After a bagillion votes and shares and tweets and comments, B.A.P.’s “Power” came out as the top ranked video of the week. Check it out if you haven’t already:


For starters, we know that this is a shorter video than usual. Our Music Mondays can get to be quite long. Today, we kept it short because, well, we’re both pretty damned sick. Martina can’t even speak. Kinda hard to do a speaking show if you can’t speak. We sure couldn’t skip this, though! You all voted insanely, and if we didn’t do a Music Monday it sure wouldn’t stand a chance next week when video decay on the charts kicks in strongly. So we made a compromise: kept the video shorter, but hopefully still entertaining. We’d like to have Kpop Music Mondays this length, we think. Keeps it snappier, no? Let us know what you think: if it’s too short or if it’s alright :D

Anyhow, with a shorter video, the results are lots of ideas that get cut out. We were planning on talking about the crash scene. Something we found interesting about the video: from our understanding, B.A.P. is playing off their whole alien shtick, in which they say they’re otherworldly, which explains the spaceship crashed in the desert. What we want to know is this: which one of them was the one driving it, because they are soooooo gonna be grounded. You gotta be, like, at least 37,000 years old to get your UFO driver’s permit, which means someone here took their mom’s alien minivan for a joyride. Our guess: it was Zelo. That guy looks like nothing but trouble. We were gonna do a skit about this but naahhhhhh. We’re barely functioning as is :D

Otherwise, we announced in this video that we’d be giving away the new B.A.P. Power album along with their poster. Yay! We said it’d be for our YouTube subscribers to leave their answers in the comments, but we’re also leaving this blog post open for comments, but you need to leave your YouTube username in the comment so we can check if you’re subscribed, obviously :D. So, feel free to let us know what you think B.A.P. is spraying. Or, if you feel your chances are better on Facebook, do so on our Facebook Page’s Contest Thread. Yay!

If you’re not the luckiest person out there, but you still want the album, you can pick it up either via iTunes or YesAsia. Huzzah! Or, if you’d rather skip those two and just get our awesome Shower rendition instead, you can check it out here:

Lastly, if you’re interested in checking out the bloopers and the mass amount of difficulty which Martina’s lack of voice caused, or if you’re looking to see who won the U-Kiss “Doradora” giveaway, this video’s for you!


  1. I heard this song being played at my local Asian grocery store. I only recognized it because it sounded so familiar to f-art’s Shower. :P

  2. Oh the irony… “If they try to pull off a cute and playful BILASA kind of video, I just might vomit”, I think TS Entertainment was definitely trolling you guys when they released Crash and Stop It XD

  3. So wait…what DID you think of their English then anyway? xD

  4. ummm.. anyone noticed B.A.P’s POWER mysteriously disappeared from EYK Kpop Chart?

  5. Everything happens to you Martina…First you hurt your foot and then you can talk…Girl be careful.  Simon are you like super human that you don’t get sick???

  6. isnt the alien crap for exo

  7. It’s pepperspray. The bunny is trying to kill them, but to win, they do a WAAARIOR~ dance (like they do before rugby matches in New Zealand… or they did on New Zealand before fights in older days) to shake the smelly skunk bunny off to tell that they have the power, and hate the smelly bunny.

    Username on YouTube: luluamu

  8. wow. such a hard showdown. GOSH!! I love 2PM, but I don’t think I have EVER seen anyone pull out spray out of anywhere. I pick B.A.P.

  9. billybobbobbillybillybobbobbil

    They are definitely spraying Anti-Puffy spray. Seeing as how they are still young bunnies and travelled a long way from Planet Mato to invade Earth disguised as Korean idols, their transformation will not last long, as they are too inexperienced and their puffiness is too great. Therefore, they had to spray Anti-Puffy spray on themselves to hide their true puffy bunny forms from the unsuspecting Earthlings.
    (youtube: iLikeKumquats)

  10. they had to spray themselves since they just took a quick bath earlier in the video and they smelt funny
    (pikachuluver01 on youtube)

  11.  B.A.P. is far more advanced than we punny (see the play on words? ..Maybe?) humans. Thus, this is a multi purpose spray of course complete with:
    1) Think of it like fa-breeze because we, ze humans, are so nasty and need some epic deodorant time (the last part made me think of Max time, ahem).
    2) It also acts as a Lysol because we’re full of germs and the powerful B.A.P. does not have time to worry about catching our cooties.
    3) I’m pretty sure the spray is in preparation of some sort of bunny invasion. Inconceivable!
    4) Despite the fact that we humans stink and have cooties, I like to think B.A.P. are still kind to us and are spraying us with magical/high tech goodness to make  us a little more awesome too. Much appreciated.
    5) I think the fifth magical quality is a secret.

    (youtube: the3rdbar)

  12.  They’re spraying a new tecnology bring directly from matos planets, they are dispersing a whole army of nanorobots which will travel through de video, get into ours eyes and ears, stick in to our brains and make us  love them so much that they  will conquer this planet. 

    PS: sorry for my grammar °~° ^ ^

  13. They’re spraying a new tecnology bring directly from matos planets, they are dispersing a whole army of nanorobots which will travel through de video, get into ours eyes and ears, stick in to our brains and make us  love them so much that they  will conquer this planet. 

    ps: sorry for my grammar °~° ^ ^

  14. I think what are they spraying is spraying tan.You know it’s so popular to be tan everywhere (except Korea) and if some one will not like it they will crush them with their POWER. :D
    youtube  username – misrage

  15. I think they must be spraying deodorant. Because they must have a date later and they are like “OMG LOOK AT OUR CLOTHES THEY ARE SO DIRTY AND WE HAVE BEEN ON THIS DISGUSTING GREEN WATER”. And they join their deodorant powers and spray together to smell well finally and go like a boss to their dates.
    youtube: ayamekisaragi

  16. They’re spraying oil for Robot Zelo’s joints. With all the dance moves he’s cranking out, he’s gotta be kept well-oiled.
    Youtube: xxhaganenochibi

  17. Maybe it’s WA|HH Quantum Sensations spray, I mean i know most of them are under drinking age but c’mon, there’s no way they got that much energy while being sober. 

    youtube name: hyuki91

  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu0H9H8s-Bo LOl, for those of you who don’t know the reference that Kia stated, it’s hilarious. :) Bigbang Secret Garden Parody, I looooled for hours, haha

  19. Since the release of the M/V I thought they are spraying deodorant.
    You may ask why so much? Well this is pretty easy to explain.
    The video is actually showing us the secret technique that allows Koreans to not sweat like us, other people.

    The technique consists of two parts – the 1st layer and the 2nd layer of sweat protection.

    1st layer:
    You see, at the beginning they spray it in the air to smell it and decide if they actually like the smell of the deodorant. (Shown in the video at the 2:58 mark. As you can see in this case they like the smell of the deodorant, so they continue with the next steps, but if it weren’t the case they would have looked for another brand.)
    Then they spray it to their right and jump into the cloud of deodorant and then do it on the left side.(As shown in the video at 3:01.)
    Next come the feet. To prevent smelly feet they spray the deodorant in the air over their outstretched legs, so it can land on their feet. For extra protection they even spray it directly on their feet. (Shown in the video at the 3:03 mark. You can actually see how they practice for this move before in the video by even saying to the smell that they hate it.)
    Next comes the upper body. To get the deodorant on the upper body, they sit on the ground and  spray it in the air and let it cover them. It is called the “Lazy” technique, because obviously you could do that while standing too. (Can be seen in the video at 3:06.)
    This makes up the first layer of sweat protection. Then comes the second layer.

    2nd layer:
    First they shake the bottle before using it again (At 3:08.). After they stand up and have prepared their deodorants for usage again, they start to spray themselves again, but this time from the bottom. This is the “Elevator Style” spraying technique. (As shown in the video at 3:09.)
    Next they do the “Yin-Yang” spraying move to respray their upper body. (You can see the move in the video at 3:12 – 3:14.)
    As you can see, by now the deodorant doesn’t spray as good as before, because the bottle is almost empty (Your heart is empty and you’re so cold  you…*cough*) so they shake it again.
    (Video at 3:14.)
    Next they squat to catch the last falling droplets of deodorant in the air. (As seen in the video at 3:17.)
    And to make the final note and use up the remaining deodorant they do the “Cloud” AKA “Smog” technique at the end. (Refers to 3:18 – 3:20 in the video.)
    And at 3:20 we see how they dispose of the empty (*Insert unneeded song reference again*) bottle, by tossing it away.

    So that’s it. That is the reason Koreans don’t sweat. It also is a legit explanation why you can’t really find deodorants in Korea, because as you can see one Korean uses up roughly a bottle of deodorant a day.

    Oh, and you couldn’t see Bang Yongguk doing the dance because he was actually behind the camera and showing the rest of the members how it’s done. [I know that he has an injured hand, but I like this explanation better.]
    YouTube name: BunnyLilFluffy

  20. That’s true. Bang Yong-guk, please remain angsty and rugged and sexy and hot for the rest of eternity. Thank you.

  21. 2PM’s Heartbeat, no question!

  22. The question here is not “What are they spraying?”
    The question here is “How long will these boys last on this barren planet???”
    Allow me to explain. 
    1. These boys are hairspray breathing aliens. 
    2. They only woke up because the hairspray vents in their pods shut off.
    3. The cans they posses are actually spare units used in situations just like this.
    4. They are only spraying it in a desperate attempt to survive. 
    5. I expect all the BAPites sound constipated and groggy. It’s like an accent however…

    If you listen closely you can here the disparity in their voices gasping for “air” and why else would they keep falling on the ground?! They are slowly suffocating. 

