Yep. Big Bang’s “Blue”. No surprise here. Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here:


As with any of the big names in Korean pop, a comeback song is going to be an immediate jump to first place on our kpop charts, but even though this song was voted in due to a large fan base, it’s actually a totally awesome song. How awesome? So awesome that our friends who normally hate kpop, admitted to liking this song. BREAAAAKTHROUGH!

Why? It’s a very likeable song. Gentle vocals, strange rewind/reverse sound effects in the background, a simple guitar and piano melody, a beat that knows just when to pick up, and a great hook that will have you humming it before you know it. One of the things we’ve always liked about Big Bang is how you can clearly tell each members’ voice apart. They each have a very distinct sound and vocal range, yet they seem to finish each other’s sandwiches…I mean… sentences. There is a smooth overlap of one singer to the next and you can still very clearly tell them apart, but not in a harsh way. With Big Bang there is usually a kind of abrupt voice change, and not in a bad way, but it can’t be helped when you put Daesung’s smooth and powerful vocals next to an “A-yo-ing” quick GD and a deep reggae sounding TOP but in this song…I didn’t feel that abrupt switch of character. I don’t mean to say that this is a bad thing, it’s just different for Big Bang. Considering this past year, I think this song was very emotional for them and it shows. Okay, enough mushy artsy talk. Forward ho!

The first time we heard this song, we were surprised to find that Seungri’s vocals stole both our hearts, I mean…FOOTBALL, BEER, AND MANLY STUFF! He comes in at the 30 second mark and he almost whispers out the words yet it still manages to sound very emotional. Simon didn’t like TOP being in this song, but I thought he was incorporated in a great way considering that the sound and feel of this song would not support a strong cocky rap sequence. Whenever I think of a rapper singing, I think of Kanye West murdering my ears in JYJ’s “Ayyy Girl”… I KNOW THE TYYYPE, I KNOW THE LIIIIFE, I KNOW YO LIVING YOU LIFE FOR THE NIIIIIIGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHTTT…UGH STOP! JUST STOP KAYNE! STOP IT!! *falls to the floor sobbing* So yes, when TOP doesn’t murder my ears and has a decent rap/singing voice, I’m really happy.

Onto the video! The first time we watched it we thought maybe this song was about the girl committing suicide via jumping off the rooftop…but the more we watched it the harder it was to find evidence to support that theory. I mean, yeah, she looks pretty sulky and sad, and she’s wondering around doing nothing, and all the guys are remembering moments they had with her, but there is really no point where the video suggest that she isn’t alive. Plus, we can’t justify the idea that she literally dated every member of Big Bang or had special moments with each of them and then broke up with them, and now they’re sad. That idea never flies with me, but I think the plot in Big Bang’s “Tonight” with Daesung and TOP pitted against each was brilliant and felt very real.

So we’re thinking she represents painful memories (but not as a literal memory of them with the girl). She is a representation of haunting memories in general, which is why she is not in full vivid colour, but is instead faded and neutral in emotion. She is like the mould in which any obsessive memory can fit into, and when we obsess over a sad memory, we feel hella’ crappy and blue.

So, there are two moments in the video which help push us towards this theory. While majority of the memories are moments where the girl is staring off into space and then Big Bang stares off thoughtfully in the same location, there are two memories that stand out. The first is GD running on the rooftop and the second is at the end when Taeyang drives off.

GD starts off the video by furiously running, but it seems like he’s not really getting anywhere in particular since he’s on a rooftop. The video keeps flipping between clips of him running and the girl running in the same location and speed. This gesture of him running seems very futile since he’s not going anywhere (nor is he escaping or outrunning the girl’s speed). While he’s running he looks behind him and it’s a clip of the girl staring at him. It seems like GD is trying really hard to not think about something or to get over a memory, but he is unsuccessful since the memory runs stride by stride with him no matter how hard he runs. After this memory we see all the Big Bang members struggle with sad memories as well, and there are even moments where they run, but the girl is still running stride by stride.

It’s only until the end of the video that we see someone separate from the memory aka the girl. We see Taeyang get in a car, look into his rearview mirror and successful drive off without the girl, which is a symbolic gesture of leaving that memory behind and moving on…that or Taeyang is A) a mega jerk who wants his girlfriend to get mugged or B) a car thief. We’d like to believe this song and video is a bit deeper then car thievery.

So, finally conclusion: the girl = sad memories we obsess over which make us feel like crap, and don’t we all have sad memories? Like any bad moment, time helps the memory fade and learning to move on and not obsess can help you leave that memory in the dust. The dust of your super hot classic Corvette convertible Stingray…which just happens to be my most favourite classic car EVA. *Martina tears up at the thought of Big Bang + her favourite car*

Yeah! There you go. We couldn’t mention all of that in our video because it would have taken FOREVER, and we already talked for a bit too long. Ah well. That’s what blog posts are for :D

Now, some of you might also want to know more details about the contest. As you know, we’re giving away two Big Bang CDs and on Big Bang T-Shirt. You’ve got three ways to win

1) For our YouTube subscribers: let us know in the comments, if any Big Bang member would have a superpower what would it be?
2) For our Facebook Fans: like the contest thread, and leave your answer there as well.
3) For our Twitter Followers: Retweet this post!

And, for you awesome blog readers, you can leave your answer here as well, because we like you guise! You’ll be grouped in the same category as the YouTube subscriber, so leave your YouTube username as well so we can make sure you’ve subscribed (if we pick your answer, that is!)

Woot! We’ll pick our favorite two answers, and one random Twitterer, and announce the winners next week. If you’re not fond of contests, though, and would much rather not leave your Big Bang experience to chance, you can pick up their single on iTunes, or you can get their album delivered to you by clicking on the link here:

Big Bang

And, lastly, here are this week’s bloopers. We couldn’t really get out there and do as much as we wanted to do because of Martina’s busted ankle, but we still got to get in a few giggles, especially as a super-fashionable GD with some pimped out crutches.


  1. It’s refreshing to see martina fangirling XP

  2. This is a nice post.

  3. Dear Martina,

    Can you tell us or find out who the actress is for the girl in this video?
    I’m pretty sure alot of us BigBang fans want to know her name.

  4. hey can you tell us who this mystery girl is??? you know who the actress is……

  5. Mnet USA featured this episode of KPop Music Mondays on their show “Hello Pop!” this past tuesday. Even though I saw this episode of KPMM already online when it was first released, it was so awesome seeing you guys on my television screen. Are you guys in some sort of contract with Mnet so that they can show your videos on Mnet? If so, that is really cool and congratulations because that must be really exciting. If not, how is it possible that they can put your videos on Mnet programs such as “Hello Pop!”?

  6. I love both Lonely and Blue. however, Blue feels more……hmmmmmmmm sad? melancholy?

  7. Weems Wong

    Best superhero: TOP
    Here is why: Killing ppl with his eyebrows/eyes (cuz they’re so freakin damn beautiful)
    SIMON BIASSS!!!!! jkjkI <3 TOP his eyebrows are killing me XD

  8. Weems Wong


  9. if gd would have any superpower it would b grow apples anywhere
    if taeyang would have any superpower it would b controlling minds
    if top would have any superpower it would b strength 
    if daesung would have any superpower it would b cure ppl from injuries 
    last but not least if seungri would have any superpower it would b shapshifting 

  10. if gd would have any superpower it would b music power! cause he makes the best music ever!
    if taeyang would have any superpower it would b strength cause he has awesome abs
    if top would have any superpower it would b awesomeness cause there is noone more awesomer than him
    if daesung would have any superpower it would b funniness because he is super funny and never fails to make some laugh
    last but not least if seungri would have any superpower it would b invincibility cause he is invisible!!!

  11. I can understand why people not related to kpop would like this song :] I’m far from being a fan of BB, but I like the general mood of the song. I like how it’s being very smoothly sang. You indeed don’t need to scream to deliver your emotions properly.

    But… I just don’t like the song that much. Although it has everything I like from such songs, I just… don’t. It’s the same with every single BB’s songs: although they have the potential to be appealing to me, they just don’t. Somehow. It’s like watching, I don’t know, breathtaking rainbow from behind the fogged glass.

    And there is another thing I’d like to point out: I love the overall mood of the video. Such cold, blue-ish urban style is what I like. But I hate the idea that they filmed it in NY. Why not in Seoul??? Why??? I would never understand it.

    And I know it’s too late, but I would vote for Blue. I don’t hear even SLIGHTEST sadness in “Lonely”. As for me their vocals are emotionless. In Blue, though, you can clearly hear their emotions. Bravo.

  12. привет!!!!!!!!! меня зовут Малика и я очень очень очень хочу иметь футболки))))))))) я живу в Казахстане многие подростки не ценят kpop как и в моей школе МНОГИЕ ДУМАЮТ ЧТО КОРЕЙЦЫ не очень поют(((((((((Меня это расстраивет((((((  Вернемся к главному я думаю что GD  МОЖЕТ БЫТЬ ОТЛИЧНЫМ СУПЕРГЕРОЕМ  И ЕСЛИ БЫ ОН ИМЕЛ СУПЕРСИЛУ ОН БЫ МОГ СТАНЦЕВАТЬ KPOP ТАНЕЦ И ВЗЛЕТЕЬ!!!!! Или он споет  и его голос заставит всех повиноваться ему )))))))* он бы считался САМЫМ МОДНЫМ СУПЕРГЕРОЕМ  В МИРЕ))))))))) И Я СЧИТАЮ ЧТО КЛИП И ПЕСНЯ BIG BANG Blue лучше чем 2ne1 Lonely)))))) но я также люблю 2ne1 просто клип blue был снят интересно нежно так что даже те кто не любит корейских исполнителей влюбились в песню и клип я могу это доказать))))))))ПОКА !!!!!!!!!!!! Жумабаева Малика Казахстан Город Атырау.


  14. Youtube: sandylu254
    i think “ALL” of the BIG BANG are SUPERHERO !!!!!!!! they’re good at everything….dance, sing, joking, ETC !! i just love them so much and their super-power is THE GOD OF VIP !! like i said they’re good at EVERYTHING !!!…
    ANd i love their new hair style, GD look like a rock star, T.O.P hair is so pretty, Taeyang hair is the same but…a little bit…”SHARP”-er LOL Dae is sooooooo HANDSOME with that blonde hair, Seungri’s hair is soooo CUTE !!!!! …..i love them so much and…I really want their CD AND T-SHIRT because i lives in Hawaii, and they dont sell those over here so…>______________<
    i wish i can win this contest and BYE SIMON AND MARTINA !! and SPUDGY !! ^________^

  15. AWW, I made it so clear with new paragraphs, and everything…but it just became so messed up TT_TT

    ..all this because I couldn’t find the contest thread on facebook..(am I the only one? O.O’)

  16. Hi,

    Let me tell you my little idea :)In my opinion they could be like an all boys version of “WITCH”. ^^ (you know, Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin) :DBut OK, let’s not think about the actual characters of WITCH, but focus on their power :D more precisely on their elements:(I had a hard time defining who will get which element…)Let’s start with GD:He’ll get the electricity, since he’s the leader, but there’re other reasons why he deserves it. :) He has an almost agressive power, like his eyes are sparkling. He has a sort of look in his eyes that makes me feel like electricity is running up along my spine. ..Just think about ‘She’s Gone’. He’s like pure energy.
    With one look he can shock everybody around him. (he could sing ‘everyday I schock’  …just kidding^^)

    Next one is Daesung:He got the element which I think fits him best: it’s water. Let me explain: his voice is extremely powerful, but still can be so calming. Also even if he let’s out his full vouce it’s like flowing to me. In ‘Blue’ he was like a quietly waving ocean, while in ‘Koe Wo Kikasete’ his voice was like the sound of playful waterdrops of a summer rain. (I get the feeling especially when he’s sitting on that hige dice O.O)So he got the power of taking people down their feet with the power of water just by singing.Now let’s see Taeyang:He got the element of fire. (no, not beacause of the look of his new hair…it’s not even red :D) ..but because when he’s dancing, he looks like a flame, catches everyone’s eyes. So dangerous, anyone (mostly girls) would melt of the heat, even if they only see it ;P  Do you want proof? Then watch ‘Prayer’ he’s like fire, even though the scene is full of water^^So, I assume he can light anything on fire if he starts to dance.I could hardly wait for the next one: TOP (nobody can say I’m biased :D)TOP would be the earth. He’s strong and firm like the earth^^ As his element is less agile compared to the others it’s perfect choice for him. If you look at him in any MV he doesn’t dance so passionately (eg.: in Bad Boy, whenhe’s singing, and the others are dancing around him :D)…just as my friend said once: He’s just standing there being cool ^^His power would be that when he’s raping earthquakes are shaking.Last but not least: SeungriHe was the hardest case. As the air is something inconcievable, so is Seungri…to me at least. I could define him as air because he’s everywhere around the others^^ Now I’m not talking about te MVs, but anytime else :DAnd he’s extremely adaptable. I mean he respects the other members and their skills so he tries to be good at everything. He’s enthusiastic, I think :)So, he would get the power of air, he’d be capable of being as agile as the he’d be made of breeze.Then what happens if GD calls all elements together and they unite? Then it’s:BIG BANG!!! :D(I wonder what else their name would be.. they can’t be WITCH it’s already taken…so maybe GD.TST?, or TT.GSD? those sound so lame, let’s leave it as it is: BIG BANG :D)Ummm, … one more thing:Seungri fans please don’t kill me, but, just now some weird idea came to my mind…did you see Seungri’s scarf around his waist in ‘Love Song’? …reminds me of Hay Lin’s skirt XD (you can check it here:)http://users1.ml.mindenkilapja.hu/users/winx_witch/uploads/hay_linwitch.jpgI hope you liked my ‘little’ imagination^^Oh, and I was: szercia (from Youtube :P)

  17. The song came out so soothing and the MV is so simple, but still so powerful.
    I’m glad to see BIGBANG back!!

  18. I think GD’s superpower would be to change the color of his hair to match his cap. Fashionista power! 

  19. Daesung would be a good super hero
    His powers:with his powerful voice controls or changes the way the
    evil people think and seduce the bad guys with his cute aego then his
    eyes would see the future and his blonde hair will glow in the dark when
    he is looking for the bad guy and his perfect smile will freeze anyone
    and last but not least his presence and good looks will get the bad guys

  20.  think Super Hero SeungRi: with telekinesis and telepathy super powers
    because in the video he has a sad, dark and mysterious presence and
    this makes a perfect combo with those super powers also he can fly and
    shows himself like the bad boy of the story but not really is only a
    lonely person
    YT Account: salo1609

  21. If Seungri had a super power, his super power would be the ability to make everyone a panda. *coughdarkcirclescough*

    If TOP had a super power, his super power would be the ability to mesmerize people with his eyes. o_o He just looks… so… mesmerizing y’know. I bet Martina would understand.  And of course he already has this super power but the ability to be a awesome dorthraki man warrior.

    If GD had a super power, it would be the ability to just pull of any kind of style on the face of the planet. But, GD already got that. He can wear paperclips and still pull it off. Just looks fantastic whatever he wears.

    Lastly, Taeyang’s super power would be the ability to take off his shirt without even touching it. Whenever he just feels like it. PSHHHTTT.off. That would just save a lot of time for him wouldn’t it. It would be both beneficial for both him and his fans. ;) 

  22. T.O.P – his superpower would be the ability to make everyone(even boys!) pregnant just by looking into his eyes. The child would be born with amazing looks and voice (just like TOP~~)    Actually it’s already possbile, but well… :D

  23. GD – using his awesome hairstyes to blind fangirls with their awesomeness, or wrapping the bad guys with em and flinging them halfway across the world, or selling them to make awesome GD mindcontrolling robots! YEAAAH.

  24. The member that would NEED a superpower would be GD. I think he needs a flash-like super fast speed because he needs it if he wants to chase the girl. :)
    Also, an additional would be shape shifting like mystique. He looked good on many, many, many, different looks and this superpower will be good. 

    Youtube: joannamariesmile

  25. Super Hero: T.O.P/Tabi/Tempo XD

    T.O.P, those gorgeous eyes of his would have to be put to good use (besides just exploding peoples ovaries amIright). His power would be the ability to freeze anything he looked at with his icy cool (and slightly seductive) stare. Whether it be to freeze drinks, ponds, fires, or people, T.O.P would make an effect on anyone and anything. :3

  26. Super Hero: Seungri

    The power to break glass (or any other fragile material for that matter), with his man warrior-like vocals. With this superpower, no one would ever question the abilities of the maknae :3

  27. Super Hero: Daesung ^^

    The power to light rooms up with his huge smile! He could deliver light to all those living in fear or darkness.  

  28. Super Hero: Taeyang :D

    TayDaddy’s power would be to melt everyone’s heart (as if he doesn’t already), making everyone’s day a great one, no matter the circumstances <3

  29.  Super Hero: G Dragon <3

    He would have the power to his long hair so fast , it would lift him into the air like a tornado.

    It could be useful if he wanted to travel quickly and help someone ^^;;

  30. Gdragon would be the superhero. His power would be something like SUPERFASTRUNNINGPOWER, just beacause he seems to looove running in his mv

  31. looove the blockB fighting!

