Ok! So time for the first and last Kpop Music Monday we’ll ever do with just one person! It was really difficult to do this all alone, not just for the filming and editing, but for the bouncing of ideas back and forth. This was very one sided, and maybe if Martina was here I’d be able to appreciate the song and video more. As of right now, though, I didn’t like it at all. Here it is. Let me know what you think of it:


You know, I’m not one for sugarcoating, but I actually tried to be as nice as possible while talking about this song. I just really didn’t see anything I liked about it. I also am at the disadvantage of viewing this within the context of B.A.P., who initially did thoroughly, really really REALLY impress me, but now, since Crash, Stop it, and now Rain Sound, I haven’t heard anything that I liked. Their first three songs and videos I liked. The last three, not so much my thing. Maybe people like both sides of B.A.P. I only like the first side.

I know that saying this will get a lot of people upset. Sorry! I can’t censor myself and give people the opinions they want to hear. I just think that it is really rare in this tidal wave of Kpop bands to have groups with their own distinct sound and style. Not every one of them is a special snowflake, and there are a bunch of songs that are interchangeable: some songs you can give to another band, and they’d perform it just fine, but there are other songs that can’t be performed by anyone BUT that band. I couldn’t hear Warrior or Power done by anyone else. Can’t say the same here…

B.A.P. were able to impress me at first with their sound and style, but now they’ve dropped it and are bouncing around from one style to another. Why? I’m not sure, but it doesn’t do it for me. I don’t want to hear PSY sing ballads about heartbreak, for example. I want him to do what they do best, and continue doing it.

Ah! I’m beating a dead horse here. Let me know what you think. Honestly: is this image of B.A.P. as impressive as their original image? Their first videos got something like 7 and 5 million views, right? Is this going to get the same response?

Also, sorry for not having any bloopers this week (I know some of you like watching them). Our bloopers are usually from us bouncing off each other, but with Martina not here, I couldn’t really laugh when I messed up. Oh man. Being without Martina for this long is hitting me SOOOO HARD guise. Really hard. I hope it didn’t affect this week’s video too much and made me look like a grumpy gus, but I definitely need that dynamic with Martina to be more playful.

On that note, I’ll just leave this here:


  1. [email protected]

    rain sounds better….( i think im to late xD..)

  2. I watched this before but I have to say, after watching it again (because I wanted to show someone else the Music Monday for this MV) all I can say is “SIMON! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!” Thank you!

  3. I haven’t watched a BAP mv in a while, but oh ho did I pick a good time to xD
    This was an awkward video…(for lack of better wording). I was a little disappointed and a little freaked out. What did that mannequin ever do to deserve to be fondled, set on fire, and then fly into the sands of spontaneous combustion? Why doesn’t BAP spontaneously combustion in the this mysterious sand? Are they all of a sudden immortal emo pyromaniacs? I mean obviously the bullets didn’t do anything (except make them more emo?). If I were shot I would be more concerned, or perhaps the better word is uncontrollably panicked. This whole mv is just a mystery. A mystery with too many questions :/

    Way to hold down the fort by yourself Simon! It’s always hard to be up there stating your opinions! I personally like Dancing in the Rain is better than Rain sound (both the song and the actual act). Mblaq totally has my vote for better emo crying(ness). If I were crying I would be all over the floor too ;.;

  4. I respect you for having the courage to say what you think Simon. I agree, this just isn’t as great as Warrior and Power. But it’s not that it doesn’t ‘suit’ them like what you’ve been saying all along though, they’re just … not doing it right imo. They’ve had some great other slower ballad-like songs on their albums before that I’ve loved but … not this. The song was ‘too’ mellow for me, and just came across as boring. I hate to compare but srsly, when SHINee drastically changed from Lucifer to Hello to Sherlock, I loved all three. I just feel like B.A.P aren’t doing something right.

    So yeah. I respect them for trying to change their image though. But this video clip was quite boring, pretty with the colours and the paint and crap … but boring (and Simon, your run down of the video was hilarious lol, I wish I found it funny when I watched the actual MV), and the song didn’t do it for me at all, but that is just me. I just think it would be nice if they improved upon what they create now and come out with something really amazing rather than coming out every 2 months with a bloody video. Srsly, there’s another one coming out already WTF B.A.P?!! You’re becoming worse than U-Kiss. =.=

    And lastly, on a brighter note, the Solid Snake quote made me die laughing. XD

  5. wow… this video got first place again. how did that happen?

  6. hhhhhhh….we want Martina back :P

  7. OKAY…..you’re right about everything but at least the song is beautiful …really!!!!
    I enjoy listening it …really!!!!

  8. awesome rant XD

  9. I love rain sound but my vote goes to mblaq’s cry

  10. i really liked this song so i disagree with u simon(´・◡・`) hehe you did a great job on reviewing it in your opinion though! I agree that B.A.P should stay with their power/warrior type of songs but it is good to try new things. Love you guys, great interveiw!!!

  11. I have to agree with what you said, that they should stick to their original style, and develope it even further. but i think that crash and stop it still had somewhat of a b.a.p feel to it although it was cute. O.o is that just me? their cute songs weren’t soft, rainbow throw up, pretty boy songs, they still had some edge. was i the only one who thought that…? no………………..ok…..
    they should branch into different styles of music later on in their career, after they’ve gained more popularity, and established their main style of music.(like warrior) they’ve done rock, hip hop, pop, ballads, and cute songs in their ONE year of debut. calm down tsent. exo has released like three mvs in the same style of music, and their the most popular rookies of the year, no need to do that many mvs and mini albums.
    I actually like the song, but eh…..its probally my least favorite out of all of them, their other ballads like secret love were much better in my opinion.
    my main dissapointment.

  12. i would see y u would think that Simon. but i still love B.A.P.

  13. Child you just wasted your time giving me S&M’s biography because I have been watching their videos since 2010.

    I still stand by what I said. Their reviews have gone from funny, to so-so, to bad, to awful, to damn near painful to watch. I have been waiting for them to redeem themselves and they never do. Me thinks they should just review the videos they want to and stop forcing themselves to review what fans want. But then no one would care about their channel and they need fan views to continue to exploit Korean culture for a profit.

    To think all the time you wasted replying to my comment could have been spent giving FailKiss some more YouTube views.

  14. I must completely agree with Simon on this one…
    I would rather have heard 2AM do this than BAP

  15. Good job, Simon ;) I love this KMM!

    Also, as a new youtuber, I was wondering… what about the Youtube rights and rules in your videos ? I mean, how do you do ? For example, when you put short MV parts, aren’t you guys supposed NOT to have the rights ? Errrrmaaagawd, are you guys outlaw ? Or are you doing something for it ?
    Please, answer this, it’d actually help me a lot for my own videos… Thank you ! :)

  16. MBLAQ. Their “Cry” MV was so pretty with them doing water ballet and all.

  17. OMG, I love this Music Monday! Why didn’t I watch it earlier?! More of this attitude please :D I’m not much into BAP but this song is quite okay, The video again… well, you said it. Makes no sense really.

  18. I honestly think this review would have been better with both of their opinions. I loved this song and video. I wanted to see it analyzed in dept to let me know wtf was probably happening, but no… I got Simon being all sad and upset with a sad song :( nothing against Simon, but Martina would have given a great opinion, good or bad it would have been analytical, not just irritated/bored. disappointment face, activate! :I

  19. puuhahahahaaaa LONELY much!!!

  20. you said zelo’s name wrong lol

  21. u said zelo’s name wrong lol

  22. mblaq cry. they have an amazing song atleast

  23. Actually.. i do like the song itself but i have to agree with you.. I would expect more from BAP, they really stood out for me last year and i was advocating for them as rookie of the year but.. not sure what happened. Then again, something similar happened with Secret too! After Music and Madonna, they came out with a couple of cutesy songs but after that it was poison and talk that.. so i’m gonna wait out as TS bring BAP on a ride through this phase of experimentation.

    As for the review of the video.. Kudos on having things to say about it!! Good job Simon LOL..
    Bunnies Are Puffy.. missing Martina’s interjection.. yay she’s back!!!

  24. I think the thing I love about Simon & Martina is that they’re not afraid to speak their minds. THey disagree with each other on opinions of songs ALL THE TIME, and they don’t let it stop them. See, I completely agree with Simon’s views about how a band should stay and evolve their style, as well as how there’s not symbolism in EVERYTHING. Yes, certain things stand for things. For example, in literature, “hope” is usually represented by kites. (Not a color, guise. Have any of you heard the quote “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously?” Think about it.) However, this one thing is not going to determine the course of the entire song or piece. You have to group everything together.
    I admit to being a sheeple sometimes. I get afraid to say some things because people already don’t like me enough, and I’m not going to alienate myself more.
    I’m not really sure where I was going with this. I guess, um, majormajormajor kudos to (in this video) Simon for being really honest and not letting other people affect what he says. I really enjoyed this, even with Simon’s sadness at no Martina.

  25. I enjoyed this review because Simon was completely honest! There are plenty of pretty boys in groups so focusing on the actual music is better!

  26. Wow Simon!!! That review was dead on! It’s like you read my mind!!!! Seriously though…B.A.P. I hecka liked you after Power, Warrior, and No Mercy…but now I’m totally like WTF, where did all the awesome go???????????

  27. Yeah.. i hope BAP sees this review and gets back to their warrior-self.. instead of diluting their uniqueness….i totally agree with ya simon, with or without martina’s approval…

  28. I like this review. Mainly because I agree about B.A.P. jumping from sound to sound. I’m not particularly a big fan of boy bands because I feel like they all sound the same to me (except Big Bang, they are too awesome) so when B.A.P. came out with “Warrior”, my friend suggested it to me because she knew I would like it. and I did, I was all over the concept and sound. Sounded badass and just plain out pure awesome. Then they come out with “Stop it” and I just went “ugh. not you too B.A.P. :[” and just dropped them off my list of awesome. I do like “Rain Sound” but I don’t love it like I loved their first releases. So to me it sounds like a another boy band singing a whiny ass ballad that I’ve heard a thousand times. Thank you for giving the straight up truth Simon!

  29. go Simon, i hope one day i can find a wife just as amazing as yours and have a marriage as sweet and unified as yours

  30. THEIR EMOTIONS NOT A COLORING BOOK…lol best line ever….lmfao

  31. I respect his opinion but I have a different one. I’d rather see my idols taking risks than seeing them staying in their comfort zone. B.A.P has done many different styles and I think they NAILED all of them, that’s why I have become a BABY.

    Also, it doesn’t bother me if the review is “negative” or not as long as it is his true opinion.

  32. I don’t mind this song, but I feel like this wasn’t a B.A.P. song. It doesn’t have anything that really set B.A.P. apart when they first came out, like Simon said.
    I liked the song as some generic song that you would hear on the radio, but you wouldn’t seek out the artist or anything, you would just enjoy it while it was on, then forget about it after.
    I really miss the old, badass B.A.P.

  33. I feel like you guys are getting too defensive in your KMMs. The fact that it’s okay that you dislike something or that you can’t recognize all the members of a group should be the default! The “in before” lines and skits you do don’t seem to be stemming any criticism anyway and I feel like it kind of raises the tension in the video and makes it a little less fun. But I guess it comes with the territory of being super popular now!

    Thanks for the videos, in any case. I enjoy them a lot. =)

  34. For all of those that are upset about this review because they think Simon’s personal opinion that they requested it wrong:

  35. Great review but I miss how you two used to actually show off the dance moves, why aren’t you two learning us how to dance kpop-style anymore?
    And here’s something completely different. Simon claims he’s not a girl and that he don’t go bananas when someone is rubbing their sexy lips etc, that last part might be true but he’s a girl alright! Exhibit A (and my only exhibit): Quoting Simon at around 1:34 “I just wanna have fun [...]“. Now where have I heard that before??? Oh right, Cyndi Lauper! “Oh girls just wanna have fun”
    And I rest my case.

    • He’s even got the red hair like Cindy Lauper…LOL

      I miss the “how to dance” bits, too, but they used to not release videos on such a tight schedule back when they did that; they have so many segments, nowadays, I doubt they can spend as much time on the dance moves!

  36. B.A.P: Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

  37. I also agreed with the bullet hole scene. I was so disappointed with their stagnant facial expressions. I think they were going for a T.O.P perfume ad effect. But, there is only one T.O.P who can perfume ad their way through a war.

  38. I can feel your loneliness in the video. lol

  39. Simon, I enjoyed your review although it was slightly harsh. At least the video was visually stimulating! And I figured out why they have such weak reactions to being shot at–THEY’RE ZOMBIES WHO ARE UNDEAD AND THEREFORE DO NOT SUFFER PHYSICAL PAIN AND YET ARE TORMENTED BY THE LOSS OF THE HUMAN LIVES THEY ONCE ENJOYED. (sorry for the excessive use of CAPS) Love you!

  40. ;A; I can’t choose between MBLAQ and B.A.P … that’s not fair
    *melts into a puddle*

    I have to disagree with Simon on the song, I really enjoyed it ^^ calming and relaxing
    but I do agree though that their badass concept has kind of vanished O_o I wish it’d come back

  41. I liked this review

  42. All I can say about the paint is Garth Brooks did it first :P.

  43. Simon, I have the perfect song for you and Martina to play when she gets back: Neon Tree’s “Mad Love.” It defines your guys’ relationship perfectly. (I just can’t believe it took me months to realize this)

  44. the fuzzy guy…. was youngjae -_-’ ………..my jaejae TT

  45. This is now one of my favorite Kpop Music Monday!!! I agree with everything said. It was really hilarious and honest.

    I laughed a lot!!! Thanks…and no offense to any hard fan, please…just a comment here ^^

  46. I think one of the reasons that I like the more ballad-y songs is because in the more powerful songs it can be the BYG and Zelo show. I feel that these type songs are closer to even distribution (even though they still have the most lines).

  47. Thank you Simon for this video. Even though I disagree with you, I am still glad you gave your brutally honest opinion. What bothers me most is how people rank k-pop songs as the top 40 and such (especially at the end of the year) and people go on rants on how this song should be first or why didn’t this song come first. What a lot of k-pop fans need to realize is that everyone has different opinions and just because you are biased to one group doesn’t mean everyone else has to like it. I love this coming from both you, Simon and Martina.

    As for the video, it was okay, and I do really like the song. Especially because Himchan sings more. And I do agree with other people have posted. It’s okay for a group to experiment a bit, especially since they are still rookies, but I agree with Simon that they should stick to the rock/bombastic side/image. That is what brought me to like the band because they were different and exciting. I will still support B.A.P and I’m proud to be a BABY.

