Whoa! That was fast! Big Bang’s video was out for only a day or so before it took top place on our KpopCharts. And understandably so. This is a pretty badass video. If you haven’t seen it in it’s badassiness, check it out here:


So, some of you might be shocked that we’ve, aka Simon, has got a bunch of complaints about this video. It’s still a really high quality video, with some awesome special effects, and we give it an A for originality and coolness, but it’s not as good as most Big Bang videos. Broken up into individual parts, it’s pretty cool. Put together as a whole, though, it just doesn’t work. It’s too, all over the place, with no clear idea to it. They’re at a place that’s exploding, and they’re “monsters” and they break out of/escape the exploding place, but too many things are left unclear due to an overuse of costumes and special effects.

*Martina takes over* But wait! What’s our actual theory about what this video is about? Our theory, which was just pieced together using our experience of movie and TV show plots, it that Big Bang, aka the monsters, are a pet project by a government or some organization, and the monsters are either being held captive or were raised in this training facility, hence the obvious video taping and the fighting with the mannequins. At some point, the monsters, although they have powers, don’t feel like monsters to themselves and want to rebel and break free of this confining term placed on them, but in order to keep them under control the facility decides to abort the project and tries to kill all the monsters. BUT they do not succeed in killing them and the monsters all escape and see civilization in the distance.

Now we didn’t really see clear proof of this plot in the video, we just filled in the gaps, but it’s the gaps that create a major problem. For example, in our opinion, all the monsters should be existing in the same time line, but TOP and Seungri have a costume change only twice, which suggests two separate occasions which allowed them to actually change their clothing, or have their clothing changed for them, aka being held captive and having your clothing chosen for you. But GD and Taeyang have multiple distinct clothing changes, which is weird, especially since the clothing change occurs during the war scenes. Either the war is going on for a couple days/weeks and only three members of Big Bang decided to take the time to shower and re-apply makeup and new clothing, or they are a part of a different time line that involves clothing change, for example, GD as a devil being bombed is during a past weapon testing that Seungri wasn’t a part of, but it wasn’t made clear. In order to keep all five members on the same time line and plot, they should have had consistent costumes changes that matched the action being shown.

At the end of the video, we see all five members escaping using the same pathway, and the final scene of GD seeing the city occurs with his white mushroom hairstyle, but what was up with the other three or four costumes he had on? Frankly, I think it was just for the sake of coolness, and GD can look good in anything so of course, I think it looked pretty damn cool. However, you just can’t mix in cool things when you’re trying to do an artsy video, which is why I totally disliked Taeyang’s dancing in the video. Normally, I like his enthusiastic and random body rolling, but when he’s twirling across a dirt field being bombed or doing body waves against the wall while GD is falling to the ground dramatically, I feel like it takes away from the seriousness of a war scene. Then it turns into a “cool” dancing scene, but not an artsy one AT ALL. I think Big Bang’s “Blue” music video was wonderfully artsy, but just artsy. Now remember Sunny Hill’s “The Grasshopper Song”? That music video was able to balance an artsy music video with cool and interesting stuff. I think Big Bang’s director was just a wee bit off with the over use of “turn to camera and pose like a model” shots and also the overuse of costumes changes.

For some people, this video is so much more than that. It’s so rich in meaning, Simon and Martina! You have to compare the lyrics to what’s been happening in Big Bang’s life, and the symbolic capturing and labelling, and so on and so forth…and although we love to analyze, we need to first have a music video that can stand on its own, so that people without a knowledge of Big Bang’s history can still appreciate it. The meaning of symbols should be open to those who are totally new to the artists and their work. So…yeah. We don’t like that kind of interpretation because it’s too narrow. I guess, make a clear story first, and enrich it with symbolism afterwards.

Ok that’s enough of a rant about symbolism. We didn’t talk about the song much. Sorry! We were so focused on the intense video that we only talked about the song a bit. It’s a really pretty song that’s both slow and fast at the same time, and we were especially smitten by Seungri in this song.

If you’re digging the song, make sure you support Big Bang and pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia. Speaking of CDs, we said in our Sistar interview that we’d be announcing the winner of the WonderGirls signed CD giveaway from our WonderGirls interview. And so…the winner is: ZacharyLing!. His question:

I would ask them: Was it hard to come to America rather than Japan for your international expansion? Because all the other idols normally first expand to Japan and then move on. Did you want to go to Japan first or the USA?

My other question would be: When speaking with your CEO about your music, who normally thinks of the concepts for your music and how do they bring it all together, i.e the fashion, sound, style, and other aspects that make your music complete?

Yay! Zachary (if that’s your real name) send us a message over at our YouTube account and we’ll send out your CD ASAP! Yay! And, lastly, here are this week’s bloopers. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to cut a turtleneck.


  1. 2 years too late but i still have to say it…everyone looks bad with turtle necks?what about turtles ?I mean, imagine turtles with giraffe necks…this would look very strange.

  2. rofl, notice the guy at 5:05 from his garden just looking on the like da fuq??? xD hilarious

  3. But the video may scare some children=)

  4. Most of their songs are good!

  5. Oh my God, I didn’t even see that girl between TOP’s legs. WHEN DID SHE GET THERE?

  6. Right now i’m wearing a Turtle neck.

  7. A quick comment about the “coherence and focus” thing : sure there is no coherent storyline in this MV and the costume can be distracting. But the coherence and focus relie on the atmosphrere and the “feeling” the MV conveys. This feeling is expressed by the song, of course, but also the cinematography, the dark visual style and also the camera angles. Those elements create both a scary and melancholic atmosphere and that’s what the coherence and focus relies on. :)

  8. On another note, I think probably out of the things I disliked about this video I have a small list. Tae-Yangs hair in victory rolls, GD with an unbelievably long bowl cut, Seung-Ri’s V cut bang look, and TOP’s Fricken turtleneck.. blech. Otherwise this video was fun, but I definitely see what you’re saying about the lack luster emotional performance. TOP always looks like he’s selling us cologne or that older boy swag that makes the ladies fall. Uhm, I wanted to point out that Seung-Ri is really looking more and more like TOP physically everyday. I know they’re brothers, but for a while I couldn’t tell, and now seeing him, his face is fuller and what not, but he still resembles him strongly. Yeah Fwoo- thats iit :3

  9. He says ” Don’t ” not Won’t. And I watched the video like 3 times and reversed to watch the spot where GD kicks- he kicks to the side, and breaks out the leg- not the crotch but it was really close. You can tell the angle of his foot because the sole of his shoe is visible lol

  10. jazminjhnsn

    Okk at beginning of vid I had no clue what was going on (been disconnected fr kpop for 3 wks) *AHHHH BIG BANG MORE MUSIC AHHHH*

    likes: tops sexy deep voice into and his character change into (i guess) 2 face?, consistency of taeyangs shoulder pads/armor look

    confused w/: new englishy vampire cat? futuristic jailbreak look

    props to: tops unemotional face and daesungs daebak vocals YG top of the line cg

    loves: eyes, running slomo out of exploding building, GDs loongg bowl blonde cut

    end of vid: Ahh I get it…monster….. and looking at the stats for this vid they will do well in North America FIGHTING! Cant wait for the tour! >.< kyyaaaahhh
    P.S: Ok Simon one word HATER…but i still love your vids and opinons :) Martina….your always right

  11. jazminjhnsn

    AHHH Freaking out! So out of the loop thank god for EYK

  12. At first, I had the reaction like Simon’s but after looking up the meaning behind the MV, I came to really like this MV.

    The meaning behind this MV is that they are not monsters like what they had been portrayed to be in media, as well as some of their old fans.

    Big Bang had a hard year with Daesung’s car accident, GD’s weed incident, etc. and people, the media, were making them into monsters. And they were especially hurt by some of their fans (VIPs) who not only turned their backs on them, but also turned them into monsters by spreading rumors and exaggerated truths. So in the MV, Big Bang isolate themselves from the world in what looks like to be a prison, but you still see the cameras always following them around, keep making them look like “monsters”, yet they sing “I love you, baby I’m not a monster”. One of the lines of the lyrics is “When time passes, it’ll all disappear, then you’ll know,” which is a message to those fans who had hurt them and left them by saying that people will forget all of their incidents when time passes, and those fans will know that Big Bang aren’t monsters and they will regret. The breaking of mannequins shows their anger/hate towards those fans who had hurt them. At the end of the MV, GD finally gets out of the prison to the cold world, which could mean that they are starting anew. They also thank those VIPs who had stayed with them and supported them. Overall, this music video was a message to their old and current VIPs.

  13. GO VOTE FOR BIGBANG!!! before Katy Perry wins!! HELP BIGBANG OUT!! http://popdust.com/pop-off/

  14. I think he really did not like the video, but for me it shows the clip inner experiences of the person whom everyone despised, from which even a loved one is turned away and words lead to the same thoughts)) well, what do I have I’m VIP))

  15. OMG! You’re right! there really is a WOMAN in the video. O_O

  16. Thanks for make me smile again today! 

  17. The thing that kept distracting me was the child molester van…wasupwidat? BTW, thanks for captioning, as I’m deaf so, well, it’s just cool that you do that.  

  18. Hi guys!!! I am a die hard VIP, but I totally agree with Simon,…. I was kind of disappointed when I saw the video… I`ll keep the song only as I like the lyrics, but the video? No way it will make into my MP3 player…

  19. My vote goes to BIGBANG


  21. On the contrary, GD wasn’t that low to kick at the groin. His left leg seems to be sweeping from the outside and hitting the knee haha

    But I agree that this music video is more of explosions and fashion rather than story. Ah well, eye candy.

  22. I like better BIG BANG’s monster…
    (don’t get me wrong I L-♥-V-E TVXQ! but) I dislike that video/ sond with passion… it’s my first example of a “they’re to all over the place” MV/ song…

    BIG BANG, TVXQ!, BoA: fighting!

  23. Simon: you deserve an oscar for your GD/ TOP impressions… lol that or a cologne sponsorship… lol

    Martina: I loved your halter neck, multicolored dress…mind to tell us if you purchased it online? and where?

    Thanks a lot guys you’re always so so funny!!!

  24. I feel like not enough turtle necks died in the making of this video. More turtle necks need to die!

  25. Oh my goodness simon I did not even notice the women between top’s legs until u pointed it out. And I totally agree with you, this is also my least favortie big bang video also.

  26. oh my Simon & Martina are they not feeding you in Canada?? =0 you both looks so much thinner in this video!!

  27. am i the only one who really wanted to see a jj project bounce review because they were new & i really wanted to know what simon & martina thought of the video?

  28. omg Martina!  You are AMAZING!

  29. I vote for Triangle because it was really an awesome video and song for it’s time and its one of those classic songs that I adore full of meaning.

  30. i thought of ironman when i saw the glowy eyes XD

  31. kawaii_candie

    Martina, you crazy! i think turtlenecks are soooooo sexy on  men!

    oh and the skit with TOP being emotionless running out of the building was just SO funny, hahaha… 

    as for the video, i’ll have to agree with Simon that it’s definitely not their best… too much stuff going on… and that little talky-wimpy intro… wtf was that??? but otherwise good. i’m also a fan of the sexy goth-looking Big Bang ^_-

    keep up the good work, guise ^_-

  32. I, for one, loved the video. It was so beautifully done, and fit the song perfectly — not to mention it was so different from the usual “dance in a brightly lit room”. Big Bang = amazing! <3

  33. I think you guys got it all wrong.  You should view “Monster” as a prequel to “Fantastic Baby”.  They were locked up and experimented on and made into monsters.  Some of them retained some of their humanity, but it’s obviously that Daesung was still animalistic, which is why he’s chained up in FB.  

    GD led the rebellion because he had the most control.  They escape, after the attempts on their lives and gather up the other surviving rebels.  They lead the rebellion. 

    Watch it again.  I’m sure you’ll agree.

  34. I am sad. bad review for bigbang? :’(. JKJKJKJK. Scared u didn’t I? Anyways, i am a bit biased for bigbang, but i guess i can agree with Simon. I mean i didn’t get the mash up, but if u relate it with the lyrics then it makes sense, a bit. My friend almost said the same thing seeing the video! She was like: Oh. Its so busy and it doesn’t make sense at all. Who in the heck changes their hair in ONE video? Haha, great review, thx! Funny and entertaining as always. :)

  35. Oh my gosh I hated that video so much. The song wasn’t that great either, and they did something really STUPID with Taeyangs hair. Bun Hair. Man i wish Infinite or B1A4 would have won that one and gotten reviewed, but this video just was not good. 