  32. TOP would be known as “THE SUPER SEDUCER.”  In fact, TOP is probably the only Big Bang member who already IS a superhero.  I mean, let’s be real.  If TOP had to stop a criminal, all he’d have to do was look at him with that “look”, and the criminal would simply melt.  <3

    Youtube username: vannasosweet

  33. The superhero would hands-down be Taeyang. I mean, yes, aren’t super heroes supposed to have alter-egos? He’s quiet and nice enough but wait till he performs! Plus, he totally has the subtle, mind-manipulating/telekinesis vibe going on – like the rest of the members (and the world) and unconsciously bends to him. hurhur. Imagine that. “GD, thou shalt be more flashy – TOP, no, thou shalt obey me! Not GD. Bring me candy. Cotton candy. Pink ones. With ice cream, pronto”

    And that body immediately makes him super-hero material too. 8D

    youtube user: silverwingz93

  34. GD!! – shape shifter with powers to change his hair colour & length at will.. (saving a lot of time and colour dye ^_^)

  35. GD would make the best superhero!special power = bangs of FURY. [extra strength x 1000000]Long Bangs. Short Bangs. yellow or pink. He’ll rid the world of villains….while maintaining the doo. YT= woohoolala90

  36. daesung would be my super hero 
    power: immortality  
    why? because he can over come everything! he over came the accident,  and come out with a smile! daesung is already a superhero!  daesung is my hero and i can learn alot from him!

  37. If TOP had a super power, it’d probably be the ability to manipulate people’s actions, thoughts and feelings. Because honestly, whenever I see him, even without the power (unless he has them already), my heart and eyes and everything else gets attracted to him.

    Youtube acc: Un4hetable

  38. Daesung would be my superhero :)
    special power: Mood-maker~

    I’m a TOP bias :”) but Daesung has that effect on people like when he smiles, unconsciously, you smile too. And when he’s sad and loses his smile, it makes you sad too. When you’re sad, he cheers you up with his cute and crazy personality. He can even make you feel good with his super awesome voice/singing ability. And after getting through such tough challenges, i bet his powers now are stronger :P

    YT account: applecadaing

  39. T.O.P would be the super hero! His power would be his VOICE! It would BLOW YOUR MIND! haha
    Youtube: romero2g4u

  40. T.O.P would be the best superhero. His superpower would be the ability to enter people’s dreams. He’d be a totem, a symbol…FOR JUSTICE! He’d be able to enter the dreams of enemies and stop them. How? Well T.O.P will spin up the ideas.

    His past as a troubled young boy, bullied for his chubbiness, led him to realize that only in his dreams is he happiest. Later he developed the skill to control and manipulate his dreams, a skill which he eventually mastered and cultivated into something greater. Choi Seunghyun thus took on the alias T.O.P and vowed to protect the dreams of humankind forever through justice.

  41. TOP would have the power of a long vocal range – he’s actually the one who can reach the highest note. That would be funny. 

    Youtube: BEAker6987

  42. I think G-Dragon would be a good superhero. He would have his sidekick Daesung. Daesung would sniff out the criminals with “SMEEELLL~” and G-Dragon would have his eyes turn red and have the powers of a dragon. :) yuup pretty awesome power.
    YT username: HugxTina

  43. they’re all superheroes in their own 

  44. TOP should have the ability to duplicate himself so that all his fans (including you guys) can be “with him” wherever and whenever :DYoutube account: dranzer1035

  45. Gdragon is the superhero as shown in the music monday blue, cause he is a fashionate~

  46. I think Taeyang will really be suited as a New York superhero. I never heard of a gangster superhero before, and I think he is the one in Big Bang that can perfectly play the part of a badass New York superhero. Let me describe Taeyang as the superhero: He is just a normal guy, with all these tattoos sprinkled all over his body but aside from that, nothing really out of this world. He dresses up like your typical b-boy from streets of New York, sporting a mohawk and the attitude to match. And when the gangs of New York fight each other or have rifts of some sort, he’ll be the one bringing the peace to the rowdy and dangerous streets of New York. He has the charisma and charm of a leader that’s not too hard but not too soft. Just the right balance of edge and ego, coupled with the desire to keep New York a comfortable and peaceful place to live in.

    Youtube account: jammysmoochie

  47. SEUNGRI…a 21 years old boy, hight around 5’10”, 60 lbs,…unlike T.O.P, TAEYANG OR GD, he’s more likely to be the “normal” guy, and that’s why he’s powerfull!!! A guy who’s underestimated by all the people, is actually A SUPERHERO!!! yes, oh I am not talking here about super power or laser eyes, he’s more like batman.
     He’s indeed an idol the day, and a justice maker the night, trying to help the poor and the weak, his apparence is actually a weapon when it comes to seduce women and get informations from them….he’s smart and knows how to act in every situation…but he’s also crazy and takes all the risks without consideration, he may seems weak but he has actually a great strong body and knows how to fight….he can play many charcaters to manipulate people and knows how to usurp identities (good at imitating). SEUNGRI IS INDEED the perfect superhero for this 21st century ps: thank youuuuuuu  simon and martina <3 

  48. TOP: Saving everyone from costly prices on heat. He brings the steam to YOU!! 

  49. “Umm, did Taeyang just jack her car?” Yes, yes he did. LOL!!! Now I won’t be able to listen to this song without laughing about that! And stop hating on T.O.P. Simon!! It makes me >.>…BLUE. hahahaha haa….uhh….. *awkward* :-)

  50. I couldn’t pick only one member because they all would make awesome superheros,
    SuperHero Power For GD: being available to fashionably dress you in less than 3 seconds with a magical twirl of his finger
    For TOP: hypnotize you with his deep sexy voice
    For Daesung: use his powerful vocals to sonically freeze you
    For Seungri: to use his jokes to make you laugh to death or at least make you faint
    For Taeyang: to defeat you with his awesome dance choreography that would automatically make you melt
    YT username: teslri

  51. Definitely would be GD!! Came with a swift & BOOM turns you into the coolest person on earth! Wahahah… XD

  52. Here is my entry in the form of a poem.
    I’ve included some images and gifs to enhance the experience.
    My Youtube username is Sakiihana.Super TOP

    On a day with weather nice and mild

    I was met with some alarming news

    So many animals running wild

    There’s been a break out in the zoo!


    There’s chaos in the city, panic in the air

    But wait! What’s that? Who do I see?

    He’s sexy and cool, with fantastic hair

    Why, it’s superhero T-O-P


    He’s coming to save the day

    Imbued with animal powers

    Fast as a racing cheetah

    At 75 miles per hour


    He stops the raging gorillas

    With his monkey magic

    Then smiles with a smug grin

    And all the girls, they love it


    He communicates with the birds

    Enchanting them with a song

    And they listen to his voice

    Flying back where they belong


    Oh no, here comes a raging bull

    Whatever is TOP to do?

    He turns his hair red and runs away

    To lead it away from you


    And when he’s far enough along

    He’ll turn his hair back to blue

    Confuse and calm it with his words

    Until it’s nice and subdued


    Here comes the king of the jungle

    A fierce and majestic lion

    Yet when TOP throws his piercing gaze

    It will kneel and bow before him


    Super TOP’s only weakness

    Is his inability to dance

    But Choom TOP doesn’t let that stop him

    And with the gazelles he’ll prance!


    He’s an alien from outer space

    Traveling from a distant star

    But he is so cool and kind

    That he has won our hearts

    And when the animals have been returned

    He’ll turn and say, “nice to meet ya!”

    And he’ll do his victory dance

    Going Boom Shaka Laka!

    Images to help elevate the experience:

    (Stanza 3) http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m06millJjy1qdcigwo1_500.jpg

    (Stanza 4) http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m089kmpPfa1rnwre2o4_500.gif

    (Stanza 5) http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-1WHdBzMIqiU/TpObPDkrqzI/AAAAAAAAIuM/6jvrlj6A14A/s1600/top-gummy3.jpg

    (Stanza 9) http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lwli97NlPe1r8ycy0o1_500.gif

    (Stanza 11) http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m04rsm44In1r01791o1_500.gif

  53. I think Daesung would be the best super hero and his super power would be being able to bring people back from the dead or heal people. Cause then he wouldn’t have to go through everything he went through last year~ Hwaiting BIG BANG!

  54. i think the best super hero would be g dragon he would have the power of hair morphing his hair can change colour and style by whatever he is thinking ( sort of like a mood ring but hair) and to breath fire onto unstylish people and the fire doesnt burn them but transforms them into uber fashionable fashionably trendy awesome people he would fly around the world answering the calls of all the people who wish to be totally transformed!

  55. I think the best super hero would be Seungri. He is always doing imitations (like when he was Strong Heart or like in his V.V.I.P. video), so his power would be that he can shape shift into different people. And when he would fight crime, he would save damsels in distress with his amazing pirouettes xD

  56. Superhero would be GD, he would be a shifter that turns into a dragon and can control water, fire, eath and wind, all four elements. Cos long ago in the myths it was said dragons controls weather and different elements, Plus GD wanted to be a dragon when he was a kid. 

  57. I think the best Superhero would be Taeyang because he just have the swag.He is confident and sure about himself.
    His power is the swagieness. He will CRUSH *muhahaha* all his enemys…..~~
    but now that i think about it… nop Taeyang with his Engrish-SuperPower called SWAGIENESS !! :)

  58. This easy. :) TOP would have the ability to never get tired. This way he can always practice, have concert, almost no sleep, and so on, with out suffering. He would do what he loves and still not have some of the downsides of being a star :) He would deserve such a power :D

  59. i like blue it made me even sad

  60. i prefer LONELY, best yd sad music s2

  61. did you just put 2ne1 against Big Bang, you got some balls

  62. They all have remarkable talents compared to other KPOP male groups so i believe they would all be great heroes but since i have to choose one,I chose TOP. I believe he would be the only member with double power haha he would be able to control your emotions with his MANLY voice and he can hipnotize you with the finger dance he does in Lies !

  63. Youtube: sandylu254
    i think “ALL” of the BIG BANG are SUPERHERO !!!!!!!! they’re good at everything….dance, sing, joking, ETC !! i just love them so much and their super-power is THE GOD OF VIP !! like i said they’re good at EVERYTHING !!!…
    ANd i love their new hair style, GD look like a rock star, T.O.P hair is so pretty, Taeyang hair is the same but…a little bit…”SHARP”-er LOL Dae is sooooooo HANDSOME with that blonde hair, Seungri’s hair is soooo CUTE !!!!! …..i love them so much and…I really want their CD AND T-SHIRT because i lives in Hawaii, and they dont sell those over here so…>______________<
    i wish i can win this contest and BYE SIMON AND MARTINA !! and SPUDGY !! ^________^

  64. Yeah, this definitely has to be my favorite Big Bang song thus far, and they’ve got their hits.  :)  Great review by Simon and Martina.

    I’m kind of bummed though I didn’t see a Flaxton Street sign anywhere in the video though.

    P.S. Great ‘G-Dragon’ impersonation, Martina!

  65. The supah hero would be Daesung and his superpower would be that he can produce any sound wave frecuence he wants with his dothraki man warrior voice xD so he can hypnotize people and make them have hallucinations and control their minds mwahahah!
    But because he is busy and doesn’t have too much time to save the world, he sends the hypnotized fangirls to beat up the villians for him xD and with that he keeps his secret identity safe!My youtube account is “punqkeh” (:

  66. zbgmoongrl: Last year was rough, but all 5 members made it through and are back to releasing killer songs. I think that the entire band is actually a Korean Justice League. They run away from explosions in slow motion, practice monkey magic and explode their enemy’s eardrums with their sound. 

  67. Delia M. Alarcon Molina

    Tae Yang would make the best superhero. His powers are fire because of his name, his mowhawk will turn into steal which will be very sharp that can even cut metal just by touching it. His looks will confuse people by thinking that he woudn’t do anything, but BAM totally the opposite and will fight until he wins, never backing down. His smile will kill anyone. Also, his sexiness and hotness with his cute eyes when smiling will turn any evil person good. His muscles are like steal as well. He will shine any where he will go because he is the Sun. 

  68. Don’t worry Martina, I’ll do a happy dance for you too!! I hope it’s magical fangirly power will reach you  _> and I kind of suspect tights and cap might suit him nicely…. maybe Spudgy can be his mascot?  ó__ó and GD his super fashionable right arm??

    YT user: sharrainfinity

  69. TOP would be the best super hero! 
    His power would be mind reading! Why? Because of his strong gaze. He’s always trying to figure what criminals are thinking! And he looks damn sexy in his business suit disguise. 

  70. T.O.P: his name will be tarti <3 nop (Martina and T.O.P) his super power will be ice flaming power hat can steal any girl any time he wants. which also the blue hair with the blue super amazing POWER!~

  71. Loved this review! I think you guys already did the best superhero idea that was soooo funny. I would go for TOP but can’t find any super power not dirty for public consumption :(

  72. All of them should have a super power to just make people happier… oh no wait, they already do that :) 

  73. Daesung’s superpower would be to heal people’s hearts, lift their spirits, and lighten the moods. In short, Daesung’s smile would heal the whole world! :)

  74. hero………………………………..super power 
    T.O.P…………………………….. bringing sexy back XD
    Taeyang…………………………. saving the world from horrible dancing 
    GD………………………………..  transforming every1 into a pink,blue haired fationista  

  75. Bigbang doesn’t need super powers. To me their sincerity, talent, hard work and the relationship they have with each other are their powers. When people think about powers their thoughts goes to superheroes and superheroes save people. BIGBANG are my heroes. They saved me when I was at the verge of breaking. They gave me hope and a reason to just enjoy life. So to me, BIGBANG has individual powers the save me. TOP has the power to make me laugh. Seungri has the power to give me confidence. Daesung has the power to warm my heart. Taeyang has the power to comfort me with his voice. Last but not least G-Dragon has the power  to inspire me. BIGBANG all together have the power to warm my heart and soul.  

  76. Big Bang Blue..:)

  77. The best superhero would be G-Dragon. He would go out with his dog gaho and help people to become more stylish with his supernatural fashion sense… :)

  78. Daesung would be the coolest and nicest Superhero
    His superpower would be: saving Spudgy in case of dangerI define ‘danger’: earthquakes, tsunamis, too-hot-air-blowing-blowdryers, crazy-Spudgy-fans, crazy taxi- and busdrivers, Spudgy-eating-grandma’s, Spudgy-teasing-kids, etc..He’d protect Spudgy with his life, but Daesung can not die, therefore Spudgy will always be healthy and safe.

  79. Okay this will seem over-done I am sure BUT I FORGOT MY REALLY AWESOME RIPPIDO FLIPPIDO SUPER SLOW MOTION SUPERPOWER for Seungri………howww?

    Anywho, as many have said, the best superhero of Big Bang would have to be T.O.P, The Overly Powerful one, why I hear you asking? Because of his unlimited unmeasureable amounts of swag, he can blind people with his swagness from a simple side swag glance. But don’t ever be caught in bed with him (as much as we all wish we could be) because it is all a facade, he has lured you there to wipe you out with a single swag glance (cos we all saw there was no one in the bed next to him in Baby Goodnight, because they went POOF from the too-hard-to-handle amount of swag that T.O.P was exuding).

    YT username: turqoiuse

  80. I think Taeyang would be a good superhero because it has the force in him, he just dosome dance steps and this is how its power is. Taeyang I vote for you as a superheroKorean.More powerful than the Hulk, more Tight as Superman, more sexy than Wolverine.TAEYANG! !!!Sorry for my english i’m french ^^youtube id : LolwithStarsxx

  81. TOP surely have hypnotic power. His sharp eye will make every person, man or woman, old an young fall in his charming-hypnotic like vision.

    youtube id: miseal4

  82. Seungri, His superpower would consist of giving financial advice

  83. TOP’s hero name would be “alien”
    His super hero powers include becoming more radiant and some occasions translucent , Also making people’s facial expression seem cool like HIS, people wont have to be afraid of covering there face all the time. The last power that TOP would have is his super rough voice that makes all girls and guys that hate him LOVE him. His catch phrase is ” Dont trip i got this, you never know what ill come up with next” *nods to the side* *while winking”!


