Quick lesson in Portuguese: “Narina” means “nostril.” So, supposedly this song is about Portuguese nostrils. Side note: we don’t speak Portuguese. Someone told us in an email, and we found it quite funny.

Anyhow, now that we got that out of the way, if you haven’t checked out Block B’s “NalinA” you must check it out now. It’s a pretty good song, and we’re really digging it.


Woo! Great song. We’re really surprised that the view count is so low, though, yet the vote count on the Kpopcharts is so high. As you might know if you watched the new K Crunch Playlists, Simon’s a huuuuuge fan of EXO’s new song. That video has over 1.7 million views, but – oddly – probably half of the votes Block B got. Good job BBCs! Totally disappointed at you EXO fans, though. (Do you have a name for yourselves, yet, by the way? Maybe the Exo-tics?) I begged for you to vote and ppffffft nothing.

Block B

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

We’re not fully disappointed though, because Block B’s “NanlinA” did not suck. And the video had a lot to talk about in it. And we finally got to express our thoughts about Freeze, although in a very short manner (by the way, appropriate picture here to the right). Sure, we made fun of the awkward lighter scene and Forever Alone chair fighting guy, but the video was otherwise a solid amount of fun, and we quite enjoyed it.

If you’re a fan of the song as much as we are, make sure you pick up the album by clicking the link here:

Block B Mini Album

As for the B.A.P. “Warrior” Giveaway Contest, congratulations to TheRinDesign for suggesting the name “Strong Willed Artistic Gangsters” aka SWAG, for her her boyband. We were quite impressed. And so, if that’s you, send us an email via YouTube and we’ll mail out your package ASAP. Woot!

Lastly, Simon’s terrible at being British, and messed up a bagillion times. Check it out in the bloopers below!


  1. I really liked this episode, funny as always! ♥
    But I think they say Focus in Freeze (that will explain the thing he does with the hands right?)

  2. Am I the only BBC in love with Jaehyo? Hmm, probably…

  3. Hey Martina~!!! I LOVE YOUR MAKE-UP IN THIS VIDEO~!! could u do a tutorial for it~!! ^^

  4. Ok, soooo, I know it’s kinda old (lol) but I just wanted to say that agree with you in everything you said… except from the fact, that I would replace the titles of the songs. In my opinion Freeze is much better. Nanlina was a huge dissapointment to me, although I wasn’t a fan of BB in the first place. But judging from the video snipets and beginning beat, I thought it’s going to be much better. Oh well.

    Then, only then, I watched Freeze (I somehow missed their debut), and I loved it! Although I find Nanlina MV much better, indeed. It’s just the songs… that I would exchange.

  5. I loved this song the first time I saw the MV.  The video is really good but I agree with the non-singing opening…anti-climatic!!   The controversy going on with these guys is getting out of control.  The only acceptable thing here is if it turns out that this was all planned to get people even more interested in Block B.  That’s the way we do it in the States.  Controversy = Popularity/Ratings.  So, IF that’s the outcome…well executed.  IF, however; this is all really due to A FEW ANTIES…LAME!  Let’s move on.  They have shown their remorse, humility, apologized and even did an apology video for EVERYONE to see.  NEXT…

  6. sir elton john?? ajajajajajaa I died… mori jajaajajaja

  7. Maybe it’s actually a korena form of krumping. You know it’s possible.

  8. Omg BAP would win hands down, without a doubt!! Their rap style is so much fiercer and grungier, and Block B seems to be more..swag-stylin’, mouth-rubbing and shirt-flapping. BAP any day!

  9. why did u do this to me how can i choose between bap and block b

  10. In the end of the video, Block B and BAP are supposed to be on opposite sides of Simon’s hands~

  11. This is the first time i actually like Block B’s song..the whole album actually! Love both Block B and B.A.P’s rap~ but my vote goes to B.A.P!!!

