Quick lesson in Portuguese: “Narina” means “nostril.” So, supposedly this song is about Portuguese nostrils. Side note: we don’t speak Portuguese. Someone told us in an email, and we found it quite funny.

Anyhow, now that we got that out of the way, if you haven’t checked out Block B’s “NalinA” you must check it out now. It’s a pretty good song, and we’re really digging it.


Woo! Great song. We’re really surprised that the view count is so low, though, yet the vote count on the Kpopcharts is so high. As you might know if you watched the new K Crunch Playlists, Simon’s a huuuuuge fan of EXO’s new song. That video has over 1.7 million views, but – oddly – probably half of the votes Block B got. Good job BBCs! Totally disappointed at you EXO fans, though. (Do you have a name for yourselves, yet, by the way? Maybe the Exo-tics?) I begged for you to vote and ppffffft nothing.

Block B

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

We’re not fully disappointed though, because Block B’s “NanlinA” did not suck. And the video had a lot to talk about in it. And we finally got to express our thoughts about Freeze, although in a very short manner (by the way, appropriate picture here to the right). Sure, we made fun of the awkward lighter scene and Forever Alone chair fighting guy, but the video was otherwise a solid amount of fun, and we quite enjoyed it.

If you’re a fan of the song as much as we are, make sure you pick up the album by clicking the link here:

Block B Mini Album

As for the B.A.P. “Warrior” Giveaway Contest, congratulations to TheRinDesign for suggesting the name “Strong Willed Artistic Gangsters” aka SWAG, for her her boyband. We were quite impressed. And so, if that’s you, send us an email via YouTube and we’ll mail out your package ASAP. Woot!

Lastly, Simon’s terrible at being British, and messed up a bagillion times. Check it out in the bloopers below!


  1. I really liked this episode, funny as always! ♥
    But I think they say Focus in Freeze (that will explain the thing he does with the hands right?)

  2. Am I the only BBC in love with Jaehyo? Hmm, probably…

  3. Hey Martina~!!! I LOVE YOUR MAKE-UP IN THIS VIDEO~!! could u do a tutorial for it~!! ^^

  4. Ok, soooo, I know it’s kinda old (lol) but I just wanted to say that agree with you in everything you said… except from the fact, that I would replace the titles of the songs. In my opinion Freeze is much better. Nanlina was a huge dissapointment to me, although I wasn’t a fan of BB in the first place. But judging from the video snipets and beginning beat, I thought it’s going to be much better. Oh well.

    Then, only then, I watched Freeze (I somehow missed their debut), and I loved it! Although I find Nanlina MV much better, indeed. It’s just the songs… that I would exchange.

  5. I loved this song the first time I saw the MV.  The video is really good but I agree with the non-singing opening…anti-climatic!!   The controversy going on with these guys is getting out of control.  The only acceptable thing here is if it turns out that this was all planned to get people even more interested in Block B.  That’s the way we do it in the States.  Controversy = Popularity/Ratings.  So, IF that’s the outcome…well executed.  IF, however; this is all really due to A FEW ANTIES…LAME!  Let’s move on.  They have shown their remorse, humility, apologized and even did an apology video for EVERYONE to see.  NEXT…

  6. sir elton john?? ajajajajajaa I died… mori jajaajajaja

  7. Maybe it’s actually a korena form of krumping. You know it’s possible.

  8. Omg BAP would win hands down, without a doubt!! Their rap style is so much fiercer and grungier, and Block B seems to be more..swag-stylin’, mouth-rubbing and shirt-flapping. BAP any day!

  9. Great job this week guys!!! One of the best Music Mondays ever!!! Even rivaling U-Kiss’ 0330. :) I really enjoyed it. :D

  10. why did u do this to me how can i choose between bap and block b

  11. In the end of the video, Block B and BAP are supposed to be on opposite sides of Simon’s hands~

  12. This is the first time i actually like Block B’s song..the whole album actually! Love both Block B and B.A.P’s rap~ but my vote goes to B.A.P!!!

  13. What is the song that says F**** us? Can you tell me >.>

  14. I think.. i’ll vote for B.A.P 

  15. Glad you finally reviewed Block B. I was going to make a comment about their gorilla dance but someone already did. 

    I’ve loved Block B since Wanna B (i didn’t liek Freeze at first either and I totally thought he was dropping the F-bomb too) 
    But I do agree. Zico (the blond one) has way more swag than the rest of the members because he’s the one who wanted to be hiphop (hep hap!) but the rest .. didn’t. And just wound up in this group. 
    In regards to the awkwardly placed one with glasses. That’s Taeil. And I have no idea. Every crew needs someone awkward? 
    AND Finally. the lighter. Gang leaders need something they like. always have? Zico (red tiger) had his coin. Jaehyo (black dragon) had his lighter. He gave it to a girl before going off to the gang war fight, probably assuming he was going to like. die. You know? 
    My vote for the rap battle would go to Block B over BAP. Zelo’s really great and all, but Zico’s way more amazing. Maybe once Zelo’s Zico’s age he’ll be as amazing as him too. lol 

  16. LOL LOVE YOUR REVIEW! BTW The reason why the dance looks so gorilla like is because the dance is called the gorilla dance…..They are 7 gorilla kings ready to take over the world with their hip hop music lol here..
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W-PUzUHlsw&feature=g-u-u&context=G230945cFUAAAAAAADAA this video they explain it :P

  17. I’m gonna go with Block B. Not because the rappers in BAP aren’t fantastic, cos they are. And not because I like Nalina better than warrior, because I love both.  Rather, because the rap section in Block B, particularly Zico, have a showmanship to them that I don’t really see in BAP. I feel like to succeed in a rap battle, or any performance based competition, you need to be a good performer. Zico especially embodies that: Not only is he a fantastic rapper, he’s engaging and exciting to watch. All his facial expressions and gestures, how he can go from out-of-control monkey to mischevious child to confident and sexy BAMF, his explosive stage presence… BYG and Zelo are great to listen to, but Block B sounds, looks AND feels so powerful and fun that I’d definitely vote for them.

  18. Sascha Wong

    Love the F. Art caption, bahahahahaha. Awww, and cute Spudgy avatar <– I was sick of that anonymous man profile picture -_-

  19. Block B would win. Even without Kyung and P.O.(who hasn’t really rapped very much so far, if at all) Zico could beat the whole of B.A.P. in a rap battle because he’s just that good.

    (And as for everyone getting confused about U-Kwon saying “hard” or “hot”, I don’t understand, even the first time I listened to the song I knew he was saying “hot” and “hard” never went through my mind) Maybe I just have better hearing than everybody else… Or maybe just a cleaner mind…? ;)

  20. (ZICO)
    심장은 쿵쿵쿵
    Base line 은 둥둥둥
    ” Focus Zoom zoom zoom ← not f**k us :) ”
    난 날아가 like 슝슝슝

  21. I’ve listen to NalinA and I have to say that due to extensive testing of the song (i.e. listening to it for so freaking long), I have deduced that the guy is not saying “I’m hard” but instead saying “I’m hot”. That could also mean the T-shirt fanning too. Anyway it’s just a hypothesis.

