Well, this is the most voted for video on our KpopCharts ever! Holy smokes you guise! You destroyed the post with the mass amounts of comments, and just amazed us with your dedication. Haven’t seen the video yet? Check it out here:


Yeah…this is our least favorite B.A.P. song. Not that it’s a bad song, mind you. It’s still something we’re singing out loud, but it didn’t win us over instantly the way Warrior did. We still listen to this song and think it’s cool, but the singing really gets to us sometimes. We want to hear B.A.P. be aggressive and rap. That’s their strongest point, in our opinion, and their rapping sets them apart from other Kpop bands who quite often are really, really bad at rapping. Here, their singing isn’t bad. They’re great singers as well, but, in the context of their rapping, it just doesn’t seem to fit, you know? It’s kind of like Michael Jordan. Greatest basketball player of all time. Ok at baseball as well, but no one wants to see him play baseball, you know? They want to see him on the court, not the field. (By the way, this is sooo tooooootally Martina writing this blog post, if you couldn’t tell by the basketball analogy!)

Anyhow, one part that we were about to include in our video but cut out afterwards: B.A.P. – in our opinion – is the most successful rookie group of the year. Are we wrong here? Three songs, all of them viewed in the millions. Now, you might say “ARE YOU CRAZY?! WHAT ABOUT EXO?!?!” To which we want to respond with a bit of confusion:

EXO only “released” one song this year, even though they put out three music videos. “What is Love” is our favorite song of the year, easily, but it’s not a release from them, right? It’s a prelude song, whatever that is. There’s also the fact that SM’s YouTube channel has a buttload more subscribers to it, and people will view EXO’s videos in the context of Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, and SHINee releases, while B.A.P. is getting lots of views from a smaller YouTube channel. EXO’s been really quiet after releasing “Mama,” while B.A.P. has been regularly releasing songs and videos.
I don’t know. I think that if SM’s marketing wasn’t so confusing, EXO would be our pick for the most successful rookie group. We’re still torn about this, so let us know your thoughts (and please don’t kill us for ours)!

Anyhow, if you like this song more than we did, you can pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia. And, lastly, you can check out our bloopers for this week below! Spudgy is very difficult to work with:


  1. It’s tough for rookies, but lately I’ve noticed veteran singers having an even harder time, especially among international fans. Nobody knows them.

    Epik High for example. They just came back with a new album after three years, and yet it looks like noone has heard of them :(

    But you do yea? So can you help us vote for them? :D

  2. B.A.P :D
    I’m a huge fan of both EXO and B.A.P, but B.A.P is just more original than EXO. They have a more unique formula than standard SM groups like EXO.
    Plus, Zelo.

  3. COME to think of IT i’m glad they didn’t choose another INSTRUMENT. naughty naughty simon ahahahaha

  4. i loooooooooove toys !
    i loooooooooove top ! so my vote goes for Turn It Up :p

  5. When did they have Simon’s name on posters? Is there a video?

  6. I also think B.A.P is the most successful rookie group. As much as I love EXO, NU’EST, and BtoB, B.A.P has done so many more memorable things to me. They also have the most interesting personalities. And let’s not forget, they can be so awkward, yet still be so amusing. anyone else here remember when B.A.P introduced themselves, in which JongUp danced randomly with his beanie over his eyes, Himchan blatantly called himself the visual, Daehyun still had his No comment thing going, yongguk called himself a pacifist and then pushed JongUp, etc. xD

  7. I personally believe B.A.P. is the best rookie group of the year as well. They have yet to disappoint me, and they stand out so much in a field full of cookie cutter kpop rookie groups. They broke outside that mold, demand your attention, and ooze of talent. Their are so many things that make me love them.

  8. Voting for TOP. Nicer superfluous items along with a catchier song.. and TOP. More aesthetic video.

  9. Rhinestones on everything!! I didn’t get the rhinestone thing either… I guess rhinestones = gangster… in kpop…

    I agree that the singing and rapping in this song sounds weird when you put them together. My first thought about No Mercy was that it seemed disconnected, like they mashed two different songs together. But after hearing the song so many times now I don’t find it weird anymore and I actually like the contrast XDD.. . I’ve never minded the singing in B.A.P cuz I really like Daehyun’s voice and the singing vs rapping in all of their songs is what made me like their music in the first place.

