We’re back in Korea! Time for us to start making Korea related videos again! Woohoo! What better way to start than with a Kpop Music MonTuesday! We didn’t get back in time from Japan last night to make our review, but we’ll be damned if we miss another Kpop Music Monday and then conspiracy theorists complain about the fate of the universe and the evilness of our souls! So, here it is: our thoughts on B.A.P.’s “One Shot,” and a CD for you guise! First, here’s the video. You should check out the video:


For starters, if you like Rain Sound more than this you’re lying. Lying I say! Impossible! These kinds of songs and videos are what made B.A.P. stand out from the rookie pack last year. This is where their bread and butter is. This is what makes them awesome. Rain Sound is not one of those songs. Don’t be a badass and then a sissy.

Some things we didn’t mention in our video: the big Bunny. See, I’m all for bunnies. I love bunnies. I had a pet rabbit for 10 years growing up. The one thing I can tell you about my experience of bunnies, both real and symbolized, is that they’re sweet and fluffy and cute, and by far NOT the right image to use for something hardcore. I mean, it’s kinda hard to be gangsta in front of a giant bunny. I understand it’s a cute toy that’s perfect merchandise for your female demographic to buy in the dozens, but as a looming symbol during your chest beating man anthem, or MANTHEM, it seems a bit ridiculous.

Another thing: that boat scene at the beginning was kinda awkward. B.A.P. at the front of the boat, girls in bikinis in the back. What is this, a middle-school dance? Shouldn’t you be WITH the girls? B.A.P.: do you need me to help you out with this, yo? You say to your homies “yo, you can all hang out here at the front of the boat like losers: I’m gonna go talk to those fly bunnies in bikinis.” That entire scene was silly. SILLY I SAY! SILLY!

B.A.P. “One Shot” CD Giveaway Contest!

You guise were really dedicated in keeping B.A.P. in first place, even though SHINee came out with their video. We’re totally SHINee biased, and people know this, and we said not the nicest things about Rain Sound, and yet this video still won. Mad props, yo. So, here’s a CD for you. If you want to win it, here’s what you gotta do:

1) For those of you who aren’t subscribed to us yet, click to Subscribe to us on YouTube. We like our YouTube subscribers. You’re nice people. So, CDs for you!

2) Let us know what you think Zelo’s crazy dance sequence should be called. We don’t have a name for it. Does it actually have a name? Doesn’t matter! Whatever we think is the best name we’ll give the CD to. That’s it!

3) If you’re gonna leave your answer in the comments here in the blog post, also leave your YouTube username with your answer, so we can see if you’re subscribed or not!

For those of you who don’t consider yourselves lucky, and want to pick up the song on your own rather than waiting for us to announce you as the winner, you can pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia. And, on that note, here’s our blooper footage for the video! Meemers makes a cameo. Spudgy was around, yes, but you just didn’t see him :D


  1. person cant float ( is for zelos dance)

  2. Did you ever put 하지마 well make a 하지마 – B.A.P K.M.M

  3. The Magikarp-splash Dance :D eaeaeaeaeae!

  4. One Shot…..can someone explain the alternate endings? Btw, rainsound was really random and sounds similar to c-cloud’s newest song a lot.

  5. I, personally, really hate saying this, Martina, but hitting someone with a pipe isn’t all that uncommon in the “thug life”. The more important something you want to get across is, the more drastic the measure you take. Hitting him with a pipe wasn’t odd at all because he had to get close enough to drop the USB and guns are kind of something that’s hard to aim without a lot of experience (whether in a shooting range or just because you be gangsta, yo). I’m also kind of saddened by this, but, the first thing that got me in the music video was the fact that, when they (B.A.P) were buying guns, THEY GAVE THE GUN SELLER THE MONEY FIRST! From learning a thing or two (albeit by word of mouth, as I don’t really have any use for a pistol being a 17-year-old social-phobic girl who kind of never leaves her backyard) living in the hood (and yes, I actually live in “tha hood”. If I look outside my front door right now, I can count 4 or 5 houses that sell drugs. Though only, like, 2 actually sell more hardcore drugs, while the rest only sell marijuana and I believe a sort of “generic brand” type ecstasy, they’re still drugs and it’s still illegal), you never, and I mean NEVER, give whoever you’re buying something from the cash first. Those of you who have seen films in the same style of B.A.P’s ‘ONE SHOT’ video can confirm this. Before moving to this neighborhood, all my street cred came from watching movies. Than I shared math with kids the same age as me selling drugs and doing drugs and fighting in gangs and these little things sort of start to stand out to you. OTL

    On a much happier note, I LOVED the USB Mac/Windows Problem skit! “He was a nice guy.” THAN WHY IS HE IN A RIVAL GANG IF HE’S NICEEE??! The world makes no sense to me. Why can’t everybody be nice to other people? (read in a childish whiny voice)
    I can still enjoy gangster style stuff, though, ya’ll! I be gangsta, yo, in a I’m-about-as-threatening-as-a-baby-mole kind of way. Seriously. Baby moles are defenseless. But, don’t mess with me! I pop a cap in yo a** yo! *immediately apologizes for causing harm to rival gang by popping a cap in their a- rear ends (… >> <<)* And this is why I would be that idiot that gets shot in those gangtser movies in, like, the first 20 to 30 minutes of the dang movie and your just like, "Really, man? Really?! Is it even possible to just die that fast in a non-slasher film? C'mon!"

    Sorry for my rambling! But.. the more you know? Was kind of my thinking behind posting this. Yeah. *peace out* Cuz I be gangsta! (Yo!)

  6. my youtube username is dy wen. i have subscribed to you already. dance: Zelo’s gravitational dance?

  7. It kinda looks like a tumbleweed dance lol.

  8. i try to look cool in front member but sore in the morning

  9. i cant find my doggy mommy dance

  10. hump on the floor dance

  11. cleaning the floor dance

  12. ”buy me that toy mom” dance

  13. does the name count in the you tube account?

  14. It’s the “Pants on fire” dance :)
    (youtube torntrof)

  15. Martina where did you get your glasses? Did you get them from the same place you got your hello kitty ones? I lost mine recently at Katsucon =’( and need new ones. Thank you muchly!

  16. out of curiosity, who gets to define what is good english and what is bad english?

  17. I would name Zelo’s dance ‘Shock’, since it looks as if he is being electrocuted, and you’re left in complete shock when you see it ^-^

  18. I would name Zelo’s dance move the Exorcist, since it looks as if he has been possessed, especially in the following clips ^-^

  19. I would name Zelo’s dance the Caterpillar, since it’s the reverse worm ^-^

  20. I would name Zelo’s dance the Beetle on it’s Back, or BB for short. It’s the BB move for B-Boys ^.^

  21. I would name Zelo’s dance the G.SO – Getting my Skinnies On

  22. I would name Zelo’s dance the Frog. Since, Zelo does the Scorpion afterwards, and he tried to raise both a Frog and a Scorpion in the dorms, but B.A.P killed it =_=’

  23. I would name Zelo’s dance the T.S.O move (Disco). It stands for Trying to get my Skinnies On ^^

  24. I would name Zelo’s dance the Turtle, because he can’t seem to get up until he does the Scorpion ^^

  25. I would name Zelo’s dance the I.T.C.H! It stands for I’m Trying to Change, Help!
    I’m subscribed to all your channels ^-^

  26. YouTube Username : kairi1111
    Dance names:
    Finding Zelo Dance!
    Or “the help me ive fallen and I can’t get up” dance LOL

  27. Martina please tell me where you got your glasses! I love them!

  28. I think zelos dance should be name “The serial killer seizure worm” it’s just so crazy only real serial killers can do it 0_0
    Love you eat you kimichi and I’m sorry that Simon keeps getting hit by a gang

  29. youtube username : mintsouma11

    I might be one of the least creative people here but oh well just trying my luck xD
    it should be called “I have ants in my pants” dance

  30. YouTube Username: JazzyHMM

    Dance Names:

    1. The Back-Kruncher

    I have the habit of systematically calling this dance by this name whenever I see it (which is a lot). Why? Because it clearly looks like a movement that uses quite a few back muscles and could potentially break your back ( hehe ohh Zelo). And the ‘K’ in ‘Kruncher’, well, it looks cooler, plus it represents Korea and/or K-pop!

    2. The Seizure Procedure

    Looks like Zelo is having a seizure if you think about it. Yup. I heard he recovered quickly though (ba-dum-tshh).

    3. The BIMP Crimp

    Oh no! Zelo’s tokki (rabbit or bunny in Korean) has caught him by surprise by hopping into his pants, resulting in Zelo’s crazy dancing which was actually a desperate effort to try to get his tokki out. True story, poor Zelo. BIMP is an acronym for “Bunny in my Pants” and the definition of crimp is ‘a succession of waves”.

  31. YouTube Username: JazzyHMM

    Dance Names:

    1. The Back-Kruncher

    I have the habit of systematically calling this dance by this name whenever I see it (which is a lot). Why? Because it clearly looks like a movement that uses quite a few back muscles and could potentially break your back ( hehe ohh Zelo). And the ‘K’ in ‘Kruncher’, well, it looks cooler, plus it represents Korea and/or K-pop!

    2. The Seizure Procedure

    Looks like Zelo is having a seizure if you think about it. Yup. I heard he recovered quickly though (ba-dum-tshh).

    3. The BIMP Crimp

    Oh no! Zelo’s tokki (rabbit or bunny in Korean) has caught him by surprise by hopping into his pants, resulting in Zelo’s crazy dancing which was actually a desperate effort to try to get his tokki out. True story, poor Zelo. BIMP is an acronym for “Bunny in my Pants” and the definition of crimp is ‘a succession of waves”.

  32. I’m not sure if anyone mentioned it but Zelo’s dance is a bboy move called Rockadile

  33. NAME FOR ZELO’S DANCE: bear scratching his back? lol Hope I’ll win the Cd ’cause it would be as great as zelo’s dance!
    ok so I think that I should explain why I give this name: 1rst he scratches his back against the floor (yes,yes, bears often do this^^) and then -I forgot to say that it’s a ninja bear- so he gets back up on his 2 feets -so cool the bear- and goes to another place because he has made a “hole” , so he scratches his stomach and to finish he gets back up again on his 2 feets! :D (I know I already wrote this on youtube, but I wanted to make sure that you guys see it ;) ) oh I forgot, my youtube user name is: littlesasa8

  34. NAME FOR ZELO’S DANCE: bear scratching his back? lol Hope I’ll win the Cd ’cause it would be as great as zelo’s dance!
    ok so I think that I should explain why I give this name: 1rst he scratches his back against the floor (yes,yes, bears often do this^^) and then -I forgot to say that it’s a ninja bear- so he gets back up on his 2 feets -so cool the bear- and goes to another place because he has made a “hole” , so he scratches his stomach and to finish he gets back up again on his 2 feets! :D (I know I already wrote this on youtube, but I wanted to make sure that you guys see it ;) )

  35. User: Panny162002

    Comment: I think Zelo’s dance should be called ” The Break up Back” and my vote goes to B.A.P.

  36. Hope I’m not too late…

    After Martina said Zelo looked like a fish out of water, all I could think of was Magikarp used Splash! It had no effect… Except it would be ‘Zelokarp used Splash! It was super effective on his fangirls!’ And at the end where he gets up off the ground (coughdoestheinfinitescorpiondancecough) it’s like he’s evolving into Gyrados. Ok… Done with my Pokémon nerdiness :)

    So I guess the name of the dance would be ‘Zelokarp used Splash’ ?

    YouTube account: Karen Kong (that’s my google account linked to YouTube name? Idk how that works)

  37. User: “panny162002″

    “I think Zelo’s dance should be called ” The Break up Back” and my vote goes to B.A.P. “

  38. Zelo’s gravity defying circus freak dance can only have one name:


  39. Username: LightWarrior17

    I would call Zelo’s dance the “Malfunctioning Robot” Zelo was often referred to as a robot during their debut days and this move seemed like the type of move a malfunctioned Zelo robot would do xD

  40. BLOCK B! they be super gangsta so I vote for them :)

  41. rmariana4026 : I Would Name Zelo Dance The Awkward Turtle Dance When They Are Trying To Get Back Up After They Fall On Their Shell.

  42. swoopingisbad99: The “getting rid of a wedgie without touching your underwear” dance! :D

  43. I already posted my answer like everywhere I’m not sure xD !! I would call it the Dying Octopus … ! My youtube username is 마 리 !

  44. hi guise!!!

    It’s The Magikarp Dance!!! ♥♥♥

    My username is Hinagy, nasty greetings from Mexico!