    Kevin from B-More, MD, US

  22. I may be wrong but I think the lyrics  might be “I dunno I dunno I dunno but I’m Hot.” He might have just pronounced it really badly or he could have really meant hard, I mean you saw Freeze after all haha!

  23. I have to go with block B on this one. I really love B.A.P a LOT but their still not enough from them yet. I really thought zelo’s rap was amazing and replayed it over and over again,I love younguk. But right now I think Block B is a little better.


  24. I love them both. but… I’ve been a fan of Block B longer so I vote for Block B <3 

  25. I’m casting my vote with B.A.P 


  26. I’ll have to go with BAP :)

    I enjoyed BlockB’s Nanrina (not a big fan of Freeze–but Halo was good imo)
    BAP’s BYG and Zelo are a powerhouse, Zelo, has his lighter but intense raps with BYG and his dark, husky and also powerful raps. 
    But don’t get me wrong– I love Zico! And P.O.! Zico is also one of my favorite rappers (him, BYG, Yong Junhyung, TOP, Baro) but if it’s according to their songs Warrior and Nanrina–
    I’ve got to give it to BAP. Their song was more meaningful as someone else mentioned below, while Nanrina was more like a party song.And I love BAP’s dance! I learned it thanks to their how-to ;)The gorilla dance… is quite interesting, and the “I’m hot I’m hot” part ah-hah…. it’s quite entertaining.

  27. My vote is for BAP! The rap in Warrior is wicked!

  28. Blooock B , maaaaaan ! ♥

  29. Block B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Epic Rap Battle? Meh, I guess it’s because I’ve listened to good American rap (Tupac, anyone?) and good Korean rap (Tiger JK fans up in here?) that I find both Block B and BAP to be a little….meh? But in comparsion of each other, and idol rappers, I think BAP wins over Block B. Sure, Zico’s mixtapes are a bit cool, but he isn’t THAT amazing.  He doesn’t have that much strong flow that I’m looking for. BYG wins me over because he has that smooth flow, in-yo-face confidence, and quick and clean tempo that I love about rappers. He reminds me of TOP before he traded flow for grandpa hair. /butthurt VIP end.

  31. I like Block b better but I do think the B.A.P. is harder when it comes to rap. They just need to loose the blonde hair or or or or just like two of them dye their hair purple, blue, brown. black. . . Just choose one!!!

  32. BAP! I like this aggressive song

  33. also, i’m just glad there are awesome bad-ass songs with so much swag! but i gotta hand it to B.A.P, coz their song actually has meaning to it. Block B’s song is mainly “i got SWAG, HOLLA!”
    and their gorilla dance is trying to assert their dominance int he rap battle? :s me thinks so ;P

  34. i completely LOLed at your BBC skit… bananas in pajamas is not british, it’s australian BWAHAHAHAH! 

  35. I’m totally confused about the whole touching your face thing making you hotter?!? I’ve found that touching my face just makes me break out… Not so hot…
    BUT I’m gonna vote for BAP!

  36. B.A.P, definitely! :) Bang Yong Gook is great.

    Great review, guys. I will never be able to take the MV seriously again, though… :D

  37. Oh my!
    I HAVE to vote for B.A.P.: Zelo’s rap is awesome! I really try to reproduce the sound (well, I don’t really know Korean, only a little bit) all the time and my mum thinks I’m going crazy, which is probably true…

    And, as you say in the previous kpop music mondays, this is one of the best rap ever in kpop story!

    Thanks you!!!

    Kisses from Italy! ^^

  38. BAP is hands down the best for the rap battle  

  39. Of course BLOCK B would win the “Rap battle”

    (yay! you made a BLOCK B music Monday!! ~~~ thanks!!)

    for Martina: I was so bussy fangirling about Taeil and how cute I think he looks (with that haicut and his hipster glasses) that I just realized, you’re totally right: he doesn’t fit in that video. But lol I just find him so lovely I don’t care. xD

    See you guys, next music monday.

    Lots of greetings from Mexico.

    - Kay

  40. OMG simons little british skit was TERRIBLE!!!!!

  41. I have to vote Block B on this one.

  42. I think there’s a pretty good chance that the crotch-fanning dance kid is saying “but i’m hot, hot” but it definitely did make me go “mrrrrr??!!?” when I heard it.  I like to play kpop in the library at school (don’t have to worry about cuss words slipping through).  I like this song, but I’m gonna have to leave this one off the library playlist (just like I had to skip freeze) b/c I’m certain my students will think it says “hard” & I’ll never hear the end of it.  Ooh my garsh, B Block;  ya killin’ me.

  43. B.A.P.! They rock! And that whole:” I dunno, I dunno, but I’m hard, hard.” Thing really made me lose my taste for Block B’s rapping. Sorry!

  44. Block B! XD this song is so catchy @.@almost as if they are hypnotizing me….. O.O
    Nanri~Nanri~ Nanrina! :p

  45. BAP !!!!!

  46. I’m going with Block B instead xD Both good though.

  47. for me, it’s Block B. *-* wait, did you notice that shout at 2:44 in the music video? that was exactly from James Brown’s I feel good. you know what i’m talking about. yea, that’s in Asterix and Obelix – Mission Cleopatra. yap, that’s it. (http://youtu.be/QdMId4xb_Mk)
    but i really love (LOVE) BAP too, especially.. no, in total. BAP, Bunnies Are Puffy, you’ve catch my heart.., but not my vote, sorry cuties. ;D anyway, B is a hyper letter for me.. Beast (Btoost XD), Big Bang, BAP, Block B.. <3

  48. I’m so glad you guys brought up gorillas. Seriously, all I could think when I was watching this video was “Why did so many gorillas have to die to make your furry sleeves?!?”


  49. block b! and damn if this song isnt catchy as hell!

  50. I see reese everywhere..ㅇ_ㅇ

  51. hey! im a big fan of you guys all the way from Korea! I am so glad that you guys really enjoy K-pop just like I do haha I totally agree with you guys about the gorilla dancing and I guess really, its their new album concept apparently! and you mentioned about one weird guy who doesn’t really fit into the group and yes, when I watched the video, i thought about the exact same thing as you guys found out haha. thank you so much for posting so many good stuff about Korea.

  52. Srsly, it would be Block B. Who doesn’t know of Block B’s Zico who is an underground rapper in his pre-debut days. Of course everyone knows him in the underground! He had worked with so many legendary rappers in the underground scene. He can make an ordinary script line into a rap in just seconds. His speedreading is so awesome far way better than Zelo. He had collaborated with HyunA with ‘Just Follow’. You watch that.
     P.O. and Kyung are good rappers too. So, Block B vs. BAP? Block B definitely. It’s just that they are the true rappers. With the shitty lines that true rappers do. So yeah, need some more?

