Don’t act like you didn’t see it coming! This week we review Big Bang’s “Tonight” and try to figure out if TOP murdered Daesung.

So we tried to do our own Secret Garden version for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. If you haven’t seen it by now, Big Bang did their own parody of Secret Garden, which was hilarious. And we gotta say, pretending to be each other was a lot more difficult than we expected. In fact, this video took us a lot longer to film than our other Music Mondays, because we were trying to get down each other’s isms. We’ll put up the blooper footage on our Bonus Page tomorrow, and – let me tell you – there’s a lot of stuff that went wrong! Ah! We’ve got a lot more respect for Secret Garden now as a result.

Back to Big Bang’s “Tonight,” it’s a cool video shot in what looks like Las Vegas, and the song is really awesome and we’ve been singing it all week…but does anyone know what the story’s actually about? What’s the girl doing with both TOP and Daesung? Who is she with? Why’s Taeyang driving around in his car all the time? When will GD find the elevator? Who knows!

If you do know, or if you have any ideas about the video, you’re in luck, because we have a great giveaway for you this time. Shazam! We’re giving away TWO BIG BANG CDs!!!! Here’s what you can do to win:

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BAM! So, there you go! 26 episodes in, half a year of Music Mondays complete! We can’t believe we’ve been doing this for this long now! Huzzah! As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos, ALL OF THEM, into Korean. Also, if you’re not one of the winners for the contest, you can still get yourself a copy of the Big Bang Tonight CD by clicking on the banner below!

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  1. OMG, I just realised I thought TOP looked just like a young David Bowie, or more accurately, Dr. Spock since the first time I saw Big Bang was in that Coffee Prince parody. Sorry Martina, but I still think TOP is… well… not that cute, even now. Maybe when he gets older and start looking like David Bowie somewhat around the Labyrinth days (or even a little after that).

  2. One of your best vids in these Kpop Music Monday reviews. Loved the body switcheroo!

  3. Hey wait! Seungri’s not at the beach! He’s at the Neon Graveyard . . . .

  4. I really like what you guys are doing but wish the music you are explaining is in the back ground or show more of the MV at the beginning or the end of video.

  5. I really fun :) Opinion about TOP is really fun ã…‹ã…‹

  6. It's like GD is the storyteller of the night. We see him at the beginning as the opening Saying It's such a beautiful night for a story about Big Bang that will blow your mind. So he's like this is about a bad boy and a good boy. We then see Top acting all cool and cold while this chick is trying to seduce him by drinking all his champagne and cuddling up to him. He seems to busy looking out the window. Like man where did i pick up this chick. That champagne tasted kind of funky. Are we there yet? Then we have Taeyang our second storyteller come on and he's like nothing thing is what it seems, because it cuts into Daesung in the desert with the chick and all happy like with her. Seungri seems like he wanted to party but go lost somewhere. He also seems to be reliving Daesung's memories with him. So i'm getting some Big Bang power mojo that GD as the leader started at the beginning.
    We then get Teayang in a cool as car driving around around. he seems to be the voice inside of Deasung's head. Because we get Daesung in a motel sweating alot. So i'm guessing the voices and memories in his head are causing him to have hot flashes and maybe he had to too much cotton candy on the way there. Then they all gather, because they feel bad about seungri partying all alone. So through Gd magic leader storyteller powers he gather them togother to shout TONIGHT!!! whoa what a party.
    GD also wanted everyone to know that the coat he was wearing symbolizes his animal the wolf by howling in the middle of the street.
    We also see them at the desert together with teayang pointing to the Sun. I'm guess it's his way of telling everyone that he's going back home. He's people are calling him back to the Sun. Everyone's like oh okay really we'll go with you.
    Wait whats this Top has something to add yes i slept with the chick. Though from the look on his face she was not that good. He seems more interested in the night and looking at his general hotness in the window. So i guess he's thinking i dont know what Daesung is sweating about.


