BILASA, CONQUEROR OF KITTIES, DEVOURER OF TEENAGED GIRLS HEARTS! Their video has been in first place for two weeks, has held off 2PM for two weeks, and did not get screwed out of a review while we were in Singapore. Great success! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below!


Now, we’ve made fun of Bilasa a lot before. So much so that we can’t even call them B1A4, because that just seems wrong to go by their stage names. Bilasa is our pet name for them. This song and video, however, even though it’s quirky and bizarre, is a change for Bilasa. Does anyone else feel that way? Before, they seemed like just a nebbish band that was cute for their silliness, and we didn’t really take them too seriously, but now, with this song and video, they kinda feel big league to us. You know what I mean? There are boatloads of rookies coming out, and many of them will remain rookie groups, in our minds, for life. Bilasa just pulled their training wheels off, in our opinion. Booya!

Even the video really made Bilasa stand out for us. The cuts are edited to the beat quite nicely, and match the pace of the song, and the time remapping, with speeding up and slowing down, really make this quirky video seem quirkier. It’s quite cool! Also, if you remember from our Ok Go review, how we made fun of all of the stupid props in the background, it seems like everything here was useful. Nothing was written on with silly words or phrases. Whoever designed the set made everything look poppy and quirky without making it seem cheap and kitchy, like the outfits in the Beautiful Target video. Overall, it was a major step forward for Bilasa, and definitely made the song BETTER, rather than taking away from the song.

Altogether, awesome song and video. If you liked it as much as we did, make sure you pick it up on iTunes, or via YesAsia by clicking the link below:

B1A4 Mini Album Vol. 4

Side note: I CAN FINALLY WEAR THE BILASA SHIRT FOR A MUSIC MONDAY! We’ve had it for so long, but never had the chance to wear it. TODAY’S THE DAY! BILASA!

So, yeah! That’s it for this week’s Music Monday. Congrats to the winners of the 2PM CD from our last Music Monday, which we announce in the bloopers below. If you’re the winner, send us an email. Yay!


  1. One of my favorite music mondays…plastic surgery…lol

  2. Guys I know what really happened! Bilasa got eeentookshikaaayted, took one of their sister’s doll sets and started playing with it but then got too into their imagination!

  3. I love the fangirling with Fangurilla segment. Remember I’m not ugly I’m exotic! :P

  4. I agree! With Tried to Walk they already showed some growth in their musicality. And with this THIS! OHMAHGOODNESS! The entire album is full of great songs that show some maturity. I was VERY impressed with this release and so happy for the boys for stepping up. ^^

  5. That restaurant is definitely a hole in the wall. By the way thanks for the perfume thing, i never knew them before but now, now i can live! love perfume.

  6. I really loved the skits this time! I think you really are finding exactly how the new format should be!! I was really laughing so hard to the news-skit and then the fangirling right after that, made my day! And Spudgy looks so handsome as well. Tank you for your hard work <3

  7. 1 in korean is “il” and 4 is “sa” so instead of saying B1A4 Simon replaces the numbers and says it as Bilasa. ^-^ I believe this is the explanation.

  8. LOLS! Fangurilla is DAEBAK!!! And Martina you definitely need to keep a closer eye on her..kekeke..
    OMG u guys should totally do a funny interview where fangurilla interviews idols!! tat would be to die for :D

  9. i vote for shinee!! dream girl, dream hands!

  10. Lol You actually DID use the sparkly pink hat I sent you for Fangurilla! I was hoping it would be Martina’s style, but oh well! At least it is getting some use. XD I do actually think it fits her quite well, and I do love the character. Hehe
    Anyway, now I am going to need to watch that skit all over again because I didn’t hear anything Fangurilla said! I was too busy spazzing over the hat! Haha

    P.S. Simon, have you been using the ranch spritzer? :D

    EDIT: OH and is that a Dorito from the bag of Doritos I sent you? Haha

  11. I love this review and all the skits. It’s so cohesive and moves along. I could watch it even longer. Great job guys!

    Simon, I agree, this song, while disjointed, is done magnificently. It suits the video and the editing so well. Whoever put this together concept, shooting to editing is a great artists. Need more MV’s like this out there.

  12. I’ve been wondering what group is BILASA…and I said to myself how can I listen to a group with a name like that? because in my language it means “stale”… now it will have a new meaning for me…

  13. Is it me or is the picture on the phone that the girl takes different from how she really looks?

    • You are right. I see the same thing, especially since Simon and Martina were English majors. Something like this should have been mentioned. Their video seemed a bit short and focused more on how great the video and song was compared to that of their previous songs. I liked Bilasa’s video because it was quite surreal, and I was really hoping to hear from their point of view of what they thought the setting could mean.

      I also think it has to do with how so many Korean women and even some men get plastic surgery. The masks might have symbolised for the culture of plastic surgery to make women look more desirable.

  14. Oh man I really love the Fangurilla segments! I nearly lost it when you had the “They can conquer my kitty” line. I really would love to see more Seungrina and I’m liking the 30 sec debate =)

  15. So is it just me or when the guy in the mask is trying to cover everything up in the room is he spraying the periscope with WD-40?

