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B.A.P. – Warrior: Kpop Music Monday

January 31, 2012


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B.A.P. is a rookie group that has debuted with one hell of a single. If you haven’t checked it out yet, watch the video here:

We’re really impressed by this song. As you may know, the whole cutie-boy image makes us gag, and new bands seem to fall back on that concept for safety’s sake. It works for different audience, but – since we’re older – it just doesn’t do it for us. We were surprised, then, to see that this song had such an aggressive concept going for it. We were worried as well, because – well – if you’re aggressive and hard, but you suck, then the video becomes embarrassing.

B.A.P. were able to overcome most of the rookie group pitfalls. They were exceptionally strong and confident for a debut song. And, like we mentioned in our review, we really don’t like it when people suck at rapping. B.A.P. fortunately don’t suck at rapping. Bang Yong Gook and Zelo are both really good at rapping, and both have distinctly definitive styles: while Bang Yong Gook is very grimy, Zelo is skippy and playful.

Sure, we did have some complaints. We’re not especially fond of the name. We’re partial to words or phrases more than confusing acronyms. Also, not really sure about the whole electro bunny thing. Really reminds us too much of Deadmau5, especially since it’s acting like a DJ as well. But, these are just small complaints from an otherwise grab song and video. While we’re not gonna say that we’re totally biased towards everything B.A.P. do from now on, we can say that we’re quite happy with this song and video, and hope that they can keep it up!

P.S. Top did not text message us during our video, just in case you were wondering. How could he? We were in the middle of filming! He couldn’t know what we were saying as we were saying it! Now, though, that’s he’s seen the video, he’s surely gonna call. Top: I know you’re reading this. Don’t get too upset! It was just a joke!

Also, I know you’re dying to have our B.A.P. remix (aka BIBIMB.A.P.) on your iPod. We uploaded it! Check it out here:

Otherwise, on to the giveaway!

Bap Giveaway Package

We've got some cool stuff to giveaway

First off, if you’re not following us on Twitter, come on now! You totally gotta do it. We post up cool pictures of stuff. It’s like Open the Happy, but with pictures. Anyhow, over the weekend we got to check out B.A.P.’s debut showcase. We got to go as press (woot!). Afterwards, we got a special interview that you won’t see anywhere else. Pretty cool, eh? All exclusive and stuff. We’ll post that later on this week once it’s all edited and approved.

Point is, while we were at the debut we got some awesome stuff, like their CD, iPhone case, glowstick, whistle, official debut booklet, and such. We’d like to give it to you! You want it, right? If so, here’s what you gotta do:

1) Subscribe to us on YouTube. DO IT!

2) If you had a Boy Band, what acronym would you use for their name, and why?

Most creative answer wins! You can leave your comments here, or in the comments to our YouTube video. If you’re going to leave your answer here, then leave your YouTube username as well. We gotta make sure you’re subscribed, after all!

Yeah! Best of luck everyone! We’re going WANKing tomorrow, so we’re not sure if we’ll be able to post the interview then or not. We’ll try to get it up ASAP :D

And, lastly, we’ve got Bloopers for this week as well! Check me out in the studio as I lay down some hot vocals for BibimB.A.P. and bust a freestyle at the end. WHUT WHUT!



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B.A.P. – Warrior: Kpop Music Monday


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  1. Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Stars, Nu Established Style and Tempo, just Wikipedia any oddly spelled Kpop boy band name, and lols wills be had!

    5 years ago
  2. Gods

    5 years ago
  3. A.C.E
    Aliens Conquering Earth
    (B.A.P should have used this!)

    Getting Effing Epic

    Acronyms Make Us Rock

    ps. i think G.O.D took the cake way back. ha.

    YT nick: riskgrrl

    5 years ago
  4. I’ll go with W.G.T which means.. White Gorillas Time :Dwhy? ‘cuz white gorillas are special ^^ and Time ‘cuz it’s their time to rock on stage like King Kong xD This is it :DYoutube username: TadahELF

    5 years ago
  5. Bananas!!! lol.

    5 years ago
  6. Distinguished

    youtube username: L4CH4T4

    5 years ago
  7. Youtube username: lazybug659

    D- D***-
    O- outstanding
    T- teens=
    R- (really
    A- assassins
    K- killing
    I- inferiors.)

    M- Martina’s
    A- addiction
    N- now. 

    W- Winning
    A- all
    R- regal
    R- rewards
    I- infinitely.
    O- Our
    R- ruler:
    S- Simon.

    Do I really need to explain? Well… I would have to say that the D.O.T.R.H.R.A.K.I part of the acronym basically sums up what I want for my boy band while they are CRUSHING all their opponents. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Plus, you two helped make the acronym, so why not have you two in the acronym itself (Martina will get addicted while Simon is their ruler. Simon will make the perfect DOTRHRAKI MAN WARRIOR LEADER). If my band was real, I would really hope that they can achieve rewards for all their hard work and effort.

    5 years ago
  8. U- unbelievable
    N- notes
    T- terrific
    A- appearance
    M- Mesmerising
    E- Enchanting
    D- Dances

    This would be the name because this is everything you look for in a kpop group duhhh

    Youtube- zacefronissohot20

    5 years ago
  9. Youtube username :mrsotakugirl98
    Acronym: STA
    Super Toxic Addiction 

    The boy band would a toxic addiction to audience ^_^. Their music would be relatable to people and real life experiences obviously. The band would be filled with guys with ranges of the age of 18 to 23. They would be mischievous,interesting and lovable >w.< Fingers crossed!)

    5 years ago
  10. Let’s try this again:

    B4ST – You gonna B4ST to listen, fool!  WHAT’S! YOUR! P!  Seriously, what’s your P?

    (YT user = mrbeeg, like there’s any chance…)

    5 years ago
  11. :D

    YT username: TorktumlareN

    I would name my boyband HERO.ES which would stand for ‘HERO of Epic Sound’.

    Because it sounds pretty badass and they would of course be viewed as heroes in the KPOP industry for their amazing vocals and epic sound!
    And the members would have names/stage names with initals that match H.E.R.O.
    (For example, H. from Hwangmin, E from Eric, R from ROFL & O from Oolong.)

    (P.S Simon can call them Heroose when you guise review them for Music Mondays! 8D)

    5 years ago
  12. Youtube user name – LitcheTheArsm

    Boy band acronym- SLOTH. Sexy Lady-like Original True Hommes.

    Lady-like is a typical kpop english fail, what it actually means is that they like girls.

    They’re a very macho group and the members are in their twenties. :)




    The international is in it because the group members are asians from different parts of the world.

    5 years ago
  13. Youtube user name – PeaceBuggyX3

    My boy group acronym –
    STLEE (Shining their lighting eyes, everyday)

    Why would I name it STLEE?
    would name it STLEE because their eyes make up their profile image.
    Everyday, they use their sight to see everything such as their fans,
    family, friends, food, etc. Their sight also helps them use their
    talent abilities such as when they learn dances, learn lyrics, and many

    5 years ago
  14. My group will be called..

    Fighting A.S.S. = Fighting Asian Superstar System
    because they kick the ass of the other groups !!!

    And I think their fanbase should be called… FASSter 
    because the faster you love this group, the better !!

    Youtube user name : 11Choctaw11

    5 years ago
  15. Youtube name lollypop43
    My boy band would be

    5 years ago
  16. I had the same reaction as you did : “Wow, that’s an awesome debut !”. Seriously, these boys already have the swag, I’ll keep an eye on them… However, I decided to pretend your version is canon : Bunnies Are Puffy is a much better name, I’m so in love with it I can’t say the real name any more !As a Cassie, of course I would defend Yunho. ^^ But honestly, I recongnised Yunho’s rap at once, without need for your “subtle” hints… And well, that’s true in a way, and I won’t deny it : I found it funny ! I won’t complain, just voice my opinion. Iagree Yunho is not that kind of rapper, with fierce, violent flow and so… But I like that, because I think rap is sooo narrowly represented. I like that there are people like Yunho who do a totally different, and less “serious” kind of rap. Well, I like it, that’s it. But I understand that he’s a really weird rapper as compared to the standards…

    Thank you for letting us downland the Bibimpap song ! Haha, yet another pun that made me laugh so mad…

    5 years ago
  17. Youtube name : GTBANAELFJROCK
    The boy band would be called ViViD!
    Reason : vivid personality, lively, fresh, strong. Shining like a vivid colour, very bright, mind striking realism, making powerful impact on everyone.
    Fan name shall be a vivid colour like.. bright colours! :D

    5 years ago
  18. Love their HAIR :Omgeezy! THEIR KRUMPING IS LEGIT, THEIR BBOYING/BREAKDANCING IS SICK, & THEIR STEPPING IS AWESOME! WHAT CAN’T THEY DO? I wonder if they can shuffle dougie or jerk….oh! AND THEIR RAPPING SUPER DOPE :D so obsessed with their dancing (for all of u who don’t know what i was talking ’bout, all that was about different dance styles)

    5 years ago
  19. Youtube Username:  Allumionparra

    I would call my boy band “P.O.O.P.”, which would stand for Playful Optimistic Overall Power XD And they would be singing, “We got da POOP, we got da POOP!”  And then their fan club would be named “T.O.I.L.E.T.”, which would stand for Take On Influence, Link Everyone Together, and they would always chant, “TOILET, TOILET, we love POOP, we love POOP!” Uhhhh….. XD I had fun with this >:D The meanings are really strong and are meant to unite everyone and keep everyone optimistic and supportive of each other, but yeah…. the acronyms say otherwise XD

    5 years ago
  20. Youtube: 23Swampash

    Idea 1: There
    could be a play on musical terms. For instance, a boy band named ‘Rhapsody’. Rhapsody
    is generally a piece of music free in form and inspiration, so this would be a
    great name for, say, a hip hop group where they are free style rappers, maybe. Their
    fans could be called Brios. Brio means fire, or energy, and their certainly is
    a lot of energy that goes into rap performances.


    Idea 2: ZBAM:
    Zany Boys Addicted to Music. Their fans could be called Mezzos. Mezzo is a musical
    term that means half, and what artist can function well without their other
    half, the fans?

    5 years ago
  21. youtube: brittanybitesyou
    DNS; it stands for Dreams N’ Sacrifices
    Dreams because in order to achieve the goal of becoming a singer, you need to have a dream to become one.
    Sacrifices because you need to sacrifice in order to get. You maybe sacrificing your time, your freedom, your family or your friends but if it is something you really want to achieve then it’s a sacrifice you have to take.
    That’s why I want to name my boyband ‘DNS’
    Dreams N’ Sacrifice to symbolize all of the dreams they dreamed and all of the sacrifices they went through, and also for other people who have the same dreams. For them to represent others like them no matter if they went into business, acting, or waitressing.

    5 years ago
  22. Youtube Name: NiightRid3r

    I would name my KPOP group USO (ooh-so) because it sounds cool. GO USOO! :)

    5 years ago
  23. B.A.P – Blonde Asians people ;P
    The acronym for my group would be: BABO’S – Breaking All Barrier Of Sound!! hehe~ ;D
                                  I vote for MBLAQ ~ (*-*)
    Youtube name: SarangHaeDudungie 

    5 years ago
  24. OVAL:






    Because an oval is forever. It’s like a circle, but stretched out. A
    circle is perfect in every way but an oval is different, it just
    continues around in its unique way.There is no stopping an oval, it just
    exists in it’s special little formation. I

    And the meaning behind what OVAL stands for is that in the end, all we
    have is our voice, our thoughts, and our beliefs, even when we think we
    have nothing we still have our voice. Our voice is light. It’s part of
    our very core. It’s unique to us.


    5 years ago
  25. YT NAME: msfuzzygirl

    B.O.T – B.N.L.T


    That ;)

    say it 5 times getting faster then you will see there is a beat :) (say the acronym 5 times)

    5 years ago
  26. youtube user id: iluvkibum89

    b.n.k – badass noona killaz 
             or just
    n.k – noona killaz

    5 years ago
  27. MBLAQ

    Great Artists Really Lead In Kpop, But Randomness Equals Death = GARLIK BRED
    Older Ladies Dangerously Preying On Raunchy Korean Boy Idols, Truely Scary = OLD PORK BITS
    Singers Who Aren’t Getting Rich = SWAG-R (Pronounced swagger, though you probably figured that out)

    5 years ago
  28. Hey Guys :)
    if i was in a korean boy band our name would be

    Hana – One : A number that everyone wants to be when they want to be the best. If i was in a KPOP boy band i would love for us to stand as one.

    KKUM – Dream : A word that can have many meanings, in this case we could be your dream or reach for your dream..

    HanaKKUM / 1DrEaM
    The name is International if said in korean or english :).. and our fanbase would most likely be called DrEaMeRs or OnE lOvE….

    Youtube name : RockieRonz or RockyRonz, RockyRons sorry im unsure but its definately one of them lol and i love the work :) keep it up… mwah xoxo one love!

    5 years ago
  29. YT username: ouitsedward 

    M.O.N.S.T.E.R or MONSTERMusic On Nonstop To Every Room 

    i feel like it has that MBLAQ-acronym vibe to it lol :D

    5 years ago
  30. B.A.P makes no sense, as you said they threw a bunch of words together.  MBLAQ is saying something, not the greatest name, but it’s something.

    5 years ago
  31. user name = mojgankhoobyari

     UNIVERSE = Unique  New  International Everlasting  Regal Supernatural Energy !!!!
    ELB= ever lasting boys (each and ever idol is loved by their fans for a
    few years but after a long time they will be forgotten and new idols
    will come however these boys will be everlasting )
    :) thank u

    5 years ago

    So my boyband acronym would be:

    Boys R Only Hot Outrageous Handsome Oppas!They will be called that because its super modern,it draws fans in, it sparks a certain curiosity to other people who havent listened to K-pop before,and…its going to be really funny to hear fans scream “BROHOHO!!!!!!”:D

    youtube username: xXJapaneseLoverXx

    5 years ago
  33. T.U.F.F –> Taunting Uproar with Farfetched Fun
    YouTube name is : NomNomonCookiez ~
    I think xD

    5 years ago
  34. @Danielle :
    MBLAQ totally xD

    5 years ago
  35. Oh wait maybe B.A.P xD

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  37. ABCCIM- Asian Boys Committing Crimes in Music

    youtube username : cinamonve

    5 years ago
  38. Hi there!
    The name of my boy group would be: FEHB which stands for Fantastic Electronic Hypertonic Boys. A mixture of dance, song, and kkab. Each member has different personalities and skills which make a great combination just like bibimbap.

    My youtube username:

    5 years ago
  39. Hmm bizarre acronyms….who else does that? Wonderful Adventures…. ;)

    5 years ago
  40. Hmm this set looks familiar…didn’t 2NE1 use the same one?

    5 years ago
  41. Hello Simon and Martina,

    So I have a group name and I need you to approve.  The group name is called F.A.D.E, it is a four member group and each member is named for one letter Fire, Air, Diamond, Electricity.  Fire, Air (Hurricane) and Electricity are all dangerous elements which these boys are and Diamond was placed there to show their uniqueness.  There fanclub name will be Radiant Light, because when light is shown on diamond it reveal a rainbow, which has different colors showing their many talents and personalities.

    My Youtube Channel is:

    Thank you!!

    5 years ago
  42. DemiYori

    Creative Liabilities Uniquely Catering Koreans
    Because they are a Korean boy band naturally and if anything bad were to happen overseas at least their Korean fans would still love them and give them the most support.

    5 years ago
  43. BO;OBIES


    No boys are in my boyband, yo. My non-boy boyband consists of major babes (screw feminism – LoL not really) who rock you so hard, Dothraki man warriors melt at the very first note, boiling into dust throughout the song. Bam! Oh, and boobies.