  12. What is the song that says F**** us? Can you tell me >.>

  13. I think.. i’ll vote for B.A.P 

  14. Glad you finally reviewed Block B. I was going to make a comment about their gorilla dance but someone already did. 

    I’ve loved Block B since Wanna B (i didn’t liek Freeze at first either and I totally thought he was dropping the F-bomb too) 
    But I do agree. Zico (the blond one) has way more swag than the rest of the members because he’s the one who wanted to be hiphop (hep hap!) but the rest .. didn’t. And just wound up in this group. 
    In regards to the awkwardly placed one with glasses. That’s Taeil. And I have no idea. Every crew needs someone awkward? 
    AND Finally. the lighter. Gang leaders need something they like. always have? Zico (red tiger) had his coin. Jaehyo (black dragon) had his lighter. He gave it to a girl before going off to the gang war fight, probably assuming he was going to like. die. You know? 
    My vote for the rap battle would go to Block B over BAP. Zelo’s really great and all, but Zico’s way more amazing. Maybe once Zelo’s Zico’s age he’ll be as amazing as him too. lol 

  15. LOL LOVE YOUR REVIEW! BTW The reason why the dance looks so gorilla like is because the dance is called the gorilla dance…..They are 7 gorilla kings ready to take over the world with their hip hop music lol here..
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W-PUzUHlsw&feature=g-u-u&context=G230945cFUAAAAAAADAA this video they explain it :P

  16. I’m gonna go with Block B. Not because the rappers in BAP aren’t fantastic, cos they are. And not because I like Nalina better than warrior, because I love both.  Rather, because the rap section in Block B, particularly Zico, have a showmanship to them that I don’t really see in BAP. I feel like to succeed in a rap battle, or any performance based competition, you need to be a good performer. Zico especially embodies that: Not only is he a fantastic rapper, he’s engaging and exciting to watch. All his facial expressions and gestures, how he can go from out-of-control monkey to mischevious child to confident and sexy BAMF, his explosive stage presence… BYG and Zelo are great to listen to, but Block B sounds, looks AND feels so powerful and fun that I’d definitely vote for them.

  17. Love the F. Art caption, bahahahahaha. Awww, and cute Spudgy avatar <– I was sick of that anonymous man profile picture -_-

  18. Block B would win. Even without Kyung and P.O.(who hasn’t really rapped very much so far, if at all) Zico could beat the whole of B.A.P. in a rap battle because he’s just that good.

    (And as for everyone getting confused about U-Kwon saying “hard” or “hot”, I don’t understand, even the first time I listened to the song I knew he was saying “hot” and “hard” never went through my mind) Maybe I just have better hearing than everybody else… Or maybe just a cleaner mind…? ;)

  19. (ZICO)
    심장은 쿵쿵쿵
    Base line 은 둥둥둥
    ” Focus Zoom zoom zoom ← not f**k us :) ”
    난 날아가 like 슝슝슝

  20. I’ve listen to NalinA and I have to say that due to extensive testing of the song (i.e. listening to it for so freaking long), I have deduced that the guy is not saying “I’m hard” but instead saying “I’m hot”. That could also mean the T-shirt fanning too. Anyway it’s just a hypothesis.

    Kevin from B-More, MD, US

  21. I may be wrong but I think the lyrics  might be “I dunno I dunno I dunno but I’m Hot.” He might have just pronounced it really badly or he could have really meant hard, I mean you saw Freeze after all haha!

  22. I have to go with block B on this one. I really love B.A.P a LOT but their still not enough from them yet. I really thought zelo’s rap was amazing and replayed it over and over again,I love younguk. But right now I think Block B is a little better.


  23. I love them both. but… I’ve been a fan of Block B longer so I vote for Block B <3 

  24. I’m casting my vote with B.A.P 


  25. I’ll have to go with BAP :)

    I enjoyed BlockB’s Nanrina (not a big fan of Freeze–but Halo was good imo)
    BAP’s BYG and Zelo are a powerhouse, Zelo, has his lighter but intense raps with BYG and his dark, husky and also powerful raps. 
    But don’t get me wrong– I love Zico! And P.O.! Zico is also one of my favorite rappers (him, BYG, Yong Junhyung, TOP, Baro) but if it’s according to their songs Warrior and Nanrina–
    I’ve got to give it to BAP. Their song was more meaningful as someone else mentioned below, while Nanrina was more like a party song.And I love BAP’s dance! I learned it thanks to their how-to ;)The gorilla dance… is quite interesting, and the “I’m hot I’m hot” part ah-hah…. it’s quite entertaining.

  26. My vote is for BAP! The rap in Warrior is wicked!

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