Don’t act like you didn’t see it coming! This week we review Big Bang’s “Tonight” and try to figure out if TOP murdered Daesung.

So we tried to do our own Secret Garden version for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. If you haven’t seen it by now, Big Bang did their own parody of Secret Garden, which was hilarious. And we gotta say, pretending to be each other was a lot more difficult than we expected. In fact, this video took us a lot longer to film than our other Music Mondays, because we were trying to get down each other’s isms. We’ll put up the blooper footage on our Bonus Page tomorrow, and – let me tell you – there’s a lot of stuff that went wrong! Ah! We’ve got a lot more respect for Secret Garden now as a result.

Back to Big Bang’s “Tonight,” it’s a cool video shot in what looks like Las Vegas, and the song is really awesome and we’ve been singing it all week…but does anyone know what the story’s actually about? What’s the girl doing with both TOP and Daesung? Who is she with? Why’s Taeyang driving around in his car all the time? When will GD find the elevator? Who knows!

If you do know, or if you have any ideas about the video, you’re in luck, because we have a great giveaway for you this time. Shazam! We’re giving away TWO BIG BANG CDs!!!! Here’s what you can do to win:

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BAM! So, there you go! 26 episodes in, half a year of Music Mondays complete! We can’t believe we’ve been doing this for this long now! Huzzah! As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos, ALL OF THEM, into Korean. Also, if you’re not one of the winners for the contest, you can still get yourself a copy of the Big Bang Tonight CD by clicking on the banner below!

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  1. OMG, I just realised I thought TOP looked just like a young David Bowie, or more accurately, Dr. Spock since the first time I saw Big Bang was in that Coffee Prince parody. Sorry Martina, but I still think TOP is… well… not that cute, even now. Maybe when he gets older and start looking like David Bowie somewhat around the Labyrinth days (or even a little after that).

  2. One of your best vids in these Kpop Music Monday reviews. Loved the body switcheroo!

  3. Hey wait! Seungri’s not at the beach! He’s at the Neon Graveyard . . . .

  4. I really like what you guys are doing but wish the music you are explaining is in the back ground or show more of the MV at the beginning or the end of video.

  5. I really fun :) Opinion about TOP is really fun ã…‹ã…‹

  6. It's like GD is the storyteller of the night. We see him at the beginning as the opening Saying It's such a beautiful night for a story about Big Bang that will blow your mind. So he's like this is about a bad boy and a good boy. We then see Top acting all cool and cold while this chick is trying to seduce him by drinking all his champagne and cuddling up to him. He seems to busy looking out the window. Like man where did i pick up this chick. That champagne tasted kind of funky. Are we there yet? Then we have Taeyang our second storyteller come on and he's like nothing thing is what it seems, because it cuts into Daesung in the desert with the chick and all happy like with her. Seungri seems like he wanted to party but go lost somewhere. He also seems to be reliving Daesung's memories with him. So i'm getting some Big Bang power mojo that GD as the leader started at the beginning.
    We then get Teayang in a cool as car driving around around. he seems to be the voice inside of Deasung's head. Because we get Daesung in a motel sweating alot. So i'm guessing the voices and memories in his head are causing him to have hot flashes and maybe he had to too much cotton candy on the way there. Then they all gather, because they feel bad about seungri partying all alone. So through Gd magic leader storyteller powers he gather them togother to shout TONIGHT!!! whoa what a party.
    GD also wanted everyone to know that the coat he was wearing symbolizes his animal the wolf by howling in the middle of the street.
    We also see them at the desert together with teayang pointing to the Sun. I'm guess it's his way of telling everyone that he's going back home. He's people are calling him back to the Sun. Everyone's like oh okay really we'll go with you.
    Wait whats this Top has something to add yes i slept with the chick. Though from the look on his face she was not that good. He seems more interested in the night and looking at his general hotness in the window. So i guess he's thinking i dont know what Daesung is sweating about.


  7. hummm i have to go with theory # 2… and that secret garden parody was aweeesome.. lol

  8. He ran out to tell the rest of the members his idea, only to find that everyone had left except for Seungri. He was sitting on the curb with his head in his knees. Frustrated, Daesung went to the nearest car rental and decided to grab a jeep to attempt to find the other members, leaving Seungri where he was. When leaving the car rental place, he saw Taeyang leaving with his own car he had apparently rented. Daesung got out of his car and walked over to Taeyang to tell him about his plan. Turns out, the other members had already come up with their own plan they had noticed one particular waitress in the restaurant Daesung had gone into (the same one who served him) and decided that the first member to receive the girl’s phone number would get the car, while the other members were forced to disguise and take the bus. The members would check if they had the correct number by having the whole group listen in as the ‘winner’ called the girl.

    • Thinking the idea was brilliant, Daesung dashed to the hotel the group was staying at to grab his wallet (as he had just used all of his backup money to pay for the car rental). When leaving, he noticed GD turning the corner down the hall. He grinned mischievously. He ran up to catch up with GD and started talking to him. At one point, he came upon a crowd of people and silently broke away GD, leaving him lost and confused in the hotel. Luckily for Daesung, the group was headed straight for the elevator. He then left the hotel and managed to find the waitress. He took her out for a drive, but in vain. He could not obtain her number. Instead, the girl abandoned him for T.O.P. while Daesung was trying to fix a flat tire out in the rain.

      • Absolutely distressed, Daesung recovered by taking shelter from the rain in a nearby motel, only realizing that this was the room he was just in with the girl. Bringing up these bad memories, Daesung began panicking and sweating profusely at the thought of dealing with crazed fans on the bus trip to Canada. To cool off, he tried to leave the room but found out that this girl had notified people that Daesung had been here and there were hundreds of fans outside. Therefore, Daesung could go nowgere. Now, T.O.P. could not get this girl’s number either and eventually gave up and dropped the girl off at her work (the restaurant). Taeyang unfortunately, was always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        • He had tried following Daesung at one point, only to be caught in traffic just as Daesung turned onto a sidestreet suddenly to lose him. GD was still lost in the hallways of the hotel, so that left Seungri. Seungri, being intelligent, found out that the girl was actually a fangirl/stalker who wanted only to spend time with some of the members (and hopefully be taken to their hotel room so she could revisit) and take pictures of each one. She had had a picture of every member except Seungri. She had managed to snag a picture of Taeyang during the group’s argument outside the restaurant. Seungri had evaded the camera every time. (: D)

        • Also, due to his ‘sources’ (ie: reporting the girl (since she was almost to the point of stalking them) to her manager), he managed to get the girl’s phone number. When all the members managed to get back to their hotel room (including GD who finally found an elevator!), Seungri waved the phone number in his fellow members’ faces and gloated in his glory.

        • When he called the number (from a payphone so as not to be traced and such), it was indeed the girl who picked up, therefore making Seungri the winner! Happy that he had won, Seungri slept soundly. Unfortunately for him, T.O.P. had a secret. Turns out, the waitress was actually T.O.P.’s cousin and he knew her number all along. He called her and asked if he could stay at her apartment for the night and hide the car in her apartment’s parking. He then snuck out of the hotel, took the car, and made his way to his cousin’s apartment successfully. However, at the very end of all this, T.O.P. feels guilty and decides to go back. He lets his cousin know and gives her a final “Goodnight” before heading back to Big Bang’s hotel room to apologize.

          MORAL: The maknae always wins. (: D)

  9. I think that it was a huge love triangle, the girl is cheating on both of the guys, who are kind of depressed. That's why TOP isn't interested, he realized that she was cheating and even though she's with him he can't get it off of his mind. Meanwhile the other man is thinking back to all the good memories they had and how her cheating totally destroyed what they had. The best friend tries to console him but he can't get there in time. TOP wants to set up a date with his girl but she doesn't show as we realized by the fact that she's no where to be found, that maybe she's cheating with someone else too. Both men are depressed at the fact that this woman a maninizer (like a womanizer but for men? idk. lol). That's just my theory!

  10. So, here we go:
    Seung Ri is a mafia boss and owns a huge hotel (no one would tell 'cause he's too young) and he doesn't want to let the girl that works for him go, but he found out that Daesung helped her to run away 'cause he was in love with her, so he calls GD (who's in the hotel) and tell him to send T.O.P to bring her back (because Seung Ri knows she is in love with T.O.P), meanwhile Taeyang have heard it and goes out, driving around the dity, looking for his friend Daesung thinking that he may be killed by T.O.P.
    But it ends up with Daesung alone in a hotel in the middle of the desert, while the girl is back to Seung Ri's hotel, thinking that T.O.P is finnaly in love with her… but she was wrong: it to T.O.P it was only for one night!

    By the way, my YouTube id is vgonsalez!! ;D
    Love you guys!!! =D

  11. Hello, Martina & Simon (& Spudgy)! =]
    I'm sending this just because I really want to participate!! I think I'm late and you guys already finish the competitors, but I really like your videos and i really want to be participate, even not winning (even with so many people sending scripts while mine is just a note)!!! xDDDD

  12. This is what I think happened:
    The girl, let's call her Soo kyung, was caught in a love triangle with Daesung and T.O.P. In the end she chose T.O.P. In fear Daesung would spiral into a major depression she went to her sexy mad scientist brother, Taeyang, and asked him to clone her. The first clone of Soo Kyung, also known as Seungri, was a hot fail, and was abandoned at the beach. The second clone was a success so she was sent to meet Daesung in a motel. Later, Taeyang realized that clone two can morph between Soo Kyung and a male form, so he begins to tail Daesung. Daesung loses him and successfully makes it to the motel, and makes love to the clone. The clone then morphs into G-Dragon who reveals to Daesung the entire story and that the police would arrive soon because he was evil and framed Daesung in multiple crimes. Which is why he was in the beautiful corridor earlier and the desert . So Daesung waits for the police, scared and confused. G Dragon met up with Seung ri and informs him that T.O.P was the one who tampered with Taeyang's machine to mess with Daesung just because he dislikes him. Also, that the would split the cashe he earned. Finally, T.O.P is happy that he has his world the way he wants its before it was expected to be complete, which is why he said "Tonight, such a beautiful night." :)

  13. I found your blog two days ago and I been watching all night. So silly and cute. I happened to live in bucheon. yay bucheon!!! when i was young and moved to america. I really miss korea and thinking of going back there after this year.

    I havent been to korea for little over 10 years now…definitely need your videos…to learn how to live in korea!
    Thank you!!!! for bridging! two cultures ^^

  14. I think TOP was lover whom she loved. but TOP don’t love her now. he is so bored. So Daesung, who love her, think this time is good chance. he want to love of her. but she still loves TOP. because top is so sexy. she is falling in love deeper, and deeper. maybe GD loves top, too. so he wander hotel to find TOP.

  15. big bang big bang big boow <3

  16. I believe this has a sort of “Fight Club” situation going on here, where TOP and Daesung are the same person, but the twist is that they don’t realize it because Daesung has control over his body during the day, while TOP has control at night. They decide they want to take a trip to ease their troubles, so they are accompanied by their three friends Taeyang, Seungri, and GD, who are actually agents sent by the Korean government to watch the “two” of them and make sure they don’t hurts themselves.

    (Prepare yourself, for this might get confusing. Remember: Daesung and TOP are the SAME person, but I’m going to refer to them as separate individuals.)

    When the four (or five) land in Las Vegas, they all stay at the same hotel. The agents are assigned different assignments: GD is put in charge of “manning the fort” or hotel; Taeyang is supposed to look after TOP, although TOP always tends to get away from him, and Seungri is set to look after Daesung.

    Daesung and TOP both meet this fine young lady and spend the entire day with her. Unfortunately, she disappears, and days go by without sight of her. They both realize how much they are dying to see her again.

    Before Daesung knows, he finds himself in a motel room that he finds sort of familiar, but can't figure out why. He breaks out in a sweat over not being able to see the girl, and before he knows it, starts picturing doing things he wished he could have done with her before she disappeared.

    BUT WHAT HE DOESN’T REALIZE IS THAT TOP ACTUALLY WENT OUT AND FOUND HER. So what he thought he was imagining was actually what TOP and the girl were doing at that moment, in that room. (Hence why you see Taeyang on the search beforehand because it was his turn to look for TOP)

    Daesung can’t handle the stress, and pretty much dies off, leaving TOP to take full control.

    And the whole group is just kind of singing about it in the desert.

  17. (Part two)
    Daesung spends his day out in the desert, remembering his time with the girl. He wonders who she would have chosen- him or Top. Seungri spends his day on the beach, where the group used to hang out together and watch the waves.
    As night falls, Taeyang begins heading towards the hotel. Sure, she won’t be there, but he decides to go in her memory. Daesung, incidentally, thinks the same thing. He arrives at the hotel and pays for a room, then sits down on the bed and remembers her.
    Top, still heartbroken from her loss, imagines her on the bed behind him in the final scene.
    And that is what really happened in the music video.

  18. Hey! Here’s what I think happened in the Tonight MV:
    A few years ago, there had been a rather complicated love triangle between the girl, Top, and Daesung. It ended with the girl going to university to get away from them both, leaving all three heartbroken. Also disappointed were G-Dragon and Seungri, childhood friends of the group. They all promised to meet in one year’s time at the hotel.
    However, the girl died in a car accident a few months into university. The message got to everyone but G-Dragon.
    The music video begins with G-Dragon. He arrives on time at the hotel, and begins searching through the hallways for her. Unable to find her, he checks outside as well. In the meantime, Top is in the back of the limo on the way to another casino. He remembers when the girl used to sit beside him, leaning on his shoulder.

  19. you guys tried to do like a secret garden??? ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ so funny :)

  20. simon martina, if you're doing a secret garden parody why didn't you do the foam kiss!!!! >___<

    i vote suju!

    and my youtube nick is tokoyoko :)

  21. At the beginning TOP leaves the hotel and Gdragon comes out fixing his jacket… so they were lovers, until TOP and the girl were in an arranged marriage by their parents, the girl likes TOP, but TOP only wants GD, GD doesn't know TOP is engaged. On the other hand Daesung was dumped by the girl, and he is left heartbroken. Taeyang is his older brother and he's stalking Daesung just incase he ends up murdering TOP. Seungri is a friend of Daesung and he is upset because he can't help him, so he goes on the beach to sing his pain out. Then Daesung challenges TOP to a duel in the desert, the winner gets to keep the girl, Gdragon and everyone else is there to watch and witness, but TOP was only fighting because GD had found out everything and was really mad at TOP for not telling him. So Daesung was getting beat up pretty badly and Taeyang was yelling at them to stop since he didn't want his little brother to get hurt. In the end, TOP had won, GD hated TOP, Daesung was left heartbroken, and TOP had to marry the girl. He took the girl to his house and let her sleep, but he was looking out the window he said; "Even though we are going our way's Tonight, is our night, GD."

    LOL, sorry if it ended up being Yoai/yaoi. But I watched the video and the beginning showed TOP leaving the Hotel and Gdragon coming out of the hotel fixing his jacket… LOL

  22. I think… the girl is cheating on Daesung with TOP. Yup.

    Youtube uersname: jlwhite9

  23. So in the music video we can see them in a place where people leave things they dont need(?) …anyway they (5 guys)met the girl in that place. therefore they are there to try to find her.
    -GD is in the hotel walking by the hallway to see if she maybe is there..and he's going crazy.
    -Seungri is by the shore ..doing the same, because they had good times together there
    -Taeyang is driving in Las Vegas and looking for her in the streets
    -Daesung while driving he remembers her and goes to the places they were together before and he is upset ,because he doesnt find her
    -TOP also is thinking on her and and doing the same as the other members
    what i see at the last part of the MV . It's that he is in the hotel,but she is not with him, he is just imagining,( because the color of her skin looks black and white or a color a dull color, making me thing that she is not in the bed right there.Its only the memory of him in which she was once there.)

    *It was a beautiful night when each of them were with the girl.*

    youtube username: ZheZhir

  24. The girl went out with the 5 members. They all fell in love with her. But the only ones who were her ideal type were Daesung and TOP. She had sexual intercourse with both. so they had a great memory of that moment, and they can't forget her and keep thinking on her. But what they don't know is that she cheated on them.
    Even though she dissapeared.
    youtube username: ZheZhir

  25. sooo and I think BigBang is better :D
    I really like Super Junior…but I like BigBang more :3

  26. Part 2 :D

    Taeyang follows Top and tried now a thousand time to calls Daesung but he doesn’t pick up his cellphone. He worries that much about his secret love that he lost Top. He thinks about how this could happen. The 5 of them was always happy together and they always celebrate together and nothing could break their friendship. But now is everything over because a girl. Taeyang hates this girl he hate her more than anything other on the world.

    It’s become dark an Daesung enters his car again. Full of sadness he hits his head against the steering wheel. He drives to the motel where he and she share a wonderful time together. Daesung takes the room where they shared it. He sat on the bed . He sweats like mad while he thinks about the beautiful girl.
    While Taeyang drives and thinks about the old times. Gd gets depressive.
    Daesung looks out the window. In his imagination the girl steps closer to him. The both kissed and touched each other. Daesung pressed her closer to him. They were so close they could feels the other ones breath on their skin. Daesung kissed her beautiful and soft skin. She enjoys that.
    On this night they filled each other with pleasure. They had complete the other this was the best night for Daesung.

    Daesung cries in the lonely motel room…
    …Gd went crazy and tears roll down his face too…
    …Taeyang wishes that everything would be like in the old times again…
    …Seungri wants to comfort GD but he just can’t…

    After the girl fall asleep Top puts her on his bed without any kisses any hugs or touches. He realizes that he had done a mistake. That he lost his love and his friends . He looks out the window. He whispers to himself “ tonight..such a beautiful night…”. On such a beautiful night he lost everything he had. He hold back his tears that form in his eyes. He leaves the hotel room.

    In the end GD and Daesung forgives Top. And GD and TOP tries it again as a couple. Daesung realises that the girl had never loves him that much likes he loves her and then Taeyang and he comes together. And Seungri is still lonely but he’s happy that his love can smile again and that he can be happy. And now the girl has lost everything.


    So I think this happened in “Tonight” :DD
    I hope you’ll like it ^^
    I write 3 hours on that story x’DD. My fingers hurts q.q but I enjoys to write that story^^
    I apologize if this is too long o.o’’ But Simon Martina I hope you’ll like it ;DDD
    I wish you a good time reading this story ;DD
    And sorry if this is write in bad English o.o’’ I’m not the best one in English -.-’’

    But ENJOY!! :D and thank you for every Kpop Music Monday :3 <33

    Youtube account: i3igi3ang1

  27. I must make this in 2 parts xDD was too long for a comment >///< *ashamed*
    Youtube username: i3igi3ang1

    So this could be the story :D :Part 1

    At the beginning they showed G-dragon who had a really bad fight with his lover T.O.P. GD leans against the balcony and thinks about how this fight started. TOP had ended the relation and went away leaving a heartbroken Jiyong alone. The sexy TOP decided to take a ride in his limousine to forget about GD. He still love him like mad but he just can stand the fights and screams and all the tears they shed so he must broke this relationship even if he hurts the one he loves the most and even if it hurts himself. He went into his white saloon car. Meanwhile GD went around the hotel to find his ex-lover. He can’t understand why TOP broke up with him after a really long time they had been together.

    Top sees a beautiful girl. He thinks if he flirts with other girls or boys he can forget GD. So he asks her if she want to take a drive with him. She smiles and her smile is as beautiful as an angel. The beautiful girl nods and goes into to car. The two of them talks and drinks a lot of champagne. After a few glasses more the girl gets tired and leans against Top’s manly shoulder. The sexy white-haired man looks out the window. Now he has a beautiful girl on his side and the only thing he can think about is GD. He holds back his tears and avoids to look at the girl beneath him. He feels bad because he found out that she was the girlfriend from Daesung his best friend. But no matter how bad he feels and how disgusting that is what he does. He don’t want her to go. He want a bit fun to forget his love and now he doesn’t care how much he’ll hurt his best friend.

    Taeyang saw TOP drives pass him with Daesung’s girlfriend and was shocked. He loves Daesung and he was really hurt as he know that Daesung found a girlfriend. His anger grow on that girl and Top. He took his cellphone an calls Daesung and tell her everything. Daesung who is far away from Las vegas was shocked by the news but a few minutes after that he tells Taeyang to follow the car he will come in about a few hours and the other boy agreed. Daesung jumps in his car and drives to Las Vegas. He fells hurt. Hurt by the girl he loves and hurt by his best friend. He can’t control himself anymore and tears starts to run down his face. The black-haired man remembers the time he and his girlfriend shares. All the time they drive in this area in his car. How beautiful she is when the wind blows her hair back. When she leans against his shoulder and they just has been silence and enjoys the drive and the wind in their faces and hairs.

    Seungri the youngest among them had heard from the news too. He went to the place where the 5 played as they were kids. His anger on Top grows every minute and every second. Seungri had a crush on Gd since they were little children. He can’t understand how Top could broke up with such a wonderful person like G-dragon. He hadn’t never a chance against Seunghyun. For Jiyong he was just like a little brother. The blond guy never had seen him like a real man. He imagines how GD could feel now and his hearts starts to hurt too. He walks along the beach and hopes maybe Gd comes here because this is the place that Jiyong will come when he is sad and when he had a fight with Seunghyun.

    Daesung suddenly stops because his tears make it unable to drive on. He sits against his car and thinks about the girl he gives his whole heart. All the picture and memories he shared with her comes up on his mind. All kisses and hugs and touches their shares. Why do she do that to him?? Why?? He did everything she wanted he always tried to make her happy to make her laugh and let her feel comfortable.
    In the time Seungri had waited for hours but he can’t find his love. But he won’t give up. He stays there even if he must wait for hours…days…months…or even years. So much loves Seungri Jiyong that he would wait for his lifetime for the other man just to see and make him happy and smile again.

    GD gives up in searching for TOP. He feels like his world have been destroyed. He likes to want punch someone in the face but he hold his anger his loneliness and sadness back. But he just can’d stand it anymore and he doesn’t care when people pass him by and thinks he were mad.
    Seunghyun (Seungri) discovers Jiyong and saw how the smaller man kicks against the sand. And screams on top of his lungs.

  28. I love BB and all, but i think Super Junior M is way better. I love their costumes and their dance as well (the part where everyone freezes on air and Zhoumi at the middle singing is totally cool – MATRIX concept)!. the downside of this song is just that the Korean version just makes me … winced. Mandarin version is way more awesome, cool, and hot. Eunhyuk's rap in english is good too, except the part where the lyrics are supposed to be "baby kicks kicks", but i heard "baby kiss kiss". and why i comment this much about Super Junior M Perfection instead of Big Bang – COZ PLEASE comments on Super Junior M's MV next. and can I have Super Junior M album? can I? can I? puhleaseeee. pretty please!!!

  29. Post apocalyptic
    [Our story opens in a post apocalyptic world. They are all standing in front in one of the few structures left, and GD’s clothes were obviously scavenged from the nearby surroundings.]
    A young hero, GD, was sent by Korea to the United States in order to try and prevent the unthinkable from happening. He wonders around the hotel searching for the one he was sent to find, the one who holds the fate of the world in his hands.
    The scene changes. TOP is pondering the decision he will have to make. He was supposed to just use his extremely good looks to seduce the young woman, and steal her away from DaeSung. He is so good looking it is not a question of ability, but a question of love. If he convinces her to run away with him, he could prevent DaeSung from using her knowledge to end the world as we know it. However, he also knows that she can never truly be happy with him, and he has fallen in love with her. He decides to turn on his mission, and his own love and leave the girl to DaeSung (end of music video) in the hopes that DaeSung will also give up on his mission.
    All the while TaeYang, who is working together with GD is scouring the city for this young woman who has the knowledge which if misused could lead to the end of the world, and the agent who has abandoned his mission.
    DaeSung, who has also fallen in love with the girl, is torn between his love and his duty. He ultimately chooses to betray her, and bring about the end of the world as we know it (This is represented by the fact that the ocean has been morphed into a dessert) He mourns this decision throughout the remainder of the video.
    Seung-ri represents the pain and anguish that all the characters feel throughout the film.

    That or my second theory. GD is a werewolf-howling at moon on balcony. Enough said

    Big Bang wins and youtube account=tumblesprite

  30. umm i think the storyline is they all like the same girl
    at the beginning they all pretend they dont have anything to do B) so they decide to hang out for a whlie
    then gd goes to the desert to yell and clap out his stress so does taeyang and seungri but he goes to the beach
    gd goes to a hotel to look for her but….
    top is like yea! i get her all to myself! so they get drunk
    but daesung is like k wheres my girl?? thats ok ill go look in the place we used to go…the desert
    then gd says fine i cant find u!!! -take my soul take my heart-
    now taeyang is bored so he goes to look for her
    daesung cant find her so he goes to the mearest hotel/motel and says where is she??
    GD says ah wat the heck -howl-
    they all pretend nothing happened andgo meet up with seungri at the beach
    go back and daesung is like oh no again the police* found me….*taeyang
    daesung is still sweating and remembers the time when they f-worded each other
    TOP- OMFG I-I-I WHY IS THE GIRL ON THE BED??? -screams in head- im so scared i think i f-worded her…ok if i leave she wont remember and so ill just leave her here with the bill and button all me buttons except the first two so i can hit on more girls

    youtube- mybackpack1ssick

  31. I vote for Suju M! Love their new song…would love it even more if you reviewed the korean version next week :D The Secret Garden parody was cute, btw :)

  32. Maybe they're all just dating the same woman and she's trying them all out to see who has the most to offer. She looks innocent enough but they say "roses have thorns" lol

  33. youtube username: minlove2
    so my plot is that Daesung and this girl have a loving relationship in the past. he loves her to bits and their favorite thing to do is driving out of the city and going to the beach and staying at a motel. however, the girl later in the relationship starts to be interested in TOP, but all of them know that she is Daesung's girl, so TOP says no thanks. When daesung realizes that she is after TOP too, they break up. Later in the future, daesung still cant forget about the girl and goes driving out of the city to where they used to go. Worried about Daesung, Seungri and Taeyang follow him just in case. They hope that he can get over his love and see her for who she is. Meanwhile back in the city, the girl reappears to TOP and asks to go for dinner for ol' time sakes. TOP agrees thinking it will be friendly, BUT! when they are drinking some wine, TOP becomes dizzy and his mind is not straight. in this state of mind, the girl persuades him to go to a hotel. But, good leader GDragon senses something is up and finds TOP in that hotel tryign to get him out of the situation. In the end, GDragon makes TOP come to his senses as the girl is sleeping, and TOP leaves saying :"goodnight, lets not meet again." :)

  34. so here is my story :) :) I recommend you watch the music video and read this at the same time, :)

    So here is GD in fresh clothes is about to hang out with Top, But Top ditches GD for a girl. But he feel very guilty so he ignore the girl, Daesung found out that Top was on date with his ex so he wants to tell GD but he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. So instead he rides his car into the beach hoping to forget, but instead he remember the memories when they were together. Seungri (a good friend) goes to the beach to look for Daesung but could not find him. Then GD found out that Top has ditch for a girl, he is furious and takes of his wilderness hood and KICK THE CAMERA!!!…. Daesung went to an abandon hotel that did not have ac and so he was sweating and very hot, but Taeyang when following him see him in a hotel and decide to ignore him, he is just glad that Daesung didn’t think of anything bad. Of course, at the end Top feel so guilty that he say goodbye to girl. :) :) THE END
    p.s. it’s long but it matches the scene in the song, I hope you pick me :) :)

    youtube name – zoeys2899 :)

  35. Okay, so here is my post: (Btw my best friend Fiona gets TOP so move out of the way Martina :D jk….maybe >.<)
    1st off , The chick hates TOP but is only w/ him because she wants to make Daesung jealous :) even tho she knows her brother,Taeyung will be be mad that she is sleeping w/ TOP. So in the end Taeyung finds out about the who thing and tells TOP about thats why he leaves her and goes to repair his friendship w/ Daesung. Then Daesung dumps the chicks sorry butt for cheating!
    (Oh, and on a side note : I LOVE G-DRAGON <3)
    Thats all bye now :D

  36. bigbang in las vegas

  37. This is wat i think happen in the story. The girl is two timing both Top and Daesung. She is with dreamy sexy Daesung in the morning. But, at night she is with the hot throb Top. Both Gd and Taeyang founds out that the girl is two timing them and goes to tell them. Gd runs around the hotel to tell Top, but it is too late the girl already got to him first. Top is looking out the window thinking wat he has see in her. Daesung is driving around the desert trying to forget wat Taeyang just told him. Daesung is at the hotel sweating heavily trying forget her. Seungri is a at the beach because he is underage to play any of the casino games. xD

  38. Jenni Chamberlain Newberry

    sloppy seconds no matter how you look at it ^^

  39. TOP and Daesung were in a night club, dancing and flirting around. Daesung grabbed this smoking hot girl and they were out for a drive and had a lot of fun. But DaeSung just found that the girl is actually a Man. But he didn't say anything to TOP, who actually liked the girl. At the next day TOP had a date with her and they actually had a lot of fun. When he was in the hotel with her he found out, that she is actually a boy and got pissed off. In the car he ju t got a msg of daesung, who just texted him the truth – so he just got even more pissed off, thats also why he isnt even looking in the camera. Seung Ri knew all about this and he was the one who just settled all of this and taeyang found out, so he's trying to find Seung Ri to beat him up, but seung ri hided at the beach!

    Youtube: Kawayurii

  40. E'body heard… except 4 TOP.
    D was diagnosed w/hallucination, where he c things at times. His fren GD, went searching 4him aft receivin a call from D say'n he's at the hotel. GD wen round N round to search 4his friend, worried.
    While Top was anxious about his new g/f, as D description of the new girl he hooked up with fits. So, he was acting coldly towards the girl.
    Riri, wandering in the middle of nowhere was actually ditched by D while they were out for a ride when D picked up this hot chick. Taeyang, received call from GD, went out to look for D. Everyone's trying 2convince D tat the girl is non-exist.
    But finally, they found out tat the girl was not an illusion & the fact tat D manage 2hit on her drives all the guys crazy – they're shouting in the dessert.
    As for TOP, he's the 1 who saw "thing".


  41. i can tell you what happened!