  7. hummm i have to go with theory # 2… and that secret garden parody was aweeesome.. lol

  8. He ran out to tell the rest of the members his idea, only to find that everyone had left except for Seungri. He was sitting on the curb with his head in his knees. Frustrated, Daesung went to the nearest car rental and decided to grab a jeep to attempt to find the other members, leaving Seungri where he was. When leaving the car rental place, he saw Taeyang leaving with his own car he had apparently rented. Daesung got out of his car and walked over to Taeyang to tell him about his plan. Turns out, the other members had already come up with their own plan they had noticed one particular waitress in the restaurant Daesung had gone into (the same one who served him) and decided that the first member to receive the girl’s phone number would get the car, while the other members were forced to disguise and take the bus. The members would check if they had the correct number by having the whole group listen in as the ‘winner’ called the girl.

    • Thinking the idea was brilliant, Daesung dashed to the hotel the group was staying at to grab his wallet (as he had just used all of his backup money to pay for the car rental). When leaving, he noticed GD turning the corner down the hall. He grinned mischievously. He ran up to catch up with GD and started talking to him. At one point, he came upon a crowd of people and silently broke away GD, leaving him lost and confused in the hotel. Luckily for Daesung, the group was headed straight for the elevator. He then left the hotel and managed to find the waitress. He took her out for a drive, but in vain. He could not obtain her number. Instead, the girl abandoned him for T.O.P. while Daesung was trying to fix a flat tire out in the rain.

      • Absolutely distressed, Daesung recovered by taking shelter from the rain in a nearby motel, only realizing that this was the room he was just in with the girl. Bringing up these bad memories, Daesung began panicking and sweating profusely at the thought of dealing with crazed fans on the bus trip to Canada. To cool off, he tried to leave the room but found out that this girl had notified people that Daesung had been here and there were hundreds of fans outside. Therefore, Daesung could go nowgere. Now, T.O.P. could not get this girl’s number either and eventually gave up and dropped the girl off at her work (the restaurant). Taeyang unfortunately, was always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        • He had tried following Daesung at one point, only to be caught in traffic just as Daesung turned onto a sidestreet suddenly to lose him. GD was still lost in the hallways of the hotel, so that left Seungri. Seungri, being intelligent, found out that the girl was actually a fangirl/stalker who wanted only to spend time with some of the members (and hopefully be taken to their hotel room so she could revisit) and take pictures of each one. She had had a picture of every member except Seungri. She had managed to snag a picture of Taeyang during the group’s argument outside the restaurant. Seungri had evaded the camera every time. (: D)

        • Also, due to his ‘sources’ (ie: reporting the girl (since she was almost to the point of stalking them) to her manager), he managed to get the girl’s phone number. When all the members managed to get back to their hotel room (including GD who finally found an elevator!), Seungri waved the phone number in his fellow members’ faces and gloated in his glory.

        • When he called the number (from a payphone so as not to be traced and such), it was indeed the girl who picked up, therefore making Seungri the winner! Happy that he had won, Seungri slept soundly. Unfortunately for him, T.O.P. had a secret. Turns out, the waitress was actually T.O.P.’s cousin and he knew her number all along. He called her and asked if he could stay at her apartment for the night and hide the car in her apartment’s parking. He then snuck out of the hotel, took the car, and made his way to his cousin’s apartment successfully. However, at the very end of all this, T.O.P. feels guilty and decides to go back. He lets his cousin know and gives her a final “Goodnight” before heading back to Big Bang’s hotel room to apologize.

          MORAL: The maknae always wins. (: D)

  9. I think that it was a huge love triangle, the girl is cheating on both of the guys, who are kind of depressed. That's why TOP isn't interested, he realized that she was cheating and even though she's with him he can't get it off of his mind. Meanwhile the other man is thinking back to all the good memories they had and how her cheating totally destroyed what they had. The best friend tries to console him but he can't get there in time. TOP wants to set up a date with his girl but she doesn't show as we realized by the fact that she's no where to be found, that maybe she's cheating with someone else too. Both men are depressed at the fact that this woman a maninizer (like a womanizer but for men? idk. lol). That's just my theory!