    Also I will still support Simon and Martina and Eat Your Kimchi. I enjoy what you guys do and I assume many others as well, appreciate the time and effort you guys take to make these videos for us to enjoy. Keep your head up and there can be no rainbow unless there is some rain. ;D Thank you so much! ^_^

  48. I understand what you mean about B.A.P’s style because while i appreciate all their styles from to warriors to balladeers to aegyo devils i would much rather they be warriors who sang about meaningful things than aegyo devils or whiny sissy babies lol. i’ve loved all of B.A.Ps r&b songs so i’m happy they are promoting one finally but MBLAQ did the whiny sissy baby better because they had a better choreography, better acting from anger to sadness. And i prefer their kicking and punching puddles to B.A.P’s nickelodeon rain scene. And MBLAQ’s video was gorgeous. the dancing dropping down into the water scene that was cool. B.A.Ps vid looked like a bunch of random things that didn’t tie to each other.And the dancing was awkward “lets Jesus pose and spin”.but i love both songs. G.O’s passionate singing gets me everytime(OH! no no no don’t make me cry) but i also love Zelo’s verse from quiet rapping to normal and Himchans deep voice. Though Cry is one of my fave MBLAQ songs, Rain Sound doesnt stick out as a favorite B.A.P r&b song that is still Its all Lies. So yea MBLAQ gets my vote but love them both and can’t wait to hear more from them both. though both B.A.P and Joon need some rest as busy as they’ve been

  49. I understand what you mean about B.A.P’s style because while i appreciate all their styles from to warriors to balladeers to aegyo devils i would much rather they be warriors who sang about meaningful things than aegyo devils or whiny sissy babies lol. i’ve loved all of B.A.Ps r&b songs so i’m happy they are promoting one finally but MBLAQ did the whiny sissy baby better because they had a better choreography, better acting from anger to sadness. And i prefer their kicking and punching puddles to B.A.P’s nickelodeon rain scene. And MBLAQ’s video was gorgeous. the dancing dropping down into the water scene that was cool. B.A.Ps vid looked like a bunch of random things that didn’t tie to each other.And the dancing was awkward “lets Jesus pose and spin”.but i love both songs. G.O’s passionate singing gets me everytime(OH! no no no don’t make me cry) but i also love Zelo’s verse from quiet rapping to normal and Himchans deep voice. Though Cry is one of my fave MBLAQ songs, Rain Sound doesnt stick out as a favorite B.A.P r&b song that is still Its all Lies. So yea MBLAQ gets my vote but love them both and can’t wait to hear more from them both. though both B.A.P and Joon need some rest as busy as they’ve been

  50. I agree 100% with you, Simon!!! don’t worry, Martina will come back :P … don’t get all lonely and depressed on us!!! :)

  51. “…and cry in slowmotion at the end of a nickelodeon game show” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I laughed so hard at this, omg Simon xD

    Actually I have mixed opinions about this.
    First, since Warrior I don’t find any video of B.A.P interesting, this one included. But I do appreciate the effort of try something different and more intense?
    The song is not that bad, it’s better than what they released before. But doesn’t do anything for me.
    Warrior still is the best track they have… the thing I don’t like about the songs that came up later on is that they did the exact same formula… c’mon… you can develop that *as Simon said* and go the next level. Make something equally as good and powerfull but not necessarily do the EXACT SAME THING. That’s why I don’t like B.A.P. I would love for Bang Yong Guk to go back and being solo, honestly, he did a much better job back then.

    MBLAQ’S CRY definetly, that’s the best video MBLAQ has done so far… great song, great dance, great boys… :D *i’m a little biased, yeah xD*

  52. I don’t hate your opinions, I won’t ever hate them. I rather find your reviews more hilarious when you are giving strong negative comments about a song/video, or making fun of them. This review was no difference. I absolutely LOVED this review, even though I liked this song, video, and Zelo’s “not-so-powerful-rap”.

    Oh, BTW, the thought about the green being symbolic didn’t strike me at ALL. All I thought was: “Oh, green rain to red (complementary colors!) – AWESOME!!” (I used to study graphic design)

    I find it cute that you miss your wife! I like married couples who are attached to each other. If people want a lasting relationship, it is important to find a best friend. And people complain about being friend zoned…

    Voting for B.A.P

  53. I do miss Martina today LOL I do really love this song. I found myself keep on clicking the replay button when I first listened to the song. Anyway, good job Simon (even though I don’t agree 100%, but it was a fun review)

  54. Annnnnd it’s the whiny sissy baby Simon edition!! Haha, great work, Simon! :D

  55. I share most of the same views as Simon. Thought I didn’t like stop it and crush. One thing is it wasnt really B.A.P. a big thing is Rain sound would have been more like them if they didnt do thoughts fun concepts. Because what B.A.P could have had was a powerful sound and then more of a darker sound. But sadly there company went to far in the fact that they made them Agioo and now when B.A.P does different music it’s weird. There company should have stuck to powerful and when they did slower sounds something like this. Either way I liked all off B.A.P music but I understand where Simon is coming from. As for the green in the video. What the hell does it symbolize? My view stays the same as Simon. Personally I don’t know what the heck the Green means and I really don’t care. Led Apple was the same when they first came out with Dash and started injecting Red stuff in to Apples. It’s random it’s dumb. B.A.P should have just had white suits and there body’s exploding.

    As for the acting its worries then Lee hi lee. She is new and still learning. B.a.p I love you but you don’t get that sympathy. You where amazing in warrior and power with your acting. You at least showed a side of acting in crash and stop it that was good. But wtf happen in this video. Seriously did someone talk over your body to be terrible because I can do better then that. Yong guk your my bias and that was worse then I remember and your acting was great for I Remember. This song also had more the same feel as that song too. I just shake my head….

    Disappointed because all of B.A.P (all of you) have proven to be great actors and now your show use that you suck. I am big B.A.P fan I won’t stop listening to your music. But if you keep acting like you don’t know how to act and stand there motionless I am going to have say your no better then a the manakin that randomly when flying and burst into flames. If anything was symbolistic in that video the manakin said it all.

    It should how lifeless, emotionless you where and when it burst in to flames that symbolizes how terrible of acting was done.

  56. IDK I <3 Simon's opinion but I disagree with it, because even though I do like Bap's bombastic singles like warrior and power I think it would be lame to continue on the same routine forever. Simon even said that he didn't like it when SNSD went back to doing aegyo after they broke away from that image to have a more mature look. I feel that if BAP were to remain the same then where is the entertainment. I want groups to grow and be able to connect more to their audiences, because lets face it who is ever really all the time feeling powerful and in control, who is ever always feeling like they are on top of the world, everyone has emotional days where you just want to sit down and cry because of a break up or other issues. So I like this song because it can relate to certain parts of my life and I find music to be a healing remedy to me. So even though I respect Simon I think BAP changing to a more emotional band isn't bad but good because from that they can grow as individuals and then from that make more concepts which can relate to more fans.

  57. Cool review. Thank you Simon for so much laugh ^-^

    My vote goes for MBLAQ :)

  58. I agree that their first three songs were much better than their latest three songs. I have to admit that at first I hated No Mercy because to me it sounded a lot like We Will Rock You but after hearing Crash and later Hajima, I began to appreciate No Mercy even more. About Rain Sound, I actually liked the song. It’s not all that cutesy like Crash and Hajima and it makes me hope that their tittle track would be something like Warrior, Power or No Mercy was. The video I found to be very creepy and not the good creepy like Xia’s Tarantallegra and Jaejoong’s Mine were.

    About the review, I am one of those people that get butthurt very easily so I did found some parts of this review upsetting. But, I have to admit I did appreciate your honesty. It was very interesting to see how this video was from male perspective. Like I said before, I am one of those people who gets butthurt easily so my only critique would be that you were too honest.Honestly hope you guys won’t have to do Music Mondays like this ever again because like you have said yourself there is no balance this way.

    Btw, thanks for pointing out the boob touching. Now I am even more creeped out by this MV.

  59. i have never ever liked B.A.P at all. I have been really trying hard to join their bandwagon but no success. I thought this new song was just up my alley but as soon as the song started I got distracted and found the song boring

  60. A mannequin with no feelings?! You obviously don’t remember this bad-boy of a show from your (and my) childhood!


  61. just remember people are allowed to express their opinions. Its your choice to ignore it or agree with it…

  62. LOL, simon leaves a video of 2NE1′s Lonely xD oh, so funny! you crack me up! and finally, someone who gets me, i agree with you about the whole video and everything! one of the BEST KMM ever!!! made me laugh xD this review, Simon was SO HONEST! i give him full respect! i think what he said was SUPER TRUE! i would say all of that too and i know people will say i’m a hater and dont like B.A.P, but i do like them & i like the song but the MV and all was just STUPID!!! but yeah! Simon, YOU DID GOOD!!! @simonandmartina:disqus

  63. LOL, simon leaves a video of 2NE1′s Lonely xD oh, so funny! you crack me up! and finally, someone who gets me, i agree with you about the whole video and everything! one of the BEST KMM ever!!! made me laugh xD

  64. Seeeeriously, I adore Simon and value his opinion–completely agree that B.A.P. should stick to their more BAMF* roots–but this video kills me for one reason. The editing! The constant cuts in-between Simon’s monologue are soooo distracting. Sometimes it’s even one word cut in-between two phrases! Really?? I’m going to need you to get better at getting things out in one smooth take my friend. The constant little pauses in-between phrases and words is making me a teeny bit bananas. I had to stop the video to complain. My bad ya’ll. I’m not a hater I swear, but I had to say something…. to end on a positive note, KITTENS!! :-) See, I’m not all bad.

    *BAMF = bad ass mother f&%ker.

  65. I agree with Simon about the MV. I think the MV is just…bizarre. I’m okay with the song, though. I’m not saying I love it, but I’m okay with it. What I’m not okay is, if BAP is going to promote with this song, as in, making a comeback with this song. I think this song is…risky, to be used as a comeback single. I think its not strong enough.. but hey maybe thats just me.

    If this is just another song in their album, then its fine, because BAP does have a ballad or two in each of their album. That’s totally fine, it shows different side of them, and I like that. I think most Babys do too. But to put this as a main single…I dont know.

    It seems like they’re jumping from one concept to another. I dont know if thats good or bad. >.< Maybe they're still on the experimenting stage?

  66. Ahh… My body… Its exploding…with holes… Ahhhh.

  67. Aww poor lonely Simon! Hope Martina comes back to you soon and you guys can be your usual hilarious duo on camera.

    I’m kind of with you on this one – it’s not a bad song, but everything about feels so generic and overdone. I was amazed when I first saw “Warrior” and “No Mercy” – was this really Kpop?! How fierce and different it was! I want to see them go back to it. This kind of song/mv can be done by every other generic pretty-boy rookie group that debuted last year (all 26532864 of them).

    Thanks for this video, even though you had to work much harder on your own!

  68. u could just tell that simon’s not into it without martina when THERE IS NO FREAKING BLOOPERS VID!!!

  69. To each their own. I don’t like Rain Sound either, but I do really like Hajima. Though I actually like their lack of direction. It’s exciting to me, and I have no issues with only liking some of their music.

  70. I have only one criterion for whether I like a song or not, “Does it sound good to me?” I may find out later that I don’t like the lyrics or it is one of those fad bands that I can’t believe I like a song of, but that doesn’t make me not like the song. I just feel guilty about it. With Simon and Martina being an unapologetic ballad -haters, which is their right, I can understand them not liking this song especially after BAP had such a powerful and many beginning. This isn’t what I would call overly masculine. However, it sounded good to me therefore I like it.

    Original isn’t always good and unoriginal isn’t always bad. I like how this song better showcased the voices of all the members. In their beginning songs, the singers, though great, sounded out of place which Simon me Martina noted. I liked the way this blended all their voices and singing styles.

    The video on the other hand was odd to say the least. Especially the creepy dismembered mannequins.

  71. I loved this review, because it was so genuine and didn’t feel nearly as censored as some of your other reviews have, where I didn’t really get an impression of whether you liked or disliked the song. I kinda feel like we only get that genuineness when you’re gushing over how much you love a song now, and I enjoy snark and criticism when they’re deserved.

    And BAP’s 180 definitely deserves that critique. Rain Sound isn’t like some of their other slower songs, like Secret Love, to me. Secret Love as least had that husky masculinity, which has since been completely stripped for their weird sort of aeygo/sexiness thing, and I completely agree that this song could have been given to any number of groups. I hate it when a group’s music becomes interchangeable.

  72. I really liked this review Simon. Even though you were a bit grumpy, it made me laugh. I’m sorry you are missing Martina so much. You’ll appreciate her even more when she comes back. Don’t worry about fans being upset about what you had to say, I found this review really refreshing and I totally agree with what you said about symbolism. You can pull symbolism out of a butthole… it does not make something deep and meaningful.

    When I used to work as an artist and I’d paint these huge paintings, I’d get people being like “Oh I can see the symbolism in there and this means that blah blah blah.” There was no symbolism at all! So much of my work was purely representational. No deeper meaning.

    One time someone looked at a painting where I had used a lot of blue and they gave me this critique about how obviously my world was very blue and that symbolised this blah blah.” I had literally used that much blue because it was the colour I had the most of and I had to cover a big canvas. That was it. So I’m very wary of comments where people try to say that this symbolises this etc.

  73. Although I do miss songs like Power, Warrior, and No Mercy, I didn’t hate this song either. Like others have said, it isn’t too much of a surprise if you listen to songs that aren’t their title songs. I liked how Rain Sound flowed pretty well, with not too many awkward transitions. Everyone has their own opinion however, and I appreciate you for sharing your opinion on this Simon. :3 And ohh Youngjae, why’d ou have to go and touch the mannequins boobs? Eh, I guess it could have been worse. It could have been a female mannequin. O.o

  74. I kind of liked the song, but not a big fan of the video. A simple one where they were just sitting around singing/rapping would be better. We get that they’re sad, they don’t need to go out of their way to show it.

    (And I vote for MBLAQ’s Cry.)

  75. I certainly do agree with you, Simon. For me, “Warrior” era BAP was pretty flawless. “Power” was almost just as great and “No Mercy” was so cocky and smooth.

    “Stop It” was… um… Yeah.

    So, personally, going from “Stop It’ to ‘Rain Sound” was a big relief, and hopefully, it indicates a return to bombass BAP. I don’t believe “Rain Sound” is being promoted as a title song (correct me if I’m wrong)? Zelo’s rap was still great and I found the (completely nonsensical) video nice to look at, simply because the colours appeal to me (much like Evol’s “We Are A Bit Different” idk man)

    And imma have to vote for MBLAQ. Cry is still the best manly-man ballad song ever (wow you can practically feel my bias wow). It just makes me want to roll on the manly floor and stand under the manly shower, singing like an emotional man and beating my manly chest.