    • You do know BAP has a underground rapper gone mainstream too.  You know the one that collabed with Song JiEun.

      • Zico promoted under the stage name ‘Scribble (낙서)’ in the Japanese underground hip hop scene with crews Dope Squad and Undisputed for three years before crossing over to Korea in 2009 with his debut single, “The Letter”. The single was a collaboration with Park Kyung (박경, Holke (홀케) at the time) under the name ‘하모닉스 (Harmonics)’. Cho PD later discovered ‘Scribble’ and ‘홀케’ through their debut single and scouted them under his own entertainment label, BrandNew Stardom Entertainment. ‘Scribble’ re-named himself to ZICO and released a 19-track mixtape in 2010 under the title, “ZICO on the BLOCK”.

  53. Martina, you are so beautiful, Open the Happy on your make up, please ^^

  54. nice eyelashes, Martina!! ^_- 

  55. Block B definitely. I have watched BAP’s Warrior already. Yeah, they’re good and I’m impressed with Zelo’s rap but I’ll go with Block B’s skills. If it’s about rap, Zico have it all. Btw, this is Zico  ->>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0Kw2g4I4Yc&list=UU4Cy7OvOj9SpRkDjJLLJIAA&index=99&feature=plcp<<<- You watch this BAP fans then tell me what do you think about Zico. 

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoyoM_eYk5s&list=UU4Cy7OvOj9SpRkDjJLLJIAA&index=57&feature=plcp Zico with i11even. Errr. I'll forever love Block B and Zico. fangirling aside, I'm serious with Zico's skills. He's better than your Zelo and BYG for me. *I'm not bashing*I think Zico at the top, next is Baro, Zelo and BYG. I don't know GD and TOP. Sorry. ^^

    My himchan!^A^

  57. hey~you should know that he is saying “FOCUS” but not”FUCK US”…aren’t you guys crazy?and I think Block.B is the best in the world!!!

  58. I’m voting BAP for Zelo’s super-fast rap thinger he did.

  59. ah! this one is a hard question to answer! I actually really like the way both groups rapped, but if i HAD to pick one, I think I might go with B.A.P. I’m still not familiar with their names, and they’re all blonde BUT the one CURLY haired blonde guy raps really well. He completely impressed me!

  60. Umm did i miss something? Warrior is the work of Kang Jiwon and Kim Kibum…not BYG…..

  61. BLOCK B! :D

  62. simon and martina, u trolls. making us pick between bap and block b XD

    i love both groups, but since u guys r saying a “rap battle” between the two groups,  i would have to give it to block b. first of all, nanrina has way more rap in it than bap’s warrior. this fact bothers me like crazy cuz the poor vocalists of block b each have like 2 lines XD i think they need more lines. warrior, on the other hand, had way more singing than rapping, which they did a great job on (daehyun ur voice is amazing). in terms of rap skills, block b has more rappers, so if u combine all of the members, block b has more rap skills. zico and kyung have both been underground for a long time and they’re both pretty damm good. yongguk’s also been underground and i really liked his soul connection stuff. p.o. and zelo, cuz they’re maknaes, i think they have potential but because they’re so young (especially zelo), they haven’t really gotten to show it yet. i like that zico, kyung and yongguk produce their albums.

    i think both groups r pretty damm amazing and both have potential to be great. 

  63. I like BlockB’s song better but I think B.A.P’s rapping was better.

  64. Great video~! Martina, I love your make up here! Please give us a tutorial in open the happy~ ^_^

    Hmmm… Whilst Block B’s Zico has an ENORMOUS amount of talent, writing and producing most of their songs, I believe that B.A.P might win in a rap battle. I think that B.A.P’s style applies to me more, and Zelo and Bang are an amazing duo. Nalina is the first Block B song that I actually like (the… um, unfortunate english in Freeze put me off…) and while these guys have a lot of talent, I love Bang Yong Guk’s deep voice and Zelo’s lighter/faster tones. As a rap duo or apart of B.A.P, I think that they could rap better than Block B.

    Not produce or write songs better than Zico, or the other members, just rap better. It all comes down to what type of rap you dig. 
    (Or we could set up a new group of BEG’s Miryo, 2NE1′s CL and Lady T (Tasha) and let them take both groups out…. ^_^ Wishful thinking…) No offence to any fans~! 

  65. I do like B.A.P but i’ll go for BLOCK B — i grew to love rap a lot because of Zico

  66. Yes! They look like gorillas!  That was the first thing that hit me.

    The second: saying goo goo gah gah while pounding their fists… When I grew up in the States, if you were pretending to be a baby, that was what you said.  And tantrum-style fist pounding just goes with it perfectly.

    Fortunately, Block B made all of the above still look tough and macho, so the music video turned out well :-)

  67. If it’s a RAP BATTLE then I think Block B would definitely win… at the moment, neither maknaes (zelo & P.O) are experienced enough as the other rappers, so this leaves BAP relying on byg and block b with Kyung and Zico… as much as I love Kyung, I think yong guk is a bit better rapper. But zico a lot better than yong guk, and both Kyung and zico have experience in freestyle and battles, whilst I’m not sure about yong guk. I like both groups, but if it’s a rap battle, block b for sure. (and you guys are so right about taeil- everyone else is acting swag and he’s just throwing cute wittle hearts at the camera <3 askf love him)

  68. I adoreeeee this song! I’m so glad you guys reviewed it!! :)

  69. Don’t blame our Taeil~ he is Block B cute baby ^^ And dance is actually called Gorilla dance, Block B called it like that ^^

  70. B.A.P would win the rap battle fo~ sho~

  71. Well this is an incredibly hard question (coming from someone who knows rap relatively well since i grew up listening mainly to rap) i totally love Block B and B.A.P. When i watched B.a.p’s mv warrior and Zelo came out rapping i thought dang Zelo and Zico could definently have a go at it and it would be awesome Ironically both group names start with the B and the both bad ass rappers (in my eyes) start with the Z. teehee. These 2 groups are definently the best and have loads of talent. But for this one I think i’m going for Block B. on a side note i feel that these two groups will be like SJ vs BB always a hardcore competition between them but always friendly.(you know what i mean?) anyways i’ll shut up already :D Simon & Martina Fighting!!! :)

  72. I TOTALLY LOVE THIS SONG!! honestly i never notice Block B but this song converted me on loving them.. totally spazzing over them!! THANKS SIMON and MARTINA!! XD

  73. Please do Jay Park’s “know your name” it’s so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. i really luved nalina but i hav 2 remain 2 my boy Bang Yong Guk so B.A.P for me :) 

  75. Just thought I’d share this (a new perspective on Block B’s Zico xD): http://youtu.be/KG9XK5p7aY0

    Oh and I vote for Zico ^^

  76. B.A.P, definitely. they began with all the swag. and just keep in mind how young zelo is. for him to be able to rap that well, as a 15 year old (i’m pertty sure he’s 15..right?) is freaking amazing.