    YT Username: MamushiLove

    5 years ago
    • K.

      This gets my vote!!! You and whoever said TB4G had me craaaaacking up!!! lol!!!! This is the best contest Simon and Martina have assigned so far! I just love reading through these posts!

      5 years ago
  44. The name of my band would be MKIHAB
    It will be a mixture of concepts!Something like King and Mad Hatter.I think it will be funny and interesting a boy band dressed and acting like crazy kings in the stage, like they can do everything they want!The kidols are always saying that they didn´t date, drink and do wrong things, and sometimes is kind of boring. 

    user: @vllucy

    5 years ago
  45. I loved ur 비빔밥 joke btw Simon~
    As soon as the word came out of your mouth I burst out laughing. XD

    5 years ago
  46. yt account: cllzify

    I would call my band SKULL, which would stand for… Super Kute Ulzzang Lovely Lads (yes, Kute). It would be a totally unpredicted band, since – as you can tell – the name itself and explication would stand opposite. Their dark, punkish, charismatic image (hence “Skull”) would be balanced with their bright and lively image off-stage and in the cuter MVs (hence the explication). In both concepts they would feel comfortable and confident, that’s why the terms are so significantly different.

    Their fanclub would be called xBones -> see the visual similarity to Sones? :)
    X would stand for either “cross” (as in crossbones) and the female chromosome X. Which – on the other hand – is also a part of a male pair of chromosomes, hence boys are welcomed as well in the fanclub ^^

    5 years ago
  47. Hello! My youtube username is: aeerdna2410. My boy band’s name would be: 3K5TAR5 – Tricksters, which stands for
    3 – triumphant
    K – knights
    5 – stand
    T – together
    A – as
    R – radiant
    5 – suns
    I chose this acronym because it gives the same feeling as other kpop boy bands names: it’s weird, and when you write the meanings it doesn’t make any sense. The acronym looks really cool but the “real” meaning doesn’t relate to it. They’ll have to be tricky in the entertainment industry but they are supposed to be knights in real life. As for the radiant suns thing, the boys have to be their fans light in kpop, in the way the sun is necessary for humans in order to live.

    5 years ago
  48. I think I would call my boy-band LAMB.

    Love of

    And they will be cute and innocent (LAMB,  duh!) but also strong, manly and powerfull, having impressive vocals and simple dances moves. They will be perfect for ballads (hence NO rap… I hate rap… well not hate but kinda…) ANYHOW, they will have less make-up possible, so they will be more naturals (lambs ARE natural indeed) than the others stars, and that will attract the public to see someone being beautiful without heavy make-up. No dyed hair, no surgery, all natural… well, maybe dyed hair, only ONCE! 
    Their name is pretty… sheepish, but it fit well the concept, and it’s a name himself, but an accronym at the same time :)…
    They will also compose their music, and there will always , ALWAYS be someone at the piano… ALWAYS! 
    They will be four, thus they will split in two sometimes during shows, doing vocal battles and duets. 

    Youtube User : KKGCpower

    P.S.: Sorry guise if my english is bad…

    5 years ago
  49. youtube username : akzhin

    Boys Living In The Zone

    BLITZ because you can say it as a word, it sounds cool, when they perform it’ll be like a major blitz attack on the audience :D and boys living in the zone because they will forever be relevant to the world. 
    living in the zone = living in the ‘NOW’

    5 years ago
  50. My youtube name user is : AsianInspirits 
    And my boy group would be called > T.A.R.T.S aka Those. Abs. R. Terrifically. Sexy.
    And since i’m a cheese ball > K.A.S.S.  aka Koreans. Are. Super. Stars.
    I would love to win the prize! I’ve won.. Nothing in my whole life XD And i feel like a worm. 
    Some.. How. 
    Anyways, gosh i love your own versions of B. A. P. I was literally singing it. (Replaying it over and over again XD)

    5 years ago
  51. youtube user: manboobies963

    L= LOVE
    O= OUR
    S= SOUND

    They are a group of multiracial boys with beautiful voices and awesome dancing skills that would blow your mind. They are given that name as their sound will spread around world making you feel all squishy inside. 

    J.L.O (pronounced like jello)
    J= JUMP
    L= LIVE
    Being that this group has young boys and are quite lively they would be able to open or do new things within the kpop world that is how they got the name J.L.O.

    5 years ago
  52. Youtube User: Zakuro965

    Idols With Hidden Faces

    I’d like to point out that I’ve only been a K-Pop fan for about half a year now. But I’ve been here long enough to know about fan wars. Especially the recent ones between B.A.P and ExoPlanet. In my own opinion, it’s a ton of poop. The comments that make me really angry are “This company only hired them for their pretty faces.” Someone has to be (and excuse the way this sounds) pretty friggin’ ballsy to say something like that. I’ve seen plenty of K-Pop bands to know that they have an extreme amount of talent. I’ve fallen in love with many Idols such as Kevin Woo, Yesung, G-Dragon etc. not because they’re handsome, but because of their strong movements and singing voices. For this K-Pop group, I’d like them to wear masks to show that they’re the next big thing without them showing their faces.

    5 years ago
  53. Hmmm, I would make my boy group name be (L-WARE).  This would mean Leaders of the Worldwide Active Revolution. As you guys can tell by the name, they would be the ones that would lead the hallyu wave and be the most famous boyband of all time. They would change the world about how the K-pop industry really is and prove to the others that its not just looks that matter. They would be talented, handsome, charismatic and also be daring with their concepts. They would globalize K-pop and be the ones to revolutionise the world.

    Oh yeah, by the way, my youtube username is HArry098.

    5 years ago
  54. FRAME – Forging Rules Amounting Music Evolvement

    Firstly because the members would make the frame in which their artform can rest beautifully and inspire the world. Without a frame numerous artpieces would fall to pieces after numerous years and a firm frame is needed to protect the art from the corruption of the world.

    Then my chosen words. If I made a band I would want their music to make an impact on the music world making it evolve into the next stage of awesomeness. Even though forging rules sounds restricting there are criterias even now for what good music is. The thing is those rules are different for every person, so hopefully my band would unite many people all over the globe.

    Feel like I’m preaching haha x) But this is my contribution to the competition. My youtube user name is: Chillaire

    5 years ago
  55. GUISE
    Gorgeous Utterly Inconceivable Sexy Eastasians

    Why? It will be a boy group, hence the “Guise.” They will be supa sexy and  b l o w y o u r m i n d with their sultry dance moves, chocolate abs, and bubble butts. Mu ha ha~

    Youtube: danicolix4

    5 years ago
  56. First of all, I LOVE YOUR REMIX BROHOHO XDDD It’s so funny~! I seriously love Music Mondays 8D You guys are funny on twitter too~! Y U NO REPLY ME :'( 

    Nah, I’m joking lol.It’s okay, haha! XD

    Hmm, I would call my boyband F.A.R.T.S – Frumpy Adorable Racoons of the Sushi. LOL. So, this glorious boyband of mine will be debuting under a theme of sushi, dressed like Racoons. The song will probably be like, “Sushi, sushi, don’t you ever leave me. I love you~ You only belong in my stomach~ Don’t go letting others sniff your fragrance, nonono~” XD And some weird crawling-wagging the butt-hands in the air racoon dance. :P Oh and the fans will be like screaming “I LOVE FARTS! I WANT TO SEE FARTS! OHMYGOD, FARTS ARE SO HOT!” XD

    Yeah. It would be pretty epic. And, I as their manager, would be very very happy. XD

    My youtube username: ythh43vA

    Thanks! :D

    5 years ago
  57. TLC
    TVXQ Loves Cake
    Together Lets Cook
    Taemin Likes Cats
    Tuffy Luffy Cuffy
    Timothy Likes Cara!
    whos timothy?
    whos Cara

    5 years ago
    sounds like CL from 2ne1

    5 years ago
  59. You guise are EPICLY AWESOME, regardless of who wins this! Not trying to get your vote or bribe you or anything…*subtly passes ranch, other delicious noms and lovely hairbands* BUT! My amazing boy band is PC4L- Puppy Cuddlz 4 Lyfe! Because puppy cuddlz are the bestest things evar! Feeling doubt? Go cuddle the Spudgy immediately and see the change in your heart status! 

    Oh yeah, and I’m airforcegirl002.

    5 years ago
  60. C.A.K.E. – Cute Aegyo Kings of the East. And the fans would be called Sprinkles. XD

    I bet you guys would just LOVE this group, no? :) 

    Or M.A.L. – Make A Love, but also meaning “words” in Korean! Yay~ 
    And thank you so much for your awesome videos, Simon and Martina! YT username: misasoupu

    5 years ago
  61. YT username: ouitsedward 

    M.O.N.S.T.E.R or MONSTERMusic On Nonstop To Every Room 

    i feel like it has that MBLAQ-acronym vibe to it lol :D

    5 years ago
  62. Username : CNGeneration808

    TIOMG: This Is Our Man Group!
    BEAT: Beast Eating All the Tacos
    LIB: Living In Bliss

    5 years ago
  63. B.M.N.
    Beautiful Men Now.

    5 years ago
  64. FL✮IK’d pronounced “flicked” 
    Definition of ‘flick’: “a sudden sharp movement” – Illustrating their sing and dance skills.  

    F – Fearless
    L – Leading 
    ✮ – Stars
    I – International
    K – Korean
    ‘d – Defenders 

    YT: JAlberteS 

    5 years ago
  65. My YouTube username: Amlg1112
    4 C.A.B:
    4 Four
     They will be the best in what they do (sing, dance, rap) And the name of the fanclub will be “Passengers” xD hahaha just kidding. But that’s the only name that I could think of ._.
    Sorry for any mistake! My language is spanish! ^_^

    5 years ago
  66. acronym for  two Kpop BBs:

    A boy band comprising of two members:


    Pronounced: Q between 2 Bu (Boo)

    2  : Too
    Q : Cute
    2  : To
    B  : Be
    U :  You

    MISSION: We are us. No one else is like us. We are the darndest cutest boy band. We’re so adorable, we rise above you in looks, smarts, fans, and abilities to ultimately perform and sing. You will want to be us. And to the ladies, we will be your ultimate bu(s)! (*note to fans: boo is a slang word used at times for a girl that is head over hills for her boyfriend/ referring to her boyfriend as her “boo”. Used in a sentence: “My bu is the best bu for me, not you!”)

    ____________ 2nd Band ____________

    Now our boy band compilation would not be complete without a nine member boy band:


    Pronounced: too bu- four-u (engrish for beautiful) | too beautiful


    MISSION: These boys will do any thing for you, they will transpire to step in your shoes and strive to think what you think so that each song and word uttered can sincerely bring the world of understanding of girl and boy to a new level! You are the only you in the world, too beautiful for words to express. May we achieve excellence in singing to you and dancing with expressions instead!

    5 years ago
  67. wow, B.A.P.’s off to impressive start. My 4 yo wandered over in one of the rap parts and was like, NICE. Can we watch more? I love my kid. The dueling rappers reminded me of GD&TOP in all the best ways. 

    the MBLAQ anagram always makes me giggle..so i guess they win.
    unfortunately I don’t have mad anagram skills  :( This is why i watch you guys. you have all the creative skillz I lack….but I do subscribe..to all three channels :D

    5 years ago
    • does that weird bunny-ish head thing make anyone else think of Stitch?

      5 years ago
  68. My youtube account is Julli313 and now I’d like to try my luck on :DD

    my variants are:
    1. “WANTED” (really-really-really like this word *o* and it looks cool B-D)
    PS. imagine: “And now WANTED on the stage!!!” (and their fanclub will be named “IN SEARCH”)

    and now my explanations about the letters (You can’t even imagine how hard is it to search the Right word… my brain was ready to explode! X,X but i did it and i’m really very happy ;):

    W is for “Wanted” (i think i’ve already mentioned it… or no? never-mind :)
    A is for simple “And”
    N is for “Named for”
    T is for “Their”
    E is for “Endless”
    D is for “Dreams”

    this a little bit rough name can have an inspiring sense ^^

    2. CATS (very simple word, but who doesn’t like cute kitties??>_ Kitties (for fans)

    C is for “Charismatic”

    A is for “and” (i use it a lot, love this word #^_^#)
    T is for “Talented”

    S is for “Souls”

    I hope you will like my ideas, i worked hard and tried to create unique names))
    Thank You for reading,
    Me :D

    5 years ago
  69. BURB = Bionic
    Barnacle <3
    INOACE =  /'i no ace'/ or alternatively /'i know Ace'/ from One Piece :D = In Need Of A Club Evening :)

    my youtube is lottafromwonderland :)

    5 years ago
  70. Haha, you forgot U-Kiss = Ubiquitous Korean International idol Super Star :DD

    5 years ago
    • K.

      Is that for real for real what “U-KISS” stands for??? HA!!

      5 years ago
  71. OMG I love this song, they don´t seem like rookies at all!

    I thought about some names:E.Y.K. Kid = Eat your Kimchi, Kid! (hehehe)
    E.O.G         = Eternity is our Goal
    T-Boat       =The Best of all Techniques ( Because in my boygroup there would be only the best of the best!)
    Troll           =Top rebels of lost love ( doesn`t fit together that good, nah, I don´t care)

    Twitter: magicbakery1991
    YT: Mrbienemeyer

    I really love “Music Mondays”. Cant wait for the next video. Hwaiting!!!

    5 years ago
  72. YT: SHINeeMaknaeTaemin26
    TWITTER: JokerGirl98Ace

    LOL Yesterday I was spazzing waiting for this to come out. I was like Check, Refresh, Check, Refresh. XD Finally It came out!! (I do this like every week)

    It’s so good to see a new genre for Kpop coming out. So fresh~

    Anyways….Band name?…..How about….STARS (weird?)


    Wow so serious~ ^^ I tried *shrugs*

    5 years ago
    • LOL totally forgot the ‘WHY’ part o.o
      Why?…Because you know most Kpop bands want to reach for the TOP (CWIDT)
      SO they Start Today….As ….’Rising STARS’….You know, like…everyday they strive for it. Get it? No? Oh well~

      5 years ago
  73. Nice change, but oh man. The clothes….I just keep thinkin they’re some 90’s throwback with the colors and designs on that second set. Plus, why all blond, whyyyyyy? *ahem* This might be a group where I just avoid mv’s. Anyways, agreein’ with Simon that last part was awkward. Will keep an eye out to see if they stay the course.
    Good luck for those entering the contest! All I can think of are acronyms that are one letter off from permenant bans on networks and phrases that could easily be taken the wrong way due to word choice and/or phrasing. T.M.I. is probably the tamest with Total Man Induction (or maybe The Masculine Introduction?), but as the title of a girl group or a co-ed one with only one or two members who are women.

    5 years ago
  74. youtube name: “misteryofdragonfly”

    Well, we all know that in Korea a lot of singers or composers became head of an entertainment industry such as J.Y.P. and Rain.

     Soooo today (extra extra ready all about it) Mordeney the famous U-kiss composer is giving us more presents such as a NEW ROOKIE GROUP:

     T.I.M. Boys (This is Mordeney’s present Boys) *read with Mordeney’s accent !! XD*

    they concept goes for a more vampiristic look and strong accents !!!
     and problably they fan club would be named twilights or Swan (Isabela Swans) 

    HAUAHAUAHAU that was fun !!!

    5 years ago
  75. My youtube user is fingerstotoes and my twitter is liencal.

    I would name my group Be.d.s.h.ee.t

    Best Damn Singers Hot bEEfy Troubadours.

    Yeah, I just changed my bedsheets for clean ones and I just thought I would offer up a tribute to my beloved bed coverings.