  10. So, here we go:
    Seung Ri is a mafia boss and owns a huge hotel (no one would tell 'cause he's too young) and he doesn't want to let the girl that works for him go, but he found out that Daesung helped her to run away 'cause he was in love with her, so he calls GD (who's in the hotel) and tell him to send T.O.P to bring her back (because Seung Ri knows she is in love with T.O.P), meanwhile Taeyang have heard it and goes out, driving around the dity, looking for his friend Daesung thinking that he may be killed by T.O.P.
    But it ends up with Daesung alone in a hotel in the middle of the desert, while the girl is back to Seung Ri's hotel, thinking that T.O.P is finnaly in love with her… but she was wrong: it to T.O.P it was only for one night!

    By the way, my YouTube id is vgonsalez!! ;D
    Love you guys!!! =D

  11. Hello, Martina & Simon (& Spudgy)! =]
    I'm sending this just because I really want to participate!! I think I'm late and you guys already finish the competitors, but I really like your videos and i really want to be participate, even not winning (even with so many people sending scripts while mine is just a note)!!! xDDDD

  12. This is what I think happened:
    The girl, let's call her Soo kyung, was caught in a love triangle with Daesung and T.O.P. In the end she chose T.O.P. In fear Daesung would spiral into a major depression she went to her sexy mad scientist brother, Taeyang, and asked him to clone her. The first clone of Soo Kyung, also known as Seungri, was a hot fail, and was abandoned at the beach. The second clone was a success so she was sent to meet Daesung in a motel. Later, Taeyang realized that clone two can morph between Soo Kyung and a male form, so he begins to tail Daesung. Daesung loses him and successfully makes it to the motel, and makes love to the clone. The clone then morphs into G-Dragon who reveals to Daesung the entire story and that the police would arrive soon because he was evil and framed Daesung in multiple crimes. Which is why he was in the beautiful corridor earlier and the desert . So Daesung waits for the police, scared and confused. G Dragon met up with Seung ri and informs him that T.O.P was the one who tampered with Taeyang's machine to mess with Daesung just because he dislikes him. Also, that the would split the cashe he earned. Finally, T.O.P is happy that he has his world the way he wants its before it was expected to be complete, which is why he said "Tonight, such a beautiful night." :)

  13. I found your blog two days ago and I been watching all night. So silly and cute. I happened to live in bucheon. yay bucheon!!! when i was young and moved to america. I really miss korea and thinking of going back there after this year.

    I havent been to korea for little over 10 years now…definitely need your videos…to learn how to live in korea!
    Thank you!!!! for bridging! two cultures ^^

  14. I think TOP was lover whom she loved. but TOP don’t love her now. he is so bored. So Daesung, who love her, think this time is good chance. he want to love of her. but she still loves TOP. because top is so sexy. she is falling in love deeper, and deeper. maybe GD loves top, too. so he wander hotel to find TOP.

  15. big bang big bang big boow <3

  16. I believe this has a sort of “Fight Club” situation going on here, where TOP and Daesung are the same person, but the twist is that they don’t realize it because Daesung has control over his body during the day, while TOP has control at night. They decide they want to take a trip to ease their troubles, so they are accompanied by their three friends Taeyang, Seungri, and GD, who are actually agents sent by the Korean government to watch the “two” of them and make sure they don’t hurts themselves.

    (Prepare yourself, for this might get confusing. Remember: Daesung and TOP are the SAME person, but I’m going to refer to them as separate individuals.)

    When the four (or five) land in Las Vegas, they all stay at the same hotel. The agents are assigned different assignments: GD is put in charge of “manning the fort” or hotel; Taeyang is supposed to look after TOP, although TOP always tends to get away from him, and Seungri is set to look after Daesung.