    This explains the hair as well. Stiff and coated in plastic.

    I pray they find a hairspray reserve before it’s too late…

  23. BAP is being attacked by bears! See I’m from Alaska and my knowing eyes see all the tell tale signs. I think this alien planet is infested with a mutant form of invisible grizzly bears. BAP was brought here to exterminate the vermine with their smooth boxing styles, intimidation poses/singing and worst of all, mutant bear spray. In this video we see the boys hunt then beat and sing these invisible bears into submission in wear houses, the desert and in sewers, a bear’snatural habitat. >_> … After they knock the bears out with roundhouse kicks and punches they spray the bears into oblivion. ^_^ Definitely bears. My youtube account is HelloBriannaMichelle. I love your videos! Keep them coming, please. 

  24. 2pm 2pm 2pm 2pm 2pm 2pm all the way but i love B.A.P but i’m hottest what to do so it’s 2pm ^^

  25. it may be just a normal water xD ..Ooor….the water where Achilles was sunk into when he was small @.@! *so that B.A.P. can be unbeatable :D!!!

  26. So I looked through the kPop charts and can’t seem to find this anywhere…. I Remember Bang Yong Gook ft. Yang Yoseob and Going Crazy Bang Yong Gook ft. Song Ji Eun… *-* I would really love you two making this in your music monday… =D

  27. just wondering if someone wins one of your contest how would we know your email

  28. What they’re spraying is the future/more advanced version of a molecular transporter that would bring them wherever they wished. It would have worked, had it not expired on their trip to this new world :P

    Why’d it expire, it could have brought them to me? XD

    youtube: apocalyptichist

  29. User name Kage5944
    They are spraying bug spray because the bug love alien blood, except for robot Zelo who is spraying oil 

  30. youtube user name is Kage5944
    I believe they are spraying bug spray, bugs love alien blood…Except robot Zelo who is clearly spraying oil for his gears

  31. jazminjhnsn

    WOW I LOVE simon’s dubbing lmbo kinda fits 

  32. It’s Bad Ass Protection – since they’re aliens, the Earth’s atmosphere might be harmful to them.

  33. Maybe they really are spraying clogne or deodorant but to each other like “Ughhh man, you are so stinky after all that dance and kicking, just let me…” Pssssss! “Hey, see who’s talking about stinkiness (is that even right?? O.o)” Psssssssssssss!!
    Hope you get the idea, that was what I first thougt when I saw the MV but now thinking abaout the alien thing, it could also be some kind of advanced technology spray camouflage (?) which they spray to each other in order to prevent being captured… And which obviously won’t be really effective considering the massive UFOS that are right behind them crashed in the dessert… :S (Youtube username: aleguima)
    On other subject, I agree with one comment below, you should show the winner comments of the contests!!! If you picked them they have to be reaaaly funny!! Share them with us!! Plase?? =D

    Hope you bothe get well soon!! Love your videos (I do prefer the longer Music Monday)!!! Kisses from Uruguay!! <3

  34. Is anyone else having issues of watching the videos?

  35. where is the review?? i can’t find it!!! heeeeelllllpppp!

  36. they’re spraying Lynx to get more F.A.Pers you know, the BOW CHIKA WOW WOW. more excessive spraying = more F.A.Pers (i hate being called a BABY…too old to be called one ._.)
    Youtube unsername : KaizokuJP

    First was What is Love and now POWER?!

  38. Hey, guys! can I ask why you NEVER put the comment itself that wins in the videos?
    I mean if YOU picked it as a winner it must’ve been something really hilarious!
    I’m (and I’m sure the others too) very curious! ^_^

    .`·.¸.·´ ?
    ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸

  39. I think the longer version was better.I know that it is tiring for you guys but I loved the English rating part the most.

  40. I so love your cover renamed “Shower”, even better than the original >.< I think they could spray water, you know when it's hot, girls in dramas often use it.
    I hope you'll get your voice back, actually I like this music monday, you should try to reverse :D

  41. They’re probably spraying some kind of fragrance or maybe just water lol. either way they are still hot ;) 
    youtube username: hillmaestro

  42. think about it their on a plante with no atmosphear obviously they need oxygen :D

  43. Gosh!!! Nobody knows?! They are spray tanning themselves!! Hahahaha!! XD

  44. sad you didnt do the english meter cause I was hoping you would say something about him saying one more say! Which me and my dude have been saying to each other instead of say that again or one more time. Get better guys.

  45. Ah, I like your videos when they are longer because they are a lot more detailed. But its basically up to you guys how long you want the video to be. If you guys have tons of great ideas, include it!

    For BAP spraying everywhere, perhaps its to hide their hideous scent since they’re “aliens from outer space”. Its like those guys in school who spray axe everywhere and think it smells amazing. When in fact, it smells horrible and makes everyone want to gag.

  46. I hope you guys get well soon! :) hehe I really like Simon’s rap xD haha
    Well, fot the golden question about what’s up with the spray: let me tell you, it’s very easy! Since they’re fom other planet and crash here at this planet, the aren’t used to this atmosphere, so that’s why they’re angry but then, they remenber that they’ve this high tecnology device for this kind of situations. For us humans look like a spray but it’s not, uh hu, this little thing help them to get used it to this atmophere, and with only one try they’re fine, but they get excited and start dancing around with the spray xD And then one person saw them and go to talk to them, this person was a producer, who was soooo amazed with they spray abilities that he contract them -he even ignore the the crashed ship behind the guys because of his amazement-. Finally, they became very famous for their dance, form a gruop called B.A.P and used their fabulous dance for one of their videos :D haha don’t pay attention to the last 6 lines xD 

    Youtube username: Amlg1112
    P.D: Sorry for the bad english, my first laguage is spaninsh! 

  47. They’re obviously spraying gasoline. How else do you think they kept the flames going? And also why that spaceship was on fire (didn’t really crash, just safely landed).  And yes, it was Zelo that instigated this. In his rap, he’s really saying, “OMG, you guys! I haven’t started a fire in, like, a gazillion years! LET’S BLOW SHIT UP!”

    And the other members agreed, since they hate Earth and would rather it burn up and explode. I mean, a desert? That’s some bad luck, man. Perhaps they were on a extraterrestrial mission to destroy Earth…? Hmm…

    Username: TheInwardOutward

  48. I think they are spraying is “Axe” … because … well … have been asleep a long time … and they have to smell very bad

  49. Spray Spray Spray >3<

    YouTube: KiCKDANCERS 

  50. They are spraying antibacterial spray into the air so they won’t get sick from the strange bacteria or diseases on this new planet.  The reason they cover their mouths is also to protect from airborne viruses or bacteria.  My youtube user name is MSKcat. 

  51. bigbangfosho

    Since BAP members are not from this planet, their bodies
    need a different type of gas right? Humans breathe in oxygen, and there is no
    oxygen on any other planet. Therefore, BAP must breathe a different type of gas
    that is present in small amounts on earth. The gas that is being released by
    the cans supplies this for them. In fact, oxygen is lethal for them, which
    explains why they cover their mouths a lot. It also explains the beeping in the
    MV, which is a timer for how much longer until they need to respray the air.
    All the gas in the MV is actually the gas they breathe in. So, I think BAP
    members are spraying a trace gas that the BAP members breathe in. :D


    YT: jessicaaaturbox3

  52. They are spraying oxygen because they are on an alien planet and need oxygen to breathe. When they are spraying it, it’s creating a force field of oxygen around them!

  53. martina, i am sorry about your voice:( i like your dress a lot though!!!!!

  54. B.A.P is coming for vengeance on all of the KPOP groups beat them out
    for the top spot when they first debuted with “Warrior”. They’re not
    just making a comeback but a comeback with “POWER” what is that “POWER”
    you you ask? You see, that’s not just any spray can, that spray can is filled with “Rabid Bunny Abduction
    Power” spray, R.B.A.P for short. With this spray they have the power to
    call on rabid bunny’s to follow them across the country to take down
    KPOP groups, and soon the world!

  55. B.A.P is coming for vengeance on all of the KPOP groups beat them out for the top spot when they first debuted with “Warrior”. They’re not just making a comeback but a comeback with “POWER” what is that “POWER” you you ask? You see, that’s not just any spray can, that spray can is filled with “Rabid Bunny Abduction Power” spray, R.B.A.P for short. With this spray they have the power to call on rabid bunny’s to follow them across the country to take down KPOP groups, and soon the world!

    Youtube name: holiwood10122
    thanks for all your hard work! I love your videos!!  Get better soon guys : )

  56. They’re spraying water. Because after a long travel through space, their faces must be so dehydrated! YT: TangyZong
    By the way, the length of the video didn’t bother me, I don’t know whether it was because of the SHOWWERRR song or simon dubbing martina, but this music monday is one of the best so far! I’d actually rather you guys do shorter videos and rest more :)

  57. honestly when i saw the video was shorter than usual i was a little disappointed and sad.
    and then i laughed 8′D because it still was hilarious 8′D

    so far, i adore B.A.P, i really do. But i really loved 2PM’s heartbeat’s dance, so, my vote goes to 2PM.
    I said i adore B.A.P, but i still love both the song and dance better in Warrior. Power is a cool song (although… the chorus is… kinda meh ? : /) and the MV itself really really really is nice… But the dance and song was more powerful in Warrior, just my opinion.
    So yeah, the dance is original indeed (the spray thing still really is bizarre tho, can’t say i love it), but my vote goes to 2PM. (i know, i said it twice).