  36. Man! Completely, 100% and then some, agree with Martina about the turtlenecks.  They are probably my biggest pet peeve in dramaland.  A show can be going great, everything is happy and in la-la-wonderful-pretty-boys-everywhere land and then the FRICKEN turtlenecks show up and lead me to hate the episode.  *Grrraawww*

  37. On a more important note, why the hell is Simon wearing eyeliner?

  38. I’m with Simon on this video actually. My wife really likes this video, but it is just kind of “meh” to me.

  39. You do know Seungri had the same outfit the entire MV?

    BTW, Where is 2NE1′s “Make Thumb Noise” on the K-Charts?

  40. OMG OKAY! the turttleneck sequence was GE-NIUS!! i almost craked my ass on the floor laughing! martina’s the best!

    as for the monster critique i actually agree with you. the video turned out to be a big mess when they had the chance to do fantastic baby 2.0

    but i gotta say… this whole dark goth syfy trend with k-pop boy bands is becoming kinda boring… and while they were doing the choreography showcase it was actually okay, sometimes awesome [i'm talking to you b.a.p], but when they try to be artsy-with-a-plotline… i just prefer the girls doing it [great example you gave with brown eyed girls, i'd add abracadabra on the list too].

    as for the fashion, i want each and every costume they showed here. EVERYONE!

  41. How can i request a new video for Kpop Music Mondays? for every video i post a link in the “post now” i get this- “this video is already submitted” but i can’t see the video on the kpop charts…

  42. You should do a video on where Running Man filmed. I know it sounds boring but I REALLY LOVE RUNNING MAN!

  43. I am a big VIP/TOP fan, but this music video was an artsy fail = A fartsy MV
    The song is amazing! The rap at the beginnning, the one Martina mentioned was awesome in my opinion, but the MV did not click with the song and was to all over the place

  44. I agree with you….Monster video has lots of images….but in comapison with DBSK they’re brighter and cutier)Song both Monster, and Triangle are so so…..videos Monster has 6 points, Triangle has 7 points.So the main thing to compare is their images….Of course GD, TOP won this battle)
    I vote for Big Bang) they’re about 5-6 years on the stage and they haven’t broken)
    Katrina and Bian Thank you for this funny  Monday show)I like it)

  45. Sry but is SIMON wearing MAKE UP !!!!!??????? O.o

  46. Big bang obviously

  47. 11 letter word for entertainment in Spanish: SOY UN DORITO! hahaha! XD

  48. BE CAREFUL MARTINA — running with scissors is dangerous!!!

    I seriously LOL’d during the turtleneck massacre segment. Thank you Simon and Martina for yet another excellent KMM ^________^ ! Even though this should be a vacation for you guys, you haven’t allowed the quality of your videos to be affected. Fighting!

  49. TVXQ Triangle! yay

  50. Does TOP in his turtle neck costume with that hat remind anybody else of Carmen Sandiego?

  51. SOOOO FLOOOOOOFFFFYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. I vote Monster.  I agree with Simon, it’s not my favorite BigBang video. However,WTH is up with the death metal growl interlude in Triangle. it didn’t fit and ruined the song for me.  Monster has some epic images, even if the video isn’t cohesive, and the song is cool.

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  54. the nose things, i just cant get passes it, i mean the rest i can deal with but those nose things. 

  55. So while all of those people below me are talking about the meaning of the MV, I’m just here to say that I’ve loled a LOT with the review HAHAHA

    And also to say “poor turtle necks! D: you monsters ;-;”
    And saying again what I’ve said to you guys on twitter: at 4:35 is Simon’s scream a response to this: 
    http://glassesofadirector.tumblr.com/post/24513822172/thepartyscene-j0w33-z33-tachimoekai ? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  56. hmmm…
    I think that maybe it was something like that : You don’t…. Say that tomorrow! [2 senteces actually]
    or a mistake :D

    btw, I don’t think it is fair to compare TVQX’s very old video with new and up-to-date mv of Big Bang. BB’s costumes are surely better because they are stylish NOW. and TVXQ’s costumes are hilarious now….
    like every past fashion.

    so… my votes go to TVXQ :) [btw, I love tri-angle]

    Simon, I love your Gucci escape :D [I LOLed so hard!]

  57. I know this comment will probably never be read, but on a lighter note…Why oh why does nobody ever mention how freakin’ hot Daesung has gotten!!?

  58. Oh my friggin jiggly pants, I so hope Big Bang does a video for Feeling! At first I almost disliked it and that’s a lot coming from me who blindly adores everything from the YG boys. However with few listenings it already feels like my summer song of 2012! IN ADDITION the cow bell and the English lines such as “I’m crazy more than ever “,”And it feels so right tonight is the night” just scream for Simon’s reviewing!!!

  59. Erm…is Simon wearing eyeliner? i couldn’t pay attention ’cause i was wondering about that all the time…

    anyway, yeah. i vote for big bang, just ’cause i hated TVXQ’s triangle just a little bit more than monster

  60. Please guys, sing BB beat out Infinite, let’s put them back at no1 because even Simon and Martina want that done :)

  61. I thought this song was pretty boring. :/ Big Bang has done better — far better. But I guess since I loved their Sunset Glow days best, I’ll always feel that way. I miss the old them. :[ When videos were cool, urban, and sometimes a bit quirky. Bad Boy reminded me of that. But I’m getting tired of these crazy symbolic 4 minute movies. I don’t care how much the production was or if Taeyang changed his hair or how much swag TOP can try to squeeze into one frame — it just gets old really quick. 

    • To be fair, the days of Baby Baby and Sunset Glow got old too. At least BB is trying to be versatile, which is something I can’t about other boy groups that recycle, rinse, and repeat.

  62. i know what you mean about turtlenecks martina, i thought i would DIE watching Winter Sonata

  63. To choose or not to choose…hmmm…. DBSK! Yap, DBSK.

  64. Hi Martina! i’m sorry if this is so offtopic but, I just love the lipstick shade you’re wearing(talk parts)! can you share the brand and shade that u used? :)

  65. Hi Martina! i’m sorry if this is so offtopic but, I just love the lipstick shade you’re wearing(talk parts)! can you share the brand and shade that u used? :)

  66. OMG! BOM and TOP are infected with the same disease!!! THE INABILITY-TO SHOW-FACIAL-EXPRESSIONS disease!

  67. ah sorry for my last comment! i wanted to test this lol

    anyway, i don’t agree with you guys.  Monster MV was really good, let’s be honest, how many kpop videos are this good?
    Secondly, you guys expect too much: storyline?  This is a music video not a movie.
    Of course their main focus is to make them look good and unique, thus the costume changes.  Srsly you are familiar with kpop so I don’t know if you just criticised this video for the sake of not being YG-biased anymore.
    And then I was also disappointed that you didn’t talk about the video itself or the music.  For me it represented the song perfectly: ” I am not a monster”  But the video showed those “monsters” being chased, imprisoned etc.  And instead of making fun of the little women and TOP, how about you actually research what it means?  Really disappointed with this, as it has so many meanings.  You can take it as a music video, but also personal for bigbang.  They are famous, so now they are considered “monsters” and people look at them differently.
    I agree though with you guys that it is kind of messy, just like most YG videos e.g. I am the best or fantastic baby, so much going on.
    Overall I would have hoped you could have researched a bit more, even if you didn’t know what to talk about.  Those numbers on BIGBANG also have a meaning and I thought the video was very interesting, if you would have took the time to understand it.

  68. sadxzcdfsdzcfg

  69. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWvMEeEP3-Q In the acapella version you hear Seungri saying you don#t say that tomorrow ;D5 out of 5 :DD

  70. I vote for Big Bang!
    I couldn’t stop laughing at Simon’s impersonation of TOP and when Simon mentioned the girl in between TOP’s legs! xD
    I agree with Martina on the topic of turtlenecks though. I HATE THEM. I thought I was the only one! She deserves an award for annihilating that turtleneck.

  71. You were a lot funnier in this than Xiah’s Tarantallegra. So, next time I expect a grater parody of JYJ/DBSK MV. All Cassies expect that.
    U should put a note or something in your MV that says: WARNING: DO NOT DRINK OR EAT while watching this. A crazy fan might sue you (but we all know that ther is no such thing as crazy fans, right?)^^.

    I loved it.

    And coz Imma a cassie, I’ll go with DBSK/TVXQ. I like BB too but…DBSK.

  72. I dunno…When i listen to the teasers..i thought the song will just like bad boy.. honestly…i dont really like bad boy… not to my taste..haha..but this video..i love it instantly the first time i heard the whole song…perhaps because it’s like a movie blockbuster or something related to that… and it’s very meaning to us VIPS who stayed with them through their hard time =)

  73. this is the best mv i ever seen !

  74. You being T.O.P was the best yet….Well done. I choose TVXQ..sorry BigBang. :X

  75. OMG i love TOP with Vader’s voice and my aunt Cecilia’s wedding hat.
    Jewelry do not concern me, Admiral. I want that turtleneck, not excuses : I totally fall for your turtleneck disorder.
    And for what stand between TOP legs…you guys are amazing, really !
    I agree with you. My husband and I are Kpop likers and we were waiting for Big Bang come back and…well, to make it short : same complains. (my husband doesn’t like the song at all, nor the MV… but shhh).
    We love your KPOPMM :) thanks a lot for the fun.
    And kuddos “yeah-whoo” for the ones who wrote theses in the comment section, i mean, well…you know…i think KPOPMM is about having fun, not bashing, nor looking for the metaphysical essence behind a kpop mv…
    (sorry for my bad english, it’s not my mothertongue).
    Awesome review !

  76. I kinda agree with your comments about the vid, if I didn’t know the meaning the of the vid. I was also WTF???!!! when watching.

    Although I really like the song. And Martina! High five! I’m a T.O.P bias but I hate turtlenecks too.

    As for seungri. Still can’t get it too.Here it is…the mv represents bigbang’s struggles against media’s labeling them as ‘monsters’ (because of last year things). the cables represent media, and bigbang member’s ‘normal’ self have a hard time running away from their monster-like identity (that the media portrays them as) because of the cable’s tangles.you can see that the walls are labled with codes and so are the members (ex. seungri’s forehead, daesung’s chest). this really signifies the ‘labeling’ part. no matter who they are (or strive to be) and no matter what path they choose, the codes are written already. it’s worsened by the fact that even if they don’t take the paths of their first choice, the alternate path is labeled anyway. 
    gd is out in the open in the midst of the bombing, and it’s clear that he’s the victim here because he’s not the one with the bombs. he’s the one being targeted. but he’s the one with the horn. 

    in one part, top is covered in darkness and only his eyes are shown. his identity is not cared for, and people cover him up to create their own vision of him. he’s not really a monster, but who cares? 

    there is one part that the member(s) is/are kicking down statues. that’s them trying to break the stereotype of ‘standard beauty’ of music and trying their own styles. but that is frowned upon. 

    every time the members go into the darkness, they ‘transform’ into monsters (most notably in the case of taeyang and seungri); likewise, every time people push aside bigbang’s true self in favor of the media’s portrayal of bigbang, bigbang becomes the ‘monsters’ that people fear and members themselves fear. 

    so bigbang members run and run. but they can never escape. they will be monsters, perhaps forever, as long as darkness (public’s biased view) and traps of cables (media) exist. 

  77. I thought the video made sense. It took place in a compound that was filming/studying all these “monsters” under duress–being shot at, blown up, bound, etc. And there were GD & TOP giants (giants of YG, shouldering most of the burden). In the end, only a solitary GD monster made it out, but all that was left was a wasteland with a city in the distance.

  78. never laugh so much with a k-pop monday. I am a fan of big bang and I didn`t like it. You forgot to mention the lady gaga wig that top is wearing, the same look as gaga`s monster cd cover

  79. K-Micci

    I actually liked the way TOP destroyed the mannequin the best! But I also did LOL so hard at TOP running out of the building! (u can watch my reaction video [kimmicci] for proof!)

    And there IS a story! It’s VERY VERY VERYYYYY deep, and you won’t notice it right away but it’s there. Plus there’s also SOOO much symbolism in the video! I’m surprised ya’ll didn’t catch on it actually! I was really looking forward to ya’ll talking about it like you did with Sunny Hill!  but oh well.

    (read this post on tumblr i found! It explains it SOOO well!)

    I really don’t like the whole youtube views taking into account, b/c it seems like it makes us voting for it pointless (especially for the newer rookie groups- there’s no way they have a chance to be reviewed if youtube views are being taken into account… :/) but thats just my thought.
    I know Big Bang would’ve been able to be reviewed either way.
    Anyway! I loved ur review as always! Thanks for ur hardwork!
    I loled at Martina ripping apart the turtleneck!! LOL.
    and Simon’s crossword question lol. “Soy Un Dorito….” LOL.