    Daesung and TOP both meet this fine young lady and spend the entire day with her. Unfortunately, she disappears, and days go by without sight of her. They both realize how much they are dying to see her again.

    Before Daesung knows, he finds himself in a motel room that he finds sort of familiar, but can't figure out why. He breaks out in a sweat over not being able to see the girl, and before he knows it, starts picturing doing things he wished he could have done with her before she disappeared.

    BUT WHAT HE DOESN’T REALIZE IS THAT TOP ACTUALLY WENT OUT AND FOUND HER. So what he thought he was imagining was actually what TOP and the girl were doing at that moment, in that room. (Hence why you see Taeyang on the search beforehand because it was his turn to look for TOP)

    Daesung can’t handle the stress, and pretty much dies off, leaving TOP to take full control.

    And the whole group is just kind of singing about it in the desert.

  17. (Part two)
    Daesung spends his day out in the desert, remembering his time with the girl. He wonders who she would have chosen- him or Top. Seungri spends his day on the beach, where the group used to hang out together and watch the waves.
    As night falls, Taeyang begins heading towards the hotel. Sure, she won’t be there, but he decides to go in her memory. Daesung, incidentally, thinks the same thing. He arrives at the hotel and pays for a room, then sits down on the bed and remembers her.
    Top, still heartbroken from her loss, imagines her on the bed behind him in the final scene.
    And that is what really happened in the music video.

  18. Hey! Here’s what I think happened in the Tonight MV:
    A few years ago, there had been a rather complicated love triangle between the girl, Top, and Daesung. It ended with the girl going to university to get away from them both, leaving all three heartbroken. Also disappointed were G-Dragon and Seungri, childhood friends of the group. They all promised to meet in one year’s time at the hotel.
    However, the girl died in a car accident a few months into university. The message got to everyone but G-Dragon.
    The music video begins with G-Dragon. He arrives on time at the hotel, and begins searching through the hallways for her. Unable to find her, he checks outside as well. In the meantime, Top is in the back of the limo on the way to another casino. He remembers when the girl used to sit beside him, leaning on his shoulder.

  19. you guys tried to do like a secret garden??? ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ so funny :)

  20. simon martina, if you're doing a secret garden parody why didn't you do the foam kiss!!!! >___<

    i vote suju!

    and my youtube nick is tokoyoko :)

  21. At the beginning TOP leaves the hotel and Gdragon comes out fixing his jacket… so they were lovers, until TOP and the girl were in an arranged marriage by their parents, the girl likes TOP, but TOP only wants GD, GD doesn't know TOP is engaged. On the other hand Daesung was dumped by the girl, and he is left heartbroken. Taeyang is his older brother and he's stalking Daesung just incase he ends up murdering TOP. Seungri is a friend of Daesung and he is upset because he can't help him, so he goes on the beach to sing his pain out. Then Daesung challenges TOP to a duel in the desert, the winner gets to keep the girl, Gdragon and everyone else is there to watch and witness, but TOP was only fighting because GD had found out everything and was really mad at TOP for not telling him. So Daesung was getting beat up pretty badly and Taeyang was yelling at them to stop since he didn't want his little brother to get hurt. In the end, TOP had won, GD hated TOP, Daesung was left heartbroken, and TOP had to marry the girl. He took the girl to his house and let her sleep, but he was looking out the window he said; "Even though we are going our way's Tonight, is our night, GD."