  58. For next k-pop music monday can you have a new band called HELLOVENUS with the song Venus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3eGfc1oqFc&feature=relmfu

  59. YT: teatimeoclock
    Obviously, they are spraying a spray that makes you forget about their existence when you inhale it. It’s just a bargain bin version of the flash in men in black. You know, because they’re aliens. ;D

  60. Power vs. Heartbeat? I love both dances, but Heartbeat brings me more joy. 
    Sooo you know when you have sparklers and you go crazy and write stuff in the air with them? That’s definitely what B.A.P. (and Spudgy) are doing here.  And I’m not so sure what B.A.P. is spraying–probably something like “Careless, careless, our debut was better than EXO– but I’m pretty sure Spudgy’s spraying “Mom, Mom, where are the noms?”
    Just as a side note, I actually preferred EXO’s debut…hahahaha
    youtube: imnotgonnatakeapill

  61. ….I’ve been playing Simon’s BAP Shower song on repeat for almost 3 hours now. I think something’s seriously wrong with me.

  62. When I saw that “spray dance”, after longer analyse, I concluded that maybe this “spray can” isn’t just a spray can, but a small fire extinguisher. And our beloved BAP wanted to make their childhood dreams about becoming a firefighter come true. They are showing us how skilled they are with using the extinguisher, how powerful are they with fighting with the fire (you know firefighter, fighter, warrior, power, doesn’t it all make some sense?).
    Unfortunately, after some time the reality came to me, and my second thought was that the director of the MV lost control over the movie set, and poor BAP boys had to put out the fire by themselves while dancing the choreography. (Save the time!)
    Or maybe they were just cutting the costs of MV production (they have already paid too much for going to the other planet) and they made the fake smoke to improve the scenery. (Hiring the specialists crew would be too expensive.)

    youtube : pipirupiko

    Thank you for all those reviews you do, they really make my day :)
    (Especially now, when I’m during my exams period XD)

  63. Why the only logical solution as to what they are spraying is as follows;
    As the group have just awoken from cryosleep, it is (as Simon pointed out) strange that they have so much energy, in fact, how can they even move like that?
    The answer my dear fellow B.A.P enthusiasts is this;
    B.A.P are actually cyborgs, as explained by the broken machinery everywhere. As you can clearly see in the video, the machine-thing they sleep in refills their cyborg bodies with the oh-so important “Kpop-dancomania”-juices, which is their secret to how they can dance so coordinated and professionally, although they are still a rookie group. After waking up their joints and whatnot are filled with these juices, but as the song goes on they slowly reach a critically low level. They see no other way of continuing the song than to replenish their “Kpop-dancomania”-juices with their emergency spray cans. As they spray themselves, they have to dance all around the area they have sprayed, to cover it all over their bodies.

    Really you guys, it’s self explanatory. B.A.P has the power, the power to dance.
    /youtube: safiercherismew

  64. Hey , Thanks for the SHOWER song~ I use it as my ringtone.. LOL xD

  65. they are clearly spraying sleeping spray gas~ look at how they kick and punch after they spray it to knock the imaginary person to the ground with their POWER, and when the knocked out guy wakes up, there is a SOUR taste in their mouths~ :]]]
    youtube: JinjuRhee

    ps- if they were using spray paint then they would have used the dissappearing paint that ukiss used on their shirts in doradora~

  66. Why they are spraying? HELLO THEY ARE ALIENS, ISN’T IT OBVIOUS? It’s simple. Those sprays are being used because they don’t want us earthlings to find out their true aliens-look-alike looks. Also, since the sprays have multiple of functions, they are also used FREQUENTLY because otherwise, they can’t live their lives here on Earth. Our atmosphere isn’t really what they are used to so they can’t really breath in this kind of air that we are breathing. By spraying out the containing of the cans, the Earthly-air will blend with the stuff for a long time so the air will become breathable.
    So, If they don’t use them, they’ll lose their POWER – as for their line in the song “We got the POWER” meaning that they are capable of doing whatever they want to – only if they have their lifesaver in that can. They’ll become UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS, full of POWER.
    And in the M/V, after the spraying they’re saying “follow me” so it’s probably also a way for them to get all the attention they need to success. They already have succeed with the BABIES, so now it’s just the rest of the world before their mission to conquer the world is complete. B.A.P GOT THE POWER! 

    PS. I was thinking of Daesung’s SMELL~ too hahaha. DS.

    YouTubeID: YukiiDaruma

  67. I actually prefer longer videos, but I still think this one is entertaining enough and I also understand that you guys were sick :)

  68. The context of the song ‘Power’ and its music video gives away the major clue. They are spraying some power source from their spaceship that helps them to recover from their rest. And it contains poisonous gas that would make other creatures dizzy and unconscious… No, I don’t mean mosquitoes, but their preys!!! They had been sleeping, so they are pretty hungry. They are aggressive and angry because they do not have anything to eat in the middle of the desert, and they have got the POWER to catch you for a nice meal. So do not even try to criticize them in a oh-i-hate-you-no-matter-what-or-who-you-are way, antifans!

    youtube: kykyky707
    twitter: kykyky07

  69. B.A.P. might be alien creatures that love nature hate Earth people for
    destroying the beauty of the Earth. That explained why they were so
    angry and grumpy. They decided to bring spray cans with special
    substances that can make flowers and trees grow on deserts.

    Youtube account: BennyBoom4

  70. vaxanne

    Oh God, we’re gonna be so Junsufied and Infinitised in the next fortnight. I doubt Taetiseo will hold out till then. 

    Anyways, for your interest- a celebration of 2 million views- Mashup of SHINee’s Amigo and Infinite’s Be Mine

    Back to B.A.P- Sour smelling anti-alien bug spray 

    Welcome to the neighbourhood (to Singapore) where the tropical weather completes your thawing process. 

  71. My fave Music Monday ep so far! Even though I miss Martina’s voice, I loved Simon’s dubbing. 

  72. I enjoyed this KMM even though it’s rather short. BUT, I want a full length KMM next time (if you’re not sick anymore, that is). I miss the English review. And I enjoy wasting my 10minutes watching you do silly stuff (sometimes, totally unrelated to the video being reviewed, lol).

  73. Hi simon and martina
    where is the Music Monday video?T-T
    I only see  the MV of B.A.P

    Many greetings from Germany ♥♥

  74. the blooper are even more funny than the real vid.

  75. I have to agree with some of the other comments. This shorter review really does feel like only half of a review. There was a lot to talk about with this song and video (but, of course you guys were sick so we should thank you for posting any video at all). I feel that if the material’s there then an eight or even ten minute video is justified, but some videos are just not as interesting and can be covered quite well in 5 minutes. My point is: for compelling songs and videos longer is better, however, if you guys find the video dry and struggle to come up with matterial then it’s best to keep it short and not drag it out. I think requiring all the reviews to keep to a certain length is not the best option. 

    BTW, I hope that you both feel better soon~  Uo・ェ・oU

  76. I’m okay with the KMM being this length, but my only problem was that you guys didn’t review the english of this song.. But since you guys were pretty sick and the English wasn’t monkeyballs awful, I guess it’s okay that you didn’t review it. Get well soon~ :)

  77. They’re spraying disinfectant spray. So you guys won’t get sick anymore (:

    YT: ayumikunn

  78. I didn’t get the feeling of this KMM being shorter than the others, just snappier, as you said! :)
    And Martina, your dress is really pretty! Tulle is awesome! ;)
    Simon’s voice-over was glorious, especially in the bloopers xD
    Get better soon, both of you! Have fun in Malaysia!

  79. First, they are aliensss! they will scare all of us using there oh so awesoom sprays. And I’m guessing that is goodbye-stupid human spray! I mean, who will even let BAP spray them with those? Those aliens are soooo handsome indeed. If its not spray, maybe it is the air freshener spray! they are so exhausted in dancing they use the spray and sprayed it infront of them so that they will not smell stinky and nasty! SEEE! SMEEEEEEL. 
    And I am guessing they are spraying air freshener, you know, they are dancing in a weird planet with spaceships and sands. So…if the winds come, they will protect themselves using there sprays!!!! 
    But Honestly, I think that is Anti-Fan Spray. Go away you stupid anti-fan! BAP is here to crush and smash and poison your ugly face you stupid Antis!!!
    But Honestly, i think they use that because they are inspired of Daesungs smeeeell—-they are probably inspired. Really inspired of Daesungs smeeeeeeelll~~ It was so awesome that’s why!
    LOL. I want 2 win really bad! WOOO! B.A.P. So I’m guessing it is BAP sprays, a new spray invented using there special rice powers plus there sweat and all! TADAH! BAP RICE SPRAY! You will probably like that! 
    I also think that is the eye-killer spray. Oh come on baby! You want to be near me right? They spray it in there eyes and tadah! theyre eyes will burrrnn! yeaah burn for those nasty anti-fans!
    LOL. I also think it is the menthol spray. You know, they practice and dance for bagillion times so I guess there mouth is already nastY! Oh my god, my mouth! it burrrrrnnss~ So! They use the menthol spray and smell it and at the same time taste it! Oh so tasty!
    I also think that is the Anti-Sand spray! You know, if they spray that, the sand will not go in there oh so precious hair, face and all! Notice that all the dancers didn’t join with them right? They don’t want to be sprayed by the aliens! They will be dead! NOOOOO~ My precious dancers. BAP is really the greatest group of all time. They are just rookies but they invade the whole universe. They are there to show all the earthlings who has the power. And it is obviously BAP. BAP will be my best new rookies even the award shows don’t like it or not. BAP live up with there name. BEST- best rookies, I love it and I love how confident they are. Soooo professional. ABSOLUTE – They have alllll. See those bunnies? They are cute in variety shows and reality shows but in the stage, they stand up and show everyone who is rocking! They are BAP. And last but not the least, PERFECT- Hand’s down. They are here to invade all the rookies and show them what they got. They are only in one small company, but hey! They show them who they are and is really respectful to there sunbaes and all. They are funny, derpy, cool, handsome, jokers, cute, confident, and every little perfect words. Words can’t be describe on how I like them. They are soo perfect and they are sooo gonna be the best group after 3-4 years. EVEN 2013 they can rise up and be international. They got the power. They show there lyrics a really meaningful meaning and they got it all. BAP is AWESOME. BEST.ABSOLUTE.PERFECT. Heard the lyrics? Warning warning warning warning? They are saying warning to all the haters our there, hear everybody say, hate you, they are obviously saying they hate there fans. Hear, boom boom follow me? They show to the fans to follow them because they know what’s best. BAP IS PERFECT. BEST.ABSOLUTE.PERFECT. @bystlyoseob125:disqus  <-youtube account.
    @Chologz H. Dimaandal <-Facebook account.

