Welcome back to a new week of videos! We’re starting off this week with our Kpop Music Monday on BTS and BAP. Sorry BtoB fans: that video just wasn’t our cup of tea. It’s a shame, though, because if we included them, we could have talked about how you can rearrange their letters to spell Batost, which is close enough to Batoost in our hearts.

But on to more awards for things we didn’t talk about in our Music Monday!

And the award for the worst English goes to: BTS

We’re not talking about the song here. I’m talking about the written English. Boy in Luv? Skool Luv Affair? Spelling like that doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you look like a dummy. Cut that out already.

And the award for the least interesting symbolism goes to: BAP

Sorry guise. BAP’s done these “I try to be deep with symbolism while I cry all the time” videos before with Rain Sound. I’m married and in a happy relationship. I don’t want to pull meaning out of symbols for sad relationships, because even if you looked at Bang Yong Gook digging around a rib cage and think “OH that represents a heart” it doesn’t add anything else to the meaning of the video, since it’s already about being relationship sad. ZZzzzZZ. You can say the same thing for Illuminati symbolism, which people can dig for if they want, but that kind of analysis bores me, as does the symbolism for videos like this.

Artsy symbolism in Kpop videos isn’t really that original or interesting to me. You might have to find someone else to tell you that this is a masterpiece. You won’t find high praise for that here. TOP’s “Doom Dada” is an example of something more meaningful.

And the award for the most cringeworthy name goes to: Rap Monster

This is the worst name I’ve heard in all of kpop. I’m sorry. It’s even worst than Teen Top’s “Emotional Vocal.” See, I grew up listening to hip hop seriously. To hear someone in a Kpop boy band call themselves Rap Monster makes me feel so much embarrassment that I can’t even say the name out loud. Anyone who is into hip hop as much as I am, if I said to them “hey there’s a member of a pop band who calls himself Rap Monster” they would also feel embarrassed. Sorry guise. Maybe the perception of Hip Hop is different here than where I’m from, but, oh man it burns me with awkwardness. Rap Monster? I don’t care if you’re good at rapping or not: DON’T CALL YOURSELF RAP MONSTER. Are you friends with Hiphopopotamus and Rhymenoceros as well? Is Lyrical Wizard and Mic Checka both a part of your rap crew as well? Hey, is your crew called “Rhyme Time” or “Master Rhyme Blasters”? OH GAWD STAHP PLZ STAHP.


We got em. Surprisingly, not that many from when we were out humping things, because we were totally professional and on point at that time. We did have, however, people walk by and stop to look at us humping furiously, and then give us thumbs up. They approved. Hopefully, you did, too:


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  1. Justkpopthinqs

    I was actually a big fan of EYK. You guys always make me laugh when I watch your videos, but now seriously? Talking sh** about rap monster? Calling them a pop group? I may not be as into hip hop as you but I am definitely more into BTS and know them better than you – 100% sure.
    Listen to ALL of their songs and truthfully tell me none of that is hip hop.
    And by the way, you pronounced Zelo’s name wrong…

  2. I unsubscribed. This was just rude.

  3. I don’t know what to think about this review. Well everyone is entitled to their opinion …. But BTS are definitely not a pop group. The fact that BTS were Underground Rappers before and became idols, doesn’t change the fact that they’re still Rap Artists. They Write and Produce their own music and brought back the Old School sound. BTS has songs speaking out against the wrong doings of society. They have the freedom to express themselves through music. They worked together with Korean Hip-hop artists. Pdogg, Supreme Boi, Slow Rabbit worked together with BTS on their album. You really think those RAP artists make pop music? Yeah i don’t think so. 0_o BTS has rap Intro’s on their album. Pop music doesn’t have that. ~ Also BTS made a freestyle diss song called “Cypher 2″ against a underground rapper. Since when does a Pop group make diss songs? … Exactly! :D .. and i also grew up with old school hip-hop. BTS are even better then nowadays so called American rappers. I can’t call that hip-hop anymore. So that’s why i think BTS deserves all the credits and props.

    • COTAnerd

      BTS definitely has music strongly influenced by hiphop, but they are undoubtedly pop. They are a pop idol group with hiphop influence. Some of their non title tracks are pretty pure in hiphop (Cypher, like you said), but their release tracks will always be watered down hiphop to make them accessible to the majority. There’s nothing wrong with them being that, but it’s not really accurate to call them hiphop.

  4. Yeah! BAP needs to stop crying! It should be the fangirls job to cry! The FEELS!!!!
    I noticed the personal hygiene issues in Boy In Luv, and the written English issues (O! R U L8 2?, Skool Luv Affair) and was bothered. Just, no.
    J-Hope said his ABCs and Hakuna Matata do! Ahh, so awesome! Lyrics wise, BTS’ was my favorite, video wise, BAP’s was my favorite, although they need to stop crying. Like, seriously. SERIOUSLY. I love the drunken sailor type of songs, like BlockB’s Nillili Mambo, so BTS definitely won my heart with this. They’re not winning the poll though, definitely not.

    • KPOPLuverXD

      B.A.P. tries a lot of different type of genres in music, 1004 was shown to be a sad song so they decided to cry, so what? Are they professional actors? No, their idols / singers. Crying is the only way to show that they are in pain. Plus if you hate on a Music Video, don’t blame the artists, blame the Director who even made the Music Video. If you see the behind the scenes, it shows the idol / band just does what the director or scriptwriters tell them to do. Plus, it’s not like BTS is the only boy band who has English issues, and you never know that they could’ve just wanted to make the spelling look cool.

  5. FancyJude

    Haha! I laughed so much because of this KMM. Don’t listen to them haters, S&M. You guys are hilariously honest, especially Martina and her BAP acronym diss. I couldn’t agree more.

    Both MV’s bored me. BTS lost me with their song title, but 1004 was worth a listen.

  6. coming late, but for argument’s sake

    those teary boys all over the kpop videos….*”You left and I can’t take it”, “you died and my hand can’t reach you anymore”,
    “I m crying and the lady over there is ready to replace my all-natural tears”* and when you’ve been reviewing them for some years while sustaining your cynical self, I m surprised how those two hadn’t said anything already

  7. Hey guys I think people are being way too sensitive about your treatment. I don’t think you were that bad, you just expressed your own personal opinion, you made some valid points too.
    HOWEVER there are a couple of things I want to say. I’m a Nasty so I don’t like writing negative things about you guys cause I love you but I’m being critical like you were on the groups.

    For B.A.P, I agree that crying in MVs is overdone and an uncreative way of showing sadness, but then again, they don’t need to make videos to be unique from everyone else and suit your standards and tastes. B.A.P wanted to express a concept that was sad, and the storyline would require tears to show their pain, because as artists this is what song they wanted to do. Its not fair to say oh it sucks because I don’t feel like watching sad things I want happy fun things. Its not about you, its about them because they’re the artists, I think that should be respected. You don’t have to enjoy it but saying it was stupid isn’t fair either.

    Also, ridiculous about BTOB. It wasn’t boring, it was fun and funny. It doesn’t need to be your favourite video, but not even worth talking about? That’s too much. Also Peniel probably watches your videos… I’m sure your comment on something they worked hard at wouldn’t make his day any better especially after what he’s going through. I’m not saying thats your business, I’m just pointing out that the artists can watch your videos, so maybe don’t be as harsh on it. They’ll appreciate criticism but only if its constructive.

    Thats enough ranting, I like what you said about BTS. They said already that their hip hop style is not a phase like other groups, they actually care a lot for their style and image. I’m a big ARMY (BTS fan) and I understand them well, and I know that they really want to keep the powerful image. I’m not going to say they won’t ever do a concept with crying, I don’t know about that, but it won’t be as emotional as B.A.Ps for sure.
    Their names like Luv in Skool, I agree, they are stupid, but then again Bangtan are pretty dumb so it suits them (I mean this playfully haha they’re not very serious, they remind me of Block B) Jimin said he didn’t wash his hands because he forgot to LOL so that explains that.
    Also I thought Rap Monsters name was dumb at first, even Rap Monster didn’t like it that much, but it was from a predebut/mixtape song of his when he called himself a monster that raps. He’s called a monster because he always breaks things and such. Its actually a really sad song, I think he might have some confidence issues :(

    Anyway, thats all I have to say ^^ I hope you read this…

    • KPOPLuverXD

      About the crying in 1004, it’s not like their professional actors, their simply idols who are creating a plot in their MV’s. I get that they were just being honest, but S&M sorta sounds like they expect them to be professionals or something. Like Martina said, they did Warrior, No Mercy, Power, One Shot, and Badman… what do you expect from a band that just did hardcore songs to a sudden smooth jazz / ballad song?? D:

  8. I want Martina’s T-shirt! *-*

  9. Okay, a few things here:

    #1: So, the symbolism is dumb because you are in a happy relationship and therefore sad relationships are boring now? Come on, man, that’s rather silly. I’ve never been in an abusive relationship, but I can still appreciate Ga-In’s song Fxxk You and the way it represents that situation. I’ve never been a professional entertainer, but I can imagine the positives and negatives of the experience by listening to G-Dragon’s work. This is because humans have the ability to imagine and empathize with situations they’ve never been in. Isn’t that what art is all about? Using your imagination to draw people into a new world? I don’t know, I’m not an english major, maybe there are rules for this sort of thing. But I’ve heard you guys speak pretty positively about symbolism in sad relationship songs before; why is this the one that you just can’t stomach?

    #2: I rather enjoyed this format of discussing a couple of groups in one episode, as I think it’s a good way to avoid some of the fandoms whining about why you didn’t review their bias. Highlighting the good and the bad of each in this way was a good idea, I think. (Though not really involving the third band was a bit dumb… why include it at all if you have nothing to say, good or bad?) I think this would be an interesting way to get to review more groups: you’ve done a couple of these as replacements to KMMs, and I’m enjoying them. Talking about the top 3 vids, or picking three thematically similar vids from the top ten, is something I’d enjoy seeing more of.

    So, those are my feelings. :)

  10. I think that people, especially the fans of BAP, are overrating a bit too much. You did VOTE for them to review the video, so did you expect them to like it? Probably not. They’re not expected to like every single MV that come out okay. I think that people are being too harsh on Martina when she said that BAP are bunch of pussies. I don’t think she mean’t that “boys shouldn’t cry kinda thing”, but that in EVERY single Kpop ballad the members are crying. Which gets’ boring after a while.

    • KPOPLuverXD

      Yes, I’m sure that you wouldn’t do anything if somebody calls your favorite boy band a bunch of pussies. And plus, did you think only B.A.P. fans would vote?? A different fan could’ve voted also, not just B.A.P. fans

      If it’s boring, how else are you sopposed to express pain besides crying?? Unless your a professional actor (which B.A.P. is not, their a boy band) would do something else to express pain.

  11. I laughed a LOT at this KMM! I dunno, I usually always do, and I find it a bit confusing why there is so many who is upset about this video. I have to say! Both when BTS were at the urinal AND B.A.Ps humping dance moment I KNEW you guise were gonna get nastyyy about it. It feels like I really know you <3
    Now I just need to figure out how to magically get cats out of my pocket. Best way ever t get new friends!

  12. Bubalooy

    So even though I’m late in watching this I feel like I just watched one of the funniest videos in ages and then to scroll down and see all the ridiculous negative comments really killed my buzz. Majorly disappointing.

    Simon and Martina this video was freaking hilarious. So damn hilarious I can’t even pick a favourite moment! I say screw everybody and just do whatever the hell makes you two happy because you are both incredible people who put so much into trying to make other people happy and they can be seriously ungrateful sometimes.

    Wait I think I picked it… I think it was Martina’s magic skit. SHADOODLE!

  13. I love this video anyway. But B***h A** P***s is still rude for a young-age-fandom like BABYz. By the way, if you guys have time, read some analysis of 1004. All actions in this MV have there own meaning. They not just punching wall and punching the mirror and digging and crying nonsense. And the dance too. But sooo agree with the comment about the girl in the MV when she doesn’t change her dress. Here’s the analysis : http://kittyinabarrel.tumblr.com/post/75770386267/b-a-p-1004-angel-analysis

  14. Today’s the first time I listened to the songs with the MVs. I actually liked both songs without having to watch the MVs. I spent way too much time reading people’s arguments in the comments sections. S&M were harsh than normal. I liked Meemers and Soozee popping out of nowhere. Lots of things said. Everyone needs a cupcake, a hug or more sleep. Hugs to all especially the mod.

  15. I like you S&M but I do agree with other comments that this went a little overboard. The double standards present in the video are especially infuriating.

  16. I can completely relate to the whole falling in love with a group’s sound and then they slowly start to explore a new sounds that aren’t to your taste. I’ve felt that a few times. Even if I love a group to bits I’m not going to listen and praise a song I don’t like just because the group I like is singing it. There are some eras in my bias groups that I like to pretend never existed.
    And although it seems I’ll be in the minority with this statement…I really enjoyed this KMM. Yes, I can understand the points that others have made. I guess it’s just because I’ve watched you for so long I understand your humor and points of view. I think that sometimes people take KMMs too seriously. They are your opinions presented in over the top ways whether others like them or not, you still do you. And I kind of liked the two MVs in one KMM going head to head.

    The one thing that I’ve missed from a few past KMMs were the lack of dance skits. And boy oh boy was I not disappointed this time. I’ve missed the “manly sweeping, manly sweeping” “Build a fire, start a fire” “make a sandwich”. I love and adore the dance move comments because most of the time you hit it right on the head of the nail and say what others have been thinking.
    Another point that people have been talking about are the lyrics of the songs and the other songs on the albums. But what they don’t realize or they may not have been watching you guys long enough is that you rarely talk about the actual Korean Lyrics. One of the major exceptions that i can remember was for Teen Top’s ‘No More Perfume’, and you talk about lyrics more so when it’s a soloist or band. I’ve seen you talk vaguely about Korean lyrics but you have always taken a “foreigner’s perspective” about Kpop sprinkling little insights you have from living in Korea as foreigners. I hope that you guys keep doing you and don’t change too much just because others can’t take jokes being made about their favorite groups. Because just like Martina hasn’t really been feeling some of B.A.P’s songs lately I don’t want you guys to take away what made me fall in love with EYK in the first place.
    And for all the other people reading this…EYK’s KMM is just one segment of 5 or more other segments on EYK’s site. Simon & Martina are not all knowing and they can’t afford to buy every Kpop album that comes out nor do they have the time to look up every single song that a group they are “reviewing” has done. They can’t looked up the backgrounds on every member…Hell they can’t remember every members’ name. So just because YOU as a FAN of a group know the ins and outs of the meaning or production of a song doesn’t mean the rest of us do. It’s great when fans of the group come into the comment section and talk about the meaning behind the song and how it was made. But what isn’t great is when fans reprimand someone for not knowing something they haven’t learned yet.

    sorry for the long comment but there was just so much that i wanted to cover. And if you’ve gotten through this whole comment and also have an opinion or point you want to make please share. Opinions can change as long as there is active and constructive conversations.

  17. these comments are really constructive and awesome. I just want to point out that i think the most problematic part in this video is the bitch ass pussies part, because that’s not just “mean” or “blunt.” That’s socially problematic as it tells people that it’s wrong for guys to cry in public and that crying is a sign of mental or physical weakness. that’s not only completely untrue but also super harmful to young audiences who might watch eyk. and martina took it even further in the bloopers, it seems, with the whole “loki doesn’t cry, he only cries in secret” thing. i hope martina realizes how prejudiced and brainwashed she sounds.

  18. My complaint about the video isn’t because I’m a huge fan of any of these groups. It’s just that lately the videos have seemed so negative in general. Simon and Martina don’t seem to enjoy doing this anymore and it comes across loud and clear on camera. It’s fine not to like a group or an MV but both of them just seem fed up with the whole thing (which I can understand and is why I have no desire to be internet “famous”) The increase in cursing too just seems like it reflects some sort of bitterness in general. A lot of viewers are picking up on it. Maybe that’s why there’s more complaints. It doesn’t seem like it’s fun anymore.

  19. BTS (well Rap Mon, JHope, Suga) just had been congratulated by Run DMC’s DMC (If you don’t really listen Hip Hop, he’s like a pioneer of the rap culture) for the cypher in Skool Luv Affair. Never judge a book by its cover ! :)

  20. First of all, I’m actually really happy (perhaps more than I should be) over how calmly people are discussing this. c:
    1. Simon and Martina probably really really really respect kpop groups in general so I don’t think that they were just critiquing them with the intent of disrespecting them.

    2. The whole B**** A** P****** thing wasn’t to me (TO MEEEEE), that offensive. I don’t see how the fans would feel disrespected since Simon and Martina weren’t even saying “YOU SHOULD HATE BAP BECAUSE WE HATE THEM”. And I’m sure they weren’t being serious about it. BAP would probably not be that offended anyway, it was clearly meant to be a joke. I’ve seen horrible horrible things said to Simon and Martina in the comments on YouTube and they were being completely serious. So why haven’t they crossed the line? How does that differ other than the fact that they are not handsome dancing and singing boys. Mind you, this is coming from a hard core BAP fan.

    Sure, I agree there was not enough reviewing in this video but thats really all I found the problem with. Its impossible for EYK to release consistently awesome videos and its unfair to expect that from them when they already work so hard on them.


  21. Honestly, we can’t really blame anyone. Although I laughed at some point of the video, it’s still kinda disturbing (some over the top joke or maybe I just don’t catch the humor). EYK and S&M doesn’t really have to know about the background of BTS to begin with but a properly research on the song lyrics would be nice.

    For BAP’s song, I feel that the crying and acting is really cringing for the first time, and the rest was just mehhhh. I liked the song and dance though, like what M has said the starting of the whole video and song is really really nice.

    But I realized recently EYK don’t review KMM like before. If you watched generation 1 (their old house when they just came to korea), it was short but amazing, short and sweet. Like how I would love it – because us fans watched the video beforehand and watching KMM reviews make us excited on what they think about it and if they would agree on the awesome parts and stat out some funny and cringe scenes that we didn’t realized until now (because we were fangirl/fanboying that we missed out detals)

    KMM to me really just enforcing the original video that we already liked and having someone to agree with it is just greatttttt. Not only that, some criticism and awkward/cringe whatever was pointed out to us, and being non-delu fans, we might agree and shrug it off. EYK also always introduce me more songs and music which I really like.

    This week KMM seemed too negative in my opinion. I hope the next video will be better~ ^^

    But I wish everyone don’t start bashing each other, to EYK and the rest of the Boy bands.

    Everyone make mistakes :)

    P.S : I hope S&M make a little video about this, although it isn’t really that far to an extent, I want to know about your feedback and opinion again :)

  22. I was really excited for this KMM seeing as it was B.A.P and when I thought they were reviewing BTOB, B.A.P and BTS I was even more excited, but I was really let down.

    I didn’t really enjoy BTOB’s mv either, given that, I did love the song I thought it was catchy, fun and I get it stuck in my head. I know if I were a die hard fan of BTOBs I would have gotten a little upset. You guys shouldn’t have included BTOB if you were only going to mention how boring you thought they were and not do an actual review of them. I hope not a lot of BTOB fans were offended or let down by this. (I can relate because Young Saeng’s Art of Seduction was on top for like 5 weeks #1 and never reviewed)
    After that I thought the video would be more of an ACTUAL BTS vs B.A.P where maybe it was plot vs plot or dance vs dance ,seeing as the groups are similar, and an in depth video, but one of the category’s being “unhygienic” was a shock and also, a let down.

    My next point is not a surprise. The “B***h A** pussies” part. Now I will admit, I’m a giant fan of B.A.P, but also a fan of EYK and when M said that I cringed. It was just really uncalled for I guess, I mean I understand them wanting to joke about it but I don’t think they should have done it in that way. Obviously there’s no way to joke about Himchans crying without no one taking offense but I think this just wasn’t the way to go about it. I mean I’ve read a bunch of comments and half of them are saying it’s rude to B.A.P and the other is saying it’s sexist. Either way, there had to have been some other joke that could have been used.
    As for the dancing, personally I liked BTS other dances better but this one was still really good, and I’m glad that S&M did talk about it, but of course, M mentioned the hip thrusting, and two other moves for B.A.P and the next minute of the video is awkward cringe worthy hip thrusting. I was REALLY impressed with B.A.Ps dance, specially Jongup’s and Zelo’s part and I thought for sure M would mention them because I knew she liked those kind of dances, but no.
    One last thing that I was disappointed with this video, was the symbolism. I mean, in Jaejoong’s Mine review almost half the video was ABOUT the symbolism, and I thought B.A.Ps had a lot of symbolism to offer! but it barley mentioned or explained in the video and I actually really wanted to know M take on it. I feel like the video was just bashing on two groups more than reviewing.

    Now the blog post. There was still no explanation as to why you thought BTOB was boring or even a small review for it.
    I found it funny though, how BTS English was criticized when you guys has also purposely spelled things wrong in the next two paragraphs… To be fair though, at least BTS bad English was words that everyone used when they were in school before.
    Now I was happy that symbolism was mentioned in the blog post only to be disappointed AGAIN after reading it. There was no mention on the possible plot, no mention on symbols, no explanation. Just a bunch of “I didn’t like this”
    For Rap Monster, I think his name is funny too, he finds his name funny as well which is why he uses it. poking a little fun at his name is okay, but I don’t think a whole paragraph was needed.

    All in all, I don’t want to say I hated this EYK, but I came close. Like I said earlier, this was more basing on two groups than reviewing, I mean I used to watch KMM so I could learn new bands and almost always good and bad things were mentioned, but I feel like this video is the complete opposite. I’m not trying to say your opinions are wrong or anything, just I believe- and many others- that this video should have been done differently. A lot of people were offended (some by stupid stuff, some by actual things) by this video and me being a fan of all three groups and EYK I’m really conflicted about how I feel.

  23. Wow! So much hate here. I have to say that Simon and Martina are free do say whatever they say because it is their opinion about something, no one is obligated to watch this as well, so I don’t see why so much hate towards a couple who are trying to entertain their audience. So I will give my thanks to Eat Your Kimchi for all the funny stuff they do and to always keep your head up and no matter what haters say, you keep on going forward! <3

  24. Totally agree. I think EYK bashed these boy groups too much for KMM this week. The symbolism in 1004 is actually a LOT deeper than Simon thought it was and there is a lot more than just the rib cage. I read somewhere on tumblr that explains the boys’ relationship to certain items but i totally forgot where to find it because i figured S&M would have figured this out already..sorry guise but i didn’t like it…. and Martina, please don’t expect every group to stick to one concept. They may have changed this one song or one look but they’re still the same group as ever. And BTOB shouldn’t have been left out…i thought EYK reviews a group’s title song, album, dance and mv. Yes the mv wasn’t amazing but you could of reviewed the song itself at least…. and BTS’s title song isn’t the greatest but thats the concept they’re going for..( sorry this is just the defense from an ARMY). I would of mentioned more and maybe i made some a few mistakes here and there but thats only because i only read the written review and not the video because the comments down here…i agree with the comments that mention their dislike of KMM this week because when the review started…well i kinda got defense….sorry EYK. Still love ya! <3

  25. Not sure why everyone is getting so worked up, but I decided to comment here because I did not like what I saw on the YT comments section. From what I saw, you guys stated your opinion and it is completely okay! I agree with what Martina said too; k-pop groups or any band could change their sound or image, but that does not mean I always have to enjoy everything they put out! I thought the thrusting bit was hilarious too, could not stop smiling! Really enjoyed this video guys!!

  26. Wow, so many negative comments. I’m not really sure why everyone is taking everything so personally. S&M have always poked fun at k-pop and they go with a bit more adult-themed jokes and everyone spazzes out. I feel that if people can not tolerate hearing other people’s opinions about the groups that you love, then maybe you should not be watching or reading things where people give their honest opinions. Not everyone is going to think or feel the same way as you. It’s an opinion about the music videos and how they see them. There’s always going to be good reviews, but hey guess what, there are also bad reviews. Let’s all act like adults, or at the very least pretend to be adults for a moment and just acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their own point of view and opinions of everything; just because you do not agree with those opinions does not mean that you need to go into internet tirades.

  27. unicornsgalaxy

    I’ve been semi-following all this blow-up. I’m not going to weigh in on it or anything tho. I do have maybe a suggestion for you to think over.

    A while ago, you changed the selection of KMMs to be any video in the top 3. It seems like there have been videos in the top 3 that you don’t particularly want to do (which is fine). Why not open it even further to top 5 or even better top 10? Also, display the top 10 in random order so no one knows (or cares) who’s in 1st place. There should be at least 1 video out of 10 that you like and would like to review. It will also alleviate some of the tension of “XXXXX was in 1st place for # weeks and you didn’t review them” (which isn’t what this blow-up is about) and also make it more of a recommendation of what to review than a popularity contest.

    Although, personally, I would rather you only do regular KMMs every once in a while and do more of the K-crunch cocktail format like you did with the girl groups KMM. Only maybe limit to 3 so you can talk about each video a little more. For me, the usual format of KMMs have gotten a little stale and they just don’t have the same ‘umpf’ that they used to (plus normally the skits leave me as ‘meh’). I usually watch more for the little snippets of what you liked or disliked and why.

    One last thing, I agree with some of the people here that the swearing is becoming more prominent. Trust me, I can swear so hard and inventively that I could make a truck-driver blush, but there is a time and place for swearing. You hardly ever swore in your older videos but now it seems like in every video there are at least 2 or more bleeps. I don’t know, it just seems to me like instead of it being funny little slips it’s become ‘in-your-face’ and you have lost your respect for your work and for your audience. You like to swear and if you use it in your normal day-to-day talk, that’s fine, but making these videos is basically your job and (for me) your job is not the place to incorporate swearing in as a regular thing (little slips are as I said earlier, funny little slips). Maybe it’s my age starting to catch up to me and I’m sounding like a fuddy-duddy (which is odd because my bias group is kind of known as the swearing-dol but usually while they are working only little slips come out). I don’t know…I’m on the fence about the whole swearing thing and feeling slightly hypocritical because I do swear but then again I try not to swear while at work…

  28. i think the bitch ass pussies comment was about the fact that the music video was so dramatic and their tears and emotions looked so fake especially since the lyrics also seem fake and generic(unless its just this translation http://www.kpoplyrics.net/bap-1004-angel-lyrics-english-romanized.html) not the fact that were emotional cause they weren’t they just “tried” to be and i even liked the song and the video for the most part. unfortunately pulling out the sexist and racist card is awfully easy on the internet.

  29. yanagiba yusuke22

    i watch this just know n… S&M…rap monster knows u feeling n he know u dont like his name…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKeXCmmpk28 kinda funny…

  30. yanagiba yusuke22

    i know the vid isnt enough to explain both mv in details… i know S&M waiting for biggest 2 battle cb coming up next/this week n BAP & BTS already on the top 3 for a few weeks n for sure next week both song will start to fell apart…if both song isnt be reviewed, the fan of both group will mad at them… so cool down BABY n ARMY….

  31. I actually really like their review. I thought it was funny and they always keep it real. Especially about BTS. All these annoying “fans” need to get a life.

  32. i thought bitch ass pussys was hilarious.

  33. I happen to love Rap Monster! I love the name (yeah, at first I was like “What the hell?”, but now I just roll with it. It’s great! It’s got spunk!) and he’s got amazing charisma! He’s talented, which helps, and he isn’t yodelling “Yah, YAH!” (*cough* Bang Yong Guk Badman *cough*).

    • there was no no need to degrade Yongguk to make your point why could you say somthing about Rap Monster and leave Yongguk out of it this is problem most fans have they can’t seem to make a positive point about x without insulting y

  34. Honestly I wish the review was longer because it’s for 2 groups and I like both songs but whatever. At least there’s a review!
    I’m surprised that there was no comment on some things in BTS’s video.
    1) J-Hope (according to the lyrics) said “ABCDEFG Hakuna Matata”.
    2) Jin was hiding in a locker before he chased after the girl, suddenly stopped, and turned his head in the direction of said girl
    3) That little close-up scene of Rap Monster lifting up his finger with a sort of smirk on his face
    4) Suga sitting on a basketball hoop.
    I didn’t notice anything super weird about V, Jimin, or Jungkook in the vid..

    P.S. Meemers as cute as ever, especially in the bloopers vid!!

  35. Everyone just needs to calm their farm. People are allowed their personal opinions, it’s their review, if they want to ‘bash them’ they have every right too. They also have every right to ignore your fighting and criticism, but they don’t, they learn from constructive criticism like anyone else. Yelling and making them feel hated is not how you get their attention and let them know ‘hey, I think this could have been handled differently’ or simply say ‘This isn’t my opinion, but I respect yours and can see the validity’. Everyone is different and if someone has a different opinion to your own, that doesn’t give you the right to ‘hate’ someone.

  36. Simon and Martina, old time NASTY here. Been with you guys since you were teachers and didn’t even do KMM and actually replied to comments on YT. Honestly, I’m really disappointed. I understand that this is now your job but it feels like a mistake. A lot of your jokes no longer seem organic or fun – just insulting and harsh. It feels forced. And you don’t seem particularly happy with KPOP anymore but you’re stuck cause it’s your cash cow. I suggest that you take away the right to vote for the KPOP group and just review whoever you want because it’ll do both you two and the fandoms a favor.

    • Good point on taking away the voting charts. That might solve some issues for them. I’d rather hear a positive happy fun and genuine review then one that seems forced upon them. Because we are starting to see the backlash of a unhappy Simon and Martina. They are almost showing contempt not only towards the artists but their fans. Unless they just want to become shock jocks. Hey It’s a formula that’s worked financially for a lot of people. But you do realize taking away the votes will lead to more problems. Alot of fans will be upset over that. Still think in the end S&M will be happier and we will get a better quality EYKMM.

  37. Wow! You would think that S&M had ragged on the Pope, Mother Teresa, and the tooth fairy for all the violent reaction! Calm down people.

  38. I use to really like eyk, but they really are not putting effort into their videos anymore. most of their recent videos have been half assed…i mean Martina doesn’t even dress for the videos anymore, she just looks like a slob. that and no matter who they talk about they always have an attitude as of late. its getting old really fast. i can tell their heart isnt there anymore, and i wish they would admit it instead of just spewing rants everywhere. i honestly thought they where above that.

    • YukiRed

      Fucking asshole

      • very educated…

        • You call someone a Bitch Ass Pussy you get called a Slob, You call someone a Slob you get called a Fucking asshole………..When does the childish behavior stop? There are other ways to express discontent without resorting to disrespect and name calling….

        • i wasn’t calling her a name. I said she looked like a slob, as in, she use to wear cute dressed and accessories, she worked so hard to lose that weight, and she looks good, yet she doesn’t bother to look presentable on camera. My opinion has nothing to do with the review, ive been noticing this slip in her care for her appearance since last year. This isn’t the first time i said it.

        • Err…. Calling her a slob -is- calling her a name.

          I don’t see any other way of describing calling someone a slob. It’s obviously a negative thing. Like saying she is a pig or is an idiot.