    #comeblaq am I right ladies?

  76. “Sexy Emo” & “Dark Emo”… I think you mean to say ‘emo’ w/ dimension but ‘sexy’. & it de you can be bothDepends on your definition of the “sexy” ;p Personally, I chose Mine as that was done in a more subtle way

  77. They shouldn’t have done ‘Crash’ and ‘Stop It’. I think they were unneeded entirely. The problem with B.A.P’s image and sound is that at the beginning it was so niched. You’d either like their music or you wouldn’t, and because their sound was so particular, it didn’t really allow the group to experiment much with it. It was much too powerful to be malleable. ‘No Mercy’ was their most successful attempt at not drifting too far from their initial sound while still doing something different. The other songs were a bad attempt in that they lacked completely what B.A.P were known for– that power and charisma, but more importantly that SOUND that one would be able to associate with only them. There are ways in which one can maintain their own sound while doing different types of music, but the problem with B.A.P’s current direction is that they haven’t established a sound yet, or at least that’s what they’ve led me to conclude due to the fact that even they don’t look so sure, so we have nothing to hold onto. They’re jumping from sound to sound. To me that isn’t experimentation, it’s being fickle-minded, random, abrupt, and inconsistent. “Warrior” and “Power” were unique to B.A.P, but they were only two songs of several on their discography and they were much too alike that had they continued to make song like those their fanbase would probably have gotten tired of them eventually. Like Simon said (pun intended), groups should stick to what they’re good at. There are groups who have the capabilities to do different genres because their members have the skills or know-how that would allow for them to go in other directions, but B.A.P are very much grounded to hip hop and the like (not going to talk about their ballads because those are done by everyone), so what else is there for them? Rock? Pop? Acoustic? Dance? B.A.P aren’t a band, they’re definitely not a pop group, they could try acoustic if they wished but how individualistic and unique would they be then? Dance music? I can’t possibly imagine them doing it. If they hadn’t already established their trademark fierceness then perhaps jumping around from genre to style wouldn’t be a bad idea, but the only reason why anyone should jump around would be to find what they are good at, and B.A.P already knows what they’re good at. I don’t think they know that they can be diverse with their music without drifting too far from who they are– but of course they are rookies so they will learn in time.

  78. Oh yeah, I vote for MBLAQ

  79. I am with you Simon. I was impressed by BAP initial song too. But when they start doing the cutie2 thing…..I don’t like it anymore. But sticking to their original sound for a long run might get boring too…!

    I hope S&M will get to review Special Girl by infinite h. I bet you will like it…! :))))))))

  80. I vote for MBLAQ: Cry…… because they looked more emotional in their video than B.A.P. did in Rain Sound.

  81. Hello! This is my first time ever commenting on a KMM so please bear with me if it seems a bit mishmashed and long winded.

    Firstly, I’d like to say that I’ve thorougly enjoyed your and Martina’s work and this is no exception. Although I personally don’t agree with your opinion, I appreciate your honesty and understand that a review always going to be subjective. Also, we miss Martina too, so EYK-S hwaitingg!!

    Secondly, I’m not sure where else to put this so I’ll just drop it here. While I agree that some parts of the video are strange and hard to understand, there was something in the symbolism that I picked up on and genuinely enjoyed. Now, this is either going to be just my own interpretation, or something that’s state-the-obvious which everyone picked up on but just didn’t like, but I personally liked the use of the green liquid. The song itself is about regret, and this liquid comes across as a motif to compliment that because for me, it represents the attempts of the protagonist to restore their relationship. We see this in Zelo’s solo. It is introduced with the shot of a barren rose floating in green liquid smashing, and it rewinds to show us how this has happened leading into Zelo’s rap. As he talks about how much he used to be in love, he pours green liquid into the water of the dying rose, and upon seeing that it does absolutely nothing, Zelo smashes it in frustration that his efforts have been futile. This is also seen in the boob-grabbing of the mannequin, as we see Youngjae trying to almost nurse to life a clearly inanimate object with the same green liquid in its iv drip (resulting in the subsequent boob grab).This again, shows an effort at restoration of the past, as Youngjae looks at the mannequin with longing of something that used to be when their relationship was ‘healthy’. Much like Zelo, his efforts are futile and he thus smashes the mannequin on the floor in anger.Finally, we see the green liquid rain down on the BAP members, but it does absolutely nothing to shield them from their wounds, again indicating its uselessness.

    I’m not sure where the idea of green=hope comes from, but for me, it means quite the opposite in this video, indicating despair in an almost toxic light. I personally associate green with ideas of poison and negative emotions, so in a way, when Zelo tries to use the liquid to restore his dead flower, and when Youngjae tries to use it to bring back to life his dead mannequin, the green liquid instead, poisons and worsens the situation resulting in a smashed flower/mannequin. In the same way, the green rain juxtaposes against the red wounds and serves only to emphasize the members’ symbolic despair and pain instead of offering relief. This shows us that longing for the past does not help, but instead, hinders the memories of a relationship, not restoring to us what we used to have but instead, destroying the memories we are left with.

    Aside from that, I didn’t really understand much else of the video, and sorry this has gotten so long xD it’s all just my own interpretation anyway.

    Tl;dr : Even if there was no symbolism in colour itself, I did find symbolism in how that colour was used.


    • I disagree with Simon that emotions don’t have a color. Hope doesn’t have one to my knowledge. At least not a universally excepted one. Green can be symbolic of many things, but to me the one that would make the most sense for this video is jealousy/envy. Zelo kills the flowering of relationship with jealousy. At the end they are overcome with so much jealousy over the person with their love, they it kills them. To me, that makes so much more sense.

  82. I would like to know how many people refused to vote for either Junsu or Jaejoong. LOL! Were there more of them than those who voted for one or the other?

    I think you did just fine Simon. I loved it when you climbed into the box! At first I thought you were going to mail yourself to Martina!

    • I didn’t say that I refused in a comment, I just sat down grumpily in front of my computer with a pout and crossed arms and said “No!”

  83. I just laughed when the mv reached the watering plant part. I didn’t see it coming. And Zelo’s face while crying is just funny. The song is good and their voices go really well togehter, it’s easy to listen to, but it didn’t make an impression on me.

    In other news I must vote for MBLAQ. They were crying while kicking air out of grumpiness.

  84. this solo edition isn’t bad. Simon, you did a good job despite the fact that you are so lonely without Martina. >;

  85. When I found out that Simon was doing this weeks KMM by himself
    I hoped that they would make it next week so Martina could be there.
    But yes people do have their opinions. I love the song but I actually agreed with almostt everything Simon said.
    I am a Baby, but it’s disappointing how true the statements were.
    I’m praying that they’ll do Martina’s thoughts on the song on a separate video when she gets back.

  86. I completely agree with you simon, this is definitely something that does not make B.A.P special or different from any other kpop group out there now. I fell in love with B.A.P when they came out with “Warrior” because their style, concept and presence were unlike any rookie group that year and I thought that they would remain that way for the rest of the time. I understand wanting to appeal to different audiences and gain new fans with the whole “cutesy” and “shy boy” concepts, but those songs and videos just didn’t grab my attention as much as their previous ones did such as”Warrior”, “No Mercy” and “Power. Honestly seeing Bang Yong Guk doing forced aegyo in front of the camera makes me cringe a bit. I personally prefer B.A.P’s confident and powerful side more and I hope that when they make a comeback we get to see them like they were originally. Also I hope that TS let’s them take a break this time in between singles. It’s better to do well with one really good song instead of releasing multiple songs of mediocre quality.

  87. i totally agree!! i really liked the tough new approach that they had in their debut… now, while the songs are nice they don’t stand out to me and i would like to see videos like Warrior and Power again. Awww! I find it cute that you put 2ne1′s Lonely at the end! I am sure Martina is touched by how much you miss her!!

  88. ROTFL The Box moment was one of my favorite moments of EYK Music Mondays this year. Sarcastic, yet stark! It symbolizes Winning!

  89. I can usually guess how much S&M will like a B.A.P song based on how much I liked it. For example Warrior & Power – S&M Loved, Me not so much.. No Mercy – S&M seemed to like but not love, I enjoyed it much more than the other songs, first time I actually liked a B.A.P song. And now Stop it and Rain Sound – S&M Hate, I LOVE. In fact I think Rain Sound is their best song yet! I thought Simon might like this song though as he seems to be ok with Ballads. I thought wrong! Haha loved the review though.

  90. i see where simon is coming from but i respectfully disagree. they’ve always had different styles of songs in every album of theirs. this is definitely very similar to “Voicemail” which I am a huge fan of. I guess i’m just used to the different musical styles of theirs? not sure. anyways, i still appreciate this review

    i wish Leessang’s “Tears” would be reviews. although highly unlucky ):

  91. You know, I’m really happy and amazed that Simon and Martina has such good and understanding fans. Usually there would be more critism but I guess your videos make us all feel like a warm family

  92. haha I really liked BAP’s “Rain Sound” but I laughed the whole time during this review. Simon is hilarious!

  93. My opinion is that B.A.P really stagnated after their debut. Their first song was spectacular, and obviously they wanted to capitalize on the strengths Warrior proved they had…. so they released two songs that sounded exactly like Warrior except not as good. Power was okay, No Mercy was just blah, and neither song was as well crafted or hard-hitting as Warrior. They were just so obviously attempting to perfectly recreate their debut that I started to worry that B.A.P was going to be a one-trick-pony group who just recycle the same song over and over. So frankly, I’m thrilled to see them trying new genres like pop-rock (Crash), RnB ballad (Rain Sound), and even bouncy aegyo songs (Stop It). Those songs were well-written and well performed, gave the singers in the group a chance to shine, and let B.A.P become fresh and new again. And that is very valuable to me. So I personally like all 3 of BAP’s latest and more controversial efforts. I think that after having a break and exploring other genres, when B.A.P goes back to their roots and releases a pounding rap-heavy anthem like Warrior again, it won’t sound tired and desperate anymore; it’ll really make it’s mark on listeners just like Warrior did that back in 2012.
    That’s my personal feeling. :)

    Admittedly, I’m not quite as restrictive in my k-pop tastes as Simon is; I’m a bit of a music nerd and I’m more interested in the different musical sub-genres rather than just how funny and dance-y a song is. So there’s probably some personal musical taste involved too.

  94. Simon use your new subunit to branch out and only review Kpop girl groups WOO!

  95. MBLAQ all the way! I really like B.A.P and their music, but this song is just sad and not entertaining.

  96. I agree with you, Simon, for the most part. I really loved their first several songs but haven’t liked the others. I personally think it’s good to try different things musically, but ideally a band should still sound like themselves. I wish they could find a way to do a more mellow song that still had a bit of confidence or cheekiness or something in it.

    I’ll have to go with MBLAQ, although I didn’t like that one either.

  97. I happen to like songs with an acoustic component, like GD’s That XX, so I actually like Rain Sound a lot. Is it a unique song that couldn’t have been done by any other group? No. But I enjoy listening to it. It was a welcome change after Crash and Stop It, both of which just didn’t do it for me at all. I wasn’t a huge fan of Power or No Mercy either because I felt like Warrior was a better version of the same style of song. As much as I do like Rain Sound the song, I found the MV to be quite bland. I would rather have seen Stop It reviewed, with its demon aegyo MV, than this one. Much more material for a KMM.

    Regarding BAP’s rapid image changes: Even though BAP’s initial bombastic sound isn’t usually my cup of tea, I was immensely impressed by Warrior, both the song and the MV. It was so powerful and different for a rookie group. That image is what made BAP stand out in a sea of rookie groups. I think that if BAP had debuted with a song like Stop It or even Rain Sound, not as many people would have sat up and took notice. Warrior, Power, and No Mercy seem to have been a very good marketing tactic used by TS to distinguish BAP from other rookie groups and make them memorable. Even though I’m not a Baby myself, their first three promotional tracks definitely made me remember them and acknowledge their talent.

    After BAP had gotten a foot in the door and gained a following, of course TS would feel more free to play around with their image. I haven’t listened to BAP’s non-promotional tracks, but according to all of their fans, there are songs similar to Rain Sound and Stop It. It’s just that these were not promotional tracks, so we only saw the badass BAP at the beginning. Personally, BAP’s badass image is my favorite image of theirs because it’s what makes them stand out for me. But now it seems that TS is confident enough in BAP’s popularity to go for a more mainstream image in hopes of appealing to even more people (read: more profit), rather than just the bombastic-loving niche. Since I prefer their initial image, I hope that they’ll return to it soon, but I don’t hold their aegyo and emotional images against them (though I won’t watch those MVs, lol). Too much of only one thing leads to stagnancy, so I think it’s a good idea to occasionally switch up your image (emphasis on “occasionally”). That said, if they never return to their bombastic style and continue on with more cookie-cutter images, they’ll eventually blend back into the sea of recently debuted groups for me and I’ll be left to wistfully recall their “special snowflake” days.

    The Showdown: MBLAQ, hands down. I like both songs (scratch that, I LOVE Cry), but MBLAQ does angry-sad like nobody else. Cry’s MV is much better than Rain Sound’s because MBLAQ really delivers on the emotional front, while BAP’s acting is awkward. Angry puddle kicking FTW! Seriously, they look so tortuously anguished.

  98. I so agree with Simon on this. Not actually about his opinion of the song which I kidna liked but of this strange change in B.A.P’s style. I just don’t understand it! And it’s not an opinion of fan really, I think I honestly liked only Power.
    But B.A.P were up to somthing big with their style. It was so different and new and strange for a rokie groups that it instantly got them remembered. They made a good name of themselves and even if they are not my style I will honestly chose them as a rokie of the year. Exo are good and all but they aren’t so new as B.A.P, they didn’t take such risk at first, they didn’t have suck a memoriable style. (um… please don’t kill me for that or don’t start a fan war ^^^ Pretty please)
    Now… Idk, it’s so strange. Like… Why would someone do this? It’s like you have a gold mine in your hands and the next second you changed it for something… well, something not-gold, that’s for sure. I study managment of culture right now and even if I’m not a specialist (yet :p) from my professional point of view the path they went with their last couple of songs was irrational. Their managment sucks…

  99. Simon’s Box!!!! :D That just killed me!!!

  100. Simon’s Box should be nominated for an Oscar :P

  101. hahahahahahahaha Although I really did LOVE this song and I LUV BAP .. your review was hilarious.. how could someone be offended by it! I mean I may love the song but Simons explination of his view on KPOP made so much sense. Plus the boob fondeling part was awesome! So hey you may not agree with it but you have to see Simons side of it and I say BRAVO!