    LOL, sorry if it ended up being Yoai/yaoi. But I watched the video and the beginning showed TOP leaving the Hotel and Gdragon coming out of the hotel fixing his jacket… LOL

  22. I think… the girl is cheating on Daesung with TOP. Yup.

    Youtube uersname: jlwhite9

  23. So in the music video we can see them in a place where people leave things they dont need(?) …anyway they (5 guys)met the girl in that place. therefore they are there to try to find her.
    -GD is in the hotel walking by the hallway to see if she maybe is there..and he's going crazy.
    -Seungri is by the shore ..doing the same, because they had good times together there
    -Taeyang is driving in Las Vegas and looking for her in the streets
    -Daesung while driving he remembers her and goes to the places they were together before and he is upset ,because he doesnt find her
    -TOP also is thinking on her and and doing the same as the other members
    what i see at the last part of the MV . It's that he is in the hotel,but she is not with him, he is just imagining,( because the color of her skin looks black and white or a color a dull color, making me thing that she is not in the bed right there.Its only the memory of him in which she was once there.)

    *It was a beautiful night when each of them were with the girl.*

    youtube username: ZheZhir

  24. The girl went out with the 5 members. They all fell in love with her. But the only ones who were her ideal type were Daesung and TOP. She had sexual intercourse with both. so they had a great memory of that moment, and they can't forget her and keep thinking on her. But what they don't know is that she cheated on them.
    Even though she dissapeared.
    youtube username: ZheZhir

  25. sooo and I think BigBang is better :D
    I really like Super Junior…but I like BigBang more :3

  26. Part 2 :D

    Taeyang follows Top and tried now a thousand time to calls Daesung but he doesn’t pick up his cellphone. He worries that much about his secret love that he lost Top. He thinks about how this could happen. The 5 of them was always happy together and they always celebrate together and nothing could break their friendship. But now is everything over because a girl. Taeyang hates this girl he hate her more than anything other on the world.

    It’s become dark an Daesung enters his car again. Full of sadness he hits his head against the steering wheel. He drives to the motel where he and she share a wonderful time together. Daesung takes the room where they shared it. He sat on the bed . He sweats like mad while he thinks about the beautiful girl.
    While Taeyang drives and thinks about the old times. Gd gets depressive.
    Daesung looks out the window. In his imagination the girl steps closer to him. The both kissed and touched each other. Daesung pressed her closer to him. They were so close they could feels the other ones breath on their skin. Daesung kissed her beautiful and soft skin. She enjoys that.
    On this night they filled each other with pleasure. They had complete the other this was the best night for Daesung.

    Daesung cries in the lonely motel room…
    …Gd went crazy and tears roll down his face too…
    …Taeyang wishes that everything would be like in the old times again…
    …Seungri wants to comfort GD but he just can’t…

    After the girl fall asleep Top puts her on his bed without any kisses any hugs or touches. He realizes that he had done a mistake. That he lost his love and his friends . He looks out the window. He whispers to himself “ tonight..such a beautiful night…”. On such a beautiful night he lost everything he had. He hold back his tears that form in his eyes. He leaves the hotel room.

    In the end GD and Daesung forgives Top. And GD and TOP tries it again as a couple. Daesung realises that the girl had never loves him that much likes he loves her and then Taeyang and he comes together. And Seungri is still lonely but he’s happy that his love can smile again and that he can be happy. And now the girl has lost everything.


    So I think this happened in “Tonight” :DD
    I hope you’ll like it ^^
    I write 3 hours on that story x’DD. My fingers hurts q.q but I enjoys to write that story^^
    I apologize if this is too long o.o’’ But Simon Martina I hope you’ll like it ;DDD
    I wish you a good time reading this story ;DD
    And sorry if this is write in bad English o.o’’ I’m not the best one in English -.-’’

    But ENJOY!! :D and thank you for every Kpop Music Monday :3 <33

    Youtube account: i3igi3ang1

  27. I must make this in 2 parts xDD was too long for a comment >///< *ashamed*
    Youtube username: i3igi3ang1

    So this could be the story :D :Part 1

    At the beginning they showed G-dragon who had a really bad fight with his lover T.O.P. GD leans against the balcony and thinks about how this fight started. TOP had ended the relation and went away leaving a heartbroken Jiyong alone. The sexy TOP decided to take a ride in his limousine to forget about GD. He still love him like mad but he just can stand the fights and screams and all the tears they shed so he must broke this relationship even if he hurts the one he loves the most and even if it hurts himself. He went into his white saloon car. Meanwhile GD went around the hotel to find his ex-lover. He can’t understand why TOP broke up with him after a really long time they had been together.

