Wow! Fantastic Baby! If you haven’t heard Big Bang’s fantastic song yet, check it out here.


So, for starters, this is definitely the funnest song they’ve released since their comeback. Blue was serious and contemplative; Bad Boy was swag and head-noddy. Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby, on the other hand, is a song that’s really difficult to listen to while sitting down. It’s demands that you get up and act ridiculous, and has a pretty ridiculous video to go with it.

It’s not a perfect song though. We’ve got a tiny issue with it, that I’m sure some of you might actually not find issue with: while “Wow! Fantastic Baby!” is fun to say, it really breaks the song apart a bit. The song builds up fantastically, and reaches a fever pitch with Daesung’s banshee scream, all leading up to the chorus where everyone’s ready to lose their mind…and then the song stops for them to say “Wow! Fantastic Baby!” Some people like it when the music stops like that. I don’t like that feeling. Sorry! The rest of the song is stellar, and TOP’s “Boomshakalaka” is so well edited: the distance and effects or whatever kind of music-magic was made in post-production just make it sound so freaking commanding.

Too bad TOP isn’t as commanding in the video as he is in the song. You can’t tell me we’re the only ones who are thinking this. We make fun of TOP for not dancing in his other videos, like in Tonight, but it seems like TOP is getting more and more disinterested in being in music videos. Or is it the image he’s going for? Supposedly TOP’s interested in pursuing a career in acting: maybe acting lifeless is something he’s interested in? I don’t know. Maybe some of you are into him looking all distant and aloof and disinterested.

Well, even if we don’t like TOP’s acting, we still totally dig this song, and the song before it, and the song before that one as well. The whole album’s pretty damned cool. If you haven’t picked it up on iTunes yet, get it delivered to your house by clicking on the link below. Boom!

Big Bang

Also, we’ve got bloopers as always! Martina’s feather lips were quite difficult to put on, and resulted in some general awkwardness.


  1. I’m dying here. He accidentally got his arm stuck in a rain gutter?! BWAHAHA.

  2. Have the same problem, can’t say “wow,fantastic” without ANY of my friends saying “BABY” and then we’re stuck ‘cuz then we need to sing the rest of the song :c HAHA sad life

    • OHNO as I watch the rest of the video, I realize I have the EXACT problem with my best friend…Our vocabulary is ruined FOREVER because of KPOP xD
      “sexy haaaaaaaaai”, “i lost my..”, “mamaaah”, “bomshakalaka”, “bomratatata”, “stop stop breaking my..” and “wow,fantastic baby” are just a few of the most common things we say per day <.<'' our non-kpop friends must hate us….

  3. Mia Top

    I love Martina’s pink dipped hair! It looks so cute :3

  4. BIGBANG!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

  5. As problably the only person who became a VIP through this video/song  2 weeks ago.

     I agree with you guys. But one thing tho about GD, with this major hair bananaz transformation mademe realize that he’s not the same GD anymore or something I dunno, but my first thought on GD in this video especially on the part where he shows up/lands on the car and all I could see was.. “Miyavi”? (Japanese Musician/Singer) haha

    But With this TOP thing, besides his nice job on the GD&TOP stuff I still question him, even tho I like him as well as the rest of the group but like, how much is he for effort in MVs? it feels like it depends nowadays on what I do not know but like I think he did a good job in “Haru Haru” and for example those Parody Clips of K-Dramas, but hey what do I know I’ve been a VIP for 16 days ^^;

    Peace EYK 
    just started watching you guys, its very fun to watch your videos (even tho i mostly care for 2NE1 and Big Bang related videos etc) 

    Keep it up :)

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  7. I love TOPS boomshakalaka :D

  8. u guys really hate EXO right??? I understand the spaming thing was wrong, but ater we won fairly with NO SPAMS and u still didn’t give us our review, the one we EARNED!!!!!!!!!!

  9. kawaii_candie

    i’ve got two theories about TOP… first, i think he can’t see out of his new colored contact lenses and so he’s just kinda staring ahead without focusing… either that, or it’s not really TOP, but a TOP ROBOT!!!! they’ve replaced him with a very lifelike, but not as emotional version… yup… that must be it… :p

    he is looking pretty hot though… but i agree… where’s that spark?!

    as for GD, i am really kinda loving the evil vilain look… lol. oh and yeah, no matter how crazy he dresses, he will forever remain one of the hotest men alive. amen.

  10. Totally agree with the TOP part. He really looks bored and like he doesn’t know why he’s here..

  11. TVXQ ‘s MIROTIC !!! 

  12. I can’t tell what colour Spudgy is!!! :O

  13. I love listening to TOP rap, but his dancing makes me cringe…
    him on stage with bad boy on inkigayo
    i died laughing

  14. i am new to this.. i dont know how to vote.. but i will vote for Big Bang for Fantastic Baby…sorry cassies  i love both MV…but Big Bang will have my support…

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  16. Simon and Martina, can I congratulate you on all your Eatyourkimchi videos?  I haven’t been so entertained since I discovered the youtube series of Alex Reads Twilight, and I’ve been watching all the Kpop Music Mondays ones non-stop as I’ve been ill.  Totally worth it.  And I agree with Martina — TOP totally needs a megaphone.

  17. I love this song but this MV is sooooo gay. I don´t like it. Could be better

  18. I loved the entire album, but this is honestly my fave song and MV.

  19. Hmm.. i think Fantastic Baby should have been compared to BEG’s Sixth Sense instead of Mirotic

  20. TVXQ- Mirotic

  21. GD’s hair didnt make sense to me until it got to the final scenes of the video. it sort of suits that dance party part at the end, but any other time i just think, why would you want hair like that.
    and only 2 of the guys seem passionate bout this song to me.AND I vote for Mirotic!!!

  22. totally off topic lol but I’m going to Korea for the next school year and I was wondering if I buy on iphone or android here could I get a plan/carrier for it in Korea? 

  23. i hope you guise review NU’EST Face!!!!

  24. I love love love Big Bang but for the jailbreak I’m gonna say DBSK/TVXQ

  25. I completely disagree with your 5/5 on the English of this song. 
    This might be the first BigBang/YG nonsense English, so I think you are a bit biased. Think about it; if it was T-ara or another girl group singing, “I can’t baby don’t stop this” would you be equally forgiving? Especially when you take the rest of the lyrics into context. If the song said (in Korean) “You say that I’m crazy, jumping at the sound of my heartbeat, you tell me to stop *I CAN’T BABY DON’T STOP THIS*” Then I would nod and agree that they are two separate sentences and make perfect sense. But how do these English snippets fit into the rest of the song?

    “3 minutes is not enough for this *RACE, WAIT*” (Wait? Wait for what? Isn’t it a race?)

    “The atmoshpere is overheated, Huh, *CATCH ME ON FIRE*, huh” (Shouldn’t it be “it SETS me on fire” or something?)

    “Jump at the sound of your heartbeat, till this comes to an end, yeah
    *I can’t, baby don’t stop this* Just go crazy today, let’s go” (As mentioned earlier, I don’t think the English makes sense in context)

    My youth is a different dimension, ice, ice, ice *HOLD UP* nanana (Hold up? Ice, ice, ice, HOLD UP? Really?) 

    It sounds cool, I don’t mind at all, but considering that there is very little English in this song, and (to me) a lot of it just doesn’t seem to fit well (just sound awesome) I’m surprised that you gave it a 5. This is just the sort of random cool-sounding English phrases that another group would likely get laughed at for using and you seem to be pretty strict at other times – including TOP’s pronunciation of “trauma” – so I’m quite surprised that you didn’t see anything wrong with the English of this song.

    That being said, I shamelessly play this song on repeat and sing the English parts out loud since I don’t know Korean. I did the same with the nonsensical Yayaya; bad English never stops me from enjoying a catchy K-Pop song.

  26. hi guise! :3 sooo~~~ i was totally bored today so i decided to find out the average score of english in the kpop videos!!! (…i need a life)
    so i spent a hour and half rewatching old kpop music monday videos and taking notes, calculated it all and the result is (if i didn’t mess up somewhere o.o) *drumroll* 3.2141012820513 well.. im kinda dissapointed .___.
    i thought that maybe it would be four but *sigh* bilasa’s beautiful target and some other songs really brought it down ._. 
    BUT!!! there were some exceptions also when it wasn’t possible to measure the english in numbers so i got some awesome extras like:
    two wtf’s, a four turned into a six with monkey magic, a three for Kanye’s rapping, a i don’t know,   a totally awesome, a five for french, another i don’t know,  a shazawoopalapatah (LOL), a vampire, a five for pickles, a i like pie and a 3 for the hip hop, try recalling where the’re all from :33

  27. BIGBANG IS FANTASTIC BABY!!! <3 Totally voting for them<3 DBSK's video is pretty creepy, idk but i got scared the first time i watched it :P Fantastic Baby had me breaking free of my chains (homework :P) and dancing like a crazy person! awyeah<3

  28. MIROTIC :D …. i cant remember if i voted already tho o.o oh boy…

  29. Totally vote for DBSK, had the best jailbreak ever. Not saying that BB wasn’t good, it was great, but I still vote for DBSK. Fantastic Baby! 

