Wow! Fantastic Baby! If you haven’t heard Big Bang’s fantastic song yet, check it out here.


So, for starters, this is definitely the funnest song they’ve released since their comeback. Blue was serious and contemplative; Bad Boy was swag and head-noddy. Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby, on the other hand, is a song that’s really difficult to listen to while sitting down. It’s demands that you get up and act ridiculous, and has a pretty ridiculous video to go with it.

It’s not a perfect song though. We’ve got a tiny issue with it, that I’m sure some of you might actually not find issue with: while “Wow! Fantastic Baby!” is fun to say, it really breaks the song apart a bit. The song builds up fantastically, and reaches a fever pitch with Daesung’s banshee scream, all leading up to the chorus where everyone’s ready to lose their mind…and then the song stops for them to say “Wow! Fantastic Baby!” Some people like it when the music stops like that. I don’t like that feeling. Sorry! The rest of the song is stellar, and TOP’s “Boomshakalaka” is so well edited: the distance and effects or whatever kind of music-magic was made in post-production just make it sound so freaking commanding.

Too bad TOP isn’t as commanding in the video as he is in the song. You can’t tell me we’re the only ones who are thinking this. We make fun of TOP for not dancing in his other videos, like in Tonight, but it seems like TOP is getting more and more disinterested in being in music videos. Or is it the image he’s going for? Supposedly TOP’s interested in pursuing a career in acting: maybe acting lifeless is something he’s interested in? I don’t know. Maybe some of you are into him looking all distant and aloof and disinterested.

Well, even if we don’t like TOP’s acting, we still totally dig this song, and the song before it, and the song before that one as well. The whole album’s pretty damned cool. If you haven’t picked it up on iTunes yet, get it delivered to your house by clicking on the link below. Boom!

Big Bang

Also, we’ve got bloopers as always! Martina’s feather lips were quite difficult to put on, and resulted in some general awkwardness.


  1. I love Martina’s pink dipped hair! It looks so cute :3

  2. i’ve got two theories about TOP… first, i think he can’t see out of his new colored contact lenses and so he’s just kinda staring ahead without focusing… either that, or it’s not really TOP, but a TOP ROBOT!!!! they’ve replaced him with a very lifelike, but not as emotional version… yup… that must be it… :p

    he is looking pretty hot though… but i agree… where’s that spark?!

    as for GD, i am really kinda loving the evil vilain look… lol. oh and yeah, no matter how crazy he dresses, he will forever remain one of the hotest men alive. amen.

  3. Simon and Martina, can I congratulate you on all your Eatyourkimchi videos?  I haven’t been so entertained since I discovered the youtube series of Alex Reads Twilight, and I’ve been watching all the Kpop Music Mondays ones non-stop as I’ve been ill.  Totally worth it.  And I agree with Martina — TOP totally needs a megaphone.

  4. Mirotic is one of /the/ kpop songs. I mean Fatastic Baby is epic, sure, but… It’s TVXQ’s Mirotic we’re talking about xD

  5. sorry BIGBANG ( I LOVE U GUYS) bu im voting for TVXQ :D

  6. As much as a Cassie I am, I think Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby breakout is the best! (btw, it Sixth Sense is great too! I love the symbolic concepts they put into rebelling and breaking free from society) 

    I don’t know about Mirotic’s break-out, I laugh whenever I watch the MV, sure our boys are hawt but lool the “story” of escaping

  7. B to the I to the G !! BANGGG !!!

  8. lol simon i see u were very happy to review 3 bigbang vids in a row… >XDDDD

  9. a new song and the song in 2008? hah.Mirotic.

  10. Have to say I am not a big fan of this music video.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like the song!  But the very first time I saw the MV, i thought of mirotic. It’s almost like a re-make of dbsk’s mv.  True, there are cool special effects and so, but nothing too fancy compared to mirotic, which was from 2008, four years ago! Have to say I’m a little disappointed…

  11. BIGBANG…fantastic baby ;)

  12. Yeah, I really love Fantastic Baby. It’s awesome comeback but I still love TVXQ more, so it’d be horrible if I didn’t vote for them, so – I vote for MIROTIC :)

  13. Wow…Big Bang make history in K-Pop Monday as the first group to feature 3 straight weeks in a row!! 

  14. I’ll go for Mirotic for that break-free edition though Junsu was sort of funny in that video fighting with laser lights (?). 

    Anyways, this song is so silly that’s why we’ve been playing it nonstop and dancing along with my roommate! Good review guise! ^__^ v

  15. Mirotic was powerful without too many props or people and was amazing. The members broke free on their own using their own strengths, and came together to “defeat that evil witch!!” Using…nothing but their good looks and intense stares but the teamwork is there.
    But for Fantastic Baby, the “Kings” didn’t really break free on their own; they did it with the help of their fans. While this is also a plus, they technically did not escape–> people broke in and freed them ^_^ So Mirotic all the way!!

  16. I’m gonna have to go with Big Bang – FANTASTIC BABY :) #BOOMSHAKALAKA :)

  17. Big Bang Fantastic Baby, most definitely gets my vote :)

  18. ahjfhfhsjfhgksjhskjghgj  SHINee!!!!!!!!!!! fadjhksghjkfhkjffkllgjlkh
    /annoying fangirl moment over (but c’mon it’s been, like, 67 years ;A;)

    Totally voting for DBSK. Mirotic’s one of my all time faves <333
    I wonder how close it'll be, or maybe rather how not close, cos it's two so completely different videos with DBSK being more simplistic and Big Bang is very over the..ya know.

    Side note: Why are your captions not what's being said? (when possible. I realize some of the noises you guise make can be difficult to put into writing xD)

  19. Big Bang Fantastic Baby :) the video’s got more energy to it (and the song’s been stuck in my head for days :P)

  20. haha I 100% vote for DBSK. Mirotic is like the epitome of………. everything! <3

    love Fantastic Baby nevertheless (:


  22. Definitely TVXQ jjaaaaaaaaaaaang!!!

  23. Haha…. I think I have my own explanation on why TOP is like that… always… haha… He always emits this intimidating, awesome vibe, even when all he does is just stare. So I think if he does anymore than that, that might blow everyone away… hahaha..

  24. Big Bang is unstoppable!Vote for Fantastic Baby!

  25. My vote goes to BIGBANG! Wow, fantastic baby ;) 

  26. DBSK’s Break Out song would have been more conceptually similar, but I did think Mirotic had more of a feeling of escape than Fantastic Baby, even if some of them are ‘trapped’ in weird ways (Junsu and lights. oh noes)

    But yes, a vote for DBSK c:

  27. Voting for DBSK’s Mirotic!!! Jaejoong and Changmin just looked so good!!

  28. I see Onew’s Sherlock teaser pic on the background ^o^b

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