  85. I’ve decided that GD would make the best superhero, only because he’s… The unexpected type, you know? He’d be the mysterious superhero with no identity.
    Oh, yeah, he’d be the hero that can transform into other appearances, meaning he can change into different people and things like that because in all the videos I’ve seen him in, he’d always have a different look. He would be a shape-shifter. [I have no idea what they are called]
    He’d pose as suspected people and help solve crimes and catch crooks, simple things like that. Similar to something like the City Hunter, (solving the citizens’ problems and taking money from the corrupt rulers and giving it back to their rightful owners) but… With more pizzazz because it’s GD after all, haha. 
    Welp, my youtube channel is –> melodyharness :D

  86. I noticed that you wrote “Block B Fighting” in the background. That’s really nice of you – that whole issue went entirely out of hand. I’m not their fan, but all the same, thanks for supporting them. I really respect how crazy but also level-headed you guys are. :)
    *replays Blue*

  87. How as I was reading this I kept alternating between Simon and Martina’s voice in every paragraph??

  88. I believe SeungRi would make a cool superhero… not only can he mesmerize you with his sweet sweet vocals, but he is hiding a secret weapon on his person to help defend the world against evil doers, and non BigBang fans…. no no, not that secret weapon, seriously get your minds out of the gutter, especially you Martina ;) :P ^o^ His secret weapon is actually his awesome piercing in his ear, he shouts “By the powers of greyskull…wait, I mean, “by the power of BigBang” and it turns into this awesome sword. A sword of awesome, if you will. With it he can defend your virtuous honour, and spread the aweomeness that is BigBang. 
    P.S. I absolutely love this song to pieces… I have had it one repeat since it came out, yo! ^^( My youtube name is MeiYin004 )

  89. Superhero: TOP
    Power: With a flick of his eyebrows, he turns his enemies into rap-pointing robots like his signature rap move in “Lies”

  90. I just came up with another superhero so I just had to post it :D

    And the hero of the day is, tadaah~TOP! <3 He has the mysterious BOOM SHAKA LAKA power that he uses to make people dumbfounded and then just start dancing crazy, crazy enough to break their bones! :DD

    (I think Martina was affected early on because of her sensibility towards the Tee Oh Pay :D)

    yay, I even got two nicks on youtube and you're subscribed on both! Lottafromwonderland aka GgongMinkki ;)

  91. Superhero: Taeyang
    Power: To make everyone dance as smooth as him. This way no one would have to see bad dancing, and everyone could be mesmerized by his awesomeness. With one touch every bad situation would be avoided through his awesome isolations. Anyone attacking New York would just start dancing! Who can’t be filled with joy while dancing?? No one that’s right. ^^

  92. To me personally, Daesung is a super hero to me. After all he has been through. And I feel as if i can personally relate to his life and my life. Like how similar they are. So his super hero power is to change lives..well at least mine :) 

  93. I think GD has the most obvious super power, of all big bang. And we can see it on both “Blue” and “Bad Boy” now.
    GD super power is: ta TA TAAAAAAAN!  Controling hair !
    It may not sound like much but, in Blue we can see how he changes his hair color from yellow to red!, and in Bad Boy his hair is longer, and he even grows hair from his jacket! I
    mean wow!
    (And probably, controls every other members hair)
    Username: xKaollax  
    ;)! Hope you feeling better Martina :3

  94. Daesung is the only superhero I see around! 
    What’s his power you ask? SUPER STRENGTH. Nobody could have gotten through this alone but with the big bang squad he was able to come back to us a healthy new person.
    I hope to see him smiling and more confident in the future and I hope he remembers VIPS and kpop fans alike will continue to support and help him through this difficult time and into a brighter future. 
    He’s young yet he’s been through so much, I hope he will look back at this time and remember these hardships made him stronger.

  95. I think that TOP would be the best New York superhero! Cause he already have an superpower! The eye fuck! And then he will make every girl pregnant and they will fall for him, and then the population will increase (because of the eye fuck’s effectivness) and he will take over the world and then he can make world peace! (just said world peace cause he has to be a superhero xD) And he can make forever alone women (like me) cry out in pure pleasure :3 HOHOHOHO :3 

    Take it down, Spudgy!

  96. Superhero:TOP
    because who doesn’t like TOP 
    Superpower: making copies of himself so everybody can have a copy of him and be happy lol   
    username: 07munchies

  97. Obviously the best superhero would be Seungri . His powers would include the ability to over exaggerate, get girls phone numbers, flawless impersonations and making you laugh so hard you nearly die of laughing so hard. and the cute lil smile would make you melt inside and fan girl constantly and make young girls hearts and maybe boys hearts flutter!! … wait a second, I’m just listing things Seungri already does. Okay here’s my real answer…Seungri with the power to stop time! YT: StephaniieRuthx

  98. Obviously the best superhero would be Seungri . His powers would include the ability to over exaggerate, get girls phone numbers, flawless impersonations and making you laugh so hard you nearly die of laughing so hard. and the cute lil smile would make you melt inside and fan girl constantly and make young girls hearts and maybe boys hearts flutter!! … wait a second, I’m just listing things Seungri already does. Okay here’s my real answer…Seungri with the power to stop time! YT: StephaniieRuthx

  99. TOP, if he had super hero powers, he would have the invisibility power and the super strength power :d It’ll look soo good on him <3 I already LIKE you FB page and Tweeted (;

  100. TOP has the superpower to make girls pregnant with just one look. My YT username is Kittytoast :)

  101. Well seeing as how Blue literally made me start sobbing the first 20 times i heard it, I’d say it’s more moving than Lonely (though also a great sad song in it’s own right.) I can’t get over how much I effin love this song though…

    Super Power: (wait TOP’s super power of getting girls pregnant with one stare isn’t allowed? okay….) I think they’d be like a super hero league TBH, because all of them have individual strengths that come together to make BB what it is, ya know? I actually just bought my album down in Sinchon >_< so I don't need to enter, but i liked the concept of the challenge. yall going to the big show?

  102. TOP is actually my superhero for all time!!!! His attractive voice is one of his superpower… but, in this occasion i would say his “ability of changing HAIRCOLOUR”. TOP is able to change his hair colour to any colour he wanted in any situations. Each colour represents each kind of superpower. For example, White represents the ability of hypnotizing, hypnotize people to do thing as he wanted. Blue represents the power of ice that cools everybody down. In another meaning when TOP has BLUE HAIR he will make PEACE!! :) ♥ HAHA :D:D

  103. Superhero: T.O.P !
    because he has all the requirements to be a superhero.
    Power: Invisibility
    i mean come on all celebrity wish for this power once in while.
    Youtube username : ShinSooAe25

  104. Perfect Super Hero is Daesung ! His superhero name is D-LITE 

    His power is turning everyone mood in a blink of eyes ;) make everyone happy and clear the sadness  out of the world. bring back the light when its dark, he’ll be able to make the world in peace <3

    Youtube username : clover4ism
    thanks for review BIGBANG BLUE :D cheers for their comeback ! ^.^

  105. Superhero:TOP
    Superpower:Sonic Wave because ha has a really loud voice that can attract people.

  106. superhero is youngbae
    superhero power is embarrassing oneself by grinding and jaywalking in random places to the point of completely obliterating his chances of getting a girlfriend.. only people with that kind of superhero power would be able to do it in different countries; in different continents.

  107. The superhero would be Taeyang
    I think his power is his voice (OMG that’s so high)i don’t think any girls can sing like him too. Can u all heard that his voice has progressive? (in Blue MV) The 1st time i heard his song i love it and how i could be here
     ( as his fans)

  108. Greatest superhero?? DAESUNG!! 
    Superpower: SMILE :D The power of happiness! 

    Okay…not a real super power …but still someone to look up to. Whenever his eye smiles come out, that is when his power is activated, causing everyone else to smile :D as well. Once you smile :D, you feel happy. He has overcome tough times and has been an inspiration in showing us how to follow our dreams.

    YT: EmikoxD

  109. BIGBANG BLUE and the hero must be TOP.
    1. He have s superhero posture from all the members
    2. His husky and sexy voice can make you calm  when you in panic or dangerous situation. Don’t forget his eyes (OMG) could melt any woman heart (and men) and can be used to find information about his enemy. 3. As VIPS know, TOP always look cool and calm in public, but actually he so friendly and funny (BB member admitted that). SO, in superhero life he can perfectly good hide his true identity. 4. One time he ask his fans to not try find out about his family or even his ex girlfriend, and in superhero story, he can protect people. btw…Simon and Martina, please review BIGBANG BAD BOY for next monday :)Thank yooouuuuu :D

  110. Hey Simon and Martina, I have 2 questions
    1- About the contest, Can we answer the Big Bang superpower question more than once?
    2- Can we do all three of the above mentioned ways to win?

    AWH YEAH, NEW VIP HERE (just discovered BB on 22 feb ^^ AND I LOVE THEM!) Will do anything to win~ >:3 Love you guys, hwaiting for reply, thanks in advance~! <3

  111. For me it would have to be T.O.P. and his super power would be manipulation. See his voice would be so hypnotizing that he could make you do whatever he wanted simply by just saying it to you. No one would be immune except those that cover their ears but even then, they would probably just explode from his awesome good looks.

  112. Of course, T.O.P!
    He’s eyes explain it all. He’s eyes will shoot somewhat extreme lasers and lights, and of course, he will use people like puppets by looking in their eyes. T.O.P’s first impression was hot and powerful, so be would be an hot’ ALIVE’ ‘BAD BOY’ out of the ‘BLUE’.

    youtube : kykyky707

  113. Martina, we have the same favorite classic car! I’ve always wanted a silver ’72 Stingray… ugh, how awesome would THAT be? For now, I’ll settle for my silver ’05 Corolla :’( And THANK YOU for reviewing this vid! Next week… Bad Boy? *hint hint wink wink*

  114. chroniclesofnightyervil

    The best Superhero will be *drums rolling* ===> T.O.P :)
    Why T.O.P?
    Because he is known for his rough rapping skills,his taller and much more manly body-shape and of course,his hair’s colours! 
    What is his superpowers? *old man grin*
    - He can camouflage anywhere,just because of his ever-changing hair colour made him so :) Once,he turned into spudgy before he got knock off by Simon :P
    - His rough,all swag and tough rap is his weapon that will make enemies go “HALLELUJAH” before dying…yeah,MONKEY-BALLs-AWFUL :D
    - His another secret weapon is —-> to turn girls into his side kick :D Yeah,sorta like the chinese legend…Sun woo Kong. All he do is that “wink” like he did at Uhm Jung Hwa’s Disco MV and he CONTROL us to become his sidekick :D Definitely,it is voluntary decision but who will not fall onto their knees from that wink?
    - His another personal,best side kick is the monkey from his MV turn it up :DDD Yeah,together they fight the evil with their superman-like outfit except a “T” :D
    - And plus plus,his got the front line during his 71: into the fire and killed the mad-evil-hilter-like big baddie >:( —> :DDDDD
    - His crush will be someone that looks like *hmmmm* Martina! 

    :DDDDDD Love your new Music Monday Section and cool review for BB’s blue :)

    Cheers , mate! 
    youtube @ chroniclesofervil (loyal viewer and audience)

  115. As for the showdown I love BLUE and the best superhero would be Daesung. I don’t know why but his hair reminds me a lot of Storm from X-men, so Daesung’s abilitie would be weather manipulation. He can make your day snowy or sunny or rainy whatevaahh…..

  116. The best superhero would be Seungri. For example, with his fighting skills in his music video VVIP shows with a flash of some jazz hands can he easily knock any opponent out. And now he has a harpoon in his ear that he could pull…painfully out and defend the innocent and victimized. keke

    (Youtube: 228clee)

  117. The best superhero would clearly be Seungri. Why? Because he’d have the power to be slapped  by others + superhuman enthusiasm to take off his pants. 

    But just for fun… coming at a close second would be G.D. because he’d have the ability to transform into the following: a giant dragon, a butterfly magician, a cross hybrid between Sonic the Hedgehog and Russell from Up, a blonde influence for B.A.P., and G-Raim.
    T.O.P. would be some sort of Harry-Potter-esque metamorphagus with his hair and would be able to control a different type of element with their respective shades + being able to ask girls to “rumble him” and slickly get away with it.
    Daesung could mesmerize and control people with his voice… and his face. It’d be strengthened 10x more on screen (Korean dramas even more so).And Taeyang would be pyrokinetic with his magical, neverchanging fauxhawk that also enables him to steal cars. That fauxhawk is his best friend and secret lover… it’s so advanced that it has a conscience of its own.Lastly, all the guys would have the same basic power of making fangirls want to get into their skinny jean pants. The end. (Youtube user: Fablesque)

  118. For this weeks contest I vote or 2NE1′s Lonely…even though Big Bang’s Blue is still pretty awesome.

  119. i pick TOP,he would be a bad-ass crime fighter and have with
    him his side-kick GD, a little bit like the old school batman with the KAPOW
    and PAW and SHA-A( /watch?v=r94AJzJZZaU). And GD would pull off the robin style
    just fine!!! and their theme song would be TOP rapping with GD making WOUP WOUP
    sound at random interval(like in OH YEAH) and they would take off with GD
    making his indian war cry (like in DON’T GO HOME at 2:07 /watch?v=7jJ08i5zU78)
    anyone??? guise??? LOL

    username: meinangel26

  120. Youtube: sandylu254
    i think  “ALL” of the BIG BANG are SUPERHERO !!!!!!!! they’re good at everything….dance, sing, joking, ETC !! i just love them so much and their super-power is THE GOD OF VIP !! like i said they’re good at EVERYTHING !!!…
    ANd i love their new hair style, GD look like a rock star, T.O.P hair is so pretty, Taeyang hair is the same but…a little bit…”SHARP”-er  LOL Dae is sooooooo HANDSOME with that blonde hair, Seungri’s hair is soooo CUTE !!!!! …..i love them so much and…I really want their CD AND T-SHIRT because i lives in Hawaii, and they dont sell those over here so…>______________<
    i wish i can win this contest and BYE SIMON AND MARTINA !! and SPUDGY !! ^________^

  121. I say TOP would be the super hero because he TOPS US ALL!! his super hero power is “being nice and innocent” <– quote from Night after Night show

    I mean who won't be nice as well if TOP "nice" us all~ hahaha…

  122. G-dragon with his fashion sense will BLOW OUR MINDS. he can change his outfits magically depending on the situation he’s in :)

  123. Thanks so much for reviewing this vid! Love your review as always! Simon and Martina never fail to crack me up!

  124. TOP! He obviously already has a super power…to turn into SPUDGY.  i mean c’mon…how else do you think he found out about Martina’s growing interest in Bang Yong Guk….think about it.

    youtube username: bittergoodbye

  125. Simon’s Napoleon Dynamite voice = most that have I laughed this week

    Thank you Simon….I very much need that….(^-^ ) 

  126. G-Dragon: Superhero power: Morphtastic hair. Can change haircolor, hairstyle, hair shape to effectively grab unknowing fangirls and foreign girls alike. Specially with his new hair he can whip his frontponytailthang and just lasso girls to safety…..of his arms…or HAIR ARMS
    Youtube username: Aqsent

  127. I guess  Dae-Sung will make a great super hero :) his power will be so easy because he is so handsome with his new style. Well his hair is covering half of his face…. So when he want to use his power he just need to put his other half hair up n he will shine everyone with his handsome face that they will give up n they also will melt when he will smile :)) i think that is an awesome power :))

  128. :( blue is super sad…. blue is the saddest song

  129. TOP would be the best superhero. He’d have the ability to counteract any other superhero’s power. Yeah, beat that sucka!!!
    Youtube username: mafb11

  130. YouTube username: LifeandTimesofa
    One word (ok maybe it’s an acronym): FAMILY (Freaking Awesome Musical Integrity Like You … and by, “like you,” I mean like you guys). If I had to pick one member of Big Bang who would have the power of FAMILY, I would probably have to say G-Dragon. This is because he actually shows artistic qualities, not only in his wardrobe but, in his lyric/music writing skills. He seems to be the most “original” member of Big Bang which gives him the most musical integrity for the group. You guys already have freaking awesome musical integrity because you put so much work into your k-pop music critiques every week for us. You try to stay unbiased while judging the music and video but give your true opinions of the song during your critiques as well. The fact that you try to separate yourselves while also giving your opinion brings you great integrity in my eyes (for whatever my opinion’s worth haha). … sorry for making a really long explanation!

  131. Seungri. and his super power would be the power of light. Because even when the sun has already gone down, he can brighten up any place where there is darkness. :) (my youtube username is ihatethisluvsong)

  132. G-Dragon, the power to make all fan girls eat apples

  133. ninirobinsondiederichs

    oh it’s such a hard decision, 2NE1 or Big Bang!?
    i’ll have to go with lonely, 2NE1′s vocals were exceptionally sweet in Lonely, plus the chorus does sound really sad and depressing, I mean ” Baby i’m so lonely lonely lonely lonely.”, yeah nuff said.

  134. TOP has the ability to give orgasms with his voice.

  135. I think…Daesung would have the power of travelling in time. He just deserves it to make things over again, to avoid mistakes. He’s too kind and human to suffer the way he is now, even though he doesn’t show it, but he is hardly recovering from all these kind of situations. He could even save GD of that club were he supposedly made on drugs, because he is his hyung, and most of all, his friend.

  136. I think TOP would be able to hypnotize people with his voice so bad guys will immediately give up being bad and set things right, then turn themselves in while they are still under his spell but they wont be bitter because it was TOP that made them give up. 

  137. The member that would make the best superhero would have to be Seungri(sorry T.O.P)! he’ll have the power to appear super cute and baby-faced one moment, then the next hes a confident, good-looking bad boy (like a power to change your age). This power would help him help a lot of people because his enemies would never recognize him when he comes to kick them in the butt cheeks.

  138. sheryl_altokun.saotome

    I vote for BLUE
    it’s so moving TT^TT

  139. It has to be T.O.P. as superhero!
    Just one look and that’s it, you are over!! Common he doesn’t even have to talk! Just look at the hundreds of fans getting goosebumps by just one charismatic and fearless eyes and enemies.. oh well you consider yourself as dead.
    Thnks Simon and Martina….oh totally agree with Simon, my favorite song of Big Bang so far.

    Youtube: ZiiDrA88

  140. LOL, GD running..i got the feeling it was like the kind of running you do in a dream, though. you know like how when you try to run in a dream, it’s in slow mo and you can’t ever fully focus and you’re kind of falling over? maybe that’s just my dreams…LOL -.-

  141. GD the power to change his hair color at will

  142. For me is G-Dragon, he would be like a Korean Superman who is handsome, powerful and caring, like the time when he saved that kid from falling in the bigshow, I think he’s already a hero, ’cause he did that and he gave many girls(including me) hope and happiness when they didn’t have it. I’m happy he’s like that ’cause nowadays there aren’t many artists that do that especially in America, I mean that help people like taking care of the fans if they have an accident, they just leave it to the bodyguards. He’s passionate but also cute. He would be a perfect Superman.   