  30. I’ll go with Mirotic. I love Fantastic Baby but Mirotic conveyed the meaning of escaping the cage more.  

  31. I vote for TVXQ’s Mirotic…because…for countless reasons. TVXQ is amazing, and Big Bang is wonderful too…but TVXQ takes a very special place in my heart and Mirotic is breathtaking so… I vote for TVXQ’s Mirotic.

  32. I liked T.O.P “French revolution” style. His attitude (not going all crazy like the others) didn’t strike me as something odd but now that you mentionned it, I can’t see anything else but his immobility. But I guess it gets along with his concept of a painting, though.

    I also disagree with your analysis on the “Mama, just let me be your lover” line. I understand the logic, but I’m sorry, the first thing you think upon hearing this is incest. It’s awkward even if they meant what you think they do.

    And although this song is fantasic (how original comment), I vote for TVXQ’s Mirotic. I think the “prison break” concept was more obvious and more detailed in Mirotic. We are even given to see the enchanter who captured them. So, definitely TVXQ.

  33. The GODS, DBSK. ^^

  34. Mirotic is one of /the/ kpop songs. I mean Fatastic Baby is epic, sure, but… It’s TVXQ’s Mirotic we’re talking about xD

  35. DBSK definitely!

  36. sorry BIGBANG ( I LOVE U GUYS) bu im voting for TVXQ :D

  37. As much as a Cassie I am, I think Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby breakout is the best! (btw, it Sixth Sense is great too! I love the symbolic concepts they put into rebelling and breaking free from society) 

    I don’t know about Mirotic’s break-out, I laugh whenever I watch the MV, sure our boys are hawt but lool the “story” of escaping

  38. I don’t know if people commented about it, but you forgot to say about the G-Dragon Ball!! Around 1:48 min shows on GD’s chest a Dragon Ball tattoo! And at 3:15, GD makes a kamehameha! So epic! I love it! hsuahushuasuhhuas

    Thank you for reviewing one more song of my (and of a thousands of VIPs) favorite band! =DD

  39. B to the I to the G !! BANGGG !!!

  40. alexandra georgiana badanau

     big bang – fantastic baby

  41. lol simon i see u were very happy to review 3 bigbang vids in a row… >XDDDD

  42. a new song and the song in 2008? hah.Mirotic.


  44. btw, i vote for tvxq!

  45. Have to say I am not a big fan of this music video.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like the song!  But the very first time I saw the MV, i thought of mirotic. It’s almost like a re-make of dbsk’s mv.  True, there are cool special effects and so, but nothing too fancy compared to mirotic, which was from 2008, four years ago! Have to say I’m a little disappointed…

    •  dude who knows BB ‘real’ life will be such jailbreaker story,but it happens. and this mv contains their story. they make the song and give idea for this mv too. its differnt art, they didnt do boyband dance.do you  understand???

  46. BIGBANG…fantastic baby ;)

  47. sheryl_altokun.saotome

     i’m vote for BIG BANG!!

  48. Ángela Patricia Avendaño Corté

    TVXQ with Mirotic!

  49. Malicious.Bloody.Cyber.Bitch

    Yeah, I really love Fantastic Baby. It’s awesome comeback but I still love TVXQ more, so it’d be horrible if I didn’t vote for them, so – I vote for MIROTIC :)

  50. Wow…Big Bang make history in K-Pop Monday as the first group to feature 3 straight weeks in a row!! 

  51. Big Bangs…WOW!!! FANTASTIC BABY!!!

  52. I’ll go for Mirotic for that break-free edition though Junsu was sort of funny in that video fighting with laser lights (?). 

    Anyways, this song is so silly that’s why we’ve been playing it nonstop and dancing along with my roommate! Good review guise! ^__^ v

  53. TVXQ!

  54. Big Bang!

  55. B I G B A N G!

  56. Mirotic was powerful without too many props or people and was amazing. The members broke free on their own using their own strengths, and came together to “defeat that evil witch!!” Using…nothing but their good looks and intense stares but the teamwork is there.
    But for Fantastic Baby, the “Kings” didn’t really break free on their own; they did it with the help of their fans. While this is also a plus, they technically did not escape–> people broke in and freed them ^_^ So Mirotic all the way!!

  57. WOW… Fantastic Baby!!!! BIGBANG all the way!!!!!!!

  58. TVXQ’s MIROTIC is the BEST!!

  59. OMG. I SO AGREE WITH YOU. hahahaa omg. =.=;; GD better not keep his hair like that…4ever… =.=;;; 

    and as for the poll thingy…MIROTIC!  :D

  60. i vote for mirotic.

  61. I choose…BIGBANG!!!XD

  62. i vote for WOW, FANTASTIC BABY!

  63. I’m gonna have to go with Big Bang – FANTASTIC BABY :) #BOOMSHAKALAKA :)

  64. Big Bang Fantastic Baby, most definitely gets my vote :)

  65. I vote mirotic

  66. ahjfhfhsjfhgksjhskjghgj  SHINee!!!!!!!!!!! fadjhksghjkfhkjffkllgjlkh
    /annoying fangirl moment over (but c’mon it’s been, like, 67 years ;A;)

    Totally voting for DBSK. Mirotic’s one of my all time faves <333
    I wonder how close it'll be, or maybe rather how not close, cos it's two so completely different videos with DBSK being more simplistic and Big Bang is very over the..ya know.

    Side note: Why are your captions not what's being said? (when possible. I realize some of the noises you guise make can be difficult to put into writing xD)

  67. Big Bang really should be your fans, or at least buy a spudgy t-shirt

  68. Big Bang Fantastic Baby :) the video’s got more energy to it (and the song’s been stuck in my head for days :P)


  70. haha I 100% vote for DBSK. Mirotic is like the epitome of………. everything! <3

    love Fantastic Baby nevertheless (:


  72. Definitely TVXQ jjaaaaaaaaaaaang!!!

  73. I vote for mirotic. DBSK’s jailbreak is more passionate. 

  74. Haha…. I think I have my own explanation on why TOP is like that… always… haha… He always emits this intimidating, awesome vibe, even when all he does is just stare. So I think if he does anymore than that, that might blow everyone away… hahaha..

  75. BIGBANG ALL THE WAYYYY~!! ^____^

  76. As far as GD’s lips go, I’m pretty sure they’re lip tattoos, like these:
    http://www.violentlips.com/Yes, they really /have/ come up with it all, haven’t they?

  77. Big Bang is unstoppable!Vote for Fantastic Baby!

  78. TVXQ- mirotic for sure 

  79. My vote goes to BIGBANG! Wow, fantastic baby ;) 

  80. Dbsk! Mirotic = awesome

  81. DBSK’s Break Out song would have been more conceptually similar, but I did think Mirotic had more of a feeling of escape than Fantastic Baby, even if some of them are ‘trapped’ in weird ways (Junsu and lights. oh noes)

    But yes, a vote for DBSK c:

  82. Honestly i didn’t like ur review about BIGBANG… Specially ’bout T.O.P .. at least u palce ur own as a part of VIP.. or maybe u should know more about him.. He loved n enjoy music.. it just his style.. have u watching Fantastic Baby live stage?? i bet u will fallin love with them

  83. Voting for DBSK’s Mirotic!!! Jaejoong and Changmin just looked so good!!

  84. Big Bang all the way~ fantastic baby’s one of my fav MVs. 

  85. I see Onew’s Sherlock teaser pic on the background ^o^b

  86. Y u guys make it so hard to chose xD I was totally into the song of bigbang’s fantastic baby, like a few weeks ago allready xd but now.. it’s like you guys maked my eyes clear up and see the awesomeness of TVXQ again *_______* *oaaaaaaaaah*


  87. Definitely TVXQ with Mirotic ;D

  88. Big Bang for sure. They had the best prison break.
    This one is probably going to be the biggest vote off ever on Kpop monday…cause both are the top male kpop idols and have the biggest fandoms. 

  89. “Wow! Fantastic Baby!” 

    That’s my favorite line for the moment, I’m always saying it without even knowing :D
    My vote goes for Mirotic ;)

  90. bigbang bigbang!!! bigbang!!! all the wayyyy~~~~

  91. I love this music video. Some great interpretations are below – all that breaking free stuff yeah, I totally buy it. What I missed in your review dear Simon and Martina was the haduoken part. It was like the most epic move in Korean mv so far. But the rest was fine :)
    But I do not agree that TOP was too stoic or something. He was just more topish (is that even a word) than ever ^.^ It doesn’t looked bad for me. 
    Taeyang was the biggest surprise for me. He was always at the bottom in my Big Bang’s bias order list. I liked him but not so much like the other members. His solo mvs were the source of my laughter – he was trying to act cool and gangsta, dancing shirtless with a bunch of his only male friends… But in “Fantastic Baby” he was fantastic ;) His angry expressions, movements, more shouting than singing his lines – that kind of bad boy I wanted to see. 
    About the “Wow! Fantastic baby!” part. I like it. It’s perfect when you dance like crazy and for a moment you stop just like the music, then shout that line hard making your lungs hurt just to break in even more crazy dance :) Btw have you seen the Japanese version? If you not, I think it’s a good idea to see. Well, that version is totally poor in many ways if you compare it with Korean mv but there are at least two moments that make me see it a few times in a row. First one can blow your mind ;) Taeyang spins and stops just when the music stops, other members watch him and say “Wow! Fantastic baby!” and then we have hadouken which is taken in one shot so we can see that GD is actually gathering power before launching attack and it’s totally awesome so I probably messed up grammar in this sentence because of that. The second moment is not that epic but still makes me laugh. It’s when Seungri shuffles. Yeah he does that and it’s pretty funny. 

