Well, this is the most voted for video on our KpopCharts ever! Holy smokes you guise! You destroyed the post with the mass amounts of comments, and just amazed us with your dedication. Haven’t seen the video yet? Check it out here:


Yeah…this is our least favorite B.A.P. song. Not that it’s a bad song, mind you. It’s still something we’re singing out loud, but it didn’t win us over instantly the way Warrior did. We still listen to this song and think it’s cool, but the singing really gets to us sometimes. We want to hear B.A.P. be aggressive and rap. That’s their strongest point, in our opinion, and their rapping sets them apart from other Kpop bands who quite often are really, really bad at rapping. Here, their singing isn’t bad. They’re great singers as well, but, in the context of their rapping, it just doesn’t seem to fit, you know? It’s kind of like Michael Jordan. Greatest basketball player of all time. Ok at baseball as well, but no one wants to see him play baseball, you know? They want to see him on the court, not the field. (By the way, this is sooo tooooootally Martina writing this blog post, if you couldn’t tell by the basketball analogy!)

Anyhow, one part that we were about to include in our video but cut out afterwards: B.A.P. – in our opinion – is the most successful rookie group of the year. Are we wrong here? Three songs, all of them viewed in the millions. Now, you might say “ARE YOU CRAZY?! WHAT ABOUT EXO?!?!” To which we want to respond with a bit of confusion:

EXO only “released” one song this year, even though they put out three music videos. “What is Love” is our favorite song of the year, easily, but it’s not a release from them, right? It’s a prelude song, whatever that is. There’s also the fact that SM’s YouTube channel has a buttload more subscribers to it, and people will view EXO’s videos in the context of Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, and SHINee releases, while B.A.P. is getting lots of views from a smaller YouTube channel. EXO’s been really quiet after releasing “Mama,” while B.A.P. has been regularly releasing songs and videos.
I don’t know. I think that if SM’s marketing wasn’t so confusing, EXO would be our pick for the most successful rookie group. We’re still torn about this, so let us know your thoughts (and please don’t kill us for ours)!

Anyhow, if you like this song more than we did, you can pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia. And, lastly, you can check out our bloopers for this week below! Spudgy is very difficult to work with:


  1. I just wanted to say that I totally agree with you in terms of being the best rookie this year. BAP for the win.
    I’m an EXO fan as well, but compare the achievements and you’ll get it…
    In this whole race for a rookie award in Korea it’s obvious that management and promotion is crucial though… TS’s done a marvelos job, keep it up.
    SM though… this time failed.

  2. I definitely agree with BAP being possibly the best rookies of the year. I am both an Exotic and Matoki (Baby) but I just feel like BAP has brought a more unique approach and style into kpop with what their strong hip hop influence and unique combination with high notes and traditional instruments. The marketing for BAP is successful, and I especially like that they pulled out this whole Mato Planet concept and Matoki Adventures. Ballads such as It’s All Lies and rock songs such as Goodbye shows that BAP can do a lot more than hip-hop pop. They are diverse and extremely well rounded with a nice balance of excellent singers, rappers and dancers.

    At the same time, EXO also has Exo Planet and the whole superpower business. I think it’s because that they have only promoted one song so far, BAP was able to take advantage and shine brighter. It’s because SM has tons of plans for this year and they have to schedules their groups accordingly so that they don’t clash against each other. It’s not exactly a fault since SM has tons of fans to please, but I feel like if EXO was under a less popular company (but with the exact same promotional strategy) and were able to release just as many as BAP, then I will be more torn apart.

    I wish with all my heart that BAP received love and attention and win Best Rookies for 2012. I wish both fandoms good luck!


  4. Ok..honestly I was never a fan of B.A.P but after listen and watching the vid I fell in love with this song and vid..I find myself singing it around the house like everyday..hehehehe

  5. Do you see new JoKwons MV “I’m da one” ? I think you can talk about it, this video are great (but a bit weird) for me. (sorry for my English, I’m Polish ^^’)

  6. As a Baby ( B.A.P fangirl) I still liked No Mercy because it had this B.A.P feel to it, strong, angry tough boyish lyrics with meaning.. (hot boys *cough) but it didn’t have the I-definitely-love-this-song-even-though-its-the-first-time-hearing feel that I got from Warrior.. but after listening to it a few times I LOVED it! but the MV was alittle not what I expected… the random objects were weird ( like T.O.P’s Turn it Up) but Himchan was so…. <3… First time visting this site and I like it! Simon and Martina (you have a cool name) and awesome and funny!

  7. Pics or it didn’t happen! I wanna see a corn roll Simon! And Martina you’re eyeshadow just looked amazing :)

  8. whats the picture on the laptop? looks like hyuna?