    So if I wanna dye my hair blue, does that mean I have to ask for Spudgy’s permission first? =.=

  10. 1. I like EXO-M, Kris is quite cute.
    2. The WORLD is unfair, live with it.
    3. Simon and Martina almost never do ‘research’, simply because they’re too busy making videos. A lot of people here actually appreciate them just ‘writing whatever their thoughts are’. Sorry.

    But for all the other people who want to know more about EXO other than what S&M have said here, check this out: http://bit.ly/Ow9YoO
    Teehee :p

  11. All little boys growing up in the T-dot had cornrows lol…

  12. B.A.P. is my rookie choice…they have collective *it* factor, not 2 or 3 that are the faces and the rest for back-up. Basically they are a cohesive group with a clear vision/presentation and are REALLY talented.
    Exo continues to confuse me, although they definitely benefit from SM’s history with polishing young artists into whatever it is that they need them to be to please the GINORMOUS fan base.
    p.s. where was Memers during this vid? She could look adorable with a matching pink do-rag tied up like Martina’s ~ mew mew

  13. I actually think the like “let it go something like” makes sense if he’s then referring to the rest of the song, as in “let is go something like: [this]” Other wise yeah, a little absent in the grammar department.

  14. show case!!! plz would make a list of the concerts + fanmeeting+ showcase for all the kpopers !!!! so we can stalk them when we go to korea XDDD
    and plz can u make a video about how to go to the mnet countdown + kbs music bank , etc !!!! that would be an amazing video !!!!!

  15. Carol Thornton likes an article.
    Got to say I love the whole song , like always the boys rock it all the way. Keep going BAP and lets get B2ST next Monday…. LOVE FROM COLORADO

  16. Spudgy is scary D:

    I guess I’ll have to think twice before dying my hair blue o.O

  17. I think you also should’ve mentioned the use of Korean traditional instruments during the dance break and the saturi rap ^^
    because seriously, B.A.P. aren’t afraid to do new things even though they’re rookies :)

    and I absolutely love daehyun’s part in it <3 and zelo's 'sounds good' at the start is the cutest thing ever <3

  18. Sorry For The Shameless Plug On Your Blog Simon & Martina :( Please Dont Sick Le Spudgy & Dr Memeersmith :'( both I have to let my fellow Kpop lovers know what we are having a contest starting next and trying to spread the news of free Kpop give always to the fans!! I’m an admin of the fan site. I hope you all drop by and enter! :)


  19. I loved the Bloopers xDDD I just laugh with the laugh of Simon xDDD

  20. oooh i love EXO, but i adore B.A.P.

    imo they def’ are the rookie group of the year (so far).
    not only because, like you said, B.A.P comes from a smaller company, they didn’t release a hundred of teaser videos, they didn’t release those confusing prologue videos, but they still managed to get a lot of attention and fans, and to stand out from other rookie groups.

    (and exo confuses me and frustrates me in so many ways. the fact that they are separated in 2 units still really bugs me. idk. it’s kinda harder to ‘feel’ them ?… the thing with exo is that, i like the boys (i have absolutely nothing against them), i love the music, but i hate their management/promotors/marketing/company etc… :/ i still love their album tho, my fav with B.A.P’s, Big Bang’s and Block b’s (and Beast) this year (omg all those B group)).

    and also imo B.A.P brought something new, something different, a new style we didn’t really have yet in k-pop. it’s kinda fresh. idk. but i know i like it.
    if they were involved in their music (writing and composition, like Block b for exemple), they’d be like p e r f e c t i o n to me. maybe they will one day.

    and to finish, Spudgy is the cutest thing of Korea.

  21. BAP is definitely the best rookie group of the year. They’ve been strong and consistent. They’ve also been extremely successful without being connected to a huge company like EXO is.

  22. Really really want to thank Simon & Martina for all their hard work with this site. God knows how much time, effort & sweat you guys pour into keeping it all up.

    It has been so much fun camping the No Mercy MV comments section with fellow baybz/warriors (and sorry for crashing the page). It’s also exciting & thrilling towards the weekend when we came toe-to-toe with B2auties who fought hard for their group. There’s this olympic feel to the friendly competition which is really nice.

    Going on to the No Mercy MV, what really caught my interest on my first listen were Zelo’s purposefully childish rapping (which went really well with the satoori) & Daehyun’s highnotes (just gave me goosebumps). I fell in love with the song immediately. I can’t really say I have a favorite among their three title songs (Warrior, Power & No Mercy) as each has its own charm (and I’ve been playing them one after the other on loop). I love how each is different & yet somewhat familiar. But as a fan, No Mercy has the most sentimental feel because it contains bits & pieces of the individual members (e.g. satoori, traditional music).

