We’re not really sure if this qualifies for Kpop. Bang Yong Gook’s “I Remember” is more a blend of rock and rap than it is pop, but we think “kpop” is starting to be the umbrella term for any type of Korean music that can make it mainstream. Compared to the current releases in kpop, it does stand out by having a grungy and dark feel to it, but it also reminds us of that old TVXQ’s song Tri-angle…without the epic Cosplay…

Anyways, it’s nice to have a video that holds clear meaning and relation to the lyrics of the musician. It seems that lately a lot of music directors are trying to come up with a deep and complicated video that requires a lot of analyzation to fully grasp, like Infinite’s “Be Mine”. We absolutely loved that song – we stated so explicitly – but we watched that video a million times and still we could only come up with “I guess that’s what it means” or “yeah man, don’t you see the symbolism in that crouch?!” arguments. Even after that, we got a lot of emails from Infinite fans explaining their takes on the video. Now, it’s not that we’re against this type of symbolism (English majors here; we’re all about symbolism); it’s just that the meanings of some videos seem so incredibly convoluted and difficult to get to that – instead of being profound – they become bizarre guessing games.

This video, though, wasn’t perfect; it still was a bit confusing, but not impossible to understand. The flashbacks when he’s walking towards the final gunfight suggest that he’s remembering being shot up, which suggests that he’s a ghost, which would explain why he doesn’t get affected by the bullets shot by everyone. This would all tie into the lyrics of the song, which – we think – are saying that he’s reliving past memories, right? So it all makes sense, right! That wasn’t too difficult to understand, and felt rewarding after discovering. YEAH!

U-Kiss Room

Mr. Brohoho has made a killing off this room

Another thing: STOP USING THE BRICK ROOM ALREADY! It’s U-Kiss’ room!. Mr.Brohoho has been made a millionaire off of Flaxton Street being passed around between 2NE1, F.T. Island and a bunch of other kpop bands recently a Pizza Etang Ad. And now he’s selling U-Kiss’ Brick room to both Teen Top and now Bang Yong Gook. And at first, we thought it wasn’t the same room because of the large brick pillar in the middle, but when we watched it slowly, we could see the “brick wall” shake from the impact of his fist. It’s just a prop brick wall! *strokes invisible beard…notes the hidden raptor…* CLEVER GIRL!!!!! BUUUUUUT we still caught it. So…there.

So that’s it for this week. Next week is our one year Kpop Music Mondays anniversary! Woohoo! We can’t believe we’ve been reviewing for so long! Don’t bother voting for a video next week. We’re choosing our own. And we’re not telling what it is, so don’t ask! *shifty eyes* We’re having an awesome giveaway (including CDs and k-pop paraphernalia) for our faithful YouTube subscribers as a thanks to all of you for sticking by us, so make sure to subscribe if you haven’t done so already. Boom!

And, on that note, here are this week’s bloopers. It was really difficult keeping that Brohoho moustache on. Ha!

  1. Am I the only one who, while absolutely loving the power behind this video, was completely horrified by the domestic violence? It doesnt matter if you are a guy or a girl, pushing, shoving,slaming your hand next to someones head, throwing items… it is ALL violence. I dont know what the political status of domestic violence is in Korea but I was sad you guys didnt mention something about it.

    I think the video was suppose to show the passion these two shared that was really polar. I love you – I hate you type of thing, but that in the end, love prevails. THOUGH, it seems, I think that the glimpse of the guy at the beginning of the video holding the gun to his head suggests that he killed himself because of the violent and confusing nature of their relationship and perhaps he wanted to go back on that action so that he could save her. but she ends up dying and they can be together, but with the realisation that they dont want to hurt each other any more.

    pretty frickin’ powerful stuff!

