Woohoo! We’re finally back to doing Music Mondays after our trip to Mexico and California, and the first Music Monday when we’re back is…BLOCK B! If you haven’t seen the awesomeness of Nillili Mambo, check it out here:


Ok, for starters: sorry about wearing sunglasses for the video. I know it’s weird and alienating, but we had no choice. Our eyes have gotten a lot worse. The pink eye has spread to our corneas and we’re extremely light sensitive and half blind now. So, filming in front of the lights was realllllly difficult. Editing the video as well was crazy difficult. So, please forgive us if we’re not on our A game this week for editing. Also, we’re tying this blog post with our eyes closed, so forgiveness, please, if we’ve got lots of spelling errors here. We’ll be back to normal soon!

Back to the video itself, there were so many more things we wanted to do but simply couldn’t: that whole make-out scene was hilarious! For starters, they’re so clearly far apart that you could have put a beach ball between their mouths. Ha! And, more importantly, pause at the 3:02 mark and go forward frame by frame, right when Zico interrupts their fake make out session. THE GIRL IS HOWLING WITH LAUGHTER! Seriously: how demasculinating! “AYY GURL WE GON MAKE OUT NOW!” and she laughs in his face. HA! There was great potential there for another skit.

Also, maybe this isn’t skit worthy, but pause at the 2:05 mark. What is it that PO throws out of the window? It’s not a gun. It’s too small for that. It’s small and white. I have no clue what it is. My guess is it’s a leftover sandwich. Anyone got any other ideas?

Ah! This song and video was just so much fun, and we were really happy to review them. Awesome! Also, we’re really lucky that Block B’s management, Brand New Stardom, reached out to us to do an interview with Block B. Woot! We’ve been talking about it back and forth with them for a while, and OOOOH we were holding back on announcing it for so long! The timing was a bit difficult for us, since we were in California at the time that we originally wanted to do the interview, but we’re still super stoked that our schedules finally matched up!

So, we’re gonna be asking Block B a bunch of your questions, SO START ASKING! Leave your questions in the comment section below, along with your name and location, of course, and we’ll do our best to ask as many questions as possible. Make sure to thumb up any good questions if you see them, as well. Woot! This Wednesday we’ll be meeting Block B, and we’ll be posting the video as soon as possible afterwards, once we edit it all, sub it in English, and get approvable to publish it. We’re hoping it’ll be up by Sunday, fingers crossed!

Oh, and – if I were you – I’d make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook. We might get some good stuff from this interview and might give it out to you awesome Nasties – you awesome subscribing, following, and liking Nasties, that is :D

Anyhow, if you like the song as much as we do (and you should, because it ROCKS!) make sure to pick it up on YesAsia and iTunes. And lastly, of course, since we’re sooooo off our game today, we have more bloopers than usual. Martina was especially off today, and was making up words that don’t even exist. Ha!


  1. Wishy

    Isn’t the white bit a Majong piece?

  2. Did anybody notice that Dr. Meemersworth was trying 2 type on the computer?

  3. That little white thing is a majhong piece, if you remember, they were playing majhong.

  4. Simon sang Circle of Life ^^ Awesome. Amazing. Perfect.

  5. I’ve heard that Zico and Kyung are composers and I’d like to know HOW MUCH of their music they write and compose. :)

    Also, which style do the guy like best considering how much the group’s style has changed since debut?

  6. moosiesir

    OH SNAP! The beginning bit of the song is from a video of two blind women playing street songs in Vietnam. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBi6hBrpgqQ I was listening to it a bit ago and then saw this music video and nearly flew out of my pants. This is the first time I’ve heard a Block B song so whoAAaaA

  7. please someone tell me how to vote between T-ara and block b.

  8. ^^if you had the chance which place you would like to visit?(to all the members :) )
    Hara from Greece~!!<3

  9. my question: what inspired the strange but catchy names of your title songs (nalina and nillili mambo)? is there a story behind these titles?
    thanx, MAYA of AUSTRALIA.

  10. JennyHung

    i know Block B composes and write the lyrics to most, if not all, your songs.. where do you guys get your inspiration? what is it that got you guys into music and join the music industry? was it hard to compose when you first started?
    Jenny from Toronto, Canada (;

  11. Who is the member better at drinking? Yo Ho Ho, and a bottle of Rum!
    Juliana, Brazil

  12. MY QUESTION: P.O. on the internet you are compared quite often to deep voices such as TOP and Bang Yong Guk? Do you feel honored or burdened?