  102. It’s a good thing that your opinion doesn’t mean shit.

  103. Don’t worry Simon. You did a nice job on your own just that the fact that Martina isn’t there…made you a bit… grumpier (even Spudgy was upset :( )

    …I don’t think this was a right choice for a Music Monday…given the circumstances – . -

    After the second listening/watching of “Rain Sound” I think BAP are entitled to feel mellow once in a while and indeed this song doesn’t quite sound like their style…but how would a real BAP “ballad” sound like?(how could they “display” their moping faces best?…. don’t know… maybe I’m overthinking it …I think that embellishing a band’s/music artist’s music style(but not too much) would help that certain person or group, grow ).

    for the Showdown: MBLAQ

    Hope this song would cheer とうさま up, a bit :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MYa0_3Py6U


  104. I really agree with your opinion about it, Simon.
    Also, was anyone NOT disturbed by this video? He lit a mannequin’s face on fire. B.A.P., please go visit your psychiatrists…

  105. Track had an ok groove but the hook was extremely weak/soft. Would’ve been just fine as an album track, doesn’t hold up as a single at all. Plus the video was a complete waste. Meh. As for the showdown, I’d vote mblaq… song wasn’t much better, but at least there was some sort of dance in the video to watch.

    • This is not a single, it’s just part of it thus “just a track”. – It’s a pre release and they are not even promoting the song. Their singles use to have an intro, the main song, a ballad and 1-2 other songs. – This one was the ballad and happened to get a MV. :]

      • Sorry, I don’t care about how they term things, if you release a song separately and go to the trouble of filming a video for it, it has to be able to stand on its own.

  106. Simon, I just can’t oh my goodness. You’re hilarious. xD

  107. I can’t believe you didn’t mention that that mannequin was like a lady/man….equin.

  108. Rain Sound is probably my favourite B.A.P song ever…awkward :/ But that’s cause I like B.A.P songs like Rain Sound. Originally my favourite was It’s All Lies but Rain Sound just came and BAM shot to the top!

  109. I admit, as someone who got into K-pop because of B.A.P and who respects (&admires) everything they have done so far, I was a little like “Heey Simon – don’t be so harsh. That’s not quite fair! – You ever heard ‘Don’t like it, don’t watch & comment?’”

    …but then again I thought:
    First of all this is music monday. So we actually asked for his opinion – no matter what.
    Second; I think it was kind of obvious before that this style of music&mv is not really his style. So no wonder he has a hard time finding anything good about it. plus: when I first watched the MV I was like “….. ? …. Da f*ck o.O?” and was not really happy about it at all. Then I rewatched it a few times and found some things I like about it (like handling a break up in different ways) and even the acting which was absolutely out of place to me at the beginning was at least “okay” at the end. As for me I decided to look at the MV as if it was not really a video, but a compilation of short video-fragments which are more or less arbitrarily thrown together. So in fact: I had kind of a hard time liking it too.
    Third: He obviously has a hard time without Martina and yes, I think if one of them is missing the balance is gone. – So make sure you two never ever get separated again (for more than a few hours). :]

    All of this is kind of in Simon’s favor and the last point already explains why there is some actual criticism: The review was, in fact, too one sided.

    As for B.A.P and the “music-style-issue”: I like all their styles. I don’t think they should just stick to one of them, they should always have a little of everything around and never abandon something they like. I love Warrior, Power & No Mercy as more bad-ass songs and I want them to do songs like that again. But I like their ballads as well. As for the playful/cute image it’s weird and not as unique as the bad-ass-concept, but what’s wrong with them joking around, why shouldn’t they be allowed to do what everyone else can do, just because they can do something unique too? Of course, those songs are not as unique as Power or Warrior, but I like them as well. Goodbye&Dancing In The Rain are another two experiments and I like them a lot. Really a lot. I remember listening to Goodbye for three weeks with a friend when we were in China and were on the bus, the plane or where ever – Never got tired of it. I want them to do everything, and because they are B.A.P I believe they can. :] (aaaaahh… that was soo long – sorry)

    • Goodbye was on repeat for me for about three weeks too XD

    • i had to laugh at your “Da F*ck o.O?” reaction because i had a similar one. ^_^ it took a few views before I liked the song,

      the video is interesting, but mostly felt a bit meh to me. it was the part where they got shot with bullets that sort of ruined it for me. up until then i thought it was pretty ok.. my kids both said “um.. momma? why are they just standing there when they get shot.. didn’t that hurt?” I replied with “hmm.. well aren’t they supposed to be like robots and aliens? maybe it doesn’t hurt them the same as it would us?”

      so personally speaking i like the song much much better than the video.

      i’m too dang old to enjoy their aegyo songs.. just sayin. but i do agree with Simon that the aegyo songs don’t really stand out.. teen top, boyfriend, infinite.. i could probably come up with a slue more if it weren’t almost 2 am here. I know I wouldn’t have bought five of their songs from itunes this Christmas if it hadn’t been for that hard hitting bombastic sound of Power, Warrior, Unbreakable, What the Hell, and No Mercy..

      now having said that.. i could see myself buying rain sound. like i said.. love the song, not so much the video. ^_^ but that was far from aegyo… (and i do believe you can horse around and goof off without the cutesy stuff)

      as long as they don’t totally leave that unique hard sound in the dust and conform into ‘just another boy band’ i’ll be happy. if they want to continue to experiment *shrugs* fine.. but really it was those songs i mentioned earlier that gave me the impression that B.A.P could unseat Big Bang.. (who won the MOST awards of any group in any of the award shows i’ve seen for 2012) as most popular.

      I’d like to see them gain that sort of popularity, they’re too talented not to.

  110. MBLAQ Cry…the stomping was more fun

  111. MBLAQ ALWAYS :) I actually really liked rain sound. The MV not so much. The green made me feel ill and the rest of the colour pallet was awful, not to mention the stupid camera cuts. I would be relieved to have a kpop music video that doesn’t have a single cut in it the entire time. Wouldn’t that be fun.

  112. For me, I prefer the “Warrior” image but I think Rain Sound is a bit better than their cute/aegyo style (I like aegyo but they’re other bands that specify in that region eg:B1A4). I thought the MV for Rain Sound was okay but couldn’t help but laugh at the “Shot” seen. I don’t know wheater it was there acting or if I jsut felt it was somewhat awkward to stare into the camera and “die”. Aside from the MV I actually really enjoyed this song. I love the “oh, ooh oh oh oh” part in the background and Zelo’s voice contrasts Yongguk’s deep voice really nicely (:

  113. You did an awesome job Simon! Really funny and I might’ve cried a little from laughing when you climbed into that box :D

    I agree with you on all points when it comes to B.A.P, this MV and the new sound they’ve (perhaps) got. Now they’re just a boyband amongst all the others :( So sad, especially since I really liked their previous badass image. I’d take MBLAQ crying in the rain before B.A.P covered in green something with exploding bodies any day O___O It sounded even worse when I typed it out… really? Green, and then them getting… shot?? I know nothing anymore. Only that green makes me think of jealousy and that makes me even more confused.
    The “touch the mannequin’s boob”-thing reminded me of a BUCK-TICK MV (Kimi no vanilla)… and yes, touching a mannequin’s boob(s) is irrevocably creepy.

  114. Simon in the box was brilliant :D
    I feel the same way about the song. I liked badass B.A.P songs, but so far their cute / drowning in sadness side is just… meh. And it’s not that I don’t like “Rain Sound” only because I want “old” B.A.P back, it just doesn’t do it for me. I didn’t expect them to always promote powerful songs, because that would make people complain that they’re repetitive.
    As for the showdown I was expecting mannequin mishandle edition B.A.P vs. Big Bang in “Monster”, but you make my choice easier: MBLAQ! By the way, have you guys watched “Cry” MV in 3D? I don’t have those glasses, but once I get them, I have to watch it :D

  115. Feel better Simon lol :) Personally I loooooved this song and music video, but I’m a 17 year old girl so…that play a part in it opposed to a grown man aka Simon. But as usual Music Monday was hilaaaaarious! Have fun till Martina comes home haha :)

  116. While I kind of like Rain Sound and I like that B.A.P is versatile. But I much prefer the badassness of Warrior, Power, and No Mercy like Simon does. The review was funny and I enjoyed it! Keep giving that honest opinion!

  117. I loved the style that B.A.P had first introduced to it’s fans, and was hoping that Stop it was a horrible illusion of the KPOP world… They could have been really interesting in their portrayal of happy and sad. before the strange assortment of songs came out I thought that B.A.P. would take their in-your-face-style along with them in creating a more playful video, instead of that stomach churning cutsy song… I had originally thought that when B.A.P. would turn out a happy song, it would have the playfulness of G-Dragon’s Crayon, but with some more mischievous qualities… I was even hoping for their power in this song, and during the first little bit of the song I thought //yea this is how B.A.P do sad! *smashes something*// but no….there was just the awkward DROPPING of that flower, and a lot of standing around…. Hey, Kpop companies, sad doesn’t mean only lethargy, there can be anger in sadness, revenge in sadness, throwing things….in sadness…. so many different emotions, and I think if those in charge of B.A.P. can realize that, one of my favorite groups can get back on track. So to sum it up I really agreed with Simon, and I also say well done on doing Music Monday this week – Thanks for the hard work :D

  118. I liked this song. I wasn’t as big a fan of stop it and didn’t really like crash, but i thought this song was well put together. Being female, I enjoyed the emoting pretty boys :) and the white suits before they shot them. I liked all the green, not because of some symbolism, but because I like the color green. The green rain on the white chair looked cool. I do agree that the mannequin parts were just weird. Your review cracked me up though. I do hope their next song returns to the bad ass of “Power” and “Warrior.”

    I vote BAP for the best crybabies. MBLAQ had better clothes and dance moves, but I like the music better for BAP’s song better.

  119. first of all, Simon you need and/or deserve a hug (if you want it XD) being able to pull this off without Martina was probably hard for you, but you made it and we do appreciate your hard work…What you said about B.A.P and their image is so true…I admit I liked, more like loved their bada$$, tough image so much so when Crash came out, I was hesitant to hear them…I liked Crash, cannot stand Stop it (even though it’s stuck in my head right now -_-) and I liked Rain Sound, but it does feel like B.A.P. degraded itself from my biased boy group list (they were in my top ten…now I’m not so sure)….
    BTW, MBLAQ can CRY all over me XD

  120. I totally understand your opinion even though I do honestly like this song and this was a really funny Kpop Music Monday

  121. I Didn’t notive YoungJae touching her. . .Ehrm. . . But I like this song :3 I Think it’s cuz I like Ballads. >.< I listen to this while I sleep! :D

  122. Simon – sorry, but…
    your head is big

    Just kidding! And I really liked the review even if I disagreed with it.

  123. I dunno, I think I anticipated this style of song because since the beginning B.A.P has been saying that their music is supposed to not exactly be hip-hop it was just something to try. (Though this song is a ballad which… Is still far from the style they specified originally) I liked the song as a song but not as B.A.P’s song. I’m not gonna lie I was very uncomfortable in the first few seconds although I sorta figured “how powerful could a song called Rain Sound be?” and I was right. :/ I find it funny Simon forgot to mention how he (and Martina) doesn’t like ballads… At all… From anyone… so… Ya hear that fangirls quit your whining he was never going to like it. =-=; (he only said what kinds of songs he prefers, I listened) On a completely positive note though Daehyun and Youngjae were singing very beautifully.
    P.S. Simon, what about the turny thingie they do at 1:03 I would have loved to hear a silly joke about that. ;w; Stay positive, Hwaiting! ;o;
    EDIT: I forgot to mention! Jongup has more singing lines, yay~! ^^

  124. Am I, like, the only person who’s liked every single one of their title tracks? Lol
    And it isn’t because I’m a Baby and I’ll support them no matter what, heck, I didn’t even really listen to or like them until Power was released. I guess it’s because my music tastes are extremely eclectic? I’ll quite literally listen to almost any style of music. But I’ve honestly loved all of their main releases and none of it sounds like anything that “isn’t B.A.P.” No offense meant, but I think that comment in general is a dumb one to make when you take into account all the songs they’ve done, all of their musical interests in general, and, also, the types of voices in the group. There is no one style, they fit perfectly to everything they’ve done musically in my opinion. B.A.P. “switching up their sounds” didn’t bug me in the least. I’ve listened to all of their songs, they’ve experimented since the beginning. Heck, even the aegyo was there with Bang&Zelo’s “Never Give Up”. I like that they’re versatile and can do different things, I hope they continue to try new things. I think that in and of itself does make them stand out. They aren’t necessarily following a strict formula each time with all of their songs that you get with some groups, I like that ability in a pop groups (and yes, they are a pop group, not the norm I guess, but they are).

    I guess mostly I don’t understand the argument about how they change when in the beginning a lot of people got annoyed saying everything they released sounded the same and they should change their music…

    Overall, I liked the video. I like the colors, the little symbolic things I’ve figured out (I don’t know the lyrics, I haven’t looked up translations, but just from the sound and the overall video together, I get it). It has a nice artsy feel. As a designer, I’m into that, especially when I can come up with what it means and then based on others it makes sense. Though…I have to agree about those parts being weird. Youngjae and his mannequin love, the flying mannequin, and the horrible acting when they die (I thing Jongup does the best out of all of them).

    But, even if I did enjoy this video and song, MBLAQ is still my choice for the best cry-baby video. (And as the video that brought me to EYK to begin with, it has a special place in my kpop history.)

  125. I agree with you Simon, this song is pretty disappointing by B.A.P.’s standards. Especially when I love every song that came out so far this month (except IGAB Sorry Sones). The only different opinion I have with B.A.P. is Stop It, with I thought was great. Sure there was a lot aegyo, but I think it was actually a fun and unique song.

    Also, your commentary was hilarious. EYK-S, Brovaries, Snake’s quote. AMAZING!!

  126. I agree about B.A.P this is not what makes them who they are. I understand maybe they don’t want to do the same sound all the time, but it is what they are good at!


    I wonder if maybe it isn’t as much as not choosing a song as it is who is writing the songs. I wonder if they haven’t been able to find a song that is even on the same level as Power or Warrior or no one is taking the effort to find one. I mean this may sound crazy since new ideas are always being thought of but I feel like for the kpop world Power, Warrior, No Mercy are rough hard songs that most pretty boys can’t handle. B.A.P can though.