  80. #1: OMG. Turtles necks. I’m glad I’m not the only one that wants to burn them all…. they make me waver between vomiting and extreme anger.
    #2:  Taeyang seriously looks like he has 2 fruit-rollups on his head! haha

    other than that and the first few seconds of the video that were nausea inducing, I like it all lot! haha

  81. Voting for Big Bang.  These costumes rocked.

    The TOP spoof was hilarious.  Love him, but it does get a bit old watching him portray bland perfection so often, although he does include smaller changes of expression in close-ups.  I think he’s trapped in the TOP persona myself — it works so well that he’s reluctant to give it up.

    I disagree on the video — I enjoyed it a lot.  It’s not meant to be taken literally IMO — just expressing the feeling of being a monster.  But it’s been interesting reading all the different interpretations and meanings viewers find in the video.  Pretty clever when you think about it — create an MV that doesn’t really allow easy understanding, so people have to watch it multiple times to figure it out!  Now that’s a way to up the YouTube views. 

  82. Simon I hear “You don’t say that tomorrow’

  83. I was surprise when you mentioned the girl in between TOP’s lengs…I was like “WHAT”??? FOR REAL???  and the  TOP ‘s Gucci cologne ad was so funny.  I wasn’t too sure about the song until I listened to the chorus, and Martina is right both GD and TOP have a lot of power in this song!

  84. TVXQ’s tri-angle. I mean. come on. 

    It’s not like they’re asking you which outfit looks hotter. 

    The underlying connotations say: “So, which outfit looks more ridiculous, like combining shinigami outfits from Deathnote with random one piece gear?”

  85. What I’m wondering is whether the imagery in this video is inspired at all by Tarsem Singh’s The Fall: 


    I’ve never seen this film all the way through, but the bits I saw are way familiar!  Supposedly this is a really good movie, so props to whoever came up with the MV concept if that’s the case.  

  86. i feel like big bang shouldn’t have been added to the chart until you you had the time to review the chaser…. this is such balls

  87. Martina-
    When trying to say tarentellagra don’t start with tarantula. Instead, think of tarentella + Allegra. That will make it easier to pronounce.

  88. Lol I agree about the concept confusion. I was a bit flustered at first too. 
    And SIMON! Y U WEAR MAKEUP MAN!!! Whyyyyyy! 
    And your house looks nice and warm. Lol 

  89. i can wait for infinite the chaser~~~~~

    pls make a video for them~~~
    many thz~

  90. Simon’s TOP impersonation made me laughed until I cried.  Thanks guys!

    Also, you all look like you lost a lot of weight.  You should share your diet tips!

  91. I want OMG MV!!!! Hahahaha xD

  92. Who does your subbing? Customs instead of costumes…..

  93. my vote goes to Big Bang Monster.

  94. The question was, “Which costumes do you prefer?”

    I will go with Big Bang on this one.

    TVXQ in Tri-Angle were too fuuug in that video for my taste, coupled with a horrible song and random shiat in the MV (I’m not an anti-dbsk fan btw).

  95. Martina you look thinner :)

  96. I vote for Triangle. It was the first kpop song I ever watched. I like the whole on top of the sky scraper view in the video too. I prefer it to random things exploding in the ground.

  97. BIGBANG’s Monster

  98. unlike you guys, i thought this video was pretty well done.

  99. I always agree with your videos but this week I was truly iffy about it I agree that the video its self is alot but I though in some way it did make sence to the lyrics
    But any ways Martina I think you were super suger high when you started with the turtle necks I really tought you were done when you walked away but then you came back with a car and ran over them you guys made my day thanks guy I love you x3

    • I have to agree. S&M usually make very good K-pop MM videos, but this one seemed like it was lacking in production. We got a minute or two of Martina trashing turtle necks and both S&M didn’t seem to go too much in depth with symbolism in the video, unless they agreed that there wasn’t any? Maybe it’s because they’re not in Korea or that the video was rushed because BB topped all of a sudden?

  100. I LOVED Monster, and I’ve rewatched it so many times. It’s an amazing video and song — I especially thought the MV was very well done. So my vote goes for the one and only BIGBANG <3

  101. The beginning totally reminds me of the scenery in the Half Life 2 series… only if it were brought to real life…

  102. Please Please subtitles to the Spanish…

  103. Please Please subtitles to the Spanish…

  104. Please Please subtitles to the Spanish…

  105. Please Please subtitles to the Spanish…

  106. Please Please subtitles to the Spanish…

  107. Please Please subtitles to the Spanish…

  108. Please Please subtitles to the Spanish…

  109. Please Please subtitles to the Spanish…

    •  Please Please don’t spam :/
      The subs are usually done by fans. So if you find some fangroup – Kpop Chile for example – who are willing to sub it, then they can contact EYK and S&M will send them the English subs :)

  110. Simon, I agree with 100% on this song and video. I’m seriously not feeling it. Oh and are you wearing eyeliner in this video??

  111. Also, on a rewatch of the video, did anyone get the impression that the boys were actually supposed to be a single entity/monster? A lot of the shots/scenes were melded together, so it left me with an impression that there is actually just one monster. For example, we get a scene where TOP is leaning against a wall, and the next scene Dae gets off that wall and runs off. Another is where GD is walking into the room of mannequins and then the camera pans over and we see Taeyang in the same room. Or maybe, they’re individual monsters undergoing the same scenes?

  112. It may just be me…but people constantly complaining about the kpop charts is getting quite tiring, saying how it’s not fair n such. But, whatever. I’ll enjoy Simon and Martina anyways!
    I know a bunch of people are like “ahh but you didn’t talk about all the symbolism”, but I totally agree with you on this one! The music video should be enjoyable for everyone, so it’s not only understood by hardcore fans. I don’t really know anything about these bands, so I agree that the video was a little bit harder to understand. Great review and always hilarious bloopers! :D

  113. As always, you guys rock. Generally, I agree with your points regarding K-pop videos, but I am going to deviate this time around. With that said, I freaking love this MV. It’s probably my most favorite of all BB videos, which says a lot considering how long I’ve been a fan of BB. 

    Lately, I think Big Bang has gotten a lot of their inspirations from anime and video games for their MVs. Take Fantastic Baby for example, with the DBZ references and overall cartooney atmosphere. With Monster, I get a bit of Vampire Hunter D (TOP’s image) and FF7 (GD’s ending scene). Visually, from the make up, costumes, special effects, everything is very pleasing to the eyes. Monster’s production is very high quality. I noticed that attention was paid to the most minuscule of details like the never ending snow/ember flakes to the member’s names on the gates (in the beginning sequence) and the letters written on Seungri’s forehead (which spells out Big Bang mathematically). I mean, these are little things, but I thought they were nice insertions. There are several scenes that I found well shot and hauntingly beautiful:

    - The scene where darkness overtakes TOP and we get all these creepy glowing eyes
    -Giant TOP in a snowy setting as he looks down at the woman at his feet with disdain. He looks like a god in this scene, but I think his size compared to the smaller woman adds yet to another symbolism for monster. 
    - The scene where Dae is walking next to a mirror and his reflection gains glowing eyes and symbols on his chest
    -Seungri’s close up where these zig-zaging lines move around his face along with his devilish smirk and glowing purple eyes
    -GD in a crouch position and the walls turn black as he rises (it goes with the music)
    -Taeyang’s eyes glowing and markings creep on his face.   

    I also think the director of this MV has got the atmosphere down quite well. When you read the lyrics to the song, you get this sense of desperation, longing, loneliness, etc and those feelings are what the boys depict perfectly, matching the setting of the same feel. There’s a big irony that I see here, in that BB are trying to convince their lover that they aren’t monsters, but in actuality, they are monsters. The switch in costume changes symbolizes two different aspects to each member – one where they are monsters, and another where they are not. There is an internal struggle between the two sides, yet they are part of the same being. Another thing to note is that when the boys were escaping, noticed that they were in their “human” appearances.

    As for the song. I love it. It’s very catchy! BB is probably the only boy group I know that can make a dancey upbeat ballad track for something so melancholy. The piano melody in the song is just lovely and I am impressed with how well it was incorporated into the overall song. And admit it, the beginning where TOP narrates gives you shivers.

  114. Well… I’d just like to say…

    You guise have made it so that I CAANNNNNOOOOOT watch a new Kpop MV without thinking:
    “Oh Martinas gonna really love that outtfit”
    “Simons gonna comment on that for sure…yep he’s gonna rip it a new one…”

    Like seriously..for the past 5-or-so new MV’s that I have watched, all i can do is criticize them in ways i imagine you would….

    Even if adore it (the MV)

    Thanks for that -___-

  115. Gotta admit MONSTER wasn’t a favorite of mine either. Especially after incredible MVs like BLUE, FANTASITC BABY, and (my favorite of the 2012 MVs) BAD BOY.
    There was just way to much going on for my taste and I agree with Martina about the costumes. I just couldn’t focus on any of it.
    Minus the awsome CG-ed tattoos and special affects. That was great! ^_^

    But I did like the song quite a bit! It’s new for them, but they pulled it off really well in my book: the softer, higher vocals sort of pull the desparity of the song together in my opinion.

    In regards to TOP, I liked his acting. I didn’t think that it had to be super passionate. I saw him as the “villian” of the MV, which was why he was so calm even when running out of the collapsing building. I figured he was the reason it was collapsing (either directly or indirectly) and therefore he was calm about it as well as the rest of the chaos around them.

  116. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that awkward scene with giant TOP standing over a girl in the mountains lol

    • lol! It was out of nowhere! I was trying to come up with some kind of explination like thar’s where they were before being locked up in a prison, but….idk… lol!

      I never noticed the “woman” though! Haha! Simon….

      • The scene was totally random I tell you, RANDOM! lol I was also trying to rationalize it by thinking “that’s where there from…..” but no. That scene just doesn’t fit with the rest of the video.

        However I knew this scene was going to catch Simon’s attention lol Hahaha…..Oh Simon.

    • Can’t you tell? He symbolizes the god of mount SMEXY~

  117. Love this video. I always wonder what your Canadian neighbors think of the stuff you do while you’re filming outside. :D

  118. TVXQ’s Tri-Angle all the way!

  119. My dad had his own hypothesis for this video:

    BigBang members were having a fight with each of their girlfriends. Eg:
    Taeyang: Why did you put on so much make up? I really don’t like super fashionable girls. You should know that.
    Girlfriend: How dare you say that??!! I spent 3 hours doing this X-Men eye make up!!! Ugh!! You’re such a MONSTER!!!
    Taeyang: What??! Do you seriously think I’m a monster?! Hold on. *calls Hyundai Card* Brb.
    *Makes MONSTER video*
    *shows to Girlfriend*
    Taeyang: Look at that guy in the video. Now back at me. Now back at the video. Do you still think I’m a monster???
    Girlfriend: EWWW That guy is so ugly!! And scary!!!
    Taeyang: My point exactly. If I really was a monster, I would look like that, and I wouldn’t be here with you – rather, I’d probably be locked up in some confinement facility under supervision with a whole bunch of other fashionable monsters. I love you. Baby, I’m NOT a monster.
    Girlfriend: You’re right…you’re not like that at all. *cuddles*


    Credits: My dad :)

  120. BigBang wins the costume! VIP forever!!!


  122. I’m kind of sick of seeing Big Bang here again lol, hopefully they don’t come out with singles right after each other like last time.

  123. oh well that was a good laugh !!
    i actually totally agree about like everything said here about this mv. the song and its chorus is very nice, i love it. but the video itself though. We can say that i have high expectations when it comes to BigBang now and well, here the video……… :///  it’s not like it’s not good, it’s not like it’s bad. but it’s bigbang we’re talking about and i was expecting something else, something ‘more’… i knooow fans saw a lot of meaning in it but, idk, i didn’t see it, it just didn’t work out for me.
    i don’t always agree with what you say in your review, but i’m really glad about Simon’s rant here and i’m glad he did it through.

    (i was and still is very sad Infinite didn’t make it for this monday btw :( will keep voting for them until next monday with my fingers crossed by hoping they will make it this time… but it’s going to be tough)

    and to finish, monster spudgy gotta be one of the cutest thing on earth.

    (and to really finish it, my vote goes to TVXQ. i know they ‘re not gonna win it, but, it’s TVXQ, my vote always goes to TVXQ no matter what. BB might be kings but tvxq are still the God of east. Yes this vote is biased and blinded but like 90% of the people voting).

