B.A.P. is a rookie group that has debuted with one hell of a single. If you haven’t checked it out yet, watch the video here:


We’re really impressed by this song. As you may know, the whole cutie-boy image makes us gag, and new bands seem to fall back on that concept for safety’s sake. It works for different audience, but – since we’re older – it just doesn’t do it for us. We were surprised, then, to see that this song had such an aggressive concept going for it. We were worried as well, because – well – if you’re aggressive and hard, but you suck, then the video becomes embarrassing.

B.A.P. were able to overcome most of the rookie group pitfalls. They were exceptionally strong and confident for a debut song. And, like we mentioned in our review, we really don’t like it when people suck at rapping. B.A.P. fortunately don’t suck at rapping. Bang Yong Gook and Zelo are both really good at rapping, and both have distinctly definitive styles: while Bang Yong Gook is very grimy, Zelo is skippy and playful.

Sure, we did have some complaints. We’re not especially fond of the name. We’re partial to words or phrases more than confusing acronyms. Also, not really sure about the whole electro bunny thing. Really reminds us too much of Deadmau5, especially since it’s acting like a DJ as well. But, these are just small complaints from an otherwise grab song and video. While we’re not gonna say that we’re totally biased towards everything B.A.P. do from now on, we can say that we’re quite happy with this song and video, and hope that they can keep it up!

P.S. Top did not text message us during our video, just in case you were wondering. How could he? We were in the middle of filming! He couldn’t know what we were saying as we were saying it! Now, though, that’s he’s seen the video, he’s surely gonna call. Top: I know you’re reading this. Don’t get too upset! It was just a joke!

Also, I know you’re dying to have our B.A.P. remix (aka BIBIMB.A.P.) on your iPod. We uploaded it! Check it out here:

Otherwise, on to the giveaway!

Bap Giveaway Package

We've got some cool stuff to giveaway

First off, if you’re not following us on Twitter, come on now! You totally gotta do it. We post up cool pictures of stuff. It’s like Open the Happy, but with pictures. Anyhow, over the weekend we got to check out B.A.P.’s debut showcase. We got to go as press (woot!). Afterwards, we got a special interview that you won’t see anywhere else. Pretty cool, eh? All exclusive and stuff. We’ll post that later on this week once it’s all edited and approved.

Point is, while we were at the debut we got some awesome stuff, like their CD, iPhone case, glowstick, whistle, official debut booklet, and such. We’d like to give it to you! You want it, right? If so, here’s what you gotta do:

1) Subscribe to us on YouTube. DO IT!

2) If you had a Boy Band, what acronym would you use for their name, and why?

Most creative answer wins! You can leave your comments here, or in the comments to our YouTube video. If you’re going to leave your answer here, then leave your YouTube username as well. We gotta make sure you’re subscribed, after all!

Yeah! Best of luck everyone! We’re going WANKing tomorrow, so we’re not sure if we’ll be able to post the interview then or not. We’ll try to get it up ASAP :D

And, lastly, we’ve got Bloopers for this week as well! Check me out in the studio as I lay down some hot vocals for BibimB.A.P. and bust a freestyle at the end. WHUT WHUT!


  1. B.A.P are awesome! They are hardcore, great videos, great dances, great rapping! I love these guys!! <3

  2. Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Stars, Nu Established Style and Tempo, just Wikipedia any oddly spelled Kpop boy band name, and lols wills be had!

  3.  oh, the username is truc199, and i hope i win, if its not over yet. :3. they(my band) will be like B.A.P, since I am a HUGE BABY, they will bring all of Earth down to the underworld!! if you are a fan of B.A.P, and you have seen Ta Dah! Its B.A.P, u will understand my joke. Also, simon and martina, please find some time to watch Ta dah! It’s B.A.P, i’m sure if you watch it, you’ll become a babBABY like me too, also the text might be messed up cuz I can’t see the last feww sentences

  4. Gods

  5. if i have a boy band i will name it w.k.b- wonderful korean boys . they will have the best performance and song in all around the world :) 

  6. B-eyond
    I- magination

    I want the boy band to be strong and very creative on the songs. BYI !!!!!!!

    Youtube: Theprincess341

  7. H-ottest

    Well, obvious enough, I do not want them to be a cutesy flower boy group. I want them to be more of the sleek and make-the-girls-faint kind of guy group.  They can be bad boy-ish or chic gentleman. They’ll be more on the RnB or hip-hop kind of song genre though.

    They will be the HOTTEST.
    Their songs will be EVERLASTING.

    They’re bringing it in level ASIAN.
    They’re coming as a TROOP.

    And they’re gonna turn up the HEAT.

    Youtube: Kittynekocross

  8. I’m forever watching this MV.
    Doesn’t even feel that they are rookies.

  9. youtube: o0saranglove0o

    (Destined To Be. Like A Boss)

  10. Super

  11. Hatchet
    H.i.S.L fighting ! :DDDDDDD

    H.i.S.L , becouse this Boy Band will be famous with this exclusive name. Oh yeah, I love this imaginary Boy Band.
    Youtube: Aukselis137

  12. SupaMen


    Because I’m going to follow the KPop trend of crazy Acronyms. And don’t we all want to be at the top forever? Or be beautiful, or full of power? And…Melodists..I dunno, I didn’t want to use the word “Musician” so I got creative. 

