Well, this is the most voted for video on our KpopCharts ever! Holy smokes you guise! You destroyed the post with the mass amounts of comments, and just amazed us with your dedication. Haven’t seen the video yet? Check it out here:


Yeah…this is our least favorite B.A.P. song. Not that it’s a bad song, mind you. It’s still something we’re singing out loud, but it didn’t win us over instantly the way Warrior did. We still listen to this song and think it’s cool, but the singing really gets to us sometimes. We want to hear B.A.P. be aggressive and rap. That’s their strongest point, in our opinion, and their rapping sets them apart from other Kpop bands who quite often are really, really bad at rapping. Here, their singing isn’t bad. They’re great singers as well, but, in the context of their rapping, it just doesn’t seem to fit, you know? It’s kind of like Michael Jordan. Greatest basketball player of all time. Ok at baseball as well, but no one wants to see him play baseball, you know? They want to see him on the court, not the field. (By the way, this is sooo tooooootally Martina writing this blog post, if you couldn’t tell by the basketball analogy!)

Anyhow, one part that we were about to include in our video but cut out afterwards: B.A.P. – in our opinion – is the most successful rookie group of the year. Are we wrong here? Three songs, all of them viewed in the millions. Now, you might say “ARE YOU CRAZY?! WHAT ABOUT EXO?!?!” To which we want to respond with a bit of confusion:

EXO only “released” one song this year, even though they put out three music videos. “What is Love” is our favorite song of the year, easily, but it’s not a release from them, right? It’s a prelude song, whatever that is. There’s also the fact that SM’s YouTube channel has a buttload more subscribers to it, and people will view EXO’s videos in the context of Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, and SHINee releases, while B.A.P. is getting lots of views from a smaller YouTube channel. EXO’s been really quiet after releasing “Mama,” while B.A.P. has been regularly releasing songs and videos.
I don’t know. I think that if SM’s marketing wasn’t so confusing, EXO would be our pick for the most successful rookie group. We’re still torn about this, so let us know your thoughts (and please don’t kill us for ours)!

Anyhow, if you like this song more than we did, you can pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia. And, lastly, you can check out our bloopers for this week below! Spudgy is very difficult to work with:


  1. I just wanted to say that I totally agree with you in terms of being the best rookie this year. BAP for the win.
    I’m an EXO fan as well, but compare the achievements and you’ll get it…
    In this whole race for a rookie award in Korea it’s obvious that management and promotion is crucial though… TS’s done a marvelos job, keep it up.
    SM though… this time failed.

  2. I definitely agree with BAP being possibly the best rookies of the year. I am both an Exotic and Matoki (Baby) but I just feel like BAP has brought a more unique approach and style into kpop with what their strong hip hop influence and unique combination with high notes and traditional instruments. The marketing for BAP is successful, and I especially like that they pulled out this whole Mato Planet concept and Matoki Adventures. Ballads such as It’s All Lies and rock songs such as Goodbye shows that BAP can do a lot more than hip-hop pop. They are diverse and extremely well rounded with a nice balance of excellent singers, rappers and dancers.

    At the same time, EXO also has Exo Planet and the whole superpower business. I think it’s because that they have only promoted one song so far, BAP was able to take advantage and shine brighter. It’s because SM has tons of plans for this year and they have to schedules their groups accordingly so that they don’t clash against each other. It’s not exactly a fault since SM has tons of fans to please, but I feel like if EXO was under a less popular company (but with the exact same promotional strategy) and were able to release just as many as BAP, then I will be more torn apart.

    I wish with all my heart that BAP received love and attention and win Best Rookies for 2012. I wish both fandoms good luck!


  4. Ok..honestly I was never a fan of B.A.P but after listen and watching the vid I fell in love with this song and vid..I find myself singing it around the house like everyday..hehehehe

  5. Do you see new JoKwons MV “I’m da one” ? I think you can talk about it, this video are great (but a bit weird) for me. (sorry for my English, I’m Polish ^^’)

  6. As a Baby ( B.A.P fangirl) I still liked No Mercy because it had this B.A.P feel to it, strong, angry tough boyish lyrics with meaning.. (hot boys *cough) but it didn’t have the I-definitely-love-this-song-even-though-its-the-first-time-hearing feel that I got from Warrior.. but after listening to it a few times I LOVED it! but the MV was alittle not what I expected… the random objects were weird ( like T.O.P’s Turn it Up) but Himchan was so…. <3… First time visting this site and I like it! Simon and Martina (you have a cool name) and awesome and funny!

  7. Pics or it didn’t happen! I wanna see a corn roll Simon! And Martina you’re eyeshadow just looked amazing :)

  8. whats the picture on the laptop? looks like hyuna?

  9. yes, B.A.P n B2st are friend ( i think). And Babyz, we worked hard. So b2uty, they have a lot of chance to help B2st win.. FIGHTING!!!

  10. as a really really big exo fan, it hurts to admit it but you’re right, BAP is the rookie group of 2012.

  11. B.A.P :D
    I’m a huge fan of both EXO and B.A.P, but B.A.P is just more original than EXO. They have a more unique formula than standard SM groups like EXO.
    Plus, Zelo.

  12. Personally, I don’t like those types of rapping songs but I loved the mini singing section in the middle! I know its not their style but perhaps later on they will release a song like that; looking forward to it! :)

  13. COME to think of IT i’m glad they didn’t choose another INSTRUMENT. naughty naughty simon ahahahaha

  14. I need to see a picture of that hair Simon haha.

  15. You guys seemed to have a lot of fun with this video! :D I lol’ed quite a few times. You’re awesome!

  16. You guys just killed me when Martina’s buff arm popped out… I almost lost it at work xD.

  17. B.A.p! Maybe its just my fangirl talking, but IDK, I guess the items complementing the lyrics, which is something I really like, AND, they specifically put the items there so ppl would look at the lyrics to fully understand, quite smart of them

  18. I know the random objects actually relate to the lyrics
    but I still find them redundant and unnecesary :/

    no wait… what am I doing criticising B.A.P?? I LOVE THEM! *goes back to subjective fan mode*

    well, good luck to all the b2uties, I will for sure lend you a hand with Beautiful Night ^.^

    Greetings from Argentina! and sorry for my lousy English!!