    • you definitely didn’t know (and maybe didn’t want to try to figure out) zico, he started in young age too, probably 14/15 as an underground rapper, he even wrote and composed his own song.. try to listen his pre debut mixtape, and don’t blame me if your opinion will be changed after that.. don’t get me wrong i love zelo too, but saying /only/ zelo who started in young age is so invalid and totally biased.. or imo too ignorant to get the facts right..

  77. I think Block B should win this. As much as BAP is good, they’re still new, and they still have a lot more to grow when it comes to being up against three rappers (especially when one produced like 5 songs off the album). Mind you the groups are pretty even in concern with deep voices (Bang and P.O) and fast rappers (Zelo and Zico). But I feel that Block B, right now, could easily blow BAP out of the water just on experience alone. Zico put out a mixtape before they even debuted, which was amazing kthnx. Bowl cut and glasses boy? That’s Taeil, who’s amazing at vocals and a major cutie pie, but baddass? He is not. Anyawys, Block B for sure. 

    • Bang aka Jepp Blackman was in a underground hip hop crew called Soul Connection. He performed in front of an actual crowd prior to his solo mainstream debut when he featured in Song Ji Eun’s I’m Going Crazy. That’s more experience then Zico ever had. 

      • Allright! but that doesnt mean you need to be rude toward Zico they both have their own experiences. And if im not wrong Zico was also an underground artist prior to debut and he has also produced most of the songs. Their both really good thats why their the Leaders of their respective group. :)

      • Please don’t insult one to build up another! That’s the point is that they’re both very talented, both young, both worked underground, both featured in the songs of well-known artists, both composing/writing/producing their own songs. To me, both groups show great talent and promise! Please don’t start any fanwars.

        I think perhaps the OP meant there are less works by B.A.P to judge the rapping skill by. It’s still a little early to tell.

        But thanks, I’ll check out Soul Connection’s songs now!

  78. B.A.P.!!!! It’s rare to see a rookie group come out with such a great song and skill. Block B is good, but didn’t they debut last year? It’s like they are finally getting good while B.A.P. started awesome.

  79. I vote for Block B! 

    And dude with the bowl cut is Taeil, who was severely underused in this song (along with the rest of the group) which is a waste because his voice is amazing. But it’s ok since the rest of their album has him singing plenty.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akmurStDDa8

  80. Um…I’m assuming you guys are actually aware that Nanrina means Going Crazy in Korean, yes? Just, y’know, making sure…
    Anywhayz, as for a rap battle…well I’ve heard Tell Them by Block B, and that was actually the first time I was ever really impressed with a Korean rapper. Well, aside from TOP, but him and Zico have completely different styles, obviously.

    • Oh, and just for clarification, that means my vote is for Block B. Pretty sure you guys knew that, but you never know, what with the Portuguese nostrils…

  81. both groups are good at rapping, but i think that BAP might win cuz Bang and Zelo are crazy, insanely good. especially Bang’s deep voice ^_^

  82. finally you messed up one video LOL not really~
    But you did mess up a little at the end Simon..rap battle: BAP and  Block B have to be switched around ^^

    voting for BAP btw.

  83. I agree with this review so much.
    I also thought Taeil was a little awkward looking with his hairstyle and all but he’s still cute. XD
    As for my vote, I’m voting for Block B!

  84. The fact Zico uses that word ten billion times in his mixtapes makes me think that he knows what it means. :P

  85. oh and Block B for my vote. 

    i like BAP’s rapping too but the fact that Zico produced 5 out of the 6 songs on the album pushes their rapping ability over for me. 

  86. i agree that the main dance looks like a gorilla dance but i still really like it :) 

  87. simon! complete win using big words and ending on butt hurt^^~

  88. B.A.P would definitely win this rap battle! B.A.P does also stand for Bad Ass People after all! And how about Zelo’s insane rap skills!
    On a side note, Simon, I have a friend/coworker with the same T-shirt! It’s such a funny shirt, but the person I know with the same shirt is a girl

  89. oooh false lashes!!! ^^
    Martina, where did you get those?? they’re super cute!!

  90. Block B vs B.A.P? Think I’ll sit out this vote because I can’t pick. It’d be close, I think.

    also this video is perrffectttt they talked about everything I wanted them to ;o; .. except head shoulders knees and toes. teehee.

  92. Jepp Blackman has more underground expierence then Zico. Zico once claimed he was a SME trainee. That just makes me think if he started rapping when he joined Brand New Stardom and got “trained to rap”

    • he did not start rapping when he joined bns…… he was able to join bns by sending in rap songs he’d already written and recorded.

    • Pretty sure Zico’s been rapping since before SME…I think Zico’s been rapping since he was studying overseas in Japan actually :P He’s got enough underground rapping experience, and he’s even released mixtapes and I recommend you check’em out OuO they’re awesome~ ^^

    • omfg lmao.. get ur facts right dude (or dudette).. zico started rapping since he was 14/15.. and yep, he got enough underground rapping experience, wrote and composed his own song and rap, released many mixtapes and collaborated with many korean rappers.. you’re free to state your opinion but please check the fact first.. cause i’m sorry, but it just makes you looks like a stupid ignorant.

  93. I vote for Block B. Zico’s rapping skill is one of the best in this industry. PO and Kyung have their own flow and each three mixed up is just perfection.

  94. oh gosh…b.a.p. vs block b?
    dats epic XD i pick block b  cuz they matured a lot o_o
    b.a.p. they had more experienced members like bang yong guk and zelo
    so i think block needs the title   more
    plus XD simon he says i don’t know but i’m hot
    martina i thought of the same thing! who was dat guy? he made me laugh cuz
    in the song the guys where trying 2 b smexy and here comes this guy
    dat looks like he should b in skool

    • Members of Block B have pretty good experience as well~ Zico and Kyung were both underground rappers and have released mixtapes ^^ They’re awesome~! you should look them up OuO

      and the one with the glasses is the eldest member, Taeil ^^
      he’s also known as “baby taeil” and “sharky” hahaa XDD <3

  95. haha this was an amazing Music Monday!! Love it!

  96. Block B and B.A.P are both part of what I like to call The Mighty Bs (along with Big Bang and B2St)

    Both groups have members who used to rap underground, so I think it’d be a very even battle
    Zico and Zelo can speed rap, so…I vote BOTH. hehe

    More than a rap battle, I’d like to see a collab between both groups. 