  80. I thought it was hairspray, which now that i think about it makes no sense as all. Maybe they need to fix their hair a lot. Bad climate perhaps? 1Queen1of1lol

  81. Heyyy my youtube name is laURen00pris !!!!
    I hope that you get better soon !!!!!!!!because I love your videos and the dub was a bit disturbing at times….but I still loved this episode :P
    And as to what B.A.P are spraying, well obviously they are spraying bug-spray. But this is not your ordinary bug-spray for pathetic insects called mosquitoes; no, this is S.P.E.W. BUG-SPRAY: Super Powerful and Effective Warrior Bug Spray. You see, B.A.P. weren’t actually supposed to land in that desert (you may have guessed from the crash landing look of the rocket yes?), but actually  somewhere completely different. You see, tiny alien-parasite-like-things crawled into the rocket when in the planet which B.A.P. came from and slowly ate away at some of the main power chords within as they flew, and therefore the crash. BUT THEN they fell into that strange green fluid which actually reacted very badly with these bugs causing them to become revolting and massive Giant Mutant Alien Bugs or G.MAB’s for short. The G.MAB’s then began eating everything and would have eaten B.A.P. too if it were not for S.P.E.W. BUG-SPRAY which is actually poisonous to all Mutant Alien Bugs; luckily B.A.P. are always prepared. So in the end B.A.P. showed that they do have the power and the S.P.E.W. BUG-SPRAY to destroy all the G.MAB’s who rudely crashed their rocket and woke them up from their sleeping time. 


  83. Simon and Martina: you executed this video flawlessly! I admire you guys for enduring a horrible condition to film in. This Kpop MM brightened up, what would otherwise be, a mediocre Monday. I hope you guys recover quickly from the nasty bugs you caught.

  84. Youtube name: DemiYori
    they’re spraying fresh air since they’re obviously on another planet
    That was kind of my first thought since I had watched Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax like 5 times =P

  85. They’re spraying “pas” or salonpas
    after a crash like that their alien muscles must be aching.YT:Summer52
    NO but seriously, that’s what their spraying, they said it in an interview.

  86. wait so the news about u comin here is true??!!! :yaaarrrrghhljvcfgbj;lmkng!!%&@!%&#!#

  87. i thought at least when they spray, colour liquids came out of it, with some slow mo moment and some of the liquids hits their faces or hair or body for its impact… but meh….. its just extreme hairspraying moment……. since they are so busy, thats the most extreme sport they can do.. :sohardcore: *me n my bestie was like… “what are they angry about, killer mosquitoes?” 

  88. That question’s a toughie. But I’d have to say BAP was probably spraying pheromones to attract fangirls and fanboys. Since the group just arrived on a new planet and their spaceship crashed, they’re immediately proceeding with their plan of world takeover via building an army of fan-minions. Notice how they say “we got the power” and also “follow me”? All part of the master plan. Anyway, that’s my best guess!

    youtube name: [email protected], and thanks for all your awesome vids!

  89. I wanna share some T.O.P love!  His school pic is so cute!!! <3 <3  :3

  90. XD I Didnt think of this i found it on youtub and wanted to show you guys lol

    It’s obvious. Earth knew that a war was about to ensue between the aliens and humans, so they decided to preserve six of their best warriors. Two hundred years after the war, these six warriors awake, to realize that the earth is polluted with radiation. What they’re spraying? A liquid purifier to rid the air of pollution. Sometimes, the radiation gets to them which explains why they’re covering their noses every now and then in the video! :D 

    lol that is the greatest idea ever 
    XD too bad i didnt think of it =_=

  91. Do BIGBANG! We want to see more Big Bang!!!! Do Fantastic Baby!!!! One more thing…. T.O.P is my future husband!!!! <3 <3 ///<

  92. I am also laughing like a horse right now, purely cos I’m in the library and trying my best to keep quiet. xD

  93. Does this song remind anyone else of a more rocked up version of Ludacris’s Southern Hospitality circa 2009? Is it just me? I’mjustsayin’.

  94. their spraying cans of liquid magic in a mist form!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    yt username: luciibabi21


  96. I like 2PM 

  97. They are obviously spraying that spritzy ranch dressing stuff but they filled it up in large aerosol cans for MAXIMUM RANCHITUDE.

    youtube: MeOhMyMichelle

  98. B.A.P is spraying a anti mosquito probably because there’s a lot of bugs in their planet!

  99. WOW. Martina, you have AMAZING lip-syncing skills. TOP could learn a thing or two ;D

    I don’t mind shorter KMMs. Brief but to the point, yea!!! I really, really enjoy your skits – that song was amazing. Story of my life – HA!!!

    It felt strange listening to Simon for 7 minutes straight though…

  100. Martina, get well soon!! Simon, don’t be sick too!! thank you guys for doing this MM even though you’re both sick ))

    I think they’re spraying facial moisturizers (u know, the special “make-up water” spray). They landed in a dessert and are in real need of hydration to maintain pretty faces. ))

    YT name: alternativeked

  101. Dear Simon and Martina,
    If I we were to look at the whole video, we can definitely
    see the clues to what they are really spraying. You’ve probably already noticed
    that one of the biggest members of their gang, the bunny, had barely appeared
    in the whole music video. Why is that? Well it’s obvious that the bunny seem to
    have done something wrong, something so bad that he probably was so embarrassed
    to even show himself anymore. And if the gang was really out there vacationing
    in an alien world, the only obvious thing that the bunny could have done was to
    bring a bunch of alien fleas into their sleeping pods after he having jumped
    and hopped around the whole alien terrain. Why else do you think Bang Yong Guk woke
    up all angry and kicking in the air? The fleas were obviously not merciful in
    his pants. So throughout the whole video, the gang kept trying to do everything
    to get the “power” to get rid of those fleas, including singing, dancing, and even
    raping the fleas away. But it wasn’t until they actually used a flea repellent
    spray that they finally got the “power” to get rid of them. I
    just feel sorry that the bunny wasn’t there to be sprayed on as well. He’s
    probably just still now rolling in the floor because of his unfortunate stroll
    along the planet.
    youtube: kodac768

  102. It felt short to me as well. Probably cause I’m so used to the long and detailed videos. 

  103. I prefer BAP’s Power sexy-spray-dance, heartbeat is interesting but BAP’s dance give you that “i wanna learn it to!” kinda feeling. Like I’m gonna go buy a spray can of sexy spray and start twirling it and dancing with it :D

  104. I wont fool around with the answers, but for me, what they’re spraying are the air from empty spray cans. You know when the cans are already empty and you try to spray them and just an air is coming out. That. :>

    utube : puccaem

  105. I wont fool around with the answers, but for me, what they’re spraying are the air from empty spray cans. You know when the cans are already empty and you try to spray them and just an air is coming out. That. :>

    utube : puccaem

  106. They are obviously spraying body glitter so they can compete with the other pretty boy bands!!! ;)
    YT: MsInternationalCHIC

  107. Simon’s spray can dancing/ twirling and dubbing skills were BOSS!!!  I give both an A+++++++++++++++!!!!!! <3

  108. I’m gonna be honest here. Yes, this is short, and because this is the first video I’ve ever voted so hard for, I am quite disappointed, especially since there are so many things to be talked about in this MV. On the other hand, I am grateful that even with so many difficulty, you guys did not skip this Music Monday and though this is short, it is hilarious enough to make my day. ;)

    My take on the group-spray part? They’re trying to get rid of their smell so their MAMA won’t know where they are, because they don’t want to be grounded!

  109. They’re spraying body spray because they’re stinky from all that dancing. They’re sweating. Also they are putting on Bod to get more girls lol like the commercial “I WANT YOUR BOD”Youtube: 03yes

  110. BABYs, we made it!!! Congrats to everyone (even from the other fandoms) who voted for B.A.P’s POWER. BABYs thak you from the bottom of our hearts. :)))

  111. People, please. They were obviously spraying Febreze. They thought the smell of their sexy manliness would be too much for everyone’s ovaries to handle. They had to replace it with the smell of the ocean ?\(^.^)//

  112. It felt a little short to be honest. I like the length of the previous ones. 

    My answer they are spraying those funky cans of the hairdye you get for Halloween. It’s obvious! I mean they all started with Blonde hair and now they have different ones. They just are using it on us now to make us have couple looks!

