Whoa! That was fast! Big Bang’s video was out for only a day or so before it took top place on our KpopCharts. And understandably so. This is a pretty badass video. If you haven’t seen it in it’s badassiness, check it out here:


So, some of you might be shocked that we’ve, aka Simon, has got a bunch of complaints about this video. It’s still a really high quality video, with some awesome special effects, and we give it an A for originality and coolness, but it’s not as good as most Big Bang videos. Broken up into individual parts, it’s pretty cool. Put together as a whole, though, it just doesn’t work. It’s too, all over the place, with no clear idea to it. They’re at a place that’s exploding, and they’re “monsters” and they break out of/escape the exploding place, but too many things are left unclear due to an overuse of costumes and special effects.

*Martina takes over* But wait! What’s our actual theory about what this video is about? Our theory, which was just pieced together using our experience of movie and TV show plots, it that Big Bang, aka the monsters, are a pet project by a government or some organization, and the monsters are either being held captive or were raised in this training facility, hence the obvious video taping and the fighting with the mannequins. At some point, the monsters, although they have powers, don’t feel like monsters to themselves and want to rebel and break free of this confining term placed on them, but in order to keep them under control the facility decides to abort the project and tries to kill all the monsters. BUT they do not succeed in killing them and the monsters all escape and see civilization in the distance.

Now we didn’t really see clear proof of this plot in the video, we just filled in the gaps, but it’s the gaps that create a major problem. For example, in our opinion, all the monsters should be existing in the same time line, but TOP and Seungri have a costume change only twice, which suggests two separate occasions which allowed them to actually change their clothing, or have their clothing changed for them, aka being held captive and having your clothing chosen for you. But GD and Taeyang have multiple distinct clothing changes, which is weird, especially since the clothing change occurs during the war scenes. Either the war is going on for a couple days/weeks and only three members of Big Bang decided to take the time to shower and re-apply makeup and new clothing, or they are a part of a different time line that involves clothing change, for example, GD as a devil being bombed is during a past weapon testing that Seungri wasn’t a part of, but it wasn’t made clear. In order to keep all five members on the same time line and plot, they should have had consistent costumes changes that matched the action being shown.

At the end of the video, we see all five members escaping using the same pathway, and the final scene of GD seeing the city occurs with his white mushroom hairstyle, but what was up with the other three or four costumes he had on? Frankly, I think it was just for the sake of coolness, and GD can look good in anything so of course, I think it looked pretty damn cool. However, you just can’t mix in cool things when you’re trying to do an artsy video, which is why I totally disliked Taeyang’s dancing in the video. Normally, I like his enthusiastic and random body rolling, but when he’s twirling across a dirt field being bombed or doing body waves against the wall while GD is falling to the ground dramatically, I feel like it takes away from the seriousness of a war scene. Then it turns into a “cool” dancing scene, but not an artsy one AT ALL. I think Big Bang’s “Blue” music video was wonderfully artsy, but just artsy. Now remember Sunny Hill’s “The Grasshopper Song”? That music video was able to balance an artsy music video with cool and interesting stuff. I think Big Bang’s director was just a wee bit off with the over use of “turn to camera and pose like a model” shots and also the overuse of costumes changes.

For some people, this video is so much more than that. It’s so rich in meaning, Simon and Martina! You have to compare the lyrics to what’s been happening in Big Bang’s life, and the symbolic capturing and labelling, and so on and so forth…and although we love to analyze, we need to first have a music video that can stand on its own, so that people without a knowledge of Big Bang’s history can still appreciate it. The meaning of symbols should be open to those who are totally new to the artists and their work. So…yeah. We don’t like that kind of interpretation because it’s too narrow. I guess, make a clear story first, and enrich it with symbolism afterwards.

Ok that’s enough of a rant about symbolism. We didn’t talk about the song much. Sorry! We were so focused on the intense video that we only talked about the song a bit. It’s a really pretty song that’s both slow and fast at the same time, and we were especially smitten by Seungri in this song.

If you’re digging the song, make sure you support Big Bang and pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia. Speaking of CDs, we said in our Sistar interview that we’d be announcing the winner of the WonderGirls signed CD giveaway from our WonderGirls interview. And so…the winner is: ZacharyLing!. His question:

I would ask them: Was it hard to come to America rather than Japan for your international expansion? Because all the other idols normally first expand to Japan and then move on. Did you want to go to Japan first or the USA?