    5 years ago
  76. Twitter name: arsinoii_riid

    5 years ago
  77. twitter name: raz3338
    youtube name: raz3338
    me name would be..
    we are so sexy
    It’s lame, so this time I’m SURE I’m not going to win XD

    5 years ago
  78. My youtube name is AminDelotha.

    I have to say that my acronym would be…..dun dun dun..



    Now if you mean BLOWS YOUR MIND like in that’s not too bad, I have to go with B.A.P.  However, if you mean BLOWS YOUR MIND like in what the were you thinking, I have to go with MBLAQ.

    5 years ago
  79. youtube user name: lovelydeadbunnies
    My acronym would be D.A.N.S.E –>Diva Army Never Stop Exceeding cause it would have the biggest and best divas out of kpop! (like Jokwon, Key, Brian Joo, GD, etc)

    5 years ago
  80. My youtube username is :GameGeek1022
    And my acronym for my boy band would be: F.F.L.W.A.T.O.B.A~ Which stands for Fabulously Fruity Lollipops with A Touch Of Bad Ass!! :D Because our group would be bad ass yet fruity ass hell…a combination full of epicness!!!

    5 years ago
  81. Bang Yong Gook and Zelo actually kind of remind me of TOP and GD because of their different styles that still compliment each other even when on the same stage. Anyways, you’ve watched B.A.P them live right? I’m just curious of what you guys thought of their performance live. owh and what did you think of 2NE1’s group name when you heard it?

    5 years ago
  82. youtube: babosafe

    i would name it:
    G ive
    M e
    M ore
    P each
    I cetea

    it’s pronuced like G double M PI
    because i like peach icetea but we have no more ;___;

    and btw i think b.a.p is the best rookie group since 2010, they got so much talent!
    (sorry for my bad english ^^)

    5 years ago
  83. My YOUTUBE account is: Seungska

    I’ve got 2 group names for them but I can’t decide which one would be the best so here are my names for them :D


    B=Bunnies (because all the members have got their own bunny colours)
    2=Top Outstanding Oppas (prounciation like TOO)

    my 2nd choice would be
    B.T.B = Be The Best

    5 years ago
  84. Put up Spudgy’s rap!  Spudgy is one down dog, yo.

    5 years ago
  85. Hey there ^w^
    My username is: DragonReina.I Kinda have more than one name. Cuz you guys didn’t say that i only had to be one… And all of them porobably suck but…Okay im just gonna stick to one… Hehe ^^;This is the name i came up with, if i were to name a K-pop guy groupT.OWL-> The Outscasts Will Last.I know it may sound lame(okay it is kinda lame). But i was thinkin of doin sometin new. Cuz like all the names on the groups now days, conatin sometin like perfection, absolute, beautiful and so on. So i was thinkin. Why not take sometin new and a little out of the normal. Plus i totally ship the rebellion.punk.really awesome.new type of thing……Right….So i came up with the name T.OWL: “the outcasts will last”I was inspiered by the MV to B.A.P. I like this new rebellion like conceptSo i was thinkin “Why not take this whole rebellon thing out” cuz this is sometin that gets more popular, and it is very often misunderstood, but in the end we who doesn’t like “goes with the flow” will last..Plus i was also inspiered by my class. We are quite the outcasts our self hehe(me myself are like an outcastmaster..but it’s fun anyways hehe) . But i really hope i will win this. B.A.P are an really awesome group . And i really want to support them but it’s really hard cuz i like live all the way in Norway… Oh Haha.. i looked at the watch and i have like used 2 hours to write this haha… wow talk about being nervous X’DHaha. But anmyways here it is; T-OWL. The outcasts will last.I hope you like it ^w^

    5 years ago
  86. Youtube name: julladella

    Artistic Boys Camp

    because they are graduates from that Camp. 

    Their fangirls would be DEF = D’ Earache Fangirls. (‘Earache’ refers to their power of screaming so loudly that non-fans get pain in their ears or, in more severe cases, go deaf. DEF = DEAF)

    Trivia: In the Malay language, A.B.C also stands for Air Batu Campur, which is a very famous dessert in Malaysia. These boys will be loved in no time.

    5 years ago
  87. I’ve already posted on YouTube (YukiiDaruma) but here’s (desperate enough) my post again;

    Mine is: SWAG!
    The whole name should be read “Sky Warriors Always Got SWAG” or something keke. I decided to go on the “B.A.Ps Warrior theme” and came up with this name. ^^ The members of this group gotta have some kind of SWAG, and they’d be an awesome group! SWAG is cool :D lol

    5 years ago
  88. youtube: dolphinqueenKya

    twitter: HaeForHyuk

    First… I would vote for B.A.P…
    (well because I’m german so I know FAP doesn’t exist anymore [like some years ago]
    and there is a german oldies band named Bap :D their a cologne-rockband and they debuted 1976 x’D my grandma and mother listen to them -.-“)

    and for acronym i would take ALITALIA :D

    it Means Airplane Lands In Tokio And Luggage In Amsterdam :D
    알리탈리아 in korean and it just some real random fact making a good name ^^
    like MBLAQ or B2ST/BEAST (who as two acronyms by the way :D)

    5 years ago
  89. YoutTube : MilkyActionations

    boyband name :
    FIRST -> Fatal Interesting Rythm So Talented

    kkkk, i know the meaning was suck,
    but it just great when they introduce their self ‘Hello! We are FIRST!’
    the name sounds like a hope that the group will always be number one

    5 years ago
  90. I vote for MBLAQ :)

    And if I was to create a name for a boy band then I might have chosen the name U.N.ME.
    U = us
    N = never
    ME = must end

    Yes..I know it’s cheesy and the grammar is incorrect, but Koreans do use a lot of Engrish :P 
    So, it would be pronounced as “you and me”(or more like you ‘n’ me), and I guess it would be a cute boy band like B1A4 or a more fierce one like B2ST. 

    I guess the acronym (U.N.ME) would refer to a couple being together, and the “us never must end” would refer to the actual band members. But I guess the band itself has to come to an end when the band members are getting old :P but the members will still stay friends soooo…yeah…they “never must end” x)

    In Korean it would probably be written as 유엔미 or just U.N.ME.  

    What do you think? :D

    Youtube username: crilith

    5 years ago
  91. i hope i havent ruined my chances of entering for this giveaway. I just accidently sent it on my sisters twitter account, is there any way of ignoring that one and accepting the one i am sending through now? 
    i’ll try again 
    youtube: melelel96

    my boy bands name would be WAVE. We Are Very Edible
    and then they could hold each others hands and do an arm wave as an intro (^o^)/

    5 years ago
  92. Youtube username: eruninayo
    Twitter username: @ERNINA_
    Pull Out THE Man
    Lol ok lame >•<

    They are the best rookies so far other than MYNAME in my opinion.

    5 years ago
  93. Youtube Username:

    5 years ago
  94. Youtube username : XenosPapitus
    The name would be:
    M I M E
    Music Is My Energy


    W H I T E
    We’ll Have It ‘Till the End

    Maybe something like that? :D

    5 years ago
  95. youtube: melelel96 

    my boy bands name would be WAVE..We Are Very Edible 
    and then they could hold each others hands and do an arm wave as an intro (^o^)/

    5 years ago
  96. Youtube username: Injunsider





    It’s K-Pop, the acronyms are supposed to be ‘wtf’-ish and don’t make any sense but at the same time, tell people that the group is ~all that~.

    And I flipped through a dictionary for flattering words just like how i suspect these korean label companies do.

    This group probably won’t only have 3 members. Most likely more and they’ll have a rebel concept. Hopefully not something like U-KISS’ ‘Not Young’ though. Ugh.

    And the fans can be called MOON then they can make a whole space concept for their lightsticks. It’s going to be cool.

    Please let me win~ I need an iPhone cover! /smiley face/

    5 years ago
    • What’s wrong with Not Young? They’re just grown men, ready for romance..

      5 years ago
  97. I vote for MBLAQ, cause they’re … well.. you know.
    Anyway, youtube: Safiercherismew

    My group would be called: C.L.A.T
    Why? Cellphones Likes (to be) Airborne Totally.
    It’s inspired by how my cellphone is so thin and light that I keep slipping it, the only way I can hold it without it slipping, is while I’m texting. I have told my friends many times, but it seems like the only way to get them to stop calling me and start texting in stead, is to create a famous Kpop group.

    5 years ago
  98. Youtube username: lovesugarcandy  *goes hide in a corner becasue of it*
    B.A.B.Y stands for:
    B – Be
    A – All our
    B – Babies
    Y – Youtubers
    I got this idea becasue right now I am obsessed with calling everything my baby hahaha (like my laptop and things..well really my laptop is my baby LOL)
    Another one is M.B.T.C.E
    M – Men
    B – Born
    T – To
    C – Conquer the
    E – Earth
    Got it from watching Ta-dah B.A.P becasue their theme was aliens coming ot conquer the earth hehe.
    I really want the B.A.P. things~~~they are so close (to my computer screen) yet so far away for getting TT They are all the things that I was in love at first sight once I saw it. Anyways I won’t get it my acronyms are not the good
    OTL. FOREVER ALONE /runs away to cry in a corner

    5 years ago
  99. I TOTALLY agree with you guys about their attitude that they showed in their debut… They also blew me away and made my jaw drop… I actually went through this awe several times as I repeatedly watched the mv just to realise,”WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST SEE???????”… And about Bang Yong Guk… No comments… All I’m gonna say is- a specific someone finally has a worthy competitor…

    And MBLAQ has the weirder acronym.
    Why?: Because the first two letters don’t make any grammatical sense… “Music Boys”…

    5 years ago
  100. Has a good feeling about B.A.P ever since they announced bang yong guk is in a boy group and of course B.A.P is so gona take down the Best Rookie award !! 

    5 years ago
  101. wow, i’m really impressed! the dance, the video, their styling, and of course, they’re super hot! (wish you hadn’t told me they were 16 though, cuz now i feel like a paedo…) could just be biased cuz i’m a sucker for asian boys with blond hair, but… i thought it was really good! i’ll be looking forward to more of their stuff!!

    and yeah, i’m with you on the weird Korean acronym band names… i guess you guys weren’t around during the reign of THE ORIGINAL k-pop boyband : H.O.T. …  i used to think it was pretty cool (and conceited) to have a band called “hot”, til i found out that wasn’t how you said it, and that it stood for “high-five of teenagers” oh yeah… beat that… aww man… now i’m all nostalgic about it… *goes off to google some old vids*

    speaking of which, wouldn’t it be fun if you guys did something on the history of k-pop and whatnot? you could dig up old videos and show people stuff they’ve never heard of… could be an idea! ^_-

    5 years ago
  102. Youtube: visualbeans

    OTL – On The Loll (“Roll”)
    STA – Superior Talented Artistic

    5 years ago
  103. Youtube: Shadowfire821

    my group would be SHADOW. It stands for Sexy Hot Absolute Demon Outstanding Worldwide

    5 years ago
  104. Youtube: lunasea08

    At my university we actually have a Kpop dance group that I’m a part of and our name happens to be an acronym. “B.OK” It stands for Best Of Korea. It’s also a play on words since Bok is Korean for fortune. We also have a motto whenever one of our members is having a bad day or having trouble learning a dance move. “It’s Ok, B.OK” I think it would be a great Boy Band name in that there would be a lot of fun puns and have a uplifting message for fans and the band during tough times. 

    *I wanted to put my entry here as well as youtube since I think all of the youtube comments would drown out my entry >3<

    5 years ago
  105. My group would by D.O.W.N.. Means, Dominating and Outstanding Worldwide Naturals. :> hihi

    youtube: puccaem

    5 years ago
  106. i.J.Z.Z.d. (insanely jolting zany zealous dudes).

    5 years ago
  107. 1) I vote MBLAQ

    2) My boyband would be called “KNIGHTMARES”. The meaning is really more like a message to this group. “Kpop Name Isn’t Good, Hope Their Music Albums Release Excellent Sound”.

    5 years ago
  108. 1) Youtube Name: powerflower223
    2) Name B.A.R.F
    B- Boys
    A- Are
    A boy Group. The name may make you wanna BARF, but their music won’t :) 

    5 years ago
  109. youtube: AnonymousChai

    hmm for a boy band?

    1. This is for if one was actually to debut (because korean bands love to have mismatching phrases and words in their name): BASE=Best in All of the South East

    2. This is for if I actually created one (with a name that makes sense XD): PASS=Proudly Announcing Skills and Swag

    5 years ago
  110. ~

    YouTube usename: joannamariesmile

    The boy group name I thought of is: “This is SPARTA.”
    SPARTA: Supreme PARadise of True Artists

    That was epic! :D but I know that the acronym did not make much sense. 

    Imagine an MC saying,” Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS IS SPARTA! ”
    haha.. and their debut song is called “This is madness”.
    This group could be confident and fierce like BAP or 2Ne1. It would really be epic plus an ancient greek-like scenarios in some music videos. :)

    5 years ago
  111. Youtube name: 1taramia1
    My group name


    I’m thinking about band names, then suddenly realized that it coincides with the name of the movie “Boys over Flowers” ;))
    sr my bad english.

    5 years ago
  112. First, I vote for B.A.P for the acronym. Just cause I like the what Simon said with the Bibimbap. Hehehe.

    Youtube name: tintan121

    If I have a group. I’ll call them NGS. New Gentlemen Style or New Gents Style.

    Cause they bring the new style for music and fashion. And it sounds cool for me.

    or FAP =  Fantastic Admirable Preteens. HAHAHA.

    5 years ago
  113. YT username: feeerocks

    D. M. W

    M – MAN

    Such menly men ;-)

    And im voting for B.A.P! :D

    5 years ago
  114. Youtube username: akatsukigirl44
    Mine is W.A.R.R.I.O.R:



    Ready to
    In and
    Obliterate with

    5 years ago
  115. Youtube user: sugarbunify. :)    

    Mine would be T.O.W.L. : The Outrageous Wizard Lizards!

    5 years ago
  116. youtube user name: rukia1335isaw3som3

    STEAM~ i hope this is appropriate

    5 years ago
  117. youtube username: imnotgonnatakeapill
    My boy band would S.O.B.
    ….Slipping On Bananas….right?

    5 years ago
  118. Great video :P 

    youtube: XbestaroundX

    Super Union Possesses Extravagant Reasons Calling All Lion-hearted Individuals For Running All Girls Insane Letting In Superb Triumph Increasing Currency

    Supercalifragilistic.  I know it’s not the full word, but hey supercalifragilistic is already ridiculous as it sounds, adding in an expialidocious would probably confuse the crap out of those korean fangirls even more lol.

    5 years ago
  119. youtube user name ktmontague18 and i’d say P3 for a name that stands for Powerful 3 (or 4 or 5) however many people would be in the group. or R.A.M (Really Awesome Music).

    5 years ago
  120. youtube: vietangelgurl


    because who cant get enough B.O.O.B.I.E.S. LOL 

    5 years ago
  121. ^Girls band name^ 




    ^boys band name^ 








    5 years ago
  122. MBLAQ!!!!!!!!!!

    r-read this
    d-da** we’re
    s-Sexy Hot

    youtube username- NerdopolyNerdettes

    5 years ago
  123. KISS- Korea is super society
    My name is MSKcat

    5 years ago
  124. B.A.P

    5 years ago
  125. 1. username: iaznkidd
    2. R.A.N.C.H. = Rawsomely Awesome Neverending Cool Hype, because ranch is awesome and the group has this awesome, cool vibe about them that creates a hype that goes on and on forever. :3 

    5 years ago
  126. Awesome
    YT username: anahimuniz93

    5 years ago
  127. HAIKU is the
    group name. 

