We’re not really sure if this qualifies for Kpop. Bang Yong Gook’s “I Remember” is more a blend of rock and rap than it is pop, but we think “kpop” is starting to be the umbrella term for any type of Korean music that can make it mainstream. Compared to the current releases in kpop, it does stand out by having a grungy and dark feel to it, but it also reminds us of that old TVXQ’s song Tri-angle…without the epic Cosplay…

Anyways, it’s nice to have a video that holds clear meaning and relation to the lyrics of the musician. It seems that lately a lot of music directors are trying to come up with a deep and complicated video that requires a lot of analyzation to fully grasp, like Infinite’s “Be Mine”. We absolutely loved that song – we stated so explicitly – but we watched that video a million times and still we could only come up with “I guess that’s what it means” or “yeah man, don’t you see the symbolism in that crouch?!” arguments. Even after that, we got a lot of emails from Infinite fans explaining their takes on the video. Now, it’s not that we’re against this type of symbolism (English majors here; we’re all about symbolism); it’s just that the meanings of some videos seem so incredibly convoluted and difficult to get to that – instead of being profound – they become bizarre guessing games.

This video, though, wasn’t perfect; it still was a bit confusing, but not impossible to understand. The flashbacks when he’s walking towards the final gunfight suggest that he’s remembering being shot up, which suggests that he’s a ghost, which would explain why he doesn’t get affected by the bullets shot by everyone. This would all tie into the lyrics of the song, which – we think – are saying that he’s reliving past memories, right? So it all makes sense, right! That wasn’t too difficult to understand, and felt rewarding after discovering. YEAH!

U-Kiss Room

Mr. Brohoho has made a killing off this room

Another thing: STOP USING THE BRICK ROOM ALREADY! It’s U-Kiss’ room!. Mr.Brohoho has been made a millionaire off of Flaxton Street being passed around between 2NE1, F.T. Island and a bunch of other kpop bands recently a Pizza Etang Ad. And now he’s selling U-Kiss’ Brick room to both Teen Top and now Bang Yong Gook. And at first, we thought it wasn’t the same room because of the large brick pillar in the middle, but when we watched it slowly, we could see the “brick wall” shake from the impact of his fist. It’s just a prop brick wall! *strokes invisible beard…notes the hidden raptor…* CLEVER GIRL!!!!! BUUUUUUT we still caught it. So…there.

So that’s it for this week. Next week is our one year Kpop Music Mondays anniversary! Woohoo! We can’t believe we’ve been reviewing for so long! Don’t bother voting for a video next week. We’re choosing our own. And we’re not telling what it is, so don’t ask! *shifty eyes* We’re having an awesome giveaway (including CDs and k-pop paraphernalia) for our faithful YouTube subscribers as a thanks to all of you for sticking by us, so make sure to subscribe if you haven’t done so already. Boom!

And, on that note, here are this week’s bloopers. It was really difficult keeping that Brohoho moustache on. Ha!

  1. next week for music monda do u-kisss ! :D <3 <3

  2. for kpop the kissing was pretty good. buuutttttt have you guys seen the kissing in the mammamia mv?!?!?!?!? scandalous, especially by korean standards!!!! lol

  3. Congratulations on your one year anniversary of k-pop Mondays!

    I’ve been stalking you guys for about 7 months, so I suppose it’s time I finally make a YouTube account.

  4. Please tell me you guys are finally doing “Itawon Freedom”!!

    For the love of pedobears, I need to see y’all dance to that.

  5. lol the tiny guy from b2st!! XD

  6. I am so glad that you guys decided to review this one (I forgot that the beauties would vote for it in full force) cause BYG’s band hasn’t debuted yet (and so he dosent have a massive following) so I thought in no way will they make the vote for your review, I love both the song and the video!! I will have to actually watch BEG’s sign before I can vote LOL.

  7. ooooh Plants Versus zombies!! xD

  8. umm…….i’m a fan of Bang Yong Guk, and that’s why i requested it….. o.O

    anyway, i definitely votes for I Remember.  xD

  9. that was a epic shot in the head. but they shouldn’t banned it!!

    Brown eye girls!!
    cause there sexy! :P

  10. Ah Spudgy makes me miss my little Pekingese Gizmo :( They are just too damn perfect! Great Music Monday by the way! I can’t wait to see who you two pick for next week.

  11. About the Moustache…

    Spirit Gum is your friend. 