    Big Bang is actually a covenant of misfit monsters.

    that’s RIGHT!

    Gdragon is actually a werewolf. You can hear his howls several times on the song. and that fur coat? TROPHY FURS FROM ALL THE OTHER WEREWOLF BUTTS HE KICKED! And to prove how bad ass he is, he stole Girl Scout patches and decorated his fur with it! And why is he in the hotel? BECAUSE HE WAS GOING TO PLAY POKER! oh wait wrong animal maybe? lol x]

    Also T.O.P. is actually a half vampire. and NO, not the shiny ones. Actually His hair is white from age. that’s right. only his hair ages. cuz he’s half vampire… But you see, he’s getting ready for his next pray. cuz no one can resist TOP.

    Oh and Also, Seung RI, He’s actually the Wolverine’s son. Which actually means that he’s just a normal human, but don’t tell the others. And he’s living off his father in the beach. Hell i would too!

    and Taeyang is an Encantado (Brazilian mythical creature). An Encantado is characterized by superior musical ability, seductiveness, and attraction to parties. Sounds familiar? YEAH I THOUGH SO. And he’s driving around with his partay antenna up, and ends up in the desert. Where the Big Bang covenant have their secret part- i mean meetings.

    Oh and i forgot Daesung, he’s actually aquaman. But you see, aquaman’s ability is to produce lots of water from his body. yeah i don’t get it either. and well, he gets laid, but then the girl gets stolen by TOP. But what can Daesung do but sweat about it?

    Later they have their meeting in the desert, and when their standing in a circle you can actually see them saying their covenant promise.
    the end. lol
    did that makes sense?

  42. 3/3
    TaeYang is Daesung's best friend. Daesung told him what happened to him. TaeYang decided to search for the girl on his good looking car, because he hates Daesung to be that sad. Daesung waits at the motel… remembering the good things. At the end, T.O.P uses the girl and abandoned her. Concluding that the same thing that the girl do to GD, Daesung, and Seungri… T.O.P pay her back by using her and leaving her at the end. :D

  43. 1/3
    Hello!! Sorry…my explanation of Big Bang's "Tonight" is long….no a lot of space on youtube!! XD
    My user name on Youtube is Jejusan18
    Ok… I think this is what happen….
    GD dated the girl once, then she left him to go with Seungri. Seungri and the girl meet on the sea shore, later on he found out that she was cheating on him with Daesung. Daesung is in love with the girl, but the girl is only interested on money. Daesung is a normal guy that can afford to live a normal life. Daesung and the girl had a wonderful night.

  44. Okay i know what really happened, are you ready…They go up to the roof after watching The Hangover, but leave because it’s a billion degrees. GD sees the sign ‘ice machine located at end of hall’ he goes in search of illusive machine. Daesung’s girlfriend loves star trek and after seeing TOP-who looks like the Korean white haired spock- leaves Daesung for TOP. But TOPs not interested because she's a nerd, but sex is sex. Taeyang isn’t fallowing Daesung, he just stole a car and is now on the lam. Seungri spends all day at the beach because he’s sure Los Vegas is a desert, how is there a beach? Ahh cute poor mislead maknae *sigh* and that’s what really happened


  46. Big Bangs Tonight mv
    I belive In Big Bangs tonight video it was a love story. Daesung really loved the girl he was with but T.O.P stole her away from him cause T.O.P a is pimp. T.O.P is all grumpy looking because he feels bad about what he did but knows he is pimp so decides not to say sorry at all.
    Daesung goes back to all the places were he had memories with the girl. TaeYang follows him to make sure he doesnt do anything reckless or stalking him. And Daesung gets really horny and sweaty off the memory of him and the girl in the motel room. G-Dragon is in the hotel looking for T.O.P. And ShungRi is on a beach because he feels like it and doesnt want any part in the drama.In the end T.O.P still feels bad about taking Daesungs girl so after he sleeps with her he leaves looking at his sexy awesome reflection before he leaves.Kinda wish I was the girl though. lolz
    (P.S I LOVE T.O.P he is awsomeness hes even sexy when hes grumpy OMG <3 hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe)

  47. I think the story of the Tonight mv goes like this,

    Daesung was going out with a girl but TOP steals her away. Daesung drives out to the desert because he is so sad. But Taeyang drives after him to tell him to go to a hotel. Daesung then drives to the hotel all hot and sweaty from the desert heat. The girl then runs away from TOP because he doesn't like her much and only wanted her in bed. She runs to the hotel to meet Daesung where they can be together. Meanwhile, GD is wandering the hotel and making money. Seungri he having fun on the beach because he is not old enough to hang with GD. So that is what happened. Well that or theory #1. GD<3

    Note: The end of the MV happened before the girl ran away.

  48. I vote for BIGBANG of course… is not that a don´t like suju is just that i like bigbang the most… and my theory is:
    the girl has a twin sister. during a party one of the girls falls for top and this guy a very nice person does a favor to the girl by spending the night with her. Daesung in that party fell in love with her twin sister who is also a very nice girl and decides to spend some days with him.
    A few days after t.o.p was on the limo with the girl dreaming about she wasn´t there because he is already tired of her.
    Daesung disappointed because the girl didn´t want anything to do with him, starts going towards the motel where he had the unforgettable night with the girl, always remembering the good times we had with her during those days. in the mean time gd is struggling at the hotel looking for a woman, seungri is on the beach, and he doesn´t really remember what happened last night, SOL went to get a woman he met the day before to a party.
    after finishing clothing t.o.p goes to tayeng that is waiting in the car with a woman, this woman is the girl for whom Daesung fell for. t.o.p leaves the girl slepping and goes to the party with SOL looking for another girl. Daesung is still in the motel dreaming with the girl.

  49. I vote for BIGBANG! idk superjunior m.. sorry
    and goodluck to the future winner of the album. im getting lazy to type my own and im enjoying reading other peoples ver.


  51. The girl first had a relationship with Daesung. And they spend some time on the desert having fun and making love. But this girl had a trip at Vegas and found TOP. After that, she never returned back to Daesung at the desert. Determined to get the girl back, Daesung also went to Vegas to find the girl. Taeyang is like an agent working for TOP and he received orders from TOP to track Daesung and kill him. GD, who works at that hotel and also a friend of Daesung, overheard Taeyeang and TOP’s conversation a while ago that they were going to kill Daesung. He then tells Daesung to hide so Daesung immediately told his best friend Seungri, who is living in the desert and also a childhood friend of Daesung, to leave the desert because Taeyang might capture Seungri and interrogate him to death about the location of Daesung. That’s why Seungri goes to the beach and he is worried about his best friend while hiding there. Daesung went to a motel to hide and at the same time remembering the things he and his girlfriend did in their romantic nights. But Taeyang tracks him down there and eventually killing him. But even before Daesung was tracked down, he sent a message to GD and Seungri that he will die any minute and told them to live longer. After that, GD plans to take revenge. He is walking through all the rooms of the hotel to find which room TOP is located. Inside the room, TOP finishes dressing up and plans to take the girl, who is unconscious, away from Vegas and more far from Daesung. But he doesn’t know that GD is waiting him outside his room to take revenge.

    Youtube username: godlike899

  52. My explanation was too long for youtube so here it is (and sorry, English is not my 1st language so there are a looooot of mistakes U_U) :

    - First, GD is insane, he has kind of tinnitus, but instead of "biiiiiiips", he heards thunderous applause (hence the applause in the backgound music). And since he has had this problem for a long time, he ended up thinking he's famous. So, it doesn't matter where he is, even in hotel corridor he feels like walking like a star, because he thinks he's a star.
    (Actually I had no idea about GD's role in this MV…)
    - TOP has just broken up with a girl so he's gloomy and doesn't even take time to chose his clothes anymore (*cough*the-super-fashion-golden-costume*cough*), and he takes a ride, thinking about earlier, those moments spent with the girl, drinking champagne etc…
    - On the other hand, DaeSung is alone in the desert, as TOP, he's just broken up, actually, it was even the same girl ! But none of them know she had two relationships in the same time.
    Well, DaeSung thinks about her, how wonderful life was when they were together etc… And in the same time, he absent-mindedly plays with the sand as he's seen TaeYang doing it in "Tell me goodbye" MV, and he thought it was really cool. And that's why the girl was attracted by him at first.
    But he quickly gets bored and goes to a motel where he's already been with his ex girlfriend. There, he starts masturbating (sorry, really I can't find any other way to interpret that scene >_>), thinking about moments spent with the girl, and, sometime, checking by the window if no one is spying him.
    - SeungRi keeps going to this beach where he's seen a beautiful girl… But this girl was with DaeSung at that time, so he couldn't have approach her, but he hopes she'll come back.
    - Then, TaeYang is the guy who tries to keep his friends together despite love stories separating them. So, he organised a party on an hotel roof, but he has to find everybody, first. So, he goies on the desert/beach, drives everywhere shouting that the party is tonight etc… And he eventually can do his party with everybody attending it.
    - Eventually, we discover that after hesitating for a long time, the girl ended chosing TOP over DaeSung.
    But after making love to her, TOP heards TaeYang invitations to the party tonight so he realise he prefer his friendship than this love story and leaves her to go to the party o/

    Youtube ID : chocolatfrancais
    Viva la Spudgy o/
    I love your videos ^^

  53. vote for Big Bang

  54. darn character limit on youtube…but when i got here..i immediately wanted to read everyone else's fanfic XP but i didn't want to taint my story..so i'm sorry if the other stories are similar ( i wouldn't want to waste your time by giving you another "same" story

    but the real story is: the girl is a fangirl..like a BIG TOP fangirl…and she was planning on using DaeSang to get to TOP but DaeSang actually really liked her (she didn't look like a fan girl to him) so he took her out away from the city to see if their chemistry was real and how their relationship would develop (and boy did it develop). so the girl actually started liking him but after what happened in bed she was really conflicted with her real feelings for DaeSang and for her supposed "undying fangirl love" for TOP. her real feeling scare her because she realizes that she only used DaeSang to get to TOP. Even if all these were real she knows she won't ever be good enough for him. so she leaves DaeSang without saying bye to try to reaffirm her love for TOP because being a mindless fangirl is easier than dealing with real feelings (i'm not saying ALL fangirls are mindless..just the girl in the mv is)
    So DaeSang can't find her and enlists the help of TOP, TaeYang, SeungRi, and GD to search for her.. They are (doing a poor job in) looking for her because they go to the "beach" at Lake Mead which obviously should not even be considered a beach…until they realized they couldn't contact DaeSang (who went back to see if she came back to the places they went to, there's no reception to that part of the desert he went to…DaeSang is heartbroken and thinks he may have done something to push her away. He cries because he believes he'll never see her again) so they are worried and look for him instead of the girl they don't remember meeting.
    SeungRi goes to the neon graveyard because that's the only part of the desert he knows (earlier he thought the sand at the beach at Lake Mead would still count as desert sand..which it probably does.) TaeYang was on the strip showing off the cool black car trying to pick up girls (which he was failing at because the black camouflaged him more) GD is searching every floor in the MGM sky villa hallways (because he secretly forgot the room number but will never admit it to anyone..btw the hotel key's magnetic strip is inactivated after trying to get into three different wrong doors but number tried doors may vary per hotel).
    In reality TOP finds her (or actually she finds him) and discovers the truth. Her guilt makes her drink to all her problems and she gets drunk or drugged (hello! she was so out of it in the limo..that's the only thing that could explain her reaction). He brings her her own hotel room (because theirs would have been a lot nicer than that standard room in the mv) and looks out the window seemingly trying to figure out when the other guys will find him or trying to think of ways to tell daesang about the girl. But in reality, TOP contemplates how he'll be able to redeem himself in dancing so that they can try kind of dance on the roof again.

    this could have been more elaborate but youtube's character limit stifled my creativity when i rewrote this story over and over again to try to fit the limit.

  55. are you kidding me?! Big Bang's “Tonight” hands down! owh yeah~ freaking awesome swap of bodies! lol! i get to see Simon saying all those nice things for TOP instead! haha…n GD being lost in d hotel! XD

  56. I guess the music video is about a girl,
    who fell in love with both Daesung and Top,
    but can't choose between them,
    and decide to date with them secretly behind each other's back!

    although i love Big Bang,
    But i go for Super Junior M!

  57. I think the story for Big Bang's music video Tonight goes something like this: GD is the older brother of the girl, and they are suppose to meet up to go to a party, but when he can't find his sister he begins to look for her all over the hotel. And Taeyang, Seungri, T.O.P. are friends with GD and know how worried he is and decide to help him find his sister. Taeyang decides to drive around the streets of Las Vegas while Seungri goes to the beach and what appears an amusement park.GD suspects all three of his friends are looking for his sister, but instead she joins T.O.P. for the night. And in the car T.O.P is thinking "Oh man. I can't believe I'm taking GD sister. If he finds out, I'm so dead." But earlier that day GD sister visited her Las Vegas friend a.k.a Daesung and she's like take me someplace far from the city. And the go for a ride towards the dessert, enjoying being alone. Which they bond by being intimately romantic with one another. But then the girl is like oh no I have to go back for the party and she leaves Daesung all bummed out and depressed and he has her only in his mind. Then it goes back to being night and leaving off where all the fun started with T.O.P and GD sister. And it ends with T.O.P saying tonight is such a beautiful night meaning right now, this very moment he had fun with his girlfriend in the hotel. Tonight :D

  58. i vote for Bigbang in vegas.
    i luv the spudgy wallpaper martina.
    omgg daesung is so hot and top extremely hot and my baby panda is too cute to be on this MV. XD
    taeyang and GD. nothing else to add though. they are already great.

  59. suju M in chinese? who's that?
    bigbang all the wayyy….

  60. bigbang in vegas of course. man. they are the best. i hope they make their debut in US faster.

  61. ftw bigbang. i don't exactly like these Kpop thing but bigbang really makes me drawns to it.
    their music and MV totally awesome.
    martina : top is so dreamy. yeah i agree with u. hottest man ever.

  62. why did u guys compare bigbang with suju? bigbang always overratedly great MV.
    100000X vote bigbang.

  63. i like bigbang and suju but this time i'm voting for bigbang. they have better MV and song. isn't it suju m in chinese bcz it is chinese subgroup of suju? it's just a common thing they sing chinese though. bcz they are active in china…
    bigbang MV is epik.


  65. After I replay the Tonight video over and over again, I think the video represents the different part of a broken-hearted guy :o! First, GD walking on the hotel corridor represents he's trying to find a way out after dumped by his girlfriend (the doors represents the ways) Then Daesung reminisced all the fun time he used to had with his girlfriend but then it never be the same after the broke up. Seungri on the beach, perhaps looking out into the future after the broke up? I think :/ Taeyang is just being a 'pabo' rushing down the streets of LA with his shiny black car. And finally, T.O.P. is just being a womanizer after the broke up. Well of course I don't think this is the actual storyline but I think it's kinda relevant :/

    My youtube username: Adrina9310 :)

    PS: I really love K-pop Music Mondays and your dog, Spudgy! It's so cute <3!

  66. Here's my version of the story –

    TOP, Taeyang, and GDragon are the top 3 private spies. They are the kinds that aren't even acknowledged by the government but are used for a whole bunch of undercover stuff. Their public identities are as super rich, super good-looking playboys. The girl (Half Russian, Half Chinese) is a spy sent from Russia and happens to be a temptress on the side. She was toying with innocent Daesung when she happened to meet TOP, who was tracking her for a long time. TOP, knowing a beautiful lady when he saw one, decided to have some fun with her and the girl gets played by her own game. The girl dumps Daesung for TOP and goes with him to Vegas. However, she doesn't know that TOP plans to turn her over in Vegas. Hence, Taeyang driving to the location while GDragon faithfully waits in the hotel. After the girl and TOP sleep together, the girl sleeps peacefully, thinking that she's a girl in love, while TOP gets ready to leave with GDragon and Taeyang and turn over the rest to the government. Meanwhile, heartbroken Daesung goes on a road trip, reliving the memories of the girl. Seungri, his best friend, follows to keep an eye on him. Daesung locks himself in the hotel room where he and the girl once spent a precious night. He's so miserable and caught up in his memory that he doesn't bother to turn on the AC or open the window and doesn't even realize he's sweating so much. (Vegas is a desert so it is HOT!) In the end, Seungri decides enough is enough and goes to pick him up. FIN

    My youtube username is SoOjUnGiEEE.

    • I watched the mv again and I just wanted to expand a little on GDragon's and Taeyang's roles. GDragon is at the hotel looking out for any of the girl's fellow spies while TOP takes care of his business. But of course he doesn't need to worry cuz TOP has this girl wrapped around his finger. Meanwhile, Taeyang is the one who's responsible for passing on the location to the police. He's driving to pick them up before the police arrive.

      Oh and at the end, TOP looks sad because he can't play with the girl any longer but he gets over it and leaves.

  67. Big Band goes to Las Vegas to have good time. Top and Daesung fell in love with the same girl but they don’t find out about it. The girl wanted a joy ride since it Las Vegas. GD ,Taeyang and Seungri find out that girl is playing with their friends. GD follows the girl in the hotel to find evidence about the girl but he can’t find the girl. Seungri is at the beach spying the area in case they caught in the action with another guy. Top and Dasung are in love with the girl they have flask back the good time they had with her. At the mornings she with Daesung, the time she is not with him she is with Top at night. Poor guys both of them they felt in love spell. Taeyang as good friend he follows Daesung to protect him. One night Taeyang, Seungri, GD bring TOP and Daesung to the roof to tell them the truth about the girl they have been seeing was lost soul that is trying to find true love. The girl love had both personality of TOP and Daesung. They were shock that is not true both of them felt her touch.

  68. Please Please Please Martina and Simon read this story I created for the Big Bang's "Tonight" MV. If you like dramas you'll LOVE this one!

    By me DC, YouTube Username:level27made


    It was such a beautiful night of 2011. Vegas was more radiant than you could imagine—bright city lights, broken hearts, lost memories, and crazy nights. As a beautiful woman lay in bed with a handsome man named TOP, one of his closest friends, G Dragon, was roaming the hotel halls in attempt to stop TOP’s deep desire of falling in love with this nobody. “I’m a bad boy, but I’m nice” uttered G-Dragon to TOP, letting him know that he wasn’t going to let TOP make such a mistake. TOP, being a handsome wealthy man living in the upper-side of Vegas, doesn’t settle for any woman and is revolved around friends, G-Dragon and Taeyang, who also share his characteristics in disposing women and living the big life. However, “tonight” he knew she would change him. She was a beautiful, yet mysterious, woman who came from the shabby side of Vegas with a secret that TOP was longing to find out. Thus, through the night, he sends his close companion Taeyang to investigate her past; only to find out that she was madly in love with Daesung.

    Back in the shabby side of Vegas, Daesung sat along his truck grieving for his lost love and reminiscing the days and nights they spent together. Instant images of happiness riding along the desert with the woman he loves ran through his mind. The cool breeze ran through his hair and the raise of the sun reflected against Daesung’s soft skin. But these images were soon shut down with the harsh reality that he would never get her back, but “tonight” he wanted her to take “his soul and his heart back.” Meanwhile, his best friend, Seungri, was feeling the agony of his friend’s heartbreak. Though Seungri tried to warn him, Daesung was blinded by love and had to suffer the beautiful woman’s betrayal by leaving him for TOP. She was a woman with no money and no hope, while TOP was a man with money who could offer her the world. So she knew that she would have to “blow his mind.” After a long drive from their favorite desert road, Daesung returns to a motel to relive those passionate moments he shares with her, in result of getting a “beautiful hangover.”

    “Tonight” the beautiful woman lies in bed, while Taeyang reveals to TOP the secret she had been hiding: her past life with Daesung. As tough as TOP seemed he was heartbroken, causing him to act emotion-less towards the beautiful woman and only being left with memories of the bit of happiness he had with her. He told himself “you know that I love you girl,” but he soon decided that it wasn’t worth it. He buttoned-up his shirt. Stared into the city lights, and gave her one last kiss goodbye. Because “Tonight” both TOP and Daesung would say “Goodnight.”

  69. My take on "Tonight":

    In Vegas…

    Daesung falls in love with this girl, but she's secretly in love TOP. She only becomes the girlfriend of Daesung in order to get close to TOP. After realizing TOP is unattainable, she dumps Daesung and stalks TOP and forces him into being her lover by trapping GD in the hotel. TOP complies only for the safety of GD and does not care for the girl. TOP despises her and doesn't want anything to do with her, knowing Daesung cares so much for her. But this girl is determined to latch herself onto TOP.

    On the other hand, Daesung is traumatized by her betrayal and returns to his safe haven in the desert to cry over the girl. He reminisces about their time together, but because of his girl's happiness he does not try to win her back.

    GD is suppose to meet them at the amusement park, but he doesn't show up so Taeyang becomes very worried and goes in search of him, knowing the girl got something to do with his disappearance. He drives everywhere in town in his shinning black car. He is secretly contacted by TOP and is told where to find GD. GD is rescued by Taeyang. Once rescued, he realizes no one has contacted Seungri and with Taeyang goes to find him, worried he has been involved in this mess.

    Seungri waited under the creepy clown for hours waiting for his hyungs, but since they never came, he went to have some fun himself.

    TOP puts a sleeping pill in the girl's drink. He pretended to enjoy himself in the car, dragging out the time as he waits for Taeyang's call. Back in the hotel, the girl passes out and TOP gets Taeyang's call. Once insured of GD's safely, he leaves the room, done with putting up with the girl. He sees that its still "a beautiful night" and goes with the rest of Big Bang to enjoy Vegas.

    Youtube Username: Athenazita
    Of course it's Big Bang!

  70. Song Ji Eun Going Crazy

  71. ( Youtube : fukaimorispirit) Here's the dealio! That girl was an alien. She came down from planet Hebagoba, fell in love with Daesung and his new looks. But if course, she couldn't be with him forever. He's a mere human. So she's goes to find another alien look a like ( Cough cough TOP). plus he has money. He of course knows she's an alien and wished to get rid of her by hiding her in a hotel room. Taeyang is indeed an assassin spy. But he is sent to kill the girl. He tries to warn his Daesung but he goes an run to a hotel ashamed that he knows she is being hunted and why. Why you ask? Our main man G-Dragon. He sent Tae to assassinate her. You see, he is a part of the intergalactic police force here to protect the earth. From his alien form, he transformed into a smexy korean pop star and now searches earth for evil alien gold-diggers. Unfortunately, he can't walk in public due to his amazing good looks and knock dead sparkles, peculiar patch hat, and jewelry. Therefore, he stays in the beach and runs around in buildings. ( Fashion sense was not gained during his transformation). Seungri is busy remembering the days he faked that on fighting scene in his music video and wishing he could actually fight. He also recently knows what is feels like to love an alien. He once loved a girl. Blossom in middle school. Her and the other powerpuff girls saved the world before bed time. teehee

  72. So, here's the story:

    Big Bang is an act of an international circus show, and one of their US spots is in Las Vegas. This explains their setting in the desert with the House of Mirrors type of buildings around. After finishing their last show, they survey the empty desert that was once full of colorful circus-like props. During this, the ring leader/boss (who is off camera) has given them one night for themselves before the circus heads off to their next stop. Since Seungri is not of legal age to fully enjoy Las Vegas, he heads off to the beach and reminisces on his career as a circus performer and wonders if he should have stayed in Korea instead to be with his childhood sweetheart. In the meantime, during the day, Daesung meets a lovely girl, and they hit it off right away. Flirting and chemistry in the air, Daesung invites her over to a motel as a memorable night before he takes the road. Since, his chances of being with her again are rare, he wants to be with her to its maximum. When he gets to the motel that night and enters the room where they were arranged to meet, he realizes that he has been ditched. This leads him to fantasize in depression of what would have happened if she were there with him that night. The thing is, off camera, this “lovely lady” met TOP, who happens to be the main act of this international circus, at a casino and went on a crazy Las Vegas night with him, filled with alcohol and sexy TOP stares. At the same casino/hotel, GD sees a show of Cirque du Soleil and instantly falls in love with one of the acrobats. He’s desperate to find her and confess his newly sparked love, so he looks for her hotel room. This explains why he walking down the hallway, looking for the hotel room number that is the gateway to his soul, hahaa. Meanwhile, Taeyang used his current savings to rent a fancy car, and decided to take full advantage of it and roams the streets because he’s been so tired of being in the backseat of RV’s, train carts, and airplanes. Back to TOP and this “lovely lady”, after a hot one night fling, TOP realizes what he’s just done, and is afraid of impregnating the lady. Then he just buttons up his shirt once he realizes that he’s leaving the city the next day, never seeing her again, and eliminating the future responsibility from his shoulders.

    THE END :D

    my youtube username is sweetmagenta101, http://www.youtube.com/user/sweetmagenta101

  73. super junior m!!!!!!

    i died when i saw ryeowook <3

  74. super juniro m!!!!!!!!!

    im so proud to be e.l.f. <3

  75. ok, so here's my story—
    TOP and Daesung both had that lady as a girlfriend…. they think about all of their memories…. they both are coincidentally driving in cars while thinking about her…. Daesung cries and sweats A LOT while TOP manages to get her back ….. in the end TOP ditches her….
    THE END! :D thank you for reading.

  76. Well what really happend in the video was daesung was a super ninja that fell inlove with a….spudgy that turned into the girl. well top was like "thats my dog yo' and took spudgy and was like im gonna hide my true feeling and remain blank forever to confuse people. while this taking place GD wakes up from being knocked out by daesung the ninja and was like where did everyone go, so he trys to find a way out of the not so serect hotel. Sungri is just being a creep walking around staring at random puppies because he's emo now and is like noone ever notice me. mean while super ninja daesung is erasing his on memories to cope with the fact he will never be with spudgy cause Top is too sexy he vowel to himslf to never bring his crush around top EVER again. oh and taeyang his secretly in love with daesung and is glad spudgy is gone mwahaa. (sorry about the double post i tryed on youtube but it messed up)

  77. ! ! ! ! ! ♥ SUPER JUNIOR M ♥ ! ! ! ! !

  78. The MV starts with shaman GD casting a spell to create imaginary girl for TOP and Daesung! In a reality there is no girl explaining why she disappears every once in a while! NO GUUUUUURL!!
    TOP doesn’t want the girl but Daesung falls for her!
    Seungri knows the truth about GD and goes to the beach because he can’t decide wether to tell the truth or not to TOP and Daesung.
    Taeyang is driving around looking for Seungri so that Seungri can convince GD to create imaginary girl for Taeyang too. HE NEEDS A GUUUURL!
    In the end Seungri tells the truth and they all gather up in the desert to cast a spell to get rid of the girl.
    The last scene is TOP looking at his reflecion since he only loves himself~

    Youtube username: MauMauNyan

  79. I honestly think that Seungri and G-dragon had something to do with Deasung's murder.
    I mean, they are the ones who barely do anything in the video right?
    While Seungri is in the casino nobody would ever think that he could have done something like that. But I am a suspicious person.
    Also, why would G-Dragon be at a hotel doing absolutely nothing…except trying to find the elevator and/or stairs?
    I think that both Seungri and G-dragon murdered Daesung and then went far away so that no one would have the slighest idea it was them.
    They were just to jealous of Daesung having the girl to himself.

  80. Hey! I'm a YouTube and a Tumblr follower :D
    and I didn't want to comment so I made a video response instead
    I posted it as a video response, but just in case it didn't go through: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzEu6BM1qAY

  81. youtube name : lilaznlove19
    this is what happened.
    Five hot guys go to film their MV in Vegas. GD being the leader had more schedules and had to film another MV alone. GD agitated by the heat for wearing a big fur coat and being the only one doing work, he gets mad and kicks the camera. After filming, TOP and Daesung meets a pretty girl that helped coordinate their outfits for the MV. They both go on a date with her not knowing about the other. Seungri senses somethings fishy & follows Dae to his date in the desert hiding behind a dry bush but still doesn’t get caught. He remembers seeing TOP and her together too. Seungri goes to the beach to clear his mind and shouts “WHAT SHOULD I DO ?!” SR tells Tae what he saw and Tae follows Dae to the motel but finds there is no girl there. Daesung is sad inside the room because she stood up their date. She's really with TOP. TOP being the amazing person he is, thinks about his band mate and decides to leave the hotel room and forget about the girl. :)

  82. I'm a tad late to add my two cents but here goes. What happens in the video is the following:
    All this happens before the return of Big Bang, the band is preparing and practicing. Originally, Daesung was with the girl, he loved her deeply but she was with him mainly because of his looks. Upon meeting TOP she lost her senses, or, realized that TOP is so steamy she must have him. She commences to seduce him behind Daesung's back until she catches TOP's attention. By this point, the cracks in her and Daesung's relationship begin to widen until the day arrives when she tells him she wants to leave him. He asks why and she answers honestly, for TOP, saying she has found her true love. Daesung is deeply hurt but to avoid causing problems to the preparations of the return of Big Bang, he, like a gentleman, let's it be. The rest of the band members don't know much of what has been going on with his personal because he hadn't spoken to them about his relationship. On the eve of their return TOP is celebrating with the girl and she is at this point head over heels in love with him. He doesn't seem all there because he feels Daesungs has distanced himself lately and that is troubling him. Meanwhile, Daesung has been driving around Las Vegas, getting his mind away from the pain, aware that the girl and TOP are together that precise day. Taeyang is also driving around because he has also sensed the distance in Daesung and he is worried. Seungri is at the beach, oblivious to what is going on, spending some alone time. GD is in the hotel, getting ready, going over his killer, stylish wardrobe.
    Nighttime arrives over Las Vegas and TOP has taken the girl to a hotel room, simultaneously Daesung has also entered into a motel on the way back the Las Vegas, he cannot seem to think right and does not want to drive under his unstable condition. In the motel, he is delirious and lapses into a fantasy word with the girl, lost in the memories. Back at the hotel, TOP and the girl take it to the next level, but for him it doesn't feel right and the feeling of inadequacy increases. The other band mates have been enjoying Las Vegas while Taeyang has had no luck finding Daesung. GD goes to the rooftop at night to admire the bright lights. TOP at that moment leaves the hotel leaving the girl in bed, alone. He takes the taxi back to join the rest of the group, while daydreaming during the entire ride about the girl, and finds GD in the rooftop. Subsequently Seungri and Taeyang return to the hotel as well and likewise meet the other two in the rooftop. After being up there for an hour or so Daesung finally reappears, looking unwell. They all have a powwow and confront Daesung and he opens up to them. The morning after they all decide to bond by going on an outing to the beach, at the suggestion of Seungri. The final shot in the video, of TOP saying goodnight and leaving the girl is the missing link that resolves the dilemma, he leaves the girl and chooses his band mates. They go on to have a successful comeback.

