Yep. Big Bang’s “Blue”. No surprise here. Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here:


As with any of the big names in Korean pop, a comeback song is going to be an immediate jump to first place on our kpop charts, but even though this song was voted in due to a large fan base, it’s actually a totally awesome song. How awesome? So awesome that our friends who normally hate kpop, admitted to liking this song. BREAAAAKTHROUGH!

Why? It’s a very likeable song. Gentle vocals, strange rewind/reverse sound effects in the background, a simple guitar and piano melody, a beat that knows just when to pick up, and a great hook that will have you humming it before you know it. One of the things we’ve always liked about Big Bang is how you can clearly tell each members’ voice apart. They each have a very distinct sound and vocal range, yet they seem to finish each other’s sandwiches…I mean… sentences. There is a smooth overlap of one singer to the next and you can still very clearly tell them apart, but not in a harsh way. With Big Bang there is usually a kind of abrupt voice change, and not in a bad way, but it can’t be helped when you put Daesung’s smooth and powerful vocals next to an “A-yo-ing” quick GD and a deep reggae sounding TOP but in this song…I didn’t feel that abrupt switch of character. I don’t mean to say that this is a bad thing, it’s just different for Big Bang. Considering this past year, I think this song was very emotional for them and it shows. Okay, enough mushy artsy talk. Forward ho!

The first time we heard this song, we were surprised to find that Seungri’s vocals stole both our hearts, I mean…FOOTBALL, BEER, AND MANLY STUFF! He comes in at the 30 second mark and he almost whispers out the words yet it still manages to sound very emotional. Simon didn’t like TOP being in this song, but I thought he was incorporated in a great way considering that the sound and feel of this song would not support a strong cocky rap sequence. Whenever I think of a rapper singing, I think of Kanye West murdering my ears in JYJ’s “Ayyy Girl”… I KNOW THE TYYYPE, I KNOW THE LIIIIFE, I KNOW YO LIVING YOU LIFE FOR THE NIIIIIIGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHTTT…UGH STOP! JUST STOP KAYNE! STOP IT!! *falls to the floor sobbing* So yes, when TOP doesn’t murder my ears and has a decent rap/singing voice, I’m really happy.

Onto the video! The first time we watched it we thought maybe this song was about the girl committing suicide via jumping off the rooftop…but the more we watched it the harder it was to find evidence to support that theory. I mean, yeah, she looks pretty sulky and sad, and she’s wondering around doing nothing, and all the guys are remembering moments they had with her, but there is really no point where the video suggest that she isn’t alive. Plus, we can’t justify the idea that she literally dated every member of Big Bang or had special moments with each of them and then broke up with them, and now they’re sad. That idea never flies with me, but I think the plot in Big Bang’s “Tonight” with Daesung and TOP pitted against each was brilliant and felt very real.

So we’re thinking she represents painful memories (but not as a literal memory of them with the girl). She is a representation of haunting memories in general, which is why she is not in full vivid colour, but is instead faded and neutral in emotion. She is like the mould in which any obsessive memory can fit into, and when we obsess over a sad memory, we feel hella’ crappy and blue.

So, there are two moments in the video which help push us towards this theory. While majority of the memories are moments where the girl is staring off into space and then Big Bang stares off thoughtfully in the same location, there are two memories that stand out. The first is GD running on the rooftop and the second is at the end when Taeyang drives off.

GD starts off the video by furiously running, but it seems like he’s not really getting anywhere in particular since he’s on a rooftop. The video keeps flipping between clips of him running and the girl running in the same location and speed. This gesture of him running seems very futile since he’s not going anywhere (nor is he escaping or outrunning the girl’s speed). While he’s running he looks behind him and it’s a clip of the girl staring at him. It seems like GD is trying really hard to not think about something or to get over a memory, but he is unsuccessful since the memory runs stride by stride with him no matter how hard he runs. After this memory we see all the Big Bang members struggle with sad memories as well, and there are even moments where they run, but the girl is still running stride by stride.