  45. “The CRABBIE LIFTOFF dance” Missprincessfuture

  46. Lol, Zelo’s dance is good, but I just can’t keep my eyes off Himchan’s ‘The Lord of crotches’ moment, when he moves his hand up, and they follow him. I just can’t, it amuses me. XD

    p.s. Laughed hard when Simon got a hit at his head, ahaha, Martina, had a good time hitting your husband?

  47. I think the dance should be “The Sidewinder”. Your Welcome^^

  48. youtube name: nursyuaida

    I’m not good at naming things so mines is probably lame. But I shall give it a go.

    Omma I can’t get up dance?

    Ok don’t judge me. I told you i’m not good at naming things.

    On the same note, omg, this video made me laugh so hard. Esp Martina’s i’m-tryina-be-gangsta. lol

  49. i’ll name it the ‘Harlem Worm Dance’, hehehe…
    my youtube is mu51c f4n4t1c

  50. the jumping Harlem worm dance, sort of…
    mu51c f4n4t1c – yea..i have a weird youtube name…

  51. I totally agree this video is better than rain sound; it’s the B.A.P. that we love xD

  52. user: megi13121

    name of the dance: “Squirrel came in my pants” dance

    I don’t know it just looks for me as something got into his pants and he was trying to get rid of it xD

  53. I vote Block B!!! I love them :)

  54. I’d say its a “Oh my god, this itch that only pavement can scratch” type of dance.. you, since he’s a robot, so it’s probably hard to be able to scratch the itches good enough..

  55. youtube username: annyisvip
    name for zelo’s dance: ground breaker
    Since Zelo looks like he’s trying to break the ground with hitting his back to the ground, that gives the ground breaker. Then his hands and legs look like he’s riding an invisible bike….that’s also upside down. So there goes the name “ground breaker” who is trying to break the floor and ride a bike at the same time.

  56. youtube username: annyisvip

    name for Zelo’s dance: ground breaker

    Since he looks like he’s trying to break the floor by hitting it with his back, that gives it the name. Then he also looks like he’s riding an invisible bike that’s in the air. So that came to the name “ground breaker” who is riding an invisible bike at the same time as trying to break the floor.

  57. youtube username: annyisvip

    name for Zelo’s dance: ground breaker

    Since Zelo looks like he’s trying to break the floor by hitting it with his back, that gives it the name. Also, he looks like he’s riding an invisible bike that’s in the air. So that gives the dance the name “ground breaker” that is riding an invisible bike.

  58. not sure if someone asked this yet but MARTINA MARTINA!!! Where did you get your awsome snapback!!?! >:D

  59. The magikarp evolution dance!! Get it! Cause he’s all floppy at first then it’s like bam he evolves into a gyrados! See he even does the gyrados spin move!!
    My YouTube usernames are: Devi Ka and Jonghyun Ki

  60. Youtube name: grangergirlable (yeah…I know)
    Zelo’s dance? I call it the “ants in ma pants” dance

  61. youtube username: annyisvip
    name for zelo’s dance: ground breaker
    Since Zelo looks like he’s trying to break the ground with hitting his back to the ground, that gives the ground breaker. Then his hands and legs look like he’s riding an invisible bike….that’s also upside down. So there goes the name “ground breaker” who is trying to break the floor and ride a bike at the same time.

  62. User: Pandi Bear .

    I call it the ‘JumokBAP’ cause Jumok (주먹) means fist which represents BAP
    But then if you read it like 주목 that means to give attention to and focus on
    So Zelo is the centre of attention and the concept of ‘One Shot’ is strong and there is a lot of pole hitting thus a fist :DD
    Also BAP can be rice (밥),
    Conclusion: It is a tasty riceball dance with lots of fist punching and attention

  63. The Zelo dance should be called the Backbreaker!
    YT name: T Zelo

  64. I would call that dance the “crab puppet” dance. I posted this on the youtube video as Hearsthewater

  65. YO! I really have to tell you this! This is so awesome! I hope you’ll read this!

    On Tuesday we had Asian Explosion party in our town (and it was awesome!) and I was dancing with my friend who is also a Nasty. Out of the blue we started rolling down our sexy windows and suddenly photographer came to us: ”OMG! You look so cool! Do it again! Come on!” And thus, the epic nasty photo was taken! After dat we said to each other: ”Uuuuuuh u so naaaaeeesty!” HAHHAHA this was one of the highlights of the night for me xD
    I hope ”rolling down your sexy window” soon becomes the hit dance move!

  66. I’m curious if the tank in the background dance sequence with the large BAP Bunny is a bit of Brohoho action. I distinctly remember it from the TOP and G-dragon ‘Knock out’ MV. Could be wrong though – perhaps Mr. Brohoho doesn’t rent out heavy artillery.

    In honor of the tank and of the song title I’m going to call this dance ‘the ricochet’.

    YT Username: rosealirosealia.

  67. Think I’ve been watching too many EYK videos. This is not a bad thing! However I no longer go “Yaaayy pretty things!” Instead I go “Yaaayy pretty things! What a minute.. What is that thing doing here.. Wait a minute did I miss something? THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.” And so on. Keep up the good work! You’re making me pay attention XD

  68. Good thing they didn’t make an MV for Punch!
    “Err err errbody punch!”
    Engrish ftw~ Voting for B.A.P for the showdown as well ^____^

  69. I love BAP(like own every song they have released love) but Nilili Mambo is a better song and video. so BLOCK B for the showdown.

    I wish i could think of an awesome name for Zelo’s dance, but i can’t :(

    On the subject of evil bunnies, this is the first thing i thought of (this is what too much Buffy will do to you):

    Bunnie aren’t just cute like everybody supposes
    They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses
    And what’s with all the carrots
    What do they need such good eyesight for anyways?

  70. Zelo’s dance was very impressive! I really liked it! My first thought when I saw the dance was, “He looks like he has an itch!” lol! Reminded me of when I do whatever I can to reach that itch I get in the middle of my back. While I rub up against a doorway (Oooo you so NASTY!) or tell my brother to scratch my back, Zelo decides to take to floor and dance to get that annoying itch. lol.

    So I’ll name it The “I have an itch on my back!” Dance. :)

    My youtube name is my actual name Diana Sanchez. YouTube kept on bugging me to use my real name instead of the username I had so I finally did.

    Thanks guise! =]

  71. I like One Shot better than Ninny mambo or whatever it was

  72. I thought the dance was more like trying to scratch the spot on your back you can’t reach then ‘fish out of water’ so how about “That One Spot” dance? XD MY youtube name is TaigaNatsuki

  73. raichi shinnjitsunodanngann

    I think we should call his dance “ewwwwwww my back is itches mom! ewwwwwww” or ” Mom! buy me a toy! mom! you don’t? Okay! I will keep moving like this on the public road until you buy me a toy! beeeeeeee” dance. lol.

    YongGuk, HimChan, DaeHyun, YongJae, JongUp and Zelo! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You Tube user name: raichi shinnjitsunodanngann

  74. Am i the only one who notice that the first 30sec of the video was really like the clip ; I’m on a boat of Lonely Island??

  75. For the name of the dance… How about the “Reverse Matrix Rubber Band Bounce” dance? Emphasis on the “Bounce”.
    My Youtube user name is MrSlightlyCrazy08

  76. I would call his dance the Zombie Bunny Bounce. When he finally comes up he is alive.

  77. I think you should name it the Skinny Jean Jumping Worm

  78. youtube – jjsuperelflover

    Zelo’s Dance : Spazzy ovaries over-drive :D or Flip’en, Flop’en, Drop’en Dance
    Thanks for taking your time and making my Monday’s Thursday’s and every other day in between great!

  79. i am a subscriber yay ! first i would like to say i loved the video hahaha i am from brazil, so i would call the dance “vai lacraia” which means something like “go earwig” (earwig was a guy/girl who used to do dances like that hahaha)

  80. TheANAROCK10 – ”Look-I-am-a-Magikarp-dance”

  81. NILILI MAMBO. Pirate Gangsters > Just Gangsters

  82. I loved this review, even tho it was short. I LOVE One Shot. I LOVE B.A.P.
    I don’t love that they forgot that bulletproof vests exist.

    I have four names for that dance:
    The Matrix Matokki
    Super Gangster Beetle On Back
    The Falling n’ Crawling, Reverse Style!
    The Baby Beetle on Back-dance

    YT is: attolnone

  83. BLOCK B IS MY VOTE. They look like their having more fun and enjoying the ride.

  84. Irrelevant to the prize.

    Fo’sho, they should make a movie out of these. It literally made me gasped when they shot a member of B.A.P. I would so own the movie if they did. Kudos to you guys. YEeAH!

  85. There were a couple of (long) names that I could think of such as:


    2) My-mom-didn’t-get-me-what-I-want-so-I’m-gonna-throw-a-tantrum-on-the-ground (or simply zelo’s tantrum dance).

    3) And finally for some reason I also thought of the Zelo Mudskipper dance.

    Guys, I totally subscribed.. :’) At least I think I did.. :O But anyway, my username on Youtube is: deedra rama

    Loved your video btw!

  86. we can call it “The Flipped Crab”
    Since Crabs Walk sideways and Zelo used his back to Move Sideways.
    My Youtube Account : Carl Leal

  87. Name of the dance?

    It could either be: Baby Kick Dance. Or the Dead Jelly Dance. Or….

    Virtually-Impregnating-everyone dance. 8D <3

    Blueberry Jelly Wiggly Dance. Cause his hair is blue. 8D

    Or the "Maknae swag dance than gets every noona to go to prison" dance.

    Or the "Gravity turned me into a human bicycle" Dance.

    Okay, I'm having too much fun with this.

    "I'm shaking my butt to kill of an insect but it won't work so I kick my legs up in the air for a combo." Dance. 8D

    "I'm too cool to shake standing up, so I wiggle lying down." Dance.

    Electric Bicycle Dance? XD <3

    Youtube Channel: TealEmbrace

  88. Can I say I was absurdly happy Martina said “breakdancing” and not “b-boying”? :P

  89. Thought you guys would talk about the gunfight scene since you’ve often griped about the improper use (or lack of, rather) of guns and this being the first MV i’ve seen of idol groups actually using them properly (albeit a lil overly dramatic). XD

  90. about the metal pole: that particular scene was shot in the Philippines. gangsters using metal pole is very normal here i find that scene realistic hahahaha :DDDD

  91. The Zelo’s “Itchy Back” dance!

    YT username: Shinytopsandsodapops

  92. Ok ok ok, perfect name: the, “Take-It-In-The-Butt” dance. Because you didn’t heed Super Junior warning, Zelo shall deliver you a stylish thrashing. “THAT’S FOR MAKING ME DO AEGYO! RAWR!”
    YouTube name: MsThugBear

  93. So, I spent a good amount of time during this video going WTF. Like Simon, I thought the English basically sucked. I guess I’m of the mind that unless you’re a phenomenal speaker of another language, don’t make it an integral part of your music. It sounds gimicky. Well, unless you want to sound gimicky….in which case, carry on. This song/MV does have the two things that I like about B.A.P. – their powerful sound and their dancing. As far as the vocals go – they’re inconsistent. There are twenty million solos in the song and some are great and some suck and some fall in the middle. ADVICE (to BAP)- just cuz someone has a unique voice doesn’t mean they should be a lead vocal. MORE ADVICE – Pick your TWO (no more) best voices and use the rest of the group to complement them.

    Okay…moving on – The dancing. I nearly always love BAP’s moves and this was no exception. Rock solid timing – power choreography – gravity defying breaks. I could seriously watch them dance for hours. I don’t think, however, they could actual dance for hours at that intensity.

    Theme – again to the WTF. Yeah, I got the story line…..how could you not? It just seemed like childish play acting. You beat the crap outta a guy on video. You have a ton of weaponry to show how badass you are, and then you finish off the threat with a machete to the neck? Bags of money lookin’ like they’re filled with crumpled tissue? Bandanas tied all gangsta? A real live police badge on someone that was supposedly undercover? I could go on and on and on. But yeah….no.

    Finally – the bunny…..it’s funny. Actually, I love the bunny because it really seems to sum up the whole MV. You have this thing that’s cute and cuddly and…fluffy (an idol group) that you decide to turn all hard core black shiny (not Shinee). But, let’s face it. Bunnies…even hard core black shiny crystal ones….are bunnies. Even the ninja assassin bunnies don’t inspire much more than an “awwwwwwwww” before they let loose their ninja all ova you.

  94. Youtube Username: ziyi3

    Imho, the dance should be called the ” Accidentally sat in a pile of ants ” dance

  95. name for the dance?
    P.G.A = Possessed Gangster Seizure.