  92. Is there any way we can get GD and TOP to change their hair style?? I mean TOP looks good in silvery white hair and GD with his side extension but i dont really like the hot pink and highligher pen green tip and TOP’s blue turned green hair… u know they’re going on world tour and it seems like they are going back to the ridiculous `80s-’90s!

    When Tonight+GD&TOP came out new VIPs are born but im not sure new ones are going crazy about Alive album. Maybe after some time when clubs keep on spinning Wow! Fantastic Baby!, Boom Shakalaka.. they might change their minds..

    It dont matter to VIPs like me but its kinda hard to explain and convert my kids.. *coughdonaskmyagecough* to like and tell why i LOVE BigBang to death…

  93. I vote for Mirotic :)

  94. Bigbang!
    Wow, fantastic baby.


  96. *sighs*
    Simon and Martina, I am mildly disappointed in this weeks Music Monday review..’~’
    I thought you would notice the sliight Beetlejuice refence in GDs first outfit, or at LEAST the hadouken they did[okay I noticed slight hadouken reference in the bloopers, butbutbut..o~q]……..D:
    And also, someone else pointed this out on the official mv so I take no credit whatsoever, but what s/he saw in the video was very interesting and s/he made it sound muuch better than this, but I don’t remember it word for word…:c
    So the anit dance people are apparently the antis of Big Bang and they were trying to take them down/break Big Bang up while the VIPs[in that dark room with the weird brown fuzzy monster thing] were fighting them back, eventually winning and forever partying with B.B. into the night *o*

    And on a personal note, I loved the gutter thing, poor Taeyang.xDAllsoo, GD and TOP were especially sexy in this video..I couldn’t get enough.*r*
    Oh! As for the jail break, Mirotic since they were actually breaking from a jail like thing, while Big Bang just seemed to be fighting antis….<~<

    o 3o


  98. the kings!!!

  99. Big Bang, Big Bang, Big Bang!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  100. It said Sherlock SHINee Fighting!!!!!

  101. Martina you sgould feel special because it seems like BIg BAng is making songs for you. :)
    First you hurt your ankle so you felt “Blue”
    Then you were being a “Bad Boy” with your crutches
    And now you are “Fantastic Baby” because your ankle is feeling better!

  102. PRISON BREAK’s song? Definitely go for Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby! They put up lots of courage coming back with that image and bring it up Fantastic Baby as one of their single. It does really get me under my skin! Boom Shakalaka won’t leave my thought like for hours and keeps repeating even when I did other things. :)

  103. My vote goes to MIROTIC by TVXQ.

  104. “Some people like it when the music stops like that.” Well, maybe not always, but in this song- yes, I liked it because that “DANCE!” part coming after the break seems even more powerful. I mean, if you compare it to Daesung’s note it’s not that impressive, but comparing to “wow, fantastic baby” it’s like …BAM!! :) 

    To Seungri’s part- I think his “jail break” is about escaping the innocent maknae image he used to have and that’s why there are all the catwomen and “mama, just let me be your lover” line.

    Oh, and my vote goes to Big Bang; I love Mirotic, but I can’t DBSK’s jail break seriously :D

  105. Omo, it’s really difficult DBSK or Big Bang? Hmm… Ohh, I really want to give my vote to DBSK. I miss them, especially when they were together. So, go go DBSK. I love Big Bang to. Wow, fantastic baby~ ♥


  107. lol, have you noticed G-Dragon doing “kamehameha”(like Goku from Dragon Ball)?:D

  108. I vote for TVXQ’s MIROTIC! :)

  109. Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

  110. no puedo escoger las dos canciones me gustan 

    can’t choose one of those two songs  I like both :-/

  111. I vote for Big Bang! 
    Their breakout was more meaningful to me. And the song rocks

  112. i’m agree TOP’s a bit off in this MV, i was so disappointed :(. i’ve always been worried about him in dance song like this, his dancing seems to be so lacking compared to other (it’s hard to say this, he’s my forever bias), but then after i watch the live performance on Bigshow and Inkigayo, WOW Fantastic baby! i’ve never see him dancing so passionately like that. i’m so proud of him keeping his promises to improve at dancing, way to go TOP!

    i vote for FANTASTIC BABY!

  113. TVXQ with Mirotic! ^_^ 

  114. Since youtube won’t let me vote on there (i keep getting errors), I automatically vote for DONG BANG SHIN KI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol I vote for them because, when i first saw the video (man that was a long time ago) I was just getting into kpop and this was the first video I saw by DBSK and I immediately got that they were trying to break away from something. Even my family and friends got that on their first watch. But with BB’s Fantastic Baby (Dance! Whoooo ooooo) i only had this wrinkle in the back of my brain telling me that there’s a need for freedom behind this. I never got that they were trying to break free until Simon and Martina pointed it out. All I got at first was some sort of rebellion with a really horrible police force. Why couldn’t they have this epic dictator dude with dull shades that said no music on the front, wearing this contradicting white suit?

    And the BOOMSHAKALAKA Mega phone would’ve been so beast. But I vote for DBSK even though I love BB.

  115. My vote goes for TVXQ! – Mirotic ^^

  116. TVXQ  Mirotic

  117. Can u forget ur first love? Mine was, is DBSK!! Underrr my skin..I vote for them. But I love, love, love BB.

  118. Mirotic Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!AKTF! 
    Do u know how much I have to restrain myself not to spam?! cough, cough…Mirotic! What, who said that?!^^

    C’mon, that’s not a spam, really. And I love BB. Dah..who doesn’t..

  119. ahaha nothing can beat mirotic, not even awesome boom shakalaka ;)

  120. Actually I had the same impression about Top… Maybe he is just overworked? 
    And Martina… You look absolutely beautiful with this stylization! 

  121. Ooh this is close, but….I’d have to say Big Bang, because of the context. Gotta love how defiant their break-out was.

  122. Voting for Big Bang! Weeeee!
    Oh, and that Zoolander reference HA! :))

  123. Big Bang! :D

  124. Big Bang! 

  125. i think i would have to go with BIG BANG although DVXQ did really well and the dance was awesome and the song is really catchy. i still think BIG BANG did better on the jail break theme with all the members only coming together at the end and having a whole riot support them.i feel like i would be one of those people trying to help BIG BANG get out and support the cause of dance. the yelling in the song also created a better feel of escape. BIG BANG ALL THE WAY…

  126. TVXQ with Mirotic! Though I love both groups (both TVXQ and Big Bang are my top K-Pop groups) I felt TVXQ were breaking out more in Mirotic than Big Bang in Fantastic Baby.  

  127. i think top just being pure lazy to move around.hahah just kidding! i think he just trying to maintain his cool image by moving only a little but so far i guess he already dance around to much at live concert for this song and i love it when he dance around! 

  128. WOW,Fantastic Baby ! Voting for BIGBANG !!!

  129. well i think its two diff things. cz BB like wanna express their feelings, while mirotic i could say expose their body. and Fantastic Baby Is TOTALLY not a dance MV. while DBSK like most of another sm artist is a dance MV. so I choose BIG BANG,, FANTASTIC BABY MV IS A STORY OF THEIR LIFE :) . not to be compare

  130. TOP was sick ….some portals,and sites , which provides the story about BB saying that he sad it at Running man ep 84…because of comeback he got something on his lips oO …don’t know,maybe this is not a god story oO ….. <3

  131. I wish the challenge was between Big Bang and BEG’s sixth sense, a lot of similarities there, but yeah I can see the similarities with Mirotic as well, but how can I possibly votes between TVXQ (5) and Big Bang!!! And Martina and Simon leave ‘my’ TOP alone.


  133. BIG BANG!!! You know why? Cause it’s Fantastic Baby~

  134. Vote for Mirotic, TVXQ in my heart!!

  135. I was watching some of the reaction videos to ‘Fantastic Baby’. I love kpop fans :p

  136. 3 weeks in a row!!!! nice!!! and my vote goes to *drum rolls* BIGBANG!!!!! CHUKAHAMNIDA!!!!!

  137. dbsk’s mirotic.. cause they’re still like legends..and they’re comming out of the water…and breaking things…and jaejoong is ripping those ropes.. and yeah. xD mirotic <3

    (although i'm more into bigbang at the moment.. x) sorry bigbang but mirotic is..epic~^O^)

  138. I just love you guys so much!!!!!

  139. My votes goes to the rising god of the east. TVXQ. :D

  140. So sad. The tears :’( . I find it funny how a part in the MV where they tried doing the 360 slow motion camera manually. MWAHAHA, would’ve made a great joke. I like TOP in the video. MAybe he seemed a little… words… to you, but I liked it. I felt as if he did a good job, but mind you I spent most of my time pausing the video looking at their abs. Heh.