My other question would be: When speaking with your CEO about your music, who normally thinks of the concepts for your music and how do they bring it all together, i.e the fashion, sound, style, and other aspects that make your music complete?

Yay! Zachary (if that’s your real name) send us a message over at our YouTube account and we’ll send out your CD ASAP! Yay! And, lastly, here are this week’s bloopers. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to cut a turtleneck.


  1. 2 years too late but i still have to say it…everyone looks bad with turtle necks?what about turtles ?I mean, imagine turtles with giraffe necks…this would look very strange.

  2. rofl, notice the guy at 5:05 from his garden just looking on the like da fuq??? xD hilarious

  3. But the video may scare some children=)

  4. Most of their songs are good!

  5. Oh my God, I didn’t even see that girl between TOP’s legs. WHEN DID SHE GET THERE?

  6. Right now i’m wearing a Turtle neck.

  7. A quick comment about the “coherence and focus” thing : sure there is no coherent storyline in this MV and the costume can be distracting. But the coherence and focus relie on the atmosphrere and the “feeling” the MV conveys. This feeling is expressed by the song, of course, but also the cinematography, the dark visual style and also the camera angles. Those elements create both a scary and melancholic atmosphere and that’s what the coherence and focus relies on. :)

  8. On another note, I think probably out of the things I disliked about this video I have a small list. Tae-Yangs hair in victory rolls, GD with an unbelievably long bowl cut, Seung-Ri’s V cut bang look, and TOP’s Fricken turtleneck.. blech. Otherwise this video was fun, but I definitely see what you’re saying about the lack luster emotional performance. TOP always looks like he’s selling us cologne or that older boy swag that makes the ladies fall. Uhm, I wanted to point out that Seung-Ri is really looking more and more like TOP physically everyday. I know they’re brothers, but for a while I couldn’t tell, and now seeing him, his face is fuller and what not, but he still resembles him strongly. Yeah Fwoo- thats iit :3

  9. He says ” Don’t ” not Won’t. And I watched the video like 3 times and reversed to watch the spot where GD kicks- he kicks to the side, and breaks out the leg- not the crotch but it was really close. You can tell the angle of his foot because the sole of his shoe is visible lol

  10. Okk at beginning of vid I had no clue what was going on (been disconnected fr kpop for 3 wks) *AHHHH BIG BANG MORE MUSIC AHHHH*

    likes: tops sexy deep voice into and his character change into (i guess) 2 face?, consistency of taeyangs shoulder pads/armor look

    confused w/: new englishy vampire cat? futuristic jailbreak look

    props to: tops unemotional face and daesungs daebak vocals YG top of the line cg

    loves: eyes, running slomo out of exploding building, GDs loongg bowl blonde cut

    end of vid: Ahh I get it…monster….. and looking at the stats for this vid they will do well in North America FIGHTING! Cant wait for the tour! >.< kyyaaaahhh
    P.S: Ok Simon one word HATER…but i still love your vids and opinons :) Martina….your always right

  11. AHHH Freaking out! So out of the loop thank god for EYK

  12. At first, I had the reaction like Simon’s but after looking up the meaning behind the MV, I came to really like this MV.

    The meaning behind this MV is that they are not monsters like what they had been portrayed to be in media, as well as some of their old fans.

    Big Bang had a hard year with Daesung’s car accident, GD’s weed incident, etc. and people, the media, were making them into monsters. And they were especially hurt by some of their fans (VIPs) who not only turned their backs on them, but also turned them into monsters by spreading rumors and exaggerated truths. So in the MV, Big Bang isolate themselves from the world in what looks like to be a prison, but you still see the cameras always following them around, keep making them look like “monsters”, yet they sing “I love you, baby I’m not a monster”. One of the lines of the lyrics is “When time passes, it’ll all disappear, then you’ll know,” which is a message to those fans who had hurt them and left them by saying that people will forget all of their incidents when time passes, and those fans will know that Big Bang aren’t monsters and they will regret. The breaking of mannequins shows their anger/hate towards those fans who had hurt them. At the end of the MV, GD finally gets out of the prison to the cold world, which could mean that they are starting anew. They also thank those VIPs who had stayed with them and supported them. Overall, this music video was a message to their old and current VIPs.