  19. I soooo want to see the evidence of the cornrows! lol

  20. i loooooooooove toys !
    i loooooooooove top ! so my vote goes for Turn It Up :p

  21. i totally agree with you about b.a.p being the most successful rookie group of the year! they’re the most charismatic on live performances, are excellent rappers and do everything live, plus they’re dancing is creative and interesting. i don’t like exo-k… actually i kind of despize them even if i absolutelly love “what is love” – i wish it were a shinee song. so yes, b.a.p is the best rookie of the year so far.

    as for the showdown: “top – turn it up” all the way!

  22. I laugh at the random high notes. They are randomly misplaced but it has grown on me. I love them now….. I will choose T.O.P because it was sooo………. weird.

  23. im here to vote for B.A.P! :D
    btw..i dont get the himchan joke, can someone please explain to me? lol

    • They mocked the rhinestone covered items in the MV, so Simon asked Martina to cover every items of his in rhinestone including toilet papers.. And well Himchan was the unlucky member who used that rhinestone covered toiletpaper to wip his butt, which is why he´s injured and can´t sit for week xD That´s what Martina said when “Who´s idiot idea was this” and Simon lurking the in backgorund :p

  24. Martina, where did you get your baggy hoodie from?

  25. TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. This was just sooo fun, you two are amazing! And for the best rookie of the year, I agree with you. There is hardly anyone more dedicated to work than B.A.P.

  27. Gwahahaha, we all feel with you Spudgy T.T We know they stole your style, but you have to admit they look pretty good with blue hair X3 Let me tell chu a secret: you still look the BEST XD

  28. Everybody! I have to say… Simon’s Tshirt is the best ever, isn’t it ? :D

  29. I’d really like a B.A.P video that was able to feature the singers more, while retaining their hard style. I think that’s difficult because BYG and Zelo rap sections set the tone for their hits. Maybe a song in the style of MBLAQ’s “This is war” would work?

  30. hmmmm I would like to say that B.A.P deserve rookie of the year but then there’s busker busker who have killed the charts…..

  31. Hahaha Rookie of the Year is definitely not BAP or EXO. It’s Busker Busker!!!! :D

  32. I also think B.A.P is the most successful rookie group. As much as I love EXO, NU’EST, and BtoB, B.A.P has done so many more memorable things to me. They also have the most interesting personalities. And let’s not forget, they can be so awkward, yet still be so amusing. anyone else here remember when B.A.P introduced themselves, in which JongUp danced randomly with his beanie over his eyes, Himchan blatantly called himself the visual, Daehyun still had his No comment thing going, yongguk called himself a pacifist and then pushed JongUp, etc. xD


    I thought for sure Martina would.They used the traditional percussion and zither (notably the kkwaenggari and gayageum/geomungo)

    I thought all the mentioning of Himchan’s name..surely was because of the pansori style they used..but no..

    I am disappoint.

    AND SAIH-MAN! You need to release your inner gangsta again! While I think “leggo” is an annoying trend (for “let’s go”..) “something like” actually makes sense, because Zelo was sort of introducing the verse, y’know “Here we go something like: *verse*”
    ..except you don’t hear the colon mark..

  34. T.O.P’s toy collection.

  35. thisisjustforfunval

    I personally believe B.A.P. is the best rookie group of the year as well. They have yet to disappoint me, and they stand out so much in a field full of cookie cutter kpop rookie groups. They broke outside that mold, demand your attention, and ooze of talent. Their are so many things that make me love them.

  36. I like BAP’s style and fans already know what to expect from them so I wasn’t as wowed with this as I was warrior and i’m not a fan of the whistles ,but I kinda want to see them slow it up with an r&b slowjam show something different that will still stay within the not pop style they promote

  37. Voting for TOP. Nicer superfluous items along with a catchier song.. and TOP. More aesthetic video.

  38. OMG! I Started crying my eyes out after de poop joke, the best one ever… the video is over and i’m still laghing and crying HAHAHA love u guys!

  39. Rhinestones on everything!! I didn’t get the rhinestone thing either… I guess rhinestones = gangster… in kpop…

    I agree that the singing and rapping in this song sounds weird when you put them together. My first thought about No Mercy was that it seemed disconnected, like they mashed two different songs together. But after hearing the song so many times now I don’t find it weird anymore and I actually like the contrast XDD.. . I’ve never minded the singing in B.A.P cuz I really like Daehyun’s voice and the singing vs rapping in all of their songs is what made me like their music in the first place.

    So if I wanna dye my hair blue, does that mean I have to ask for Spudgy’s permission first? =.=

  40. All little boys growing up in the T-dot had cornrows lol…


  42. Some people in Korea are underrating EXO with the excuse that they are in a big company, I believe it’s quite unfair to them because they are really the most talented and best rookie of this year, they already received the rookie award of tower records japan and their sales have been higher than any other rookie, also if you’re gonna talk about them please do your research instead of just writing whatever your thoughts are

    • 1. I like EXO-M, Kris is quite cute.
      2. The WORLD is unfair, live with it.
      3. Simon and Martina almost never do ‘research’, simply because they’re too busy making videos. A lot of people here actually appreciate them just ‘writing whatever their thoughts are’. Sorry.

      But for all the other people who want to know more about EXO other than what S&M have said here, check this out: http://bit.ly/Ow9YoO
      Teehee :p

  43. Martina you look good with brown hair :D

  44. B.A.P. is my rookie choice…they have collective *it* factor, not 2 or 3 that are the faces and the rest for back-up. Basically they are a cohesive group with a clear vision/presentation and are REALLY talented.
    Exo continues to confuse me, although they definitely benefit from SM’s history with polishing young artists into whatever it is that they need them to be to please the GINORMOUS fan base.
    p.s. where was Memers during this vid? She could look adorable with a matching pink do-rag tied up like Martina’s ~ mew mew

  45. I actually think the like “let it go something like” makes sense if he’s then referring to the rest of the song, as in “let is go something like: [this]” Other wise yeah, a little absent in the grammar department.