    Callie, California …yes my name is Callie and I live in California……

  13. Kandjpop ismylife

    Question: Alyssa from New jersey , Which one of you is the most sensitive (or girlish)

    .And whom of you is the least .Please explain ^-^

  14. I’m a die-hard BBC!!! Block B has a a lot of foreign female fans, especially around my neighborhood and ESPECIALLY Zico. So we all want to know if Block B ever thinks they could seriously end up with a foreigner of a different ethnicity for a life partner… especially Zico?

    Bunka from Grand Bahama Island, BAHAMAS

  15. What is it about music that draws you in? Why do you continue to put yourself through so many hard times for it? Why is it your passion?

  16. Which member(s) would be more likely to be friendly towards strangers?

    -Tiara, NYC

  17. Which member(s) would be the most friendly towards strangers?
    -Vicky, NYC

  18. The Brazilian Official FB Block B (Millene): Please come to Brazil!

  19. My question is for all of them.

    The Brazilian Official FB Block B (Millene): You’ve Come to think in Brazil Doing some projects or Show? Please come and visit us!

  20. My question is for all of them.

    The Brazilian Official FB Block B (Millene): You’ve Come to think in Brazil Doing some projects or Show? Please come and visit us!

  21. Question for each member:☆〜(ゝ。∂)thought your style of music and looks what would your message be for your audience? & how would you be bringing it to the U.S.?

  22. Valkíria Lopes

    I wonder if any of them are interested in Western women? Why?
    Val Lopes Brazil. ^^

  23. Mikalai

    WHEN ARE YOU POSTING THE INTERVIEW???????????????????????

  24. Name: Namie, from New York City ~ Do you guys listen to J-Rock at all? Zico reminded me of Ruki from the GazettE in Nillili Mambo because of his dreads and contact lens; compared to Filith in the Beauty by the GazettE. Also I suggest Visual Kei would be awesome if you tried it. Stay healthy and awesome. = =v

  25. My question is for all Block B: Many idols says that they wants to arrive to all of their fans around the world. You have the same view about this?
    Mary, Poland

  26. Can Kyung really speak English? If so, say a word to your international fans. C:
    From Hugo Samuel, Mexico

  27. crustulum

    T.T darnit… I knew about this but didn’t think of a question til now… much too late… so in case you guys ever get to hang out with block b again here it is:

    to Zico and/or Kyung– please rap freestyle using the following words:
    -Simon and Martina
    -Oooh you so nasty
    -AYEE gurl
    -*applies pseudorandom algorithm to SAT vocab list* redolent, meaning: suggestive or reminiscent of something / with a particular scent or odor
    -Crustulum (don’t have to… just for personal pleasure since it’s my nickname hehe means cookie in latin :D)

    From: Crustulum, Pennsylvania USA

    I wonder if you guys asked them to freestyle on your own (or if someone else asked a similar question) Can’t wait to see the interview! Love you guys!

  28. Shannon Lloyd

    Wow, these questions are so innocent! Let me ask the question that all the women are really thinking…. “Hey…Zico…can I and lick your fine ass self like a lollipop?” Hey just asking…

  29. Love this. And kind of random, but is it just me or does the red-haired guy look suspiciously familiar…

    RU-FI-O! RU-FI-O!

  30. Julie Morgan

    I know it’s a pretty old music video…. but something I’d love to see on Kpop Music Monday would be BIG BANG HARU HARU!! :) Please?

  31. For all of Block B: Do any of know the origin of music and dancing?

  32. Ash Potash

    What is your ideal type of girl from America?

  33. my question for BLOCK B: what is their one favorite song from all their songs, from their 1st mini album up to the latest. thanks!!!
    Margot from the Philippines!! :)

  34. oh yeah. . . . . great review guys!!! BATMAN IS ALREADY GONE!!!!!

  35. melissaflowers

    Melissa Flores South carolina USA – if the world were to end tomorrow what would you take with you ?

  36. Questions:
    What direction will they go with their music from here?
    Will they continue their pirate theme? Because that was actually really well done and creative!
    Lise – Norway

  37. TheYoonEunHye

    Hahahah Martina you said N i lli li LI Mambo in the beginning of the video… it’s an syllable too much :D

  38. Would you guys date or marry a foreigner? If yes who’s the mostly to date or marry one?

  39. My question for all seven of you: Can you marry me? :D Naomi, Canada~

  40. thisisjustforfunval

    OMG! This song is insanely stuck in my head! I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve listened to it about 20 times today. It’s just so fun! And seriously guys…were they say Okey Dokey I keep hearing Honkey Donkey and nothing can make me hear it otherwise.