  124. Aw, bummer!  I was looking forward to a review on The Chaser… oh, well.  Next week?

    TVXQ wins hands down.  I mean, Big Bang’s costumes were cool, but when I first watched Tri-Angle, there were a couple of seconds where I wondered if they had stepped out of an anime.  Yunho in a little inhuman at the beginning.  (Plus Tri-Angle was the MV that got me well and truly addicted to K-pop.  That doesn’t bias my preference at all… .)

  125. To me, this is the best music video BigBang ever had… but I’m a hardcore VIP lol

    • I’m not even a hardcore VIP, but I really love this MV. Big Bang has moved on from the days of Baby Baby and they are taking on something new. Props to that. 

  126. I’m sorry Simon and Martina, but I really really have to say this.

    ur explanation kinda lame for me. This mv concept is kinda a myth-action, and it come out perfectly fine. Those artsy stuff that u compare to Sunny Hill’s the Grasshopper song kinda irrelevant. the grasshopper song mv have a fun and cute concept, of course a fun concept have more interesting stuff while this one more like a darker concept.

    and when u say ‘the director was just a wee bit off with the over use of “turn to camera and pose like a model” shots and also the overuse of costumes changes’ OH MY GOD I must say it (sorry before) u r the narrow one and it’s an insult for a great director. shame on u. the details in the mv to support the concept is like wow me, and the videography is great.

    and for making such an amazing mv with a good concept and videography looking like a jokes or a shit just because it doesn’t looks ‘artsy’ (whatever it is u mean by that), it’s a pity really. and here I am talking about the mv not the meaning behind the song.
    and what do you mean by too many thing left unclear?? Do u really expect them to give the story from why they ended up in the place and what will they do after that?? it’s not a movie forGodsake.

    and while ppl say their fashion in this mv really weird, well it’s more like a costume not a fashion. and yes, there is a big different. 

    for me, u r trying too hard to imagining with ur assumptions while u don’t even care what the actual concept in the first place.

    sorry it’s long, but I really hate it when ppl talking crap about a good video just because it doesn’t suit their style. because i’m a video-maker myself. I know mainstream kpop fans won’t like this kind of video, but the video itself deserve an appreciation for its interpretation of the concept seriously. 

    and sorry if my english are bad.

    • i have to admit that I really agree with you on this. There are so many ways to interpret this mv. It’s not JUST for watching. A lot of VIP actually took the time to solve the equations on the members’ bodies and actually got numbers, that when matched with letters of the alphabet, said “BigBang”. 
      And the costumes for this video were PERFECT. Most mainstream kpop fans expect everything to be beautiful and perfect, with dancing and glossy rooms. BigBang brings out the reality, and shows us something different that kpop never has (to me, anyways). They’re really under appreciated, even if VIP are a big fandom, BigBang deserves so much more for the meaning they put into every video. 

      • Oh man, I so agree with this! Most K-pop fans are into the generic crap where idols dance in a brightly lit room and act all FART (face arousal raunchy thrusting) over the cameras. If a MV doesn’t include any of those things, people cry foul and bash away. Some have even accused BB of not being a “true” K-pop group, just because they choose to deviate from the norm.  

        Monster takes a unique direction and the beauty of it all is based on the various interpretations people can come up with. BB puts a buck load of effort and attention with everything they do. In my opinion, they are true artists/musicians. 

    •  *sigh*………………..seriously? You won’t even let them get away with ONE criticism? And you’re just going to ignore their entire blog post, and also all the GOOD things they said about the MV? I thought VIPs were more mature that this.

    •  I get where you’re coming from but I sort of disagree. Like Simon said “It’s a good video to watch”, but to me when it comes down to it, it’s a bit crammed up and a bit confusing. I think the video would have been better if elongated. It is a great artistic video, plot is somewhat there but just lacking when analyzed. Most people won’t go through the trouble of cracking the codes, and truth is when i first watched the music video i didn’t even know they had codes on their bodies, I was distracted by other things like the lighting and there faces. S&M never insulted the videography, they were joking about T.O.P and his “posing”. Which we see a lot. This video can e analyzed left and right, day and night, and no one will be right or wrong until BB or YG come out themselves and tell us what this whole mv means. They were just giving their own opinion, which we ask for weekly. 
      I loved their costumes in it, and i thought it was amazing to watch but with it just being a 4 minute (hahaha…..) 44 second video they tried to put in A LOT, and if they gave it a minute extra at the beginning, it could be so much clearer. And everyone is trying to out their own meaning or story behind it which makes even more confusing. I still love the video regardless.

  127. First of all, i just wanted to say that BigBang’s music video was SYMBOLIZING what they went through last year, what with fans leaving and the media turning them into “Monsters” well idk thats how i interpreted it. Anyways, you won’t understand the music video if you don’t know the story BEHIND it. 
    Plus I vote for B to I to the G BANG!! BIGBANG<333 

    • Personally, I don’t think you don’t need to know the back story to understand the symbolism threaded in this MV, although you would appreciate it more if you knew. Those with enough maturity and imagination can come up with a good analysis, but sadly there aren’t enough of those fans in K-pop fandom.  

  128. I vote for BIG BANG’s MONSTER!!! Loved the costumes :)

  129. I hope for Infinite to win next week >.< 

    Personally I don't like Big Bang, it's like the only kgroup that doesn't make me excited at all with their music or videos, so I wasn't impressed by both this time as well. Well, maybe except from Taeyang's black outfit and blue lenses… anyway, even though I don't like Big Bang and I love turtle necks (lol, sorry Martina) I have to admit that this was one of the funniest videos recently XD especially Martina's rage against turtle necks and cologne commercial – I literally spitted my drink on the screen XD good job! ;D

  130. O_o Am I the only one who didn’t notice the girl in between T.O.P.’s legs? Even though T.O.P. pushed the mannequin thingy it was edited all cool like so it looked like one of those samurai scenes you see in the movies.

    My theory: Big Bang was invited to U-KISS’s party in NEVERLAND. They were constantly changing costumes to decide which one best fit U-KISS’s criteria in the invite. How were they invited? Through U-KISS’s secret messaging system in other words the math equations at the beginning. ♪~YOU ME AND THE DJ DANCING ‘TILL THE BREAK OF DAWN NO NO NEVER GONNA STOP NOW TURN IT UP LET’S PARTY ON~♫

    I absolutely loved Martina’s temper tantrum scene over the turtle necks. XD I also hate turtle necks. ><

  131. Agree with Simon on everything he said. I love Big Bang but this video… I don’t care for.
    If only monster Spudgy had been part of the video I would have liked :)
    yay go Monster Spudgy.
    I should make a fan club for the Spudgy, I think he needs one ASAP.

  132. VIPS R TOTALLY TAKIN THT AS A CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA

  133. ps omg i didnt even see the girl btwn the legs!!

  134. 2 comments: 1 how the heck did you get hit my that soccer ball and not flinch! props simon..2. i am so mad because I rely on you to clarify lyrics for me hahah I still cant hear if it is “you don’t or won’t say that tomorrow”!! im so bad at lyrics I NEED TO KNOW!!!! lolol

  135. Simon getting hit by that ball….epic! Laughed my head off.
    Big bang fighting!

  136. Omg Spudgy you are so cute > < I love to see your face at the ends of the videos baby awwwww <3 

  137. i thihnk the story for bigbangs monster is that, the girl between tops legs always sees bigbang as monsters but not thier true selves, and the cause for the crashing building was because probably the heart of bigbang, so when they finally relized that the girl only sees them as monsters they felt heartbroken, so the building collasped

  138. Oh gosh the Gucci ad simon did. That made me laugh for so long. Hmm.. I’d say TVXQ’s Triangle had a more ‘epic’ costume… even though i’d call it more ridiculous. But hey back then it was …. the trend (?). Or maybe I’m just biased haha. 
    Yeah I was so hyped to see The Chaser but I went on the site this morning at school and saw Monster instead. Ngl I ranted for ten minutes in front of my VIP friend lol. But I’d want monster too… just… The Chaser first. 

    And I do have to agree… this video is confusing even though I personally love the song. Then again lately Big Bangs’ videos have been more artsy than plotty (except for Fantastic Baby) so this video is pretty up there. 

  139. sarah bielec

    lol soy un dorito.  

  140. i vote BigBang – Monster

  141. But I like turtlenecks…

  142. You need to link the post where you explain how the kpop charts voting system works on top of the kpop charts or something. I’m so tired of seeing butthurt fans complain that they don’t understand how a video beat theirs even though there were fewer votes. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

    And I vote Big Bang. :)

  143. This was the first time I’ve ever seen Triangle, and I have to say, if we’re talking about incongruity in a music video, that one takes the cake. kids skipping rope + people studying + singing in the mall + hooded violinists + random heavy metal breakdown = Triangles? I dunno, Monster at least is easier to guess a meaning for. Better clothes too

  144. What kind of monsters did you think they were? I was hoping to hear some kind of ideas on it because I am confused on at least 3 of the members.  It’s interesting but confusing. They seem to want to show specific qualities of ‘common’ monsters, however it’s not clear-cut enough… My friend and I discussed it and came to the conclusion that Daesung is a beast/werewolf (which may have been the easiest), GD a demon/angel thing and then maaaaaybe TOP is a vampire or something.  Seungri’s face has cracks in it and that just confuses me…Taeyang with his Mickey Mouse hair = ?? Surprised you didn’t mention that either because, well…look at it ;/

    Anyways, I am interested on your take on what types of monsters they could be portraying, if at all?

    • It makes me wonder if they aren’t following the standard types for monsters. Could be hybrids or a different sense of monsters completely. 

    • I don’t think they’re meant to portray specific types of monster each — they each just have characteristics drawn from monsters in order to provide the visual reference point.  The video isn’t a literal story IMO; it’s meant to convey the feeling of being a monster, trapped and under attack.  Trying to fit all the pieces together into a coherent plot isn’t the way to go.

  145. THE funniest KMM in a long time!!! ^^ and top posing really annoyed me too!!!! ><

  146. You are underestimating the population of coprophiliacs that exists out there.

  147. I vote for BIGBANG of course, but I’m still mad you guys didn’t focus on the meaning (because there is, a very beautiful one) anyways…This is actually my favorite video by BB, so yeah, I vote BB

  148. I wanted to see it the day it came out, but after watching it 200+ times, I somehow want to see another song reviewed… Sorry I’m not satisfied.. Thanks for the hard work though!

  149. Vote goes to TVXQ, because their Triangle concept was WAY out there and a hundred times more scary than Big Bang’s. 

  150. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks TOP is lacking nowadays.  However, unlike Martina I don’t hate his turtleneck.  I HATE HIS BIANCA JAGGER-ESQUE FLOPPY HAT.  What is he?  A disco monster?

  151. I can deal with everything else, because I kind of agreed with Simon(don’t get me wrong, BIGBANG is second to only 2NE1 in my eyes), but I’m so mad you didn’t say anything about my favorite part of the whole video
    It was the thing where all the members had numbers on them, like some had the number on their chest, arm, or forehead had to have been the greatest detail in my eyes
    and I’m going to have to pick TVXQ in this one, because I can’t get over mushroom head or when Taeyang had that freaky hair at 1:29…
    Daesung was great though *completely biased* :P

  152. This really should have been a fashion video XD
    But as much as I love the funky outfits, I gotta go with Tri-Angle… those outfits were… wow XD

  153. BigBang is indeed popular and amazing :]
    ah~ hope infinite will be reviewed next ><i wonder how Simon and Martina will explain it :3 specially L's nonstop flipping car XD

  154. Between the concept of the video to TOP’s lack of emotion, I am totally on the same page as Simon. Don’t let the trolls bring you down.

    But if I have to figure out the symbolism, the only think I could come up with for this lackluster video was BigBang fighting for the K-Pop of Thrones from the hands of Xia Junsu. In the video Tarantallegra, it is clearly seen G-Dragon’s Throne was taken away by the hands of Junsu. BigBang is clearly fighting to keep the K-Pop of Thrones for themselves.

    On the next week of K-Pop of Thrones …

  155. I vote Big Bang Monster!

    Did anyone else notice that GD only has 1 horn? xD

  156. LOLZ I spotted a spelling error I feel smart!
    (Martina knows)
    *too much :)

  157. Nooo!!!! The costume changes were because they were androids that were different version of one another…that all tried to escape… and the bowl-cut GD one was the only one to get out alive… no?! Am I totally wrong?

  158. Vote goes to BIG BANG Monster :)

  159. I’m voting for Bigbang’s costumes! :D

  160. PunkyPrincess92

    i can’t believe i’m saying this but i did not like Big Bang’s monster at all!!!
    the song i didn’t actually like that much, the video was weird, and i don’t even wanna get started on their style in it!!!
    and that part with TOP and the mountains looked wat too terrible for me!! THAT was like the worst part!! looked terrible!!!

    hahahahaha 11 letter word for Taemin in Spanish!!!! hahah so funny!!!
    and Simon as TOP!!!! freakin’ hilarious!!

    crash your site????………..challenge accepted!!!

