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Big Bang “Tonight” – Kpop Music Mondays

March 8, 2011


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Don’t act like you didn’t see it coming! This week we review Big Bang’s “Tonight” and try to figure out if TOP murdered Daesung.

So we tried to do our own Secret Garden version for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. If you haven’t seen it by now, Big Bang did their own parody of Secret Garden, which was hilarious. And we gotta say, pretending to be each other was a lot more difficult than we expected. In fact, this video took us a lot longer to film than our other Music Mondays, because we were trying to get down each other’s isms. We’ll put up the blooper footage on our Bonus Page tomorrow, and – let me tell you – there’s a lot of stuff that went wrong! Ah! We’ve got a lot more respect for Secret Garden now as a result.

Back to Big Bang’s “Tonight,” it’s a cool video shot in what looks like Las Vegas, and the song is really awesome and we’ve been singing it all week…but does anyone know what the story’s actually about? What’s the girl doing with both TOP and Daesung? Who is she with? Why’s Taeyang driving around in his car all the time? When will GD find the elevator? Who knows!

If you do know, or if you have any ideas about the video, you’re in luck, because we have a great giveaway for you this time. Shazam! We’re giving away TWO BIG BANG CDs!!!! Here’s what you can do to win:

CD #1) For our YouTube Subscribers: We’ll give away one CD to a YouTube subscriber who tells us what they think the story line was actually about. Leave your answers either in the video to our YouTube page, or here (but please leave your YouTube user name as well, just in case you win :D)

CD #2) For our Tumblr Followers: Quite simply, the easiest way for you to win. Got a Tumblr account? Reblog our post over at our Tumblr page! Don’t make your own post for the video. We can’t track and pick the winner that way.

BAM! So, there you go! 26 episodes in, half a year of Music Mondays complete! We can’t believe we’ve been doing this for this long now! Huzzah! As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos, ALL OF THEM, into Korean. Also, if you’re not one of the winners for the contest, you can still get yourself a copy of the Big Bang Tonight CD by clicking on the banner below!

Big Bang Mini Album Vol. 4



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Kpop Music Mondays


Big Bang “Tonight” – Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. OMG, I just realised I thought TOP looked just like a young David Bowie, or more accurately, Dr. Spock since the first time I saw Big Bang was in that Coffee Prince parody. Sorry Martina, but I still think TOP is… well… not that cute, even now. Maybe when he gets older and start looking like David Bowie somewhat around the Labyrinth days (or even a little after that).

    3 years ago
  2. Awesome! Thanks Selly :D

    5 years ago
  3. LOL good one.

    5 years ago
  4. i like bigbang and suju but this time i'm voting for bigbang. they have better MV and song. isn't it suju m in chinese bcz it is chinese subgroup of suju? it's just a common thing they sing chinese though. bcz they are active in china…
    bigbang MV is epik.

    5 years ago
  5. My take on "Tonight":

    In Vegas…

    Daesung falls in love with this girl, but she's secretly in love TOP. She only becomes the girlfriend of Daesung in order to get close to TOP. After realizing TOP is unattainable, she dumps Daesung and stalks TOP and forces him into being her lover by trapping GD in the hotel. TOP complies only for the safety of GD and does not care for the girl. TOP despises her and doesn't want anything to do with her, knowing Daesung cares so much for her. But this girl is determined to latch herself onto TOP.

    On the other hand, Daesung is traumatized by her betrayal and returns to his safe haven in the desert to cry over the girl. He reminisces about their time together, but because of his girl's happiness he does not try to win her back.

    GD is suppose to meet them at the amusement park, but he doesn't show up so Taeyang becomes very worried and goes in search of him, knowing the girl got something to do with his disappearance. He drives everywhere in town in his shinning black car. He is secretly contacted by TOP and is told where to find GD. GD is rescued by Taeyang. Once rescued, he realizes no one has contacted Seungri and with Taeyang goes to find him, worried he has been involved in this mess.

    Seungri waited under the creepy clown for hours waiting for his hyungs, but since they never came, he went to have some fun himself.

