Welcome back to a new week of videos! We’re starting off this week with our Kpop Music Monday on BTS and BAP. Sorry BtoB fans: that video just wasn’t our cup of tea. It’s a shame, though, because if we included them, we could have talked about how you can rearrange their letters to spell Batost, which is close enough to Batoost in our hearts.

But on to more awards for things we didn’t talk about in our Music Monday!

And the award for the worst English goes to: BTS

We’re not talking about the song here. I’m talking about the written English. Boy in Luv? Skool Luv Affair? Spelling like that doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you look like a dummy. Cut that out already.

And the award for the least interesting symbolism goes to: BAP

Sorry guise. BAP’s done these “I try to be deep with symbolism while I cry all the time” videos before with Rain Sound. I’m married and in a happy relationship. I don’t want to pull meaning out of symbols for sad relationships, because even if you looked at Bang Yong Gook digging around a rib cage and think “OH that represents a heart” it doesn’t add anything else to the meaning of the video, since it’s already about being relationship sad. ZZzzzZZ. You can say the same thing for Illuminati symbolism, which people can dig for if they want, but that kind of analysis bores me, as does the symbolism for videos like this.

Artsy symbolism in Kpop videos isn’t really that original or interesting to me. You might have to find someone else to tell you that this is a masterpiece. You won’t find high praise for that here. TOP’s “Doom Dada” is an example of something more meaningful.

And the award for the most cringeworthy name goes to: Rap Monster

This is the worst name I’ve heard in all of kpop. I’m sorry. It’s even worst than Teen Top’s “Emotional Vocal.” See, I grew up listening to hip hop seriously. To hear someone in a Kpop boy band call themselves Rap Monster makes me feel so much embarrassment that I can’t even say the name out loud. Anyone who is into hip hop as much as I am, if I said to them “hey there’s a member of a pop band who calls himself Rap Monster” they would also feel embarrassed. Sorry guise. Maybe the perception of Hip Hop is different here than where I’m from, but, oh man it burns me with awkwardness. Rap Monster? I don’t care if you’re good at rapping or not: DON’T CALL YOURSELF RAP MONSTER. Are you friends with Hiphopopotamus and Rhymenoceros as well? Is Lyrical Wizard and Mic Checka both a part of your rap crew as well? Hey, is your crew called “Rhyme Time” or “Master Rhyme Blasters”? OH GAWD STAHP PLZ STAHP.


We got em. Surprisingly, not that many from when we were out humping things, because we were totally professional and on point at that time. We did have, however, people walk by and stop to look at us humping furiously, and then give us thumbs up. They approved. Hopefully, you did, too:


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  1. So I’m not gonna go and cry by saying wahh I’m gonna unsubscribe to you now because your opinion greatly differs from mine…..but even then guys show some respect what you guys said was a little too much. The fact that you even made fun of his name was a little overboard. Believe it or not a lot of idols read and watch your stuff…so yeah. And the name of their songs they kinda can’t always control that. Btw BTS is not pop, they’re hip hop. That trash you hear nowadays on American radio is not.

  2. I think it is really ironic how you think Bts deserves the ‘worst English award’ just because of the way they wrote their songs’ names but then a little further down in ‘the most cringeworthy name’ you write: ‘Sorry guise.’ Or ‘OH GAWD STAHP PLZ STAHP.’
    Who looks like a dummy now?

  3. I respect you guys and i have high expectations to you. But what you did make me lost all the respect to you. I thought this website is open minded and you embraced the kpop perspective but i realize how narrowyou are. BTS and B.A.P achieved more than you. Yes, everybody has a right to voice out their opinion but i don’t think that this article is included as an opinion. You have very much offended an ARMY here. Sorry but i lost my respect to EYK.

  4. Coming across this is such a torture. U have NO RIGHTS, NO RIGHTS AT ALL to call them a dummy. Why? Cuz are you any better than them? Are u more popular than them or at a high position? NO not at all so it dosent give you the right to be so rude and posting this.

  5. Is it funny that I watched this after block b’s HER? (Not that HER is actually cute concept) But Zico probably got the wrong message.