  141. It’s so true! Kpop has invaded my vocabulary! Got in trouble screaming Boom Shakalaka after finishing my midterm in class. XD

  142. GD and his Yeezy imitation around 1 minute into the MV… I’m surprised you didn’t comment on it (the only *facepalm* moment for me in the song, lol).

  143. Let me vote for Bigbang :D Although TVXQ is nice, however, bigbang takes that honour more :D 

  144. BIGBANG!!!!!!

  145. i’ll go for BIG BANG!!!

  146. I wish BIGBANG would watch this preview, I wonder what they’ll say…;)
    By the way, I vote for BIGBANG!!!!XD

  147. Hmm… no one is mentioning about how GD’s striped suit looks like the one Beetlejuice wears. Then again, Beetlejuice is old school and no one watched it. Not even me. :P

  148. mirotic

  149. I love Mirotic, but Fantastic Baby stole the show!
    It’s a time for new excitement, vote for Big Bang!

  150. My vote is Big Bang… although i have a feeling this is gonna be tied >.<

  151. I vote Big Bang!! I mean, TVXQ would have been my next choice… :P

  152. LOL at “I lost my hat, Rippito Flippito Sippi Slow Motion”! :D 

  153. Loving the new MV! …and TOP’s hair… Big Bang’s Fantastic… Baby!

    I’m voting for Mirotic, got me into Kpop <3. DBSK = Legend
    Junsu: "What? Nobody told me there'd be lasers there!"
    Yunho: "The cloth… its… ALIVE!!!"
    Jaejoong: Breaking chains like a boss and not missing the chance to flex those awesome muscles
    Yoochun: Destroys the crystal prison without getting impaled
    Changmin: -sees hyungs trapped/in danger- "You know what you gotta do when life gets you down?Just keep swimming~ Just keep swimming~ Just keep swimming swimming swimming. What do we do we swim, swim, swim. OH HO HO How I love to swim. When you WAAAAAANNTTT to swim you want to swim!"

  154. Did anyone else notice how the unicorns are “standing” on Simon’s shirt????

  155. woah, this is damn hard, my 2 bias group vs each other …. arghh, what should I choose? Bigbang or TVXQ .. ok, i will vote for TVXQ Mirotic, the dance are sexy as hell, sexy duckbutt Su, wet Min, half nekid Jae & Yunho, sexy voice Chun

  156.  My vote is for BigBang even though i really do love Mirotic!!!

  157. I dont listen to TVXQ so i definitely choose fantastic Baby…

  158. BIGBANG not everyone can pull of such a crazy concept like this,

  159.  Boomshakalaka~ ^^
    I’m intresting why is Taeyang so active since their comeback~ maybe he took TOP’s energy and this is why TOP lack of his emotions and Taeyang is so super active ^^ I loved how he was playing in Running Man ^^ I think he is so happy about comeback ^^
    I wanna Miss A Touch MV for the next week~ Song is creapy cool and dance is pretty funny~ ^^
    And I vote for Big Bang~ Boomshakalaka~ ^^

  160. Voting for TVXQ’s Mirotic ♥

  161. My vote goes to TVXQ’s Mirotic. <3

  162. ur wallpaper… I LUV U GUISE SO MUCH XD. BB 4 me, as much as i luv TVXQ 

  163. As for me I have never found TOP very energetic… so he seems perfectly fine in those 3 last MV! lol! And finally I have to say I looooove GD’hair!!

  164. TVXQ with Mirotic all the way! 

  165. I don’t really like this song but Top’s part got stuck in my mind and i’ll start to dance randomly..i’ll choose DBSK

  166. I think the comparisons are too unfair. Mirotic was legen….wait for it…. DARY!!! Fantastic Baby is also on its way to being a legend but of course most people will vote for it right now because it’s brand new and the group still exists as a whole. It’d be more practical to compare it to a song from this year or the last year. 

    And speaking of Mirotic, I went through ALL of your old videos to see if you ever did a review on them. You had just moved to Korea when it came out…? I only saw it mentioned once =( IF YOU EVER HAVE FREE TIME, especially this summer, then can you review Mirotic??? Pretty pretty please????? ^____^ 

    So yeah, voting for Mirotic! 

  167. Don’t get me wrong…I love T.O.P., but I honestly think that it’s not so much un-enthusiasm (is that a word?) on his part, it’s just that out of all of the group he’s the only one that really can’t dance. G-D, Seungri and Taeyung are all touted as being dancers as well as singer. Daesung isn’t a dancer per say, but he has enough energy and musical rhythem to make up for it.. T.O.P. is the the straight-up rapper and rappers aren’t really well known as dancers. This song does make you just wanna get up and DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE. I vote for it to best best breakout.

  168. Random but i felt the need to say : Spudgy is the cutest thing in Korea.

    Also, voting for TVXQ, because no matter what, they’re still the kings of Kpop. (c’mon, Mirotic, it’s epic, no matter how Fantastic Fantatis Baby is… (although, actually, among those 3 BB mv, this last one is my least favourite actually !). TVXQ… I got yoooouuuuu… UNDER MY SKIN ! Forever. Can’t escape you).

  169. Anyone else think that G-Dragon’s hair is a nod to Skrillex?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYFUJ2BIFFk – interview with BIGBANG in NYC

  170. Spudgy!! Y U LOOK SO TIRED? 


  171. your lack of enthusiasm for big bang videos is disheartening.. I know your trying to be fair but your a VIP you know you wanna fan girl about it!!!

  172. My vote’s for Mirotic!

  173. “derelicte” LMAO. <3

  174. TVXQ’s Mirotic is too epic and greatt :D

  175. I vote for TVXQ~ :D 

    But this is by far my favorite song + video from Big Bang’s comeback.

  176. TVXQ- Mirotic!! It was the first K-Pop song I listened to :)

  177. I love BB with all my crown shaped heart but TVXQ and Mirotic definitely win this for me. I mean Changmin’s high note, and the memorable chorus, you can’t go wrong.

    As for Big Bang, the only one who actually looked like he had something to break away from was Daesung, in all though each of the scenes have a bit of symbolism to them.

    GD and his bandages represent him healing from his incident and the throne and all the people in the gas masks represent VIP’s and how he is still a king to us.

    T.O.P’s scene is a bit odd to me but my guess is he has become used to looking and acting a certain way the he feels stuck but then he is on the throne it’s like he is free from the same thing and is going to change.

    Taeyang defrosting and then meditating is like him awakening from their hiatus and then in the next scene he has one arm in armor could represent them all being renewed and willing to fight back against anyone who says they can’t.

    Seungri i think his scene represents him showing that he isn’t a little boy anymore(have you seen ‘STRONG BABY’?) and that he is going to be more passionate.

    Daesung’s scenes are the most symbolic to me. At first he is chained to a wall,representing the accident and everyone accusing him. Next he is seen falling onto a crowd of people in gas masks(VIP’s) waiting to catch him,this represents that even though he thought he was falling from people liking and supporting him, his fans were always ready to catch him. In his last scene, he is shown in a space with cars that had been destroyed but he’s standing in front of them meaning that he has put the scandal behind him and is ready to move forward.

    The final scene where the boys are dancing around with the “VIP’s” shows the VIP’s celebrating BIG BANG’s return and BIG BANG celebrating the love and support of the VIP’s.

    A bit long i know, but i had to get that out. After reading this, i think that BIG BANG did have a better break away video but visually Mirotic wins.

  178. Gotta agree with the TOP part though. He is lacking energy with his BOM SHAKALAKA line. LOL!  Of course my vote is for BigBang! 

  179. I vote Big Bang for the Jail Break as well. They really seem like they were breaking out.

  180. I so agree with you Martina about GD’s hair. It’s cool but not so much a permanent thing. I feel the same about TOP, he doesn’t move in this video at all, but I still love it! Yes, Shinee is coming back, but I’m afraid of what they are doing to them…

  181. Oh, and of course my jail break vote goes to BIG BANG!

  182. Some people here brought up the reference about Dragonball, but I also noticed that TOP has an anime reference as well. Although he said he got his inspiration from an ice cream, don’t you think he looks like Grimmjow from Bleach? See picture attached.

    Martina and Simon, you’re both awesome and I agree with your points most of the time, but I didn’t find anything wrong with TOP. I think his role was meant to be this arrogant yet refine king meant to uphold a cold demeanor/facade, so I didn’t expect him to be all boombastic like his usual self. The concept GD&TOP is quite different from Fantastic Baby, so his seemingly lack of enthusiasm doesn’t necessarily mean disinterest or boredom; his behavior is based on the role he was given in MV. Besides, isn’t he an actor? Contrasting the MV, his live performance is VERY passionate and energetic for this song so for that, I can’t imagine him being disinterested in this new concept BB is flossin’.         

    Gotta admit though, he is looking mighty fine. This new look he’s sporting is really interesting and what I like the most is that it IS a change and it’s different. TOP constantly surprises and I’ve come to a conclusion that he’s not just your average Korean rapper. He’s so cool and I love him so much! 

  183. Definitely Big Bang Fantastic Baby…

  184. thisisjustforfunval

    :-/ Martina G-D isn’t wearing feathers on his lips. They are painted to look like his bandana. Hence his ease in singing. That said with that much paint on my lips they would drier than the Sahara Desert!