    I agree with the review that there seems to be a dissonance between the aggressive rapping parts & the smooth (less aggressive) singing which also kinda doesn’t match with part of the lyrics. But then the song itself is full of contradictions with parts being criticisms leveled against the K-pop industry, and parts being message to babyz. There are other juxtapositions (traditional with modern music & chiptune) that it is a wonder how the whole thing managed to all come together. Yet it works just like how B.A.P works as a group with its diverse personalities & talents.

    No Mercy has left me thinking & anticipating what B.A.P has to offer next.

  23. simon u obviously dont know what people say now a day and btw leggo means lets go

  24. I am soo in love with the singing in this song! Actually, I love the singing in all of their songs. And the rapping of course…Now, I’m super crazy EXO biased so I hope I won’t come off as a pushy stan. I do agree that BAP are by far the biggest and most successful rookies of the year, but BAP did debut a long time before EXO, so they’ve simply had more time to promote. And EXO is coming back in August I think, omg I’m spazzing so hard over this! And even if EXO do turn out to be more successful, a lot of people will credit it to their company and say they got it for free. And of course, while they will see a lot of success thanks to their company, SM has a lot of haters as well who will ignore them because of that. /rantUgh. In the end it doesn’t even matter. BAP are super awesome but FOR ME, EXO are my rookies of the year and that’s that.

  25. Because if you watch their (Daehyun) pre debut videos, they would totally change their mind..

  26. The contrast of the falsetto with the gangsta rap is the whole point of BAP, that’s why they stand out! Don’t tell me the string orchestra in “Warrior” disconcerted you, too? Music evolves by mixing styles!!!

  27. Totally agree with u guys! No Mercy is my least favorite BAP title songs. The first time I heard this song, it didn’t win me instantly too. I think the song abit doesn’t flow well. I mean, I like the “No No No No Mercy” part but then the sudden rap ruins it. But yeah slowly the song grows on me. lol

    And I also think BAP is the best rookie this year. I was excited for EXO debut but then annoyed with too many teasers haha. MTE, EXO is just lucky bcoz they’re under SM, a very huge company which can provide them more for better promotion.

    I think TS’s marketing for BAP is brilliant tho. With the non-earthling concept, those cute Matoki bunnies and all the secrets behind Matoki that havent been revealed, plus the whistle fanchant! I think its genius. I mean, who ever thought abt all those concept?! TS is being too biased with BAP…XD (sorry Secret :P) They even made a comic strip with the matoki in English! I mean PERFECT ENGLISH! For the ones who work behind it, please please check all the lyrics for BAP too before releasing it! lol

    Well this is just my thought~ For other fans please dont kill me…
    Btw, pardon my bad English ;;

  28. i love exo too but i still think that B.A.P is the best rookie group. Because they are still getting a great response even if theyre not from a huge company like SM. and i think their sound is unique.

  29. I’m like a mega fan of Exo-M! I have cds for both and the only one I ever even listen to is Exo-M. They just stand out more for me. Exo-K, I have their names down and that’s about it..
    Its not that I don’t like Exo-K, but as you said, Exo-M is more interesting to follow.

  30. I know this isn’t related at all to this video or the song but MY GOD MARTINA YOU LOOK SO EXTRA GORGEOUS WHEN YOU DRESSED UP IN THE ANGEL/B.A.P. FAN GETUP!!

    And I say extra because you’re already pretty in without it.


    Just sayin’. :)

  31. i just realized, don’t both no mercy and turn it up have random monkeys in them? or am i thinking of another video?????

  32. B.A.P’s bling everything up, because we go with the gangster foot fungus

  33. I demand photographic evidence of the corn rows!!!

    PS/Martina, I love your gray hoodie/capey thingy! <3

  34. I personally love the whole rapping the majority of the song and then little parts of singing. :D I think it’s unique. And really cool! I enjoy the falsetto.

  35. Not always true. You can thrust a group into the public’s faces but you can’t make them like the group. BTOB comes from Cube which has BEAST & 4Minute. Their company is bigger than BAP’s but they aren’t doing very well at all in comparision to them.

    SM has money, but look at The Trax, The Grace, and let’s not forget how badly SM the Ballad flopped even with established group members in it. Yes, having money and influence can get you some things, but it can’t get you EVERY thing.

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