  83. user name on youtube: suukiairi

    Background: TOP has taken this girl that he likes to in LA. Since that girl is Daesung's girlfriend all of Daesung and TOP's friend had went to LA to look for TOP and the girl.

    GD was looking for TOP and the girl in the hotel in LA not knowing that TOP has already left, and TOP who is in the car with the girl , is upset because he can't feel the love from the girl, so he avoid that girl as much as possible. Daesung who is mad because of the betray of his girl friend and his buddy, has drove on the road that he and his girlfriend had passed and think back at all the sweet time that they had together. Because everyone was so worried about Daesung that they look for him everywhere. Seungri went to the beach , GD went to the oceanfront, and Taeyang drove around the city. Daesung drove to the motel that he and the girl stayed in , and think back to the night he and his girlfriend had together. On the other hand , TOP look at the sleeping girl( who is deasung's girlfriend) in his bed in the hotel room , then he look out the window and realized that no one is gonna be happy if that girl really don't like him.He knows that he can get anything from her but her heart,and he knows that this is the end of a relationship and the end of a friendship, but he had a great day with the person he love so think that he had a beautiful night , and he have no regret and won't regret over his choice , to let go. he took a look at the night-view of the city and left the room.


    p.s: sorry for my horrible English and for the showdown i vote for BIGBANG!!!!!!

  84. The BIG BANG storyline: Okay, the girl went with TOP cuz he's the sexiest man beast pimp. They have a few drinks and TOP drops her off! Then Daesung bumps into TOP love life and they fall in love, Daesung takes her to the desert road and they were having a great time. Next, TOP shows his members his love-life and she gives Daesung a sexy smile. The sexy man beast TOP looks at her fast and notice she is cheating on him. TOP tells Taeyang to find Daesung and go "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!". But when Taeyang finds Daesung he says " TOP wants me to assassination you! But, your my friend and run away!" While G-Dragon is finding the elevator because he's trapped in the hotel while Seungri is somewhere that no one can find him; he's a 007 agent! Meanwhile Daesung drives to the desert road and stops at the spot where him and the sexy man beast's girl went. So, he drive to the desert hotel that is a few kilometers close to TOP hotel, Daesung is sweating and has fear like the captive in G.NA'S Black and White. Any how Daesung faints because he was dehydrated and TOP meets up with his girl and they talked and drink but a few minutes ago the sexy man beast puts a pill in her drink then an hour later she is asleep and TOP looks at the window that reflects his sexy man beast look and is thinking about Daesung being killed by Taeyang or he is thinking about that Daesung is alive …….

    Youtube name is nyanikukim

  85. Super Junior M!! I love Big Bang, but SJM has all my love forever (Oh Zhou Mi~~). Tai Wan Mei was sosososo much better than Tonight in my opinion, sorry Big Bang!

  86. Maybe both just dream about being with her? o.O
    Maybe it´s all a dream..
    Seriously though…I think Daesung was a player…yeah…cause it kinda said so in the song too…so the girl goes to find love with TOP.
    But oh no, it turns out he´s kinda a player too (since he doesnt seem all that interested in her…come on, the way he looks out of that window in the end) but she doesnt know it o.O
    Ah, this is complicated, sorry.
    But I liked SuJu better anyways ^^

  87. i vote for Super Junior M ^^ i like Big Bang too but i just like SJM a little bit more. i don't understand neither Korean nor Chinese so i judged by the melody and beats. SJM's "perfection" makes me feel energetic and BigBang's "tonight" is like… for hanging out with friends drinking. in term of the videos, they give out different feelings. SJM's MV is like a good MV but i'll say that BigBand's MV is like a HOLLYWOOD movie trailer ^^ however, i'm bias because i'm an ELF ^^

  88. Amazing Music Monday as always!
    here is my opinion:
    It's actually all about Daesung and T.O.P
    Actually Dausung brought a girl so he can make T.O.P jealous, because T.O.P went with G-Dragon to a hotel.
    But then the girl actually falls in love with T.O.P, but T.O.P doesn't like her.
    So he asks Taeyang to look for Daesung so he can ditch the chick there. Taeyang doing everything T.O.P asks him,
    he goes looking for Daesung, but Daesung is hiding somewhere in the dessert, wondering if T.O.P really ditches him first for G-dragon and the girl. Breaking in sweat he overthinks all the things he did to the girl (like smelling her boobs) to get T.O.P.
    T.O.P all mad on Daesung, that he actually is missing, is getting his revenge by taking Daesung's 'girlfriend'.
    And in the end he overthinks the sweet revenge and says: 'tonight is such a beautiful night'.
    While Taeyang is still looking for Daesung and Seungri is waiting on the beach for G-dragon to show up to give him a few hints about the thing he shouldn't do while he is underage.

    and for the take down i'm going for Big Bang, Daesung was looking fíne in that MV

  89. They discovered that they all like the same girl. All scenes with them with the girl is in the past. They now know that she played them all so they are drunk and singing about getting over here!

    Super junior singing chinese is amazing the music video is amazing has guys in eyeliner. Donghea has a solo part that is rightfully deserved! Same goes for siwon. Though I love Tae young and plan on marrying him.
    My vote is SUPER JUNIOR M.
    They are singing in an entire new language!

    Ithough i was confused about the video i think this is what happened:A girl runs off to vegas with her boyfriend Daesung to win big at the casinos, but things dont go as planned so she leaves Daesung and becomes a hooker (with a heart of gold) There she meets her client TOP who is a caberet singer (hello gold blazer), but he doesnt like dating a prostitute and feels depressed about it. all this time daesung is whining about his grilfriend who ditched him and he snaps! Becoming schizophrenic. His alter ego is Seugri who appears when Deasung gets depressed and cant handle reality and just needs a walk on the beach! TOP also slips into depression and no longer finds the will to dance and so he creates an alter ego rapper version of himself who wears fur named G-Dragon. They both have blonde hair – the bond that connects them. But when he becomes G-dragon he cant remember where he lives so he keeps getting lost. Meanwhile…Teayang is a hip young cop who is trying to crack down of the prostitution rates in Vegas and is trying to hunt down the hooker and arrest her so he is stalking her client and her ex boyfriend, always showing up where they have been!!!____GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. I'd have to say this video is very much like "The Hangover". They had too much fun partying because Daesung never has never done anything crazy like partying like the others do. So they took him to the rooftop, Las Vegas Billboard Junkyard, Desert in Las Vegas, and secretly TOP hired a girl (who is very much like Ruffies)..to be with Daesung for one day and one night. And say she's like Ruffies because she's gone after a night with Daesung. So Daesung goes looking for the girl at the places he's been with. While the others goes looking for him at the places they partyed/danced at. So Seungri is stuck in the Las Vegas Billboard (or Sign) Junkyard checking to see if Daesung is still there..GD is going to look at the rooftop to see if Daesung is there too and Taeyang is going to the desert to see if Daesung was there too. But they couldn't find him.
    And TOP at the end, well it's obvious. The girl couldn't get over TOP once she was hired by him to be with Daesung for a day and night. So she went back to him..and TOP just lets her get drunk and lets her go to bed by herself and he goes to look for Daesung too. He probably made a trade with her, for him to spend a night with her and in return to get the information to Daesung's whereabouts.

    I hope this makes sense lol!!

  92. I liked Big Bang’s video better

    Though i was confused about the video i think this is what happened:

    A girl runs off to vegas with her boyfriend Daesung to live a happy new life and to win big at the casinos, but things dont go as planned so she leaves Daesung and becomes a hooker (with a heart of gold, or course) There she meets her favorite client TOP who is a vegas caberet singer (hello gold blazer), but he doesnt like dating a prostitute and feels depressed about it. So all this time daesung is whining about the girlfriend who ditched him and so he becomes Schizophrenic, creating his alter ego Seungri who appears when daesung cant deal with reality and needs to calm down and walk around on the beach.

    TOP creates a sasha fierce type of persona named G-dragon (becuase he is also depressed about his inability to dance) who wears fur and cant remember where he lives (thus getting lost in a hotel!!!! Meanwhile Teayang is a cool cop who is trying to track down the prostitute because he is going to arrest her so he keeps showing up where all the characters have been; on the road, the abandoned theme park, desert, etc)

    And THAT is what the video is about. Two Schizos ( and theyre alter egos), a hooker, and a cop

  93. SUPER JUNIOR M IS BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The music is really catchy, the dancing even more so.

  94. Hey! Hey!
    This is what I think happened in the mv:
    Since G.D. didn’t have a girl to spend his time and everyone else left, he decided to walk around the hotel to kill time. Seungri went to the beach to chill and also forget that he didn’t have a girlfriend to spend time with. Taeyang was enjoying his time in Vegas by taking a drive around the city and might hit a club.
    While G.D., Taeyang and Seungri were doing their own thing, trying to not think of women. T.O.P and Daesung were unfortunately in a love triangle.
    Daesung met this girl and they fell in love. Well, he thought they were in love. Later on, the girl somehow hooked up with T.O.P (maybe because of his super hotness). She was all over him and then T.O.P realizes that he was bored since he got the girl too easy. Or, he could be feeling guilty for taking Daesung’s girl and couldn’t enjoy himself. During T.O.P’s boredom, Daesung was depressed, reminiscing about the good times with his ex, eventually going back to a motel room where they had hot times together to further torture himself with remembering how it used to be.

    my youtube user name: RavingNy

  95. Here's my story for the BigBang – Tonight MV. :)
    I think the story is that both TOP and Daesung got dumped by the girl and reflect their memories they made with her in the past throughout the video. TOP keeps thinking about the time when she was by his side and slept in his bed while Daesung is driving through the desert first and is later having nightmares and waking up all sweaty because he can feel someone else is with her.
    While GD seems to be trapped in the hotel walking the hallway up and down, he's just got it going on. You can see it by the smirk on his face that he just did stuff with that girl the other two did before and really enjoyed it. Him mentioning that he's a bad boy but he's nice kind of proves that he has been doing something bad that blew her mind.
    As for Taeyang and Sungri it's that they're secretly in love with the girl but know they will never have her. So to get her out of their heads Seungri went to the beach and Taeyang drove around town all night. "Tonight" only one of them has been able to get the girl and that's GD, while all the others are frustrated and hurt.
    But in the end all of the meet in the desert because she wouldn't want to stay with any of them.

    My youtube username is: JapKorChi2

  96. i think that the girl has a twin and and both of them have a plan to break bib bang up =/

  97. i really can't choose between SuJu and Big Bang, but i guess I'll go with Big Bang because I love their entire album, and GD and TOP wrote it.
    so I vote Big Bang.

  98. Technically, this song revolves around cookies v.v

    G.D. had all the cookies to himself in his Vegas room, when he found out that someone stole them! (Thus the pacing around, looking for stairs or an elevator :3)

    T.O.P. had stolen all the cookies for Martina and Simon, and he told his current girlfriend about it. Feeling offended, she left him and went to Daesung to take revenge! Taeyung decided to team up with T.O.P. , but only wanted the cookies for himself. (Betrayal after he finds all of them v.v)

    Turns out Daesung was able to find the cookies, but found out about Taeyung too! So what did he do? He fled towards the desert, and buried all the cookies there. The next day, he decided to see if the cookies were alright, but alas! HE FORGOT WHERE HE BURIED THEM. So he sat there, and cried his heart out.

    He tells all the Big Bang members what happened, but only saying he lost it in the "sand". All of them start going to the desert! (Except for  Seungri, who thinks that "sand=beach").

    All of them start looking for the cookies, but they couldn't them. Alas, they gave up (And that's when Seungri enters v.v) All of them give up, and T.O.P and the other starts screaming to heavens about how sad they are [Especially T.O.P, since he can't give anything to Martina anymore (Thus the slow,sad faceplam on 4:17)].

    The ending scene? T.O.P just murdered his ex-girl, and was staring out the window, not because he just killed someone, but because he remembered Martina. v.v


    By the way… Youtube name: andyso97 :3


  99. Part 5:
    OVERALL! I have come to 3 conclusions:
    1. DaeSung and SooJi were going out but she only went out with him while he was a little drunk, so when he was sober she dumped him for T.O.P as he was still a little High High… Watch out GD, T.O.P’s starting to feel better so she’ll probably be after you next!
    2. DaeSung and SooJi were together for a short bit, but he thought she was using him to get to T.O.P so broke it off, but then regretted it so wanted her back but she had already gone off with T.O.P.
    3. There’s an evil twin! (Let’s call her…… MinJi) So DaeSung and SooJi were going out but he broke it off because she wanted T.O.P, but when SooJi told MinJi, Min thought she’d take her chance with him as she’s always secretly loved DaeSung, so whilst he’s feeling vulnerable she took advantage of him in a motel while SooJi had gone off with T.O.P…

    I swear GD is wearing Spudgy’s mama’s fur in that video though:S

  100. Part 4:
    DaeSung can’t find Sooji in all the usual places so stops off at a motel, reminiscing and still worried about their ‘togetherness’ smashing to pieces like the wall GD bashed down in Heartbreaker.
    (And has GD become a wolf? Because he seems to cry out like one in a lot of their video’s:L)
    My next guess is that whilst in the motel, DaeSung takes some of the drugs GD slipped him earlier as Sooji has just appeared in front of him and is now hallucinating them making out on the bed.
    T.O.P’s in his apartment with the girl sleeping on his bed, so he must have now realised that she was with him as he must have let her come in with him and put her to bed. BUT he’s realised that maybe he shouldn’t let girls he can’t remember the names of into the place he’s renting out whilst in LA but can’t do too much about it as she’s already asleep.

  101. Part 2:
    DaeSung and TaeYang decided to meet up to discuss some important, secret things, so go to the desert so no one will hear them. However, DaeSung has never been to the desert in LA (is that were they are?… Let’s just say he’s never been to an American desert) so is a little lost. While waiting, TaeYang decides to have a little sing to himself. Ahww:3
    But then, out of nowhere. The girl that was in T.O.P’s car is now with DaeSung and the camera lighting has changed. So obviously DaeSung went out with that girl before she met up with T.O.P.
    Now it’s over to SeungRi on the beach with images of DaeSung with the girl, then back to DaeSung, but he doesn’t have the girl and he isn’t happy. My guess is that SeungRi and TaeYang were the only ones who knew that the girl was going out with DaeSung, so were thinking of him with that girl when they were happy together.
    DaeSung calls up TaeYang explaining that he has to go and meet up with the girl (let’s just call her……. SooJi) and drives off back to LA. TaeYang is getting worried so drives off after him to try and stop him from seeing Sooji as he knows she’s with T.O.P.

  102. Part 1:
    So it all starts off with GD still feeling a little High High from the Knock Out video, so is having flash backs of the freak out he had earlier that day with Spudgy’s mama’s fur on his head and then realises that it’s now turned into 2011! Well done GD:D
    The rest of the group were starting to get a little worried about GD, so went over to his apartment and tried helping him get off the balcony, so used the new special technique of singing to him. But then the band disappear and out of worry GD decides to go looking around the building to find them, little does he know that really they were another hallucination from his drugs… Soon he has more flash backs of his freak out. Sowee GD, that’s what happens when you get High High with T.O.P.
    Next we see T.O.P in the car with some girl, so my guess is that he’s still feeling a little High High as well so doesn’t actually realise that she’s in the car with him.

  103. Can you please do Song Ji eun's Going Crazy next week? I'M SUPER IN LOVE WITH THAT SONG!

  104. Big Bang's Tonight! Big Bang ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    And who can forget…dreamy top =D

  105. My theory… hahaha extremely complicated.
    The girl is actually Seungri's sister.
    Seungri works with TOP.
    The girl is currently TOP's girl.
    TOP is a big gangster and is extremely rich.
    Taeyang is TOP's righthand man who does everything TOP says.
    Daesung is the girl's ex-boyfriend.
    G-Dragon is a spy who Daesung hires.
    The extremely awesome theory: TOP just found out that his current girl is Daesung's ex-girlfriend. The girl still has memories of her love and intimate relationship with Daesung and this pisses off TOP. At the same time, Daesung also can't forget the love he shared with this girl. TOP not wanting to lose this girl told Taeyang to chase Daesung and finish him off… by killing Daesung. On the other hand, Seungri knows about this love problems faced by his sister. He knows that his sister loves Daesung very much but her sister is forced to be in love with TOP… TOP is a gangster, nobody would want to go against a violent man. The reason why Seungri's sister(the girl) remained with TOP was because she was too afraid that TOP will resort to violent means if she rejects his "love". Seungri wanted to save his sister so much from the clutches of violent TOP but he was in a dilemma whether or not to help his sister get back to her true lover, Daesung. Seungri was afraid that going against TOP to help her sister will mean putting himself in hot soup. That explains why Seungri was holding his head in the MV… because he was thinking whether to help his sister or not.
    Then, Daesung found out that TOP already had designs on the girl/Seungri's sister. Daesung knows TOP is going to bring the girl to hotel and you-know-what. So Daesung quickly hired GDragon, a spy. GDragon wasn't lost in a hotel. He was actually searching for the hotel room where the girl and TOP was. He was instructed by Daesung to stop TOP from doing anything to the girl. But in the end, it was too late… TOP had already done what he wanted to do and hence the lyrics, "TONIGHT…. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT (muted lyrics: Daesung's girl is finally truly mine, it's the end for him… and I am finishing him off) TONIGHT"
    The reason for the muted lyrics is to minimize the drama in the MV hahaha. OH MY AWESOME THEORY~ HAHAHA

    But Daesung is my bias… I am supposed to let him win… but the circumstances in the MV forces me to make TOP the winner. Lol
    Pick me~

  106. Top sounded like he was saying "Big Bayam! Big Bayam!" You know….Australian ghetto…

  107. BigBang- Tonight!!! It's Daebak!!!

  108. I'm going to say Super Junior M singing in Chinese.

  109. Wow.. It's amazing! 258 comments…? The force of VIPs… amazing.(Big Bang's fanclub name→VIP. And it calls fans of Big Bang, too)
    Um.. In my opinion, TOP said "Big Bang" because his group name is Big Bang. For example, 2NE1 says their names like "2NE1~" in their all musics in the beginning of musics, and Se7en says "Se se se se se7en!" in 'Digital Bounce' in the beginning, too.
    I think it's YG's custom! I hope that I solve your problem :)

  110. she is Dae's ex and TOP's current gf.
    GD have a crush on her. Taeyang is her friend. Seungri still under age so he has nothing to do with that girl. he's all mine ok? (ignore this)
    GD is searching the girl in the hotel, cause she is working in a hotel but he doesnt know for sure in which hotel.. but she has already left the hotel where she works cause TOP pick her up to another hotel to do something xD
    Taeyang is from the girl's hometown, he wants to visit her in the city..
    Dae finds out that the girl dumped him for a richer man, he's contemplating his past, remembering all the memories of his ex

    my youtube username is shakyshakeeeee

  111. Super Junior M! ^^
    Gotta love the dance on that video! Please feature SJM ^^

  112. So. for my version of the story of the Tonight video:

    GD is really the one that ends up with the girl. O.O STORY: Girl & Boyfriend Daesung take a couple trip to America, and they are to meet up with Girl's younger brother Seungri at Las Vegas Bay. before they go do that, tho, they decide to spend a night on the town…. but an old "friend" (TOP) from Girl's somewhat shady past shows up at the casino, and he recognizes her before she can do anything. Girl tells Daesung to go wait at the motel where they stayed the night before, well out of town–she'd meet him later. she agrees to talk with TOP if he allows DS to escape–he agrees. so he brings her back to the hotel….but he sends Taeyang after Daesung to kill him (much like your TOP-as-pimp theory). instead of talking with her, he drugs her and takes her upstairs to wait for his rather eccentric (and easily confused) boss, Girl's ex-boyfriend GD. :O

    extended story with explanations: the first cut is someone driving on a road–that's DS and Girl approaching Las Vegas from Pahrump, NV, on NV-160. they had spent the night before in Pahrump at a motel to save money. GD is somewhat eccentric, which is why he runs around in weird clothes singing to himself. (i'm going to ignore the group singing scenes). TOP getting into the car at Skylofts at MGM Grand Las Vegas is him on the way to the casino. when DS is driving alone, it's him going back to Pahrump to wait for Girl–the scenes of him with the girl are before the crazy night. (MVs and their crazy plot timelines….sigh). anyway, then TOP gets the girl into his car, to "talk"….when really, he's giving her a drugged drink. that's why she's acting all cutesy/sexy at first, cuz she's alert and trying to pull one over on him, but then the drug starts to kick in and she ends up sleeping on his shoulder. he gets the girl back to Skylofts, and on the way he called his boss (GD) to come meet him there. GD still wants her, so TOP is expecting a major bonus for bringing her back to him–that's why he's all smug looking out the window saying "Tonight……… Such a beautiful night" to himself. but it's taking forever for Mr. Confused to find the right room…cuz he's on the wrong floor. xD anyway, back to Daesung….. Daesung makes it to the motel in Pahrump, and he's really worried cuz he has no clue what the heck was going on and he's wondering what she could've been hiding from him all this time. but he never finds out, because Bad-A** Taeyang is driving a superfast car (superslowly, unfortunately….) to hunt him down and bury him in the desert. and through all this, poor Seungri is left hanging by the beach at Las Vegas Bay.

    btw, Pahrump is really a city on the other side of Mt. Charleston from Las Vegas, and NV-160 runs from Pahrump to LV. (no clue if that's actually where they took those shots, but it fits the story, at least). also, i Googled Skylofts (it's shown on the sign when TOP is getting into the car at the beginning). i found some shots of their rooms, and it really looks like the scene with TOP and the girl at the end was shot in one of their rooms.

    and as for voting between SJM and Big Bang…..i love SJM, and i love their new song, but it just doesn't measure up to Big Bang's awesome new sound and Las Vegas video. xD xD xD BIG BANG FTW

    also….i think i'm going to write this into a fanfic later on. if i do, i'll send it to you when i'm done. xD xD

  113. In regard to the English portion of the video I feel like TOP is saying, "Big Bam, Big Bam." It's not just in this video that I've hear it. I thought it was supposed to be a play off the name. It could just be TOP failing at English pronunciation, but frankly with that voice he could read me math equations and I'd get all lusty for him.

    I'm going to vote for Big Bang for foreign comeback video because both TOP and Daesung got a little foreign lady action. Also, I feel like SJ-M's video was pretty underwhelming.

  114. I think that the girl is with, or has been with every member D: Daesung went first, because he's shown already thinking about her again. Next was Seungri because he's right now sad about it and singing near the beach. Taeyang is driving away from the hotel she's staying in, after being with her :/ G-Dragon looks like has just come out of her room, probably because TOP is now going in. And lastly, TOP. He's only now getting ready to leave the room :O

  115. back to a normal comment now.
    wow, that is long (sorry! brevity is not my friend). my youtube username is 'lalalaitslove1'. and also, that was a hilarious video, you guys did really well with the body switch thing. well done!

    in case my essay dedicated to them wasn’t a giveaway, I vote for big bang.

  116. P2: seungri is searching for hot beach girls at the beach (is he at a beach? I couldn’t tell where he was…). taeyang is driving around scoping for girls on the street. neither tae or seungri are having much luck cause seungri's over the top hand movements and facial expressions are scaring them off and taeyang is driving too fast for girls to notice his sweet car. gd, on the other hand, has had no end to his success cause hes now coming from one hot girl's hotel room to another's after having seduced both of them. oh, and the reason they're on the roof is cause they're scoping for hot girls on the street with binoculars that are conveniently off frame. their arm waves are gestures for said hot girls to head to the roof. the desert scene? hmmm, cause their host club is majorly rich they came to the US secretly via helicopter. they couldn’t come through the airport cause they couldn’t get visas. why? gd is an ex-convict (something about dry humping on a bed at an all ages concert?).

  117. P1: storyline, here goes. so they are all hosts (as in nightclub drink pourers and flirters) and they have been sent to LA with a mission: find a hot girl, make her fall for you, sleep with her then bring her back to korea, under threat of releasing the 'tape' you took of her. then make her a hostess in your club with you so they can get more money. so daesung finds this hot girl and in the process of getting her to fall in love with him, he falls for her. whoops. but then he shows her off to the guys and top wants a piece of that so he decides he must have her and seduces her away from daesung who is heartbroken and decides to commit suicide at a deserted roadside motel instead of going back to korea. the flashback of the bed scene is like his life flashing before his eyes. at the end top has successfully slept with her but due to the death of his friend he realised his awful actions and feels remorseful and doesn’t care about the girl anymore.

  118. Big Bang. Definitely. It just amazed me to the point I don't even know what to say. Perfection was good, but well, not enough spark in it.

  119. SUJU M! That is just redunkulous! Im not a big Suju m fan but they get made props for this! ^_^

  120. Alright so Big Bang find themselves in Vegas, to party like the sexy playa's they are! But DaeSung finds himself reliving the memories of his first love, driving threw the dessert, them being all cute, then he goes to the hotel * que steamy hotel scene* -DaeSung when did u get so sexxyy~!? *ahem*- and is totally heartbroken the whole trip.
    Meanwhile TOP runs into DeaSungs first love and she is allllllll over him -I mean who wouldn't be??- so TOP decides to get bck at her for breaking DaeSungs heart and ruining their trip, so he gets her to fall in love with him, sleeps with her and leaves her before she even know whats happens! While TOP is getting busy GD is roaming the hallways in case DaeSung returns so as to keep him from walking in on TOP and his ex.
    Whereas TaeYang and Sungri decide that since DaeSung is being a drag – and GD and TOP r up to something- that they will go to Cali to see the ocean and play at the beach. And TaeYang is of course dancing in random places like he usually does in MV.
    P.S. SARANGHAE BIG BANG OPPA'S~~~!!! Simon, Marina, you are my heroes! XD

    P.P.S. YouTube username OnlyYouThankYou

  121. but not realized that they were followed by Taeyang after walking for hours across the desert stopped and realized that a car followed them and she discovered that was the top assistant top Taeyang, the chic told daesung that quickly lead they arrived at a motel and rushed to a room and kept desperate Daesung kept watch out the window when they hear a knock on the door and was nothing less than Taeyang,after that the girl woke up in reaching self Taeyang car in not to tell top but he had forgotten about the paparazzi had left there Seungri which had taken pictures of them walked into the Jeep sold photos a magazine in Las Vegas but before they left Taeyang noticed and went to the magazine to destroy but top notice his acting weird so he followed him and saw that he was heading to a magazine he kept following it while he get into a room and watch howTaeyang was breaking some pictures but did not realize that one flew top picked and saw the truth with a smile he took out his phone and call. the girl and told them to look at his hotel they went to a room without knowing that top knew the truth at dawn top stands in front of the window will be arranged his shirt and left a note that said greetings from Daesung

  122. In Las Vegas there was a businessman named top who owned the largest casinos and did not like the people who went against the was surrounded by beautiful girls but one day he went with gd in one of the halls of hotel and saw a beautiful girl who got into the elevator and ran behind her leaving only gd who had a horrible sense of direction and was stranded in the hallway xD when he finally reached
    he invite her to the limousine where they took a drink while his assistant Taeyang and bodyguards followed him back. Then they started dating and went to a reunion where they saw Daesung and the girl and he looks did not take off overnight and she secretly put her number into his jacket, to which the paparazzi Seungri took a picture .Taeyang Seungri grabbed it and leave it in the middle of nowhere in the desert Daesung the next day he realized he had a role in his jacket with a number marked on his cell phone and the girl was The even was excited told it was wrong but she said no one would know and said that tomorrow she was expecting a surprise for him, the next day arrived and she was waiting in a jeep and said he would give a ride he took the keys and went into the desert where nobody would see them continue

  123. Five hot alien men land in desert. They set up a base camp and signal for help by thrashing their arms and singing SOS calls but fail and decide to split. Alien TOP finds himself a creature and brings back for research but it slips away. Alien Daesung searches desert and captures creature. He laughs madly and plans to take credit for himself. Confused creature laughs along. Meanwhile Alien Taeyang, Seungri, and GD continue to attempt communication with mothership. GD kicks ground in frustration. TOP has foiled his plan and snatched creature back leaving Daesung in pool of nervous sweat at his secret hideout. Creature is last seen passed out at base camp while TOP calls team to gather with his hot man beams.

    username: thumperjunior

  124. I think that it started out that the girl, im going to call her Ms.Muffin, was going out with Daesung, but as time went by the spark in their relationship disappeared and ms. muffin started liking T.O.P. She fell in love with T.O.P and left Daesung heartbroken which led him to drinking and reminiscing about their relatioinship. He then got caught for DUI and is being chased by cops so he moves to a motel and checks the window every now and then. It suddenly comes to his mind that he and his girlfriend had a night their once together. While Daesung is hiding in a hotel that night, T.O.P is with Ms. Muffin staring out at the night sky from his room.

    BonbonKaneWagaMehLin <3

  125. And LOL. Just when Simon hoped and tried not to make another BIgBang song, well we couldn't really force Martina. Can we, Simon? LOOL. Sometimes, I pity you… BUT! YAY FOR BIGBANG. HAHA BTW, I vote for Super JUnior M, sorry Bigbang, I guess suju singing in chinese makes me hyperventilate more. hhaha 太完美~ :)

    I just gotta say, the Secret Garden parody of simonandmartina was awesome HAHA. Couldn't believe I can see Simon actually spazzing about BigBang LOOOL

  126. I vote Big Bang!!!! <3

    When I watched the video my take was that the girl was with Daesung first but TOP's immense good looks made here leave Daesung for him. Daesung, sad, drove around Vegas visiting all of the places that they had gone together. TOP wine and dines the girl but by the end of the video he feels too guilty for taking Daesung's girl (doesn't he look teary-eyed as he stares out the window?) and leaves her in the room. Throughout all this Taeyang is feeling sad about his own dating woes but those are not important enough to be in the video, so he just drives around Vegas. G-Dragon is the pimp in the video as he just left one girl's room and is heading for another's. Seungri just walks around Vegas, mostly on rooftops as he's too young to do anything else.

    youtube id: reah009

  127. [continued, comment #2]
    Taeyang and GD are just at Vegas for vacation. This is because Taeyang recently went there for his vacation and thought it was soo cool he decided to bring his BFF, G Dragon. Taeyang gets distracted, forgets about GD, rents a Lamborghini, and drives down the streets with swag. All the meanwhile, GD looks for taeyang in the hotel hallways, with his charismatic-self and his oxymoron phrase "I'm a bad boy but I'm nice." So GDYB is really just roaming Las Vegas with SWAG.
    NOTE: Seungri is at the beach because he is underaged.