  143. I like the Block B Fighting! sign in the bg :D

  144. Daesung, he would be the best that would just make the world a happy place to live in. His smile and attitude are contagious


  146. For me, I think G-Dragon would be the best superhero! ♥ His power would be to control emotions, and the reason I think so is because of his amazing skills to get a message through to his fans through his vocals. I’ve started to cry a lot of times listening to his voice, and I’ve started smiling just as many. The whole bigbang is of course amazing, but GD has always been able to get those special feelings out of me. This is something I admire in him (and the fact that he’s smoking hot xD) and honestly, I think he’s already a superhero ♥ Because he can turn my day around just like this *snaps fingers*. ♥
    I really love eatyourkimchi!! :D It’s amazing ~ you guys are doing a great job (and that’s not good when I watch the videos at midnight and have to keep my laughter muffled so that I don’t wake up my family -.-’ damn, gotta learn..) Anyways. Hwaiting!!!

    My youtube name is “Thekujikochan” ^^

  147. I think Daesung would be the best superhero and his superpower would be TURNING INTO A GIANT KITTYKAT AND STOPPING ALL VILLIANS WITH HIS CUTENESS [I should probably mention that he starred in the Korean Version of 'Cats'], and RETURNING FREEDOM TO THE CITIZENS [He was born in Itaewon...get it? Freedom...Itaewon...ITAEWON FREEDOM!!!!]
    Youtube is MissRantaholic

  148. I vote for BLUE , fantastic song I like this song more because of the bad things that BIGBANG had last year and now they are back, so the song speaks for itself  .I love the MV

  149. I vote for Blue 
    BIGBANG Blue have more emotion , soul and meaning  : ) ( sorry for my english)

  150. I like Blue, better than 2ne1.
    But, im a big big fan of 2ne1, but it’s just that BigBang’s song makes me relaxed.

  151. “A  whisper can be more powerful than a shout.”

    Tell that to the dragonborn.

  152. i prefer big bang’s blue better than lonely..there is something about the tune and tone of the song that grips ur attention…


  154. Top as a superhero. Top could be known as the Ice Prince with
    that ‘blue’ hair of his! He would be wearing his shades all the time
    just like cyclops do because his eye gaze is ‘too cool’ for any bad girl
    to handle. And his super powers…to freeze every bad girl in their
    tracks just by his piercing eye gaze. His superhero opening line would be ‘Let’s Turn It Up, T.O.P style’ while posing his signature killer pose.

    YT: legionoflight


  155. Mhmm, sad song? Maybe 2NE1 Lonely, but I like Blue more. GD, why? Because he is my superhero and he have a lot of powers, like when the fans see him, a lot of them will faint, if he smile the rest of fans faint, so… His powers is his voice and cuteness, also his outfits and resisteness. I forgot, that his power is english language. SuperHeroooo ♥ Of course other Big Bang members are not that far from GD. 

  156. T.O.P’s super power is that he can drink ANYONE’s leftover coffee while using only one eye!

    YT = mrbeeg

  157. I Like Big Bang,GD ^^
    GD super power is – To Make A Great Bling Rap and a Hot Fire Flame that can make everything melting and then it’s change to a metalic bling fire …

  158. TOP’s super power – growing in the dark with his hair~lolz. I just love the mint color…of course the white one ^^

  159. Seungri’s power to transform into anyone like morphing powers because he’s the best in impersonating Big Bang Members LOL -daniemei16 I’m a youtube subscriber XD i don’t what other word to use for transformation haha:))

  160. I am going to have to go with Daesung. His powers are cuteness and charm, kinda like a Togepi. Once he attacks with charm, one can’t help but to go into a fit of spazzing out until you collapse from exhaustion.

  161. For me G-Dragon is most likely a superhero as he gives inspiration and creativity. He is so unique and talented and everytime i see him he makes me feel great and want to do something my self…. his superpower making others shine with him <3

  162. If anyone would be a super hero out of the members of big bang it would have to be daesung for me. One because it’s something i feel that no one would really expect and two because he would use his amazing voice to captivate all those around the world. He would have the ability to use his voice to hypnotize his enemies and place them into an dream state. Within this dream state he could manipulate them and change the world around them. This would be affected because this way he can take them to the police without having to destroy half the city and its also a very passive ability. However if need be he could also use his handsome voice to belt out a large yelp and knock his enemies down. I feel that daesung is clever enough to fully utilize this ability and it would allow for some hilarious instances. For example daesung can make his enemies believe they were stuck in a giant bowl of sour jello. silly person you arent sitting in jello…you actually in jail!!!!

  163. The best superhero for me would be…

    TOP! ^^ And his super power would be the ability to “hypnotize the enemies!” Why? First, we all know that this guy has a very deep voice and the moment he’ll speak, your attention would be caught by him. Then after that, comes the stares from his eyes. The enemy would be mesmerized by his gaze and that’s when he’ll hypnotize the enemy. And when he did that, he’ll bring him to some creepy place where the enemies can’t escape. He didn’t even do anything violent. Just by his physical apparance, HE SAVED THE DAY! Hooray for TOP! Woot. Woot.

    Looks like a fangirl post ;) But seriously, TOP would be a different hero. The super heroes we know punch, kick and do those kinds of stuff but I think TOP (as a superhero) would make a difference. ^^ BIG BANG, FIGHTING!

    my YouTube username is: arla951909

  164. GD 
    would be the best superhero ,his power is the song writing and music production, and with that power he makes a difference community get in love with his song.

  165. Daesung would be the best superhero, he’s really buff even if he doesn’t look like it and he has gone through a lot of difficulties like superheroes usually do. He has the kind personality, amazing smile and is always eager to help people. He’s always the member who others tell their troubles and listens to all of it well and gives advice. As a superhero he would have ability to read peoples troubled minds, as in if GD would have an issue, Daesung could hear his troubles and he could help him with his super healing voice (Baby don’t cry!). Since Daesung is such a nice guy he wouldn’t listen to peoples minds in other situations than to hear their problems. :) His super voice can comfort people in many different ways, like if you know his personality from Family Outing or the song It’s Daebak, he can instantly cheer people up! I’m really looking forward to his solo Wings, because it’s all about winning your troubles and rising to victory. ;) Here’s the lyrics from the teaser: Today’s OK. Shout louder Yeah. Good things will happen. It’s alright. Tonight’s so beautiful. You can cry louder…I will hug you. Right at this moment. You fly high. Let’s Jump high… Sorry about the long rant, but this was a great question! :D And my youtube account is of course Lottafromwonderland :)

  166. This one is so easy! G-Dragon would SO be able to fly! The man nearly does it now when he performs on stage! So it is a simple…leap, shall we say, to GD in full flight!  Plus is he one of the few people in this world who can pull off the cape with panache! Picture it…really!  Close your eyes and picture Kwon Ji Young atop a building wearing some outrageously colorful outfit with a billowing cape behind him…it SO works! :) Plus you are probably smiling right now so even if you don’t agree with my answer at the least you smiled so my work here is done! ^_^

    maddiefossett1121 (YT scrn name)

  167. I definitely placed my pre-order for the album the day I wrote an article for in on Koreaboo.com ^^  I just cannot wait for the 29th to get here!  The shirt sounds pretty cool. Maybe my twitter link will get picked.  Without a doubt, my vote goes for BLUE.

    And clearly, if anyone was going to be a superhero, it would be TOP.  He would have the ability to be in several places at once.  After all…how else is he going to sedate his fangirls, fight off the crews of evil stylists (they won THIS round), continue on with promotions, all the while professing his love for me.  Come now, this much is obvious.
    ….oh no…did I accidently just give away my lover’s secret powers?  Shhh….forget EVERYTHING I just wrote ;) 

  168. If any of the members would have superpowers .. it would be T.O.P.
    With his sexy and charmistic voice he’s able to hypnotize everybody, then he can paralyze the bad guys with his amazing charming gaze. And with his ability to look good in every hair and clothing style, even designers can’t beat him ;)

  169. Youtube: durrahsharifah
    Seungri will be the best superhero. He is, after all, the maknae of the group who like other maknaes, is easily trusted. His superpowers would definitely being able to transform to other people. If you search for his name on Youtube, many videos of him imitating the other members in Big Bang and nailed it perfectly. Also, if you watch Running Man in the episode where he became the guest, he easily tricked the Running Men by changing his clothes and pretending to be someone else. 

  170. I totally agree with Seungri being probably the best in this song. His voice is perfect for the chorus. It’s mind blowing. I know some people are criticizing Seungri for being the least vocally powerful members (among the vocals that is), but I think it’s just a matter of placement. Seungri’s voice isn’t really a ballad type, like Daesung or Taeyang, so these songs are really great for his voice. I loved it so much that I wished he sang all of the chorus line because it’s just awesome. You go Seungri!

    Eeks! I’m really loving this song. I haven’t been this excited about a Big Bang song since Lies. Seriously. They brought their game to the max. I can’t wait for the rest of the album. Hopefully it rocks just as hard.

  171. i think all of the members is suitable enough to become superheroes…why? because

    G-Dragon : He is like a very responsible hero that took care of his image.well,look at him.he have a incident on 2011 and he is still strong in 2012.it’s show that he is saving his fans from looking down on him.and he help the members too! for example when the member is feeling down,he will talk to them and cheer them up! :D his powers : Power of recovering from problems

    Taeyang : well Taeyang is the man of sweet voice..example:*taeyang’s sings**fans faint**taeyang sings again**fans recover* it’s true!so his voice is the power..POWER OF VOICE!!!!!

    T.O.P,Daesung,Seungri : they are in the same power…Power of Jokes…Three of them like to make people laugh and all…most video i watch is three of them is the hilarious..they keep telling jokes and they like to tease each other..they also cheer the rest of them when they feel down.. :)

    so that’s it! :D

    p.s i didn’t stalk them.i know it cause this is the fact.i think.:P

  172. Youtube: MsAlatariel91

    Daesung, and his superpower will be able to hypnotize people who hears him singing. Those people will stop doing bad things and do good things instead.

  173. I think Daesung is the best superhero.. Why? Because he have strength to come back to reality after accident.. His brave is more than normal person coz he brave to face all people that has been critics him about accident.. Although he is an artist but he also a human being too.. So, I think Daesung can face all the problem and difficulty with his power (strenght n brave)

    : )

  174. Youtube: fullofhype

    Daesung will have the power to turn back time. It should be self-explanatory, but there’s still a cloud over his head with that tragic accident. He can use the power to turn back time to prevent the accident.

  175. Daesung would be the best superhero and his superpower is that he has a sweet,angelic yet powerful smile (including eyesmile) that would make anyone’s day from blue to bright~ a crying kid to a happy kid~ a grumpy old man to a joyful old man~ Fighting the villain of gloominess with his glowing presence even in the dark night as he sings BIGBANG’s songs while flying in the night sky~ It would be a joyful world with Daesung as a superhero~~~~~ ^o^
    *Youtube : WhatIFeelRight*

  176. Gd- the power to make someone horny just by touching them :p just imagine it in a fight 

  177.  if any Big Bang member would have a superpower that would it be T.O.P !because He´s so cool and hot, meaby He would have ice powers” cause He have a cool blue hair!♥.THANKS I LOVE BIG BANG.
    I vote for BIG BANG BLUE

  178. to be honest i’ve just understand the meaning of this music video when i was reading you review blog about blue. i thought this music video is so-wtf (and i’m a VIP) but then you explain it throuh ur blog about how meaningfull this music video. clearly, you guys are a genius. tahnks simon and martina for reviewing big bang :D :D :D

  179. TOP as mind controler. with his piercing gaze, he can make both girls and guys crazy over him. he can make us do things that we dont want to with his luscious mouth. and he can make us kill ourselves with only open his shirt and expose his upper body. OMG i can imagine that happen. 
    username: rahmaimut

  180. Seungri or Superhero name [Angel-Ri] – POWERFUL AND ANGELIC VOICE. He could confuse people by simply singing and they’ll be hypnotised by his wonderful voice! 

  181. Daesung will make the best superhero. He has the ability to make people
    relax with a smile. he can make people forget about the problems that
    occur with a smile. He does not need power to be a superhero like
    Superman. Only by her smile she can help many people.

  182. GD – Magical Mood Hair!!
    (and his superhero name would be “G-motion” because he can move people emotionally)

    The colour of his hair will change to reflect his emotions. He can prompt other people’s hair colours to change to reveal their emotions, too. (Hence, TOP’s blue hair, Daesung’s platinum…and Martina’s pink!)

    By taking a note of how people react to his songs, he will write even better lyrics!Look out for the songs or they’ll swallow you ALIVE! (Well, not you, but your emotions.)

    [Note: TOP was probably very moved by BLUE.]

    YouTube: Celtwood

  183. awesome review simon and martina!!!! also martina, I hope you get better soon!!

    Also I vote for Big Bang, despite my equal love for the rocking 2ne1 crew. Big Bang’s song just held a lot more emotion and moved me more than 2ne1′s Lonely. So yeaaah..

    on a separate note, if it were possible for the members of Big Bang to have super powers then I would think all the members would be a super hero but kinda like the members of captain planet and they combine their powers of awesome to create awesome music? :D

    anyway lots of love,
    Kt or yt: iheartwaku xx

  184. My vote goes to Bigbang and Blue MV!I really love “Lonely”, but my obsession is “Blue”!

    As a VIP, I cant easily choose one super hero, our boys are simply creative magicians with super talants and super powers! 
    But..ok, seriously.. one name make my heart beat faster ..XDDDD

    ME: You’re a super hero!
    TOP: I could be that!

  185. Thank you guys so much for doing this review, you practically opened my eyes on BB’s criminal side! kkkk, just joking )) anyways, thank you for doing what you’re doing ))

    I vote for Big Bang’s “BLUE”!!

    I think that the best member of BB with super powers could be Seung Ri. Being the maknae, he should be especially sweet & charming, so his special power would be sweets!! Whenever Seung Ri hugs somebody, a bowl of that person’s favorite ice cream flavor appears. When he wants to, whatever he touches turns into cotton candy, e.g. an ordinary pillow turns into an edible pillow wholly made out of cotton candy! When Seung Ri smiles, little chocolate bars appear & float in the air, so everybody can grab them, but when he frowns, instead of chocolate, licorice bars appear, so people would think they’re dark chocolate, eat them & suffer….well…unless they like licorice…
    That way, he can please his fans & especially his hyungs and treat them to candy anytime, anywhere to make up for telling everyone their secrets or doing silly stuff. ))

    my youtube username: alternativeked

  186. OMG!! i want to win the album huhu..

  187. I totally love the name of your “bluepers”:P

    Anyone in Big Bang being a superhero? Hmmm… I believe it must be Taeyang (and not Seungri. Spock is not a superhero). He had the ability to change clothes with GD (not hair, though, but it grew!) thanks to his super magnetic mind powers (uhm.. that means he can do like Bruce did in Bruce Almighty? changing an already existing outfit with his mind). It was also with this he got the car and ran away from that girl. With his super magnetic mind powers (he got the car and carkeys for the loving car he wanted, the car who he could escape from the annoyingly black/white girlfriend. And let me tell you. The car can fly (becase he can’t). You also see the tendency of this in “Love Song”. But I belive he was not fully ready to do that yet, because he only exploded the car. But it is good to see that he finally managed to controll his superpowers!:D

    Mind magnetic something powers: Get [cool](because people, especially cool people, like Taeyang, only wants what’s cool) stuff (like GD’s clothes and flying cars) come in his use!

    I also believe this is why he hadn’t had a girlfriend to now, because he hasn’t got control of the superpowers until now. She would have gotten to know about the superpowers and told the world/or it could be a disaster. Somehow.

    My username on YT: luluamu

  188. I Think that Daesung would be a awesome superhero~ with his SUPER VOCAL POWER~!!!! 

  189. TOP with superpower to hypnotize others with his deadly stare. His eyes is so beautiful that anyone can fell to his hypnosis immediately. YouTube username- swagnificientme :)

  190. AwesomestAmber

    I don’t want to enter the competiton because i already pre-ordered the album and I don’t want someone else to miss out. I just wanted to say I loved this review, especially the blog post, because it made me see the MV with a new perspective.

  191. i just got back from school, and trust me, it wasn’t great. but after watching you guys… smiles all the way.. thx.. and Block b!!! fighting!!! (i’m not a fan, but i still like their music..)
    Martina, get well soon~
    love you guys~

    i think it’s gd.. have you guys seen his hair in the teaser photo. the photo explains everything.. superhuman hair that can whip the people who wanted block b dead.. seriously… i’m not kidding..

  192. I have to say BIG BANG ~~ G-Dragon because his powers is of course MIND CONTROL!!!!!omgosh  dude you totally controlled my mind with your intense stares and poses!!! your voice is totally mesmerizing to the point that Your pic is my phone/computers wallpaper!!!


  193. T.O.P.! You know that eyebrow raise he does in Disco with uhm jung hwa? Well, whenever he does that… FIRELASERS OUT OF HIS EYES!… yeah.