  6. I was actually a big fan of EYK. You guys always make me laugh when I watch your videos, but now seriously? Talking sh** about rap monster? Calling them a pop group? I may not be as into hip hop as you but I am definitely more into BTS and know them better than you – 100% sure.
    Listen to ALL of their songs and truthfully tell me none of that is hip hop.
    And by the way, you pronounced Zelo’s name wrong…

  7. Yes, I’m sure that you wouldn’t do anything if somebody calls your favorite boy band a bunch of pussies. And plus, did you think only B.A.P. fans would vote?? A different fan could’ve voted also, not just B.A.P. fans

    If it’s boring, how else are you sopposed to express pain besides crying?? Unless your a professional actor (which B.A.P. is not, their a boy band) would do something else to express pain.

  8. About the crying in 1004, it’s not like their professional actors, their simply idols who are creating a plot in their MV’s. I get that they were just being honest, but S&M sorta sounds like they expect them to be professionals or something. Like Martina said, they did Warrior, No Mercy, Power, One Shot, and Badman… what do you expect from a band that just did hardcore songs to a sudden smooth jazz / ballad song?? D:

  9. B.A.P. tries a lot of different type of genres in music, 1004 was shown to be a sad song so they decided to cry, so what? Are they professional actors? No, their idols / singers. Crying is the only way to show that they are in pain. Plus if you hate on a Music Video, don’t blame the artists, blame the Director who even made the Music Video. If you see the behind the scenes, it shows the idol / band just does what the director or scriptwriters tell them to do. Plus, it’s not like BTS is the only boy band who has English issues, and you never know that they could’ve just wanted to make the spelling look cool.

  10. BTS definitely has music strongly influenced by hiphop, but they are undoubtedly pop. They are a pop idol group with hiphop influence. Some of their non title tracks are pretty pure in hiphop (Cypher, like you said), but their release tracks will always be watered down hiphop to make them accessible to the majority. There’s nothing wrong with them being that, but it’s not really accurate to call them hiphop.

    • You may not be able to call them hip hip because it’s watered down? But you definitely can’t call them pop either. I think BRS is a new kind of hip hop for the majority, yeah for people that don’t want to hear stupid nonsense and hear something relatable or meaningful.

  11. Haha! I laughed so much because of this KMM. Don’t listen to them haters, S&M. You guys are hilariously honest, especially Martina and her BAP acronym diss. I couldn’t agree more.

    Both MV’s bored me. BTS lost me with their song title, but 1004 was worth a listen.

  12. I laughed a LOT at this KMM! I dunno, I usually always do, and I find it a bit confusing why there is so many who is upset about this video. I have to say! Both when BTS were at the urinal AND B.A.Ps humping dance moment I KNEW you guise were gonna get nastyyy about it. It feels like I really know you <3
    Now I just need to figure out how to magically get cats out of my pocket. Best way ever t get new friends!

  13. So even though I’m late in watching this I feel like I just watched one of the funniest videos in ages and then to scroll down and see all the ridiculous negative comments really killed my buzz. Majorly disappointing.

    Simon and Martina this video was freaking hilarious. So damn hilarious I can’t even pick a favourite moment! I say screw everybody and just do whatever the hell makes you two happy because you are both incredible people who put so much into trying to make other people happy and they can be seriously ungrateful sometimes.

    Wait I think I picked it… I think it was Martina’s magic skit. SHADOODLE!

  14. And here I am at 2 am, awake. Apparently I am just never destined to sleep this week.

    I would like to discourage the continuing of this ‘conversation’. Nothing positive can really come from it.


  15. even now, you are still baiting me. It isn’t cute. trust me, if you want my attention, fine, ill give it to you. How should I pour all my attention to you? Apparently, your ‘nice’ comment didn’t have the the kind of effect you wanted. Instead of just starting a conversation you came out as someone wanting to start something. Which, is why I warned you to move on. But you didn’t listen.

    • Hey there,

      It’s late and I am tired and responding to myself. Please give me a bit of a break and let this ‘conversation’ die. Otherwise I will just have to delete the whole thing anyway.

      (Sleepy) Natz

  16. Terri, I would advise you just move on from trying to have a conversation with this user. It seems to just be provoking and nothing is being solved here.


  17. Lol…. I always come back. It’s my job and it’s also in our lovely BDSM commenting guide…. Mods are watching.

    So I am going to just assume that you are done with this conversation and I will advise the other commenter to also move on. It doesn’t seem like anything positive is coming from the continuing of this conversation.