          I agree though, this conversation is devolving into childish name calling and I’m going to just ask that we leave it here and not continue with name calling.

        • that is not meant to be hurtful, as a person living in S. Korean she
          would know and understand that. also slob is in no way a synonym of idiot.

        • Did I say it was a synonym…?

          I said it was a negative thing the same way you would take being called an idiot to be a negative thing. Whether or not it was meant to be hurtful it was still an insult.

          Anyway, you are right, Martina wouldn’t be hurt by the comment because she knows it is not true. Not just because she lives in South Korea and should be used to the fact that some people may be blunt about commenting on other’s physical appearance and it is culturally ok to tell people they are fat and ugly.

          I think the original point you were trying to make was to say that she doesn’t look professional or well put together, or simply that you don’t really like her current style and perhaps feel it is inappropriate. That is your opinion and you are free to have it.

          Cheers, Natz

        • Yes. You did. You said it was an insult like pig (which could be a synonym) or idiot. While they are all insults. They are not synonyms of each other.

        • This is what I said:
          “It’s obviously a negative thing. Like saying she is a pig or is an idiot.”

          How is that ….

          You know what? I am just going to concede the point. Maybe my sentence structure was confusing and made you think I was calling them synonyms. It is not important. I have test papers to proctor and correct for my students and I am allowing myself to get into an argument of semantics.

          Really and truly I did not care if you called her a slob, since as you rightly pointed out she probably wouldn’t care either, I just was trying to stop the immature name calling spiral that was happening in the comments, which is my job.

          But having circular, non productive conversations like this is not.


        • oh you’re a teacher? surprise! lol “cheers”

        • Cyber_3

          Natz, don’t let someone’s backpedalling intimidate you. You called it right in the first place and I think you played it well.

          Cyber_3 – former internet forums moderator

        • Thanks. I appreciate the validation. I just realised that I was allowing myself to contribute to an argument that really was not important to me and the original point I was trying to make was being hidden by semantics of grammar.

          All in all I think we all try to make EYK a place where people feel comfortable. Even after all the displeasure about this video I still think the community here is trying to be like that.

        • Cassandra Bosquet

          Natz, you are above and beyond the pearl of maturity in all of this and I agree with Cyber_3 that you handled the situation in the best way and need not to succumb to the negativity.

          My mind is blown by how out of proportion people have gotten over this review.I get that the opinions from EYK may not have been liked by everyone, but for people to take their dislike and change them into vile attacks of the characters, efforts, livelihood, and lives of Simon and Martina is asinine to me. If you don’t like what they said, then feel that way but then move the hell on with life….build a bridge, cross it, and move on.To be still so stuck on what they said, and now how they look, can only be translated to mean that some people have nothing better to do…no homework, no jobs, no meals to make, anything???-To still be attacking them five days later is just sad.

          We’re a community of fans and friends, and as such being supportive should be the foundation of what we do. I’m not saying to blindly love everything every single time, but there should always be a level of respect and maturity amongst us all. Otherwise we might as well not bother logging on at all.

        • i wasn’t intimidating anyone. i was making sure she/he was not implying that i was calling her stupid. f.y.i.

        • YukiRed

          What Natz meant was that slob is *similar* to calling someone a pig, but not equal to calling someone a pig. They both share similarities that they are negative things to describe people.
          Sorry for calling you that one other word, I was super frustrated I wasn’t able to vote down so I resorted to that. I might have had a better way to do it…

        • It happens. no harm done.

        • dressing casually isn’t being a slob she looked really pretty and cool to me, great make up and her hair looked really cool. She looks like some one that takes great care of herself and is confident and has a great personality. She doesn’t have to wear dresses and accessorize every time she is behind a camera she is a genuine person. I’m sure sometimes she feels like wearing dresses and sometimes she doesn’t. That doesn’t make her a slob. She doesn’t appear messy or dirty or have food spilt over her clothes so I’m not sure what your definition of a slob is. Even if she was I’d still love her personality and what she brings us. Women don’t have to be walking fashion models. And as far as her weight that is none of your business and I think she looks perfect and is as bit as beautiful as any Kpop female emaciated artist you might be trying to compare her to. And of course calling someone a slob is hurtful how could you not know that?

        • I do believe that maybe everyone is taking the word “slob” the wrong way. There is nothing wrong with dressing causal, however the way she has be presenting herself does not, to me, come off casual, but instead, lazy. Also i am not comparing her to kpop girl idols, but to herself. No one says she has to be a perfect, pretty princess everyday, however it has been a very long time since ive seen her put effort into her looks. Also that is not meant to be hurtful, as a person living in S. Korean she would know and understand that. Also she is the one who put up videos documenting her and simons weight loss, so she put her business out there, aside from that i was very happy for them and more than impressed at their determination and results. (especially with everyone sending them candy) With that being said, what im getting at is that if you worked to hard to lose the weight to get healthy, you should try to look healthy as well. Also she gets a boatload of cute stuff from fans and it would be nice to see her wear them. However, at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter, they will do whatever it is they want and that’s fine. I have my opinions and thats that EYK has deteriorated very much since they obtained their studio, i do not like their attitude as of late, and while i dont mind off color jokes and criticism (which is why i like eyk to begin with) it seems at this point they are just being rude and careless with their words and actions. And before you say, “then you can leave the fandom”, im way ahead of you ive unsubscribed and i dont intend on supporting this nonsense anymore. I really dont know what happened to them, they seem like two different people. I would go into more detail but that’s just pointless at this juncture. Good Day.

        • I wouldn’t ever tell some one to unsubscribe. I’m not one of those dedicated fans that can see no wrong when it comes to S&M. And If you noticed or read any of my comments I’ve also had a few opinions of my own about my dislike for this review. I don’t pay a lot of attention to a persons appearance so I can’t really follow you on the importance of how Martina dresses . For me she looks healthy and happy and even fashionable’ But I understand you must be a person that values looks and appearance. It seems like something very important to you.I like this explanation much more then just simply calling Martina a slob. But to me Martina’s fashion choices are of little importance and really trivial. It’s not something worth hurting someone over. Everything else I really have no problem with I actually have some of those same concerns.

        • Cyber_3

          I agree with you, but I just wanted to comment since what you said reminded me of something. Martina wore more bodycon type dresses (when she wore a dress) in the seriously early videos and then she went on to sort of pinup/cupcake types. Now she wears pants/leggings more. Maybe the “style” change ( I don’t consider it dressing up or down here) was more about gaining weight (hiding under cupcakes) and now that she has lost it again, she doesn’t feel the need to hide her shape….plus it has been a damn-*ss cold winter all over the world this year. And well, she’s with 2 other girls now who are somewhat boyish in their clothes, so she probably feels more comfortable in similar clothing. But we all go through fashion fazes too, c’est la vie!

      • Oi!

        Don’t do that.

        Seriously. Don’t

    • Cyber_3

      I think that you will have to go back and look at more footage if you think that Martina “isn’t making an effort” with her look. She has never dressed “to the nines” for the videos. That wall of t-shirts didn’t come from nowhere. She’s just evolved her style into something slightly more laid back and more nerdy chic this last year and since her hair is longer, she can put it up more easily and intricately now. Frankly, I would expect her to have major challenges just finding clothes in Korea that fit her. Also, it’s winter, and the studio is cold (c’mon – they need foot warmers!) so I would also dress in many layers as well.

      I certainly think that you’re grasping at an opportunity to insult her since you have other issues with this KMM that have made you unhappy – not cool!

      • Let me say bluntly, i really could care less about what was said in this video. i haven’t for a while as (like i said before) the videos from them have far below standard lately. my statement about Martina has nothing to do with that, which i also said before. (did you read the whole conversation before jumping in?) also most of those t-shirts came from simon not martina. as he’s the one with the collection. i really dont feel like repeating myself further, mainly because i certainly think that you’re grasping at an opportunity to defend Martina because you cant take constructive criticism against her. much like most kpop fans. -not cool!

        • Cyber_3

          Hahaha! You’re so funny! I actually read the entire ridiculously long conversation, just because I don’t agree with you, doesn’t make me misinformed. Actually if you go check out the “welcome EYK crew” video, you’ll see that half of those shirts are Martina’s. Don’t worry, I’m not hardcore – I just remember because I was (pleasantly) surprised at the time. I am respectfully disagreeing with your assessment (my opinion is just as valid as yours), more than “defending” Martina, it’s not a crime. It’s also hard for me to enjoy the rest of the comments here when you are disrespectful to any of the users, especially me, not just the EYK crew so I felt the need to say something regarding your rudeness. By the way, you can change your username (Alana Key to “-___-” so appropriate!) but people will still see you for what you are and the mods can track your usernames, so be careful.

          Cyber_3 – Sorry Natz, I couldn’t resist……….trolololololooooooooo!! ;)

        • actually i didn’t attack anyone. other than calling Martina a slob, no one was disrespected here but me. also i couldn’t give less of a damn if they track my user name. i haven’t done anything wrong, and as far as rudeness goes you are the rudest one here. other than the person who called me an f***ing Asshole, and they had the respect to apologize. moreover most everyone else gave their point in a dignified manner, other than the “moderator”(who joins arguments instead of ending them). aside from that,
          you are a child, ignorantly jumping into and continuing an argument that had already concluded itself. so take a look in the mirror before you wrongfully state that you “respectfully disagreed” because you did not. also adding to the list oft hings i dont give a damn about is martina’s clothes. in the long run i dont care, i dont plan on seeing her as im done with the fandom and videos. i was only pointing out that shes been looking ruff lately because its ture, and add to the fact that eyk is losing their touch. and regardless of what you say, i will continue to think that. also my name is KAY, not key,if you’re going to throw an insult, get your facts right, otherwise you look very uneducated. please refrain from making yourself look like more of troll and go be in EYK’s yappy over protective dog elsewhere.

      • I deleted that whole thread because it was leading nowhere but quarreling for quarreling sake. Also since I have been accused of doing nothing but adding to arguments I will stop doing that and since apparently I am not allowed to have or share opinions myself.

        Cheers, Natz

  39. There really is no point in saying what I thought about this review because it’s just going to be a repetition of what is already said. What I want to say is that I noticed that most of your reviews has been very negative, and I don’t know if it’s because you really hate the song/mv and reviewing them just put you in a terrible mood hence why you guys have been so harsh and aggressive with you KMMs lately. If that is the case, and you truly do not like review the songs that is voted to the top the chart, why not just get rid of the voting and you guys just choose a song to review, whether it is talking about how amazing it was, or how much you did not like it because of particular reasons. I doubt your fans would mind.

    Now in light of this, can we all simmer down please? They DID NOT “rename the group”. They did not ACTUALLY insult them. It’s like a hip-hop type diss, hence Simon and Leigh in the background. They were calling out the group on their soft image, not actually calling them pussies. Does that help at all? Are we all okay now? Can we please stop calling them rude and aggressive and offensive and whatever now? At the end of the day IT WAS A JOKE, hence Simon and Leigh in the background! Can we all just calm down now? Please?

    • Thank you. Someone reasonable finally. That’s why I have been saying that ppl are over reacting. They weren’t actually calling them that. If ppl were true Nasties they would know this and this would not have been a big deal.

    • Just like S&M can say their opinions, so can fans. We’re not obligated to see using the word “pussy” as a joke in any form.

      • It’s fine to say your opinion, and even to be upset, but not to slam them. And moreover to be mad about using the word “pussies” is one thing but what I’m talking about is the character slamming and basically calling them incompetent. I think that’s just as rude, if not worse because Simon and Martina are GUARANTEED to see these comments and be hurt by them.

  41. Curious. How many of the people who are commenting about how “mean” eyk were are the same people who bashed all the girl groups who came out with “sexy” concepts. Haters gonna hate, I’m going to enjoy the music. BYE.

    • haha, so true! and you know if it was a group they didn’t like they wouldn’t be reacting like this.

      • Seriously. This is K-Pop. Come on.
        Side note: I like BTS just fine (their second single was on point), but pushing around that girl was not cool, not romantic in any way. Imagine if they weren’t attractive and this happened in real life. Good looks don’t make assault less scary (another reason to LOVE Gain’s Fxxk You). This was an important subject eyk brought up but I don’t see too much of it discussed in the comments section.

  42. people we get it, you did not like the review. There is simply no need to write an essay about how butthurt you are. It’s overkill, and frankly no one is going to read it anyway. Get over it and move on with your day.

    • I’ve read them. And if I do remember correctly there was a time when people disliked one of the KMM videos and Simon and Martina complained that people were not clear in their reasons. They said it was okay if we didn’t like something, we just had to explain so they could understand better. I wished I remembered the video. Anyway, if people don’t like it they want to make sure that Simon and Martina understand why. I guarantee you that even if you don’t read them, they will.

      • Well I am glad you have the time to read them. It is fine to explain, but there is no reason to have an essay ok. you can literally sum up your dislikes in a 5 sentence paragraph, not 30.

        • ….
          Well I read them and sometimes Simon and Martina do as well.

          And that person commenting above was correct. Simon and Martina have no problem allowing people to leave long comments.

          If they don’t have a problem with it, and us mods don’t have a problem, then why should you be bothered by it? Just skip over the long comments.

        • Well like I said to the other person, I am glad you find the time to read them. And I never said Martina and Simon didn’t read them I said they skim over them. And the reason I am so bothered by it is because everyone is so sensitive on this topic of the 3 min (?) opinion video, and has resulted in so much negativity in the forums about them that it is basically bitching, bitching for forever about how they were cruel. And I skim the long ones and it is the same bitching over and over.

        • Sorry the ‘bitching’ is getting to you. It can get overwhelming, but it is the Internet. Pretty much 50% or more of all comments are ‘bitching’ because people are people.

          What I usually do when I don’t want to see the ‘bitching’, is that I just don’t read it. Alas, it is my job to read the comments on EYK and so I just deal with it. However, I avoid other places like the plague.

          Cheers, Natz

        • yes, well this ‘bitching’ has no basis, on this forum. I come here for critics on the songs, so I read them. But, I see none of that this time around. So I stated my opinion about it.

        • Honestly, I’m not bothered by it. Those who want to read will read; others will skip. However, since I am sick and in bed (and have WAY too much time on my hands) just for fun I’m going to try to summarize the MAJORITY (not everything) of the pro and con arguments I have seen so far. Maybe people will just say, “I agree with #1, #4 and #6″ and move on to a better life.
          1. Bitch Ass Pussies? – What where you thinking S&M?
          2. You guys are getting increasingly meaner, vulgar, boring, uncreative, soulless
          3. KMMs are not what they used to be. It was better during the B.S. time period. (BS=before studio)
          4. You complain about sexist references but you also make sexist comments. How dare you be two-faced!
          5. My oppas from (insert name of idol group) did not deserve this.
          6. Why not review BTOB? Rude!
          7. But it was funny…
          8. It was a joke! Get it? Get a sense of humor! Grow up!
          9. This is their program and they can do whatever they want.
          10. It is their opinion. Didn’t you know that opinions are sacred? Except yours, of course.
          11. Simon and Martina have not changed, they are still their awesome selves.
          12. Everyone complaining is a whiny, delusional, immature, crazy, butthurt fangirl. Even if they are not.
          Fever is getting to me. Must go and not come back. Too much wasted time on this “controversy.”

        • lol

        • Lols

          As someone who has had to pretty much read all the comments I can put my stamp of agreement on this ‘short list’.

          I can commiserate on the being sick and having nothing better to do.

          Cheers, Natz

    • Being butthurt is writing something like “omg! why would you say mean things about oppa! I hate you now!”
      Most of the comments I have seen, short and long alike, have pointed out what they found distasteful in the video. Most of what I have read was constructive criticism. And seeing as it is S&M’s viewers telling them what they were unhappy
      with, S&M should at least acknowledge these thoughts and try to improve their videos.

      For me, I found this video to be lacklustre and not very funny. Unless S&M change this, I’m going to be less and less inclined to check out their vids. It is important for fans to let S&M know how they react so that S&M can alter their vids accordingly and thus not lose viewers (who are their source of income).

      • god, I would like to be done with this already. I thought it was over the last reply. I don’t know why your stating your opinion to me on what you think of this video. And yes I said butthurt because all I saw was the sexism in it, how dare you say those bad things about B.A.P etc. And I don’t know how saying they were cruel and mean constructive. Look up from the last comment, it pretty much sums up all of what most of the comments have been saying sooo, I would like to move on with my day.

        • I stated my opinion because I wanted to show how S&M ignoring criticism and fans denouncing criticism only hurts EYK and their videos. How will they ever improve and hold onto their fans if they don’t fix the things fans are unhappy with?

        • why tell on me on a reply? create your own post. and if the fans have criticism fine, but most of them are not really constructive are they? the person that made the list above has summed up everything (basically) on what people are talking about. You even upvoted it. Now, it is Wednesday in my country, I expressed what I wanted to say whether you agree or not. I don’t want the moderator coming back, this is old news. you should also get on with your day, and let it be that.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          You sound butthurt, you wanna talk about it?

        • … Ok, I know this is wrong, but this comment made me laugh.

          But yeah, don’t provoke a fight please. I would like to actually get some sleep tonight.

        • I will also warn you to move on, do not get me started.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Woah, so much hostility, chillax. I already read your multiple essays worth of comments, I was trying to be nice and let you talk about your butthurtness. But the first step is that you have to accept you are indeed butthurt.
          Butthurtness is a serious problem but I think if we work together we can overcome it!

        • even now, you are still baiting me. It isn’t cute. trust me, if you want my attention, fine, ill give it to you. How should I pour all my attention to you? Apparently, your ‘nice’ comment didn’t have the the kind of effect you wanted. Instead of just starting a conversation you came out as someone wanting to start something. Which, is why I warned you to move on. But you didn’t listen.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          You make me chuckle.

          For somebody who hates people replying to them and extending convos you sure like to have the last word…

        • I never said I hated replying. don’t put words in my mouth. I said I would like to move on now, but clearly you didn’t read all of my comments did you? and clearly you want to keep it going, and not in the good way. and if you think I like the last word, then stop replying to me.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Everytime you reply back this extends. I can do this all day because I think it’s funny and I’m not getting worked up like you are.

        • well it seems you don’t really have a life. But, if you like to keep going, go ahead. Apparently you had some kind of motive of wanting my attention. I am just DYING to know what that is. And, if you do keep it up the moderator is just going to warn you to stop and not keep going, and more than likely delete the whole thing. What do you think was going to happen, replying as you do? and you keep saying I’m sensitive, but apparently your bothered by my comments so much, you have to add your nasty comments, even though I clearly didn’t want to fool with it anymore. And the moderator even told you to stay away. And this would have been over if you hadn’t put a rude comment.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic


        • Hey there,

          It’s late and I am tired and responding to myself. Please give me a bit of a break and let this ‘conversation’ die. Otherwise I will just have to delete the whole thing anyway.

          (Sleepy) Natz

        • And here I am at 2 am, awake. Apparently I am just never destined to sleep this week.

          I would like to discourage the continuing of this ‘conversation’. Nothing positive can really come from it.


        • Hey there,

          Please let this ‘conversation’ end here because it is pointless and trust me will just degrade even further if it continues.


        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          You replied to yourself lol.

        • I mean the replying to myself.

          It’s the middle of the night and I am a bit out of it.

          Yes the lack of down voting will give people no other choice to voice disagreement.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          What a coincidence, here I am up at 2am also!
          You should took a nap earlier.


        • Alas, real life work took precedence. Apparently I am destined never to have proper sleep this week. I deleted the replying to myself thread. Can I go sleep now or will I wake up in the morning with a whole set of comments that I will need to delete?

        • Lol…. I always come back. It’s my job and it’s also in our lovely BDSM commenting guide…. Mods are watching.

          So I am going to just assume that you are done with this conversation and I will advise the other commenter to also move on. It doesn’t seem like anything positive is coming from the continuing of this conversation.

          Cheers, Natz

        • Terri, I would advise you just move on from trying to have a conversation with this user. It seems to just be provoking and nothing is being solved here.


  43. Just because a rookie group composes, writes and produces most their songs doesn’t mean it is great. Also, they were only reviewing “skool luv affair” (gosh it does not feel great to spell that out >_<), not the whole album. Perhaps if they waited, they could have put out a better song? (like bap). I liked this review, but some people don't because they do not count it as a 'review'. The thing is, it is. Let's look at it from this view: Is it EYK's fault that the top 3 videos lacked a concept with a powerful meaning? Maybe Nasties need to step up their game a bit and vote for review worthy videos?

    They mentioned that there isn't any realistic symbolic meaning to it (in the symbolic form of knocking out the character who tries their best to find symbolism in the non-symbolic videos). The guys even abused the girl and then gave her a flower saying he loves her. They did touch on that but how much farther can they go with this? In the early days maybe they could have squeezed something more out, but the kpop videos are getting ridiculously repetitive and worn out (I'm talking about the videos that keep getting the top spot- there are a lot of other great kpop videos out their however).

    Boy, I am really feeling EYK's frustration with disclaimers. It's like they need to put in bold print


    I think you fail to see that they did review it. They just added their touch of humor to their message (which is the main reason I like them so much). Look for the meaning in the jokes and skits. Like the hip thrusting skit: great dance, but for the wrong music. What other professional youtubers can talk about kpop in this way?

    I don't know if you're familiar with 'colbert report', but it is an american tv late night show. The host, a political humorist, talks about the world news but his sarcasm and humor add a personal touch to the show. (C.R. has won multiple awards so they is doing something right) just watching 5 minutes and you'll understand.

    I wanted to write this because the number of ups on your comment right now is 430, and dislike is zero (even though i clicked down, it wouldn't show my number, and i think it is not counting others). I hope the EYK crew can read this and see that it is just a number. But on the upside, on YT the likes are 4K and dislikes are 1K.

    Maybe the fans are upset because they really like their groups and to see that the video they voted for turned out to be a very thin concept video. VIDEO might I add, not the music, but the VIDAYO!! and I personally really did like this kpop music monday. I like how EYK is bold sometimes in their jokes, but i guess not everyone does. Of course EYK meant no disrespect to any group, they are just making light of what kpop takes so seriously. (Let's not pretend like we don't poke fun at their names either…. B.A.P = best absolute perfect? how about bunnies are puffy or umm the other thing i shouldn't spell out lol)

    I wasn't trying to hurt anyone's feelings, this is just my opinion. It's good to get both negative and positive feedback, but i think you're review was too negative (but if I think it did help them). It just wasn't as bad as you made it out to be. If anything i blame the videos voted in the top spot (although I really did like this KMM). But I thought some people just misinterpreted.

    Anyways , let's look forward to next week!

  44. OK this video make me feel uncomfortable. especially when they talk about B.A.P….can we just let them try new things?? I´m baby..and I respect their opinions but..they call them B*@ch A@@ Pussies thats not funny u____u

  45. Caitlin Martina Byrnes
    Caitlin Martina Byrnes

    Yeah, that part where they were dragging the girl was not cool. I totally thought gang rape was about to happen O.o

  46. Eh… Yall really let it go huh? But I take all your reviews with a grain of salt anyway. I really like BTS and given the age of most of the members, the spelling stuff is understandable. I’m around your age SImon & Martina (or a tad younger) and even I can recognize that.

  47. The beginning of B.A.P. is creepily/strangely similar to the beginning of Metallica’s “One”. Or am I the only one thinking this?

  48. I was really upset by this KMM, and what upsets me more is people saying “we should be nicer to Simon & Martina” or other tone policing. No. People are upset and have every right to be.

    • That is actually quite funny. Usually one of our commenting rules is Be Respectful, but since the criticism of this particular review was about blunt and crude comments it would be hypocritical for us to say ‘ Don’t say that, it’s mean.’

      However threats and stuff like that ( which have happened) are not allowed.

  49. So much hating :-/ I actually liked this video, Thanks to EYK I watched this MVs and I liked them as well, but I laughed while watching this review… And now I feel that I should go to hell for not cursing Simon and Martina. Yeah, they were not nice, but should they just say how awesome they are? I mean, how boring it would be just watching them fangirling -_- I also think that music mondays have changed, but cmon,.. They did lot of reviews which were even… more disrespectful (like Hyuna’s Bubble Pop) and it was fun… -_-

    • I liked it too. I actually like BAP’s style this time around and eyk words didn’t bother me. Yes, it would of probably been better if they had said more positive things but let’s get real most kpop fans just fangirl or fanboy over their idols and don’t actually care for the meaning or the symbolism of the song. I can tell that from all the video reactions I’ve seen. Ppl just make comments about how good they look and nothing about the song or video for the most part.

  50. So funny, I was laughing my heart out :’DDDD I don’t know why so many people are offended. People are taking KMM too seriously.

  51. LinZi

    Hey guise! I enjoyed this video a lot… I thought it was super funny and made me laugh a lot. :)

  52. Cosmic Cat

    Oh wow graffiti in the background. I don’t know why but I like seeing graffiti in different countries. I guess it shows the unpolished version of places that are usually on tourist magazines. That comment has nothing to do with the content of the video lol. For the record, the video was funny, as usual. Actually when I read the title of the bts song, I thought they would go down bap route and release a ballad/cutesy-wootsey love song but I was pleasantly surprised. Plus the 왜 내 맘을 흐드는 건데 part has been stuck in my head all day.

  53. I just want to say… to Simon & Martina – I love you guys. I may not know you in person but I love the effort you put into your shows, the way you have opened your lives to us, the music and food you have opened up in my life (Yay, Kimbap & Spica!) and the adorable way you interact with your fans and each other (and as a team).

    To anyone that was not capable of hearing the video clearly, S&M expressed themselves in their usual fashion – they expressed positives and negatives about the videos. They were silly, quirky, funny and “IN YO FACE” (which is part of their style and is super!) as per usual.

    To those getting offended by their word usage, their opinions, or their perverted sense of humor (which has been apparent since the start… F.A.P F.A.P’s, W.A. N. K’s etc…) all of a sudden – unsubscribe.

    Voicing your opinion is totally fine, just as it is fine for S&M to express theirs. So go ahead, and then take your toxicity somewhere else. I come here for fun as do many others.

    To those that are bringing race or personal attacks into this – go back to your troll-hole please and never return. Yes, so perhaps S&M didn’t appreciate your favorite band in the way you thought they should, or adored everything that band does in the way you do, or said “nasty” words (oooh… you so nasty!) that upset your delicate sensibilities.

    So what?

    That does not give you the “right” to call them names, fill up youtube with hateful comments and call them racists or privileged. Which is highly ironic considering the bands they are commenting on would be in a rich, elite class – making a lot more money than S&M in the first place.

    These are two real, live, human beings and watching you all descend into “Lord Of The Flies” over a review you don’t like or some language you don’t like is truly disgusting.

    To S&M – Please don’t give up. DFTBA guys. You’re amazing.

    Sincerely, A Loyal Fan. <3

    • Ummm… Just a little niggling point. The bands aren’t necessarily rich and elite. Pretty much these kids are at the whim of their labels and are more than likely in debt to them. Unless they are at the level of groups like Big Bang, TVXQ or SuJu, these boys are more than likely all living in debt to their labels and maybe get paid once a year, if their label deems that they have made more than they spent on them. Block B’s scandal last year proves that is possible. As does the SM slave contracts of the past that JYJ fought against.

      Just because you are an idol does not mean you are rich.

      Just could not let that kind of assumption stand.


    • I am upset but I don’t want to unsubscribe. Why? Cause I still love EYK! However, I simply didn’t like this video for particular reasons.

  54. “Never cross the streams” Hilarious, and super appropriate. RIP Harold Ramis.

  55. Cecilia Avila

    Watching the video I really wasn’t put off by anything that they said. I was actually surprised at how many people got so upset about this. I thought the review was hilarious, even as a huge B.A.P. fan. I would agree that they could have spoken more about the actual songs (because they both rock!) and how the choreography is amazing in both. But these are music VIDEO reviews, they seem to look at them like I would (and as most of us would) – as and outsider. As big of a fan as I am of K-Pop, I still consider myself an outsider. Since I’ve never been actually immersed in Korean culture, nor do I speak Korean or even understand it. Therefore, impressions are HUGE in music videos, since they provide visual context to songs I would normally not understand. This is why BTS’s video and the treatment of the girl left such a huge negative impression on me. Love the song, LOVE the choreo, but the “plot”? Ugh. I’m glad they mentioned the aggression in the BTS video and how it is not okay, regardless of the intentions or meaning behind the lyrics or anything like that. Its upsetting to see how many people keep defending BTS on that aspect. Same with the BAP video. I love the song and the choreo but the video was definitely lacking.

    I feel the majority of hate Simon and Martina are receiving right now are from the huge BAP and BTS fandoms and the fans that can’t seem to take anything slightly negative or that is said jokingly about “their boys” with a grain of salt. I also want to add that I did think that the BAP acronym was pushing a bit too far. That was the only thing in the video that took me by surprise.

  56. Thank you Simon for reminding men it is NOT okay to push women around… Also for reminding women it is NOT okay to be pushed around by a guy…. I think it is also western vs eastern culture. Yes western culture used to be different but as we evolved in understanding how others would like to be treated, yes this is not cool. Very un-cool…

    Martina, I love that you started pulling stuff out. I think throwing in the staple Ranch dressing bottle was great but the best was pulling out Meemers… Meemers: Uhm, WTF am I doing in this video??? (WTF not being wonderful treasure find….)

  57. I don´t care that you might have sounded a bit rough. You do a great job, and I like how you´re being yourselves and voice both the negative and the positive. I thought this review was funny and felt no hard feelings. I don´t beleive you say stuff to hurt people, but of course always in communication with others it can be misunderstood or interpreted in another way. Keep up the good work! I loved your dancing btw, I laughed my ass off!

  58. Well I must confessed that I compared this KMM with your older KMMs ( yeah I know why comparing? ~~:3) but the shocking thing,it is really lacking…it seems to me you both weren´t so happy to doing a KMM this week again (just my opinion) . In some scenes it was to obvious, that the concept of the MVs bored you to the death and even your jokes -_- …I just thought about why I don´t felt this KMM was funny than others. Lately a lot of your latest KMMs have these new forced style, which left a uncomfortable feeling at the end. Don´t get me wrong , I recently watch your vids for many years and enjoying your blogging ( bought also a t-shirt,which I´m very proud of <3). So I understand your point of view to making the review more humorous and entertaining.
    just recognized, maybe it could be that you lost your main interest in kpop? than it would ok to stop KMM. really. You don´t have to do that just for your viewers, like you said a long long time at the beginning, you doing these vids for fun and you are professional amateurs (you self wrote that on your twitter page ;).
    And maybe I´m overreacting and totally wrong. Just want to mention that you don´t have to force yourself to much doing slapstick's and high potential jokes in your KMMs. But I don´t see any Entertaining in this B****P line, sorry! And sadly it seems not even real fun to you guys! And yes you said you didn´t like it, but not WHY.

