Ok! So time for the first and last Kpop Music Monday we’ll ever do with just one person! It was really difficult to do this all alone, not just for the filming and editing, but for the bouncing of ideas back and forth. This was very one sided, and maybe if Martina was here I’d be able to appreciate the song and video more. As of right now, though, I didn’t like it at all. Here it is. Let me know what you think of it:


You know, I’m not one for sugarcoating, but I actually tried to be as nice as possible while talking about this song. I just really didn’t see anything I liked about it. I also am at the disadvantage of viewing this within the context of B.A.P., who initially did thoroughly, really really REALLY impress me, but now, since Crash, Stop it, and now Rain Sound, I haven’t heard anything that I liked. Their first three songs and videos I liked. The last three, not so much my thing. Maybe people like both sides of B.A.P. I only like the first side.

I know that saying this will get a lot of people upset. Sorry! I can’t censor myself and give people the opinions they want to hear. I just think that it is really rare in this tidal wave of Kpop bands to have groups with their own distinct sound and style. Not every one of them is a special snowflake, and there are a bunch of songs that are interchangeable: some songs you can give to another band, and they’d perform it just fine, but there are other songs that can’t be performed by anyone BUT that band. I couldn’t hear Warrior or Power done by anyone else. Can’t say the same here…

B.A.P. were able to impress me at first with their sound and style, but now they’ve dropped it and are bouncing around from one style to another. Why? I’m not sure, but it doesn’t do it for me. I don’t want to hear PSY sing ballads about heartbreak, for example. I want him to do what they do best, and continue doing it.

Ah! I’m beating a dead horse here. Let me know what you think. Honestly: is this image of B.A.P. as impressive as their original image? Their first videos got something like 7 and 5 million views, right? Is this going to get the same response?

Also, sorry for not having any bloopers this week (I know some of you like watching them). Our bloopers are usually from us bouncing off each other, but with Martina not here, I couldn’t really laugh when I messed up. Oh man. Being without Martina for this long is hitting me SOOOO HARD guise. Really hard. I hope it didn’t affect this week’s video too much and made me look like a grumpy gus, but I definitely need that dynamic with Martina to be more playful.

On that note, I’ll just leave this here:


  1. I watched this before but I have to say, after watching it again (because I wanted to show someone else the Music Monday for this MV) all I can say is “SIMON! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!” Thank you!

  2. I haven’t watched a BAP mv in a while, but oh ho did I pick a good time to xD
    This was an awkward video…(for lack of better wording). I was a little disappointed and a little freaked out. What did that mannequin ever do to deserve to be fondled, set on fire, and then fly into the sands of spontaneous combustion? Why doesn’t BAP spontaneously combustion in the this mysterious sand? Are they all of a sudden immortal emo pyromaniacs? I mean obviously the bullets didn’t do anything (except make them more emo?). If I were shot I would be more concerned, or perhaps the better word is uncontrollably panicked. This whole mv is just a mystery. A mystery with too many questions :/

    Way to hold down the fort by yourself Simon! It’s always hard to be up there stating your opinions! I personally like Dancing in the Rain is better than Rain sound (both the song and the actual act). Mblaq totally has my vote for better emo crying(ness). If I were crying I would be all over the floor too ;.;

  3. I respect you for having the courage to say what you think Simon. I agree, this just isn’t as great as Warrior and Power. But it’s not that it doesn’t ‘suit’ them like what you’ve been saying all along though, they’re just … not doing it right imo. They’ve had some great other slower ballad-like songs on their albums before that I’ve loved but … not this. The song was ‘too’ mellow for me, and just came across as boring. I hate to compare but srsly, when SHINee drastically changed from Lucifer to Hello to Sherlock, I loved all three. I just feel like B.A.P aren’t doing something right.

    So yeah. I respect them for trying to change their image though. But this video clip was quite boring, pretty with the colours and the paint and crap … but boring (and Simon, your run down of the video was hilarious lol, I wish I found it funny when I watched the actual MV), and the song didn’t do it for me at all, but that is just me. I just think it would be nice if they improved upon what they create now and come out with something really amazing rather than coming out every 2 months with a bloody video. Srsly, there’s another one coming out already WTF B.A.P?!! You’re becoming worse than U-Kiss. =.=

    And lastly, on a brighter note, the Solid Snake quote made me die laughing. XD

  4. wow… this video got first place again. how did that happen?