    Cheers, Natz

  18. … Ok, I know this is wrong, but this comment made me laugh.

    But yeah, don’t provoke a fight please. I would like to actually get some sleep tonight.

  19. I’ve been semi-following all this blow-up. I’m not going to weigh in on it or anything tho. I do have maybe a suggestion for you to think over.

    A while ago, you changed the selection of KMMs to be any video in the top 3. It seems like there have been videos in the top 3 that you don’t particularly want to do (which is fine). Why not open it even further to top 5 or even better top 10? Also, display the top 10 in random order so no one knows (or cares) who’s in 1st place. There should be at least 1 video out of 10 that you like and would like to review. It will also alleviate some of the tension of “XXXXX was in 1st place for # weeks and you didn’t review them” (which isn’t what this blow-up is about) and also make it more of a recommendation of what to review than a popularity contest.

    Although, personally, I would rather you only do regular KMMs every once in a while and do more of the K-crunch cocktail format like you did with the girl groups KMM. Only maybe limit to 3 so you can talk about each video a little more. For me, the usual format of KMMs have gotten a little stale and they just don’t have the same ‘umpf’ that they used to (plus normally the skits leave me as ‘meh’). I usually watch more for the little snippets of what you liked or disliked and why.

    One last thing, I agree with some of the people here that the swearing is becoming more prominent. Trust me, I can swear so hard and inventively that I could make a truck-driver blush, but there is a time and place for swearing. You hardly ever swore in your older videos but now it seems like in every video there are at least 2 or more bleeps. I don’t know, it just seems to me like instead of it being funny little slips it’s become ‘in-your-face’ and you have lost your respect for your work and for your audience. You like to swear and if you use it in your normal day-to-day talk, that’s fine, but making these videos is basically your job and (for me) your job is not the place to incorporate swearing in as a regular thing (little slips are as I said earlier, funny little slips). Maybe it’s my age starting to catch up to me and I’m sounding like a fuddy-duddy (which is odd because my bias group is kind of known as the swearing-dol but usually while they are working only little slips come out). I don’t know…I’m on the fence about the whole swearing thing and feeling slightly hypocritical because I do swear but then again I try not to swear while at work…

  20. Good point on taking away the voting charts. That might solve some issues for them. I’d rather hear a positive happy fun and genuine review then one that seems forced upon them. Because we are starting to see the backlash of a unhappy Simon and Martina. They are almost showing contempt not only towards the artists but their fans. Unless they just want to become shock jocks. Hey It’s a formula that’s worked financially for a lot of people. But you do realize taking away the votes will lead to more problems. Alot of fans will be upset over that. Still think in the end S&M will be happier and we will get a better quality EYKMM.

  21. i watch this just know n… S&M…rap monster knows u feeling n he know u dont like his name…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKeXCmmpk28 kinda funny…

  22. i think…this is the sacrifice that they do after they bcome more popular n work in the ‘formal’ way(means having a studio, hire worker n etc2…)… bfore this they just make some vid just for fun, so that they enjoy n had many time to concentrate making detail script/vid review… that thing that i missed actually… but thing is, ppl asking them outside too…so we cant request them to make anything even they r in where they ‘stand’ now bcoz of the nasties…. :(…sorry S&M… just my opinion…

  23. i know the vid isnt enough to explain both mv in details… i know S&M waiting for biggest 2 battle cb coming up next/this week n BAP & BTS already on the top 3 for a few weeks n for sure next week both song will start to fell apart…if both song isnt be reviewed, the fan of both group will mad at them… so cool down BABY n ARMY….

  24. s&M already said the weird thing that jimin n junkook do in the toilet… :)

  25. i thought bitch ass pussys was hilarious.

  26. Wow! You would think that S&M had ragged on the Pope, Mother Teresa, and the tooth fairy for all the violent reaction! Calm down people.

  27. I use to really like eyk, but they really are not putting effort into their videos anymore. most of their recent videos have been half assed…i mean Martina doesn’t even dress for the videos anymore, she just looks like a slob. that and no matter who they talk about they always have an attitude as of late. its getting old really fast. i can tell their heart isnt there anymore, and i wish they would admit it instead of just spewing rants everywhere. i honestly thought they where above that.