    AnyAnyhoodledoodlepoodle, you have so much great potential in the fapfap segment or in your livechat!! Honestly I saw you there natural and more enjoying your real self's! :) if reviews might be not your personal favourite thing anymore, maybe to think about a break from this. v^___^v don´t worry Mr Brohoho would agree ~~

  59. Plus, I really enjoy both songs, wit and without the videos…XD

  60. I bet most people here have used far more offensive or what not insults IRL and espescially on the net so I don’t see the KMM video and stuff in it such a big problem. I agree/disagree with some of their points but I don’t feel that they have offended _me_ or that my world is collapsing because of this video. Sorry, I don’t see any need to get so emotional, but it’s just me I guess…
    I agree with the crying part, I think it’s disturbing. Even if it fits the lyrics, it gives me the creeps. Crying big fakey tears, with your make up staying immaculate-> nah, doesn’t appel to me… Don’t treat your girl like s***, a good point(I’m not saying BTS is, I doubt they are, I think this reflects more cultural aspects that the band itself).
    What I thought was superb about both of the videos were the dances, I was so hyped… I even didn’t even notice the pelvic thrust until I watched S&M’s video. And BTS’s dance practise video, impressive… It looked good and so simultaneous, even with no music playing!

  61. Emi

    I don’t see this “they’re getting tired of Kpop”-thing that everyone keep referring to. They have been giving tips about songs they love and even said that they quite liked BAP’s song (even though it’s not as good as they though their debut year were) all of the time, even this year. Hell, Simon has been “dirty sexy”-ing since Rain came back. What they did critizize in this KMM was the blatant non-artisitic bullshittery that many music video writers/directors fall back on when they are talentless or try to play on clichés to make a product sell. What I see is an decreasing tolerance for weak music videos. So, let’s all try to differentiate between the songs and the MVs when we spew hate here in the comments, m’kay?

  62. I think that trying to review too much videos in KMM might not be such a great idea, although I also get why they do that (otherwise fans of groups that never get reviewed will be disappointed). If you have half as much time as before to review a song, and that overall your opinion tends towards the negative, of course you won’t be mentionning too much positive. But I don’t think their jokes were meant in a mean way at all… their main job here is to entertain people, not give serious constructive criticisms to the bands and/or companies anyway, nor is it to promote the bands. They just thought some of the things in the videos were a little bit ridiculous and poked fun at that… (although I do agree that the bitch ass pussies might have been a little bit too much)
    In any case, even though this KMM was not the best I really hope Simon and Martina will continue to give their honest impressions about music videos! Even though I don’t always agree either that’s what I like about EYK :)

  63. This video was really off putting.

  64. the most ironic part of this is imo bitch ass pussies is a better name than best absolute perfection and thats what they will be in my heart from now on.

  65. Vote Up if you want Simon and Martina do a review on the GOOD STUFF in all three videos!

    I’m sure there are parts which have impressed them and I want to know how they REALLY feel about them. I mean come on, from the ‘DOEGOPA GO OPPA!”in BOY IN LUV’s opening to PENIEL’S vocals in Beep Beep (I almost cried) to Jong Up’s amazing dance with Zelo in 1004, what’s there NOT to love? :)

  66. I love when you review more than one video at a time. xD This was great!! Thanks~

  67. This is a thing that I read whenever I am in a situation where people have lost perspective.

    ‘Why I never bawl out a waitress’

    Harry Golden, the journalist and amateur philosopher, wrote this in his 1958 book Only in America.

    “I have a rule against registering complaints in a restaurant; because I know that there are at least four billion suns in the Milky Way — which is only one galaxy. Many of these suns are thousands of times larger than our own, and vast millions of them have whole planetary systems, including literally billions of satellites, and all of this revolves at the rate of about a million miles an hour, like a huge oval pinwheel. Our own sun and its planets, which includes the earth, are on the edge of this wheel. This is only our own small corner of the universe, so why do not these billions of revolving and rotating suns collide? The answer is, the place is so unbelievably vast that if we reduced the suns and the planets in correct mathematical proportions with relation to the distances between them, each sun would be a speck of dust, two, three and four thousand miles away from its nearest neighbor. And, mind you, this is only the Milky Way — our own small corner — our own galaxy. How many galaxies are there? Billions of galaxies spaced out at about one million light-years apart (one light-year is about six trillion miles). Within the ring of our largest telescopes there are at least one hundred million separate galaxies such as our own Milky Way, and that is not all, by any means. The scientists have found that the further you go out in space with the telescopes the thicker the galaxies become, and there are billions of billions as yet uncovered to the scientist’s camera and the astrophysicist’s calculations.

    When you think of all this, it’s silly to worry whether the waitress brought you string beans instead of limas.”

    While I fully expect my post to fall to the bottom of this teapot, every now and again it doesn’t hurt to try and get people to put down the torches and the pitchforks and to take the time to look at the sky.

    • So because we are miniscule almost non existing we should have no convictions or wills to fight for them?

      • Hmm, I don’t know that I saw the comment as that dismissive.

        A lot of people have been outright rude and repulsive back at Simon and Martina (maybe not here but on other formats where the video is posted) and I think the comment is commenting that in the long run, reacting to the point of verbal violence is just unnecessary and pointless.

        I agree with a lot of the points that people have brought out, however, and definitely feel like S&M need to take note of what their fans are saying.

        • A lot more people have come out just saying we thought that was just uncool and uncalled for. Then the ones that have been out right rude and repulsive. And if you are going to say rude and repulsive things you have expect them back. It goes both ways.

        • Oh, don’t worry, I agree that their comments in this KMM were quite rude and repulsive.
          But I don’t think it’s necessary to respond in kind.
          Yelling back usually makes people ignore the comments or delegate such commentators as “stupid butthurt kpop fans” but if we respond sensibly and calmly, then more than likely, it’s easier for S&M to take that criticism.

  68. So didn’t even finish watching but had to write this. Simon and Martina are people. They aren’t contractually obligated to like any kpop group, any music videos, or anything you guys like just because you go hard for it ( going hard=being really into an idea, or artist to the point where you would ride of into battle for them). This website is for them; its about their experiences, their opinions, etc. This is not a place for “constructive criticism” for your favorite artist; do you really think the companies who produce these artists are looking on YouTube for ideas on how to make these artists better?

    The fact is this is the internet. It’s a place where people can post their opinions and thoughts and feelings. Its not based on facts. So reprimanding someone on the internet is like poking them on Facebook; its pointless. At the end of the day everyone is entitled to their opinions. Does everyone need to know everyone’s opinion, no, they really don’t. But what you guys fail to realize is that you come to this site, you watch theirs videos, honestly under some delusion that they are never going to say something you have a problem with. Its unrealistic. This is life, not everyone is nice all the time. Grow up.

    And stop and ask yourself before you post these thought provoking responses that no one really reads, is this video going to haunt me today? Will it affect me in school or at work? Will it cause me physical harm or destroy me mental? If the answer is no, take the l (take the loss). Beacuse you’re just wasting time and taking away from your real life. For example while typing this my nephew almost dropped my sister’s new iPhone in water. If I wasn’t typing, I would have avoided the nar heart attack I almost had.

    So in taking my own advice, I’m simply going to say that I really do appreciate S&M (chuckle, wink wink) for their videos. They make a county that my family and I were very nervous about seem fun and exciting. They lessen my aniexty and are truly awesome people. Hop off of them (too dirty to explain). And remember before you get offended, its just the internet; its meant to be fun. In the words of Kayne “How you gonna be mad on vacation?”

  69. Lol all the butthurt fangirls. I say Simon should bring out Fangurilla next week to do the whole KMM for revenge. Torture their eardrums and let them see what an biased opinion looks like…although I’m sure that will be lost to many of them..

    • This isn’t even about being butthurt. I don’t care whether or not they liked a song; they’re entitled to their own opinions just as I am entitled to mine. But they were being downright rude and disrespectful. Calling B.A.P “bitch ass pussies” because the music video concept had them crying in it is so offensive, especially coming from people who in the very video emphasized on how they’re strong women’s rights supporters. Crying is a 100% valid emotion, why should anybody be called a “pussy” for it? Even if it was just a joke they made, doesn’t mean it was appropriate to do so. They’re in the public eye, what they say will have ramifications and they should be more careful.

    • So basically, Simon and Martina can say horrible things and it’s a “joke” but if people disagree, suddenly, they are “haters” and “butthurt”? It really makes me sad that so many girls are defending their use of the word “pussy” as an insult. Your actual, physical female bodies are being belittled as soft and weak and vulnerable but it’s ok cause it’s a joke, right? To call a guy a “pussy” for crying is like telling a girl to get back in the kitchen – sexist and belittling.

  70. … I’m not even angry about that video. I’m mostly just sad. S&M, you managed to :

    - disrespect the group (Bi*** A** Pus****, seriously?). It’s not a nice thing to call anyone. You seemed very pleased while saying this <(eeing the reaction in the video, which I know was scripted: but still) but let me tell you: this. is. not. okay. I'm disappointed.

    - put everyone into a little boxes called stereotypes. This part hurts me most, as I am aware of the hard work both B.A.P and BTS put into their albums. BTS produces, writes and composes the songs. In B.A.P's case it's mostly Bang Yongguk, but everyone tries to contribute to new albums. And you basically just told us "they are supposed to do THIS and THIS otherwise I'll not like their music". And dammmmmm you have every right to say such thing… just as I'm free to say how this broke my heart. I always perceived you as people who at least try to understand the music you're talking about. Now I guess: most of kpop isn't ambitious and you don't have to think much to get the meaning. Well, too bad you chose two groups that actually try to make a difference. Pay attention:
    BANG YONGGUK, RAPMON (or Namjoon, if you prefer his real name), SUGA AND J-HOPE were all a part of the korean underground scene. They told us on numerous ocasions that they DREAM of making a difference in the world and bringing some meaning to kpop music. You just ignored all their work… I just hope you actually listened to the albums before shooting this vid.

    - Ignore almost every good thing about the MV's, which leaves as with just crude comments.
    - Upset and disappoint me as a fan.

    Yes. you had many valid points. Yes, some things were funny. Martina, I think you looked really pretty.
    But I still hate this vid and I hope this will not become a regular thing.

    ANDDD as a last thing: I understand that comment about Rap Monster and his name (I too think it's really stupid) BUT actually. It's not just a name he picked for himself. It happened naturally, because of one of his predebiut songs.

  71. putting aside all the mixed feelings about this video… simon u are a key and peele fan >o<


  72. I have never seen this many people so sensitive. I agree with the eatyourkimchi crew. BAP is on this slide downhill, atleast to me. And I thought there jokes were funny. Everyone has heard the term pussy and all that before, I don’t know why you’re so offended now. Just breath people

    • How can you say a group is “on this slide downhill” because you didn’t like a song that so many people liked it, and all this song brought to them was more growth as a group and more success?

      • Wow, that was an old post. But atleast I get a different conversation. What I meant was a slide downhill is just the fact their songs are getting more mellow (?) I don’t mind trying different things, but it seems they are going for a more mainstream route. They have not done any kind of hardcore songs in awhile, which I was excited about. And I’m a little worried that since they had more success with this, they will choose to stay with this type of genre. I think I did state that it was just my opinion, and maybe it was harsher than intended but, this is just what I meant. Note* I have never actually listened to their full albums, so I don’t now about that. All I know are there title songs.

        • This is actually their first main title as a “mellow” song if you pay close attention.
          One shot and Badman were “mellow” songs for you?

        • I liked one shot, but after……no. it wasn’t for me . Also, coffee shop was a very mellow song as well. After one shot, didn’t like any of their songs.

        • Coffee shop wasn’t even a main title promoted song…
          I love Coffee shop, it’s a beautiful love song, they have to show other sides too, they can’t just get stuck with powerful songs all the time, that doesn’t make sense if they want to grow as artists…
          And if you didn’t like their songs, it’s your taste, it doesn’t mean they’re in a “downhill”, there are a lot of people that like their songs.

        • Well it’s good that you liked that song. But after oneshot didn’t like any of their songs. At All. That is why I said downhill because it is one song after another I didn’t like. And I know a lot of people like their songs, but as I have stated it is my opinion and that is how I feel.

  73. Guys, I’ve been a long-time fan and have always enjoyed your reviews. However, I want to echo what others have been saying: Please don’t use the words “bitch ass pussies” to put down men for crying. That phase is incredibly misogynistic and using it in the context that you did (really, using it in almost any context) contributes to the pervasive idea that to be feminine is to be weak, and to be a man and act in a way that is feminine is to be weak. Even if you didn’t mean to convey that message in your video, that’s the message that phrase conveys. What’s even worse is that you used it shortly before talking about the abusive treatment of the girl in the BTS video! I understand making jokes, but please rethink using such sexist, harmful language in the future.

  74. This review.. is a NO NO
    When you tried to be funny but, fail. Sorry this, disrespect them .

  75. It’s been a while since I watched a KMM… I don’t think this brand of humor works for me anymore.

    And this felt more like a rant or a reaction than a review. There was no mention of anyone’s singing, and dancing was mentioned briefly in relation to B.A.P, but little else was there to indicate this was a review. Are you guys switching from reviews to reactions and skits?

    As for criticizing BTS’ spelling, ”guise,” I had to laugh – a bit hypocritical, no?

  76. So the Nu’est curse sorta lives on with the poll breaking…

    I don’t know what to think of that… Always with Nu’est….

    But yeh. Like… even when you insult my favourite groups, I can understand your criticism. Thats why I also understand why you criticised these songs as well.

    And i think you guys are going a bit overboard. They did mention how they also liked it and their were some positives in there, its just, you take all the negatives out of proportion.

    But yeh// Im only really commenting cause of the NUest curse

  77. I just want to weigh in here to show my support. I thought this video was one of the funniest ones you’ve done, and very cleverly edited too – so kudos to whoever did that :) If you made videos that kept every single person happy all the time, they would be safe, bland and not worth watching. Keep doing what you do, and don’t let the haters get you down. In my opinion, you guys do your best work when you push the envelope a little.

  78. where is jongup and zelo….i need them..

  79. I’ve been watching EYK for years now and you’ve made me fall in love with korea and yourselves, but for the first time ever you really hurt my feelings. And I’m sure other BABY’s and even ARMY’s and Melodys can agree with me here.
    I totally and completely understand that it’s your own opinion on this music video, as you’ve done the same for all other Music Mondays, but it seems you had nothing nice to say about these MVs? When I saw that BAP was going to be in a MM I was so excited, I was actually looking forward to you cracking a little joke about them now and then because that’s completely fine. But calling them ‘B***h A*s P*****s’ just.. I don’t know, you made us BABY’s seem like.. well. babies. And all the other comments in this whole video about ALL the MVs were just.. mean I guess. I think the only thing I agreed with here was the comments on the sexy hip thrust dancing.
    Please realise that the people that watch these are obviously fans of these artists and groups, and the majority of these members write their own material. We watch your Music Mondays to agree with you and have a laugh but I think you just took it too far this time.
    If you want to say that we’re being ‘butthurt’, I can say no. We’re genuinely hurt.

  80. Personally, I think the fans need to take a seat and chill. Yes, the B.A.P. comment did take me by surprise, and I really think the “Oh! In your face!” kind of thing wasn’t necessary at all. However, you do have to realize that the jokes aren’t meant to be mature. I really did think the B.A.P. comment was a bit much, but not for the reasons that I seem to see on the youtube comments (B.A.P’s sensibilities and delicate emotions or whatnot). Quite frankly, B.A.P.’s song choice was probably decided by their company, so I don’t think their “delicate sensibilities” had much to do with it as much as it was “Here is your next project, boys”.

    S&M did include some things about what they liked from the videos. I think Martina has a point about her being free to like and dislike whatever she wants. Is it just me, or are k-pop fans overly obsessive (and some borderline insane)? I am a k-pop fan myself; I used to spend hours and hours watching shows, digging up interviews, and debating on forums. I have a rather large collection of k-pop CDs, and I even have some photobooks. However, I took a step back when I realized that the majority of interviews idols give and the shows they’re on are all scripted. I think I always knew that idols are different when they’re not being working as idols, but I never understood how fake the images were. Idols do work hard, and this is the lifestyle that they chose, but for people to be obsessed over a fake idea or quoting scripted things… I realized that didn’t want to be part of that anymore. The worst part is, I didn’t even realized how obsessed I was until I stopped and said that there are other things in life that I should be more concerned about. I’m a fan, and I’m still a fan, but nowadays, I take a much more Western approach to k-pop. I judge the artists by their music, and not their companies, shows, or images. I think that’s somewhat similar to what S&M do nowadays. If they don’t like a song, they say that they don’t. They don’t say that they like a song for the sake of the artist.

    I don’t particularly mind if the videos are a bit longer if they can expand more on areas that they didn’t get to (such as why they didn’t like BTOB’s video). Also, I think the awards format didn’t work that well since they only talked about two videos. There was a 50% chance of one video scoring it anyways. In a sense, I think S&M bit off a bit more than they could chew this time around. Instead of doing short incomplete reviews on multiple videos (like the girl group ones or this one), it will make more sense for them to do longer reviews where they can elaborate more. The thrusting skit was a bit crude, but to be fair, there was a warning posted in the beginning. I just think that it could have been shorter since the point was already made without the whole “you’re getting in my way” part. Also, the skits and being different characters take a long time to really make a point. I’m a bit more interested in Simon and Martina’s opinion about the song even if it’s something along the lines of “we didn’t really find anything we liked or anything we felt was particularly noteworthy in this video. It’s a very normal, mainstream video/song. We’d like to see this and this from this band and why.” It’s much more clear cut, and it gives a good starting point for discussions on the comments rather than just “omg fangurilla was so funny.” Somewhat recent reviews that I really liked would be the G.Dragon one and the Seungri one. I think those two are really well done. I think it’s alright if you guys aren’t funny all the time. Those are just some of my thoughts; you can agree or disagree. Either way, it doesn’t really matter much to me.

  81. By now, S&M have probably already seen the massive amount of backlash this particular video has generated. I won’t go over what everyone else has said, I just want to ask them directly, “Do you even enjoy doing these KMMs anymore?” I’ve been watching these since they were back in their apartments and still teaching English. I enjoyed them because it was two people having fun and wanting us to share it with them. Ever since they got the studio, it has really felt to me (and this is just my own feeling, not really backed up anything, except maybe for some random comments they made in some interview I can’t even remember, about how this blog was never meant to be solely about Kpop, but about the expat in Korea experience, which is fair) that their hearts just aren’t into these videos anymore. I mean, the lengths of the videos hasn’t changed much or anything, but if you looked at pre-studio KMM that clocked in at say 6+ minutes, at least 5+ minutes of that was actual commentary of some sort. Case in point: Teen Top’s No More Perfume on You had well-thought arguments regarding the negative message the song and video were sending. Not that they all have to be that serious, but the you can have fun and say something as well. And it’s not like S&M aren’t capable of doing just that – Infinite’s Man in Love was full of legitimately funny observations about the video (with little to no swearing – swearing is a personal choice that I won’t comment on, I’m just bringing it up as a contrast here). I don’t know, it’s like getting the studio has done something to them and their work, affected them somehow – and not for the better. I’m just another commenter on the internet and it’s not like I know/understand what it is you do, but, let me be blunt – is this not your business? Is this not your livelihood? You put out these videos – KMMs, Fapfaps, etc. – and you earn your keep through them, and the way you do that is through your consumer base. You’ve alienated a lot of your consumers. I have no idea if that means anything to you, if you think your freedom of expression is more important than, yes, cash, but I don’t know…There *is* a way to please your consumers without pandering to them. And to please yourselves, too. I don’t have any ideas and I don’t know if any of this makes sense, but…well, there’s nothing wrong with poking fun, but when it’s this mean-spirited, so that even non-fans of the groups being derided actually say, “Whoa, hold up”…well, re-think your business model is all I say. You said you’d keep doing this as long as you had fun (I’m paraphrasing and possibly misremembering, but something like that). It seems to me you stopped having fun a long while back and your discontent is seeping into your work and upsetting people who genuinely enjoy hanging out with you every week.

    • I hope they see this such valid points made. I feel the same way as you.

    • I do have to agree that they don’t seem to have as much fun as they used too since the studio. I don’t know if it’s because of all the work that has to go into renting a studio (tax work, paperwork, yikes) or what. But I thought they had hired someone to do all of that…so I’m not sure. I was hoping that after the month long vacation they would come back fresh and enjoying themselves..but I don’t really think so. :(

    • i dont think they enjoy the kpop videos as much. if i remember the comments on infinites man in love for example or any other kmm for that fact fans dont like it when they srsly review a song because they only want to hear the good parts and kpop videos dont make much sense most of the time. i personally prefer it when they do funny skits instead of talking more about why they didn’t like a song/video that much. and i like that they try to do something a little different from time to time maybe they missed some points but as someone who is not a fan of either groups they pretty much said what i thought. i didnt think it was mean spirited towards the group at all or there was any important points that they missed in their review just that they wrote the songs themselves and personally i was offended by the symbolic suicide scene in the bap video. thats no message to send to your teenage fans in a country full of teenage suicide. i think if a non kpop fan wanted to do a serious review of either of these videos it would be way meaner cause they were both trying to be something they were not and ended up using like shoving girls against lockers and melodramatic suicide to get their points across. i enjoyed watching the videos and i do see your point but i enjoyed kmm personally.

    • ^This
      Thank you! That is exactly how I feel

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      i think…this is the sacrifice that they do after they bcome more popular n work in the ‘formal’ way(means having a studio, hire worker n etc2…)… bfore this they just make some vid just for fun, so that they enjoy n had many time to concentrate making detail script/vid review… that thing that i missed actually… but thing is, ppl asking them outside too…so we cant request them to make anything even they r in where they ‘stand’ now bcoz of the nasties…. :(…sorry S&M… just my opinion…

  82. So…
    I am not sure if I should take the BAP part as:
    1) a bad ( or failed ) joke or
    2) an insult to the band because…guys show emotion in a MV…

    I am not sure what that was suppose to be, to be honest.

    On the other hand, Martina is right with the ” I can choose to not like your evolution ” part. Same thing goes for every living person out there in the world anyways.

  83. So much ranting yet almost nothing about the songs themselves…

  84. Well, to cheer you guys up a little I just wanted to say I laughed at this video and wasn’t all that offended … probably cos I’m not a fan of any of the groups. However, if I was maybe things might be a little different. But srsly, the hip thrusting part cracked me up a lot, and the magic pulling crap out of no where/jacket, plus more. I like when you guys are honest about reviews, I’d rather you guys be truthful than lie.

    Though I’m going to repeat what others have already said, mainly because I agree and I think the more people that say it the more likely it might not happen again. If you continue doing videos like this, it’s not a good idea to be interviewing k-pop groups or idols because if they saw reviews like these … that’s not really a good thing. Maybe just tone it down a little. For example, I have to agree with others on the Bitch Ass Pussies thing. Like, it actually made me laugh at first because I took it as a joke. However, in the bloopers, it very much sounded like you legit think guys who cry are pussies. That’s not cool. At all. So I definitely get why people are offended over that, not a good move. Sorry guys.

    Also, one more big no no: Don’t add BTOB to the title if you aren’t going to talk about them. Honestly, that’s just mean. Really mean. Minus points for that too.

    But I will conclude with kind words! Guys, pretty sure a million people before me have already said it but I love the Marvel shirts. Particularly the Loki one, and Martina, I love your hair too. Very GD. Or should I say very you? Since you once said GD was stealing your style. XD Anyway, I still enjoyed the review and laughed a lot. But sometimes you need to think a bit more before you speak. That’s all.

  85. I kind of agree with some of the things being said about that one comment being a little disrespectful, and it is true that you have a tendency to point out the “bad” points in a lot of the music videos. But to be quite fair, I cried from the irony when reading the comments on how you should only do “constructive” critisism, because the statements they have come up with in their comments are anything but constructive. Also, I totally understand that it’s probably super difficult for you guys to please everyone with your reviews. There will always be someone who is butthurt because you don’t agree with their opinions, but this one specific music monday was a little harsh. I’m not saying you should change, because your videos are already fantastic, but their are certain things (like pointing out the bad sides and using crude remarks) could be… improved?

  86. I feel kinda sorry for Simon and Martina now. I still do LOVE them ALOT. They have given such a laugh since I’ve discovered them a year ago. Kpop music mondays are not the only segment they do, and I guess they work really hard to produce great videos for us. I’m sure they’ll take note of our feed back and give us a much better Music monday next week! Guys. give them another chance ^.^
    But in any case, I was still pretty disappointed. BTS, BAP and BtoB are my favourite groups and ALL THREE groups had fantastic comebacks this year. It would be great if Simon and Martina gave us a more elaborate review about what they have enjoyed from these 3 comebacks :)
    Don’t lose faith, Nasties! KMMM will become better once more!!!

  87. Simon and Martina, you are just in a crazy bitch ass pussy area where you can’t even breath badly at any band. You express your opinion and this is cool, you know it well that people will hate you for that, but you still speak up. All of your comments are right, they are down to Earth. It just seems to me that you are tired of it, like reviewing some shitty vids every week and trying to come up with some cool stuff. K-pop is not that bright these days anyway. I’m just very upset that these crazy fans are talking shit about you again. Like they can joke around, but you can’t. You have to praise every single breath they make.
    I know this confusing comment won’t reach your eyes, will be heavily downvoted and it won’t change anything in terms of how you feel right now, but I love you no matter what. This shit is nothing for me, it’s just the fans that are bashing around. I came to k-pop because I liked the music, not bands nor so-called idols. You are my light
    From Russia with love

    • Lol, thanks for the cheers. Actually surprisingly enough, hardly any of the comments on this video have been downvoted, regardless of whether they were criticizing or agreeing. I thought that fact was very interesting. Youtube is another story.


    • Amen. I’m the same. I started listening to kpop b/c of the music not b/c of the idols. That’s the problem nowadays. Kpop fans are tied too much to their idols and think they are perfect and hate anyone who says otherwise. I can’t stand today’s kpop fans. I also will support Simon and Martina all the way.

      • Blueberries

        Most of criticm for this KMM come from sexism (i kinda disagree with this since I didn’t think bitch ass pussy is it) and being too rude/not doing proper review. It didn’t come because some fans can’t handle negative opinions, most kpop fans can and I think you are being disrespectful for many people here since most of us in EYK are kpop fans. Every kpop fan is individual so it’s unfair to just lump them together like that. Personally I wasn’t offended about the KMM but I think SM could have took more effort to understand the B.A.P’s mv (I love symbolism stuff in kpop so it’s hard to understand for me why they don’t XD). Overall I think the KMM was too negative side this time since it’s usually quite positive and humorous.

      • Me too, I will always support EYK no matter what & because of this I’m getting so much hate on facebook from people who up to now seem like nice friendly people.

      • yanagiba yusuke22

        just opinion… mayb its bcoz KMM is introduce ppl to bcome the nasties.. from KMM they will watch wank, fap fap, wtf etc2…so we cant avoid ppl to felt uncomfortable by watch their idols to be said like that. ppl know EYK for reviewing the kpop song/mv. we know some ppl around the world wanna know abt korean bcoz the idols…so that they started watching KMM like me too… so that nasties mostly felt disappointed with KMM….hv u heard nasties complaint abt fap2, wank, etc2… no rite? that shows that nasties love KMM… ppl know KMM is EYK, EYK is KMM…. i just wanna said wat i think….no war plzzz

  88. Wow you guys have caused such a uproar with the “Bitch Ass Pussies” comment. I personally thought it was funny & I still can’t stop laughing, I agree with you 100% on everything you said. And because I agree & support you & have been defending you & this video I have been told that I’m a disgrace to women & less than a woman. It’s sad that these days people can’t see the funny side of things & they just assume that someone is being mean or insulting. I have no problem with a man that cries, in fact I think it’s sexy however to me it seems that a lot of male groups are doing it now & in the past, I think it’s starting to be over kill & it’s almost like there mocking men who do cry if that makes sense. My opinion is that everything you do & say in your video’s is just you kidding around / having fun, & shouldn’t be taken seriously. K pop mv’s have there good & bad points, & if they didn’t they would be very boring.I think that maybe your video’s shatter the perfect illusions that the fans have for their groups & they don’t like people saying that there less than perfect. This is not my opinion just a obviation.

    • Its not right though they are making a living talking about kpop artists and to think maybe one day they may want to get an interview with bap and there companies like hell no. I get its there opinion but come on they don’t even seem professional.

      • It is true that one day they may get to meet them and you never know, the groups themselves may actually agree with their jokes and comments. Like what happened with UKiss.

        Or, they could be completely insulted. We would never know until it happens.

        Also, I don’t think Simon and Martina have ever professed to be mature or professional.

        • I don’t think anybody would agree with being called a bitch ass pussy.

        • Maybe, maybe not. You have to realize that we don’t actually know idols personally so we can’t speak for them. Maybe they might have the same sense of humour that some of the people who thought the comment was funny have.

          You can’t speak for everyone.

        • I know what you mean but eatyourkimchi can not be taken seriously as a company they seem to be losing interest in kpop in general and have belittled fans with harsh comments in which have been deleted but you can see on neitzenbuzz in the article about Victoria.

        • maybe eyk isn’t the problem. maybe it’s the crazy fans. i swear kpop fans cannot take any criticism at all when it comes to their groups. if they don’t like a song or group they can have an opinion about it. yeah they can sometimes be harsh but i never let it bother me and guess what sometimes they are right.

        • Without the fans eatyourkimchi would not be at where it is today the crazy fans are the ones who donate huge amounts of money for them to acquire a studio. I have been into kpop since 08 the golden years and I don’t have any particular group I like I don’t even know baps members names it just bashing is becoming a huge problem and Simon and Martina aren’t helping just another form of bullying.

        • bullying ? really? what a joke.

        • If that’s how you feel alright then. Have a nice Tuesday.

        • Yep, sometimes you just have to agree to disagree and move on. I don’t think either of you is going to see the other’s point. I actually saw merit in both of your comments but then again I am not a robot, I don’t think Simon and Martina are perfect. They make mistakes and do silly things sometimes. But at the same time, I can see where others are coming from about the fact that some people are being overly sensitive, which is their right.

          Cheers, Natz

        • Have a nice day Natz.

        • They can be harsh, but then sometimes things they say or have said are taken out of context. I don’t frequent netizen buzz but I know the in the past they have said harsh things to people, and also they have been accused of doing and saying things which they have not done so I take comments like that with a pinch of salt.

          I think that many people are coming to the consensus that their ‘wonder’ and excitement for Kpop has decreased from what it was in the past. After all in Korea, it isn’t even the dominant type of music that is popular for adults. It is mostly a teenager thing that as they get older they grow out of. Whether this is true or not Simon and Martina have to decide for themselves.

        • well maybe the group won’t take it seriously like you are. i mean if you look at the whole video in context you would know they are being sarcastic. they like bap and even liked their song over BTS.