  185. That’s a hard choice you’ve left me with…but I’m going to have to go with DBSK’s jailbreak. <3

  186. thisisjustforfunval

    Ooops forgot, TVXQ jail brake! I love seeing Jaejoong bust those ropes out of the wall (^_^)

  187. Big bang has got NOTHING on you guys! Lol this was a great music monday, so funny! 
    And the bloopers… I always laugh out out, but these…oh man. I was lol-ing so hard <3

  188. thisisjustforfunval

    Thought I was the only one who thought TOP was standing around and lip synching awkwardly. I love his frame poses but I think Taeyang was more into saying Boomshakalaka. They all danced around like crazy but not TOP…I love his blue hair! BTW I need many people in high school who had G-Dragon’s hair. This was however in the late 90′s, and usually it was a cholo or a goth girl (I have no clue why I worked out that way but it did). I had something similar, minus the shaved head.

  189. Didn’t we go over this last time, Simon. DO NOT EVER EVER EVER tell Taeyang to put on clothes. NEVER!!!!!! EVER!!!!

  190. Didn’t we go over this last time, Simon. DO NOT EVER EVER EVER tell Taeyang to put on clothes. NEVER!!!!!! EVER!!!!

  191. i thought it would be between Big Bang and BEG~ but i vote for OUR KINGS!!! BIG BANG!!! WOW FANTASTIC BABY~!

  192. Big Bang’s break free is definitely the on I prefer!! <3

  193. My vote goes to Big Bang because they’re FANTASTIC BABY~! 
    Yeah. You guys are right about that K-pop disease after all. BOOM SHAKA LAKA! <3333 

  194. uhhh vote for BB.

  195. BIGBANG’s jail break! ;)

  196. Our take on the various roles each of them play actually had us relating each of the members to some sort of dichotomy about things to stand for and be passionate about. GD seems to stand for individuality and uniqueness (maybe you can forgive his hair for that, haha) versus conformity and being bland…we noticed he seems kind of robotic and emotionless in that small part where he’s got bleached extensions and stark white clothes and it looks like his mouth was sewn shut with makeup. He has a lot more life with colors in his hair. Taeyang, with the monks and the animal skull on his throne, has that death versus life and spirituality dichotomy. Daesung is easily being trapped versus being free (his throne has a nautical theme for some reason, so maybe freedom and adventure and exploration all go together). TOP is like a decorated war hero…in classical paintings. We figured war=destruction and art=creation. And finally Seungri, with his kitty harem and spiky leather chair and scratches, we thought could have the dichotomy of pain versus passion and overall just being able to feel something. It’s the best way for us to justify him being covered in benches while the rest of them seem to be suffering.

    Uhh, sorry for the TL;DR, but we totally analyzed the crap out of this video when we saw it, so heh…

    “Wow. Fantastic Baby.” ._.

  197. Btw, if Taeyang is a werewolf, can GD and TOP be vampires? ^_^

  198. Well… I was hoping for something more bombastic, since I really liked the teaser to Fantastic Baby. I must say, though, that that’s my favourite song out of the three. It’s great for partying but – same as Tonight – it’s not that fantastic to listen to, as for me.
    You may say that “you don’t listen to such songs, you MOVE to them” and that’s perfectly allright, but… as much as I like MOVING to 2ne1′s “I Am The Best”, I like listening to it as well. Even though I personally really really REALLY don’t like 2ne1′s voices. Well, I generally don’t like 2ne1. Sorry, don’t kill me. But surprisingly enough, I Am The Best is one of the best kpop pieces I’ve heard. And the only one by 2ne1 I actually like. And often listen to. Isn’t that funny? 

    But I’m generally positive about Fantastic Baby. I LOVE the Gaga-is (or maybe I should say “GD-ish”) crazy fashion and makeup style. I LOVE the “fantastic baby” and “boomshakalaka” slogans. I finally LOVE Taeyang’s vocal part in this songs (it’s actually my favorite vocal part out of all three songs, the only one I instantly remembered and that’s stuck in my head).

    But this, and probably mad parthy-anthem-potential, are like… the only things I like about this song as a song.

    Damn, BB, when will you release a song I’d fully like? I’ve given you chances since… since…

    But apart from my own personal problem with BB’s music (lol) – I LOVE THE REVIEW. Again. I like your arguments and I really appreciate that Martina could step back a little from being biased towards TOP and notice the lack of, hmm, committment…? Actually I’d be fine with his expression as long as he opens his mouth a little more O.o

    And this time, I don’t vote. 

  199. what about the dance? ajajaj
    don’t worry Martina, GD will change his hair soon
    and pleeeaaasssee send a Tshirt to Taeyang!

  200. One of my favourite Music Mondays so far! I laughed out loud at several points…

    I’ll vote for Big Bang.

  201. For the best prison break————-> BIG BANG
    my icon says it all XDDDD
    (I love TVXQ as well)

  202. I’m surprised you guys didn’t go into deeper detail about the symbolism since there was a lot of symbolism that depicted the things that happened to BIGBANG last year too. Also, I thought for sure Simon would have pointed out GD’s Hadouken. As for which jail break mv/song I like better I would have to go with Fantastic Baby. Though I love Mirotic, Fantastic Baby is even catchier and has loads of symbolism in it

  203. I see Onew on your laptop screen xDD

  204. I just love how Taeyang is like PARTYING HARD at 3.47 of the MV, like ‘YEAH YEAH YEAH” *shaking his head really hard* and T.O.P. is so cool, like, literally cool, he’s the only one who can do that haha OH and Really good and funny video, Martina and Simon^^ Loves you guys!!

  205. Mirotic all the way!

  206. TVXQ- Mirotic Hands Down  <3Cassiopeia FOREVER! That was a SEXY Jailbreak!

  207. TVXQ- Mirotic Hands Down  <3Cassiopeia FOREVER! That was a SEXY Jailbreak!

  208. Im voting for Mirotic!
    Great review, I laughed a lot – thank you! <3 

  209. So cruel!! 
    I pick…
    ..no wait…
    Mirotic >____< 

  210. bigg bannnnng!!!

  211. Boom shakalaka!!! Here to vote for Bigbang!

  212. Ive been playing this song NON STOP WHOOOHOOOO BOOMSHAKALAKA!
    Voting for Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby for the best break out, I mean they don’t just run they reclaim their power. 

  213. thatssumgoodcurry

    And now I have to add “fantastic baby” every time I say “wow” as well. My entire vocabulary is becoming Kpop-alized. I swear, every single time someone says “hot”… >X [

    And I’m voting for DBSK. I think the “jailbreak” concept is pretty equal in both videos, but I honestly liked Mirotic better. I loved Blue and Bad Boy but this song…not so much…

  214. Mirotic was the first kpop video I ever saw. Gotta keep the faith.

  215. bigbang never dance thats just bigbang !! don’t wait for it lol !
    *the MV is the full story of BigBang last year you will not really get if we were not VIP for a long time !
    *all vips will give this is the best bigbang MV ! + bigbang always leave the dance for the live performance

    i vote for BIG BANG ^^

  216. Mirotic has been my fav song for a long time… my vote must go to DB5k and the most sexy song ever

  217. lol i luv how simon goes at the end oohh thats gunna b a tough one 

  218. boom shaka laka is used in South Africa to mean spicy I believe, I just heard it once somewhere. And I usually agree with everything you say but I think TOP did great in this video, it’s totally him. His whispers are like booms, he doesn’t need to put in effort to make it great, his cold demeanor just made it seem like yeah I don’t even need to get so worked up about breaking free because I was never scared of the enemy to begin with. He just seemed in control. He can start a rebellion without breaking a sweat.

  219. at school, my friends and I keep saying “Wow, fantastic baby” to everything :P People think we’re crazy, and then we do the BOOMSHAKALAKA thing and they KNOW we’re crazy. FOR BIGBANG. btw I vote BB ;)

  220. where do I leave the requests now? it’s been so long since I requested a video (since last B1A4′s comeback :P) so.. can I request in here? Please review Baby I’m Sorry by B1A4!!! coming in 16 hours yay!! sincerely, a bilasa raptor

    • irritablevowel

      Go to the top of the page and click on Kpop Charts.  Reviewing is done strictly by voting now (that’s why they’ve done Big Bang 3 weeks in a row).  Videos can be added to the chart there as well.

  221. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7_Up2FB_Fk&feature=related
    If ya wanna listen to TOP going “boom shaka laka” for ten minutes, then be my guest :P

  222. And this is tough because I like both songs… but… my bias is always Big Bang. Big Bang over TVXQ. >.>; Symbolism wins out.

  223. Vote for BIGBANG! Mirotic was a bit meh for me, especially Yunho… 

  224. I vote for TVXQ in Mirotic.

  225. I actually really like GD’s new hair…maybe it’s just me haha
    And the only problem I have with TOP is how he only mouths half of his lyrics…but hey…he’s way sexy so I can forgive him lol

  226. The video is one huge symbol. TOP looks disinterested because he was modeling. He modeled during BB’s hiatus, so he was playing the part. Each of them relived 2011 in an abstract way in the video; TOP was reduced to a pretty boy in 2011, so TOP’s constraint reflects models being seemingly unemotional and disinterested; it’s about the “look” with modeling. *Insert TOP’s sexy come-hither look* I personally feel the lack of emotion was fitting, especially since “wow, fantastic baby” sometimes comes across as sarcastic in the song itself.

