Wow! Fantastic Baby! If you haven’t heard Big Bang’s fantastic song yet, check it out here.


So, for starters, this is definitely the funnest song they’ve released since their comeback. Blue was serious and contemplative; Bad Boy was swag and head-noddy. Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby, on the other hand, is a song that’s really difficult to listen to while sitting down. It’s demands that you get up and act ridiculous, and has a pretty ridiculous video to go with it.

It’s not a perfect song though. We’ve got a tiny issue with it, that I’m sure some of you might actually not find issue with: while “Wow! Fantastic Baby!” is fun to say, it really breaks the song apart a bit. The song builds up fantastically, and reaches a fever pitch with Daesung’s banshee scream, all leading up to the chorus where everyone’s ready to lose their mind…and then the song stops for them to say “Wow! Fantastic Baby!” Some people like it when the music stops like that. I don’t like that feeling. Sorry! The rest of the song is stellar, and TOP’s “Boomshakalaka” is so well edited: the distance and effects or whatever kind of music-magic was made in post-production just make it sound so freaking commanding.

Too bad TOP isn’t as commanding in the video as he is in the song. You can’t tell me we’re the only ones who are thinking this. We make fun of TOP for not dancing in his other videos, like in Tonight, but it seems like TOP is getting more and more disinterested in being in music videos. Or is it the image he’s going for? Supposedly TOP’s interested in pursuing a career in acting: maybe acting lifeless is something he’s interested in? I don’t know. Maybe some of you are into him looking all distant and aloof and disinterested.

Well, even if we don’t like TOP’s acting, we still totally dig this song, and the song before it, and the song before that one as well. The whole album’s pretty damned cool. If you haven’t picked it up on iTunes yet, get it delivered to your house by clicking on the link below. Boom!

Big Bang

Also, we’ve got bloopers as always! Martina’s feather lips were quite difficult to put on, and resulted in some general awkwardness.


  1. I’m dying here. He accidentally got his arm stuck in a rain gutter?! BWAHAHA.

  2. Have the same problem, can’t say “wow,fantastic” without ANY of my friends saying “BABY” and then we’re stuck ‘cuz then we need to sing the rest of the song :c HAHA sad life

    • OHNO as I watch the rest of the video, I realize I have the EXACT problem with my best friend…Our vocabulary is ruined FOREVER because of KPOP xD
      “sexy haaaaaaaaai”, “i lost my..”, “mamaaah”, “bomshakalaka”, “bomratatata”, “stop stop breaking my..” and “wow,fantastic baby” are just a few of the most common things we say per day <.<'' our non-kpop friends must hate us….

  3. I love Martina’s pink dipped hair! It looks so cute :3

  4. BIGBANG!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

  5. As problably the only person who became a VIP through this video/song  2 weeks ago.

     I agree with you guys. But one thing tho about GD, with this major hair bananaz transformation mademe realize that he’s not the same GD anymore or something I dunno, but my first thought on GD in this video especially on the part where he shows up/lands on the car and all I could see was.. “Miyavi”? (Japanese Musician/Singer) haha

    But With this TOP thing, besides his nice job on the GD&TOP stuff I still question him, even tho I like him as well as the rest of the group but like, how much is he for effort in MVs? it feels like it depends nowadays on what I do not know but like I think he did a good job in “Haru Haru” and for example those Parody Clips of K-Dramas, but hey what do I know I’ve been a VIP for 16 days ^^;

    Peace EYK 
    just started watching you guys, its very fun to watch your videos (even tho i mostly care for 2NE1 and Big Bang related videos etc) 

    Keep it up :)

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  7. I love TOPS boomshakalaka :D

  8. u guys really hate EXO right??? I understand the spaming thing was wrong, but ater we won fairly with NO SPAMS and u still didn’t give us our review, the one we EARNED!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i’ve got two theories about TOP… first, i think he can’t see out of his new colored contact lenses and so he’s just kinda staring ahead without focusing… either that, or it’s not really TOP, but a TOP ROBOT!!!! they’ve replaced him with a very lifelike, but not as emotional version… yup… that must be it… :p

    he is looking pretty hot though… but i agree… where’s that spark?!

    as for GD, i am really kinda loving the evil vilain look… lol. oh and yeah, no matter how crazy he dresses, he will forever remain one of the hotest men alive. amen.

  10. Totally agree with the TOP part. He really looks bored and like he doesn’t know why he’s here..

  11. TVXQ ‘s MIROTIC !!! 

  12. I can’t tell what colour Spudgy is!!! :O

  13. I love listening to TOP rap, but his dancing makes me cringe…
    him on stage with bad boy on inkigayo
    i died laughing

  14. i am new to this.. i dont know how to vote.. but i will vote for Big Bang for Fantastic Baby…sorry cassies  i love both MV…but Big Bang will have my support…

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  16. Simon and Martina, can I congratulate you on all your Eatyourkimchi videos?  I haven’t been so entertained since I discovered the youtube series of Alex Reads Twilight, and I’ve been watching all the Kpop Music Mondays ones non-stop as I’ve been ill.  Totally worth it.  And I agree with Martina — TOP totally needs a megaphone.