    I thought their company is making a foolish mistake that I hope they won’t be in for too much longer. When putting product out there even though you want a desired effect you have to think about how you can convince the audience to buy in what you are trying to sell. Now this is where all these fangirls who love the pretty boys crying in the rain comes in. For B.A.P this sucks cause this is what sells. Doing songs like Warrior, Power, and No Mercy(especially with the crotch grab) is risky. Even though the guys look super attractive in their other songs (at least to me, I’m from the Mid-West/South in the states so I like my men rough haha) the true pretty boy with agyeo or sadness is way more common…

    Well poop that the Digital Media Arts majors thoughts
    Can’t wait for Martina to be back and Simon to be happy…

    Now homework beckons my name,

    • About the whole not being able to find a song thing. I can agree but if I’m not mistaken Bang Yongguk wrote the lyrics for their first three songs (Warrior, Power, No Mercy). So I think that much depends on him. ^^

      • Yeah this is true. I knew he had written those three but did he write this one? *I dunno lol* Either way I just feel like maybe the company though that that was enough risk when really they could continue having these types of songs.

  127. I completely agree with your review and hope they go back to the “Power” days since that’s what got me into them in the first place. On the other hand I do like this song, it wouldn’t bother me if they’d include something like this on their album but I just don’t want every track to be like this…

  128. I’m not going to bash on Simon for not liking the song, I mean you can’t force someone to like a song. I honestly really like the song. If you listen to the rest of the B.A.P albums and not just the title tracks, you’ll notice that they do a variety of sounds. Even though my preferred style for B.A.P is the more manly, tough guy style, I think they can pull off these other concepts and I can honestly appreciate that they are trying to change up their sound once in a while because they do so in a way that shows versatility. Do I want their next song to be more manly and tough? Of course I do! But I still respect B.A.P for doing different things. Even though I am a BABY, I’m not saying this from the point of view of a fan, but the point of view of someone who likes Kpop in general. Other Kpop idols change up their style from time to time, so why can’t B.A.P? Again, I’m not going to force anyone to like the song, and I’m not going to bash on anyone who doesn’t, but I hope you can better understand my point of view.

  129. Dear Simon,
    Don’t listen to the fartsuckers who are putting you down for not putting their idols on a pedestal. You DID warn us that the video contained your opinions and that some of them might not be agreeable. I love your honesty, you don’t try to please people, but your still polite as possible.
    I for one, loved the song. I’m a sucker for rap-ballads. Though this had more ballad than rap in it, whatevs. I love your take on the video, it was very funny. I also loved your box scene XD it was hilarious! Thank you for such an honest review.
    P.S. I hope you feel better. Don’t worry, Martina will be back soon, and then you can show her BAP’s turtlenecks! XD BWAHAHAHAHHA! Bye Simon!

  130. Haha spudgy’s gardening abilities are not good either ! Rofl.

  131. Ok first, I like the song, I’m a fan so even thought it’s not my most favourite, I still like it.
    Second, Simon, your review made me laugh again. Zelo being a bad gardener.. :D
    Third, even thought B.A.P have beaten MBLAQ on my bias list, nothing can ever beat Cry! It is the best crying ballad k-pop sing ever!

  132. I like this video… I feel awkward for liking it now haa

  133. i actually really enjoyed your kmm~ i agree! i do like ballads so it’s like i 100% dislike the song, but it definitely doesn’t have that b.a.p oomph that i love. as for the video…. what a waste of film! for a slow song i was hoping for some actual choreography still (like boa’s only one mv). no plot, no symbolism….. what was the point of that video??? it was such a major disappointment.

    mblaq’s cry (one of my favorite kpop ballads) shall crush b.a.p. this week! better song and video in my opinion <3

  134. I agree with Simon a bit, but I also enjoy that the boy’s are showing off their honest vocal abilities and not just awesome rapping. Also, B.A.P’s concept is supposed to be “always having a new concept” so they’re supposed to have a lot of different styles, which is the reason behind this dramatic change compared to Warrior

  135. I watched this music video and then promptly forgot about it, It didn’t stick to me at all; I also have to say that they haven’t let go of their badass image, because on their albums there are other songs that have that badass ring to it;furthermore, didn’t BYG say that he was going to show BABYZ different sides in interviews a lot? I mean this song is easily unlikable to people who don’t know B.A.P, but it also brings in fans who don’t particularly like in-your-face-bombastic-songs. I guess it just depends on what sides of Kpop you like.

  136. Oh, and SImon, are you doing a FAPFLAP this week? Food Adventure Program For Lonely Awesome People? Oh, that’s sad…Martina, please comeback…. We miss you!!!!

  137. I would so love to see Simons reaction when Martina arrives. Like “wife, you are back!”

  138. I totally agree with you about loving BAPs original bombastic style over this slower stuff. I still like the song, but it is a song that any group could sing just as well.

  139. OMG SIMON this was hilarious i laughed soooo hard it’s one of the funniest MM ever !!! Martina would be so proud :)

  140. I’m a Baby (hate that name) and while I love B.A.P this definitely wasn’t my favorite song by them. A number of the things Simon said were things I myself thought, but was a little afraid to say. I even found myself voting of Infinite H this past week (The horror!) because their mv is in my opinion worthier of a Music Monday.

    Props to you Simon for giving an honest opinion. I hope everything with Martina’s family is okay. I’m keeping her grandfather in my thoughts and prayers.

  141. To me B.A.P. has shown 3 sides. Warrior was so impressive that Power was actually slightly disappointing, and then No Mercy made up for it. Then Crash came and it was fun and done in ways that could be recognised as still B.A.P. They had the whole tough aegyo style that didn’t deceive. Stop It pushed them further into the sweet realm of illusions that launched the fantasy of Rain Sound. Trying new things is awesome and should always be attempted but I’d like it if they kept their honest style that made them distinguishable as unique.

  142. yeah that song was forgettable. It’s funny the only people who like the song are baby’s. If the song is as good has baby’s claim wouldn’t the public like it also? But no they don’t. I love seeing butt hurt baby’s bashing you on allkpop forums lol They put to much focus on the special effects than the song.

  143. That music video was directed by Raiden :|

  144. I actually really like rain sound but I prefer B.A.P ‘s badass and in yo face concept more. Though I still really really loved this song. The rain, I think, was meant to symbolise their love. They were in love with the rain. Correct me if I wrong…

    And I cannot take Yongjae’s boob squeezing seriously anymore. :D it’s just too awesomely perverted. :D

  145. Sistar’s “Alone” – soundtrack for Simon’s life this week.

  146. I’m so happy for you that you never had to go through a long-distance relationship. I’m not sure you guys could handle it :) Good that Martina’s only gone for so little time!

  147. While Rain Sound surely won’t go down as my favorite B.A.P song either, just not a fan of ballads, at least I find it kind of interesting. The song, not the video, the video is just wtf. I have to say that personally, Warrior was awesome, Power was good, but by the time No Mercy came out I was thouroughly bored by them always sounding exactly the same. So I think it’s not bad they’re trying out different things, maybe they shouldn’t have switched genres so completely, but oh well, maybe soon they’ll make something I’ll actually really love again too. Can’t say that happened since Warrior though.

    And Cry wins, hands down, Cry was awesome.
    (shame Junsu lost D: )

  148. I honestly thought I was the only one to find it awkward. The part where they were bleeding with green rain, which at that time I was like “what is that”?, was really just eh. I do love the lyrics and song, but I wish the old B.A.P came back.

  149. I actually really like this weeks Kmm. Sure Simon didn’t really find anything positive to say but what he said about the mv made me crack up laughing and his face on orange caramel Oh my xD
    Even though I like rain sound I as well would like to here more songs like Warrior, Power and No mercy. I guess, I’m not sure about it though, is that TS entertainment is trying to show of Youngjaes and Jongups voices because they really have pretty voices but they are a bit..how to say it…Underrated (?) in songs like Warrior. Their voices just match songs like crash so I guess that could be a reason for having those songs.

  150. I personally didn’t want you to review this song (Even though I’m a die hard BABY) because I didn’t think it was their best song. I love the boys and the song is alright but the video just didn’t cut it for me. I still have Stop It stuck in my head and I preferred that silly acting to this over dramatic acting. I love B.A.P but… this just wasn’t quite like them. I am hoping they back to something more like Warrior or Power but I’m guessing they won’t do that for a little while.

  151. Thanks for this review. I can see how Martina does a lot of Simon-editing ;-), but I thought this review was dead on. I mean – yes…the symbolism….we get it. Do we have to constantly be hit over the head by reference after reference. Honestly, I think the MV totally detracted from the actual song which was pretty okay. It’s catchy and chill and yeah…the song is good. The video is overdone. Maybe some producers will see Simon’s review and say….let’s skip the green rain/slime/mannequins/burning sand mess.

  152. I couldn’t agree more with everything you just said, Simon! Bring BAD ASS B.A.P back! They’re wasting so much time on this aegyo bullshit… I wish we could know what Martina thinks about it. Although this MM is so funny as the others, I really missed her. We love you, Martina! Hang in there, Simon! Thanks for the great – lonely – video! ;-)

  153. I miss the badass B.A.P too :(

    I’m happy that some of the members could shine in “Rain Sound” but the song was just meh and their acting was really awkward…I miss their songs like Warrior or No Mercy *sigh* I hope their comeback song is better

  154. awww.. no bloopers.. :( i always look forward to the bloopers :D

  155. I’m completely with you Simon, and I do have ovaries. I did not like this song or MV. I understand that B.A.P is trying to break out of their macho, manly bombastic image and show their softer, sensitive side along with their musical versatility. So no offense to B.A.P or Baby’s. It’s just a preference thing on my part. I really loved “Warrior,” “Power,” and “No Mercy.” I wish B.A.P would go back to those eras. We need more of their type of sound and flavor in K-Pop. There is plenty of this emotional, sad, moody, not fun at all music out there already. It doesn’t do it for me either. Unfortunately, you and I are in the minority. As I gather it’s what sells and not the bad ass/ fun music we prefer… P.S I’m SO sad “Ice Cream” didn’t get reviewed!!! DX

  156. as a BABY since debut, i would muuuuch rather have B.A.P be “whiny sissy babies” than aegyo, any day, all day OTL
    so rain sound was a welcome relief for me hahahaha

    • B.A.P shall forever be known as the aegyo rookie group. They destroyed Orange Caramel for the EYKA so I shall forever consider them aegyo.

    • as much as Rain Sound was a sort of disappointment for me, I FEEL YOU. The simple fact that it wasn’t a poppy-light-funny-aegyo song made me go like *woooot* ! *party time* ^^’ haha. (seriously boys. no more aegyo songs for you. never. ever. again.)

  157. I don’t care much about the song, but this is one of the best Music Mondays.

    I have had some difficulty in keeping up with your MM videos, because I feel like you toned it down in order to not upset the fans much. It’s been a while since you were this sarcastic and hilarious. And I’m actually impressed at the mature responses from BAP fans here, I thought they would go ballistic like other K-pop fans.

    Great review.

  158. Well I liked Rain Sound, but I was glad to see the other side of it. Plus I give Simon’s Box 2 thumbs up xD

  159. #1, Yay sexy emo! #2 It should have been Infinite H that was reviewed this week, sigh. I think Simon would have enjoyed it more :P. Oh well, so goes democracy.

  160. Among all the songs from B.A.P rain sound is the only song (other than the ost kind of songs like ”it’s all lies or what my heart tells me to do )that i can listen over and over again . Warrior and No Mercy is what makes them stand out and my favorite songs but those songs are for performs mainly and even though i watched every perform i didn’t include them in my playlist.. if you understand what i mean .. howsoever i was hoping a good reaction i just can’t get mad at SIMON for this review or any of martina and simon review =)))))

  161. Wow, this review was refreshingly hilarious and very forthright. You did a really good job! :D

  162. uuuh you’re soooo HONEST! good thing! in kpop there isn’t much objectiveness. I liked bap since the first teaser but i couldn’t’ be more in accord wth you! this song is not that bad but it doesn’t sound BAPish at ALL! i wanted something like warrior or power! the outfits were there (except for the horrible white suits – aka backstreet boys’s clothes) , the fire was there, even the brken chair but.. we’re our warriors?!
    congrats to Simon for his first kpop mondays alone! it was cool! ! !

    uhm.. i liked mblaq video actually (and i love that song) so, i’ll vote for BAP (as the crying was horrible.. really, Zelo, learn how to act please XDDDD)!

  163. I am not gonna lie… I hate when groups randomly switch from one theme to the next… but I really liked this song. Yes, it is different that the BAM! in your face style they debuted with. Yes, I loved that style it made me start to listen to B.A.P and follow their albums… but I like to see when groups can be versatile as well. I can listen to them when I am happy ( Stop It), when I am sad (Rain Sound), and wanting to take on the world (Warrior, No Mercy…etc).

    Now with that said, yes the song is lovely (Just downloaded it) but the video was just absurd. Burning mannequin heads and hands, random green sludge, throwing of random items, getting shot and looking odd while it happens ( Yes Simon when people get shot they should at least look in pain and yelling) ….ehhh not feelin’ it. I am sure it has some overwhelming meaning but not liking it so much.

  164. Kanee11

    Simon I enjoyed hearing your review, when i watch this video nothing about came out and captured my attention like the previous B.A.P. songs did. It was a good ballad? song but for ballad songs I usually save that type for SHINee and do the other kpop groups for funny, eye catching, easy to make fun the english because it is just so bad songs.

  165. I really like this song as well as all their previous songs. I appreciate seeing and hearing different sides to B.A.P… They’re not all badass and powerful as most of their songs portray. They humans that have emotions and heartache and I think that’s what they’re trying to show. They’re young and can have fun (cutsy songs), they have down times (this song) but they are also powerful and strong. I think I would get a little tired if they do the same thing over and over again.. even if they’re really good at it.

    But I’m glad Simon pointed out that touching of the mannequin part. I was like “WHERE is he touching?!” when I first watched the video.

  166. I do like this song quite a bit, but I agree with Simon that this image of B.A.P. isn’t as impressive as their initial one. Still, it’s good to see them experiment a bit (even if it’s a bit early for a new group), and I hope that they make a few more songs with as much attitude as Power and Warrior.

  167. I agree with you on kind of losing their debut vibe; I miss that punch in your face sound… I miss that “macho-ness”, determination and unyielding and PO-WER!

    But I think Rain Sound was better/more catchy than Stop It… I didn’t like Stop It, but I feel myself wanting to do melo-interpretation jazz dancing over this track.

    The box bit was funny; I never envisioned you as a contender to replace Jang Keun-Suk in Kimi Wa Petto, but you actually managed to pull it off…Kudos!

    Sub-unit EatYourKimichi-S mission: success!
    But hey, while Martina’s away, you can have all the Ranch, you know! ;P

  168. Totally agree with you. I miss Power and Warrior and this sissy shit does not float my boat.

  169. I think you did fine as a solo reviewer this week. Plus, Metal Gear reference!!!!

  170. I really like this opinion from you Simon! I honestly never got into this song enough to love them. I miss their powerful comebacks, but this sad/aegyo B.A.P., it makes me feel all awkward. I mean sure, their voices sounded beautiful as ever, but they just didn’t bring the power that I’m so used to!

