stuff so its harder for me to find out because I work sleep and eat and hardly get time to do kpop related stuff anymore :(

    • Keep an eye on the facebook page. Most nasty’s are VERY good about posting when a new music video comes out.

    • I’m not too sure. Part of stopping the KpopCharts update is that we don’t want to be viewed as a Kpop news site, which some people were thinking of us as. We’d like to talk about Kpop more often, sure, but not at the expense of being thought of as just Kpop people, you know? We do lots of other videos, but people seem to forget that for some reason…

      • I’m not sure there’s anyway to get around this if you want to be perceived less as kpop people then! XD And you should know that even though I’d love to see more kpop stuff from you, personally my favourite videos that you make are actually TL;DR and the live chats! I recently got back from a 6 week trip to Vancouver meaning that I couldn’t watch any of the live streams in that time, so I created myself a long playlist so I could catch up with them all. Dedicated Nasty! XD My point is that even though I am most likely to go to your videos for kpop, I get a great deal more entertainment out of your other videos anyway. :) Thank you for responding, it means a lot. <3

      • I always liked the KpopCharts updates because I get to hear you say a bit about other songs that don’t get reviewed for KMM! I know we can see what’s new on the charts, I just like hearing a little of your opinion :D

      • I don’t think that stopping the updates will change much about the way you’re perceived! You’re mostly well known for KMM, and your KPop Charts are a widely used as info about the new releases. From that point of you, the updates are a detail, and removing them won’t drastically change people’s views on you.

        Look at your home page for instance: it’s really KPop oriented. If you want to be viewed as less KPoppy, how about setting the “culture” homepage as default homepage? Then visitors could click “switch to music” to see KMM, KPop Charts, Indie, and, if you chose to keep it under a form or another, What’s New in KPop.

    • Oops…replied to the wrong comment earlier.

      S&M, have you ever thought about doing a short video a day or two or whatever AFTER KMM to talk briefly about any songs you wish you could have shared your opinions on? Kind of like a k-pop chart update but after the fact so you can talk freely since you already know who the winner for the week is. Just a thought. I don’t want to add more work for you and will watch whatever you decide to do but wanted to throw it out as an option if you haven’t already considered it. Hmmm…perhaps something like a Consolation/Revelation/Appreciation Prize (CRAP) video?

  91. Their MV reminded me more of VIXX’s Hyde though haha xD

    • Now that you mention it, you’re right. Very dark themes, and lovely songs (and I have the same opinion about the raps for both… would have been fine without them…) Then again, I’m sure we could find many MVs with similar concepts to this one. Oh, how creative they are. XD

    • Hyde is much better than Shadow, imo. I like Shadow, but I think Hyde went soooo well with the lyrics, the styling, and the acting.

  92. This was everything I like in a KMM! Musing about trends in videos always does it for me, but I absolutely LOVED Martina’s interruption of Simon’s rant about the chorus. I didn’t see any of that coming, I love the creativity here. Perfect.

    • Yes!!! That was my favorite part too! I was so confused why they would get a 5 out of 5, when I wouldn’t even have given them a 5 out of 5 due to being biased. And totally was not excepting the “shallow” part. It would have fit perfectly though…..

  93. martina is having a baby nasties. she said it she said it.

  94. I absolutely love the song, but I know exactly what you mean about expecting a change or buildup and then not getting one. I was waiting for a key change, maybe, but then it never happened. Still, great song.

    Loved the skit — I really don’t understand the fascination with zombies these days, but I still laughed out loud. Poor zombie Yoseob.

    • I agree with the buildup part tooooo. especially when you pay attention to their most popular song Fiction.Yong has been learning from Tiger, so there are similarities between the 2 songs. the symbolic theme, and the structure of the melody. But when you compare these 2 song (especially in the lyrics), you can simply find Fiction gets some really touching lines in the last part of the song, which helps to build up the feeling, and the music changes to strengthen this part too. but the last part of Shadow….well it’s simply repeating…what a pity…the basic melody is great, but the whole song could be better.

  95. thisisjustforfunval

    Simon, your English segment was phenomenal this week. Especially the ending
    “Batoost, 2 out of 5. Ah who am I kidding, I heard the rest of the song. 1 out of 5.”
    So glad you guys kept this segment of KMM.

    • That was a very special KMM. The message of these kpopalytical videos is very soothing, who doesn’t want to see the end of the world while watching a bunch of handsome fit guys ?! By the way, talking about animals in videos, i can totally understand the symbolism of dogs, spiders, snakes, and birds of prey but what’s with the cow in KHJ Unbreakable ?