    TOP puts a sleeping pill in the girl's drink. He pretended to enjoy himself in the car, dragging out the time as he waits for Taeyang's call. Back in the hotel, the girl passes out and TOP gets Taeyang's call. Once insured of GD's safely, he leaves the room, done with putting up with the girl. He sees that its still "a beautiful night" and goes with the rest of Big Bang to enjoy Vegas.

    Youtube Username: Athenazita
    Of course it's Big Bang!

    5 years ago
  6. So, here's the story:

    Big Bang is an act of an international circus show, and one of their US spots is in Las Vegas. This explains their setting in the desert with the House of Mirrors type of buildings around. After finishing their last show, they survey the empty desert that was once full of colorful circus-like props. During this, the ring leader/boss (who is off camera) has given them one night for themselves before the circus heads off to their next stop. Since Seungri is not of legal age to fully enjoy Las Vegas, he heads off to the beach and reminisces on his career as a circus performer and wonders if he should have stayed in Korea instead to be with his childhood sweetheart. In the meantime, during the day, Daesung meets a lovely girl, and they hit it off right away. Flirting and chemistry in the air, Daesung invites her over to a motel as a memorable night before he takes the road. Since, his chances of being with her again are rare, he wants to be with her to its maximum. When he gets to the motel that night and enters the room where they were arranged to meet, he realizes that he has been ditched. This leads him to fantasize in depression of what would have happened if she were there with him that night. The thing is, off camera, this “lovely lady” met TOP, who happens to be the main act of this international circus, at a casino and went on a crazy Las Vegas night with him, filled with alcohol and sexy TOP stares. At the same casino/hotel, GD sees a show of Cirque du Soleil and instantly falls in love with one of the acrobats. He’s desperate to find her and confess his newly sparked love, so he looks for her hotel room. This explains why he walking down the hallway, looking for the hotel room number that is the gateway to his soul, hahaa. Meanwhile, Taeyang used his current savings to rent a fancy car, and decided to take full advantage of it and roams the streets because he’s been so tired of being in the backseat of RV’s, train carts, and airplanes. Back to TOP and this “lovely lady”, after a hot one night fling, TOP realizes what he’s just done, and is afraid of impregnating the lady. Then he just buttons up his shirt once he realizes that he’s leaving the city the next day, never seeing her again, and eliminating the future responsibility from his shoulders.

    THE END :D

    my youtube username is sweetmagenta101, http://www.youtube.com/user/sweetmagenta101

    5 years ago
  7. super junior m!!!!!!

    i died when i saw ryeowook <3

    5 years ago
  8. super juniro m!!!!!!!!!

    im so proud to be e.l.f. <3

    5 years ago
  9. ! ! ! ! ! ♥ SUPER JUNIOR M ♥ ! ! ! ! !

    5 years ago
  10. The MV starts with shaman GD casting a spell to create imaginary girl for TOP and Daesung! In a reality there is no girl explaining why she disappears every once in a while! NO GUUUUUURL!!
    TOP doesn’t want the girl but Daesung falls for her!
    Seungri knows the truth about GD and goes to the beach because he can’t decide wether to tell the truth or not to TOP and Daesung.
    Taeyang is driving around looking for Seungri so that Seungri can convince GD to create imaginary girl for Taeyang too. HE NEEDS A GUUUURL!
    In the end Seungri tells the truth and they all gather up in the desert to cast a spell to get rid of the girl.
    The last scene is TOP looking at his reflecion since he only loves himself~

    Youtube username: MauMauNyan

    5 years ago
  11. i vote for Super Junior M ^^ i like Big Bang too but i just like SJM a little bit more. i don't understand neither Korean nor Chinese so i judged by the melody and beats. SJM's "perfection" makes me feel energetic and BigBang's "tonight" is like… for hanging out with friends drinking. in term of the videos, they give out different feelings. SJM's MV is like a good MV but i'll say that BigBand's MV is like a HOLLYWOOD movie trailer ^^ however, i'm bias because i'm an ELF ^^