        • Well I guess I don’t tend to take these sorts of things seriously but eatyourkimchi is on a downfall and anyway I don’t like this sorts of talk it can be so nauseating. BUTTHURT SURE WHY NOT SIMON AND MARTINA

        • And you have every right to feel how you feel.

          I myself cringe whenever they say harsh things because I know there is going to be backlash. It would be so much easier if they never made fun of anything and said only nice things, but that has never been what EYK was about. However, the comments about them losing their interest in Kpop may be valid criticism.

        • I am more upset that they called BAP Bitch Ass Pussies because they cried in their video, because males showing emotions deserved to be called sexist slurs? No. They don’t. I’d have expected them to be more thoughtful of the words they chose after they said they were against disrespecting women….I’m just really disappointed, tbh. Still love them, but disappointed.

      • There’s a simple thing you can do if you don’t like something, Ignore it. Why isn’t it right, because they’re not korean perhaps ? Is that maybe what you’re trying to say without actually coming out and saying it ? Kpop artist don’t seem to care & their companies don’t either. U Kiss saw the funny side of it & I’m sure everyone else does as well except for the fans and most of them need to chill out & learn not to take things so seriously.

        • Well that’s ignorant why would I dislike because their not Korean I am not Korean I am Mexican and my pic is me so that makes no sense. And you say Kpop artists like they will all agree with being called names.

      • Didn’t S&M already interview BAP?


        it’s entirely possible that BAP or their management teams have kept tabs on EYK. So we’ll probably never see them return for another interview.

    • Blueberries

      Some people are like that.. I replied to tumblr post about same issue politely that I don’t think EYK meant “bitch ass pussy” as sexist or gendered but I was pretty much called ignorant idiot who needs to shut up. Later I watched some other comments about it and the writer of the post was just so aggressive towards anyone who tried to bring up their viewpoints. Sigh, people like that aren’t making feminist going forward, they are scaring people from becoming feminist by barking at everyone who wants to discuss about things they bring up.

  89. IN MY OPINION (note that) I feel that they (Simon and Martina) have express this MM in a way that would contrast with Western side of Hip Hop. Because, of course BAP is said to be a Hip Hop type of band and (to me) BAP had a relatable feel of Western Hip Hop to begin with. [IN KPOP] But, with all that Hip Hop feel in the beginning; they slowly started to change their rhythm in a new style. In which it followed more into KPOP, (ehh. I can’t be that frustrated with them because they’re actually KPOP Idols to begin with, but that Hip Hop style they had felt relatable to me) So of course, if Simon and Martina were to critique a band that played a Hip hop type of role with Western side of Hip Hop, those ‘bold’ statements made in the video were really just icing on a cake. But then again it’s KPOP, so I don’t really know how the styling goes. (So don’t take me too seriously)

    And yeah, I also think Rap Monster is one of the weirdest/kiddie type of name for a rapper.. lol.

  90. Phew. When I saw tumblr I thought Simon and Martina had claimed to be secret Kpop nazis trying to eradicate certain Kpop groups in order to make their ideal Kpop blood lines, lol. Like, there is a lottttt of hate coming from that direction. I don’t agree with everything said in this video (for example, I love BAP’s new style just as much as their debut style), and there are some things I do agree with (for example Bts’s treatment of the girl in he music video). I’m also not a big fan of the worst English awards, even though they can be funny sometimes. However I don’t think they deserve all the hate they are getting for this video. Anyway, Simon and Martina, I laughed quite a few times in this video. Just wanting to show you my support.
    Ps. Although, on tumbler I did see you responding to a fan comment with ‘…stop talking out of your ass’ or something like that. If this is the case, I do think this is a little disrespectful and rude. But I also understand that when everyone is hating on you it’s easy to feel defensive. Everyone makes mistakes, and this is fine as long as these mistakes are recognized and taken responsibility for-just talking in general. In any case, I still support you guys and your videos.

  91. I can’t help thinking that the Nasties’ complaints here mirror my own when they reviewed Infinite’s “Man in Love”. Just poking fun at something they didn’t like; no balance, no objectivity.
    This video didn’t bother me as much… Maybe because I’m not a dedicated fan of either BAP or BTS. Or because I agreed with everything they said. But I do think it’s okay to make a fun video from time to time! They did say what they like and what they didn’t, and why. They had to talk about these songs, they didn’t realy choose them. So they did it in the best way they could.
    I understand the reactions, I do. But this isn’t so different than the other KMM.
    Simon and Martina, I’m on your side!

    • Oh, this is an interesting view. You were in the same position as others when Man in Love was reviewed but now you are less attached to this group and can view it with objectivity.

      To tell the truth, I really like BTS ( and Simon and Martina do as well) and they even said that they liked the BAP song ( I have a BAP poster in my room), but the poking fun and the crudeness of the humour has really rubbed people the wrong way. I have always said that eventually Simon and Martina will do something to piss off everyone at some point because they criticize and make fun of things that some people treasure and love. I know of websites that have reviews that are far harsher and cruder than EYK is but because EYK is so popular and has a wide range of different types of fans, they get a lot more open hate for their comments. Since I have been a moderator here they have managed to piss off at least one fan group every few months. This time they are pissing off 3 at the same time.

      But I do think the comments about them being a lot more obviously crude now is valid. But it is really up to them to decide what type of audience they are creating material for.

      Cheers, Natz

      • Hi Natz,
        I do feel that the tone here is quite harsh, offensive even, and it is in part what bothered me for Man in Love. So I would probably be upset if I was a BAP or BTS fan. But I also feel that they liked these songs/videos, and that the fun was just fun; my problem with Man in Love is that it seems that they were thinking “Oh my God this is awful, we’re going to have so much fun!!”. And that’s not the EYK I love.
        Side note, I’m quite keen on BtoB, and it doesn’t offend me at all that they didn’t review it. I’d prefer them to not review something they didn’t like instead of turning it into a joke piece by piece (yes, I’m still not over Man in Love ^^)
        I like your last point. And I think it is quite clear that EYK give us the content they want to create, not necessarily the one that we want to see. And I might not agree with all their choices, but as a faithful follower, I respect that.
        Peace out!

      • It’s true they have a right to put out whatever content they wish, it’s their blog and their prerogative. However, they clearly have been doing this long enough to know what kind of consequences will come from certain types of content. Angering fandoms – that’s going to happen, that’s inevitable, but to anger people who are not even in the particular fandom of the group under “review”? I don’t know, I don’t feel like that’s their intention? What do I know, though, but I stand by my assertion that I don’t get the vibe that they’re enjoying themselves anymore and as a viewer, if they don’t like it, how can I? Seriously, someone said that if they don’t like it, they should stop doing it. I’ve given it some thought, and that would be my (totally unsolicited) advice as well. The beauty of their job is that they make the rules, for the most part, so why keep forcing themselves to do something they don’t enjoy? And it’s not even about the “poor” quality of music videos lately; seriously, there will always be duds, but in them, there are things of merit, aren’t there? With some digging, I believe – there wasn’t any effort to dig here, only to dismiss. And that to me is a sign for them to lay aside their unused shovels.

    • see that’s a problem. you had a problem when they made fun of infinite but not bap. now i’m siding with S&M on bap, but what you said doesn’t seem fair. i love infinite but i agreed with them about man in love. it was so cringeworthy for me. i do think that babyz are over reacting.

      • But they liked the BAP song! And you have to admit the video was a little over the top. When they reviewed Man in Love, I felt like they hardly liked any bit of it, which in itself is perfectly okay, but turning it into a joke got me a bit upset. I think there is a huge difference between making fun of something you liked and something you didn’t like. Like you can troll your friends, but if you troll people you don’t care for, you’re just a jerk. See my point?
        All the best =)

    • I’m a hardcore Inspirit and I thought their points on Man in Love were totally valid and pretty much what I myself was thinking. I am not a fan and even barely a casual listener of BTS and BAP and I still think this video was harsh and not in the “spirit” of their other KMMs. Mind you, I’m not saying I can definitely say what that “spirit” is, but as a longtime viewer, I can talk about my own perceived vibe…and this was not it. The Man in Love one was quite tongue-in-cheek, and it seemed to come from a place of understanding Infinite, their past work, their intentions, and their overall image. That music video *was* dorky; nothing wrong with that, and nothing wrong with pointing it out. These videos they so-called reviewed were not discussed in any discernible manner that I could see. They made some noise about symbolism, did an overly long skit about pelvic thrusting and…? A different, harsher style of “critique”. And that’s okay, evolution and all that, personal opinions and all that, but let me reiterate a point I made earlier: they’re doing this for money, right? When it comes down to it – it’s a business. And they have upset a significant portion of their consumer base, really no different from how Abercrombie & Fitch’s head honcho has been upsetting his consumer base for years with his opinions (which are allowed and more power to him for having his own opinions, which I disagree with wholeheartedly), and there are and will be consequences to that. If they’re okay with that, hey, great.

      • Oh yeah, definitely, I mean I’m not saying the upset Nasties are wrong or disrespectful; everyone’s entitled to their opinions! I was just voicing my own.
        I have to admit I didn’t read any of that in the Man in Love review. There was a lot more to this video that they didn’t even try to understand… or they did, but it wouldn’t be funny, so they didn’t talk about it.
        Maybe it’s true of BAP’s video. I don’t know. Do you think Simon and Martina sometimes tend to not try to look deeper into the video and just focus on the surface?
        Sigh. I’ll watch both KMM again side by side, and I’ll come back to you if I have something new to add to the conversation.
        Have a nice day!

  92. “Boy in Luv” I like the chorus. I like their confidence. And that is literally everything I like about this video. The storyline is TERRIBLE, the English titles are cringeworthy and the rap is really not my cup of tea.
    “1004″ I’m torn. I like the song, and the choreography is awesome, so even though the video is trying way too hard, as long as the music works for me, I’m happy. But it sounds very unlike BAP… I often hear songs that would be more suited for another group. I feel like Batoost, or Ukiss would have been a better fit. Not saying that BAP doesn’t perform it well, they do! It is just a sudden change of image that I’m not comfortable with. I know that’s what BAP’s been doing so far, but I don’t really enjoy it.

  93. I’m just wondering to the mods, do simon and Martina take the time to read some of these comments? A lot of them are well thought out suggestions given with care … I can never tell if S&M ever consider some of the advice or just lay low when the shit hits the fan

    • Yes, they do. Maybe sometimes it may take them a while but they usually do read the comments and critisms here but I think that they have learned that responding to it can actually be more detrimental than anything else. I am not sure about youtube though because we don’t moderate or control those comments.


      • Really thank you for your reply. I’m glad to hear that because I think there are a lot of us who really love simon and Martina just as they are but also want them to be wildly successful (maybe as a representation of what we all secretly want to be like) and so when things like these happen, we really want to try to give the best advice as we see it. We really want them to do well and many of these comments seem very well thought out. I truly appreciate your time and effort as well as theirs to slog through these comments and I hope they can get something useful from them?

  94. In relation to the ‘worst english’ award….you guys know BTS had an album called 2 cool 4 skool right? haha

  95. Well I know that you guys are not trying to criticise them but the songs was not your type. In the past few years Bap have been doing hip hop songs and it is not their type to do slow gentle type but its their concept so they cannot do anything much about it and the crying was just part of it….
    Well for Bts I’m actually quite disappointed in their mv as the girl pushing was not my type but overall the song was nice and my liking…. so ya…
    I’m a Bap and Bts fan but I’m neutral.. it is my thinking…
    Like you guys commented it is your thinking but I think it is a bit rude as some fans might have misunderstanding to it.

    • But, Martina actually liked both songs. She said so in the video. The only song they did not like was BtoB’s beep beep, which I can’t argue that people are pissed about them doing a fake out mention of the group at the start but dismissed the song as boring.

      They did make fun of things in the video, not the BAP or BTS songs themselves.

      I am getting confused as to whether people are missing that they complimented the songs in the KMM but were critical and making fun of things in the music videos for the songs.

  96. Just putting my thoughts out there (as a casual kpop consumer since 2008 and eyk fan since early 2009) after watching the KMM and reading comments because it is always so interesting when things blow up and then calm down every few KMM.

    1. I have a sense as other people have mentioned that KMMs are getting harder for S&M to do, maybe because the same formulas are just being done again and again. I have to say overall that it has become increasingly more boring to watch kpop music videos and truly find something unique and really worth dissecting out in a serious way. I would rather watch the dance videos at this point.

    2. There are so many groups out there it is hard to keep up to date with all the details, particularly for the casual Kpop viewer. This includes their back story, what awards they’ve won recently, who wrote and produced songs – I don’t have time to watch all of their TV shows to get their backstory, current standings, and stuff like that and they don’t either. So I can definitely see why it can’t always be addressed. On the other hand, I do find that stuff interesting if I do find out about it and it does give some dimension to the specific group out of the slew of kpop groups out there.

    So on some level, because a good portion of how S&M developed as a brand (for better or for worse) was this unique connection with kpop and their ability to bring it closer to western fans, it does warrant that they give some confirmation that they are somewhat interested in these kpop groups. They don’t have to give the life story of each group but maybe just add an interesting tidbit they learned about the group/music/video after 10 minutes of internet research. It would make their videos a bit more interesting for me to watch and I think it would go a long way towards calming the furor of die hard fans, even if the rest of the KMM was more light hearted or more “negative”.

    3. I think the blog post is a place where S&M could consider being more serious and straight forward about their thoughts. Most of the times I enjoy reading the blog posts because they are quite thoughtful. I love reading their opinions without the constant jokes. I think if S&M linked these more “controversial” KMMs to more serious posts, it would balance things out a bit.

    4. Writing the above, I think I realized the small nagging thing that gets to me a little bit about S&M. They really have this absolutely amazing opportunity to experience a culture and lifestyle that many would die for. It’s an opportunity to learn something in depth and spread that knowledge and experience to so many people. I know S&M are thoughtful and nice people, but somehow a lot of their videos have become a bit superficial with little substance. I get that their aim is purely entertainment but they really have a great opportunity to make more of themselves if they just took that extra step. I’m not sure what that step is exactly but there is a glass ceiling that just isn’t being broken somehow. I think I’m just really sad for this nebulous potential that I can’t even describe.

    5. Just wondering if you can tone down the cuss words a little bit. One or two goes a long way in making a point but too many and then it’s just silly. I have feeling that the English teacher censor has been off for too long.

    Hope S&M have a chance to read these thoughts (took me two hours to think my thoughts through and write this) although they may be avoiding this page probably :(.

    • I was just reading another comment and I think I know what it is that is missing. It’s that wonder and excitement you used to have when everything korean was new to you. I know you guys have a studio now, but you’ve said in the past that you hadn’t planned to stay in one place for so long. I feel that you really thrive in unfamiliar environments and Korea is just getting too comfortable for you guys! It might be something to think about?

      • Hah! One of the other mods has (not so) secretly been campaigning for them to up and move for years now. I can definitely see how staying in one place has kind of sucked the ‘wonder’ and amazement out of something. I have a friend who has been living on my island for years now but is originally from the UK. He currently is sick and tired of living on an island paradise and complains about it constantly and so I planning to move back to the UK soon. Perhaps after he has done that, a lot of the negativity he feels will disappear and he will think of it more fondly.


  97. I think A MULTITUDE of you are getting very butt hurt and are being too sensitive. You guys should know EYK can have their opinions and shouldn’t be nagged on them for having them or expressing them as they wish. Be honest with yourself and admit your being biased because you like a certain group and think everything they make is a genius piece of art and and they deserve nothing less than to be celebrated with a parade. The fact is, people have different opinions and EYK is just giving us theirs with entertaining and funny skits. If they did this on a band you weren’t to fond of, all of you wouldn’t react the same.


  98. Okay, so I commented earlier saying how happy I was that this was a good kmm, and I still believe that. EXCEPT FOR THE Bitch Ass Pussy remark. Sorry, EYK, I’m sure you didn’t mean it this way, consciously, but what I heard was that BAP wasn’t doing aggressively hiphop-y (and masculine) things and you hated that they were doing ballad-y slow songs and crying (feminine) and called them Bitch Ass Pussies. Can you see where I would be upset by this? Again, I’m sure this isn’t intentionally what you were trying to convey at all, but this is what I heard and it really upsets me because men aren’t allowed to show emotion and then they do and get called female related things, making them sound weak. SorryNopeNopeNOPE. Mega strike against eyk here.

    • I want to state that I’m glad that EYK is getting away from pleasing everyone with their KMM’s and saying fuck just doing the top videos if they aren’t interested in them, but I am really not happy about the BAP comment and it’s not that I even dislike it for being a BABY (fan name baby lol), I just don’t like it for personal reasons.

  99. I shall preface this with saying that I feel somewhat, slightly qualified to review this review, as I am not a “how dare you insult my oppa!” – fangurilla type. Like you guys, I’m more of a casual Kpop listener who can mercilessly criticize even my favorite groups. I’ve also been watching your guys’ videos for about four(?) years. I’ve never felt compelled to post a comment, keeping my thoughts to myself, but today I was just so inspired by the other comments/reaction that I felt the need to write something! Ok, so here goes (and I’m sorry if this is long, and I’m not sure you’ll even read this, but, worth a try):

    I think you guys have sort of lost your charm with Kpop Music Mondays. Perhaps it is because you are now filming a ton of segments a week and can’t devote as much time to Music Mondays, or maybe it’s because you have been travelling a lot filming other cool stuff recently, or maybe it’s because there has been a bit of a void in terms of mega-interesting Kpop music videos as of late, but your reviews just aren’t the same anymore. They used to be exceptionally funny and fascinating. I miss the hilarious skits, characters, and EYK inside jokes that used to fill your videos (Where have the lost pants gone? Has F-art disbanded? What about the Ministry of Banishment and other funny Martina-in-a-mustache characters? What about your funny idol impersonation skits? Doesn’t T.O.P. still like his gellato and Junsu rub his bananas? Is U-Kiss still homeless?) I miss deep, thoughtful analysis and discussions of various videos. I miss hearing your honest opinions, but delivered in a way that somehow only offended hard-core fans and not the average viewer (has the demographic of viewers changed as you’ve gotten more popular? I wonder). Back in the olden days, even when you were forced to review boring videos that involved an idol group dancing a box, you somehow always managed to get enough jokes/reviewing out of it to make it a more entertaining video.

    I was really excited when I saw the B.A.P. video and thought “Wow! This would make a great Music Monday” because it had a sort of plot and symbolism. Yes, I agree that the symbolism was quite shallow and perhaps obvious, especially to two English majors, but you still could have mentioned it. The way I imagined it if the video symbolism was reviewed was you guys poking fun at the symbols and coming to some ridiculous but funny conclusion about what those symbols/plot points/objects mean. Something like: “Clearly the girl in the video is a time traveler and met all of these guys on her journeys! That’s why they all appear to be in different places/eras with their dino bones and vintage cameras and pistols and merry-go-rounds! She’s a time-traveling six-timing cheater!” (Except obviously way funnier and more relevant because I’m not funny and was just pulling an example out of thin air). Or you could have reviewed it more seriously for the symbolism-ignorant people and thrown in a few silly skits here and there. The excuse in your blog for why you didn’t review it didn’t sit well with me – it was lazy. You don’t have to like or agree with some artsy-fartsy symbolism to review it! Your latest reviews have just been lacking the charm and silly but insightful character of EYK lately, you know?

    Another small note, although I guess it’s a personal preference: You guys have been cursing a lot recently and have had some not-very-funny sexual-ish skits. That’s the kind of humor I’d expect from those rated-R movies teenage guys like to watch, rather than anything particularly clever. Those things are fine in moderation, as is complaining about and ragging on groups (although in your usually-good natured way), but lately it seems like that’s all the Music Mondays have been about, especially this one. I think this is alienating some of your more long term fans (the ones who aren’t fangurillas) as well as the crazed fan girls. I know you can’t please everybody, and that’s perfectly fine. But the general consensus seems to be that this Music Monday didn’t really sit well with most people. =(

    Anyways, that’s just my two cents. Actually, more like a dollar because this post is so damn long!
    Tl;dr: Go back and watch some of your older videos and compare to today’s. I think there’s a noticeable difference. I’ll point out some of my favorite reviews you guys have done (be warned, some of these are ANCIENT): Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper Song, EXO’s MAMA, Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby, U-Kiss’ 0330 and DoraDora, and many more that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

    Completely unrelated, but I had to get it out there: that BTS video was unforgivably messed up. What was the video director thinking?!? My friend showed me the video and all I could think was “Sexual harassment! Assault! Call the cops! Carry a knife! Why does their school have no authority figures?!?” I was even more disappointed in the BTS fans who were like “OMG, the boys are so cute when they slam her into the locker and then give her flowers!” or “That girl is so lucky to have all these good-looking guys crushing on her!” Young ladies of the world, this is not how a woman is to be treated, and if any guy ever treats you like this, Simon gave pretty apt advice: kick to the groin and thumbs in the eyes.

    • Holy moly, I didn’t realize I wrote basically a two-page essay! If only schoolwork were this easy…Sorry for anyone who is patient enough to read this. This is why I never comment on anything. Once I get going, I can’t shut up!

    • The BTS boys themselves weren’t happy with it either. I believe Jin cave at least a 90-degree bow when apologising to the actress during their showcase. I have no idea what their director was thinking, either.

    • Thank you for writing everything that I am thinking. You saved me the time.

  100. Gonna have to agree with a lot of the comments here. Lately a lot of the crude jokes/statements that S&M make and cursing makes it harder and harder for me, personally, to watch and enjoy.
    The acronym names you give to your segments are a giggle. Subtle jokes are funny but the recent skits and comments just make me uncomfortable, with an awkward laugh here and there.

    Honestly, I also think it’d be better if you just reviewed whatever you wanted to review. Otherwise are we just going to have to get used to insipid and tasteless jokes when something isn’t to your fancy?

    Can I get really real here?
    I find it kind of weird how you comment so much about how you depend on the fans to keep you afloat but then flip around and argue that its your site and videos and you can say what you want.
    You’re 100% right, you can do whatever you please, but you should keep in mind that you are marketing yourself as a product to your fans. A lot of the comments I’ve been reading lately have been pretty dissatisfied.

    Please don’t view this as an attack. I intend to continue watching but my enthusiasm has definitely waned. This is just honest commentary from someone who is still a fan and a suggestion: perhaps you should think about toning it down.

  101. this is not funny at all..you have to think what their fans feeling after read all this?looks like you don’t know BAP & BTS well..maybe don’t know at all..

  102. Whilst I agree that this definitely wasn’t the best KMM, and yes they speak about mostly the negatives that they found with the videos, but this is THEIR OPINION. All of the the eatyourkimchi videos are the opinions of the eatyourkimchi crew, and, as human beings, we are all allowed to have our own opinion. Yes, it is also fine to disagree with their opinion, but that doesn’t mean you need to attack and slander them. If you’re attacking them for ‘attacking’ the groups, then that is making your whole point null and void, as you’re doing the exact same thing. Instead of hating on people, go watch fluffy bunnies instead, it is far more worthwhile and productive :)

  103. I get that this was all in the name of humor, but a lot of the jokes (not all) were just kinda rude and unfunny. Not my style
    You guys literally looked like you were forced to do this. Unlike the past, where “bad” music videos would prompt uber creative jokes, this just felt like it was effortless and done just to get it over with. Definitely not my favorite Music Monday

  104. Not to say that this KMM was bad (it had me smiling at some points ><), I think your interpretation of the acronym "BAP" (B*tch….) was a bit harsh. I've been a fan of EYK since 2010/2011 and i love your sense of humor 99% of the time but I didn't find that joke funny at all : Sorry EYK~

  105. I’m not even lying, earlier today, before I had even seen this video, I was thinking how it would be so awesome if you guys could do a head to head Music Monday for SNSD and 2NE1. Cuz it’s not like their companies aren’t gunning for the competition anyways! I don’t care what anyone says guys, please make it happen! XD

  106. Everyone needs to chill out. They give more of an opinion rather than a review. So what! Fans of both groups are coming off as butthurt. I like both groups and found nothing wrong with what they said. They are always joking and are never that serious so grow up.

  107. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Simon and Martina really ever claim to be legit “reviewers” of kpop music. They mostly just like to make commentary about the videos and voice their opinions and crack jokes. Not everyone finds them funny, not everyone appreciates their commentary. That’s totally cool, but I just don’t think I could hate on someone just because they said something that I don’t agree with.

    Personally, I found the bitch ass pussies joke funny, but that may be a bit strong for some people. Which is fine and they did warn that there would be strong language in the video. I wouldn’t call it bashing, but obviously some people think differently. I don’t think BAP will personally feel victimized by this video at all…so I’m just gonna keep calm and carry on.

  108. I’m not disappointed because of how you insulted not one, not two, but three different fandoms. I’m not disappointed because of the things you said that insulted those three fandoms.

    I’m disappointed with this review because…well…how do I put this…


    Seriously, you want a review? I don’t review kpop, but check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1khL_YbKD9g&list=UU2bjzagKl5oCtqGi_QkYd1Q&feature=c4-overview

    I’ll admit, it does need work, and the editing is more than a little choppy, but at least it’s an actual review!

    All you do in this video is go on and on complaining and ranting about everything you hate about these songs/videos. Your KMMs are have been starting to lack a certain quality. Besides, if I can recall correctly, there were a few other videos that had a pretty large amount of crying in them. Have I heard you calling any of those groups/solo artists pussies just because they cried? Heck, I’ve seen grown men cry during TITANIC! Does that make them pussies?

    What happened to the KMM that reviewed EXO’s What is Love? What happened to the KMM that had all those references that were so popular from your 100th KMM special?

    I understand if you’re going for a new style of reviewing…kind of. I just don’t think that this new style is working. I hate to say this, but you are literally turning into Allkpop personified. And it’s not pretty.

  109. Hey Simon and Martina, can I just say that I really enjoyed your video? I feel like you guys might be getting a bit frustrated, and I know that the comments you are getting will probably be more than a bit upsetting, but really, you guys just keep doing you. If people are saying you didn’t analyse the video enough, I do not doubt that it’s because there was nothing to analyse (like Simon said the “symbolism” in BAP’s video was so basic it didn’t really need analyzing). And if people think you were too harsh, I would imagine it’s just out of frustration, and hey, you’re entitled to that. But please, just know that your Nasties are with you. We LOVE your videos, we think you guys are hilarious and we try and make sure we don’t take your opinions too personally when it comes too our oppas and unnies =P Because we LOVE to hear your opinions, we respect them and we KNOW for 100% damn sure that you are entitled to them. Keep on rocking it guys. Much love from Toronto =)

  110. How you were able to say these things is beyond me. There’s a difference between a rant and a review. I don’t like neither groups enough to become bias with my words, but the fact that you had failed to mention the hard work BTS has put into their album AND how B.A.P has just won their first win on a music show with their song or anything good at all just tells me that you’re not here for a genuine review. I’ve loved your funny reviews since the start, but it seems as if you’re taking advantage of those compliments and going overboard with your comments as it has recently made a huge transition from being funny to simply disrespectful and hard to laugh at. I respect your opinion, so bash all you want, but filtering the amount of dissing and giving the groups recognition for their hard work is the least you could do. And now cue the people who will call Babies and Armies a bunch of sensitive fans. Just because a group doesn’t have enough symbolism to fit your ‘degree in English literature’, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t interesting.

    Yeah, I know. Whether or not Simon and Martina likes these groups doesn’t really matter because life goes on and they don’t have the power to change how many fans both groups will gain from their words, but for them to gradually go overboard with their ‘reviews’ is the main thing that annoys people. They’re just transforming to what Allkpop used to be.

    • I actually would have loved it if they did separate reviews on BAP and BTS and discuss in details about all of that. I just got to know BTS for a week now, and they are pretty good. BAP’s current concept just doesn’t sit well with me so I’m not going to comment on that.

      • I will consider something as a review if they give both the good and bad factors of the song. I don’t mind the dissing, as long as that isn’t the only thing that they have. Yes, a concept can never please everyone as I personally like most of B.A.P’s concept (and hated Coffee Shop), and yes, BTS’s titles are a bit weird, but that shouldn’t be a factor that affects the song.

        • BTS’s titles just remind me of west coast hip hop a really long time ago, so I’m digging it lol. This is a reason why I don’t like this KMM, I don’t think both group got the time I think they should got.

  111. I’m not a big k-pop followers. My timeline of K-pop is more of oh that sounds nice, lets listen to all of their songs and decide whether I like them or not (lots of jumping in and out of it). So when I decided to go back on the EYK and check out what’s going on the charts, BAP completely doesn’t interest me at all with that ballad. Maybe because I’m used to stronger, more hip hop songs from them. I really don’t like ballads. BTS though, I’m ok with it. The boys seems very at home with their concept. And to others getting offended about the Bitch Ass Pussy comment from Martina, I agree with her on that. Seriously, that’s a lot of crying. BAP current concept is very….. horrible. That’s my current thoughts on the subjects. BTS got my vote for this round. Maybe next time BAP is going to release a much more “masculine” song and MV. I would like that… A lot.

  112. Amber

    I’m pretty alarmed at the amount of outright hate being spewed here and on the youtube comment section. I’d like to take a moment just to point something out to these upset fan groups.
    Regardless of if Simon and Martina like a video, it is still in their playlist. That band you love so much, is STILL getting publicity. That band you love so much is being discovered for the first time by someone because of these videos. Your fandom will be growing.
    It does not matter if EYK likes a video or not because we, as viewers, can watch the videos and form opinions of it ourselves.
    There are many times I’ve found that I’ve liked something they didn’t or disliked something they loved. I’d never had even seen the videos though if they had not said something about it. If you, as a fandom, find value in nothing else they do, at least think about it and see the value in that.

    Personally, I like EYK and I hope they keep doing what they do (which is making the videos THEY have fun making and THEY want to make). EYK has helped to open up Korea to me in a way it never was before. I’ve found a world of things I greatly enjoy and had a blast doing so. Most of all I’ve had a great time getting to know Simon, Martina, and all the EYK staff through their videos. I’m deeply saddened at thinking that all this hate might result in a stop on KMM, a series that has introduced me to many groups and songs I adore and would otherwise not have known. I hope this isn’t the case.

  113. I love how 3 words set people off…literally a joke made about the concept BAP was portraying. BAP are not actually pussies, no one is saying that and no one thinks that. I just hope Simon and Martina stay strong and can ignore the fangirls and keep makig videos. The true nasties are here to stay!

    • Seriously? We’re complaining about the entire rant.

      • Please then, explain to the people that agree with Martina, what’s wrong with that entire rant?

        • “to the people that agree with Martina” so what I say wouldn’t matter then, would it? I personally don’t hate Simon and Martina. Heck, I love them, but the words in this review just doesn’t make it fit to be called a ‘review’. By the end of the day, there will always be conflict within the Kpop world. If they can say whatever they want, then the fans should also be given the rights to say whatever they want in regards to this review being nothing but dissing the two groups.