    [Not] Relevant: MGM Grand FTW [pshh my fav hotel there, I only go there >:D]

  128. Hmm Hands Down, Big Bang FTW!!!
    Anyways, theory #1 seems to fit my boat a bit more than the others.
    I actually think that the girl was with Daesung, but was picked up by TOP. The girl could'nt resist TOP's sexyness and followed him into the limo. Daesung is in the desert looking for the girl, because she has gone missing. While in the desert and motel, he reminices all the lovey dovey moments they had together, [while sweating profusely]. TOP is just a pimp [which is why he showed no emotion in the limo, besides the look of bordom] , so at the end, its all really just a one night stand….and he just buttons his sexy suit and stares into the distance.

    [continues go to comment #2]

  129. Okay, here's what happened. The boys went down to Vegas to party and enjoy themselves after all their hard work recording their new album. The first night there they get pretty smashed and let loose. Yes, Seungri too, you think they wouldn't smuggle in some alcohol to their room? Anyways, at one point in the night, TOP is cooling off on the balcony and Daesung comes out to make sure he's doing alright and manages to trip on his own tipsy feet and fall into TOP who of course catches him in his big strong arms. Daesung looks up and blushes, realizing how girly he must look and how incredibly good looking TOP is. He tries to back away but TOP keeps him close and suddenly kisses him! Taeyang sees this but pretends he doesn't and sneaks back in and calls for Daesung. TOP and Daesung spring apart, confused and embarrassed. They go back inside to party but there is now some serious awkward tension.

    The video is a couple days later. The group meets some friends and TOP decides to take one of their new girlfriends out to get his mind off of Daesung and the kiss. It doesn't work and he spends his time thinking about Daesung instead of focusing on the date. The girl of course is bummed out and decides to spend the next day with Daesung instead as he seemed a little down and hopes to cheer him up. Daesung tries to enjoy his time with her, and even tries to have some sexy time with her just so he can forget TOP. Taeyang wants to interfere and tell Daesung to go back to TOP, because he's all for it, but can't get up the courage to do it and wouldn't know exactly what to say to Daesung, so he abandons the mission. In the midst of sexy time Daesung accidentally whispers TOP's name and the girl immediately know what's going on. She leaves Daesung at the motel, freaking out (sweating), and goes to TOP. She tells him that Daesung is in love with him, he even whispered his name while making out with her. TOP is excited knowing that Daesung feels the same and heads out to tell him how he really feels. End!

    Oh yeah, I totally slashed that up. Hopefully that doesn't horribly offend you!

    Screen name: XianShuiMeng

  130. Super Junior M. Cause I like them. But duhhh of course that's how Vegas people say Bang~ Who doesn't know? xDD Just kidding~ I dunno what they're saying…. o___O And like… I think.. you're both crazy.. cause I watched that MV like two times just now and I don't see a girl… at all. ●﹏● Weird… But I think the story is that you two are secret robots with their memories hidden away in your memory and the new story [MV] that has come out is that they're just people partying in Vegas and out to see the scenery. But the REAL story is that they drugged the girl and at the end of the MV (apparently…) is actually the beginning and the members freaking out are all their regrets and stuff…. After they killed the girl and put her in the desert.. but you're the only ones that sees this cause… I don't see anything…. for real. ⊙﹏⊙‖∣

  131. Gotta vote for Big Bang in Las Vegas! Love SJM, but Big Bang totally wins this time around.

    My theory to the story line would have to be that Daesung and girl used to date, but one day she just disappeared on him. In order to find her, Daesung hires GD, TOP, Seungri, and Taeyang to help him find her in various places. The thing is, TOP has a thing for the girl so instead of looking for her for his pal, Daesung, he's looking for her for him. GD is searching for her in a casino, but alas gets distracted by the gambling and the pretty lights that call out to him to stay. Seungri hits the beach, but only to find out that Daesung is there, but that's because he's hitting all the places he and this girl spent time at, special time that ends up with them making out on a bed…o.O? Seungri not sure what to do about his friend just leaves him be as Daesung sweats and wonders where he went wrong with this amazing girl. Taeyang starts out helping Daesung find the girl, but honestly he knows what TOP's up to with the whole finding her and making her his thing. He starts out trying to tell Daesung, who just won't listen to anybody because he's depressed and trying to find the girl of his dreams, but he can't find her. Taeyang ends up giving up his search, but he finds out that TOP has already found her and making her his by taking her out into a limo. TOP plays the cool image of I really don't care what's going on, but inside he's all, "Oh yeah I totally got her." She falls for him because his mysterious I'm cool attitude attracts (But I just think it's hard to resist the almighty charm of TOP…) In the end, she sleeps over at TOP's place, but as she sleeps he thinks back to his friend, the one he betrayed and the one that's sitting alone in a motel room grieving.

    I think that, or it's just a what happened after Beautiful Hangover. Daesung and Seungri teamed up and got the others hung up on one girl, but their plan totally backfired because TOP was unaffected by whatever they gave them. As revenge TOP steals Daesung's girl and sends him on a wild goose chase to figure out where she is, but she's really just with him. Taeyang and GD are cover ups to where she could possibly be and Seungri is a lousy helper at helping Daesung find her… Youtube username is raydran.

  132. youtube account – hibrianhello
    the daesung dude went to college in america, and had babies with laura bush ( 1980s) . the daesung dude also has an anti aging machine so his appearance is that of a young man. this daughter, observed as having parents of different nationalities, is the daughter of daesung in present day, she comes to korea seeking a job in business. daesung dude's friend named toppy is a man who is the leader of the business powerhouse "0M3G@". He manipulates daesung's long lost daughter in hopes of gaining her trust , as top sees great potential for his business in her. dausung then tries to persuade her from him, going to the desert to have great love. she does not know that he is her father, so seungri uses his manwhore skills to gain her. it doesn't work. Top and the market conglomerate including the golden dragon take her into chains in a hotel room to inception her with these ideas of joining him. daesung in desperation runs to the desert where he remember he stored the master cure called "MeG@ cure" to change his daughter back tfrom thoughts of joining the corrupt enterprise. taeyang, a subordinate to top goes and tries to hunt him in the desert.

  133. Youtube username: squishynereid

    The story, as interpreted by someone who knows no Korean:

    TOP the king of Las Vegas (literally, because Vegas is a monarchy). He is a hard-hearted king who rules with an iron-fist (because evil is sexy). The other guys are his younger brothers. The girl is TOP's betrothed. He makes a show of taking her around his kingdom in his limo, but she's unhappy because it's an arranged marriage and King TOP doesn't show her any real affection. She falls in love with Daesung, and have a secret affair, sneaking off into the desert to be together and so on.

    TOP finds out about the affair and can't bear the humiliation of having his fiancée cheat on him with his brother. He decides his other three brothers should make themselves useful and sends them after Daesung with orders to kill him. Taeyang is incredibly competent and quickly gets on Daesung's trail but feels all conflicted about his orders as he follows Daesung around in his slick car. Daesung goes to the secrety hideaway he used to bring the girl too and remembers the good times they had, and angsts about how he might never see her again. And he sweats a lot because being full of so much angst is hard work. Meanwhile, the girl goes back to TOP in the hopes that he'll spare Daesung. They spend the night in his royal bedchamber and she goes to sleep thinking TOP will call off the hunt for Daesung, but of course he won't. TOP buttons his shirt while looking out his highly reflective window (which has an awesome view of his kingdom). With cold satisfaction, he thinks "Tonight, such a beautiful night," because he has his woman back, Daesung will probably be dead soon, and he's freakin' king of Las Vegas. It's good to be king.

    The question is, what happened to Daesung? Either 1) As you speculated: murdered, his body buried in the desert by Taeyang or 2) Taeyang couldn't go through with it and let him go, and Daesung is still out there somewhere plotting against TOP.

    Seungri and GD have their own subplots. Seungri's trying to prove himself by tracking down Daesung but he got totally lost and ended up at a beach. GD is a decorated war hero (patches are used as medals in the kingdom of Vegas) who wears his medals on a furry hood because he's kind of eccentric like that. Despite his successes, GD feels stifled by his royal life under his hard-ass older brother's rule. He decides to abandon his mission in favor of wandering around hallways and rooftops, singing about his Disney princess-like longing for more.

    Oh, and "Big Bang" is the royal family's motto, the meaning of which has been lost to history. They are also no longer sure what the correct pronunciation is, which is why TOP doesn't quite get it right in the video.

  134. Here is my brief… well, not so brief, take on the Big Bang "Tonight" MV. Enjoy :) I had to break it into two parts…

    First off, GD is not really lost in the hotel. He is actually playing a game of hide and go seek with Seungri and Taeyang. He is trying to locate them through his gift of song.

    Top is too cool to play such a game and is wondering how the others could be so childish, so of course the obvious answer he comes up with is for him to go drink champagne in a car with his girlfriend. However, he is not too happy with her because he knows what she did the day before…

    Taeyang then begins to brainstorm where he should hide from GD by going on the roof to think. Singing helps his thinking proccess.

    Seungri decides to follow Taeyang's lead and goes to think on a different roof about the best hiding place. His idea is to go somewhere where he would never be found by GD: the beach. It was a foolproof idea and he begins to sing in joy of his geniousness once he arrives at his destination.

    • Meanwhile, Daesung has been going through a slump. He is too depressed to play with the others and is instead hung up over what he had done the day before. He was in love with Top's girlfriend and thought that she loved him too. They spent a whole day together and he thought that she would leave Top to be with him. However, she left him to go back to Top. He was just a fling for her. He is heartbroken and spends the entire day reliving the happy day he had before with her.

      GD finally realizes something fishy is up and heads outside, then realizing that both Seungri and Taeyang are cheating in the game. They left the hotel!

      We then see Taeyang's brilliant plan in action: he simply drives away from the hotel so GD can never possibly find him. He once again vocalizes his feelings through song. Taeyang just cant get enough singing in his life.

      • Daesung is now in a motel, still reliving the day he had with Top's girlfriend, unable to accept her using him and leaving. He is still torn up inside.

        Top knows what his girlfriend did, but doesn't let her know that. He is practically indifferent with her actions and is seen contemplating something as he looks out at the night sky.

        He is thinking that he should have just played the stupid game of hide and go seek.

        THE END

        … This is just how my imagination works. I can't help it. Hope you found this entertaining :)

        Youtube name:

  135. First at all, I must have a lot of mistakes, I’m still learning English, so, I’m sorry…!
    The "When will GD find the elevator?" part killed me ajajjajaajaj

    Speaking of killing, I think BB went to Las Vegas to get some new surprising hair styles, trying not to be seen for anybody. But before the job was done, Daesung made a mistake and dated a girl, so his new hair style was revealed. OH NO! (1) They reunited at some building flat roof and decided to "eliminate" the problem before the news appeared in Twitter. After that, they had to hurry up to the desert because they had an YG helicopter to catch, to go back to Seoul and go on with the new album photoshoots. GD told them to get dressed with the new concept clothes to buy some time. TOP was chosen to do the dirty job (seduce the girl, sleep the girl) because he's the older one and apparently he has some experience in putting something into girl's drinks to make them sleep (forever-sleep this time). Daesung was so sad for her lover that tried to save her by meeting her in a hotel on his way to the desert. He was in such a hurry that forgot his new concept clothes, so Taeyang drove back to get Daesung clothes, then drove to the desert. Poor Tae drove all night long (2). They didn't want to see a pissed off GD again… first the new style revealed, then the clothes forgotten… no way (3). TOP did what he was told to; GD checked everything was allright and left to the BB meeting (in the middle of the road he was informed about Dae and Tae’s delay, he got mad of course … broken camera after that).
    Anyway, Seung Ri took a walk for the beach before arriving the desert because he was early. Daesung’s plan didn’t work and the girl was killed. Finally the five got together and waited for the helicopter (4).

    (1) Taeyang couldn't get a new hair style so he cried all day and got puffy eyes; that's why he's wearing dark glasses even when his driving.
    (2) It could have been faster but he refused to take off the damned dark glasses.
    (3) Broken cameras and guitars replacements are not included in their contracts. No way they keep paying for the consequences of GD’s anger attacks.
    (4) They did a rehearsal while waiting. Oh they’re so professional…

    Hope you understand!
    Thanks for the video. Bye bye!!
    User: lolenenalinda

  136. Ok, so here is what I think.
    TOP is the godfather of a mafia.
    He is the boss obviously, GD is his best hitman, his right hand. And seungri is his newest hitman: a young boy who wants to learn from the best.
    Taeyang and Daesung are the closest friends of TOP. They "don't know" about TOP's double life. They think he's just a lucky man with a lot of money who owns a lot of casinos. However, Taeyang is a secret detective, but because he really likes TOP he doesn't say anything. TOP doesn't know one of his friends is a detective who knows everything he does and follows his movements.
    At the beginning of the video, they all are dancing and celebrating, and GD says: "We're back", cause' They all hadn't seen each other a long time ago. So they are celebrating their come back.
    Before their come back, TOP felt in love with a girl. And now he seems to really like her. In the other hand, Daesung says he just met a girl and he love her too.
    In the old times, TOP asked Daesung to take care of one documents that were really important, this documents had a lot of information about other mafia and because TOP wanted to take good care of them. He gave them to his friend. The girl TOP felt in love with belongs to the other mafia and thats why she seduce TOP, but she discovered that the papers were with daseung so she started to dating him too, because she's not sure of being right.
    While they're having fun, GD finds out that the two of them (TOP and Daesung) are dating the same girl. So he tells to TOP. TOP doesn't know what to do, he needs to make a decision, so he thinks about it in the limo (that's why he doesn't pay atention to the girl). Finally he made a decision, he need to kill Daesung in order to get the girl. Because he's the boss he can't do it by himself, so he ask Seungri to kill daesung. Seungri is really nervous cause' this will be his first murder (so he start to sing on the desert LOL).
    Taeyang finds out of all, so he drive his car to tell Daesung what is happening. Daesung needs to hide, so he go to a seedy motel. Why is he sweating? Well, because is the cheapest motel in Las Vegas and doesn't have Air conditioning!! besides TOP will never put a feet in such a cheap place (XD) he has class.
    While he's on the motel he call the girl to go with him, so he constantly looks trough the windows. And when she finally get there…well.. you know what happens. The girl leaves Daesung because "she had things to do" and she go to meet with TOP.
    Taeyang arrives first with TOP and he tell him the truth about that girl and how she lie to him. In that point TOP realizes what he need to do in such a beautiful nigh like that. And while the girl is sleeping…He kills her!! The last thing he says to her is: Good night.

    *Sorry if it has bad grammar. My english is not that good…*
    I wish I could have the album!! (http://www.youtube.com/BreeGTv)

  137. Ok, so here is what I think.
    TOP is the godfather of a mafia.
    He is the boss obviously, GD is his best hitman, his right hand. And seungri is his newest hitman: a young boy who wants to learn from the best.
    Taeyang and Daesung are the closest friends of TOP. They "don't know" about TOP's double life. They think he's just a lucky man with a lot of money who owns a lot of casinos. However, Taeyang is a secret detective, but because he really likes TOP he doesn't say anything. TOP doesn't know one of his friends is a detective who knows everything he does and follows his movements.
    At the beginning of the video, they all are dancing and celebrating, and GD says: "We're back", cause' They all hadn't seen each other a long time ago. So they are celebrating their come back.
    Before their come back, TOP felt in love with a girl. And now he seems to really like her. In the other hand, Daesung says he just met a girl and he love her too.
    In the old times, TOP asked Daesung to take care of one documents that were really important, this documents had a lot of information about other mafia and because TOP wanted to take good care of them. He gave them to his friend. The girl TOP felt in love with belongs to the other mafia and thats why she seduce TOP, but she discovered that the papers were with daseung so she started to dating him too, because she's not sure of being right.
    While they're having fun, GD finds out that the two of them (TOP and Daesung) are dating the same girl. So he tells to TOP. TOP doesn't know what to do, he needs to make a decision, so he thinks about it in the limo (that's why he doesn't pay atention to the girl). Finally he made a decision, he need to kill Daesung in order to get the girl. Because he's the boss he can't do it by himself, so he ask Seungri to kill daesung. Seungri is really nervous cause' this will be his first murder (so he start to sing on the desert LOL).
    Taeyang finds out of all, so he drive his car to tell Daesung what is happening. Daesung needs to hide, so he go to a seedy motel. Why is he sweating? Well, because is the cheapest motel in Las Vegas and doesn't have Air conditioning!! besides TOP will never put a feet in such a cheap place (XD) he has class.
    While he's on the motel he call the girl to go with him, so he constantly looks trough the windows. And when she finally get there…well.. you know what happens. The girl leaves Daesung because "she had things to do" and she go to meet with TOP.
    Taeyang arrives first with TOP and he tell him the truth about that girl and how she lie to him. In that point TOP realizes what he need to do in such a beautiful nigh like that. And while the girl is sleeping…He kills her!! The last thing he says to her is: Good night.

    *Sorry if it has bad grammar. My english is not that good…*
    I wish I could have the album!! (http://www.youtube.com/BreeGTv)

  138. Ok, so here is what I think.
    TOP is the godfather of a mafia.
    He is the boss obviously, GD is his best hitman, his right hand. And seungri is his newest hitman: a young boy who wants to learn from the best.
    Taeyang and Daesung are the closest friends of TOP. They "don't know" about TOP's double life. They think he's just a lucky man with a lot of money who owns a lot of casinos. However, Taeyang is a secret detective, but because he really likes TOP he doesn't say anything. TOP doesn't know one of his friends is a detective who knows everything he does and follows his movements.
    At the beginning of the video, they all are dancing and celebrating, and GD says: "We're back", cause' They all hadn't seen each other a long time ago. So they are celebrating their come back.
    Before their come back, TOP felt in love with a girl. And now he seems to really like her. In the other hand, Daesung says he just met a girl and he love her too.
    In the old times, TOP asked Daesung to take care of one documents that were really important, this documents had a lot of information about other mafia and because TOP wanted to take good care of them. He gave them to his friend. The girl TOP felt in love with belongs to the other mafia and thats why she seduce TOP, but she discovered that the papers were with daseung so she started to dating him too, because she's not sure of being right.
    While they're having fun, GD finds out that the two of them (TOP and Daesung) are dating the same girl. So he tells to TOP. TOP doesn't know what to do, he needs to make a decision, so he thinks about it in the limo (that's why he doesn't pay atention to the girl). Finally he made a decision, he need to kill Daesung in order to get the girl. Because he's the boss he can't do it by himself, so he ask Seungri to kill daesung. Seungri is really nervous cause' this will be his first murder (so he start to sing on the desert LOL).
    Taeyang finds out of all, so he drive his car to tell Daesung what is happening. Daesung needs to hide, so he go to a seedy motel. Why is he sweating? Well, because is the cheapest motel in Las Vegas and doesn't have Air conditioning!! besides TOP will never put a feet in such a cheap place (XD) he has class.
    While he's on the motel he call the girl to go with him, so he constantly looks trough the windows. And when she finally get there…well.. you know what happens. The girl leaves Daesung because "she had things to do" and she go to meet with TOP.
    Taeyang arrives first with TOP and he tell him the truth about that girl and how she lie to him. In that point TOP realizes what he need to do in such a beautiful nigh like that. And while the girl is sleeping…He kills her!! The last thing he says to her is: Good night.

    *Sorry if it has bad grammar. My english is not that good…*
    I wish I could have the album!! (http://www.youtube.com/BreeGTv)

  139. The girl is two-timing with Daesung and TOP. TOP knows it but he just doesn't care anymore. He knows he's to hot to be sad over a girl and he's to cool to dance anyways. Daesung also knows about it but he still has feelings for her, so he drives out to the desert and wonders why she likes TOP even though he is hot now (He probably went to the desert to add to the hotness.)

    Meanwhile, GD is on TOP's side and Taeyang is on Daesung's side (You know? because rappers have to stick together and vocalists have to stick together). GD just goes to Las Vegas to party, get his swag on, and be as fashionable as he can, but he also goes and tries to find TOP the most awesome hotel room to make up the for the fact GD is the one that gets to smash the guitar when performing live. Taeyang is following his fellow vocalist comrade, Daesung, to make sure he doesn't get any hotter than he already is because that would mean competition for Taeyang. He also makes sure to out-dance Daesung, so he will become intimidated and not try to steal his spot as the hot vocalist.

    Sadly, the baby of the group, Seungri, is still underage so he can't have any fun. All he can do is look out into the open with a sad gaze, thinking of all the things he can do once he turns 21. ^^

    youtube username: visualkeiartists

  140. After careful analysis I’ve figured out the storyline of this video. It all started with their trip to the US last month. They stopped to experience some Native American culture and were so inspired that they made the MV about rain…not Bi-Rain but the weather condition. The MV is supposed to be artistic, so the girl in the video is the personification of rain.
    The MV starts out with GD in his personalized leader headdress so he can lead the rain dance to summon rain for their big comeback. I mean what better way to impress everyone than controlling the weather? It starts off with some clapping and hand movements. Then they have to profess all of their regrets so that their consciences are clear. Of course GD and TOP have the longest laundry lists. For GD each door in the hotel room represents something on his list. When TOP is confessing, he starts to feel anxious about dancing and that’s why he’s in the car with Rain. He’s starting to steal her away…(continued)

    • …(continued) Next Taeyang tries to lead everyone in a dance, but no one ever joins in…I guess they don’t like his dance? Daesung isn’t actually with Rain, but has gone to the desert to experience a true need for water. However, he starts to become dehydrated and hallucinates. He thinks he’s found the rain. Also, Seungri knows there’s lots of water in the ocean, so he takes his dance to the beach. It ultimately turns into him begging the water it to evaporate faster in hopes that it will rain sooner
      GD starts to get upset that everyone has left and punches and kicks the air. Taeyang goes to look for Daesung, who has gone to a motel because his head hurts. He has a fever, which gets so high that his hallucinations become…extreme. I guess he really LOVES the idea of making it rain for their comeback. He also envisions his whole group doing the rain dance together, even TOP, but is saddened because he realizes it won’t happen…(continued)

      • …(continued) At the end TOP has Rain hidden with him because he refuses to dance. He stares out the window at a clear sky. He says it is “such a beautiful night” without the rain because he’d rather not dance. He sighs because he regrets not helping out his band mates, then says “goodnight.” I guess he decided to sleep on it?
        So basically everyone in Big Bang wants to perform a rain dance at their comeback, so that it will rain, except TOP. TOP, as Martina in Simon’s body mentioned, doesn’t like to dance, so he doesn’t like the idea. Therefore, in his refusal to dance, he figuratively steals their rain. ***THE END***
        ***Note to Simon and Martina: I bet if you tell TOP about your little switch-a-roo, he’d gladly join the others in a rain dance so that you can both switch back to your real bodies when it rains. I know he’d do anything for his Martina! ^_~

  141. Bigbang wins my vote for the showdown! What a great comeback song and album! Love the responses to your contest!! So creative.

  142. Welll I think that this is a bit weird but some how daesung in the desert reminded me of a like area51 kinda thing soo I think daesung and the girl were going to lasvegus to meet up with taeyang, but on the way the girl disppears and daesung thinks she is taken by aliens, but actually TOP suduced her and is like taking her on the limo etc etc making her forget about daesung XD while daesung is in the dessert looking for her~ and remembering all the memories they had, he can't find her so he gets taeyang to help him, who ofocurse hurrys and drive in his super hot car to him XD and seungri I think is just a alien there feeling misunderstood knowing its not him that took the girl. THE END XD

    I was gonna comment on utube but I was past the character limit -.-;
    utube username is kawaiichan94

  143. super junior m! <3

    -looks at zhouli-

  144. super juniorm ~perfection


  145. SUPER JUNIOR M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a dance a song
    and its so catchyy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish you uys couldve done a k pop monday for this song :(

  147. SUPER JUNIOR M!!!

  148. The Storyline
    Part 3:
    Daesung passes in and out of consciousness (2:47) and remembers the night he spent at the hotel with the girl while adding in delusions of all the Big Bang members singing in the desert, which is why he is soaking wet despite the air conditioner visible at 2:32 and 2:37. We then see T.O.P in a nice hotel room with the girl. T.O.P ended up deciding not to do anything to the girl and is letting her sleep off the drugs. We assume that T.O.P was sleeping upstairs (stairs are visible in the window reflection at 3:36) when Taeyang called to say that he had lost Daesung. T.O.P says it will be such a beautiful night for everyone else who gets to sleep until morning and he sighs (3:34) when he thinks about how he now has to go find Daesung.
    My username on Youtube is CrookedMouthCampbell, but I'm not sure you will be able to find it. Thanks for reading!

  149. The Storyline
    Part 2:
    Seungri is on the beach because he likes clubs better than casinos but he couldn’t get into any because all of his VVIP passes were in Korean. G-Dragon is tired after singing with the big fur hood on and he’s so angry at the cameraman for not thinking about it that he kicks the camera, consequently breaking it. It was lucky that they had several spares. G-Dragon finally gets to take the hood off at sunset (1:53). Taeyang makes sure that Daesung won’t find out where T.O.P and the girl have gone by following Daesung, presumably because T.O.P ordered him to. Taeyang gets bored and sings along with “Tonight.” Daesung checks into a cheap motel. Taeyang keeps driving around partly because by this point he has forgotten why he was driving in the first place, and partly because he is so involved in singing. Daesung sees a shaky video of the girl on the same beach Seungri was on earlier, which means that Seungri took a video of her and sent it to Daesung via cellphone. The relationship between Seungri and the girl is left unclear.

  150. I AM E.L.F.!!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3

  151. super junior m should definately win….
    this is their comback and its really impressive becaus ethey just lost their leader

  152. The Storyline
    Part 1:
    When G-Dragon says "Big Bang" everyone appears and starts singing about the confusing but beautiful night they just experienced. T.O.P gets into the car with the girl after leaving Sky Lofts hotel. G-Dragon is in the same hotel and gets lost walking down from the top of the building (he’s wearing the same clothes in the scenes on the rooftop as the scene inside) blindly going past the numerous exit signs (0:31). T.O.P and the girl hold champagne glasses, but T.O.P doesn’t drink it (0:46) because he knows there is something wrong with it. After that he stares out of the window wondering what to do. Since we switch to Taeyang, it’s safe to assume that he’s the one behind the drugged glasses. He probably gave the drug to G-Dragon, who secretly gave it to T.O.P before T.O.P and the girl left. Daesung recently broke up with the girl and he takes a drive into the desert, but everything he sees reminds him of when he had been there with her.

  153. The Truth Behind Big Bangs Tonight MV:
    Papa YG paid for an all expense paid trip to Vegas for the BB boys. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DID? the TRUTH? That is the mystery. Lets take a look at Mr. Heartbreaker (GD GD Baby Baby), we see him lurking the halls, creeping in the hotel rooms wearing a tux. You see we all know what he REALLY is going after, not the apples, not the blankets, certainly not the hair dye (♥), but hes actually tryna pick up some dirt on the Official Pimp (TOP). We all know that he's got a mohawk ninja (Taeyang) on his side and we all know he has the hots for Daesungs girl. Daesung who was still in his Beautiful Hangover couldn't take it any longer so he went off to a motel. The owner of the motel is Mr V.I (Seungri) who just loves to sing about his motel cuz he has big bang. Later we see Daesung getting all friendly with his lady friend but at the same time we see the ninja mohawk driving late at night to bury something. Later on that night at the Official Pimp's suite, we find out that he also was getting friendly with the lady friend but the shocking truth is that……they're twins. The next night, all 5 members confront each other and Mr. Heartbreaker suddenly stated, "Tonight such a beautiful night sing with me now they are twins"

  154. SUPER JUNIOR M!!!!!!!!!
    e.l.f. forever :)

  155. youtube account: MrSpazicFreak

    Big Bang is visiting a broken down amusement park in the middle of the desert because that’s the coolest thing to do. There, Daesung meets a girl and he takes her around on his car, away from the other group members cause he likes her. The rest of the group stays at the amusement park, exploring it cause it looks cool. After this, the group goes to the hotel in LA. GD stays in the hotel cause he exhausted from learning the rain dance at the broken down amusement park and Seungri goes to the beach near the hotel cause he wants to see all the pretty girls and be a VVIP. Daesung is depressed cause he had to leave the girl he likes and so he drives back to the place where he saw her. He gets to the amusement park and finds out that she isn’t there and is emo near the car. However, he gets a tip that she is staying at a motel not too far away from there. So he goes to the motel, asks for her room, and goes into it. Then he falls asleep, gets a wet dream, and wakes up wondering how he’s going to get back to the hotel with the sticky blotch in his pants. Taeyang drives around the city, trying to find somebody to love because he’s lonely in his awesome black car. TOP goes to a party, finds the girl that Daesung took a liking to, and decides to leave the party with her. Since they’re both drunk, they have a good time, until after the escapade. TOP realizes what he has done, looks out the window, and composes himself before running to meet his companions.

  156. BIG BANG IN LAS VEGAS BBY! They're so hot, especially in this music video, they got even hotter. I love love love Taeyang, but DAMN BABY! Daesung even got sexy. Lol.