      • Michelle Zetsubou Henriksen

        The bull is the emblem of the car it turns into, a Lamborghini. Just as with the horse turning into a Ferrari is the emblem of that car.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        That skit was hilarious, “Oh really Yoseob, that’s your excuse for being late. You’re a zombie.” Bang

        Plus you know hot guys dancing and singing would make the end of the world much easier to swallow.

        The cow, actually is a bull, in Unbreakable and it symbolizes the Lamborghini. They have a bull for their logo and the horse represents the Ferrari. ^_^

      • Not related but I like those bug emoticons~^^ (kinda like matoki)
        where can I get them?

        • They came with my iPad, one of the many virtual keyboards you can choose from. It’s called Emoji. I also have the korean one, so i can write in korean, like that : 안녕하세요. It would be very usefull if i could speak korean

        • BLAQ Finiks

          Oh, I see, but I’m not an i-user :P
          Maybe they have them on Android as well? :D
          I have hangul keyboard too, virtual one is much easier to use then the one on a laptop lol
          [Edit: just noticed, they actually do look like android robot xD]

      • Yeah I watched KHJ’s mv late at night and was like “damn, that cow just turned into a car, cool shit.” I’ve accepted everything now in Kpop videos, haha.

      • LinZi

        Kim Hyun Joong also mentioned some joke on Barefoot Friends when he was showing off his fancy hat dance from Unbreakable. He said something about how he can be a dog and that he can also be a mad cow… I don’t quite get the joke, but I assumed he was making some reference to the video because he was talking about his new album. ^^

        Anybody with more cultural knowledge know what he meant by that? (It’s in episode 16 if anyone is curious)

    • Batoost-KMMs always provide us the best English segments :3

  96. The kpopolyps kpopalyps kpopalolyps kpopacolyps ..uh . what was it again .. anyway , EPIC *O*
    but ..but..
    seems no future review for Kill Bill D’:

  97. LMFAOO THE ENGLISH PART HAD ME DYING OF LAUGHTER, I was so sure they would get a 1 and my mouth was just gaping open when Simon said 5, but then the end just killed me hahahahaha Accurate rating Simon, very accurate hahah

  98. Lol Simon, you are so funny, I was surprised when you gave 5/5 and wondering what point you were trying to get at and then I read shallow with the chorus, I laughed so hard xD
    Great KMM!

  99. To me Shadow is a very neat and beautiful song (although the rap at the beginning is a kind of awkward…) It doesn’t have the bombastic feel like every K-Pop groups are doing to get attentions these days; it just wowed me in a way I can’t explain.

  100. Yeay for Kpopalypse!

    I like Jaejong’s song better, but the animals in his video looked really really fake, so to stick to the question I have to vote for Shadow.

  101. oh math…xD Cannot compute, Martina? xD Actually you were right from the start, they won by a 6% margin. :) And it will always be Batoost in my heart…BATOOST 4LYF!

    • Cyber_3

      Er….. If BAP had 56% and Infinite had 44% of the votes, you are not comparing to 100 when you compare them to each other. Think of it as a ratio of 56:44 rather than a percentage. What is the difference? 12. Since we are taking in percentages anyways, then it is 12% – BAP had 12% more votes than Infinite.

      • it’s not exactly right. when it comes to difference in percentage point indeed it is 12%, but BAP has 26,71% more votes than Infinite

  102. Awwh I loved this dance!!!! It was so catchy cause before I even saw the dance and was moving to the music, I would do the “side-to-side” shoulder move by instinct cause it just went so well with the song haha, anyways, soooo happy yo guys reviewed Shadow :D ON TO EXO NEXT WEEK RIGHT GUISE, RIGHT RIGHT?! :D:D:D:D

  103. I really loveeeeeeeeed this song and video. Dark concepts are my favorite, so that’s why I have a really hard time choosing between Mine and Shadow. I love them both. q_q

  104. hahaha… Bcoz I’m spudgy, spudgy, spudgy, spudgy

  105. Wah, this video is taking forever to load. :(
    But based off of the blog post, though I love the song and love the video, I totally get what you’re saying. I thought when Junhyung came in for his second part of the song things would change up a bit. I did like the initial switch of music there, but it kind of just died out. And then he ended with that half talking/half singing note thing. Kind of a let down. But that little switch there is still my favorite part of the song.

  106. Love the shirt Martina!!!!

  107. haha~ i’m sure they officially changed from B2ST to BEAST a while back.. B2ST was supposed to mean, “Boys 2 Stand on Top”, but now it’s “Boys of the EAst Standing Tall” = BEAST.. Or something like that. haha~

  108. yanagiba yusuke22

    love the song… dont expect KMM will b this fast

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