        • Well, I still would love to know your point of view in it all. It actually would matter as you can bring up some point of view I didn’t understand or see before. As I have said before, this group “review” didn’t work out really well for me personally. I prefer the individual groups to be reviewed though, and I thought the groups totally got the short end of the stick.

  114. Simon and Martina. I am done with you both. You guys used to be really funny and used to give out some details about a music video that I wouldn’t pick up sometimes or didn’t know. But now. You two are just flat out rude and obnoxious. I can’t stand it anymore. And today was the last straw. How dare you say Bitch Ass Pussy about a group. Excuse me but not only did you offend us as fans, but you offended B.A.P as well. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they watched this because I’m sure you guys are fully aware that some kpop groups watch your videos. You claimed that you liked them. No. You don’t, because if you did you would not have said what you said. Such ignorance. What if I decided to give out some rude slander about EYK. I am pretty sure you guys would not appreciate it. I’m beyond disappointed. You lost a fan, and I will not be coming back into this fandom after everything you’ve both done and said. Goodbye.

    • You know…. from my point of view, I do not like BAP current concept at all. How dare they say Bitch Ass Pussy about a group? They dare because it’s their video, and they do make a good point. Personally, I’m sick and tired of all this crying over a girl business in BAP MVs. Did Martina offend you as their fan? or did they offend you as a BAP fan? Also, they say that they like the song, not the MV. Simon and Martina got into liking BAP because of their tough guy image in the beginning so of course they would dislike all of the crying BAP is doing now. Just pointing something out.

      • Okay let me go make some rude comments about your favourite group and then see how you feel. oh yes because B.A.P has cried SO many times in their MV’s. They cried TWICE. That’s not even a lot considering all the other kpop groups who have so don’t even go there. This is my opinion and I won’t just simply take their rude criticism anymore.

        • I see your point, and feel free to make rude comments about my current favorite group. I’m not a die hard k-pop fan. EYK for me is more of my guide to food and places to go to in Korea. And I’m not just talking about this particular MV, Im also talking about most of their current MVs. See, MV’s vs MVs? And please, what do you mean by other kpop groups who have? Cry in their MVs? or just cried in one particular MV?

        • they’ve made fun of some of my favorite groups and i don’t care. you babyz are after all, babies. i like bap but i’m not a baby. glad you’re done with them you’re just one less whining kpop fan they have to deal with.

    • Blueberries

      I think their comments were only towards this concept that B.A.P had
      instead of members and their characters themselves. Since B.A.P is
      playing roles in this mv that are chosen for them by screenwriter of
      this mv. I don’t mind B.A.P or anyone crying in their mv as something I wouldn’t like or “bitch ass pussy” but I agree with EYK that B.A.P has been lacking that badass hip hop feel that they debuted with. I wonder if they are entirely moved on or if they will just keep changing their concepts back like they have been doing quite much :)

  115. But you guys have to admit that BTS is awesome at giving that nitty gritty feeling that is lost in a lot of kpop videos. You feel like they actually mean what they are singing, they feel what they are dancing, it doesn’t feel or look artificial.

  116. I have been loving your latest KMM’s!!! Towards the end last year I was getting tired of them and they just weren’t really engaging as they used to be, but I loved this one! I thought the humping went for a little too long before it got to the don’t cross streams skit, but otherwise really funny! Loved it!

  117. Sarah

    Time to settle down and start a family, EYK. I can see how this blog would be more informative if you began “Raising a Canadian child in Korea” segments instead.

    Besides, I really think you guys may have become really desensitized to K-pop and Korea in general. Nothing is really new to you guys anymore so there’s none of the same wonder, curiosity, or energy you guys had in past videos. Not only that, but it really seems as if you have both “outgrown” k-pop and went from being really impressed to just… “meh. K=pop.”

    I’m just giving some of my “opinion” here, just like you are. Always been a fan of yours, though.

  118. I liked it. As far as I can see EYK produces video that give their opinions on a particular subject and the whole premiss of EYK seems to be to have fun so colour me not shocked! I hope they don’t turn this segment into some kind of serious review segment and continue to give us their opinion in their usual entertaining way.

    As for “disrespect”. I can’t see it. They told us what they liked and didn’t like about the videos. I didn’t hear them direct any personal insults to band members. Maybe I missed it. As long as we are clear the “disrespect” doesn’t mean “dislike what I like”.

    I guess many of us are OK having fun poked at things we don’t love but get defensive when fun at poked at something we do…

  119. Ouch, you went a little bit far this time Simona and Martina
    I actually thought you were trying something.

  120. Hey guys, great review! I really enjoyed it. You do seem to be getting a bit more inappropriate with your sexual comments, but that may just be because I’m shy. And it’s not my job to censor you, you can say what you want. :)

    One thing I do disagree with is your comment about B.A.P. crying, and the p**** comment. First, I don’t really like the work p****. But more importantly, I think guys (yes, even tough guys) have the right to cry. I know you are just joking around, but it seemed like it went to far. Boys should have the right to explore things outside the 100% pure “masculinity.” Just because they are not there extreme “Warrior” mode does not give you the right to call them that (I think?) I’m not saying you have to like their new style of song or anything. It’s totally fine not to like something! :) I think you may have just went a bit too far?

    I do agree with your comment about the misogyny in B.T.S.’s video. The Song was absolutely awesome! The video, not so much. I think it comes a bit from society’s misinterpretation of what being “masculine” is. This is part of the reason why I also didn’t like your comment about B.A.P. above.

    But please don’t think I hate you guys! I’m just giving criticism, but I’m not trying to hate. I don’t hate you, and I agree you have the right to an opinion. Sometimes I think you are just a bit too forceful. Thank you for the great review! And Meemers is adorable!

    • ya I agree they went a bit too far but everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I just don’t agree with you about bts I don’t think they were trying to be ”masculine” by doing that but if you read the lyrics it will explain a bit more why they did that but then again everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I guess I am just trying to defend bts XD haha sorry but I do agree they went a bit too far but I still love eyk nonetheless :)))))))

      • I love EKY too! And I love BTS! They are probably my favorite rookie group.
        Actually, what I meant by being “masculine” was that the director of the music video thought that since BTS are supposed to be “bad boys,” that they would be violent towards the girl. In order words, I am not critiquing BTS at all, but the director of the video. I feel that many people believe that a boy treating a girl badly makes the boy seem tough and masculine. So please don’t misunderstand me. I love BTS, and their dance and the image associating with their dance. I don’t like the music video, or the way the director took it.

    • Really well said, thank you! I feel like there’s some cultural wires getting crossed here too – sometimes the vibe I get from Kpop videos is that being openly emotional is considered *more* masculine, while women are the heartless, long-suffering, practical ones. “Pussy” is pretty bad too since it implies that being girl-like <<< being boy-like (women are not as good as men therefore being compared to a woman is the ultimate insult).

      That aside I enjoyed this week's review… I was kind of wondering how it would come out since while all the top-three songs are competent, none are amazingly different from what's been out before (imho), and they're all by the kinds of groups Simon and Martina have complained about in the past (boygroups with strong fandoms). So I was kind of holding my breath for a very unenthusiastic review or a dodge, but I think S&M did well finding interesting things to talk about and keeping it fun and lighthearted.

      The BTOB song is good if you're a fan of the group, though! It's a simple song but it's very *them*, from the 90s-as-cosplayed-by-kids-born-in-the-90s fashion, to the dorky anti-idol acting (they just can't take themselves seriously as heartthrobs), to (even) the weird suddenlyballad!bridge (cause BTOB, even though they're best known for WOW, a dance song, are secretly a ballad group). The pleasure of the song comes from knowing how well it fits them, in other words, but you have to have followed them for a while to see it.

  121. I’m a bit sad you guys didn’t talk about the symbolism. I can understand that it might not be that fun for you to talk about but it was major part of BAP’s video. I thought that you guys would at least talk about it in the blog post but you didn’t. I know you guys are in a happy relationship but that doesn’t apply to everyone else. I don’t want you guys to praise it but actually discussing it would’ve been nice. The majority of the music video involved symbolism and because you guys didn’t talk about it, I feel like you didn’t really review it.

  122. I Really Like Watching These Video But I Think That EYK Really Just Went To Far With The Name Change I Mean Was That Really Necessary. I Think That The Music Video Went Well With The Lyrics And Bap Didn’t Go Overboard With All The Symbolism. I Think That I Was Also Unnecessary To Change That You Will Stop Liking Them Just Because They Just Aren’t Your Style And To Say That Bts Looks More Like Bap Than Bap Themselves Just Shouldn’t Be Said. Bap Has Been Out In The Kpop Industry Long Than Bts So Who Is To Say That Bts Might Try To Do Something Different And Sing Ballad Would You Go And Look For Another Group That Raps Well And Call Them The Next Bap? The Acting In This Video Just Proves That Bap Is Able To Do Multiple Concepts And Be Good At Them. All In All I Just Think That There Were More Picking Out The Most “Humorous” Things and Make Fun Of Them With No Constructive Criticism.

  123. I seriously love you guys and I usually accept and respect your opinion but I agree with the comments down below. This review was a bit too far. There is a fine line between funny and offensive especially when you are using vulgar words. I thought that what you called B.A.P was overboard. As mentioned in other comments even the choice of words were immature and somewhat sexist. A bitch and pussy because they cried? Are women weak then? Personally I find it attractive when men actually express their sorrow and emotions. EVERYONE cries. Even you guys would have cried at some point in your life. It would be weird if you haven’t every cried. Does that make you weak though?

    Some people think that our reaction it ridiculous but when someone you admire and love is being talked about badly, it hurts. I’m not going to stop watching your videos or hate you for this review but I can’t see you guys in the same light. Remember that majority of your fans are k-pop fans. Dissing and insulting people that we like isn’t the way to maintain your fans.

    Also if you are going to put a band’s name in the title, talk about them. Although I’m not a BTOB fan, that was disappointing.

  124. Jase Aaron

    Seems to be just a Firefox issue but when playlists are embedded at the top it shows up as “This video does not exist”. Works fine when it’s a single video though.

  125. Okkkkkkk friends so with this whole debate going on both here and in youtube I feel the need to weigh in, though my opinion doesn’t matter that much.
    #1. EYK I think is increasingly finding themselves in “Damned if I do, damned if I don’t” situations. If EYK doesn’t pick a certain band, fans can be like “Well, Why didn’t you pick this band??” and are forced to face those comments. One solution is to pick multiple bands and review them in one video. The issue this poses is that some fans aren’t getting the deep in-depth reviews they want, because with multiple bands and a limited video length, they might overwhelm the humor that ultimately brings in viewers for them as a comedy duo at heart with seriousness stuff, and they must keep in mind their audience. It’s hard to achieve a good balance of humor and reviewing unless you’re only reviewing one video. So, basically EYK is screwed either way with the formatting.
    #2. They started the video with an adult content disclaimer. SO, you should expect adult content and humor, which almost always entails sexual and obscene language references. Thus, MOST of the content of the video was really adult humor – not them really being aggressive towards the group, just making very adult references. (BTW I get the Ghostbusters crossing the stream reference). And most of the time, they were good jokes, albeit adult.
    #3. The main topic of the day, the B*A*P* joke. First off, whether you found that funny or not is completely subjective and depends on the person, because it honestly is something akin to more adult and crude humor. Secondly, everything that EYK does is all for HUMOR, because they’re a comedy duo basically. Thus, even when they’re making fun of the group, THEY ARE NOT INSULTING THE GROUP AS PEOPLE. I mean, the only time I’ve EVER seen EYK insult an artist is when they insulted Chris Brown (warranted). Therefore, none of the comments cursing EYK off, or giving them death insults, or basely insulting them, are warranted. It’s one thing to voice your discontent over humor (whether a good or bad attempt at it) by saying “hey guys I didn’t really think the BAP joke was funny because of ABC”, its another to completely insult them. Never had EYK made personal attacks against these groups, so its not appropriate to voice attacks against them.

    So…..rant over? Kind of. Personal Opinion time!
    So, one particular comment on youtube accused EYK of posting this video just to get views and bash melodies and babys and they shouldn’t use rude things and say anything bad about the groups cause its rude. That’s is taking it way too far (when have EYK ever tried to be view-hogs?) and if they never said anything non-positive about the groups, then KMMs would just be sugar coated praises of some group over and over again. Not fun.
    Also, every piece of art, including literary and if you will KPOP classics, are subject to praise, criticism, humor, and satire. Even those made with the most serious intentions can be made fun of. I can make fun of Edith Whartons Age of Innocence without actually “humiliating” Edith Wharton herself. Same goes for these groups. I don’t know how many times EYK has said this (like the Dongho video) but they respect the amount of hard work that goes into each and every song and MV. They can still respect that and make fun of the work though; I also think groups can respect themselves being made fun of too.

    SRSLY FINALLY, but I prefer your wittier style of humor (think the Eric and Brad skit) over your cruder style, although I can use some crude humor too at times =). I think your wit are some of your best qualities, so play it up! Don’t feel forced to write jokes a certain way for us, just let it flow, and I think your most natural style of humor that we’re used to since the earliest days will be present. Cheers =)

    • And the star sticker for the best comment of the day goes to you! It was all so very well said, and I could not agree more than I do now. If the crew at EYK can’t remain authentic to who they are and what they do, why bother spending the amount of time on these projects? They have to love what they do, before they worry solely about catering to our fancies and whims.

    • Sexism isn’t a joke, though? And people who think sexism can make a joke are not always people commentators want to listen to.
      And the BAP joke is very, very much sexism.

      I agree with your point about the fans going overboard. There is no excuse for death threats or personal attacks. Also saying that everybody has to be nice the whole time is ridiculous and unlikely to ever happen, and it shouldn’t be required for S&M to be 100% bunnies and fluff about everything. But there are parts of this review that were extremely uncalled for and warrant discussion and valid criticism, and I don’t think said criticism should be silenced.

      • Hi there! Thanks for respectfully responding =). So first off, I don’t think constructive (<— keyword) criticism and discussion towards EYK should be silenced, and as I stated above, every piece of art is subject to this and even being made fun of, which by extension includes EYK's stuff. I thought that was implied, but I guess it wasn't very clear, so I'm glad I get to clarify that here.

        Now, moving onto to the sexism part of the BAP joke – I don't want to make it seem like I'm condoning sexism at all, so please don't misinterpret this. I just wanted to make it known that in adult humor, if you've seen adult comedians by any chance, humor that rags on both men and women is VERY common. And it's not like these comedians are super sexist – it's just what people who like adult humor generally think are funny, and it's not like the audience is super sexist either. For adult humor audiences and comedians, the mindset that these couple of jokes are setting back the process of equal rights (and feminism and whatever the equivalent is for guys) just isn't prevalent. They can listen to these jokes, have a good laugh, and go home without actually subscribing to the sexist notions because they see them as humor, which generally isn't meant to be taken seriously. Now, there can be an entire discussion opened on the workings of subtle sexisms and the notions long subtly prescribed into societal views, but maybe this isn't the best place for it. Again, I'm not condoning sexism or anything, but these are just other points to consider. After all, in a discussion, it's nice to have multiple viewpoints, no? Anyways, thanks for the response!

        Side note: one other comment on youtube that has 19 likes called EYK "white, foreign, entitled, sexist, arrogant, unprofessional, distasteful, perverts out on their obscene behavior". In the spirit of free and constructive discussion, how is this in any way better than the BAP joke that this commentor believes themselves to be better then? It also said any fans who liked the video (who are also rightly have their own opinions) are "blind fans who eat this garbage every week, fans with low-standards who could mindlessly laugh at this shit that they produce." Not only is this so far from the spirit of good discussions, its pretty much launching personal attacks on both EYK and the fans. These types of comments (which are way different from good ones like yours BTW) shouldn't be readily condoned, no?

    • Sometimes, I just feel like EYK should just stop doing KMM. Every single time they do these videos, they will always get bashed about something. Its never enough, and over the years it has gotten really annoying. I personally think that their WANKS, TLDRs, WTF, and their indie segment (which they have not done in a long time) are better and more fun. If they get rid of KMM, they can talk about dramas, movies, and once in a while talk about a Kpop music video/song/album that interests them or even do more sketches. Write now i think, KMM are restricting them too much.

  126. Sorry I don’t subscribe to the notion the the word Pussy means weak. I happen to have one and I like to think of myself as a strong person and so are most women. So please refrain from using the word as a reference to lack of strength. I also don’t agree crying makes you weak. You mention BTS roughing up the girl in the video wasn’t a way to treat a women then you turn around and degrade women in general. Sorry guys I’m trying not to be over critical of EYK but that was just very uncool. B.A.P much respect to you guys. You work hard even tho I like your hard B-boy image and rap sounds much better then your softer image I will still always show a level of respect you deserve for the hard work and effort you bring us. And as for EYK are we becoming shock Jocks?

  127. Das Schafchen

    I am not a big fan of BAP or BTS, but I enjoyed both songs, but I found this review to be downright mean, I feel like you completely overlooked any positive aspects of either video and focused only on the negative. I thought BTS song was very creative, given that the lyrics were of a typical love song, the song itself was something completely different for that genre! BAP had a really catchy song, with incredible dancing, and I have to downright disagree with you about your comments against the evolution of artists. I agree you don’t have to like every song an artist puts out, but to claim you dislike a song because it’s different to their previous work, isn’t right. Each song should be viewed on its own, and each artist should be allowed to change and grow as they grow themselves. To say otherwise would result in groups that are stagnant and un changing, with each song becoming predictable.
    You seemed to bring this up in the “I forgot how to kpop” video as well recently, where you didn’t like B1A4′s lonely because you preferred the cute, playful B1A4 from their older stuff. I felt like you didn’t really appreciate that song on its own for what it was. Groups and artists need to evolve and change! They get older themselves, they change, they can’t keep reproducing the same sound over and over again! I would absolutely hate that. Simon, as a fan of hip hip, you should understand this, the really greats of hip hop would constantly change their sound to keep it interesting.
    Disappointed with this on other levels to, but u believe my other reasons have already been mentioned by others.
    Sorry to BTOB fans who got their hopes up for a review as well, I would be seriously bummed out if I were you.

  128. to the people who are cussing at simon and martina I didn’t even want to say things but really you guys threatening them with ‘fuck you eyk or I’m never supporting you guys again.” seriously immature af can’t you guys just say it in a more civilized manner because apparently you guy feel more comfortable saying it behind that little screen of yours but I bet none of you guys have the balls to say it up front.

    • I could not agree with you more. I don’t get the uproar over the fact that these are two people who are just being candid and sharing their opinions, a right of free speech that is theirs to have. They never claim to be k-pop experts nor do they work for any of the labels with direct obligations to say wonderful things about videos all of the time. I think it’s really immature for people to get their knickers in a twist over the opinions of others that is totally unrelated to them. If you like it, good. If you don’t, then you don’t have to watch it…it’s simple as that. And to be honest, this review probably didn’t hurt the rankings or fandom of either group. If anything all of this publicity has brought new people over to the groups. I mean the number of views for each video went up today, so frankly it was a service. I say they don’t come and tell us how to do their jobs, we’re in no position to tell them how to do what they’re doing.

    • And would S&M call B.A.P,bitch as pussies to their face? IDK maybe they would

      • That’s something I wonder about myself . Maybe they would, maybe not. You never know how perhaps idols themselves think about things they promote. For one AJ laughing with Simon about the Pythagorean dig he had made at him before… And they seemed to find it hilarious.

        Or, they could be deeply insulted and wonder who these foreigners think they are.

        • All in all I get it was a joke to B.A.P just becoming overly emo. I just wish people would stop using the word pussy as an reference to weakness. My friend and I were actually talking about this the other day. She said she was so fed up with that particular use of the word. she’s wanted to come up with another word that could sound just as degrading without using a part of a women body as the symbol. We wanted the word to be just as crude and mean and pack as much punch we spent all night coming up with words but couldn’t come up with one that would have the same affect.

        • I actually need to research the entomology of the word. Originally wasn’t it just another word for cat?Like whenever I read ‘ The Owl and the Pussy cat’ for my students now, I get a snigger or two. Which came first? I remember reading Chaucer’s ‘ Wife of Bath’ and learning old English slang for privates.

          I do agree with you about the word ‘ pussy’ having the connotation of weak, because seriously, it’s one of the strongest organs on a female. Goes through lots of stuff throughout our lives. Someone said previously that actually it’s male privates that are weak. They are so finicky about pain, heat and cold.

        • ROFL, I love you Natz you made my night!!

        • Thanks! o/

          Hey, you were making a valid point and I was just sharing my own experiences. :-p. I do find it funny that both male and female genatalia have nicknames related to negative stuff.

          Although I have also said in the past that there is nothing wrong with seeming little bit more emotionally weaker. Just because you can express your feelings doesn’t make you weak naturally. I find that people who can’t do those things or empathize with others tend to be worse off for it.

          There is also the idea of females being the ‘ weaker’ sex. But the fact is that it is not true. It is just more socially acceptable for women to show their emotions. Whereas in boys it is seen as ‘unmanly’.

          That’s issues with society and socialization. Also, I think it may be because of strong evolutionary effects where then men were the hunters and the women were the protectors of the home and bore and raised the children. We were allowed to show emotions because it was a way to bond families and groups together.

        • Yes that is why we couldn’t attach man’s genatalia to the insult of being weak because society wouldn’t get it. We wanted to recreate the insult and we wanted people to understand and we wanted to maintain it’s crudeness. I’m pretty sure during prehistoric times before evolution men did go out hunting but didn’t always catch a meal to bring back home. They left for days often weeks without bringing anything home. And women were left essentially to do everything. And when the men did come back with a kill it was the women that had to prepare the meal even if back then it was just ripping off the bones it was the women that rip off the bone. While the man laid back content with their kill.

        • Ha! I was brave and managed to find an article on an online etymology website:

          “pussy (n.1)
          “cat,” 1726, diminutive of puss (n.1), also used of a rabbit (1715). As a term of endearment for a girl or woman, from 1580s (also used of effeminate men). To play pussy was World War II RAF slang for “to take advantage of cloud cover, jumping from cloud to cloud to shadow a potential victim or avoid recognition.”
          pussy (n.2)
          slang for “female pudenda,” 1879, but probably older; perhaps from Old Norse puss “pocket, pouch” (cf. Low German puse “vulva”), but perhaps instead from the cat word (see pussy (n.1)) on notion of “soft, warm, furry thing;” cf. French le chat, which also has a double meaning, feline and genital. Earlier uses are difficult to distinguish from pussy (n.1), e.g.:
          The word pussie is now used of a woman [Philip Stubbes, "The Anatomie of Abuses," 1583]
          But the absence of pussy in Grose and other early slang works argues against the vaginal sense being generally known before late 19c., as does its frequent use as a term of endearment in mainstream literature, e.g.:
          “What do you think, pussy?” said her father to Eva. [Harriet Beecher Stowe, "Uncle Tom's Cabin," 1852]”

          There is evidence of the two meanings of cat and generals being intertwined. It is interesting that the connotation extends into French as well.

        • I wonder how did a term of endearment for women become a word for a women’s genitalia. They mentioned soft, warm and cat’s fur. If they linked it because of it’s close reference to our anatomy then where does the furry part fit in? lmao. Cat’s have fur they are warm and soft and cat’s were described and called Pussy. Soft, warm and furry could all be endearing terms or looked as endearing. A women’s sexual organ could also be described as soft and warm but furry? Wait ok the old norse term called the vulva of a feline, Pussy. So there’s the link. Am I confused Natz,help me! I’m trying to understand , LOL.

  129. I saw the youtube comments and it’s a battlefield over there, there’s a lot of angry people, I hope you didn’t recieve any death threats just for giving your opinion about these music videos, there were a lot of comments right in the point in this week’s KMM, I’m okay with it, I laughed and it was enjoyable, but maybe you need you reevaluate certain things you’re saying or jokes that are not going to be recieved as good as I did, I totally understand your humor and I support your work, but I see this KMM wasn’t just for everyone. I love you guys, keep the good work! :) :)

  130. Snap, was definitely not expecting all the hatorade in the comments! All I’m going to say is that this is S&M’s review and though they came across as more aggressive this week, it’s their opinion if they wish to express it that way. I didn’t find it insulting and at the end of the day, it’s just another 2 people’s perspective in a vast pool of music listeners.

  131. just to let you know (because i know you guys don’t know every kpop group and their members. that would be super overwhelming and confusing) but rap monster and suga were underground rappers before becoming a part of bts. i don’t think it was really his, or any of theirs, choice to be named that to be honest.

  132. If BTOB wasn’t going to be reviewed, why mention it? Or why even include it in the kpop charts -______- if you knew you wouldnt want to review the vid, don’t even bother putting it in the kpop charts. Otherwise if that video is one of the top vids, fans will be very dissapointed if you simply disregard it. Also, Bi*** A** Pu*****? That’s crossing the line. yes you are entitled to your own opinion, but you should have known this would upset some fans. No I am not a hardcore BAP fan, but I still found this offensive. The whole bad hygiene, so called orgasm, pelvis thrusting jokes were amusing. Calling BAP Pu***** was not.

    • Just a little quibble… Simon and Martina don’t add videos to the charts, the moderators do and we have no idea what they will and won’t like. We just try to keep up with all the new releases and add them to the chart.

      Also, the charts are not necessarily created just for the purpose of a review. Actually a lot of people use it to discover new music, find other fans of a song/video they have discovered and to generally support an act they like.

      Alas, this is not the first time they have reviewed a video unfavorably and been criticized for what they said and how they said it. It has happened several times before and it doesn’t seem to be something they are afraid to do. They have gotten threats and loads of hate for years for being as blunt as they are. Some people like it and some don’t.

      Cheers, Natz

      • Das Schafchen

        I think the issue elfish095 is stating is that although Simon and Martina did review these videos unfavourably, some of the comments were downright mean and offensive to the fan groups. There is definitely a distinction to be made between expressing your opinion on the one hand and offending the interest parties on the other. Secondly, I think the other issue elfish095 brought up was it was a bit of a troll to claim BTOB would be reviewed when they were not in this video. It’s perfectly understandable when your favourite group is not reviewed for some reason, but it’s a bit different to title the video so as to give BTOB fans the impression that a review of their group was included, when it was not. Quite misleading.

        • Oh I understood that and I see nothing wrong with the other points they were making.

          I was just letting them know that the adding of videos to the charts actually are not controlled by Simon and Martina because currently another moderator and I are the ones adding videos to the charts. Plus, the fact that the charts are not solely for voting. I did not contradict any of the other points.

          Cheers, Natz

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      im just curious y btob still in the chart…even already being ‘review’….

      • I will check on this for you. Technically it should be checked review, but maybe you can’t have more than two ‘reviewed’ at a time? Perhaps because they did not really speak about it?

        Cheers, Natz

  133. Insulting a certain group because you can’t understand the MV? grow up Eat Your Shit.. Unless u understand the MV, don’t talk crap about it because is not cool and is not even funny. The group made a lot of effort to make this a good MV and you are criticising it? get your shit together

  134. Maybe you should just get rid of the kmm chart. What’s the point of asking people to vote if you don’t even take the top one and do whatever you want? It’s not like this is the first time. Voting is utterly pointless. What was the point of adding in BTOB to the title of your video when you don’t even talk about them. That’s rude. I wouldn’t even call this a review – what happened to the you that would discuss the lyrics, the symbolism, and constructively criticize things in a rational way? Now all you do is outright bash and make overtly sexual skits. It’s not enjoyable to watch at all.

  135. Hello fellow Nasties :)

    I found this blog post a while ago, and I think it did a good job of unveiling some of the symbolism/meaning behind the 1004 mv so check it out?

    And I have to be honest, I do agree that there has been more coarse language in the videos which would be nice if they were toned down…

    Anyway, here’s the post:


  136. You guys taking this way too personally. When in the video did they insult the fans? You didn’t make the music video, lyrics or anything. You’re weren’t involved in the creation of the music video so therefore you aren’t affected by their words towards the bands. If I was offended every time someone insulted a group I liked I would have no time left in my day. At the end of the day, that’s their opinion and you shouldn’t be trying to defend a group of people that don’t need defending. Are BAP or BTS going to give you a gold star for sticking up for them? They’re probably laughing all the way to the bank. They don’t need their fans to defend them. They just need their support. This isn’t a war. So you don’t need to fight. Don’t like their opinion? Then move on and don’t put your energy into something that doesn’t affect you.

    • I’m not insulted. Rather, I’m just disappointed with the format of the video. There was no review. It was just ‘jokes’…

      • But then was KMM meant to be a serious review to start with?

        When I first started watching KMMs (some of my first ones were Teen Top’s Supa Luv and F.cuz Wanna Be Your Love) these mostly consisted in jokes about the videos, not so much about reviews. I think they started including more serious thoughts in their KMM when their fanbase started growing (and possibly when they started being more knowledgeable about Kpop), and I am totally fine with that, but somehow I have a feeling like their KMM definitely became “tamer” after that?

        Ah I don’t mean to start a fight or anything. I have a feeling that people who started watching KMM at different times appreciate different formats, and it’s totally fine for a video format to evolve over time. But it was still bugging me to see so many comments criticizing the lack of proper “review” when I’m not sure this was the point of KMM to begin with^^

        • I definitely agree that they aren’t meant to be serious, but KMM still had commentary about what’s going on in the video, the dance, the clothes, etc. I think that’s what people mean when they say review. The problem is that with the KMMs in the past year, the commentary aspect has decreased quite a bit and more focus has been given towards the comedy. But instead of lighthearted poking fun, I feel as though it has turned more into complaints and insults, which makes the KMM give off a very negative vibe instead on an entertaining one. I know they’ve been trying to do something new with KMM, but I don’t think this is really working because I can’t remember the last time I genuinely enjoyed a KMM. I just feel like something has been missing, and that’s the commentary portion. This why I think it’s best if they change to the format that they did last week where they discuss multiple video and just give their honest opinion. I found those informative and entertaining without being crude, which is what KMM used to be like.

  137. I enjoyed the video. I like the new format since it allows you to talk more about two groups instead of one! It is a bit shorter than a regular review, so maybe still do single reviews sometimes, but I think it’s nice once in awhile. As long as it’s still entertaining, then cool!

    The only thing I not so great is that I don’t really like how much language and stuff is coming in. I’m glad you warned us, but I’d like to be able to watch your videos with younger people and not feel like I have to earmuff them. I know it was probably too hard to resist using the BAP acronym, so I understand.
    But I think sometimes when you use language it makes you sound angrier and less inviting. Others also commented on how you seemed more aggressive towards the bands. Also it cuts you off from younger or more conservative fans. I remember I watched one of your videos with a conservative friend, and they liked it up until you had an extended thrusting scene and then wouldn’t finish it.

    Of course I want you to be able to express your views freely, and you don’t have to like everyone and sugarcoat everything. But you can always say things in a nicer way or not. Same with language or actions. Of course you can choose what you want to portray, but what you choose could potentially isolate people.