  157. the translated lyrics of the songs can really help things out and find what the REAL story is. it talks about a guy wondering why the spark is gone between them so he tries to find out what is the reason. But as he thinks about it, he reminisces about the good times, making him realize that he still loves her so he tries to find her back TONIGHT.

    in the MV, it opened with GD singing. I think he's like narrating, saying "Let me tell you the feeling of a man who's brokenhearted that ensued in this place I'm walking.." then it switched up to TOP. TOP, a wealthy man, is in the car without the girl and started to remember the time he had with the her. He's like thinking what the hell happened to them and why the feeling is gone. This is reference to the lyrics he sang, "When did we start, start losing the spark between us." Taeyang started to sing the chorus afterwards with no relevance to the plotting of the story. Then Seungri's scene is shown. He's like now saying the feelings of being lonely and afraid of what might happen on behalf of Daesung's, quoting the lyrics, "Bad when it comes to pain like that, I try to avoid it. But you know that I love you girl girl girl." Daesung is now shown, enlightening the story more. Oblivious to TOP, Daesung and the girl has an affair. He (Daesung) thought back when he and the girl are bonding, doing all the things they can do for at the end of the day, he knows he can't have her for he's like an ordinary man and he can't do anything to officially make her his. So arriving at the motel, it was known that something happened to the two of them by the flashbacks. Taeyang is now seen on his car speeding up and following Daesung for he's worried about him that he might do something bad. Then everything ended by the two, Daesung and TOP looking at the window with common difference. TOP has the girl with him now and Daesung looking out the window, wondering if she's safe and when will the day come that they'll live happily. TOP buttoning his shirt, is like stating, he's going somewhere to confront someone. Daesung is sweating for he's afraid of what might happen.

    hope i clear things up. my username in Youtube is ultimatum20. or i have another theory, the girl loved by TOP has a twin and that is the girl loved by Daesung and conflicts started to transpire. LOL!

  158. So basically there's this really famous pimp named Top who steals other guy's girlfriends for one-night stands and his past victims were GD, who has been wandering the same hotel for many nights just looking for Top to exact revenge, and Seungri, who decided to become a beach bum because he was too shocked that a girl would ever leave him. So in this video, Top steals Daesung's girl from the dessert and so Daesung drives his sorrows away, imagining his girlfriend is still next to him. And Taeyang? He had nothing to do with the story, he's just showing off his awesome car.

    How's that? Anyway, awesome video =D

    I like both Suju M and Big Bang MVs but I guess if I had to choose I'd say Big Bang because Las Vegas looks really cool and it had a story(even though its confusing) but Suju was just them dancing and I don't know. I'm guessing Big Bang's video was more expensive to make than Suju being inside a set only.

    P.s. Martina, since you live in Korea, have you ever been to a Big Bang concert?

    youtube ID: Dramafan9

  159. So here is my story :) :) I recommend you watch the music video and read this at the same time, :)

    So here is GD in fresh clothes is about to hang out with Top, But Top ditches GD for a girl. But he feel very guilty so he ignore the girl, Daesung found out that Top was on date with his ex so he wants to tell GD but he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. So instead he rides his car into the beach hoping to forget, but instead he remember the memories when they were together. Seungri (a good friend) goes to the beach to look for Daesung but could not find him. Then GD found out that Top has ditch for a girl, he is furious and takes of his wilderness hood and KICK THE CAMERA!!!…. Daesung went to an abandon hotel that did not have ac and so he was sweating and very hot, but Taeyang when following him see him in a hotel and decide to ignore him, he is just glad that Daesung didn’t think of anything bad. Of course, at the end Top feel so guilty that he say goodbye to girl. :) :) THE END
    p.s. it’s long but it matches the scene in the song, I hope you pick me :) :)

  160. BIGBANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! IN LAS VEGAS!!!!! I think you know who I vote for…

  161. Obviously, its an advertisement for the Big Bang boys as hosts. Gd is a Native American thanking the spirits of the world for his casino in Vegas. He’s showing off his hotel and its “Services” by walking casually through the halls before casually Turing to its transportation methods in which fan girls can enjoy a nice limo trip with TOP, and a bottle of champagne. Where they can do whatever they please to TOP. Then his other hosts are “advertised” (Taeyang and Daesung) in multiple angles so that fans may see what they may do with their “hosts”. Then VI is shown on the beach as to say “you can have him even though he’s under aged, but you got to pay extra cause it is illegal” Gd starts his tribal dance before the boys are advertised in the night life, saying you can have them for “Tonight” and you may have your way with them at GD’s hotel. Gd cries out to his ancestors and the boys are finally displayed together at a desert side to side, back to back, so one may get a full view before deciding on whom to choose. It leaves you with a tease of TOP slightly fixing a button on his shirt.


  162. I think TOP was saying 'Big Bang' with a really warped accent. The boys have done it before–'Bang' has sounded like 'Bam' many times.

  163. The two of you never fail to make every single video hilarious and interesting. The switching bodies was fantastic! And the giraffe sounds were awesome XD
    My vote goes to suju-m this time
    And for my sanity and that of my friend's as well….could you pleeeeeeease please please tell us whats the name of the happy music you played in the music monday and in previous ones before. It gets stuck in your head so easily *-* its been driving us crazy trying to figure out what it is.
    Also for next week's video could you do secret's song ji eun's going crazy mv?

  164. Okay So HERE'S THE STORY…

    That Morning, the girl told T.O.P that she wanted to be with him and T.O.P knows that Daesung is in love with the same girl. He remembers Daesung telling him something about the girl pretending to love him and breaking his heart. So, T.O.P told the rest of the members that he was going to kill (he's buttering her up before he does so) her TONIGHT to keep her from breaking the group apart. The other members are, like, freaking out and are like "OMG, T.O.P NO! WE CAN SOLVE THIS." But T.O.P has made up his mind. So then THE SEARCH BEGINS. The other members only know that T.O.P went to a hotel but, JUST HOW MANY HOTELS ARE IN VEGAS?!?! He leaves little traces in a few hotels (before he goes in he goes to get the girl) to throw everyone off. G-Dragon is convinced that T.O.P can be NOWHERE else than in that (the one he's wondering in) hotel; so he's going to check every room to try and stop him. Daesung, the whole time, is in the Nevada desert wondering just WHY the girl would want T.O.P when he treated her so nicely. Once the realization hits that T.O.P might actually kill the girl (because he's seen him 'acting' and killing the girl in 'IRIS'), he is so distraught, he can only check that one motel that T.O.P is most likely NOT going to be in, yet, is the same hotel that he and the girl spent a night in. He sits there, slowly, yet SURELY, losing his mind, reminiscing, and praying that T.O.P will not do something so drastic. Meanwhile, G-Dragon has checked ALL of the doors and when he leaves the hotel, it's already sunset; 'TONIGHT' is approaching. In a small scene they show how G-Dragon looks to the sky and throws a mini tantrum asking himself how he could be that dumb and spend all of that time in one hotel. This WHOLE time Seungri, who had been drinking with T.O.P the night before, knows where T.O.P might go but there's two problems with this. He's debating with himself if the conversation REALLY happen or if he imagined it and where exactly that hotel is. Taeyang, who doesn't trust Seungri with his car and REFUSES to let him drive, tries to squeeze as much information as possible out of Seungri. Once, Seungri's image clears a bit, he is able to give Taeyang a vivid enough description to point him in the direction of the RIGHT hotel. takes the same route that Daesung took to HIS Motel to make sure HE didn't do anything drastic. Once, he sees his car he texts him and tells him to look out the window in order to promise him that he won't go insane or kill himself. Daesung peers through the blinds and Taeyang nods and drives away at top speed to get to T.O.P.

    It is already deep in the night.

    And as he promised, T.O.P had already done his deed. You can see in the last scene the girl in the background looking 'sleep' in the bed but she's… gone. T.O.P is buttoning up his changed shirt after putting on new clothes so that he wouldn't be questioned about the struggle of the girl. He takes a look out the window, seemingly teary eyed, and says 'Tonight… Such a Beautiful Night…' because he believes this to be the night that he saved bigbang's brotherhood…

    Okay now… I wrote this off the top of my head and going back to watch the video makes me PROUD for once…

    Youtube name: OfficialMalicious1


  165. So I goes like this:
    GD begins to tell the story of what happened in Vegas with them. Daesung brought along his girlfriend. TOP, being the pimp he is, stole the girls heart causing her to break up with Daesung. Daesung is hurt and he drives around the desert trying to forget her. And that's when taeyang starts to tell the story. Then daesung keeps having flashback of being with the girl. And then Seungri starts on the story. Then Taeyang takes place in the story driving around town to find daesung so nothing bad happens to him. Daesung goes to a motel still having flashbacks of her and it's killing him because he remembers when they were at that motel. TOP is then seen at a hotel with the girl and he doesn't care about her anymore leaving her in the hotel room as he leaves.

  166. Like I've told my friends before "TOP dances when TOP feels like it" >> http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lh6731gYAz1qcpy

  167. Daesung is in love with this girl and they have wonderful memories of frolicking about in the Las Vegas desert together. Daesung one day decides to introduce his love to TOP, (who at the time was trying to figure out ways to keep himself from having to dance to the songs on the new mini album). Daesung says he has to leave to see if he can help G.D. find a way to an elevator or stairway to get out of the hotel. Now TOP and the girl are alone. TOP at first seems very disinterested in Daesung's girlfriend; however the girl has magical powers to alter the minds of everyone around her (and to stop time too because she decided that would a cool super to have as well). She stops time and alters Daesung's mind so it's like she and him were never together. She then alters TOP's mind to be in love with her (because like Martina she thinks TOP is dreamy).

    She starts time again and TOP is awestruck to see this beautiful girl in front of him. He decides they must go to his hotel room and jump on upon his big bed with puffy sheets. At this time as well, Daesung cannot find G.D in the hotel anywhere (G.D. more than likely got distracted by his big shiny necklace he had on). Through out all of this Seungri is oblivious to what is going on because he just wants to spend time by himself at the beach building sandcastles for the annual sandcastle building competition. Taeyang finally shows up and sees Daesung and asks how thing are going with him and his girlfriend. Daesung has no idea to what he is talking about; Taeyang then shows him a picture of Daesung and his girlfriend (don't ask why he randomly has a picture of them with him, he just coincidentally decided to bring that picture along with him).

    After seeing this picture, all the memories of him and his girlfriend come rushing back into his head.He remembers that she had the ability to alter minds. He cannot believe that she would use her powers on him, because he trusted her with all his heart. In shock, Daesung drives out to the desert because he cannot stand what he has just realized. Taeyang follows him to make sure he does not do anything rash. To hide from Taeyang, Daesung checks into a motel in the desert. Still devastated by what his girlfriend has done to him he goes insane.

    As Daesung is going insane in the desert, G.D looking at his shiny necklace, Seungri building sandcastles and Taeyang trying to look for Daesung. TOP has gotten bored with the girl because she started talking about how she likes deserts (hence the reason why her and Daesung went to the desert). Since TOP is bored with this girl he gives her a shot to make her go to sleep; he still hasn't figured out his dilemma of not dancing to songs. He looks deeply out into the Las Vegas skyline and tries to think some more about this.


  168. the story:
    seungri has loved this girl for a while even though she has been cheating on him but he just couldn't help himself not to go back to her.while GD thought he was like playing this girl but one night he tried to go to her hotel room to find her and he couldn't so now he's wondering if she was the one cheating.Daesung had been convinced by this girl that he was the one she really loved but now that she ran away from him he's hallucinating that she really was just lying the whole time and playing him just like all his past girlfriends did. Taeyung has always been there to find the girl at night and make sure she was safe but now he is worrying she's hurt because she dissapeared he actually loves her but never told her. T.O.P has been on and off with this girl for awhile and he was the last one to see her but isn't telling anyone now he just wants one more chance to win her over. top is actually hiding from the group that he just left her in the hotel.
    bombom899 is my youtube username.

  169. heres what i think happened:
    Daesung dated the girl but took her so daesung goes and drives to a desert and finds a motel, and sweats because he just got so mad that he turned into the hulk. GD was walking around the hotel because he couldn’t find anyone because they didn’t like that fur hat he was wearing because it made him want to howl too much, so they all just ditched him, Even seungri. But in the end TOP decides he doesn’t want the girl anyway because he is really in love with… SPUDGY
    ( youtube username = sakurakittynyan )

  170. My take on the story line in the Tonight MV (original version) is that Big Bang aren't actually pimps, but rather are escorts, call boys, or let's say hired gentlemen callers. The chick in the MV has purchased time with both T.O.P and Daesung on different occasions, usually choosing to drive around aimlessly. T.O.P looks apathetic because he's been working too long to care anymore. Daesung is somewhat newer to the game so he is in agony for falling for a girl that he can't really be with. Seungri is at the beach with his date. Taeyang is driving around Vegas to meet up with different ladies. GD is leaving the hotel room of his date.

    My vote for the showdown is Big Bang's Tonight. As GD says, "Don’t think too much. It’s simple."

    My youtube username is jraejjang.

  171. the girl plays with daesungs heart top knows that the girl likes him but top knows what shes really like so he pretends to go with the girl so daesung can see her true side but daesung over reacts and goes crazy cuz of the memories of the girl… and taeyang was like i wanna go on a road trip to the desert taeyang told seungri he was gonna take him with for the rode trip but taeyang forgets about seungri leaving him stranded on the beach waiting for taeyang to pick him up. gd was left in the hotel because everyone is mad at him in the end top sleeps with the girl just for her to feel daesungs pain and daesung is alone…? LOL

  172. Here's what happened:
    GD goes to visit his BFF Top at a hotel only to find he has run away with some girl in his limo. In vengeful spite GD performs a voodo dance to curse Top's lovelife. This results in the girl leaving him for a sexy Daesung where they have a steamy affair under the hot desert sun. Even with the girl gone, an angry GD gets no bromance time with the now mopey Top, shown when he kicks down innocent paparazzi in his rage. With his plan in ruins, GD finds a scapegoat for the trouble he's caused in Daesung sends Taeyang, hurt by Daesung's betrayal of Top, to steal the girl back. At this time Seungri disheartened by his underage boredom, goes babe scouting at the beach… only to find himself alone….moving on: Daesung hides in shame at being so easily seduced; and Top, emotionally scarred by the affair, closes his heart forever. :(

    oh and Bigbang had the better comeback. suju M's hats scared me.

  173. TOP is saying Big Bang..its just he pronounced it Big Baaaeeennggg…

  174. YT account: kpoplover72196
    and i think the story goes like…
    okay so basically the story starts out with g-d at the beach struggling on wearing his fur coat. then having the car door still opened for when the girl got on, TOP decides to come in as well w/o having anyone notice ( thinking it was his car, but then after drinking he realizes it's daesung's girl and goes oh no, and tries to ignore her. but because she's so drunk, she thought it was daesung. Daesung is driving his red jeep thinking about the day with her earlier..daesung is driving back to see her. when he gets at the motel he gets mad and irritated that the stupid girl couldn't find her way to the hotel and he regrets leaving her to come by herself. He thinks back about her, thinking that the only thing she could do it stare and starch her head. he starts sweating because now he thinks that she did something stupid. he thinks about what his night could have been like, but then realizes that it's not gonna happen. so big bang ends up standing in a circle hoping it will be easier for her to locate them. But TOP keeps a secret of how he actually took her in for the night.

  175. GD is TOP's lover boy but he got lost amongst all the hotel rooms & is now searching & knocking on every door to find the right one (poor thing lol) Where as TOP got bored waiting for GD to come decides to go out & get his "satisfaction" more quickly, to which he pics up sum girl, only to realize she's uber annoyingly preppy & lame. then its realized dae used to date her & he decided to go reminicing in the desert & remembers "o wait Taeyang & i r supposed to meet up @ this hotel tonight, i better get going" so Tae is comming BACK from the beach where he dumped of the now confused seng (tae jst TOTALLY stranded seng cos lets face it… maknae would cramp his style) & driving to the hotel to meet his man. while waiting dae is getting all hot thinking about the soon romantic roleplaying evening (tae in a wig) then it goes back to TOP who has satisfied his lust & FINALLY hears GD yelling his name outside so he goes to be with his true lover leaving the girl sleeping peacefully ^-^


  176. In Korea there are two major competing (shady) organizations… we'll call them YG and BB. Now GD (who also is the boss of the "company"), Taeyang, and TOP work for YG while Daesung and Seungri are spies for BB. The girl, Agent X, has very very secret information that, if leaked to the public, could lead to nuclear warfare, alien invasions, zombie attacks, and the like. Both companies, YG and BB, want this information for themselves so they can blackmail all the governments of the world and make gazillions of dollars and live their happy (and HOTTTT) mobster lives.

    After years of searching for Agent X, BB finally succeeds and sends Daesung to seduce and terminate Agent X, with Seungri as his sidekick. Sadly, YG agents kidnap Seungri and leave him on a deserted island in the middle of the Vegas desert. Yes, it does exist (it's just too top secret for regular civilians to know). Daesung continues his mission, but ends up living his own KDrama by falling in love with the girl he is supposed to kill. (This is the series of flashbacks we see.)

    The YG agents are close on Daesung's heels, though, with Taeyang driving in his expensive car and wearing sunglasses at night so nobody can recognize him. GD sits in a random hotel room, waiting for his team to intercept Agent X. TOP, the sexy one, suddenly walks in on Agent X and Daesung in the hotel, and with one look from his smexy eyes, seduces Agent X, leaving Daesung stunned.

    TOP takes Agent X for a little ride in his fast car and takes her to a hotel… Meanwhile, Daesung, sunk in depression, goes on a long Jeep ride, reliving all the thrilling moments he had with Agent X.

    Satisfied with the information he has learned, TOP leaves the hotel, disappearing into the night…….

  177. i really think wat happen is the girl really like that t.o.p but desung like that girl since they where little but top took her and they had a relationship together but they dated long enough top got sick of her and he wants to break up with her on the other hand desung know that top dont like the girl any more beacuase he was stalking the girl do he took the girl for a ride and she had fun. top found out that desung took the girl and he sent teyang to track down desung and desung went into a motel becuase there was a army outside the motel and he is freaking out.and top got her back but he is still thinking about the girl he like and saw on the street or saw martina on the street.

  178. As much as I love Big Bang (when was Daesung not hot?) my vote has to go with Super Junior M. I love Zhou Mi way too much, and Henry wins as a matter of national pride :p

  179. here's my theory

    The girl use to date daesung but for some reason they broke up. The girl then goes to TOP. GD was going to try to take the girl from TOP but decided against it because he thinks shes dull and will get bored. TOP use to like the girl but he "lost the spark" so he leaves the girl sleeping and walks away. Daesung is regretting breaking up with her he "misses the moment when he first met her" Daesung has Taeyang try and find the girl and bring her to the motel where they use to go to. Seungri is like Daesung's inner thoughts.

    Youtube username is Kpopluver09

  180. Soooo about the English rating….I think Top was trying to say Big "Pow!"…which is kinda like "Bang", so maybe he was just trying to be clever and the MAN (aka subtitle people) are just trying to stunt his art, therefore they should get 5 out of 5…because TOP can do no wrong (dreamy sigh)

  181. The way I see it, she's a robot sent in to distract the Big Bag boys with her womanly charms. It is not the band she wants to destroy; its the people they work for; FBI, MOB, CIA, SWAT, NACHO, T.M.P.D.P.S.B. Once they are unable to save the earth for the billionth time because she has them in an all-out blood fight, she can be the Robot Ruler. She works her wilds in Vegas, because she knows what happens in Vegas-stays in Vegas. Trouble is that her cover is blown, now they are playing her.

  182. Oh, and YouTube username is iTOPfan

  183. Apparantly, Seungri also controls Daesung because he's making him sell drugs to them to make them OD and die. DaeSung is totally into this idea cuz he already hated TaeYang and GD from the get-go for having relationships with his ex-girlfriend (when they were still together of course). And so, Dae is selling drugs to TaeYang and GD while SeungRi is over looking this all. TOP's just sitting him his all mighty PIMP chair and living out his PIMP life.

    [I know. IT was freakishly long]

  184. Wait. What is this? THere's a sequel to this story? It's all told in the 'Beautiful Hangover' MV? o.o
    So Dae becomes a drug dealer because he just can't live with the regret of cheating and being cheated on.
    TaeYang starts doing stuff with this girl now (cuz its kind of obvious. What kind of hot bodyguard in movies/drama DOESN'T end up with who hes protecting if it's a girl?).
    GD still has his thing going on with this girl.
    TOP stopped his thing with the girl. but he's still a high class pimp and all.
    SeungRi, oh my. SeungRi rises to power. He like…hires the girl or something to work for him. Somehow, he really does not like TaeYang and GD. So he makes the girl have a relationship with both so she can leave them in agony because she's not there with them.


  185. (4/4) Daesun, finally realizing that there's a mystyrious black car following him, checks into a motel and looks out the window to see if he still being followed, but at that moment his hot chick walks out the bathroom and they do some more naughty things. But then, after Daesung falls asleep she quietly leaves and makes her way over to the hotel that TOP is staying in and finds TOP's room. she sneaks in and falls asleep on his bed. TOP walks out of the bathroom, wondering how this chick got inside of the room. he looks at the mirror and then he leaves her hoping never to see her annoying face again.!!! …………………………………………………………………………….. MY youtube name stellaristic799. hope you liked my theory!!! <SPAN class=idc-smiley><SPAN style="BACKGROUND-POSITION: -12px 0pt"><SPAN>:D</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>

  186. GD and the girl always met in that hotel. And TOP and the girl also met at the same hotel. So GD is wandering through the hotel, high from the little fling they had. While GD is wandering through the hotel, the girl gets picked up by TOP and they go out for a drive. And while those two are going on, TaeYang is chasing down DaeSung because the girl told him to. She found out HE was cheating on her so she wanted revenge by getting TaeYang to chase him down. So Dae goes to a motel [not knowing he was being followed] and has a fling with the girl he was cheating with. Tis why Dae is all sweaty afterwards. Before going in, Dae already starts to feel some regret on cheating. After Dae's fling, he finally realizes that what he did was completely wrong (even though he's done this before). He all of a sudden had an epiphany and now, he regrets ever cheating on the girl with taht other girl. So he starts reminiscing about the other girl and being all frustrated and stuff.


  187. (3/4 )Daesung looks around for a place to stop but finds none. He sees Taeyang waving for a ride but when he looks at the back of his jeep he's all like "Crap! i don't got room for him in the back. oh well. i'm sure he can manage." and then drives right pass him. Taeyang knows that Daesung saw him waving for a ride, so now he's pissed because he's stuck in the desert. Seungri feeling left out decided "What the hell, i'll just go to the beach since we're not gonna do anything". As Daesung is driving through out the desert , he realizes that he is all out of gas and he gets stuck in the desert with his hot chick and they start doing naughty things. then Taeyang magically gets out of the desert and starts following Daesun who magically got gasoline to get himselve out of the desert. Taeyang is right at Daesun's tail planning out his revenge for not helping him out back in the desert.

  188. (2/4) TOP makes it downstairs first and gets in the Limo with the chick, but then after a couple minutes of driving, he realized that the chick is SUPER ANNOYING. but before they drive off Daesung takes a glance at her and in his head he's all like "HOLY SHIZZZ!!! SHE'S FREAKING HOT!!!!!" but once TOP and the chick drive off he gets angry. he gets into his SEXYY red jeep and starts driving into the desert to clear his mind from the girl. SUDDENLY, he finds the same girl out in the desert and stops. she explains that TOP got so annoyed that he kicked her out of her Limo. Daesung, being a nice guy , lets her ride in the back of his jeep and they drive off into the desert.

  189. (1/4) this is what i think happened…… well it started out that they all went to vegas to have an awsome time, so they gathered in the roof top to take a view of the city. from all the way up there, TOP could see a woman passing by the hotel they were staying at. so he hurried everyone to go downstairs but all the members were moving to fast for GD to keep up so he got left behind.

  190. SUPER JUNIOR M!!!! cuz the video is betta & they actually sing in chinese

  191. So lets give this a try : T.O.P. is jealous of Daesung because of his new look . So he seduces her & gets her. But he doesn't really like her, he just wants to make Daesung jealous. Which puts Daesung in depression, driving to a motel on a hot night that makes him sweat. Meanwhile Seungri didn't know what was going on, so he decided to go sight seeing in L.V. at the beach. Taeyang & GD were going to hang out on a wonderful night. While Taeyang was waiting for him outside in his car, GD got lost in the hotel not knowing where the front door was due to the huge, tall building (that T.O.P. was looking out of). So while GD was looking for a way out to meet Taeyang up, Taeyang was driving around thinking GD was somewhere in L.V. In the end, T.O.P. was looking out the window thinking, "Did I go too far? Where is Daesung now?" THE END

    youtube username : lilapluto

    & i vote for Super Junior M !

    LOVE your KPOP Music Mondays Simon, Martina & SPUDGY ! <3

  192. okay im gonna post my story here too cuz theres a limited amount of characters on youtube(: -so gdragon is like the gang leader looking cool and sexy <33 (i <3 GDRAGON!) and he told TOP to go out and collect information about some top secret mission. however, instead he meets this girl(daesungs girlfriend) and they start hanging out. TOP eventually seduces the girl but he doesnt show any interest in her.[aw poor girl] Taeyang, who is good friends with TOP AND daesung, finds out about the cheating girl. he then rushes to daesung while hes driving with sunglasses.. at night. (it makes him look cool <3) taeyang tells daesung all about the girl cheating on him. upset, daesung runs away to hide in a motel while he thinks about the good times he and his girlfriend had together. thenn theres gdragon. on a rooftop, aww he got lost in the hotel again): oh wait but seungris there too! but hes probably saying.. SCREW ALL THIS DRAMA IM GOING TO THE BEACH! B] at the end you see TOP looking realy serious.. he has just collected some super important information that he must report to gdragon. that is, if he can find gdragon. GD is probably wandering around lost in the hotel again ^-^ (youtube account: happpeegurl534)

  193. Big bang goes to Las Vegas where Daesung falls hopelessly in love with and then is dumped by this evil diabolical girl, causing him to run away into the desert. Driving so long under the hot sun causes him to start hallucinating that the girl is with him in the car, and by the time he gets to the hotel, he's totally paranoid, looking out the window and imagining her there with him again.
    Taeyang's scouring the city for him…in sunglasses….at night, Seungri, being the youngest can't take the loss and is crying alone at the beach while g-dragon can only cope by wandering the casinos. TOP, being the oldest, takes matters into his own hands, getting the girl to follow him and then discreetly dispatching her in a hotel. Cause he's a bamf assassin like that~
    then they all meet up in the desert because TOP has killed someone and naturally they need to flee the city. (after a nights sleep, daesung has returned to his senses and after being chewed out by taeyang on the phone wanders out to meet them in the desert) ;D

    youtube name: mchellembelle

    BIG BANG are a group of studs headed to LAS VEGAS to have a good time BUT
    DAESUNG ends up getting a girlfriend there and the rest of BIG BANG just knows that relationships don't last in vegas
    so the rest of BB plans for TOP to mess up and steal DAESUNG'S gf from him
    however daesungie doesn't knows about the plan
    TOP can't bare to dance and is 'grumpy' because he knows he's guilty when everyone is having a fun time dancing.
    GD is like 'OMG what have we done!?' and kicks the camera. he tells taeyang to find daesung (possibly SEUNGRI too who is at the beach)
    BOOM! they're all back together in the end, and TOP's mission is accomplished but his eyes are a bit teary-eyed and feels like he did was wrong to daesung, but is like whatever.. and leaves the girl THE END

  195. Youtube username: senoritashan

    Hangover style:

    The boys of Big Bang are having a bachelor party in Vegas because Seungri is getting married to me 8D

    In his drunken stupor, TOP meets a girl and they take a ride in a vehicle together. TOP then decides to kidnap her, holding her captive in the car with him. He drives her around aimlessly so that no one can find her.

    In HIS drunken stupor, GD wanders around for hours. He was supposed to rescue the girl for Daesung but ended up getting lost in the hotel, unable to find the room number.

    In HIS drunken and melancholic stupor, Daesung accidentally drives into the desert prompting Taeyang to come after him. Daesung is devastated over the loss of the girl whom he met before TOP stole her in his drunken stupor.

    The girl momentarily goes back to Daesung because she finally escapes TOP’s clutches and wants to apologize. However, she has Stockholm syndrome so she ends up going back to TOP. Daesung follows her into the city and Taeyang follows him, worried about his friend whose frontal lobe (in his brain) is still impaired by the drunken stupor.

    TOP gets the police on his side. The police chase Daesung down on the grounds that he was speeding. They shine an annoyingly bright search light into the motel room. Daesung and the girl agree to meet at this super sketch motel where they “get it on.” The girl again recovers her Stockholm Syndrome and returns to TOP who leaves her once he recovers from his drunken stupor.

    Seungri decides that his friends are totally fouling up his bachelor party and that the combination of drunken stupors is too much for him to handle, so he goes off on his own and has a party all alone at the beach.

    GD realizes that he totally failed to find the girl for Daesung and decides to go to the beach to hang out with Seungri.

  196. This Kpop monday was awesome, thank you !

    As for my "theory", i think the main characters here are TOP and Daesung (and the girl obviously), the three others are not part of the storyline.
    It seems that Daesung is helplessly in love with Chloé (the girl's name) but she has it with TOP. Daesung, desperate, rides his car to a motel, far away from the city to forget about her, but as he sits on his bed he can't take his mind away from her and when he sees car headlights by the window, his distorted mind (we will not assume WHY he has hallucinations…) starts to daydream about having it with her. But then the headlights go away and he comes back to reality, all alone in his motel room, staring by the window while Chloé is sleeping on TOP's hotel's bed. The last scene where TOP buttons up his shirt shows he had what he wanted from her and now, he leaves the place, like the pimp he is.

    PS: Sorry for the typos or grammatical mistakes, english is not my first language.

  197. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah :D first I watched the video on my phone from university :D but seeing it again I can not handle my laugh
    Great as usual! And I really loved the part with switching bodies :D hahaha soo hilarious
    As for the story in the MV I didn`t understood it either but the song it`s sooooooooooooo awsome! <3

    My vote goes for Big Bang because I really like their concept and they are indeed the only band in Korean with a great oportunity to win the western public. :D

    I like Super Junior M song as well. It`s very catchy and the choreography is outstanding as always but you asked who I like most: BB filming in Las Vegas or SJM singing in chinese, a tricky question :D so MY VOTE GOES FOR BIG BANG filming in Las Vegas.