  161. Oh man – I needed this laugh today.  Thanks for the review – you guys are DAEBAK! <3  Funniest Music Monday in awhile – and as a VIP, I agree with everything you said.  But a "bad" Big Bang video is still good…if you know what I mean ;)  And maybe you just aren't looking at TOP's monster power from the right angle, Simon…maybe he's like Zoolander!

  162. Rest in peace dear Turtleneck.  You will always be remembered.

  163. The soccer ball hitting Simon when he was imitating TOP cracked me up! I liked the mv a lot, because of the way the video was treated, but I admit, I would’ve liked a dance lol. I’m the type that likes in-studio, dancy-dance vids with costumes and make up :D

  164. damn i was hoping for the chaser so bad. i expected them cause monster barely came out, i love big bang and all but dang….

  165. The TOP running imitation really did it man, laughed like crazy. 

  166. I think that Simon was kind of confused because of Music Video’s symbolic aspects. Some VIPs say that ‘Monster’ means a stereotype because of some incidents that Big Bang had experienced before their comeback such as GD and Daesung. And “I love you, baby I’m not a monster” means Big Bang is not such a group like that, and they still love their fans, so please love me. So, it can be a message for a fan that left Big Bang. And there are some lyrics that implicitly say that such as “Everyone turned their back on me, and all spotlights was twisted. My biggest pain is that you became a person like them(Some VIPs began to leave and criticized them).” Also, they was attacked by someone in the beginning of Music Video and then they hide in the structure. It means, they are criticized, or insulted by some people and they found their place to have a rest, and it was a structure of MV. And they became a monster because of that criticisms. And there’s some costumes about them, and some of them have belt and some of them are not. It means belt suppress their monstrous aspects. And their costumes are usually changed because of place. In the structure, they don’t have a belt. It means they are resting and express their monstrous way in closed place. It’s just an inference about the Music Video and song. I hope that I helped you :-)
    PS. If I have a grammer mistakes in up there, please disregard it. I’m awful in grammar.

  167. do you need to ask? of course it’s BIGBANG-Monster. The other one more like visual kei than halloween style

  168.  I loved how simon ran hahahahaha, I am pleased that Martina has spoken also of the song, I do not know why but I feel that Saimon looked a little angry.
    and the video and the rafters of clothes, maybe is the same monster but transformed.
     the lyrics refers only to GD and TOP and the others are rather the thoughts of them, according to GD in a conference exlplane the song is more a style haru haru or lie. and therefore if we want a clear explanation would be adequate to get a explain from them.For me I love the song especially seungri parts and the video just a few things I disliked

  169. HI , SIMON AND MARTINA …thank for the video, but i read that bigbang monster mv is ..the fight between them and the media,while the media want them in box and bigbang always think out of the box., and if they try to run from it they turn to monsters by the media, Especially  gd who get it all the time , there is scenes  where he and deasung get boomed in the yard the authors just surrounded  with fire, due the last year scandal and gd the devil in the yard>>>the media image>>> mushroom scared boy is the real him when deasung look in the mirror he turn  to a killer the image that was given to him by hater :(..you will find sungrie has the less changed in his make up due his less problem  with media, then come top and teayung, in the end gd the leader get out of the box but with Wounds not bleeding wounds  just writing on his body … REAL FACT ….  the fans got the MEANING OF number and the letters on the foreheads …did you get it too or not??? will i will tell you. the. answer .. IS … I .. SWEAR ….  >>>BIGBANG<<.

  170. i loved Simon’s TOP version. Whose idea was that. It’s the best part of the video. TOP really is the best.

  171. Haaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa i really want to know what the neighbor
    thought when martina cut the shirts =D And extra for less martin-dress-confusion one big bang member is wear less ;)
    Martina, why cannot you say xiahs song? Didn´t you
    read Harry Potter? =)

    Am I the only one that thought about The Prodigys
    Firestarter the first time I watch this???


  172. If there’ any type of monster in this video, it’s name would be Vanity, hehe.

  173. This review makes so much sense. Who really likes turtlenecks anyways?

    The song is awesome but I only wish the music video matched the lyrics. They should have done some supernatural love story. I don’t want to say it but it would have been awesome to see a Twilight-esque storyline. Who wouldn’t want to see Big Bang as vampires and werewovles?

  174. Here’s how I personally took it: in the song they are trying to convince you they’re NOT monsters, but in the video all we see is them is acting/looking like monsters. So while they try to deny that they are a ‘monster’ this is all they’ll ever be.

  175. Loved the nod to “Soy un Dorito”. Haha that made my day.

  176. Whether we like it or not the song is all about the fans/netizens that last year regarded GD and Daesung as ‘Monsters’ due to all their issues. I love the MV and to me personally it really conveys what they are trying to say. Yes, at first the MV can leave you like “WTH just happened here?” caused as a viewer you feel overwhelmed with all the visuals, but after watching it a second time and reading the lyrics the MV totally makes sense.
     I have to give BB credit, it’s very ballsy move to basically call out their antis this way. I think BB has come to realized that they are not everyone cup of tea and whether they like it or not they will continue to make music that they like and basically they are here to stay either as a group or as solos.

  177. Glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t like turtlenecks Martina, but I don’t think I would have chopped them up with scissors and then go back and forth over them with a car. xD
    Now that I have seen Simon do a Gucci cologne ad  for T.O.P. that will forever be ingrained into my mind. xD
    I agree with the what you said about the mv there was to much going on at once, I still like the song though.

  178. thisisjustforfunval

    Never noticed the imagine of the woman between T.O.P.’s legs. Probably because T.O.P. was modeling in just about every scene & I stopped paying attention. No that’s not true, I would start laughing at those scenes, esp the “GUCCI” scene. I love the song, and while the video is wonderfully shot, yeah it wasn’t my favorite either. Daesung though very hot in the video, and reason to watch it multiple times.

  179. …. Top has Sadako between his legs.. DAFAQ? i didnt even notice XD 

  180. aww martina & simon i love this video! definatly one of the funniest ones yet! & yes simon agree, i love big bang but not this song :/

  181. Okay. There’s a big debate on Korean Fans over Interpretation of the Music Video – And since it’s a music video, you HAVE to look at it with the LYRIC OF THE SONG. So here’s what the Netizen have come up with. WARNING. EXTREMELY LONG.

    (sorry if my grammar is crap – I suck at English, but I excel at Engrish. Heh.)
    At the beginning of the MV the Camera is rolling around, and it shows us a building which looks a lot like camp/prison. and we see it going for the door, only to be interrupted by the bomb and attacks. They finally get to the door, and we see each BB members running around, with a look of confusion and panick on their faces. BB are the subject of an experiement, and they are attempting escape. They are in a lockdown, completely saperated from the world because they are dangerous; because they are ‘MONSTER’.
    [It's been a while. Your face looks good since I've seen you last time.
    You've gotten pretty. You have always looked beautiful in my eyes]
    Each of the BB members had a girlfriend. They were together even before the experiment, but BB were forced live in the camp/prison when they became the subject of the experiment – Therefore it must have been ‘a while’ since they’ve last met. Point blank, BB’s reunion with their GFs after the experiment.
    And at the same time as this, We see Seungri being watched by CCTV. It’s another point that BB are being trapped and monitored.
    [But you look a bit different today. You look somewhat colder
    Your eye is filled with pity towards me, I look small in front of you]
    Lyrics speak for themselves. GFs look at BB with pity as they are slowly transformed into the Monster, and not knowing why, BB can’t help but to feel helpless facing GF’s changed attitude. At the same time, you see codes printed on BB’s body. It’s their experimentation number.
    [I act okay, desperately try to change the topic.
    I have so many things to ask you, but you shut me out
    Your long hair is flowing, slapping my face.
    You brush me aside, turn back and leave straight away.
    Would it make me ridiculous to catch you now]
    GF broke up with BB, and they cannot accept it. However, they can’t go after their GF with them slowly turning into a Monster.
    [I can't think of anything. You trimble then take a step back
    You tell me that you're scared of me now.
    You are the Moon that makes me go insane (This sounds more awesome when you hear it in Korean - it's a reference to the werewolves)]
    BB is angry, and GF is scared, backing away from them like she’ve met a monster. BB are driven insane watching their GF. At the same time, You see Taeyang wearing a crescent-shaped necklace. That can be interpreted as a talisman which can bring out the Monster inside him. GD getting up with all the cables represent him freeing himself from all the restraints and getting ready for their escape.
    [I love you. Baby I'm not a monster.
    You know me from before. It'll all disappear when the time passes, then you'll know, baby.]
    You can interpret this in a different way. 1.BB’s normality will soon disappear. 2.BB’s Monster side will disappear when they escape / when the experimen finishes, so don’t leave BB 3. Now BB is a Moster, but they’ll be back to normal soon, then you’ll start to regret.
    In the MV you see BB all heading somewhere – BB couldn’t forget their GF after the break-up so they are trying to escape. But Daesung being spotted with by the CCTV tells us that the administraters know what’s happening, and will soon go after them; Hence the explosions and fires.
    [I need you bavy I'm not a monster. You know me so well.
    Don't go away like this. If you are going to abandon me as well, I'll die.]
    Again, shows BB have only GF left – she’d be the last to leave BB. It explains why they’re so desperate to escape this place. In the MV, strange tattoos start to appear on BB’s body, and their looks become distorted. Eyes gleaning like a monster. After the GF’s abandonment, they cannot surpress their emotion, and starts to turn into a monster.
    [I'm not a moster. You said we'll be together forever no matter what. Through sadness and happiness we'll be together until the end - you don't say that tomorrow - you said we'll love today like it's our last.]
    Daesun turns into a beast in MV. BB remembers the promise they’ve made with their GFs, and they feel betrayed. They’re trying not to place their trust on their GFs anymore.
    [Life without you is like a life sentence (given out in prison to be locked away forever, just in case some people are confused)
    I'm cut away from the world, driven insane.
    Your existance is like a sickness, it's a stream of struggle, lingering feeling inside my heart.
    Everyone in the world turned their back on me
    Everything is met with twisted stares with daggers underneath
    My biggest pain is that you are now one of them.]
    With GD+TOP’s rant, they complete their change as a monster. The lyrics show that their GF was the only intersection with the world. She’s left, and that makes them completely disconnected from the world. Also the lyrics shows that the world feared BB, the ‘subjects’ of the experiment, and avoided them. BB didn’t care about the world, but the fact that their GF is one of them in unbearable to BB.
    To put it simply, BB didn’t wanted to become the monster to their GF, but she’d already became aware of that fact – BB is hurt greatly in the fact that GF is treating BB just like others do.

    Oh, this is when MV shows the scene of TOP and the ‘invisible looking girl’ between his legs (That, was not meant to sound dodgy at all. Like I said. I suck at Engrish) If Simon bothered to look at TOP’s face more than he did with the girl figure (I’m not saying that he didn’t.) You can see that he’s looking down at the girl. This is the inner conflict that is going on inside BB’s mind. BB wonders if they should remember only the bitterness towards the GF, or the love they once shared. TOP looming over a girl shows that he can just sqaush-or step on her.- GF immdiately, becoming driven by the sence of revenge. BUT HE DOESN’T. Instead he reaches his hand over the girl, showing that BB still cares about their GF, and choosing to love her, even if it’s one sided.

    [Don't go. Don't go. Don't go. Don't leave.
    Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. It's not like you.
    Far away from you, now a filtered love.
    Don't look. Don't look. Don't look. Don't look for me.]
    Again it’s another inner conflict. BB wants to tell them to stay by their side, but they know that they’re turning into a monster, so they warn their GF instead. At that moment, Seungri blocks both his ears in the MV, as if to shut himself off from other things, and the conflict itself. Then, the building starts to shake and collapse. This is an attempt made by the administrater to stop BB. If they cannot contain them inside the prison, might as well destroy them. They are dangerous.
    [Last. Last. Last. Remember me, standing in front of you.
    Please Don't forget me.]
    BB saying ‘last’ shows that they don’t have much time until they turn into a monster. MV showed them changing into a monster, (thought it ‘flickered’, if that makes sence) And now they are completely changed as the monster. BB saying ‘remember me’ is again a reference to their wish of GF remembering them while they were normal, and forget about their monstrous side.
    With a loud, disjointed sound of Piano, music changes, and so does the atmosphere of the MV itself. BB fully launches themselves into the ‘escape mode’ After the dramatic slow motion, (BTW, TOP is supposed to be a Vampire. May that explains his blank face.) There is a show of GD standing in a abandoned room with chains, broken camera danging in one of them. Possibility is that this is where the experiemnt took place, and GD is taking a one last look before everything goes down, as to remember everything.
    [I think I'm sick. I think I'm sick.]
    At the end of the MV, we see GD running out of the door. He made it – He’d escpaed the prison. But it’s still so far away from the city. Because people hated them, the prison was naturally placed away from the city. It’d take a while for BB do arrive at the city, but people would still be unwelcoming and hostile towards them. And the road to get to the city is so far and dangerous, and there is a sence of emptiness/hollowness that follows GD. They’ve lost everything becoming a monster. And finally they’ve escaped the prison, with nothing to obtain.  (This bit, if you are interpreting as a BB with their fans, it carries the message of ‘We trained so hard, just to spread the happiness and oru love for music, then presented ourselves to you, but you didn’t welcome us back. We came back to make you happy, but the stares of people, who aren’t their ‘fans’ any more scares them.)