  46. show case!!! plz would make a list of the concerts + fanmeeting+ showcase for all the kpopers !!!! so we can stalk them when we go to korea XDDD
    and plz can u make a video about how to go to the mnet countdown + kbs music bank , etc !!!! that would be an amazing video !!!!!

  47. B.A.P is a great group with talented members! Hwaiting!! Proud Warrior ;))

  48. I just watched B.A.P`s No Mercy and the song is damn good love the video!
    Especially the dance part, I`m official a BABY =)

  49. Carol Thornton likes an article.
    Got to say I love the whole song , like always the boys rock it all the way. Keep going BAP and lets get B2ST next Monday…. LOVE FROM COLORADO

  50. I’ll play with TOP’s toy collection anytime ;)

  51. Simon totally got your boom boom crap

  52. Spudgy is scary D:

    I guess I’ll have to think twice before dying my hair blue o.O

  53. I think you also should’ve mentioned the use of Korean traditional instruments during the dance break and the saturi rap ^^
    because seriously, B.A.P. aren’t afraid to do new things even though they’re rookies :)

    and I absolutely love daehyun’s part in it <3 and zelo's 'sounds good' at the start is the cutest thing ever <3

  54. Sorry For The Shameless Plug On Your Blog Simon & Martina :( Please Dont Sick Le Spudgy & Dr Memeersmith :’( both I have to let my fellow Kpop lovers know what we are having a contest starting next and trying to spread the news of free Kpop give always to the fans!! I’m an admin of the fan site. I hope you all drop by and enter! :)


  55. I loved the Bloopers xDDD I just laugh with the laugh of Simon xDDD

  56. Hmm it’s hard for me to pick because I love B.A.P and T.O.P and Their Toys :( but I have to vote for B.A.P’s Toys Covered in Rhinestones!!! (but I love the monkey in Turn It Up)

  57. oooh i love EXO, but i adore B.A.P.

    imo they def’ are the rookie group of the year (so far).
    not only because, like you said, B.A.P comes from a smaller company, they didn’t release a hundred of teaser videos, they didn’t release those confusing prologue videos, but they still managed to get a lot of attention and fans, and to stand out from other rookie groups.

    (and exo confuses me and frustrates me in so many ways. the fact that they are separated in 2 units still really bugs me. idk. it’s kinda harder to ‘feel’ them ?… the thing with exo is that, i like the boys (i have absolutely nothing against them), i love the music, but i hate their management/promotors/marketing/company etc… :/ i still love their album tho, my fav with B.A.P’s, Big Bang’s and Block b’s (and Beast) this year (omg all those B group)).

    and also imo B.A.P brought something new, something different, a new style we didn’t really have yet in k-pop. it’s kinda fresh. idk. but i know i like it.
    if they were involved in their music (writing and composition, like Block b for exemple), they’d be like p e r f e c t i o n to me. maybe they will one day.

    and to finish, Spudgy is the cutest thing of Korea.

    • “…if they were involved in their music (writing and composition, like Block b for exemple)…” but they actually are involved in their songs D:, specially YongGuk, he has writting a lot of the lyrics (sorry for the bad english xD)

      • oh really ? i didn’t knpw that. (i thought i once saw him saying that he wasn’t good enough yet to be able to do such things in their songs)…
        which songs ??
        (your english sounds fine)

        • BYG wrote “VoiceMail” by himself :) and some raps for other songs.. you know he was featured in the song “Going Crazy” with Song Ji Eun. he said he had to watch a lot of stalking movies to compose the raps in that song lol.

        • ooh that’s awesome i didn’t know ^^
          well then i hope he and the other will have the opportunity in the future to compose and write again and more :)

  58. BAP is definitely the best rookie group of the year. They’ve been strong and consistent. They’ve also been extremely successful without being connected to a huge company like EXO is.

  59. Really really want to thank Simon & Martina for all their hard work with this site. God knows how much time, effort & sweat you guys pour into keeping it all up.

    It has been so much fun camping the No Mercy MV comments section with fellow baybz/warriors (and sorry for crashing the page). It’s also exciting & thrilling towards the weekend when we came toe-to-toe with B2auties who fought hard for their group. There’s this olympic feel to the friendly competition which is really nice.

    Going on to the No Mercy MV, what really caught my interest on my first listen were Zelo’s purposefully childish rapping (which went really well with the satoori) & Daehyun’s highnotes (just gave me goosebumps). I fell in love with the song immediately. I can’t really say I have a favorite among their three title songs (Warrior, Power & No Mercy) as each has its own charm (and I’ve been playing them one after the other on loop). I love how each is different & yet somewhat familiar. But as a fan, No Mercy has the most sentimental feel because it contains bits & pieces of the individual members (e.g. satoori, traditional music).

    I agree with the review that there seems to be a dissonance between the aggressive rapping parts & the smooth (less aggressive) singing which also kinda doesn’t match with part of the lyrics. But then the song itself is full of contradictions with parts being criticisms leveled against the K-pop industry, and parts being message to babyz. There are other juxtapositions (traditional with modern music & chiptune) that it is a wonder how the whole thing managed to all come together. Yet it works just like how B.A.P works as a group with its diverse personalities & talents.

    No Mercy has left me thinking & anticipating what B.A.P has to offer next.

  60. simon u obviously dont know what people say now a day and btw leggo means lets go

  61. I totally agree on B.A.P being Rookie of Year, not because of the numerous releases, but because SM fanbase is strong and when a new SM band is schedule, SM fanbase gather on the new band, and IMO, EXO is a good band but nothing really new out there. On the opposite, B.A.P appears with their own style and strong personalities, and gained their audience by themselves, using dance moves quite unseen in the kpop world, and not to mention that Yongguk is taking part in writing lyrics of some songs. So well, IMO, B.A.P kinda deserves it, Rookie Award for being so different! *_*

    About No Mercy and the singing in the middle of rap, I pretty much like it, ’cause Daehyun voice is so beautiful, that it’s doesn’t really bug me… unlike the whistle sound! XD And about the English, I’m sure, Vince is the one behind this!! XD

  62. I am soo in love with the singing in this song! Actually, I love the singing in all of their songs. And the rapping of course…Now, I’m super crazy EXO biased so I hope I won’t come off as a pushy stan. I do agree that BAP are by far the biggest and most successful rookies of the year, but BAP did debut a long time before EXO, so they’ve simply had more time to promote. And EXO is coming back in August I think, omg I’m spazzing so hard over this! And even if EXO do turn out to be more successful, a lot of people will credit it to their company and say they got it for free. And of course, while they will see a lot of success thanks to their company, SM has a lot of haters as well who will ignore them because of that. /rantUgh. In the end it doesn’t even matter. BAP are super awesome but FOR ME, EXO are my rookies of the year and that’s that.