  96. Cara Rose

    Ok, Zelo is bouncing around all crazy like on the ground, *in a line* towards the camera and then defies gravity & hops up backwards THEREFORE I dub this ‘The Zelophone Bounce’… cause, you know he’s making the shape of a xylophone with his.. um ..body…& bouncing a lot… right? …guise? o.O

  97. I’m not sure where my comment went before but i will try again Zelo’s move i would call it ”Omg there a bugs on the floor use the back attack” I wasn’t sure but it looked like a back attack and then he got up spinning like ”Yeah i got the bugs” Ah its going to be so hard to choose between block b and b.a.p me and my sister saw and where like NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! why Simon and Martina whyyyyy!!!. But anyway i hope i could win because it would be amazing to win something from b.a.p <3

  98. i’d call it:
    the sexy temper-tantrum dance. >__<

  99. Nillili Mambo takes my vote this time. As much as I love BAP, Block B just got more style in that song/MV. Plus, they’ve got that guy who sounds (and looks) a bit like TOP. Can’t beat that. ;-)

    I really hope we get to see more of ‘Warrior’-style BAP in the future. Bang and Zelo are such good rappas…

  100. I’ve been calling Zelo’s dance the “Train track” dance because that was what came to mind when I saw it. Like he was hopping on a track, but that’s just me.

    HOW DARE YOU MAKE Ba-By-Cs CHOOSE BETWEEN Block BAP?! Yes BaByCs are a legit fandom what are you talking about. Don’t you even know why Block B went to find the diamonds in the first place? TO BUST BAP OUTTA JAIL!

    One Shot is obviously the prequel to Nilili Mambo. The Block B Division had to use all of BlockBAP’s money to get all the guys out, that’s why by the time they went to get the diamonds all they could manage was a less-than-fancy boat and no more fancy ladies or fancy drinks or grapes.

  101. Oh, my epic sadness that the gun usage wasn’t discussed! But still a great video and very funny!

  102. I don’t know about the “getting up like a boss” dance part, but the “giant maknae is flailing” part, that was done without a single rope. ;) http://24.media.tumblr.com/20ded4a052c7d4b09c491ec014fb83ac/tumblr_mi77baFmRj1rlm98go1_400.gif

  103. So everyone is trying to go by the look of the dance… but the obvious answer is the, “2 kool 4 yall” dance. I mean really… I would love to see someone else try that. Zelo is soooooooooooooooooooooooo special. Now please hand over the CD I absolutely need to hear Yongguk everyday! ~youtube: kittypride156~

  104. I like One Shot but definitely Nilili Mambo for the win!

  105. My YouTube username: Casey Li

    AND I NAME ZELO’S DANCE The Upside Down Humping Dance, also known as TUDH Dance :D

    My friends’ birthday is coming up, and she’s a MASSIVE Baby, so I was planning on giving something BAP related to her :3

    If I don’t win, I hope someone who’s a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Baby gets it ^^ Not someone who’d leave it on the shelf coughcoughmecoughcough

  106. ok so i came up with a story for Zelos dance: so the guys where filming and someone yelled there’s a bug in Zelos back!! No one came up to help poor Zelo so he rapidly dropped on the floor and stared smashing his back on the floor to kill the bug, like a boss. lol i call Zelos dance the bug smasher. lol anyways thanks and good luck you guys :)

    username: merazy2

  107. It’s the “When in doubt hump the floor backwards cuz you so gansta son!”
    hahaha :D
    My youtube: NicoleCake12 ^^

  108. I would name Zelo’s Dance as “I don’t wanna eat Broccoli Dance~” You know when children throw tantrums when they don’t wanna eat certain food.

  109. I wanna call it the Raunchy Awkward and Naughty Crotch Hotness dance. Or the RANCH dance.

    My name on YouTube is Marleigh Smith.^^

  110. “I’ve fallen, BUT I CAN GET UP!” dance.

    Okay so that is a dumb name.
    Yeah, I got nothing. Wah….

  111. zelo dance “pulling the rope ” or “alien power” > <
    B.A.P one shot!!! <3

  112. Hmmm I am at a loss on how I should go about this…I totally disagree about Rain Sound making them look “sissy”. There are a couple of groups that look way less manly but I will not divulge that secret since it might start a fan war. They are trying to appeal to different audiences at home and abroad. I think it is a more mature sexy sound. I will say this again B.A.P is showing versatility in their music, style, lyrics and emotions it is what makes a really good artist stand out from the rest.

    Rabbits, bunnies whatever you want to call them are friendly creatures, they symbolize peace and tranquility but also fertility, sexuality. They also symbolize mastery of trickery and cunningness and let’s not forget luck. A scared or angry bunny can gnaw several fingers off if you mess with it therefore the giant Matoki is versatile and appropriate anywhere.

    The scene on the yacht was showing their swag with the ladies sipping on wine, grapes for Zello lol playboys with a mature classy feel. It clearly shows how far they’ve come from warrior as a group and as artists. I have also read and heard the majority of fan girls do not want to see other girls hanging on their idols. They go bonkers unless it is like another idol within their circle for videos or performances.

    Bang’s english is suspect sorry my demi god leader @_@ but I am sure he will improve. I still however believe he gets away with it cause it just sounds sexy and hood in that voice. He is using street slang so it makes it a little better.

    The dancing is just awesome so good it looks simple but it is not and that is the beauty. B.A.P has the ability to make it look smooth and fitting. The Super Junior comment saying their dancing makes it easy to follow…didn’t want to say it but here it goes anyway. Their dancing is plain old and slow. Looking at their choreography there’s nothing that makes it real dancing or stand out. Most of them look awkward. That being said though some individually can dance, Eunhyuk and Dong Hae are exceptional. =). B.A.P once again can all dance and follow the choreo and I think we will see more as they keep evolving.

    The two different endings is part of what makes the video unique. Either route will not end well because of the choices they make and the life they lead. It clearly starts with them living the high life and enjoying the spoils on the yacht but ends with them either in jail or dead. They are not glorifying the gangsters way of life but rather showing the consequences of that lifestyle it will never end pretty. Like what would you rather have get betrayed and spend your life in jail or have your life snuffed out? Either way your screwed. Tying the whole thing up is Bag and his famous words, “you only have one chance ya know”, or “you only have last chance ya know”. You only get one life, one chance to get it right since with don’t have a giant sexy black diamond Matoki to help. I think they got their message across perfectly with an awesome music video. <333

    Thanks for reviewing it though and you are definitely entitled to your opinions =)…btw the joke on 2pm was funny overall the vid you guys made was hilarious. I am 100% behind B.A.P's stand off was way better like I felt the drama, felt their pain as they went down one by one personally it was KILLING ME too watch them go down but it was epic anyhow. ^_^ I still like Block B though. =)

    I think Zelo's dance should be called "Rabid Resurrection" or "Rabid Resurrector" cause he's like fighting his way up till he stands up right after being pulled down. Rabid rabbit like the giant Matoki lol. I will suscribe to you guys and I have the album already. Toodles (^_^)/


  113. Zelos dance is not done using effects and springs and levers and that stuff… He’s done the dance before in a dance battle :D

  114. Melissa Dischert

    username: madisch1

    “dyslexic worm” …cause its backwards and sideways all all twisted-up!

  115. In terms of Boat Gangsta-ness, I vote for Nillili Mambo.

  116. I vote for B.A.P – their video was more epic!

    the question: Zelo’s dance is called “Ants in the pants!”
    YT name: alternativeked

  117. The Jello-Fish.

    .-; ‘:’ :’-.
    {‘.’. ‘.’. ‘.}
    ( ‘`.
    ‘-. ._ ,_.-=’
    `). ( `) ;(
    (‘. .)(, ‘.) <- gr8 jellyfish, can't y'all tell?
    ) ( ,') .(
    ( . ').' (').
    .) ( ' ).('
    ' ) ( ).
    .'( .)'
    . ).'

    YouTube keeps claiming an error when I try to comment. Blasphemy!

    Anywho, my youtube name is smickhick1 and I'm subscribed.

  118. I would name it the gangster temper tantrum dance.
    because when you’re living the thug life, you can’t just kick and scream, you have to do it while moving horizontally across the floor XD

  119. i hereby name that dance gangster seizure!

  120. YouTube Username: “XxFatalAttractionxX”

    Zelo Dance!! Should be called “Scorpion Resurrection”!

  121. Well, meh youtube is: elyrex96, i diiiiiid subscribe :P Zelo’s dance should be called, the “ZCrackin” Why? Because for some reason I think of a crab, and then when I think of a crab, I think of the crackin (which is not a crab…idk whats wrong with me)…. but yeah :D
    Btw, One shot is more gangsta but Block B as a group is more gangsta because they have more swag with their voices. But then BAP has more swag dances >.> Tis my opinion…

  122. lol that boat scene, yea it was totally unnecessary :p

    Ofc it reminded me of Lonely Island and Block B, but also Dan Omar – oh so many bikinis!!! xD


  123. Hmmmm I have three names in mind~

    1.the bunny back hop!
    2.back bounce
    3.brake yo back

    My vote goes to b.a.p!The most epic MV ever~

  124. “Shit there are ants in my pants” Dance hehehehehehe :)
    I love your videos >.<
    Youtube name: Fiona Tran :)

  125. His Dance move should be called ” Finding Zelo”!!!! lol my youtube username is “Gobstoppers2″..

  126. yay!! B.A.P is so awesome!!! i hope i win their CD XD if i don’t congrats to whoever does ^^

    YT Username: lazygirl368

    name of B.A.P. Zelo solo dance:

    *drum roll*

    the Turtle On Its Back dance…..its a work in progress lol ^//^ my first thought was the Fish Flop but he seems like a turtle that fell on its back and is trying to get up but can’t =P or would a bug be better?(to compare this to)
    :O the Turtle Flop!!!! that’s the name for Zelo’s dance Y(^//^)P

  127. His Dance move should be called ” Finding Zelo”!!!! lol my youtube username is “Gobstoppers2″…

  128. Youtube: potterfan77777

    I think a good one would be “the one and only beautiful burpee” or “swag burpee”

    To be honest when I first saw the dance it looked like he was doing part of a burpee. Everyone(me included) looks bad doing a burpee, and Zelo is the only one I’ve seen that seen that has looked good while doing his version of the move. He even managed to add some swag to it. :)

    Or maybe ” the god has risen, let’s sprinkle confetti” dance

    If you look behind Zelo while he is doing this move, the members are doing a tribal-ish dance. It kind of looks like they are are all praising the god. Jongup on the other hand looks like he is sprinkling confetti in celebration XD.


    (JongUp is wearing the Red Pants)

  129. Hm… I have to say, Nillili Mambo wins this one. There’s less overall heartbreak, less unnecessary time travel. I’m a Baby before a BBC, but alas, I can’t lie to myself T-T

    I would call the dance…(and this is after watching it intently for 10 minutes)

    the Back-breaker shuffle.
    Or, interchangeably, the back-breaker jig.
    I think jig sounds better. I mean, really, when I first saw that all I could think was HOW PAINFUL IT MUST BE TO DO. Add in the cute little punching the air movements and the small kicking movements, it just seems like a jig or shuffle to me.
    Username on Youtube: Emily2351

  130. Zelo’s Dance: ‘The Salted Worm’.

    It’s terrible to admit, but I used to pour salt on worms that came up
    on our driveway after a big flood, when I was a kid. The salt takes
    the moisture out of their body, and they freak out and wriggle around
    just like Zelo. . .

    I blame A Bug’s Life for teaching me this, when that snail accidentally ate salt in that bug bar. . .

    YouTube: LeMonstreBleu

  131. Purplynerd: the Worst Wedgie

  132. Amaranda

    That looks like the bunny from the Sam and Max video games! If it is the same bunny, he’s crazy enough to run with a street gang.

  133. When i first saw the video it makes me remember infinite´s popular dance step!! :D even so it’s just amazing!!! and because of that i´m calling it the “scorpion’s step “I have to say that even the name sounds rude! xD (or at least that´s what i think) :P My username: Flor Garcia

  134. I call it Zelo-humping-the-air move. O.O Pretty straightforward.
    I really want this~!
    #HardcoreB.A.PBABY ♥

  135. Hmm… I call it the “Zelo- ⓗ ⓤ ⓜ ⓟ ⓘ ⓝ ⓖ -the- ⓐ ⓘ ⓡ move. Haha. ;3
    Username: xxbabib1xx

    It would mean so much if I win this. Hardcore B.A.P BABY. ♥3♥

  136. Spider Monkey Dance
    The dance looks so cool, but if you imagine a spider flipped on its back and trying to get up, ewww hahaa.
    but then we humans are primates lol.. therefore spider monkey dance. hey zelo’s skinny and tall, so are the spider monkeys:P

    but for this vote, I say NILLILI MAMBO:)

    username: urmy0asis
    (thats a number zero)

  137. I like this song from BAP and what I like about the video is that guns were actually fired. LOL. Unlike other K-pop videos where guns aren’t fired. XD

  138. 1. Simon and Martina don’t you remember from the last time you put BAP and Block B against each other. It was a tie and by at least looking at the Facebook pole it doesn’t look like the there will be a different outcome this time. However Block B has my vote this time (Nillili Mambo was just so awesome) whereas BAP had it last time.