  198. Well I think that the girl is daesang's past lover, and that TOP is starting to really fall in love with her! Unfortuntntily, TOP sees that she used todate Daesang, and it makes hi quite sad. (For some werid reason I think something extremely bad is going to happen) I think that either TOP is going to see that she still has something for daesang, and he'll hang himself, oh but not with just rope, no no…He'll take all the pictures he had of her, glue them onto the rope, then hang himself leaving a message saying, "I really loved you."
    Thats what I think will happen!~
    Username for youtube: DaDeathNote

  199. Big Bang for sure, I'm not really even a fan but Suju M's chinese made me die of second-hand embarssment and laughter… and I have the right to say this because I am Chinese.
    Big Bang's MV was better too, Suju M was just them dancing in a lighted room.

  200. EASY!!! The CHICK is using DAESUNG! SHe is the PLAYER! KARMA is HAPPENING to her! =D

  201. I think that girl is just a groupie and is getting passed around to everyone. But, shes like some producers daughter or something so TOP HAS to be with her but he's not really interested. But Daesung realizes he's fallen in love with her and runs out to the desert to sort out his feeling. Taeyang just got a sweet new car and needed an excuse to pull it out…so he goes after Daesung. Seungri is just chillin and GD is running around the hotel that TOPS at…to tell him about Daesung?…meh who knows…TOP's HOT!!!

  202. the boys was in vegas for vacation..they were partying on the roof.. but GD got lost & wandered for hours in the hotel..without the GD&TOP combo..TOP found the party boring ..hopped in a limo w/the girl daesung hooked up with before..daesung hitchhiked the girl while he was in the dessert..innocently thinking she has no money..daesung got her a room & surprisingly spent a beautiful night together.. the girl found out about TOP and ditches daesung..taeyang always needed a girl..so he decides to drive a lamborghini in the hopes of getting a girl.. he still has no luck..why? cause the girls can’t see his pretty face with the sunglasses in the way.. seung ri is underage..he asks his bandmates ‘what can do you want me to do’ in vegas..they told him to go hangout at the beach..and that’s where he was the entire time..GD finally found the way to the party..but it was over..knowing how he missed out..he got sad and wandered outside with the sunset..the girl in the end wants some loving w/TOP..he wants it too..since it’s such a beautiful night..but knowing that he will betray daesung and hurt martina..he wishes the girl a good night and gave her a kiss

  203. I think that the girls are actually twins and they switched bodies and top wasn’t interested because he liked the girls evil twin. :O

  204. Okay so at first the group met up and held this scavenger hunt to find 'the girl' G-dragon looks at the hotel, TOP rides his limo and searches for her on the Vegas strip [he finds her right away and thinks it would be too boring if he told everyone the game was over so he just sits with her all disinterested in the hopes that she won't alert the other members], Seungri looks out on the beach, Daesung searches for her throughout the entire Nevada desert, and day dreams that he found her and won the scavenger but since it's pretty hopeless he gets really sad about it, and Taeyang who acted as the referee calls up his team mates to meet at their designated base to announce who's the winner, but Daesung can't take how he didn't win so he goes off into a motel to cry, wondering why her didn't call dibs to search the beach because maybe Seungri found her instead. But then he then realizes who really found her.. T.O.P

  205. Youtube name: ImCuckoo4CocoPuffs

    Guys, guys, guys… you’ve got it all wrong. This isn’t about Daesung’s hotness. YG did that to cover up the real plot.

    Okay, the entire Big Bang members went to Vegas to go have some MANLY time. [Simon would know because he’s MANLY, remember?] They all made a toast to make this night unforgettable. But they didn’t know the TOP actually slipped something in the drinks. He did this so that everybody wouldn’t worry about the night and just TURN IT UP. He made everybody HIGH HIGH. That’s why you see G-Dragon roaming around the hotel and the members screaming on the roof. The girl also had a sip of the drinks and went to have fun too. TOP and she exited the hotel. “Such a beautiful night,” he said.

    The morning after, everybody is in a hangover. G-dragon wakes up with a weird furry hat under the hot sun in front of some CAFE. Daesung wakes up, finding himself in a desert, leaning against a red jeep. Taeyang wakes up inside a black Lamborghini. Seungri wakes up on the beach.

    While Daesung is driving around, he began remembering what happen the night before. OMFG did he just sleep with TOP’s girl? Oh noo. What is he going to do after he slept with his hyung’s girl? But he just needed SOMEBODY TO LOVE. He spends a night in a motel so he wouldn’t see TOP back at the hotel. There he goes battle himself in deep self-conflict, while G-dragon goes around looking for guitars to smash and Taeyang enjoying his new Lambie.

    Then everybody haves the epiphany to go the mountains, and have a SUPER AWESOME CHORUS, realizing what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and they don’t have to worry WHAT IS RIGHT, and WHAT IS WRONG.

  206. The girl is T.O.P's sister. T.O.P is super annoyed cause she has to tag along after one of there shows. Luckily for him Daesung offers to take over so he takes T.O.P's sister to the dessert where he gets all lovey dovey….then loses her. Of course the girl is lost in the desert so she drinks some cactus juice and finds her self wandering a hotel in GD's body. Daesung is frantic since he can't find her and we all know T.O.P is more than capable of bring the pain. He checks into a motel and calls Seungri who offers no help but begins tragically expressing how he feels sorry for Daesung. T.O.P however has found GD/Sister and uses his monkey magic to change her back. She's pretty beat so she falls asleep in his bed (once again annoying T.O.P). T.O.P then sends Taeyang to fetch the upset Daesung. T.O.P forgives Daesung since he kept his sister entertained for a whole day.

  207. Continued~~ (I'm really sorry about these multiple comments, idk why it wouldn't let me post it all in one comment =/)

    Once GD realized that he killed the wrong twin, he changes tactics and meets up with TOP on the street, where he confronts him. Using TOP's extreme guilt for having an affair with Amy, GD emotionally blackmails TOP into killing her, saying "Don't think too much, it's simple".

    Taeyang is the agent whose job is to find GD and bring him in before he goes around on a killing spree. Taeyang can't believe that all this
    was done out of love, and he pities the other four men, who are all alone because of it.

    At the end of the MV, TOP has completed his task. Amy is lying on the bed, dead, and TOP looks out the window, smiling, no longer guilty.

    **I hope it wasn't too confusing xD and I hope you guys like it :) i had a blast coming up with it lol

  208. Continued~ (idk why but this window kept popping up saying my message was too long -.- lol)

    Seungri is in love with the girl's identical twin (let's call her Zoe), but he was rejected. Seungri first met Zoe at the beach, when she was on a date there with Daesung. Zoe rejected him because she was in love with Daesung, who of course, loved her back. Seungri reflects on this, saying that he still doesn't understand love. GD tries to convince Seungri to join him and take revenge on the two twins (when Seungri is on the beach and GD goes "So what…no more…"), but Seungri is still in love with her and won't do it.

    In his rage and mental state, GD ends up killing the wrong twin. He killed Zoe who was in love with Daesung, instead of Amy who was his original girlfriend (and who had the affair with TOP). In a state of shock and grief, Daesung drives to the motel where he and Zoe had spent a night together in the past, all the while being haunted by memories of her.

  209. Hey Simon and Martina, so here is what I think the storyline is. Btw, my YouTube username is: drunkXonXsake

    GD was supposed to meet the girl (we'll call her Amy) for a date on the rooftop of the hotel. He was going to propose that night but Amy stood him up. The reason why Amy stood up GD was because she's actually in love with TOP, and she met up with him instead. He came to pick her up at the same hotel that GD was waiting at for her. Since GD was at the rooftop, he saw TOP picking up Amy and realizes that she's having an affair with one of his best friends. Hurt and pissed off, GD is "fed up" with her and goes crazy. He's going to kill her by blowing her mind (put a bullet through her head). However, TOP is starting to feel really guilty for taking GD's girl, and he's finally had enough; he doesn't want to be with Amy anymore.

  210. The Big Bang members went to Las Vegas to celebrate the release of their newest album. Everyone is swaggering around when they all(except Daesung) see this extremely hot girl. They get Daesung and decide to have a bet on who will win the girl by TONIGHT. But Daesung realizes that the girl (An.G) is his ex and tells the others on the rooftop. Except GD&TOP(grumpy look) really want this girl so they all begin to fight. An upset Daesung leaves for the desert reminiscing his&An.G's relationship. On the other hand, Seungri remembers having an affair with An.G on the beach last summer because he just wanted "Somebody to Love"; driven by guilt he runs away to the beach. While Taeyang never wanted An.G because she wouldn't look as beautiful as Martina in a "Wedding Dress". Instead he searches for the missing BB members before "Papa YG" could find out. Meanwhile TOP is doing another swagger round when he runs into An.G and seduces her with his "monkey magic" to his car and hotel room. Although he won, TOP knows "What is Right" and leaves immediately after finishing with An.G.

    Unfortunately for GD, he confused G(o)NA for An.G and spent the night following G(o)NA back to her secret cave at 2AM. But G(o)NA eventually frees GD who is now stuck working at an indie coffee “Cafe”.

    “Thank you&You” for reading my plot line theory of Big Bang's music video. :]

    YouTube Name: LunaMinervaLovegood [haha my love for Harry Potter is probably equivalent to Martina's love for Big Bang.]

    • Forget this tidbit: When they are fighting on the roof, the members first ask the Heavens for help by raising their "Hands Up" "High, High".

  211. What happened, is that they all won a trip for lovers in Las Vegas, but they can't go alone,
    otherwise the plane tickets aren't valid.
    At first, they were all happy so they started dancing on a stage with clowns while wearing clothes decorated with badges from all the large departement stores where they went in their lives
    (they forgot Home plus).
    But then, they realised that they all wanted there to go with the same girl, exept GD who sold his
    price to buy his own tickets. (That's why is the first one who arrived in Vegas —> he is waiting for the other members on the top of a building)
    Meanwhile, the other members are coming in their own cars, because none of them wanted to go with
    someone else (no plane tickets for them). During the LOOONG way between Korea and Las Vegas
    (passable in car), they kept thinking about how the travel would have been cool if they were with
    the girl. Because of so much emotion, Daesung had to stop in a motel where he started to have
    those weird dreams, Seungri had to stop by the beach to cry a little bit, TOP…. punched a
    camera and Taeyang doesn't care anymore.
    THEN, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas …….(they probably had the party of their lives but it can't be showed on tv)
    and they woke up in the desert and they can't remember anything except for TOP who feels remorse, because he had flashback of the end the night he passed with THE girl.

    The END.
    (sorry for my english :S )

  212. Youtube Account : Michoue22

    My Story :
    Daesung its going out with this girl that he really love and he decide to present her to his band mate . When they meet her she fall in love wih the sexy TOP and him like a player that he is he take her away from Daesung . Daesung heartBreaker go in the desert and can't stop thinking about all the beautiful memories he share with her . Then he stop in the motel but he can't sleep so much he think about her ex . Meanwhile GD , Taeyang , Seungri are looking for him .
    They all look for him in different places because they are really worried about Daesung . TOP on the other hand start to feel bad about what he did to his friend so he decide to go look after him has he realized that the friendship his more important that a girl . So he look for the last time to the girl and go away but its already to late cuz Daesung already kill himself :(

    PS: Secret Garden parody xD You guys rockk !!!

  213. i vote for BIG BANG!!!!=))

  214. Okayyy here we goo..
    GD is a lion (you can obviously tell by his mane), but he turns human at night.. 0_0
    and Taeyang is a police/cop who knows that GD is a lion and plans to catch him and return him to the zoo..
    the girl has this weird vampire power that turns people into lions instead of vampires.. and knowing this, TOP and seungri go in search for her at night so that they can turn into lions also to escape the fanatic fangirls during the day..
    now, Daesung doesn't know that this girl has this creepy awesome power so when he finds her in the desert, he tries to help her..since well..normally people don't just stay in the desert by themselves without anything..but anyway, she thanks him by turning him into a lion..but by the time he finds out, it's too late…he's already turning into a lion in the motel room! but he's upset because he wanted to stay human.. the girl, unfortunately, (or fortunately..depends on how you look at it..lol) gets kidnapped by TOP and he forces her to turn him into a lion!
    soooo……seungri never gets to become a lion..and taeyang ends up following daesung all the way to the motel and captures him…the end!

  215. TOP and GD work for the same Secret Srv.GD is under investigation for being a “Noona Killer”(Noona Killer =an overly sexy male kpop artist cited for high sugar content in cuteness who seduces noonas away from their studies and causes ajummas to wish they were young). The Secret Srv orders a hit on him and his sister (the female in the video). TOP seduces GD’s sister in order to kill her. GD can’t track down T.O.P alone so he hires Taeyang, SeungRi+ Daesung. Taeyang was doing a great job tailing TOP in his car but realizes his cover is blown riding in a convertible;besides, TOP changed the color of his hair so much during the chase he wasn’t sure of who he was following anyway. As for SeungRi, he had a previous rendezvous to play croquet with a couple of friends on the beach..he decline. Daesung succeeded in capturing GD’s sister. Hiding out in a motel in the middle of the Nevada desert with a beautiful woman can make a man go crazy..so he took full advantage of the situation, after all she wasn’t saying “NO” in fact she was flirting and teasing him…come on… It was only after the blissful pleasure was over Daesung finally put the pieces together and realize..dun..dun..dun..aigooo

  216. SUPER JUNIOR M! i love both groups and both songs/MV’s are amazing, but i think it’s a little more impressive singing in another language than just flying to another location… =)

  217. The story of "Tonight" is this: GD, Taeyang, Seungri, and Daesung are secret agents on a mission to capture TOP, the infamous pimp known for capturing and breaking the hearts of girls all over the world. They receive word from their female partner, and Daesung's secret lover, in Nevada that the elusive TOP is coming Las Vegas so the agents are hot on his trail. They have no idea where TOP will be heading next so they want the battle to end here. As a last resort, Daesung's lover offers herself for bait and Daesung has no option but to accept for the sake of their mission and since neither are willing to reveal their relationship. GD, pretending to be a guest, goes to TOP's hotel so he can set up security while our lady agent is meeting up with TOP. TOP, of course is doing his best to impress her with his hot limo and expensive wine, and Daesung's lady pretends to be impressed, but TOP senses her insincerity. Taeyang and Seungri are at the beach making sure TOP doesn't try to escape by boat like their lady partner informed them, and Daesung is supposed to meet them there for further instructions, but on the way there he starts to think about how much he loves her and all the wonderful times he's had with her, and half way to the beach, he has second thoughts about going through with the mission. Daesung heads back to the city and begins a frantic search for his love. Taeyang and Seungri notice of course that Daesung doesn't show up, and they inform GD. GD has been suspicious about Daesung and the girl for a while now but never said anything, so he sends Taeyang to look for Daesung. Taeyang never finds Daesung, and Daesung never finds his girl, so Daesung decides to rest at a cheap hotel nearby. Since he's tired from all the search, Daesung falls asleep and has a dream in which his girl is in the room with him and they make love. This dream causes him to wake up all sweaty, but of course he realizes that it is TOP making love to his girl and not him so he looks out the window and hangs his head in sadness. Back at TOP's hotel, TOP has finished doing what Daesung has realized and he has managed to find the girl's ID in her pocket and realizes she is one of the spies looking for him, so he decides to leave while she's sleeping, and since the others started looking Daesung, The Original Pimp runs into the night and gets away once more.

    Also, as much as I like Super Junior-M and really want you guys to review that music video by them, I have to say that I like Big Bang's comeback better especially since it took place in my country :) And my youtube name (which I know is lame) is myaccount07231991

  218. My vote is for Big Bang!!
    Let me say What in earth has daesung done to his face? he looks so hot!!!…maybe is a new member and the real daesung was kidnapped hahaha…just kidding….it seems he has lost weight..he looks so handsome.
    Let me tell you something about the video. I dont know if anyone have seen "Hana Yori Dango The Movie" is a japanese movie and is really good, is like a sequence of a drama that was very popular in Japan. Also there is a korea version of this drama called "Boys Before Flowers". Well if anyone has seen the Japanese movie they would notice that the hotel where Daesung went to get the girl thats the same set the Japanese use for make a scene in the movie. I think that hotel is very popular to make films or mv.
    I wonder where is it in Las Vegas?. haha

    I love the secret garden parody!

  219. Rachrush92:
    sorry, I'm bad at getting my ideas out and making them sound good at the same time
    Daesung and the girl are having the “secret garden” problem. GD goes around hotels to find his next victims, one day, he happened upon Daesung and the girl. After drinking GD’s stuff, they swapped bodies. The two switched back to their original bodies one day so Daesung brought her out to the desert where it never rains. Then, Taeyang found them and brought her back to TOP. But, it must have rained in Las Vegas because they switched again. So now, Daesung is in the car with TOP, he starts drinking while he contemplates what is to come. The girl (in Daesung’s body) freaks out so she races back to Las Vegas. -Seungri is the girl’s brother and is stranded on an island. It’s only a few mile swim to nearby land, but he’s scared of water so he is trapped and can’t help her.- Due to a horrible sense of direction, the girl (still in D’s body) ends up in a town with the only place to stay, a crappy motel (and apparently an annoying spotlight). Here, she starts working out to try to make herself at least look good in a man’s body since she is stuck there. 1 million crunches and a bucket of sweat later, she starts daydreaming about her own body. Realizing she might never get it back, she gives up and passes out. When he wakes up, Daesung is back in his original body. He thinks about “things” but then when he snaps out of it and realizes that she drove his body to the middle of nowhere, he (and GD) just face palm and sighs “women…”. Then we cut to her sleeping in TOP’s bed and they all live happily ever after. hahaha

  220. My theory:
    BB went to Vegas and met a beautiful girl they all liked. However this super hot girl was immediately taken by Daesung who never gets any girls so he took his chance. Dae and this girl spend all day riding around in the desert having a good time while Seungri obviously was left behind the dumpsters by GD because he is underage and if Big Bang is gonna have any fun in Vegas they cant have maknae around. Meanwhile the girl had made plans to go see GD later but was stolen away by TOP (with his good looks). So the girl actually spends the night with him. Dae goes around looking for her all over Vegas while Taeyang goes around following Dae all day because he thinks the girl is with him and lets face it, Taeyang needs a girl. So while Seungri is spending a cold and lonely night behind a dumpster in the desert, Dae and Tae are playing cat and mouse, and GD is wandering around the hotel room wondering where his date went… Top is thinking what a jerk he was to take a girl from his friends. so he gets dressed and looks out the window hoping to reconcile with his band mates and be able to have a good time in Vegas. He leaves the girl with a sexy "good night".

    Bros over Hoes.

    youtube: tsunasandwich

  221. totally super junior m.
    the video was amazing, and they looked so hot.

  222. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    !!!!!!!GO SUPER JUNIOR M!!!!!!!


  223. BigBang is the comeback video dominator.

  224. IM VOTING FOR SUPER JUNIOR M~!!!!!!!!!!!!

  225. G.D Was walking around the corridor finding for T.O.P's Hotel.
    T.O.P Was in the car going towards the hotel having fun with that girl. He was frustrated that the girl has other boy friends. He found out about it.
    She was cheating Daesung and T.O.P. She went with daesung on a car. But it was actually a memory of his past. He sat there regretting that day that she decided to not cheat on T.O.P. Daesung drove into the hotel as the girl might be meeting him there for the last time. Taeyang was driving really quickly to stop Daesung from meeting her because it might cause a lot of trouble in the group. He waited outside and went in. Daesung was sweating because he keep thinking about the girl. He was thinking about her coming or not. Daesung fell asleep because he was waiting too long. He woke up and look through the window and saw light. The girl was there. The girl went on him and seduces Daesung. Even if he do not want to break he could not resist the skill of the seductress. After having sex the girl ran away. He was sad because he knows that the girl have the AIDS virus in her. He wanted to chase her before getting T.O.P infected. But he didn't want to care. T.O.P and her have sex and in the end T.O.P was wearing his clothes. He stare at the window clueless about the AIDS.

    Btw my youtube name :TanTzuKuang

  226. omg it took such along time to scroll al the way down becuase of all the stories :P
    but looove the secret garden reenactment! Loved that drama to pices!
    and of course Big Bang rocks the socks out of SJM :Å

    hands down, sorry sorry.

  228. SUJU M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!! I have nothing against tonight… love the song…. but the video is so so…

  229. Love this video for this week! It's fun-ne!! xD

    But what I think happens in this video is that that one girl dated all of the Big Bang members. Then she just wither leaves them or got dumped.

    I want to say that TOP was the first one that dated her. Which might explains why he is so emotionless because he finds out that their loves is moving away, which explains his verse. "Like losing the cola fizz." She only dates him for his money, I mean look at his hotel room and limo. Then the girl moves on to Daesung for his looks. *wink wink* She would then leaves him and Daesung stays in the desert because that's where his memory with her lies.

    GD is the beginning is playing as a player. That's why he has all those bling and walking out of a hotel room. Even what he says means it, " Can't be satisfied with one girl." x.x Obviously, he's not sad about it. He got too many girls to count.

    As for TaeYang, he could be an agent out to find her. The girl could be some con-artist or criminal of some sort. O.o But has dated her in the past, however, there's no love in that relationship. He's like a loveless FBI agent. :D sounds hot. "don't understand love at all…" he says. so he's all looking cool and calm in his nice car, trying to find her.

    As for Seungri, well, he's just hiding from her because he doesn't want to get hurt. He loves her, but he's afraid to hurt her or get hurt by her. That can explains why he's hiding behind a broken and desert building. Maybe, he's some superhero. xD Sounds like it. But it explains why he's not in a scene with her and he sings "Bad when it comes to pain like that, I try to avoid it
    But you know that I love you girl girl girl"

    Then at the beach and desert, where the guys are all together and the girl disappears, they are all bonded together because they each have some sort of relationship with the girl and with a reason to why they left her or was dumped by her.

  230. In a meeting with his friends, top came last and under a limousine with a beautiful girl they turned around all to see it
    Daesung got jealous and decided to steal from top the girl in the reunion got distracted and Daesung took out his cell phone and keep his number in his the next day he invite her to lunch and Daesung started to say that it looked beautiful last night she said she was in love with top but their lunches casual followed but they did not know was that the evil wizard Taeyang took pictures until one day he decided to invite her to a walk
    in the desert and then she followed suit get carried away and went to a motel.
    Daesung the next day met with gd and Seungiri and showed them photos and told them to take revenge on top Seungiri without what to do run to the beach while gd said he would tell everything to top but he did not though that Daesung closed all the exits in the hotel.
    Daesung went to top office and put on the table the photos that Taeyang took, Daesung came out laughing of the office,top smiled
    and after that night nobody see Daesung again.
    top call the girl that was his girlfriend, and told them to look at the usual hotel the girl came without knowing that wise top knew about his affair with Daesung, on early morning top fits his shirt in front of the window ,smiled and then left, when the girl woke up, realized she had been left alone in the room and the table beside the bed had the account of the room along with a note that said I hope Daesung afford the room.
    The end :D

  231. This is what happened in Vegas. Daesung has this girlfriend who he introduces to TOP. BAD IDEA because now TOP wants Daesung's girl. However, Daesung forgot that TOP has awesome transporting super powers which he will later use to woo and get Daesung's girl. So, Daesung and his girl are out in the desert having a good time until TOP uses his powers to transport her from her date with Daesung into his car/limo where he is waiting with champagne. Daesung is left alone in the desert sad and lonely sitting by his car. To get away from TOP, Daesung tries to hide his girl in a motel. TOP can't use his transporting powers if he doesn't know where the girl is. TOP gets Taeyang to stalk Daesung and find out where he hid the girl. Once she's found, TOP uses his powers again to transport the girl from her sexy time with Daesung into his very own bed. The girl can't resist TOP Time. Daesung is left sad and lonely again in the motel room. Meanwhile, G-dragon is wandering around a hotel because he can't remember which room the stripper downstairs to him to meet her in. As for Seungri, he's outside chilling on the beach trying to pick up girls while waiting for his fake I.D. to be finished so that he can go hang out with the other members in the casinos. The End :D

    My Youtube account: NightDreamer4
    I decided to leave a comment here because I had more space to write. :p Hope you enjoyed!

  232. Youtube name: xJesusxWasxAxNinjax
    What really happened in the video was:
    The girl is actually Seungri's girl, but doesn't love him and first went to mess with Daesung. But Seungri, who's a total bad-ass mafia boss, found out and sent his mafia member Taeyang to kill him. Terrified, Daesung flees to a motel only to notice Taeyang slipped poison into his morning coffee and soon after; he dies. So the girl goes to TOP instead! But once again, Seungri finds out. This time he sends the dangerous G-Dragon to kill. What they don't know is that it was all set up by TOP, who has been trying to catch G-Dragon for a very long time, and while the girl is asleep he gets up and gets ready to meet GD when he gets to the hotel room.
    The End!

    This was a hilaaaaarious idea for a video, btw! I laughed so hard at the part where Simon's body was fan-girling over Daesung and TOP! xD

  233. Jenni Chamberlain Newberry

    lol.. i knew the moment you said the drink tasted weird you were gonna pull out the secret garden parody

  234. SUJU M! The transitions were awesome, and Suju has Henry! You have to show some patriotic love for Henry, right? You're all Canadian! (And Henry's existence alone makes up for Justin Bieber. *nods*)

  235. TOP took the girl out earlier and they accidentally switched bodies when they drank the champagne in the car. Daesung is depressed, remembering the past memories he had with that girl and how he wanted to get back together with her. He drives off into the desert and disappears to a cheap motel where he passes out from heat stroke. Taeyang was going to look for him, but blew his gas money on his incredible new haircut. Girl in TOP's body wakes up the morning after and decides to take over TOP's identity. Unfortunately they're stuck that way forever because Daesung ran away with the car so they're lost in the desert where it never rains. GD is forced to curb-stomp prairie dogs to eat and wears their hides around his neck like a mane. 'Cause you know, Spudgy brought fur back in style.

  236. So GD was out of outfit ideas in korea and had used up all possible fashion resources, thus big bang had to go to LA where GD called an emergency fashion meeting to approve GD's new glorious outfit(s)! GD is running around their hotel trying to find everyone, but they've all disapeared in various random directions of LA.

    Meanwhile Daesung is supposed to be meeting up with Taeyang who offered him a ride. Unfortunately Daesung was running unfathomably late, which made Taeyang angry. While Daesung drives he tries to think up excuses to tell Taeyang when he comes across a hitchhiking lady who likes his car (and him!). He decides to pick her up and use her as a distraction so Taeyang won't notice how rediculously late he is.


    • On some random beach Seungri is all alone waiting for his sister to come so she can give him a ride to meet GD, ironically she's the same hitch hiker girl! dun dun dun!!! Oh and that girl has fallen for Daesung too because he's so dashing and suave when he's got road rage.

      All while GD is waiting so the rest of Big band can approve his new outfit, but none of the guys have showed up yet! By this point Taeyang has gotten pissed and left in a sexy car to go find Daesung. Daesung is alone in his car and regretting not driving faster 'cuz now he's going to be in trouble with Taeyang AND GD. The reason he was late was because he stopped to buy a sammich and then got lost in the desert. But the girl stole his sammich which made Daesung regret picking her up, and so he left her with TOP to deal with so he could go apologize to Taeyang. Top was all like "HECK YEAH" at first cuz the girl was sexy, but then he found out it was seungri's sister and he was like "Aw dang!" because even he can't do that to a bro! (morals..TOP has them…occasionally)

      • So everyone ends up meeting and they all love GD's outfit, except TOP who is jealous of how stylish GD is and later is in his room pondering over what he can do to his hair next to out-do GD so fangirls will love him best. He is discouraged though when he can't come up with ideas, so he gives himself a pep talk in the mirror and heads off to go swoon the ladies of LA (and then the world). THE END.

        Youtube username is "BwainxCwash"

  237. Suju m please!! Lol I think Henry's thighs were the star of the mv! XD

  238. Big bang in Las Vegad :)

  239. YOUTUBE NAME: PaintNoIllusions08

  240. the story:
    It's the life of the same person. Start of with Seungri, decades ago when Las Vegas was still small. He's at the ocean in California and decides he wants to go for a drive. He drives through the California/ Nevada desert in his pickup truck and decides to rest at a motel in what was Las Vegas. This part is Daesung. He meets the girl and the relationship lasts only one day because he signed up to run a marathon. When he gets back from the marathon (hence all the sweat), the girl has disappeared. He's sad so decides to make enough money to find her. He creates what Las Vegas is now, and can afford to drive Lamborghinis (this part is Taeyang). He finally thinks, "OK, I think I have enough money to find the girl now." So he finds her, but he's old now (TOP's part) and has white hair. He thought she would be happy to see him, but she just sat in his limo, drank his wine, slept the the rest of the time. (now GD's part) Disappointed when he thinks that the love is not mutual, he storms out of the hotel, giving up everything to become a hermit with a furry hat in the Nevada desert.

    It's like a hero's journey! kinda….

    youtube ID: chickennuggetsandbis

  241. I forgot to add my youtube username: Siousie26

  242. Daesung is high, He is in love with TOP'S girl, hence why he's seeing her, Taeyang follows him to make sure he doesn't drive off a cliff thinking it was full of marshmallows. But all daesung sees is a dinosour chasing him, hes sweating and paranoid and hides out in a motel away from this 'dinosaur'.

    However TOP is annoyed and in despair that his girl left out his cola and it's lost it's fizz, the reason why he's disinterested in this video.

    Throughout the song, it shows flashbacks of TOP and his girl, he's not in the mood to talk to her while taking her to a hotel room, he paid GD a day before to drug the water in this room while they are on the way there, hence why we see GD is in the same hotel leaving minutes before they arrive. She lays passed out on the bed, TOP says goodnight for the last time, buttons his shirt and leaves, ready for the kill.
    Once daesung returns to earth, all five drown and bury this girl in the desert. They get into a religious circle around her and start singing this cult song. While acting out this religious ceremony, GD is seen feeling regretful, putting his hands to his head and also screams. Seungri however throughout the video is there fort the thrill of it all. Tonight is such a wonderful night! (because they got rid of this £$%&* who left out TOP's cola).