  5. hhhhhhh….we want Martina back :P

  6. OKAY…..you’re right about everything but at least the song is beautiful …really!!!!
    I enjoy listening it …really!!!!

  7. I love rain sound but my vote goes to mblaq’s cry

  8. i really liked this song so i disagree with u simon(´・◡・`) hehe you did a great job on reviewing it in your opinion though! I agree that B.A.P should stay with their power/warrior type of songs but it is good to try new things. Love you guys, great interveiw!!!

  9. I have to agree with what you said, that they should stick to their original style, and develope it even further. but i think that crash and stop it still had somewhat of a b.a.p feel to it although it was cute. O.o is that just me? their cute songs weren’t soft, rainbow throw up, pretty boy songs, they still had some edge. was i the only one who thought that…? no………………..ok…..
    they should branch into different styles of music later on in their career, after they’ve gained more popularity, and established their main style of music.(like warrior) they’ve done rock, hip hop, pop, ballads, and cute songs in their ONE year of debut. calm down tsent. exo has released like three mvs in the same style of music, and their the most popular rookies of the year, no need to do that many mvs and mini albums.
    I actually like the song, but eh…..its probally my least favorite out of all of them, their other ballads like secret love were much better in my opinion.
    my main dissapointment.

  10. i would see y u would think that Simon. but i still love B.A.P.

  11. Child you just wasted your time giving me S&M’s biography because I have been watching their videos since 2010.

    I still stand by what I said. Their reviews have gone from funny, to so-so, to bad, to awful, to damn near painful to watch. I have been waiting for them to redeem themselves and they never do. Me thinks they should just review the videos they want to and stop forcing themselves to review what fans want. But then no one would care about their channel and they need fan views to continue to exploit Korean culture for a profit.

    To think all the time you wasted replying to my comment could have been spent giving FailKiss some more YouTube views.

  12. I must completely agree with Simon on this one…
    I would rather have heard 2AM do this than BAP

  13. Good job, Simon ;) I love this KMM!

    Also, as a new youtuber, I was wondering… what about the Youtube rights and rules in your videos ? I mean, how do you do ? For example, when you put short MV parts, aren’t you guys supposed NOT to have the rights ? Errrrmaaagawd, are you guys outlaw ? Or are you doing something for it ?
    Please, answer this, it’d actually help me a lot for my own videos… Thank you ! :)

  14. MBLAQ. Their “Cry” MV was so pretty with them doing water ballet and all.

  15. OMG, I love this Music Monday! Why didn’t I watch it earlier?! More of this attitude please :D I’m not much into BAP but this song is quite okay, The video again… well, you said it. Makes no sense really.

  16. I honestly think this review would have been better with both of their opinions. I loved this song and video. I wanted to see it analyzed in dept to let me know wtf was probably happening, but no… I got Simon being all sad and upset with a sad song :( nothing against Simon, but Martina would have given a great opinion, good or bad it would have been analytical, not just irritated/bored. disappointment face, activate! :I

  17. puuhahahahaaaa LONELY much!!!

  18. you said zelo’s name wrong lol

  19. u said zelo’s name wrong lol

  20. mblaq cry. they have an amazing song atleast

  21. Actually.. i do like the song itself but i have to agree with you.. I would expect more from BAP, they really stood out for me last year and i was advocating for them as rookie of the year but.. not sure what happened. Then again, something similar happened with Secret too! After Music and Madonna, they came out with a couple of cutesy songs but after that it was poison and talk that.. so i’m gonna wait out as TS bring BAP on a ride through this phase of experimentation.

    As for the review of the video.. Kudos on having things to say about it!! Good job Simon LOL..
    Bunnies Are Puffy.. missing Martina’s interjection.. yay she’s back!!!

  22. I think the thing I love about Simon & Martina is that they’re not afraid to speak their minds. THey disagree with each other on opinions of songs ALL THE TIME, and they don’t let it stop them. See, I completely agree with Simon’s views about how a band should stay and evolve their style, as well as how there’s not symbolism in EVERYTHING. Yes, certain things stand for things. For example, in literature, “hope” is usually represented by kites. (Not a color, guise. Have any of you heard the quote “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously?” Think about it.) However, this one thing is not going to determine the course of the entire song or piece. You have to group everything together.
    I admit to being a sheeple sometimes. I get afraid to say some things because people already don’t like me enough, and I’m not going to alienate myself more.
    I’m not really sure where I was going with this. I guess, um, majormajormajor kudos to (in this video) Simon for being really honest and not letting other people affect what he says. I really enjoyed this, even with Simon’s sadness at no Martina.