    2. The dance…I call it “Get That Invisible Angry Beaver Off My Back…Whew Its Gone I Can Stand Up Now”
    Youtube account: inumelissa1 gmail: [email protected]

  139. This is a bit morbid, but the first dance name that popped into my head while I watched Zelo was The Electric Chair. Seriously, doesn’t it look like electricity is coursing through his body, making him buckle?
    Youtube name: foreverhobbes.

    And I also vote for Block B, although it was a close one.

  140. The Strugglin’ Turtle Dance!!!! And yeah, the whole coming up to someone and hitting them with a pole is pretty common and also throwing random messages. Apparently it’s to show how serious they are about beating somebody up when needed. And I agree, the English was a bit….out there. Even when I heard it I was like, SHVAT ZI HELL IS HE SAYIN’?!?!?!
    Youtube Username: Bellariht Serna

  141. My pick for the Zelo dance is the QWOP Dance.

    Youtube username: Malyuki!

  142. Zelo’s dance should be call “possessed by ghosts cleaning” dance. Even if you are possess you can always clean the floor. XD

    YouTube username : GrinEsmerald

  143. Do you know how long it took me to find that “Hello!!” hat martina? Do you know how many hello kitty caps come up when you google “Hello!” hat? But it’s ok. I found it. And bought it. That is one awesome hat. Now if only there was a similar styled EYK hat….

  144. I would name Zelo’s dance the “Magikarp-used-Splash! Dance” The name would be highly embarrassing if you guys haven’t played Pokemon xD -https://twitter.com/idontlikekpop

  145. The worst back ich known to man dance O.o

  146. Glad to see you guys again!

    I call it “The Back Popping Bunny Bounce”

    youtube: treyzgurl09

  147. I would call Zelo’s dance the Awkward Turtle dance >.< At least that's what it made me think of!

  148. MV gangsters should really invest in guns by the beginning of it. I mean, why do the guns only appear in the end?! And the second ending… I agree with you, the mv would be better without it. Loved the segment about the usb delivery. The best. xD I think the best option would be mail, because if it were by computer, who says that the rival gang couldn’t track them out, go there and kick those buts?! ahahah Oh! And what’s up with the weird robbery? That… was… everything was just wrong. The policemen would never get out of the car, van, wtv. But, oh well…

    I also thought Zelo’s dance was great, although my first reaction was “What the hell are you doing?”. But after watching it again… it’s pretty epic. o_o I would name the dance “Bounce, Bounce Scorpio”, because… it’s literately that. xD
    My Youtube account: CkimikoS

    P.S.: And totally not related, just a question, the building outside/in front still has the lights running from top to bottom. Wasn’t that only for Christmas? Because I only recall seeing that when Christmas time started. :s

  149. Youtube name: rm granad I am a baby nasty…recently subscribed and absolutely love you guys and appreciate what you do! The name of dance well for me would be “back pound” or “pound back” they sound like fighting moves but yeah! I will forever support you and thank you for the laughs!

  150. i think they beaned him in the head to say that it was a threat that was very important. if they shot him, they might have missed and hit the leader who is needed for the cash. and if they sent him a video in email he might not have opened it thinking it was spam.

  151. I heard the real name for Zelo’s dance is the upside down worm. I think it should be called The Triple B (Back Breaking Bounce).

    Showdown: B.A.P one shot

  152. I was really debating what Zelo’s dance move should be called. How about Applejack Warrior? It kind of looked like that applejack break dance move. And then when he is doing that crazy dance, he has that grunt fighting face which it reminded me of B.A.P. song Warrior. So Applejack Warrior dance?

  153. Isabel Ruby

    herrmahgawdddd MEEMERSSSSSSSSSS SO ADORABLEEEEEEEEEEE i can’t handle my feels right now!!!!!

  154. poodle

    Love it! I will name the dance the “horizontal see-saw butt shuffle”. User: DanielleCanada

  155. K-POP MUSIC WEDNESDAY?! I was sleeping in front of my laptop
    last night! *I’M SUCH A DEDICATED FAN OF YOURS* give me 1 more years and I
    think I will give up on you guys *sigh*…jk… SHINee next week I guess…^^…

  156. My account is blackoutjj and I want to call it ” there’s a spider on my back” dance :) thank you for the giveaway!!

  157. Esther Lee

    YouTube name: lotrlover4ever

    “Tantrumtallagra” cuz it looks like he’s throwing a tantrum, linked to Junsu because… well…… Who would want to “Shout your balls to the wallllld” except for Zelo? And Junsu, cuz he’s so naaaastay ;)

    Thanks Martina & Simon!! ^^
    -Dedicated Nasty

  158. I tried to scroll through the comments to make sure my dance name idea wasn’t taken already and, as far as I can tell, we’re good! So in that case, my youtube user name is AjunebuggybugK and my dance name is ‘Korean Jumping Bean’….because he isn’t Mexican……
    Lol, so lame!!!! :’D

    And…….I think I’d prefer to be on B.A.P.’s boat. Looks a bit cleaner. Plus they have foods! And what looks like…….juice. Yeah, juice..
    But, Block B looks like they’re having a lot more fun on their little boat, all wild like. Plus Jaehyo’s chest makes a pleasant cameo there.

    *sigh* Let’s just face it. These two groups are two of my top favorite groups and I loved both songs and both music videos and I really can’t decide.

  159. I would call it “The Sloth Bear Climb”

    …because although they appear slow and clumsy, sloth bears are excellent climbers. They climb to feed and rest, though not to escape enemies, as they prefer to stand their ground. And they have a great vocal range.

    Zelo’s rap:”Shake your head and say no to being a slave to laziness All those who don’t try, wake up right now.You want a high position by just sitting in your room?This isn’t a game – why can’t you separate it from reality?”

    I think the sloth bear makes a pretty good argument…doesn’t it? ^~^

    youtube: LovelyAsAUsagi

  160. Zelo’s dance: The Resurrection

    Youtube account name: madelion24

  161. I vote Nillili Mambo mambo mambo… Nillili mambo~

  162. I would go off the fish idea, because he really does look like he is trying to swim, but failing. something like flippity flap fishy fail dance. Haha, points for alliteration? However, he also looks like a turtle that accidentally got flipped over and is trying to right itself, so maybe awkward shell dance breakdown. Total props to Zelo for dancing it so awesomely no matter what it is named! my youtube name is: riddikulus20026. Thanks for another great video :)

  163. I’ll cal it the “that’s gonna hurt tomorrow” dance, ’cause boy that shoulder/back is gonna be acking. Poor poor zelo

    btw my yourube account is xochitlBTK. Thanks for making this videos guys!

  164. Dance name: Back Bounce Rock
    I choose Nilimambo
    Youtube name: Neko Rin or Rin Sanada

  165. It’s obviously “I want more cherry tomatoes dance”

  166. Simon can ruin a good dance. Even when I’m watching the MV, I’m thinking “Simon can ruin this part of the dance so badly.”

    Brohoho outdid himself again. I see so many sets where other groups had used. Mad props Brohoho.

    There were some things in the MV that weren’t so smart. Were the police that dumb to get out of their car like that WITHOUT their gun(s)? If two cars are parked in front and behind you like that, chances are: THEY’RE HIJACKING YOU. And for the shooting scene. There were barriers. why don’t stay behind them and shoot! We don’t need an unknown massacre that no one would find you bodies until days later. How long have they known this guy to be stealing money to bail him out? He gave no credit to them for doing that but put them behind bars instead. The police guy was supposed to be the good guy, but I see that he was the bad guy instead. Talk about loyalty and friendship.

    P.S. Did you get to dye your hair over in Japan Martina?

  167. Nilili Mambo win all the way! It has story, super cool setting and it’s funny!!!

  168. My friend told me it was called the scorpion when I attempted it…

    Anyway BAP’s video was better in my opinion and I think Zelo’s Dance should be called “the demented crab” or “the flying crab” Either way I think it was great. Youtubename cev1994

  169. Zelo’s dance: the horizontal-side walk dance, an upgraded version from Fat Amy’s horizontal walk (Pitch Perfect) =)

  170. YouTube name: breakingmyheart43
    I’d call it the Toppled T-Rex, because he’s not using his arms, and…for a moment, just imagine how a T-Rex would look on it’s back. It’s an amusing thought XD

  171. i think zelos dance sequence should be called the upside down scorpion!!

    Thank You for FINALLY doing a music monday on this i love the boys! and i love YOU SIMONANDMARTINA! <3

  172. the horizontal-side walk dance! An upgraded version from Fat Amy’s horizontal walk (Pitch Perfect) =)

  173. I’m pretty sure that that dance move already has a name because it’s been around for a few years but your “Fish out of Water” sounds pretty legit to me ^^

  174. Oh, I forgot about the blog post!
    “The one thing I can tell you about my experience of bunnies, both real and symbolized, is that they’re sweet and fluffy and cute(…)”. General Woundwort disagrees. http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120105115606/watershipdown/images/b/b8/Watership-down1.png

  175. Marcela Pimenta Fonseca Zaquin

    Block B for sure is the best Gangsta! ahhah

  176. This isn’t a dance move – it’s an advanced, hardcore limbo technique Zelo has for badass competitive limbo – CRAB ATTACK!

    (youtube clairebee6)

  177. I think we should just call it The Zelo. He and the dance are pretty unique and awesome, so I think it fits. :) (ketchupjenn on youtube)

    That said, I have to vote for Block B in the showdown. I can’t get over the confusing second ending and the bad english in One Shot…

  178. Two-legged Crabwalk :DD
    Youtube username: Jennifer Chiem

  179. I read the contest question and thought “hmm, he reminds me of a fish taken out of the water…”, then I watched your video and yay, you said the same thing! And then you said it’s lame lol ;D But I wasn’t going to participate anyway so I can be even lamer than that and say that he reminds me of a click beetle (hint: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwPOtHIyA2k). Click beetle dance yo! *cricket sound*

    You ask what kind of gangstas use metal pipes, I ask what kind of gangstas use guyliner? But overall the video was really good. Still I liked “Nilili Mambo” MV more = vote for Block B.

  180. im subscribed to all of your guys’s youtube channels. teehee i love EYK. i would call the dance the “Zelo Tantrum Mode”
    btw cuz of you guys i tried kimchi. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  181. I call it the mad upside down crab scuttle.


  182. Youtube Username: TheAznblahh
    I think we should name Zelo’s dance “Back Massage Scorpion” dance or “Back Rubbing Scorpion” dance :3
    because..you know it looks as though hes massaging the floor… ;)

  183. i forgot to mention my youtube account: HiMyNameIsXX00 and, i’m SUBSCRIBED.
    I’d call zelo’s dance the P.H.B.D. – primordial hipster backbone dance. (How b.a.p excelled as a strong rookie group prior to their debut. Afterwards, attempted a variety of concepts. then returned to their primordial concept of being bad ass and all that good stuff. Hipster because b.a.p. manages to dominate trends with their fresh unique themes. Moreover, backbone because zelo
    shuffled across the floor with his backbone muscles)

  184. I think Zelo’s dance should be called the Gangstah Upsidedown Turtle Crawl or even the P.U.F.F- Pushing Up From the Floor (it’s a cute name for what he’s doing and it is paying homage to their name too xD) :D My YouTube username is Kelly Mann :)

  185. I Would name Zelo’s Dance “My back is itchy” Because you know, the members might be in their own world and didn’t notice Zelo wanting someone to scratch his back since he can’t reach it. so there he goes on the flor trying hard to stop the itchiness and BABABAAMMM. he does the scorpion dance for victory!

    Youtube Username: Vanya Dewayani (or Barbieluvchocolate)

  186. I think you guise just named it yourselves, “The Fishy Meemers”

  187. I’d call zelo’s dance the P.H.B.D. – primordial hipster backbone dance.
    (how b.a.p excelled as a strong rookie group prior to their debut. Afterwards, attempted a variety of concepts. then returned to their primordial concept of being bad ass and all that good stuff. Hipster because b.a.p. manages to dominate trends with their fresh unique themes. Moreover, backbone because zelo shuffled across the floor with his backbone muscles)

  188. It is actually a combination of two dances, but visually stunning nonetheless.
    He starts off with a “Spudgy Squirm” (looks like a Spudgy lying on his back, wiggling and asking for a belly rub). He then gracefully transitions into a “90 Degree Junsu” (a kneeling crotch kick from “Intoxication”, but projected 90 degrees upward for maximum crotch visibility – and efficient nastiness).