  63. It was the total opposite for me, I loved No Mercy right from the start! Those heavy beats and whistles started, Zelo came out looking awesome, then I heard the guitars and the BOOM CLAP BOOM BOOM CLAP and it was just instant love. =’) Honestly, the entire mini album is a hit for me, 4/5 of their songs are absolutely perfect imo. I think it’s their best work to date!

    About the English, I’m not gangster either, so I don’t know. But I hear “leggo” all the time, guess it means “let’s go” all cool… I think “we fly here” makes perfect sense too. But that’s just me.

    Anyway, thanks for the great review like always! <3

  64. It’s really sad how S&M say that the singing isn’t really good… Daehyun and YongJae :((((((

  65. The contrast of the falsetto with the gangsta rap is the whole point of BAP, that’s why they stand out! Don’t tell me the string orchestra in “Warrior” disconcerted you, too? Music evolves by mixing styles!!!

    • I totally agree with you! I love how B.A.P mixes up rapping and singing! (I also like Daehyun`s falsetto).
      and by the way, no mercy is an absolutely ass-kicking song. true, it’s different from power and warrior, but I would have been bored if they released another similiar sounding single.

      • I feel the same too…. this song to me still have some strong message in it like their other songs, it just sound a little differant thats all. but to me it was still a great song, and the video, i must say was really nice. B.A.P are not like other kpop groups and thats what everyone need, something differant to get to know.
        oh, and i love Zelo’s rapping….it seems to me he sounds better then rappers in the U.S Lol<3

  66. I diasgree with you M & S.

    Busker Busker are the most successful rookie group of the year.

    Almost all their songs topped charts for so much time.

    But if you want to say the most successful rookie kpop idol group I would agree.

  67. Totally agree with u guys! No Mercy is my least favorite BAP title songs. The first time I heard this song, it didn’t win me instantly too. I think the song abit doesn’t flow well. I mean, I like the “No No No No Mercy” part but then the sudden rap ruins it. But yeah slowly the song grows on me. lol

    And I also think BAP is the best rookie this year. I was excited for EXO debut but then annoyed with too many teasers haha. MTE, EXO is just lucky bcoz they’re under SM, a very huge company which can provide them more for better promotion.

    I think TS’s marketing for BAP is brilliant tho. With the non-earthling concept, those cute Matoki bunnies and all the secrets behind Matoki that havent been revealed, plus the whistle fanchant! I think its genius. I mean, who ever thought abt all those concept?! TS is being too biased with BAP…XD (sorry Secret :P) They even made a comic strip with the matoki in English! I mean PERFECT ENGLISH! For the ones who work behind it, please please check all the lyrics for BAP too before releasing it! lol

    Well this is just my thought~ For other fans please dont kill me…
    Btw, pardon my bad English ;;

  68. Oeh, I tought I was the only one, who didn’t like the song very much…. But I was curios…. am I the only one, who hears that Zelo is saying goat instead of good at the beginning?XD (When he says ” Yeah, sounds good”)

  69. sooo who is batoost? Boa??

  70. i love exo too but i still think that B.A.P is the best rookie group. Because they are still getting a great response even if theyre not from a huge company like SM. and i think their sound is unique.

    • Honestly, TS is a very popular and successful company… They’re also one of the most organized company out there because they don’t have many anti-fans.. And their fans are the best!

  71. And you officially made my day! I smiled and laughed throughout all the video, thank you for that! ♥

    I must say, I think you are trend setters for K-pop idols right now. No wonder SM tried to win over Simon with big signs with his name and YG lured Martina with free Bull-O-Jerky every day. Now they need to think of ways of winning over Spudgy (and probably soon Dr. Meemersworth too) to their side, so they can use his style and don’t worry that Spudgy will mess with them. xD

    As for what Martina said with the singing and the song in general, I agree on that in a way. At first I didn’t like ‘No Mercy’ as much as ‘Warrior’ and ‘Power’ but after listening to the song a few times (as I was camping in the ‘No Mercy’ comment page and there was nothing else to do while reading all the comments) I just loved it. And I must agree, the song has a tendency to grow on you, but I wouldn’t describe it as a fungus between my toes(though, it was funny, but gross none the less). As for the singing, well, nothing to say. Some like it, some not so much. Personally I needed to listen to the song 3 times till I liked it, but it still was okay with me the first time, because really now, what can you expect from singers in the group, if they would have started rapping it would have definitely creeped me out. Oh, and poor Simon, I imagine that telling Martina how it is to get kicked in the balls is like having the talk with your parents… >.>”

    I loved the whistle comment, and I must agree, I find it really cool of them too. I actually think TS did a really good job with the whistles, because they win over international fans, if they don’t know the lyrics or can’t pronounce them they can just whistle along. BTW, the tuba skit was hilarious, my mom didn’t get why I was laughing so hard.

    As for the mention of rhinestones, I actually asked about them in the ‘No Mercy’ comment section too. My question was if they put an add in the newspaper saying that they are looking for people to glue rhinestones on random stuff, but my hopes got crashed when someone said they probably got them custom made. Which just sucks, because that means that there were no people with fingers glued together or rhinestones all over them. *sigh*
    But the idea of rhinestone covered toilet paper was brilliant(pun intended), though I’m sorry for Himchan.

    As for the dance, I think the same as you. I always look forward to their dances too. In my opinion they stick out from others with their dances, because they are so unique, fierce and, what amazes me, go well with the lyrics of the song, not many groups do that. And again, I laughed like crazy when the ‘What’s up!’ part came, it really could rival ‘Ayyy, girl!’.