    It’s honestly one of my favorite KMM though, it was funny because of your opinions and such, but I definitely can’t wait to have Martina back!

  171. I feel you Simon :( Just seeing you like this really hurts me too, but you’ve done an AMAZING job with not only this week’s KMM but also Kpop and Indie updates as well! I really am proud you still went through with making this week’s videos rather than easily just saying this week there’ll be no videos because Martina wasn’t here, so I salute you! :D

  172. I didn’t like the video either.The gropping boob thing was really awkward.I love B.A.P but I understand that they’re trying new things just to fit in the industry.i wish they had more bombaqstic songs,too :( oh,well.
    I say,MBLAQ!

  173. Ha, I laughed a lot this episode. But yeah, I actually don’t mind Rain Sound, it’s a decent song, but it’s not nearly as attention catching and fun as their first few songs. Those ones I loved and bought and danced to over and over again.

  174. I died with ”Eatyourkimchi S”, well thought! I listened to the song after watching the review and i must admit I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would. while it may not really cause a lasting impression, it’s…kind of cute.

    Though the review was really funny and I really enjoyed it! :D

    Side note, I hope there are not too many B.A.P. fans heartbroken out there, after watching Simon rant on it so much, lol.

    fighting EyK S. :D

  175. hungry.hungry.catapillar


  176. I feel you Simon, I wasn’t too crazy about their last three songs either. They’re still an awesome band though, the songs just didn’t grab my attention *shrugs*

  177. Why didn’t you mention that they look like BSB with those white suits!? xDDD It’s the first thing that came to my mind while watching this video. Also… I started singing BSB’s “I want it that way” after that.
    I quite agree with you on the review of the song, I like it but not as much as “Warrior”, “Power” and “No mercy”. I didn’t dislike it though and I quite enjoyed the MV. It reminded me of BSB and my early teens and it made me all nostalgic and I wasted my afternoon watching old videos of the bands and singers I used to like at that time xDD

    Anyways,my vote goes for MBLAQ’s Cry!!! That song’s EPIC!! I love it as much as Martina loves it.

  178. Simon Always Makes Me Laugh With His Reviews :) Loved it forgot to aded that in my previous comment.

  179. PunkyPrincess92

    i remember i found the crying with mannequins in this cree~py!!!!
    and yeah……i watched it once and i totally forgot what the video is like…..

    i vote for MBLAQ for the whiny sissy baby video i like the most!! cos i love MBLAQ and i do prefer their video actually!!!

  180. I gotta admit, for the most part, I don’t agree with you at all, Simon. I thoroughly enjoy this song and find the aesthetic of the video pleasing to the eye, thus entertaining to watch.

    HOWEVER, this is still probably one of the most hilarious Music Mondays I’ve ever watched. Without Martina around to buffer you, you seem to have taken on this ‘I’M GONNA SAY WHATEVER I WANT. COME AT ME BRO. I AIN’T SCURRED.” sort of feel to your… well, I guess you could call it your ‘style’? The bluntness and sometimes harshness of your quips and comments seriously left me reeling. Maybe it’s because I’m of a similar ilk, who prefers sarcasm and dry wit to a lot of other sorts of humor; I can enjoy good slapstick and general comedy, sure, but ultimately I prefer something more astringent. It was basically like watching a fully concentrated version of all the other times you’ve ever made those off-handed comments, all jumbled up together into one homunculus of a video. It was wonderful.

    As for the voting this week, I have to admit that it’s almost a tough call. Almost. Ultimately, though, I’m going to have to go with MBLAQ’s Cry for this one. BAP’s video had a lot of attractive imagery in it, but with one too many ugly outfits (namely one in particular) and the awkwardness of Youngjae and his precious mannequins… Yeah, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

  181. KATHyphenTUN

    LOL! i found the manikins soooo freaky!!!! I have to agree with you simon! I was just not as motivated to go out and listen to this song, and I didn’t watch it until I saw your review first. I am not a huge, dedicated, fangirl follower, I just listen to what I like. So I enjoyed your honesty and got a good chuckle out of it!

    HA! and the “UH OH” reference made me laugh and brought me back to my childhood!! :P

  182. I liked the video despite his negative opinion that he’s Entittled to have, I’m pretty sure that they’ll get around back to those types of songs. (Hopefully) They, as a group, have no control about over that (well BYG and I think Himchan do write some songs) but it’d be nice if they did have some control on that :) this Song Is Perfect for those that is missing a ex lover (recent or other wise) I can totally relate to it :’( but I think they are trying everything maybe to get it out of the way sooner rather then later in my opinion. They Are Still The Best In My High Opinion :) My Vote Goes To B.A.P’s Rain Sound Because When It Comes To Being A Whinny Sissy Boys Being Big Crying Babies, They Take The Cake :) Sorry MBLAQ :’(

  183. Ok Simon… Let’s talk…
    Our Humor is Exactly the same xD was LMAO the entire video xD (ok maybe not all the time)
    and I agree with you at all time! well I like Jaejoong better than Junsu(really love the Junsu too but Jaejoongs music style is more like Mine) but I like ‘Power’ B.A.P, more than ‘Stop It’ B.A.P (and ‘Rain sound’ B.A.P) ^^
    I like Zelo for his powerful and fast rap, and was honestly REALLY disappointed when I first heard this.
    and Cry is better than this…

  184. I honestly feel that their experimenting in different styles is one of the things that is setting them apart (in a very good way) from the rookies of last year. They had a powerful start, but musical expression can’t just be limited to “what works”. Of all the reality/specials that I’ve watched, B.A.P’s members (especially Bang YongGuk) have some of the most pronounced passion for music itself. Yes, I’d be sad if I thought that they were never going back to the “Warrior”, “Power”, or “No Mercy” sound, but I don’t think they’re anywhere near giving that up.

    Also, if you listen to their singles and mini album, they’ve always had a wide range of genre on their releases. Even just on the “Warrior” single they had the strong, bombastic song (Warrior), the rock song (Unbreakable), and the ballad (Secret Love). The “Power” single had the exact same setup with “Power”, “What the Hell”, and “All Lies”, and the “No Mercy” mini added even more genre experimentation with “Dancing in the Rain” and then with “Crash” in the repackage. The “Stop It” single album honestly felt like just an extension on what they started in the “No Mercy” mini.

    I think that B.A.P has done everything that they have up until now extraordinarily well. Like you said, “Rain Sound” could have been done by any one of many groups. However, B.A.P made it their own in a recognizable way. I think that they’re one of those rare groups that doesn’t *have* to be shoved into any specific mold, and that’s one of the things that makes me truly love this group.

    • I think the problem with their experimentation with their title songs is that it all happened so quickly. It didn’t give anyone a chance to let their previous image fade from their mind before they were back with another different concept.
      That’s not so good in my opinion.
      I love breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, and snacks but I don’t want to sit down at one time and eat them all back to back to back.
      I hope that makes sense. At least that’s how I see it personally.

      • I can see where you’re coming from, even if I’m not quite right there with you. I don’t generally mind genre changes when I’m just chilling with my music, and I’ll listen to practically anything.

        I think that it feels like they’re changing very quickly because of the rate of singles they’ve been putting out. They’ve proven themselves to be quite prolific in the year that they’ve been active (and even before that, when you add “I Remember”, “Going Crazy” and “Never Give Up” in there), so I can see how it would feel like they’re jumping around quite erratically. All of their albums, singles and their mini and repackage, are very well constructed when taken as separate entities. If they had been more like a normal group, and released singles more slowly, perhaps over the course of two years instead of just one, I don’t think it would have felt as jarring.

        When you think about it, they’ve only really done two genre changes since they debuted, as their first three were more powerful hip-hop oriented and their fourth and fifth were more pop. I think that, with where they are in releases, they were due a ballad single.

        On a side note, thank you for your comment. I love good-natured conversation and debate, and your comment gave me a new angle to look at on the subject. :)

        • millie102685

          I can listen to practically anything as well. It’s just that B.A.P’s changes seemed more dramatic to me.
          But another thing I don’t want them to burn out before they hit 2 years. I honestly think if everything went slower with time in between I wouldn’t have a problem with it at all.

    • I couldn’t agree more with what You wrote! It really makes me happy that people like You don’t only focus on B.A.P. bombastic or non-bombastic image. There’s so much more to them then just what “works for them”. The reason they experiment with different genres is in order to figure themselves out as a rookie group. It’s a process of trial and error that they are going through atm. Maybe the cutesy and melancholic image doesn’t necessarily suit them perfectly but they really did work hard on it with their acting. C’mon guys, give them some credit, acting is a tough thing to do and B.A.P. managed to do pretty well this time. You really need to have a lot of guts to get out of your comfort zone and try out different styles. Basically B.A.P. Hwaiting! :)

  185. They’re feelings…not a coloring book. Oh Simon, you always make me laugh! There should be a book of Simon and Martina’s quotes. I’d buy it!

  186. Me too. Boring. This is the 3rd time I’ve tried to listen to it and no luck. Only manage to make it 1/2 way through every time. Sad because they are one of my favs. Don’t like this kind of music from anyone and about the only thing that would make it bearable would be unique and emotional lyrics…which I wouldn’t know since I don’t know what they are saying. Maybe a downturn in popularity and views will move them back onto the ‘right path’. One can only hope. Or we will just have to keep watching Power and Warrior over and over and over….

  187. simon, can you guys check ulala session beautiful night, i think that song is as funny as gangnam style or maybe even more :D ps. i miss martina :)

  188. Jordan

    I actually really hated this video and was crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t get voted in. In my opinion the video was boring and made no sense and the song had no substance. There are some slow songs that I can really get into, but this one was just bland throughout. I would’ve liked to see a review of Vixx much more, their new video is just full of ridiculousness!

  189. This was bound to happen if you think about it, some groups can be the greatest ones when they start out, but as soon as they get popular they (for some odd reason) go mainstream. That just kills it for me. Period.

  190. I get your perspective and this is kinda what I expected for the review. The thing is, for babys this style of song isn’t different from B.A.Ps original style because right from the begining they featured songs similar, like It’s All Lies or Secret Love. So while yes I see where your coming from, I also understand why B.A.P didn’t stick to their original image, as doing so doesn’t really give them room for creative freedom. Though they were all amazing in their original powerful style the group has many members of varying personalities and attributes and I think it is important to give them the opportunity to evolve and feature their varying talents. Aside from that, this is only a pre-release so we will see what comes next for our boys.

  191. thisisjustforfunval

    You’re so aggressive Simon, with your Dothraki Man Warrior voice! Seriously though, my ears hurt cause I watched at work and had to wear headphones. I mean, no, I would never watch while working, that would be…oh look a butterfly.

    Anywho, we needed Martina to soften you us some. I agree this video left with this face o_O? every time I’ve watched it, ie thrice. I couldn’t get past the weird sets and uhm Zelo’s acting made me laugh a lot, sorry he’s terrible at acting sad. As for the song, for my own personal taste I really like it. Yeah it doesn’t stand out like their debut songs but it’s still good music. I love Warrior, Power and No Mercy and while I hope too they return to that sound soon. I don’t hold it against them for experimenting a tad bit. A mini break for their bodies with easier choreo after the bombastic choreo of Warrior, Power and No Mercy. I hurt just watching them do those dances.

    • I can’t say I’m mad either, even though I do like this song and Stop It a lot. The videos and respective image changes do leave a lot to be desired, though. It’s just weird seeing these dudes bust out acting like BAMFs and what not (except you Zelo, you’re too cute to be a BAMF), but then turn around and start shooting cute from their faces. It’s just plain awkward.

  192. B.a.p. all the way for me..sorry MBlaq
    I just prefer b.a.p. right now.. :))

  193. Poor Simon. :(
    I feel the same way about BAP. I loved Warrior. The second I saw it I was like. BEST ROOKIE GROUP EVARRRRR I don’t think any other rookie group had ever impressed me as much. The same with Power and No Mercy. The rest were just. … meh..
    Though I did like the leader guys solo from Crash, “Remember”? I loved that. Very good.
    Not a good song to listen to while driving though. The rest are very good to listen to while driving. lol
    Anyhoo. I hope Martina comes back soon. :( You’re so lucky that you found someone who makes you as happy as she does and as an avid watcher it’s hard to see you sad lol. So I hope she comes back soon and smothers you with loves. ^^

  194. Although I agree with your comments for this video (I’m much more fond of Warrior style BAP), I have to say in my opinion they don’t apply for MBLAQ’s Cry. They generally tend to go for dramatic music, and it’s just crazy fun to reenact the video as you stand on a random bus stop while you listen to the song in the middle of a snowy night. Just sayin’. So MBLAQ’s Cry still has the crown of the super dramatic song/video with lots of crying, water, no umbrellas and excessive sexy lip rubbing.

  195. I’m in all honesty a huge B.A.P fan since their debut. And they were doing so~~~~~~~~~good~~~~~~~~~ until No Mercy i myself couldn’t believe it. This can’t be real. They’re doing TOO good something’s gonne blow up i can feel it. And Crash arrived. Well. The song was catchy and fun and nice actually but imo it didn’t fit B.A.P, this wasn’t what i love and expect from them. (idk it could have been a nice B1A4 song instead). But well, i ended up liking it so. I moved on on that one, and forget/forgave.

    But when Stop It was released i felt like crying and screaming and breaking things and jumping off a cliff like NO. I REFUSE. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. It was i believe the first time in my life i was so disappointed and depressed and devastated about a song/mv ! (lol ^^” yeah i put my whole devotion in that group haha). I’m happy Simon said that you don’t necessarily have to try out every genre and style of music !!! Seriously. When you’re good at something stick with it !!!!! WHY that need to go aegyo and pop and so~~~ common and average and déjà vu. Why blend in with the crowd !!?? When you have everything and the whole potential to be different and great and unique.

    So, to be honest, when i first heard Rain Sound i was sort of relieved. Hurray ! No more poppy funny aegyo !!! *party time*
    But then after listening it a couple of time i realized how average the song was. (and let’s just not talk about the mv… cause… Meh :///). It doesn’t have the B.A.P vibes and sounds and style. Any other kpop groups could have been the one singing and releasing it ! Really. What i loved SO MUCH about B.A.P was their unique sound and style with Warrior and Power and No Mercy. NO OTHER groups were like them and did something like them ! And they’re seriously completely losing it. They’re becoming so… trivial ? They’re blending into the masses with their last releases, i don’t get what TS is doing with them :( I’m scared actually. I’ve put so much faith and hope and love and devotion in this group, i don’t want to be disappointed now.
    Now, i know the song and mv are both actually not THAT bad, at all, and i’m being sort of harsh with them, sorry. But it’s because it’s B.A.P and it’s because i really really really love them actually. It’d have been another band i’d have thought it was nice and ok, and that’s it. But it’s not any other group it’s B.A.P and i’ve become demanding with them. (call it what you want but i actually call it love. *shrug*).