    Degree of difficulty: 8.0… and he nailed it.
    Youtube username: GREENgummydrop

  189. I wish Zelo could show his dance on Music Shows but then it would be hard for him to rap while dancing his awesome dance. I know the part at the end of Zelo’s dance that is like the Scorpion is called “knee float” which is a b-boy move (searched on youtube). So I call Zelo’s dance ‘the punching knee floats’ lol

    Youtube name: MissBreezy812

  190. Guys wheres the part where you try and say WHY he was captured and WHAT it was that he planted on Bang Yongguk’s bag????????? I was looking forward to your input and reasoning :/
    Still loved it though!!!! And I’m really glad you guys did a kpop music tues ^^

  191. Okay, get this. You are going to love this.

    The dance is called the… * drum roll” Dying Scorpion! :D Get it, cause it looks like… The one Infinite dance… Except he’s doing something funny so he… must be dying. :)

    - Paige Kosa

  192. I finally get to watch this

  193. I would name Zelo’s dance the “Fighting salmon” dance because it makes me think of a salmon that struggle to go back up a river. I would tell this salmon “HWAITING” like in dramas. HAHahahaha ! ^^

  194. The side rocker. To me it looks like he was on a rocking chair but a sideways one. My YouTube name Is ShatteredDoll312.
    Also the Baby Cradler. Because he looks like he was in a swinging cradle.

  195. Елизавета Смирнова


    Not that I’m hoping (Елизавета Смирнова)

  196. The name I would give Zelo’s dance would be: “The help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up dance”.

    Youtube name: CharliezeTheUnicorn

  197. I would name the dance “horizontal punching”
    yt: niseiv

  198. Hii my youtube user name is : Fuzzybunny7744. Yes. I am a fuzzy bunny. Hehehehehe I liked this group B.A.P. mainly because i laaabbbb bunniieess. Shoo fluffy and fuzzy. Hahaha okay soo. I call the Zelo dance-> “IMMA GOLDFISH. I NEED WATER. OH YEAH IMMA SCORPION.” Dance. Because he is flopping around like a fish and I thought he resembled a goldfish a lot so I called him a gold fish. Then, he did that Infinite “cool way of standing back up after doing some weird things on the floor” move and its called theScorpion movee. So being the Zelo that he is, he thought he was a goldfish who needed water- and in danger of that giant bunny thats not so fluffy- then he realized he was actually a scorpion. I’m posting this because I wanted to share this somewhere and my friends might think I’m a complete nut case if I tell them this so I am sharing it with you guys. I’m really not lucky so I think I want to repost this on youtube to increase my chances. Muahahaha. Anywayys I always love your videos beacause . Itscha so funnay harharrharhar. I alwayys luuuub Martinas hairrr and Simons creepy voicee. AHHAHAHA I WISH YOU GUYS CONTINUE TO LUUB KPOP AND POST MORE VIDSSSS ANNDD I HOOPPEE I GEET A YES SIR BAP ALBUMMMM AWW OKAAYY WIITHH LUUB ANND HOPPEESSS I WILL END THIS MESSAGE. NAAOOWW.

  199. Dance of Zelo? For me it will always be crazy worm. Crazy Worm.

    My Youtube user: IAmNekoLover

  200. unicornsgalaxy

    OK…I’m gonna take a stab at naming the dance. I’m gonna name it the MerMAN Shuffle, cause as you said it’s kinda like he’s a fish outta water but he’s not a fish so lets go with a merman…

    It’s either that or the “falling down an escalator sideways dance” but that just doesn’t flow as well as the MerMAN Shuffle. My youtube user name is the same as my Disqus name, unicornsgalaxy (cause unicorns are awesome!).

  201. The side butt-moon-walk scorpion twister dance!!!!!!~~~~~~~~

    Please so I’ve been a big fan of BAP since way before their debut because of BYG and Jieuns going crazy

    *hint shrug hint

    You tube user name:[email protected]

  202. Dance of Zelo? For me it will always be crazy worm. Crazy Worm.

    Hey. Rain Sound is cool, but One shot has more I like the differential the BAP

    Something against Bunnies? Bunnies can be badass.


    My user on the Youtube is Neko_lover

  203. Youtube username: AZNinja Yee
    Zelo’s Dance: I’M ON FIRE! Dance.
    You know…like his back is on fire and he’s trying to get it out. He does the “scorpion” dance thing when the fire is finally out and he spins around like ” YAY! I’m no longer on fire!” :D

  204. Youtube – jjsuperelflover
    Zelo’s Dance: “Spazzying Ovaries” or “The Flip’en , Flop’en ,Drop’en Dance”

    I absolutely adore you guys! Doesn’t matter if it was on a Saturday, I would watch your vids whenever!
    thanks for taking your time and making my Monday’s, and Thursday’s and every other day in between better! :D

  205. Official welcome back!!! > . < *______* So glad to see you back :)

    Hilarious Music Monday! X''DD

    Great review!!

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  206. I actually like “fish out of water” but since you’re asking, how about “princess and the pea” or “there is a pea under these mattresses”? ^__^;

    YouTube name: lovelaughlive1dream

  207. Jello Crawl or Crab Crawl Hop. You tube User Name is Maribelle Garcia. Tried my best hope you find a good one Zelo dance deserves to be named!

  208. They call his dance the “crab dance” apparently, but I would call it the “fallen, armless zombie” dance. Sorry if you don’t like zombies ^^

  209. Me and my one irl kpop friend have been calling Zelo’s dance something different every time. xD My favorites so far are “Magikarp Used Splash!”, “Don’t-Taze-Me-Bro”, “the One-Man Mosh Pit”, and the “Skinny Jeans Shuffle”. And my YouTube name is brittbeastly as well.

  210. The side butt-moon-walk scorpion twister dance!!!!!!~~~~~~~~

    Please so I’ve been a big fan of BAP since way before their debut because of BYG and Jieuns going crazy

    *hint shrug hint

  211. vote: Nillili Mambo

    And I totally do not believe I have an ounce of luck, nor am I good at witty names, so I’ll just buy the song. :P

  212. I’m not entering the contest but I do have some name suggestions!

    I’d call the floor-flopping move “The Magikarp”. Yes? Magikarp used Splash! Nothing happened! Totally badass! That head-spinning thing is definitely “The Exorcist” for obvious reasons. Honestly my immediate thoughts when I first saw the MV was that Zelo got possessed, had a seizure, and became a demon child. See, this is what you get for playing with ouija boards!

    That move in between is already called a knee-float, or popularized by INFINITE as the Scorpion dance and I have run out of Pokemon/horror movie references so o/

  213. Zelo’s dance should be called the “Thrust-Up Scorpion”! cause he thrusts up and does the ‘scorpion jump back up’ dance at the end . And his formation during that dance was sort of like a ‘upside-down’ scorpion. lol
    YouTube username: pantrinh

  214. My vote goes to Block B. Both are great videos, but One Shot is serious while Nillili Mambo is hilarious and “groovy groovy.” It always makes me smile and I still watch it at least once a week even though it has been out for a few months.

  215. I would call Zelo’s dance “RANDOM DANCING” because the dance came out of nowhere and it was totally a,azing, I really love that dance:)

  216. one of the first things i thought of while watching this video was: wow they’re actually shooting the guns! and hitting people!

  217. I’m sorry but I laughed so hard at Simon getting hit and the second time even more XD (although I knew it was coming), not the third time though that was too much – see, I am not thaaaat bad ^^ And the compatibility problem totally cracked me up. Thanks for this funny KMM!

    As for the giveaway question: I call it the “itchy back rubbing” dance, cause it reminds me of my father’s habit of scratching his back by rubbing it on the sofa backrest, lol. (my youtube username: halbfrische Luft)

    Block B’s video was more fun to watch, so I vote for Nilili Mambo.

  218. YouTube Username : JJsuperelflover

    Zelo’s Dance: “Spazzying Ovaries” or “The Flip’en , Flop’en ,Drop’en Dance”
    I absolutely adore you guys! Doesn’t matter if it was on a Saturday, I would watch your vids whenever!
    thanks for taking your time and making my Monday’s, and Thursday’s and every other day in between better! :D

  219. Not sure if I’m supposed to leave this in the comment section on Youtube or here, so I’ll leave it in both. :D

    I’ve just been calling Zelo’s dance the gravity defying butt hop, haha.

    My Youtube username is KendraTalksBooks, but shows as Kendra Meredith. ;-; I’m not sure which shows up as a subscriber name. Annoyinggggg.

  220. I’d call Zelo’s dance “The Jello dance”
    For a two reasons
    A) Zelo is often called Jello
    B) Zelo is wiggling around like Jello does whenever you poke it or walk with it on your plate.

    youtube username: pikachuluver01

  221. And I vote for Block B. I really like BAP, but I’m still addicted to Nillili Mambo.

  222. Zelo likes to clean the floor with his back and it would be called ”Cleaning the floor with my bunny powers aka my back” xD so he gets up and kicks the air spinning around to get rid of the dust that is what you call bunny b.a.p baby style <3

  223. To me Zelo dance should be named “Ants in the Pants” as it seems that he just sat on an anthill.

    Youtube account – 19pba95

  224. Also love BAP but will def vote for BLOCKB!!!!

    I get really pissed with BAP’s English.. especially when they keep quoting foreign artists as their inspirations.. you would actually expect them to have the best English of all the idols.. But only Zelo is good..

  225. Zelo’s crazy dance? The jumping frog and scorpion dance~!
    Youtube: pawkylover365

  226. as I said: TRUE NATURE OF B.A.P. IS BACK!!!! :D …I really love Zelo’s dance skills ….and when i was thinking about name dance from One Shot (watch it about hundred times) I realized that I saw exactly the same moves this morning when my lil brother didn’t want to go to school. So I would call it: “My lil brother don’t want go to school” dance :D

    my youtube account : a sharp e

  227. I’m a subscriber, I think I go by the same name as this one or by a mail account ([email protected]) :P dunno how it works though…
    And, basing my answer on a comment my non-kpopers friends said about Zelo’s dance sequence, I shall call it The Exorcist (since they said he looked possessed) or The Caterpillar (also said he looks like a backwards insect… /sigh/ I need new friends)


  228. youtube username: neneuzumakiuchiha
    zelo’s dance: the shockstrike dance

  229. Ok here goes.. I have a really big name for this so pls bear with me..

    Dance name: “Zelo punished by hyungs for age inappropriate sexy grape eating on the boat”

    So its like all the others are super jealous because Zelo anyways is always killing all the noona fans… and then lo and behold finds himself some grapes!!!! So Youngguk tells him ‘On the floor and gimmie 20 now’ as he moves to the back in that dance shot.. and voila!!! you get backward push ups a la Zelo…

  230. Angela Kolb

    My youtube name is Angie Kolb, and i shall name this dance the “shoulder-breaking scorpion dance”. It looks like it would hurt!

  231. we can call Zelo’s dance Zelo’s Move or Zelo’s Groove because its his orignal move and maybe only him can do that kind of move (8

  232. Username:Fluffylove2021
    I think Zelo crazy dance move should be called the fish out of water or the angry seal :D

  233. Angela Kolb

    My youtube name is Angie Kolb, and I shall now name Zelo’s dance sequence the “shoulder-breaking scorpion dance”.

  234. I think it should be called the “spider flop”. I really enjoyed your videos.

    youtube account – Bet Li

  235. Youtube account : litaaaful
    skinny dance

  236. I feel so bad for Simon!! XD It seems like Martina has been getting the manly-man roles lately!! haha XD
    Also, I never realized how unmanly the bunny was until now LOL XD

    I would Zelo’s dance the “Upside down turtle” dance :D
    Cause it looks like Zelo’s a turtle who got stuck on his back and then managed to get up XD
    YT sn: l0v3xmu51c

  237. I’m gonna go with “flailing trout”. ~ GreymantlePoets

  238. well actually there is whole story behind the dance. As you can see in comic story I attached to this post, from the beginning there’s sth going on behind Zelos’s back, at first he tries to ignore it and focus on YoungJae’s victim/betrayer case, but quickly he finds out whats really going on here. It’s some serious piece of sneaky, creepy-sweetie pedo octopus behind this! and that’s how the struggle between, let’s call it Mr P.O. and Zelo begins. So basically dance is called P.O.O(h) – Pedo Octopus On hunt. So don’t be fooled by the little gangsta drama over there, the real problem showed in this MV is how dangerous Po can be in direct contact. So learn from Zelo’s mistakes and keep watching your back 24/7 because you never know when Po is coming to get you.