  2. I LOL’d at B2ooties haha. You guys are too cute! 

  3. I LOL’d at B2ooties haha. You guys are too cute! 

  4. I LOL’d at B2ooties haha. You guys are too cute! 

  5. I LOL’d at B2ooties haha. You guys are too cute! 

  6. i like your vidoes they are funny and critical without being hurtfull to the artists
    and i like the way u see faults in the vidoes it is eye opening to me
    i really really really wish u reveiw CNBlue my favorate band or at least tell us what korean singer or band u truly like with the least mistakes and faults
    you are so lucky to live in korea to teach as a job and reveiw kpop as a hobby /halfwork
    i will always visit and support keep it up thank you

  7. next week for music monda do u-kisss ! :D <3 <3

  8. next week for music monda do u-kisss ! :D <3 <3

  9. I think every now and then you should do your choice music Mondays from older videos!

  10. Makes me think of the  movie Memento.

  11. I loved this song and the video!  I listen to this with my eyes closed in a dark quiet room.  So powerful. 

  12. for the week AFTER next, please do UKISS NEVERLAND!

  13. for the week AFTER next, please do UKISS NEVERLAND!

  14. for kpop the kissing was pretty good. buuutttttt have you guys seen the kissing in the mammamia mv?!?!?!?!? scandalous, especially by korean standards!!!! lol

  15. Congratulations on your one year anniversary of k-pop Mondays!

    I’ve been stalking you guys for about 7 months, so I suppose it’s time I finally make a YouTube account.

  16. I have to agree with Martina; I teared up at the end of that video too! >.:D There was an amazing fan edit of the music video put up on Youtube that featured scenes of Yoseob from “Soom” and “Shock”; look up that, cuz they did a really good job, and then you get to see the “tiny guy from B2ST” incorporated in the mv~ ^.^ I can’t wait till your next video!

  17. Please tell me you guys are finally doing “Itawon Freedom”!!

    For the love of pedobears, I need to see y’all dance to that.

  18. lol the tiny guy from b2st!! XD

  19. Watched sign….its a tough one….hmmmmm can’t make up my mind, not voting this week lol

  20. I am so glad that you guys decided to review this one (I forgot that the beauties would vote for it in full force) cause BYG’s band hasn’t debuted yet (and so he dosent have a massive following) so I thought in no way will they make the vote for your review, I love both the song and the video!! I will have to actually watch BEG’s sign before I can vote LOL.

  21. you guys are so gonna do Itaewon Freedom, right? PLEASE DO!

  22. Please, Please, PLEASE let it be ITAEWON FREEDOM!!! ^^ Pretty please???

  23. ooooh Plants Versus zombies!! xD

  24. ooooh Plants Versus zombies!! xD

  25. Tough choice this week. I really am having a hard time deciding. I think I’m going to go with Sign just because the saving went both ways. After all it was visions of the girls that allowed the guy to make it to the final room to actually save them. Though he ended up only saving the one and it is questionable as to whether or not she made it.

    I want to thank you guys for introducing me to some really good Kpop songs. It’s nice to have someone in the know that can steer me around the stuff that might not be the best. Thanks again and congratulations on you 1-year Kpop Music Mondays anniversary.

  26. umm…….i’m a fan of Bang Yong Guk, and that’s why i requested it….. o.O

    anyway, i definitely votes for I Remember.  xD

  27. oh finally! a review of ur own choice! n nt sum fanatics’ idol! good! now i cn finally c u2 having real fun whilst reviewin it! XD

  28. bang yong gook?where is my Chocolat’s syndrome review T_T

  29. brown eyed girls of corse and of my god cyute pony tails martina did you do them your self?????    if so can youdo a viedo how thanks and its a annaversry of a eat your kimchi.com yeah…..

  30. That was a Gears of War quality Headshot!!
    THe song was nice … no sniffing of shirts or rubbing of lips for a change :P
    I am really looking forward to your next KPop Music Monday video, since you said it was chosen by Spudgy :D

    As for the vote .. .BEG BEG BEG BEG BEG BEG BEG BEG BEG BEG 
    err .. I mean the wimpy looking guy in the BEG video. You try to rescue Ga In, you get 5000 bonus points, a new spell and 2 free level ups :D

  31. that was a epic shot in the head. but they shouldn’t banned it!!

    Brown eye girls!!
    cause there sexy! :P

  32. that was a epic shot in the head. but they shouldn’t banned it!!

    Brown eye girls!!
    cause there sexy! :P

  33. I’m also pretty sure that they used to same room in Better Together by Se7en.

  34. Ah Spudgy makes me miss my little Pekingese Gizmo :( They are just too damn perfect! Great Music Monday by the way! I can’t wait to see who you two pick for next week.

  35. About the Moustache…

    Spirit Gum is your friend. 

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