    Symbolism is fantastic, baby.

  227. Definitely BIG BANG(: They’re just so Fantastic………baby… -.-

  228. OMG!!!!!! Did anyone notice the picture of Onew’s teaser picture for Sherlock on the computer screen.

  229. DBSK please :)

  230. OH! THATS A HARD ONE!!! D: uh……. oh man! I guess I’m going o go with TVXQ! Sorry BigBang, i love you guys but Yunho was first!

    Fantastic Baby calls you to dance. Oh Yeah!
    Mirotic calls you to be their slave. Ang!

  232. Seungri is obviously being held against his will by fan girls, cat fan girls :)
    And…MIROTIC for Life!

  233. Ahh I’m going to have to go with Mirotic!! I love their idea, but sorry Big Bang, DBSK looked GORGEOUS while breaking free. And I liked Mirotic as a song more (esp the special version with the strings <3 <3 <3)

  234. what i found the strangest is how tough-sounding TOP goes all aegyo in this video when he’s in the frames. i mean, what’s with the big puppydog eyes?? they’re *really* cute, i’ll give him that…but they don’t suit this video OR the general vibe i normally get from BigBang or TOP. and he didn’t really look like he wanted to be in this video…at least in the solo scenes.

    my favourite part is when taeyang and gdragon kinda do that head-banging bit together. it’s just short, but so fun. i love this video overall. love this song. MAKES ME SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY!! 

    and now i leave you with a picture of my dog, monster, and his imitation of TOP in this video…

  235. FANTASTIC BABY, surely! It has the idea of “breaking free”; “Dancing on my own”; “Nothing gonna stop us”
    Mirotic is a classic k-pop song. But… the theme is “be my slave”, “be my sexual slave”… nearly so…

  236. awwwwwwww spudgy looks soo sad D=
    i noticed in the mv daesung is surronded my broken down cars
    wich can mean only one thing
    he’s expressing the time where he got into a car acident
    im suprised u didn’t add dat simon and martina =o!

  237. I agree with your thoughts on top! He was almost an eye-sore in this music video. But I love Taeyang and don’t agree with your thoughts on this one… For him (I think) the angry/passonate look is pulled off really well with him not wear a shirt. Just saying! Although I have to ask, are all those tatoos real?! It took me 3 or 4 days of watching this mv on reply before I realized he had all those tats, but are they real? I vote for TVXQ! And spudgy is looking pretty sleepy in the last little bit of the vid! So cute!

  238. I am a massive TOP fan as well (my TOP edition of Alive arrived yesterday yaaaaay) but ARGH why doesn’t he DO anything lately? I wasn’t joking when I said he’s looking more and more like my grandfather these days. What happened to that fierce power rapper from the days of yore? Haaaaaaa…….

    And right on with the acting point there; if he wants to be an actor, he needs to do more than just stand and stare into the camera (although I can understand why….those eyes….*swoons*). I’ve seen all his movies and dramas, and so far the only one in which I’ve found his acting to be good enough for my standards (I’m very picky) was Nineteen. Because, uh, he actually shows emotion in that one. *AHHH DONT KILL ME*

    Whenever I need some TOP therapy, I just rewatch the first 20 seconds of Goodbyebaby on repeat. Lol.

  239. hmmm…i vote for Big Bang :)

  240. That is a hard challenge Simon but i have to say Big  Bang had the more impassioned escape

  241. BIGBANG are the KINGS OF CRAZY. therefore, i vote for them ^__^

  242. I love Big Bang but i am going to vote for DBSK. Their breaking free was a little more in your face.

  243. Mirotic is such TOO GOOD !!!! sry, bb :PPP MIROTIC ROCKSSSSSS


  245. ok, the random bursts of kpop in everyday life happen to me too!  At the airport my flight was delayed and the board said “Naughty weather” & I immediately thought “Because I naughty naughty” 

    Sorry, as soon as I saw Daesung in chains I immediately thought of Jaejoong…soooo TVXQ- MIROTIC FTW.  Though there are a ton of VIPs out there, hope the Cassies/Jaejoong fans can vote for TVXQ :)

  246. Awesome review you guys. The TOP anime idea is so epic! I would have loved seeing that! 
    I vote TVXQ’s Mirotic. BB is awesome, but Mirotic is a K-Pop classic. 

  247. That will be a hard battle!
    If there are still some DB5K-Fans…more than just JYJ- or DB2K-Fans…
    Just a sad story.
    I’m curios^^

  248. Kanee11

    SHINee’s Onew pic on laptop YAY

  249. Yay! I was hoping they’d make an MV for all the songs though :T but I guess 3 is fine XD

    i spot SHERLOCK!

  250. I love both MV. but my vote goes to FANTASTIC BABY!!!
    BIGBANG are so crazy awesome in this MV (and their performance)!!!

  251. I think GD agrees with Martina abt his new hairdo…I’ve seen his back stage pix and he’s w/o the weave!! also, TOP’s boom shakalaka seems kinda sarcastic….after a bunch ‘o views i noticed it and laughed!

  252. wah thIS is cruel ….oO’ Big Bang vs DBSK? T________Twhy?(( still TVXQ’s MIROTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **

  253. Baha, I love DBSK (original lineup), but BIGBANG owns me heart. Thus, I vote for BIGBANG, guise! This song makes me wanna shake it hard and.. stuff. I love TOP’S acting in this, I think the painting images dictates the fact that he’s slowly becoming a visual in the group with his model, and heavy focusing on his appearance. I remember a while back, TOP didn’t want to choose roles in films that made him out to be the “good-looking rich boy”. So maybe that’s related?

  254. Vote for TVXQ with Mirotic! They are the kings!

  255. big bang <3  

  256. Taeyang and Daesung should never wear shirts..No Never!

  257. i LOVE this video but it reminds me of nicki minaj/lady gaga/LMFAO. …combined into one huge BLAST OF AWESOMENESS! ;D

  258. I vote for Big Bang’s jailbreak!

  259. Wahh Fantastic Baby for sure! :D It’s just that I don’t really listen to DBSK’s songs :P

  260. In the live version in BIGSHOW and the stages he’s much more energetic than he does in the video. Heck, they all seem to have more energy. Just makes the stages amazing

  261. I vote for BIGBANG!!!! They really take CRAZY and BREAK FREE to a whole new level<3 Yeah thats my boys<3 

  262. Mirotic is an awesome song but….no, I choose Fantastic Baby. 

  263. Voting for DBSK :D Though i was 100% sure Big Bang would be VS BEG in Sixth Sense…i guess i was wrong… (i would have voted for BEG if you did :p)

  264. Great, now I am going to have Simon singing “I lost my hat” stuck in my head for the next week.  That happened when they reviewed that video a few weeks back.  I LOST MY HAT….

  265. Lol i totally notice that Shinee Sherlock Holmes in the Back Ground
    &I Wasnt the only  one concern about GD’s Hair, and i love Taeyang’s Shirtlessness and all its Shirtlessness Glory, its simply Fantastic Baby!!

  266. Just realized that I look like Evil GD when I sleep with my make-up on.

  267. I voter for BIG BANG!!

  268. I vote for Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby, That video is amazing !!

  269. sherlock…..sherlock…..sherlock……sherlock……..can’t wait..

  270. Big Bang :D

  271. Simon…..i really like ur T shirt……kekekekekekekekekeke

  272. Oh.  And… Big Bang wins against Mirotic.  

    I talked to my friend about this and we decided that TOP is getting more self-conscious.  He has some screwed-up bottom teeth (known in my house and extended family as [last-name-here] teeth) and they keep doing closeups on his face… and so he’s just all, “uh, no, I’ll just never open my mouth again.”  He’s been going for a more aegyo image lately, and those teeth don’t match the aegyo image, and I think that makes him feel awkward.  (I love you anyway, TOP)


  274. I vote Mirotic because it’s a pretty simple MV but it’s awesomeness is strictly derived by TVXQ’s sexiness and badass looks. Sorry BB, your MV seems too cluttered and ridiculous, like Lady Gaga on crack but with her clothes on, not off.

  275. I think the makeup for this video is a bit over the top. GD’s make up at the beginning I found is a bit creepy. The song was catchy but the video I felt was a little bit incoherent. 

  276. oh and why is there no mentioning about GD’s kamehameha?? i really thought it was a nice touch

  277. Big Bang-Fantastic Baby 

  278. I didn’t really feel anything weird from TOP .-.
    He is my favorite in BB, but yeah, nope, until you said it, I didn’t feel like he was… bored? I dunno, maybe I was concentrating too much on his dyed eyebrows…

    And I vote for TVXQ because … Well, I do prefer them over BB, one of the reason being that they were the ones with whom I first entered the fabulous world of Kpop but mainly because I didn’t get the idea that BB were breaking free from something, escaping or whatever (apart from Daesung’s part, but that’s because he reminded of Jaejoong ^^) whereas I didn’t have to think twice to see that theme in Mirotic ^^

    So TVXQ it is!

  279. TVXQ with Mirotic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  280. fantastic babies!, the same happends with my friends, i can`t say anything because  they start to troll me with the “wow!!! fantastic baby” and we just cant help start to dance!!! i love them as much i love you!   