    Hot Ad-o-les-cents
    Ill-u-strate kiss-a-ble-ness

    youtube name: chonunmigooksaram

    5 years ago
  128. YT username: jollibea10
    PBB ?
    pervert boy band 
    fervert boys
    since we have to be honest kpop girls fans love who is somehow a little pervert hahaha just kidding



    oohh~~~ BTW i chose B.A.P (bee ay pee) all the way.. why it’s bec. B.A.P have BANG YONGGUK, ZELO, YOUNGJAE, HIMCHAN, JONG UP, DAEHYUN. XD XD.. a complete meal.  

    5 years ago
  129. 1) ShinySeoulmate
    2) MKSiS
    Magnificent Killer Smiles In Stock

    5 years ago
  130. Passionate
    Hope to
    Outshine the

    This group emotionally appeals to their fans everywhere (Smiles for Rhetorical Strategies :-) ).

    YouTube username- rorodot2006

    5 years ago
  131. Youtube: killersweetpea3


    You ♥
    (cuz those fangirls are craaaaazy!)

    5 years ago
  132. 1.) Done! Youtube account: ImpenetrableDarkness  …. ignore the embarrassing account name lol
    2.) AEGYO:
    Asians Ever Gorgeous Your Oppa

    5 years ago
  133. Haha. It makes sense when B2ST as BATOOST, B1A4 as BILASA but MBLAQ as MEBLIAQ? LOL. Haha. I don’t get it on how you pronounced it.

    My vote is B.A.P – It really is BLOW MY MIND :D

    5 years ago
  134. the boyband name would be Demdre
    to me, this would catchy to say and when you say it really fast, it leads you to nibbling on a beef jerky!

    5 years ago
  135. My name would be Sexy Aegyo Super Spectacular Yay! (aka SASSY)
    I chose this because a lot of girl groups tend to change their looks and personalities in music videos a lot. They go from sexy to cute and to bubbly in like 1 year. Hehe :]
    I choose MBLAQ for the contest <3 :]
    Youtube name: YoochunHankyung4Eva

    5 years ago
  136. YT Username: yijern
    Acronym:  COMET – Creating Osm Melodies, Elegance and Tune.
    xD (Osm pronounced as “Awesome”)

    p/s: My vote goes to MBLAQ.

    5 years ago
  137. Youtube: Atsime

    Excite the

    CREEP (pronounced “crêpe”)
    A five-member boy band who loves FARTing.

    5 years ago
  138. Youtube Name: sc031993
    If I had a boy group, the acronym should be  B.G.I.S. which stands for Best Guy In the Sky which can also pronounced as Best Guy In Disguise. Cause they are well-rounded group like they write lyrics and also they are suited about to any concept and etc…
    I’m voting for B.A.P. for some reason I call them bap(rice).

    5 years ago
  139. YT: thesoullessdoll


    Because… Simon is the manliest. And he brings the boys out. Or something like that.

    /fail attempt at a joke that I can’t understand myself

    5 years ago
  140. A name for a boy group that I made ” 2STARI * pronouce two stary( i ) * . :]
    Tall( in )
    Muaha , Hope you like it ! :)

    5 years ago
  141. wah, everyone is so creative with their names.

    I vote for MBLAQ

    and my youtube is yesiamafangirl

    now for my boy band name> HE8 HE(avenly) 8 (heavenly 8)  sign I am lame

    5 years ago
  142. HM .
    i would be
    C . A . T .
    canadians are (on)top .
    the on is silent .
    because we’re on top of america .
    yes . ;;;
    oh and my youtube is tonahas10toes
    o uo ~~

    5 years ago
  143. I vote for B.A.P!! I love their bunny song!! ^^ haha!! And my boy band name would be..





    5 years ago
  144. E.A.T.Y.O.U.R.K.I.M.C.H.I. 
    Run (the) 
    The creator of this group is Kimchi from AA, he felt inspired to name it after himself and two amazing youtubers. :D 

    5 years ago
  145. w2s

    you tube user name : jaiiang 

    5 years ago
  146. Vociferous
    This is the name for a band of older men ready to challenge the teens in the kpop world!
    And I’m going to vote for B.A.P.
    Youtube username: TheBoatface1234

    5 years ago
  147. haha priceless!
    Totally voting for B.A.P.! :D
    well mah youtube is: bambamsuzaku1234 (lame)
    I created: The EPIC. or just EPIC (boys)
    oh gosh i dont even….

    OR C.S.I. (girls)

    5 years ago
  148. I always thought MBLAQ was Music Boys LIVE (as in a live show, rather than live in a house) in Ansolute Quality. Not that that changes it much.

    5 years ago
  149. CIN4L members include:
    PJz – the adorable rapper from the countryside who speaks with an accent.
    Seunghyun – famous for being the brother of Seungri and having been a member of Teen Top kicked out before debut. He is the groups Main Vocalist and Lead Dancer of CIN4L.
    Gwihan – The leader of the group and the Lead Vocalist, he is the oldest in the group.
    X – He is the visual of the group, maknae and the sub-rapper, he is known for his mysterious nature and his abrupt, nonsensical raps.

    5 years ago
  150. OMG SOMEONE ELSE WHO TOTALLY LUVS BANG YONG GUK’S VOICE!! IM HAPPY NOW. really simon? i thought the long note fit pretty well… and they hav 2 show off vocal talent so people take them seriously in the future… im going 2 vote for MBLAQ coz i think their acronym works better tbh. great review guise :)

    5 years ago
  151. Also, my favourite so far is O’BACON, whoever did that one.

    5 years ago
  152. TheMango73:
    CIN4L (pronounced sinful)

    CIN4L has developed a new concept, which is so radically different from all other Kpop bands, that it is sure to have a dramatic impact on the Kpop industry. Rather than focusing on making great songs, CIN4L try something different by trying to appeal to older women with sexy dance moves and semi-nudity. This is extra affective, since all members are around fifteen. 

    5 years ago
  153. YT Username: indiaqueen361
    Men Of Leading Entertainment Singing Tunes In Neverending Goodness

    5 years ago
  154. Well first, I think MBLAQ blew my mind the most because it does sound like a name and not random. At first I didn’t even know it was an acronym but they really do live up to their name :)

    For the contest I would name a boy band : 
    B.A.M. – Bodacious Admirable Music :DD So I guess this group’s songs gotta be good kind xD since it would be “Admirable” :P I thought a band with an interesting word is really cool and I guess more people would be surprised. ( LIKE U-KISS !!) and B.A.M. sounds cool like BAMMM!!! xD

    My Youtube username is “smiliefoods” :DD

    5 years ago
  155. IMAGE


    Words you would describe a beautiful picture by a gifted artist! lol i tried.
    youtube acc: ahnahrie
    B.A.P.! FTW!!! :D

    5 years ago
  156. yt username: afiqah243

    I would go for DANTE – Delivery of Aggregate Noise Through Enchantment
    why? Dante is the name of the famous Italian poet and is famous through his literacy so I would love Dante to be famous as another part of literacy which is music (composing, writing lyrics, meaningful choreography)

    5 years ago
  157. Intuition
    I choose this because I believe that as long as you try, anything is possible. So as long as you try you best and have the belief that good things will come in time, they will.
    Youtube Username: rawr6127

    Voting for B.A.P btw ^-^

    5 years ago
  158. I vote for BAP. I’m probably the only person here who doesn’t like MLAQ (don’t kill me). They’re entertaining live and all that (so happy I got to see them perform) but not fond of them. BAP blew me away and I have the entire minialbum on my playlist. Been a while since a rookie group got my attention that quickly. As for a group name…hmm…

    A.N.G.E.L.S.- Awesomely Named Gentlemen Each Lifting Spirits

    My youtube name is [email protected] or psbazlova?

    5 years ago
  159. K.

    “Ma-Blaq” HA!!! Great, now I’ll never call them by the correct name again. Damn you Simon and your butchering k-pop boy band names!!! *shakes fist* Like I genuinely have no idea what BILASA’s real name is!! I really don’t!! If someone gave me a million dollars to google them right now, I would fail.

    This song is cool and this video is cool, but–and I’m shocked you guys didn’t mention this in the video– I CANNOT STAND that all their heads are blonde. Maybe it was to emphasize the whole “puppet master/rebellion” theme? I dunno. But as soon as I saw them, it just screamed gimmick. I can’t handle gimmicks.

    5 years ago
    • BILASA = B1A4 
      B1A4 represents the band members’ blood types (1 has type B, the other 4 have type A). 1 in korean is “IL”. 4 in korean is “SA”.
      ^___^ i love calling them BILASA…it just sounds cool!!

      i also enjoy simon’s logic behind “go-nuh” (G.Na) and “foto island” (F.T.Island)! :D

      5 years ago
      • K.

        Thanks! Now I can get my million dollars if the situation ever arises. :-) haha!

        5 years ago
  160. 안녕하세요!!! i came up with a few and thought i should just write them all down instead of killing myself over trying to pick just 1 SO here they be:

    fan club name would be: Jugglers, Or elephants, or Masters XD 


    Fan club name: Pedo-Noonas
    Anti fans name: Police


    Style (and)
    Fan Club name: Si’ (meaning “yes” in spanish XD)

    fan club name: Spoons
    Anti Fan Club name: Knives






    fan club name would be: CHicks (because of Various Reasons)


    Etc… XD
    Fan Club Name: Threads (the red thread that connects 2 pinkies to each other <3)

    Youtube: Pasta-Noona

    5 years ago
    • Daebak! 

      I honestly wish I was as creative to think up of acronyms like you. 

      5 years ago
    • I absolutely LOVE N.I.N.L!!! You’re a genius! <3

      5 years ago
  161. my vote goes to BAP

    5 years ago
  162. So I personally think DOTHRAKI would be a good kpop boy band name, and let me tell you it was hard thinking of something to fit it as an acronym; my english degree was making it hard to let it sound weird…but I came up with a couple thoughts.

    First idea was: Dudes Overwhelmingly Trying Hotness (to) Radically Assimilate Kpop Internationally and the fanclub name could be Warriors.  Basically DOTHRAKI sounds like a group that wouldn’t go for the cutesy boys concept; I also don’t care for the really cutesy boy groups as much.  Also the D standing for Dudes doesn’t make people think of that cutesy image.  These guys need to be MEN.  Also, I really want a kpop boy group that had a concept and music style that could be accepted internationally, even in America.

    Okay and second thought was totally random: Dope Owls That Hoot (to) Rouse Asians (to) Kick It!  Yea I know totally random…the OTH had me really hung up for a while…Anyways, why owls you ask? because it was the only thing that kept popping into my head for O and it would be fun to then call fans HOOTERs XD And like B.A.P. they could have some weird, alien-like version of an animal as their mascot, except that theirs would be an owl.

    So there are two ways I thought to use DOTHRAKI, and for both they would have a dothraki man warrior concept!

    My youtube account is: ladidadidodida

    P.S. Simon I got the bibimbap bit don’t worry

    P.P.S. I really liked the cover you two did of ‘Warrior’; I like Bunnies Are Puffy better and it would make sense as to why they have that “bunny” as their mascot XD

    5 years ago
  163. youtube name: pixiepuff83

    TIME2CU: This.Is.MEant.2.Confuse.U 

    5 years ago
  164. T-C

    sorry, I hope i’m not being bothersome about this but… I posted on youtube earlier and it looked really messy! .___. here it is:

    From L33tKITofCHAOS:
    “XD I was going to make an idol-group series one day…

    Group Name: DCFLOW |or| 夢・色・FLOW |or| Dream-Color-FLOW[DCFLOW is the way to read/write it, but the other versions are acceptable.]

    [They’re about catering to their fans through beautiful music that feels like a colorful dream. The name sort of describes the idea of taking the colors of that dream to smoothly create a resounding masterpiece…]

    Member Stage Names:
    Feist (like “feisty” lol)

    The theme for the series (a comic and a game, actually) was also about how even though some people may not agree with what they believe, they would always continue living how they want to. And thats to create music any fan would love. :3
    I have more info and art and everything lol but~…. that’s not needed. XD

    5 years ago
  165. IDHAIBIWI = I Don’t Have An IPhone But I Want It
    pronounced like this ee/duh/ee/bee/wee

    Youtube name: Kizzylie

    5 years ago
  166. TIHNY!

    Pronounced Tiny, stands for: Totally Into Hot Noonas Yo!

    I’m voting for MBLAQ – their name makes me confused.

    youtube name: foofie26

    5 years ago
  167. Exellent video^^

    I would name my band:

    “M – Gu.St.A”

    “Macho – Guys Star Attractive”

    It will be a band with alot of fanservice xD

    YouTube name: AraInspirit

    and one vote for B.A.P

    5 years ago
  168. Wow, just wow. Those bleach blonds can certainly dance! I enjoyed the song and I agree with both Martina and Simon.

    The woooaoooohhhhh toward the end is fine but it really isn’t necessary other than to show how long he can hold a note in tune. (Harder than you think.).

    I look forward to seeing more from B.A.P.

    On another note, I luv that you guiz seem to check out the ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM family of sites on a regular basis. Definitely worth at least a daily visit.

    5 years ago
  169. Also, weirdest legitimate kpop group name ever? HAM. (Heart and Music)
    Guise, if yur name keeps me from taking joo fer serious, yur doin’ it wrong.

    5 years ago
  170. Dr3am or Dr.3am (doctor 3 a.m)

    Dinosaurs, reading, 3 armed, melons


    (( pronounced as “double you dad” OR W “d-add”))

    W- weD- DIEI- inA- asianD- dramas
    ╔══╗─╔═════╦══╗║──║─║──║──║──║║──║─║──║──║──║║──╚═╣──║──║──╚═╗║────║─────║────║╚════╩═════╩════╝    youtube username { Blue101pikachu

    5 years ago
  171. omg me and martina have the same text ringtone ^^

    5 years ago
  172. I.C.MeAT

    I would name them this because the meaning implies that no matters what may happen they will always have the courage to go through and try it, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Also the acronym itself can mean that they are all muscular and not super skinny (so kind of like the men of 2PM). And for those with perverted minds, it can apply to something else that I’ll leave unnamed but I’m pretty sure you can all figure out.

    Youtube Name: colorguard1218

    As for the challenge, I choose B.A.P because even though they both have ridiculous meanings, MBLAQ’s at least flows together, whereas B.A.P’s is 3 random words with positive connotation with no flow in saying them

    5 years ago
  173. by the way my user name is stalkedbyemusic

    5 years ago
  174. I name my boy band:
    W: World
    H: Has
    A: Adored the
    M: Music
    For short W.H.A.M! Because my boy band will explode into the music industry with a huge “WHAM! I chose this because they will be created to be worldwide idols! So they’ll plenty of worldwide tours and bring their music to the loving fans. Fans will never have to say “This stinks! There is no chance my favorite group is coming to my town in the middle of nowhere!” W.H.A.M. will be there!! With a “wham!”!! Fans would be called Whammies!
    Youtube username: Easerlow

    5 years ago
  175. MBLAQ will always win the weird acronym for me.

    I would call my boy band TITAN, AKA ‘This Is Tomorrow’s Adventure Now’.
    It’s something that is pronounceable, without weird spellings, numbers, or punctuation. You won’t have to look up the acronym to understand the meaning. It’s a name that can easily go international, because, let’s face it, I want the best for my boys. :P
    Who would want their band held back not because of a lack of skill, but because no one can understand their crazy name?!
    Certainly not me. Pronounceable names FTW!

    As for the meaning of the acronym….
    If I had to explain it, I’d just be insulting your English degrees.