    Youtube – LWPW0673

  113. Sooo funny, as usual! Totally love your brand new voice Martina ;)

    My youtube account name is Phodyers, and I think that BAP’s member just found a big hairy spider in their dorm or some kind of awful insect they are trying to spray those until its final breath! That would explain the mouth-covering gesture, that they would have made when they had found, full of disgust, the big insect. The sprays, obviously are the arms they use to defeat the beast. And the title, Power is for the strength they got to face the awful monster “(we got the poweeer, to kill the spideeer [...] bomb bomb follow me, let’s all spray in every way, etc etc”)
    Oh and in fact, B.A.P stands for Best Assassins of Pests.

    Anyway, thankssss guys for the fun you bring to us with your videos. My neighbours must think I am crazy, laughing alone in the night, but meeh, whatever ;)

  114. so my baby brother (5 years old) loves you guys and B.A.P….. he watched this review and asked me “wait, is it 5 out of 5?” i was surprised that he realized what was missing. it’s cute that he cracks up every time you guys pull out the ♪ I LOST MY (insert object) ♪ :3

  115. I can see you wait for Infinite as well, yay ^^

    I just wanted to say that I’m SO impressed by BAP so far! Best rookie ever – ex aequo with Infinite: in my opinion they were just as great with Come Back Again, but the styles are obviously incomparable. And Infinite is not a rookie anymore. Anyway, I’m SO GLAD that this video got such a huge response on your music charts! How come I feel just as proud as if they were my own children? Haha :)

    Please, be healthy you both. Of course, health goes first, but I couldn’t not notice the lack of English part and lots of jokes I almost smelled from the BAP sprays… In my opinion, it’s not a problem with length as long as there are some regular sections provided – of course it’s just my suggestion, you are the creators and thank you for all the work! Don’t feel pressured ;)

  116. Martina !!!! get well soon!!!! 
    Thank you for doing the review!XD, i can say that i’m actually a very selfish fan,lol, i wished bap could have beaten u-kiss’s doradora…..lol…(sorry u-kiss fans)……
    Simon’s flipping air breeze thingy was soo cool!!! i wish i could have done it, it looked fun to do~ when ever you want to spray it, flip it~

    Simon’s rap was hilarious! lol, it made my day~~~~~

    i hope all is well, and wish u guys a safe trip to malaysia~^^

  117. 2PM! :) As much as I love my B.A.P., 2PM will always be first! ;D

  118. What about the english? I was totally waiting! The “one more say” come on.

  119. you don’t…do the engrish :(
    feel  better!! <3 and make the music mondays longer when you do :)

  120. BangYongGuk looks cute when he smiles ^_^

  121. Youtube: kpop526
    They are using some type of spell for all the girls to fall in love with them!

  122. Ok, first of all, I realized that I don’t like listening to Simon’s voice ALL the time, I like when both of you talk hahahaha (just like I do architecture because I can’t live only with engineering or with arts, I like to mix it up :D). But I do have laughed a lot hahahahaha you did it very well, S&M :D (next time put Spudgy to say a few lines too :O )

    Get better soon, guys!

  123. B.A.P’s fans are called BABY’s

  124. duh its obvious that they are using manly testosterone in a bottle to attract all the females. its the newest product from their home planet and was given to them to take over the world. it may look innocent but really its just a high tech weapon they’re using to aid themselves in world domination.
    youtube user: tcaton6

  125. They’re spraying axe to show their strong, hufty, uniqueness. Or even better, showering themselves with water to make them moist and fresh.

  126. ITS SWEAT REPELLENT SPRAY! :D youngjae said so on show champion! 

  127. duh its obvious that they are spraying manly testosterone in a bottle to attract all the females. its the latest product for their planet and it was given to them to help take over the world. it may look innocent but really they are just aiding themselves in world domination.

    they obviously want to beat out other boybands right?


    so Zelo tricked the Noona, with his cuteness,
    and got her to tell what kind of perfume she wears…





    Dont pick on the poor girly men!
    They arnt even promoting right now!!!

  129. They are spraying anti hater spray to keep allll the haters away, and that is why, BABYs just go *PSSSSTTT* to ALL the haters! >:D

  130. They’re spraying nanobot bunny babies from their planet to take over the earth. 
    (Youtube BeckahTee)

  131. They’re obviously spraying tear gas at the fangirls who bum-rushed the set after they drove past them filming the music video in Songdo (youtube: FoxFirePast)

  132.  I also vote the Spray Dance it was really unique (even though ZOmbiePM was pretty cool)

  133. Have you done something regretful? Have you borrowed the Mother Ship without permission because you wanted to impress your Earthian crush but instead you crashed it in front of millions pairs of eyes? o_O Yup, you screwed it up but worry no more cuz we’ve got something for you ~ Blink At Past – a new fregrance for aliens-who-failed-miserably-at-making-a-spectacular-entrance-and-want-to-errase-bad-first-impression-and-change-it-into-the-BEST-and-ABSOLUTEly-PERFECT-one! Just spray it in your witnesses’ eyes and walk/Act like nothing happened. Efficacy guaranteed.

    I came across this advertisment in Outer Space Weekly, I guess it explains it all…

    YT: michalinah

  134. You guys should totally dub over each others voices more often it was high-larious.

  135. Awesome dubbing Martina Simon *highfive*, especially when you added in the part about T.O.P hehe.

    I think B.A.P was spraying some “Shower in a Can” while dancing they have to stay all cool and fresh >_<

  136. GASPIES! MY HAIR IS THE SAME COLOR PINK! ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ! Now that I think about it, my hair actually wasn’t meNt to be dye pink 0.0 ()^ㅊ^() <— Spudgy 친구 oooh and I was wondering next time, da Spudgy should get a pink Mohawk! ^^ who doesn't like pink? YouTube: sisterzrock1

  137. STAY WITH THE POWER spray. you guys said, how can they have so much power? THATS HOW. 

  138. Anti-fan spray, everyone knows that. :p
    Personally, I like the videos to be longer. I was a bit disappointed in this video, because it wasn’t as long as most of your videos are. ;w; It was still great, though. Hope you feel better, Martina. ^_^

  139. I feel like it’s cloaking spray to make sure that they don’t turn back into their large robot selves (the big bunny robot) while still on earth. I think its like Polyjuice potion but instead of drinking it they just have to cover themselves in it and their immediate surrounding area. They have a special way of applying it which is ofcourse the dance. BYG wasn’t in it because he was the first one to wake up and thus applied it before the others. That’s my explanation. My YouTube name is IloveMalfoyandCena. So there’s no confusion on the random off chance that I win it says I love Malfoy and Cena. My friends always get the i and the L mixed up.

  140. Aw… get better Martina!! Although I’m not sad we got to hear the amazingness that Simon dubbing. You guys are super in-sync too, by the way. xD

    In terms of length, to be honest, I was really sad it was short, mostly because I was really really looking forward to this particular Music Monday (Huge BAP fan). I don’t think I’d really mind if it weren’t my bias group though. As long as it’s as funny as this one, that is!

    That said, please don’t get rid of the Engrish segment or the dance segment. Those are the two defining traits of kpop after all! (So sad you guys didn’t do the awesome gorilla teasing dance at follow me and didn’t talk about “One More Say!”)

  141. sooooooooooo cute! definitly one of my favorite KPMM ever! And the bloopers are super funny. <3
    Get well soon, Martina (and Simon too)!

  142. [Gah... even taking this bit out leaves my post further down on "what are B.A.P. spraying?" look quite long... but it's better this way.]

    Oh, man… XD  “You will go on a date with me.  No arguing.”  <- I cracked up so hard at this.  (I'm still choking with laughter as a result of the video.  I think it's one of the best reviews you guys have ever done.)

    This was just brilliant.  Simon, the dubbing was class XD  And Martina, I hope you get better soon! (Laryngitis sucks.  Food poisoning sucks too — I had that a few weeks ago.)

    You're right — in some ways it was funnier because it was shorter, but I miss the "sub-headings", especially the English ratings.  If there's any way to keep the videos shortish and keep in the stuff like the English rating as well as the dance and MV review, it would be great.

    I vote for B.A.P. over 2PM (because B.A.P. can do a ZOMBIE puppet dance in Warrior, which pwns, as well as the spray can dance in Power — 2PM just has a puppet dance).

  143. I’m answering the B.A.P. “what are they spraying” contest here as youtube’s character limit wouldn’t allow me to fully write out my theory.

