For some odd reason, last week two songs about Breathing were released: Miss A’s “Breathe” and B2ST’s “Soom” (which is Korean, I think, for “breath). We could only review one of them, so we chose B2ST, since we did Miss A a few weeks ago. Now, since this song is really quite new, if you plan on talking about it with your students some of them might not have seen the video, so you can score extra points for being on top of the kpop scene. Ha!

What’s good about this song is that, even though the English isn’t perfect, it’s a lot, lot better than the English in their other songs. In their last single, their chorus was “Everyday I shock” which was nonsense. This song’s English is better than that. Good for them! Oh, and sorry for those of you who voted for Lee Hyori last week when we pitted her against TOP’s “Turn it Up”. Martina was responsible for counting the votes. There’s a strong chance that the voting might have been rigged! This week we’ll be a little less biased :D

Thanks to [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations!

  1. Ok, so I'm counting these two as votes for Spudgy. We'll look into ss501. Thanks for the suggestions :D

  2. That's a great explanation for the two of them. Thanks! I didn't know what they were fully about.

  3. Ok, so I'm counting that as 1 vote for Spudgy.

  4. Thanks :D As for where to learn Hangeul, we just googled it, and spent a couple of hours on the first page we saw.

  5. I just read a comment from someone on YouTube who said that "ee" is the Korean word for 2, so it makes sense.

    But then that would make 2NE1 "Eeneeyil" and that's just terrible.

  6. Yeah man. REEDEE would have been a stupid name, and probably would have resulted in the failure of the entire Star Wars franchise as a result.

  7. So cool! Glad you're feeling educated by these videos :D

  8. On a relevant side note, Martina loves Beastie Boys, by the way!

  9. Yeah, that Gangsta one was a bit of a stretch.

  10. Ha! I happen to think that you DO have a Miss A bias: that's two Miss A votes for you now. Something fishy's going on here…

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