  41. Question for Zico: What’s you ideal girl? Would you like to date a rapper like yourself?
    For all of Block B: Did you guys ever think that so many people around the world would be listening to your music?
    for P.O: Who are you closest with in Block B?
    For all of Block B: What music genres other than hip-hop do you guys listen to?
    For Zico: Who is your favorite rapper? Do you like any American artists?
    For Zico: What collaborations would you like to do? G-Dragon? Bang Yong Guk? Yoon Mi Rae?
    Kelly, Texas <3

  42. I would just want to know how are they. If they’re fine or exhausted or something. Just… are they fine? And please an all honesty answer.

  43. min seul ki


  44. Zico, out of all your outrageous hair styles, which one is your favorite and which was the hardest to take care of?
    NovaLee, America

  45. Dani Dinh


  46. “YAAAR! Okee dokee me matey!” *falls off chair laughing*
    I’m totally making this my new message alert tone :D

  47. Merissa-lake

    My big aluminum diamonds…

  48. ask them if at some point after the thailand interview situation they really thought about giving up and if it influenced in the time they took before coming back. (Bob [a girl] – Brazil)

  49. I’m Anna from Stockholm, Sweden and I wonder…: Do any of the members have any hidden, weird talents that they could show? And tell me anything you know, or think you know about Sweden, that is to say, what is the first thing you think about when people say the country’s name? ^^ Actually just started listening to your songs, and I can’t say I’m disappointed! Oooh! And I vote for Block B!ヽ(・∇・)ノ

  50. I am probably too late… But it’s always worth the try~ :’)

    1. For how long were you all trainees before your debut?
    2. Do you have plans for an overseas concert any soon?
    3. How much do you think you have changed/improved since your debut?

    - Clara, Brazil :D

  51. I really like the concept of the new mv too :) i especially like the the part when Ukwon goes to shoot the gangsters, only to find out there’s no bullets :O My questions are (to the group as a whole):
    “What is you favourite part of the MV/ what part was most fun to create?”
    “Where was the video made (location of set)?”
    Naomii, Australia :D

  52. What name you gave to your new dance moves in Nillili Mambo?
    Lera from Russia~
    To S&M: Get well soon~!!!!!!! I wanna see your eyes~ I wanna eyecontact with you~ ^^

  53. Who rooms with who, and who has the most annoying/bizzare sleeping habits?

    Dee, UK

  54. What is your favorite thing about your music? and explain your music style to new BBCs
    Haeriot Chicago, Illinois USA

  55. sakurahae

    Im curious about a question for Zico. Obviously he writes his own raps, but which song that he’s written is his personal favourite? it doesn’t have to be musically wise, but could also be the one he has the most emotional attachment to?

  56. deadleaves

    these are my questions :
    1) as an idol, do you find your privacy constantly getting violated?
    2) how many times a week do you contact your family and relatives?
    3) were your parents against all thoughts of you becoming famous and being idols?
    4) how do you find the music industry to be like?
    5) was it hard for you to produce songs? why?
    6) if every BBC in the world are in front of you right now, what would you say to them?

    lots of love, Becky from Malaysia.

    peace out BBCs~^^
    thanks in advance, eatyourkimchi crew^^

  57. My question is what do they do in their spare time? If they’re not practicing or working and actually have time to spare, besides sleeping, what would they be doing?

    And also, tell them to come visit Minnesota if they stop at the states, because we have Mall of America ;) lollll♥
    From Zico’s Wife, Bummee Yim, USA!

  58. My question is wellyou ever come to canada “edmonton” one day I can help you around JK :P love you guys

  59. SkittlezBear

    Question for Block B!!

    In what ways do you think you’ve grown since your debut or even since you trainee days??

    Brittany from Virginia U.S.A Block B Fighting!!

  60. I’m still curious with y’all underwear sizeeeeeeee
    just tellll meeeeeeeeee

  61. Zico, DO u like your white contact lens?? do u want more??

  62. Stephanie D. from Washington, USA
    My question is for Zico, I’m curious to know where Zico gets his hairstyles? Is it something he wanted input on or was it decided by the company and stylists of the band?