  17. I love this song but this MV is sooooo gay. I don´t like it. Could be better

  18. I loved the entire album, but this is honestly my fave song and MV.

  19. Hmm.. i think Fantastic Baby should have been compared to BEG’s Sixth Sense instead of Mirotic

  20. GD’s hair didnt make sense to me until it got to the final scenes of the video. it sort of suits that dance party part at the end, but any other time i just think, why would you want hair like that.
    and only 2 of the guys seem passionate bout this song to me.AND I vote for Mirotic!!!

  21. totally off topic lol but I’m going to Korea for the next school year and I was wondering if I buy on iphone or android here could I get a plan/carrier for it in Korea? 

  22. i hope you guise review NU’EST Face!!!!

  23. I love love love Big Bang but for the jailbreak I’m gonna say DBSK/TVXQ

  24. I completely disagree with your 5/5 on the English of this song. 
    This might be the first BigBang/YG nonsense English, so I think you are a bit biased. Think about it; if it was T-ara or another girl group singing, “I can’t baby don’t stop this” would you be equally forgiving? Especially when you take the rest of the lyrics into context. If the song said (in Korean) “You say that I’m crazy, jumping at the sound of my heartbeat, you tell me to stop *I CAN’T BABY DON’T STOP THIS*” Then I would nod and agree that they are two separate sentences and make perfect sense. But how do these English snippets fit into the rest of the song?

    “3 minutes is not enough for this *RACE, WAIT*” (Wait? Wait for what? Isn’t it a race?)

    “The atmoshpere is overheated, Huh, *CATCH ME ON FIRE*, huh” (Shouldn’t it be “it SETS me on fire” or something?)

    “Jump at the sound of your heartbeat, till this comes to an end, yeah
    *I can’t, baby don’t stop this* Just go crazy today, let’s go” (As mentioned earlier, I don’t think the English makes sense in context)

    My youth is a different dimension, ice, ice, ice *HOLD UP* nanana (Hold up? Ice, ice, ice, HOLD UP? Really?) 

    It sounds cool, I don’t mind at all, but considering that there is very little English in this song, and (to me) a lot of it just doesn’t seem to fit well (just sound awesome) I’m surprised that you gave it a 5. This is just the sort of random cool-sounding English phrases that another group would likely get laughed at for using and you seem to be pretty strict at other times – including TOP’s pronunciation of “trauma” – so I’m quite surprised that you didn’t see anything wrong with the English of this song.

    That being said, I shamelessly play this song on repeat and sing the English parts out loud since I don’t know Korean. I did the same with the nonsensical Yayaya; bad English never stops me from enjoying a catchy K-Pop song.

  25. hi guise! :3 sooo~~~ i was totally bored today so i decided to find out the average score of english in the kpop videos!!! (…i need a life)
    so i spent a hour and half rewatching old kpop music monday videos and taking notes, calculated it all and the result is (if i didn’t mess up somewhere o.o) *drumroll* 3.2141012820513 well.. im kinda dissapointed .___.
    i thought that maybe it would be four but *sigh* bilasa’s beautiful target and some other songs really brought it down ._. 
    BUT!!! there were some exceptions also when it wasn’t possible to measure the english in numbers so i got some awesome extras like:
    two wtf’s, a four turned into a six with monkey magic, a three for Kanye’s rapping, a i don’t know,   a totally awesome, a five for french, another i don’t know,  a shazawoopalapatah (LOL), a vampire, a five for pickles, a i like pie and a 3 for the hip hop, try recalling where the’re all from :33

  26. BIGBANG IS FANTASTIC BABY!!! <3 Totally voting for them<3 DBSK's video is pretty creepy, idk but i got scared the first time i watched it :P Fantastic Baby had me breaking free of my chains (homework :P) and dancing like a crazy person! awyeah<3

  27. MIROTIC :D …. i cant remember if i voted already tho o.o oh boy…

  28. Totally vote for DBSK, had the best jailbreak ever. Not saying that BB wasn’t good, it was great, but I still vote for DBSK. Fantastic Baby! 

  29. I’ll go with Mirotic. I love Fantastic Baby but Mirotic conveyed the meaning of escaping the cage more.  

  30. I vote for TVXQ’s Mirotic…because…for countless reasons. TVXQ is amazing, and Big Bang is wonderful too…but TVXQ takes a very special place in my heart and Mirotic is breathtaking so… I vote for TVXQ’s Mirotic.

  31. I liked T.O.P “French revolution” style. His attitude (not going all crazy like the others) didn’t strike me as something odd but now that you mentionned it, I can’t see anything else but his immobility. But I guess it gets along with his concept of a painting, though.

    I also disagree with your analysis on the “Mama, just let me be your lover” line. I understand the logic, but I’m sorry, the first thing you think upon hearing this is incest. It’s awkward even if they meant what you think they do.

    And although this song is fantasic (how original comment), I vote for TVXQ’s Mirotic. I think the “prison break” concept was more obvious and more detailed in Mirotic. We are even given to see the enchanter who captured them. So, definitely TVXQ.

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