    Dance: P.O.O.h – Pedo Octopus On hunt
    YT username: pajaaa3 (proud EYK subscriber)
    Showdown: B.A.P – one shot

    cheers from Poland ;)
    (sorry for my sloppy english)

  239. The: “Beetle stuck on it’s back”-dance. Because he flails around, just like a beetle does when it’s stuck on it’s back, Also the way he rises kind of look like hoe a beetle would too (kind of).

    User: safiercherismew

  240. I’ll call the dance the: look at macool dance

  241. Youtube User name: KJ-Azn SMQ

    Zelo’s dance: Gravity Jump :P i dunno :D

    Mmmm ‘the cry baby dance :P’

    ‘the turtle that cant get up cuz its on its back dance?’ <—- this one :)

  242. Already posted this on youtube, as toanovu, but I’ll go ahead and posted it here, too:

    My name for Zelo’s dance: The Baby Bunny Tantrum.

  243. yes…much better B.A.P. Keep doing this.

  244. Zelo dance – “Fighting the invisible vampire” At first Zelo trying to get rid of vampire, when he succeed he is trying to escape on the knees but vampire seizes him by the scruff of the neck and lifts, and then vampire trying to twist off Zelo’s head. Poor Zelo)))
    Username: Anastasia Labor

    PS – Did they use Brohoho’s tank?=)))

  245. lildigiboy

    well i shall call zelo’s dance the ” Reversus Puncha-cus Scorpius”

  246. This video just made my day, I already thought there wouldn’t be a KMM this week :D
    The silly boatscene you mention in your blogpost I also felt really awkward while watching it. The first time I saw it it totally reminded me on the beginning of 2pms video to “hands up” where they had like those scenes of them in an airplaine drinking champagne and on a boat playing golf, it’s so silly and unnecessary ! :D

  247. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one appalled by the English. Even for gangsta speak, I was appalled. In general I can’t stand bad English, gangsta or not. *shudders*

    As for the best of the two… Honestly, I like B.A.P’s better, mainly because I really didn’t care all that much for Nillili Mambo. Both videos are a bit excessive, so I choose B.A.P mainly because I like the song better.

    YT user: ReaKinata

    I’d name Zelo’s dance “The Playground Scuffle”. I was SO disappointed that Zelo doesn’t do his dance in the live versions. That’s what I was looking most forward to. T__T

    In case you can’t get enough of it, I leave you with ten minutes of Zelo’s dance:

    This is rather catchy… *shifty eyes*

  248. what about back scratch dance. jeje

  249. The dance zelo did in the beginning should be called the fish wave lol
    and also the second part he did is called the scorpion. so… Scorpion
    fish wave? LOL youtube:chinabangs1998

  250. ‘Damn my back’s so itchy but I can’t quite get to that spot so i’ll rub my back on the floor in hopes of de-itching it’ dance xD

    YT name: puccafunnygal

  251. posting it here too ;)

    How about the Magicarp-evolves-to-Gyarados-d­ance

    YT: Bertibert1988

  252. I would call Zelo’s crazy dance the “I’ve got an itch on my back but I’m too lazy to reach for it, so I’ll yiggle my back against the floor”
    then after yiggling on the floor, he gets up with style, GANGSTA STYLE~~

    Its like the upside down worm move…only done by professionals with a serious back itch. Another name for back itches would be b****es ;)

    And my YouTube name is Geena Leung ^^

  253. Youtube Username: elfshawolgirl

    I call it: the “upside down train hump”. You know how 2NE1 had the train hump dance in their I am the best MV? It’s like that, just upside down.

  254. It’s the “Hyung put poison ivy in my shirt as a prank” dance. Oh BAP you guys so nasty.
    YouTube Name: Iro Mage (sometimes shows up as Chrestomanci94)

  255. The technical term is called the rise up…. But kpop fans know it as Infinite’s scorpion dance that they danced in Before the dawn… Because of the editing, nobody actually saw the dance in their music video, but if you saw the live version, it’s there… And it was awesome!!!!! I think Zero actually lost his balance at the end tho —><

  256. You guys forgot the ‘no blood on the ground after getting shot up’ scene, someone pointed that out on YouTube. Yeah that gangsta language in the beginning to me sounds awkward, love this better than Rain Sound though lol love the dance when they are almost crawling on the ground, makeup was awesome >_<

  257. Elanor

    Name of the dance: “Walking is too mainstream” dance :p

    Username: Hajnalka Sándor

    Martina, in this dance battle Zelo showed this dance move live :D It was cool. You can see it from 3:02. :) it was even before the MV came out


  258. Nothing more creative than “The floor humping dance (the back edition) … ;__;

    Oh, and nillililili mambo mambo, nillilili mambo mambo…

  259. I think this dance should be called, “The Reverse Sideways Crawl.” Hey, it works. :3

  260. YouTube username: momochan144528
    Zelo’s sequence dance “The Twizzle Bunny” dance. Hahahah it’s just a random name. I just thought the twizzle from ice skating when he turned around with one foot.

  261. I’d call that dance the “Zelo Jello” dance =P. So cheesy and obvious but honestly it’s Zelo dancing like Jello! (that meets a scorpion LOL).

    youtbe: @JYJNiko

  262. Simon you might be wrong..there is still crying and whining in this video
    because Zelo’s dance can be called “Throw-a-tantrum” haha

    username: jnj4e

  263. Hmmm…we shall name it…. “horizontal bicycling”…..yep

  264. YouTube Username: Abs Ling

    “Army Training Dance” cause he looks like he is going under barbed(?) wires and doing push-ups off the ground. Yep :) He is so good that he doesn’t need to use his hands, very committed cadet. >w< lol
    (I may have written this on the YouTube comments as well, cause I didn't know where to post my answer. So sorry in advance DX)

  265. “Magikarp Dance” :D
    As the bunny, the move that doesn’t really scare as a gangsta but rocks !! ^ ^


    Youtube user: Sony249

  266. Okay, I really really really liked Rain Sound. A lot. In fact, up until this MV, I thought it was their greatest song yet (unless yo ucount Warrior. Debut songs are almost always masterpieces for some reason ugh okay). I understand why Simon felt that way toward the song though… and it did seem kind of out of place for B.A.P’s sound. But then this MV came out… and I think I can understand it now.
    This song is powerful. It’s strong. But it’s also very emotional for me. B.A.P needed that emotional song to grow into this B.A.P.
    Does that make sense? No? Okay, I’ll just go away now…

  267. Youtube username: hullohero

    Baby Zelo got mad because dad BYG and mom Himchan didn’t buy him a candy. So it’s ‘buy me this candy!’ dance.

  268. “Magikarp Dance” :D
    As the bunny, the move that doesn’t really scare as a gangsta but rocks !! ^ ^

    Youtube user: Sony249

  269. uhmmmm…i think i would call Zelos dance the Pantie-hoes dance…well because that kinda looks like how my friends and I try to get ours on before a concert lolll
    also I love Block B and i thought the video was hilarious after the review but ive gotta go with B.A.P on this one with bein the most gangsta ^^

  270. L Amaya (YouTube username)

  271. I’ve been calling the dance ‘the sexy fish dance’ hahaha

    Username: ANIMEisTHEkoolioist

    also – did no one else notice zelo during the ending scene when they were being attacked by the rival gang? He just STOOD there looking lost for ages whilst everyone else ducked and ran for cover… note to self – dont bring zelo to a fight… hahaha :)

  272. How can I vote for either of the videos. I both love Nillili Mambo and One Shot._.
    Okay, vote goes to Block B with Nillili Mambo. It was fun too, and the shooting scene in One Shot was too much (too long and over the top some places)

    I would enter the contest, but I’m waiting for mine in the mail:P

  273. i would call the dance “the spastic reptilian” :D
    my youtube username is oOPolarBear

  274. A BAP video without a horribly acted out dying scene!!! I wonder if they got acting lessons or something since rain sound ^^; They have come a long way since being emo immortal pyromaniacs in the sands of spontaneous combustion (only to mannequins).

    Maybe in Korea poles are the gangsta tool of choice? Have you seen Gokusen before? Not only is there always a conveniently located empty warehouse every time you feel like fighting, but they always come in with their wooden planks and metal poles. Maybe it’s because you can’t own a gun in Japan (is it the same in Korea?! I never thought about it…). So if you can’t have a gun, maybe they are just using the next best thing and just use them when they are not in public?

  275. My youtube username is aeerdna2410. I would call the dance:

  276. I would call Zelo’s dance the “Stop, Drop & Roll Down Your Sexy Window.”

    He’s clearly following in Simon’s footsteps and not only extinguishing the fire on his bum (too hot for his own good, he is), but rolling down dat sexy window.

    He’s a Nasty for sure.

    (As am I!<3 EATYOURKIMCHI4LYFE (part of a balanced diet).)
    YT username: japans1girl

  277. Yt keeps trolling me, so I’m gonna write it here. I’d name Zelo’s dance “the stone skipping dance” ^^

    My yt account: suu857

  278. Youtube: Loïc Van Weyenberg
    I would call it The Wingardium Leviosa. I think it explains itself if you are Hermione Granger or an Harry Potter fan :D

  279. YouTube: crossthemelody

    what about: crazy fish dance xD

    Amazing vid, I was waiting for it till yesterday TT.TT

  280. jnj4e: Sleeping Bear Crawl

  281. Zelo’s Dance: Driving done the wrong way. – Ms. Jokyo

  282. Youtube: Kika Van Robays

    I think it should be called the magnet dance!! Because it’s like Zelo is being attracted and repelled by the ground or maybe the planet Mato ^^

    And also, B.A.P should win the show-off!!!!!!!!

  283. Name: elisabeku888
    Zelo’s “It’s too hot to lay on the ground, so I’ll do the backwards limbo” dance

  284. I will name it Zelo’s hydraulic hammer dance.
    YT : Imiliukea

    The end surprised me, because I thought that all of them will die or all of them will survive. Now we will wait for SHINee MM.
    I don’t know for what I should vote. BlockB gangsters were more funny, so I will give them my vote.

  285. I would call it “dislocated crab b-boying dance”…or dcbbd…or not the acronym lol

  286. Glad to have you back (Simon, i hope you don’t already miss ramen)
    I would call zelo’s dance as “i can’t go upstair, let me try backwards” dance
    Youtube account : yiayiane

  287. Zelos dance is like “can’t stand up bug”-dance…
    like a bug which can’t stand up in one go and struggles a while and then it suddenly flip onto their feet…
    and i like the scene, where they do the sexy flor gymnastic (if you know what I mean :P)
    for the voting: i like nilili mabo more because you can even sing it when you are drunk (nilili lalalalala nili mambo…) *ähem*

  288. Two legged Crab-Walk XDD
    youtube username: Jennifer Chiem

  289. Why am I a bit disappointed of this review… it is somehow missing all the bombast?

  290. Uh, this is really dirty, but I called the dance ‘Practicing for tonight’s session’ dance -.-

  291. My simple name suggestion for Zelo’s dance is “The reverse floor hump”. Imaginative? No, but it’s something.

  292. User: addictedyeah

    “You so nasty, floor, come here, you need sexy a punishment, oh yeah, all night” dance.

    I’m a pervert.

  293. Name for the dance sequence: lazy gangsta shake. He’s a gangsta (on the MV) and he’s shaking on the floor because he’s too lazy to do it on his two feet (besides, it’s cooler if he does it layed down).
    Name on YouTube: TheOokamiGirl

  294. YT: brielk4588/Brianna Kelly
    Zelo’s dance = ‘the back breaker’ (first thing I thought of – looks painful)

  295. Zelo’s crazy amazing dance shall be called The Swimming & jumping Scorpion. Well, it does kind look like scorpion dance with the swimming, jumping & thrusting-to-get-some-air in the beginning
    username: Renn1sm

  296. Again I disagree with the “B.A.P should stick to one concept” sentiment. I know it’s not your preference, but there are people who liked “Rain Sound” song and I hope you respect that. Regarding to Matoki…it’s part of B.A.P. I don’t find its appearance distracting the music or video.

    • I can really understand why Simon wants B.A.P to stick to the “I’m a BAMF and you love me for it” concept. In the Rain Sound and Stop It music videos (Crash doesn’t count, because that’s general footage of them monkeying around) they looked so… uncomfortable; they looked like they were forcing themselves to act cute (Stop It) and depressed (Rain Sound). I’m not saying they shouldn’t branch out and experiment (Spot It is one of my favorite B.A.P tracks), but they shouldn’t have to force themselves to just because experimental art pop (God, I feel like a Hipster for saying that XD) is “in” right now.