    First off, I’d say that the B.A.P. boys aren’t all spraying the same thing.  I mean, this time, their concept is that they’re individuals, right?  They’re doing the same dance to show they’re a team (like when they all had blond hair), but they’re all spraying different things to show that they’re still different, individual peop– I mean, aliens.  So here is what they’re each spraying:

    Zelo: Incognito mosquito (which is a powerful, general insect repellent).  Being the maknae, he’s the cutest/sweetest of the group, and (don’t ask me how, since he’s a robot, according to Ta-Dah! It’s B.A.P.!) Earthen insects in general have decided that Zelo’s blood… robot oil… whatever… is the sweetest around, so they’re all attacking him.  Actually, if it’s the robot oil, that’d explain something, since none of the other members seem to have a problem.  You can see how big Zelo’s problem is from the megaphone, though.  The red stuff?  Nah, that’s not paint.  It’s blood from all the insects he had to kill to stop them from drinking his oil, because if he ran out of oil, he’d grind to a stand-still (the right kind of oil doesn’t exist on Earth — it only exists on the planet they came from), which would be a problem for the group (what would they do without their super-speed robot rapper?).  His whistle got completely ruined by the amount of insect blood on it shortly after Warrior, which is why he has the megaphone here.  It’s also why his hair’s pink.  It was supposed to be silver-blond, but there was so much insect blood that it stained his hair pink instead and he’s been unable to get rid of it ever since.  (That’ll be a shower~!  For half an hour~! every day until the next MV comes out.  Sorry, Zelo… . D:)  So yeah… you see the scale of the problem?  That’s, like, several gazillion insects.  Zelo has to do that spray can dance FIVE TIMES EVERY DAY to be safe.  The others picked it up off him because they thought it was cool.  Then they started adding in their own sprays, as they didn’t have insect problems.

    Himchan: Lynx (or whatever the Korean/alien equivalent is).  I mean, Simon… Martina… Martina with Simon’s voice was talking about the Cologne Corridor of Death from school.  In the UK, it was always the lynx effect, so I’m going with that.  (Who knows?  Maybe lynx comes from whatever planet B.A.P. came from.)  See, he’s annoyed that Daehyun’s sort of (unofficially) taken over from him as the visual of the group since they debuted, so he wants to attract more girls to himself (to prove he’s actually better looking) by using cologne, but being an alien, isn’t really familiar with applying it.  Consequently, he sprays it around himself to get girls to come into his personal space.  (Himchan… don’t go blaming people when they fall in love with the air around you XD)  And you can see his frustration at Daehyun in the faces he’s making at 0:41 and from 2:10 to 2:11 in the music video.

    Daehyun: I’m pretty sure it’s very, very tiny particles of that spray can whipped cream you can get (since Daehyun loves eating and can eat oblivious to his surroundings, no matter what the situation — just watch B.A.P.’s diary), only the crash-landing after Zelo’s piloting and the change in air pressure from Earth’s atmosphere (which is hotter than their native planet) meant that the cream was vaporised.  He’s spraying it out in the hopes that it’ll relieve the air pressure in the can, since the vaporised cream takes up more air space and therefore the can’s in danger of exploding.  In his opinion, it’s worth spraying out half the cream to save the rest provided the entire lot isn’t destroyed.

    Youngjae: Tear gas.  I mean, there’s been a fair amount of news recently about sasaeng fans (largely due to the stuff regarding JYJ/DBSK), but after hearing about the sasaeng fan-arranged car crash with rival aliens EXO-M, B.A.P. decided to step it up with security so that they wouldn’t be stalked, and Youngjae decided it would be a good idea to use tear gas.  After all, the B.A.P. aliens are immune to it.  He does the dance five times a day with Zelo to ensure that there are no stalkers.  Oh, and this also explains the absence of the back-up dancers in some places.  Since they’re humans rather than aliens, they had to go get themselves some anti-acid as protection from the tear gas.

    Jongup: Coloured hair spray dye.  He misses the time when they were all blond together and thinks that, if they really needed to change hair colour, they all ought to have changed it to the same colour instead of the group going polychrome.  He told the band he was spraying an antiperspirant because the dance is so rigorous, but that was just a ploy to hide the fact he’s trying to spray their hair his colour.  So far, the others have managed to avoid it – by fluke — but NEVER FEAR: HE’LL GET THEM EVENTUALLY.  Just wait until they’ve done the dance a few more times… .

    Oh, and Bang Yongguk isn’t in the spray dance because he had an allergic reaction combined with an unexpected asthma attack due to the combination of all the sprays.  Poor guy :(  He’s lurking just off-screen with the anti-acid for all the Babies who are going to follow B.A.P. (as requested in the song at 3:22) so that they don’t have to worry about the tear gas.  And no, no stalkers are going to get past him.  I mean, who would even contemplate lying to that angry face that flickers in at 2:21?  It clearly says, “Tell me a lie and I’ll EAT YOU ALIVE!”  Yeah, I agree with Simon and Martina: that guy’s hungry.  You would be too if the only food that survived the crash was Daehyun’s spray can of whipped cream… .

    I nearly forgot!  My youtube channel’s soullessgingerninja.

    Whoa… that took a lot longer than I thought it would to type up.  I think I’ll put the non-competition part of my comment into a different comment.

  144. They are obviously spraying earthling-B-gone. Notice there are no humans around them. The secret *key* ingredient is alien urine. After that long ride, wooh do they have a lot stored up and hey…it’s got to go somewhere. QUICK! Cover your face. Don’t breathe it in!!!



  145. K-Micci

    I think you should do the Engrish but in another video b/c I REALLLY want to know what you guys think!!!

  146. It’s a pheromone that enslaves all who get a whiff. This helps B.A.P take over the world, also if they take over the world it prevents Zelo from having to face Mama about taking the ship for a joy ride :). 

  147. I prefer your longer reviews.  You didn’t talk about the English in this video either.

    2pm has the better dance.

  148. i think they’re spraying hairspray… i mean… it seems like this video was before warrior and after they spread that hairspray… the next is… B.A.P (BLONDE ASIAN PEOPLE)!!!!!

  149. Seeing how they start singing “follow me” right after they’re done with the cans it’s obvious that they’re spraying SLEEPING GAS to draft people to build up their army of power robots in this apocalyptic sci-fi planet and thus take over the universe.

  150. possibly like just imagine with me their in the future and its acatually power confined in a can and their spraying it all over each other each other because their so exsaused from all of their dancing that they needed more energy/power and they needed alot so they each got a can and sprayed it all over theirselves just so they could finish the video and it worked but with the pure power encased in the can it was slightly expired but it still worked but it gave off a verry fowl smell also because it was slightly exspired it made the water molcules floating around in the air accumilate and when the water and the power came together it made the water have a green color to it as shown in the video

  151. Well obviously, if you can see, there’s a part of the dance in the music video where their butts are heading towards the camera. I think they’re spraying air freshener or some sort of fragrance, because you know, bunnies can blast a strong ‘power’ of dangerous Spudgy gas. lololol. 

  152. it is a spray which permitting the girls to have not a FJS Syndrome and  preventing the guys to do not touch their lips hahahaha

  153. The Beautiful Asian People are spraying sperm. Yes, sperm. Oh, the evil masterminds. You see, they’re trying to take over the world by being idols right? Well, what’s the fastest way to a fangirl’s heart? Through her uterus. That’s right. They’re planning to impregnate Earth’s females, and once the mothers have given birth, they will take the babies from their mothers and train them like Spartans to become their own minions to help take over Earth, all in 9 months. You have been enlightened. You’re welcome.
    YT: iigabiiify
    P.S. my theory was too long for the YT comment box, LOLOOOL.

  154. Oh! BTW, I’m voting for 2pm!

  155. Simon’s voice over distracted me. Like a lot a lot x) I’ll watch it again when it is subbed:P

  156. They spray oxygen can because their on a planet. They cant breath that’s why they cover there face.

  157. ~ ~ I take a Showah…for half an Hour-ah ~ ~ d(^_^)b~♪♫♪♪♫♪

    That was awesome. Thank you.

  158. Is SO obvious… They’re spraying pheromones, to conquer female earthlings!!!

    (youtube: stephfany)

  159. I just wanted to add… Daehyun face expressions in his vocal parts around 2:00… I LOVE IT XD kind of wicked… or mad. Like he totally lost it ! ( tu utut slow motion…)  X) I had to tell this ^^
    And about spray- I think it’s obvious. But I have to show you my point of view. Sorry for that… Did you see, how many times B.A.P killed their alien-like back-up dancers? Not to mention mum’s spaceship crush… Or right after waking up! I thought they going to eat them up…Anyway, I mean, they were dead… a lot. So, as you (probably) noticed, around the spray part, there are none left. They didn’t notice warning at first: “They die if you kill them…. to many times.” As they disappeard, they lest kind of… lets say… not to nice (?) smell  behind them, so B.A.P had to cover their faces.
    Bang was soooo sad. He had to leave the scene, not to show his emotional side. And rest of group had their “Your own alien dancer” spray with them ( Bang didn’t have any left…) and used it. And they all danced together till the end of video ^^ Easy like this. I think it worked quite well… X) I just hope they won’t kill them so often from now on- they may run out of spray! And that’s all.
    YT: SylwiaMycha

  160. I enjoyed the video! But I miss the English section…haha, what did you guys think of their random English?

  161. Haha, awww, Spudgy looks so confused during his dance at the end of the video XD;;

  162. Thanks for your effort in making this video despite being sick! (Though the ‘English of the song’ section is sorely missed.) Get better soon! 

    Anyway, my guess is that they are spraying air disinfectants to clean the air of any nasty bacteria, etc. that could cause some sort of diseases. As ‘aliens’ you can’t assume them to be immune to diseases lurking on earth, so they take precautions. And judging by all the smoke and strange gas you see throughout the video that’s probably a smart thing to do. Better safe than sorry, right? :D 
    And the ‘warning warning…’ part where they cover their mouths with their hands could be the signal for them to get the spray cans ready for action, because the air is not safe for breathing. 

