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B.A.P. – Power: Kpop Music Mondays

May 8, 2012


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After a bagillion votes and shares and tweets and comments, B.A.P.’s “Power” came out as the top ranked video of the week. Check it out if you haven’t already:

For starters, we know that this is a shorter video than usual. Our Music Mondays can get to be quite long. Today, we kept it short because, well, we’re both pretty damned sick. Martina can’t even speak. Kinda hard to do a speaking show if you can’t speak. We sure couldn’t skip this, though! You all voted insanely, and if we didn’t do a Music Monday it sure wouldn’t stand a chance next week when video decay on the charts kicks in strongly. So we made a compromise: kept the video shorter, but hopefully still entertaining. We’d like to have Kpop Music Mondays this length, we think. Keeps it snappier, no? Let us know what you think: if it’s too short or if it’s alright :D

Anyhow, with a shorter video, the results are lots of ideas that get cut out. We were planning on talking about the crash scene. Something we found interesting about the video: from our understanding, B.A.P. is playing off their whole alien shtick, in which they say they’re otherworldly, which explains the spaceship crashed in the desert. What we want to know is this: which one of them was the one driving it, because they are soooooo gonna be grounded. You gotta be, like, at least 37,000 years old to get your UFO driver’s permit, which means someone here took their mom’s alien minivan for a joyride. Our guess: it was Zelo. That guy looks like nothing but trouble. We were gonna do a skit about this but naahhhhhh. We’re barely functioning as is :D

Otherwise, we announced in this video that we’d be giving away the new B.A.P. Power album along with their poster. Yay! We said it’d be for our YouTube subscribers to leave their answers in the comments, but we’re also leaving this blog post open for comments, but you need to leave your YouTube username in the comment so we can check if you’re subscribed, obviously :D. So, feel free to let us know what you think B.A.P. is spraying. Or, if you feel your chances are better on Facebook, do so on our Facebook Page’s Contest Thread. Yay!

If you’re not the luckiest person out there, but you still want the album, you can pick it up either via iTunes or YesAsia. Huzzah! Or, if you’d rather skip those two and just get our awesome Shower rendition instead, you can check it out here:

Lastly, if you’re interested in checking out the bloopers and the mass amount of difficulty which Martina’s lack of voice caused, or if you’re looking to see who won the U-Kiss “Doradora” giveaway, this video’s for you!



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Kpop Music Mondays


B.A.P. – Power: Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. Well it is a “Secret.” *wank*

    4 years ago
  2. WOW I LOVE simon’s dubbing lmbo kinda fits 

    4 years ago
  3. think about it their on a plante with no atmosphear obviously they need oxygen :D

    4 years ago
  4. I hope you guys get well soon! :) hehe I really like Simon’s rap xD haha
    Well, fot the golden question about what’s up with the spray: let me tell you, it’s very easy! Since they’re fom other planet and crash here at this planet, the aren’t used to this atmosphere, so that’s why they’re angry but then, they remenber that they’ve this high tecnology device for this kind of situations. For us humans look like a spray but it’s not, uh hu, this little thing help them to get used it to this atmophere, and with only one try they’re fine, but they get excited and start dancing around with the spray xD And then one person saw them and go to talk to them, this person was a producer, who was soooo amazed with they spray abilities that he contract them -he even ignore the the crashed ship behind the guys because of his amazement-. Finally, they became very famous for their dance, form a gruop called B.A.P and used their fabulous dance for one of their videos :D haha don’t pay attention to the last 6 lines xD 

    Youtube username: Amlg1112
    P.D: Sorry for the bad english, my first laguage is spaninsh! 

    4 years ago
  5. They’re obviously spraying gasoline. How else do you think they kept the flames going? And also why that spaceship was on fire (didn’t really crash, just safely landed).  And yes, it was Zelo that instigated this. In his rap, he’s really saying, “OMG, you guys! I haven’t started a fire in, like, a gazillion years! LET’S BLOW SHIT UP!”

