We’re back in Korea! Time for us to start making Korea related videos again! Woohoo! What better way to start than with a Kpop Music MonTuesday! We didn’t get back in time from Japan last night to make our review, but we’ll be damned if we miss another Kpop Music Monday and then conspiracy theorists complain about the fate of the universe and the evilness of our souls! So, here it is: our thoughts on B.A.P.’s “One Shot,” and a CD for you guise! First, here’s the video. You should check out the video:


For starters, if you like Rain Sound more than this you’re lying. Lying I say! Impossible! These kinds of songs and videos are what made B.A.P. stand out from the rookie pack last year. This is where their bread and butter is. This is what makes them awesome. Rain Sound is not one of those songs. Don’t be a badass and then a sissy.

Some things we didn’t mention in our video: the big Bunny. See, I’m all for bunnies. I love bunnies. I had a pet rabbit for 10 years growing up. The one thing I can tell you about my experience of bunnies, both real and symbolized, is that they’re sweet and fluffy and cute, and by far NOT the right image to use for something hardcore. I mean, it’s kinda hard to be gangsta in front of a giant bunny. I understand it’s a cute toy that’s perfect merchandise for your female demographic to buy in the dozens, but as a looming symbol during your chest beating man anthem, or MANTHEM, it seems a bit ridiculous.

Another thing: that boat scene at the beginning was kinda awkward. B.A.P. at the front of the boat, girls in bikinis in the back. What is this, a middle-school dance? Shouldn’t you be WITH the girls? B.A.P.: do you need me to help you out with this, yo? You say to your homies “yo, you can all hang out here at the front of the boat like losers: I’m gonna go talk to those fly bunnies in bikinis.” That entire scene was silly. SILLY I SAY! SILLY!

B.A.P. “One Shot” CD Giveaway Contest!

You guise were really dedicated in keeping B.A.P. in first place, even though SHINee came out with their video. We’re totally SHINee biased, and people know this, and we said not the nicest things about Rain Sound, and yet this video still won. Mad props, yo. So, here’s a CD for you. If you want to win it, here’s what you gotta do:

1) For those of you who aren’t subscribed to us yet, click to Subscribe to us on YouTube. We like our YouTube subscribers. You’re nice people. So, CDs for you!

2) Let us know what you think Zelo’s crazy dance sequence should be called. We don’t have a name for it. Does it actually have a name? Doesn’t matter! Whatever we think is the best name we’ll give the CD to. That’s it!

3) If you’re gonna leave your answer in the comments here in the blog post, also leave your YouTube username with your answer, so we can see if you’re subscribed or not!

For those of you who don’t consider yourselves lucky, and want to pick up the song on your own rather than waiting for us to announce you as the winner, you can pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia. And, on that note, here’s our blooper footage for the video! Meemers makes a cameo. Spudgy was around, yes, but you just didn’t see him :D


  1. person cant float ( is for zelos dance)

  2. my youtube username is dy wen. i have subscribed to you already. dance: Zelo’s gravitational dance?

  3. I would name Zelo’s dance move the Exorcist, since it looks as if he has been possessed, especially in the following clips ^-^

  4. I would name Zelo’s dance the Caterpillar, since it’s the reverse worm ^-^

  5. I would name Zelo’s dance the Beetle on it’s Back, or BB for short. It’s the BB move for B-Boys ^.^

  6. I would name Zelo’s dance the Turtle, because he can’t seem to get up until he does the Scorpion ^^

  7. I would name Zelo’s dance the I.T.C.H! It stands for I’m Trying to Change, Help!
    I’m subscribed to all your channels ^-^

  8. swoopingisbad99: The “getting rid of a wedgie without touching your underwear” dance! :D

  9. hi guise!!!

    It’s The Magikarp Dance!!! ♥♥♥

    My username is Hinagy, nasty greetings from Mexico!

  10. Lol, Zelo’s dance is good, but I just can’t keep my eyes off Himchan’s ‘The Lord of crotches’ moment, when he moves his hand up, and they follow him. I just can’t, it amuses me. XD

    p.s. Laughed hard when Simon got a hit at his head, ahaha, Martina, had a good time hitting your husband?

  11. I think the dance should be “The Sidewinder”. Your Welcome^^

  12. youtube username: annyisvip

    name for Zelo’s dance: ground breaker

    Since he looks like he’s trying to break the floor by hitting it with his back, that gives it the name. Then he also looks like he’s riding an invisible bike that’s in the air. So that came to the name “ground breaker” who is riding an invisible bike at the same time as trying to break the floor.

  13. youtube username: annyisvip

    name for Zelo’s dance: ground breaker

    Since Zelo looks like he’s trying to break the floor by hitting it with his back, that gives it the name. Also, he looks like he’s riding an invisible bike that’s in the air. So that gives the dance the name “ground breaker” that is riding an invisible bike.

  14. not sure if someone asked this yet but MARTINA MARTINA!!! Where did you get your awsome snapback!!?! >:D

  15. The magikarp evolution dance!! Get it! Cause he’s all floppy at first then it’s like bam he evolves into a gyrados! See he even does the gyrados spin move!!
    My YouTube usernames are: Devi Ka and Jonghyun Ki

  16. Youtube name: grangergirlable (yeah…I know)
    Zelo’s dance? I call it the “ants in ma pants” dance

  17. youtube username: annyisvip
    name for zelo’s dance: ground breaker
    Since Zelo looks like he’s trying to break the ground with hitting his back to the ground, that gives the ground breaker. Then his hands and legs look like he’s riding an invisible bike….that’s also upside down. So there goes the name “ground breaker” who is trying to break the floor and ride a bike at the same time.