    (My youtube username is RubyNight)

  163. You are great guys ^^ Get well soon!

  164. i see someone is a huge Game of Thrones fan!!!

  165. Simon and Martina, feel better soon!!! Take good care of yourselves. And Spudgy. <3

  166. martina doing “ooo you so nasty” with Simons voice is one of the most disturbing things i’ve ever seen in my life.. thank you I will forever be scared.. >.<

  167. Maybe they are spraying some car paint (seeing they are in a whole machine thing) =/

  168. duh! obviously that STANKY WATER THEY WERE PUNCHING. i guys b.a.p got made, cuz someone clogged the toilet!

  169. I totally appreciate that you made the effort to make a KMM although you’re both sick (and dumb). So it’s okay if the video is so short, but please don’t stick with that trend when you get better ! I want my laaaarge amount of KMM each week… Pretty please… We barely had enough time to laugh. U.U And you didn’t grade the English of the song, a very funny section of the show.
    Apart from that, I’d say the boys are spreading… perfume on you ! Muahaha ! Well, okay.No, seriously, my guess is, the B.A.P members have just survived to an apocalyps, a war against the bunny-aliens. The planet is devastated, but luckily  these boys “got the power” over the aliens thanks to that particularly special weapon : dioxygen. The aliens had made sure to lower the amount of O2 to kill humans and survive (they can’t stand it so they spread CO2). BUT B.A.P are cunning ! They gathered lots of oxygen sprays sent by loving babies (who therefore sacrificed themselves doing so) and now they’re spreading some breathable air again ! Why such a far-fetched idea ? Because it’s the purpose of the contest, isn’t it ? And to back my argument, look at 2:58. See ? It’s the only time the bunny appears (one of the few survivor aliens) and the spray dance starts right after it appeared, as if to spray it off !

    My username on youtube is Lisambre, by the way !

  170. It is spraypaint. But more like they used all their spraypaint in doradora so now the bottles are empty
    and all that comes out of them is dust! That’s why they’re so angry.
    They just traveled to a whole new PLANET to paint it and then they
    realised that they used all their paint in doradora. What a shame. So
    now they are desperately tring to get something out of the bottles.

  171.  I think they’re spraying hairspray… It takes an awful lot to keep that crazy awesome KPop hair perfectly coiffed.

    /youtube  LynneBat

  172. HAHA, ah the simon dubbing at the start was fantastic and good shower rap!

  173. Simon’s rap and martina’s dub was too funny lolol

  174. Maybe they’re spraying a mixture of deodreant and water together?
    Cause they’re really hot (climate and just generally hot) so they use
    water to cool down and then deodreant to stop them from sweating
    >o>- AbnormalTofu (i knoow im subscribed >U< )

  175. They are spraying their sexy sweat because everyone wants to smell like a working, sweating,  delicious K-pop idol! Their uniqueness makes then BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT so of course they’re going to be humble enough to share it with us.

  176. Um… No comment on the English? I thought for sure Simon was gonna dock them for “One more say!” and their pronunciation of “hate you.”

    Oh, and definitely BAP’s dance over the other band. Never seen anything like it.

  177. you guys didnt do “as for the english of this song”! cuz i was looking forward to hearing what u guys thought of the whole “everybody say hate you. ONE MORE SAY hate u” XDDDD anyway i say BAP’s spray dance wins!! cuz it seems more difficult to do and also looks pretty cool!!! as for the spray, maybe its love potion spray? cuz their lyrics also suggest that theyr telling people to stand up and follow them. so maybeee theyr spraying ZE LOVE IN THE AIR!!! ^_____^

    YT: hermionewheezey

  178. Of course they’re spraying little bunny farts~
    Those manly bunnies gotta mark their territory on our planet (✿ ◠‿◠)
     But they gotta use little bunny farts, because if
    they farted…… (✿ ㅇ‿ㅇ) 

    youtube: jisuk131

  179. I think it’s too short, I prefer the longer review. I understand that you are sick but I’m a bit sad because I feel like I voted my ass off just to get a half of the review. But I understand, get well soon and go get some sleep to recover!

  180. Thank you guys for this freacking awesome review!!!…..
    …….mission accomplished Babys!!! Yes Sir!!
    And Martina take care of you….love u!!

  181. If they were on a different planet, I would say it’s compressed air. They could have been covering their mouths because they couldn’t breathe in the alien atmosphere and the compressed air helps them survive. 

  182. THANX SO MUCH for B.A.P – Power “music monday”!!! I`m voting and waiting so long! thank you so much! its made my day! im happy! B.A.P Hwaiting! S&M Hwaiting!!! *hug*

  183. B.A.P were spraying sexy over themselves. That dance kick and the bum slap were also pretty cool.
    Hmm, I don’t know if I like the shorter length of THIS Kpop Music Monday, because it was funnier than usual. Or maybe it was funnier BECAUSE it was shorter, so all the good stuff was bunched together into seven minutes?
    Anyways, great video, you guys!! Feel better too!
    -Youtube: MissJaemie

  184. Get well you two sickbirds :)
    Coming to Malaysia? *O*An early WELCOME to our humble resident ^^oh btw, my YT username is ShadowCerulean <3

  185. i was waiting for the english rating to clear up my confusion because for the longest and awkwardest time i thought they were saying ‘hey jew’ which was really…awkward….and offensive…and would not have made any sense. i’m assuming they’re saying hate you? i don’t know…
    anywhos, hope you guys get better soon!

  186. Hope You are both feeling better!

  187. Feel better soon, Martina!!! (although Simon’s dubbing was quite hilarious!!) <3 <3 Hm… as for the identity of the substance in the cans, I'm thinking that they're filled with an anti-aegyo-izing formula that makes anything that's aegyo NOT. I mean, if you just got up from a nap, you wouldn't want to be bombarded with, "OPPA, SARANGHAEEE!!! <3 <3" so, zelo's megaphone is covered in blood from his sonic boom of death, and the spray was for the rabid fangirls which promptly turned into ninja backup dancers upon contact. 
    (Youtube: ryuritanaka http://www.youtube.com/user/ryuritanaka?feature=guide) 
    And also, there's a video where B.A.P tries to be aegyo, IT'S SO FUNNY, I DIED. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_ryDWDjXpw (OH B.A.P) 

  188. I think  they were tagging an invisible wall. BAP is so awesome they can paint walls that aren’t there. muhhahaha. YT: cloiebuggeater
    for the showdown, I liked BAP’s dance better.

    Hope you guys feel better soon!! Thanks for making the video even when you felt crappy. The only thing I really missed in this video was the English critique. Simon’s meter is always fun. 

  189. For this week’s Pyromaniac edition, we ask you who was the most dangerous at playing with fire: BAP spraying air freshner in the middle of flames, or After School Red spouting gas on their barbecue while people dance around it? Leave your answer in the comments and we’ll announce the winner next week!

    Also, don’t forget to add the bazillion of newly realesed MVs in the KPop charts, cuz there are a bunch of awesome ones!

  190. The video is short! but funny!, Martina’s voice made me laugh a lot! haha i thought she was dying!~ i hope you to get better soon! 
    Thanks for made the video even if you were sick you making an effort to make us have funny and laugh ! Even if you got criticize!
    the shower’s song is really fun! i think it would be an great song!
    And i would love see you dancing the coreography! 

    [sorry for my Engrish T^T what is my score? hahahaha Mexico loves eatyourkimchi~ ]


    ~~SPUDGY dance with me~~ <3 hahaha

  191. Guys pleasepleaseplease don’t cut the English review off of KMM! It’s the best part imo! As English is not my first language I really like to know what YOU think about the English lyrics. If you wanna keep it shorter I suggest making only one skit. Your rap was awesome!

  192. BANG GANG IS HERE! (^____^)

    lol no I didn’t read that “Twinkle” is more important than B.A.P’s “Power”, I mean OF COURSE DUH! look at the lyrics, of course Twinkle has a deeper meaning fjaoiefjeajfejfejfeife

  193. Well, I think BAP are actually anti-eco. It doesn’t matter what are they spraying – it’s all about FREONS! Since you know, they’re like some ozone layer terminators –  invading a planet just to  spread panic and destroy the ecosystem. 
    youtube username: dopplerganger666

    And Martina, get well soon!
    No offense, Simon, the dubbing was amazing, but I love her voice :D

  194. revsoulx3


  195. Infinite wallpaper! F**k yea

  196. I think that I never laugh as much as I did on this video. Even though it was short it was amazingly good ^^ You guys did a incredible job. I like the idea of a shorter video, it looked more dynamic I think. But at the same time I really like the longer ones too… Anyway, my opinion is that whatever you guys decide will be good =D

  197. Martina I love your dress !

  198. was the english skipped on purpose?

  199. Some maybe disappointed with the length of the video but I’ve got to say that’s one of the funniest KMM ever!  
     I can’t imagine how difficult it was to film this, getting the right timing especially in dubbing Martina! Thanks for trying your best guise to keep us entertained even if both of you are feeling under the weather. We really appreciate that!
    Take loads of rest Simon and Martina..and don’t forget to erm.. EatyourKimchi? LOL! :p

  200. It’  2PM babyyy!!!
    I know u would like to shorten MM and we agree. N O T !!!!!!!!!!!!!We want more.
    Get some rest (somehow)^^ and be healthy. Poor Martina, isn’t it too much for u? U had many problems.