  9. yes, B.A.P n B2st are friend ( i think). And Babyz, we worked hard. So b2uty, they have a lot of chance to help B2st win.. FIGHTING!!!

  10. as a really really big exo fan, it hurts to admit it but you’re right, BAP is the rookie group of 2012.

  11. B.A.P :D
    I’m a huge fan of both EXO and B.A.P, but B.A.P is just more original than EXO. They have a more unique formula than standard SM groups like EXO.
    Plus, Zelo.

  12. Personally, I don’t like those types of rapping songs but I loved the mini singing section in the middle! I know its not their style but perhaps later on they will release a song like that; looking forward to it! :)

  13. COME to think of IT i’m glad they didn’t choose another INSTRUMENT. naughty naughty simon ahahahaha

  14. I need to see a picture of that hair Simon haha.

  15. You guys seemed to have a lot of fun with this video! :D I lol’ed quite a few times. You’re awesome!

  16. You guys just killed me when Martina’s buff arm popped out… I almost lost it at work xD.

  17. B.A.p! Maybe its just my fangirl talking, but IDK, I guess the items complementing the lyrics, which is something I really like, AND, they specifically put the items there so ppl would look at the lyrics to fully understand, quite smart of them

  18. I know the random objects actually relate to the lyrics
    but I still find them redundant and unnecesary :/

    no wait… what am I doing criticising B.A.P?? I LOVE THEM! *goes back to subjective fan mode*

    well, good luck to all the b2uties, I will for sure lend you a hand with Beautiful Night ^.^

    Greetings from Argentina! and sorry for my lousy English!!

  19. I soooo want to see the evidence of the cornrows! lol

  20. i loooooooooove toys !
    i loooooooooove top ! so my vote goes for Turn It Up :p

  21. i totally agree with you about b.a.p being the most successful rookie group of the year! they’re the most charismatic on live performances, are excellent rappers and do everything live, plus they’re dancing is creative and interesting. i don’t like exo-k… actually i kind of despize them even if i absolutelly love “what is love” – i wish it were a shinee song. so yes, b.a.p is the best rookie of the year so far.

    as for the showdown: “top – turn it up” all the way!

  22. I laugh at the random high notes. They are randomly misplaced but it has grown on me. I love them now….. I will choose T.O.P because it was sooo………. weird.

  23. im here to vote for B.A.P! :D
    btw..i dont get the himchan joke, can someone please explain to me? lol

    • They mocked the rhinestone covered items in the MV, so Simon asked Martina to cover every items of his in rhinestone including toilet papers.. And well Himchan was the unlucky member who used that rhinestone covered toiletpaper to wip his butt, which is why he´s injured and can´t sit for week xD That´s what Martina said when “Who´s idiot idea was this” and Simon lurking the in backgorund :p

  24. Martina, where did you get your baggy hoodie from?

  25. This was just sooo fun, you two are amazing! And for the best rookie of the year, I agree with you. There is hardly anyone more dedicated to work than B.A.P.

  26. Gwahahaha, we all feel with you Spudgy T.T We know they stole your style, but you have to admit they look pretty good with blue hair X3 Let me tell chu a secret: you still look the BEST XD

  27. Everybody! I have to say… Simon’s Tshirt is the best ever, isn’t it ? :D

  28. I’d really like a B.A.P video that was able to feature the singers more, while retaining their hard style. I think that’s difficult because BYG and Zelo rap sections set the tone for their hits. Maybe a song in the style of MBLAQ’s “This is war” would work?

  29. hmmmm I would like to say that B.A.P deserve rookie of the year but then there’s busker busker who have killed the charts…..

  30. Hahaha Rookie of the Year is definitely not BAP or EXO. It’s Busker Busker!!!! :D

  31. I also think B.A.P is the most successful rookie group. As much as I love EXO, NU’EST, and BtoB, B.A.P has done so many more memorable things to me. They also have the most interesting personalities. And let’s not forget, they can be so awkward, yet still be so amusing. anyone else here remember when B.A.P introduced themselves, in which JongUp danced randomly with his beanie over his eyes, Himchan blatantly called himself the visual, Daehyun still had his No comment thing going, yongguk called himself a pacifist and then pushed JongUp, etc. xD


    I thought for sure Martina would.They used the traditional percussion and zither (notably the kkwaenggari and gayageum/geomungo)

    I thought all the mentioning of Himchan’s name..surely was because of the pansori style they used..but no..

    I am disappoint.

    AND SAIH-MAN! You need to release your inner gangsta again! While I think “leggo” is an annoying trend (for “let’s go”..) “something like” actually makes sense, because Zelo was sort of introducing the verse, y’know “Here we go something like: *verse*”
    ..except you don’t hear the colon mark..

  33. T.O.P’s toy collection.

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