  297. The I Meant To Fall Over Dance. It’s meant to be used when you’ve fallen over (possibly drunk) and need to play it off with some swag moves. Notice the little arm boogie as he does it? Yup. He’s trying to play it off with some boogieing and then just gets up in the weirdest, gravity defying ways…

    YT username: Rabbykin

  298. me personally i would call Zelo’s dance the scorpion dance coz he kinda looks like a scorpion.
    Youtube name: Firestormthehedgehog

  299. youtube: @flamerminho

    I think that it should be called the ‘confused bunny’ dance..

    (get it?… Because B.A.P are bunnies and it could kind of look like that Zelo is trying to look like a bunny, who dosen’t know how to hop correctly, and is doing it upside down..)

    sorry i’m so lame.

  300. I think it should be called the “Close Enough Russian MAting Dance” – or CERMA dance (for short). He firstly uses the russian humping move on the floor (did you notice the legs?) and then the ayyy girl falling move – the reversed version because he’s probably not experienced enough to roll his sexy window, but he can do the looking-sexy-fall backwards, so it’s close enough to coolness. xD

    (username: Melina -chan)

    P.S. Don’t ask me about the mating dance in a badass MV. It’s Kpop.

  301. Yes this came out and its with B.A.P but I can’t watch it I’m at school but at least u guys choose B.A.P so I’m happy and I already ordered my cd dang

  302. Best gangsta video: Block B (it’s ludicrous and the ending is better).
    Zelo’s dance:”Engine Rev” (as in revving)

    Youtube username: PiggyRabbitOriginal


  304. My back itches real bad! (said in best Napoleon Dynamite voice)

  305. how about the bunny flop?! hahah get it? because matokis…are bunnies….and he’s flopping….? lol im just gonna leave now.
    i already pre-ordered the CD so this is just me making a comment. not trying to win the cd. good luck to everyone else though! :)

  306. Thy shalt call thy dance… THE SALTED WORM =.= lol

    YT username: Aly Bulgan

  307. Actually, the dances name is the “knee float”and I almost have it down~
    But if I could name it, I’d call it “liar, liar pants on fire” because of the entire betrayal in the music video and the fact that the dance looks like you’re trying to extinguish your bum…
    YouTube Username: ThatOnePersonIAm

  308. I thought the boat scene was unnecessary but I liked everything else in the video.

  309. i will call Zelo’s dance sequence as the “fish on land” dance (he’s trying to reach the sea)……. or something funnier will be “the crab dance” :) (because just as the crab, he’s “walking” sideways) :D….my YouTube username is AnaMaria89

  310. Zelo’s dance looked like he was tased with a stun gun… so I’ll call it the TASER STUN DANCE!! :DD

  311. i don’t even understand how we can love better Stop It or Rain Sound to their usual badass and powerful songs. Rain Sound is an ok song tho, i think it’s pretty and i like it… but that mv gosh noooOOOooOoo, i was so, idk, embarrassed. (it wasn’t worse than Stop It tho… it was a different level i guess). Rain Sound is a nice song but as one of a track in an album, not a mv or title song.
    And i liked the first ending better too !! it was dramatic but at least idk, they were not playing with my emotions !! I felt so fooled when the gigantic magic bunny rewing the whole shooting scene like ‘lol no just kidding’. … What ?? you made my heart explode and cry and it wasn’t even the real story ?! And wth Youngjae ?! … oh nO you did nOt !!!? (yes he/they did).
    Anyways ! I was super hyper uber happy happy with this comeback (until Himchan’s accident… fml). It might be their best album really. I really hope they’ll continue that way.
    (but being a huge fan of B.A.P since the beginning i’ve learned that i can quite easily go to hyper happy to super disappointed with them. So i’m a little stressed and scared their next comeback will be more poppy and light and cute and fun or emo or whatever but not fierce and rough. … We’ll see. (maybe they’ll be like, hmm, what genre and style of music didn’t we try yet… oh yeah what about Disco !!)… : / )

    And/But. As much as i really loved it. My vote goes to Block B ! Because. Just because.
    It was epic, and perfect, and there was just absolutely nothing wrong with Nillili Mambo imo. And i’m much more into beggars Pirates than bling bling pimp gangsta. yep. Ay yo B.A.P would you pimp my boat yo ?! (Simon i thought you’d do some biPIMPb.a.p jokes !)

    (and i’d call the dance, the itchy back dance ? ….. the ‘there’s something on my back take it off dance’ ? ok i’m out. yt : yumett)

  312. Martina your Hello cap is teasing us for not getting Hello by nu’est #1 :O
    I can’t be mad at you though, the cap looks good on you

  313. Sometimes my dog does sth similar to Zelo’s dance it’s called “BABY it’s wet outside and I want to by DRYYYY” or when he’s really excited it’s “rub my tummy” or angry “take of this chest suspenders, you stoopid human”. And this move, when Zelo gets up – it’s called scorpion dance and it was in one of Infinite MV’s :) ~ Vonna1707

  314. KATHyphenTUN

    You didn’t mention that THEY ACTUALLY USED A GUN IN A KPOP MUSIC VIDEO! :O hahaha

    Well for the dance the second move has a name which is a “Superman”
    The first move however, I would call “The shoulder destroyer!!” …Seriously! ouch!!! (but amazing!)

    Youtube: puppichu

  315. Hoorah for K-Pop Music Tuesdays! You really had me in suspense there, you Nasty duo, you. <3

    I'm subscribed, but I'd rather give the chance to a hardcore Baby seeing as how I only like a handful of Puffy Bunny songs (Rain Sound being one of them). That brings me to the name of Zelo’s wacky dance, which struck me from the moment I saw it – the Puffy Bunny Mating Call. He’s channeling Simon’s nastiness but unfortunately only managed to summon Matoki. Whoops. Guess that backfired (alas Zelo, you lack the vital Dothraki Man Warrior genes).

    Too bad Zelo couldn’t capture his Dream Girl with that nasty dance… Wait, who said that!?

    P.S. Block B gets my vote – their boat scene was way better, yo – and Martina, I wurve your glasses. <333

  316. Ely May

    Thank you for the giveaway, S&M!!! *sobing* I want this CD so badly! XD
    YT account: violincover
    Name of the dance move: “The Endless Fight Against The Ceiling”

    Arghhhhh! It’s so hardddd!!!! >_<''

  317. I suppose I shouldn’t be enjoying S-Dog getting Smacked in the head, right?

  318. Hmmm Zelo’s dance should be called “I’m off to steal your woman” lol I have no idea XD

    Youtube name: samyhedgehog654

  319. Sweemy

    Name: Sweetbubiz
    Zelo’s dance: “Turtle-back-jump” CX

  320. Zelo’s dance should be called the “itchy itchy” dance or “cherry tomato smashing”

  321. i call zelo’s dance as Giant Kid having some Tantrums dance! XD – YT username: Louisse Rosario

  322. I am a baby but the video for Nilili Mambo was better

  323. I vote blockb for the showdown and zelo’s dance move should be called “on my way to steal your girl”

    username: cloversandwich

  324. Username : MsTali91
    I would call the dance the “Transformer-Dance” because it reminds me of the movie “Transformers”
    First Zelo looks like a fancy Chevrolet with a dying engine but then he reaches out to transform into Bumblebee

  325. drykabioni

    I don’t know about a name for the dance, guys, but when I showed the MV to my sister, she started to laugh sterically and she tell me it remind her of this stupid video…. “Peixe Humano” = “Human Fish”! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M0SCzR7nzw LOL

  326. User: Kang Ri

    I’m 100% BAP fan but I have to call this dance “Fish on the Pan” =))))

  327. I’d really appreciate if you didn’t pronounce Zelo as “Zeelou” or something… it comes from the Greek word/name “Zelos” so it’s “Zelo” with no other pronounciation on top…. thanks.

    • But you pronounce the Greek god’s name like the English word “zeal” (as it is derived from the name), and you add an “ous” at the end. So pronouncing it ZEALo should be correct, if we were to take it from the source material. It’s odd to know exactly what they want, however, as the group themselves pronounce it like the English word “cello” instead. I can understand hearing people say it either way.

  328. Sweemy

    User: Sweetbubiz
    Zelo’s dance: “Turtle-back-jump” cX

  329. I think Zelo’s dance should be called The Sidewinder Snake.
    Bacause i think of the tequnice a sidewinder snake use to get moving when I see Zelo move like that on the floor! ^^

    Youtube name: sorcerizeme or just Sofia Ljungström.

  330. I think that Zelo’s weird breakdance thang should be called the GETTIN’ MY PANTS ONNN or Mornin’ dance. He seriously looks like me in the morning while I try to slip into my skinny jeans. Since idols always wear tight and skinny pants, I thought this was perfect. I wonder if someone will call it the turtle shell dance. TMNT yo! My youtube username is BobaBubblies oh make sure no one else has the same answer! I wrote this 2/27/13 at 3:41 AM SEOUL TIME.

  331. btw, i vote for BAP

  332. Ok, I suck at coming up with names in general but I REALLY want this CD, so I call it the “Kickboxing Armadillo dance” (it’ll be great if you send this cd to a fan from Uruguay pretty please) xD (YT user name: Anna Gillbert)

  333. First time I saw this dance I think about The Exorcist the movie (a little bit weird I know I know –’). So I would name Zelo’s Dance, The Exorcist Dance.
    Anyway, I love B.A.P ! My so talented babies ~ ♥

    YouTube username : BBHaruHaruVip

  334. I got a few names:
    - “The stop, drop & spazz” best thing to do when your back is on fire ;P
    - “smexy spazzing dance”
    - “Squirrel-in-pants move”
    - “They-made-me-do-this-but-my-pants-can’t-get-dirty-TT^TT dance”
    - “Fleas on my back”
    - “magicarp move or splash attack”
    My youtube acount: Tessa Limpens

    Hope they are good enough…….. PWEASE PICK ME!!!!! JEBAL!!!!

  335. First time I saw this dance I think about The Exorcist the movie (a little bit weird I know I know –’). So I would name Zelo’s Dance, The Exorcist Dance.Anyway, I love B.A.P ! My so talented babies ~ ♥

    YouTube username : BBHaruHaruVip (https://www.youtube.com/user/BBHaruHaruVip)

  336. Personally, I think Zelo’s dance should either be called the Squished Spider Dance because it looks like a spider wriggling around while being squished. Or we could just call it the Sexy Spider Dance because we all know how sexy spiders are. My YouTube username is TheAnimeMangaka.

  337. I call it ‘My back itchy and no one wants to scratch me’. Hope you’ll like it ^^

    YouTube account: OfficialMLoretta

  338. You Tube username: tinkerbell4u1
    The dance should be called: Back boxing (or ground boxing).

  339. I would call Zelo’s dance, the seizure dance because it looks like hes having a seizure while trying to fight an invisible plane or something.
    Youtube: AnimeDesertCoral

  340. This may be lame but ever since I’ve watched this video I can only think of one thing when I see that part, “NOW DROP ON THE DECK AND FLOP LIKE A FISH!!”, so I will call it The SpongeBob.
    Huzzah for lameness!!
    My youtube username is Karmilda.

  341. Nilili Mambo! Best boat scene.

  342. I’d call it the Ground Pounding Back Attack. YouTube username is YoukoKoryuu.

    Also, I vote for B.A.P, no contest. Loved Nilili Mambo, but it just doesn’t compare.

  343. “I rescind my props.” LOL

    Both are good songs but I’ve gotta vote for Block B. That MV was good from beginning to end and was intentionally funny, poking fun at “gangsta” videos that take themselves very seriously like, umm…One Shot. OS had some funny moments, but not really on purpose. XD

    And I love Bang Yong Guk’s Korean rap at the beginning and I realllllllllly wish they had just started with that, instead of the Engrish.

  344. Zelo Dance: Mankae Sissy Cry Baby Dance :)
    Youtube: Jonathan Tran (boogiebear16)

  345. i shall name it….. the Seizure dance….the Hip Hop Baby tantrum…fire cracker???? i thought really hard and looked at his move like over 50 times!!! anyways, loved the video and agree with Simon, B.A.P should stick with these types of videos.

  346. Zelo’s dance name is i think ”Still Alive Ground Rubbing Air Punching Scorpion” shortly SAGRAPS move lol.

  347. The Reverse Floor Hump…yup and that’s what I’ll call it! xD
    YT username:Kaoru1618

  348. Is it just me or does this look like the same box room as Sexy, Free and Single? But with… like, a tank… and other stuffs.