    • I think that you will have to go back and look at more footage if you think that Martina “isn’t making an effort” with her look. She has never dressed “to the nines” for the videos. That wall of t-shirts didn’t come from nowhere. She’s just evolved her style into something slightly more laid back and more nerdy chic this last year and since her hair is longer, she can put it up more easily and intricately now. Frankly, I would expect her to have major challenges just finding clothes in Korea that fit her. Also, it’s winter, and the studio is cold (c’mon – they need foot warmers!) so I would also dress in many layers as well.

      I certainly think that you’re grasping at an opportunity to insult her since you have other issues with this KMM that have made you unhappy – not cool!

      • I deleted that whole thread because it was leading nowhere but quarreling for quarreling sake. Also since I have been accused of doing nothing but adding to arguments I will stop doing that and since apparently I am not allowed to have or share opinions myself.

        Cheers, Natz

      • Hahaha! You’re so funny! I actually read the entire ridiculously long conversation, just because I don’t agree with you, doesn’t make me misinformed. Actually if you go check out the “welcome EYK crew” video, you’ll see that half of those shirts are Martina’s. Don’t worry, I’m not hardcore – I just remember because I was (pleasantly) surprised at the time. I am respectfully disagreeing with your assessment (my opinion is just as valid as yours), more than “defending” Martina, it’s not a crime. It’s also hard for me to enjoy the rest of the comments here when you are disrespectful to any of the users, especially me, not just the EYK crew so I felt the need to say something regarding your rudeness. By the way, you can change your username (Alana Key to “-___-” so appropriate!) but people will still see you for what you are and the mods can track your usernames, so be careful.

        Cyber_3 – Sorry Natz, I couldn’t resist……….trolololololooooooooo!! ;)

      • Oi!

        Don’t do that.

        Seriously. Don’t

      • You call someone a Bitch Ass Pussy you get called a Slob, You call someone a Slob you get called a Fucking asshole………..When does the childish behavior stop? There are other ways to express discontent without resorting to disrespect and name calling….

        • i wasn’t calling her a name. I said she looked like a slob, as in, she use to wear cute dressed and accessories, she worked so hard to lose that weight, and she looks good, yet she doesn’t bother to look presentable on camera. My opinion has nothing to do with the review, ive been noticing this slip in her care for her appearance since last year. This isn’t the first time i said it.

        • dressing casually isn’t being a slob she looked really pretty and cool to me, great make up and her hair looked really cool. She looks like some one that takes great care of herself and is confident and has a great personality. She doesn’t have to wear dresses and accessorize every time she is behind a camera she is a genuine person. I’m sure sometimes she feels like wearing dresses and sometimes she doesn’t. That doesn’t make her a slob. She doesn’t appear messy or dirty or have food spilt over her clothes so I’m not sure what your definition of a slob is. Even if she was I’d still love her personality and what she brings us. Women don’t have to be walking fashion models. And as far as her weight that is none of your business and I think she looks perfect and is as bit as beautiful as any Kpop female emaciated artist you might be trying to compare her to. And of course calling someone a slob is hurtful how could you not know that?

        • I agree with you, but I just wanted to comment since what you said reminded me of something. Martina wore more bodycon type dresses (when she wore a dress) in the seriously early videos and then she went on to sort of pinup/cupcake types. Now she wears pants/leggings more. Maybe the “style” change ( I don’t consider it dressing up or down here) was more about gaining weight (hiding under cupcakes) and now that she has lost it again, she doesn’t feel the need to hide her shape….plus it has been a damn-*ss cold winter all over the world this year. And well, she’s with 2 other girls now who are somewhat boyish in their clothes, so she probably feels more comfortable in similar clothing. But we all go through fashion fazes too, c’est la vie!

        • I wouldn’t ever tell some one to unsubscribe. I’m not one of those dedicated fans that can see no wrong when it comes to S&M. And If you noticed or read any of my comments I’ve also had a few opinions of my own about my dislike for this review. I don’t pay a lot of attention to a persons appearance so I can’t really follow you on the importance of how Martina dresses . For me she looks healthy and happy and even fashionable’ But I understand you must be a person that values looks and appearance. It seems like something very important to you.I like this explanation much more then just simply calling Martina a slob. But to me Martina’s fashion choices are of little importance and really trivial. It’s not something worth hurting someone over. Everything else I really have no problem with I actually have some of those same concerns.