  23. I enjoyed this review because Simon was completely honest! There are plenty of pretty boys in groups so focusing on the actual music is better!

  24. Wow Simon!!! That review was dead on! It’s like you read my mind!!!! Seriously though…B.A.P. I hecka liked you after Power, Warrior, and No Mercy…but now I’m totally like WTF, where did all the awesome go???????????

  25. Yeah.. i hope BAP sees this review and gets back to their warrior-self.. instead of diluting their uniqueness….i totally agree with ya simon, with or without martina’s approval…

  26. I like this review. Mainly because I agree about B.A.P. jumping from sound to sound. I’m not particularly a big fan of boy bands because I feel like they all sound the same to me (except Big Bang, they are too awesome) so when B.A.P. came out with “Warrior”, my friend suggested it to me because she knew I would like it. and I did, I was all over the concept and sound. Sounded badass and just plain out pure awesome. Then they come out with “Stop it” and I just went “ugh. not you too B.A.P. :[” and just dropped them off my list of awesome. I do like “Rain Sound” but I don’t love it like I loved their first releases. So to me it sounds like a another boy band singing a whiny ass ballad that I’ve heard a thousand times. Thank you for giving the straight up truth Simon!

  27. go Simon, i hope one day i can find a wife just as amazing as yours and have a marriage as sweet and unified as yours

  28. THEIR EMOTIONS NOT A COLORING BOOK…lol best line ever….lmfao

  29. I respect his opinion but I have a different one. I’d rather see my idols taking risks than seeing them staying in their comfort zone. B.A.P has done many different styles and I think they NAILED all of them, that’s why I have become a BABY.

    Also, it doesn’t bother me if the review is “negative” or not as long as it is his true opinion.

  30. I don’t mind this song, but I feel like this wasn’t a B.A.P. song. It doesn’t have anything that really set B.A.P. apart when they first came out, like Simon said.
    I liked the song as some generic song that you would hear on the radio, but you wouldn’t seek out the artist or anything, you would just enjoy it while it was on, then forget about it after.
    I really miss the old, badass B.A.P.

  31. I feel like you guys are getting too defensive in your KMMs. The fact that it’s okay that you dislike something or that you can’t recognize all the members of a group should be the default! The “in before” lines and skits you do don’t seem to be stemming any criticism anyway and I feel like it kind of raises the tension in the video and makes it a little less fun. But I guess it comes with the territory of being super popular now!

    Thanks for the videos, in any case. I enjoy them a lot. =)

  32. For all of those that are upset about this review because they think Simon’s personal opinion that they requested it wrong:

  33. Great review but I miss how you two used to actually show off the dance moves, why aren’t you two learning us how to dance kpop-style anymore?
    And here’s something completely different. Simon claims he’s not a girl and that he don’t go bananas when someone is rubbing their sexy lips etc, that last part might be true but he’s a girl alright! Exhibit A (and my only exhibit): Quoting Simon at around 1:34 “I just wanna have fun […]”. Now where have I heard that before??? Oh right, Cyndi Lauper! “Oh girls just wanna have fun”
    And I rest my case.

    • He’s even got the red hair like Cindy Lauper…LOL

      I miss the “how to dance” bits, too, but they used to not release videos on such a tight schedule back when they did that; they have so many segments, nowadays, I doubt they can spend as much time on the dance moves!

  34. B.A.P: Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

  35. I also agreed with the bullet hole scene. I was so disappointed with their stagnant facial expressions. I think they were going for a T.O.P perfume ad effect. But, there is only one T.O.P who can perfume ad their way through a war.

  36. I can feel your loneliness in the video. lol

  37. Simon, I enjoyed your review although it was slightly harsh. At least the video was visually stimulating! And I figured out why they have such weak reactions to being shot at–THEY’RE ZOMBIES WHO ARE UNDEAD AND THEREFORE DO NOT SUFFER PHYSICAL PAIN AND YET ARE TORMENTED BY THE LOSS OF THE HUMAN LIVES THEY ONCE ENJOYED. (sorry for the excessive use of CAPS) Love you!

  38. ;A; I can’t choose between MBLAQ and B.A.P … that’s not fair
    *melts into a puddle*

    I have to disagree with Simon on the song, I really enjoyed it ^^ calming and relaxing
    but I do agree though that their badass concept has kind of vanished O_o I wish it’d come back

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