    5 years ago
    Ithough i was confused about the video i think this is what happened:A girl runs off to vegas with her boyfriend Daesung to win big at the casinos, but things dont go as planned so she leaves Daesung and becomes a hooker (with a heart of gold) There she meets her client TOP who is a caberet singer (hello gold blazer), but he doesnt like dating a prostitute and feels depressed about it. all this time daesung is whining about his grilfriend who ditched him and he snaps! Becoming schizophrenic. His alter ego is Seugri who appears when Deasung gets depressed and cant handle reality and just needs a walk on the beach! TOP also slips into depression and no longer finds the will to dance and so he creates an alter ego rapper version of himself who wears fur named G-Dragon. They both have blonde hair – the bond that connects them. But when he becomes G-dragon he cant remember where he lives so he keeps getting lost. Meanwhile…Teayang is a hip young cop who is trying to crack down of the prostitution rates in Vegas and is trying to hunt down the hooker and arrest her so he is stalking her client and her ex boyfriend, always showing up where they have been!!!____GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 years ago
  13. Hey! Hey!
    This is what I think happened in the mv:
    Since G.D. didn’t have a girl to spend his time and everyone else left, he decided to walk around the hotel to kill time. Seungri went to the beach to chill and also forget that he didn’t have a girlfriend to spend time with. Taeyang was enjoying his time in Vegas by taking a drive around the city and might hit a club.
    While G.D., Taeyang and Seungri were doing their own thing, trying to not think of women. T.O.P and Daesung were unfortunately in a love triangle.
    Daesung met this girl and they fell in love. Well, he thought they were in love. Later on, the girl somehow hooked up with T.O.P (maybe because of his super hotness). She was all over him and then T.O.P realizes that he was bored since he got the girl too easy. Or, he could be feeling guilty for taking Daesung’s girl and couldn’t enjoy himself. During T.O.P’s boredom, Daesung was depressed, reminiscing about the good times with his ex, eventually going back to a motel room where they had hot times together to further torture himself with remembering how it used to be.

    my youtube user name: RavingNy

    5 years ago
  14. Here's my story for the BigBang – Tonight MV. :)
    I think the story is that both TOP and Daesung got dumped by the girl and reflect their memories they made with her in the past throughout the video. TOP keeps thinking about the time when she was by his side and slept in his bed while Daesung is driving through the desert first and is later having nightmares and waking up all sweaty because he can feel someone else is with her.
    While GD seems to be trapped in the hotel walking the hallway up and down, he's just got it going on. You can see it by the smirk on his face that he just did stuff with that girl the other two did before and really enjoyed it. Him mentioning that he's a bad boy but he's nice kind of proves that he has been doing something bad that blew her mind.
    As for Taeyang and Sungri it's that they're secretly in love with the girl but know they will never have her. So to get her out of their heads Seungri went to the beach and Taeyang drove around town all night. "Tonight" only one of them has been able to get the girl and that's GD, while all the others are frustrated and hurt.
    But in the end all of the meet in the desert because she wouldn't want to stay with any of them.

    My youtube username is: JapKorChi2

    5 years ago
  15. i think that the girl has a twin and and both of them have a plan to break bib bang up =/

    5 years ago
  16. i really can't choose between SuJu and Big Bang, but i guess I'll go with Big Bang because I love their entire album, and GD and TOP wrote it.
    so I vote Big Bang.

    5 years ago
  17. Technically, this song revolves around cookies v.v

    G.D. had all the cookies to himself in his Vegas room, when he found out that someone stole them! (Thus the pacing around, looking for stairs or an elevator :3)

    T.O.P. had stolen all the cookies for Martina and Simon, and he told his current girlfriend about it. Feeling offended, she left him and went to Daesung to take revenge! Taeyung decided to team up with T.O.P. , but only wanted the cookies for himself. (Betrayal after he finds all of them v.v)

    Turns out Daesung was able to find the cookies, but found out about Taeyung too! So what did he do? He fled towards the desert, and buried all the cookies there. The next day, he decided to see if the cookies were alright, but alas! HE FORGOT WHERE HE BURIED THEM. So he sat there, and cried his heart out.

    He tells all the Big Bang members what happened, but only saying he lost it in the "sand". All of them start going to the desert! (Except for  Seungri, who thinks that "sand=beach").

    All of them start looking for the cookies, but they couldn't them. Alas, they gave up (And that's when Seungri enters v.v) All of them give up, and T.O.P and the other starts screaming to heavens about how sad they are [Especially T.O.P, since he can't give anything to Martina anymore (Thus the slow,sad faceplam on 4:17)].