  281. My little brother and I marathoned Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood last summer and when I watched this video with him we were all, “FATHERRRRRRRR!!!!!!” at the beginning with GD.  And then I felt like a nerd.

  282. Ooh, man. Well, Although I liked Fantastic Baby’s concept, I thought it was better done in Mirotic. TVXQ gets my vote. 

  283. I know TOP is gettin sick of dancing. I mean in Blue, towards the end he kinds stops dancing. But I actually liked his posing in this video. I find it funny that he is so expressionless. It’s like he is too cool to care wats going on around him.

    Btw, I vote TVXQ Mirotic bc of Jaejoong being changed to the wall ^_^ fav scene

  284. why is there no mention about GD’s catch me on fire :P
    you guys are mean with this weeks battle so I choose both
    and by the way love the review you guys are ….. wow Fantastic baby :P

  285. (i love u db5k but) i vote for my Fantastic Big Bang !

  286. I totally love the live version of this song!! 
    and yes, I agree, only TOP can put on that clothes and still look good (lol)

    I vote for donate some clothes for Taeyang!!!
    Seriously!! He changes real fast. I kinda miss that shy boy (no matter how much i love seeing his abs!!)
    May be YG can get him somethings (lol~) 

  287. Mirotic is legend…I got youuuuu under my skinnn~~~ 

  288. Well I actually don’t find the whole mama thing a big deal just cause, isn’t ‘mama’ the korean word for ‘your highness’? (‘goong’ anyone?). Well they may not use it that way, but that’s how I like to see it.

    I actually really liked TOP in this MV. I thought he was sort of creepy, with the whole big smokey eyes and stuff, but really sexy (sort of like GD in She’s gone). Him not doing much fit with his image in the MV as well.

    Have to say that this is my favourite MV out of all 3. It’s sooo addictive. My vote for this weeks showdown is ‘Fantastic Baby’. In Mirotic Changmin is playing with water and Junsu with lights

  289. Im the only one in my house that listens to k-pop or even kno wat k-pop is…and i use a lot of these k-pop references 2..especially fantastic baby…and..well…everyone looks at me like im weird lol…2 bad there’s no one around that i can share all the k-pop references/insiders with cuz it would be so much funnier.

  290. Sorry but I have to vote for the KINGS, DBSK!!!!!!!! The way Chanming stood up from the water thighy reminded me of Count Dracula rising from that coffin. But I freakin love BB. 

    And Martina, for the love of God, I try really hard to forget Shinee’s pictures. As much As I love Shinee, this promotion was to much for me. Mr. SM Ent, pls, don’t ..no more pictures. 

  291. I vote for Mirotic !
    I’m sorry I’ll make a more relevant comment tomorrow, just want to make sure my vote will be counted, I’m in a hurry tonight.

  292. The random quoting of fantastic baby and breakout dancing has been happening at my house too. Though it is mainly the 7 and 4 year old doing the dancing :)  

    I’m not sure who to choose for the show down. I really like both songs. I’m not sure TVXQ actually break free though. Their eyes are all possessed at the end. It’s like they fought hard, but ultimately failed in escaping, while BB actually won and had a dance party. SO final verdict is Big Bang.

  293. Love the hair Martina and Simon very funny shirt. You guys rock!!!!

  294. This one is really hard..i luv Big Bang..but I might vote 4 TVXQ on this one

  295. This one is really hard..i luv Big Bang..but I might vote 4 TVXQ on this one

  296. I totally vote for Mirotic.. I mean.. come on.. LEGENDARY! I got yoooouuuu~

  297. I totally vote for Mirotic.. I mean.. come on.. LEGENDARY! I got yoooouuuu~

  298. TVXQ!!!! the way they escape is aweeeeesome!!! 

  299. TVXQ!!!! the way they escape is aweeeeesome!!! 

  300. Even though I love Big Bang my vote goes for TVXQ, Mirotic is one of my all time favourites. :)

  301. Even though I love Big Bang my vote goes for TVXQ, Mirotic is one of my all time favourites. :)

  302. I vote Mirotic!
    great video this week btw!

  303. I vote Mirotic!
    great video this week btw!

  304. TVXQQQQQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD i just love the tied up jaejoong XD and changmin in a bathtub was cool too. so yeah tvxq. although tvxq’s breakout is much more of a relative song but i guess its japanese so you cant put it in :(

  305. TVXQQQQQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD i just love the tied up jaejoong XD and changmin in a bathtub was cool too. so yeah tvxq. although tvxq’s breakout is much more of a relative song but i guess its japanese so you cant put it in :(

  306. I thought that BEG would be up against Big Bang but I like this match up too. 

  307. I thought that BEG would be up against Big Bang but I like this match up too. 

  308. Thumbs up for Big Bang and Fantastic Baby! 
    Thanks S & M! WOW..wow and wow! 
    Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby is a very much of a unique MV and I’m obsessed with this song and video.
    And of course, the Inkigayo comeback stage was Fantastic, too..I have never been hit so hard by a comeback stage!!! LOL
    Vote for BIG BANG, but to say I really like and respect DBSK!

  309. Thumbs up for Big Bang and Fantastic Baby! 
    Thanks S & M! WOW..wow and wow! 
    Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby is a very much of a unique MV and I’m obsessed with this song and video.
    And of course, the Inkigayo comeback stage was Fantastic, too..I have never been hit so hard by a comeback stage!!! LOL
    Vote for BIG BANG, but to say I really like and respect DBSK!

  310. Yes, T.O.P does look a bit timid in the video (but the frame scenes were cool), however if you see the live performances then he has a completely different feel. The energy in the live perf. was really really awesome by all the members.

  311. Love Onew’s Sherlock teaser photo in the background ;) and Martina, GD totally copied your hairstyle, are you gonna sue him or what? ^^

  312. Love Onew’s Sherlock teaser photo in the background ;) and Martina, GD totally copied your hairstyle, are you gonna sue him or what? ^^

  313. I actually didn’t have a problem with TOP in this video.  I thought it worked with the persona he was portraying.  However, I do have a problem with the English during DaeSung’s part of the song.  Even if you split it up, it just doesn’t work for me, especially when with the way it is sung it feels more like one confusing mess of a sentence.  I also didn’t have a problem with the flow of the song.  The pauses for the “Wow! Fantastic, Baby!” made perfect sense to me and flowed just fine given the overall feel and point of the song. 

    As for voting this week… I love Mirotic, but Fantastic Baby was a better video and honestly, I like the song better.  I feel horrible saying that since Mirotic is responsible for my love of KPop in the first place, but I have to be honest about it.  

  314. Big Bang – Fantastic Baby, because Changmin and Junsu had really strange jailbreaks.  I mean Max just stood up.  I was a bit disappointed with Yunho’s as well, but I love that song.

  315. I vote for DBSK. The video made more sense with the lyrics :)

  316. Heard 2AM “I wonder if you hurt like me”?!??!
    you haven’t?!
    well then go watch it because its freaking awesome!  the ballad princes are back!!

  317. BIGBANG – Fantastic Baby


    i love zoolander!! Simon should totally watch it! :D
    i cant wait until SHINEE’s COMEBACK!!!!!!!  :)

  319. I was really happy with T.O.P’s performance in this video UNTIL you had to bring up the sound wave idea. =[. which would have been totally fantastic…baby.

  320. I think TOP just on his energy conserve mode(?) lately, judging from his lack of movement in every video, performance and all.

    And for the showdown, Its definitely BigBang! Fantastic baby!

    btw, u didn’t look happy with the 3 weeks record Simon, but it understandable.

  321. I VOTE BIGBANG!!!!! <3 :)))))))))

  322. I have to say that I thought TOP was always the aloof, cool and disintetested one a bit like the like the girl from T-ara. Isn’t that just his role in the band? The same as 대성 is the fantastic songer, 태양 is the good dancer e.t.c?

    Anyway loved the review guys! I will now Stop voting for Big Bang but watch out for SHINee soon! ㅋㅋ

  323. i vote for big bang :p

  324. I think “Mirotic” is a better jailbreak cout of the two choices you gave us, but you know what I think is an even better jailbreak MV? AnyBand’s “Promise You/TPL (Talk Play Love)” It takes place in a futuristic anti-talk, anti-play, anti-love world with police that try to keep everything down. The members of AnyBand (BoA, Junsu, Tablo and Jin Bora) sucessfully bring music, play and love back to the world.

  325. I thought TOP’s image sorta fit the flow of his part, if not the lyrics. I looooooooove the Taeyang-as-a-monk scene. Usually he’s my least favourite member, but in this video, I think he and Daesung really brought it! I was super impressed. Also, did anyone else notice that in the riot scene, GD was wearing a Korean crown (hat-thing), not just some glitzy, shimmery, European thing? I thought that was a nice, subtle touch. Also, I pretty agree with you 100% about Seungri. . . .