  12. I vote for the guy in I Remember… because even his spirit tries to save his girlfriend even though he’s dead. Shows how much he loves her. ^^ I love BEG’s Sign but he kept being beaten up….xD

  13. I vote for the guy in I Remember… because even his spirit tries to save his girlfriend even though he’s dead. Shows how much he loves her. ^^ I love BEG’s Sign but he kept being beaten up….xD

  14. i remember and yup she is dead. how would she be able to see him in the end of the vid otherwise?

  15. Hey!! “The little guy from Batoost” has a name tq….. Like i mentioned in my other comment in TL;DR Thursdays aegyo in korea , he is the aegyo king …. His name is Yoseob … I’m proud to say that he is the most famous in the group .. Oh and tq Simon for liking him …..

  16. I think the guy from “I remember” is a better savior because the guy in the “sign” video only saved one girl and then stopped and cried for her like there was only one BEG member…don’t think so

  17. Oh gosh I hope you guys are doing Itaewon Freedom! I’m sure that’s what you guys were hinting at, right? Guise?

  18. Bang Yong Gook and the dead Boyfriend ghost totally wins for savior edition. I totally love this song! New favorite for the week ^^

  19. Yes! Thank you guys! Today was my first day of college and I was totally freaking out and in a bad mood. But! Thanks to your funny Music Mondays that I have come to watch like clockwork every Monday morning, I set off for the day in a much better mood! So thank you! And wow! I didn’t even notice they were using the same room! Also! I know you guys are going to pick your own song for next music monday for the 1 year anniversary (Yay!), but please keep in mind U-Kiss is releasing a new album with a beautiful and very meaningful song on it! Just saying! :D  Simon and Martina fighting! Keep up the good work! I look forward to next week!

  20. I really want you guys to do Itaewon Freedom for next week! But, it’s up to you and I’ll probably be happy with whtever you guys go with :) Oh, and the guy from BEG’s “Sign” gets my vote, even if he did seem a little on the crazy side…

  21. BEG sign is much more sad and i vote it all the way

  22. *cough*pleaseletitbeleessangpleasepleasepleasepleeeeaaasseee*cough*

  23. BEG Sign <3 That video it's just priceless

  24. um…I know you were upset that Yoseob wasn’t in the video, but it’s not his video. It’s Bang Yong Gook FEATURING Yoseob. Doesn’t mean he has to be in it.

  25. Could it be? Itaewon Freedom…at last? Or did I go too way back? Anyway, can’t wait to see what video you choose.

    Excellent review guys. As always. Keep up the awesome work.

  26. yeah i was also disappointed in the absence of Yoseobie TT.TT but the video really gave me the chills at the end! For the poll…ouh thts a tough one…I really loved Sign and the glass tubes they were in…at least theirs weren’t a failure like Miss A’s …hehehe xD I guess my vote goes to Bang Yong Guk then ^^…since the video is so shocking!
    I guess the one year anniversary video is prbly gonna be sth like Itaewon Freedom or Intoxication xD 
    anyways great video you guise :) just too short….xD

  27. I wathed that MV because it saing “..ft. Yoseob B2ST” and BAM! No Yoseob in MV T-T
    Still MV is pretty good ^^
    P.S I think I know what video will be on next MM ^_^ I hope I right…
    and what with Simon’s lips..they look weird..

  28. did I just realize that spuggy got black colored hair below his nose?? 8|

    anyway, I can’t wait for ur next video.. ^^

  29. Even though I LOOOVE Brown Eyed Girls, I’ll vote for Bang YongGuk for the show down~

  30. You have “no choice but to give it a 5/5″? It’s like you want to make fun of English in kpop, lmao 

    (….sarcasm doesn’t translate well into text, darn)

  31. Fanmade video that was praised by allkpop:  http://youtu.be/PkzSMlBpgbo   It includes Yoseob in the I Remember video.  It’s really streamlined, including Yoseob’s lip movements (to the song, even though he didn’t actually star in the video.)

  32. yay!!!!! *jiggy dance*
    I reaaaallllyyy did hope you’d review a music video you guys personally liked soooon but not this soon!!
    hmm… I’m crossing my fingers for a countdown…0_0
    can’t wait for next week!!!^^

  33. yay!!!!! *jiggy dance*
    I reaaaallllyyy did hope you’d review a music video you guys personally liked soooon but not this soon!!
    hmm… I’m crossing my fingers for a countdown…0_0
    can’t wait for next week!!!^^

  34. Not only is it the same brick room and piano, but also the same lamp and the red lockers he is sitting in front of are in the U-KISS video as well next to the telephone Dongho is on.

    Really happy ya’ll reviewed this video. Despite using U-KISS’ room, the video was awesome and I love the song. :) Nice to see something different.

  35. WOOHOO! DONG HO THE EVIL!!! stop hurting ppl dongho *jk~* 

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