    All of this can be interpreted in a fan’s view – just simply change GF with a Fan. That’s the hidden message behind the whole song / MV, I think. All the VIPs & kpopers will know what I’m trying to say, but that’s where people are debating.

    Hope it helped, and if you’ve actually read the whole thing, I congratulate you. Please pat me on the head for translating this (which took like, an hour. It’s not a easy job ;/)

    • I agree, when I read the lyrics, I  thought they were talking about fans instead. You can take it both ways. But when you interpret it to them talking about fans, the video makes a lot more sense. 

      There are many ways you can interpret this video:

      - monsters in an experiment facility
      - reffering it to a past relationship and how the girl thinks of you as a moster
      - referring to fans and how some abandoned them because of the scandal – see BB as monsters. 

      Btw, great job at the translation. 

      • Thank you :)
        Just some interesting fact to add on:
        The experimentation codes have a message as well (Waddya know :P The codes are coded to hide the message. HEE.)
        “N+3xRX. N is 14th alphabet. R is 18th alphabet. X = 24th
        alphabet. 14+3×18×24=1310. 1+3+1+0=5=BIGBANG. The equation on GD’s arm:
        9AP-7331. A=1st alphabet. P=16th alphabet. 9×16-7331= -7187. 7+1+8+7=23.
        2+3=5=BIGBANG. The equation on Daesung’s back: BNFz 03s4. B=2nd
        alphabet, N=14th alphabet, F=6th alphabet, Z=24th alphabet, S=19th alphabet
        2 + 14 + 6 + 24 + 0 + 3 + 19 + 4 = 72 = 7 – 2 = 5 = BIGBANG”

      • I just thought they were saying they weren’t Gaga fans.

    •  Another interpretation I thought of regards the music industry in general (and BB’s past year) and how these groups are trained and “brought up” to be idols (“monster project”). The prison is the confines of the studios–dance studio, music studio, etc. The bombing is the media “taking shots” at the groups, the scandals. The different costume changes represents the different sides of the group members, with the “dark side” being what the media feeds upon and pushes on us, creating a negative image. TOP looks like a model because, essentially, he’s out there as a model (Fubu, Calvin Klein…). The REAL BigBang are the versions running through the hallways trying to escape, whereas in the “yard,” that’s the media portrayal. Later though, a few of the members are consumed by the darkness, and that’s the image they feel they need to portray or as portrayed as (TOP as aloof; Daesung will forever be known as a murderer by some people out there). The girl between TOP’s legs, I believe, represents VIPs and how we look at BigBang (which is why TOP is so large…teehee… representing idolization). At the end, GD is the only one who survived because he puts his heart and soul in the lyrics and doesn’t hide how he feels, so he emerges as his “true self” without fear of repercussion. He looks out at the city and runs toward it: Big Bang’s “Alive” world tour.

  182. I can understand why Simon doesn’t like TOP and GD part at the beginning…but my heart is throbing while I listening it (especially in headphones ><♥)

    And I can't say that it's my favourite MV of Big Bang (Fantastic Baby or
    Love Song are much cooler! ^^) but this song is sooooooo amazing! The
    sound of music sneaks into the depths of my soul… and this sound of falling bomb is something new for me, firstly I think it's only in MV but it's actually in the song~
    Фnd also I must agreed with Martina~ I so much love how sound Seungri's voice in that song! He's growing and growing up!

    And TOP…he is just too cool to act a fear ^^

    And my vote goes to Big Bang of course ^^ And I hope the next MM will be Infinite! ^^

  183. I dont understand why they reviewed Monster when The Chaser has more votes?
    They were at the top of the list for 3 weeks too. 
    Can somebody enlighten me why?

  184. Chaser plzzzz!!! i love Infiniteeeee <3

  185. Did they have to make Taeyang so shiny? I think that’s the only thing that bothered me. His wardrobe out shines all their eyes combined. It does make him stand out, but it was an intrusion to me eyes. Tip: Don’t watch it in the dark, especially if you’re tired. I did like the video, but for a song like this I wish it had a stronger backstory. That or I wish I knew how to speak Korean. =D And this was the funniest review (other than bubble pop) to me.

  186. Spudgy is so cute!!! ^^

    BigBang ^^

  187. RANT TIME! I agree with Simon completely! It’d be one thing if this video had a symbolic–hell, even abstract–story line to match the song. But nothing really makes any sense! Lately Big Bang is just all about fancy hair and dramatic makeup and costumes and I’m over it. I honestly don’t understand why every time Big Bang comes out with a freakin’ video, it’s like STOP THE PRESSES AND LET’S ALL ACKNOWLEDGE THAT BIG BANG HAS A NEW SONG!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGEEEEEE!!!!!! They are not the most talented group out there. Yeah, they have swag (but that wasn’t always the case) and I do like some of their stuff (Love Song and Bad Boy were great!), but c’mon!!!! They are getting more and more ridiculous visual kei band as time goes on. Does T.O.P need to wear a ladies hat!? Is that supposed to be hot?? 

    End rant…… No, not yet! BUT MOSTLY I’m just pissed that they beat Infinite! I really don’t get how the numbers flipped so fast on this one. I’m not saying someone cheated something, but…. Imma suggest it rull heavily. I was watching the numbers and Infinite had higher votes than Big Bang, but somehow they fell to #3 on the charts in like a second.

    OK. For real end rant. *spits* lol

    •  we have different kind of taste in music so if your wonderin why they are being recognized for me personally its because of their music..yes they might not be the most talented but they can create quality music that fans like me can appreciate, not to mention how they deliver(perform) it onstage.Maybe the main reason why You hate them now its because they won over infinite and you dont have someone to blame..

      • You both are correct! I’m mostly angry about Infinite, so I choose to blame the system and also Big Bang fans, as this is the most convenient outlet for my anger. It is my right as an Amurican. lol! And I’ve attacked Big Bang on numerous occasions. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last. :-) Get ready. haha!


      OH MIGOSH! *THAT* would be the best POOP SONG evarrrr!! (if not THE ONLY poop song evar!!) SUUUPER DUUUPER LOOOOOOVE IT!!

      *rolls eyes*

      End bitch mode…. No, not yet!

      *ahem* *ahem* HEY EVERYONE! STOP THE PRESSES AND LET’S ALL ACKNOWLEDGE THAT BIG BANG HAS A NEW SONG!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S CALLED ‘THE POOP SONG’! OMGEEEEEE!!!!!! *squeal* Oh and is that TOP wearing a ladies’ hat!? SO HOT!! *spazz*

      . . .

      OK. For real end bitch mode.

      No wait! Lemme- BUT SERIOUSLY? Why are you attacking Big Bang all of a sudden? Just because your bias didn’t get reviewed? Well that’s convenient.. Yeah, it’s not the kpop video voting/selection system that’s to blame. It’s the VIPs. Hell, it’s even Big Bang! Why did they release their video right before Infinite’s gets reviewed? WHY?? How dare they!! >o<!!

      *rolls eyes again*


      Oh, and bitch mode OFF! Really..

      SO ANYWAY.. I hope Infinite gets reviewed next week! Indeed the circumstances were unlucky for them and their OTHER fans who continuously voted for them in the past weeks. Will be interesting to see what will be Simon and Martina’s takes on their MV. ;)

      ” I don’t get it. -_-* “
      -Uhm, what’s not to get? BIG BANG IS AWESOME! ^_~

      And so are DB5K, C.N.Blue, Block B, Infinite, and so on..

  188. TVXQ!

    So, I admit I was a bit annoyed that Infinite didn’t make it, but……this review was extra hilarious, and probably gave you guys more to work with, so kudos! I love BB but I also thought the video was a bit one dimensional, with all the focus on visual effects. 
    LOVE monster Spudgy, teehee!

  189. Totally agree with you about turtle necks Martina!! I DESPISE them! I would have joined you on your rampage in a second!
    Also absolutely loved what you said about TOP and his GUCCI ad. I can’t even watch that part anymore because its just so awkward and out of place!Otherwise I really enjoyed this MV, the quality and look of it is amazing!Oh…wait I forgot the hair! What the hell is with Taeyang’s sushi rolls and GD’s jellyfish/mushroom do???

    Tough call on the showdown but have to go with TVXQ….the costumes are just so bad they’re good. And I do believe Yoochun and Jaejoong were wearing lipstick, obvious red lipstick. They deserve to win on that alone!

  190. silence! you know nothing!! infinite deserve the review!

  191. hello. the chaser still has more votes than monster! its not fair!

    i came here for the chaser and i love big bang but….inspirits kept it at first place for so long.

    you should have done them justice.

  192. I swear, I was laughing the entire time.  Love the review.  Thanks.

  193. That was one hilarious review!!

    The first time I watched the MV, I was like what just happened??
    Its feels really messy, and you cant really focus on something

    You’re right a music video should stand on its own and people should stop over-analizing things. I remember reading a full analisis on Fantastic Baby and at the time it felt so right, but then the making of comes out, and you hear the members talking about being kings and stuff (also the Hulk?).

    As a song it takes a while to get into, same with the mv (sort of like Heartbreaker and B.A.P ‘s songs), but its a nice listen once you get used to it.

  194. it’s not that they don’t appreciate the song, the concept, and the MV. they actually like it but not love it. and hey, they happen to like YG (i think…) haha.. just watch their other reviews of BIGBANG MVs… they’re positive reviews. so, if you look at the whole picture, they’re just being objective on every single KPop video. and i am open to other people’s opinions even if they’re not what i’d like to hear.. this MV may even take a year to produce, but it won’t change simon and martina’s opinions. people have different tastes. we must accept that.

  195. I loved the outfits for this video!!  The whole hard bondage look just really done it for me.  LOL. My symbolism for it-Big Bang just really wants to be tied up and taken away.  Nothing more.   

  196. tvxq

  197. i know i may dont have right to say this,, but really,,, why you cant appreciate it? u should watch it more carefully. i just disagree if u think those expert music video maker dont know what they are doing and just make cool stuff, its a month project!. and i hope gd wont watch this,

  198. Karolina Ignatavičiūtė

    TVXQ!!! Because of epic hairstyles :P

  199. I vote for TVXQ – TRI-ANGLE.

  200. BIGBANG.

    btw, now that i read your blog, i understand where you’re coming from with the whole video not being artsy and symbolic. i guess, for VIPs like me, this song just really pinches my heart and whatever cheesiness i could think of. oh gosh, Seungri’s part… when it came, i almost cried!!! And i still can’t get over TOP’s line: “Everyone stares at me with judging eyes, but what hurts the most is that you are now part of that everyone…” That’s because, when the scandals happened, I was one of those who judged BIGBANG and sorta dissed them. so yeah… it’s a really sad song, if only people will get passed TOP’s handsome face and GD’s Gaara outfit… oh, and since GD wrote this song it’s doubly personal. but… yes, i totally get your review.. :) THANKS for the REVIEW! :D (martina, why no dance?)

  201. irritablevowel

    To be filed under random: Turtleneck hatred.

    Martina is not allowed anywhere near my winter closet.  I have a ton of turtlenecks.
    What did those poor turtlenecks ever do to deserve being de-necked and run over by a car?!?!  Someone call CPS (clothing protective services)!  

  202. I vote for Big Bang as well :) 
    really had to laugh when you talked about TOP I thought that the mv is also not as good as the others but I love the song!! you surely know Bad Boy It is a pity that you coudn’t do that in music monday 

  203. I don’t know whether i should post it in here, but DBSKs’ triangle wins… defenetly ^^

  204. Top’s Gucci Cologne ad!! LOL!! 
    Btw I really like this review because I know both of you got invited to the YG Concert last year and you’re still giving this an honest one!! Besides, that thing on Daesung’s nose looks itchy… :

  205. Infinite has got way more votes than Big Bang and B1A4!! why are they on top of the charts?

  206. Loved the review! Thank you guys!
    I agree turtleneck shirts are horrible! But what was with TOP’s hat!?! Was he trying to be Carmen Sandiego? gah!

