After a bagillion votes and shares and tweets and comments, B.A.P.’s “Power” came out as the top ranked video of the week. Check it out if you haven’t already:


For starters, we know that this is a shorter video than usual. Our Music Mondays can get to be quite long. Today, we kept it short because, well, we’re both pretty damned sick. Martina can’t even speak. Kinda hard to do a speaking show if you can’t speak. We sure couldn’t skip this, though! You all voted insanely, and if we didn’t do a Music Monday it sure wouldn’t stand a chance next week when video decay on the charts kicks in strongly. So we made a compromise: kept the video shorter, but hopefully still entertaining. We’d like to have Kpop Music Mondays this length, we think. Keeps it snappier, no? Let us know what you think: if it’s too short or if it’s alright :D

Anyhow, with a shorter video, the results are lots of ideas that get cut out. We were planning on talking about the crash scene. Something we found interesting about the video: from our understanding, B.A.P. is playing off their whole alien shtick, in which they say they’re otherworldly, which explains the spaceship crashed in the desert. What we want to know is this: which one of them was the one driving it, because they are soooooo gonna be grounded. You gotta be, like, at least 37,000 years old to get your UFO driver’s permit, which means someone here took their mom’s alien minivan for a joyride. Our guess: it was Zelo. That guy looks like nothing but trouble. We were gonna do a skit about this but naahhhhhh. We’re barely functioning as is :D

Otherwise, we announced in this video that we’d be giving away the new B.A.P. Power album along with their poster. Yay! We said it’d be for our YouTube subscribers to leave their answers in the comments, but we’re also leaving this blog post open for comments, but you need to leave your YouTube username in the comment so we can check if you’re subscribed, obviously :D. So, feel free to let us know what you think B.A.P. is spraying. Or, if you feel your chances are better on Facebook, do so on our Facebook Page’s Contest Thread. Yay!

If you’re not the luckiest person out there, but you still want the album, you can pick it up either via iTunes or YesAsia. Huzzah! Or, if you’d rather skip those two and just get our awesome Shower rendition instead, you can check it out here:

Lastly, if you’re interested in checking out the bloopers and the mass amount of difficulty which Martina’s lack of voice caused, or if you’re looking to see who won the U-Kiss “Doradora” giveaway, this video’s for you!


  1. I heard this song being played at my local Asian grocery store. I only recognized it because it sounded so familiar to f-art’s Shower. :P

  2. Oh the irony… “If they try to pull off a cute and playful BILASA kind of video, I just might vomit”, I think TS Entertainment was definitely trolling you guys when they released Crash and Stop It XD

  3. So wait…what DID you think of their English then anyway? xD

  4. ummm.. anyone noticed B.A.P’s POWER mysteriously disappeared from EYK Kpop Chart?

  5. Everything happens to you Martina…First you hurt your foot and then you can talk…Girl be careful.  Simon are you like super human that you don’t get sick???

  6. isnt the alien crap for exo

  7. It’s pepperspray. The bunny is trying to kill them, but to win, they do a WAAARIOR~ dance (like they do before rugby matches in New Zealand… or they did on New Zealand before fights in older days) to shake the smelly skunk bunny off to tell that they have the power, and hate the smelly bunny.

    Username on YouTube: luluamu

  8. wow. such a hard showdown. GOSH!! I love 2PM, but I don’t think I have EVER seen anyone pull out spray out of anywhere. I pick B.A.P.

  9. They are definitely spraying Anti-Puffy spray. Seeing as how they are still young bunnies and travelled a long way from Planet Mato to invade Earth disguised as Korean idols, their transformation will not last long, as they are too inexperienced and their puffiness is too great. Therefore, they had to spray Anti-Puffy spray on themselves to hide their true puffy bunny forms from the unsuspecting Earthlings.
    (youtube: iLikeKumquats)

  10. they had to spray themselves since they just took a quick bath earlier in the video and they smelt funny
    (pikachuluver01 on youtube)

  11.  B.A.P. is far more advanced than we punny (see the play on words? ..Maybe?) humans. Thus, this is a multi purpose spray of course complete with:
    1) Think of it like fa-breeze because we, ze humans, are so nasty and need some epic deodorant time (the last part made me think of Max time, ahem).
    2) It also acts as a Lysol because we’re full of germs and the powerful B.A.P. does not have time to worry about catching our cooties.
    3) I’m pretty sure the spray is in preparation of some sort of bunny invasion. Inconceivable!
    4) Despite the fact that we humans stink and have cooties, I like to think B.A.P. are still kind to us and are spraying us with magical/high tech goodness to make  us a little more awesome too. Much appreciated.
    5) I think the fifth magical quality is a secret.