  97. Gonna have to go with Block B for this showdown.  The review was awesome!  Thanks you guys!

  98. I think that Block B will win but I was more interested in B.A.P than anything Block B has released so far. Including Nanrina…which is the first song that I could listen through to the end without cringing too badly. So my vote goes to B.A.P. On a side note, I want EXO to debut. I want to hear more of their people sing…even though I LOVE the guys who are singing What Is Love from both sides. Awesome voices.

  99. “Bananas in pajamas broke into a man’s garage and stole his vitamins”

    Also, yay for Sir Pennington Wigglebottom (even if it is the second and not the third)

  100. Block B<3 would definitely win the rap battle!!!!!!!!BLOCK B!!!!!BLOCK B!!!!!!BLOCK B!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Dear Simon, I am pretty certain that the crotch fanning actually lines up with the line ‘I’m hot’ and not ‘I’m hard’ :)

    • I think they know that, but the point is just like with their *Freeze* song they say “Focus”, but is DEFINITELY sounds like “F**k us”. In this song it doesn’t sound like “,but I’m hot, hot(so hot). I thought and still think it sounds like “hard”. Still a really funny song and catchy.

  102. Can’t believe I actually created an account for this, I just couldn’t let Nanlina beat worior.
    Worior was a much better song and video.

    VOTE: B.A.P
    Worior huh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. I see Resse’s pieces in the background! Srry, my eyes tend to wander.

    Anyways, I dont know who to pick. Their both good…..I like Bong young guk….such a sexy voice… Okay concentrate! In a rap battle….can I vote for both?

  104. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who thought they were saying “I’m so hard…you know what I mean”.
    ….. had to look up the lyrics…”I’m so HOT” is what it’s supposed to be…o.O

    Anyway — opinion is: B.A.P. owns it. Their performance has ALL the elements of WIN — song, dance, believable-SWAGGER….it will be diffucult for any other Rookie band this year to top B.A.P.’s debut. They killed it.

  105. I like both groups, but prefer B.A.P. as far as rapping goes. BTW – Block B has a lot more views on the Loen Entertainment YouTube channel than on the Brandnew Stardom channel. But still far less views than EXO.

  106. I really like Block B’s rap style but B.A.P would totally win a rap battle. Bang Yong Guk was an underground rapper before he became a TS trainee so he has the experience and Zelo can RAP!! I mean his rap in ‘Warrior’ was friggin AMAZING!!

    • Zico and Kyung were both underground rappers as well ^^ just saying~ keke

      you should hear their mixtapes ;w; <3

      I like both groups too~ js~ I mean, I love both groups' rappers. They're AMAZING.
      but I think on a rap battle, I might have to disagree and say Block B would win :P

  107. lol i didnt know that narina was nostril in portuguese, i guess cause its not a common word, like who says nostril anyways
    voting for B.A.P…i’m a big fan of Block B but B.A.P is better at rapping

  108. i actually vote for B.A.P. mainly because I love BYG’s intense aggressive (and his voice) rap and with Zelo’s (almost typed Zico.. haha) speed rap. 

    But hey, I love both Block B and B.A.P. (as well as Big Bang and Beast; oh hey its the “B Quartet” for 2012) so it was hard to choose~

  109. Block B
     zico can rap circles around B.A.PNot that I dont like B.A.P though but this is about rapping not whose video was better or who I like more (again block b =) ) 

  110. i vote b.a.p cuz even though they’re new, they have 2 great rappers, Bang and Zelo :)

  111. Did I just hear a censor fart? xD

    I am also kinda… disliking the name of the fangroup:P BBC… Well, I suppose I am a BBC. But I don’t want to have that name on me, even though I like BBC, especially for producing Top Gear:P

    I AM VOTING FOR BLOCK B! WOoh! And I’ve already bought their album:P L.E.:D

  112. BAP!!!! FOR THE WIN! I usually don’t take part in these, but I felt that I had to because BAP is way too epic for me to not support.

  113. I think that B.A.P will crush “the block”, indeed! Waaarrior! huh! 
    Amazing vid guys, but I really dislike that song… okay, nevermind. Kisses!  

  114. Block B for sure!  think BAP are good rappers too, but listening to zico’s mix tape, i feel like he has more experience(?), swag(?) idk, it’s just something that I can’t get the right word to. and i haven’t listen to enough materials from BAP to know if they’re really that good yet.

    And it’s funny how you called the dance the gorilla dance since u-kwon, one of the member of block b, also called it that! :D  

  115. Block B would win a rap battle any day.

  116. here comes a link to show you some speedrapping :D please check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq5LxGTK2BU

  117. block b their rapping was great

  118. 날리나 “nanlina” does have a meaning in korean…
    it can mean “be wild” or “go crazy”…
    something along the lines…
    I don’t think that they are referring to the portuguese meaning…

  119. B.A.P must win!! ZELO IS the best!!!

  120. First of all, thanks for the review! It was priceless as always. I especially love the BBC skit, I have a friend who studied in England for a semester so we spent many weeks after her return going over all the different British words and pronunciations. xD I almost died when you said “garage”.

    About Taeil (bowl cut guy), I do pretty much agree. He’s their main vocal and really good, but he’s also really self-conscious and gets all nervous and freaked out about everything. It’s pretty funny in their show MTV Match Up, but I hope over time his confidence improves.

    As for the showdown, this is really hard! I spent the last few hours thinking about it… On the one hand, I’ve liked Block B ever since their debut and I especially love the rappers of the group. On the other hand, I also really like B.A.P’s debut and may end up a big fan of them too!

    In the end, I have to go with Block B. Zico is AMAZING and Kyung and P.O. are great too! Don’t get me wrong, I love Zelo and Bang Yong Guk, but they just don’t have enough material out for me to say exactly how good they are. Warrior was great (I especially love Zelo’s rap and replayed it like 50 bajillion times), but my favorite song from their mini is Unbreakable. But then when I listen to Block B’s LOL I am just so blown away. Not to mention the mixtapes by Zico and Kyung (my favorites include Turn Around, It’s Not Over, cover of Billionaire, I’m Still Fly, etc etc etc). In addition to that, rap battles mean you have to be good at freestyling, and Zico and Kyung both did that pretty well at Mic Swagger. I have a feeling Zelo and BYG would be great too, but there’s no evidence yet.

    So basically, Block B’s rappers have done a LOT of extra songs, covers, features, etc and proven themselves to be really good. B.A.P has amazing potential and may end up better, but it’s hard to tell from about 7 songs total.

    My vote goes to Block B, hands down.

  121. Bananas in pajamas!!!! Thank you! So I’m not the only one who knows about that show!!!! Also, yes I immediately thought of Donkey Kong when they began dancing!

  122. Martina, your makeup looks SO PRETTY today!

  123. BLOCK B!

    “Really? People are voting for B.A.P because they like the video or their dance or just because they like more B.A.P… And i understand that, but the question is “Who would win in an Epic Rap Battle…” then Block B rap skills are better. Zico crushes B.A.P rappers seriously.”
    I read this in the facebook poll and i think that is true :D… Block B win!