    Now some will say, and i can understand, that always doing the same kind of music can get boring at some point, and yeah, why not i can see what you mean, i could agree. But as Simon says it, i believe they totally can improve and develop it, and make something new and awesome with what they already have ! I believe they are able of that ! For example what i really loved about that song ‘Goodbye’ is that it was a different sound and style from their previous songs, but it still totally was B.A.P’ish ! You know. I’d love them to try out more things like that… (And a more ballad’ish song like this one is actually completely fine with me, but not as a release maybe. idk.)

    Sorry… ^^” I guess i needed to let that go out. Hopefully, their comeback in february will sound more like their first songs. *fingers crossed* I still have faith ! I believe in them.

  196. Isabel Ruby

    i generally prefer their more powerful style as well, but i really appreciated the musicality of this song. i’m sorry you couldn’t enjoy it at all :’/

  197. Starsania

    Gotta vote for MBLAQ. Kings of crybaby-ness. (oh how I love them)

    I was so confused by BAP’s video though I do like the song, however wish they’ed go back to their powerful sound too. I need more Bang Yong Guk and his voice doesn’t exactly suit a sweety crababy image at all.

  198. I really enjoyed this review! I liked the honesty, which made it even more fun to watch.

    I find the video for Rain Sound a bit strange and the song to be just ok. I do have to say I love the video for Stop It, it makes me laugh. I don’t really know much about them, but they are from the same company as Secret right? It seems like the company likes to have their groups try different concepts. Secret had that period where they had really cute-sy concepts before returning to sexier ones. A bit of variety is good, but not so much when it sounds like a completely different group.

  199. I do agree with you Simon, for me at first it wasn’t my favorite as to compare to Warrior where B.A.P REALLLLYYYY stand out from other kpop group, but this song does in a way slowly grow on me after few times listening to it and this also goes to their song no mercy and stop it =) I do hope B.A.P will somehow release tracks that as strong as warrior and power again >,< really miss listening to Bang Yong Guk super impact rap!!

  200. I’m honestly wondering, how long did you plan on doing a review with you, being able to put your whole body in a box ? (probably my fav part)

  201. It was a nice debut for EYK-S. He tried to stay fresh&funny without bashing that video too much. I hope EYK-M activities overseas ends succesfully and we will enjoy a full roster comeback soon.

  202. colours have their additional meaning. you know it, Simon, you are a literature theorist! :)

    but the whole mv was so hilarious that I must agree with you. my initial reaction to the mv was – aAAaaaaAAaAaAaaaa! O.o

    the manequin here – just plain madness. what was that all about?

    I wasn’t even sure if this fondled manquin was male or female – it looks like male for me which was even more awkward :)

    however, I do like the song. I liked Warrior and stuff but those songs were too fierce and too loud for me – listening to this kind of BAP through the whole album would be painful. people need some calming songs too :D [my "people"]

    nevertheless, thank you for the KMM. it was so funny that I nearly rolled from the chair on the ground :D

  203. FriedChickenOnew

    So I wasn’t the only one mad at the recent songs. This one is the worse to me, they always sound good vocally I just don’t like the acting or style compared to the start…I thought they were getting shot at the end lol I was trying to figure out who was shooting them, maybe they were just exploding? Their acting was hilarious though especially at 2:48 he just blinked when he got shot in the chest ROFL!

  204. Simon no worries, I laughed throughout this weeks KMM and I laughed because it was true. I loved Warrior, Power, and No Mercy. Honestly, I think TSENT is going through something personal because their artist are doing some lovey-dovey, breakup songs and I personally hate it…which is why I did not participate in voting this week. I am, however, going to to vote my ass off for CNBLUE because unlike Rain Sound, it was totally awesome. And even though I live in North America, I can assure you that I’ll be able to support you this week by looking at every EYK video that’s put out this week–though I do that already so I must be a true Nasty–anyhoo…NICE JOB!!

  205. Cheer up Simon! Martina will be back very soon! You did a great job going solo this week. I think the track itself is ok. Not great. Not terrible. Just ok. The video however is just odd (and not in a good way)

  206. :D Also, can I vote for Simon for whiny-sissy-baby? <3

  207. I like the sound of both sides of B.A.P, but it doesn’t suit them. B.A.P should stick with being badass. Crash and Stop it are good songs, but its not right for B.A.P. Those songs suit cutesey boygroups. I miss the Warrior, Power and No Mercy days.

  208. Vote goes to MBLAQ – Cry.
    Better dance, visuals, acting… Overall, more fun to watch.

  209. I think B.A.P didn’t know what their video was about either. To be slimed they must have said “I don’t know”. As for the color to be green, well it could be blue, yellow, red, and strips. Too bad they didn’t say water. I hear that gets the slime off clothes.

  210. Well Rain Sound isn’t really something B.A.P haven’t tried before (Secret Love).
    Now…I’m just speculating wildly here…but Secret Love was on their Warrior single, which was amazeballs btw, so this ”comeback” if you can call it that, could be as spectacular as Warrior if not better, non?

  211. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much about a Music Monday. Very nicely done – please never pull punches.

  212. I agree. I thought Crash was cute and catchy, Stop It did nothing for me, and I get bored with ballads. This song was nice (and they do look reaaal fine in the video), but the whole thing was kinda cheesy and the only thing I really liked was the dark tones. I still think Warrior and Power were amazing, and No Mercy was an epic song, but I really hope B.A.P doesn’t continue with these angsty ballads or overdose aegyeo songs for a while.

  213. unicornsgalaxy

    OMG!! You Can’t Do That on Television! The originator of the SLIME!! (I think I just showed my age again! *sigh*)

    If you have only listened to BAP’s title songs, then yes, this song does seem like a change to their sound. It’s really not though. It’s a change to the sound of their first 3 title songs, but if you listen to the rest of their mini-albums it’s not as big of a change as you would think. In their mini-albums, they played with different types of sound. Maybe that’s why the Babys are for the most part pretty ok with the change. I actually like this song. It’s not my favorite of theirs but it’s also not the worst.

    Now Stop It was a HUGE change to their sound.

    But, I get what you are saying. I miss the Warrior, Power, and No Mercy days too. Those are the songs that got me into BAP and really impressed me and then also made me want to listen to the rest of the albums.

    This was a good honest review! I’m really enjoying your reviews a lot lately (not that I didn’t before though).

    • Blueberries

      Yea BAP has been really versatile since beginning, not just with title tracks before. Rain Sound goes with same category with Secret Love, It’s all lies, Voicemail.. It’s just was time for BAP to do mv for their slowe and emotional songs too.

      Personally I think that Stop It is quite similar to BYG’s & Zelos Never Give Up. The beginning of the mv is actually taken from there, look at the cheesy soundeffect and stumbling. The mv’s really share same feeling and the lighting are similar too.

      For stylewise I think the BAP songs who stands alone at this time are Goodbye (rock) and Dancing in the rain (Dance). I loved Goodbye so I really hope they will do something similar somewhere in future cause Daehyun’s voice just fits to it perfectly <33

  214. Agreed 100% with this video. I loved B.A.P, I really do. But this song…just…wont do. And while everyone else thinks the MV was ohmygodsocool, I LOL-ed so hard the first time I watch it. Sorry! >_< Cuz everything is just…weird. And I dont think the MV enhance the meaning of the song either.

    And I totally agree that they need to stick with a concept. I get it that they're experimenting, but I do hope they stick to a concept soon, and that concept is their hip-hop, badass concept. Like Warrior and Power Era.

  215. huh but Simon, you loved songs like Blue, Fiction, Caffeine kinda things?

    • I like Fiction. I don’t like Caffeine and Blue and Rain Sound. It’s different, every song isn’t the same or else we would all buy the same CD over and over again.
      There are nuances that make each song their own. This, in my humble opinion, sucked hardcore.

      • Okay I don’t blame his music taste. I just little confusing about Simon’s attitude of Kpop.
        I know he prefer ‘fun music’ and ‘fun video’ as he said. but he mentioned “the attractiveness of voice does nothing to me”
        and “I don’t wanna feel anything emotional” If you watched music monday for Blue or Fiction, and check out what Simon said in that videos, you think this is kinda nonsense.

    • I can’t speak for Fiction or Caffeine, because I don’t know those groups’ discography well enough, but Blue is not out of the norm for BB (see Lies, Haru Haru, Koewokikasete).

      And you can be diverse in your music without losing your sound, which Simon acknowledges, but he thinks that BAP’s sound has gotten so far away from what they were that they sound too much like other groups.

  216. :D Wow, what a rant! I think it’s good that you explained why you don’t like BAPs sound anymore, and that you think they get still grow and be different in a tougher sound/genre. I don’t mind them trying out things though. ^^

    But green does stand for hope :D

    And I think that I like KMPP better with both of them. :) I would’ve loved to know what you thought about the dance or the 90s feel of the song/dance. But it would’ve been fun if you tried to find more stuff to analyse :D even if it would be overinterpretating the video.

  217. It makes me sad that you don’t like this song/video but I can respect your opinion. I personally don’t mind when groups explore their sound, but I agree that it can go horribly wrong sometimes. The reason I like B.A.P. so much is because I’ve liked each of their transitions. I think they’re capable of owning any concept given to them, but that could just be my fangirl bias speaking <3

  218. I didn’t care for the song either. I only listened to their last 3 released songs once because I just didn’t like them at all. Made me feel like I was a bad Baby.
    But seriously, Infinite H would have been a way better KMM.
    Yes, I’m biased. No, I don’t care.

  219. i knew you’re gonna mention that mannequin! hahaha it’s just too creepy….. O.o

  220. Simon, have you noticed that Rain Sound’s chorus is very similar to C-Clown’s Far Away Young Love??? I can practically sing the whole Far Away Young Love chorus in Rain Sound’s…Every time I hear the song I immediately start singing C-Clown…It kinda ruined Rain Sound for me lmao…but it doesn’t matter anyway, I’m not a big fan of BAP. I guess just not my style.

    • i knew Rain Sound reminded me another song…! And that’s the problem with that song. It sounds so… déjà vu ? (which is kinda weird to use that expression for a song but anyway). It kinda sound like another average kpop song of another average kpop band. (although don’t take me wrong i really did like that song from C-Clown actually ^^’)

  221. I hope everything is OK with Martina, and will she do a counterpoint in reply to your review of BAP’s Rain Sound? I want to know what she thought of the video too! LOL I love you guys!!! <3

  222. This was such a great Music Monday, you hit on so many good points, especially about B.A.P’s changing sound. While I agree that it’s kind of disappointing to see B.A.P loose their feirceness and the swag lately, I actually really like this song and I really liked the “aegyo” song “Crash” (though I don’t think it was as aegyo as “Stop It”). My thing with B.A.P is that, when they first debuted with “Warrior” I was IN LOVE with them. “Warrior” was such a fantastic song, it was THE debut of 2012, it was bombastic and different, it was firce and the dance was great and B.A.P basically did everything right with it. It’s still one of my favorite songs of 2012 and my favorite debut song ever! But then they came out with “Power” and “No Mercy” which for me, were so similar to “Warrior” that they just couldn’t compare and ended up seeming worse because of it; although they were good songs, because they were so similar in style, composition and sound to “Warrior” they were both compared to it and just paled in comparison, so I couldn’t get into them. Then B.A.P came out with “Crash”, which, although it was a different sound from what B.A.P usually does, was still fundamentally a B.A.P song with it’s powerful rapping and whistle in the background, and I could appreciate it because it was like B.A.P was trying somehting new but still doing it in their own way and I actually really love the song for that. With “Stop It” the same thing happened as with “Power” and “No Mercy”, it just couldn’t compare to the last song, and to be honest B.A.P just went kinda off the rails with that song and seemed to lose themselves. “Rain Sound” to me is just B.A.P trying a differnet type of song which I can appreciate because it gives me something fresh and new from B.A.P. I do agree with Simon though that B.A.P kind of need to go back to their roots and find themselves a bit more for their next song.

    • This exactly is my opinion. Well, not exactly, but I’m not gonna bother with slight differences in thoughts of details. The MV for Rain Sound brings down the song quite a bit, though. And it seems like they need to figure out how to make any song fit all of them together. Their differences has always worked so well together but this song is lacking a bit in that teamwork.

  223. confession: I actually like Rain sound…. but…. Simon had me peeing my pants laughing so hard, I didn’t notices that Jae actually fondled the mannequin… also, Simon their color is green (green fanlights and all, that’s probs why everything was green) I agree with that one person, Zelo should hit puberty and fast… also I think they keep putting out stuff that fits Jae, Dae, and possibly Upup’s voices… and dont tell me that Channie’s voice didnt sound good, normally he sounds like he’s forcing a demon ou of his throat, but this fits his voice much better

  224. Simon, only thing I wanted to do was give you a hug and comfort you that Martina will be with you soon :) .

    Other than that, sure, the dynamic between the two of you is unique and the best thing ever, but here we got the next best thing ever, which is one part of the duo :D ! How awesome is it that we still get to see videos from EYK ? Hehe.

    As for the review, well, I liked it. Thank you. It’s an epic WIN because you’re still getting it the WTF aspect of some of the stuff you happen to find in videos XD … even though I do admit I would have LOVED to see each of you doing a separate review to see the difference.

    So yeah. You rock. You guys rock. No I’m not biased… wait, yes, I totally am!

  225. I can’t wait for the Eat Your Kimchi S SubUnit

  226. Soooo, EYK has a subunit ? ^^

    I vote for MBLAQ-Cry.

  227. Solid Snake quote! LOLOL

    This honestly might be my favorite review!

  228. Annie

    I have been waiting for this all day!!
    Simon we all miss Martina too, come back Martina!
    2. I second this view, im really new to Kpop and i mean a new born baby and i saw your Music mondays on B.A.P all that attitude i was like im gonna vote for the first time on Music monday, oooh B.A.P is here!!! To… Nooo B.A.P, just no.
    Good parts… um..i really loved the makeup (read fangirling)

  229. I’m a little bit torn here…I also like the powerful B.A.P way~~~ better and I really hope for a badass comeback soon, but if B.A.P only did songs like warrior and power, wouldn’t it get boring? A different concept from time to time is a good idea to make the group more interesting and to show of different sides of the members, but in this case, it was just done poorly.

  230. B.A.P
    It was funny. miss Martina though.

  231. I think it’s okay for BAP to experiment with different styles, but there’s a way to make a slower song still be powerful and feel like a BAP song. This song didn’t accomplish that.

  232. sissy baby, janus by boyfriend, SIMON, WHY YOU NO PICK SISSY BABY BOYFRIEND?!?!