    (youtube: the3rdbar)

  12.  They’re spraying a new tecnology bring directly from matos planets, they are dispersing a whole army of nanorobots which will travel through de video, get into ours eyes and ears, stick in to our brains and make us  love them so much that they  will conquer this planet. 

    PS: sorry for my grammar °~° ^ ^

  13. They’re spraying a new tecnology bring directly from matos planets, they are dispersing a whole army of nanorobots which will travel through de video, get into ours eyes and ears, stick in to our brains and make us  love them so much that they  will conquer this planet. 

    ps: sorry for my grammar °~° ^ ^

  14. I think what are they spraying is spraying tan.You know it’s so popular to be tan everywhere (except Korea) and if some one will not like it they will crush them with their POWER. :D
    youtube  username – misrage

  15. I think they must be spraying deodorant. Because they must have a date later and they are like “OMG LOOK AT OUR CLOTHES THEY ARE SO DIRTY AND WE HAVE BEEN ON THIS DISGUSTING GREEN WATER”. And they join their deodorant powers and spray together to smell well finally and go like a boss to their dates.
    youtube: ayamekisaragi

  16. They’re spraying oil for Robot Zelo’s joints. With all the dance moves he’s cranking out, he’s gotta be kept well-oiled.
    Youtube: xxhaganenochibi

  17. Maybe it’s WA|HH Quantum Sensations spray, I mean i know most of them are under drinking age but c’mon, there’s no way they got that much energy while being sober. 

    youtube name: hyuki91

  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu0H9H8s-Bo LOl, for those of you who don’t know the reference that Kia stated, it’s hilarious. :) Bigbang Secret Garden Parody, I looooled for hours, haha

  19. Since the release of the M/V I thought they are spraying deodorant.
    You may ask why so much? Well this is pretty easy to explain.
    The video is actually showing us the secret technique that allows Koreans to not sweat like us, other people.

    The technique consists of two parts – the 1st layer and the 2nd layer of sweat protection.

    1st layer:
    You see, at the beginning they spray it in the air to smell it and decide if they actually like the smell of the deodorant. (Shown in the video at the 2:58 mark. As you can see in this case they like the smell of the deodorant, so they continue with the next steps, but if it weren’t the case they would have looked for another brand.)
    Then they spray it to their right and jump into the cloud of deodorant and then do it on the left side.(As shown in the video at 3:01.)
    Next come the feet. To prevent smelly feet they spray the deodorant in the air over their outstretched legs, so it can land on their feet. For extra protection they even spray it directly on their feet. (Shown in the video at the 3:03 mark. You can actually see how they practice for this move before in the video by even saying to the smell that they hate it.)
    Next comes the upper body. To get the deodorant on the upper body, they sit on the ground and  spray it in the air and let it cover them. It is called the “Lazy” technique, because obviously you could do that while standing too. (Can be seen in the video at 3:06.)
    This makes up the first layer of sweat protection. Then comes the second layer.

    2nd layer:
    First they shake the bottle before using it again (At 3:08.). After they stand up and have prepared their deodorants for usage again, they start to spray themselves again, but this time from the bottom. This is the “Elevator Style” spraying technique. (As shown in the video at 3:09.)
    Next they do the “Yin-Yang” spraying move to respray their upper body. (You can see the move in the video at 3:12 – 3:14.)
    As you can see, by now the deodorant doesn’t spray as good as before, because the bottle is almost empty (Your heart is empty and you’re so cold  you…*cough*) so they shake it again.
    (Video at 3:14.)
    Next they squat to catch the last falling droplets of deodorant in the air. (As seen in the video at 3:17.)
    And to make the final note and use up the remaining deodorant they do the “Cloud” AKA “Smog” technique at the end. (Refers to 3:18 – 3:20 in the video.)
    And at 3:20 we see how they dispose of the empty (*Insert unneeded song reference again*) bottle, by tossing it away.

    So that’s it. That is the reason Koreans don’t sweat. It also is a legit explanation why you can’t really find deodorants in Korea, because as you can see one Korean uses up roughly a bottle of deodorant a day.