    And the other members agreed, since they hate Earth and would rather it burn up and explode. I mean, a desert? That’s some bad luck, man. Perhaps they were on a extraterrestrial mission to destroy Earth…? Hmm…

    Username: TheInwardOutward

    4 years ago
  6. I think they are spraying is “Axe” … because … well … have been asleep a long time … and they have to smell very bad

    4 years ago
  7. Come on…would you rather have no review, or have half of it? Mind you, they were so ill. :(

    4 years ago
  8. Since BAP members are not from this planet, their bodies
    need a different type of gas right? Humans breathe in oxygen, and there is no
    oxygen on any other planet. Therefore, BAP must breathe a different type of gas
    that is present in small amounts on earth. The gas that is being released by
    the cans supplies this for them. In fact, oxygen is lethal for them, which
    explains why they cover their mouths a lot. It also explains the beeping in the
    MV, which is a timer for how much longer until they need to respray the air.
    All the gas in the MV is actually the gas they breathe in. So, I think BAP
    members are spraying a trace gas that the BAP members breathe in. :D


    YT: jessicaaaturbox3

    4 years ago
  9. ….I’ve been playing Simon’s BAP Shower song on repeat for almost 3 hours now. I think something’s seriously wrong with me.

    4 years ago
  10. B.A.P. might be alien creatures that love nature hate Earth people for
    destroying the beauty of the Earth. That explained why they were so
    angry and grumpy. They decided to bring spray cans with special
    substances that can make flowers and trees grow on deserts.

    Youtube account: BennyBoom4

    4 years ago
  11. now you know why they didn’t do a cute concept debut…we’d all just be laughing at them XD

    4 years ago
  12. Oh God, we’re gonna be so Junsufied and Infinitised in the next fortnight. I doubt Taetiseo will hold out till then. 

    Anyways, for your interest- a celebration of 2 million views- Mashup of SHINee’s Amigo and Infinite’s Be Mine

    Back to B.A.P- Sour smelling anti-alien bug spray 

    Welcome to the neighbourhood (to Singapore) where the tropical weather completes your thawing process. 

    4 years ago
  13. wait so the news about u comin here is true??!!! :yaaarrrrghhljvcfgbj;lmkng!!%&@!%&#!#

    4 years ago
  14. That question’s a toughie. But I’d have to say BAP was probably spraying pheromones to attract fangirls and fanboys. Since the group just arrived on a new planet and their spaceship crashed, they’re immediately proceeding with their plan of world takeover via building an army of fan-minions. Notice how they say “we got the power” and also “follow me”? All part of the master plan. Anyway, that’s my best guess!

    youtube name: [email protected], and thanks for all your awesome vids!

    4 years ago
  15.  LOL!!!! I loved that part in the Secret Garden Parody! 

    4 years ago
  16. their spraying cans of liquid magic in a mist form!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    yt username: luciibabi21

    4 years ago

    4 years ago
  18. I like 2PM 

    4 years ago
  19. They are obviously spraying that spritzy ranch dressing stuff but they filled it up in large aerosol cans for MAXIMUM RANCHITUDE.

    youtube: MeOhMyMichelle

    4 years ago
  20. WOW. Martina, you have AMAZING lip-syncing skills. TOP could learn a thing or two ;D

    I don’t mind shorter KMMs. Brief but to the point, yea!!! I really, really enjoy your skits – that song was amazing. Story of my life – HA!!!

    It felt strange listening to Simon for 7 minutes straight though…

    4 years ago
  21.  you need to win.

    4 years ago
  22. I prefer BAP’s Power sexy-spray-dance, heartbeat is interesting but BAP’s dance give you that “i wanna learn it to!” kinda feeling. Like I’m gonna go buy a spray can of sexy spray and start twirling it and dancing with it :D

    4 years ago
  23. BABYs, we made it!!! Congrats to everyone (even from the other fandoms) who voted for B.A.P’s POWER. BABYs thak you from the bottom of our hearts. :)))

    4 years ago
  24. Martina !!!! get well soon!!!! 
    Thank you for doing the review!XD, i can say that i’m actually a very selfish fan,lol, i wished bap could have beaten u-kiss’s doradora…..lol…(sorry u-kiss fans)……
    Simon’s flipping air breeze thingy was soo cool!!! i wish i could have done it, it looked fun to do~ when ever you want to spray it, flip it~

    Simon’s rap was hilarious! lol, it made my day~~~~~

    i hope all is well, and wish u guys a safe trip to malaysia~^^

    4 years ago
  25. 2PM! :) As much as I love my B.A.P., 2PM will always be first! ;D

    4 years ago
  26.  I also vote the Spray Dance it was really unique (even though ZOmbiePM was pretty cool)

    4 years ago
  27. Anti-fan spray, everyone knows that. :p
    Personally, I like the videos to be longer. I was a bit disappointed in this video, because it wasn’t as long as most of your videos are. ;w; It was still great, though. Hope you feel better, Martina. ^_^

    4 years ago
  28. I feel like it’s cloaking spray to make sure that they don’t turn back into their large robot selves (the big bunny robot) while still on earth. I think its like Polyjuice potion but instead of drinking it they just have to cover themselves in it and their immediate surrounding area. They have a special way of applying it which is ofcourse the dance. BYG wasn’t in it because he was the first one to wake up and thus applied it before the others. That’s my explanation. My YouTube name is IloveMalfoyandCena. So there’s no confusion on the random off chance that I win it says I love Malfoy and Cena. My friends always get the i and the L mixed up.