    And Nasties, we also are free to tell them what we don’t like, but don’t forget to be nice about it too! And ask yourself if your bias is coming into play. ;)

    • Hey there, I really appreciate your candor here. It is a valid point. They do have a wide fan base that ranges from kids to adults and conservative to liberal, but it is up to them to decide what tone they are going to continue with in the future. They do usually warn when they are going to be using strong language but I guess sometimes a bit of it may slip out. Plus, crude humour and hip thrusting is par for the course now.

      I myself don’t curse a lot but I do sometimes appreciate a cruder type of humour. However not everyone likes crude humour. They have acknowledged before that in their real lives they use a lot of crude humour and curse words and so it is seeping into their videos a lot more now and becoming more obvious to their viewers.

      However it is really up to Simon and Martina to decide if they want to be more open and frank like this with their audience. Some people will like and and some won’t, so those viewers will have to make a decision as to whether they will be sharing videos with their more conservative friends, or watch EYK with their kids or parents anymore.

      Cheers, Natz

      • Also, those viewers will have to make a decision if they want to keep watching at all. Personally, I don’t like it. So if they continue I will probably be one of those viewers that just stops watching.

        • That’s always been my mantra. Why waste time watching or doing something that does not make you happy, unless of course you are being paid really well for it.


  138. About B.A.P’s symbolism in the MV, Yongguk was digging in the past, that castle that he found out symbolizes the life he had with his lover, so they show the black and white shots as references to the past and memories and each member are
    representing (or showing) different memories. When HimChan shoots at his reflex, he actually gets rid of his memories
    and from that he will be able to move on with life.
    The symbolism is quite simple and it’s about love and moving on from a sad point in life, it has nothing to do with “illuminati”.
    I found the symbolism quite beautiful and it’s a good message. Depression is serious business and you have to move on with life, no matter how hurt you might be, if someone hurts you, or don’t love you anymore or don’t “exist” anymore, you have to move on with your life and be strong.

    Real men cry and call a man “pussy” because of that is stupid in too many levels.

    About B.A.P music, “1004 (chunsa)” is another song with rock elements it’s nothing new if you’re a B.A.P fan, “Goodbye”, “Coma”, “0 (Zero)”, etc. they have a lot of sides, maybe you don’t know these songs because most of their main titles were songs like “Power”, “Warrior”, but they also have great music released in their albuns, a lot of ballads too, and we can see their growth as a group in their first album. As a fan I love the album.

    I really like BTS but I’m a B.A.P fan, I won’t stop liking B.A.P because BTS released a good song, that doesn’t make any sense. So if someone will just change fandoms because of a song it just means this person was never a fan to begin with.

    Too much negativity in this post and that video, I don’t consider that a review, you were just dissing the groups. That was rude.

    • I totally agree with what you said, they went over the top this time. I have been following Simon and Martina since they were teaching and lately I am not finding them as funny as they used to be u_u

  139. IDK, if you’re going to do whatever you want with the reviews anyway — like you’ve done with the last few ones — then you might as well get rid of the kpop charts’ restraints on what you can and can’t review. Some reviewers are really good at discussing videos or songs they think are god awful (A Dose of Buckley comes to mind), but if that’s not your thing, then I’d rather you be biased and just talk about whatever.

  140. Elanor

    I think you should get rid of the Kpop chart and just review what you want, because these new KMMs just seems so forced I can’t see that you had any fun with it. So I didn’t laugh either. Sometimes not reviewing something is way better than a half assed review… and you still have to work so much on it, but the result won’t be that good.
    I understand that you have more pressure now, but I miss those times when you just did it for fun in your apartment. I miss those inside jokes, it seems like you don’t use them anymore.
    Poking fun is good, but where is the review? Also if you can’t make a normal length video about one MV pick an other one what gives you enough thoughts and material. I’m here for you guys, for your jokes and opinions and not because I want to see my bias groups get a so so review. I think in the long run you will just lose more supporters like this. Yes at first people will complain if you skip some groups because they don’t give a good KMM material, but I started to like so many groups and songs because of your review in the past what I would just skip otherwise. So I have a feeling that KMM isn’t your favorite video to make anymore and I totally understand it, since this generates the most hate toward you guys… but I think you gain most of your fans from it too, so it’s not an easy video to make or just skip. I just hope you will find the best solution because I’ sure that you can feel that you lost your charm about KMM.
    Anyway fighting! I will still support you, because the other videos are still fun to watch and I’m sure that you can make KMM fun again! ^^

  141. @simonandmartina:disqus I just, BAP has been THE rookie group for a while and i love them but the fact that they are older gives them more fans to vote so this isnt a fair vote…MARTINA you share my love of badass hipop listen to BTS satoori rap, N.o, no more dream and my fav RISE OF BANGTAN (fun lvl TaeMAXIMUM) I love Bts’ meaningful lyrics and fun style

  142. I’m disappointed with this “review” (if I really can call this)… I mean… You guys just attacked, it wasn’t a bit funny… Normally I would go along with your jokes because I think fans joke about the same things as you (well, at least I do), but they’re innocent jokes… Now you’ve gone full retarded on this… And I’m not even mention BTOB, it was just ridiculous…

    I think that you you’re looking just at the videos instead of seeing it as a whole with the music and dance. It this was like the ‘Rain Sound’ one, you explained everything, and I accepted your criticism, but this went overboard. 1004 wasn’t a complete ballad, and all B.A.P’s fans knows that they’re a group that doesn’t want to stick with just one style, they want to try everything, and this is what they’re doing, and teh results ae positive, especially for 1004. If you did a little research, you would see that the lyrics of the song are amazing, and that the video was just a little detail. (But I like the video, and found funny simbolism, we don’t need to enter on the Illuminati field…) BTS have that image of and underground hip-hop group, since half of the group is/was active undergroung, so OF COURSE they would bring slang to their songs… Is no surprise, ’2 Cool 4 Skool’, ‘Skool Luv Affair’, ‘Boy In Luv’, it’s just playing with words, I don’t think that is something so wrong that you can go appoint your finger to everything. And Rap Monster (or Kim Namjoon, wtv) is pretty good at English, since he studied overseas. He even made a whole 5-min vlog just talking in English and we can see that he’s very fluent. About his stage name… I don’t know, there are bad stage names everywhere, don’t tell me that Key is genious because it’s not and I’m a Shawol too and I dont’ think that this is something somebody can me proud of.

    B.A.P and BTS produce, write, compose almost all of their songs, and they’re doing a pretty good job! And that’s where you failed. You just saw one thing and forget the bigger picture and the main point… The music. I’m really your fan, but this time I was really taken aback… Hope you guys come back to normal soon… That’s all I wanted to say.

  143. Really, when I saw BTOB in the title, I was super excited…and then I became super sad. I mean, B.A.P gets reviewed all the time and I thought the point of the pick one from the top 3 was to keep it all balanced. I was kinda hoping that it would be focused on those you haven’t reviewed before therefore btob and bts….oh well…

  144. BangTan literally means “Bulletproof”. If their image was going to be changed like BAP was, then that alone would be the biggest hurdle they’d have to jump.

  145. Krista Gibbs-Castillo
    Krista Gibbs-Castillo

    So we’re all just not gonna comment on how awesome the choreo for Boy In Luv was…. Or how awesome BTS’ choreo is in general… Nothing at all. :C
    *Le sigh*

    • i know! the video was mostly about bap and the comments are mostly about bap. bts’ choreo is fantastic! it’s crazy how synchronized they are

    • Couldn’t agree more. It sends chills up my spine whenever I watch their dance practice vids. They are legit and I wish more people would acknowledge their skills.

  146. Alorah✩아로라✩Aurora

    but like why you gotta bring Niel into it tho

  147. Come on guys. Yeah, at first Rap Monsters name sounds really silly, but you get used to it like ALL OF THE OTHER stupid/silly k-idol names in kpop. And even though you may not be into BTS now/ever doesn’t mean others aren’t. What if A.R.M.Y’s came and criticized your bias groups names? Not cool~

    • If you’re acknowledging it sounds silly, why get upset over other people saying it? For the record, I love Rap Monster, (I love the name now despite it being ridiculous- I think on it fondly. I also think Rap Monster is amazing in general, having been lucky enough to see him live twice AND HIGH FIVE HIM!) and BTS are talented so why worry about it?

  148. Watching KMM at work is not always the best idea. I nearly fell off my chair laughing watching this (during lunch break, I swears!) and definitely got some funny looks from my coworkers. I was gonna comment right then, before the tears of mirth had even dried from my eyes, but sadly the page glitched out on me and I had to wait til I got home… which was when I saw some of the angers all up in this comment section so I’m just here to add a little love. It was totally hilarious, guise! I miss BAPs earlier stuff too. They were so intense and in your face! You never would’ve guessed they were rookies. I always listen to Warrior and Power at the gym, especially for doing weight training. And I absolutely adored Coffee Shop, it’s one of my favorite songs from them, but I do wish they had stuck more with their original stuff. Coming from listening to mostly not pop music, I don’t know if this happens in other countries, but I always get a little thrown by how extreme the genre shifts are for kpop groups. I mean, I’m used to bands having a kind of “sound” that might evolve over time and with each album they release, but not so extreme or frequent. I know kpop isn’t really like that, but I still always find it jarring. *shrug*

  149. thisisjustforfunval

    Fun review guys, very funny. I’d had a thought that it would be fun if ya’ll compared the B’s in the top three and YOU DID! Well sort of, cause BtoB, wasn’t really reviewed. I actually don’t know the song, so I can’t even give an opinion on it. I love the fun review you guys did. I like both of these songs a lot, 1004 (Angel) the most. But I have such issues with both videos, so it was nice to see them presented in a funny way.

    Boy in Luv: The thought that they forgot to zip up their pants, and are walking around dangling it all in the wind is hilarious. However, everything Simon mentioned is the reason I can’t stand the video. Knee to the crotch and two thumbs to the eyes, is right on if anyone ever treats you that way. Video aside, I really like the song and have it on my must buy list. Just a giant NO to the video.

    1004 (Angel): The song itself, I love! I think they found a good spot with their experimenting in this song. The vocals, the rap, the rock feel, they found that blend and sound they’ve been playing with. Overall I like the look and feel of the video, even if I didn’t care to figure it out completely. That probably has a lot to do with the scene with Himchan shooting himself. After seeing that scene I was done with the video. I don’t care if it’s a metaphor, a parallel universe or whatever, I’d love to never see kpop videos showing suicide as a reaction to lost/ended/unrequited relationships again.

    Anywho, I loved that you guys were funny, but made some very good points of opinion for yourselves and that can speak for other kpop fans. You can be a fan of a group without always loving everything they do, and you can in fact move away from the love you once had from them. It may stay that way forever, or something will bring you back round to loving them again. It happens with groups/singers in any language, why can’t the same happen in kpop.

  150. First I got dissapointed with the video (I can’t call that a review) and now this blog post.
    Why are you guys dissing these three groups?
    It’s ok if you don’t like their songs, or their music videos but you don’t need to make agressive, unnecessary and disrespectful comments about the groups or group members.
    I never had any problems with your reviews, I always had fun with them, but today you didn’t post one review.

  151. I will be very honest, I did not like this review, nor did I like any KPOP-related video from you guys in a while. I feel like all you do it actually bitchin’ over and over again.
    I understand that you want to do funny skits, but I feel like they are more aggressive and insulting than anything else.
    I used to want you guys to interview many groups and to show your videos around because I thought they were funny. I also thought you were an amazing connection between KPOP and international fans.
    Now, I believe it would be very weird from you guys to show up in front of B.A.P after calling them B*@ch A@@ Pussies and I don’t really feel like showing your videos around anymore.
    I understand it was supposed to be a joke, but mind you, I did not find it funny at all.
    Also, you guys have become so much more vulgar than you used to be. It’s okay, you do what you want, but I believe it also makes you lose some credibility.
    Finally, you forgot to be constructive like you were before. I know the symbolism behind 1004 bored you, but it would still have been a good idea to talk about it. There were many things you could’ve thought about to show that you somewhat appreciated the video, but you did not.
    Did you appreciate it? If not, should you not review videos you like instead? If you lack the interest for KPOP, maybe you should stop the KMMs for a while?

    • What you said right here about EYK interviewing groups, that’s what I was thinking of too watching the latest ‘reviews’. They have consistently been bashing groups that I can’t imagine any company in their right mind actually agreeing to allowing any of their artists to do an EYK interview. Wasn’t the point of expanding to be able to do things like that? As seen by U-Kiss comments and reactions when they met EYK there are idols who do watch and pay attention to EYK. If they find out that when they get placed on their Music Mondays it’s to be called out for a language that is second to them (third to some as well), be offhandedly mentioned as boring (which what video where they watching because Beep Beep is hilarious and entertaining), get made fun for their choreography that they practice 10+ hours a day (by people who can’t dance), have the context of their videos ridiculed, their stage names bashed and their names connected to what’s an insult video (because face it the only thing in this video that could be considered a review is stating how the treatment of the model in the BTS video came off as abusive) why would they ever want to be in the same room as EYK?

      Since the Vixx review getting on Music Mondays doesn’t seem to be a good thing anymore.

  152. Does no one want to talk about how often BAP dies!? I mean, really. They are always dying or killing themselves. Are they magical, unstoppable beings? Zombies? Do BYG and Himchan possess group healing powers!? Someone tell me!

  153. why you making me choose? They’re both my favorite bands!! my solution: NOT GONNA VOTE

  154. I get that Rap Monster isn’t really the coolest stage name but I also think that BTS, and especially it’s rapper line, isn’t really like most kpop groups. They actually write lyrics, compose and Suga produced couple of songs for their newest album so I wouldn’t really bunch them together with most kpop rappers and groups. Just wanted to put my two cents in…

    Oh and thumbs up for Flight of the Conchords!

  155. Just wanted to add, as far as stage names go for rappers, some of y’all may be too young to remember but did people forget when Diddy started out as Puff Daddy? It went Puff Daddy–>Puffy/Puff–>P.Diddy(which started off as a joke to a reporter but the fans ran with it so he went along with it too)–Diddy. Or how about Snoop Dogg changing to Snoop Lion? You cannot tell me that some of y’all wouldn’t have clowned on a rapper named Puffy in kpop today. Just putting it out there as food for thought.

    • To be fair, Snoop is high on drugs all the time.

      • To be fair, that bears no relevance to the point being made.

        • Well jesus f-ing christ, have an attitude why don’t you. Your “point” seems to be that rappers can have stupid names, and my comment supported that. In fact, I pointed out that Snoop’s name is stupid because he himself is stupid ( on drugs ).

        • No, you missed the point entirely, which was evident by a very tired, old and unoriginal joke on Snoop. My point is that there have been talented rappers with names in the past that if they had come out with those today would’ve had people ragging on them because their stage names didn’t sound “cool.” Instead of taking them seriously, people would dismiss them over something as superficial as a name when in reality they had the skills to win over most of their haters.

          On that note, if you’re unprepared to get a response that isn’t a high five, then just don’t comment. That’s the consequence of giving an opinion; sometimes people disagree with you, which doesn’t mean they have an “attitude,” just a contrasting opinion.

        • -shakes head- Poor kid, you’ll learn some day. Calm your tits and learn to take a joke.

        • Yeah, I knew you’d reply. People like you usually do that the moment your feelings get butt hurt over a joke someone didn’t laugh at. It’s an insecurity thing, you’ll get over it. I also know you’ll reply again to prove your superiority. I’ll support your ego and allow you to win since you seem fragile. You got upset over some criticism and took it personally instead of reading my explanation.

          I can take a joke–when it’s funny. I wasn’t offended by the Snoop joke. It was just lame. Nothing personal unless you’re seeking a career as a comedian in which you may want to consider fresh material. That’s all. Learn to take criticism :P

          Anyway, have fun feeling superior on your side of the screen by calling people “kids.” Your response told me all about your age and honestly, you haven’t been on the planet long enough to handle my realness so how about you take a jug of water for a drink because you sound thirsty.

        • Ok… Both of you stop replying to each other please.

          This kind of conversation is not beneficial or enjoyable. It’s basically baiting each other at the moment. If you continue to do it I will delete the comments anyway and ban you.


        • Fair enough. Sorry for any issues, I know your job isn’t easy. Have a good one.

        • Ok… Please stop replying to each other.

          This kind of conversation is not beneficial or enjoyable. It’s basically baiting each other at the moment. If you continue to do it I will delete the comments anyway and ban you.


  156. tbh, as much as i consider myself as a Baby (meaning a B.A.P fan) (gosh how i hate their fandom name orz), i agree with Martina. I fell in love with their original image and style and sound. And in my heart nothing has yet topped and surpassed Warrior and Power and No Mercy (and Goodbye. It doesn’t count because it hasn’t made as a mv/title track but i LOVE this song so much). Nothing. Not even One Shot. Somehow. I don’t even know why. It was fierce and badass and epic but something… hmm… was different from the 3 other songs that i much more love over this. One Shot is a good song tho, i still love it. But i much more love the rest of the album for example.
    And as for 1004. I have terrible huge mixed feelings about this song. In an objective pov, it’s a good song, really, a really very good song. BUT. … idk. I feel wrong ? loving it as a bap song ? Something isn’t right about this song. And i think it’s that it doesn’t sound B.A.P’ish enough, for me. It reminds me of anything but bap. You know, it sounds like, OneRepublic’s Counting Stars A LOT ?? And it’s not like Counting Stars isn’t a good song, it’s an awesome song i love a bunch. But, it doesn’t really fit B.A.P ? I think i’m one of those really rare to feel that way tho. But well yeah, it’s a nice good song, but it’s still kinda far from what i want and love and expect from them. From the album i much more love Bang Bang or Spy or Save Me ! Save Me has so much of BA.P’s sound and vibe !! That’s the kind of sound i like from them. It doesn’t mean they can’t do other type of songs. Like from the album i love With You and Lovesick a lot. But they didn’t make a title track of these you know.
    And argh, same as Martina, i really love BA.P, i do ! But i just CAN’T with DRAMATIC EMO TEARY B.A.P !!! i Can’t ! It drives me mad ! It’s painful to watch ! Like i watched that mv just once. I can’t bear to see them like that. I’m not much of a digger of actors b.a.p either. The difference with me and Martina on that point is that i am not fee. well yes i am but, i am a fan, really, i buy everything they do (except Hajima/Stop It. This. was an abomination. I don’t even want to consider it as one of their release. I’m in total denial), i’d travel to see them several times in concerts, because i love them, and i have an emotional attachment for this band now. It’s too late for me to even dare thinking about leaving the fandom, i’m sticking to them. But, don’t expect me to be happy and pleased with everything they do and release. I’m the most severe and harsh fan when it comes to them. I get very critical. Too critical for some fans.

    SO. in the end Bangtan’s Boy in Luv was absolutely totally my JAM of the month. No doubt about it. i LOVE this song so much !!! And tbh the mv didn’t even bother me. I thought it was nice. i’m not the kind to pick on little things and details. i just see this as a mv.

    On a butthurt note to finish. I think you could have said at least few words on BTOB. The mv is boring (your opinion, i personally at least like it over B.A.P’s !! it’s fun and the choreo is nice !!), but the song is catchy and cool !! I really love it !! I don’t love it over Bangtan’s Boy in Luv but it’s definitely my 2nd favorite song released this february !!!

  157. yanagiba yusuke22

    im not a person who like hip hop b4…but since my cousin introduce BAP to me….im 1 of ppl who kinda accept this genre after that…but since 3 awesome songs they seems like missing that baddas concept… until last yr i found BTS… i kept wondering y nasties voting quite high in kpop chart update…EYK chart n the nasties vote makes me curious wats so special abt them to make them 1 of the top of the chart… n yeah…they had some awesome showmanship in their performance even they just a rookie group… im just like martina said…afraid they change their music style…n hope they will stick to this concept for a while bcoz this is the style that ppl recognize them n ppl love the special thing that they will show in every performance…. side note:their main vocal hv multi-talent tho. he can b rapper, dancer(just like their biggest inspiration idol : big bang)… its quite rare for some1 is actually a singer, able to rapping…
    p/s : S&M, u should bring BTS to the studio n ask y they named rap monster, suga, j-hope…

  158. This video made me uncomfortable.
    Not because I’m offended because I’m a fan of these groups, but the this doesn’t feel like the EYK videos that I became a fan of anymore.
    Now I know that most of yall would say, “oh if you don’t like it then don’t watch it.” And yes, if it continues to be like this then I would stop. I know my opinion won’t make any difference and S&M are entitled to do whatever they pleases since this is their blog and their channel.
    You guys are full on ratting about these videos and there are little to no element of a “review”. Why put BTOB’s name and not say anything about them. It is disrespectful toward their fans.
    Speaking of disrespecting…wow….I understand that everything is all fun and jokes but coming from the people that cares about treatment of women and all but by calling these guys “pussies”? really??? Sexist and right on childish.

  159. guys i am disappointed in this… its really mean to both groups… all you were giving was negative thoughts really and no compliments. the symbolism B.A.P video is VERY meaningful. And what you said about rap monsters name was a little bit to far. If any of the groups actually read this, it really would have hurt them deeply. I hope you make up for it next week plz.

  160. “Boy in Luv? Skool Luv Affair? Spelling like that doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you look like a dummy. Cut that out already.”
    I find this amusing how you shit on BTS for their spelling and yet in the very next sentence (and basically at least once in every one of your other blog posts) you go on to spell guys as “guise”. Please eyk, enlighten me on how it is any different for you, who were previous English teachers, to use atrocious spelling and think of it as cute or funny but when someone else does it, whose first language isn’t even English, you have the right to say it makes them look dumb? Or that they need to stop?
    If you’re going to call someone out on something, maybe you shouldn’t do the exact same thing yourself? A bit hypocritical don’t you think?

    • Actually, Rap Monster speaks English fluently. He did a whole 5 minute BTS Log speaking English and he spoke English when BTS went on After School Club.

      • I never said he didn’t speak English? All I said was that it wasn’t their first language.
        And even so, that still doesn’t explain Simon and Martina’s hypocrisy… Hell, Rap Monster could be an English expert and know every word in the dictionary, but that still doesn’t give any right for eyk to bash the way they spell something when they purposely misspell words themselves and act like it’s perfectly fine.

        • They’re not making fun of a friend or student who made a mistake while speaking. They’re making fun of a whole company who decided to intentionally misspell something in a way that went out of style over a decade ago. Maybe they should have explained more about that, but of course they are pressed for time.

        • Why does it matter who they are making fun of though? What’s the difference whether it was one of their students or a big company? It’s still the same thing…
          And like I said before, how does that justify the way they, themselves, misspell words “that went out of style over a decade ago” but can still make a comment about how someone else does the same exact thing? It doesn’t, they’re still hypocrites.

        • BTS’ message initially is to tell students and coming of age that it’s okay to think outside the box and to take chances on life. Rap Mon, Suga, and Jin did a song called School of Tears predebut that talks about the pressures of school and society and how it pits people against each other.So in a roundabout way I think BTS wanted to express a sort of opposition to what is the norm and valuable in society.
          So yes, it is spelled incorrectly, and yes its a little stupid, but that’s sort of the point…

    • Das Schafchen

      I agree with this, particularly since in their recent “I forgot how to kpop” video they berated TVXQ for correctly spelling the word ‘Something’, saying that they understand slang and would have preferred it to be spelt incorrectly in the tattoo. Lol seems kinda hypocritical, if they know call it dumb to spell words colloquially!
      Disappointed with this video, and I’m not even a big fan of BAP OR BTS but this was downright mean.

    • Well, I’m not a native, but I alwsys thought “guys” & “guise” are both acceptable plural forms, cos I’ve seen both often in the Net.

      Besides, I actually liked purpose misspelling in BTS’ title: they stick with the ‘style’ from the previous album’s title, I find it fun~^^

      • Actually, ‘Guise’ as the plural of guy is just netspeak like ‘Lol u guise’. It just a cute way of typing the word guys. There is actually a word ‘guise’ in English. It means ‘appearance or manner of presentation’. E.g. He had the guise an important man but he was really a nobody.

        * puts away the English teacher hat*


        • Oh~ *facepalm*
          Now I finally google translated “guise” for some examples and found it’s the word I was looking for some sentence to translate a while ago lol

        • No problem. I am glad to help. That’s what I am here to do.


    • yes I agree 100% although don’t get me wrong I love eyk it is not fair to bts fans or bts to say that, plus look at all the other kpop bands and their spelling errors not to mention all their other songs are terrific and please don’t mislead people by saying they were beating up the girl if you look at the lyrics then it will elaborate on that :)

  161. It’s kind of funny to see two people who claim to advocate so much for the fair treatment of women using misogynist terms like ‘bitch’ and ‘pussies’ to describe men who dare show any emotion. I understand if the sad crying videos aren’t your thing (they aren’t mine either) but there’s other ways to go about talking about them than to use sexist slurs like those that portray femininity in a negative light. I definitely prefer the aggressive, bombastic B.A.P to them crying and loading their MV down with weak symbolism, but the crying isn’t WHY I don’t like; I don’t like it because it’s not particularly well done. That part of the review was really off-putting for me and kind of ruined what could’ve been a great video. You did a disservice to yourselves.

    • My thoughts EXACTLY.

    • Blueberries

      I don’t understand how “bitch” and “pussy” are sexist slurs, especially when they are used mostly as gender neutral adjectives these days. They are offensive of cource depending on tone of voice but you can call pretty much anyone or anything “bitch” or “pussy”. Is calling someone a dick sexist slur as well then? In my opinion B.A.P are free to cry as much they want, I don’t have any problem with that though I prefer the badass image and songs from them. But I don’t see EYK’s review as sexist as all.

      • Because they’re used to refer to women as “bad” and to refer to men as “so weak they’re like girls”. Therefore they are extremely sexist (towards women). They are not gender neutral at all; they both refer to women being less than men, and that men who are weak are less than men because they are more like women; who are less than men.
        “Dick” isn’t sexist because we have never had a matriarchal society; as in women have never had more power than men. Therefore using a slur against men cannot be sexist. You cannot be sexist against men.

        • Blueberries

          Well I guess the thing with me is that I don’t accociate bitch and pussy with women. Bitch= annoying. Pussy= coward is just what comes to my mind. And dick= asshole ^^; I don’t think most of people who call something pussy are thinking “weak as girl”, it’s just coward. And I actually think you can be sexist towards men too, for example saying that men can’t cry since they are men is sexist in my opinion ^^; But definitely women suffers more from sexist treatment.

        • Well usually “men can’t cry” is either because “men who cry are girls” or “men who cry are gay” so it’s either sexist against women or homophobic, but not sexist against men. There’s usually a negative reason of sorts to say why a man can’t cry, but not for men.

          You may not associate them with women but they came from them.
          Bitch = female dog, repurposed for “horrible women” and only recently used to describe annoying people of any gender, but it was used because only women are seen to have that annoying, rude, arrogant and argumentative personality that we believe “bitches” to have. A man with this personality is like “one of those women”. Therefore it comes back to women, because only women are bitches.
          Pussy? That’s slang for vagina, as we all know. It is used to describe that someone with a vagina is weak. Somebody with the attributes of weakness has a vagina. Men who are called pussies are less than men because they possess the weakness attributed with women, therefore they cannot possibly be men and must therefore have vaginas.
          You may not link them to women but they are very much involved with women, and arguments that they aren’t sexist are problematic because they allow women to be sexist against themselves without realising.

        • Well, actually

          Bitch= FEMALE Dogg
          Pussy= Girl Body Part

        • Blueberries

          I guess I don’t see them as those is because english isn’t my motherlanguage so I have learned those words as something different. I know that pussy means well vagina in slang but I accocciate it with curse word from my country that is slang for vagina as well but is used as similar than “fuck” ^^;

        • that’s fine if you didn’t understand they meaning of the words if english isn’t your first/main language. but those words are insults that are directed at women or are directed at men who have been perceived to “act like women”. just because you learned the words with different meanings/implications then their actual ones doesn’t mean the meaning of the words changed.

        • You might not associate it with women but that is it’s intended meaning. But I agree people often misuse words or use words they don’t know the meaning of. It’s similar to the use of the N word people use it but they don’t intend to attach it’s true meaning or consider the history behind the word. We just want to use it as a put down. It’s kinda a lazy way of using words all we want to do is insult but not in that way. My question is if you really know the meaning of the word and what it implies why not just use another word that better describes what you want say?

        • Blueberries

          That’s one choice but in other hand languages keeps evolving and words meanings changing. For example in older movies you can see gay used as adjective meaning happy or joyful but nowdays it purely means homosexual. So if more and more people think bitch as gender neutral word it’ll become that. Pussy didn’t mean vagina in the beginning either, it meant furry or something like that ^^;

        • Actually we haven’t yet evolved from the word Pussy meaning weak like a women people still understand that to be true because sexism still exists. And the same with racism it still exists people still use the N word to mean exactly as it originally intended. So both those words are still toxic.

        • Blueberries

          Well personally I haven’t ever thougt pussy as something “weak as women”. It just means coward to me, that’s how I have learned that word. I think the important is intention behind the word used, not the actual word.

        • bitch = female dog
          a crude term for a woman’s vagina is pussy.

          so both are crude insults directed at women, or for men who have been perceived to act like women.

        • scuttlepants

          You most certainly can be sexist against men! Just because we are a patriarchy doesn’t mean that some men aren’t victims also! What about men being denied leave for childcare?

        • That’s not sexism against men. It comes from a line of belief that a woman’s only job is to raise children, therefore it’s usually only women who get maternity leave to look after their children (though there are some wonderful companies which give paternity leave as well!). In fact, many men would rather not employ women of childbearing or childrearing age because they believe the women won’t come back to work.

          The fact that men aren’t being allowed to go and look after their children is because their bosses believe their wives should be doing that. They don’t always understand the concept of paternity or career women.

          Sure, men are victims! But it ALWAYS comes down to the fact the act the man wants to do, or the clothes the man wants to wear, or the words the man wants to say, are perceived by society as “womanly”. It always comes down to the fact “women are less than men”, and therefore “men should not act like this”.

          All of these things are still sexism against women.

        • scuttlepants

          I don’t think that word means what you think it means.
          Sexism: prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

          The definition is clear. If you are stereotyping, discriminating or judging people on the basis of gender or sex, you’re being sexist. Therefore, sexism against men is possible. I acknowledge your point about females being the main caretakers for children, but I repeat- to deny men that possibility if they want to just because they are men, is sexism.

          Yes, society is sexist and is a patriarchy. Yes, most of the sexism is against females. I’m neither denying that nor agreeing that it is correct- because I hate it! But yes, sexism against men is also possible despite it being a minority occurance.

        • No, I’m fully aware of what the word means. Sexism = prejudice + power. It’s enforced by the party with power. Women have NEVER had more power than men.
          Sure, women can discriminate against men! I’m not saying they can’t. I mean, look at all the descriptions on TV of man-hating straw feminists. Of course they are discriminating against men.
          But they cannot be sexist against men because they have never had power.