  201. Martina´s agrument for Yongguk can´t be cute is invalid: 

    Did you know Yongguk´s bestfriend is his stuffed toy Tiger?

  202. puppet dance isn’t so unique since NSYNC did it years ago~  so i’ll vote for BAP.  wow i shouldn’t watch this when i’m eating… i almost spit out my food twice during the funny/poopy parts..lmao

  203. I wanted to hear about the “one more say, hey jew” part of the song in the English rating. Dubbed Martina was hilarious though! Let me just say that Simon totally impressed me with his spray can flipping skills. I was expecting to see him drop the can a bunch of times in the blooper reel, but not such thing. Thank you guys so much for doing this video even though you’re sick! We really appreciate your dedication <3 Pray you guys get better soon :3

  204. you forgot the english of the song!

  205. Even thou the video was short, you really did mention a lot of great things. And great work with the dubbing too XD

  206. Can we vote for F-ART’s Shower for next week’s KMM? It’s so amazing I want to know what you guys think of it. I mean, have you heard the awkward one’s rap? Pretty sweet, must say.

    P.S. Also for next weeks KMM, Martina dubs for Simon! (if she feels up to it, that is)

  207. BAP

    and Yongguk can be cute. that boy is  agiant teddy bear. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN HIM SMILE?

  208. You forgot to talk about their English….oh well *le sad face*

  209. I totally understand you guys are sick so this video had to be shorter then usual. Even though it was short, the quality definitely made up for it! I feel so guilty that even though you guys were sick you still had to work, just for us :( You guys are awesome. You gave us an AMAZING Music Monday this week (even though Music Mondays are always amazing). I think that Martina losing her voice made this video totally awesome (oh god, that sounded wrong and mean , it’s not like that Martina! I .>; Personally, I think you guys should just say all that’s on your mind about a video no matter if the video is 7 minutes long or 13 minutes long, because really it just depends on the video your reviewing. Don’t try to prolong it, but don’t cut things out either (unless your sick or especially busy). I hope you guys feel better soon!  <3 <3

  210. Oh, almost forgot about the showdown. I voted for B.A.P allllllll week and I wouldn’t call myself a fan of  2PM (though I do like them), but the Heartbeat dance was sooooo awesome. I’m gonna have to go with that. I just love all the parts of that choreography, from the puppet master to the zombie dance to how they all take over and we never know who’s *really* in control, from the layers and layers of people controlling other people… It’s awesome.

  211. Yay, thanks for this! Too bad you guys had to cut it short. I was hoping you’d mention the butt slapping at some point, cos I thought that was hilarious (and it might prove Simon’s theory about what the spray was for). And I would have loved to see the Zelo crashing the spaceship skit. Feel better, guys! Hope you’re well enough to go on your trip this weekend.

    As for the length – it’s funny this comes up now, because the KMM videos have actually gotten longer if I’m remembering correctly. I used to think the shorter videos were better, but then I loved the longer ones.  I say do whatever works for you guys. Thanks again!

  212.  2pm has the better dance!

  213. …I feel a bit dissapointed…..i expected you guys to review Tts’s Twinkle..as i think its lot more important than B.A.P….just my taughts :|

  214. Everyone, THANK YOU SO MUCH again for helping us BABYz a.ka. fappers out!

    It was fun talking to a lot of you and it was very motivational to have KissMe, BBC, Inspirits, NU’EST fans and even some Sones and EXOtics supporting B.A.P on this site!!

    We honestly appreciate it!  Love you guys ♥ 

  215. First of all, thanks guys! Being sick but still uploading KMM for us. We appreciate that a lot. Get well soon <3 I don't think BABYs would have been able to vote for 3 weeks straight :p I'm hardly alive right now. As for the length of the review, at first I was kind of disappointed but after watching LOL! The rap and Simon's spray dance totally covered it. I see you guys tried to put in as many gags as possible. But I'm let down that you didn't talk about the rawsome Engrish! I had high expectations for you guys ripping it apart :( Oh well…As for the showdown, B.A.P all the way!!! 2PM's dance was cool but B.A.P's dance was just BLOW YOUR MIND coming out of nowhere. I was actually speechless when I first saw the Mv XD

  216. I freaked out for a sec, thinking you were gonna sing “Friday” at the beginning, but awesome parody nonetheless. Martina, looking good, sounding Simon-ey. Hope you get better soon.

  217. What they’re spraying? Pheromones. Bang’s Alien Pheromones (B.A.P.). See that Bang Yongguk doesn’t do the dance? yeah. that’s his pheromones and it’s driving the fangirls crazy.
    youtube username: sharingerishanaka

  218. Hahahaha! I loved it!!! Simon’s rap killed me, especially when he got to the soap part. And then the shower part. I died. xD My other favorite part was Martina running away from the mosquitoes, that was just adorable. “Go to hell!!!” hahahahaha xDDD

    Great job Simon on flipping the Febreeze can! I thought you were gonna drop it like 10 times in the bloopers, but that’s just because I’m totally uncoordinated… I bet the alien ship joyride skit would’ve been hilarious, but reading about it is almost as fun! I think either long or short videos are fine, as long as it’s funny. I’d rather have a 7 minute hilarious review than a 12 minute video with 7 minutes being funny and the other 5 being a little less so…. I just say however much material you come up with should be that video’s length! ^_^

    I’m really thankful you guys worked so hard even though you probably feel miserable. That’s really sweet of you. When I’m sick, all I want to do is sleep until I’m well, so thanks again. <3

    Get well soon!!!~ Thanks for another awesome review! =D

  219. I’m mandasai12 on yt but I think it is really simple, they’re spraying simple water mist. You saw that dance it is INTENSE. They needed a cool down midway through thus mist spray. 

  220. I always said it was deodorant lol I mean, watch them! Dancing without even taking a shower, they must smell kinda bad… and when they take a shower finally? Watch that green dirty water!!! How could they not smell?? 

    So yeah, I have proof! Gimmeh the CD now 8D

    (youtube account: AyAKoyaa)

  221.  Thanks to BAP’s Warrior and Power, BAP taught their Babies how to fight and fend for themselves. From punches, high kicks, low kicks (the thing people do to trip others), fake outs, screams, etc, they are finally showing the number one fool proof defense: Mace!! Since most of the Babies are female, and most females carry mace in order to protect themselves, BAP is trying to continue their fighting lessons, so they developed this awesome dance to showcase effective ways to spray mace and protect oneself~!
    Youtube username: XxXeunhye (http://www.youtube.com/user/XxXeunhye?feature=guide)

  222. they’re using pepper spray to keep the horny fangirls away who would otherwise be all over them ^_~ (b.a.p themselves are immune to pepper spray since they are not human)
    (youtube username: NoireYume)

    and I like the spray dance more than the puppet master dance! ^^

    and omg, simon’s shower song! I think I will be singing this from now on every time I’m going to take a shower! XD

  223. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much as I did with this video! Simon’s rap was EPIC! And it’s totally what I heard in the lyrics as well.
    Thanks for the awesome video!
    Get well soon Martina, and Simon.

  224. But since you guys can´t speak and shortened the KMM, I wished you could blog post more about the review, and perhaps Engrish etc.. =)

  225. YES!!!  We need an mp3 of that!!  :D

  226. it’s fangirl repellent.

    youtube username:  akiileeplease

  227. HAHA Love your new voice Martina !! I think is hairspray !! Those hairstyles can’t be awesome forever after that dance they had to re-touche them !

  228. Youngjae said it’s deodorant but I think it’s the air from their own planet…since they are covering their nose and mouth and was like “THIS PLANET’S AIR ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR US ALIENS TO BREATH!!! SPRAY THE AIRRRR!!!!!”.
    Youtube username:: hueysan

  229. Hope you guys feel better very soon!  Great review of an awesome song.  The only thing was I missed your rating of the English.  I was kind of hoping you’d address the “one more say” thing.  That’s the only part of the song that irks me!!!  Of course, considering the circumstances, I’m just happy you were able to do the video.  Honestly, I think dubbed Martina made up for it! :D

  230. the moment u upload to YT i start watchin already, there show 1 view, so glad im the first viewer, haha! 

    btw, in MY opinion, it’s too short, not as hilarious as i expected, maybe my expectation is too high, lol. anywayy, it’s still funny, though. xD

  231. no mention of the English?…. oh dear they WERE sick
    hilarious as usual though XD

  232. punkyprincess92

    OH.MY.GOSH!!!!!!! Simon’s rap song!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i seriously can’t stop laughing!!! 

  233. Heeeeey~

    Where’s the ‘Engrish in the video’ part? ://

  234. they’re spraying Daesung’s perfume spray obviously, look how they cover their mouths – SSSSMEEEEEEL ~~ (;
    /youtube liketimeless

  235. new mission! vote for B.A.P for the which unique dance you prefer! :D

  236. Woooot! :D Finally out, I edit my comment later

  237. I havent finished watching it yet but its soooo funnnyyyy hahahaha XD poor Martina!
    get well soon!!!!!

  238.  it’s snooki’s hairspray, all the way. she’s pretty pissed thou D: xmissdiazx

  239. I think it’s an air from outer space or a bunny’s fart that was collected and put in a can. xD
    youtube username: lakamasabino

  240. It’s deodorant

  241. Infinite on the laptop screen- can’t wait for their comeback!! 

  242. Yay its finally here!! Thanks so much guys!
    <3 lots of love- okay i'm gonna go watch it and I know it will be hilarious and awesome cuz you guys..:)

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