  16. Bilasa………I loved this KMM…it was great, funny…and a bit short…but I’ll live with it…and yes, my vote for Bilasa

  17. The skits in this video were fantastic and point-on, I especially loved the news cast and the hint about the similar hairstyle lol

  18. I agree, i work in an office and i am glad i waited till i got home to watch this i could not stop laughing and i can just think of the looks i would have gotten at work lol :)


  20. I gotta say, I mostly agree with this review and I see where you’re coming from when I don’t agree, but with the whole “Bilasa has gone from silly to respectable suddenly!” thing I was like uhhhhh did u guise not see Tried to Walk? XD

    My favourite thing about this group is that they have so much creative freedom, they write their own music and have input in their own careers, and none of their ‘concepts’ ever seem fakey and forced to me. Aside from the window dressing (like srsly do their stylists hate them??) both the cuter and more serious songs are ‘them’, just different sides of them. I love that they think so much about their music.

  21. simon… martina… T.T why’s this kmm so short? T___T i was heartbroken </3 it was like only around 4 minutes of bilasa material T3T

  22. Glad everyone loves Fangurilla :). I had to rewind and listen to that slow mo evil curse she uttered at the end of her segment. Lol, nobody touches her CNU oppa. Fangurilla might just be the queen of the Nasties as her 4D personality and naughty factor are turned up way past 11, lololol.

    Oh, and I have to go with SHINee…I’m sorry Bilasa, I love this video and the song has been played sooo many times since I added it to my Hallyu playlist on my iPhone, but I’m a Shawol at heart.

  23. re-acclimated was the word you were going for ;)

  24. I love the subtle hint of VIXX’s hyde at the end :))

  25. “I’m not ugly, I’m exotic”, hahahahahahhahahaahhahahahahahahahahaahhahahaah. I can’t stop laughing everytime I hear that one

  26. Awww you mentioned EXO :]]

  27. okay this is an epic music monday…..i love you guise but i don’t usually laugh out loud at your jokes its more an awkward chuckle because I’m a weirdo that doesn’t laugh.
    but these 2 moments…
    Fangurilla – “They can conquer my kitty” hysterical!!!
    Simon – “WHO DA FUQ IS B1A4!”

    LOVE IT!!

    • Little anecdote: my cat made trouble today and I was telling my sister about it. We call my cat the “beast” so today I said “well the little batoost made sooo much trouble.” LOL.

  28. *pushes up nerd glasses* Erm, OK GO is an indie band known for their awesome awesomeness; OK is Bilasa’s song known for being so gosh darn adorable. You may have reviewed OK GO, and that would’ve been awesome, but I don’t think you have.

    So yeah.

    *lets nerd glasses slip back down*

    • erm.. ::pushes up fangirl glasses:: while OK Go is also an indie band with a kickass music video featuring an epic treadmill dance, OK! Go is also a single by Bilasa… just fyi.

      • But…it’s not. I have literally just spent ages searching to see if I’ve missed something, and the only one that S&M reviewed is OK by Bilasa. Just OK. If you’re thinking about the one that goes “OK, girl 너에게만 yes man…”, that is just OK. At least, that’s what the official Youtube channel says, and that’s what S&M’s review says. So idk maybe I’m really wrong here, but I honestly can’t find a song called OK! Go by Bilasa.

  29. BILASAAA <3
    LOL with that 'news' haha xDD Baro is always killing ppl~ xD

  30. I really liked this review ^^ Though I thought you guys would have found a few little oddities that average viewers may have missed (like those Blow Me whistles). I really liked the Narcissus moment between Seungrina and Simon, it was quite funny.

    I preferred B1A4/Bilasa’s quirky box video to SHINee’s.

    EDIT: I love the 30 second face-off

  31. OMG Simon & Martina why do you change the names of bands? lol Actually I loved it but when I was first watching your videos I was like ooh Bilasa sounds cool and I googled it and it took me a while to realize it was B1A4 XD

  32. OMO! Great video… I have to say this: Martina looks fabulous in short hair (news moment) ^^ Really pretty ^^

  33. omg i loved this mm X’D seriously the fangirling w/fangurilla and the 30 sec disagreement are really awesome sections :D you should do them again in the future! also i died at the newscast XD

  34. How many silver headphones were there then? XDDD

  35. personally I wasn’t toooo fond about three skits followig each other right away but other than that i enjoyed it!

  36. hi can I just say you guys are TRULY amazing :) I’m an American girl that got into kpop and it sucks because none of my friends like it, but watching your videos are like my way of fan-girling…..#fangurilla…. hahah its like when I watch your videos you guys are my friends and I can laugh and enjoy other peoples opinions :))… I just wanted to thank you, because without you and the nasties idk what I would do with this “kpop addiction” haha :)

  37. “They can definitely conquer my kitty”! LMAO, OOOH Fangurilla you soo NAAASTY!

  38. YES! I missed you guise! I’ve been writing my bachelor thesis, and now I’m finally back! Oh God, Fangurilla is hilarious. But I do worry that with that flirting between her and Simon she really will get killed by Martina in the end. And Martine, I LOLED at your b**ch XD Great KMM, as always!

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