    Oh, and you couldn’t see Bang Yongguk doing the dance because he was actually behind the camera and showing the rest of the members how it’s done. [I know that he has an injured hand, but I like this explanation better.]
    YouTube name: BunnyLilFluffy

  20. That’s true. Bang Yong-guk, please remain angsty and rugged and sexy and hot for the rest of eternity. Thank you.

  21. 2PM’s Heartbeat, no question!

  22. The question here is not “What are they spraying?”
    The question here is “How long will these boys last on this barren planet???”
    Allow me to explain. 
    1. These boys are hairspray breathing aliens. 
    2. They only woke up because the hairspray vents in their pods shut off.
    3. The cans they posses are actually spare units used in situations just like this.
    4. They are only spraying it in a desperate attempt to survive. 
    5. I expect all the BAPites sound constipated and groggy. It’s like an accent however…

    If you listen closely you can here the disparity in their voices gasping for “air” and why else would they keep falling on the ground?! They are slowly suffocating. 

    This explains the hair as well. Stiff and coated in plastic.

    I pray they find a hairspray reserve before it’s too late…

  23. BAP is being attacked by bears! See I’m from Alaska and my knowing eyes see all the tell tale signs. I think this alien planet is infested with a mutant form of invisible grizzly bears. BAP was brought here to exterminate the vermine with their smooth boxing styles, intimidation poses/singing and worst of all, mutant bear spray. In this video we see the boys hunt then beat and sing these invisible bears into submission in wear houses, the desert and in sewers, a bear’snatural habitat. >_> … After they knock the bears out with roundhouse kicks and punches they spray the bears into oblivion. ^_^ Definitely bears. My youtube account is HelloBriannaMichelle. I love your videos! Keep them coming, please. 

  24. 2pm 2pm 2pm 2pm 2pm 2pm all the way but i love B.A.P but i’m hottest what to do so it’s 2pm ^^

  25. it may be just a normal water xD ..Ooor….the water where Achilles was sunk into when he was small @.@! *so that B.A.P. can be unbeatable :D!!!

  26. So I looked through the kPop charts and can’t seem to find this anywhere…. I Remember Bang Yong Gook ft. Yang Yoseob and Going Crazy Bang Yong Gook ft. Song Ji Eun… *-* I would really love you two making this in your music monday… =D

  27. just wondering if someone wins one of your contest how would we know your email

  28. What they’re spraying is the future/more advanced version of a molecular transporter that would bring them wherever they wished. It would have worked, had it not expired on their trip to this new world :P

    Why’d it expire, it could have brought them to me? XD

    youtube: apocalyptichist

  29. User name Kage5944
    They are spraying bug spray because the bug love alien blood, except for robot Zelo who is spraying oil 

  30. youtube user name is Kage5944
    I believe they are spraying bug spray, bugs love alien blood…Except robot Zelo who is clearly spraying oil for his gears

  31. WOW I LOVE simon’s dubbing lmbo kinda fits 

  32. It’s Bad Ass Protection – since they’re aliens, the Earth’s atmosphere might be harmful to them.

  33. Maybe they really are spraying clogne or deodorant but to each other like “Ughhh man, you are so stinky after all that dance and kicking, just let me…” Pssssss! “Hey, see who’s talking about stinkiness (is that even right?? O.o)” Psssssssssssss!!
    Hope you get the idea, that was what I first thougt when I saw the MV but now thinking abaout the alien thing, it could also be some kind of advanced technology spray camouflage (?) which they spray to each other in order to prevent being captured… And which obviously won’t be really effective considering the massive UFOS that are right behind them crashed in the dessert… :S (Youtube username: aleguima)
    On other subject, I agree with one comment below, you should show the winner comments of the contests!!! If you picked them they have to be reaaaly funny!! Share them with us!! Plase?? =D

    Hope you bothe get well soon!! Love your videos (I do prefer the longer Music Monday)!!! Kisses from Uruguay!! <3

  34. Is anyone else having issues of watching the videos?

  35. where is the review?? i can’t find it!!! heeeeelllllpppp!

  36. they’re spraying Lynx to get more F.A.Pers you know, the BOW CHIKA WOW WOW. more excessive spraying = more F.A.Pers (i hate being called a BABY…too old to be called one ._.)
    Youtube unsername : KaizokuJP

    First was What is Love and now POWER?!

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