  233. Ooooh I see that SISTAR19 pic in the back! Oh yeah!!!

  234. Everyone who voted like crazy for BAP….y’all knew this was coming, right?

    • Yeah, we pretty much knew from the start, that Simon (and Martina) wouldn’t be happy with the song. :D But it’s fine, everyone has a different opinion. I don’t agree on every point, but I get what he’s saying.

    • Blueberries

      I hope Simon’d have looked more into the song cause there is some nice symbolism and it’s pretty good song about breakups although that theme is little overused generally. But I liked somethings he pointed out. I just hope that he wouldn’t have to be so blunt about it XD

    • Exactly, I really don’t get why B.A.P fans voted this up, except for the sake of “winning”… Simon had already said, basically, all he said here! And there are so many videos that would have been so much fun to review… Such a waste of dorkiness…

      • Well although I’d of much rather had other songs reviewed this was pretty hilarious imo.

        • It was. It definitely was. I trust Simon and Martina to make a funny KMM out of any video anyways. But I don’t get why people voted for this one in particular, even after Simon said how he felt about it.

      • People did it for more of a song review than a music video review

      • Well maybe if martina were there… it wouldve been more fun… they couldve come up with funnier things… but Simon looks kind of misserable… and even though… he still made the review funny… its just… martina’s spark thats missing… and fans cant vote for songs expecting positive reviews…. a review is a review…

        • millie102685

          Simon has always been the more blunt person. Even with the Kpop Charts Update, he was being super snarky and mentioning that if Martina was there it would have been edited out.
          That should have been enough forewarning for Babyz.

        • lol, meaning that we shouldn’t have voted because we weren’t going to hear a good review?? well that’s very stupid. No offense… Like I said, fans can’t/don’t expect a good review out of every mv that they vote for first place… and B.A.P’s mv was number one way before the k-pop chart update Simon did by himself… so yea

        • millie102685

          No, vote for it by all means. Just don’t bitch and moan about it later. That’s what I mean.

    • Seriously, like seriously seriously. They had to know. With songs that I vote for and love I know what will be picked at and I am sometimes surprised by other things I didn’t notice.
      Like the Younique song that I voted tirelessly for, I knew they were going to have a problem with the SM smash but I still voted.

    • Just because a review isn’t going to be all happy sunshine and flowers doesn’t mean that fans aren’t still going to want it reviewed. It’s good to see all different criticism.

      • True. I think Bang Yong Guk is pretty aware about EYK? it was mentioned in S&M’s interview with BAP during their debut showcase. I think it might turn out to be a good idea if BAP hears about Simon’ s perspective on the MV – they could improve on the filming next time? I think it’s a nice song but odd video, that’s all.
        PS: Simon & Martina should have their videos subbed in Korean so that the artistes and management start to pay heed to bad engrish and odd MV directings. :)

        • Do you honestly think BYG gives a fuck about EYK’s opinion? EYK is nothing more than a fan reaction video with a higher budget. Stop making these two bloggers feel more important than they really are.

          People like Kingsley and Tyler Oakley have 500000-1000 000+ subscribers filming videos in their damn rooms.

  235. While I do prefer B.A.P’s more manly image and songs, I appreciate that they are trying to stay out of a “box”. I love that they are willing to try new styles to deepen their understanding and abilities, find what really works for them. Since they are a new group they still have time to settle into a style and sound but trying new things before they are cemented into a sound seems smart to me. I do not mind the fact that not every song will be great to me as long as they are working hard at it and keep improving on what they do best. As for the opinion of Simon, and Martina, I enjoy hearing/seeing what you guys think of songs/videos because it gives me a new perspective from which to view them. Yay!

  236. Totally agree with you. Love BAP’s initial style but this song… I couldn’t even finish watching the entire video bc it was so… not them? I figured there was probably some symbolism there… somewhere… but the awkward trying-to-squeeze-tears-out scenes with the members made me laugh in a sad way lol
    I miss Martina too, even though we’re in the same country rn and probably in the same city at this very moment… MARTINA </3 ;___;

  237. honestly when the song first came out i wasn’t really anticipating it, same like you simon i preferred bap’s earlier songs than the recent ballad ones, but then i listened to it anyway, i was like why don’t i give it a try? right? the result, hm…not that bad at all, i like it way more than stop it, which i find quite cheesy for boy group like bap to be singing such song hehehehe…;D

  238. Bullshit. Bands nowadays need to show other concepts, if B.A.P only have their hip-hop style, everybody would say they are boring and colorless.

    • Not everyone would say that. I wouldn’t.

    • Personally I wouldn’t agree… For example I think that (sorry for the YG Bias, it’s the first examples that come to mind!) 2NE1 and Big bang generally have a wide range and experiment with some different sounds, but still managing to maintain a core identity. I think the key point in what Simon was saying, and what I’d agree with, is growth… Allowing a band to build an identity that can show them as a complex identity changing and improving over time, with a certain something particular to them, rather than just a number of different genre boxes ticked off a list. I do quite like the song, especially the rap parts, but I do think that maybe companies are sometimes a little quick to rush their bands into lots of different styles for every new single.

    • Nope! I love BAP from last year. Thi song, tho…not my fav.

    • There’s a difference in showing other concepts and actually being able to pull them off in a believable manner.
      Maybe B.A.P came on too strong and with a concept that was too out there. Maybe that’s why Crash, Stop It, and Rain Sound completely missed the mark for me.
      Speaking personally as someone that was a fan from debut, the last 3 releases really really disappointed me. They lacked a lot and I couldn’t get into them.
      Rain Sound’s not bad but I can’t watch the video without cringing, and the song is okay as long as it’s low and I’m not focusing on it.

    • agreed. Tho I like warrior and power concept the most… I still listen to all their songs and I love their hiphop ballads… like voicemail.

    • I wholeheartedly disagree. I believe it’s better to do one thing that your good at, then try a whole slew of stuff that you’re just mediocre at.

  239. I’m not big fan of aegyo B.A.P but I’m ok with “Rain Sound” because I think even the powerful groups should have their ballads too… If every B.A.P title song would be like the first powerful ones, I think at least I would get bored. They are just showing the audience what they can do and trying to gain more fans because of it.
    But still I don’t understand the aegyo theme…

  240. Well, I got my sad lonely Simon skit so I’m happy =D

  241. Simon!!!!!! Who kicks you????? How dare…….

  242. I agree with pretty much everything you said and wrote about this
    i got a few bad tweets and unfollowers for what i said but i can’t take rain sound serious.
    the song sounds like everything else that’s already been done and while it’s not bad it just doesn’t stand out at all and i wouldn’t know who it was by if it wasn’t for all the baby’s on my timeline
    zelo’s rap doesn’t fit the song at all because his voice is too high and i hope he hits puberty soon…like really soon
    the video was so awkward i wanted to punch myself, specially the whole rain scene and then they got shot and i laughed so much at how bad it looked i didn’t know what to feel anymore
    the whole thing was like a “omg look at how sad we are now that she left us”-version of their badass videos except that it’s just bad
    i got someone telling me that i should be totally into this since i’m always so sad and lonely and depressed etc etc etc but it just doesn’t do it for me

    edit: i forgot to say that i’m voting for mblaq

  243. have to agree – i’d like B.A.P to promote and have MVs of their stronger, macho-er and cooler songs instead of ballads. they’re pretty weak in this department. can always promote ballads as their follow-up. i want the warriors back !

  244. Though I really like B.A.P and I liked the overall concept of this song and video, the acting was way too awkward to watch. I can’t make a gif or take a screenshot of Zelo where he’s not looking like he has a stomachache.

  245. I miss Martinaaaaaaaaaaa!!! too much testosterone!!!!!!!!!… no offense Simon…. :D

    Ps: Rain sound is a pre-release.. they aren’t promoting this song perse .. so i’m hoping for the actual single to be better and bombastic!!

    “This video is for you since Martina isn’t here” thnks for reminded me

  247. I really really really enjoyed this review. It was very funny because it was dead honest~

    I was afraid to express my opinion on this song + MV because I know some people would accuse me of being a hater and blobloblo. I really respect Simon for having the courage to honestly say what he really thinks about the MV, unafraid of the raging fangirls that will probably respond very negatively.
    Please continue giving your honest reviews :) Honest reviews are always the most entertaining ~

    • I completely agree with you! It also doesn’t hurt that I share Simon’s point of view. I do enjoy B.A.P, just not ‘emotional boyband B.A.P’, the kick-@$$ B.A.P! When Simon said he was reviewing solo this week you had to know what his opinions were going to be. So it’s the die-hard fans fault, either they really wanted their video to be reviewed ASAP before some other MV came along or not at all. The result is what you get. Though think of all the great things they said about B.A.P since their debut. There should be no hurt feelings. It’s just an opinion.

    • I appreciate the honest reviews also.
      But for some reason i really like this song and the first three songs from B.A.P. I just can’t really like Stop It. But I still hope the best for B.A.P.

    • What the crap, you always get so many upvotes! >_<

      • I’ve found that there are 2 key things for getting upvotes
        1 – you have to be one of the first to comment
        2 – you have to share an opinion with many others.

        or you have to be Simon and Martina

        I think the most upvotes I’ve gotten is around 4 or so.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          lol I’ve had I think three times over 50 (think a couple of those were on AKP tho) but for the most part I don’t any (or I get quite a few downvotes along w/ the upvotes). iloveminhyun has the most upvotes of any1 on EYK by quite a bit, I have the most comments of anyone BY FAR and I’m not even in the top 5 for likes idt lol.

          Well now u made me feel bad by saying four is your most when I have two comments below w/ 2-3 times that lol. But yeah I comment way too much so I’m bound to say a couple things ppl like.

        • No need to feel bad. I rarely even look at my upvotes. I noticed them once when I mentioned what a good job I thought the Epik Nasties did on the EYKAs and thought it was hilarious. I usually sort by newest instead of best as I like to read new comments on the slower threads so I don’t often notice upvotes.

          Is there a tracking for likes??? I did notice that you are the top commenter. Even higher than the mods!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah and all of those likes were from us Epik Nasties LOL.

          Yeah I have no life, saddest part is I just got here when OC’s Lipstick came out.
          fuuko one of the mods showed us a pic once of the top three for each.
          I go by newest too but most of the time I reply to people I’m directly on disqus and it tells me if a comment has a vote. (Doesn’t specify if it’s up or down tho lol.)

  248. I actually like this song, and i like when artists experiment with songs. Actually when i heard no mercy, it sounded so much like Warrior and the other song (i can’t remember it now) that i kinda of got bored with this group. I like their experimentation and i think it will help them in the future. Besides I got into BAP because of Bang Young Guk- i remember, and this song kind of reminds me of that song. However, i loved the review; it was hilarious.

    this is one of the best MM´s ever :D
    and 2. your look damn good!
    now we all got a simon overload haha

  250. Was that Martina or Mystery Intern playing the cruel box kicking stranger? XDDD Don’t tell me it was preprepared emergency KMM footage?!! :PPP

  251. I like EYK as a whole group better. :P
    Nonetheless, Eatyourkimchi S fighting!

  252. The song itself is pretty good & has a nice beat to it but the video is pretty cheesy. They definitely should have gone a different direction with it.

  253. I couldn’t stop laughing at this review XD Simon you’re the best!!!

  254. I agree with Simon 100%, this video and song is just meh… I want the powerful version of B.A.P. back. It was refreshing. Now after listening to Stop it and Rain Sound I think the boys (read: TS Ent.) are trying to hard to fit in and loosing their identity on the way.

  255. I am pretty much the same as you Simon. I like the fun care free songs, as soon as a kpop group releases a ballad my interest plummets. For some reason I can enjoy a fun song without knowing the lyrics, but a ballad in another language just doesn’t do it for me.
    Then again I am usually not a fan of ballads anyway.

    As for the video, it seems like they just did some crap that seemed “deep” and hoped people would find it ever so deep and meaningful and full of layers and what not. But it just comes across as forced.

  256. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much at a review before! We have the same sense of humour, Simon. Hope BAPs fans don’t slaughter you too much.

  257. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.

    For me, this song is a huge welcome relief. ‘Hajima’ was OK, but B.A.P and TS pushed it.
    I love the steady beat ‘Rain Sound’ has and their voices all mixed well together.
    It didn’t have that semi awkward transition that ‘No Mercy’ had (rap parts that switched over to Daehyun’s long notes).
    I thought everything for this song flowed quite nicely.

    I do miss Warrior and Power eras with an extreme passion, but their comebacks are pretty much a guessing game for us. It’s kind of fun thinking about what style or concept they will come out with next.
    Let them experiment now instead of 5+ years down the road where fans might not like big changes after they have gotten used to like one type of style or something.

    • Honestly, no one knows what B.A.P’s style is, only they do. Just because they came out with “badass” concept doesn’t mean it’s their style. Maybe they’re searching for their style by trying out other concepts. We just don’t know what their style is.

    • Same here, I actually really really love Rain sound as much as the ‘powerful’ songs like Power and No Mercy. The ‘cute’ concept though… meh. Though I can understand why they’re experimenting with all these genres –> we’ll be pretty bored otherwise. I think it’s good to balance powerful strong singles with soft emotional ones. (Plus I love sad emo songs hahaha) Most likely they will go back to the same badass concept they debuted with soon~

    • i agree. i love me some warrior but i don’t think i would like it if they did multiple versions of warrior. i like that they are trying different styles, its what makes me think they will be a group that can last in this kpop rat race.

      i like rain sound like u said, it flow quite nicely and its good pre-release song. i can’t wait to hear what their upcoming title song would be like. btw, do u guys think rain sound could be like the sequel to dancing in the rain?

      • nah. Dancing in the rain was way too happy. seemed like it was about getting together with a girl for a short fling and having the best time ever, but nothing long lasting. Rainsound was like… “omg what happened to this relationship i think i wanna kill myself” XD

        • mmm maybe the fling turn into something more…. in the lyrics he did say he thinks he is falling in love and now every time he hears the rain, he remembers her and the memories of dancing in the rain.

  258. I totally agree with you Simon except, I don’t really like BAP to begin with, but I do appreciate it when a group has a distinct sound.Oh, and hang in there, Martina will be back soon!

  259. MARTINA, COME BACK! =’(

  260. Yeah because it’s so possible to choose between Cry and Rain Sound!!!

  261. Brovaries? I totally want that on a shirt, Simon. It reminds me of how my friends and I say, during the hot, humid summer, that we are sweating our metaphorical balls off.

  262. eat your kimchi-s XD simon you’re epic and i hope martina comes back soon i miss that pink hair :P

  263. eat your kimchi-s XD you guys are awesome or in this case simon you’re epic :D

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