    The ending scene? T.O.P just murdered his ex-girl, and was staring out the window, not because he just killed someone, but because he remembered Martina. v.v


    By the way… Youtube name: andyso97 :3


    5 years ago
  18. Part 4:
    DaeSung can’t find Sooji in all the usual places so stops off at a motel, reminiscing and still worried about their ‘togetherness’ smashing to pieces like the wall GD bashed down in Heartbreaker.
    (And has GD become a wolf? Because he seems to cry out like one in a lot of their video’s:L)
    My next guess is that whilst in the motel, DaeSung takes some of the drugs GD slipped him earlier as Sooji has just appeared in front of him and is now hallucinating them making out on the bed.
    T.O.P’s in his apartment with the girl sleeping on his bed, so he must have now realised that she was with him as he must have let her come in with him and put her to bed. BUT he’s realised that maybe he shouldn’t let girls he can’t remember the names of into the place he’s renting out whilst in LA but can’t do too much about it as she’s already asleep.

    5 years ago
  19. Part 2:
    DaeSung and TaeYang decided to meet up to discuss some important, secret things, so go to the desert so no one will hear them. However, DaeSung has never been to the desert in LA (is that were they are?… Let’s just say he’s never been to an American desert) so is a little lost. While waiting, TaeYang decides to have a little sing to himself. Ahww:3
    But then, out of nowhere. The girl that was in T.O.P’s car is now with DaeSung and the camera lighting has changed. So obviously DaeSung went out with that girl before she met up with T.O.P.
    Now it’s over to SeungRi on the beach with images of DaeSung with the girl, then back to DaeSung, but he doesn’t have the girl and he isn’t happy. My guess is that SeungRi and TaeYang were the only ones who knew that the girl was going out with DaeSung, so were thinking of him with that girl when they were happy together.
    DaeSung calls up TaeYang explaining that he has to go and meet up with the girl (let’s just call her……. SooJi) and drives off back to LA. TaeYang is getting worried so drives off after him to try and stop him from seeing Sooji as he knows she’s with T.O.P.

    5 years ago
  20. My theory… hahaha extremely complicated.
    The girl is actually Seungri's sister.
    Seungri works with TOP.
    The girl is currently TOP's girl.
    TOP is a big gangster and is extremely rich.
    Taeyang is TOP's righthand man who does everything TOP says.
    Daesung is the girl's ex-boyfriend.
    G-Dragon is a spy who Daesung hires.
    The extremely awesome theory: TOP just found out that his current girl is Daesung's ex-girlfriend. The girl still has memories of her love and intimate relationship with Daesung and this pisses off TOP. At the same time, Daesung also can't forget the love he shared with this girl. TOP not wanting to lose this girl told Taeyang to chase Daesung and finish him off… by killing Daesung. On the other hand, Seungri knows about this love problems faced by his sister. He knows that his sister loves Daesung very much but her sister is forced to be in love with TOP… TOP is a gangster, nobody would want to go against a violent man. The reason why Seungri's sister(the girl) remained with TOP was because she was too afraid that TOP will resort to violent means if she rejects his "love". Seungri wanted to save his sister so much from the clutches of violent TOP but he was in a dilemma whether or not to help his sister get back to her true lover, Daesung. Seungri was afraid that going against TOP to help her sister will mean putting himself in hot soup. That explains why Seungri was holding his head in the MV… because he was thinking whether to help his sister or not.
    Then, Daesung found out that TOP already had designs on the girl/Seungri's sister. Daesung knows TOP is going to bring the girl to hotel and you-know-what. So Daesung quickly hired GDragon, a spy. GDragon wasn't lost in a hotel. He was actually searching for the hotel room where the girl and TOP was. He was instructed by Daesung to stop TOP from doing anything to the girl. But in the end, it was too late… TOP had already done what he wanted to do and hence the lyrics, "TONIGHT…. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT (muted lyrics: Daesung's girl is finally truly mine, it's the end for him… and I am finishing him off) TONIGHT"
    The reason for the muted lyrics is to minimize the drama in the MV hahaha. OH MY AWESOME THEORY~ HAHAHA

    But Daesung is my bias… I am supposed to let him win… but the circumstances in the MV forces me to make TOP the winner. Lol
    Pick me~

    5 years ago
  21. Top sounded like he was saying "Big Bayam! Big Bayam!" You know….Australian ghetto…

    5 years ago
  22. BigBang- Tonight!!! It's Daebak!!!