  124. shut up.. is BLOCK B TIME !  

  125. My vote is for Block B but I like BAP too~
    Block B writing their own songs together and Zico is really talented.
    Fighting Block B !!

  126. I vote BAP I love these rookies, Block B have done great with this song (love NalinA) but they had a weaker debut.

  127. I think B.A.P. would win.
    Oh, and Simon mixed up the sides that the end with BlockB and B.A.P. xD

  128. Ughhhhhhh hardest choice ever. I’m a hardcore Block B fan and a hardcore B.A.P. fan. But honestly, I think I’d have to say B.A.P. in this one. I love Zico, but I think that Yongguk and Zelo can rap circles around him…

  129. buuu.. I don’t like this song at all… I was so after EXO-k this week :(
    and I like BAP a lot more than Block Bananas :)

    my vote goes for BAP then!

  130. My vote is: Block B

    why?: first off all their experience. They worked underground in different hiphop scences before forming Block B. And also their boss Cho PD gives them free hands for their music, this makes all music their own, so in that case Block B abilitys is much farther developed then the others.
    And also when it comes to speedraping Zico has it hands down. Block B members have written together over 100 songs to improfe theirs skills. That is why my vote goes to Block B. Cuz of all the handon underground work they have done :3

  131.  block b is for sure the winner, they have the BEST ABSOLUTE SWAG EVER, yup, hep hap

  132. I have to vote for B.A.P. on this one…

    Not that I dislike Block B, per se… more that this is the first of their songs I have managed to sit through, and while it is not bad, it isn’t exactly something that gets my attention very much.  Yes, if I were going to a club to party, I would likely play this one, but I would then play all of B.A.P.’s mini like, twenty times.  So, yeah.

  133. Hmm although I’m impressed how nice Block b song is knowing that zico produced it himself  but I liked B.A.P more so lets go warriors :D

  134. B.A.P. of course, actually I think Yongguk can actually take on all of them, lol, kidding.  I like Block B as well but siding more with B.A.P. YES SIR!!!!!

  135. Apart from the fact that i noticed the awesome giant Reeses thing and kept looking at it throughout most of the video, i also thought when Block B’s fandoms were talking about themselves that they were actually talking about the actual BBC. i was like…. “WFT! im lost.”

  136. i love the reference to The Princess Bride that you guys put under the gif of Zico from Freeze lol it made my day

  137. I vote BAP!!
    Sidenote: Martina, are you wearing falsies!?!? If so, what kind I’ve been trying to find good ones that look that way! So cute! I would ask Simon where he got his mustache, but some how I don”t think I could pull it off as well as he does. :P
    Thanks for another great Music Monday!~

  138. BTW: What happened at 7:50 ? Simon ? [BAP](^o^)/[BlockB] hah

  139. I vote for BAP, sorry but blonde and curly beats bowl cut.

  140. I’m going to go for BAP.

  141. I have to be honest, so far Im not a fan of either group.

    For the sake of voting, Im gonna say I actually preferred BAP over Block B.

    Neither group ” looks ” like they could win in a gangwar against the TeleTubbies haha but BAP’s song sounds like it has a lil more edge to it so thats my vote haha.

    I like the raspy voice too, tho its kinda boarderline-ing on sounding like TOP…dontcha think ?

    I wish someone in BAP would tie down that one duude and freakin shave his wacky-@$$ curly hair. Its annoying. :oP

  142. My obsession with BBC and Doctor Who has just crossed over to KPop. YES.

  143. I just get it! The thing with the lighter. The girl at 3:01 had one too… so the hole fight was about her! And thats why he diden’t set anything on fire. 

  144. I think both groups would K.O. each other due to the Sheer amount of swag that each group has between them. *nods*

  145. B.A.P hands down

  146. I vote for B.A.P.

  147. i vote for Blond Asian People XD

  148. B.A.P is better Bang Yong Guk (loving the voice BUT… TOP is still number 1)  and Zelo kill it in Warrior

  149. Block B wins…hands down…Zico alone could take them but the fact that Kyung is there….case closed….not say B.A.P isnt good..Block B is just better….

  150. Omg yaaa… I was waiting for an explotion too… nothing happened -.- I like both songs and they are both great!!! BUT I think that I like Block B’s Nanrina a bit more than Warrior~ ^^ It’s so addicting xD I really hope that B.A.P will show us some great things this year!! My vote goes to Block B~

  151. daaaaaah i wanted so bad that B.A.P giveaway daaaaaah !

    leave the sweet lil’ Taeil alone with his bowl cut, he’s awkward and shy, that’s why we love him 8) tehehe <3 (oh fangirls).
    as for myself i like the song but i'm kinda disappointed with the mv, yeah, meh. and i still can't say if i love this mini album better than the 1st one or not. you might have not liked Freeze but i loved it (no comment on the mv though) and the rest of the album too. it was ZE rookie group of 2011 for me. (too early to say but for 2012 it might be B.A.P for me)

    and i might have a strange hearing 'cuz i always heard well the lyrics… 'focus' and 'hot'… that's it, i'm getting too used to their pronunciation.

    voting for Block b. i love B.A.P but they haven't proved enough yet and they're still too young in the business to make me vote for them. Block B, here we go.

  152. Everyone keep talking about Zico and Block B members writing the songs in their album and such, then should I also mention that Yongguk wrote Going Crazy, I Remember (?), and all the other songs in B.A.P debut album too? Seriously guys, I understand you people worship them but every single article I see, I keep on seeing people mention that the boys wrote all the songs etc etc..

    Other than that I want to say that B.A.P has Bang Yong Guk he is a good rapper and he is well known even during his underground days as Jepp Blackman in Soul Connection. As I mentioned above he has participated in writing many hit songs starting from Going Crazy.

    Zelo is only 15. But watching his predebut rap videos, he was so good even way back and I believe he was only 10 or something then. He participated in Seungri´s academy. Even as a kid he was so good, so imagine him growing even better in the future :)

    In Block B I like Zico, P.O and Kyung´s rapping, but still I think Yongguk and Zelo is REALLY GREAT and I honestly mean REALLY REALLY GREAT! :) 

    • People always mention that the boys wrote the songs in the album is because.. how often do you really see an idol group that has that type of freedom. Both groups should be acknowledged for having songs produced by their own members. I think BBCs are just making a bigger deal about because Block B is finally getting some recognition after getting many of their songs banned and performances cut.. and the fact that they trained really hard in song writing.. having to write 100+ songs before debuting. But idk. 

      • Yeah perhaps that´s why, but I just wanted to point out that there is many others out there who write and produce their own musics too. In fact for example Donghae, Ryeowook and other Super Junior members write and produce their own songs for their albums too. Beast Junhyung, GD, and Yongguk also does the same.

