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Big Bang – Bad Boy: Kpop Music Mondays

March 6, 2012


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Big Bang two weeks in a row! This video and song are a lot different than last week’s video, Blue. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

For starters, let’s say that we’re happy that each member of Big Bang has their own girl. We’re not really happy with how they interact in the video, though. Big Bang getting rejected? I know a lot of girls are probably screaming their faces off over that idea. NOT LIKELY. But, fine: let’s suppose that these girls are fed up with Big Bang, because they’re all bad boys. You know what? I don’t buy it. It’s Big Bang! They seem like sweethearts, well-grounded, humble, and polite. The meanest they might be is not being able to return your phone calls, because they’re so busy training, traveling, touring, recording, and whatnot. But that’s about it. Big Bang: we know you’re a bunch of nice guise. You’re not fooling us :D

On another note: I’m sure people are going to start complaining that we reviewed the same band two weeks in a row. And, supposedly Fantastic Baby is coming out tomorrow, and that will surely dominate our Kpop charts again, and surely some people are going to complain about that. Really, we’d like to just say that we have no hand in this. Before the Kpopcharts, we would count all of the votes ourselves, and people would complain about transparency, and how we would pick one band over another. With the Kpopcharts, you’ve got full transparency, full control. We just do reviews on whoever you choose. SO DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER ALRIGHT?!

We’re also starting to think that, really, Kpop bands aren’t really doing a lot of promoting while Big Bang is promoting. Last week’s Kpop Charts Update was really sparse, and this week so far, barely anything’s come out. So what are we supposed to review otherwise, if it’s only Big Bang putting out songs? Anyhow, we’re not complaining. We’re liking all of the songs and videos that are coming out from Big Bang. It’s good music, and the videos are fun to talk about, so we’re having a great time making these Music Mondays. We just don’t want people getting upset at us, that’s all.

Completely unrelated side note: sometimes we have great ideas for skits. Today was one of those days. We were totally excited to recreate G Dragon and Taeyang. Unfortunately, the execution of the skit was terrible…perhaps one of our worst EVAR! We’re including it in the bloopers, but we’re warning you: IT SUCKS SO BAD! It made us quiver with discomfort. What the hell happened? Well, for starters, we think it would have been better if we did it outside. Instead, we were stuck in our apartment because it was raining. That’s our excuse. AH! We included a snippet of it in the video, and the full atrocity in the bloopers. Watch it at your own risk:

Also, congratulations to the winners of the Big Bang Blue Contest: Lily Guo on Facebook
@aristyaaw on Twitter, and amandacollyer on YouTube
. If you’re one of the winners, send us an email through our contact page. First come, first serve!



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Kpop Music Mondays


Big Bang – Bad Boy: Kpop Music Mondays


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