    YouTube: thecountessofcute 

    5 years ago
  176. IMITATE – International Men Inspire Talent and Take (over) Earth. This band will be so awe inspiring that people will want to steal all their ideas (imitate them, ohoho I am clever) and cause a whole new generation of kids to become idols. They will also conquer the globe with their super cool skills. yaaayyyyy. (also their maknae is will be very young so there will be arguments about the “men” part of their name)


    HOSTILE – Hot Outstanding Stars Talented International Leaders (of) Entertainment. random mish mash of nice adjectives but a boastful end saying they will rule the international market. I don’t even knowwww.

    youtube name:  varyingggg

    5 years ago
  177. E.Y.K
    Youtube- RenaUni

    5 years ago
  178. TBG = The Badass Group

    [2 male rappers (TOP and Key)
    1 female rapper (CL/HyunA) or 1 female singer (BoA)](KujoGirl)
    I really hope you guys do Ali’s dont act foolish next week <333333

    5 years ago
  179. Youtube username: Umiyuki13



    O’ BACON




    (lol I got hungry ^^ )

    5 years ago
  180. My acronym would be: K.I.M.C.H.I.
    Koreans Internationally Musicians Chanting Hot Incoherencies

    Why? Well… I think that a lot of songs (not all of them, of course) revolve around this concept *R Square Pie*… But is it not what we all love about these songs? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful name for a new group? I mean… They will be sensational in front of all Korea with a name like this! x)

    And I vote for MBLAQ! You can’t arg about how cool and full of sense this name is…

    Youtube Username: JellyBeansLover07

    5 years ago
  181. wopi<3= wipe  other persons inject heart
    translation  wipe other kpop idols from your mind and inject us in to your heart
    i think my name shows how the message in the name is lost through abbreviation making it awkward sounding. i also like this name because i can visualize the 5 members spelling the name out one by one and the most masculine member having to do the heart sign. excuse me while i evilly laugh wahahah. i would like my boy band to be satirical in this way making fun of kpop conventions (such as the cutie boy style) but in a humorous understanding way with a real talent for sing and dancing. by the way a girl band with the same convention would be called irony ivory

    5 years ago
  182. SBALM = Secret Bunnies Acting Like Monkeys.  YT user KIWIYAL

    5 years ago
  183. First off, I would just like to say that I loved your bibimbop joke Simon :)  and my vote goes to MBLAQ.

    5 years ago
  184. L.A.I (pronunciation as “lie-ee”, somewhat mandarin sounding)

    most people used english, but i’m employing a different language this time.
    the acronym stands for “Les Artistes Indépendants”
    The Independent Artistes
    i chose this because i would like to have a boy band similar to SM The Ballad. 
    if not then have them as a k-indie band, kind of like Mate. 
    the name is classy, and exudes confidence along with an air of uniqueness.

    at least, that’s just my personal preference lol. ^___^

    oh, my youtube id is “boeboebi”.

    5 years ago
  185. Q.UE = Quality UnEqualed
    because all cool kpop names have a Q in them. :D

    youtube: H3ARTR8

    5 years ago
  186. SIMPLE: Salacious In My Pants Like Ew.

    Why?: Because salacious means lustful and I want my boy band to be very
    sexy and full of lust. So sexy that it makes them look very arrogant in a
    way that makes you go ew but at the same time wants them in your pants.

    user: TheKoookies

    5 years ago
    I concur, Zelo’s a great rapper…my rapper-crush is still Zico, though…for now.
    And I vote for MBLAQ! But even though theirs is weird I’m pretty sure there are weirder names out there…*coughUKISScough*
    Can’t wait to see you guys WANKing!

    5 years ago
  188. as for which acronym i prefer i would choose B.A.P because they are just now debuting but are confident in the fact that they will be/ are the best.

    5 years ago
  189. {STAP.HQ}


    Why? bcuz the group would be made up of young (cute) good singers who can sing a variety of different ways (ex. rap, ballad, etc…) in HIGH QUALITY – really well.. ^^ They would also be a (sexy) dance group~ :)

    youtube: awesomeasianzero

    5 years ago
  190. I would choose TUPAC. To Unite Ppl At Communitites? xD <3 MBLAQ <3
    xDD mainly becuz tupac is my FAVORITE artist(:
    youtube name : JackiChanGirly

    5 years ago
  191. I have two I just cant decide!

    SDG= Super Duper Guise

    the other one i have:
    LA-A (Pronounced LaDasha) = Luscious Asians–Awesome


    5 years ago
  192. username: aznlifelikeangelz80

    if i had a boy band, the acronym i would use for their name would be: ∞D (infinite dreams)
    i would name them ∞D because it represents that this boy group has an infinite amount of dreams to achieve and when one dream is achieved they’ll make another and then another.

    5 years ago
  193. Youtube Name: treyzgurl09

    my boyband name would be CASA

    5 years ago
  194. Youtube Username: A21BS

    If I had a Boy Band, the acronym I would use for their group name would be:
    BETA ([B]est [E]verlasting [T]op [A]rtist) {베이타}
    I would name them that because I would aim them to be the best top idol group,
    and that they, as well as their music will last forever~^o^

    5 years ago
    • But wouldn’t everyone think that’s just the practice band, and the official, more polished version of the group would appear later?  

      5 years ago
  195. I vote for MBLAQ becuse they confuse me and make me laugh.

    My band would be RAINBOWS
        Rawsome Asians Inventing Names of Bands Out of Whimsical Sounds

    Of course i subscribed because you guys are awesome! Iove Spudgy’s rap at the end!

    Youtube: eminekolace

    5 years ago
  196. Hmm…I would call mine G.R.A.N.D….Golden Record And New Dimension.
    My YouTube username is Shelliekins.:)

    5 years ago
  197. YT: xxhatersmakemefamous S.W.A.G SEXY WARRIORS ARE GANGSTA
     lol they hv the gangsta vibe to me specially bang yong guk~~

    5 years ago
  198. Will you guys be my friend?? ( I’m 11 years old)

    5 years ago
  199. i would call mine
    S for sincer
    W for will
    A for and
    M for more
    P for power
    i think it kind of motivating name in it’s way and it has both this cool ring to  it and to some people this cute ring to it.

    5 years ago
  200. Not an acronym, but I think “Warrior” would be an interesting K-Pop band name.

    5 years ago
  201. S.W.A.G.  Sex With Asian Guys

    Youtube: Jinglesthejiggler

    5 years ago
  202. I am SO impressed w/ their debut!!!

    5 years ago
  203. MBLAQ, because it doesn’t even make sense.
    You forgot about U-KISS and NU’EST…Waaaaarrior!

    5 years ago
  204. YT Username is BlackMazidy:If I were to make a acronym if I had a Boy Band, it would be either ODIL or OSIL meaning Out of the Darkness/Shadows and Into the Light. It basically also means that they are finally being recognized

    5 years ago
  205. Pursuing

    well because I like pickles??
    and think about it the fan club will be named “Jar” because pickle in a jar?? guys? anyone?


    5 years ago
  206. youtube: beccaxsong


    5 years ago
  207. I would call mine B.A.D, B.O….BEST AT DANCEFLOOR, BOYS OUTSTANDING. I’m running with the kpop theme of acronyms that don’t make any sense… at all.

    5 years ago
    • My youtube username is tessreviews >\\< forgot….
      (by the way I vote for B.A.P, cause it makes less sense than MBLAQ)

      5 years ago
  208. WRLD. We aRe Loud Definition. (We actually came up with this made-up idol group acronym last Friday on our K-Pop radio show. Every Friday 6:30-8:00PM CST on http://www.krlx.org to join in on our K-Pop chat show!)
    YouTube Username: AraiKosuke42

    5 years ago
  209. Mblaq
    Mine is BJAPBAR because I like bj and pbc reeses and i eat them while i watch dramas

    5 years ago
  210. S= Sexy

    I= In

    M= My

    O= Own

    N= Nakedness


    M= Marvelous

    A= Artists

    R= Rape

    T=  The

    N= Night

    A= Aardvark

    Or… S.I.M.O.N and M.A.R.T.I.N.A!!!! Fans would be called Spudgies :3.
    YT Name: blackjackSoShi99

    5 years ago
  211. East
    For the strong movement of K-pop from South Korea to the Western side of the world. K-popism *is that a word? O.o*  is all over the place! You can always find a K-pop Fan in many parts of the world! < sorry i think the coffee has finally slapped me up the head….
    YT ACC. pawkylover365

    5 years ago
  212. MBLAQ wins, I LOVE BAP
    and my entry is 



    or E.D.E.N.N

    5 years ago
  213. YT: mochalindatran


    Oh yeah! Engrish phrases FTW :D

    5 years ago
  214. MBLAQ
    my boy band is : CDMWHMSGAG or SPUDGY
    Crazy                                                         Spicy
    Docherachy                                                 Puffy
    Man                                                            Urgance
    Warrior                                                        Uf Luv
    Helping                                                        Dipped in
    Manly                                                          Garlic
    Spudgy                                                        Yummies

    Youtube: JayJayKpop

    5 years ago
  215. aaah I forgot to tell you my youtube username, it’s RitinhaMatsuurable and I got a new acronym 8D –> G.H.Y.O <— Girls Hold Your Ovaries. AHAHA ^^ thank you again.

    5 years ago
  216. I vote for BAP. ^^
    I like their tough, agressive concept, and their name Best.Absolute.Perfect is the kind of in-your-face, show-off-y name tht no other idols hv.

    5 years ago
  217. So, I was going to ask a stupid question: which group are they making fun of with respect to rapping?  I watched that part of the video 3 times, and still didn’t get it.  Call me dense.  ;-)

    Then I saw the bloopers and that clarified everything.  Helps to watch the bloopers sometimes.  :)

    As for boy-band name: NUNABAIT, maybe?
    (subscribed user: dmclean635)

    5 years ago
  218. Great one. Spitted on my screen few times (because of laugh outbursts). You should sing more. And i love the new spin on Dothraki man warrior. Simon you definetly should make that song

    5 years ago
  219. ahaha thank you guise for this. If I had a boyband I’d call them T.B.A.M <—These Bishes Are Mine. LOOOOL xD 

    5 years ago
  220. B.A.P because MBLAQ sorta makes more sense than Best Absolute Perfect…..
    and I think if I had a boy band I would call it MMM (Mellifluous Marvelous Men) and people would have to pronounce it like when you like something mmmmmmm….
    and I guess the fan name would be……AAHH’s (Always Acquiring His Heart) so it would be pronounced aaaaaahhhhh….(youtube name: anale aiom)

    5 years ago
  221. I vote for B.A.P.! :DD

    My boy band’s name would be I.W.I.L.L.G.O.D.O.W.N.W.I.T.H.T.H.I.S.S.H.I.P.or…. Insatiable worthy imaginary loving lords given ordained ovbious warriors not wimps in the hottest torturously heavenly immortal stupidly stunning humans if planet.
    Yes. you could also call them “I will go down with this ship.”

    5 years ago
  222. Secret Garden sms sound! o/

    5 years ago
  223. LOL at the ‘bunnies are puffy’! martina’s and simon’s rap was cuteee .<

    5 years ago
  224. I’m voting for MBLAQ^^

    Youtube: Aloeme F.U.C.K. (forever your cooking king)

    and the fans will be called:

    F.U.T.E. (forever your test eaters)

    5 years ago
  225. (youtube: tattiepoteet)

    kpop group name: P*SAC

    meaning: Presence Supreme Are in Control and the star represents the fact that they’re rising superstars.

    “We are P*SAC!! Let us rock you out!!”


    5 years ago
  226. Youtube Name: jajabings100


    i am just trying to be creative hehe!!

    5 years ago
  227. I vote MBLAQ for sure. I love B.A.P. a lot but I’ve been an A+ since their debut so yeah…


    Makes no sense… but it sounds cool, seeing as I made this up from a cute, adorable dog’s name.

    5 years ago
    • Btw, Youtube username: XSandYYYfan

      I probably won’t win since I suck at these type of things. :’c

      Oh I forgot to add this! Want to avoid Engrish…

      Also, I choose this name because I feel like there should be a group that shows all the time its love for its fans. By saying ‘understanding the diverse and good you’, this group will love and acknowledge all its fans, across each border.. It sounds cheesy but I feel some groups ignore their fans in certain in regions…

      Okay, enough with the seriousness. xD

      5 years ago
  228. I vote for MBLAQ because it’s actually a sentence and not adjectives.

    Acoustic Dream U Go 2.
    And it’s pronounced as ay-duh-gi.

    Like DOK2.

    With names like
    High-five Of Teenagers
    Groove Over Dose
    Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality
    Ubiquitous Korean International Super Stars
    and Boys 2 Search for the Top/ Boys of EAst Standing Tall

    I don’t think that A-DUG2 is impossible. At all.

    YT: MissCotton

    5 years ago
  229. B.A.P. sounds great! :)

    5 years ago
  230. S.A.W.K.I






    ( I came up with this name because I think Korean men are the sexiest human beings to walk this planet and they should embrace it and know it. :D )

    Youtube Username: ChloeTaylorLauren

    5 years ago
  231. I vote for B.A.P. 

    my boyband would be S..N.U.G.G.L.E. M.U.F.F.I.N.S. which stands for “Superior. Never Underestimate Genuine Genius (or) Lovable Existence Men Undoubtedly Fascinating For Ironic Nonbelievers Soon-to-be-turned”

    It has an intense message with a cute ring to it and who wouldn’t want to listen to S..N.U.G.G.L.E. M.U.F.F.I.N.S.          lol :D

    username: crazymoosington 

    5 years ago
  232. D. daring
    O. outright
    U. underdog
    C. children
    H. helping
    E. erotic
    B. bears
    A. attack
    G. giraffes

    YAAAY go D.O.U.C.H.E..B.A.G!!!!!!

    5 years ago
  233. I don’t have an acronym (yet) but I do have a growing list of things I’d like to hear Bang Yong Gook say.  
    #1 Leave the gun, take the cannoli.
    #2 Go ahead, make my day.
    #3 You talkin’ to me?  You talkin’ to me?  Well I’m the only one here. 
    And so on so forth.

    5 years ago
  234. G.I.R.L
    Guys In Real Life

    and it would be a cutie boy band, kinda like SHINee and that sort of stuff, full of boys that look ultra feminine.

    YouTube: PinkMarshmallows88

    5 years ago
  235. I vote for MBLAQ (I love their acronym, but the meaning is wack)

    5 years ago
  236. A.K.A. Asians Kick Ass

    5 years ago
  237. MBLAQ! all they way~~~ ><

    5 years ago
  238. i love b.a.p despite the name haha anyways, i wanted to pick a name that fans wouldn’t be embarrassed to say… LOL so the name would be:
    1 > one
    u > united
    p > performance

    1up would mean the group would always be in sync and match each other perfectly, voice wise and dance wise; everything would blend together nicely thus creating one united performance :D also being 1up, they would always be 1up above other groups heh.

    personally i dont like acronyms though… i like groups to have one word and a good meaning like infinite ;D

    and my vote will go to muhblaq, cause even though thunder joined late, he should’ve said something about the name LOL

    youtube: TheRemix099

    5 years ago

    I can’t stop calling them that now! Oh Simon, you’ve ruined them before they’ve even been a year old!

    hahah! good one! Looking forward to your interview with them.