  194. I personally think T.O.P. would make the best superhero…not because of his freaking ability to turn any menial action into a woman’s dirtiest fantasy…no! But T.O.P. would make the best superhero because he has a unique power, the power to make Simon hate him for eternity! (Now that I think about it…I’m not sure if that’s good or bad O.o)

  195. The greatest SUPERHERO would be G-DRAGON. His SUPER DUPER POWER is to change your Hair style and Hair color (whether you like it or not/cry or whine)by just sitting on his flying Ice Throne Flipping his hair/bangs!!!! ♥ lol. Villains love their hair right?

  196. BIGBANG!!!

    If you ask me, Taeyang could possibly be a super hero, and here’s why:

    He would have many powers, that would scare his foes away
    His razor-like hairstyle, could stab, slice and slay
    Using some smooth dancing, he’ll vanish before your eyes
    He’ll apologize for loving you, trust me, he tells no lies
    His enemies will be so confused, better watch your back
    Taeyang’s ripped off his shirt for his ultimate attack!

  197. I choose Seungri for 썰렁 (“awkward”) power. And by that, I really do mean that he has the power to make situations super awkward.
    Do: Call for the Seungri when you’re on a date and your date can’t seem to tell you’re not interested. Things will get automatically crystal-clear awkward.
    Don’t: Call him when you’re telling your parents you are preggers out of wedlock.

  198. Hi guise, I’d just like to add my take on this video. To me, it seems like she’s not a memory so much as a part of Big Bang themselves. I think she represents events in their lives or reactions to these events. Because of this, this girl is invisible to the members and they are only aware of her presence, yet don’t known how to get rid of her. As an audience, we see this girl. YG shows this really cleverly when we see, for example, GD running across a rooftop. He sees her, and starts trying to run faster away. Yet, when we see GD next, the girl isn’t there. Another example is when Taeyang gets into a car. We see the girl get into the passenger seat, but when Taeyang looks around, no one is there. Daesung is also shown sitting across from this girl, and when it’s her point of view, we see that they are sitting together. When it’s Daesung’s POV, he’s sitting alone. It’s like their bad times, the things that make them blue, are following them and no matter what they do, they can’t (or don’t want to) escape. 

    At the same time, we see each of the BB members slowly moving away/ turning away from each other. Sengri (sp?) is the only one still facing the members, almost like he’s trying to convince them to turn back. It’s this girl, symbolising their blues, that’s moving them away. However, the turning point of this video comes when Taeyang drives away in his car, leaving the girl behind. GD keeps running, and Daesung leaves the room. We see the girl chasing after them, but she can’t keep up. All the members have turned back towards each other; they have emerged from their sadness and are now Big Bang once again.

  199. GD: Power to FLY ACROSS the sky and share his AWESOMENESS to the world of KPOP.

  200. I think Taeyang should have a power. no i actually think he already does,..the power to make fans fall in love with them when he looks at them. I mean, really, how is this not true? He’s usually wearing sunglasses, and when he isnt he looks super hot. He just wear the glasses because he’s nice and doesnt want people to fall madly in love with him but not able to have him; because he’s just a nice person.


  201. I can never get over the fact that Taeyang’s name in Korean, means ‘sun’, so I think that the best superpower for him would be to blind enemies with his awesomeness in dancing and bring little rays of sunshine into people’s lives making them feel optimistic and happy :) 

  202. Since  I am totally digging Daesung’s new hair, I think the best superpower would to be for him to use his hair and voice to fight evil. His awesome gold blonde hair would grab the attention of evil-doers, and once Daesung has their attention, he would sing the most hear-wrenching notes ever, and his voice would cause all the sadness of the world to fall onto enemy shoulders, and reduce them to snivelling idiots.

  203. Even though I love 2NE1, I just have to give to give my vote to Big Bang since their chorus is better. Not so much repetition :O

  204. GD! Being a responsible
    leader, he has various traits to also become a superhero. His powers
    would be composing songs of different tunes and genres which would then
    have a different effect on the enemy, depending on the tune. (e.g.
    ballad = casts sleep on the enemy, hiphop = makes the enemy dance
    non-stop till they die, muwahaha!) My bias is actually TOP, but GD, go
    for it! :D

  205. The Superhero in Bigbang should be Taeyang!! 
    Though I’m a fan of GD, i think it would be unfair if he is also a superhero when he is sooooo gifted. So, I guess Taeyang and his gorgeous voice deserves some superpower, which would be the ability to blow all his competitors(i dunno if he has one, but let’s just say there is) away whenever and wherever he sings. Afterall, he is a good singer and owns a LOT of solo albums. So, he should be rewarded with a superpower right? lol

  206. I think TOP would be a great super hero. He would be like HALF NINJA HALF SUPERHERO.!! He would also have Spudgy as his sidekick. They would steal girl’s heart and charm them ♥ Well.. for Spudgy.. he will get girl dogs(?).. LOL. :D AND TOP WOULD HAVE SPIKY PINEAPPLES SHOOT RIGHT OUT OF HIS PALM.! They will like fly and stuff. AND SPUDGY’S COSTUME WILL BE JUST BLUE UNDERWEAR..!! :D OMG. Now THAT would be epic. ;)

  207. I think Dae would be a great superhero and his super power would be: the hability to take the sadness of every single person letting them super happy and then, take that sadness and turn it into smiles that he will use to destroy the evil in the world. Also he will have a magic pocket where he will keep all kinds off stuff that helps him to make people happy.
    His name would be HolicDoraSmile ^^

  208. G dragon is the best superhero.. super fashion hero
    the power of fashion.. that would make people more confident with their style.. and GD inspired them with his fashion style.. :)

  209. Superhero: T.O.PSuper Power: His sexy glares makes everyone fall in love with him ;DD 

  210. G Dragon’s cockiness would make him a good superhero. He has so much energy. XD

  211. Big Bang’s Blue Blue Blue and once more Blue~ ^^ I almost cried when I watched this MV for the first time…
    So it’s Big Bang Blue~ ^^

  212. You like us blog readers, YAY! I’m not as knowledgeable in Kpop, so I won’t answer the question and leave it for someone deserving. But I wanted to say that even with the hurdle of martina’s leg, you guys still manage to ALWAYS make entertaining videos. Love you guys, hope you’re both feeling well :)


    *hey* spudgy can lick his eye like my dog!!

    youtube name: tattiepoteet
    member: T.O.P.
    superpower: ability to become very tiny so i can trap him in a little birdcage and feed him tiny candies and keep him forever so he can do things like fit under doors to unlock them from the other side; fit into small spaces to retrieve things people have dropped; hang out with cute, fluffy mice; hide out in places no one can get to; just be generally unseen and sneak around; etc…

  214. G-Dragon, the power to use his rainbow coloured hair to create a magical rainbow slide to ride on to transport to places around the world :D (like the set for tonight)
    i wouldnt mind free transportation like that :D Glorious magical rainbow hair ride :)

  215. DAESUNG! I believe that he would make the best superhero and his super power would be the ability to make anyone happy and also be able to daze enemies with his amazing smile. all he has to do is smile and everyone will be happy. and when he’s out stopping crime all has to do is wipe out his brilliant white smile and BAM! his enemies will be dazed and Daesung would once again be the hero of the day!

    Youtube username: seaa2

    I really like Blue by BIG BANG but I also really like Lonely by 2NE1. Can’t we just vote for both songs?? haha. But my REAL vote goes to 2NE1 because I understand the feelings that 2NE1 is conveying and I can relate to it, because us, girls do feel that way sometime; no matter how confident we are.

  216.  TOP his monkey magic!!!!
    his over all looks can save me from muggers on the street of NY. who would want to mess with a mean looking guy?! *vick from iris*. Because he is so tall, TOP would save cats when they get stuck in a tree..come on TOP and cats!…spudgy fo LYFE!!
    YT: iamrobot

  217. Amyaco

    TOP would have extendable eyelashes that he could stab people with. There’s this one line in “Knock Out” where he says “My long eyelashes are born from natural freedom” (translated, of course), and it is seriously like my favorite lyric ever. XD

  218. I’d have to say Taeyang would be the best superhero. With all is break dance moves, he can punch and beat all his male enemies while dancing. And if the enemy is a female, he can take his t-shirt out, and the girl would faint :P[I would like to put G-dragon as a superhero, but I don't want him to wrinkle his clothes :P lol]

  219. I would give Daesung all the superpowers that superheros can get cuz he went through some tough times and I want him to stay strong like a super hero!~!! Love you big bang… AND eatyourkimch! .. and SPUDGEY obgvvvvv :) Youtube username: Yummyshortcake

  220. I wish I was witty and could captivate you guys with some intelligent remark..but I can’t, so I’ll just put my opinion simply stated and hope you guys pick me. ;)
    I think all the Big Bang members are already “superheroes”. There is no doubt that they are international superstars…but they are also heroes in the sense that they dedicate their time and effort to improve the world through their music. They haven’t endured years of pre-debut training, put up with exhausting schedules, and placed so much hard work into their albums just for the fame and money–they do it for the fans. I think their humbleness and dedication to the “greater good” makes them true superheroes, in the core sense of the word. They don’t need any mutant or supernatural powers; they can already save millions of lives with their voices alone.   YT username: heyvanessa09

  221. You know, I think Seungri would be a superhero with the amazing power to unlock any secrets in the world and exposes it whenever he needs to. I’m basing this on his uncanny ability to expose his hyung’s juicy secrets on TV every single time. XD

    YT username: yijern

  222. thatssumgoodcurry

    I’m thinking GD had such a hard time running because of his tight gangsta-pants? Yeah, he’s either gonna fall on his face or his pants are gonna…well, y’know…
    My vote is for 2ne1. Why? Because they need a vote. I already know Big Bang’s going to win anyways, so why not? Plus they’re both equally depressing to me, I see no difference!

    Also, I support your background image and I’m so glad that you both feel that way. I already loved Block B’s music before this whole mess, and all this controversy has only made me support them more.

    Oh! And I agree with Martina! I was worried about how TOP’s voice was going to fit into the song towards the beginning, but I felt that he was incorporated quite nicely. His voice wasn’t aggressive at all to me, and it didn’t take away from the feel of the song either. :)


     all the members of Big Bang already are super heroes. How do you think they get so much love from VIPs all over the world? And If that’s not enough for ya…..GD- is already a SUPER GENIUS, he has the power to create masterpieces, he’s already a fashionista but also a musical genius, thats what the G in G-dragon stands for (also for gangster-ness), every song he composes always captures the heart of all VIPs and even many other non-VIPs, his power saves our daily lives in ways we do not know about yet…its also obvious that he’s a  mystical Dragon.T.O.P- Is just a SEXY BEAST, his sexy charismatic gaze is seductive, His masculine raps are also seductive, His power is to make any girl faint at the sight of is Swagger-Charismatic-awesomnessTAEYANG- is the SWEET SEXY BEAST, he has the power to serenade any girl into falling in love using his OH-SO-SWEET vocals, Which benefits US, because we need love in our worldSENGRI- is the BABY CUTE BEAST , he has the power to bring joy and laughter to anyone with his comedic impersonations, Which benefits the WORLD, because in tough times, we need Seungri to make us laughDAESUNG- is the DASHING BEAST he Will use his shiny adorable smile to out shine on stage, I he is so full of energy and everyone that sees him gets joy from his dashing shiny smile, Daesung has the power to make anyone smileYoutube account; Kristialli  :D I would like to win please <3

  224. T.O.P, and his power is to take over all the girls by his eyes

  225. Daesung will be the the hero and his power will be absorbs the sun’s rays by his hair

  226. Daesung will be the the hero and his power will be شbsorbs the sun’s rays by his hair

  227. Daesung- his power would be like that x-men person…screech..i don’t know its late okay.
    but he could project his voice and possibly shatter eardrums if he wanted.
    youtube name: analeaiom

  228. Daesung’s superhero power would be changing the moods of people in the area to happy :)
    but he kinda can do that already…whenever he smiles… but this power would be SUPREME and he will end world sadness!!!

  229. You know, with that blue hair and cold facial expressions in the video, I kept expecting the Notorious T.O.P. to shoot ice from his fingertips.  That’s what superpower I would think T.O.P. has. 

  230. Martina, maybe T.O.P. has seen your videos, knows you are a HUGE fan, and decided to get your attention by dying his hair a particularly FAMILIAR blue color.


  231. That’s a good interpretation for the MV… You guise are hilarious! Martina, get well soon!…
    Block B: Fighting!!!

  232. Wow, great analysis of the video. Hahaha makes me think of what my English teacher once said: “The skills you use to analyze literature can be used in other parts of your life as well.” (e.g. analyzing K-pop videos.)

    And also, I noticed the “Block B: Fighting” on the counter. :D

  233. Taeyang, Daesung and/or T.O.P.

    Taeyang’s power: when he flashes his abs solar beams pop out and burns the people who looks at it. (solar beams, ’cause he’s Taeyang, which means like sun. get it? guise?)

    Daesung’s power: his icy-blonde hair will blind your eyes, and behind his eye-smile are lasers waiting to shoot them at you.

    T.O.P’s power: when you look at him he doesn’t just make your ovaries explode, he basically just blows you up like the endings in 2NE1′s MVs.

  234. Seungri would make an amazing superhero. His super power would be a Spock looking Werewolf. Have you seen his ‘happy trail’? A lovely sign of his werewolf-ness. ;) The reason he lets noonas ‘bite him’ is because he also wants to bite them. And the only reason why he’s always Seungwhoring is because he’s in heat looking for a mate :D

    Youtube Name: iTGoeSLoLLiPoP

  235. TOP would be the best superhero because:
    1. He is a SUPER… bad dancer :)
    2. He can beatbox like no one’s business
    3. He can MAGICALLY change his hair
    4. He can say BOM SHAKALAKA like a boss
    5. He can hypnotize you and make you PREGNANT with his eyes
    6. He makes everyone fall in love with him. SO DEFINITELY TOP <3

  236. Daesung would make the best superhero. Though he seems stupid from variety shows, his voice is actually his power! His voice can emit up to 200 dB of PRESSURE! Bad guys cannot win against his DOTHRAKI MAN VOICE. Plus, he can always use his power with his odd jokes to torture information out of them. Go Daesung <3

    Youtube Name : AmazinglyShy

  237. Hello!

    TOP would be a good super hero because he has that.. I don’t know, a sort of Clark Kent quality to him (maybe because I saw him with black rimmed glasses?). His power would be x-ray vision because he always has this smirk on his face that makes you think he’s actually seeing more than you think he is… hehehe.

    Youtube Name: a66k91

  238. I Love all Big Bang Members but if i had to choose the best one it would be G-Dragon.
    His Power would be.. well obviously He’ll be a Dragon that shoots out Musical Raps and Songsthat rhyme.YouTube: 

  239. Get well soooon Martina! Thanks for reviewing this song. At first i was a bit dissapointed that the filmclip wasn’t more involved but the way you guys explained it made me love it as much as the song :D Thanks again

  240. 1. poor Simon will now be sent hordes of fat free italian dressing instead bc of what he said haha 2. Thank you Martina for pointing out how HOT DAE looks. 3. Rent here (in NY) is such a crime.. i laughed.. i got it! Top would be a good super hero cause his low voice would virbirate through the ground and split apart the earth in order to swallow up all the cranky people.

  241. GD would be the best super hero! Why? Becuase he can turn into a dragon obviously, and that is good when…someone..uhm..needs fire?
    Username to Youtube: konttto

  242. He’s not my bias, but I personally think Taeyang would be
    the best superhero. He has the power of SOOOLLLLLAAAARR! He is a multi-level
    threat to all with his impressive skills in the areas of singing, rapping (just
    check out him pre-debut and at the YG Family Concert 2011), and dancing (psh it’s
    one of the main things Taeyang is known for). Not only that, he has some great
    Engrish in which he utilizes in order to communicate with famous and well known,
    throughout the world,  American
    choreographers (coughshoutouttoMovementLifestylecough) and music producers.

     This guy is really
    talented all the while maintaining, for the most part, a humble attitude toward
    the entertainment business and its tendency of corruption. Superhero TEYDADDY
    and the rest of his YG Family Legion have dedicated themselves to saving the
    world by releasing and producing high-quality music and performances that ‘touch’
    people’s hearts and souls, making them realize that there is love in the world.
    They help revitalize the dream of the fact that you can accomplish your dreams
    and goals if you put hard work, effort, passion, and dedication into what you
    Youtube username: ashurimn

  243. I love your theory on the MV. It is interesting and I can follow what the MV is showing us now.
    Now as for a BIG BANG superpower, I would have to say the ability to bring life back into people; like a Phoenix. They reborn anew to live again.

    Youtube username: angelicad7

  244. i Guess i Will Go With BIGBANG ^^!! As i Am a YGStan Since 5 years ago plus im a Arab Fan ^^!! well proud to know a YGFamily as the best company in korea :)) and Im a Arab fan frok a small country called kuwait. and as u will know my favorite member in BIGBANG Is TAEYANG SOL. and his super power will be a Warrior and best killing body. ahaha ^^!! well as u know TAEYANG Oppa’s voice is best in solo in my opinion :)).
    BIGBANG Is The Future KINGS In Korea.
    As Hyun Suk Said ” i dont have the courage to creat a group like BIGBANG. <– BIGBANF is VIP Papa YG. Until When ever.
    This is a Arab VIP ^^!!.
    and this is an awesome video. thnx Kpop Music mondays , Simon and martina <3 ^^!! Fighting~!!