    Top sees a beautiful girl. He thinks if he flirts with other girls or boys he can forget GD. So he asks her if she want to take a drive with him. She smiles and her smile is as beautiful as an angel. The beautiful girl nods and goes into to car. The two of them talks and drinks a lot of champagne. After a few glasses more the girl gets tired and leans against Top’s manly shoulder. The sexy white-haired man looks out the window. Now he has a beautiful girl on his side and the only thing he can think about is GD. He holds back his tears and avoids to look at the girl beneath him. He feels bad because he found out that she was the girlfriend from Daesung his best friend. But no matter how bad he feels and how disgusting that is what he does. He don’t want her to go. He want a bit fun to forget his love and now he doesn’t care how much he’ll hurt his best friend.

    Taeyang saw TOP drives pass him with Daesung’s girlfriend and was shocked. He loves Daesung and he was really hurt as he know that Daesung found a girlfriend. His anger grow on that girl and Top. He took his cellphone an calls Daesung and tell her everything. Daesung who is far away from Las vegas was shocked by the news but a few minutes after that he tells Taeyang to follow the car he will come in about a few hours and the other boy agreed. Daesung jumps in his car and drives to Las Vegas. He fells hurt. Hurt by the girl he loves and hurt by his best friend. He can’t control himself anymore and tears starts to run down his face. The black-haired man remembers the time he and his girlfriend shares. All the time they drive in this area in his car. How beautiful she is when the wind blows her hair back. When she leans against his shoulder and they just has been silence and enjoys the drive and the wind in their faces and hairs.

    Seungri the youngest among them had heard from the news too. He went to the place where the 5 played as they were kids. His anger on Top grows every minute and every second. Seungri had a crush on Gd since they were little children. He can’t understand how Top could broke up with such a wonderful person like G-dragon. He hadn’t never a chance against Seunghyun. For Jiyong he was just like a little brother. The blond guy never had seen him like a real man. He imagines how GD could feel now and his hearts starts to hurt too. He walks along the beach and hopes maybe Gd comes here because this is the place that Jiyong will come when he is sad and when he had a fight with Seunghyun.

    Daesung suddenly stops because his tears make it unable to drive on. He sits against his car and thinks about the girl he gives his whole heart. All the picture and memories he shared with her comes up on his mind. All kisses and hugs and touches their shares. Why do she do that to him?? Why?? He did everything she wanted he always tried to make her happy to make her laugh and let her feel comfortable.
    In the time Seungri had waited for hours but he can’t find his love. But he won’t give up. He stays there even if he must wait for hours…days…months…or even years. So much loves Seungri Jiyong that he would wait for his lifetime for the other man just to see and make him happy and smile again.

    GD gives up in searching for TOP. He feels like his world have been destroyed. He likes to want punch someone in the face but he hold his anger his loneliness and sadness back. But he just can’d stand it anymore and he doesn’t care when people pass him by and thinks he were mad.
    Seunghyun (Seungri) discovers Jiyong and saw how the smaller man kicks against the sand. And screams on top of his lungs.

  28. I love BB and all, but i think Super Junior M is way better. I love their costumes and their dance as well (the part where everyone freezes on air and Zhoumi at the middle singing is totally cool – MATRIX concept)!. the downside of this song is just that the Korean version just makes me … winced. Mandarin version is way more awesome, cool, and hot. Eunhyuk's rap in english is good too, except the part where the lyrics are supposed to be "baby kicks kicks", but i heard "baby kiss kiss". and why i comment this much about Super Junior M Perfection instead of Big Bang – COZ PLEASE comments on Super Junior M's MV next. and can I have Super Junior M album? can I? can I? puhleaseeee. pretty please!!!