    4 years ago
  29. Aw… get better Martina!! Although I’m not sad we got to hear the amazingness that Simon dubbing. You guys are super in-sync too, by the way. xD

    In terms of length, to be honest, I was really sad it was short, mostly because I was really really looking forward to this particular Music Monday (Huge BAP fan). I don’t think I’d really mind if it weren’t my bias group though. As long as it’s as funny as this one, that is!

    That said, please don’t get rid of the Engrish segment or the dance segment. Those are the two defining traits of kpop after all! (So sad you guys didn’t do the awesome gorilla teasing dance at follow me and didn’t talk about “One More Say!”)

    4 years ago
  30. sooooooooooo cute! definitly one of my favorite KPMM ever! And the bloopers are super funny. <3
    Get well soon, Martina (and Simon too)!

    4 years ago
  31. [Gah… even taking this bit out leaves my post further down on “what are B.A.P. spraying?” look quite long… but it’s better this way.]

    Oh, man… XD  “You will go on a date with me.  No arguing.”  <- I cracked up so hard at this.  (I'm still choking with laughter as a result of the video.  I think it's one of the best reviews you guys have ever done.)

    This was just brilliant.  Simon, the dubbing was class XD  And Martina, I hope you get better soon! (Laryngitis sucks.  Food poisoning sucks too — I had that a few weeks ago.)

    You're right — in some ways it was funnier because it was shorter, but I miss the "sub-headings", especially the English ratings.  If there's any way to keep the videos shortish and keep in the stuff like the English rating as well as the dance and MV review, it would be great.

    I vote for B.A.P. over 2PM (because B.A.P. can do a ZOMBIE puppet dance in Warrior, which pwns, as well as the spray can dance in Power — 2PM just has a puppet dance).

    4 years ago
  32. I’m answering the B.A.P. “what are they spraying” contest here as youtube’s character limit wouldn’t allow me to fully write out my theory.

    First off, I’d say that the B.A.P. boys aren’t all spraying the same thing.  I mean, this time, their concept is that they’re individuals, right?  They’re doing the same dance to show they’re a team (like when they all had blond hair), but they’re all spraying different things to show that they’re still different, individual peop– I mean, aliens.  So here is what they’re each spraying:

    Zelo: Incognito mosquito (which is a powerful, general insect repellent).  Being the maknae, he’s the cutest/sweetest of the group, and (don’t ask me how, since he’s a robot, according to Ta-Dah! It’s B.A.P.!) Earthen insects in general have decided that Zelo’s blood… robot oil… whatever… is the sweetest around, so they’re all attacking him.  Actually, if it’s the robot oil, that’d explain something, since none of the other members seem to have a problem.  You can see how big Zelo’s problem is from the megaphone, though.  The red stuff?  Nah, that’s not paint.  It’s blood from all the insects he had to kill to stop them from drinking his oil, because if he ran out of oil, he’d grind to a stand-still (the right kind of oil doesn’t exist on Earth — it only exists on the planet they came from), which would be a problem for the group (what would they do without their super-speed robot rapper?).  His whistle got completely ruined by the amount of insect blood on it shortly after Warrior, which is why he has the megaphone here.  It’s also why his hair’s pink.  It was supposed to be silver-blond, but there was so much insect blood that it stained his hair pink instead and he’s been unable to get rid of it ever since.  (That’ll be a shower~!  For half an hour~! every day until the next MV comes out.  Sorry, Zelo… . D:)  So yeah… you see the scale of the problem?  That’s, like, several gazillion insects.  Zelo has to do that spray can dance FIVE TIMES EVERY DAY to be safe.  The others picked it up off him because they thought it was cool.  Then they started adding in their own sprays, as they didn’t have insect problems.

