Big Bang two weeks in a row! This video and song are a lot different than last week’s video, Blue. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:


For starters, let’s say that we’re happy that each member of Big Bang has their own girl. We’re not really happy with how they interact in the video, though. Big Bang getting rejected? I know a lot of girls are probably screaming their faces off over that idea. NOT LIKELY. But, fine: let’s suppose that these girls are fed up with Big Bang, because they’re all bad boys. You know what? I don’t buy it. It’s Big Bang! They seem like sweethearts, well-grounded, humble, and polite. The meanest they might be is not being able to return your phone calls, because they’re so busy training, traveling, touring, recording, and whatnot. But that’s about it. Big Bang: we know you’re a bunch of nice guise. You’re not fooling us :D

On another note: I’m sure people are going to start complaining that we reviewed the same band two weeks in a row. And, supposedly Fantastic Baby is coming out tomorrow, and that will surely dominate our Kpop charts again, and surely some people are going to complain about that. Really, we’d like to just say that we have no hand in this. Before the Kpopcharts, we would count all of the votes ourselves, and people would complain about transparency, and how we would pick one band over another. With the Kpopcharts, you’ve got full transparency, full control. We just do reviews on whoever you choose. SO DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER ALRIGHT?!

We’re also starting to think that, really, Kpop bands aren’t really doing a lot of promoting while Big Bang is promoting. Last week’s Kpop Charts Update was really sparse, and this week so far, barely anything’s come out. So what are we supposed to review otherwise, if it’s only Big Bang putting out songs? Anyhow, we’re not complaining. We’re liking all of the songs and videos that are coming out from Big Bang. It’s good music, and the videos are fun to talk about, so we’re having a great time making these Music Mondays. We just don’t want people getting upset at us, that’s all.

Completely unrelated side note: sometimes we have great ideas for skits. Today was one of those days. We were totally excited to recreate G Dragon and Taeyang. Unfortunately, the execution of the skit was terrible…perhaps one of our worst EVAR! We’re including it in the bloopers, but we’re warning you: IT SUCKS SO BAD! It made us quiver with discomfort. What the hell happened? Well, for starters, we think it would have been better if we did it outside. Instead, we were stuck in our apartment because it was raining. That’s our excuse. AH! We included a snippet of it in the video, and the full atrocity in the bloopers. Watch it at your own risk:


Also, congratulations to the winners of the Big Bang Blue Contest: Lily Guo on Facebook
@aristyaaw on Twitter, and amandacollyer on YouTube
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  1. Miss A always has more baditude. 

  2. I gotta go for Miss A. I love BB and I love this song but Miss A’s just had the attitude with Bad girl, good girl.

  3. YOU GUYS ROCK. Don’t let anybody ever make you think otherwise. :D

  4. Have you seen the teaser for Fantastic Baby? GD dyed the ends of his hair pink… I think you’re on to something here with the copied style… :)

  5. “Conan” the Barbarian tee-shirt+B1A4 worship+Simon’s interpretation of the Apache dance=the best episode EVAR!!! Times that with Simon’s butt dance and it makes it my new favorite. XD (If somebody had walked around the corner while he was doing that it would have made it my favorite video of all time).

    I’m gonna have to go with Miss A for the “bad person” image this time, though. Big Bang weren’t really bad boys in their vid. Sure, they were saying they were bad boys, wearing their pants around their ankles, and taking up entire sidewalks with their gangsta-step dance, but they were getting rejected the entire video. Sort of ruins their pimpin’ image. Plus Miss A had that whole “Get out mah face, bra!” thing going on in their video. Or something like that…

  6. u know how u guys kept singing “moyah moyah”, like imitating GD? well like looking at the vid at like 0:19 seconds, instead of hearing “moyah” i’m like paying attention to his lips and i was SURE he was singing “WHATEV WHATEV” (like ‘whatever”)…? o_O am i crazy wrong??

  7. mmm just fyi, the MV is not set in manhattan, definitely not lol. both blue and bad boy were shot in brooklyn.

  8. Fantastic Baby next Monday…I’m glad we all know this LOL

    The Tumblr gifs made out of this video are classic: The 5 Methods of Dating LOL…and Dougie!

    Y’all should see the Big Bang TV BTS for this video…Taeyang is just wandering around in that damn shirt. Unreal

  9. I didn’t get a rejection vibe from this video, I got a, “Baby, I swear it wasn’t me!” vibe.  They’re all in the dog house for some reason and attempting to get out of it.  Except for T.O.P.  He’s going with the “FU, that’s how I roll” vibe.  He’s the honey badger. 