It’s only until the end of the video that we see someone separate from the memory aka the girl. We see Taeyang get in a car, look into his rearview mirror and successful drive off without the girl, which is a symbolic gesture of leaving that memory behind and moving on…that or Taeyang is A) a mega jerk who wants his girlfriend to get mugged or B) a car thief. We’d like to believe this song and video is a bit deeper then car thievery.

So, finally conclusion: the girl = sad memories we obsess over which make us feel like crap, and don’t we all have sad memories? Like any bad moment, time helps the memory fade and learning to move on and not obsess can help you leave that memory in the dust. The dust of your super hot classic Corvette convertible Stingray…which just happens to be my most favourite classic car EVA. *Martina tears up at the thought of Big Bang + her favourite car*

Yeah! There you go. We couldn’t mention all of that in our video because it would have taken FOREVER, and we already talked for a bit too long. Ah well. That’s what blog posts are for :D

Now, some of you might also want to know more details about the contest. As you know, we’re giving away two Big Bang CDs and on Big Bang T-Shirt. You’ve got three ways to win

1) For our YouTube subscribers: let us know in the comments, if any Big Bang member would have a superpower what would it be?
2) For our Facebook Fans: like the contest thread, and leave your answer there as well.
3) For our Twitter Followers: Retweet this post!

And, for you awesome blog readers, you can leave your answer here as well, because we like you guise! You’ll be grouped in the same category as the YouTube subscriber, so leave your YouTube username as well so we can make sure you’ve subscribed (if we pick your answer, that is!)

Woot! We’ll pick our favorite two answers, and one random Twitterer, and announce the winners next week. If you’re not fond of contests, though, and would much rather not leave your Big Bang experience to chance, you can pick up their single on iTunes, or you can get their album delivered to you by clicking on the link here:

Big Bang

And, lastly, here are this week’s bloopers. We couldn’t really get out there and do as much as we wanted to do because of Martina’s busted ankle, but we still got to get in a few giggles, especially as a super-fashionable GD with some pimped out crutches.


  1. It’s refreshing to see martina fangirling XP

  2. Best superhero: TOP
    Here is why: Killing ppl with his eyebrows/eyes (cuz they’re so freakin damn beautiful)
    SIMON BIASSS!!!!! jkjkI <3 TOP his eyebrows are killing me XD

  3. i think the best super hero would be g dragon he would have the power of hair morphing his hair can change colour and style by whatever he is thinking ( sort of like a mood ring but hair) and to breath fire onto unstylish people and the fire doesnt burn them but transforms them into uber fashionable fashionably trendy awesome people he would fly around the world answering the calls of all the people who wish to be totally transformed!

  4. I think the best super hero would be Seungri. He is always doing imitations (like when he was Strong Heart or like in his V.V.I.P. video), so his power would be that he can shape shift into different people. And when he would fight crime, he would save damsels in distress with his amazing pirouettes xD

  5. Superhero would be GD, he would be a shifter that turns into a dragon and can control water, fire, eath and wind, all four elements. Cos long ago in the myths it was said dragons controls weather and different elements, Plus GD wanted to be a dragon when he was a kid. 

  6. I think the best Superhero would be Taeyang because he just have the swag.He is confident and sure about himself.
    His power is the swagieness. He will CRUSH *muhahaha* all his enemys…..~~
    but now that i think about it… nop Taeyang with his Engrish-SuperPower called SWAGIENESS !! :)

  7. This easy. :) TOP would have the ability to never get tired. This way he can always practice, have concert, almost no sleep, and so on, with out suffering. He would do what he loves and still not have some of the downsides of being a star :) He would deserve such a power :D

  8. i prefer LONELY, best yd sad music s2

  9. did you just put 2ne1 against Big Bang, you got some balls

  10. The supah hero would be Daesung and his superpower would be that he can produce any sound wave frecuence he wants with his dothraki man warrior voice xD so he can hypnotize people and make them have hallucinations and control their minds mwahahah!
    But because he is busy and doesn’t have too much time to save the world, he sends the hypnotized fangirls to beat up the villians for him xD and with that he keeps his secret identity safe!My youtube account is “punqkeh” (:

  11. Don’t worry Martina, I’ll do a happy dance for you too!! I hope it’s magical fangirly power will reach you  _> and I kind of suspect tights and cap might suit him nicely…. maybe Spudgy can be his mascot?  ó__ó and GD his super fashionable right arm??

