Big Bang two weeks in a row! This video and song are a lot different than last week’s video, Blue. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:


For starters, let’s say that we’re happy that each member of Big Bang has their own girl. We’re not really happy with how they interact in the video, though. Big Bang getting rejected? I know a lot of girls are probably screaming their faces off over that idea. NOT LIKELY. But, fine: let’s suppose that these girls are fed up with Big Bang, because they’re all bad boys. You know what? I don’t buy it. It’s Big Bang! They seem like sweethearts, well-grounded, humble, and polite. The meanest they might be is not being able to return your phone calls, because they’re so busy training, traveling, touring, recording, and whatnot. But that’s about it. Big Bang: we know you’re a bunch of nice guise. You’re not fooling us :D

On another note: I’m sure people are going to start complaining that we reviewed the same band two weeks in a row. And, supposedly Fantastic Baby is coming out tomorrow, and that will surely dominate our Kpop charts again, and surely some people are going to complain about that. Really, we’d like to just say that we have no hand in this. Before the Kpopcharts, we would count all of the votes ourselves, and people would complain about transparency, and how we would pick one band over another. With the Kpopcharts, you’ve got full transparency, full control. We just do reviews on whoever you choose. SO DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER ALRIGHT?!

We’re also starting to think that, really, Kpop bands aren’t really doing a lot of promoting while Big Bang is promoting. Last week’s Kpop Charts Update was really sparse, and this week so far, barely anything’s come out. So what are we supposed to review otherwise, if it’s only Big Bang putting out songs? Anyhow, we’re not complaining. We’re liking all of the songs and videos that are coming out from Big Bang. It’s good music, and the videos are fun to talk about, so we’re having a great time making these Music Mondays. We just don’t want people getting upset at us, that’s all.

Completely unrelated side note: sometimes we have great ideas for skits. Today was one of those days. We were totally excited to recreate G Dragon and Taeyang. Unfortunately, the execution of the skit was terrible…perhaps one of our worst EVAR! We’re including it in the bloopers, but we’re warning you: IT SUCKS SO BAD! It made us quiver with discomfort. What the hell happened? Well, for starters, we think it would have been better if we did it outside. Instead, we were stuck in our apartment because it was raining. That’s our excuse. AH! We included a snippet of it in the video, and the full atrocity in the bloopers. Watch it at your own risk:


Also, congratulations to the winners of the Big Bang Blue Contest: Lily Guo on Facebook
@aristyaaw on Twitter, and amandacollyer on YouTube
. If you’re one of the winners, send us an email through our contact page. First come, first serve!

  1. I thought when they sang “My lay lay lay.” They meant lays chips………It makes total sense now.

  2. when I first heard this song, I didn’t really like it, but then I read an english translation of the lyrics and was like “omg, this is soooo cute! (and not very bad boy…*cough*)”
    and…since the lyrics are from the point of view of a guy who apologizes to his ex-girlfriend for being a bad boy and telling her to come back to him, I think the girls in the video should be the ex-girlfriends. that would explain the girls’ angry reactions in the video. and it means the big bang members are not trying to pick up random girls on the street. XD
    sorry if this has been discussed in the comments before, I was too lazy to read all of them. ^^;

  3. There’s this one part at the end where Taeyang’s like “Oh Baby….Back to me” where other lyrics, even the live version, list it as “Oh Baby, Come back to me” when Taeyang doesn’t say “come”. I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but it bothers me.

  4. This is a late comment, but are YOU guys wizards? Seriously, how did you predict the future? Not only did G-D copy Martina’s hair style, but Taeyang clearly froze from never wearing shirts and he had all that ice on his chest! Wow (Fantastic Baby)!
    Also, as far as I can tell, the song is about them asking their girlfriend(s) to stay even though they’re “bad boys” and they’re saying that they can’t change, so technically they’re not going up and hitting on random chicks, they’re really just trying to make up with their girlfriends… and failing miserably xD
    I’m pretty sure if I ever saw Big Bang I’d act like the guy at the beginning – retreat to the shadows and watch them walk by.