  207. Love the Spudgy monster, even if his horns keep falling..LOL

  208. vote goes to Big bang! their make up and their outfits are gorgeous! 

  209. I dont understand why TOP feels the need to pose all the time…ur already sexy…no need to pose all the time! But yea i didn’t like this video cuz i couldn’t for the life of me understand what was going on!!!!

  210. Oh! You actually decided to accept my request of posting the winner comment! Yay! *dance*
    That’s gona be one of my favourite KpopMM ever! ROFL!!!

    Actually I agree that separetely the parts of the MV look pretty awesome but put together …not so awesome… don’t kill me VIPs, pleeese! lol
    But I do love that song!!! Amazing! Especially chorus! (◠‿◠)

    Great job as usual, guys! ღ

  211. my vote goes for TVXQ!!!love them and the video is awesome!!!

  212. Simon were you wearing some eye make up in the vid? 

  213. well, Monster costumes aaaaall the way!!
    i couldn’t take my eyes off them, and that’s saying something for me, since everytime TOP’s face turns up i become kinda mesmerized. 
    Seriously, it’s not even fair to be so handsomefull/beautisome? Oh, you get what i mean.

  214. “I guess, make a clear story first, and enrich it with symbolism afterwards. I agreed”. With a clear storyline, this MV could be perfectly rich.

  215. This review seriously got me laughing so much. Hahaha!!
    TOP’s cologne and yeah… Taeyang’s hair is pretty awkward to look at in my opinion.
    Well, hope you will review ‘The Chaser’ next week since many of Infinite’s fans are anticipating it. =)
    I’ll just try to keep B1A4 up the chart. Hahaha!!!

  216. I LOVED this video and the song is amazing.  My amazingly talented daughter that does make-up & hair for a living was not impressed with the hair.  Not because she didn’t like the styles, she does “outrageous!”  But because the styles were “too messy and not put together well.”  Hmmm…still liked!!!  I’ve already made a ring-tone for my iphone and I’ve been rocking this song on my regular listening…DAILY.

  217. Wow, battle k-pop really got heated this week! I was glad that you were all safely in Canada, lest a dispirited Inspirit decided to take matters into her own hands and hold Spudgy hostage until The Chaser got reviewed. Thanks for an awesome review, as usual. 

  218. I vote for Big Bang! Gosh, it’s a tough choice cause I was a Cassiopean before I was a VIP but I definitely think that Big Bang had a more attractive wardrobe/costumes. 

  219. I loved this song but I just didn’t like the video.. The weird piercings and costumes and Taeyang’s Maleficent like hair were just distracting me from the song. I actually just listened to the song on it’s own later and realised that it’s a really nice song! I just couldn’t pay attention to it with the bling and the hair in my face. XD

    •  I have a habit of listening to the song without watching the mv first – and then watch it a second time WITH the mv later. That way I can listen to the song for what it is first, without being influenced by the video in any way, and then get to experience it twice, kinda. If you watch it with the video first, you’ll always associate it to the video whenever you hear the song from then on, and you just can’t NOT associate it…y’know? Anyhow I’m liking this system and I think I’ll continue doing it.

  220. I totally cracked up watching the turtleneck part, but wasn’t ripping them off a bit too much? I don’t think the massive waste of clothes going on needs to be encouraged.

    And are you guise gonna fix the video submitting problem please?  So many awesome videos are missing in the charts.Thank you! :-)

  221. The sound fx when you guys zoom in woman below t.o.p legs remind me with sound fx from harvest moon when the main character jump passing through an object

  222. Big Bang’s costumes are all cool *.* maybe too much but still awesome so my vote goes for them (sorry tvxq, i still love u)
    next time Big Bang release a music video, i swear we’ll crush the server, WE’LL CRRRRUSH IT >:D

  223. I choose TVXQ – Triangle. I love Big Bang to death and they looked pretty cool occasionally in Monster but TVXQ looked super HOT in Triangle and they had a sort of Jpop/Jrock style and that just made them even hotter because it suited them so well versus Big Bang as Monsters. So yeah. TVXQ – TRIANGLE is my vote.

  224. Was actually anticipating this week’s Music Mondays cos I seriously thought they were going to review The Chaser. They could have reviewed Monster next week right? Just saying ><

  225. im sorry but i totally agree with Simon on this. there is just so much stuff things going on in the MV. too much stuff. IMO, one of my least favourite Big Bang MV, just the MV though not the song. the song is awesome. 


  226. This was the funniest review ever and I think it had something to do with the fact that it was Big Bang’s Monster…lol! I totally agree with everything that you guys said. Thanks for the review.

  227. best costume: TVXQ

    best hair-do: Big Bang

  228. My vote goes to TVXQ for sure.

  229. Yes, Monster is not one of my fave MVs from Big Bang as well. But awesome post-production there! STILL, voting for Big Bang :P

    Oh, and turtlenecks?! *asdjsadgh* MEH, i just want TOP to get rid of it and check if he’s got a tattoo [re: photo circulating in the web recently]

  230. Big Bang Monster for halloween! VIP :) 

    though i was hoping for the chaser…next week!

  231. Aye 3 weeks of voting gone to waste ):

    • I’ve been voting for a song under number 5 for the past 3 weeks.  It’s not about winning.  It about showing support.

      •  I’ve been voting for a song at number – hold on – No.76, for the last 8 months. As Kim says, I know it will never win, but I just want people to know that it’s loved. :)
        Especially if Tablo ever does stumble across the charts like TigerJK did, and see his video, and be like oooh it has so-and-so votes, that’s pretty cool :D

    • thisisjustforfunval

      It is never a waste in my eyes. Maybe the video we each want never gets reviewed, but the more votes the higher on the chart it will be and more people are more inclined to check out that video. Personally, I’m not an Infinite fan, but it was so high on the chart from the beginning I checked it out and loved it. I’m sure many others do the same thing. It helps gain more fans for a band in my opinion and next time it will lead to even more votes for a band. The video I’ve voted on for weeks started of so far down the chart and now it is at #8. Voting is never a waste.

  232. Awesome review! I was seriously laughing out loud at Martina going crazy and running over all the turtlenecks and Simon parodying how TOP “ran” out of the exploding compound… Hahah! I totally agree. TOP is attractive and all, but I don’t get he always seems like he’s posing for some magazine shoot. Put some grrrr in there, TOP! Haha.

    Great review. One of my favorites, thus far! Bring up a lot of good points.

  233.  Weeeee! And I thought Monster didn’t make it… based on the numbers in the charts :P

  234. Music videos aren’t movies movies – so there isn’t always going to be a discernible plot and storyline.  Sometimes a video is just to convey the mood of the song.  Simon and Martina would’ve really hated being teenagers and adults in the 1980s because often times had elements that didn’t necessarily make sense, but we enjoyed the song and video anyway. We enjoyed the video for what it was. 

    • The whole music videos as movies are only really popularized in Kpop and East Asian pop music anyways. I think that perhaps us kpop fans have just come to expect a plot-line and all as a given.

  235. “and here’s an add shot of TOP standing taller than a  mountain with a girl in between his legs.” LOL you do realise how wrong that sounds right?

  236. I am one of those who hoped to see The Chaser reviewed before Monster but this review is seriously great and Simon posing out of the exploding garage had me laughing out loud. Good job, guys! By the way, I feel your pain about sucky canadian internet :((

  237. I know i’m not alone when i say VIPs arn’t being fair. We’ve had a loooooot of big bang lately

  238. the mv represents bigbang’s struggles against media’s labeling them as ‘monsters’ (because of last year things). 
    the cables represent media, and bigbang member’s ‘normal’ self have a hard time running away from their monster-like identity (that the media portrays them as) because of the cable’s tangles.
    you can see that the walls are labled with codes and so are the members (ex. seungri’s forehead, daesung’s chest). this really signifies the ‘labeling’ part. no matter who they are (or strive to be) and no matter what path they choose, the codes are written already. it’s worsened by the fact that even if they don’t take the paths of their first choice, the alternate path is labeled anyway. 
    gd is out in the open in the midst of the bombing, and it’s clear that he’s the victim here because he’s not the one with the bombs. he’s the one being targeted. but he’s the one with the horn. 
    in one part, top is covered in darkness and only his eyes are shown. his identity is not cared for, and people cover him up to create their own vision of him. he’s not really a monster, but who cares? 
    there is one part that the member(s) is/are kicking down statues. that’s them trying to break the stereotype of ‘standard beauty’ of music and trying their own styles. but that is frowned upon. 
    every time the members go into the darkness, they ‘transform’ into monsters (most notably in the case of taeyang and seungri); likewise, every time people push aside bigbang’s true self in favor of the media’s portrayal of bigbang, bigbang becomes the ‘monsters’ that people fear and members themselves fear. the mv represents bigbang’s struggles against media’s labeling them as ‘monsters’ (because of last year things). 

    the cables represent media, and bigbang member’s ‘normal’ self have a hard time running away from their monster-like identity (that the media portrays them as) because of the cable’s tangles.

    you can see that the walls are labled with codes and so are the members (ex. seungri’s forehead, daesung’s chest). this really signifies the ‘labeling’ part. no matter who they are (or strive to be) and no matter what path they choose, the codes are written already. it’s worsened by the fact that even if they don’t take the paths of their first choice, the alternate path is labeled anyway. 

    gd is out in the open in the midst of the bombing, and it’s clear that he’s the victim here because he’s not the one with the bombs. he’s the one being targeted. but he’s the one with the horn. 

    in one part, top is covered in darkness and only his eyes are shown. his identity is not cared for, and people cover him up to create their own vision of him. he’s not really a monster, but who cares? 

    there is one part that the member(s) is/are kicking down statues. that’s them trying to break the stereotype of ‘standard beauty’ of music and trying their own styles. but that is frowned upon. 

    every time the members go into the darkness, they ‘transform’ into monsters (most notably in the case of taeyang and seungri); likewise, every time people push aside bigbang’s true self in favor of the media’s portrayal of bigbang, bigbang becomes the ‘monsters’ that people fear and members themselves fear. 

    so bigbang members run and run. but they can never escape. they will be monsters, perhaps forever, as long as darkness (public’s biased view) and traps of cables (media) exist. 
    so bigbang members run and run. but they can never escape. they will be monsters, perhaps forever, as long as darkness (public’s biased view) and traps of cables (media) exist.  source:toptopia

    • It’s good that you see all of this, however I definitely think this is what Simon and Martina mean by trying to put meaning into everything. Maybe we just need to step back and take it for what it is. I for one, love big bang, but am becoming annoyed by their proverbial hitting us over the head with these “moster” messages. We get it, you guys have gone through a lot. But they don’t have to play the victim each time. 

      •  art (like music) is above all a way to express yourself and your feelings, and if they want to express waht they feel because they suffered a lot, i think they have to
        personally i prefer those kind of music ^^ but i understand that maybe you prefer fun music ? or less personal music ? but don’t say that they “play the victim” it’s pretty rude

        • It’s not even that I prefer fun music. Blue happens to be my absolute favorite. But I just feel that with Blue, Fantastic Baby, and Monster combined – all with reference to the past year – I just feel that it’s too much to take. Maybe it’s just me but my personality is: mope about the past/regrets once and move on. That’s why I say I feel like their playing the victim..

        •  wait, fantastic baby is a victim song?

        • What I mean is that Big Bang lately has been running along the theme of: media is evil, we’re the ones suffering from their scrutiny. That in itself is fine; I have no problem with them saying this. It’s just that they’ve used this a total of three times successively and, for me, it’s getting old.

        • i just hope they are not doing it as a marketing strategy. and i think it somewhat goes for the real life. sometimes you just act like what society wants you to and then you find yourself in a trap(or sth like that) when you try to change it bothers some people because they want to see you as they labeled. or i’m just taking it too seriously.

        • Visindahouse

          thats what you do when you’re in depression, gd cant simply make no sad song, that was his feeling. whats your problem. you dont have to listen his stuff from the d first place you know! quit bitching about it

        • it actually is if you watch it carefully. It’s a victim breaking out of chains, and going FREE. I’ve read really good interpretations of Fantastic Baby. There is a lot of symbolism. 

        • Why are you blaming BB? I thing all those victim thing is just what VIPs would like to think. It’s not BB who say that’s what’s the song about. It’s true for Blue, but other songs are different. They may get the inspiration from the past, but the song has its own meaning that you can feel in your own way.

