Quick lesson in Portuguese: “Narina” means “nostril.” So, supposedly this song is about Portuguese nostrils. Side note: we don’t speak Portuguese. Someone told us in an email, and we found it quite funny.

Anyhow, now that we got that out of the way, if you haven’t checked out Block B’s “NalinA” you must check it out now. It’s a pretty good song, and we’re really digging it.


Woo! Great song. We’re really surprised that the view count is so low, though, yet the vote count on the Kpopcharts is so high. As you might know if you watched the new K Crunch Playlists, Simon’s a huuuuuge fan of EXO’s new song. That video has over 1.7 million views, but – oddly – probably half of the votes Block B got. Good job BBCs! Totally disappointed at you EXO fans, though. (Do you have a name for yourselves, yet, by the way? Maybe the Exo-tics?) I begged for you to vote and ppffffft nothing.

Block B

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

We’re not fully disappointed though, because Block B’s “NanlinA” did not suck. And the video had a lot to talk about in it. And we finally got to express our thoughts about Freeze, although in a very short manner (by the way, appropriate picture here to the right). Sure, we made fun of the awkward lighter scene and Forever Alone chair fighting guy, but the video was otherwise a solid amount of fun, and we quite enjoyed it.

If you’re a fan of the song as much as we are, make sure you pick up the album by clicking the link here:

Block B Mini Album

As for the B.A.P. “Warrior” Giveaway Contest, congratulations to TheRinDesign for suggesting the name “Strong Willed Artistic Gangsters” aka SWAG, for her her boyband. We were quite impressed. And so, if that’s you, send us an email via YouTube and we’ll mail out your package ASAP. Woot!

Lastly, Simon’s terrible at being British, and messed up a bagillion times. Check it out in the bloopers below!


  1. I loved this song the first time I saw the MV.  The video is really good but I agree with the non-singing opening…anti-climatic!!   The controversy going on with these guys is getting out of control.  The only acceptable thing here is if it turns out that this was all planned to get people even more interested in Block B.  That’s the way we do it in the States.  Controversy = Popularity/Ratings.  So, IF that’s the outcome…well executed.  IF, however; this is all really due to A FEW ANTIES…LAME!  Let’s move on.  They have shown their remorse, humility, apologized and even did an apology video for EVERYONE to see.  NEXT…

  2. Love the F. Art caption, bahahahahaha. Awww, and cute Spudgy avatar <– I was sick of that anonymous man profile picture -_-

  3. also, i’m just glad there are awesome bad-ass songs with so much swag! but i gotta hand it to B.A.P, coz their song actually has meaning to it. Block B’s song is mainly “i got SWAG, HOLLA!”
    and their gorilla dance is trying to assert their dominance int he rap battle? :s me thinks so ;P

  4. I’m totally confused about the whole touching your face thing making you hotter?!? I’ve found that touching my face just makes me break out… Not so hot…
    BUT I’m gonna vote for BAP!

  5. Oh my!
    I HAVE to vote for B.A.P.: Zelo’s rap is awesome! I really try to reproduce the sound (well, I don’t really know Korean, only a little bit) all the time and my mum thinks I’m going crazy, which is probably true…

    And, as you say in the previous kpop music mondays, this is one of the best rap ever in kpop story!

    Thanks you!!!

    Kisses from Italy! ^^

  6. Of course BLOCK B would win the “Rap battle”

    (yay! you made a BLOCK B music Monday!! ~~~ thanks!!)

    for Martina: I was so bussy fangirling about Taeil and how cute I think he looks (with that haicut and his hipster glasses) that I just realized, you’re totally right: he doesn’t fit in that video. But lol I just find him so lovely I don’t care. xD

    See you guys, next music monday.

    Lots of greetings from Mexico.