  29. Post apocalyptic
    [Our story opens in a post apocalyptic world. They are all standing in front in one of the few structures left, and GD’s clothes were obviously scavenged from the nearby surroundings.]
    A young hero, GD, was sent by Korea to the United States in order to try and prevent the unthinkable from happening. He wonders around the hotel searching for the one he was sent to find, the one who holds the fate of the world in his hands.
    The scene changes. TOP is pondering the decision he will have to make. He was supposed to just use his extremely good looks to seduce the young woman, and steal her away from DaeSung. He is so good looking it is not a question of ability, but a question of love. If he convinces her to run away with him, he could prevent DaeSung from using her knowledge to end the world as we know it. However, he also knows that she can never truly be happy with him, and he has fallen in love with her. He decides to turn on his mission, and his own love and leave the girl to DaeSung (end of music video) in the hopes that DaeSung will also give up on his mission.
    All the while TaeYang, who is working together with GD is scouring the city for this young woman who has the knowledge which if misused could lead to the end of the world, and the agent who has abandoned his mission.
    DaeSung, who has also fallen in love with the girl, is torn between his love and his duty. He ultimately chooses to betray her, and bring about the end of the world as we know it (This is represented by the fact that the ocean has been morphed into a dessert) He mourns this decision throughout the remainder of the video.
    Seung-ri represents the pain and anguish that all the characters feel throughout the film.

    That or my second theory. GD is a werewolf-howling at moon on balcony. Enough said

    Big Bang wins and youtube account=tumblesprite

  30. umm i think the storyline is they all like the same girl
    at the beginning they all pretend they dont have anything to do B) so they decide to hang out for a whlie
    then gd goes to the desert to yell and clap out his stress so does taeyang and seungri but he goes to the beach
    gd goes to a hotel to look for her but….
    top is like yea! i get her all to myself! so they get drunk
    but daesung is like k wheres my girl?? thats ok ill go look in the place we used to go…the desert
    then gd says fine i cant find u!!! -take my soul take my heart-
    now taeyang is bored so he goes to look for her
    daesung cant find her so he goes to the mearest hotel/motel and says where is she??
    GD says ah wat the heck -howl-
    they all pretend nothing happened andgo meet up with seungri at the beach
    go back and daesung is like oh no again the police* found me….*taeyang
    daesung is still sweating and remembers the time when they f-worded each other
    TOP- OMFG I-I-I WHY IS THE GIRL ON THE BED??? -screams in head- im so scared i think i f-worded her…ok if i leave she wont remember and so ill just leave her here with the bill and button all me buttons except the first two so i can hit on more girls

    youtube- mybackpack1ssick

  31. I vote for Suju M! Love their new song…would love it even more if you reviewed the korean version next week :D The Secret Garden parody was cute, btw :)

  32. Maybe they're all just dating the same woman and she's trying them all out to see who has the most to offer. She looks innocent enough but they say "roses have thorns" lol

  33. youtube username: minlove2
    so my plot is that Daesung and this girl have a loving relationship in the past. he loves her to bits and their favorite thing to do is driving out of the city and going to the beach and staying at a motel. however, the girl later in the relationship starts to be interested in TOP, but all of them know that she is Daesung's girl, so TOP says no thanks. When daesung realizes that she is after TOP too, they break up. Later in the future, daesung still cant forget about the girl and goes driving out of the city to where they used to go. Worried about Daesung, Seungri and Taeyang follow him just in case. They hope that he can get over his love and see her for who she is. Meanwhile back in the city, the girl reappears to TOP and asks to go for dinner for ol' time sakes. TOP agrees thinking it will be friendly, BUT! when they are drinking some wine, TOP becomes dizzy and his mind is not straight. in this state of mind, the girl persuades him to go to a hotel. But, good leader GDragon senses something is up and finds TOP in that hotel tryign to get him out of the situation. In the end, GDragon makes TOP come to his senses as the girl is sleeping, and TOP leaves saying :"goodnight, lets not meet again." :)