  63. Cindy from Texas, USA
    Who would you guys be more interested in a girl who dances or a girl who sings???

  64. questionnnnn: if you do a collab with anyone past or present, who would you do it with?

    shu, New zealand

  65. I choose the Block B gang over T-ara. While I enjoyed T-ara’s mv’s, I prefer the lightheartedness and comedy of the Block B mv. :)

  66. Does PO feel burdened by the constant comparison to TOP and when can we see a block b and bigbang collab?

  67. 1) Dead or alive: Who is the artist that you would most like to work with?
    2) Besides Zico, are the other members interested in releasing mixtapes or writing / composing / producing?
    3) Zico, when is your mixtape going to be released?!
    4) Kyung & Zico, when writing lyrics are you ever worried about having to censor yourself? Do you think some things are better left unsaid or do you always try to say what you feel?

    BLOCK B FIGHTING! –Ciara, Texas, United States

  68. Can B-Bomb and U-Kwon do agyeo for us?? Really want to see it ^^

  69. what’s the concept behind the name of nillili mambo? is something related to nalina? and can Park Kyung dance like in the teaser? love you all, Emily Puerto Rico

  70. My question : Kyung, did you really wanted to eat that poor chicken?? lol~ and Block B fighting<3<3
    Stacy, California

  71. Ok my question: Guys u had a rough last months with all the criticize ism due to the thai incident, was it hard for you guys to be able to put your minds back in the game? And how did/where u get support to do this awesome comeback?
    P.O love you kkkk
    -Melissa from Costa Rica

  72. (Karen Los Angeles, CA) Which member would most likely get married first?

  73. Micky Pham

    What Is Your Guys’s Fav Song ? And What Do You Look For In A Girl ??
    Micky From Usa!<3

  74. -Name the most annoying and likeable thing to the member on your right.
    -Who takes the longest to get ready?
    -What inspires your creativity in making and producing your music/lyrics/videos?

    - Tiffany, Toronto Canada

  75. why all the questions to zico…i admit he is AWSOME. but there’s more members. anyways ILOVEBLOCKB!!!!!!!!!

  76. Question for B.Bomb! Could you do a dance video for your fans and post it on youtube?
    Kaya, Poland

  77. I know that consider their international fans, you would do a tour of South America or any other continent?

    Luis Enrique Mata from Venezuela! ♥

  78. Can you ask where did P.O get his inspiration for the song Romantically? I absolutely love the song! It is amazing for his first song! I (and am sure many other BBCs) look forward to more of his work! <3 From Jade in London, UK

  79. Paige Kosa

    This is for the vocalist. What is it like to be a part of a hip hop group? Do you guys ever feel like you don’t get a chance to show off your vocal skills because Block B is a mainly rapping group?
    Much love from Oregon, USA

  80. My question: What inspires you? And what do you have to always have with you? *ahem* Zico *cough* *cough* Dreads *cough* *cough*

  81. [To Block B] What’s your favorite word/phrase/quote in english?

    -Misha (Houston Texas)

  82. [To Kyung] Since you write rap (really well ^^) Do you have
    any plans on releasing a mixtape like Zico?

    -Misha (Houston Texas)

  83. [To Block B] Translate how much you guys love us international fans
    through aegyo please ?

    - Misha (Houston Texas)

  84. [TO ZICO] How do you think
    you have developed as a rapper from Zico on the Block to Zico on the Block

    -Misha (Houston Texas)
    If you can – Please tell Zico I love his passion for what he does, and that its very inspiring! <3

  85. question:
    if you somehow did happen to find an unattended briefcase of diamonds or money, what would you do with it? would you give it back, leave it be, or keep it? and what would you spend the “booty” on?
    –Anjolie from Chicago :D

  86. Question for block b – will you be making an mv for the song Wanna be?
    From sky – england

  87. Question to all the members:
    What are you are type of girl? Do you like foreigner girls? Especially girls south America (latinas). ;)
    A lot of love from Sweden, hope you can come someday!
    Panda ^^

  88. Jin Lydie

    Hello Simon and Martina :)
    My question would be, since they seem to be the crazy type of persons (or wants to look like so), what was the most crazy/ridiculous thing they’ve ever done ? Jin Lydie from France. Thanks!
    Edit: actually another question popped in my mind , what was their thought when they first met foreigners.