    YT user: sharrainfinity

  12. TOP would be the best super hero! 
    His power would be mind reading! Why? Because of his strong gaze. He’s always trying to figure what criminals are thinking! And he looks damn sexy in his business suit disguise. 

  13. T.O.P: his name will be tarti <3 nop (Martina and T.O.P) his super power will be ice flaming power hat can steal any girl any time he wants. which also the blue hair with the blue super amazing POWER!~

  14. All of them should have a super power to just make people happier… oh no wait, they already do that :) 

  15. hero………………………………..super power 
    T.O.P…………………………….. bringing sexy back XD
    Taeyang…………………………. saving the world from horrible dancing 
    GD………………………………..  transforming every1 into a pink,blue haired fationista  

  16. The best superhero would be G-Dragon. He would go out with his dog gaho and help people to become more stylish with his supernatural fashion sense… :)

  17. Daesung would be the coolest and nicest Superhero
    His superpower would be: saving Spudgy in case of dangerI define ‘danger': earthquakes, tsunamis, too-hot-air-blowing-blowdryers, crazy-Spudgy-fans, crazy taxi- and busdrivers, Spudgy-eating-grandma’s, Spudgy-teasing-kids, etc..He’d protect Spudgy with his life, but Daesung can not die, therefore Spudgy will always be healthy and safe.

  18. Okay this will seem over-done I am sure BUT I FORGOT MY REALLY AWESOME RIPPIDO FLIPPIDO SUPER SLOW MOTION SUPERPOWER for Seungri………howww?

    Anywho, as many have said, the best superhero of Big Bang would have to be T.O.P, The Overly Powerful one, why I hear you asking? Because of his unlimited unmeasureable amounts of swag, he can blind people with his swagness from a simple side swag glance. But don’t ever be caught in bed with him (as much as we all wish we could be) because it is all a facade, he has lured you there to wipe you out with a single swag glance (cos we all saw there was no one in the bed next to him in Baby Goodnight, because they went POOF from the too-hard-to-handle amount of swag that T.O.P was exuding).

    YT username: turqoiuse

  19. I think Taeyang would be a good superhero because it has the force in him, he just dosome dance steps and this is how its power is. Taeyang I vote for you as a superheroKorean.More powerful than the Hulk, more Tight as Superman, more sexy than Wolverine.TAEYANG! !!!Sorry for my english i’m french ^^youtube id : LolwithStarsxx

  20. Seungri, His superpower would consist of giving financial advice

  21. TOP’s hero name would be “alien”
    His super hero powers include becoming more radiant and some occasions translucent , Also making people’s facial expression seem cool like HIS, people wont have to be afraid of covering there face all the time. The last power that TOP would have is his super rough voice that makes all girls and guys that hate him LOVE him. His catch phrase is ” Dont trip i got this, you never know what ill come up with next” *nods to the side* *while winking”!


  23. I’ve decided that GD would make the best superhero, only because he’s… The unexpected type, you know? He’d be the mysterious superhero with no identity.
    Oh, yeah, he’d be the hero that can transform into other appearances, meaning he can change into different people and things like that because in all the videos I’ve seen him in, he’d always have a different look. He would be a shape-shifter. [I have no idea what they are called]
    He’d pose as suspected people and help solve crimes and catch crooks, simple things like that. Similar to something like the City Hunter, (solving the citizens’ problems and taking money from the corrupt rulers and giving it back to their rightful owners) but… With more pizzazz because it’s GD after all, haha. 
    Welp, my youtube channel is –> melodyharness :D

  24. I noticed that you wrote “Block B Fighting” in the background. That’s really nice of you – that whole issue went entirely out of hand. I’m not their fan, but all the same, thanks for supporting them. I really respect how crazy but also level-headed you guys are. :)
    *replays Blue*