    For the English, I must agree, I didn’t find it really good (I’m not really gangsta v_v), especially the B.A.P-eal thing (but I found it kinda adorable with time),but I saw it the same way, as it being a slang kinda thing.
    And Simon with cornrows? o_0 Can’t imagine, hope to see a picture someday, but it’s your decision to show, so no pressure there.
    And YET again, the ‘Boom, boom crap’ joke was top notch. I give you 10 points out of 10 for it. (<-unnecessary 2PM reference)

    As for gangster dog Spudgy at the end, i think he and Zelo are even now. Zelo copied Spudgy's hair/fur and Spudgy copied Zelos dressing style. (Now they can be friends ^_^)
    The bloopers were really hilarious too. i must agree, that working with Spudgy seemed difficult, but I think working with a sleepy Simon is way more difficult then that, at least we get more fun bloopers, so I don't really mind. Although I really wish you both would relax more and get enough sleep, you are really turning into Korean idols, with all the tiring schedules and trend setting. xD
    So yeah, my vote goes to B.A.P. The reason? Because I'm a BABY.
    Honestly, I liked both of the videos and I really like TOP too, but all in all B.A.P got me more with the song and the M/V. But I really liked how 'No Mercy' had the similarity with 'Turn it up', they even got a monkey for the 'monkey magic'. :D

    P.S. Sorry for the super long comment, but I just wanted to comment on all the stuff that I liked. Thank you both (or should i say all three of you, including Spudgy?) for your hard work and patience with us all, considering we crash your site a lot and that there are a lot of people that don't like the voting system and all, I and probably many more people appreciate it a lot.
    Keep up the good work and don't forget to rest plenty too~ ♥

  72. I really like this song though I don’t love it as much as Warrior or Power. I wasn’t keen on it at first but it grew on me. Daehyun and Youngjae both have powerful voices which I think have outshone by Yongguk and Zelo’s amazing rapping (as there are a complete lack of rappers this good in kpop or a group that focuses on rap so much). I feel that they deserve a bit more limelight. Same with Himchan and Jongup (both of whom have like one line each or less in some of the other songs on the album).

    As a fan of both EXO and BAP I have to say that I think BAP deserve to win a best rookie award. They have worked so hard and are from such a small agency (I hate to think how much the agency has got into debt) while EXO are from SM, definitely the biggest agency in S. Korea. SM has a formula for their groups and they stuck to it when they produced EXO, though they say the marketing is innovative and new it isn’t that different. I think EXO coming from a big agency has to do well. If not they will soon disappear like TRAX and the Grace (both whom I never realised existed til I looked up about SM on wiki). EXO has an expectation to do as well as TVXQ, Super Junior and SHINee. Also the amount of money spent on EXO is more than any other rookie group so they should have had a bigger impact, its expected, while BAP is unexpected and has had a lot less money spent on them. Other people seem to have said my other points so I won’t repeat them.

    Also I’ve noticed that Exo-M does alot more promotion than Exo-K. They are always doing tv shows and interviews. I find them a lot more interesting than Exo-K. Am I the only one who hardly pays any attention to Exo-K but is a little a total fangirl over Exo-M?

    Anyway I hardly ever post comments so this maybe an incoherent mess ==’

    I tried ranch sauce for the first time yesterday and I immediately thought of Simon lol

    • I’m like a mega fan of Exo-M! I have cds for both and the only one I ever even listen to is Exo-M. They just stand out more for me. Exo-K, I have their names down and that’s about it..
      Its not that I don’t like Exo-K, but as you said, Exo-M is more interesting to follow.

    • When I first listened to Mama (the Korean version) I didn’t like it, but I liked the Mandarin version. So, I do prefer Exo-M to Exo-K maybe because the former has a less manufactured feel to it. But I really hope SM would be able to fully utilize the individual member’s talents & personalities.

    • all my faves are in exo-k, i love exo-k more, lol, I must be in the minority, because the fandom is way more into exo-m than exo-k, like you.

  73. A lot of songs in the Kpop world feel very strung together, as if they were completely different songs that were mashed together akwardly (but sometimes well…) I think this song would have been better if it didn’t have the strange juxtaposition.

  74. I know this isn’t related at all to this video or the song but MY GOD MARTINA YOU LOOK SO EXTRA GORGEOUS WHEN YOU DRESSED UP IN THE ANGEL/B.A.P. FAN GETUP!!

    And I say extra because you’re already pretty in without it.


    Just sayin’. :)

  75. i just realized, don’t both no mercy and turn it up have random monkeys in them? or am i thinking of another video?????

  76. B.A.P’s bling everything up, because we go with the gangster foot fungus

  77. I demand photographic evidence of the corn rows!!!

    PS/Martina, I love your gray hoodie/capey thingy! <3

  78. I personally love the whole rapping the majority of the song and then little parts of singing. :D I think it’s unique. And really cool! I enjoy the falsetto.

  79. OMG Simon didn’t ruin this dance!!!! :O:O:O:O
    I THOUGHT I felt something was missing LOL

  80. I think it’s good you cut out the part of the “best rookie this year” from the video… might have started a loooooot of fanwars and bashing *shudders* LOL
    (even though I do agree with you. BAP is pretty darn impressive)
    I’m kind of sad you guys didn’t include the fact about the satoori/dialect rap, but totally relieved you mentioned that the random objects are not random objects at all :D
    and the rhinestones LOL I didn’t even see that coming!!
    And Spudgy eating up poor baby zelo~~ kyah xD
    BOOM BOOM CRAP. Simon, I don’t think I’ll ever eat at taco bell again after that joke LOL
    I do hope you check out the other songs from their mini album!!!!! They’re talent and diversity is undeniable (you can’t really tell from their singles, cause they all have that warrior/fight/inyourface feel to them)

  81. I have to believe that if your company has a larger fan base/money, your group will do better… no matter how good sucky SNSD is(which they aren’t that bad), they will still manage to win awards. But no matter how great A-Pink works(I kinda like they songs), they have to try extremely hard to get an award. And for more recent stuff.. no matter how new EXO is, they are able to perform with other Top stars on the same stage(like Big events) where as BAP has to wait before they can perform on the same stage as other Top stars(I haven’t seen them at big events).