    5 years ago
  240. MBLAQ is my choice because theirs is a little crazier! :D

    My boy bands name would be 2BL —- Boyish Bunny Lovers

     Bahahahaha . . .  lames! :S

    5 years ago
  241. Hey guise! I vote for MBLAQ (because BAP hasn’t even released what it stands for o.O)

    My acronym would be WAM.Pz – We Aint Made (of) Plastic Zurgery (as in surgery but a play on it since on Korea I’m sure they wouldn’t be able to be so obvious lol)

    The fangroup would be called AU.N – AU Naturel 


    YT Account – EvillCookie

    5 years ago
    • yes they did B.A.P stands for
      B= BEST
      P= PERFECT

      5 years ago
  242. The name of my boy band would be EnGRISH = English Grammar Really Isn’t So Hard… xD
    It would be the very first educational boyband, the members would be fluent in both Korean and English, and their songs would be catchy and didactic at the same time haha

    As a non-native English speaker, I can say that learning another language from a bunch of really hot guys would be a lot more motivating xD

    Btw, my vote goes to BAP.

    Youtube username: Nikamikos

    5 years ago
  243. GIRLS

    Grabbing Industry Real Life Style!

    Why? Because K-Pop is always about making money and gaining monopoly. And why have an artificial boy band when you can have a real-life group to worship and spend all your money on?

    YouTube: TheCatIsUmm 

    5 years ago
  244. I vote for BAP! even though i love MBLAQ but I love how BAP’s acronym is so awesome and confident.

    I would have a group named FAA (freaking awesome abs). since all kpop guys have BEAUTIFUL ABS :D. (well.. maybe except for suju). 

    youtube name: randomasiangirl51

    5 years ago
  245. K- B.L.I.M.

    Korean boys living in mystery.

    Youtube user : kpopinyoulanguage

    5 years ago
  246. M.A.K.A = Marvelous Asians Kicks Ass

    or something haha xD
    YT: Tropisknektar

    5 years ago
  247. hey! *^^*

    i would have a boyband with the name:
    S.W.A.G  -> Strong Wild Addictive Guys and their fans would be of course ‘swaggers’ hahaha


    D.O.U.B.T -> Dangerous Obsessed Urban Boys Trolling X”DDD

    ok, i’m done. :3  YouTube: NatsuHarajuku

    5 years ago
  248. Posted my entry on YT as well, but I’ll post it here too.. Yes, I’m desperate! Shh!

    My group shall consist of experienced men.. I shall call them:
    S.U.P.E.R.S.E.N.I.O.R! (Not plagiarised at all)
    Stands for
    “Superjunior, U Puppies! Elder Rockers Stealing ELF’s Now. I’m Out. Rice.”

    My Youtube username is: ButaNoTsubasa

    5 years ago
  249. SEMEN. Super Entertaining Men Energizing Nannies. 

    Okay, I don’t know lol but I’d like to see these men debut one day. ….See what I did there? Okay, I’ll stop. I’m not funny. orz

    YT: NikiyuJelly

    5 years ago
    • I suppose you could also find them while WANKing

      Funny, yet? No? Okay :s

      I’m sure some FAPpers will understand.

      orz, okay. Okay. I’m stopping now…for sure.

      +1 for B.A.P 

      5 years ago
  250. I AGREE, AGREE, AGREE with Simon!!!!   On all issues.  AND…I am CRAZY ANNOYED about these guys all having BLONDE HAIR?????  Seriously?????   Whatever.   And I’m still annoyed with the fact that these K-Pop groups portray that they are from some harsh life and can possibly know how to convey that.  I realize there are a lot of American Rap MVs to gauge their choreography from but seriously…MOST of the American Rapper’s and their MVs are true blue.  More so than a lot of the Koren Pop Groups that portray some rough life that they can’t EVEN relate to.  Am I wrong?  Please set me straight if I am…  I want Korean Pop groups to start conveying a brand that’s all their own.  Not some copy cat version of something that we’ve already become quite familiar with in other genres of music.  P A L E A S E   !!!!!!

    5 years ago
  251. I vote for MBLAQ, according to them they searched through vocabulary and picked some random decent words… But I agree with some people there, no one can beat U-KISS)
    MBLAQ with their engrish even had hard times with their full name pronounciation and I don’t think it sounds ridiculous for them, but u-kiss… I wonder what Kevin and Eli think about their group name

    5 years ago
  252. I think B.A.P is umm a pretty confusing name o.O but i still like the group. 

    1. My first boy band group name would have to be…R.A.I.D (Rapping Aces, Incredible Dancers). This would make fans RAIDers. This group with consist of outstanding Korean rappers who can also dance amazing. 

    2. My second boy band group name would have to be…A2Z (like A to Z; meaning they are a group that can cover any kind of music or dance style). This would make fans be Alphabetas (haha lame i know). This boy band would try new styles with each song and bring a new fresh look for fans to enjoy each time. 

    Those are the only ones I could come up with in 30 minutes. I hope y’all enjoy~ I REALLY want to win ^^

    5 years ago
  253. M.U.D.B.U.T.T.


    The fan club name would be Two-Ply, representing the love and support they show for M.U.D.B.U.T.T.

    youtube: MrKpop

    5 years ago
  254. Is there a place where i can buy this iPhone case, by any chance?

    5 years ago
  255. Ahhh totally loving on BAP<3 Can't wait to hear more from them c:

    My KPOP boy group name would be: QREA (Yeah pronounced like Korea haha)

    Quest to

    …cos that totally sounds like something Korea could come up with. <<; Plus their fans could be called Angels haha! YT user is heartwithseoul (:

    5 years ago
  256. My Boy Band would have the acronym “A.CE” (speak it “A” and “C” but written “A.CE”) 
    A.CE would mean “Absolute Crazy Energizer”. The Guys would have swag, be cool and would be your inducement on a bad day.

    Btw, I love your page and hope you keep the good work up in the future ^^ 

    Youtube user name: Kribbelchen

    5 years ago
  257. G.I.R.L.S- Guys I Really Like Sometimes

    Why not? The acronym doesn’t need to make sense, it’s about how we feel~
    PS: I was upset you didn’t mention U-Kiss: U-biquitous K-orean I-ntenational S-uper S-tar
    That one gets me every time. XD

    Youtube username: assemblyrequiredx

    5 years ago
  258. MBLAQ’s name is the craziest to me. Best, Absolute, Perfect is really just three normal-ish synonyms strung together to create an impression, but it’s like MBLAQ’s name is trying to be a complete English sentence…and failing. But I truly love MBLAQ’s work–“It’s War” was amazing.

    5 years ago
  259. K.B.O.T. = Korean Boys On Top

    YouTube Username: dorothydiamond

    5 years ago
  260. Man, I can’t think of anything really good so I’m just gonna go with MOIST. P:

    My Youtube username is PhaserFodder. Oh, and I vote for MBLAQ.

    5 years ago
  261. SAB – Super Ace Boss
    I swear if you just grab a few synonyms of the word ‘best’ from thesaurus.com and you got yourself a name ! I bet the CEO typed in ‘best’, get a few synonyms, put them in the best order and voila – BAP. No?
    And I vote for MBLAQ! Imagine how much time THAT took to put together….
    BAP and EatYourKimchi Fighting ~ <3

    5 years ago
  262. W.O.L.P. –World Ovals Lone Picasso

    Mainly because WOLP is fun to say. ;)

    5 years ago
  263. mblaq~

    5 years ago
  264. R.I.P –  Refrigerator Is Priceless
    Youtube Username: IamEatingNutella 

    5 years ago
  265. F.O.B : Fresh Off Boys ;)

    YT Username : cjkpoploverasia1003

    5 years ago
  266. B.O.Y.B.A.N.D.
    Because Only Your Balls Are Necessary tobeinaboybanD
    is that stretching it..?

    youtube: MrTaraterrrific

    5 years ago
  267. HI!!!! :) Simon , Martina and Spudgy , I totaly  love your vids :D .

    This is my imaginary boy band .
    Meet the new boy band  :

    “E.To.The.I.Pi. ”
    (Explore To The Incredibles Pioneers ).

    These  boys will debut with a completely  new musical style.  With catchy music and witty lyrics , will  captivate the hearts of the  fans and they love for their fans will be infinite.

    Official debut : 24.6. 2030
    Company : Triangle entertainment .

    YouTube user:  AnLuMeSi
    And I  vote for MBLAQ

    5 years ago
  268. MBLAQ!!!
    It makes more sense.

    5 years ago
  269. P.E.A.K – Punks of the Eruptive Astonishing K-Pop
    Youtube Username: legendgirlcharlie

    5 years ago
  270. I vote for B.A.P !!!
    I’m a FAP really lol 
    FAP N°1 (I like this word haha)

    5 years ago
  271. UKISS-Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Stars. They used a SAT word in it. I don’t..I don’t know how anyone can possibly beat that. 

    5 years ago
  272. this video reminds me of Good bye baby video
    GD&TOP are going to be jelaous, ’cause a rookie band can use a rabbit as a logo and they couldn’t jejeje

    vote for MBLAQ

    5 years ago
  273. MIMU – Megaupload I Miss U

    5 years ago
  274. M-Music
    I- is
    R- rambunctious

    5 years ago
  275. the boy-band would we S.H.L.I.C.K!. : Singing hot lyrics in clubs: Korea! or Super hot lovely idols clicking Korea!  xD
    so fangirls are SHLICKers

    5 years ago
  276. CIALOL (cialol) = Charismatic, Irresistibly Addictive Lads of Love 

    YT Username is Risabesu.

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  278. ASAP for Asian Singing Angelic Princes… ;p

    why? because I like term asap. it means that you are doing everything you can to help somebody or do something for him/her… and in the same time it means that you are sitting doing nothing… because you still got time, hm? because you know… this “soon” isn’t possible yet :)
    and I am very lazy! :D
    [my yt: bupuk]

    and I vote for MBLAQ, when I first heard their full name I was really o.O hehhe!

    5 years ago
    • however, being you I would vote for OOPS.. old oppas playing sudoku…. in the future and oily oppas playing sex now… it made me laugh :D

      5 years ago
  279. I’m voting for MBLAQ here, because I believe that somehow the acronym is trying to make a sentence there ._.
    As for my boy bands’ names it wold be:(couldn’t decide which was better, so I wrote them all :p)


    Greetings from Argentina Guise!! :D

    YouTube user: Lacamii94
    Twitter Account: Xiahpwa12

    5 years ago
  280. Super





    YA: AnnUnlimited

    5 years ago
  281. B: (The) Boys
    A: Almighty
    P: (And) Powerful

    5 years ago
  282. TheAsianBlackCat

    MOre TO LOve FRom korEA
    Because the band would have more members than SuJu!

    5 years ago
  283. I got some more ideas:

    SNAP = Super Natural At Perfection
    OMG = Only Masters Gather
    DaBOMB = Daily Boost OF Music Beats

    YT username belle4ara

    5 years ago
  284. S.A.C : Shiny Artists Coming
    Youtube – cjkpoploverasia1003

    5 years ago
  285. B.A.S.S

    Bad Ass Sexy Supermen 

    Youtube – fourarms1543

    5 years ago
  286. For my own Boys Band it’ll be…
    SOA for :
    S = Servants
    O = Of
    A = Amandine (because is my name but well… you can change it by any name :3)
    This name is great because it’ll be a group of beautiful asian boys just for me~

    5 years ago
  287. Youtube Username: TheKOREANPOPlive
    ROBOT: Running On Batteries Of Talent
    *I posted a comment on the video too. ^^

    5 years ago
  288. 2U or can be written like 2-U (Said like ‘Too’ or can be said like ‘To-You’. Then the fans can be called the 2-Me’s :D)

    2 (Too)
    U (Unique)
    (Woop for lame idea…..took me half an hour to think of that? ~.~)

    Youtube name: XxKurochiixX

    5 years ago
  289. I actually rather like the name “Best. Absolute. Perfect.” I think it really describes the kind of confidence and swag they’ve shown us so far. Though I agree, I’m not exactly sold on “밥”… 

    sooo, I I’m voting for MBLAQ because that doesn’t even make any sense. Here I was thinking it meant something normal like “men in black” or something…

    5 years ago
  290. My boy band would have 4 members. They’re a group that mixes trot and dance pop, just like a male version of Orange Caramel, singing and dancing cute and funny songs in uber-colorful clothes and its name is:

    Pretty Excellent Explosive and ultra special



    youtube username: luanbrro

    5 years ago
  291. OTL = Origin of The Leading, or Only The Lovely if it is a flower boy band! (ucwidt?)

    my youtube username is: IngridLyslo

    5 years ago
  292. :D

    YT Username: TorktumlareN

    Many Overly Charismatic Hommes Are Singing&DWARFDudes Who Are Really Feminine

    5 years ago
  293. youtube account: jenniferwinwin24
    COFFEE- Causing Obsessions From our Fiercely Exotic Edge

    ‘Cause we ADDICTIVE.

    5 years ago
  294. Youtube name: diana22angel
    Name of the band:
    -TheSound=The S-super;o-originally;u-universal;n-and;d-dragon

    5 years ago
  295. Versus—> Venus experiments rock surely ur soul (Cuz girls are from venus and boys are our experiments hahaha and also they make move our souls Xp)

    S Cup —> Stars Currently Under Pressure (Cuz belive me they are…)

    5 years ago
  296. I vote for MBLAQ. It’s not BAP because I’m not a native English speaker and it kind of makes a little sense to me, they’re just three adjectives in a row (please don’t kill me!). But even I can see that Music Boys Live in  Absolute Quality doesn’t make any sense.

    5 years ago
  297. my username: monication91
    and my acronym would be: H.A.H: Hotties Are Here!

    5 years ago
  298. L.I.L= Love Is Love (very cheesy i know)
    S.E.G.S.I= Someone Else Gives Something In
    S.I.C= Stay In Control
    B.Y.E= Befriend Your Enemy 
    W.A.R.L= We Are Ring Leaders 
    B.O.M.B= Blow Out My Brains (Dude sounds harsh i know)
    W.A.G.W= What A Girl Wants 

    couldn’t think of any more but that’s all i could think of 
    Youtube name- laylahstar99001

    5 years ago
  299. Your next kpop music monday should be wonder girls – the DJ is mine ;)

    5 years ago
  300. Okay so i have a few, if that’s okay?

    Entertainers …

    hehehe see what i did there?;)


    4 in korean is ‘Sa’ so it could be pronounced as SAVAGE.

    btw guys i love this weeks music monday! totally love B.A.P>.< but i also love MBLAQ so i will vote for them 

    youtube username: ReneAndChel

    5 years ago
  301. Youtube name: MsEbiChan

    Boy Band acronym: OOPS! 
    We suppose that my band will be famous forever and ever so, at first, the acronym stands for “Oily Oppas Play Sex!” (they’re all at their 20s because I don’t wanna have legal problems because of sexy underage men doing obscene things), and when they get older and have lose their strength to do the same things they did when they were young, the acronym will stand for “Old Oppas Play Sudoku!” and they will hold a bunch of Sudoku championships or something like that xD

    The explanation sucks, but I see future xD

    5 years ago
  302. BUTTER

    U (as a you)

    5 years ago
  303. UUDDLRLRBA = Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A

    The password to your heart.


    5 years ago
  304. B.U.R.P. – Best Unconventional Rebellious Pioneers.
    YouTube: MsNakri

    My humour is so mature… xD

    5 years ago
  305. H.A.M

    Hot, Asian, Men! 
    hurh, yes, my group will be called HAM, and the fandom will be BJOH. (Bu-Joh) or Be Jealous of Our Ham. ^^

    Youtube User: Animelovr07

    5 years ago
  306. Asia’s Zombie Intellgience Army

    Or Azia. 
    Wae zombies you ask? Hell if I know. Zombies are scary, in your face, never die (or come back to life) so I’m guessing that relates to my group always coming back stronger than before. 
    lol, then fan name would be W.A.D. (lol)
    D: Dead
    Not really creative, but love B.A.P, so I’m trying! 