        • How does one compose or write music? It’s all through their experiences. You can’t blame them for making those kinds of song, it’s their freshest newest experience and that’s what they will write about. You can’t expect them to write about sweet happy songs when they went through that turmoil. I don’t think that they are playing victim, they express their frustrations and all of them are true. Maybe next year you’d hear songs about happiness and gratitude because of their world tour. So quit nagging BB. They write their own songs and that’s what I am proud about them. :)

    • Also, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in college it’s that interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. Thus, there is no one “correct” interpretation to art.

    •  This is what I got from the video, too. :D Yay, analysis!

  239. ahahaha. i couldn’t agree more with you guys opinions despite the fact i am a loyal VIP LOL! firstly, I HATE TURTLE-NECKS TOO! secondly, i had exactly the same thought when watching the scene where everyone was escaping “why does TOP still look so damn SEXY while trying to escape?!”. and as an English second language speaker i was truly confused with Seungri’s part too —- “you don’t say that tomorrow” :S?


  240. TVXQ’s Tri-Angle all the way!

  241. AAAAAH Simon and Martina!!! I love your review this week!!! I’m so glad you pointed out how nonsensical and hodge-podgy the MV was – was getting tired of people forcing meanings into everything :S Especially those who try to relate it to BB’s real life. Maybe they just like cosplaying? Bombs are cool? Prisons are badass? You never know.
    Also, I think it’s a good idea if one of you point out the pros and the other point out the cons – this way the fans will only be hating on one of you and not both of you hahahahaha sorry Simon!! xD

    My mom, who was getting kinda bored of KMMs lately, actually laughed at this one – well all of us did – especially when Simon dressed up as TOP :p ROFL at the model escape out of a burning building!! Hahaha the more the skits the better.

    Oh, and I can see Martina really enjoyed cutting off all those turtlenecks. I LOOOVED the part when you ran over them with the car – EPIC, my friend. EPIC. ^^b

  242. TVXQ Tri-Angle

    Simon, your impression of T.O.P. running killed me! That was a win!

  243. Simon and Martina, why are Wonder Girls and Big Bang’s FB points still zero? Are they counted but just not visible to us? Or there really is no FB votes in their current score?

  244. I was really hoping for The Chaser too…): Its just that 3 weeks is too long ago and the fact that Monster was new so it beat it in your point system. PLEASE do The Chaser, I’m such a big Infinite fan.

    • Instead of pleading just vote again. It’s a simple process guys and I’m not trying to be mean but pleading isn’t fair to those that busted their butts voting for BB to get to the top in one day. If you guys want infinit to win bust your buts and get your friends to vote as well.

  245. I love Taeyang’s part in the song! lovelovelove!

    and i totally agree with you Simon about TOP just faking it out on the mannequin.  epic fail.

  246. I’m voting for Big Bang!!! :D TOP Cologne? I’d definitely buy it HAHAHA :))

  247. I’m still laughing with tears because of TOP ‘s Gucci cologne ad :P And Martina, you really scared me -_-  :))

  248. I’m happy that Rain won last week! This time, I’m voting for TVXQ. The costumes for Big Bang, but remember that TVXQ’s video is from the earlier kpop days. (I’m much more of a BB fan, though)

  249. This is one of the best Big Bang songs so far. The piano + upbeat reminds me of Lies and Haru Haru (which is two of my favorite songs of all time)

  250. I was reallying hoping that the review would have been for The Chaser. It was at #1 for a long time and it only lost because Big Bang’s video shot up to the top over night. I know that you guys JUST FOLLOW THE K-POP CHARTS and you did NOT just pick the Big Bang video because you wanted to, but somehow I can’t help but feel that INFINITE losing out was such bad luck, you know?

    • They pick Bigbang because they’re on top of the chart!!

      Not like they want to, readers decide it!!

      • Like I said in my comment, I know they just follow the charts and do not pick the videos themselves. All I am saying is it’s crappy luck. Simon and Martina are just reviewing the videos that we vote in. I am 100% NOT balming them.

    •   I don’t get it. If calculated, INFINITE has still has the most votes.

      • I thought the same. I am far from being a non-fan of Big Bang but really it sucks. Just because Big Bang was on the top of the chart (with much less votes than Infinite.. Problem maybe?) did they have (yet) been chosen. Gets on my nerve a bit.

      • i think kpopchart includes both votes/tweets/facebook as well as how long it’s been out. so big bang has more votes ‘per day’ compared to infinite which is now a few weeks old? :)

        • NO. WRONG.  The Kpop charts break and don’t always show the right numbers.  BigBang does have the most votes, it’s just that only the moderators (Simon and Martina) can actually see all the votes.

        • Actually, brenda sponge was CORRECT.

          Please see this link posted by Simon and Martina that explains the Kpop chart ranking:


        • The KpopCharts used to break when they first came out.  We patched the error so that they don’t break anymore :D  And, yes, Brenda is right.  We count votes per day, as well as factor in a declining factor for older videos.

        • Oh all right.  Grumpy migraine morning me is grumpier than I thought.  And less resourceful.

        • Although, question: the KpopCharts don’t break anymore but I was voting yesterday and the Facebook thing kept being at 0 and the votes kept going to weird wonky numbers.  Is this a different problem?  I think this is what I was originally talking about.

        • The Facebook issue is a new one that we found.  Facebook sometimes pushes new code that breaks functionality on other sites.  Our developers are looking into it!

    • I agree.

      But if the voting closed at the same time every week this would not have happened.

      But at least INFINITE won a bunch of music awards.

      I’m still gonna keep voting for the Chaser – video and song are both awesome!

      • Voting has closed about 10 hours later than usual for the last two weeks.
        Also, all video uploads have also been about 20 hours later than usual, for the last two weeks.
        I wonder why?
        C’mon, it’s not that hard.

        • I know they’re in a different time zone.

          My point was that it would be nice if voting ended at the same time each week.

          I’m actually a big fan of BIGBANG. I just wanted to see The Chaser being reviewed this week. 

          Plus I’m BIGBANGed out!  I had Blue, Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby in a  row.

        •  sweet :) glad you know about the timezone thing – too many people don’t, and think S&M delayed it on purpose so that Big Bang would win. Btw just so you know, I’m more of a EYK fan than a VIP – but it’s good to know you’re not biased anyway lol :p

        • lol I’ve had a few VIPs calling me a hater so I wanted to clarify

          But I can see both sides of the argument.

          I did see that someone mentioned a countdown for the end of a weeks voting and thought it was a great idea. It would stop the arguing about the vote being biased.

          It’s just that S+M keep mentioning how the voting system works as the reason for BIGBANG being picked this week and I believe most people here understand that already.

          It’s unfortunate that people believe they were biased due to time zone changes and the fact they went out for breakfast before scripting and the votes had changed.  And other reasons that we can all see by reading the comments.

          But I loved the review of Monster – I’m like you, just a fan of EYK and I don’t really belong to a fandom (just all of KPOP).

        • I just wanted to add this (it’s a little geeky!) – I do love BIGBANG.

          This is GD&TOP above my computer at work: http://instagr.am/p/nK62k/

          My copy of Alive: http://instagr.am/p/IHR2vFsQjJ/

          Still Alive is on it’s way!

    • the last time i saw the chart infinite was at the top. but maybe they ratings did literally shot up. its ok. i think infinites gonna be next. *car rolling car rollin*

      • i wish inspirits would stop being devastated and mopey about Infinite losing this ONE thing.As a VIP, I’ll vote for them for next week, but all this complaining is getting to me /:

        •  I agree! I’m a VIP; I like Infinite. I’ve been a fan of BB longer, though, and after 2011 being such a cruddy year for BB, I’m happy to see them doing well now and opening K-pop more to the world with being being excited for their world tour and such. I’m happy my boys are back and making music and videos people enjoy; it’s a big year for them! By voting BB, in my own small way, I feel like I’m supporting and thanking them for their efforts for us: The Fans! Sure, Infinite fans have had terrible luck, but they’ve managed to keep their video in the running for a  while; try again this week. Don’t mope; just vote! I’m voting for Infinite now. But I agree, Hapsah (I love your name, by the way), the complaining is getting to me, too. :(

    • Monster actually overtook the Chaser right after S&M tweeted that they would be scripting KMM after a break. It was seriously unfair, and it seems like VIPs were kinda more motivated to vote after that. After S&M missed KMM us INSPIRITs didn’t lose hope, and were motivated to hold out for over two weeks after that and had no problem with tarantallegra going first, and we sustained the votes until the day of Big Bang’s release. I mean, Monster would get reviewed no matter what since its a Big 3 release, so would it have mattered if VIPS had waited just one more week? Us INSPIRITs waited for multiple weeks, and it kinda sucks that at the last minute, we lost out. 
      I guess we should just try to last another week.

      • I agree with you 
        I’m fan of both INFINITE and BigBang and I was really hoping for the chaser for the kpop music monday 
        i know bigbang is really good,they are always in the top of charts when they relace a new song,but infinite needed a chance, i’m in with trying for the next week, i was really hoping for the review because of the dance 
        but as katrina  i don’t blame simon and martina either

      • Unfair unfair unfair…..why do have to hear this every week? It doesn’t matter who gets reviewed, there’s always gonna be dissatisfied fans. Just so you know, BEFORE S&M tweeted about scripting KMM, BigBangUpdates tweeted to encourage fans to vote for BigBang. EYK has about 60 000 followers, around 5% of which are VIPs, and BBU has ~80 000 followers, 100% of which are VIPs. Do the maths.

        • I wasn’t being a bitch about it, and was merely expressing my frustration. My point was that I wished that vips could wait just another week, since inspirits have already waited so long to be reviewed. And there’s no telling whether we would get a review at all, where with monster, a review is guaranteed. We got robbed at literally the last hour. Wouldn’t you feel the slightest bit upset about it? 
          And thank you for informing me about the twitter thing, that makes more sense. 

        •  Why should we have to wait? The point is to vote for your favorite. If you wanted “The Chaser” to win, then vote for it. This is a new week, so vote. I’m sure there are VIPs like me who will be willing to help vote to get you to the top. Instead of moping, get voting!

      • Seriously…?
        It’s BIGBANG. I mean… c’mon… xD
        No hard feelings towards Infinite or their fandom but… it’s BIGBANG, it’s obvious they’ll win the chart. Sorry, but that’s the truth, they’re bigger and more known/likeable within the fandom.
        Get over it. You’ll get your chance next week.

        • What, so I’m not allowed to feel let down about it? After weeks of continuously voting and checking for updates?  
          And did I sound defensive and angry at all in my comment? 

          btw..innovation would be impossible if everyone just accepted “the truth” and got over it. 

        • I just wanted to give you kudos for your statement about innovation.  People should not always accept what is given to them. 

    • I kinda wish Inspirits would stop feeling so mopey and devastated about this one loss. As a VIP, I’ll vote for you for next week, but all the complaining is getting to me. I really dislike whiners and complainers, because things could be so much worse. Stop making a big deal out of trivial matters, please? :) Thanks, and fighting!!

      • I think Inspirits are up in arms because due to various factors, including the google concert, the review has been postponed for 3 weeks. It’s not really just a “one loss” kind of thing. Anyway, I am not really “devastated” so much as pointing out some crappy luck. And I agree with you, there is no use crying over spilled milk. I would much rather Inspirits vote than mope about the results~

    • thatssumgoodcurry

       I was seriously confused about that too. I was a tad disappointed, not because I’m an Inspirit, (I’m not), but because I saw how hard Inspirits worked to put Infinite at the top. I realize that Infinite lost to Big Bang because Big Bang’s video was newer, but shouldn’t that also mean that the Wonder Girl’s are further up on the charts, since their video came out the same day as Big Bang’s? I mean, they’re in sixth place…
      But, idk, I’ll vote for Infinite this week, because they def deserve a review. Which is totally ironic, considering I’m a BANA. I’ll vote for B1A4 the week after, lol. :)

    • Oh please. So many mvs I wanted to be reviewed by M&S and they didn’t make it because some other mv was released and took the first place. I never complained and all.

      For Infinite fans nothing is enough, they always want more and if they don’t get it, they complain saying it’s unfair, poor Inifinite. Yeah, poor Inifinte for having some fans like you. I bet they are pretty happy with what they have unlike their fans.


  252. ah,i guess the part 2 will be out~~··the japanese ver. perhaps have more clear story line~

  253. Seriously , I also though you guise going ti review The Chaser but now no longer since that video drop until #3 ~ ;((

  254. Aw. I thought ur gonna review “The Chaser”. :(
    But I love BigBang as well. :)

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