        • scuttlepants

          That just… you can’t make those generalisations. It’s simply not true. I acknowledge that overall, Women have not historically had more power than men in most societies including Western societies. I acknowledge that power is involved in sexism as well as discrimination. But sexism is discrimination based on sex or gender. There are some minor areas where women have more power than men. Just because you want it to have another meaning doesn’t mean that it does.

          Show me empirical evidence that says otherwise- I want you to show me that a) the original context was that only the people who had power (men) could be sexist and b) that this context is still the only correct form in use today, and I will happily concede.

        • Yes, you can be sexist towards men. Just become entire governments/public institutions have not/are not usually prejudice against men doesn’t mean it does not or cannot exist. But, people see that if men can get away with mistreating women for thousands of years, it does not matter if women mistreat men just a little, when really that doesn’t make it any better and is hardly a valid argument.

        • No, you cannot be sexist against men. Just like racism is prejudice + power, sexism is prejudice + power. Women have NEVER had more power than men. That is the entire basis of sexism. You physically cannot be sexist against men.
          Sure, you can discriminate against men, but it usually has some link to sexism against women (as in “men who are weak are like women”, etcetera.

        • I’m rather curious where you get that definition of “sexism” or any -ism really. I completely disagree with that assessment. I feel as if your theory is faulty. No -isms rely on a power behind them in order to label them such. However, I know you won’t convince me and I doubt I would be able to convince you otherwise so there is hardly a point to continue this discussion. I do think that it would be sad to push that definition because you are basically saying it is okay to be sexist or racist or whatever as long as you are in the minority by avoiding to label it as such.

    • Dana

      personally i don’t consider bitch or pussy to be sexist words in and of themselves, but i do agree making fun of / putting down guys showing more feminine sides to be a bit inconsistent with the “respecting women” thing mentioned in the video. society has a big problem with labelling “feminine” traits as inherently weak (“you throw like a girl” etc) and going along with that is definitely not respectful of women. but i have to say i enjoyed the review as a whole and this was just one small thing that bugged me a little

      • Another commenter and I have been having a discussion about this further down the page and discussing how a word for female genitals has been disparaged so thoroughly as to mean something weak, when it is anything but.

        • Dana

          that is definitely a good point. i’ve also noticed, as a fellow canadian who left canada around the same time as s & m – that a lot of the language they use is a bit stuck in that era. most people around our age (i think we are the same age as well) have moved on from using words like ‘pussy’ and ‘gay’ as insults but i think it can be a challenge for people who have abruptly left their culture quite young and been absorbed into a new one. i’ve definitely noticed this in a lot of expats around the world. so i just can understand a bit where they are coming from, but i would also appreciate if simon and martina would take a moment to consider their language and upgrade it to a 2014 Adult Edition :) by that i don’t mean stop swearing and stop making silly or dirty jokes (actually please make more lol), but i personally would like to see more socially responsible language as well :)

        • YukiRed

          ummm i wanna say that i live in america and ‘pussy’ is being used A LOT (still), so it might just your area that doesn’t use that word anymore…

        • Can't remember my password

          The problem with that is that that was the context it was used in. No, pu*** should not mean weak, but it was definitely used in that context in the video. I can’t imagine anyway in which pu*** was being used to describe BAP as anything remotely positive. Don’t get me wrong, I do like most of the videos, but the BAP acronym, even as a non-BAP fan, didn’t sit well with me.

    • Cyber_3

      Sad and crying videos definitely aren’t my thing either but more than calling out men/boys for crying (because real men DO cry – sometimes quietly in a corner, sometimes shaking their fists at the stars), I think it’s more that the acting in these “crying” videos is just so damned over the top that you feel that you’ve been listening to these guys whine about their girl for a few weeks now, and he needs to get on with his life/recovery already. Even as a woman, I might call him that, for lack of a better word….’coward’ doesn’t exactly fit the situation, ‘whiner’ seems insufficient, ‘suck’ seems…..even more suggestive…… It’s semantics, not a social commentary, I think that people are over-reacting just a tad here.

  162. Rap Monster sounds like a description of a new Sesame Street character. Archie is the new rap monster on the block.

  163. This was honestly one of my favorite Music Mondays that you guys have done. As someone who’s not an intense fan of either groups (not saying I don’t like either, they just aren’t what I usually go for), this video was still super entertaining and fun to watch. I can’t even tell you how much I laughed at this video, I can tell you guys really had fun with it and I would love to keep seeing videos that are as fun and lighthearted as this one. (:

  164. unicornsgalaxy

    I watched Martina’s “Shazaam” moments at least 3 times! I don’t know why but that was my favorite part of today’s KMM.

    Speaking of today’s KMM, I thought you did a great job of doing two reviews in one video. The last time you did that it didn’t really work out all that well and (at least) I felt like the two artists were kind of short-changed. I thought that this one did very well with making it interesting and still giving each group a good amount of time being reviewed. (Of course I almost always think it could be longer). Also, the skits (they are very rarely my favorite part of KMMs) we placed well and pretty relevant. Actually, I think this KMM might be one of my favorites that you have done for a while. I wouldn’t mind if you do more like these.

    BTS – This was the first time I listened to this song (I think) and had the subs turned on… Maybe it’s just me but I kinda wasn’t expecting a song that sounded so hard and angry kinda being all about “I wanna be your love!”. It made me giggle.

    BAP – I really did love their Warrior, Power, No Mercy era. I don’t know, after those (and yes I have those albums and have listened to all the songs on them) I guess I just kind of lost interest in them. Maybe I moved on to different things. I mean I listen to their title songs but while they were/are good, they just didn’t pull me in and want me to listen to them a lot or get the albums.

  165. I just wanted to pointity point point out (wow, I’m sorry), within the lyrics of Boy in Luv, there are small explanations of their behaviour (NOT AN EXCUSE FOR IT). I’m just going to go ahead and say, if they added more context to the mv, it would have made more sense. I think they probably should have.

  166. i actually love that BAP changed their style bc this just proves how talented they are in being able to fit in with this concepts. and honesltly if they stuck to one concept i would have been bored of listening to the same thing over and over. BAP you just taught me something new which is that sometmes you need to challenge yourself. BAP i will always remember you as a group who isnt afraid of taking risk and always trying something new. BAP <3

  167. About Rap Monster’s name… everyone shortens it to Rapmon. Does that help any? D: I find the sound of the latter a little more passable, personally.

  168. BTS for the worst english ? I totally disagree. “Boy in Luv” ” Skool Luv affair” it’s just for the swag. Everytime BTS puts some english words in their songs, it makes sense ! REALLY ! & Rap Monster speaks perfectly in english, he even raps in english on the INTRO of “Skool Luv Affair”, that was WAY BETTER than some… english speaking artists *cough* soulja boy *cough* rebecca black *cough*. & of course, it was better than “You just get the rock to me you namean~?” But I’m a HUGE B.A.B.Y. Don’t misunderstand, I just thought that S&M will be more into BTS :(((

  169. Does anyone even remember RapMon’s old name???? I’m pretty sure that was more embarrassing than “Rap Monster”… I would take Rap Monster any day than “Runch Randa” & lets not forget Yongguk’s old name… Jepp Blackman

  170. I totes agree about the B.A.P symbolic mv. People were thinking about it way too hard and when I watched it I knew what everything meant right away because it was too obvious. But at least it was easy and not something that you’d have to lose sleep on because of some other messed up mvs that are so common and have no sense whatsoever. Maybe others were just distracted by their crying faces.

  171. Am I the only one that kept wondering when Mr. Brohoho was going to pop up and tell us how well he’s been doing renting out his Ribs in the Sand? He must be doing well with those :)

    • I know right! I was like.. wait a minute didn’t I see those in tried to walk by b1a4 o.O?
      I didn’t think the rib set would be a popular one..

  172. 1/ BTS is a K-Hip Hop group. If you go throught all the songs of all their albums, you will never hear Pop Music. & If you listen carefully his lyrics, you could say that ; YEAH, actually, Rap Monster is a BEAST when we talk about rap ( But monster is too much :3 ) 2/ BTS will not change their image that easily. & even if they do hip hop, you can hear some sweet & nice songs like Like (2cool4skool) or Propose (skool luv affair) 3/ “Skool luv affair” is just for the “swag” I guess xD Actually, Rap Monster speak fluently in english, he learnt it on his own. *clap clap clap* ( I’m a HUGE B.A.B.Y tho, don’t misunderstand )

    Of course, you guys only do reviews about Music Video but i’d like to know what you really think about BTS after, listening their songs, theirs lyrics ( written by them tho) etc. I think they’re amazing. Right now i’m really into BTS, because I really miss the “old” BAP (warrior, no mercy, dancing in the rain) First Sensibility is perfect to be honest. But… BTS are just rookies xD [sorry for my broken english]

  173. Simon the caveman mentality goes beyond just music videos. Korean Dramas have nothing but caveman leads for most of the drama. Here is an Acronymed for the ladies to protect themselves S.I.N.G.

  174. Im surprised that you didn’t talk more about BAP’s video and how a music company allowed a visual representation of suicide in their video, especially for young impressionable fans. It was horrifically shocking to me as I have experienced loss in that exact way and It made me never want to watch BAP again. I know that the bands usually don’t have a say over what kind of music they do or really about much….but I just felt that it was kinda unforgivable…absolutely turned off BAP now.

    • it was symbolic that’s why the reflection in the mirror was the one shooted… u should make diff between what’s symbolic and what’s concrete… thus said there is no suicide scene

      • That doesn’t really matter when visually I still had a horrible flashback to a person I love kill themself. Not to mention the fact that impressionable teens are now seeing a popular figure give the ok for suicide. that is the message that is going out, whether or not is symbolic is not germane to my point.

  175. Glad that you FINALLY talked about BTS because I feel like a lot of people have been sleeping on them for the longest and it’s about time some people looked into music for music’s sake instead of choosing superficial reasons not to give someone a chance. I even gave a group with the name MYNAME a chance, although sadly not my cup of tea musically; sorry MYNAME fans but I can’t get on your bus. As long as a group can kill it and make me PAUSE for 3 minutes of life to lose it to their music, you can call yourselves the Snuffleuppagus Sugarplum Fairies for all I care, I’ll get over it. Plus honestly Rapmon’s name may not be the best to most but what I have noticed for everyone just learning about them, he’s the FIRST one they remember, and in a saturated market like kpop, being remembered helps a LOT.

    • Yup, I first watched their debut video with the intention of lmao at their names (which I did the intro was hilarious), but I ended up being pulled in by their talent, and within a week of that bought their albums, learned their names & faces, and became an official fan. I have legit bought all of their stuff, and watch all of their stuff. I haven’t felt like this about a kpop group since My H.O.T/DBSK/Suju days, so it’s crazy. And now I think of Rapmon’s name with pride (more like I call him like a pokemon than using the whole Rap Monster title) Compared to RAUNCH RANDA or whatevertheflip his name used to be, it’s an improvement lol

      • ACK! RAUNCH RANDA?! I’ll be honest, I couldn’t get on board with that kind of name, but like a lot of ARMYs I’m used to calling him Rapmon now. It makes him sound like some reggae rapper but whatever, he’s my awesomely goofy bias hahaha! Plus he can always do like some of the DBSK/TVXQ members and change it down the road; a stage name isn’t set in stone.

        • Yup I agree. Probably when he does solo work, he would change it to something else. We’ll see. I see alot of potential in him as an artist, and in Bangtan as a long-standing group. I hope they become an Epik High, or even better and stick with each other for a long time. They have the potential to be that way. Every member compliments one another.

      • It was Runch Randa tho, when he was still active in Daenamhyup.

        • To be fair, I followed it with ‘whatevertheflip his name used to be’ since I wasn’t sure. The sound is nearly the same.

        • “To be fair” doesn’t make it any better.

        • Dunno if you’re the same person, but lay off. I didn’t say it was his name as a matter of fact, so I didn’t misinform anyone. Harping on me about it is just a waste of time and energy. Why not use that extra energy to watch more Bangtan videos or enjoy your life?

        • Hey there. I am not sure if the person was trying to start something but I wouldn’t get too upset about that comment. It seemed just to be talking about how the name was horrible. So perhaps they were agreeing with you that the name ‘ whatever the flip it was’ was not great. That may not be what they meant, but at least that is how I read it.


        • I reread it, and it still looks like an attack on my reply, but it’s cool. I wasn’t planning on pursuing it if they responded again. I was just caught off-guard. No worries ^^

        • scuttlepants

          Without trying to ‘start something’ on my part, I read it as an attack of petulance ha ha. (The “‘To be fair’ doesn’t make it any better” part)

  176. I was hoping S&M were into BTS, and it seems they are. I’m glad their video got covered, even if it wasn’t quite the review i was hoping for. My main comment is on the worst English award. I’m kind of sore that went to BTS. I know their album spellings suck, but they’re obviously done on purpose (as it has been an on-going theme for them). Also, maybe moreso than most groups, BTS is really good at languages. The English in their songs always make sense. Rapmon taught himself english. And not just english, but english slang. He can rap in english (not perfectly, but well enough to be taken seriously). He has never lived overseas and to my knowledge, hasn’t attended an international school. In their songs, english words are pronounced correctly. Also I noticed that Bangtan as a whole picked up Japanese really well. So that being said, I thought it was unfortunate they got that award when, compared to BAP (or just BYG’s “pass the rock to me ya’ll mean” XD) they don’t deserve it.

    And as many others said, I don’t think BTS willc hange their sound. They have a good amount of control over their music, both with composing and lyrics. Fans were afraid when they announced they were doing an album centered around love. That’s the platform for cutesy, but here we are with Boy in Luv which took love to some hardcore level I hadn’t seen a group put it at in a while. (I do agree the misogyny is awful though, but if it helps, Jin apologizd to the girl immediately after slamming her into the locker in the mv behind-the-scenes)

    • Yeah, Jin did not look comfortable at all doing that in the making of that video and even mentioned how sorry he was to the actress during their showcase. I personally blame the director because he could’ve taken it in another direction. BTS is still a rookie group so even though they have a say in their music, I doubt they have as much control in what gets put in their videos.

      • Yeah I put that on the director. Director could have changed everything if they used Ilhoon instead of Ilhoon’s sister. Would’ve been hilarious. Or hey, just look at the girl from afar, no contact needed. Ah well, that’s what the live versions are for though.

  177. So many LOLz. Thanks for making my day.

  178. Isabel Ruby

    i can’t get past the spelling of school as skool…. takes all the cool out. at least BAP got some rocking electric guitar in their song to bring the badass

  179. Funnily enough I’ve never found Rapmon’s name that awkward or weird *shrugs* He can back it up so it’s never really bothered me tbh

    • Me tooooo~! lol

      • I don’t even know why either, lol, maybe because like someone else pointed out I come from the country that produced P Diddy and Snoop Dogg (I refuse to call him Snoop Lion, that sounds so much worse than RapMon imo >.<) and Eminem (I'm putting him down because no matter how much I like him, his name always make me think of M&M's lmao)

  180. Why didn’t you talk about the Texas ties in the BTS video? I know Martina has this thing with turtle-necks (which I by the way, totally support, I freaking hate those things, especially on men, and especially on middle-aged men where that turkey neck just goes out over the.. anyway) but I just realized I have a thing with Texas ties, (Do people call them Texas ties?) I can understand that K-POP is different and probably more unique with their dressing style, but a god damn Texas tie? He’s a freaking Asian! I’m not being racist against Asians, I’m being racist against Texas ties, I’m sorry.. In my book you can’t wear that unless you’re either some old texan oil guru.. person, or just an actual cowboy..
    NOT OKAY K-POP! Lose the TEXAS TIES, they’re not okay on handsome Asian K-POP idols!
    And I love your videos, they’re incredibly funny!

    • Honestly idk if it is a Texas tie. No one wears those here. its a bolo tie. But that would’ve been my first guess if I didn’t live in the South.

      • Haha, I’m from Denmark so I don’t really know what real Texans wear.. XD I’m not even sure it’s called a Texan tie in Denmark, that’s just the kind of tie I associate with Texas, along with the oil industry and the cowboys.. Sorry for stereotyping XD

  181. lady_kire

    Martina, I agree with you. I do think bands should be free to do whatever concept they want, but I don’t have to like all of them.
    I loved BAP in Power, One Shot, and even Stop It, but everything after that was just meh to me. I don’t have to stick to them right now, and I can go be free and listen to other stuff.

    Also I really don’t know if I’m getting older or something, but I have 0 clue what the symbolism is in 1004. I get the shooting scene symbolism, but everything else baffles me. I like symbolism, but make it somewhat obvious or less complex.

  182. Your “don’t cross the streams” joke I’m going to assume is a reference to the movie Ghostbusters. And it’s a sad coincidence that Harold Ramis who played Egon Spengler in the movie died today. RIP, Harold Ramis!!
    I love that movie.

    • Oh I thought the don’t cross your streams referred to male urination, crossing while urinating is kind of gross. It went with the bathroom gross they discussed earlier with BTS. I thought.
      I had not heard about Harold Ramis, he was my favorite Ghostbuster.

  183. Marzia Matalone

    I really really like Bap’s “bad ass image” a lot more then the crying one, but 1004 is a nice song…well… I cracked my head trying to undestand the symbols in the video and all…but I like the song a lot, even if WARRIOR is still my BAP’s favorite song ever…with No mercy and Power, of course…hoping they’ll return to their powerful version soon…

  184. Guys that was one of my favourite KMM. I laughed so hard. Too bad you didn’t talk about the dance move in both video ; They were awesome. But yeah, i can see why people are going to be upset about it. Anyway, it doesn’t matter to me , I laughed :)

  185. LongClawTiger

    Ok, now that I have that out of my system, I really liked this showdown! It had me laughing right from the start with that tip of the hat to CL. But when you guys got into the dong dangling and raunchy thrusting, it made me have my own crying scene here. That is tears of laughter, not tears of boo-hoo. Just don’t combine the two though. That will not only offend the girls like there is no tomorrow, but will also probably cause some cosmic catastrophe since it would just be too funny to be allowed.
    Oh, and speaking of giving out awards to videos. Now that the Olympics have wrapped up, what about doing a k-pop video Olympics. We can get all the Nasties to nominate bizarre events and see which videos take home the gold!

  186. There might be some who say otherwise but this is the first Music Monday (not Music Monday Special but Music Monday review) that has made me laugh out loud in a really long time
    For a little bit it seemed like you guys weren’t as into Music Mondays, I couldn’t tell if it was that you were starting to fall out of love with K-Pop or if it was that you weren’t enjoying the pressure or process of it anymore (cause K-Pop fans that want their “oppas” reviewed can be nasty in a bad way)
    But I’m really glad you’re doing the things you want when talking about K-Pop cause in the end whether I agree with your opinions or not, I really enjoy hearing them and seeing you guys have fun and being oh so nasty! :)
    lots of love from California!

    • I agree. I was laughing all the way through the video.

      Everyone seems to be getting incredibly wound up over it, but I personally found it hilarious.

  187. I liked warrior and Power, but if BAP would have continued with their bleached hair and the same style without changing it up and showing different sides musically I would have pulled my hair until I go bald and I would have not supported them as I do now, for I get bored if I see and sick of hearing similar sound every single album, so thank you BAP for changing it up every now and then. Im sure they will bring back what they brought when they came out at some point, but right now it is good they do different things.

  188. lol if you thought Rap Monster was stupid, there’s 2 other members in the group named Suga and J-Hope

    • I’d really like to hear Simon and Martina’s opinions on k-pop stage names! I really doubt that I was the only one that laughed the first time I heard “G-Dragon”. I’ve heard it so many times that it sounds normal to me, but who in the YG office thought “Ji Yong too normal. We need something that sounds hardcore and powerful for our hip hop image! Powerful like a dragon! A GANGSTER DRAGON! BUT ABBREVIATED, BECAUSE I LOVE ABBREVIATIONS.”
      Nailed it?
      I also read somewhere that some of the stage names that didn’t quite make it through screening included “Mint” for one of the Wonder Girls and “Mark” instead of “T.O.P.”.
      Some of the name changes seem especially unnecessary. Tiffany from SNSD is actually named Mi Young, or her English name is Stephanie. Maybe “Stephanie” is a bit awkward to pronounce in Korean(?), but why not use either of her given names?

      • I watched an interview where they talked about their names. Jiyong means dragon..i think..and the Ji sounds like the English letter G. So that is where his name came from. :)

        • It’s “second dragon” cause he’s the second child born in the year of the dragon. So the ji becomes G and the yong becomes dragon…. but anyway it *does* sound odd the first time you hear it. “Feeldog” still gets my vote for Worst English Stage Name though.

        • I think “yong” means dragon (…which I learned from watching the Seohyun/Yonghwa arc of We Got Married, haha), so that makes a lot more sense! Thanks!

    • in the debut song intro it sounds like J-Hoe. XD It cracks me up every time.

  189. The name Rap Monster weirded me out too when I first heard it…because this is what it reminded me of…

  190. Hahah loved this Monday! :-D And i have also been calling that BAP dance the Cat Dance…though it’s been the Angry Cat Dance in my head. :-D And a bit of randomness. I almost named my new horse after 1004, as I got her just as the song came out. (Her registered name is really stupid). BUT it didn’t fit her. So she’s named after BlockB’s songs instead. (Last horse was named after Eli and the Kiss Me’s. :-)

    AND B.A.P. for the win!

  191. 100 points for the Hiphopopotomaus and Rhymenoceros reference. Flight of the Conchords ftw!

  192. I feel like I should give a shoutout to the dancing in both of the videos, BTS has some sick moves and Jongup could have broken the wall much easier with his pelvis thrust to be honest…

    • I was waiting for Simon and Martina to mention the dancing! It seems to me that BTS has been really knocking it out of the park with their choreography since debut :)

      • Definitely! Their choreography is nothing like any other boyband out there. They’re always masculine with that graceful hint of swag (that is always masterfully pulled off by Jimin), and they outdo themselves with each passing video. Even the choreography for their award show performances is just plain old sick. So I was also surprised and very disappointed that s&m just completely ignored such a great aspect of good video by a great group.

        • scuttlepants

          Yeah I quite liked BAP’s opening dance (wish there’d been more of it, honestly) and BTS always has pretty amazing dances!

  193. BTOB is still on your chart to the right of this page, does that mean you’ll be reviewing it next time? I vote for BTS on this one because BTS. xD but seriously they just continued their school theme and this song(although the MV kinda failed in showing it properly) talks about frustrations of young boys who are clueless in their first(?) puppy loves. Then there’s namjoon’s cringeworthy name. You should listen to We Are Bulletproof pt.2 , Cyhper pt.2: Triptych, and the intro of this album understand why he claims to be rap monster.(I still prefer using his real name tbh)

  194. Haha, Simon your rant on Rap Monster’s name, and the English was hilarious. This was a great KMM. I almost died laughing. Which I should be careful of, cuz I’m sick. T^T

  195. Also…as for evolution…I guess you never saw this…are you happy for evolution now? Hahahahaha~~~ I guess Block b should have stayed the same….8P Oh lovely debut songs~~~

    블락비(Block B) – Tell Them(가서 전해) MV


    • I’m glad you brought this up! I still like this song and video, but oh, how far Block B has come :P
      I don’t think I would call this aegyo though. When I think of aegyo I think gwiyomi, pastel colours, animal onesie nonsense like Boyfriend’s “On and On” and DBSK’s “Balloons”, where there’s basically no point to the video except to exhibit how cute the group is. “Tell Them” just had a more fun/laid back concept that still showed the guys rapping, dancing, and goofing off in a teenage-skater-party kind of setting. They acted WAY more cute and light-hearted than they do now, but the video had a plot and didn’t depend at all on how adorable the members are capable of acting.
      “Action” though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRjbO8Kx0jM
      Because what could represent letting loose and having fun better than dying of boredom on a low-budget wind farm while you wait for help to arrive and repair the company van?
      …Let’s just pretend that never happened.

  196. The intensity of Simon’s thrusting dance moves and his facial expressions can only be summed up into one word…Dedication! You’ve got to do it right or why bother doing it at all!

  197. I’m a little disappointed with this review. I’m all for the funny jokes and stuff, but it seemed like you guys were just ratting on the videos instead of actually reviewing them. The lyrics in 1004 are actually pretty cool, and although Boy in Luv isn’t my favourite song on the BTS album, the rest of the album is freaking AMAZING! I think it’s also worth mentioning that these guys compose, write and produce almost ALL of their songs. Do you know many rookie groups that do that? Did B.A.P do that when they started? Perhaps that could have been a contrast you could have talked about. Mind you, 1004 WAS written by B.A.P this go round, so that is a point of evolution on their part.

    I don’t know, I think that you guys went a little overboard with some of the skits and there wasn’t a whole lot of reviewing or contrasting. it was JUST poking fun, not reviewing.

    Similar to what someone else has mentioned, I don’t think that BTS is simply going to change their image so easily. Three of them were very active in the underground, and their other stuff is super legit. Like the BTS Cypher PT. 2 : Triptych is freaking AMAZING. They respond to underground rappers that have been making comments / through their music, making fun of BTS (calling them ‘sellouts’), and it’s a freaking AWESOME response. I also have noticed that BTS is being the ‘voice’ of Korea, like you had hoped GD would be. In the past few albums these guys have been tackling issues that students in Korea have been facing: being forced to do a job they don’t want, studying intensely, crushing your friends so you can succeed. I think these guys definitely have the potential to be the next voice of Korea.

    B.A.P’s album was definitely more experimental; however, I think there are still aspects of B.A.P that are in the songs. ex. Daehyun’s scream/singing at the climax of the song lol. I think these songs also gave the singers of the group a little more show time rather than continuous rapping from BYG and Zelo…

    Anyway, enough ranting. I think you guys could have done a lot more with this video. And why bother mentioning BTOB at ALL if you weren’t going to feature them in your video. Perhaps instead of just saying “It was boring. We didn’t like it” you could have at least mentioned WHY you didn’t like it. Even if it was only one or two lines of explanation. Otherwise, I don’t think it was necessary to mention them and get fans hopes up lol

    Anywhoodlepoodle. This format of KMM definitely isn’t my favourite. It’s okay every once and again but…yeah, I’m not sure if this format was very fair / showcased real reviewing.

    • Actually Bang Yongguk has co-written almost every BAP song and has helped compose a lot of them, so it’s not really something new. He also was a producer on the last couple albums. That’s one thing I like so much about both BAP and BTS. Unlike most groups, the members are actually very involved in the creation of the groups’ music.

      • I totally agree with you. actually ,(just wanted to add something :D ) I don’t know if you listened to Skool Luv Affair, but Tomorrow & Jump were produced by Suga, before their debut. *____* that’s amazing

        • Yeah I found that out! Tomorrow is my favorite song on the album and Suga is my bias so I was really impressed when I found out that he had made the song pre-debut.

    • Well said my friend! The whole album is awesome! (actually, it’s mini album. when I imagine what a full one might bring…^^)
      Still, “Boy in Luv” isn’t my favourite song either. I would love to see the mv for, let’s say, “Jump”. Sooo hyper, and… Jumpy ;)
      Maybe it’s becouse I watched BangtanTV, but I don’t really mind all those random scenes in the mv… I actually kind of love them ^^ Still, I have to agree with S&M about the thing with abusing the girl. I know well that the boys couldn’t do anything about the plot, and they felt sorry, and so on… I don’t blame them. But I have to agree, that it makes me uncomfortable.
      When I first watched “No more Dream” I just loled aloud at the names. Now I’m used to Rap Monster and aaall, those “cool” titles (well… they still make me chuckle a little^^). So I don’t think it’s such a big deal.

    • I agree with you.
      And it doesn’t feel like they were just poking fun, they were being really agressive with some comments.

      • Victor Ha

        Yeah… especially with that quote renaming B.A.P. as B**** A** P****. I’m aware that Simon and Martina are just voicing their opinions, however I think they are starting to confuse voicing opinions with crude commentary. I’m used to their blunt thoughts, but this is one of their moments where I think they went too far. Sometimes I would (internally) cringe at what Simon and Martina do or say that I would know provoke sensitivity. I know that they won’t change their opinions, but still… can’t they learn to sympathize? I don’t know, and I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, but WHOA is Youtube blowing up with the dislikes! Sorry EYK, but there was BARELY ANY CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!

    • I completely agree and well said. I mean I’m not a hug fan a B.A.P, but even if B*@ch A@@ Pussies was meant to joke around it still disrespects the group and their fans. I mean fans do usually understand that you guys constructively criticize the groups with your opinions and joke around, but I have to agree with them that this was going a little overboard. Seems you guys weren’t really thinking of the feelings of their fans and how they might have taken your joke this time :(

      • I agree. Its one thing to joke around, but there’s a difference between being funny and being disrespectful.

      • I’m a fan of both BTS and BAP and I found Simon and Martina’s video hysterical.
        Their videos are for entertainment purposes, remember? Don’t take it too seriously. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you are.

        • I actually laughed about it while watching the video but then instantly felt sorry for the B.A.P members and thought wow that was pretty nasty and mean. So I reacted honestly to both sides.

        • I totally agree with u. I love both groups and songs. I mean, it’s not like they tried to insult them.

      • YukiRed

        I really don’t think B.A.P.’s feelings will be hurt if we poke fun at the name. It was funny to bring all the crying in the video to full circle with the acronym of their name. In three days, who will care about this joke? Old news….
        If this joke really upsets you, just imagine the members laughing along. It really meant nothing more than a silly joke.

        • saeri

          Yeah, honestly considering what S&M meant (i.e. BAP keeps crying in the video)….it wasn’t really…that offensive? Even speaking as a huge BAP fan. I guess some people will react to anything negative as if it was a big deal…..

        • YukiRed

          they even explained the joke. if you don’t like it? fine, not everything is catered to you. (you meaning people who didn’t like it, not you as saeri)

      • I might just be playing a bias card here, but that sounds like bullshit. Have you ever been on tumblr? I dont understand why this turned into such a huge deal, or why people are actually getting angry over it. It was a joke, and meant to be taken as one, and truthfully, funny as hell. Fans insult their biases playfully ALL THE TIME. There really is no disrespect here, I’m actually surprised that a boatload of fans are jumping on the bandwagon and getting angry over this. Do you honestly believe that these roles they are playing in the MV are an accurate reflection of who they are? I think that B.A.P have a good enough sense of humor to realize that ‘Hey, its a joke, and its and MV anyway.’ I don’t mean to present myself as rude or insensitive, but this is my opinion, and my truth.

    • I also agree that the message in Boy in Luv was awful. The abuse of the girl was not okay, and I’m totally okay with that constructive criticism. I don’t even really care that much that they made a lot of jokes. Whatever, it just wasn’t a review, which is what I personally liked about KMM before. In past videos there were some constructive stuff in the reviews mixed in with some funny (and not over the top) jokes. I love some of their jokes! It’s great! But yeah…this video was just a little too much.