  245. Youtube: sandylu254
    i think  “ALL” of the BIG BANG are SUPERHERO !!!!!!!! they’re good at everything….dance, sing, joking, ETC !! i just love them so much and their super-power is THE GOD OF VIP !! like i said they’re good at EVERYTHING !!!…
    ANd i love their new hair style, GD look like a rock star, T.O.P hair is so pretty, Taeyang hair is the same but…a little bit…”SHARP”-er  LOL Dae is sooooooo HANDSOME with that blonde hair, Seungri’s hair is soooo CUTE !!!!! …..i love them so much and…I really want their CD AND T-SHIRT because i lives in Hawaii, and they dont sell those over here so…>______________<
    i wish i can win this contest and BYE SIMON AND MARTINA !! and SPUDGY !! ^________^

  246. Best Superhero is G-dragon because he’s an epitome of korea artists.We all know how talented and charismatic he is. He may have a strong personality outside but inside he’s so down to earth that some of us thought he’s not because of the past incident happened. G-dragon is one of a kind and through his passion in music people found their strengths and weaknesses relating the song of BLUE. 

  247. desy paramitha audita

    SEUNGRI! with his sexy panda looking eyes, he will hypnotize you so
    you will tell all of your secret to him. and later he will tell people
    about your secret.

    *note: it has already applied on Bigbang other member xD

    *seungri mode: the maknae who cant keep the member’s secret* :3

    *my youtube username: paramithaudita :)

  248. All the members of BIGBANG are obviously *already* superheroes. They somehow manage to be both adorable and sexy as hell at the same time. That takes some superhuman DNA if you ask me. Not to mention the fact that they can paralyze every living thing they encounter by mesmerizing them with their incredible music, melting the faces of their musically tasteless enemies, and essentially stopping time, something none of the American superheroes I ever heard of could do.

    Anyway, if any one of them could have an extra superpower, it would be Daesung, because he has been through some hardships lately and I want him to “give me his smile… ” (sorry I couldn’t resist the song reference.) It would either be the power to sing so loudly that I could hear him from across the ocean *huu* or maybe the power tobe able to extract Spudgy from any stuffed animals he might be making sweet love to in the middle of a public park WITHOUT using a plastic bag to lure him away ;) Spudgy would just be so in awe of his presence that he would kick the stuffed animal away with his hind paw and stare.

    Dae looks fabulous with the new hair by the way. I never thought he was the type to pull it off but he totally did… Just another superpower I suppose :) Anyway, love you guys’s site! I’m going to Korea on foreign exchange next year so this has been really useful for me. Thanks!!!

  249. youtube username: kenna0805
     i think the best superhero would be G.D and the power would be
    to make any hair color look good on any person at any time!

  250.  T.O.P would be the BEST SUPERHERO EVEAAAAA~~~
    His powers are when he gives you this sexy eye look you’ll faint and wake up to some yummy food :DDD

  251. I’m not sure, but if you think about it Daesung has a super power. It’s called his voice. It can make you go deep into yourself without ever knowing it. His voice and his looks gives you insights you never even knew about. He has gone through much and conveys his sorrows through that voice of his. The bitterness, the sadness. It makes you sad. It makes you feel something. It makes you start to think differently. So if he were in a situation with someone like…The Joker from Batman, or just some random bitchy girl in high school. All he would have to do is sing and I think they would realize some inner part of themselves. Deep in the labyrinth of their own conscious, they will realize what they are doing is truly awful. It would change them and their perspective on life. It could heal them. It could save them.

  252. The best super hero from Big Bang would be …. DAESUNG! He has the ability to blast the enemy into oblivion  with the use of his POWERFUL MAN WARRIOR VOICE! 

  253. The feisty yet romantic leader, Kwon JiYong. His super power? Superhuman strength. Off stage, he’s like a regular being that has his weaknesses and burdens. He feels as if he lacks in a particular area and seeks for comfort. However, on stage he has that healing touch that everyone around him can feel. His fans fill in this missing part in his heart. The cheers? They bring out the energetic and confident side; they gave him strength to have a different outlook in life. And because of his fans, he’s able to continue to be superhuman. 
    YouTube: liljenx33

  254. youtube user : AnLuMeSi 
    I Pick Daesung.
    I choose him  based in his personality and life experience. 
    His super power will be  fly with big angel wings and throw the feathers as if they were knives ; (The wings can be invisible and then appear) ( the angel wings reminds his lovely side and the blades reminds his  strong side).
    He could use a mask to protects his identity and use his superpower to save people in dangerus situacions.
     I hear that his nickname is “smiling angel” Because of his bright smile so i think it  will be match perfect .
    P.D: Sorry for my bad english

  255. T.O.P would make the BEST superhero!!! :) his power is his hypnotizing stare.With his eyes and awesome eyebrows, he can control you mind. <3 youtube name : 8igbang4ev3r

  256. BIGBANG STUFF??? OMG I WANT!! okok ok ok ok The BEST SUPERHERO? OMG I am TOP biased so i’ll have to say Seungri. TOP’s would be his Bingu Power! ( ref: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdNpiO6sI7E ) He would make everyone dance the Bingu Dance with the power of his smexy voice. Seungri though would have chameleon powers becoming anyone ( like mystique from x-men) because of ref: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1bbEZtCev0 ). Daesung *sigh*.. His Eyes would shoot out  raging rainbow pandas. End . BIG BANG FIGHTING!!!
    YT: holycocostarfish04

  257. I think Seungri would be the best superhero because he always tries to have jobs other than being an idol (BTW, <3 the earrings). His superpower would be superhuman endurance since he always pisses off his Big Bang hyungs. :)

  258. Seungri would be the best superhero for his talking ability. So I guess the power of persuasion? He could convince you to do anything and if he wanted you to forget something he could charm you with his witty words.

  259. seungri would have the power
    to turn into a sexy panda whenever he wanted! and he would use the power
    to digest bamboo and melt the hearts of everyone who would see him.
    BUT. when needing to fight crime, his powerful sexiness would
    temporarily set criminals on fire! so that way, he could catch them and

  260. I think i go for 2ne1. Off Topic: I always look behind you guys to see what new pic you put up and today was Block B fighting that made me happy that you guys support em. but im now curious on what you guys think of this whole thing going on about block b.

  261. I think Big Bangs Blue was more moving. plus i love this song! My youtube account is eminekolace
    T.O.P should have the power to turn into spudy or a spudy-human mixed thing… he will have his blue hair. he can fly and all the girls will rub his tummy as all three forms!
    RUB MY TUMMY!!! will be his catch phrase

  262.  Youtube: TheKoookies

  263.  Taeyang: The power to give everyone forever lasting mohawks and chocolate abs…I do want some abs. I vote for Blue~

  264. Superhero- TOP Power-Seducing Voice~
    Why- With his voice he would make Time Square stop within a verse. I mean how hawt is his voice, you don’t see the combination of sexy voice and hawt person where I live…

  265. ninirobinsondiederichs

    great review haha,and i like what you guys said about the contrasting voices, never thought of that ever, and i;ve listened to their songs a hella lot of times , lol.
    well the super power i think big bang should have is the power to miraculously mend broken hearts. it would be a much needed power and  especially popular with their devoted fangirls, well anyone really… but since it can only be one member ( oh no you’re making me choose!!) i think Daesung should be the one with the special power to mend broken hearts, plus has that adorable smile ( and those chubby cupid cheeks, he could come flying around trying to undo cupid’s messes, haha!)

    my youtube username is  SuperDanie03

  266. The member of Big Bang that should be a superhero should be T.O.P. His power would be that when someone looks into his eyes,they are hypnotized or instantly fall in love. I mean,I know that happens to me. Martina,you must know what I mean. ♥

  267.  I think GD would make the best super hero cause… I’m Bias…Ok not really cause he has leader quality and i this his power would be Music. Creating amazing music that toys around and controls people emotions, making them emotionally struggling with themselves~ Youtube userename: sakura062198

  268. Simon and Martina you guys are so funny :) And I agree with your review for Blue by BigBang. I just heard about you guys a couple days ago and am so glad I did.

  269. I don’t consider myself a VIP but I would have to agree that it’s one of their best songs, though not my favorite.  Pwahaha ovary explosion.  

  270. I know most people would choose someone else, but I think Taeyang would make the best superhero because of his compassionate and empathetic personality. I think his super powers (besides all the obvious awesome classic superhero powers) would be the ability to make those around him feel good. Anyone who is as bright as the sun and can make someone smile, and their day that much more worth while, is already a superhero in my eyes. :)

  271. I don’t know…all of them are after all unique in their own way and are superheros in VIPs eyes :D but if I had to choose…I will choose GD ^^ his powers? To amaze everyone with the songs he wrote. His songs can make one cry when they are sad and cheer them afterwards. It is almost like his songs are healing songs for people out there who are suffering. I think his songs gives motivation to all the people around the world. And not to forget one recommendation line from ITYM’s Song Baek Kyoung…he said that “Fantastic Baby” written by GD could make your granny dance!!! His songs would make you want to move unconsciously to the beat and no one would ever hate a song coming from BIGBANG! BIGBANG hwaiting ♥

    youtube: onlyzax

  272. Love the Block B fighting in the back! I completely support them, but I can’t believe the antis made a “We Hate Block B” facebook page. It’s so irrational, they made a mistake and they’re already suffering enough because of it, so this should all blow over because EVERYBODY makes mistakes.

    There’s also the antis telling Block B members to go die and UGH it’s so stupid. I know people are mad, especially the ones in Thailand, but some people are just hating for the sake of going with the flow. 


  273. I think Seungri would be the best Superhero because of his powers to make your dreams come true, or a VVIP.  ♕

    - Theatriics @ Youtube

  274. Kanee11

    that you so much for the block b fighting

  275. Youtube username: Thebloggerchic
    T.O.P would probably have the ability to shoot x-rays out of his eyes. I mean come on, he has smoking sexy eyes ;)

  276. Best NY superhero would be Taeyang, because his English is the best ;) And his superpower would be cloning or quickly multiplying himself so each fan could date and love him equally :D I almost picked TOP though because I think he could handle that many girls… Taeyang and his clones might be too overwhelmed. I’m so torn! So yeah, either TOP or Taeyang based on the above reasons. 

  277. Seriously
    it should be T.O.P. and his power would be to be able to use the force
    to bend people to his will because he is just sooo charismatic and
    powerful, as a person!!!!!!!!! ♥ :D

  278. (My first comment on Twitter) Monica Munoz Daesung would make the best Superhero. His Superpower would be the Basic elements (fire, electricity, water, earth, wind). Whaa~paa. Awesome!!!! But, every Superhero needs a sidekick. His sidekick would be Aang from Avatar, The Last Airbender. The cutest combo eva! Therefore, if the strongest, draconian, acute villain ever came to be, they wouldn’t break a sweat over it. They would whoop its booty in a second. Nobody would dare to mess with Daesung cuz of his powers (and of course his super awesome smiley eyes that no one can resist.) He would prevent what no other man could, natural disasters. Just like the earthquake in Japan. His superpower could prevent thousands, even millions, of people from going into sorrow because of the drastic and horrible effects of natural disasters.He would be able to give water to those who are dying of thirst by a drought. Shoot, if he wanted he could bring all the continents back together and call the humongous piece of land mass, HOPE AND LOVE. (Also with this super power he would somehow be able to bring Martina and TOP closer together but not in a way that would hurt Simon(got your back man)). Daesung superpower is awesssommmmeee and not to mention how his sexxyyy and raunchy  voice would add to his persona. He would be the best SuperHero because he already has the mask(from his drama aka WHats Up) and Wings (from his upcoming album)and sweet magical voice (from himself). Daesung and Aang would win the hearts of everyone. 

  279. Best NY superhero would be TOP. Dat sexiness, the deep silky voice, that sexy nose, sexy eyes and BAM. You’re so caught up in how sexy he is that you’ll find yourself (male or female) manipulated into doing whatever he wishes you to do. TOP’s secret power would be manipulation! Say goodbye to high levels of crime with TOP walking around the neighborhoods all day long, as even the bad guys (once again male or female) would want TOP to just stare at them sexily and father their children. ANGGG you so nasty! xD <3


  280. YT: thagenaro 

    T.O.P, because it feeds the poor children and the poor fans with your cotton candy blue hair e.e 

  281. It’s impossible to pick just one member of Big Bang as a superhero, because they each have individual special powers. TOP would be the superhero that uses his really deep voice to create super sonic waves that shake everything. Daesung would be like superman, except he’ll fly with wings. Taeyang would have some kind of cyclone superpower, but instead of spinning fast, he’ll dance fast! Seungri can be like batman, with all the nice cars and gadgets. GD will provide his GDragon Lair to his GD-Men.
    Username: valvalrox

    I love you guys so much! You give my Mondays a meaning to survive D: <3

  282. This song is exactly what BigBang’s comeback should be. Im so glad that this was the first single released. I love the video and the all quiet moments within the video. The song is ridiculously catchy. Definitely the right move for BB comeback. 

    Superhero Powers: BigBang Edition
    GD- His superhero power/name would be Doppelganger (chameleon).. He has constantly changed his style, as unusual as it may be. He could wear a My Little Pony pony as a hat, and it would totally work. He evades super villians with his multi-colored eyebrows. One look from GD and they run away- fast. The getaway car would be the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile with SeungRi as the getaway driver. 

  283. Youtube: Makendra007
    Taeyang, why? Because his awesome power would be to stop crime by flashing his abs at someone to let them watch in amazement… and then kick their ***.

  284. YT username: darkforce2098
    T.O.P transforming into Spudgy :D

  285. Youtube username: 13merle: Daesung, would be the perfect superhero because he’s got that tragic hero thing going on.  He’s talented and funny, and this makes the people around him literally worship him.  However, sort of like Bruce Wayne losing his parents as a child, Daesung has to deal with many hardships, i.e. this past year with his car accident, but he chooses to move forward and inspire the world with his strength.  The most special thing about Daesung is that he makes the people around him laugh and smile no matter what’s going on with his own personal life. He cares too much about people around him that makes him perfect for being a superhero because they too care too much about the general public and sometimes neglect their own well being.

  286. My youtube name is cattienbiggestfan and This is the exact same thing that I’ve put on your youtube page :)

    Seungri would be an amazing hero.
    First his name would be “Spylicous”
    Second his super power would be the amazing ear in which he could use them to collect information about anyone he likes and use it against them whenever he wants.
    P.S His power is due to the fact that whenever he’s on shows, he always has stories to tell about his members and even he said (In family outing) that YG once told him to stay quite on shows :P Also he tend to get in trouble w/ the members due to his stories.

  287. GD would be the best superhero and his power would be to make girls (and guys?) heart melt by singing and rapping and BREATHE FIRE! cause he’s a dragon and dragons breathe fire :)

  288. Oh. So is that what happened? Carjacking…ya ya that makes sense.

    I was actually convinced that girl was a famous Blues singer from the 1920s, and Bigbang were massive fanboys who, on their trip to NY, decided to reenact one of her most famous MVs, while attempting to dress up in 1920s women’s fashion.

    Just like how I reenact Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ whenever I go bowling. Hahaha, I’m just joking. OR WAS I? *shifty eyes*

  289. irritablevowel

    Loved Martina’s vicarious dance of joy, even if Simon had to suffer a bit to make it happen. 

  290. My SuperHero + TOP+. He’s superpower: “Cross-dimensional awareness” is the ability to detect actions and events in other dimensions. Also he has Super eyes ^-^

  291. Already pre-ordered all 6 versions but I’m here to argue that exploding one’s ovaries is a valid group power LOL.

    The GD A-Yo skit…CLASSIC. I was literally LOLing 

    And…Big Bang’s powers Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, and Hip Hop….I mean Heart 

    I have to vote for Blue…Big Bang had a rough year and this song is saying it.

  292. TAEYANG=FLYING! I know that he wishes at times that he was taller so being able to fly would take being tall to a whole new level. He’d be able view the NY skyline as he’s flying all around and spread that BIGBANG LOVE. also, since he already has smooth dance moves that looks like he’s gliding…why not just give him the whole package of being able to fly?? && WHO NEEDS AIRPLANES WHEN YOU HAVE TAEYANG?? 

  293. People I think that we can all agree that Daesung would be the best superhero.
    Why? Because he is awesome, THATS WHY!!!
    Daesung’s SUPERPOWER: mind control!!!! This explains why his eyes are so small (no it is not because of Asian genes). If he were to open them as wide as possible, he would UNLEASH ALL OF HIS AMAZING POWERS OF MIND CONTROL!!!! MUHAHAHA!!!! And he would make everyone dance to Look at me Gwi Soon :D
    This would also explain the new hairstyle… if you have noticed in the music video “Blue”. Now Daesung’s hair covers one of his eyes. This is because his powers are growing and it is harder for him to keep them under control. Does this mean that his next hairstyle will be covering both of his eyes???? Perhaps….

  294. I think the best superhero out of the five would be G-Dragon. His power would be the ability to control another’s emotion since he already seems to be able to do that through his music.

    YouTube username: Vietangelgurl

  295. SUPERHERO : T.O.P

    His superpower would be scaring off bad boys and attracting all the girls with his sexy eyes in NY. Additional to that he can read people’s mind when he focuses on their eyes!