  5. I laughed out loud watching this – Simon, you are right. As a true blue New Yorker (or, erm, “New Yahwkah”), I watched this video thinking . . “Wait . . . Broadway and Keap? The JMZ subway line? That’s . . . that’s Bensonhurst!” All I could then think about was a) how my worlds were colliding (and where the frack was I when they were filming this video two neighborhoods over), b) that my best friend who lived three streets from there just moved thanks to the nightly gun fire, and c) that most of these boys wouldn’t last more than 15 minutes past dark dressed like that in the South Berg in real life. Hip hop gangsters? . . . um, not in this hood.  I can tell you what those construction workers were thinking – they were thinking, “What are all these pretty boys doing here with the makeup and the crazy outfits and the dyed hair? They are looking to get their a&*!$ kicked!”

  6. does anyone see B1a4 on her background of the computer?!?!AHH BILASA!!!! :D

  7. I must admit that this is one of the most boring BB songs I’ve heard… sorry. Everytime I heard it (I’ve watched MV once and their Inkigayo performance once) my mind just flew away instantly. And once again, NY setting. So this is a NO from me :/ I prefer Blue much more.

    But – I still like the overall mood and all the walking sequences you pointed out. I like TOPs attitute as well xD And generally, I got SO much fun watching your review! I enjoyed it much more than the video itself :D Guys, even if you review MVs/songs I don’t like too much, you can make me look at them from a slightly different perspective :] That doesn’t change my overall reception of the song, but now at least I can smile remembering the particular scenes from the MV :)

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=v0uMkhi1DzI
    simon and martina i think you both will love this mash up of BIG BANG – FANTASTIC BABY  and B2ST -BREATH!!!!!
    enjoy guys       
    if you guys have watched this like it so simon and martina can see

  9. Lol @ Simon and his hat trick. xDDD

  10. God, I effin’ love this song! 

  11. I WILL expect FANTASTIC BABY of next week! Oh I can’t wait :DDD
    and Always, K-pop music mondays is very funny and interesting! 
    Thank you very much simon and martina!! >_<

  12. BIGBANG all the way..XD
    FANTASTIC BABY next week..

  13. I so totally hope you do fantastic baby ,, cause its an amazing MV ,, :D 

  14. I just realized that each one of their girls kind of matches their style. I like that :)

  15. I vote for Big Bang!
    But neither Miss A nor Big Bang were very bad, haha. All Miss A did was close lockers (not even slam them shut) and dance. Then Big Bang just got rejected by a bunch of girls and danced… But I vote for Big Bang because they were in NY and did get shot.

    Jk~ NY is a nice place? xD

  16. BIGBANG! Cause GD did Dragon Ball stunts! Badass! <3 

  17. love what you guess have been doing from the begging and now.
    Teen Top Crazy.

  18. Im guessing you will be doing “Fantastic Baby” next week? Well I hope so CAUSE IT IT THE MOTHERFLIPPING MOST AWESOME MV IN THIS FREAKING WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

    I vote for BIGBANG in everything <3

    Do BIGBANG – Fantastic Baby music monday! Can't wait to see the look on Simons face!!! :D

  19. just wild guessing will you guys do review on “BIG BANG”  again next week as “Fantastic Baby” MV was also released… gaining lot of fans screaming on their on their own reviews on youtube!!

  20. Loved your review of Bad Boy Simon & Martina! You guys are awesome and you totally crack me up all the time! Looking forward to your review of Fantastic Baby ;-)

  21. Miss A! look at how Jia bumped into the guy and Min stepping on his books! Bad Ass!

  22. I can’t believe I never noticed TOP’s ventriloquist rapping skills. (It’s even more evident in Fantastic Baby.)

  23. KONY 2012! Please watch it, share it, and help save lives!

  24. Big Bang on Kpop Mondays – 3 WEEKS IN A ROW

    OH YEAH!



  25. Miss A always has more baditude. 

  26. I have a feeling that we gonna have another BIG BANG Music Monday next week!

  27. Big Bang!!!!!! BOOM SHAKALAKA!!!!!!!!

  28. I gotta go for Miss A. I love BB and I love this song but Miss A’s just had the attitude with Bad girl, good girl.

  29. OMG! I love the “All Hail The Return of Bilasa!” B1A4 THIS TIME IS OVER!

  30. Miss A all the way!! They so badass ^^

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