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  14. I think he really did not like the video, but for me it shows the clip inner experiences of the person whom everyone despised, from which even a loved one is turned away and words lead to the same thoughts)) well, what do I have I’m VIP))

  15. OMG! You’re right! there really is a WOMAN in the video. O_O

  16. Thanks for make me smile again today! 

  17. The thing that kept distracting me was the child molester van…wasupwidat? BTW, thanks for captioning, as I’m deaf so, well, it’s just cool that you do that.  

  18. Hi guys!!! I am a die hard VIP, but I totally agree with Simon,…. I was kind of disappointed when I saw the video… I`ll keep the song only as I like the lyrics, but the video? No way it will make into my MP3 player…

  19. On the contrary, GD wasn’t that low to kick at the groin. His left leg seems to be sweeping from the outside and hitting the knee haha

    But I agree that this music video is more of explosions and fashion rather than story. Ah well, eye candy.

  20. I like better BIG BANG’s monster…
    (don’t get me wrong I L-♥-V-E TVXQ! but) I dislike that video/ sond with passion… it’s my first example of a “they’re to all over the place” MV/ song…

    BIG BANG, TVXQ!, BoA: fighting!

  21. Simon: you deserve an oscar for your GD/ TOP impressions… lol that or a cologne sponsorship… lol

    Martina: I loved your halter neck, multicolored dress…mind to tell us if you purchased it online? and where?

    Thanks a lot guys you’re always so so funny!!!

  22. I feel like not enough turtle necks died in the making of this video. More turtle necks need to die!

  23. Oh my goodness simon I did not even notice the women between top’s legs until u pointed it out. And I totally agree with you, this is also my least favortie big bang video also.

  24. oh my Simon & Martina are they not feeding you in Canada?? =0 you both looks so much thinner in this video!!

  25. am i the only one who really wanted to see a jj project bounce review because they were new & i really wanted to know what simon & martina thought of the video?

  26. omg Martina!  You are AMAZING!

  27. I vote for Triangle because it was really an awesome video and song for it’s time and its one of those classic songs that I adore full of meaning.

  28. i thought of ironman when i saw the glowy eyes XD

  29. Martina, you crazy! i think turtlenecks are soooooo sexy on  men!

    oh and the skit with TOP being emotionless running out of the building was just SO funny, hahaha… 

    as for the video, i’ll have to agree with Simon that it’s definitely not their best… too much stuff going on… and that little talky-wimpy intro… wtf was that??? but otherwise good. i’m also a fan of the sexy goth-looking Big Bang ^_-

    keep up the good work, guise ^_-

  30. I, for one, loved the video. It was so beautifully done, and fit the song perfectly — not to mention it was so different from the usual “dance in a brightly lit room”. Big Bang = amazing! <3

  31. I think you guys got it all wrong.  You should view “Monster” as a prequel to “Fantastic Baby”.  They were locked up and experimented on and made into monsters.  Some of them retained some of their humanity, but it’s obviously that Daesung was still animalistic, which is why he’s chained up in FB.  

    GD led the rebellion because he had the most control.  They escape, after the attempts on their lives and gather up the other surviving rebels.  They lead the rebellion. 

    Watch it again.  I’m sure you’ll agree.

  32. I am sad. bad review for bigbang? :'(. JKJKJKJK. Scared u didn’t I? Anyways, i am a bit biased for bigbang, but i guess i can agree with Simon. I mean i didn’t get the mash up, but if u relate it with the lyrics then it makes sense, a bit. My friend almost said the same thing seeing the video! She was like: Oh. Its so busy and it doesn’t make sense at all. Who in the heck changes their hair in ONE video? Haha, great review, thx! Funny and entertaining as always. :)

  33. Oh my gosh I hated that video so much. The song wasn’t that great either, and they did something really STUPID with Taeyangs hair. Bun Hair. Man i wish Infinite or B1A4 would have won that one and gotten reviewed, but this video just was not good. 

  34. Man! Completely, 100% and then some, agree with Martina about the turtlenecks.  They are probably my biggest pet peeve in dramaland.  A show can be going great, everything is happy and in la-la-wonderful-pretty-boys-everywhere land and then the FRICKEN turtlenecks show up and lead me to hate the episode.  *Grrraawww*

  35. On a more important note, why the hell is Simon wearing eyeliner?

  36. I’m with Simon on this video actually. My wife really likes this video, but it is just kind of “meh” to me.

  37. You do know Seungri had the same outfit the entire MV?

    BTW, Where is 2NE1’s “Make Thumb Noise” on the K-Charts?

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