    P.S. Martina, do not leave TOP's cola out when you marry this man.

  243. lmao at you guys switching bodies haha xD

    Okay, here's what i think:

    As you can see, first they are all on the rooftop, singing and dancing to celebrate their comeback. Then after a while, when the celebrations are over, TOP sneaks out and goes into a car alone, probably sneaking away from his bandmates, yelling GO GO GO! to the driver. Meanwhile GD has probably got high, cause it seems he thinks he's a hitman, walking down that corridor. Then, when he got out of the hotel too, alone, he ended up in a desert, still high, cause we can see him wearing that furry.. thing. Now he thinks he's an indian chief instead of a hitman.
    During the time GD became an indian in the desert, TOP has found himself a girl, let's call her Miss H. But he clearly doesn't seem to be interested in this girl, at least anymore, actually he seems saaaaad~. Cause the girl told him she's a Daesung's fan. And they're driving back to the hotel to meet Daesung.
    Next morning, appears Taeyang, who has also gone to the desert to look for GD the Indian Chief, now called Furry-Singing-Hood. And the main character of the video, Daseung, is now escaping with his car and he has Miss H with him. Miss H is absolutely happy, but that can't be said about Daesung, he is worried about stealing his hyung's girl. While Seungri has also ended up somewhere that looks like a beach. He obviously got high with GD last night and doesn't remember anything.
    Now, GD has found his way back to the city, not knowing that Taeyang went to look for him, he is at the same beach as Seungri. Taeyang is also back in the town, furious about not being able to find GD, he is driving around, this time to look for Daesung, because TOP ordered him to find that girl stealer. Daesung, terrified, is also in the town now, because he discovered that the endless lonely road would go nowhere and he and Miss H need a place to sleep. He pulls at the first motel he sees. They go in and Daesungs checks through the curtains if anyone followed him. And while having fun with the girl he keeps having flashbacks of him and his bandmates being in lost in the desert last year (maybe that's why GD went there subconsciously).
    When the video ends, there's TOP in a room, with a girl sleeping on a bed. We can't be sure but let's assume that it's the famous Miss H everyone's after. Probably Taeyang caught Daesung and the girl and told TOP about their hiding place. Also, TOP looks sad, again, that's because he had to choose between a girl he loves, at least i think he does, and his long-time friend. And no one has heard of Daesung ever since. THE END ^^
    Now let's wait for next MV to see Daesung's comeback hehe~

  244. Youtube account name: Jusstgifty
    So i think Big Bang's story line goes like this:

    Daesung was with the girl, but since they broke up he missed her and she is now with TOP who is a pimp and is now leaving her at the MGM GRAND hotel and that is TOP's way of saying "It's A Beautiful Night" .

    …while Taeyang is driving in a hot car saying how he too understands. As for GD is TOP's wing man is going to see him at the room. As for Seungri? Well he decided to say back in LA is flirt with girls at the beach.

  245. You're always funny. xD
    I vote for Super Junior M. I'm their really big fan. So…. SuJu!

  246. Karen Klapoetke-Poirier

    For the showdown,having both sung songs in a language i don't know and traveled to different countries, I have to say foreign counties are WAY more fun, so BIg Bang wins! Plus they have TaeYang….so WIN
    To be honest, i watched this video several times yesterday, and i didn't realize it was only one girl :S oops! But i'm still going to go with my original theory, we'll just say Big bang fell for identical sisters: We begin with several couples who's just sorta there, they've lost theirs spark and the various guys want to reclaim the exciting part of their relationship or else it will end soon (but then they shouldn't be saying they love her..but that's a different rant..). However instead of going the mature route and working on the relationship, they go off and try to find somthing else exciting like driving fast and going on a desert adventure(…idk, my husband thinks driving is fun and exciting, especially if he can go fast and it's a sexy car.). Surprise surprise this didn't fix the relationship, so Top feel it's run its course and take the easy way out, leaving after the girl has fallen asleep :( Of course , after the video, the guys realize they were immature to take off, and take their girls on a wonderful romantic weekend, going all those places they found, they fall in love again and live happily ever after…the end :) (ok,yes i like sappy endings)
    youtube handle: cloiebuggeater

  247. For the music video I think it's about, since it is a come back group thing, that they are all showing their lives before they got back together, slowly meeting up in different places. The girl on the other hand is confusing since she is the only girl in the video. If she hadn't been I would have thought it was about their loves that they had and maybe lost. She may just be making her way through the band though, who knows whose next. 0.0 So I think it's about a bunch of road trips they had while they were apart. ( crimsonblackrose )

  248. Haha your giraffe sounds were the most hilarious thing in a while XD Newborn giraffe: "HAAAA", no it's "OAR OAR"

    Gotta say BIGBANG wins for me… Better video and better song too…

  249. Did you even have to ask that question? Super Junior M all the way!!! Ryeowook was amazingly Classy. Siwon looked pretty good with the eyeliner. How could you possibly not fall in love with Eunhyuk in that ADORABLE russian hat of his? Bonus points Henry is Canadian <3 XD Enough said. Super Junior M wins <3

  250. That was so funny.! I vote for Big Bang..! ^^

  251. Oops, sorry. Computer cut out most of the story. Aw well. It's on facebook

  252. I vote for Big Bang :)

  253. TY jumps into his car and drives up and down every street in Vegas, trying to find her car, or chance upon her walking down the sidewalk, anything! And as fate would have it, despite wearing sunglasses at night, he finds her. Instead of confronting her directly, however, TY calls the best seducer in their group, TOP.
    TOP decides to turn the tables on the woman who had openly favored him during the job. He takes her out, clinks glasses of champaign with her, holds her close, all the while strategizing and considering his next step. When he is well and truly confident that her defences are down, he takes her back to the hotel and seduces the manipulator where he finds out that she's already spent all the money she'd stolen from them. She'd bought the hotel.
    Sometime later, TOP gets up alone and looks out of the window, admiring the view from his new Las Vegas suite. Bigbang is now one of the big fish in Vegas.
    Don't really know what my youtube username is. Serafilia_lover maybe? Is it important?

  254. Top immediately enters a private car, on his way to somewhere. Turns out he’s been here before! He came to Earth shortly after Deasung left the first time, and hooked up with the same girl. While driving he recalls the time they spent together, but knowing that he is betraying his friend, he hits out angrily at a random hidden camera in the car. He meets the girl again and afterward stares out into the night solemnly. He then sighs after buttoning his shirt, thinking “I’m going to miss these threads…”
    In the morning, Seungri is the first to arrive at the beach and their departure place. He seems troubled because he spent the night trying to pick up girls instead of helping his friend.
    Meanwhile, Daesung spends his time by going everywhere he previously visited with his girl, but can’t find her since she’s with TOP. He eventually gives up after crying tears of grief, which looks like sweat to us mere humans. He joins the others on the beach where they discuss their night’s findings through dance and song again and are then zapped back to their home planet.
    It makes sense, doesn’t it? Lol.
    Youtube name: Taiven

  255. Isn't it obvious?
    The Big Bang members are really a superior race of extraterrestrials that live many light years away on a planet called ‘YG’. One day, Daesung decided to venture to Earth just to check it out but fell in love with a human girl. He eventually had to go back to his planet, but he later returns with his 4 friends who help him search for his lost love.
    They teleport themselves onto the roof of a building, where they communicate by dancing and singing, as well as randomly howling (this is the way of the YG) and split up to look for the girl. They only have the night to search, and have to leave in the morning by going to the beach where they will be teleported back to their planet.
    GD begins seriously searching every hotel he comes across, but is later distracted by a thing called fashion. Throughout the night he visits several places, including Costco, and steals their badges so he can attempt to make his own clothes.
    Taeyang is a dutiful friend and spends the entire night searching for Daesung’s lost love in his slick looking car, which he… didn't steal?

  256. My youtube user name is: XxdementedDOLLxX

    For the story, I thought that the guys went to Vegas for a good time. GD showed up first and was like "I'm ready to party, I have my party necklace on." and then TOP was like "Okay I'll meet you at your hotel." and then he gets in a car and coincidentally Daesung's girlfriend is getting a ride from him because she wanted to hang with Daesung with him. In the car she starts to get all chummy and it pisses TOP off (bros before ho's mang).

    Now Taeyang is really conflicted between telling Daesung that his girlfriend is putting the moves on TOP because he knows that Daesung is really in love with her. Daesung even took her to his secret hide out in the desert, which the other guys don't even know where it is.

    Seungri is complaining that he's lost, because he couldn't go to the casinos, so he doesn't know where everyone is.

    G-Dragon is waiting for everyone on the side of the road, and it's really pissing him off, but he doesn't know that there was a lot of traffic in Vegas that night and TOP and them are all being held up.

    Meanwhile though, Daesung somehow saw TOP and his gf, and he's super angry because he knows TOP can sometimes be too much for the ladies, so he's blaming him for his gf cheating on him. He rides away in his jeep all upset.

    Taeyang takes his black lambo and tries to follow Daesung to explain everything but Daesung is so upset he has to pull off the road and cry, it's all to emotional for him. Coincidentally (again) he happens to pull over at the same motel that he shared a steamy night with his gf. He goes in and flashbacks to all the good memories he had with her. Taeyang is still looking for him, but because he doesn't know that Daesung pulled off the road, he keeps going straight and passes the motel.

    Daesung is really sad but in the end he decides to forget the cheating bitch. He gathers his bros in the jeep and the lambo and they all ride to his secret hideout in the desert where they sing poor Daesung's heartbreak away.

    But before that, TOP decides to do Daesung and the world a favor by getting rid of the bad girlfriend. While she thinks that she's going to get a hot night from TOP, he quietly assinates her and leaves her on the bed. (neckbreak IRIS style)

    And the moral of the story is, don't cheat on Daesung (why would you he's super fit) because TOP will kill you.

    The end. :D

  257. for the Showdown vote: Big Bang in Vegas!

  258. Ok, this is what happened:__BigBang stole 1.2 billion dollars from the casinos in Vegas through various scams and fraud with the help of a beautiful girl who played DS's girlfriend during the job. The only problem was that DS actually fell in love with her. The woman seduced him in a motel room one night, and DS told her where all the money was hidden. __DS woke up alone the next morning and realized what had happened. He ran to his band mates who were assembled on the hotel roof to avoid cameras and/or listening devices to confess his stupidity. The five immediately split up to search for their stolen, ill-gotten wealth. __GD first checks their back-stabbing, ex-partner's room in the hotel, then all the boys' rooms just in case she had been counting on them being the last place they'd look and hidden there. Not finding her, GD went to look in the ruins of a carnival, one of the places that she had mentioned having loved as a child.__See Next post for more

    • SG, who was too young to be able to help search much of Vegas, went instead to the beach because the woman had talked about her love for water many times during their partnership.
      DS, who still harbored a grain of hope that the woman loved him back somewhere deep in her heart, returned to the desert where she had seduced him, praying that she was there waiting for him to catch her. After searching for hours and reliving every conversation they'd had, trying to glean clues about where she would have gone, he gives up and checks into the same motel room where he'd messed up so badly. Partly to punish himself, DS refuses to make himself more comfortable by turning on the air conditioner as he sweats away the stress and fear that his band will be turned in for the theft or that they'll all hate him for losing the money.
      See next post for conclusion

  259. LOL~~~ :D Big Bang Tonight~ winsss >O
    Question Simon~ Did you get your shirt for Shirt.woot? :O LOL I swore I saw that shirt design somewhereee :OOO LOL

  260. I enjoyed this a lot lol. Very amusing seeing Simon go all fan girly for Big Bang lol. As for the story line I'm really confused as well. When I first saw the video I thought maybe all the guys had been with her yet Daesung was the one who truly fell in love with her and Top got her at the end and the cycle continued. So maybe she's a female pimp or something lol.

    My theory though for the contest? Top knew about Daesung's love with this girl. She broke his heart and so he got his revenge. He introduced himself to her and they partied all night in Vegas and ended up at his hotel. Taeyang's job was to keep an eye on Daesung and make sure he didn't go back to the hotel which was easy enough since he went to his former love's and his secret love making spot. So, Top was upset that Daesung got hurt by this girl so he decided to do the same thing to her. As for GD I have no clue what he's supposed to be doing except looking hot and Seungri I agree with Martina (or Simon lol) that he's just underage in the U.S. so he couldn't do anything but sing on the beach lol. Maybe he liked this girl too. But in the end Top got his revenge for hurting his Daesung and ToDae love is forever!

  261. DAE and TOP both loved the same girl and are both wishing she was with them – that's why it goes to faded colors when she's in the picture. TOP and DAE are trying to recreate and retrace their steps back when she was with them. While TOP is buttoning his shirt – she's not there when it flips back to color.

    They all seem upset that a girl took their soul and their heart and they all want it back.

    I think TONIGHT is all about them regretting a lost love and opening themselves up to have a fling to erase the memories. 'Let Me Blow Your Mind' refers to the new direction they are embarking on and it's a beautiful night to go out and do just that.

  262. Hurrr, I vote for SJM's badass Chinese, LOL.

  263. my youtube username is: bermudez2805
    Well, I was supposed to comment on youtube, but the message was too long. Here it is:

    I think it's a lot like the movie hangover.
    You know, they don't remember anything of the past day. So first they all are gathered on the rooftop and they want to find out what happend the past day. So, GD starts to tell that he was supposed to go out, but because of his useless sense of direction , he couldn't find the way out. Daesung starts to remember something, about this girl he was with, TOP starts to remember something about a girl as well, and they actually finds out that they've been with the same girl. Daesung gets emotional and wants to go look for her and ask her if it's true, that she was with both of them. Taeyang on the other hand gets really mad at this chick, and drives around in his car to find her and teach her a lesson. Seungri is so tired of the talk about this girl and especially of Daesungs emotions, and he decides to leave them and go to the beach instead. Well, Daesung does not find the girl (he looked everywhere, at a motel too), neither does Taeyang, so they end up in the desert, tired of looking after her and both are out of gas, so GD, TOP and Seungri went to the desert and find them. End of story.

  264. In my opinion the star of the video is Daesung.

    GD just tell what TOP think (and that just makes the rap) and Seungri Taeyan also have a secondary role in the video.

    So the story is this:

    TOP is the first that was with the girl, but he don't want to fall in love.
    She seeks refuge in Daesung who fall in love with her.

    But the girl can not forget TOP and she always go when TOP need she.
    Dae searches the beach and the hotel are the places where he has been with her.
    TOP only use the girl and then leave the room.He only have fun and Dae is who have the pain.

    The video show that TOP have a kind of power to atract the girl. I think that TOP role is a bad boy that can do everithing that he wants with the girl.

    I do not think that is a betrayal among friends, ie the characters they play are not within the group Bigbang is just a story.

  265. Seung sees Daesung and Henna [the girl] being on the beach, and falls in love with her-love at first sight. but one day Henna drowns and 'dies' but Seungri saves her only for her to have amnesia so he dropped her off to Taeyang-a night doctor -not able to tell Dae cause Daesung runs away from loneliness thinking Henna actually does die

    GD-the sexy pimp- sees Henna, and tells Taeyang that TOP is lonely so Tae, who loves Henna as an older brother, lets her go with GD to TOP. TOP knows about Seungri saving her AND how Henna used to be with Dae but he falls for her + him and Seungri's guilt grows for not telling Daesung but he can't really do anything either because Henna is in love with TOP. Seungri's mind is just eaten by the guilt so Taeyang helps his friend out and looks for Daesung who is missing Henna terribly even if he does try to move on cause she 'haunts' his dreams <3

  266. The girl is a playgirl. She played with Daesung(DS), TOP and GD. She left the average person DS because she met TOP who is a billionaire and who owns a hotel. During her relationship with TOP, she met GD who is full of charms yet a bad boy. The two players met and "play" with each other. But in the end, GD left her because he found out that the girl fooled him (being with him and TOP at the same time)

    Note: Gray or gloomy or desaturated scenes are memories.

    0:30 -GD went out from somewhere after having a s*x with the girl. Noticed that he is fastening his button.
    0:45- brokenhearted TOP reminisces the days when he was still with his gf.
    1:01-brokenhearted DS went back to places where he spent time with his gf.
    1:14-DS's memories
    1:30-Seungri's finding his friend DS. He's trying to go to some places (beach, desert)
    1:51-(maybe in the past) GD found out that his gf is a player. He was angry about himself. A playboy fooled by a playgirl.
    1:59-Taeyang searching for his friend DS.
    2:58-DS remembering his night with his gf.
    3:11-everyone was irritated/mad because the girl fooled them.
    3:26-TOP is in the room where GD and his gf f*ck each other. (He owns the hotel, he has access to every room). I don't know if TOP also had a sex with her, maybe a goodbye sex, I dunno. Whether they had sex or not, it is clear that TOP will leave her forever.
    3:30-TOP had teary eyes after seeing what just had happened.

    The scene where GD is on the hallway and the last scene (TOP in the room) are connected. GD left the girl, then TOP came in. He saw the girl just right after having a sex with some other guy(GD).

    The evil girl dumped DS to be with rich guy TOP. Then she finds GD. She two timed GD&TOP. TOP found out this and broke with her. In the end playboy GD dumped her too because he found out that she's a bad girl. GD ended their relationship with a goodbye sex.

    **Sigh* it's so hard to explain.. Pls. Choose me as the winner for their album. I really analyzed every detail in the music video. It is just hard for me to express it fluently.

    leemarymaui22bb – my youtube user name

  267. T.O.P. stole Daesung's girlfriend. End. And I too was pleasantly surprised at Daesung's transformation. I've always loved him and he was honestly the first one I noticed in BB. But he's always been in the "puppy" category…until now. Now, Erica is very confused. :-/

    And BB has my vote for the comeback. But I've also been having a hard time getting into SJM since Han Geng left. :(

  268. The girl is a playgirl. She played with Daesung(DS), TOP and GD. She left the average person DS because she met TOP who is a billionaire and who owns a hotel. During her relationship with TOP, she met GD who is full of charms yet a bad boy. The two players met and "play" with each other. But in the end, GD left her because he found out that the girl fooled him (being with him and TOP at the same time)

    Note: Gray or gloomy or desaturated scenes are memories.

    0:30 -GD went out from somewhere after having a s*x with the girl. Noticed that he is fastening his button.
    0:45- brokenhearted TOP reminisces the days when he was still with his gf.
    1:01-brokenhearted DS went back to places where he spent time with his gf.
    1:14-DS's memories
    1:30-Seungri's finding his friend DS. He's trying to go to some places (beach, desert)
    1:51-(maybe in the past) GD found out that his gf is a player. He was angry about himself. A playboy fooled by a playgirl.
    1:59-Taeyang searching for his friend DS.
    2:58-DS remembering his night with his gf.
    3:11-everyone was irritated/mad because the girl fooled them.
    3:26-TOP is in the room where GD and his gf f*ck each other. (He owns the hotel, he has access to every room). I don't know if TOP also had a sex with her, maybe a goodbye sex, I dunno. Whether they had sex or not, it is clear that TOP will leave her forever.
    3:30-TOP had teary eyes after seeing what just had happened.

    The scene where GD is on the hallway and the last scene (TOP in the room) are connected. GD left the girl, then TOP came in. He saw the girl just right after having a sex with some other guy(GD).

    The evil girl dumped DS to be with rich guy TOP. Then she finds GD. She two timed GD&TOP. TOP found out this and broke with her. In the end playboy GD dumped her too because he found out that she's a bad girl. GD ended their relationship with a goodbye sex.

    **Sigh* it's so hard to explain.. Pls. Choose me as the winner for their album. I really analyzed every detail in the music video. It is just hard for me to express it fluently.

  269. Okay, so here's what's going down:

    TOP is the son of an infamous mob boss who has been torn out of his youthful age and thrown into a world of crime, terror, and death (hence his cold expression). The girl is his first love from when he was a teenager, but he forced himself to break up with her because he didn't want her to get hurt. He has been keeping tabs on her to make sure she's alright, and finds out that she's dating Daesung, his best friend. TOP gets jealous and tells her that he wants her back, but he knows she's in love with DS and is just using him for his money. He's angry with DS and the girl for betraying him, so he decides he wants to get revenge. Meanwhile, Taeyang is the undercover cop who has been trying to bust TOP's less than moral business transactions for years. He knows TOP is in Vegas somewhere, but he doesn't know where exactly, so he drives around hoping for a glimpse of him. Daesung and the girl have happy times driving around in the desert and later go to a hotel for more, ahem, happy times. After the girl falls asleep, Daesung leaves to go grab some coffee and breakfast for when she wakes up. Using GD as a lookout, TOP sneaks into the room with the intent of killing the girl, but when he sees her sleeping his cold heart melts a little and he decides to kidnap her instead. In his mind, he knows that if the girl is with him long enough she will start to love him again. GD calls Seungri, who is also in TOP's mob, and tells him to meet them at the beach with TOP's private yacht so that they can get away to a small island out in the Pacific. GD helps TOP drug the girl and takes her to their car while TOP takes one last look around the room and decides to leave a note for Daesung. "Tonight…such a beautiful night. Goodnight." Daesung is confused at first, but then it dawns on him that the note is in TOP's writing. He realizes TOP has done something with his girl and gets so scared he becomes sick and feverish, but he doesn't know what to do. Daesung collapses in the hotel, Taeyang is still out searching, and TOP, GD, the girl, and Seungri are long gone. Ze end. :)

    YouTube: FearTheFlowers

  270. I commented earlier but I don't see it so I am going to post again, sorry if it double posts!

    Tonight- The Big Bang Gang

    Big Bang has come to America to partake in the lucrative business of drug running. They have Suengri working on the Mexican gulf coast, where he procures the drugs, Daesung is the drug runner, TOP and Taeyang are the drug lords centered in Las Vegas, and G Dragon runs a hotel as a front business. Little do they know that the operation has been compromised. The DEA has busted TOP, and he agreed to bring in an undercover agent in exchange for immunity. The agent immediately falls in love with TOP, and she decides to go in on a deal with the other members of the Las Vegas side to keep the drug money, and pin the whole operation on the Southern half of the gang. She seduces Daesung to get enough evidence to frame him, and then goes back to TOP. But TOP is wracked with regret, and seeing her only reminds him of what he has done to Daesung. On the night of the bust, as Daesung is hiding in the desert from the cops, Taeyang is cruising their territory, and G Dragon is taking care of the hotel, TOP is wondering where it all went wrong. He says to himself "tonight, such a beautiful night", in an attempt to remind himself of the positive side of it all. He then makes a split second decision, says "goodbye" and decides to abscond with the money on his own, and start anew.

  271. Super Junior M… no comments needed <3<3<3

  272. my vote goes for BIG BANG <3
    I totally love their mv!! Tonight rulezzzz ;)

    as for the story…basically the storyline is as follows:
    Big Bang members go to Vegas to have some fun and to play a prank on YG ;)
    they go their seperate ways and do whatever they want to do;
    -GD stays in this fancy hotel, wanders through its hallways, plays hide and seek with Gaho all the time ;D
    -TOP like a boss, picks up a girl, sings her "jibe kajima=don't go home" and when she stays with him, just like GD taught him (in "Baby Goodnight" …he reads to her until she falls asleep ;D
    -Daesung gets lost while driving, loses his wallet and has to stay in this cheap motel without AC ;) heat makes him imagine things that he could do if he had money ;)
    -Seungri like a creeper observes his hyungs and plans on telling everything to papa YG ;)
    -Taeyang ( because of "I need a girl thing" he feels pressure) wants to finally pick up a girl too, so he rents this badass car, drives around the city…but he's driving too fast and none of the girls can notice him. He miserably fails…and joins Seungri in his spy mission ;P

    they end up meeting in the desert and they all decide that Korea is like heaven on earth and that they will never leave YG again ;D
    In the end they return to Korea, and comeback with their awesome album to the joy of all the VIPs around the world…and Martina of course too ;P

    my youtube account is :agata219

    guys you totally rock…I'm always looking forward to your new videos! :D keep it up guys! :)

    PS. By the way, Simon is your surname of Polish origin? :) because I'm Polish and it kinda seems to me like it is :D

  273. Here's what actually happened. The 5 of Big Bang are friends and Dae is mad about this girl. But what happens is she falls for TOP. Why, cause TOP is rich(he wears golden suits and rides limos). What about Dae? Well people,he's broke! All the memories he recalls with the girl are from the beach and from a motel. He doesn't even have money for a proper hotel. All he owns is a broke down jee. And what does TOP ride-a limo, Tae Yang- a lamborgini. Dae actually lives in his jeep, so the girl runs off to TOP.TOP accepts her but he feels guilt. That's why he's so dreamy and most of the time with his back to the camera. When Dae finds out about the betryal he's heartbroken and rides to all the places he's been with her absorbed in the bittersweet memmory. GD, Tae Yang and Sungri start searching for him cause they're afraid he could do something crazy.Meanwhile TOP spends the night with the girl. Although he likes her, TOP decide he could no longer stab Dae in the back. He decides to leave. That's why he has this complex expression in the last scene. TOP chooses friendship, but it's too late. Dae has gone to a buddhist monastery in Tibeth to forget about his unfaithful girlfriend:D;)

  274. Daesung meets a girl that he falls in love with and takes her on a romantic trip through the desert. Along the way she realizes that she could do better than some random guy with a crappy jeep that can only afford seedy motel rooms in the middle of nowhere. Therefore she returns to Vegas and falls for TOP. She doesn't care that he's cold and aloof because he buys here limo rides and luxury hotel rooms. Daesung is left moping in the desert, Meanwhile, GD is angry because all his friends have abandoned him at the hotel. So he tries searching for them to no avail. This makes him even angrier, so he decides to protest dressed as an Eskimo Boy Scout. Teayang, who has also abandoned GD, goes on a crazy Vegas trip in which he steals a car and torments Deasung in his time of depression. While all this is happening Seungri is making sand castles at the beach trying not to get involved with the craziness his Hyungs have created. THE END!

  275. i think the girl is really in love with TOP but when she meets deasung she has mixed feelings but then after she sleeps with him she realizes that TOP is WAY better then him. so the girl goes and tells deasung that TOP is better so he goes in denial and commtis sucide in the desert. gd, teayang and seungri try to go look for him but teayang finds him in the desert when its too late so TOP being the awsome person he is say tonight as a refreal as good bye :)
    youtube xxkoikixx

  276. Here is how I think things happened:
    Daesung is sadly driving on the desert remembering when he was there with "the girl" so he cries and feel terrible (also because of the heat D: )
    SeungRi is singing in the beach waiting for his partners to go find him cause he got lost there XD
    When Daesung goes back to the city Taeyang tries to reach him and goes after him, to prevent him from doing something uncool (but he doesn't succeed :( )
    While being in the motel room, Daesung remembers the times he spent with "the girl" in that same room and starts sweating and crying again
    Meanwhile GD is still lost in the hotel hall while TOP drove "the girl" to his room, had fun and now "the girl" is sleeping and he leaves the room as if nothing ever happened D:!

    Oh and my youtube user is msreichelsan :)!

  277. I think this is what actually happened:
    The night before the five of them went drinking together and Daesung talked about how he loved his girlfriend and he wanted to test her faith. So they had the idea to drink a potion that would switch their bodies. Daesung and TOP did. Daesung (in TOP's body) seduced his girlfriend and went to a hotel. He was surprised that the girlfriend isn't faithful to him (Daesung), so in the end he just left the girl in the hotel. In the other hand, TOP (in Daesung's body) was supposed to go far away so the girl wouldn't see him. He went to a motel and as he's such a bad guy, he kinda regretted that he didn't bring a girl himself. So he imagined his own scene with the girl in the motel, but then he realized he probably looks insane, he makes sure that nobody sees him through the window. He was also worried about himself having such imaginations, thus he was sweating and terrified. GD, observing the two in the hotel, tells about the happenings to Taeyang, who's actually the girl's older brother, then he hurries to the hotel to warn his sister. Seungri? He's too excited to be in Vegas and doesn't care about his hyung's love life.

  278. Youtube name: Cheap15
    Okay here's what happened.
    GD is the drunken PIMP that lost his hotel card in the hallway.He sends his prostitute AKA TOP to seduce this girl so that he can get more money to for one more night. Daesung who once loved the girl realized that the girl is actually a tranny and he's sobbing cause he's confused about his sexuality. Taeyang races in the car to warn TOP that he's about to sleep with a tranny but Taeyang is too short to see where he is driving and gets lost. Seungri is really the girl before she had plastic surgery. (the girl is still a man). TOP realizes that it's too late and he slept with her.

    lol okay it sounds crazy but that's my theory. :D Thanks guys!

  279. I love Big Bang, but Suju's video was better this time.

  280. He then wakes up only to find that it was all a dream and stalker chick has broken into his room, after having yet another night of drunk, drugged up sex with TOP the night before. TOP decided to just hit it and quit it, and she got angry, so she seduces Daesung out of revenge, and the bros before hos rule is forever broken for Big Bang, when the others are all left out in the desert, just so Daesung could get lucky.
    P.S! My youtube username is the name I used for all my comments, IluvKirito :]

  281. BUT THEN! Taeyang has managed to build a super sexy car out of the ruins of the circus thing out in the desert and is now on his way! Daesung, who has just finished a romp with the crazy chick, is now on his way back, filled with chagrin that he never picked up SeungRi. He’s trying to think about what he’s done and fully accept responsibility, but he just can’t get the hot chick out of his head. He passes out. SUDDENLY! He hears a familiar voice…it seems the boys have once again gotten lost in the desert, after meeting GD the night before to apologize for ruining his party, and they all decided to drink the guilt away. Now, they’re lost all over again, so TaeYang sings his heart out in the hopes that DS will hear him again.

  282. I vote for Big Bang's Tonight. I like the song more and it has a story to it, although I do really like Suju-m's Perfection too. But Big Bang is definitely the winner!

    As for the story I think this is what happened…..