        Just wanted to point that out, cause it seems like everyone keeps going banana about how amazing Zico is and all the songs are written and produced by him. Comments like that I keep on seeing everywhere as YT, ALLKPOP, 6theory, and even here.. So that´s just my own opinion.

        • Nobody forgets about GD, he is always praised for his songwriting-producing skills. As for the others – there is quite a lot idols who wrote lyrics or composed something, but these tracks are usually not title tracks (more like album fillers), if not they are often produced by famous producers not by idols themselves. Zico (with Kyung actually, everybody keeps forgetting about him) does the whole work for the group, he composes and writes lyrics and produces almost every track. I think only GD does the same amount of work. I’m not sure about Yong Guk though, I can’t find the information if he produces B.A.P.’s tracks too

        • And I’m pretty sure Zelo is about 13-14 years old on his predebut vids. Seungri opened his academy not a long time ago

  153. B.A.P is better at rapping^^

  154. actually, the dance is supposed to look like baboons dancing, and it’s the reason they are wearing those ridicules coats <: cause the song is about going crazy and monkeys are crazy… i guess.

  155. i read that it says “i dont know i dont know but i m HOT” first i thought its hard too.. n was like…**cough** ookkkaaay … but then i read hot… n was …slightly relieved ^.^

  156. I really give props to them for the James Brown screan :D I feel like Block B is really trying to americanize their pronouncing and that’s why we get things like hard instead of hot and spesshul :] Did you notice the gu gu ga ga in between Nallina? It’s so hilarious! Oh and about the Portuguese nostrils, in Finnish narina means a squeaking sound :P

  157. My vote goes to Block B. They show so much varity and quality in their songs^^ and Nalina is just great!. 

  158. Wow, I’m shocked! I never imagined I would win this! I’m so happy, thank you for picking my acronym. I’ve sent a message to both of your channels since I wasn’t sure which one to use.

    Even though I’m a BBC, B.A.P’s debut blew me away so I’d like to vote for them this time!

  159. In a rap battle?:
    Out of these two groups, definitely Block B; Zico has produced and written most of their songs since their debut, and this time along, for this album, Kyung also helped. 4 out of 5 songs on their album was produced by those two guys.

    Not to mention that Zico and Kyung has released songs before their debut; Zico has a couple of mixtapes out already, and has been an underground rapper for some time. Not to mention, he was the first idol ever to be nominated for “Hip Hop Playa Awards”, for “Featuring of the Year”, for featuring in Verbal Jint‘s song “원숭이띠 미혼남”, and his work with i11evn and Cho PD. His speed-rapping in Hyuna‘s “Just Follow” was amazing, and he did great in his featuring of Sunny Hill‘s “The Grasshopper Song”, not to mention that he personally wrote the raps for those specific performances. 
    Also, lol, does anyone remember Zico’s speedreading in Shim Shim Tapa? xD Amazing.

    Even though I love B.A.P (especially the talented Bang Yong Guk :’D ), I think that Block B, hands down, would win in a rap battle.

  160. I am so addicted to this song, and despite the “gorilla-ness” of it, I love doing the dance too. :3

    It’s a tough call between BAP and Block B. On one end, you have a more “serious” gang, which screams, “Don’t f*** with us,” while the other is definitely more crazy and wild which… also screams the same thing. I’m… going to have to go with the crazy gang. They would be funnier to watch. xD

  161. VOTE FOR BLOCK B, gogo dragons and tigers !

  162. “Gorilla Dance” My thoughts exactly!!  Honestly, that’s what I immediately thought of too.  We’re usually on the same page ;D

  163. I vote for Block B….B.A.P is fantastic but Block B write and produce most of their own stuff and i dunno if Bap does…..also you guys should listen to Halo and Wanna B…those songs should have been their promotion songs….too good….

  164. that gorilla dance is effing cool! haha…

    as for last week’s showdown when u guise ask 
     What group name do you find more confusing..
    it definitely be MBLAQ..
    cuz its so confusing, their acronym..
    B.A.P sounds pretty simple..

    as for this week’s epic rap battle showdow..my vote goes to B.A.P..Zelo n Bang Yong Guk’s rap are awesome..eventhough Zico is my fav..keke..

  165. Hahahaha this was so hilarious!
    I’m voting for Block B! They could take on B.A.P any day, any time.

  166. TAEIL~~~~ <333

    Bowl cut guy = Taeil keke

  167. As a British viewer of Eat Your Kimchi I’d say Simon needs to work a little harder on the accent :P

    Thank you for the brand new K crunch segments.  I’m not usually a fan of the songs that get reviewed on music monday so it’ll be nice to see some of the underdogs.

    BigBang could blow their noses and they’d win! 

    ps I love BigBang – don’t attack me ;)


  168. block b has it hands down. though its tuff because zico and zelo are fast and sick rappers but zico has my heart! BLOCK B! bby

  169. Block B!! I love their sound so much ^^!

  170. block B! just for the awesome self produced music and the super catchy gorilla dance :)

  171. my vote goes to B.A.P. 

  172. BLOCK B ! ZIKYUNG WOULD SMASH BAP’s rappers :)

  173. B.A.P for the win!

  174. oooh. this is a tough one.. i liked both songs, but BAP has made more of an impact on me, considering they’ve just debuted. so, my vote goes to BAP!

  175. xD love for the monkey-dance! <3

  176. Click an empty link, eh? :3

    “pick up the album by clicking the link here:…..”

  177. LOL!!! Thats also my message ringtone!! XPPPPPP

  178. I’m not that knowledgeable about Block B, but BAP will MURDER them. c: So I vote BAP! :D

  179. as the person from Slovakia…please stop talking about Gorila T_T (sorry for off topic post)

  180. Hehe i’m portuguese and is true: Nanrina means nostril … ahah xD

  181. Who would win a rap battle? Definitely Block B. Zico & Kyung were involved in the underground hip hop scene and you should definitely check out their mixtapes! Zico was also the first idol to be nominated for the 2011 Hip Hop Playa Awards. 

    Fun fact I just recently found out. Zico’s older brother is Taewoon of Coed School.

    And LOL Zico is not my favorite out of the group.. I don’t know why I know so much about him ahahah.

  182. B.A.P. wins it. They’ve got good dance moves, and invisible guns. 

  183. Aaaye’m going for B.A.P! ♥ (:

  184. Lol are you humming M.I.A in the bloopers? awesome

  185. re: the showdown, if it were only based on the two mvs (warrior vs nanrina) I might say BAP, despite being a huge bbc… nanrina is an amazing song and I’m immensely proud of zico for producing it (plus of course props to delly boi aha) but the song doesn’t bring it the way Halo and LOL do

  186. Penington was my grandmother’s maiden name-and it’s my father’s middle name. and now that I know that narina means nostril, i too shall forever hear this song and think nostril, nostril, nostril-AH!