  296. I’d have to say GD would have the best super power! Since his wardrobe is so extensive, his power would make him like a chameleon. His crazy clothes allow him to blend into any surrounding and also makes him able to turn himself into any other person so one minute hes out in the open as GD and then BAM..who is he now? This allows him to go anywhere he wants without being attacked by crazy fan girls or paparazzi!
    & I vote for 2NE1′s Lonely!
    AND my you tube account: beachpup3109

  297. I really loved Blue <3 so i'm voting for it~
    choosing between Lonely and Blue was kinda hard as the renditions were both amazing and really affected the emotions BUT since the song came out…..wowwwww really cant stop listening to it *fan girl squeal* <3 I LOVE IT

  298. Seung ri. I think he should have the ability to hm… suddenly put an
    idea into people’s heads. So he can make girls think they want him…
    and then the girls would go for him. Haha cuz thats what i imagine him
    to be… a ladies man. Heard he has been pretty famous around gang nam
    nightclubs… Sigh.. seung ri always wants the ladies and i want him to
    finally get his wish. But i wouldnt feel sorry for the ladies or
    anything because he doesnt need the superpower to attract the women.

  299. G-Dragon would be the superhero with the ability to read minds so he can read all the fans thoughts and get inspiration and write even more mega amazing songs :D


    TAEYANG=  The power to control a person’s shadow.  And what I mean is that when he controls your shadow he controls your movements and what you do, but only when your shadow is visible so there has to be some source of light.  Because every superhero has a weakness yes?

  301. Although they’re all superheroes to me already, I’d choose Seungri as a superhero. I think his super power would be the ability to control other peoples minds.
    Only they would switch bodies temporarily.

    An example would be: Seungri and the super villain GD are standing on top of a tall New York Building. GD is about to use his super evil darkness consuming power, only to realize that he’s currently looking at himself. Perplexed, GD is unable to move and gawks at his body standing in front of him. Seungri nonchalantly explains his situation, and before GD has a chance to react, Seungri sprints off in the opposite direction towards the edge of the building. GD quickly follows, but is not able to reach Seungri before he flings GD’s body off of the building. With a sinister look in GD’s body’s eyes as he’s falling, Seungri uses his power and is now safely back in his own body witnessing the freak accident of GD jumping from the building. 

    He then cooly walks away from the random explosion as the screen flashes “To be continued.”
    Youtube username is Miseriway

  302. I believe T.O.P <3 would be the best super hero. I mean
    you could even use T.O.P to describe him, as he is a: TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS PERSON!
    Who else would dye their hair; silver FRENCH FRY BLONDE, regular blonde, silver
    spikes, brown and NOW BLUE… give it time and I bet his hair will be pink next !
    He could be called The Hypnotic Haze , one stare from his eyes and all his
    female villains will be in his demise. Then when know one is looking BAM he’ll
    do something unexpected like his “lies dance.” He also has the power to shoot
    colours from his hairs blinding his male and female nemesis. AND IF ANYONE
    fighting baddies he’d be making his friends and fans smile and laugh with his
    dorkyness <3! Like the way he acts with se7en and his big bang members as
    well as the way he acted in the Secret
    Garden parody! Martina! You
    knew the minute you saw him he would make the ultimate superhero! He even looks
    like one!  He’d be the best superhero because
    he’d save people as “The Hypnotic Haze” AND as T.O.P.!!!

  303. My super hero would be  Seungri, his power would be to control peoples minds by just looking into their eyes and hearing his voice. He has been suffering with this power since a horrible accident in a science lab, in his frustration he is using his mind controlled minions to search all over the globe to find the one who will love him for him and not because he said so.

    Youtube name : holiwood10122

  304. I vote for Blue .There is definetely meaning in the song and also inspiration
    I love BLUE , BLUE

  305. Taeyang would have the Power of Dance, causing bad guys to forget their lives of crime and form dance groups instead. Yep.

  306. Seungri would be the best superhero! this may be silly but helpful. Seungri will magically give people piercing,it would would be painless but free and you get to see him

  307. Since i’m a big fan of T.O.P i would say his super power would be to be able to transform and impersonate anyone. Since he loves to impersonate people :PP TOP HWAITING~!!! <3

  308. If Big Bang had a super hero it would be TOP and his power would be to put the world to sleep by causing sound waves to vibrate the earth with his deep voice. My youtube account is Farisa3

  309. Great Music Monday!  I already pre-ordered my copy of Big Bang’s new CD/poster.  I can not wait to get it!!!     

  310. I Love you guyses “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Duet! it was inspiring XD

    my youtube name is Moopies

    I think GD would be the best super villain, because he is all slender and stylish, charismatic and the best leader, So he would be all like *Smile* “do you want to die” and you would be so taken aback you would do whatever he said to. TOO COOOL! Seungri would be a new up and coming Super hero whos a bit lost since he doesnt know whether he wants to be good (Fighting evil since the day his parents were killed in a mugging at 4), or follow the man (GD) who raised him since his parents died; ever since he found out the true identity of GD (or Mad hatter as his super villain persona is known) he has been at a loss for how to continue. Fight GD? Or Join him!?!?!?

    T.O.P. is an observer who is neither good nor evil, he just monitors the goings on of man, he never talks, and not many people see him. GD considers him a very good friend, since he doesnt judge him.

    Taeyang, like the sun is a Super good guy! but he doesnt mingle with the humans, he only observes and steps in when things are getting a bit too crazy.

    Daesung is the coolest guy!! he is a quiet guy who is good but everyone is unsure what to think of him since people dont like what is different. He has amazing abilities with his voice, he is able to incapacitate people by singing a certain pitch, he can hypnotize them, he can lull them into a coma. Sing them to sleep. Because of this awesome power people are afraid of him, afraid that he might abuse it, so he spent his childhood/teen years/early twenties in a monastery learning from monks (his parents died trying to protect him from the angry villagers who wanted to kill the freak monster baby, but he was saved by a deaf lady who cared for him and finally brought him to a monastery when he was four because she was affraid of what people who do to him, and she was dying of .. .. pollution). so one day the monks tell him he needs to experience life, to see the world!! once he has done that he can come back and live with him if he wants to. And so began 


    hehe I am a fan girl, but I do believe BigBangs song is sadder.. because it reminds one of all the hard times one has endured, where as Lonely just effects people who feel lonely.. heheheh #FANGIRLLOGIC

  311. Daesung would be the best superhero. He is obviously really strong after what he made it through in the last year. His superpower (not even hypothetically) is that he can make people happy every time they see him smiling.

    My Youtube account is: Liciawingx

  312. Desung’s awesome vocals would be a power of its own.  DeSUNG!

  313. T.O.P-The Omnipotent Phather (prounouced [F]ather): You know all those girls that don’t know how they got pregnant because the man they thought was the father of their child turned out not to be and they swear on their life they never cheated on whats-his-name? All it takes is just one stare from The Omnipotent Phather.

  314. The superhero would definitely be Daesung. He would be the super fuzzy bear hug superhero that offers hugs to everyone who is feeling blue. Technically, I chose him also because of his hair. Love the color! 

    Also, I am going to vote for Blue. Lonely is catchy and more upbeat, but doesn’t convey the loneliness feeling as strongly as this song, which feels like it is withholding something – pain?fear? sadness? – in its context, hence I love it. 

    My Youtube username: lovingmonday. :D 

  315. XD I can’t say “Blue” is one of my favourite songs, but this was /definitely/ one of my favourite reviews I’ve seen since following you guys!

    I am, however, going to vote “Blue” for this one.

    •  I agree… while I understand that there is meaning behind the lyrics and such, I just didn’t like this song as much as Haru Haru or Love Song.

  316. TOP would be the most amazing super hero ever!! He has the power of Spudgy!!! :D His new hair gives him the awesomeness of Spudgy and smartness of Spudgy ()’ᄎ’()…..plus he has hotness… XD

  317. I think Gdragon would be the best superhero!
    He would have the ability to turn into a dragon so I could fly wherever i want on him :D 

  318. I think “Taeyang” would be the best superhero because well his… “TaeYang”(sun) and his going to burn people… he already has the body of a superhero :D

  319. Definitely Blue. Lonely is just…not really my thing.

  320. Seungri would be the best superhero, because he naturally would have the power of mind reading. Then, he would take all the nasty, embarrassing secrets he discovered to exploit evil villains on, say, national television… every. time. Mortified, the villains would never dare show their face again, henceforth ending their shenanigans for good.YouTube name = kawaiizmeh

  321. I think the best superhero would be TOP, and he would have the power to model himself after famous dogs in history. Like Spudgy. Woof.

  322. GD! His superpower is the ability to change hairstyles in an instant! He went from having blonde bangs to red bangs in the video but its nothing compared to his true power! In number 1 video, hep grew a afro and then it suddenly disappeared! He constantly goes from short hair, then long hair! Then medium hair! Then back to short hair! It really comes in handy when he wants to disguise himself. Or if he wants to coordinate his hair with his clothes. Gd has very healthy hair bc of his ability. No need to dye his hair =)

    My youtube account is lilian23910
    Btw, my vote goes to Big Bang. 

  323. hehehe Traa-oo-maaa is actually the way trauma is pronounced in German— soooo maybe give them a 5/5 for German skills?? :)

  324. One point for 2ne1 and one point for Big Bang please(:

  325. ah! My YouTube’s name is TheRedTong (written with capitals)! I wouldn’t want you to not find me~  ;)

  326. I would pick T.O.P as a superhero. Because as most of superheroes he seems to have a dual personality. When you first see him, he is cold and impressive, but when you get to know him more (by tv shows of course. Alas i do not know him personnaly…) he’s really funny and warm.
    So maybe his super-power will be a kind of charm: when you think of him or heard his voice, you’ll be surrounded by his charmness and warmness and you’ll feel better ~^___^~

    My YouTube nickname is theredtong.

    Big hug to both of you (and Spudgy!) from France <3

  327. I retweeted it but.. If you have a lock on your profile, do the mentioned people see that they’re mentioned? >< ..

  328. I love the song, the video even if there are some people that didn´t like it because is not the same they were the last year. is a new style. and i think they know how to do it. I love them 4ever V.I.P, (the first time I saw TOP hair, spudgy came to my mind inmediatly)

  329. I vote for 2NE1′s Lonely….

  330. hmm taeyang would be a superhero because his name means sun..uhh sooo he’d just shine as bright as the sun and make the villains go blind.

  331. TOP lol lookie –> http://tinypic.com/r/b4c7xf/5
    his power would be the ability to melt any fan girl into a puddle of
    goo with his sexy deep eyes (: and for his fan boys he can laser them
    so they go POOF! ^_^ idk i just WANT THAT ALBUM *_* and look at those massive pecs and arms that simon could be jealous over yt: blaqxjack

  332. TOP – the ability to smoothly transition any teenage boy’s high squeaky voice into a deep, dothraki-man-warrior voice. It could save them all the trouble of puberty (:

    Youtube name is dbskfreak08 ^_^

  333. o, rite I VOTE FOR BIGBANG

  334. Superhero: T.O.P
    Power:  The power to hypnotize girls with his stare and have the power to call monkeys with his rap using monkey magic =DD

  335. OMG IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION?!GD will be the hero for sure, as he’s the ‘heartbreaker’! lolHe could kill the bad guy by breaking their hearts, people die if their hearts are broken,no one can survive with a broken heart can they? lol

  336. bigbangfosho

    Best super hero in BB: Taeyang.
    His power: Bending the sun’s rays so he becomes invisible.
    How else could he have gotten into that car? GD clearly was about to steal it, but with his newfound invisibility, GD was pushed out of the car. This is how he got into the car, when previously, GD was shown.

    After all, his name is Taeyang, so this would only be suitable, that he could use his sun-y powers! My youtube: jessicaaaturbox3

  337.  G-dragon would make an awesome superhero. Chameleon style he would be able to change looks to fit in anywhere and camouflage himself to hide from unsuspecting crooks. Actually, this fits better as a super villain’s power… oh well.

    YT: davidxstuff

  338. YT: ButaNoTsubasa

    If Seungri had a super power, he would be the ‘Panda Whisperer’. He can summon other baby pandas.. to RULE THE WORLD! Mwahaha!!

  339. “EXO……brought the boys out?”

    LOL I literally did a spit take. I’m not even sure why, but that just strikes me as super funny. 

  340. He said Trauma lik tht cuz thts how koreans normally pronounce it :P

  341. thisisjustforfunval

    This is the first Big Bang song that I really like. Sorry Martina! Been meaning to listen to more of them but just have never really been able to get into them. Maybe this will be the song that opens up my Big Bang listening.

  342. Blue is the best song of BIG BANG

  343. All of them would make the greatest superheroes ever but since I have to pick, I’ll have to go with DaeSung…just because he’s awesome like that. LOL! No, jk. I choose DaeSung because he stayed, and still is, strong throughout the hardships he went through last year and he can still put on that hypnotizing smile of his. Plus, his voice is to die for. XD

  344. I think I like “Blue” better. It’s a hard choice though, because “Lonely” is my fav 2ne1 song.  
    My superhero would be TOP and he would have laser eyes and shoot things like cyclops :)
    My YT handle is cloiebuggeater. You can go see my 4 yo dance adorably to 2ne1 ;)

  345. TOP’s superpower would be his super raspy voice.

    Everytime he raps alone on a rooftop of an NY builing, like a lion he will growl so loudly and send out such powerful sound waves to the whole Universe that the hearts of all evil, sorrow and sadness would shake out of fear and the three will get smaller until they disappear from the planet Earth.

    Everytime he laughs, he will shake off the planet from dirt and pollution and will turn them into nothingness.

    His every nice word in the rap will make people feel happier and more self-confident, creative, expressive and loved (esp. this will work on young girls and ahjummas- they would cry out of joy from the results).

    I can add that when he sings, he shoots people’s heads with his hand (with his two fingers; and a purple energy comes out of them), the people will be healed from health problems and be reminded of their uniqueness and what they have always wanted to accomplish. Everybody would set out on their own happy life journey without depending on TOP.

    He is kind of a hero that everyone will admire and will be inspired by to do greater things for the good of humanity.
    (You know TOP is the strongest when he is at the top of his voice, topx2)

    Ps. I don’t know but I get the feeling that I turned TOP into somekind of God unconsiously….haha

    All the best Mart. & Sim.,

  346. OMG Exact same thing here! My friend who insists on only listening to Mandarin or Cpop and refuses to try Kpop because of the language barrier is actually starting to become a VIP because of Blue. It was by chance but still……..now if only I can get her to start watching KDramas….

  347. I think GD would be a fashionista superhero. He has the ability to change your hairstyle in seconds, like a man-man :P youtube name: callmebaka6

  348. TOP obviously. His power? Kill a person in 4 moves.
    1- He attracts his enemies with his blue hair, that in reality is cotton candy;
    2- He scares u with his dark/icy/black looks
    3- He paralyzes you with his sexy voice;
    4- He kills u with his BOOM SHAKALAKA dance.
    WARNING! The last 2 moves are quite rare, ’cause in general, all the enemies die only looking into his eyes.
    Smurf TOP: Gotta catch’em all!!!!

    USERNAME: BlinBlingGiuhyun

  349. Top’s power to explode one’s ovaries isn’t a superpower, WELL what are superpower anymore.

  350. my youtube name is alfonsina13.  Taeyang is the most flexible, fantastic, bombastic superhero whose hairs become powerful steel blades to cut through stone, marble and other impenetrable materials to reach his friends, the bigbangers, imprisoned by enemy forces in a fortress somewhere in the Simon and Martina Household, where Martina has hidden T.O.P., luring him there with the promise of magic potions full of a substance called “kewt”  to make him more human. One by one, the other bigbangers have attempted to rescue TOP but have failed miserably as Simon is covered in Dothraki Kriptonite Like a Man Juice. Not Teayang, whose hammer hands and anvil feet have demolished the walls around TOP and who is so far immune to Simon’s juice. Does he have an Achilles’ heel??? We will find out!

  351. i love the way you analyze the song… ’cause i thought the same ! good job guise ^^
    and i think it’s GD the real superhero, i should say supervillain cause he’s like Double Face aka Harvey Dent : he’s the most romantic lover in Butterfly and kills his girlfriend in She’s gone 
    and, even though i love Lonely, Blue is better !

  352. Taeyang’s power would be making lots of hairbands like what he’s wearing,maybe even one for martina? :D

  353. Taeyang’s superpower would revolutionize the future of fertility treatments forever: one look at his shirtless torso and BAM, you’re pregnant. 
    Taeyang: helping infertility and dropping birth rates one topless dance at a time… (zaleemu on YT :D ) 

  354. I think that Taeyang would be the best superhero, he have everything and he’s really kind. Maybe his power will be super fast, he can dance and help the people really fast

  355. Bahaha — poor spudgy.

    Just by watching this MV along, i think GD gots the most potential for superpowers. If he did, probably has some super animal morphing powers. Why? a) running sequence in the beginning — does it not remind you of some sort of primate (monkey/gorilla). b) the hair — from blonde to pink to blonde to pink: chameleon! Hahah sounds lame but that’s all I got.
    username: NessaClkd 

  356. Big Bang’s Blue is sadder. 

  357. Seungri’s power would be mind reading. this is because Seungri looks like someone who can almost look through to someone haha well thats the feeling i get xD
    G-Dragon would have the ability of invisibility. this is because i think he is a very playful person and when your invisible u can technically do any pranks u want expect he can’t really do that or can he haha
    Taeyang would have powers to time travel: past and future. this is because i think he is the most responsible one haha and time is not a laughing matter xD
    Daesung would have the ability to manipulate the sound frequency. this is because i think he can just practically do anything with his voice haha
    T.O.P would have the power of telekinesis. this is because i think he can practically move anyone and anything with just one look of his xD

    this would be my ultimate superhero team. haha as u can see i had to put all the members xD

    youtube account: Moonlitebliz

  358. TOP with heat vision since with both his glare and smoldering sexy make a baby eyes are just so epic and intense. 

  359. A superpower? Seungri being able to read the thought of his huyngs, just so that he could tell embarassing stories about them on shows ^^.