    Blonde Asian Perfection 
    Bunny Aliens Perform 
    Be Active Politically 
    Brown Abide Poo ? 
    Brainy Asian Parade 
    Bucket And Pail 
    So many possibilities :D
    Doesn’t just have to be Best Absolute Perfect

    Youtube: KoroKi4KU6

  13. Warriors

    I think that W.A.R would a awesome name for a kpop boy band..XD

    my youtube account : dominicapm

  14. I came up with a new acronym for B.A.P
    Not only because B.A.P is a rookie group with rebel, aggressive kind of feeling, but also because I thought B.A.P should be able to bump into any obstacles they face and fight over it and be on top on some stage soon :).

    kykyky707 is my youtube account and I am just posting mine on this page as well just in case.!

    Twitter @kykyky07 

  15. B.A.D

    Boys too
    Awesome to

    LOL Because my group would be totally awesome xDDD HAHA

    YT : xXmoonsterXx

  16. ★ WACK!!


    youtube: kykyky707

  17. f.PIG: fresh people in gems
    Just because this is the only way my boyband would live up to Mblaq and B2st’s acronyms!
    youtube: PacificaChan

  18. Youtube: 20mimiangel

    It will be so perfect for a group! OMG! This will sound so cool! Superior to other groups and when they will greet they will say like: Hi, We have S.W.A.G.! or something like that…
    it will be just too cool for a name!

  19. 8kyoungri3

    E.pitome of

    i would call them FEP b/c their dancing is so strong and in sync, yong guk & zelo’s rap is so solid and attractive, and their singing is really good and luring that they are a perfect group! they just entered the industry and they already sold out of 1 million albums which is extremely impressive. They are bound to last for a long time so… F.E.P!

  20. D.G.M.D= dangsin-ui 
    G= gimchileul 
    M= meogneun
    which means eat your kimchi in korean :)
    If I had a boy band D.G.M. would be a perfect acronym! Who wouldn’t love a name in honor of “eat your kimchi!” Fighting<3

    youtube name: jphongsymay

  21. Youtube: iamavine


    They would be called this because they would be all aiming high and stuff to become famous kpop star so they can wipe their sexy lips and roll down their sexy windows..

    And it would stand for Animal Indigo Magic.

    Only because I like Animals, my toenails are Indigo at the moment, and it would take Magic to make such a group famous.

  22. Youtube Username: jeremieanne01


    Fan name :Hamkke 

    The group has a quantity of 8 members, that is because the number 8 is like an infinity sign.
    Yeong-Wonhi is also know as Forever, as their fan name is Hamkke if you put them together it will makes ‘Forever Together’ that name also has a meaning; even if their alwa 

  23. My Youtube: xxSHINUxKAExxx

    S uper
    E xcellent
    X enurine
    Y eomen

    A ll
    Y odeling
    Y onder

    …Because yodelers are awesome k. And so are xenURINE (/cough) and yeomen.


  24. Since B.A.P means rice, I decided mine to be G.U.K. G.U.K means soup and most people in Korea have rice + side dishes + and soup!!! Pretty meaningful is behind it as well.

    youtube: kykyky707

  25. when are you guys announcing the winners???

  26. My youtube account: iloveTaemin6
    ‘S-K.I.A’ For sexiest korean idols alive(; 
    This is because all korean idols are hot so my boy band will also be hot and sexy. LOL


    QBD= Quiet But Deadly 

    Sounds wrong which is funny but I chose this acronym because I’m quiet most of the times but when KPOP is mention I can be a little too crazy at times which can be scary…

  28. When Martina said FAP was German, i suddenly wondered what word that would be cause I’m a native speaker and never heard of it x)

  29. Definitely think the end 3:21-3:50 provides a good contrast to the rest of the song. Makes the ending seem stronger and bigger!

  30. My youtube usename is : proval21
    I would definitely choose Awesome Dope Band ADB! it definitely spell out the the whole boy band name!

  31. I would choose MBLAQ for the better acronym since the words actually do match smoothly into a sentence instead of making up from three words…. Still if there’s a UKISS acronym i would still choose UKISS… UKISS does means Ubiquitous Korean International (Idol) Super Star anyway

  32. Junelizondo lives in Yokosuka naval base japan and I am waiting for my prize. ^A^

  33. My username is fearallphobias on youtube :D

    Keep Calm 2012

    Playing on the whole Mayan “The world is doomed in 2012″ alongside the propaganda poster of “Keep Calm and Carry On.” The poster is very trendy right now AND practically everyone has heard about the 2012 doomsday idea :D

    2012 Believer or Non-believer, who wouldn’t want a boy band that reassures you everything will be fine? After 2012 has passed, they’ll release a song about surviving into the future. It’ll rocket to the top of the charts.

    KC2012: The Kings of Tomorrow.

  34. LA10000 which stands for LIKE A MAN (number 10000 in korean: 만) :D 
    username: Pointka123

  35. I enjoyed the song so much :D

  36. OMO I FORGOT THE WHY!!!!!!!!! lol

    so I would name my groups those names because people get hungry for music, and thats why they would want to hear the yummy-epic-ness of these groups ^^ yeah

    YouTube username: Umiyuki13

  37. YT username: errlyy

    I won’t even try to make sense haha

    wc= world champion and their fans: flush hahahahB.O.X = boys of the X-files ….=Sfan name is unknown hahahIce box= immortal charisma everywhere.fans: = 0*C or CoolENIGNMA = Extraordinary,  Narcisistic, Indestructible ,Guys, Notorious, Massive, Ace or attack
    fans: HUH? =S

    Seoulful: Stars of east overtaking ubiquituos lives forever (oh no  u again) Ur love 

    Why these?? somethings just doesnt need any explanations hahahah

    or how aboutsomething even more random QWERTY hahah ahh oh yeah procrastinating -.- need to get back to my books 

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