    Youtube username: Animelovr07

    5 years ago
  307. hahahha here are my suggestions for an awesome boy band names :)
    C.O.W. – Coolest Awesome Warriors
    Bubles – Best ultra blowing loving extrodinarry singers
    Boot- best ordinarry oasis treasures
    Milk – meanly imagenarry laughing koreans
    ….that’s it……:)

    5 years ago
    • ops……i forgot to say why hahahhah kekekekekke they just sound cool and fun……so yea i decided to just write them down …… and they are easy to remember….:)

      5 years ago
    • and my user name in utube is neadrawesomenessable

      5 years ago
  308. omg Martina i have the same ringtone for my messages!

    5 years ago
  309. 4.G.E.D  For Getting Everyday Laid
    If u dont get it. It means they do their job ( witch is dancing and singing) Is for getting laid.. Everyday… 

    5 years ago
  310. My boy group would be called B.O.O.B.It stands for,”Best Original Outstanding Boys”
    Our fandom would be called B.R.A.”Best Real Angels”.


    5 years ago
  311. YT:ruru9048

    A.B.P(Asia Best Power)
    korean are so proud of their country
    and they think their coutry is the best of asia
    so I think it can be work~~~~

    BTW I LOVE B.A.P !!!!!!!!!!!

    5 years ago
  312. BoYBAND

    Does the acronym make some sense?  Check
    Does the backronym make absolutely no sense?  Check
    Does it make the group seem like intellectuals with their use of complicated Engrish?  Check
    How can we make it more individual?  Find 6 members with names starting with Bo, Y, B, A, N, and D

    My Youtube user name is fantasykingdom1227

    5 years ago
  313. hey my vote is for B.A.P and i was also wondering if oyu can make another video on a new group that just came out 2 or 3 days ago and they are called EXO-K and their song what is lovve. It is a very good song and it has a new tune to it

    5 years ago
  314. my vote goes to mblaq because I heard Rain came up with this aaand…well you just do not want to make him angry ….khm
    off topic: Martina did you know that here in Hungary people also celebrate their name’s day? And today is your name’s day…so Happy name’s day Martina :)

    5 years ago
  315. So, first of all great job on MM *thumbs up* 
    I think this one is one of my favourites now!I’ll give it a try to with the name lets seeTRU5 = Tone Rhythm Unleashed 5(five) can be read as TRUE5 (the one and only BoyBand XD)Why TRU5:- not that hard to pronounce – imagine fanchants in concerts (tru, tru, tru, tru….) kind of easy XD and has a WARRIOR sound to it, like an army or a football team :P- explanation of the acronym has direct connection to their job as singers/musicians, plus the   ‘unleashed’ leaves place for crazy MVs at least at the debut faze no? ‘5’ just because it’s my lucky number and the number of members in the group haha – imagine a show with TRU5 and SECRET =)) or a hit reality show ‘Secrets Of TRU5’ (the classic 5 guys from a k-boy band at the dorm etc.)- of course the members will possess the usual qualities (good looking, charming personalities, goofy or 4D, vocal abilities, rap skills and so on) and this will explain why the name for sure!

    I’ll leave it to this since I still need to study for tomorrow’s exam, but thank you for making my short break so amusing!

    YT username: 5andraangel5

    5 years ago
  316. my boy band names:

    M.B.A = Mind Blowing Army
    R.U.F.F = Real Ultra Fierce Five
    F.I.T = Fresh In Town
    F.A.P= Fierce And Powerful
    H.U.S.B.A.N.Dz= Hot Unique Sound By Nine Diamondz

    YT: hermionewheezey

    5 years ago
  317. mblaq because they came up with that name even having one fluent english speaker in the group.

    5 years ago
  318. – the BARBY = the Boys Are Right Behind You : (In a creepy stalker way muahaha yes maybe. the concept would be the contrast between the sweet first impression and appearance (like a barbie doll) but behind their name and appearance they would actually be real badass men… oh yeah. The fanclub could be Ken. I’m a proud Ken.)

    – BADASSS = Boys Are Dancing And Singing So Sweet : (kinda same idea as the Barby but in the other way ? They have a badass name (duh) but they dance and sing oh so sweeeeet.*flowers and rainbows on you all badasss girls*)

    – ABSAB = Awesome But Super Average Boys (Yeah. it will be a boysband made of super very very common and average boys but it will be awesome because average/common will be the new super hype and cool (again))

    … i’m reading everybody’s name and we should/could definitely create some kpop boysband. it’d be awesome.

    5 years ago
    • oh oops sorry totally forgot !
      YouTube Username : yumett

      5 years ago
  319. I’d name the group “1EAGLE”
    pronounced illegal (the 1 is like the korean word il)
    anyways, I really hope you guys pick me!! *^^* thanks for doing the giveaway~

    My youtube is azuzuification! :D

    5 years ago
  320. i actually found simon’s joke funny ( in a very weird awkward way) but yeah therefore i shall make a tribute to his bibimBAP

    boyz ( cause you know how kpop likes using z instead of s)
    Poké balls ( my homage to Pokemon :3)

    yup yup thats my acronym :) 

    twitter: rikkacho 

    P.S. cant wait for your interview xDDDD
    P.P.S did any of them know English or did you get a translator for the interview?

    5 years ago
  321. VODKA = Voices Of Dudes Killing Acta  :3 

    5 years ago
  322. MBLAQ definitely

    5 years ago
  323. oh, and I vote for B.A.P. by the way… sorry forgot that -.-

    5 years ago
  324. ok… so I actually got 3…. :/
    Most Unique Singers In Korea
    Best Eastern Artist Team 
    Young Outstanding Unique Rare Stars 
    Personallz I like the last one best, cause they can then do their greeting like: Annyeonghaseyo! We are… YOURS!! keke, you get it?
    anzways, YouTube name is oOoBrrtieoOo (I know it’s weird…) 
    Love from Germany!!

    5 years ago
  325. first thing first, boyband name —> SHUT UP! : Singing Happily Until Times UP!

    second, i vote for BAP coz i never remember what MBLAQ stands for~ haha

    and third, UKnow can rap. kthanxbai~ ^^

    yt: chechoki

    5 years ago
  326. Youtube username: cutegamer8

    BPRE2 (2 can mean a pair so it’s pronounced “be prepared”)standing for “backwards pacing recreate enter two”

    The group would have at least 4 members, but they’d perform in some sort of paired way that complemented each other, focusing on that aspect of the 2. They would have a debut song/video that made clear the meaning of “backwards pacing recreate enter two” like coming out first as a pair of two, creating music, lyrics, rhythm so intense that soon two more (members) were created. This was the beginning of the world, like a twist on Adam and Eve/creation. As in “backwards pacing”~~> go back in time, “recreate”~~> change the way the world was created, “enter two”~~> the two figures that began humanity. The world represented (in this imaginary video) would be an awesome place where their music reigned, and new humans were created from their incredible beats. Be prepared for the coming of this new world.

    5 years ago
  327. MDs(Milion Dragons)-members of group has power of milion dragons.And also members are strong like dragons and they will fight for what they want.Memebers has flaming charisma-we all know dragons fits out fire from their mouths.And they can “fly”, they are flying to their dreams-we all know dragons can fly.Dragons are just a legends, right?Memebers of this group are legends too, but not in way like dragons, they are legends/they will be legends like people who left they trace in hystory of music-they never be forgoten.Even this name -MDs- sounds weird  or maybe stupid, it has a big meaning-people who fight until their end.

    P.S. sorry for my bad english.

    YT name: MilaELF

    5 years ago
  328. TheLuciamaol -> yt

    PSYKH —-> Perfect Souls (for) Young Korean Hotties

    LAME —–> Love Army Male Extreme

    5 years ago
  329. You said the most creative one wins right? I hope this is creative enough :D

    D – dudes
    O – of
    T – “the
    H – highest
    R – rank” ,
    A – at
    K – Koreas
    I – important
    M – musical
    A – and
    N –  non-musical
    W – wars
    A – appear
    R – readily
    R – rolling
    I – in
    O – on
    R – real
    S – style

    PHEW! this took me 1 hour to think of. :D
    I don’t know if this made any sense to you guys but still :D
    Short explanation: The actual group name is within this super long DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR  name :D and it’s “the highest rank” . 

    Created a new boyband name system B-) like a boss.

    My youtube user name is SigaPol

    5 years ago
  330. +1 for B.A.P

    5 years ago
  331. Youtube name: ThreeGeeksStudio
    Well, this question is pretty easy for me to answer, seeing as I actually already have characters I created who are members of a K-pop boy group, and their group name happens to be an acronym. The name I chose for them is A2O (meant to be read out simply like “ay-two-oh”), which stands for Alpha to Omega. It’s a bit of a twist on “Alpha and Omega”, but instead of meaning “beginning and end” it’s meant to stand for “beginning to end”. What I intended this to signify is that the members of A2O vow to stand by each other and their fans forever, from the very beginning to the end, and to always support one another no matter what. The reason I had decided to choose this name for them was not only because I really liked the meaning it could have, but also because, since “Alpha to Omega” isn’t quite an actual saying, but is derived from one, it seems like it’s got just the slightest twinge of Engrish to it, which is exactly what I was going for when coming up with a name. 

    5 years ago
  332. DaBOMB = Daily Boost Of Music Beats

    usually an expression used when something is da bomb! like B.A.P.

    5 years ago
  333. Sorry guise, but I keep thinking that if I leave my answer for the giveaways both here and in the comments to your YouTube video, I will have more chances to win. That’s silly, right?

    The name of my Boy Band would be OboKow!, which stands for Occidental Boys Korean Wannabes. And our mascot would be a badass cow DJ.
    Username: pcrastello

    5 years ago
  334. I have a few versions:D :
    S.T.F.U. – Sparkling Teens Falling for U,G.U.I.S.E. – Gorgeous Ullzang Idyllic Singing for EntertainmentT.W.A.T. – Triumph of Whispering Angels of Nation 
    P.S I wasn’t very serious because I will never make a boy band :D
    my youtube username : misrage

    5 years ago
  335. As a Kpop boy-band manager, I would name the band NEO.N.!! They would wear shiny neon outfits with many lights installed inside like 2PM in Hands up. But much cooler. Ok back to the topic. Hem…the Name stands for the “Next Energetic Oppas” and the N stands for Natural. They will be cute and shiny and than they will be the #1 and than they will make a cupcake CF, because they are so cute….. I´m getting of topic again -.-“ but that would be a DAMN good name :) J ~~<3 <3
     p.s i posted this on youtube as well with my yt-name “yellowtour”

    5 years ago
  336. Just have to say that this lame/strange name trend isn’t just in Korea. We have it in Sweden as well, and it’s not only for the last decade (which has produced names such as My piano, Horseboy, the Swedish bear tribe, the park, blinded by snow, ugly culture aso -these names are roughly translated to english, and here are some real band names in english; Little Marbles, Those Dancing Days, A Camp, This is head, First Aid Kit aso these are all swedish groups). But if we go back like 30-40 years, during the progg era (which was a left-wing and anti-commercial movement, not to be confused with proggresive rock) in Sweden there were band names like the helicopter pukes, trees grass and stones, the pork is on fire, the spotnicks (they were dressed like astronauts ^^) aso, so this crazy name trend is not really something new. Probably just a way to revolt against the strict society… Just a thought:P

    5 years ago
  337. Thank you for reviewing B.A.P! It makes me happy seeing that you two actually enjoyed their debut single and MV, even though there is some minor things that you didn´t quite like. The merchandise looks so cool, and I became a F.A.P ever since their MV was out, so yeah I really want to win it! If I do, I probably would put it into a glassbox and cherish it for life, lol.

    Well, enough off my old boring post. I will try my lucky chances in this competition. My ideas:

    FBRTSN = Boys Ready To Seduce Noonas

    BI.TSA.P = Boys in tight-skinny-ass pants

    Youtube account is: Babypham1 :)

    5 years ago
  338. CLAAP

    Closeted Lotharios Aimed At Pedonoonas

    Why I’d choose it: This is more for the comedy value obviously but honestly…..some people would probably agree that some boybands fulfill this acronym XD (not what the acronym itself spells though LOL)
    Oh and, the fanchant would be something like “I love CLAAP”. Awkward.

    Youtube username: Omgitzchazz

    5 years ago
  339. yt: XanimedollX


    Blondies With Hot Abs

    fan chant can go like: BWHA HA HA HA!

    seems legit doesn’t it?

    5 years ago
  340. N.I.N.J.A.S.

    New International Nyancats Just Acting Suave!


    and lol simon BIBIMBAP XD

    5 years ago
  341. Youtube users name : freakyshooterz

    F.D.E = Freakiest Dance Ever

    Why? Because we will show our freakiest dance to make our performance look awesome and BOOM! Maybe mine was not so attractive, but with meaning of the name we will make peoples crazy with us! WARRIOR! HUH! ^_^

    5 years ago
  342. ACOBE – Acronym Consisting Of Bad English. Oh korea, your english makes us lol. 

    5 years ago
  343. YT: EtzeLHP

    S.U.C.K  (Super United Crocodiles Kicking)

    Also, MBLAQ!

    FAP should be the official fan group for BAP, they could win a Guinness award for the largest database of fans in the history.

    5 years ago
  344. CYAN : Change Your Awkward Name 
    Youtube Username : Tipanishi

    5 years ago
  345. BEYOND. Be Every Young One’s Narcotic Drug. Their fanclub will be called Druggies.
    username: phaaaaaam
    LOL I’m not creative enough for things like these. Goodbye B.A.P goodies… ;__;

    5 years ago
  346. I want a boy band named B.F.I–Brute Force & Ignorance. With the mechanized robot-like trained-ness of kpop groups, I think a group that bulls forward with the kind of guts and confidence found in the life philosophy of BFI would be a big plus. Our friends could call us Biffy. (my YT name is erisinia btw) 비에프아이 Fighting! !1

    This song isn’t to my taste, but the execution of it was aces. But I think everyone being blonde was kinda silly, and the hair+acronym was a mistake ’cause all I could think it stood for was “Blond Asian People”. 

    5 years ago
  347. youtube: yoyocava
    2K2M: Kitty Kitty Meow Meow

    5 years ago
  348. youtube: raintenshica
    R eally
    A weomse
    N erd
    C anadian
    H iphop

    5 years ago
  349. I would name my band ENGLISH (English Not Good Listen It Super Hard). Because even, as a native speaker I too, struggle with the english language sometimes. 

    and I vote for BAP… I tried really hard to figure out it’s meaning and failed. From now on I will think of them as Bunnies Are Puffy because that makes perfect sense. 


    5 years ago
  350. I commented on youtube, but I’m sure I won’t win. But you’ve gotta let me know…. Is there someway I can buy the iPhone case myself?!

    5 years ago
  351. YT: katmustache 

    PUSSY – Perfect Unicorns So Sweet and Young

    5 years ago
  352. Hmmmm.. my band name would be called B.A.N.G. = beyond absolute never-ending perfection or PWNED = powerful with non-stop exciting danger

    BTW thanks for the awesome giveaways guys!! And I put place my votes with mblaq!!

    5 years ago
  353. youtube: PyroBunny
    Precious Ensemble of Emotional Noise aka P.E.E.N
    Pleasurable Erotic Eroticism NOW…..still P.E.E.N

    5 years ago
  354. Youtube name: AzumiAkai

    P.I.Z.Z.A : Perfect Irresistible Zealous Zexy Asians (Couldn’t think of another word with Z… So sexy turned into zexy xD)


    R2DU: Ready to Delight You (But they really mean, Ready To Do You=P)
    And I vote for MBLAQ. Because they’re so … chic? xD

    5 years ago
  355. lol
    i have few names now i have to make a choice give me more time.

    i actually call them BAP too, not B.A.P. Because i thought they all had blond hair on purpose to all look like little small rice grains… So that they can all have rice head… No ?And then i thought B.A.P = Blond And Proud ?oh Kpop and their bands names…

    5 years ago
  356. YT name : OPrincessMelisO (Just dont read the first Bandname that i posted earlier xD)
    Oppa! , Only Perfect Performances allowed !