    – Kay

  7. OMG simons little british skit was TERRIBLE!!!!!

  8. I have to vote Block B on this one.

  9. I think there’s a pretty good chance that the crotch-fanning dance kid is saying “but i’m hot, hot” but it definitely did make me go “mrrrrr??!!?” when I heard it.  I like to play kpop in the library at school (don’t have to worry about cuss words slipping through).  I like this song, but I’m gonna have to leave this one off the library playlist (just like I had to skip freeze) b/c I’m certain my students will think it says “hard” & I’ll never hear the end of it.  Ooh my garsh, B Block;  ya killin’ me.

  10. B.A.P.! They rock! And that whole:” I dunno, I dunno, but I’m hard, hard.” Thing really made me lose my taste for Block B’s rapping. Sorry!

  11. Block B! XD this song is so catchy @.@almost as if they are hypnotizing me….. O.O
    Nanri~Nanri~ Nanrina! :p

  12. block b! and damn if this song isnt catchy as hell!

  13. I see reese everywhere..ㅇ_ㅇ

  14. hey! im a big fan of you guys all the way from Korea! I am so glad that you guys really enjoy K-pop just like I do haha I totally agree with you guys about the gorilla dancing and I guess really, its their new album concept apparently! and you mentioned about one weird guy who doesn’t really fit into the group and yes, when I watched the video, i thought about the exact same thing as you guys found out haha. thank you so much for posting so many good stuff about Korea.

  15. Srsly, it would be Block B. Who doesn’t know of Block B’s Zico who is an underground rapper in his pre-debut days. Of course everyone knows him in the underground! He had worked with so many legendary rappers in the underground scene. He can make an ordinary script line into a rap in just seconds. His speedreading is so awesome far way better than Zelo. He had collaborated with HyunA with ‘Just Follow’. You watch that.
     P.O. and Kyung are good rappers too. So, Block B vs. BAP? Block B definitely. It’s just that they are the true rappers. With the shitty lines that true rappers do. So yeah, need some more?

    • You do know BAP has a underground rapper gone mainstream too.  You know the one that collabed with Song JiEun.

      • Zico promoted under the stage name ‘Scribble (낙서)’ in the Japanese underground hip hop scene with crews Dope Squad and Undisputed for three years before crossing over to Korea in 2009 with his debut single, “The Letter”. The single was a collaboration with Park Kyung (박경, Holke (홀케) at the time) under the name ‘하모닉스 (Harmonics)’. Cho PD later discovered ‘Scribble’ and ‘홀케’ through their debut single and scouted them under his own entertainment label, BrandNew Stardom Entertainment. ‘Scribble’ re-named himself to ZICO and released a 19-track mixtape in 2010 under the title, “ZICO on the BLOCK”.

  16. Martina, you are so beautiful, Open the Happy on your make up, please ^^

  17. nice eyelashes, Martina!! ^_- 

  18. Block B definitely. I have watched BAP’s Warrior already. Yeah, they’re good and I’m impressed with Zelo’s rap but I’ll go with Block B’s skills. If it’s about rap, Zico have it all. Btw, this is Zico  ->>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0Kw2g4I4Yc&list=UU4Cy7OvOj9SpRkDjJLLJIAA&index=99&feature=plcp<<<- You watch this BAP fans then tell me what do you think about Zico. 

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoyoM_eYk5s&list=UU4Cy7OvOj9SpRkDjJLLJIAA&index=57&feature=plcp Zico with i11even. Errr. I'll forever love Block B and Zico. fangirling aside, I'm serious with Zico's skills. He's better than your Zelo and BYG for me. *I'm not bashing*I think Zico at the top, next is Baro, Zelo and BYG. I don't know GD and TOP. Sorry. ^^

    My himchan!^A^

  20. ah! this one is a hard question to answer! I actually really like the way both groups rapped, but if i HAD to pick one, I think I might go with B.A.P. I’m still not familiar with their names, and they’re all blonde BUT the one CURLY haired blonde guy raps really well. He completely impressed me!