  25. I just came up with another superhero so I just had to post it :D

    And the hero of the day is, tadaah~TOP! <3 He has the mysterious BOOM SHAKA LAKA power that he uses to make people dumbfounded and then just start dancing crazy, crazy enough to break their bones! :DD

    (I think Martina was affected early on because of her sensibility towards the Tee Oh Pay :D)

    yay, I even got two nicks on youtube and you're subscribed on both! Lottafromwonderland aka GgongMinkki ;)

  26. Superhero: Taeyang
    Power: To make everyone dance as smooth as him. This way no one would have to see bad dancing, and everyone could be mesmerized by his awesomeness. With one touch every bad situation would be avoided through his awesome isolations. Anyone attacking New York would just start dancing! Who can’t be filled with joy while dancing?? No one that’s right. ^^

  27. I think GD has the most obvious super power, of all big bang. And we can see it on both “Blue” and “Bad Boy” now.
    GD super power is: ta TA TAAAAAAAN!  Controling hair !
    It may not sound like much but, in Blue we can see how he changes his hair color from yellow to red!, and in Bad Boy his hair is longer, and he even grows hair from his jacket! I
    mean wow!
    (And probably, controls every other members hair)
    Username: xKaollax  
    ;)! Hope you feeling better Martina :3

  28. Daesung is the only superhero I see around! 
    What’s his power you ask? SUPER STRENGTH. Nobody could have gotten through this alone but with the big bang squad he was able to come back to us a healthy new person.
    I hope to see him smiling and more confident in the future and I hope he remembers VIPS and kpop fans alike will continue to support and help him through this difficult time and into a brighter future. 
    He’s young yet he’s been through so much, I hope he will look back at this time and remember these hardships made him stronger.

  29. I think that TOP would be the best New York superhero! Cause he already have an superpower! The eye fuck! And then he will make every girl pregnant and they will fall for him, and then the population will increase (because of the eye fuck’s effectivness) and he will take over the world and then he can make world peace! (just said world peace cause he has to be a superhero xD) And he can make forever alone women (like me) cry out in pure pleasure :3 HOHOHOHO :3 

    Take it down, Spudgy!

  30. Obviously the best superhero would be Seungri . His powers would include the ability to over exaggerate, get girls phone numbers, flawless impersonations and making you laugh so hard you nearly die of laughing so hard. and the cute lil smile would make you melt inside and fan girl constantly and make young girls hearts and maybe boys hearts flutter!! … wait a second, I’m just listing things Seungri already does. Okay here’s my real answer…Seungri with the power to stop time! YT: StephaniieRuthx

  31. TOP, if he had super hero powers, he would have the invisibility power and the super strength power :d It’ll look soo good on him <3 I already LIKE you FB page and Tweeted (;

  32. TOP has the superpower to make girls pregnant with just one look. My YT username is Kittytoast :)

  33. TOP is actually my superhero for all time!!!! His attractive voice is one of his superpower… but, in this occasion i would say his “ability of changing HAIRCOLOUR”. TOP is able to change his hair colour to any colour he wanted in any situations. Each colour represents each kind of superpower. For example, White represents the ability of hypnotizing, hypnotize people to do thing as he wanted. Blue represents the power of ice that cools everybody down. In another meaning when TOP has BLUE HAIR he will make PEACE!! :) ♥ HAHA :D:D

  34. Superhero:TOP
    Superpower:Sonic Wave because ha has a really loud voice that can attract people.

  35. superhero is youngbae
    superhero power is embarrassing oneself by grinding and jaywalking in random places to the point of completely obliterating his chances of getting a girlfriend.. only people with that kind of superhero power would be able to do it in different countries; in different continents.

  36. The superhero would be Taeyang
    I think his power is his voice (OMG that’s so high)i don’t think any girls can sing like him too. Can u all heard that his voice has progressive? (in Blue MV) The 1st time i heard his song i love it and how i could be here
     ( as his fans)

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