    • Not always true. You can thrust a group into the public’s faces but you can’t make them like the group. BTOB comes from Cube which has BEAST & 4Minute. Their company is bigger than BAP’s but they aren’t doing very well at all in comparision to them.

      SM has money, but look at The Trax, The Grace, and let’s not forget how badly SM the Ballad flopped even with established group members in it. Yes, having money and influence can get you some things, but it can’t get you EVERY thing.

    • i get what you mean… i was really surprised Exo had mutiple stages at the last dream concert. I like them a lot, but they don’t feel as seasoned as BAP yet they get more prestigious stages because of SM’s influence…

  82. What about Martina’s opinion about Yongguk that you mentioned in the KPopCharts Update??? I’m surprised nothing was about it in this KPMM…
    I guess you got a phonecall from TOP again? ;-)

  83. i’ve got to be honest when i say, i didn’t even notice the random parrots and things the first time i saw this vid… but i can assure you the is probably all i’ll notice from now on… thanks for that XD

  84. I agree :) to me BAP is probably one of the most successful rookie groups out there this year. Although EXO might have a bigger fan base they are from SM entertainment which is a hugee company with tons of influence…which can explain why EXO probably has a lot of fans. Dont get me wrong i still think they are an amazing group as well (very talented ^^) but based off of the performances i’ve seen and the songs they’ve put out BAP just seems well…less rookieish? for lack of better words haha….if you’ve watched their live performances they are amazing and always stay constant where as i cant help but to think with EXO their lives are not as constant like i dont know what to expect all the time. Where BAP i can always expect a solid performance from start to finish :)

    Alright super long comment is done haha….lol on another note :) loved your guys video today xD Spudgy was hilarious :) omo and i vote for BAP! ;D and all their random epicness :]

  85. I’m glad that you guys felt similarly about the randomly placed singing because I kind of felt alone on that opinion. xD;;
    It threw me off the first time, and it still does. I do like the song, and it’s slowly growing on me (not like your BAP fungus, though), but the first singing verse still bothers me a lot. The second singing verse, since it’s much shorter, works better for me. Like you guys, I still love their other songs, but yeah, this is third on my list as well.

    I agree that BAP would probably be considered the more successful of the rookie groups, and I like both BAP and EXO. It really is because of the promotional strategies being so different, with BAP having more and more recent releases. I’m just glad that both are successful in their own rights because they have strong characters and styles.

  86. Martine what do you expect the singers to do? xD Should Daehyun and Youngjae start rapping instead? :p But lol it´s your opinion and I respect that. This week KMM was really funny though, but there´s a lot more about the song I wish you could include. It felt like you didn´t do some “research” about the song as why did they include those instruments and why did they made it that way? Actually they described that they wants to experiments and mix differents sounds, that´s why No Mercy isn´t that “love at first sight” cause you have to warm up to it.

    Btw I might feel you´re a little bit biased to Yongguk´s dreamy voice and Zelo´s rapping. Next time maybe you should see it the other way around? Because the rapping is extremely well, but it doesn´t mean the singing doesn´t fit though. At least that´s what I feel. But yeah I just wanted you to be more open to their vocalists too, cause it seems like you underestimate them a bit.

    But yeah anyways, what did you guys mention about Himchan? :o I rofl so hard at the rhinestones toiled papers… ohh sorry :p

  87. IMHO the falsetto voice is the most beautiful part in this music. It’s underlining the composition that mixed the guitar distortion, string variation, the bass and the traditional percussion. So, the singing part is also combination of the rap (hey, doing rap is also singing!) and the ballad (represented as the falsetto part). But, hey, everyone has different opinion. Thanks for the review, anyway. Groetjes van Netherlands! :)

    • groetjes terug haha Cool another person from the netherlands :D

    • For me the falsetto is the most beautiful part of the song too, and I like that it´s so B.A.P, cause I can´t really imagine any other singers pull that off other than Daehyun. Not that he´s the best singer, but it´s just that his voice is so unique and the falsetto in No Mercy are just made for him.

      • i love the falsetto part too because they do it so smoothly. lot of artists just do a part in falsetto and then go back to their regular voice. but bap connects the falsetto and the regular voice and they do it beautifully. especially daehyun. he has so much control over his voice and his transitions are beautiful (you can totally tell my bap bias there haha XD)

  88. Guess I was right about Simon being the one with the crazies from yesterday’s blog post..

  89. I am actually one of those BABYs who like No Mercy more than Warrior and Power, bc they seem happier singing it haha
    Also, they look so hawt arrrrrrr
    Their engrish is pure sex and I look forward to more engrish in the future cuz TS loves engrish lololol

  90. I liked the song, though not as much as I love Power and Warrior. The dance is superbly awesome, I TOTALLY love it, but the MV is….kinda disappointing? Its not bad, but since Power had awesome props and sets for the MV, I was honestly expecting No Mercy MV to be something more than just BAP dancing in oddly lit rooms. >_<

  91. I, as a b2uty, want to give a big shoutout to all the awesome Babies out there. I saw the comments on No Mercy, and they were super nice. I was really hoping B2ST would win, but I totally commend you on your dedication. I’m also really glad there were no stupid fanwars going on between B2uties and Babies. This is what all kpop battle should be like! Everyone voting up their favorites, not bashing others. You Babies are awesome, now us B2uties gotta work to make B2ST number one now!

    • I’m pretty sure Babys will help out as well :)
      (Because in the past Yong guk’s “I Remember” got reviewed because of B2uties as well)

    • Yaaay! Me love friendly and healthy competitions and yes I love B.A.P and BEAST :D But yes I hope my fandom will not be involved in any fanwars in the future cause fanwars is just stupid and immature..=__=

      Also even though I´m a BABY I´ll vote for BEAST for next KMM :D I hope BoA would be reviewed the next week after though, that´s my secret wish :o

    • i voted for B.A.P, now i will for sure vote for Beast ! ^.^/
      Like it was said, i personally got to know yongguk and heard of him for the first time with ‘i remember’ thanks to b2uties that voted for it. I’m thankful in many ways for that :)
      and i’m glad to read your comment because as i was voting for B.A.P i felt kinda bad for Beast, because i knew it was their comeback for a a long time and B.A.P was already reviewed twice this year, so, that’s cool to know there are no grudge.