    PS : I think calling a band Oppa would sound really cute <3

    5 years ago
  357. Simon, you look really tired or really sick. Hope you’re feeling better.

    5 years ago


    5 years ago
  359. I will make my boy band name acronym is G.O.T.S.B. LOLThe meaning is GENERATION OF TREMENDOUS SEXY BOYS. 
    The sexy boys who got swag of course x)

    YT NAME; miezasungmin
    My vote is for B.A.P! <333

    Himchan *O* :*************

    5 years ago
  360. BONK= Birth Of New Kings

    kinda lame but hey 8D

    yt: rosenjake

    5 years ago
  361. LLAMA- Ladies Like Awesome Manly Acronyms

    youtube name= Verris54321

    This video was soo funny lol keep up the great work Simon and Martina, loved the rap you guys did :)

    5 years ago
  362. Oh my oh this is so hard. I actually want all of that stuff. I will return once I have racked my brain for the perfect boyband name.

    5 years ago
  363. Oh, and for the show-down:

    MaBlacky’s acronym !

    I didn’t know it before but now that you guys let us know it really blew my mind…

    5 years ago
  364. First – I’m so jealous of youuu~~  I wanna see them in person too >.> oh, maybe this day will come once…. hah~ xD
    Second – my vote goes for… B.A.P xD yay~
    Third – the boy band’s name – N.E.O.B – Ninjas Eating Only Bananas XDDD and why? coz I think every ninja would have awesome dance skills…. after all ninjas are great xDD and bananas… I like them xD and it’s sounds fun :P and they wouldn’t have problems with official color xD LOL.

    and I kinda feel sorry for you… you have maaaanyyyy messages to read :D and Martina – I love Secret Garden too… xD

    5 years ago
  365. C.R.A.Y  
    (And when they do their chant, it’ll be like ‘BECAUSE WE CRAY CRAY! (because we crazy!) xD
    Meaning: Contagious Real Asian Youth

    My YouTube username is: LittlePopsicleSticks

    5 years ago
  366. I’m so anticipating the debut of BBABBO (Boys Bragging About Best Brightest Outfits) and AEGYO (Adorable Elegant Girls Yet Overmade-up).

    But I’m not taking part of the contest, I received a package from you a week ago, I can wait a little before the next one! ^^

    5 years ago
  367. As a kpop boys band manager, I would surely call my band “SPY” for “Shiny and Popular Youth”! haha~
    My youtube channel is “audreyleynaud”…
    …and I’m enjoying so much your videos from France! ;D

    5 years ago
  368. youtube username is tangledupemotion

    If I could create a boy band I’d call them BEAT [email protected]
    meaning: best ever awesome teens trying hard at taking over.

    The “a” in that would be @ because it looks fancy, and K-POP’s a sucker for fancy looking names. And all capitals because that’s the current fashion in K-POP names. Also, no O for over because lets just say “taking over” is one word and otherwise it wouldn’t look good. The name would have two meanings. The first obviously “beat that” as in “we’re the best and you can try beating us but haha, it’s never going to work”. This would also be the concept for their debut song, considering all rookies generally like to say they’re the best in their debut songs. It feels like tradition to debut with a song that has absolutely no meaning except for stating how good and dope the band is. The second meaning would of course be the full name of the name. Best ever awesome teens of course standing for how good they are and teens of course showing how they’re perfect new idol material for noona’s to devour. Trying hard at taking over… the fans? The  K-POP business? The world? The galaxy? This dimension? I don’t know man, the sky’s the limit. BEAT [email protected] GOING HARD YO! THEY GONNA TAKE OVER THE WORLD YO!

    I stopped making sense ages ago. Hope you enjoyed though. Also, do you know how hard it is in here to type @ without tagging anyone? DO YOU?

    5 years ago
  369. The one thats more practical
    Boys Against the World

    And then theres
    Dorthraki Ninja Agents  LOOOOOL

    youtube : bonbon5555
    :) Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway
    ahaha jk jk :)

    5 years ago
  370. Awesome review guys!!
    I love B.A.P. Their dancing style is so powerful.I vote for B.A.P’s name as the one that blows my mind.

    Youtube username is daemaikar.
    My boyband name ?  FARTS : Four Awesome Ripping T-Shirts

    They’d be four awesome good looking men and would rip their t-shirts at the end of each appearances. That is all!

    5 years ago
  371. S.F.W. = Simon (Pegg) and (Nick) Frost Wannabe
    they’re so going to be awesome.

    I just watched Spaced and their finger gun fight is just epic.

    I vote for MBLAQ, only god knows how many times I rechecked their acronym.

    5 years ago
  372. SPUDGY- Sweet Perfect Unpredictable Doggies Grace Youtube

    Username: Fink1066

    My vote is for B.A.P!

    5 years ago
  373. YT. Mian Walton

    QXYZ= Quite Xenocentic Young Zeal. 
    I figure the harder the words is to understand the meaning the more focus you will be on trying to figure out “What the H~~l”. And as you know any publicity is good publicity. lol

    5 years ago
  374. YT name: LittleMissAnesthetic
    -using the mastermind of a kpop namer! MWAHAHAHA!-
    (Wonderful Every Earful Needs Intense Ecstacy)
    “Thanks so much for this award~! We
    couldn’t of done it without our wonderful McWeenies out there! =’D THANK
    YOU!” That’s right. The fanbase are the McWeenies. WE’RE GONNA OWN THE
    ^-^ Hehe, in other news, I WANT THAT B.A.P STUFF! <33 SOO
    BAD! O____O -stares down- -whispers- so bad…
    WEENIE OUT! ^-^

    5 years ago
  375. New boy group: GINSENG

    Guys In New Sexy Energized Next Generation
    my youtube: lpgranger

    5 years ago
  376. I love BAP…I’m a full up Noona fan. I’ve been posting their live debuts on Twitter and FB all weekend. I watched the showcase.  I follow all of them on Twitter.  I watch Ta Dah It’s BAP and BYG on Rulla Rulla. I’ve supported BYG since You’re Crazy and Zelo was all kinds of adorable in Never Give Up. 

    I only have one TINY concern come up once I saw the showcase. Triple S…knowing how that fandom is very…protective of SS501 these days the BAP color choice for the lightstick might be sticky.  Is that their official color?

    5 years ago
  377. love the song u made!!!

    5 years ago
  378. YouTube Username: elly0891

    I would name my Boy Band: A.I.D.S. (Always Incredibly Dancing and Singing)

    5 years ago
  379. 문자 왔어! 문자 왔어! I have that message ring tone too :))
    Simon, your jokes are always the best, absolute and perfect ones *^^*

    F.E.A.R. = Fantastic Elastic Adorable Rookies

    my youtube account: glomuscarotidea

    5 years ago
  380. YT: Gamerqueen161086

    C.U.M- Cute Unicorns Mingle

    5 years ago
  381. I’d say NSFW, standing for “New Stars of the Fierce World”. And maybe girl group MILFS (“Music Is Life’s Flower and Soul”, of course) will feature on their first mini album, given that they’re from the same agency, Misleading Entertainment.

    youtube username: dbdcdhdj

    5 years ago
  382. “If you had a boy band, what acronym would you use for their name ,and why?”

    SWAG for Strong Willed Artistic Gangters.

    YouTube username: TheRinDesign

    5 years ago
  383. I think I’ll call my band K.A.T.M.R.M.B
    which means: Kiss And Touch Me Rub My Bananas..  xDD
    I hope you’ll like this xD
    YT Username : OfficialMLoretta

    5 years ago
  384. Youtube name : Kasa022
    JAILBAIT: Juniors Are ILlegal But Are Irresistible Temptation
    why? Because i’m a proud pedonoona 8D

    5 years ago
  385. I would name my K-Pop boyband A.O.A.C
    Area Of A Circle!
    Because AJ’s math skills are awesome!

    5 years ago
  386. I love this song its sooooo awesome!!! I hate it that zelo is super younger than me >.< hes so cute makes me feel old

    5 years ago
  387. Love this song!  Thanks for featuring it!
    And for the contest:RAWMEN stands for Ready And Willing, Mostly Entertaining Noonas!  and fans can just be RAWs.  And it would also help if this band was composed of way-too-young, curly-ramen haired prepubescent boys. :)

    5 years ago
  388. YT Username : OPrincessMelisO

    Simply The Best , S.T.B

    PS: B.A.P —-Best Absolute Perfect —- kinda like saying green greener the greenest … all 3 words habe the same meaning xD

    5 years ago
  389. your remix is my new ringtone :3

    5 years ago
  390. i would go for a girls group called SWAG (So We Are Girls)
    why? because all the girls would be fierce and really tomboys (like Amber) and they would have swag of course :D they would be able to do popping dance, rap like boys and stay classy and  sexy at the same time
    and it’s easy to keep in mind

    my youtube username is LapinDeLune7

    5 years ago
  391. But, Yunho can rap. /butthurt Yunho stan here. 

    5 years ago
    • really?
      Purple Line…KYHD…..

      I guess he could rap…if he joined as the 4th member of Alvin and the Chipmunks 

      5 years ago
    • I share your sentiments. ;_;

      5 years ago
  392. seriously when i first saw the word B.A.P i was like what does that stand for? and then i saw a picture of the dudes and instantly Blonde And Proud was my guess!…seriously!
    and that bunny reminded me of Deadmau5 too!

    5 years ago
  393. MBLAQ <3
    sorry B.A.P :/

    5 years ago
  394. Hmmm I’ll go with O-TP… Octo-Teen Pride.
    Octo- as in eight or having eight+ teen and pride is a feeling or a group of lions. So there are 8 guys in a group who are teens and are a unit (plus have pride XD )

    youtube name is: rosenjake

    5 years ago
  395. Hm..

    aka F.O.N.D.L.E
    youtube name: CatfromCali
    Yesh Im subscribed-^

    5 years ago
  396. I’m telling you, it’s Blonde Asian People.
    Also, MBLAQ is better.
    Because BAP makes sense!
    SO i vote for MBLAQ, because they are the best.

    5 years ago
  397. I’d call them “CHOCE”! Why? Because for one the word contains “choc” (which as u know is chocolate xD) that means that the group members are just so sweeeeet (/cute) as chocolate. Let’s say they’re eyecandy! And then there’s “choke”! I know right, why the heck choke??lol I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I usually either eat or drink something while watching teasers/ new MVs and I always, really ALWAYS choke on my drinks and/or food T_T (Fangirl thing I guess lol) FURTHERMORE I think the fusion of the words ‘choc’ and ‘choke’ really looks cool. So they’d be a boy group super cute, goodlooking members that have an unbelievably cool/ badass image *o* I’D SO CALL A GROUP LIKE THIS AND THEN DEBUT THEM. *Q*

    My youtube name is: harajukufx ! :D

    5 years ago
  398. xD HAHAHA   i love ur spudgy   ( Spudgy is soo famous if u go 2 google pictures you’ll c him)
    when i 1st introduced 2 kpop rap i thought da same thing
    but i’m becoming used 2 it ( B.E.G. raping rocks! )

    when i 1st saw dis mv i 4got i was looking at a rookie group o_o!
    and bang yong guk as i 1st knew him was a solo artist its nice 2 c him in a group

    wow simon and martina i never thought of the dancing dat way! ^o^
    love ur head band martina TwT

    I hope this group grows stronger ^.^  (bang yong guk vioce scares me xD)
    SNSD is gonna debute here in america soon!
    people think they wont mk it
    but if they do ( THEY WILL BICHES xD ) i hope they bump into this group

    5 years ago
  399. mine will be
    Sophisticated Raucous Eccentric Tremendous 
    youtube account : mushaizhi

    5 years ago
  400. AND Bunnies Are Puffy FTW!

    5 years ago
  401. OMO I love yall rapping, ahahaha!!!!! and Simon i did get you little joke about B.A.P= rice…XD 

    5 years ago
  402. Simon don’t worry I always get your jokes :D

    5 years ago
  403. I luv’ed the bibimbap joke! I thought they were calling themselves cooked rice as well! 

    5 years ago
  404. BAMFS- Boys Arise Musically Fired Souls

    @lolalandpics:disqus <—-   good luck to me
    and thank you guys for the awesome videos! you guys are BAMFS too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3  

    5 years ago
  405. OMG THANK UUUUUUU SO MUCH FOR UR VIDEO!!! THIS IS THE first time, I feel soooo in love with a rookie band, I feel like I’Ve been their fan for yeaaaaars already!!! I can’t believe u met them omg please upload ur video sooooooon. I love u guyyyyyyyyys <3 I love u spudgyyy <3

    5 years ago
  406. hmm, I’ll have to think about this.. 

    5 years ago
  407. Yay B.A.P o/  soo nice :D

    Youtube Account: vdx009
    Name: 1HTT = One Hour To Top
    (AWESOME :P)

    5 years ago
  408. WG2 – That is WG squared but I cant find a squared symbol on the keyboard.  I mean I probably could research it, but no.

    It stands for We Got Game  


    5 years ago
  409. I would name my K-Pop Boyband SCASHWAR!
    Super Cute And Super Hot With Awesome Rainbows!
    Because everyone likes cute boys, and hot boys, and everyone likes rainbows!
    Plus, a little bit of awesomeness is always good ^^

    …and Scashwar sounds cool ^^

    my Youtube username is Delvakun

    5 years ago
  410. And this is why I come here all week. You never know what Martina and Simon will do or say next. Great review. And Martina I love my T.O.P as well my favorite rapper. But I completely know how you feel when you say Bang Yong Gook is making you have second thoughts.

    5 years ago
  411. Gee

    i was praying you guys ould review this song and you did it..great song cool dance good-looking guys  

    5 years ago
  412. GIMME DAT SHIT YO ‘O IMMA CUT YO ASS! … Pretty Please :3!

    5 years ago
  413. YT: mandasai12

    SHIP=Sunny Handsome International People

    5 years ago
  414. Okay, so I have to adress the mean-mean-meeaan comment on Yunho’s rap >.<
    I never actually considered his parts to be "rap" .-. I guess that's why I really didn't know who you were talking about until the captions XD But since I am in love with him, and genuinely so, I'll go teentop-fanish on you : "Y U SO MEAN?!" XD

    Anyways, I agree with Martina, the singing was perfectly fine .-. Cmon Simon. Seriously. It was fine. Cmon. *wink wink*

    Aaaand apart from that, I was totally digging the bunny until you showed there was an original mouse =.=
    I still prefer the bunny. Cause I like bunnies better than mice. (^o^)

    5 years ago
  415. Um… Simon actually said “F.A.P.” … which has a third meaning… lol

    5 years ago
    • Yes, and Martina explained him that it’s a german word…i was responsing to the explanation martina gave him ^^

      5 years ago
      • Oh, i mean the F.A.P Simon was using xD i just saw i forgot the points between the letters xD

        5 years ago
  416. XD

    hahaahahah woooow loved the gun part! and the one that BLOW MY MIND IS MBLAQ… IN FACT knowing what it stand for destroy my mind not just BLOW it -_-  

    5 years ago
  417. My youtube: yamazakimiyu

    C.R.A.P – Coming Right After Publicity


    5 years ago
  418. I thought i was the only one who thought that about singing. I really liked their singing tho. And thank you for saying how the punk style isn’t earned by anyone.

    5 years ago