    5 years ago
  23. Wow.. It's amazing! 258 comments…? The force of VIPs… amazing.(Big Bang's fanclub name→VIP. And it calls fans of Big Bang, too)
    Um.. In my opinion, TOP said "Big Bang" because his group name is Big Bang. For example, 2NE1 says their names like "2NE1~" in their all musics in the beginning of musics, and Se7en says "Se se se se se7en!" in 'Digital Bounce' in the beginning, too.
    I think it's YG's custom! I hope that I solve your problem :)

    5 years ago
  24. Super Junior M! ^^
    Gotta love the dance on that video! Please feature SJM ^^

    5 years ago
  25. In regard to the English portion of the video I feel like TOP is saying, "Big Bam, Big Bam." It's not just in this video that I've hear it. I thought it was supposed to be a play off the name. It could just be TOP failing at English pronunciation, but frankly with that voice he could read me math equations and I'd get all lusty for him.

    I'm going to vote for Big Bang for foreign comeback video because both TOP and Daesung got a little foreign lady action. Also, I feel like SJ-M's video was pretty underwhelming.

    5 years ago
  26. back to a normal comment now.
    wow, that is long (sorry! brevity is not my friend). my youtube username is 'lalalaitslove1'. and also, that was a hilarious video, you guys did really well with the body switch thing. well done!

    in case my essay dedicated to them wasn’t a giveaway, I vote for big bang.

    5 years ago
  27. SUJU M! That is just redunkulous! Im not a big Suju m fan but they get made props for this! ^_^

    5 years ago
  28. but not realized that they were followed by Taeyang after walking for hours across the desert stopped and realized that a car followed them and she discovered that was the top assistant top Taeyang, the chic told daesung that quickly lead they arrived at a motel and rushed to a room and kept desperate Daesung kept watch out the window when they hear a knock on the door and was nothing less than Taeyang,after that the girl woke up in reaching self Taeyang car in not to tell top but he had forgotten about the paparazzi had left there Seungri which had taken pictures of them walked into the Jeep sold photos a magazine in Las Vegas but before they left Taeyang noticed and went to the magazine to destroy but top notice his acting weird so he followed him and saw that he was heading to a magazine he kept following it while he get into a room and watch howTaeyang was breaking some pictures but did not realize that one flew top picked and saw the truth with a smile he took out his phone and call. the girl and told them to look at his hotel they went to a room without knowing that top knew the truth at dawn top stands in front of the window will be arranged his shirt and left a note that said greetings from Daesung

    5 years ago
  29. Five hot alien men land in desert. They set up a base camp and signal for help by thrashing their arms and singing SOS calls but fail and decide to split. Alien TOP finds himself a creature and brings back for research but it slips away. Alien Daesung searches desert and captures creature. He laughs madly and plans to take credit for himself. Confused creature laughs along. Meanwhile Alien Taeyang, Seungri, and GD continue to attempt communication with mothership. GD kicks ground in frustration. TOP has foiled his plan and snatched creature back leaving Daesung in pool of nervous sweat at his secret hideout. Creature is last seen passed out at base camp while TOP calls team to gather with his hot man beams.

    username: thumperjunior

    5 years ago
  30. I think that it started out that the girl, im going to call her Ms.Muffin, was going out with Daesung, but as time went by the spark in their relationship disappeared and ms. muffin started liking T.O.P. She fell in love with T.O.P and left Daesung heartbroken which led him to drinking and reminiscing about their relatioinship. He then got caught for DUI and is being chased by cops so he moves to a motel and checks the window every now and then. It suddenly comes to his mind that he and his girlfriend had a night their once together. While Daesung is hiding in a hotel that night, T.O.P is with Ms. Muffin staring out at the night sky from his room.