    • Because like me, I was a B2UTY first before I become a BABY, so B2UBAP all the way! :D

  92. I agree that BAP has done very well, especially having come from a smaller company. But, in my opinion its kind of silly to think they are the most successful rookie group just because they have released more material.

  93. LOL, you guys are always making my day carry around a bucket full of happiness. By the way are you guys watching the London Olympics in Korea? I’m a Korean too, so I watch it in CA. The time here is not so bad but I heard that the time there is…yikes. So if you will watch the Olympics, I wish you good luck. ^^

    • Speaking of the Olympics I watched the archery match between the US and South Korea (part of it) and the one guy on Korea’s team was legally blind! I was more than impressed with that.

      • Oh really? Wow. Earth’s wonders… I am now watching fencing between South Korea and Germany I think. Very close battle. They keep scoring at the same time so it’s very thrilling.

        • AudreyKoopman

          Wah, that’d be so cool to watch (i’m at work :p) Fencing is interesting, I mean people fighting with sort of swords, that is pretty awesome haha.

          But its amazing how much I notice South Korea’s teams in this Olympics. I only learned about kpop last year so I guess they stand out more. Last time I noticed a lot Chinese teams…granted it was held in China. Maybe that’s why. Haha

        • I found that, too. On Saturday I noticed the US was playing Korea in a volleyball match, and a small part of me (because of K-Pop and Eat Your Kimchi) was like, “Go, Korea!”

  94. I def agree, the first time I heard the song I was taken completely off guard when Daehyun comes in with the vocals after Zelo’s rap. It’s grown on me though, and I think this was a really smart song for their third release. It’s different from Warrior & Power so ppl can stop complaining about them doing the same thing, but it’s not like they did a total 180. It’s still very BAP.

    Also I would def say BAP is the most successful rookie this year for the reason you mentioned. EXO is from SM. BAP is from TS Ent which only has Secret besides them. Given that, their accomplishments are more impressive.

  95. This is the third No Mercy song of the year… K-pop producers need to be more creative with their titling I’m thinking…

  96. it took a couple listens for No Mercy to grow on me, so I get it… I love all their songs (esp. goodbye! I hope they release a full MV for it some day, the matokis are so cute!), but nothing has been quite as instantly ear-catching and awesome as Warrior. that song was hands down the best debut I’ve ever seen.

    I respect your opinions about the singing, but disagree. I think the great thing about BAP is that they have really awesome rappers AND really awesome singers, and I love the way their voices compliment eachother. I do think that Himchan and Jongup get short sided though, and if you didn’t have Daehyun and Youngjae’s parts, then there’d be even less for the rest of the group to do… it’d be like Bang and Zelo with especially talented backup dancers/singers. I think Himchan and Jongup add a lot to the /performances/ but they definitely don’t get a lot of voice time compared to the other four. while i’m on the subject of those two I just wanna say how much I love that Himchan has a super low voice that totally matches BYG’s and then Jongup has a higher voice that matches Zelo’s sound, and they can go along with either, like complimentary colors or contrasting ones….

    I might have gotten a little off topic,

    TL;DR I really like all of their voices and I think the arrangement works really well but it’s not evenly divided.

    oh, and I thin, Judging purely from the amount of solid promotions and releases that BAP has done they deserve rookie of the year award (but i don’t think they’re going to get it because SM has a way of crushing everything in it’s path)

  97. In my opinion I think that B.A.P has worked really hard and deserve the best rookie award. They have been constantly contributing with ideas, BYG has written raps for the songs and he wrote the song “Voicemail”. They also have amazing performances. I dont want to compare with EXO, but its true that EXO will somehow have it more easy since they are from SM, have a bigger budget, SM been one of the big 3 will obviously have more attention. I’m really proud of B.A.P and TS because they showed professionalism since they debuted. Well since BYG was featured in “Going Crazy”. I think B.A.P is a really talented group and if they keep using those talents smartly, they will become more successful.

  98. Just wait for Exo’s comeback next month before you decide about the best rookie… Exo have been around for 3 months less, remember. And views are really not a good indication of how successful a group is, album sales and actual fans are more important, and Exo surpasses b.a.p in both. Not hating! I like both groups :)

    • I think the point is, Exo should be a ton more popular with the resources they have, so they’re performance in sales might seem lackluster considering they’re signed to SM. On the other hand, BAP is not signed to “one of the big three” and they’re still doing very well for a rookie group.

      You’re right though. We’ll see what happens when EXO has their comeback.

      • I didn’t really want to get into this, but saying their sales are lackluster is just not correct, lol. MAMA sold more than all BAP’s albums combined. Warrior + Power + No Mercy still isn’t enough to beat MAMA. EXO-K and even EXO-M who doesn’t even promote in Korea have sold more albums than a lot of older idol groups. So they are where they should be sales-wise as an SM group.

        • AudreyKoopman

          It isn’t that EXO actually has lackluster sales. I think she’s trying to say that B.A.P. comes from a tiny company, so that they have the number of sales and views that they do its very impressive for a rookie group. So if you compare the two, EXO is, as you said, right where they are expected as a group from the big three (people will watch EXO videos and stuff just because they’re from SM..its what happens when you stan a company), but B.A.P. is doing better than expected. EXO’s sales aren’t literally lackluster haha.

          (love both groups as well!)

        • you worded that perfectly XD

        • ^ That would be it xD
          I also don’t really have an opinion on the matter. From my perspective, B.A.P. has done so much more since I watch the videos on Youtube and don’t buy albums, but I know that the success of a group is not depended solely on Youtube views or breaking S&M vote counter (lol). Therefore my comment was simply trying to offer my perspective on what criteria Simon and Martina may be making that judgement.

          Also, I think unless you live in Korea (which if you do @shakethesky:disqus you can inform me) it’s hard to tell what songs are popular in public. What I mean by that is which songs get played on the radio, in the stores, get featured on TV shows. Maybe Simon and Martina have a better bead on Korean public opinion as well.

        • AudreyKoopman

          Yeah, who knows what the Korean public thinks unless you actually live there. We’re trying to figure things out from a Western perspective and its kind of obvious that there are drastic differences in our tastes, culturally.