  326. WOW, You are just asking for fan war XD 
    I think I’ll go with DBSK :O

  327. Hahahaha last night me and my friends were dancing around to Fantastic Baby and drooling over shirtless Taeyang and Daesung. I love converting friends. XD AND YES SHINEE SHINEE SHINEE!!! @_@

  328. Martina could you show us a close up of your GD hairstyle? ^^

  329. I spot Onew’s teaser on the laptop screen! :) I really love this song.

  330. punkyprincess92

    ONEW SHERLOCK PIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no Martina they were trying to spell CAT!!!!!
    oh my gosh me and my friends were so excited for this vid especially JUST to see TOP say boom shakalaka and then…….we were so sad……

    SHINEE ARE COMING BACK SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  331. Taeyang should share his energy with TOP >_> Taeyang was like… all over the place!

  332. Simon, are we advocating for more unicorns now?   Anyway, S&M, I love your skits.  I thought the “why?” skit was specially adorable. And I already have “Wow, Fantastic Baby” in my vocab as well.

  333. hehe ^^ I just knew it would be Big Bang for 3 times in a row! I wonder who will it be next week? Ooh… Simon and Martina have you guys checked out 2am’s new song? Hopefully I can request it ~ it’s on constant replay ever since yesterday! :D

  334. Pallavi Sambasivan

    I love how you guys used one of the non naked pics for sherlock xD

  335. Echoing the thought that a BEG Sixth Sense reference would be made, but still a great video! I actually like how TOP seems so nonchalant with his “wow, fantastic baby”; the contrast to the high energy song is funky and cool. Though I do think that TOP goes a bit overboard with his bored look sometimes. And no mention of the dance?! I know it wasn’t really in the MV, but the performance I thought was quite fun… (Spudgy could have danced it at least…)
    I highly approve of sending kpop stars Viva La Spudgy shirts.

    Hoping for EXO or SHINee next week!!!!! You guys rock!

  336. I was expecting a reference to the awesome live dance…

  337. GD is a mad, male version of  Rapunzel! :P
    Taeyang, I thing he started freezing in Bad Boy when he’s forget about his jacket.

  338. NOW I usually don’t like to cause something but TOP lack of facial Emotion have been discussed by me and my VIP friends and we all came up with one thing… TOP is the ONLY K POP singer that can say BOOM SHAKALAKA with swagger without changing up his face.

  339. cant wait for SHINee SHERLOCK to come ou and Simon&Martina do some review n comments bout it..cuz Taemin teaser photo looks so GAY.. i didnt like it , i wanna know your opinions…. my poor taemin, WTF SM Ent trying to do!!

  340. BTW i vote for BIG BANG’s jail break 

  341. I love how the background is Onew’s teaser xD LOLL
    Martina, I’ve got to say, you look really pretty today! :) <3

  342. Martina, i was expecting a dance/run in the park from you now that you’re a little better.

  343. i’m addicted to TOP “boom shakalaka” … really2 addictive!! haha… 

  344. i’m glad y’all used the least creepy photo of the SHINee teasers. Yeah i bet you guys have a lot to say about that but fear the wrath of Shawols.  TBH i think everyone Shawols and other kpop people alike have the same thought about some of those photos.

  345. I was kind of expecting a show down with, or at least a mention of BEG’s Sixth sense since the concepts are pretty similar.

  346. no comparison to beg’s “sixth sense”? wow

  347. I VOTE BIGBANG!!!!! <3

  348. Top makes up for his lack of emotion in music videos with being awesome on stage. The fantastic baby performances are so awesome. I loved it way more than the music video. So much energy and the adlibs are perfect. I actually really like how it builds up and then in a deadpan voice they say wow fantastic baby. So cool. Big bang really is back and better than ever. Their comeback stages for inkigayo were epic. The best comeback stages ever.

    • I totally agree with you.

    • super duper agreed

    • agreed! I had also noticed TOP’s low energy, even on Running Man, and I was wondering what was up. But the ALIVE performance of this tune redeemed him and so much much more! Attitude is ON, playing with the notes, rockin those coral shades. Done. Even GD’s growl almost destroyed me, they all killed it!! http://youtu.be/siVPAd0O5KQ

      •  as far as I remember T.O.P. said on Running Man that he was ill some days before the filming of Running Man and was still on his way of getting better. But don’t kill me if I’m wrong ^^

    • Yeah, we saw the live performances and agree with you.  Any thoughts on why he’s so different in his videos, then?

      •  hmm… i think may be Top was sick when he was in the video..LOL
        because his mouth is kinda… injured by illness

      • Ok. I’m probably going to be unpopular in saying this, but this is my take on the video. & T.O.P in general. I really think that the *”cool, calm & collected – suave, slick” look* was the look he was going for. Reason? Because of that sharp contrast to the song. To me, TOP, in general, seems to prefer to express himself in a way that people haven’t already used *& worn out with use*. And while there are certain expectations in kpop, he jumps on every chance he gets to do so. Since I understand where you’re coming from when you react to the video, in his “defense”, there were YG producers out there who bought the idea *of him not being so energetic* and used it. That’s what fascinates me about the MV. I keep replaying his parts. They are oddly mesmerizing. He kinda reminds me of the beginning of the SNSD video,” The Boys.” Hahaha. I digress. If the production team didn’t think it *somehow* worked, they *& the other members – for sure, GD* would have “Xed” it. 

        Anyway, TOP strikes me as someone with tastes that sharply contrasts the “expected/ generally accepted”. He likes things to be different – * to introduce different concepts & ideas – perspectives even*. He’s a rapper *arguably, a singer*, but also an artist *in the truest sense,*and it’s almost as if he wants to remove stereotypes associated with what those terms mean to him & in the industry, so he just does what he wants to. & hopes we like what we see & hear.  I have to say, whatever he’s selling, he sells it well – maybe because he’s interested in presenting his own unique craft *something new*, more than just satisfying people’s expectations *which, let’s face it, are usually based on what they’ve already seen & come to accept*. I see him as someone who isn’t “competing” in arts, so much as one who is blazing his own trail of self expression in a very unassuming /disarming manner. He uses everything he’s got at his disposal – including his looks. *lucky him*. It might take a minute, & some apprehension, but I think people will realize that about him more & more. & they will come to appreciate what he has to offer. That’s the main reason I like him. He has this “Work In Progress” mentality in the sense where he keeps his ideas & work evolving. This could be annoying to some, but it’s pure treasure to someone like me *& many others like me*. People think he is odd in more ways than one, & maybe because my perspective is “odd” like that, but I get bored easily, & I appreciate artists with an approach like TOP. I find him inspiring. & priceless.On a side note – I also think BIGBANG is moving away from the kpop “proper” synched choreography & more into the more individualized dances/ presentations. My point? TOP was there all along. Just saying. About the differences in energy, LIVE performances are different compared to MVs. MVs are like paintings – you take time on them – introduce/develop & present concepts/ideas etc there are takes, & retakes, edits & whatnot. Live performances are the opposite – it’s about engaging the crowd, & giving them a good time – pure adrenalin. That’s why he’s different on stage.

        Anyway, just that’s my 2 cents. Didn’t mean to “philosophize.” :).

        • I kind of agree. It’s become a bit of a joke among fans what Tabi said about his role in High High performances–namely that he stays more still while GD flies about, to ‘ground’ the performance. I feel like maybe that’s what they were going for in this MV. 

          I’m not sure it works as effectively in the Fantastic Baby MV as it does for High High performances, though..

          I do agree with Martina, though, that Top bellowing ‘BOOMSHAKALAKA’ through a megaphone, emitting soundwaves that kill the music-haters, would be freaking awesome.

        • Hehehe. Yes – the microphone “visual” Martina gave would be TOTALLY awesome:). I saw that interview you are talking about, & Tabi said GD *cutely* suggested the “strategy”. LOL. Like I said, I definitely see both sides, but we know TOP likes what he does, that’s why I don’t think he’s being “indifferent.” There’s a look he’s going for. It just doesn’t involve that much movement. Hahaha. To be honest, it’s a “packaged deal” thing with TOP. He can pull it off because of EVERYTHING he brings to the table *intense gaze, tight/sharp jaw, stoic exterior, towering stature, commanding presence, flamboyant & classy clothes/accessories, flashy hair, booming voice & overall flawless look*. He makes it work. Someone else might not be able to give the same appealing impression. At the right angle he stops you dead in your tracks, & you just “wonder” about him. & I think he knows this well & he uses it to his advantage.

          Now that they are going global, let’s see how his style unfolds/develops.

        • G Sumeyye Topaloglu

          having no face gestures and acting cool are different things dear =)

          I also agree that he was different in the videos of GD&TOP

        • “having no face gestures and acting cool are different things dear =)”
          LOL. You think so? I say it’s debatable. =)

  349. I just want YG vidographers to match up the mouth and music more often. We keep having issues with lipscynching lately. 

  350. Supprised no racism was mentioned…

  351. I love how I watched this for Big Bang and came out fangirling over Onew in the background xD

  352. OoooooH nOoOOoooo!!!

    Taeyang is not meant for clothes!!!
    It actually balances on ALL  those long-sleeves that TOP wears :D

    But yeah~ GD needs a trim..

  353. love onew in the background. now all i need is for the video to load…

  354. Bet I’d love the video… if it loaded x___x *bangs head on table*
    This will take an hoouuuur x____x

  355. i love the shinee sherlock image in the background =D

  356. SHINee’s Onew on wallpaper! <3

  357. Yes !!!!!! none stop BBang since it came out…

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