  187. My vote goes to B.A.P ♥♥

    & omg Martina, you look so freaking cute with lashes!!!  ヾ(*⌒0⌒)♥

  188. Oh, and about gorilla – Block B called it gorilla dance themselves in an interview)
    I think that their jackets were made to match with gorilla concept)

  189. yes it’s a gorilla dance. even block b’s members call it so. 
    Vote for block b!!!

  190. I think out of all fanclubs BBCs are the ones who will laugh with you the most and not go all butthurt (and I’m not a BBC actually^^)
    My thoughts were kinda same as yours when I saw Taeil in this vid, he looks like one school nerd with a group of deliquents. It’s strange how he is a tiny cute guy and the oldest and P.O is a giant maknae with husky voice)
    And I think Zico might now what his “focus” sounds like (maybe he did it on purpose?) as he is one of the few kpop idols who swears a lot (and mostly in english^^).
    Nice review guys. But between Block B and B.A.P I can’t choose one, both songs are too awesome

  191. I vote for B.A.P to win the rap battle. I truly like Block B (their awesome song “Halo” was on my workout playlists for forever), but B.A.P. is even more fierce and their song is even more catchy.

    I have a question about Bang Yong Guk of B.A.P, if anyone can answer it—my Korean phrase book says that “yong guk” means Britain/England. Do we know if his name is spelled differently in hangul, or does his individual name literally mean “England”?

  192. I’m so sorry for Block B but I want to vote BAP! Kisses and love from spain!


  194. my friends call this song Narnia :)
    anyway I didn’t like previous block b song, but this one is totally awesome. But, I vote for B.A.P. cuz bunnies>>>>gorillas :)

  195. Lol you made me laugh so much! I think it’s your best Kpop Music Monday in quite a while!

    Mmmmm….. also, between B.A.P and Block B it’s a pretty hard choice…
    I think B.A.P is more hardcore dancer. But Block B is here longer so they have the right to win!

  196. I’m with you Simon! I voted so many times for EXO! Gah. (you should do a mini-review for fun! I’ll watch it and like it and favorite it etc!) But still, Nanrina was great and you guys did an awesome review as always :) hehe…gorillas. 

  197. punkyprincess92

    as a fellow British citizen i would be honoured to give Mr Simon some lessons on how to have the perfect British accent
    maybe we could discuss over some tea and scones….and then spaz over EXO 

  198. My vote goes for B.A.P
    They’re just way too amazing not to be voted :D

  199. My vote goes to B.A.P.!! :3

  200. haha you picked up on practically all the awkward points! (Though I was surprised you didn’t say anything about zico’s earth-bending abilities, and bibum’s “i’m so groove~ so speashurl”) still, great review video as always :^)


  202. …oh yeah, and the Gorilla dance is intentional. It was meant to look like a Gorilla. ^^

  203. I speak portuguese and all I can hear in this song is: ‘nostril nostril nostril’! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *-* 

  204. Also P.O is pronounced “Pyo”. :)

  205. Martina you look amazing today!Love your hair and make up.just love <33

  206. the guy with the bowl cut’s name is Taeil XD im a BBC but i do agree he’s too cute for the gangster image XD and i was surprised you guys didnt mention BBomb’s english part XD and the BAP vs Block B battle is a hard pick @_@

  207. HAHAHA!!! EYK you guys are so funny and never fail to disappoint. Thank you so much for reviewing this song!! Also, regarding the fandom name, actually the fans didn’t name ourselves, Block B’s CEO named the fandom which stands for Block B Club. (I think British Broadcasting Company/Corporation as well)
       Thank you! thank you! thank you!

  208. Excellent lighter assertion, Simon. I couldn’t agree more. I wanted him to set the wall on fire. 
    Hahahaha! The BBC bit was hilarious!! 
    Also, I vote for B.A.P. They have hip hop down, and their dancing just feels so much grungier and more professional. I mean, the part when Zelo is rapping about at the speed of light, Bang Yong Gook has that insanely awesome pop and lock going on. Their dance was just so much cooler in general, I mean, it takes a really amazing dancer to make what looked like a contemporary ballet twirl look manly and graceful at the same time (thank you, Jong Up). 
    So, yes. B.A.P for me!! (IMMA ZOONA!!!) 

  209. I had the same reaction with the that lighter too :)) I love your jokes!! yay
    Oh and the BBC joke really cracked me up ;))!!!

  210. Sistinas ♥

    Definitely the Gorilla Dance, my son is a fan of Block B, and when he was watching the MV I told him: “Hey! The look like Gorillas!” I knew you would agree! ;D

  211. Now you can imagine, how funny it is for portuguese speakers to sing this song. lol
    gonna watch the video now.

  212. Heeeey !! Was I the only one to notice that Zico is actually wearing a jacket with a black dragon even though he’s the RED TIGER LEADER =O

    crushhh that traitooor o”

    huhauahaua just kidding XD

  213. Choosing between B.A.P. and Block B is a toughie! I’ll go for B.A.P. for the manry hahaha

    Simon! You’re mentioning the wrong bands to the wrong videos at the end! Hurry fix it before the fans get at you XD

  214. omg actually LOL’d. freaking obsessed with this song <3 ZZIIIIIIIIICOOOOOOOO.

  215. lol at the end you had BAP and Block B the wrong way round.
    Also Block B would win.

    I must admit I sobbed with laughter at EVERY SINGLE THING SIMON SAID whyamisuchafangirl.

    In Freeze, he didn’t say the f-word, he said “focus”, but I can hear it too. Remember F.Cuz?

    Taeil! Taeil is the cute one with the bowlcut (he actually suits it I think) and the primary school glasses. He’s also the oldest member. Well whaddaya know. He’s not really very “hard”. We think he’s totally adorable in this MV too. /BBC

    U-Kwon isn’t saying “hard” but “hot”….but yeah, I think none of us can unhear that or the thoughts we’re getting. ;)

  216. lol, I thought he was swearing in Freeze too and was shocked. Then I found out he said, “Focus.” It doesn’t sound like that (I don’t think it ever will), but apparently that’s what is written in the lyrics.
    I’m confused how you heard, “I don’t know I don’t know but I’m hard.” He says hot, but now I can’t watch that video without thinking of hard now. Makes that dance even more awkward.

  217. Actually in Freeze,the line says ‘Focus zoom zoom zoom’ not ‘Fuck us zoom zoom zoom’ but i agree with you,it’s sound like ‘Fuck us’ ..hahaha

  218. Awesome it was really funny! lol

  219. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means….Princess Bride again! ^^

  220. punkyprincess92

    I VOTED FOR EXO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m so upset!!! i REALLY BADLY wanted to see EXO be reviewed!!!!! so badly!!!! 

  221. i’m first to comment, n might i just say that i have school tomorrow!! but i dont care!! i just love u guys~ n spudgy.. dont forget spudgy..

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