    BonbonKaneWagaMehLin <3

    5 years ago
  31. And LOL. Just when Simon hoped and tried not to make another BIgBang song, well we couldn't really force Martina. Can we, Simon? LOOL. Sometimes, I pity you… BUT! YAY FOR BIGBANG. HAHA BTW, I vote for Super JUnior M, sorry Bigbang, I guess suju singing in chinese makes me hyperventilate more. hhaha 太完美~ :)

    I just gotta say, the Secret Garden parody of simonandmartina was awesome HAHA. Couldn't believe I can see Simon actually spazzing about BigBang LOOOL

    5 years ago
  32. I vote Big Bang!!!! <3

    When I watched the video my take was that the girl was with Daesung first but TOP's immense good looks made here leave Daesung for him. Daesung, sad, drove around Vegas visiting all of the places that they had gone together. TOP wine and dines the girl but by the end of the video he feels too guilty for taking Daesung's girl (doesn't he look teary-eyed as he stares out the window?) and leaves her in the room. Throughout all this Taeyang is feeling sad about his own dating woes but those are not important enough to be in the video, so he just drives around Vegas. G-Dragon is the pimp in the video as he just left one girl's room and is heading for another's. Seungri just walks around Vegas, mostly on rooftops as he's too young to do anything else.

    youtube id: reah009

    5 years ago
  33. [continued, comment #2]
    Taeyang and GD are just at Vegas for vacation. This is because Taeyang recently went there for his vacation and thought it was soo cool he decided to bring his BFF, G Dragon. Taeyang gets distracted, forgets about GD, rents a Lamborghini, and drives down the streets with swag. All the meanwhile, GD looks for taeyang in the hotel hallways, with his charismatic-self and his oxymoron phrase "I'm a bad boy but I'm nice." So GDYB is really just roaming Las Vegas with SWAG.
    NOTE: Seungri is at the beach because he is underaged.

    [Not] Relevant: MGM Grand FTW [pshh my fav hotel there, I only go there >:D]

    5 years ago
  34. Hmm Hands Down, Big Bang FTW!!!
    Anyways, theory #1 seems to fit my boat a bit more than the others.
    I actually think that the girl was with Daesung, but was picked up by TOP. The girl could'nt resist TOP's sexyness and followed him into the limo. Daesung is in the desert looking for the girl, because she has gone missing. While in the desert and motel, he reminices all the lovey dovey moments they had together, [while sweating profusely]. TOP is just a pimp [which is why he showed no emotion in the limo, besides the look of bordom] , so at the end, its all really just a one night stand….and he just buttons his sexy suit and stares into the distance.

    [continues go to comment #2]

    5 years ago
  35. Super Junior M. Cause I like them. But duhhh of course that's how Vegas people say Bang~ Who doesn't know? xDD Just kidding~ I dunno what they're saying…. o___O And like… I think.. you're both crazy.. cause I watched that MV like two times just now and I don't see a girl… at all. ●﹏● Weird… But I think the story is that you two are secret robots with their memories hidden away in your memory and the new story [MV] that has come out is that they're just people partying in Vegas and out to see the scenery. But the REAL story is that they drugged the girl and at the end of the MV (apparently…) is actually the beginning and the members freaking out are all their regrets and stuff…. After they killed the girl and put her in the desert.. but you're the only ones that sees this cause… I don't see anything…. for real. ⊙﹏⊙‖∣

    5 years ago
  36. Gotta vote for Big Bang in Las Vegas! Love SJM, but Big Bang totally wins this time around.

    My theory to the story line would have to be that Daesung and girl used to date, but one day she just disappeared on him. In order to find her, Daesung hires GD, TOP, Seungri, and Taeyang to help him find her in various places. The thing is, TOP has a thing for the girl so instead of looking for her for his pal, Daesung, he's looking for her for him. GD is searching for her in a casino, but alas gets distracted by the gambling and the pretty lights that call out to him to stay. Seungri hits the beach, but only to find out that Daesung is there, but that's because he's hitting all the places he and this girl spent time at, special time that ends up with them making out on a bed…o.O? Seungri not sure what to do about his friend just leaves him be as Daesung sweats and wonders where he went wrong with this amazing girl. Taeyang starts out helping Daesung find the girl, but honestly he knows what TOP's up to with the whole finding her and making her his thing. He starts out trying to tell Daesung, who just won't listen to anybody because he's depressed and trying to find the girl of his dreams, but he can't find her. Taeyang ends up giving up his search, but he finds out that TOP has already found her and making her his by taking her out into a limo. TOP plays the cool image of I really don't care what's going on, but inside he's all, "Oh yeah I totally got her." She falls for him because his mysterious I'm cool attitude attracts (But I just think it's hard to resist the almighty charm of TOP…) In the end, she sleeps over at TOP's place, but as she sleeps he thinks back to his friend, the one he betrayed and the one that's sitting alone in a motel room grieving.

