For some odd reason, last week two songs about Breathing were released: Miss A’s “Breathe” and B2ST’s “Soom” (which is Korean, I think, for “breath). We could only review one of them, so we chose B2ST, since we did Miss A a few weeks ago. Now, since this song is really quite new, if you plan on talking about it with your students some of them might not have seen the video, so you can score extra points for being on top of the kpop scene. Ha!

What’s good about this song is that, even though the English isn’t perfect, it’s a lot, lot better than the English in their other songs. In their last single, their chorus was “Everyday I shock” which was nonsense. This song’s English is better than that. Good for them! Oh, and sorry for those of you who voted for Lee Hyori last week when we pitted her against TOP’s “Turn it Up”. Martina was responsible for counting the votes. There’s a strong chance that the voting might have been rigged! This week we’ll be a little less biased :D

Thanks to [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations!

  1. top.. im late xD..( it think)

  2. lol im i late again ( go b2st )

  3. You lived in korea for 3 years already and don’t know the meaning of 숨 ? ..even I know that :P

  4. i like b2st so much!
    i can't take my breath breath breath~

  5. BESTAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! JAJA u are awesome. ajaj cheeras fron ARGENTINA!! byebye


  7. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA i am a total fan!

  8. I don't think that You do something special or interesting, yes, sometimes it's funny, but sometimes absurdly.
    I prefer Breath by Beast!They're the best for me….

  9. As much as I love B2ST Miss A has my vote. Miss A's song and MV is less strange.

  10. I vote for B2ST! Loved the MV, the slow motion, the "breathe in breathe out" part, the rain, the wind at the end, Yoseob's voice, Junhyung's rap, Dongwoon's short hair… ok, I'm out. :p

  11. Im going w/ my guys B2ST! and i luv Spudgy's dances at the end. ^.^

  12. Guys, you’re sooooo awesome !
    I can’t wait the next Monday to watch new Kpop video :)
    Seriously guys, YOU ROCKS !
    Thank you for making us laugh ^^ You should be humourists too LMFAO !
    By the way, I vote for Miss A :)

  13. b2st definetly!!!!!!!!!! i like miss a, but their newest album isnt that good at all, especially breath, and then the music video is really weerd!

  14. Really funny episode guys! For the showdown, I vote for Miss A.

  15. As much as I do like Beast, I had to listen to Soom like five times to really get into it. Granted, the MV helped (as videos of attractive men are wont to do >.>), but the moment I heard Miss A's "Breathe", I was hooked and already imitating that little step…dance…thing……… Yeah, I don't know what to call it. But either way, Breathe was on repeat for a good 3 hours as I cleaned the house, and not once did I get tired of it.

    So, tl;dr, my vote goes to Miss A!

  16. I like Beast better. Although I like both songs and MVs, I like the imagery of Beast better. However, it's hard to compare the two videos because Miss A is about the beginning of love, so it's going to be more colorful and fun, whereas Beast is about the end of love, so it's going to be darker and more intense (don't know if this is the right word, but hopefully you'll catch my drift.) Either way my vote goes for Beast.

  17. Miss A has my vote, catchier and I love the video. You two are my weekly entertainment, love it!

  18. I would like to take part in your survey because you guys are funny and I can tell you are really dedicated teachers. But in order to vote I would have to endure Korean pop music and shekshi videos. I cannot bear to waste another precious second of my time watching videos designed to arouse adult males set to crappy music written for twelve-year-old girls.
    BTW, "shekshi" is a technical term referring to the crass commercial exploitation of the (usually female) human body for the purpose of getting otherwise conservative families to buy some product (music CD, car) or watch a lame ass TV show, as opposed to its counterpart "sexy" which connotes personal power. Ex: Doumi girls (like Lee Hyori) are shekshi. Sama Hayek is sexy.

  19. MISS A ALL THE WAYYYY!!!!!! although i do like B2ST (JunHyung!!! <3) But Miss A is just SO CUTEEE <3

  20. Miss A…. although i really enjoyed Beast's song

  21. What's up with Koreans and breathing lately? You guys have seen SS501's "Love Ya" video, right? Oxygen masks in that one too! Even though I like both songs and videos, I'm voting for Miss A because of that part where she's got a cut out of a heart in her chest.

  22. I totally vote for B2ST! ♥♥ ^^

  23. I vote for Miss a. Soom is very similar to Shock. They lack originality, especially when starts the strong part of the song.
    I want to learn Hangeul. Where, in the internet, can I do it for free?
    I love your page and your really cool way to teach about Korean culture.

  24. There was nothing catchy about Miss A for me. B2ST is my choice with it's setting of a musical in ruins. And slow mo with "breathe in, breathe out" really works for me!

  25. I like both but I think I have to go with Miss A on this one. The song is just so catchy and the video is so colorful. It is like a bag of skittles exploded in my face. I mean, which world looks more fun and entertaining? Burnt ash coal land or the land where a candy store threw up everywhere?

  26. miss A~~^@#*%@#& i love 'ha ha ha ha' part and the moves!

  27. I vote for Miss A. My 22 month old son votes for Miss A too, but he's just in it for the fanservice.

    Anyway, that controversial character is neither the number "2" nor the letters "ea"; it's clearly "æ", ala Æon Flux. The band "Bæst" should be pronounced "Bayst".

    • I just read a comment from someone on YouTube who said that "ee" is the Korean word for 2, so it makes sense.

      But then that would make 2NE1 "Eeneeyil" and that's just terrible.

      • You must have known this already, right? Please don't tell me you live in Korea and don't know the word for "2"! How do you order your movie tickets or beers? (Unless it's in some kind of esoteric word no longer used or something; then you get a pass). :)

        • Oh, we know how to count in Korean! It's the first thing we learned in Korean…but we never actually thought of saying the 2 in Korean for B2ST's name.

    B2ST's part of the song, "Breathe in, breathe out" reminds me of a joke. (I will change it not to offend blondes). A woman comes into a hair salon to get her hair done and has her (tape recorder, MP3 player, etc…you pick) and her head phones on. The hair stylist says "I can't do your hair until you take the headphones off." The woman says "If I take my headphones off, I will die!" Finally, the woman takes here headphones off and she collapses and dies. The hair stylist, wondering what happened listens to the recording….All it says is "Breathe in, breathe out…..breathe in, breathe out."

  29. Miss A's!! It's much more catchy and fun to listen to!

  30. this is totally the best Music Monday ever :) I loved it xD especially the oxygen mask part, and the dance part, as well as English corner, and of course Marina's votes counting part… basically, there's no part I wouldn't like! nah, guys, ur great :)

    btw. I vote for B2st :)

  31. it has to be Miss A, no doubt. They really do take my breath away with each video. They have such a fresh sound and they are by far the most talented female dancers on the K-pop scene.

  32. Oh man, I am loving this series. Just today as I was walking home I passed some screen playing this music video and was wondering what it was. I feel so educated on Korean pop culture with these videos :)

  33. I like Miss A! Its really catchy. I didnt like it at first.

  34. I firmly agree with Simon's pronunciation of Be-two-st. If it's good enough for R2D2, then it's good enough for K-pop. Stand strong SImon, don't let the number fascists bring you down…

    I vote for Miss A, but only because they don't choose to numerically mislead their fans. Plus they wear funky looking gas masks.

  35. Miss A! Wasn't able to watch the whole B2ST video before getting bored.

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