BILASA, CONQUEROR OF KITTIES, DEVOURER OF TEENAGED GIRLS HEARTS! Their video has been in first place for two weeks, has held off 2PM for two weeks, and did not get screwed out of a review while we were in Singapore. Great success! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below!


Now, we’ve made fun of Bilasa a lot before. So much so that we can’t even call them B1A4, because that just seems wrong to go by their stage names. Bilasa is our pet name for them. This song and video, however, even though it’s quirky and bizarre, is a change for Bilasa. Does anyone else feel that way? Before, they seemed like just a nebbish band that was cute for their silliness, and we didn’t really take them too seriously, but now, with this song and video, they kinda feel big league to us. You know what I mean? There are boatloads of rookies coming out, and many of them will remain rookie groups, in our minds, for life. Bilasa just pulled their training wheels off, in our opinion. Booya!

Even the video really made Bilasa stand out for us. The cuts are edited to the beat quite nicely, and match the pace of the song, and the time remapping, with speeding up and slowing down, really make this quirky video seem quirkier. It’s quite cool! Also, if you remember from our Ok Go review, how we made fun of all of the stupid props in the background, it seems like everything here was useful. Nothing was written on with silly words or phrases. Whoever designed the set made everything look poppy and quirky without making it seem cheap and kitchy, like the outfits in the Beautiful Target video. Overall, it was a major step forward for Bilasa, and definitely made the song BETTER, rather than taking away from the song.

Altogether, awesome song and video. If you liked it as much as we did, make sure you pick it up on iTunes, or via YesAsia by clicking the link below:

B1A4 Mini Album Vol. 4

Side note: I CAN FINALLY WEAR THE BILASA SHIRT FOR A MUSIC MONDAY! We’ve had it for so long, but never had the chance to wear it. TODAY’S THE DAY! BILASA!

So, yeah! That’s it for this week’s Music Monday. Congrats to the winners of the 2PM CD from our last Music Monday, which we announce in the bloopers below. If you’re the winner, send us an email. Yay!


  1. acclimated is the word you were looking for in the blooper reel :)

    you never fail to make every song more fun for me.

  2. One of my favorite music mondays…plastic surgery…lol

  3. Guys I know what really happened! Bilasa got eeentookshikaaayted, took one of their sister’s doll sets and started playing with it but then got too into their imagination!

  4. OMG OMG OMG, finally BILASAAA *—* !!

    But why such a short video? I thought you would comment things like Sandeul hypnotized by the cookie, how manly Gongchan seems in this video (it’s just me or his voice is sexier than before?) and stuff like that.

    P.S.: Fangurilla – ALWAYS a diva xD

  5. The box, doll, and big head in a box also reminds me of Ayumi Hamasaki’s alterna music video, but it’s more creepy.
    Love Fangurilla :3

  6. I love the fangirling with Fangurilla segment. Remember I’m not ugly I’m exotic! :P

  7. :D that was just epic! I love the song and the MM was just hilarious. And i feel that it must be said again – Fangirling with Fangurilla is probably the best skit you’ve done, even better than Mr.Brohoho… :D aaand I must admit i noticed quite some similarities that Seungrina shares with my kpop-loving friends ^^’

  8. you can’t watch the video in germany because of GEMA :( I cry inside

  9. I agree! With Tried to Walk they already showed some growth in their musicality. And with this THIS! OHMAHGOODNESS! The entire album is full of great songs that show some maturity. I was VERY impressed with this release and so happy for the boys for stepping up. ^^

  10. That restaurant is definitely a hole in the wall. By the way thanks for the perfume thing, i never knew them before but now, now i can live! love perfume.

  11. I love that song by Perfume! I remember Martina mentioning it before in a live chat or something, and ever since then I’ve loved it :) AND, I really want adtoy by 2pm to be reviewed! Don’t care if you guys already reviewed their other song :p I think they’re both awesome, but adtoy just really gets to me ;p

  12. OMG the fangurilla character reminded me of Wendy Williams! If you know who that is, you know what I mean!!

  13. Fanguerilla is totally yandere.

  14. I love both box sets, but…I’m voting for SHINee (cuz I’m biased heheh)
    Can I just say I was staring at TaeMAN and Key through the Fangurrila part? :D

  15. I really loved the skits this time! I think you really are finding exactly how the new format should be!! I was really laughing so hard to the news-skit and then the fangirling right after that, made my day! And Spudgy looks so handsome as well. Tank you for your hard work <3

  16. As I expected… the review will be so funny. HAHAHAHAHA

  17. As a resident of Baltimore, I was horrified to hear that B1A4 has lead to the deaths of so many young girls. The terrible mode of death sounds a little “Mayan” for South Baltimore .. but hey, that looked like a anchorperson I could trust to tell me the truth.

  18. …You didn’t talk about the cool editing in your blog post… Or I’m blind (which is a viable possibility).

    And Spudgy looks ADORABLE in his new character. Looks like a puppy all over again. <3

    I actually never found out where the nickname "Bilasa" came from. Can anyone help me there? I'm still waiting for that promised EatYourKimchi dictionary…

  19. LOLS! Fangurilla is DAEBAK!!! And Martina you definitely need to keep a closer eye on her..kekeke..
    OMG u guys should totally do a funny interview where fangurilla interviews idols!! tat would be to die for :D

  20. is that sozee’s voice at the part where fangurilla said “i’m not ugly, i’m exotiiiiiccccc”?????!!!

  21. Ya know I like this format! :D And I think Martina have just discovered a new nastie: CL!!LOL ^^

  22. i vote for shinee!! dream girl, dream hands!

  23. B1A4 was better than Shinee’s video….i feel like a traitor >_< forgive me Onew!

  24. LOL Martina don’t like Simon flirting with Seungria~~
    I LOVED the news segment and Seungria’s segment. They are HILARIOUS!!!

  25. Someday soon I hope you guys interview Bilasa. And then have to explain why you call them Bilasa….OH imagine the awkwardness that would ensue if they were to watch your reviews of their music videos. It sounds gloriously hilarious.

  26. I cried throughout this whole episode and even spit some coffee on my work computer. My coworkers must think I am crazy. The best Music Monday yet!!!

  27. Martina, I was so thinking that when I saw CL’s hairstyle. You should claim copyrights then say you won’t sue them if CL gives you an interview…lol! JK.

  28. aww spudgy looks extra cute!!

  29. Really
    nice to have EYK back..really a fun KMM. Why only a 6min video? Just
    felt too rushed. I thought you guys did not like product placement in
    videos? Probably said too much : ) : ( LOL

  30. Lol You actually DID use the sparkly pink hat I sent you for Fangurilla! I was hoping it would be Martina’s style, but oh well! At least it is getting some use. XD I do actually think it fits her quite well, and I do love the character. Hehe
    Anyway, now I am going to need to watch that skit all over again because I didn’t hear anything Fangurilla said! I was too busy spazzing over the hat! Haha

    P.S. Simon, have you been using the ranch spritzer? :D

    EDIT: OH and is that a Dorito from the bag of Doritos I sent you? Haha

  31. I love this review and all the skits. It’s so cohesive and moves along. I could watch it even longer. Great job guys!

    Simon, I agree, this song, while disjointed, is done magnificently. It suits the video and the editing so well. Whoever put this together concept, shooting to editing is a great artists. Need more MV’s like this out there.

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