  349. I think the dance should be called The Revival of the Puppet. He’s lying on the ground acting like a puppet who’s strings is pulled randomly but then he revives by being dragged up by the puppetmaster. Now Zelo knows what it’s like to be a puppet.
    Youtube Username: mafarazzo97

  350. Zelo’s dance is actually known as a ‘scorpion dance’ but I’ll rather call it a ‘venting-my-sexual-frustration-out >_< dance'
    o…kay… that was awkward! :/
    what about 'PeePointer'?! Ok that was even more weird
    sorry i cannot think innocent! :P
    btw, (i know u won't like my suggestions) but if you still do (chances are 0.0001%), here's my youtube username – Superkyusan

  351. btw my vote goes to BAP i think they were the better gangsters. I mean block b’s guns didn’t even work @.@

  352. Youtube username: zoeyamyam
    I think zelo’s dance should be called ‘a fish out of water’(?) :D

  353. Since he is from Mokpo, South Korea I would call it the “Mokpo Mop” – (coffeestained3650)

  354. the dance should be called: frying egg dance!…he spazzes like an egg on a hot frying pan!….which is ironic cuz they also had an egg song lol

  355. I think Zelo’s dance should be called the “super effective splash”
    Youtube Username: hyuki91

  356. my username is : Theladieda

    his crazy dance moves should be called the “matrix punch” dance !

    Look at how he is punching the air !! and then he “fly” back standing up !! And then he turns like he is avoiding a bullet ! I thought he was in an action scene in matrix hahaa

    • We can also call it the “in your a** Matrix” because … Zero is way better than Leo….. *gonna hide in a corner , too scared of matrix’s fan*

  357. Haha! Love the thumb drive skit…poor Simon! I was more focused on how when they rob the car 1) they pull their masks up after the guards see their faces and 2) no gloves! I mean come on, that’s just basic stuff! I guess since S&M didn’t talk about the shooting scene, they feel the gun usage was properly done?

    Awesome review!

    Also, I would call Zelo’s dance “Spastic Crab-Walk.” No? Sorry, that’s the best I’ve got… -___-;;
    YT name is puppy.blu

  358. Loved the KMM as always ^^ Zelo’s dance should be called “I was really little but I jumped and jumped so I became a giant baby dance”. YT: kendisinsan

  359. Zelo’s crazy fish- out- of- water dance should be named…..

    Well, he kind of looks like an over turned turtle. THE ‘OVERTURNED TURTLE’ DANCE! My youtube id is ‘Michelle Xiong’ :)

  360. The “I got a wasp bitting me on my back.. get it off.. get it off.. kill it.. kill it” Dance. I actually did that same dance due to a wasp bitting the bottom of my back bone…

  361. The ”lying on heated pebbles dance” See that’s how he goes so fast he’s trying to get away from the heat
    I’m 20thcenturymusicxD on youtube

  362. Cyber_3

    I’m not a subscriber because I don’t have a youtube account, but I’ll take a bite at naming the dance anyways: the “I can’t get my skinny jeans on” dance – LOL!

    Cyber_3 – sometimes you just have to lie down to get the zipper up

    • wow… you’re one of the most generous person I’ve ever seen. seriously, you deserve something lol

      • Cyber_3

        Haha! That’s nice of you to say but being popular doesn’t mean that I’ll get picked anyways, there are a few other good entries here too. Now, if that had been an MFBTY CD, watch out ;)

    • I can’t get my skinny jeans on! ROFL Hahahahaha, I used to have that problem. Like a lot. Than I decided I like have room in the crotch of my pants and fell in love looser style pants like boyfriend jeans and tapered pants and such. GO LOSE PANTS! (and Jello~)

      • I just realized I left out like two verbs above. OTL I too lazy to edit it and use my brain anymore. *slumps out of chair and onto floor*

  363. My youtube account: FuckingNinjaa
    And the name of Zelo’s dance is the scorpion dance! :D

  364. Zelo’s dance reminds me of a turtle that had flipped over and is struggling to get off its back; in the end it finally succeeds. So I would call it the “No Longer Awkward Turtle”

    My Youtube account: appuruchan

  365. “See, I’m not necessarily well versed in thug life, but I’ve seen enough movies and heard enough of that rap music to know about driveby shootings.”

    MARTINA, YOU ARE SO CUTE!!! Don’t ever stop being cute, okay?

  366. Zelo dance shall be dubbed the “There is a SPIDER on my Back!” Dance. But there is a actual name for that move though.

  367. Rolling Spine Splinter~. I love how I was just showing a friend the MV for this the other day!

  368. you giuse were my very first yt subscription! i made a youtube acct just for you. yep that’s love right there. and i’ve dubbed zelo’s dance THE FLAILING MAKNAE. you don’t have to be a maknae to do it, but you do have to flail like a gangster fish.

  369. I missed you guys! :)
    Also… First one to comment here!!! hihihi

  370. One Shot wins hands down! Also,I think you should call that dance Crippled Crab…cos he looks like a crab doing that :P

  371. PunkyPrincess92

    T_T no Dream Girl?!!! *does the SHINee DG strut and leaves*
    heheh i’m joking! i’m joking!! of course i will watch this KMM just like i always do!!
    YAY to the SHINee DG on the laptop!!!!!!!!!

    ahahahahahha i loved that mac-windows-file part!!!! one of my problems in life!!! (not….the gangster part of course….*shifty eyes*)

    • B.A.P was #1 on the charts. Yes they have the option to choose within the top 3 now but that’s pretty much like in the case of Big Bang where they release video after video after video and KMM won’t turn into Big Bang Month, or if it’s a solid 2 months of guys being reviewed and the girls that have been hovering in the 2nd and 3rd slot have a chance, or in the case of the last B.A.P video to be reviewed where there was nothing likable to the reviewer then hurt feelings can be avoided.
      #1 is always a first option, #2 and #3 are just in case.

  372. I’m gonna dream about the name of zelo’s dance tonight so for now, good night :))

  373. The dance should be called “shouldn’t have laid own on hot sand” ;D

    username :Rían Ma

  374. The scorpion dance!

  375. I think the perfect name for Zelo’s dance is “Hyperactive Turtle stuck on it’s back”. That’s what it looks like to me hahaha xD

  376. It should be called : Flipping-Fish-On-Kimchi-Rush-Because-Bunnies-Not-Badass okay guys cut your leg. (hanimhouri)

  377. yongguk: remme tell samthng that chalredy know lol good review I can’t wait for shinee.

    I vote for block b

  378. Skully

    NOOOO can’t believe they didn’t mention Zelos epic “Shout your balls to the wall” in the english seccion!!!!!!

  379. Username: taetaenic
    “AIR-HUMPING-SCORPION”, you know the scorpion dance at the end, infinite HOHO

  380. For Zelo’s dance… How about… ehem. “The Struggling Punching Caterpillar before it bloomed into a Butterfly”? Well cos’ you know Jongup called the chorus bit the butterfly move.. the butterfly flew away *Jongup eyes* :D.. ya na mean?!

    YouTube Acc: maryamfuad

  381. Zelo’s dance is hard to describe, only thing that comes to mind is underground body wave :D Even though I am major SHINee bias, B.A.P are coming in a close second! SapphireAVK

  382. Bunnies may be fluffy and cute, but it’s a trap I tell you! Have you never seen the killer bunny in Monthy Python and the Holy Grail? Rabbits are strong and vicious when mad;they lust lure you in with their cuteness first.

    • It’s just a bunny they said! WITH BIG POINTY TEETH!!! lol. my fav. movie of all time!

    • ‘It had big sharp teeth’ ahahahaha

    • unicornsgalaxy

      “That rabbit’s got a viscous streak a mile wide. It’s a killer!”

      For those who may not know the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail… shame on you! Go find the movie and watch it! You won’t regret it! But until then… here’s the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMdSaC5flOk

      • Ewww British humor!

        It was alright, I did die laughing during them being asked questions (I think to cross a bridge or something).
        I know I laughed at more parts than that but that’s the only one that really sticks out in my mind.

        • Ask Siri (for those of you with iPhones or iPads) what the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow is, and the answer is usually ‘the last person to ask me that ended up in a crevasse’. As an avid Monty Python fan, this literally had me in stitches.

          (My husbands Galaxy on the other hand just said 24 mph.. ahahah.. silly android, no sense of humor. But then I shouldn’t make fun of him. My Nokia Lumia just ignored the question altogether, although I am going to lay blame at the feet of my 4 loud boys who were being goofy in the background)

  383. Ahh~ I just love ‘One Shot’ soooo much!! ^ ^
    I think Zelo’s dance should be called, “The Possessed Psychotic Crab Walk”. lol
    My YouTube username is: a7xvengeancelove

  384. I love Martina’s rendition of ‘No Mercy’ xD
    Zelo’s dance… (I’m so bad at naming stuff) Horizontal thrusting…?
    username: ahbuggrit

  385. Zelo’s dance should be called the Disoriented Human Motor. Seriously. His arms and legs are cycling up and down, but he’s moving towards the camera. He then realizes he’s not moving in the direction he’d like, so he tries pushing off the ground to see if that helps. Still not the right direction. Then he tries a barrel-roll, thinking that’s what human motors do. Poor Zelo.

    Thanks for having these CD giveaways, and thanks for your Kpop Music Mon– TUESDAY! ;D

    My YT username/channel is TallWaffle. Yes, I am subscribed. :)

  386. Macs AREN’T gangsta!!!!

    Sorry BAP but Nilili Mambo was one of the best vids of 2012… I still can’t get enough of it!

  387. Zelo’s dance should be called the “Flubber Dance” since he just bounces along the floor like Flubber XD
    Youtube username: ladidadidodida
    I too am so happy that they are back with a more hardcore song! That’s the image that I fell in love with when they first debuted!

  388. User: Marlin Marin (suscribed :3)

    The Zelo’s dance should be called : ” The walker BACK” ” La espalda caminante” (?

  389. Thank you for this review Simon and Martina! <3 I think the dance step of Zelo can be called "CRACKING CENTIPEDE". LOL~ He's like breaking his bones in his shoulders but because he's a very tall person, he looks like a long human centipede that was put on an alcohol then he still manages to get up like how centipede is being played by young kids in the park! LOL~ I hope you'll notice this too. :)) By the way my YT channel is lakamasabino :) More powers to you nasties! Love you guise! <3

    Youtube: lakamasabino

  390. People around me maybe called Zelo’s dance as “heated-worm-gets-out-from-soil dance” XD (YT username: helloimsyhr)

  391. I ordered my B.A.P album already :L like right before watching this… just shows that eyk should come before everything >.<

  392. The ‘I wanna walk like a crab crawl’
    Username: candless101

  393. Bawling how can you put Block B against B.A.P.

    I can’t, they were both amazing. For acting values B.A.P and comedy values Block B.

    & Zelo was definitely doing the dance, he has performed it previously during a dance battle with BtoB.

  394. I really enjoyed this review :D laughed at the little skit with the mac :P I also appreciate that Simon adressed the English score problem!

    I vote for BAP!

  395. User name: Kasa022
    “Ants in my pants”

  396. The “Back Jump Dance” :P…I’m not really original, but when I saw it I was like “OMG I Like the Back Jump Dance Zelo did, It’s awesome!!!!!” It just came out, didnt put much though to it.. :P I’ve been subcribed to yalls channel, hopefully I WIN something, I NEVER win on these online things :’(. YouTube Channel name is Random78228 (Picture of butterflies and flowers /(^.^)…keke it’s cute…

  397. YT Usser: McCelu

    The dance should be called the exorcised snake <3

  398. unicornsgalaxy

    hmmm…obviously you haven’t seen the Matoki clips… Those are a bunch of bad ass bunnies!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvKiK4-p3XQ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11RuzHNXRKA and the Matoki youtube channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/officialmatoki


  400. The ”My back is itching but I can’t reach it so I’ll just scratch my
    back by rubbing it on the floor”-dance HAHAH okay this is what I came
    up with, it’s a little long… My youtube username is mylifeasyk

  401. ‘One Shot’ is a kick a** song and MV

  402. User: Saw Canceled

    The dance should be named as:The mad back itching…. XDDD

  403. Zelo’s crazy dance sequence shall be called, ‘Back Ache Massage’ lol, corny title. Can I try another one? =)) ‘Itchy Sexy Back’
    lol yeah~ i don’t know, I’m not great at these. xD
    my YT account is: khanajpd14 (subscribed! :>)

  404. Have you ever seen the Wii game Raving Rabbids? That’s what it reminds me of…

  405. Welcome back EYK!! Bet Spudgy and Meemers are glad you are back too!

  406. Yes! Finally!! :D Can’t wait to watch!

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