    Simon and Martina, don’t worry so much about people getting mad at you.  Be like T.O.P. and find your inner honey badger.    

    They’re not releasing new kpop songs for the same reason movie studios try not to open their movies at the same time as a highly anticipated blockbuster.  They want their songs to get a fighting chance in media play and mention.

  10. No, Taeyang did not drop the hat.

    He has the superpower to make things disappear and reappear. See that disappearing BMX cyclist? See that disappearing BUS??


  11. so much secondhand embarrassment watching youngbae dance like that to a girl who’s like “who are you?” but my vote goes to bigbang!

  12. Big Bang.  I have trouble watching the Miss A song.  

  13. Taeyang IS part of team Jacob! Hello! “I’ll be there” music video! XD Also! I can’t help but notice that BigBang likes to use foreign girls in their videos……. WHERE DO I TRY OUT!!!!!???

  14. Lol your Coco shirt Simon!!! Yes Simon, yes TOP is a wizard. So glad you’re a little better Martina. Of course BIG BANG is Badder(?) than Miss A tho I give miss A high praise.

  15. Watch this DailyMotion link to see how artists as early as 2009 have been avoiding BigBang whether they come up with solo or group releases.  This was the first ever episode of Strong Heart where Seungri and GD were guests. Two and a half years later, other artists still think the same. 

    The window should be around one week, just to give the songs time to go up and then down the charts… then other artists should start releasing.  Longer than that and that would be much too much respect, LOL!  (Oh, but since the digital single Blue was released one week prior to the mini, they cleaned up that week as well).

  16. I agree, Miss A wins it for me~ (apparently t.o.p is actually a really goofy kinda quiet guy and G- Dragon- ever since I saw one of his maegyo mv’s, I was like, “oh my goodness, he’s so ADORABLE!” Sooooo…. =_= That’s terrible, but true~ for me anyways.) 
    AND ALSO, uh… those girls- I’m sorry, but their acting was monkey balls awful. =_=

  17. Martina if you watch the new teaser from big bang Fantastic Baby you will see that GD actually has pink hair like yours :))

  18. Dear Simon and Martina, if you want to know why other musicians don’t release new songs when Big Bang is promoting, I recommend you to watch the very first episode of TV show “Strong Heart”. There is this funny moment which explains it :) [Brian was the best]
    Good thing that you are prepared to review another BB’s song because teaser of “Fantastic Baby” has this epic lyrics: boom shaka laka :) so there will be huge response (like the fact that it’s a Big Bang’s song wasn’t enough ;]).
    What I like in “Bad Boy” is the editing which reminds me another mv by them – “Love Song”. And I love the moment when Top just breaks into dance with others. 
    Still I like “Blue” more because there are some memorable parts which I enjoy humming while “Bad Boy” doesn’t really have any – at least I have a problem with it. 
    And what the hell happened to GD’s clothes? Where is my fashion diva?

  19. you might’ve noticed too, that there’s a guy around 2:08 – 2:10 who awkwardly changed his direction in a sudden to avoid TOP (actually the camera)… probably the guy with the cart is doing the same thing! trying to stay out of the frame, but ended up looking so unnatural (why the heck is he standing there?)…

  20. 1. Simon! NO! NO NO NO! Do NOT tell Taeyang to put on more clothes. Bad, Simon! BAD!
    2. Simon, to know how T.O.P raps without opening his mouth, talk to Heechul. The boy never opens his mouth yet still kicks ass.
    3. Ok, come on! SERIOUSLY? Neither of you mention GD’s hair? I mean, I LOVE the boy but what is with that hair?
    4. Now for my vote between Big Bang and Miss A. DUH! BIG BANG!!

  21. I vote for Big Bang’s Bad Boy of course!!!

  22. Big Bang are more “Bad guys” than Miss A (even if they’re all nice boys and girls :p)

  23. hahaha GD got rejected by girl number 5!!! and Taeyang’s dance to the girl always makes me laugh!!
    i vote for Big Bang!!!!! i like the Miss A song but Big Bang can act more ‘bad’ 

  24. i loved the Fantastic Baby ///

  25. yeey…i can sleep now…I can’t sleep without seeing your review guise…thanks much

  26. ….and then we have FANTASTIC BABY NEXT WEEK!!!!


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