          And kind of related to that (sorta not really lol):
          I’ve seen some people comment that SM is trying to go abroad with EXO and B.A.P. is domestic focused. But in my personal opinion its B.A.P. that has the international appeal, and that is based off of reactions of people I know who don’t like kpop. They like how tough B.A.P. comes off and that their songs have a rock feel to them.

          But as I said, I’m a fan of EXO and B.A.P. so I’m kind of whatever haha.

  99. “Like A Man” FTW
    lol at Martina around 3:55 and the rhinestone toilet paper!!

    I’m very glad they included how the images does match the lyrics.
    I agree with the rap going over to singing -
    I’ve said this before, but the transition from the rap to the actual singing, didn’t have a smooth flow. It took me a few listens to get used to it though.

    anyway….. “Baby WASSUP”


  101. Noooooo Himchan!! Please don’t boom boom crap anymore for the sake of your bottom!

  102. they’re not falsetto random singing! they’re war cries!

  103. I love that they use traditional korean drums in the song and performance even though it seems a little out of place. Maybe it’s just me, but No Mercy seems similar to I Love You since some of the parts in the song contrast with each other. Both had me addicted after my second or third time of listening.

  104. To be honest I don’t really like rapping that much ( TOP is an exception ) so I like the random singing the most xD Acctually I love it so much that I even listen to the whole song over and over xD
    And just to be like… well Talking about Gangnam style.. I have been working at an Convent this week and well… Let’s say Gangnam style was this years “närcon” song xD Everyone played it and danced to it xD :D

  105. Haven’t had the chance to watch it yet (i’m at work, eek!) but I read the blog post and I’m a little confused. Are you trying to say it should be just rapping with no singing? Or that in this song they didn’t flow? Or that the rapping wasn’t aggressive enough?
    I’m confuzzled over what you are trying to say..
    (You might explain it better in the video though haha)

    • Hmm. Sorry about that. I’m saying the rapping’s great, but the singing doesn’t go with the rapping, in my opinion. Guttural rapping from Bang Yong Gook, fast cocky rapping from Zelo…and then high pitched crooning? Just…doesn’t fit, IMO

      • Yeah, same. I was quite disappointed when I first heard this song because I loved their other songs so much. It was all “rap, rap rap” and then the singing threw me right off. It’s like it’s a mash of two completely different songs. I preferred their song Goodbye over No Mercy.

        • Mm, I must say I liked Goodbye a lot more too, but had the opposite problem in that song…The rapping seemed to not fit the song O_o…I dunno, just a strange response from me I guess ><

      • Ah, thanks for clarifying! :)
        Personally, when I first heard the song I thought the same thing, how it suddenly switched from Zelo to Daehyun singing was weird to my ears. But then I listened to it again and again and then it suddenly seemed to flow (not perfectly mind you, but didn’t sound as bad) haha.
        I usually tend to like things like that in songs, parts where the music changes or the tempo. That type of thing always peaks my interest.

  106. So now I’ve read the blog post, too. I agree with you, I personally prefer BAPs music over EXOs, but I would’ve thought that EXO would easily overshadow BAP since they’re from SM and can have all the marketing they want, but I guess SM wants to make them popular internationally. I hope BAP wins the rookie award, because it seems like they really worked their butts off this year so far, and they don’t really seem that rookie~ish, if that makes sense…?

  107. I think you guys summed up my feelings perfectly about this video. Loved Simon: I want to give you a zero, lolz. Also I many be 22 years old but poop jokes will always be funny. : )

  108. I think it is just awesome that even though all the comments people make at eatyourkimchi, Simon and Martina can still make such an hilarious review and make all the people smile and laugh when watching them! Great job guys!!

  109. When I was first heard the song I was iffy
    Then I ended up replaying it over and over again (I have no excuse)
    Now I’m kind of obsessed, oops.


  110. I’m sorry, but youtube isn’t the only streaming site there is, there are many other chinese streaming sites like yinyuetai and if you look at the amount of vews in total, there’s no way you can compare the popularity EXO has won over every other rookie

  111. Yes that’s right BAP is the bsst rookie of the year.. or like what you said ” the most successful rookie group ”

  112. I love this song. It’s like a cheering song for a game sport. HAHA! Himchan and Zelo, lots of love from me. keke ~!! This song has overloading SWAG.

  113. Actually, this is my favourite B.A.P single, I liked the song much more that “Warrior” or “Power”, but the video is a bit.. lacking with the SM-like backgrounds. Still, the dance was totally awesome and made up for it <3

  114. If you realised, the rap in the starting is actually in the satoori. 2 types, first is gangsta and another one.. i dont rmb.. lol
    B.A.P is actually more of Hip Pop than just Kpop, which made them more unique.

  115. I can see where you coming from about the promotions thing (exo fan here clearly >>

    • Busker Busker blows everyone out of the water this year, but they’re not Kpop Idol music. They just make good songs that everyone and their momma listens to, but they don’t do the “ooooh I’m so beautiful/cute/sexy” marketing that’s essential in Kpop.

      • Ah that is really true. It’s just that their name keeps popping up for potential end-of-year awards (which I guess will be the end-all for who’s the best (well, and sales)) and if they are nominated; I fear for all the new groups. ._.

  116. :D This review is just awesome, I laughed so hard. Spudgy destroying Zelos face :D Himchans toiletpaper dilemma :D (it probably has other reasons, why he can’t sit :D), the Tubas were fun too :D I laughed through the whole review :D Thanks for reviewing :D

  117. the poop joke! :°D I’m dying XDXD *boom boom crap*

  118. B.A.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Spudgy skit is the best skit in EYK history! It must have taken some time hahahah

  120. lol I didn’t like the song when I heard it for the first time but now I love it <3

  121. i love this song!!! but … thats ur opinion, not mine soo… :

  122. somehow i agree! :)
    but still hope they won rookie awards like Batoost did!

  123. ASDSJKG TOP vs BAP T__T So difficult, but I’ll say BAP~

  124. I do not like this song at all. The melody reminds me of another pop song I’ve heard recently…I just can’t figure out which one it is. Brain farts. =

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