    Daesung was with that girl and they were all happy as a couple until one day TOP came in the picture and his gorgeous good looks caught the eyes of Daesung's gf. She became interested in him because of his extreme sex appeal and his rich/bad boy image. She eventually left Daesung and went to TOP since he knew how to show her a good time. Upon his gf leaving him Daesung became depressed and spent all day wallowing in self pity remembering all the good times he and his gf had, and how much he loved her. He drove around the desert to clear his head and to escape reality and not have to face it. With TOP and Daesung's gf, TOP is a rich man who lives life without a care and does whatever he wants. TOP probably knew that knew Daesung's girl was with him and decided to have a brief fling with her because to him she was just something for to pass the time with. TOP chased after the girl for a little fun and ended up making her fall for him, which is something he wasn't interested in but played along just for his own benefit out of the relationship. Distressed over losing his gf Daesung finally stops driving all around the desert and arrives at a hotel where he decides to take lots of prescriptions (or alcohol?) to ease his pain and maybe tries to end his life because he can't imagine his life without his gf and he misses her too much. As he lays down on the bed, all sweaty, he thinks he's finally going to end it and wakes up a few moments later to realize that he's still alive and goes to the window to see if anyone's there watching him. Back with mr. TOP, he has GD searching the hotel to see if Daesung is there to make sure he can have a little fun time with his gf without worrying, but just in case GD doesn't do his job correctly (like maybe getting lost in the hotel for hours on end, or trying to find the elevator/stairs XD) sends Taeyang out to follow Daesung to see what he's doing. When Daesung looks out his window at the hotel he could be looking for Taeyang because he has a feeling he's been followed for some time. At the end of the video when TOP is looking out the window he's thinking to himself that he's won and that he's satisfied with how things turned out while saying "Tonight is a beautiful night" because he got what he came for. He leaves the girl in the bed while she's sleeping showing how little he thought of her and that she was nothing to him, and walks out the room continuing to live his rich and successful life without a care in the world. At the end when Daesung looked down at the window he probably thought that he'll never be with his gf again and they all go their separate ways.

    As for Seungri's part during the whole video, he was there for eye candy and to say "even though I'm the youngest and can't do pretty much anything I'm here to show my awesomeness!" He really had no special part in the mv, but he's still super amazing and has such a great voice, like all of them~!

    I really liked this mv and it definitely leaves a lot to the imagination, it's great how there's so many ways to perceive it. Big Bang is always amazing with whatever they do and always gives 110% ^^

    and my youtube name is GacktCamui73 ^^

  283. I have to split this into multiple comments, so I'm sorry for all the posting >.<
    So, GD is waiting for Big Bang to show up for an awesome party he's planned on the roof. He keeps planning it out in his head all throughout the video how awesome the party is gonna be! However, the boys are ALL late, so GD sets out to check the hotel and see if they’re there. But, the truth of the matter is, all the other boys went out doing some heavy drinking the night before and have all gotten lost. TOP has been drugged and kidnapped by this rich stalker chick, hence the limo and why he looks so miserable. He’s trying to pretend to enjoy himself so she doesn’t go batshit crazy, but he’s failing horribly.

  284. Great Music Monday – the giraffe thing at the end was hysterical!

    As for the showdown – I vote for Super Junior M. I think someone already said that learning a new language is way cooler than flying out to Vegas – and they're right! Besides, I really like the video for Suju and the Big Bang video was cool but kind of average.

  285. SUPER JUNIOR M!!!!

  286. Big Bang decides to vacation in Las Vegas. But Daesung's plane had to make an emergency landing in the middle of the desert, so he has to drive a pick up truck the rest of the way. On the way he picks up a hitch hiker, and they end up staying the night in a motel. But when Daesung wakes up she is gone! When he arrives in Las Vegas, Big Bang does lots of fun things like standing on a roof, and standing on the beach in a circle. Poor Daesung can't stop thinking about his lost love, so he drives back to the motel, remembering the all the good times they had together. Really the girl hit it and quit it and got a ride with a trucker the rest of the way to Las Vegas. In Vegas she fell in love with TOP (because who wouldn't), and she will get her comeuppance because TOP clearly just isn't that into her.

    Meanwhile, GD joins a cult version of the boy scouts where they wear their badges on strange furry hats. He spends the video trying to get the hotel-visiting badge. Taeyang drives around Las Vegas trying to help GD get badges. Seungri thinks this cult is evil and will have nothing to do with it, which is why he is barely in the video.

    I vote for Big Bang because they have less furry hats. What is with the furry hats?


  287. Okay so the MV is actually a korean version of the Twlight Series.

    GD is happy on the rooftop remembering when he was on the beach singing, then the moonlight comes up and he howls and turns into a werewolf. TOP is an elder-ultra-powerful-vampire (that's why he has silverhair, and can stand being on the sun). He decides to trap GD on an hotel corridor so that he won't go help daesung, whos also a werewolf (Jacob, judging by the color of his skin). So GD's like "I'm gonna rap to escape to hotel". So TOP is driving about in his limo, and just can't stop thinking about the girl, who I'll just call Bella. He calls Taeyang, who's a weaker-underling vampire (that's why he has to wear sunglasses, to stand being on the sun) and orders him to kill Daesung and get the girl. So he decides to go the desert and dance while singing "Tonight" to lure Daesung to him (thinking that Daesung would be atracted to word "tonight" because it has night in it..night..moon..huh). Daesung actually falls to his plan, and is going to where Taeyang is..but he then realizes that Bella is on his car, so he starts making out with her (while singing). Seungri is Bella's ex-boyfriend and is just depressed imagining her together with Daesung..so he just starts singing (Cuz that's what koreans do when they are sad, or thinking about love). So Taeyang is upset 'bout how his plan failed, and tries to find Daesung on the city, and for his luck Daesung is actually in the city, but the girl's missing for some reason. So he goes to a motel. And he gets these visions of Bella on the beach, and he's like "WTF, how the hell are you in the beach, and inside my room?!?" So he looks throught the windows..and he sees..HIMSELF on the desert singing with GD, TOP, Taeyang, a Seungri. And it's revealed that it's actually his EVIL TWIN BROTHER Gnusead, who was working for TOP all along (so was GD) that seduced Bella and delivered her to TOP. So in the end, it shows TOP in his bedroom with Bella, regretting having slept with her cuz she was so boring and thinking "How the hell am I getting out of this relationship??!?!"

  288. lol, you guys switched bodies.. (note to self: don't trust street ajumas and their drinks… -_-;;)
    once again big bang!! yeah!! *dance's*
    i knew u guys would do their new song~~ just knew it~~~ :DDD
    TOP and dancing… just don't mix…. ><;, (still looks hot though, right Martina? ;D)
    TOP is the number 1 rich guy in seoul and Daesung is the modern guy (sorry daesung ><)
    TOP girlfriend is in love with Daesung and is secretly dating him behind TOP's back.
    When TOP finds out hes angry, because someone tried to take whats his..
    He hire's Taeyang to chase Daesung out of the country (would've had him kill him.. but u guys did that already ;^;)
    while he drags his girlfriend back to his apartment and forces her to stay with him (cause possessive TOP is love~<3)
    Daesung hides in a motel in the middle of no where, while having panic attack, and looking out of the window every minute…
    Taeyang finally finds him and makes him 'disappear'… insert evil laugh here—>(MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA *choke**cough*cough*… HA!)
    G-dragon, the almighty fashion diva, walks around cooly through the hallways of TOP's apartment, ready to attack anyone with his prada hand bag, and gucci umbrella. Seungri, being underage and unallowed to take part, walks around the beach, daydreaming about girl groups.. cause that's only thing he can and wants to do. Daesung disappears 'suddenly' with out people 'knowing', and his girlfriend never see's him again, but she doesn't really care, cause TOP gives her his credit card~~<3 (SHOPPING~~!!! XDD)

    The End

    That really sucked, huh? >_<;;;

    And the band that i think had the better foreigner comeback is…. * drum roll*

    SUPER JUNIOR M~~~~~~~!!! :DD i waited so long for their comeback ><;;
    but i found it funny how so many people were asking you guys to review it… it's Chinese… and you guys do 'kpop' Mondays.. -_-''
    (but it would be cool if you guys did XD)

    and before i end this comment just one more thing,


    p.s: Martina, your hair is so cute… or should i say Simon ><;
    can't wait for your next video!! FIGHTING!!!!

  289. Tonight video – Big Bang Drug Running Gang
    Ok Big Bang is actually a lucrative drug running gang on the American west coast. TOP and Taeyang set up the base of operations in Las Vegas, while their partner G Dragon runs a hotel business as a front. On the other side of the border Suengri and Daesung do the actual deliveries. Little do they know that the operation has been compromised and that TOP broke a deal with the DEA. They bring in an undercover agent, but she falls in love with TOP, and decides to go in on a deal with the Las Vegas side of the gang to abscond with the drug money. She then seduces Daeyang, and stays with him long enough to get incriminating evidence to frame him for the whole thing. On the night of the bust TOP is wrought with regret. He tries to fight it, and reminds himself bittersweetly that that he is getting away with it. In a trainspotting moment he says to himself "tonight, such a beautiful night" and decides to run away on his own, with the amassed fortune

    P.S a friend pointed out that G-Dragon is wearing a patch from my tribe's casino in this video! It is the very top center one, for Akimel Oodham Gila River Casino Security. I wonder where they got those patches? There are a bunch of really random ones on there.

  290. do I choose between your choices or I can make up my own assumption from the MV?

    here`s my take on the video:

    Taeyang isn`t the assassin, but G-Dragon is. He killed the girl T.O.P. and Daesung were with. Now she`s haunting them (all the scenes with TOP, Daesung and the girl is the ghost of the girl!). Baby Seungri witnessed GD killing the girl and throwing her body in the ocean. (too morbid? -____-) that`s why he has to hide. Taeyang is the awesome looking detective with a Lamborghini who`s out to find the killer. TOP and Daesung now have to go into hiding because they`re suspects. Since they`re the one`s who were last seen with the (ghost) girl.
    Daesung gets all freaked out because she`s haunting him and really sad cuz he really liked the girl.
    TOP on the other hand wasn`t THAT into the girl that`s why he wasn`t as nervous as Daesung. but since TOP is like a big time money-maker (and stuff), he still tries to avoid detective Taeyang who`s searching High and Low for the killer of the girl.

    But no one knows it was GD because he hid so well, and cleaned himself up so well. He can confidently walk hotel hallways buttoning up his new suit. (and that scene where it looks like he`s in LA during a sunset is where GD gets ready to leave the country)

    okay, how was that? :D
    i voted in your YT Channel

    • *TOP on the other hand wasn`t THAT into the girl that`s why he wasn`t as nervous as Daesung. but since TOP is like a big time money-maker (and stuff), he still tries to avoid detective Taeyang, who`s searching High and Low for the killer of the girl, *because being the suspect of such a crime would tarnish his image*.

      *forgot to include this*

  291. SUJU M definitely! I was so disappointed with tonight mv not having some awesome dancing in it.

  292. Good job Simon and Martina for trying to switch bodies! That must have been crazy hard. But remember, DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID. That's bad, baaadddd for you. I vote for Suju-M and Chinese because Chinese is a lot harder, and the Chinese sounds much better than their Korean version.
    And on a completely relevant note: I love your Spudgy wallpaper! (That is Spudgy right? I'm not just seeing things through the glare of my glasses?)


    The real main character is GD. The truth is, he dresses up as a girl because he was bored at the hotel. The first victim is Seungri. He (she) took him to the beach and left him there, in Las Vegas beach, lost and speaking not a word of English.

    Then, it's Daesung 's turn. He goes in love with her. They go to the desert in an excursion, but Dae is too sweaty and she tells him to go to a motel and shower. But there isn't hot water and Daesung doesn't want to shower with cold water, so she gets tired and leaves.

    After that, she goes finding TOP. Deep inside, he knows the girl is GD, but, as we could see in Secret Garden, he doesn't care. That's why he has the 'mysterious-funny' look in his eyes. He makes GD get drunk with champaigne and takes him to bed.

    While everything is happening, Taeyang knows the truth and tryes to find his friends, but he can't see anything with sun glasses in the night.

    Finally, they go find little Seungri, who is still on the beach.

    youtube id -> kowowu

  294. btw, why is the volume so low? I barely can hear what Martina said? The other videos were okay…

  295. The "chase" isn't actually directed for Daesung's assasination, they're all seeking for GD – the hobo Dragon. (See in the beginning of the video where GD staples lots of things on his hood just to keep him warm in the deserted carnaval.) Then the story flows with TOP being very concerned in the limo, even women can't satisfy him since one of his b-boy members disappeared. Daesung is all mellow cause his ex-gf is with TOP so they decided to do the chase separately.

    Seungri got lost in the beach and never came back for a long time, so Tae seeked for him instead. After the chase finishes, they celebrate it in Vegas. Wooohoo, GD's not a Hobo anymoar!

    my youtube name is nadyasabran btw!! :)

  296. My youtube username is MTCDiana
    My theory:
    In the "Wild Wild West" there's a girl that wants money and fame, her first victim is Daesung, but TOP is cooler and richer. He buys her a 3 million mansion in Las Vegas, but Daesung only has money to go to motels.
    Daesung is in the middle of the desert in a motel that doesn't have air conditioner and wishes to have "dirty cash" to get that girl.
    TOP and the girl spend the night in a comfortable bed while G-Dragon is looking for the elevator or stairs. G-Dragon already knows how bad is to have a "heartbreak" so he doesn't "need a girl".
    Meanwhile Seungri runs away to the beach because he is underage and his parents won't let him go to Vegas. Taeyang is looking for him.

  297. Actually, I like both BigBang and SJM, but I have to say that the MV of BigBang 'Tonight' is much better than that of SJM ‘Perfection'.
    The 'YG' is willing to spend money and time to produce good MV while the 'SM' just want to earn as much money as it can by presenting a 'classic' MV ( a group of people dancing in front of 2 or 3 different backgrounds and wearing two or three different sets of clothing). The practice of the ‘SM’ just can’t compare with the ‘YG’.
    On the other hand, The MV of ‘Tonight’ is just like telling a story and it has feeling. However, the MV of ‘Perfection’ is only presenting the outlook of the SJM members.
    Moreover, the MV of ‘Tonight’ match with the song so much and it is so awesome (both the Vegas’ view and the members). Although, SJM look really good in their MV, their MV seems meaningless( at least to me), and it really disappointed me.


  298. SG rules!! x°D
    Here's my opinion about the story: Daesung, in the past, went to Vegas with his girlfriend, who loves so so so much; he thought that she loved him too. He does not know T.O.P., but she met him while they were in this trip in Vegas, and she totally fell for him (How a human being cannot fall for him?! I mean, Daesung is becoming hotter and hotter, but T.O.P. is T.O.P. guys xD), and because T.O.P. is such a pimp and thinks that yes, she's sexy and all, why does he have not to use her? So while Daesung and this girl were still together in Vegas, he seduced her and slept with her. She left Daesung and went with T.O.P. . Daesung wants to die, he feels miserable, and like a perfect emo starts to visit all the places where he has been with her during the trip. SeungRi and Taeyang, Daesung's bestfriends, find out about what happened and go searching for him in Vegas, but they can't find him anywhere, 'cause he went to a Motel in the middle of nothing, where he and his ex-girlfriend made love for the first time. There he stays, thinking about her, while his friends are searching for him. Meanwhile, in Vegas, T.O.P. is going away leaving the girl alone. It was just fun for him, he doesn't care about her. Probably when she'll wake up she'll understand how stupid she was and she'll run to Daesung. Will he forgive her?
    GD's a friend of T.O.P.'s, he's just the owner of a casinò in Vegas.

    I think it went like this :D my YT nickname is SunadokeiMV ;D and I vote for BigBang's Tonight MV, filming in Vegas was a great idea! And all the scenes are beautiful, the color is amazing and the way the video was made is really awesome O.O I like SuJu M Perfection MV, really, I'm obsessed with it and with tha song, but Tonight is way better than it ;D

  299. i guess this girl is a real bitch lol so TOP doesnt want her to be with dae (wants to make her his own Q.Q lol just joking~). He doesnt want her to be with dae and wants to show her real face. He is helping i mean. Friends are for these days~

    Dae is dissapointed because his lover chose TOP but he will learn the truth sometime~ and the others are looking for him. this was what i thought when i first watched the video~

    and i vote for BIGBANG


  300. My youtube username : pinkycatz93

    Ahahah i want a yaoi loveline!

    so GD is with TOP and Daesung is with Taeyang…they are couples =]

    and one night dae and TOP want to sneak out from their lovers, they want to taste a love from girl, well not because they aren't in love with their lovers anymore, it's just because they want to play around the vegas.

    so this girl got to be with TOP in the night. they go to the hotel together. TOP really spending his money a lot, that's why he looks a bit uncomfortable, beside he also thinking about what GD will do if he know TOP cheating on him like this XD
    meanwhile, GD is too clever to be fooled. he knows anything and searching for TOP in the hotel.

    and daesung at the next afternoon with the girl. He tried to escape from taeyang. Taeyang, who have been informed by clever GD the day before, start searching for daesung by driving along the street. so yeah that's why daesung escaping to the motel around the small town in vegas. form time to time daesung try to take a sneak peak through window to check for taeyang XD

    as for the finale for TOP. He knows that GD is around the hotel and end up leaving the girl in the room and escaping from GD.

    and in the end they gather back a the desert to take a shoot for MV XD

    oh whoops what about seungri? nah he's already with the girl from strong baby~ XD

    Love your secret garden style! XD
    tc <3

  301. Haha! I enjoyed this review a lot! you know TOP can't dance! just watch that secret garden parody! he looks super awkward and funny dancing! :/
    still love him though! huhu!
    so anyway, my take on the story line for the mv:

    All the members were looking for the girl as they were once with the girl.. that explains why GD was looking for her in a hotel probably thats the same hotel shes in with TOP. and Taeyang driving around looking for her. SeungRi's looking for her too.. at a beach. Then, Daesung is like having flashback of him with the girl cos he just can't seem to forget how she just left him for TOP. So Dae, got all stressed out and pissed, which explains why he break out in sweat! Then the girl actually left Daesung for TOP. 'Cos he seem all rich and cool. but in denial TOP is actually a PIMP and so he decided to leave the girl in the end… :)

    haha! i got my imagination! :P
    youtube user: aink06

  302. i think the girl is daesung's girlfriend but she fall in love with the multimillionaire casino owner TOP. omg top so hot….
    GD is the bodyguard, taeyang the casino manager and my cute baby seungri is just the underage casino owner son. heahahaha
    my vote is for bigbang. bigbang MV is the best. YG always have the best MV

  303. I VOTE FOR BIGBANG!!! (I can't yell that enough, haha)

    My theory: Girl was originally with the rich , official pimp T.O.P (:p), got bored with him and went cheating with the not so rich but hot Daesung, got her senses back and went crawling back to T.O.P As for the other three, Tae is driving a Lamborghini because he's hot like that, GD is the only guy who could make being lost in a hotel cool like that, and Seungri is in the beach because..well, he's just as hot as his hyungs! :D

  304. of course bigbang have the best video.

  305. not enough space in youtubeXD I'm xCrazyxChantix

    so hereis what really happened:
    GD the Indian has to proof himself and find a way out of this huge hotel by path reading
    while GD is despretly trying to get out
    TOP is really worried not about GD just that his plan won't work out (more details later on)
    while he's worried why care for this girl !?! there is so much mor going on the girl is just for him to look good and manly LIKE A MAN !!!

    we then see Taeyang danceing
    he is feeling so gulty because he had to tell daesung some bad news (later…)
    and because of his guilty feelings he has to dance them out of his body !!! XD

    so daesung is depresly driving through the desert trying to cool down
    after hearing the news he's just sooo upset he doesn't know what to do
    he probably will never see his girlfriend again so he recalls all the memories

    while all this is happening Seungri has to play nannie and has to wait for GD to return
    until GD returns he's not allowed to leave
    and because seungri knows GD will never make it out
    he despratly looks at the water wich symbolic freedom for him (why ? don't ask it's his brain XD)
    oh and all the clips of daesung and his GF are because he knows he's going to die with GD not returning
    but he at least wanted to have a girl by his side when he dies (well bad luck. he wouldn't get one)

    then we finally know the bad news taeyang told daesung

    daesung is going to the army !!
    but not just any army noooo THE GERMAN ONE
    (see the German flag on his pullover / it makes me sooo proud to be german seeeing him wearing our flag XD)
    why the german army well in germany you're not forced anymore to go to the army (that's actually true =) )and because the goverment knows noone will come they thought about getting a star hows big enough to get attention but not to big to cause a scandele so they bought daesung in hope more girls will join the army (they also bought some other stars from all over the world)

    neverthe less
    bevor GD went to do the task he danced as Indian boy aroung to show off ho good such a costume would look at him
    and just to get attention and to seem more manly LIKE A MAN he kicks the poor camera

    then daesung is supposed to drive to the airpot to fly to germany and taeyang is supposed to take care that he does so
    but not with daesung both of them are racing for their lives (oh yeah don't you see the sweat on their faces)
    after a really exiting "action" scene of them racing
    daesung drives to his motel where he first meet his GF all
    and crys to seem manly because he's not afraid to hide his feelings LIKE A MAN !!!
    but taeyang follows him
    then we find out that taesang is actually the KDT (Korean Dance Terminator)
    he kills daesung because he didn't followed the rules
    and because his mission is completted he distroys himself

    GD couldn't get off that stupid roof and in his depression he jumped
    now he can't go to seungri who is waiting for him
    so seungris was right and he dies alone in the desert

    so in the end TOPs evil plan succide all BigBang members are dead
    Now he can take over the world all by himself
    and his biggest wish came true :
    because he's know the only member he's also the member with the best dance skills
    and NO ONE can say something against that !!!

    ah yeah the scenes of all of them in the desert
    that's just a imagination of his Conscience
    so everybody gets a goodbye seen to be remembered well (that's why TOP actually didn't get a scene alone in the desert)

    of course him beeing the gentel man he says properly goodbye and goodnight to his dead friends
    just befor he is going to daesungs GF to…………….******……… to read her a good night story =)

    XD don't even ask what's gotten into me when I stardet I just couldn't stop writing more and more shit XD
    I hope you at least had something to laugh because of how stupid it's written XD

    sorry for all the mistakes didn't read through again to check no time ^^
    love you simon and martina you're amazing <3

  306. I think the fact that I have watched way too many asian dramas has influenced my answer. In the beginning, we see TOP leaving a hotel and heading into the car. While there, he starts to think about the girl he was just with – he has "flashbacks" of the them both holding drinks. We then learn that the girl was truly Daesung's old girlfriend as we can see evidenced by all the fun times they had. Unlike TOP, Daesung doesn't have too much money, but he tries to make up for everything in the amount of love he shows. One night, the couple decides to take their relationship to a new level in the motel. But even after this, the girl decides she would rather be rich which leads her to TOP. TOP, however, can sense she's already attached (to Daesung) and therefore decides to leave her in the hotel room circling back to the very first scene.

    As for GD, Taeyang, and Seungri, I think that they are the guardian angels narrating the event for us but each with distinct personality. GD's a pimp, Taeyang's the city guy, and Seungri is that adorable romantic on the beach.

    Username is the same as on YT

  307. Here's how the story goes! T.O.P. is a pimp,with money,and a limo,and a hotel room with a great view,but he wasn't always like that…NOOO!!!He used to have a heart,but his ex broke it(and that is why he d-dedicated "To Act Like Nothing is Wrong" to her),but after that he decided to be a bad boy and he started singing songs like "Turn it up".
    Meanwhile Daesung has always been this cute baby-like boy,but after that he became hot and he got a gf,who eventually left him for T.O.P. Taeyang's an angel driving a cool car(because he can afford it…like a man:D) and G-Dragon is the devil("I'm a bad boy" or "Don't thing too much it's simple"). Seungri…well yeah, he's just underage and he misses all the fun:D
    So what's the moral of this story kids? Don't trust your freinds, the devil always wins, the foreign girl is a lucky b*tch, and what happens to Big Bang in Vegas DOESN'T stay in Vegas:D:D:D

  308. em… Are you two doing the parody on Secret Garden too…? It's totally awesome ^^ Martina you look great even in Simon's body ^^ And it's not fair making SJM video and BB video for show down… I love Big Bang but SuJu video is so hot…but I think I gonna vote for Big Bang because of Daesung bed scene ><

    • And about the story line… hm that girl is fool if she goes away super hot Daesung… ^^ so I think she was in love with Daesung, they were have fun and love each other, but then TOP stole her from Daesung! Dae don't know what to do, he has a paranoia, he's sweating! But TOP is only playing with girl! In short he is the bad guy..! and I think that Taeyang and GD are narrators… and Seungri is cute boy on beach against the background ^^

  309. I think that T.O.P has had a earlier relationship with this girl. They broke up a long time ago. Then after that Daesung finds this girl and dates her for some time and introduces her to his friends (among them T.O.P). Daesung had no idea they had a relationship. T.O.P dosen't really care at all since he thinks it's over, but this girl suddenly finds T.O.P interesting again and tries to get closer to him. As in the car scene with T.O.P and the girl she approaches him. Normally, T.O.P would've told a girl that acts like that so "BACK THE HELL OFF!", but since they had a relationship he has a hard time to tell her to not come close at all. So he more or less allows it. Daesung sees them in the back of the car and gets really upset, driving out into a familiar desert where he had brought the girl earlier. Memories start's to pop up in his head. Taeyang gets really worried and chases after Daesung since he knew about the desert. Daesung goes to all the places where he experienced good memories with the girl and ends up in a familiar hotel: upset, confused and slighty scared. He remembers what a time they had in that room. While Daesung is sitting there all alone, T.O.P got seduced by the girl and got together with her (you can see the girl in T.O.P's bed in the last part) and they when he looks into the mirror, he regrets his move really badly. And that is the end of the night.

  310. Youtube: MachiShupp

    I've seen the MV once and this is what I thought. There was no story. It feels as if it was just another MV with singers singing around.
    Maybe I'll try harder to ignore the fact that there's too much walking looking around etc.

  311. I think TOP is so HOT!! thats what i think about the music video!!! LOVE TOP!!! :*

  312. After a rather hard night of partying in Las Vegas, GD gets lost in the hotel then blacks out and ends up in the desert at an abandoned theme park, wearing one of the Village People's old costumes. T.O.P., plastered, runs off with Daesungs girlfriend to look for GD. Daesung, the designated driver, freaks out and starts searching for them in the desert. Worried they will all get stranded, Taeyang tries to follow him but, disorientated by the bright lights, ends up thinking he's at a concert and starts singing for the other cars. Seungri gets lost and ends up at the ocean, in New Mexico. Daesung gets tired and goes to take a nap at a motel, dreaming of his girlfriend. Finally, the next day the guys find each other, but T.O.P. has a secret; the night before, he and Daesungs girlfriend spent the night together. None of them quite remember what happened yesterday, but they can all agreed, it was such a beautiful night.

    My youtube username is kpopshawol

  313. that girl is daesang's past lover buy she dumped him away and go ahead to las vegas with play around the guys. First, u see GD left the hotel room and button up his suit, then top go to the hotel and end up with the girls on the bed , he also button pu his suit and left her in the room then taeyang drive his car to do next. Daesang go to the motel where he did something hot with his girl but he sad cuz he already lost her.
    for seungri , he has not much role in this mature storyline cuz he's underage , lol

    seriously, I think the storylines are like this , the girl is like a 4timer.
    Adult MV!

  314. well i think that well top was realy like that girl but he never said about it . Well later the girl didnt like it soo she went to the ather boy .The boy went to a hotle soo no one well find himm but top was realy mad and he wont to find the girl when he fanily girlk comes but top dont car

  315. I think TOP is the one who was cheated on so he found out the girl was with Daesung too (who is feeling really guilty) and that's why he doesn't pay her attention and he spent a last night with her before to say goodbye forever. Taeyang was on his way to comfort TOP. G Dragon & Seungri are having their own love affair but they can't be together because that will break fan's hearts.

    This makes no sense AT ALL. LOL.


    Mi username is xkissaphobic btw!

  316. SuJu M without even thinking twice!

  317. That is a really, really, really evil showdown! I love both BIGBANG, Super Junior & Super Junior M, so actually, I doesn't know who I'm going to vote for … Can I vote for both of them? Pleeeaaase~? *trying to look cute.*

  318. Super Junior M!!!! Perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfection!

  319. Am I the only who seemed to hear "Taeyeon" (rhymes with "Crayon") instead of "Taeyang" (rhymes with "sarang") each time you pronounced his name?

    Anyways, if you'd ever been there, you would know that Vegas is like a tiny island in a sea of sand with a road that goes through it; did it by bus on my way from Montréal, QC to Long Beach, CA once; it's really a boring scenery between the midwest and California! AND Vegas looks really uninteresting by day, there's just this really really huge garden accesories retailer that seems to have a plot of land the equivalent size of the whole town, only on the other side of the highway… Looks much more interesting by night all lit up!

    T.O.P. rarely seems interested in anything, lately; could he be suffering from seasonal depression?

    And yeah, Deasung has been winning hot points, lately; growing old gracefully, boy!
    But their version of Secret Garden was better than their previous parodies and I laughed so hard at the T.O.P. kissing Seungri in the hall part!

    I vote for SuJu and Chinese!

    Simon should wear more pink!
    And I have no idea what a giraffe sounds like… Can't find them chatting often with the cows in the nearby fields! :P

  320. Super Junior M singing i chinese is waaaay~ better then Big Bang!

  321. Super Junior M!! (youtube won't let me post on there for some reason~~ hope my vote counts still!!)

  322. i think what happened is.
    the girl is Daesung past lover, Daesung was reminiscence the memories with her while driving at the desert.
    the girl left Daesung and went to TOP.

  323. I'm going with theory number two. Except I never really thought about what GD, Taeyang and Seungri were up to…thought they were just random people in Vegas singing out their feelings like we do in America. I'm disappointed in you Martina. Fangirling but not mentioning Daesung's bed scene…for shame. FOR SHAME!

  324. Suju M is great and all, but Big Bang filming in Las Vegas was way more awesome!! T.O.P was closer to me than he ever was… >.> I'm not a fangirl. Love ya Simon and Martina!!

  325. hahah
    the giraffe impression was the best….

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