        • Err…. Calling her a slob -is- calling her a name.

          I don’t see any other way of describing calling someone a slob. It’s obviously a negative thing. Like saying she is a pig or is an idiot.

          I agree though, this conversation is devolving into childish name calling and I’m going to just ask that we leave it here and not continue with name calling.

        • Did I say it was a synonym…?

          I said it was a negative thing the same way you would take being called an idiot to be a negative thing. Whether or not it was meant to be hurtful it was still an insult.

          Anyway, you are right, Martina wouldn’t be hurt by the comment because she knows it is not true. Not just because she lives in South Korea and should be used to the fact that some people may be blunt about commenting on other’s physical appearance and it is culturally ok to tell people they are fat and ugly.

          I think the original point you were trying to make was to say that she doesn’t look professional or well put together, or simply that you don’t really like her current style and perhaps feel it is inappropriate. That is your opinion and you are free to have it.

          Cheers, Natz

        • What Natz meant was that slob is *similar* to calling someone a pig, but not equal to calling someone a pig. They both share similarities that they are negative things to describe people.
          Sorry for calling you that one other word, I was super frustrated I wasn’t able to vote down so I resorted to that. I might have had a better way to do it…

        • This is what I said:
          “It’s obviously a negative thing. Like saying she is a pig or is an idiot.”

          How is that ….

          You know what? I am just going to concede the point. Maybe my sentence structure was confusing and made you think I was calling them synonyms. It is not important. I have test papers to proctor and correct for my students and I am allowing myself to get into an argument of semantics.

          Really and truly I did not care if you called her a slob, since as you rightly pointed out she probably wouldn’t care either, I just was trying to stop the immature name calling spiral that was happening in the comments, which is my job.

          But having circular, non productive conversations like this is not.


        • Natz, don’t let someone’s backpedalling intimidate you. You called it right in the first place and I think you played it well.

          Cyber_3 – former internet forums moderator

        • Thanks. I appreciate the validation. I just realised that I was allowing myself to contribute to an argument that really was not important to me and the original point I was trying to make was being hidden by semantics of grammar.

          All in all I think we all try to make EYK a place where people feel comfortable. Even after all the displeasure about this video I still think the community here is trying to be like that.

        • Natz, you are above and beyond the pearl of maturity in all of this and I agree with Cyber_3 that you handled the situation in the best way and need not to succumb to the negativity.

          My mind is blown by how out of proportion people have gotten over this review.I get that the opinions from EYK may not have been liked by everyone, but for people to take their dislike and change them into vile attacks of the characters, efforts, livelihood, and lives of Simon and Martina is asinine to me. If you don’t like what they said, then feel that way but then move the hell on with life….build a bridge, cross it, and move on.To be still so stuck on what they said, and now how they look, can only be translated to mean that some people have nothing better to do…no homework, no jobs, no meals to make, anything???-To still be attacking them five days later is just sad.

          We’re a community of fans and friends, and as such being supportive should be the foundation of what we do. I’m not saying to blindly love everything every single time, but there should always be a level of respect and maturity amongst us all. Otherwise we might as well not bother logging on at all.

  28. I liked it too. I actually like BAP’s style this time around and eyk words didn’t bother me. Yes, it would of probably been better if they had said more positive things but let’s get real most kpop fans just fangirl or fanboy over their idols and don’t actually care for the meaning or the symbolism of the song. I can tell that from all the video reactions I’ve seen. Ppl just make comments about how good they look and nothing about the song or video for the most part.

  29. See that’s the problem. In context they weren’t actually calling them Bitch Ass Pussy’s. Why would they when they like bap?

  30. I completely agree with you 100%.

  31. haha, so true! and you know if it was a group they didn’t like they wouldn’t be reacting like this.

  32. Thank you. Someone reasonable finally. That’s why I have been saying that ppl are over reacting. They weren’t actually calling them that. If ppl were true Nasties they would know this and this would not have been a big deal.