      I don’t mean to hate on EYK. I LOVE their videos. Just…this one was too much attempt to be funny, and not enough reviewing.

      • Elanor

        Well with the lyrics the MV is like how boys deal with their first love. First they are confused, get irritated, sometimes angry and ashamed… they can’t deal with their feelings and with the girl, they are too insecure and proud… but then they grow up and learn how to face with the girl and tell her their feelings and treat her nicer. I didn’t find it that bad because of this. I don’t think it’s a bad message and well young boys are like that and this concept matched well with BTS.

        • This ^^ is important. I think the message the boys were trying to give was lost in those really aggressive scenes, which like I have stated before, I don’t think they were actually meant to be taken in a literal sense, but more from a metaphorical standpoint. I’m not defending it because I was really confused by those scenes as well and think they were a little much for what was trying to be put across, but overall the video WASN’T TERRIBLE.

        • With as long as EYK has been in Korea, I would think that they would have a better grasp of the language to be able to take away the meaning with the image presented in the video. They need to up their language game.

      • Jin wasn’t keen on the violence either, but the director made him do it. He apologised to the actress during their showcase because they kept on making him shove her harder and he didn’t want to do it.

    • Thank you for sharing, Everything you wrote was really informative for me. actually what I really look for from a reviewer is information about the music and group.

    • Totally agree with you. Simon and Martina should research at least a bit before “”””””reviewing”””””” or giving “”””constructive”””” criticism (FYI, to criticize includes pointing the good aspects and the bad ones, ok?) certain groups’ songs. It’s getting REALLY annoying.

    • Can I say that I just love what you wrote? Holy smokes. This is why I’d rather read the comments on their website better than Youtube. There’s more construction of thought and a lot of constructive criticism that mentions our own displeasures, but yet we know that it’s something that CAN be changed.

    • I agree for the most part I mean bts is freaking amazing on photoping (an app) bts beat out SHINee , and even Bigbang I love bts possibly more than exo and I think that all of their albums are amazing it’s hard to believe that they are a rookie group they DEFINATELY deserve a LOT more praise if not for this video than at least another video like , concept trailer ( amazing choreography ), n.o (still amazing choreography and amazing point), no more dream ( altogether great ), Etc. I kinda feel like they were trying to find problems with it but still don’t get me wrong I love the video and love eyk.
      Ps: listen to the lyrics it will explain why jin and suga did that to her so please don’t give people the wrong idea like they were just beating her up for no reason plus they weren’t even beating her up in the first place, but still then again love the vid not trying to rag or complain or anything :) haha <3 just us kpop fans defending who we love sorry haha :)

    • ^^^^^^ This about summarizes every feeling I had about this KMM and a few other recent videos.

    • Hey can I start by saying that you make a ton of very valid points and I really love how your comment is very respectful and not angry rude or yelly.
      But that being said, I think we need to take some time out and try to analyze Simon and Martina’s video and understand where this is all coming from. This is clearly not something we are used to seeing from them, so why? Honestly, I think it really all comes down to a frustration on their part, or at least that’s what I got. Martina seemed really frustrated at BAP’s image change, but more than that I think she kind of saw this angry response coming and I think she may have been kind of frustrated at that too, hence the whole ‘I’m free!” bit. I think they are both frustrated at trying to balance people’s expectations and desires when it comes to EYK’s videos and their own opinions. Someone else said it in another comment, a kind of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation for them and I would imagine they are tired of that. They clearly didn’t like any of these videos and so they told everyone that, albeit in a very bold way, and I think the boldness is what upset everyone.
      Also, I think so say that what they did isn’t “real reviewing” is a bit unfair because reviewing is a subjective thing at it’s heart and again, they didn’t like these songs and videos and they made it pretty clear why they did not, though they did mention some positives which a lot of people are overlooking. Moreover, to say that they ignored the positives of these songs and groups is also unfair because 1. maybe they just can’t see any and 2. we can’t expect them to try and FIND positives just to appease us. They already do so much for their fans, we can’t MAKE them make us happy all the time.
      I think people need to cut Simon and Martina some slack, they didn’t like these videos, so what? They have slammed songs and videos before. And if fans are upset because they were more blunt then before, say that respectfully. People are getting very emotional over this and forgetting the absolute most important thing about Simon and Martina, they listen to their fans and they GENUINELY care about us. So if we say, “hey guys, we didn’t really appreciate the bitch ass pussies comment for x y and z logically laid out reasons” they will take that into consideration, I am sure, because they are awesome like that. That was my rant =P

      • I agree with a lot of what you said. I’m actually really upset with what I’m seeing on tumblr with people attacking EYK. Saying that they’re degrading Korea, that they’ve crossed the line, that they’re out to destroy everyone’s bias, and even worse comments. NOBODY deserves rude comments from anyone, whether it’s from reviewers talking about bands or REVIEWERS who are talking about their OPINIONS about the bands. Simon & Martina don’t deserve the hate just like everybody’s bias doesn’t deserve the hate, and it is very hypocritical for everyone to start attacking EYK otherwise.

        My post was simply my opinion about this present style of reviewing, just as they gave their opinion on the songs. Although, I don’t think I expressed all of my ideas well enough…and I see my own silly biasness inside in my post. I agree that they can’t please everybody and I understand that they want to try different formats of reviewing, I just don’t think that this form of reviewing was executed as well as it could have been.

        Although, I question one of your points of whether or not they could find any positive points for their review. I saw that Simon and Martina had posted that they enjoyed BTS and that they were just poking fun. Perhaps mentioning a few more positive things to BALANCE the poking fun jokes would have left EKY on safer waters? Lol (Perhaps that’s just my biasness coming out again, so…don’t mind me)

        I would be VERY surprised though if Simon and Martina didn’t expect at least some sort of explosion from this video. They KNOW the Kpop/Hallyu industry–they’ve seen many sides of it for quite a few years now, and as reviewers, clearly they know that there are really intense fans (some who are a little…really super duper intense) that get offended easily. I think it would be a little strange for them to say that they didn’t see at least a little bit of negative feedback to come from this.

        I never meant to bash Simon and Martina, so I’m glad that you saw that in my post :P I think they’re great people who are extremely lucky to be doing their hobby for a job, and I never meant on any level to instigate any bashing. I was simply giving my opinion about how they reviewed the video. I hope more NASTIES and other fans can be a little more articulate with the things that they don’t like about EYK so that THEY can grow (positively), instead of being shot down by fans who feel threatened.

        I hope that this explosion doesn’t put S&M into a sad flunk. They’re great reviewers. I read somewhere that perhaps they’re getting bored? Things aren’t as fresh and fun for them anymore, perhaps? I don’t know, I’m not them.

        Anyhoodledoodlepoodle, I think all of this arguing has been going on long enough. I think we all should just touch Spudy’s tummy and be friends again.

        • I think this time it’s S&M fault not the Super duper fans like you call them. They had to expect this type of reaction. They were the instigators they were the ones that maligned the artist. You might not think of it as offensive or disrespectful but of course you realise changing a group acronym to Bitch Ass Pussies is definitely warranting of a negative response from others. I don’t think the makes them overly sensitive or fanatical or protective. I think that acronym they used was offensive enough.

        • devilz_angel231

          Can I just point out once and for all that they didn’t actually call BAP Bitch Ass Pussies. What Martina said was “ARE YOU Bitch Ass Pussies?” in the form of a question. Not “YOU ARE Bitch Ass Pussies” which is how everyone seems to think it was said. There is a big difference. It was a call out, like a hip hop battle type diss, not a direct insult to the group like you seem to be suggesting. I think that if people realize this difference, they’d be a lot less angry about it. Maybe not happy, but not as vile.

        • very good point I’ll rewatch it and then give it some thought. thank you for your reply and insight.

        • YukiRed

          like a hip hop battle type diss… i like that lol

        • Cecilia Avila
          Cecilia Avila

          They shouldn’t have to force themselves to find positives to balance out the negatives though. That wouldn’t be a true review. Sometimes people hate something more than they like it. Or sometimes something is more bad than it is good. People need to stop expecting that. I mean I saw a comment on here about how someone was upset that they didn’t mention how funny it was that one of the BTS members was sitting on a basketball hoop. And other comments like this. What does that have to with the review? Thats not a positive, its just a minor insignificant detail. You can’t expect them to touch on meaningless stuff to force out positive comments.

    • YukiRed

      Just because a rookie group composes, writes and produces most their songs doesn’t mean it is great. Also, they were only reviewing “skool luv affair” (gosh it does not feel great to spell that out >_<), not the whole album. Perhaps if they waited, they could have put out a better song? (like bap). I liked this review, but some people don't because they do not count it as a 'review'. The thing is, it is. Let's look at it from this view: Is it EYK's fault that the top 3 videos lacked a concept with a powerful meaning? Maybe Nasties need to step up their game a bit and vote for review worthy videos?

      They mentioned that there isn't any realistic symbolic meaning to it (in the symbolic form of knocking out the character who tries their best to find symbolism in the non-symbolic videos). The guys even abused the girl and then gave her a flower saying he loves her. They did touch on that but how much farther can they go with this? In the early days maybe they could have squeezed something more out, but the kpop videos are getting ridiculously repetitive and worn out (I'm talking about the videos that keep getting the top spot- there are a lot of other great kpop videos out their however).

      Boy, I am really feeling EYK's frustration with disclaimers. It's like they need to put in bold print


      I think you fail to see that they did review it. They just added their touch of humor to their message (which is the main reason I like them so much). Look for the meaning in the jokes and skits. Like the hip thrusting skit: great dance, but for the wrong music. What other professional youtubers can talk about kpop in this way?

      I don't know if you're familiar with 'colbert report', but it is an american tv late night show. The host, a political humorist, talks about the world news but his sarcasm and humor add a personal touch to the show. (C.R. has won multiple awards so they is doing something right) just watching 5 minutes and you'll understand.

      I wanted to write this because the number of ups on your comment right now is 430, and dislike is zero (even though i clicked down, it wouldn't show my number, and i think it is not counting others). I hope the EYK crew can read this and see that it is just a number. But on the upside, on YT the likes are 4K and dislikes are 1K.

      Maybe the fans are upset because they really like their groups and to see that the video they voted for turned out to be a very thin concept video. VIDEO might I add, not the music, but the VIDAYO!! and I personally really did like this kpop music monday. I like how EYK is bold sometimes in their jokes, but i guess not everyone does. Of course EYK meant no disrespect to any group, they are just making light of what kpop takes so seriously. (Let's not pretend like we don't poke fun at their names either…. B.A.P = best absolute perfect? how about bunnies are puffy or umm the other thing i shouldn't spell out lol)

      I wasn't trying to hurt anyone's feelings, this is just my opinion. It's good to get both negative and positive feedback, but i think you're review was too negative (but if I think it did help them). It just wasn't as bad as you made it out to be. If anything i blame the videos voted in the top spot. But I thought some people just misinterpreted.

      Anyways, let's look forward to next week!

  198. Cecilia Avila

    In that scene where Zelo “kills his girlfriend” I thought it was him going back to the now run down location. It wasn’t the same visit. He is revisiting the location of their date. Unless the girl is on the carousel when it blows up and Im just not seeing her.

  199. I totally agree with the name Rap Monster being terrible, it was half the reason I could not bring myself to actually look up BTS’s MVs after watching their interviews and why I was so surprised (and relieved) that he is actually a serious(er) rapper and not just a non-singer. But it still is one of the worst stage names anywhere I’ve ever heard, and there are some corkers in the K-Pop industry. Also the bad spelling thing put me off too, I’m pretty sure “skool” went out of slang fashion after Busted finished with it back in what 2002? I suppose they’re pretty young (ridiculously so) so I get it but please, the correlation between bad spelling and hiphop coolness is tenuous at best.

    Having actually seen BTS’ MV and heard their album though, I actually really like their strong hiphop core and style, and as you say it reminds me of the aggression I saw in BAP’s Warrior and Power etc, and I love the cyphers and freestyle stuff. They are very talented, great dances as well. No More Dream is great (loving the double bass) and N.O is OK, what I most appreciate is the consistency of their original style combined with development, a very delicate balance few K-Pop acts have in my opinion maintained. I hope they do stick to their hiphop roots or at least evolve in a natural way because what they’re doing is so credible right now and changing too radically will lose them at least one interested possible fan.

    That said, I absolutely support evolution and experimentation for artists and it’s good for them even if it alienates some fans. You write music for your own satisfaction after all, even if it’s “for” the fans or your family or whatever. That’s why I really loved “1004″ as it showed a really interesting development for them whilst still retaining their most core features e.g. particular rap arrangement and vocal allocation. Plus I am originally a pop rock fan so even just that guitar riff made me fall in love with the song. But that’s a difference in tastes so I could see why you might not like it as much. The MV itself was pretty good I thought, perhaps overdramatic, but they interpreted and expressed the song well. It was visually rich and interesting enough so that I watched it about ten times in two days, a lot for me, so much so that I’m now a teeny weeny bit sick of it. But plenty to keep you gripped and I liked that it complimented their other very high quality videos like One Shot and Badman, and it’s much more interesting than say the No Mercy video or even Warrior or Power.

    By the way, I commented on YouTube about how there are so many boybands beginning with B, and another thing I thought was this weird thing of having two names or two different spellings? The only examples I can think of are B2ST/BEAST (I don’t know if they were ever officially referred to as BEAST but I’ve seen it a lot and always thought it was ANOTHER band beginning with B so was very confused, plus B2ST is hard to read and so hard to remember) and Bangtan Boys/BTS? I personally think Bangtan Boys is a little more original and memorable (BTS = Behind the Scenes so I’m not very likely to click on a video with it thinking it’s going to be an interesting MV) but why have two seemingly unrelated names? Isn’t that just bad marketing? I’m not an ARMY so I don’t know if there is some actual meaning, but to be honest it shouldn’t have to be explained, right?

    Sorry for the long comment :)

  200. Do listen to BTS,s full album pls!! I totally agree that their album title annoys me so much but rapmon’s English is amazing !! I hope you two will like bts bc it’s totally nice when my favorite ppl also like my favorite band too!!(ofc I’m not forcing, just hoping you’ll give them a chance!!) I really love how they take part in composing and producing their songs!!

  201. I don’t know how you guys did it, but despite ripping my favourite group almost to shreds, I died of laughter. Good one! Again, a really nice balance between funny skits & reviewing a song properly and giving your opinions. You’re on a roll (so is Martina’s hair, apparently. I wish I was as creative as you are with my own! >_<)

    I see where you guys are coming from about B.A.P. but I have to say that personally I really enjoyed 1004 and I think it's a great song (and even better dance, hohoho ;D). I actually like that they change their image up because it shows their versatility and I don't really know what to expect next. That being said, I also have to admit that my favourite was definitely their debut era and there HAVE been some that I didn't particularly enjoy… (*cough* Hurricane *cough*). I think it's mainly because they seem most comfortable in their Warrior/Power concepts, whilst not so much in cuter concepts like Crash. But I also feel like if they had just figured that powerful concepts worked and had ploughed along with that then I would've gotten really bored, really fast. I'd like to see another Warrior-type song from them, but I also like the more mature position they've eased into recently – sort of hit that point in the middle. Jazz definitely suits them, too. You guys should check out "Body & Soul". Whilst on the one hand I love it, on the other I'm sitting there going "Zelo NOOOOOOO! You can't know about these things yet! Don't let them impurify your innocent little braiiiiiiin!"

    I'd also like to propose removing the award from BTS for being unhygenic and pass it on to my cleaner (before you shoot me down, yes, it's very common here to have a cleaner once a week). He blatantly doesn't wash his hands after going to the loo and then he cleans our house, rubs them all over our clean dishes etc. I really want to say something, but I just… can't.

    • Something else I forgot to mention: I know you guys always complain about one boy group sharing one girl, but can you imagine how awesome it must be to be that girl? I mean, you get to be seduced by multiple good-looking guys in one day, without even having to try! :D

  202. wow my tweet before almost came true! i also said do a KMM with all 3 of the Bs but only two made it lol. and the poll results are damn close right now…… anyhow…. i love both videos a lot! but….. honestly…… i listened to BTS song a little (just a little) more lol.

  203. Bwahhaahaha, that humping skit cracked me up! The music matched the dance perfectly. Right after watching it I went to the kitchen and did that dance in front of my roommates but they were totally unimpressed, they’ve been living with me long enough to get used to my weird dances… I mean, I went there to get something to drink, not only to hump the air.
    Meemers looks so snuggly!
    I liked B.A.P’s song more, it’s actually my favorite song by them in a long time. As for BTS, I definitely prefer their previous releases. The song is not bad but I totally didn’t like the message in the video. Also, agreed about Rap Monster’s name. I’m not even a hip hop fan and it gives me jibbershakes.

  204. I actually like Rap Monster’s name, it’s why I started following this group XD

  205. i was totally thinking the same thing when they are in the toilet… i mean like who goes out in the toilet without washing their hands after going out the toilet? BTS is!!

    (is my grammar correct?!) shololololololololo…..

  206. 2ne1 as wallpaper!!! i saw that!!!

  207. Cyber_3

    Maybe it’s a sad commentary on kpop these days that there’s not enough material to talk about in one m/v for KMM? There’s not even enough to make fun of……? While I really enjoyed the song and dancing from BAP, the symbolic scenes just interfered with the dancing IMHO. Bored out of my mind by BTS but perhaps that’s because high school is so far away for me and well, it’s sad that not much changes there either.

    I thought that the raunchy thrusting (hah! I almost typed “ranchy thrusting” – LOL!) in the streets was awesome, though, not for amateurs, you don’t want to accidentally punch yourself in the junk ;) Martina’s “magical” scene was way cool too, very well edited as well BTW.

    Last week I REALLY noticed a delay in the blog being available. It seems to be fixed today though (so far). I would click on the link in twitter and get a white screen, and not see links to it on the EYK site but if I searched through youtube, THEN I could see it. Sometimes for days, so if I didn’t comment much last week, that’s why, after 3 days, my comments feel a little stale. It obviously worked for some people because discus digests told me of people posting, only I couldn’t see them (it was not my compy – I am a compy expert). Just FYI.

    • Well, I think Kpop still has a lot that people can talk about. I just think that in our old age our attention spans are fading, and we’d rather talk about a few videos than just one. Talking about one video for so long…unless it’s a gold mine of ridiculousness, might be a bit much for us now, I think.

      As for the blog delays, we found an error in the database. A really big one. We’ve been trying to fix it. And we think that it might be finally solved. If you still see white pages in the next couple of days, please let us know. It might be a different issue affecting the site, then…

      • Actually, I really like when you are reviewing several videos with a similar topic at the time. Last week I thought most of the points you made about girl groups were very interesting (and made me discover a couple new songs!), and I think this week was well balanced between funny skits and jokes and serious talk about the videos. Happy nasty here :D

        As for the glitch, I could load your last WTF without any issue today, which wasn’t the case since Saturday, so it does look like it’s improved!

        • Cyber_3

          Now that you mention it, the ability to compare groups within the same KMM *is* nice, good point. Personally I’m not sure that I would like KMM to turn into “S&M’s Top 10 Countdown” (in Kasey Kasem’s voice) *every* week tho’……

      • Cyber_3

        I honestly don’t think that it’s your attention spans (get off my lawn!), maybe it’s just that the ridiculousness is repeating and it’s hard to come up with new ways to look at it. Before, I used to say “wow! this is really dancey!” or “look at the cool outfits and moves!” or “that was a nice fun story to go with the music!” or “I could totally kick someone’s head in to the beat of this music, and look, they just did that in the video – neat!” or what not. Now…… I feel like anything hard or fun in kpop has turned into easy-listening coffee shop crying in my milk. Not that there aren’t some great songs and m/vs out there, because there are, and not because I don’t enjoy a nice light tune for a Sunday drive, because I do. It just tends to be more new groups that get the budgets to do anything cool and they tend to blow their wad up front and sploodge too many diverse things at once for me to really process it fast enough to enjoy. I feel like the formula is not working for me any more, it’s TOO repetitive and it has failed to surprise me in a long while.

        KMM is really whatever you want to make it, but part of its (current) appeal is that it is NOT what everyone else is already doing to death: reaction videos (bleh!), my top 10 favourite whatevers (meh!), what I hate about this (ZOMG noes!). So, please for the love of Spudgy, don’t be generic, that’s all I ask ^_^v What about doing one kpop and one k-indie every week in the KMM to contrast and compare? Or trade off back and forth each week to keep it fresh? If KMM really isn’t your most popular video of the set, what could you do to improve it to make it so? I’m sure you’ll come up with something ;)

      • unicornsgalaxy

        I actually like these multiple groups in a review. I think this one was the best so far. The last one with the girl groups, I liked, but wished you had talked a little bit longer about each one. That’s why I miss the K-crunch Cocktail so much. You did a few videos and plus usually always had an older video in there too.

        Actually, I (and I might be in the minority here) would LOVE if every once in a while you went back to the older videos (like Pre-whenever-you-started-doing-KMMs) and did a mini review or included them in a compilation video. Some of those Videos are A GOLD MINE of things! You can maybe even do it like the K-indie segments and have people do request videos. Idk. Just a thought to maybe spice things up for you. ^^

  208. Well I really don’t think that BTS would change their image so easily.
    Three of them are making music on their own and produce these songs, rap
    parts are also written by the members. So this music is all them. In
    their new album only the outro is not made by BTS. Please listen to the
    rest of this amazing cd. If you are looking for good hip-hop group you
    will love BTS :)

    • I agree with you. It would be really hard for BTS to change drastically. Their album
      has some mind-blowing songs. They practically have 4 rappers and V and Jin’s
      voices are not really made for slow songs. It is as possible as Block B doing aegyo
      MV. Seeing how only P.O, U-kwon and Kyung(being brutally interrupted and hidden
      by Zico the minute he starts) do it. Rapmon kind a really has an awkward name
      but you get used to it. I don’t really understand what’s the fuss about. I
      think there are more wired things in the group like the fact that V is an
      alien, Jin is a Pink Princes and Suga kind a looks like chicken. And that is
      not all. They are soooo embarrassing that you have no choice but to hate them,
      sorry love them :d

      • Haha I totally agree with what you wrote here :D especially the last sentence! Anyways BTS fighting! A.R.M.Ys will love them for really good music that they make and also the names don’t really matter but their skills. This album is freaking amazing and I really admire their work :)

      • “Suga kind a looks like chicken” yep, that’s not insulting at all /sarcasm

  209. Yes!!!!! Finally someone thinks the same about Rap Monster! That name is so much a NO. And I hate the bad grammar in their album too, that doesn’t make them look cool AT ALL.

  210. Yay for normal human hours!

    • Semi-normal. It’s 1:21 here. But that’s better than last year, when we’d be editing till 3AM :D

      • Oh well it was only 4pm here so perfect time for me! I have exams this week so this video was a nice surprise (I forgot it was Monday -_-) and break from revision :)
        I hope you guys continue posting videos forever and ever and ever even if you turn old and wrinkly, not that that will happen since you guys have magical powers from drinking unicorn blood…
        I know your secret to eternal youth guys *stares crazily*
        ===> goes back to revising :(

  211. XD omg i love how suju did the pelvic thrust some few years back when they released the U mv. Now BAP takes it to a whole new level: EPIC RAUNCHY NASTY PELVIC THRUSTING!!! WARRIOR STYLE BABYZ!!!!!!

    gee i wonder what’s next? ;D

  212. I love that I don’t even really care about the videos one way or another for KMM half the time – I just like the commentary. Excuse me while I go use the ladies’ room because I laughed so hard I have to pee now. And yes, I will be washing my hands, thanks.

  213. I always cringe at the bathroom scene in BTS’ video as well haha. I love BTOB but I agree the video was a bit boring, there are other songs on that mini album that should have been their title song in my opinion :

    • I started watching BTOB’s video and then I just… Had to close it. Sorry BTOB fans, it’s really not their fault – it was just a really awkwardly set up video :/

    • The bathroom scene cracked me up! Especially after they showed the 1 guy cleaning it like a fiend. S&M must be mind readers,lol, some of the comments about certain bits were exactly what I thought. ;~} Purell anyone?

  214. thisisjustforfunval

    Martina, Martina, Loki does indeed cry in the first Thor movie.

    But it is more of anger yell crying, not sappy, sap tears.

  215. Dina Panda-Chan Kitiara

    i agree with Martina about B.A.P …and it also makes me sad that they didn’t get any awards when they debuted but got lots now…with a more ‘pop’ song….

    And…love this KMM…and is there anyway to forward ur message to Zico?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • But Bad man and One shot? This is just one title song so I wouldn’t overthink it as much.

      • Dina Panda-Chan Kitiara

        not arguing…but u have to admit that Warrior was still more ‘in ur face’…ㅋㅋㅋ

        • scuttlepants

          I liked the energy and passion of Warrior, and the crisp dance moves along with the Zelo-puppet-master-death-acting just amazed me. I really found it easy to believe the panic on Zelo’s face and his ‘death’ and there was so much confidence that it really stood out to me.
          I feel like for whatever reason (maybe because the song genre didn’t demand it), that passion was lost somewhere.

    • I don’t know if you can see my last reply but it doesn’t show for me so….
      I feel like people look over the One Shot and Bad Man era, because that was hip hop style, and all about criticizing society. This is just ONE era and this is something Yongguk has wanted to do so.

    • I agree, though hip hop & rap were on the low end of my fave music styles, B.A.P. taught me that when it’s good, it’s worth dealing with the less than awesome stuff. You appreciate the good stuff all the more. I do understand Martina’s point about the changing styles in KPop. I was just watching an older YT playlist I had put together and realized how much I like earlier songs of some groups, and later stuff from others. Like Shinee, when I first heard Hello and RingDingDong I thought not bad. Lucifer and Sherlock I loved! Dream Girl, after hearing it a few times, it’s ok, but made me miss earlier stuff. I’m sure they’ll eventually put out more songs that blow me away. Same goes with VIXX. Off the top off my head, I think BigBang is one of the only groups I can always find something I really like everytime. (Actual instrument playing groups like FTIsland, CNBlue, LunaFly, and Royal Pirates are a totally different subject)

    • idk although I liked Warrior/No mercy type of songs they are not my favorite BAP songs…they were their promotional songs but their albums had far better songs imo

  216. Thanks for such a fun Kpop Music Monday. I haven’t seen either of the music videos and wasn’t planning on watching them; but, after the awards you gave them I am now inclined on watching them.

  217. This was hilarious. I loved MV + Song to bits.. but well taste’s different for a reason, right? ^^

    Anyways.. B.A.P’s 1004 is in my opinion one of the best songs released at the moment~ ♥

  218. I got over Rap Monster’s name after he says it in We Are Bulletproof then commences to rap the most delicious rap.

  219. yanagiba yusuke22

    my dream come true to makes these 3 group in 1 KMM today…princess Jin-kun in that screen shot… like3…

    tq for these S&M…

  220. Martina, please don’t ever plant the idea of Block B doing aegyo into my brain again… It’s so scary and I wanna cry now Y_Y

  221. is meemers actually as big as spudgy now?!?!?!?!?!?!

  222. I almost snorted coffee out of my nose as usual. When will I learn no drinks during KMM??

    Both songs, really good. Both videos, good if you don’t really pay attention confusing as hell….and they both seemed like they were half thought out videos. I imagine that they were discussed as broad ideas but they never really finalized the details. However, both SONGS are in my top 20 for the year so far.

    And Rap Monster….I can’t….I just…NO. I’m from VA (same area as Timbaland etc), sooo….NO son, just NO. I call him R.M. if I have to name him at all.

  223. i was so afraid to watch because i’ve been so protective to BTS lately and i’m just getting to BAP, plus i love BTOB…
    but damn you guys made a lot of good points and i laughed like crazy :DDD
    though i really think rapmon will live up his name or at least try to :p

  224. I wouldn’t really call it fair that the band that you fell in love with is gone forever, remember one shot and bad man? Wasn’t that the hip hop style? It was talking about how society needs change and (one shot) you only have one shot on making it and if you screw it up you’ll friends will end up dying (no pressure). So I wouldn’t really call it fair since B.A.P is a versitile group. Also, if you listen to their albums, you’ll see it loads with hip hop and “b.a.p-style” songs. So I wouldn’t really call it fair since the title songs aren’t everything. Meh.

    • If “Badman” was their hiphop style, I don’t know whether to laugh hysterically or cry. Trust me, if you’re a BAP fan don’t remind anyone of Badman…

      • Why shouldn’t I talk about Badman? I’m a huge fan of B.A.P and I loved the song. It was their mix, since their a versetile group.

        • scuttlepants

          I like many of BAP’s songs, but I personally find Badman to be… well, awful. It had promise, but the complete 180 on sound was poorly integrated and Bang Yong Guk’s odd “Yah… YAH”s genuinely sounded ridiculous to me.
          This was a song that had the potential to be far, far better than it was. Luckily, I really enjoyed 1004. I’ll always prefer Warrior but if they continue to release at the standard of 1004 I’ll still enjoy their work.

        • I’ll desagree with you about Badman… I’m a huge fan of B.A.P since 2012 and Badman is nowadays the first music I show to non kpop fans and they like it right away… Badman is too different from kpop we all know, but B.A.P was never trying to be like “normal” kpop so whatever people say about their music they’ll still do what they want to and try different things…

          And, I don’t understand Martina’s statements about B.A.P songs … I only can assume that she doesn’t listen to their other musics besides their promotion song because B.A.P always mixed different styles and aways sang ballads or “sad songs” like 1004 or Rain Sound… In “Warrior” “Power” and “No Mercy” that she metion as their “best times” there are “Secret Love”, “It’s all lies and” “What the heart tells to do”…

          I really don’t think that someone will like all their music, and no one is suppose to do it, but as they are reviewing the song at least do not say things if you do not know their work well…

          That’s all..and sorry for my poor english.

  225. We were pissing ourselves laughing while watching this….. and yes Rap Monster is the worst name….

  226. Spudgy looks like he’s wearing a ruff in the bloopers XD that fluffy little puppy (〓 ̄(∵エ∵) ̄〓) Also that raunchy thrusting, man…… twas naaaaaaaaaaaaasty

  227. Akira Miyashi

    This week’s KMM is hilarious! But I kinda miss Fangurrila here though. It’s her beloved oppas! Where is she?? XD

    p/s: Meemers lurking in the background at 3:38. Hahahah!

  228. Kačí Kys

    I’m not going to say that I don’t miss Warrior and that I find all the “symbolic” scenes cool and awesome and true but I totally think that the song is freaking awesome! Also even though I’m no BTS fan, I really like the song.

  229. Soooo with you on the Rap Monster thing. I can’t get into the group because of that monstrosity. Haha so clever

  230. ahahah alot of funny moments in this MM^^I love it.

  231. i’m disappointed gain’s truth or dare didnt win!!! i guess fxxk you was enough ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  232. First? Hooray!!!!!

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