    Himchan: Lynx (or whatever the Korean/alien equivalent is).  I mean, Simon… Martina… Martina with Simon’s voice was talking about the Cologne Corridor of Death from school.  In the UK, it was always the lynx effect, so I’m going with that.  (Who knows?  Maybe lynx comes from whatever planet B.A.P. came from.)  See, he’s annoyed that Daehyun’s sort of (unofficially) taken over from him as the visual of the group since they debuted, so he wants to attract more girls to himself (to prove he’s actually better looking) by using cologne, but being an alien, isn’t really familiar with applying it.  Consequently, he sprays it around himself to get girls to come into his personal space.  (Himchan… don’t go blaming people when they fall in love with the air around you XD)  And you can see his frustration at Daehyun in the faces he’s making at 0:41 and from 2:10 to 2:11 in the music video.

    Daehyun: I’m pretty sure it’s very, very tiny particles of that spray can whipped cream you can get (since Daehyun loves eating and can eat oblivious to his surroundings, no matter what the situation — just watch B.A.P.’s diary), only the crash-landing after Zelo’s piloting and the change in air pressure from Earth’s atmosphere (which is hotter than their native planet) meant that the cream was vaporised.  He’s spraying it out in the hopes that it’ll relieve the air pressure in the can, since the vaporised cream takes up more air space and therefore the can’s in danger of exploding.  In his opinion, it’s worth spraying out half the cream to save the rest provided the entire lot isn’t destroyed.

    Youngjae: Tear gas.  I mean, there’s been a fair amount of news recently about sasaeng fans (largely due to the stuff regarding JYJ/DBSK), but after hearing about the sasaeng fan-arranged car crash with rival aliens EXO-M, B.A.P. decided to step it up with security so that they wouldn’t be stalked, and Youngjae decided it would be a good idea to use tear gas.  After all, the B.A.P. aliens are immune to it.  He does the dance five times a day with Zelo to ensure that there are no stalkers.  Oh, and this also explains the absence of the back-up dancers in some places.  Since they’re humans rather than aliens, they had to go get themselves some anti-acid as protection from the tear gas.

    Jongup: Coloured hair spray dye.  He misses the time when they were all blond together and thinks that, if they really needed to change hair colour, they all ought to have changed it to the same colour instead of the group going polychrome.  He told the band he was spraying an antiperspirant because the dance is so rigorous, but that was just a ploy to hide the fact he’s trying to spray their hair his colour.  So far, the others have managed to avoid it – by fluke — but NEVER FEAR: HE’LL GET THEM EVENTUALLY.  Just wait until they’ve done the dance a few more times… .

    Oh, and Bang Yongguk isn’t in the spray dance because he had an allergic reaction combined with an unexpected asthma attack due to the combination of all the sprays.  Poor guy :(  He’s lurking just off-screen with the anti-acid for all the Babies who are going to follow B.A.P. (as requested in the song at 3:22) so that they don’t have to worry about the tear gas.  And no, no stalkers are going to get past him.  I mean, who would even contemplate lying to that angry face that flickers in at 2:21?  It clearly says, “Tell me a lie and I’ll EAT YOU ALIVE!”  Yeah, I agree with Simon and Martina: that guy’s hungry.  You would be too if the only food that survived the crash was Daehyun’s spray can of whipped cream… .

    I nearly forgot!  My youtube channel’s soullessgingerninja.

    Whoa… that took a lot longer than I thought it would to type up.  I think I’ll put the non-competition part of my comment into a different comment.

    4 years ago
  33. I think you should do the Engrish but in another video b/c I REALLLY want to know what you guys think!!!

    4 years ago
  34. it is a spray which permitting the girls to have not a FJS Syndrome and  preventing the guys to do not touch their lips hahahaha

    4 years ago
  35. Oh! BTW, I’m voting for 2pm!

    4 years ago
  36. Is SO obvious… They’re spraying pheromones, to conquer female earthlings!!!

    (youtube: stephfany)

    4 years ago
  37. I enjoyed the video! But I miss the English section…haha, what did you guys think of their random English?

    4 years ago
  38. Thanks for your effort in making this video despite being sick! (Though the ‘English of the song’ section is sorely missed.) Get better soon! 

    Anyway, my guess is that they are spraying air disinfectants to clean the air of any nasty bacteria, etc. that could cause some sort of diseases. As ‘aliens’ you can’t assume them to be immune to diseases lurking on earth, so they take precautions. And judging by all the smoke and strange gas you see throughout the video that’s probably a smart thing to do. Better safe than sorry, right? :D 
    And the ‘warning warning…’ part where they cover their mouths with their hands could be the signal for them to get the spray cans ready for action, because the air is not safe for breathing. 

    (My youtube username is RubyNight)

    4 years ago
  39. You are great guys ^^ Get well soon!

    4 years ago
  40. i see someone is a huge Game of Thrones fan!!!

    4 years ago