  21. I do like B.A.P but i’ll go for BLOCK B — i grew to love rap a lot because of Zico

  22. If it’s a RAP BATTLE then I think Block B would definitely win… at the moment, neither maknaes (zelo & P.O) are experienced enough as the other rappers, so this leaves BAP relying on byg and block b with Kyung and Zico… as much as I love Kyung, I think yong guk is a bit better rapper. But zico a lot better than yong guk, and both Kyung and zico have experience in freestyle and battles, whilst I’m not sure about yong guk. I like both groups, but if it’s a rap battle, block b for sure. (and you guys are so right about taeil- everyone else is acting swag and he’s just throwing cute wittle hearts at the camera <3 askf love him)

  23. I adoreeeee this song! I’m so glad you guys reviewed it!! :)

  24. B.A.P would win the rap battle fo~ sho~

  25. I TOTALLY LOVE THIS SONG!! honestly i never notice Block B but this song converted me on loving them.. totally spazzing over them!! THANKS SIMON and MARTINA!! XD

  26. Please do Jay Park’s “know your name” it’s so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. i really luved nalina but i hav 2 remain 2 my boy Bang Yong Guk so B.A.P for me :) 

  28. Is it weird that my crush on him grew from watching that? 0-0

  29. B.A.P, definitely. they began with all the swag. and just keep in mind how young zelo is. for him to be able to rap that well, as a 15 year old (i’m pertty sure he’s 15..right?) is freaking amazing.

    • you definitely didn’t know (and maybe didn’t want to try to figure out) zico, he started in young age too, probably 14/15 as an underground rapper, he even wrote and composed his own song.. try to listen his pre debut mixtape, and don’t blame me if your opinion will be changed after that.. don’t get me wrong i love zelo too, but saying /only/ zelo who started in young age is so invalid and totally biased.. or imo too ignorant to get the facts right..

  30. I think Block B should win this. As much as BAP is good, they’re still new, and they still have a lot more to grow when it comes to being up against three rappers (especially when one produced like 5 songs off the album). Mind you the groups are pretty even in concern with deep voices (Bang and P.O) and fast rappers (Zelo and Zico). But I feel that Block B, right now, could easily blow BAP out of the water just on experience alone. Zico put out a mixtape before they even debuted, which was amazing kthnx. Bowl cut and glasses boy? That’s Taeil, who’s amazing at vocals and a major cutie pie, but baddass? He is not. Anyawys, Block B for sure. 

    • Bang aka Jepp Blackman was in a underground hip hop crew called Soul Connection. He performed in front of an actual crowd prior to his solo mainstream debut when he featured in Song Ji Eun’s I’m Going Crazy. That’s more experience then Zico ever had. 

      • Please don’t insult one to build up another! That’s the point is that they’re both very talented, both young, both worked underground, both featured in the songs of well-known artists, both composing/writing/producing their own songs. To me, both groups show great talent and promise! Please don’t start any fanwars.

        I think perhaps the OP meant there are less works by B.A.P to judge the rapping skill by. It’s still a little early to tell.

        But thanks, I’ll check out Soul Connection’s songs now!

      • Allright! but that doesnt mean you need to be rude toward Zico they both have their own experiences. And if im not wrong Zico was also an underground artist prior to debut and he has also produced most of the songs. Their both really good thats why their the Leaders of their respective group. :)

  31. B.A.P.!!!! It’s rare to see a rookie group come out with such a great song and skill. Block B is good, but didn’t they debut last year? It’s like they are finally getting good while B.A.P. started awesome.

  32. I vote for Block B! 

    And dude with the bowl cut is Taeil, who was severely underused in this song (along with the rest of the group) which is a waste because his voice is amazing. But it’s ok since the rest of their album has him singing plenty.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akmurStDDa8

  33. Um…I’m assuming you guys are actually aware that Nanrina means Going Crazy in Korean, yes? Just, y’know, making sure…
    Anywhayz, as for a rap battle…well I’ve heard Tell Them by Block B, and that was actually the first time I was ever really impressed with a Korean rapper. Well, aside from TOP, but him and Zico have completely different styles, obviously.

    • Oh, and just for clarification, that means my vote is for Block B. Pretty sure you guys knew that, but you never know, what with the Portuguese nostrils…

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