    I think that, or it's just a what happened after Beautiful Hangover. Daesung and Seungri teamed up and got the others hung up on one girl, but their plan totally backfired because TOP was unaffected by whatever they gave them. As revenge TOP steals Daesung's girl and sends him on a wild goose chase to figure out where she is, but she's really just with him. Taeyang and GD are cover ups to where she could possibly be and Seungri is a lousy helper at helping Daesung find her… Youtube username is raydran.

    5 years ago
  37. youtube account – hibrianhello
    the daesung dude went to college in america, and had babies with laura bush ( 1980s) . the daesung dude also has an anti aging machine so his appearance is that of a young man. this daughter, observed as having parents of different nationalities, is the daughter of daesung in present day, she comes to korea seeking a job in business. daesung dude's friend named toppy is a man who is the leader of the business powerhouse "0M3G@". He manipulates daesung's long lost daughter in hopes of gaining her trust , as top sees great potential for his business in her. dausung then tries to persuade her from him, going to the desert to have great love. she does not know that he is her father, so seungri uses his manwhore skills to gain her. it doesn't work. Top and the market conglomerate including the golden dragon take her into chains in a hotel room to inception her with these ideas of joining him. daesung in desperation runs to the desert where he remember he stored the master cure called "MeG@ cure" to change his daughter back tfrom thoughts of joining the corrupt enterprise. taeyang, a subordinate to top goes and tries to hunt him in the desert.

    5 years ago
  38. Youtube username: squishynereid

    The story, as interpreted by someone who knows no Korean:

    TOP the king of Las Vegas (literally, because Vegas is a monarchy). He is a hard-hearted king who rules with an iron-fist (because evil is sexy). The other guys are his younger brothers. The girl is TOP's betrothed. He makes a show of taking her around his kingdom in his limo, but she's unhappy because it's an arranged marriage and King TOP doesn't show her any real affection. She falls in love with Daesung, and have a secret affair, sneaking off into the desert to be together and so on.

    TOP finds out about the affair and can't bear the humiliation of having his fiancée cheat on him with his brother. He decides his other three brothers should make themselves useful and sends them after Daesung with orders to kill him. Taeyang is incredibly competent and quickly gets on Daesung's trail but feels all conflicted about his orders as he follows Daesung around in his slick car. Daesung goes to the secrety hideaway he used to bring the girl too and remembers the good times they had, and angsts about how he might never see her again. And he sweats a lot because being full of so much angst is hard work. Meanwhile, the girl goes back to TOP in the hopes that he'll spare Daesung. They spend the night in his royal bedchamber and she goes to sleep thinking TOP will call off the hunt for Daesung, but of course he won't. TOP buttons his shirt while looking out his highly reflective window (which has an awesome view of his kingdom). With cold satisfaction, he thinks "Tonight, such a beautiful night," because he has his woman back, Daesung will probably be dead soon, and he's freakin' king of Las Vegas. It's good to be king.

    The question is, what happened to Daesung? Either 1) As you speculated: murdered, his body buried in the desert by Taeyang or 2) Taeyang couldn't go through with it and let him go, and Daesung is still out there somewhere plotting against TOP.

    Seungri and GD have their own subplots. Seungri's trying to prove himself by tracking down Daesung but he got totally lost and ended up at a beach. GD is a decorated war hero (patches are used as medals in the kingdom of Vegas) who wears his medals on a furry hood because he's kind of eccentric like that. Despite his successes, GD feels stifled by his royal life under his hard-ass older brother's rule. He decides to abandon his mission in favor of wandering around hallways and rooftops, singing about his Disney princess-like longing for more.