    I love Big Bang’s Blue but I’m gonna vote for 2NE1′s Lonely here. This song really pulled me in.

    Thank you for the great review :)

  360. andrea chan

    Ahaha, nice touch on Spudgy’s grey/blue ending :P Really fits Big Bang’s Blue :P

  361. i love martina~~~~xoxoxoxoxo

  362. Daesung!! With his smile, he will solve every single problem! and destroy all the evil in the world!
    I call that power “Supdu Smile!” (Super + Duper)  :)

  363. The best superhero would be: TOP (like many have suggested), and here’s why: SHAPESHIFTING! (like Sam from True Blood)
    You think TOP stole Spugdy’s hairstyle? Think again.. because the truth is TOP IS SPYDGY! :O Shocking, I know, but think about it. Have you ever seen Spydgy and TOP at the same time? Was Spydgy there when you guise saw TOP on Jeju? NO! Was Spydgy at the YG Family concert? No! The evidence speaks for itself.
    I think Spydgy sneaks out when you two are sleeping and flyes to New York to film music videos. And TOP can’t dance coz Spudgy has that hip problem, right?
    (My yt is Cwiol)

  364. Sooo .. I musta had it all wrong :( I thought the girl represented the fans and how they were always with BB and BB was always with them via the music. It was like they walked in the same world but were never actually together except through the music, and when she’s standing in front of YB she see’s him and looks at him with such longing, but he can’t see her but can only sing to her. When I saw that the first time I started bawling! It made me think they were trying to say thank you for supporting them through the dark times and making it possible for them to rise above it all and come back stronger than ever :) Come to think of it .. I like this explanation better .. BB hwaiting! 

  365. DaeSung’s power would be his voice. As a superhero, he thwarts the
    villains by hypnotizing them and can use his voice to break through
    walls, etc. :D (or even make you fall in love with him xD)
    GD’s powers would be the ability to lead superheroes and shift his appearance.  He brings a team together in the castle of Big Bang and uses his shape shifting to save people from harm. (that causes his VIPs to swoon xD)

  366. For Taeyang’s super powers he can control a person just with his dance moves. OH yeah, sexy all the way…

    youtube name: sparklechick12

  367. “trauma” pronounced “trauma”….that’s how we say it in Poland :PP

  368. I think it would be Daesung. He is a superhero with an angels power, someone who can simply save you from your problems…I think he must be an angel, look at him and his new hairstyle and angelic smile (with no eyes :D)

  369. I think that out of all the members, seungri would be the villain since he always gets revenge on his hyungs by ratting out their secrets. TOP would be good at invisibility cuz there was one time when he hid in the bathroom for hours. BUT I think that GD would be the best superhero cuz seungri always tries to be like him (ie clothes) (look at how villians always try to be their arch-nemesis). GD would have the power that of Mystique’s from X-men since he can wear anything and be anybody and play that part well. ie look at Secret Big Bang (secret garden) (msjrabz on youtube) 

  370. Well, my favorite member is Taeyang, but I think T.O.P could be a great super hero. His super power is obviously his “strong” voice, something like Scorpion saying: “COME HERE!” and destroying the enemy with a single punch. 
     LOL this is not really great… but ok… XD let’s see..

  371. hehe if any Big Bang member would have a super power , he is totally gonna be T.O.P … I mean com’on the guy is always swagy like SUPER SWAGY …ppl, it takes super power 2 do all those swagy cool antices in a mid-tempo song MV and not look out of place … yes only TOP can do that … plus look @ his red jacket it’s almost the same as that red thingy  super man used 2 put @ his back XDDDDDD …. ok i’m done now ..tata
    PS : I know that Martina totally agree with that ;)

  372. I Think GD is the best superhero. He’s so cool person! When he smile, everyone will melt to him. <3 Also he have other cool superpower! He can fly all over the world without jet packs and send kisses to girls!  When GD sing…oh… angels will come sing with him. He's so perfect superhero!

  373. I’ve already posted this on Youtube, but I post it here too lol – YT-ID:YukiiDaruma

    Daesung would be the superhero! His angelic smile would mesmerize every single person looking at him, and making even the “bad people” would want to change themselves into a better person. That angelic smile of his would also make them throw away all the painful memories that they’re carrying. In short, his angelic smile is deadly awesome!

  374. Simon omg I had all those questions too! That girl was so random!

  375. GD! he changes hair color in an instant!

  376. If any Big Bang member would have a super power, it would be Daesung ( he isn’t my fav member of this group but i like him) with super-teleportation power? With this magic power he can come to all the fans and could sing a beautiful, soft song….He also could comfort someone and wipe awy all the tears…

  377. I think, Superhero GD with…immortality?! Seriously, whatever he does he never get old. And his songs too^^
    So, if GD was immortal, people in 3012 will know his talent and will listen to “Blue”  and like it. Just like us!!

  378. woah, that’s sorta my answer to the facebook thread. ^_____^ well, Seungri would really fit those powers.

  379. Daesung with laser gaze. If he would open his eyes bigger his amazing powers would be shown. :–P And ofc he would have some awesome breaking-walls-ultrasound voice.

    And I that eye thing is 100% with love <3

  380. I like the interpretation of the “girl’s existence” in the video. A
    memory you can’t run away from… This is the best BIGBANG song ever!
    The style, the lyrics, the video – especially after the girl’s
    involvement has been explained. Oh and Seungri, he captured me.  I think he’d make the best superhero among them. He’d be a superdetective so instead of preventing crimes, he’d be solving them.

  381. I like the interpretation of the “girl’s existence” in the video. A memory you can’t run away from… This is the best BIGBANG song ever! The style, the lyrics, the video – especially after the girl’s involvement has been explained. Oh and Seungri, he captured me.

  382. GD and his power is to touch anything and turn it into candy or ranch for Simon. XD

  383. GD because his smile is killing and he has a baby face. I think even non kpop fans would fall for him! thts wat happen to me when i first saw him. His super power is his smile! :)))

  384.  I think Super Hero SeungRi with telekinesis and telepathy super powers
    because in the video he has a sad, dark and mysterious presence and
    this makes a perfect combo with those super powers also he can fly and
    shows himself like the bad boy of the story but not really is only a
    lonely person with good feelings

  385. EASYYYYYY, TOP would have the power to shoot pregnansy(?) lazers with hes eyes!

    making all the girls pregnant!! :D :D 
    and he would also do mindcontrol!
    That eyes of hes are multi-talented! 

  386. I also think TOP absorbed some powers off of Hades from the Disney movie Hercules when he decided to go Blue. (subscriber rnataliad) … I really want the cd. *desperation*

  387. If any Big Bang member had a super power(s) would be Taeyang. His power would be able to see people’s heart that are “blue” and then comfort them with sweet words, as if he was a friend they’ve known all their life. It’s a simple power, but a few comforting words can do wonders to a person, especially when they feel blue and out of place. ^.^v

    Youtube Username : MySuperRainbow

  388. Super’heroes?
    Well,if Seungri was a superhero when he will get pissed off he can throw with panda toys.Like a cute-angry-super thing.

  389. I think GD would have the superpower to turn any sentence or situation into a trot song.  Look at me, Gwisoon,… anyone???

    My youtube name is rnataliad, i think… the joys of having technology log in for you.

  390. Hello! I’m heartwithseoul on YT. (: I voted for Blue, of course hehe. And I totally thought BB was going through their memories of this chick as they were in the same position/locations as she was…xD

    Big Bang would be an epic superhero group! Taeyang’s mohawk can grow into huge spikes and stab people haha. Seungri can banish people to Wonderland a la VVIP and TOP’s low voice can create sonic booms. Daesung as Hades has destructive mind powers that make you go insane and GD can shoot fireballs. Come on, he’s G-dragon lol. He’s also a heartbreaker. u:

  391. May I choose all of them as super heroes? So they would be super heroes group, like Power Rangers or X-man or The Invincibles? So GD would have elasticity power with his ‘catching-flies’ hand movement, TOP would have electric power with his high voltage eye gaze, Taeyang would have power to hypnotize and brainwash ppl with his smile-eyes, Daesung would have power to make ppl laugh non-stop with his ‘Dumb’ acts and face, and Seung-Ri would have power …to turn to be a Panda. Hahaha!

    But if I should pick one, I pick SeungRi then :)
    YT account: vewindiastri

  392. i would say G-Dragon, and his power would be (or is it already..) Turning everything he touches GOLD!! seriously…think about it? 
    almost all his songs he has written have become multihypersuperblue POPULAR, like gold!! :O ouh..sorry GD, did I expose you? ^____^~~
    oh + Simon in Finland we say it just like TRAUMA :D

  393. hehe this music monday was a reeeealy big surprice XDD lol.

    gosh i would like to see martinas’ fangirl dance XD but simon u replaced her very well xDD is it good when i say i lol’ed like crazy when i was watchin this scene…?? no…?? *sees simon with dooming gaze* omg nuuuuuuuuuu…!! i’ll be good~!! promise~!! just don’t hurt meh T^T
    also the new chair-lower perspective of view was kinda interesting xD but to be honest i was wonderin all the time how simon was sittin if he wanted to fit the screen… xD

    oh, the voting. the choice is kinda tough, both the songs are cool… but guess there will be like dazillion votes for big bang, so i’m goin 4 ‘lonely’ P:

    and one more thing. yes, the sceepin & stalking time >XDDD me & ma friend will be visiting seoul in may so i thought…
    wellll… is there any possibility to meet wit u guys? i don’t intend to
    take ur time or disturb u the whole day. just when u’ll be makin for ex
    some wanking in seoul, we’d meet like for 5 min just to tell ya how
    osom u r, make some photos & shake hands >XD oh and bonus for
    simon: we’re polish~!! (:

    & martina hope u’ll get well soon~!! ♥

  394. ah!!! i like this song but i love love love tonight more i don’t know  little Disappointed with it sorry T.T

  395. First of all:
    As always great work and I think you’re managing just fine, even with Martina on crutches.

    Then onto the competition:
    If one certain member was a superhero… I’d guess that it would be Seungri, ’cause he’s the least mystical (talks most in variety), and that is one genious move as people wouldn’t expext him to be the superhero.

    Super power: He makes things or people older or younger. By doing either he’s able to destroy evil when it’s in the weakest sort of state.

  396. oh, by the way, I choose BIGBANG- Blue :))

  397. GD would make the best superhero and he would be able to look at a girl and she would fall in love with him….wait a second….maybe he already is a superhero…doesnt he already have this power?MIND BLOWN

  398. Superhero: Daesung

    Power: omg just hearing his voice tells everything! When he’s singing everybody in the world will fall in love with him, I’m absolutely sure!

  399. I love this song too. Isn’t it a little weird that 2NE1 started off with Lonely last year and now BIGBANG is starting off with Blue this year? Why the sad songs first? But I’m glad BB’s promoting all the songs off their new mini-album. Hopefully all the songs are better than 2NE1′s from last year. And so far so good cause I like Blue a whole lot more than Lonely.

  400. I like to think of TOP as the best super hero for NY silently keeping to himself using his mind controling abilities with his eyes would be killer plus it would be interesing to see what he would do with his power! ^_^
    YouTube: vannarose314

  401. Knew It!!

    ~ Knew that you’d bully Simon to do the funny Bigbang-jig for you!! <3

    And Superpower? TOP of course!
    Those smexy SMEXY brows can bore holes into walls~ but in this case, fan-girls hearts!!

  402. T.O.P would steal all people hair colors along with it their free will. lol

  403. The first thing I thout when I said TOP’s blue hair was exactly that he looked like Spudgy lol XD What have you guys done to me?? XD 
    Also, I think that GD would have the best superpower, and that’s being one of the richest idols at the moment. Like seriously, he’s like “Earn ALL the money” or something lol 

    My YT username is the same as it is on here. 

  404. somehow, you guys’ interpretation always makes sense! for this one, its a tough call for me because Lonely is a sad sad song, but I’d go with BLUE because of Seung Ri deep cool voice *tears*

  405. GD or TOP would have the superpower of making whatever lyrics/videos they wanted to and never ever get banned (again)  =)
    YT: lolenenalinda

  406. That was the funniest Spudgy outro yet.  So cute and to the point, looking exactly like TOP…

  407. actually I don’t understand you Simon :D my favorite part of this song was actually TOP’s rapping, like …really! and it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s my soon-to-be husband ….I swear…it was just..PERFECT

  408. youtube name is perky5. I pick TOP and his weapon is that husky deep voice of his <3 It can be very similar to Bolts super bark! Where he yells and it sends off a sound wave powerful enough to destry things!
    Oh, and I don't have a twitter..nor do I want to make one :/ I hope thats okay!

  409. I’m not VIP but I’m fall in love with this song at the first sight ^^

  410.  TOP would have like super-evil-eye-stare-power. girls would swoon and boys would run away like a puppy. GD gonna have a fashionista power. the power to make some weird looking fashion become popular. like a nerd into a cool dude. daesung have a power of a voice of an angel. so power yet so enchanting. Seungri with his bad boy power and the power to make ppl laughing constantly. Taeyang is the super-dancing machine. dance all day long but nvr tired or sick of dancing :D

    me like BLUE!!

  411. Big Bang member Daesung would have sonic voice
    because of his strong vocals like you had mentioned Martina, would make a perfect mathc for his super power and with his awesome blonde hair that covers one eye makes him more sexier and I choose Big Bang’s song that is emotional!
    I was singing the english lyrics in class and my friend was starting to tear up hearing the lyrics! 

  412. T.O.P would be the perfect superhero !! H e would have a supersonic rap to destroy all the bad guys  !! Lonely is more sad !!

  413. big bang blue ..i think 

  414. Ah, you just broke my theory into pieces Simon & Martina! I thought about the ‘memory’ also, but not because of the black-white thing, but bcoz of the same act they do (sitting on bed, running, sliding inside the car, turning his head, etc). Well, you’re the pro, so I agree with you :) Good job!

    Btw, I think we are European pronounce trauma as the way TOP does, hehe ^^

  415. My youtube name is Couturekitty1331 and I think the best Big Bang superhero would be Daesung and his powerful man warrior voice :) Suppose you were getting robbed and you call out “OH isn’t there anyone who could save me?” Daesung  would show up in his Hades mask and outfit (to protect his identity, you see) and hit such a powerful note, it would blow the evil do-er away. How’s that for a run on sentence and answer??? :)

  416. Guys, when i noticed your Ipad screen i just teared up i swear. I haven’t teared or cried a single time since this whole incident but… i guess i couldn’t hold it. It’s one of the first time i’m that depressed and sad and mad and mostly worried about a fandom/group…. Block B, Fighting.
    Hopefully you made me laugh with your review again.

    I’m voting for… BigBang. Because for me the song has more meanings than 2NE1′s Lonely (that i love too btw).

  417. G-Dragon would have the power to shoot fire from his mouth….or better yet, the ability to fart fire….epic

  418. TOP (no matter how much Simon is biased against him) would be the best super hero in NYC. Swagger King! With the amazing talent of amassing hordes of followers wherever he goes!

  419. BIGBANG – BLUE for sure!!!! <3

  420. Super Hero = T.O.P
    Super Power = Karisma Eyes ..
    if you star at Them .. you will :
    1- Lose breath
    2- Die Slowly

  421. As for which was more moving, I have to pick Blue.  I find it hard to be moved by a song I don’t like enough to listen to all the way through more than once, which has been the case with every 2NE1 song since Fire.  Yes, I said it: Their debut song was their best and I haven’t liked anything since.  : (  It actually makes me rather sad.

  422. Is that block b in the back, I LOOOOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

  423. Love love love love this song!!! Gahh I can recognize two of the scenes they used >.< not that far from where I live, esp the roller coaster~!~!
    Lol and… the more I follow your videos and blog posts, the more teacher-like you guys feel. Getting so much of that symbolism in a video… amazing, guys :D (how about some help in my world humanities class? LOL endless reading, analyzation, and paper writing, booo. jkjk~)

  424. WHY you make me choose between my faves?!!!

    but it is blue *__*

  425. Big Bang member to have super power: TOP 
    Super power : Laser eyes
    Why: because his eyes are deadly. look at his eyes for 1 second can make your eyes go blind or he will freeze you with his killer eye stare! 

  426. LMFAO Please GD pimp my wardrobe!

  427. Yaaay, Big Bang!
    But I have to say, I just stopped the video when I finally managed to see what you’re desktop is and – thank you <3 Very nice shoutout to Block B and BBCs ^^

  428. Top has the SHAKA LAKA super power, enough said!

  429. YouTube: WilsonLeeee

    If any Big Bang member would have a super power, it would be GD with the power to grow hair because he always has some wacky hairstyle and his hair is always changing! With this super power his hair can be even crazier! He would not have to worry about the health of his hair cause he could just grow more :D

  430. yay!!!!! its finally up!!!!!

  431. superman!! :D *imagine taeyang with superman outfit*

  432. YEAHHHHHH <3 

  433. Kisses and hugs from Argentina!!!! I love u Martina!! ♥ BIGBANG IS BACK!!!!

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