  34. so here is my story :) :) I recommend you watch the music video and read this at the same time, :)

    So here is GD in fresh clothes is about to hang out with Top, But Top ditches GD for a girl. But he feel very guilty so he ignore the girl, Daesung found out that Top was on date with his ex so he wants to tell GD but he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. So instead he rides his car into the beach hoping to forget, but instead he remember the memories when they were together. Seungri (a good friend) goes to the beach to look for Daesung but could not find him. Then GD found out that Top has ditch for a girl, he is furious and takes of his wilderness hood and KICK THE CAMERA!!!…. Daesung went to an abandon hotel that did not have ac and so he was sweating and very hot, but Taeyang when following him see him in a hotel and decide to ignore him, he is just glad that Daesung didn’t think of anything bad. Of course, at the end Top feel so guilty that he say goodbye to girl. :) :) THE END
    p.s. it’s long but it matches the scene in the song, I hope you pick me :) :)

    youtube name – zoeys2899 :)

  35. Okay, so here is my post: (Btw my best friend Fiona gets TOP so move out of the way Martina :D jk….maybe >.<)
    1st off , The chick hates TOP but is only w/ him because she wants to make Daesung jealous :) even tho she knows her brother,Taeyung will be be mad that she is sleeping w/ TOP. So in the end Taeyung finds out about the who thing and tells TOP about thats why he leaves her and goes to repair his friendship w/ Daesung. Then Daesung dumps the chicks sorry butt for cheating!
    (Oh, and on a side note : I LOVE G-DRAGON <3)
    Thats all bye now :D

  36. This is wat i think happen in the story. The girl is two timing both Top and Daesung. She is with dreamy sexy Daesung in the morning. But, at night she is with the hot throb Top. Both Gd and Taeyang founds out that the girl is two timing them and goes to tell them. Gd runs around the hotel to tell Top, but it is too late the girl already got to him first. Top is looking out the window thinking wat he has see in her. Daesung is driving around the desert trying to forget wat Taeyang just told him. Daesung is at the hotel sweating heavily trying forget her. Seungri is a at the beach because he is underage to play any of the casino games. xD

  37. sloppy seconds no matter how you look at it ^^

  38. TOP and Daesung were in a night club, dancing and flirting around. Daesung grabbed this smoking hot girl and they were out for a drive and had a lot of fun. But DaeSung just found that the girl is actually a Man. But he didn't say anything to TOP, who actually liked the girl. At the next day TOP had a date with her and they actually had a lot of fun. When he was in the hotel with her he found out, that she is actually a boy and got pissed off. In the car he ju t got a msg of daesung, who just texted him the truth – so he just got even more pissed off, thats also why he isnt even looking in the camera. Seung Ri knew all about this and he was the one who just settled all of this and taeyang found out, so he's trying to find Seung Ri to beat him up, but seung ri hided at the beach!

    Youtube: Kawayurii

  39. E'body heard… except 4 TOP.
    D was diagnosed w/hallucination, where he c things at times. His fren GD, went searching 4him aft receivin a call from D say'n he's at the hotel. GD wen round N round to search 4his friend, worried.
    While Top was anxious about his new g/f, as D description of the new girl he hooked up with fits. So, he was acting coldly towards the girl.
    Riri, wandering in the middle of nowhere was actually ditched by D while they were out for a ride when D picked up this hot chick. Taeyang, received call from GD, went out to look for D. Everyone's trying 2convince D tat the girl is non-exist.
    But finally, they found out tat the girl was not an illusion & the fact tat D manage 2hit on her drives all the guys crazy – they're shouting in the dessert.
    As for TOP, he's the 1 who saw "thing".


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