    Oh, and "Big Bang" is the royal family's motto, the meaning of which has been lost to history. They are also no longer sure what the correct pronunciation is, which is why TOP doesn't quite get it right in the video.

    5 years ago
  39. Here is my brief… well, not so brief, take on the Big Bang "Tonight" MV. Enjoy :) I had to break it into two parts…

    First off, GD is not really lost in the hotel. He is actually playing a game of hide and go seek with Seungri and Taeyang. He is trying to locate them through his gift of song.

    Top is too cool to play such a game and is wondering how the others could be so childish, so of course the obvious answer he comes up with is for him to go drink champagne in a car with his girlfriend. However, he is not too happy with her because he knows what she did the day before…

    Taeyang then begins to brainstorm where he should hide from GD by going on the roof to think. Singing helps his thinking proccess.

    Seungri decides to follow Taeyang's lead and goes to think on a different roof about the best hiding place. His idea is to go somewhere where he would never be found by GD: the beach. It was a foolproof idea and he begins to sing in joy of his geniousness once he arrives at his destination.

    5 years ago
    • Meanwhile, Daesung has been going through a slump. He is too depressed to play with the others and is instead hung up over what he had done the day before. He was in love with Top's girlfriend and thought that she loved him too. They spent a whole day together and he thought that she would leave Top to be with him. However, she left him to go back to Top. He was just a fling for her. He is heartbroken and spends the entire day reliving the happy day he had before with her.

      GD finally realizes something fishy is up and heads outside, then realizing that both Seungri and Taeyang are cheating in the game. They left the hotel!

      We then see Taeyang's brilliant plan in action: he simply drives away from the hotel so GD can never possibly find him. He once again vocalizes his feelings through song. Taeyang just cant get enough singing in his life.

      5 years ago
      • Daesung is now in a motel, still reliving the day he had with Top's girlfriend, unable to accept her using him and leaving. He is still torn up inside.

        Top knows what his girlfriend did, but doesn't let her know that. He is practically indifferent with her actions and is seen contemplating something as he looks out at the night sky.

        He is thinking that he should have just played the stupid game of hide and go seek.

        THE END

        … This is just how my imagination works. I can't help it. Hope you found this entertaining :)

        Youtube name:

        5 years ago
  40. First at all, I must have a lot of mistakes, I’m still learning English, so, I’m sorry…!
    The "When will GD find the elevator?" part killed me ajajjajaajaj

    Speaking of killing, I think BB went to Las Vegas to get some new surprising hair styles, trying not to be seen for anybody. But before the job was done, Daesung made a mistake and dated a girl, so his new hair style was revealed. OH NO! (1) They reunited at some building flat roof and decided to "eliminate" the problem before the news appeared in Twitter. After that, they had to hurry up to the desert because they had an YG helicopter to catch, to go back to Seoul and go on with the new album photoshoots. GD told them to get dressed with the new concept clothes to buy some time. TOP was chosen to do the dirty job (seduce the girl, sleep the girl) because he's the older one and apparently he has some experience in putting something into girl's drinks to make them sleep (forever-sleep this time). Daesung was so sad for her lover that tried to save her by meeting her in a hotel on his way to the desert. He was in such a hurry that forgot his new concept clothes, so Taeyang drove back to get Daesung clothes, then drove to the desert. Poor Tae drove all night long (2). They didn't want to see a pissed off GD again… first the new style revealed, then the clothes forgotten… no way (3). TOP did what he was told to; GD checked everything was allright and left to the BB meeting (in the middle of the road he was informed about Dae and Tae’s delay, he got mad of course … broken camera after that).
    Anyway, Seung Ri took a walk for the beach before arriving the desert because he was early. Daesung’s plan didn’t work and the girl was killed. Finally the five got together and waited for the helicopter (4).

    (1) Taeyang couldn't get a new hair style so he cried all day and got puffy eyes; that's why he's wearing dark glasses even when his driving.
    (2) It could have been faster but he refused to take off the damned dark glasses.
    (3) Broken cameras and guitars replacements are not included in their contracts. No way they keep paying for the consequences of GD’s anger attacks.
    (4) They did a rehearsal while waiting. Oh they’re so professional…

    Hope you understand!
    Thanks for the video. Bye bye!!
    User: lolenenalinda

    5 years ago