  33. There really is no point in saying what I thought about this review because it’s just going to be a repetition of what is already said. What I want to say is that I noticed that most of your reviews has been very negative, and I don’t know if it’s because you really hate the song/mv and reviewing them just put you in a terrible mood hence why you guys have been so harsh and aggressive with you KMMs lately. If that is the case, and you truly do not like review the songs that is voted to the top the chart, why not just get rid of the voting and you guys just choose a song to review, whether it is talking about how amazing it was, or how much you did not like it because of particular reasons. I doubt your fans would mind.

  34. That is actually quite funny. Usually one of our commenting rules is Be Respectful, but since the criticism of this particular review was about blunt and crude comments it would be hypocritical for us to say ‘ Don’t say that, it’s mean.’

    However threats and stuff like that ( which have happened) are not allowed.

  35. I’ve read them. And if I do remember correctly there was a time when people disliked one of the KMM videos and Simon and Martina complained that people were not clear in their reasons. They said it was okay if we didn’t like something, we just had to explain so they could understand better. I wished I remembered the video. Anyway, if people don’t like it they want to make sure that Simon and Martina understand why. I guarantee you that even if you don’t read them, they will.

    • Honestly, I’m not bothered by it. Those who want to read will read; others will skip. However, since I am sick and in bed (and have WAY too much time on my hands) just for fun I’m going to try to summarize the MAJORITY (not everything) of the pro and con arguments I have seen so far. Maybe people will just say, “I agree with #1, #4 and #6″ and move on to a better life.
      1. Bitch Ass Pussies? – What where you thinking S&M?
      2. You guys are getting increasingly meaner, vulgar, boring, uncreative, soulless
      3. KMMs are not what they used to be. It was better during the B.S. time period. (BS=before studio)
      4. You complain about sexist references but you also make sexist comments. How dare you be two-faced!
      5. My oppas from (insert name of idol group) did not deserve this.
      6. Why not review BTOB? Rude!
      7. But it was funny…
      8. It was a joke! Get it? Get a sense of humor! Grow up!
      9. This is their program and they can do whatever they want.
      10. It is their opinion. Didn’t you know that opinions are sacred? Except yours, of course.
      11. Simon and Martina have not changed, they are still their awesome selves.
      12. Everyone complaining is a whiny, delusional, immature, crazy, butthurt fangirl. Even if they are not.
      Fever is getting to me. Must go and not come back. Too much wasted time on this “controversy.”

    • ….
      Well I read them and sometimes Simon and Martina do as well.

      And that person commenting above was correct. Simon and Martina have no problem allowing people to leave long comments.

      If they don’t have a problem with it, and us mods don’t have a problem, then why should you be bothered by it? Just skip over the long comments.

      • Sorry the ‘bitching’ is getting to you. It can get overwhelming, but it is the Internet. Pretty much 50% or more of all comments are ‘bitching’ because people are people.

        What I usually do when I don’t want to see the ‘bitching’, is that I just don’t read it. Alas, it is my job to read the comments on EYK and so I just deal with it. However, I avoid other places like the plague.

        Cheers, Natz

  36. This isn’t even about being butthurt. I don’t care whether or not they liked a song; they’re entitled to their own opinions just as I am entitled to mine. But they were being downright rude and disrespectful. Calling B.A.P “bitch ass pussies” because the music video concept had them crying in it is so offensive, especially coming from people who in the very video emphasized on how they’re strong women’s rights supporters. Crying is a 100% valid emotion, why should anybody be called a “pussy” for it? Even if it was just a joke they made, doesn’t mean it was appropriate to do so. They’re in the public eye, what they say will have ramifications and they should be more careful.

  37. Yeah, that part where they were dragging the girl was not cool. I totally thought gang rape was about to happen O.o

  38. Ummm… Just a little niggling point. The bands aren’t necessarily rich and elite. Pretty much these kids are at the whim of their labels and are more than likely in debt to them. Unless they are at the level of groups like Big Bang, TVXQ or SuJu, these boys are more than likely all living in debt to their labels and maybe get paid once a year, if their label deems that they have made more than they spent on them. Block B’s scandal last year proves that is possible. As does the SM slave contracts of the past that JYJ fought against.

    Just because you are an idol does not mean you are rich.

    Just could not let that kind of assumption stand.


  39. The beginning of B.A.P. is creepily/strangely similar to the beginning of Metallica’s “One”. Or am I the only one thinking this?

  40. Hey guise! I enjoyed this video a lot… I thought it was super funny and made me laugh a lot. :)

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