  18. I would call that dance the “crab puppet” dance. I posted this on the youtube video as Hearsthewater

  19. YO! I really have to tell you this! This is so awesome! I hope you’ll read this!

    On Tuesday we had Asian Explosion party in our town (and it was awesome!) and I was dancing with my friend who is also a Nasty. Out of the blue we started rolling down our sexy windows and suddenly photographer came to us: ”OMG! You look so cool! Do it again! Come on!” And thus, the epic nasty photo was taken! After dat we said to each other: ”Uuuuuuh u so naaaaeeesty!” HAHHAHA this was one of the highlights of the night for me xD
    I hope ”rolling down your sexy window” soon becomes the hit dance move!

  20. Think I’ve been watching too many EYK videos. This is not a bad thing! However I no longer go “Yaaayy pretty things!” Instead I go “Yaaayy pretty things! What a minute.. What is that thing doing here.. Wait a minute did I miss something? THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.” And so on. Keep up the good work! You’re making me pay attention XD

  21. I love BAP(like own every song they have released love) but Nilili Mambo is a better song and video. so BLOCK B for the showdown.

    I wish i could think of an awesome name for Zelo’s dance, but i can’t :(

    On the subject of evil bunnies, this is the first thing i thought of (this is what too much Buffy will do to you):

    Bunnie aren’t just cute like everybody supposes
    They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses
    And what’s with all the carrots
    What do they need such good eyesight for anyways?

  22. Zelo’s dance was very impressive! I really liked it! My first thought when I saw the dance was, “He looks like he has an itch!” lol! Reminded me of when I do whatever I can to reach that itch I get in the middle of my back. While I rub up against a doorway (Oooo you so NASTY!) or tell my brother to scratch my back, Zelo decides to take to floor and dance to get that annoying itch. lol.

    So I’ll name it The “I have an itch on my back!” Dance. :)

    My youtube name is my actual name Diana Sanchez. YouTube kept on bugging me to use my real name instead of the username I had so I finally did.

    Thanks guise! =]

  23. I like One Shot better than Ninny mambo or whatever it was

  24. I thought the dance was more like trying to scratch the spot on your back you can’t reach then ‘fish out of water’ so how about “That One Spot” dance? XD MY youtube name is TaigaNatsuki

  25. Am i the only one who notice that the first 30sec of the video was really like the clip ; I’m on a boat of Lonely Island??

  26. I would call his dance the Zombie Bunny Bounce. When he finally comes up he is alive.

  27. I think you should name it the Skinny Jean Jumping Worm

  28. youtube – jjsuperelflover

    Zelo’s Dance : Spazzy ovaries over-drive :D or Flip’en, Flop’en, Drop’en Dance
    Thanks for taking your time and making my Monday’s Thursday’s and every other day in between great!

  29. i am a subscriber yay ! first i would like to say i loved the video hahaha i am from brazil, so i would call the dance “vai lacraia” which means something like “go earwig” (earwig was a guy/girl who used to do dances like that hahaha)

  30. NILILI MAMBO. Pirate Gangsters > Just Gangsters

  31. I loved this review, even tho it was short. I LOVE One Shot. I LOVE B.A.P.
    I don’t love that they forgot that bulletproof vests exist.

    I have four names for that dance:
    The Matrix Matokki
    Super Gangster Beetle On Back
    The Falling n’ Crawling, Reverse Style!
    The Baby Beetle on Back-dance

    YT is: attolnone

  32. BLOCK B IS MY VOTE. They look like their having more fun and enjoying the ride.

  33. There were a couple of (long) names that I could think of such as:


    2) My-mom-didn’t-get-me-what-I-want-so-I’m-gonna-throw-a-tantrum-on-the-ground (or simply zelo’s tantrum dance).

    3) And finally for some reason I also thought of the Zelo Mudskipper dance.

    Guys, I totally subscribed.. :’) At least I think I did.. :O But anyway, my username on Youtube is: deedra rama

    Loved your video btw!

  34. we can call it “The Flipped Crab”
    Since Crabs Walk sideways and Zelo used his back to Move Sideways.
    My Youtube Account : Carl Leal

  35. Name of the dance?

    It could either be: Baby Kick Dance. Or the Dead Jelly Dance. Or….

    Virtually-Impregnating-everyone dance. 8D <3

    Blueberry Jelly Wiggly Dance. Cause his hair is blue. 8D

    Or the "Maknae swag dance than gets every noona to go to prison" dance.

    Or the "Gravity turned me into a human bicycle" Dance.

    Okay, I'm having too much fun with this.

    "I'm shaking my butt to kill of an insect but it won't work so I kick my legs up in the air for a combo." Dance. 8D

    "I'm too cool to shake standing up, so I wiggle lying down." Dance.

    Electric Bicycle Dance? XD <3

    Youtube Channel: TealEmbrace

  36. Thought you guys would talk about the gunfight scene since you’ve often griped about the improper use (or lack of, rather) of guns and this being the first MV i’ve seen of idol groups actually using them properly (albeit a lil overly dramatic). XD

  37. about the metal pole: that particular scene was shot in the Philippines. gangsters using metal pole is very normal here i find that scene realistic hahahaha :DDDD

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