  89. Guestion: As them if they would aver consider to collaborate with B.A.P, Big Bang or 2NE1. :)
    Alina, Germany.

  90. My Question is: Is it true that they read their own fanfiction, and if it is what do they think about them and the fans? :)
    Alina, Germany

  91. I hope they can go in France one day ^.^They’re amazing

  92. If Russian BBC make full cover (i mean dance and vocal) of Nillili Mambo will you watch it? :P

  93. Park Kyung, please, please, please do the dance of your teaser one more time and tell us how it was filming it! I really loved that teaser, I watch it every day <3 Ji Xinyi, Portugal

  94. Croatianfan

    Hello! Who are your role-models? And what part of the world would you like to visit the most?

    Greetings from Croatia~ BLOCK B FIGHTING!!

    P.S. I’m so proud of you guys! Love you so much :3

  95. Are you planning come to Latin America?

  96. My other question is: out of all the members of Block B, who would be the one most likely to date a fan? or foreigner? or just anybody outside of their race??? XD

  97. my question is for Zico, Kyung, and P.O. – You all are amazing rappers. Me and many other BBCs would like to know “Have you been rapping since before Block B? And, where do you find your inspiration for rapping and rap style? (from other famous rappers or is it a specific style that you have created for yourself? or both?) SARANGHAE BLOCK B!

  98. are there any groups/singers that you look up too?
    Priya-Toronto, Canada

  99. FFRomee

    Question: If you could take over Simon and Martina’s Job 1 day, wich MV would you revieuw? :3 Greetings Romee from the Netherlands ^^

  100. What super power would you want and why?

    Patty – Las Vegas, NV

  101. Elzerough Kang

    What’s the name of the hen starring the MV? Is she a famous star or model? :D
    Was it difficult to film with such a star? :D
    K, Russian Federation

  102. bAbY_aNgEl_:)

    here I go, I’m so curious xD i would really REALLY want at least one of those questions answered:3

    1)where do you find inspiration and who is the artist you admire the most?

    2)when did you realise music was what you want to do in life?

    3)do you have some kind of special rituals you do before going on stage to bring you luck? Or some lucky stuff?:D

    4)if block b were girls who would you date? xD

    5)what do you do when you have a bad day and feel depressed?

    6)do you fight with eachother?

    7)who is the scariest when he gets mad?

    8)any plans for coming in EUROPE, ever?

    and I would like to ask Zico what is his favourite book?’cause in one of the interviews he said he always has a book with him, lol:D AND, do you believe in destiny?and soulmates? i really want to know^^

    sry for my english:3

    Marija, Montenegro

  103. Question: is dr.memersworth a boy or girl?
    also for Block B: Was it hard to go on stage after so long?
    Suzanne, Toronto, canada

  104. my question : is Zico’s Tattoo real ?!

    Wed, Saudi Arabia

  105. I ask this because I rarely saw taeil hang out with other members, and when he with block b members he always keep silent, he only spoke when someone asked him, so I wanted to know, is Taeil close with other members?

  106. Leda from Argentina: What do you think about international BBCs? How
    did you feel when you met them in the international BBC camp?

  107. 1)Taeil, how do you feel being the shortest of Block B?
    2)To all the members: Which group you want to collaborate?
    3)To all the members II: Have you ever thought about creating a Block B’s subgroup?And if so, who do you think would be selected for that?
    4)To all the members III: Have you ever read Block B’s fanfics? If so, what was your reaction when you read them?

    Marjorie – Brazil n_n

  108. My question is: What is the craziest thing you guys have ever done? >:D
    I love you guys!
    Cassy from Singapore <3

  109. What do the members like to do in their free time? and what hairstyle does Zico like best (dreads or no dreads)? From Morgan and Jessica from Indiana, USA

  110. Q: Block B, Have you ever met an Arab BBC ?
    -Owasi , UAE-Dubai

  111. Question:
    What are views on korean rap vs. american rap?
    and if you were to marry a fellow groupmember, who would it be?

    Janice Quiñones
    Gothenburg, Sweden ^_^

  112. Hello The name is Djem from france
    This most of the rapper were all underground rappers would you do a featuring wth Bang Yong Guk from B.A.P ? and since himself was also an undergroud rapper did you know him ?

  113. My question is: can you please do “PAPER KISSING GAME?” … if yes then please make couples like: U-kwon and B-bomb ; Kyung and Zico ; Taeil, Po and Jaehyo!
    Italy !

  114. Why this girl from a teaser so cruelly threw Jaehyo?

  115. Mr.dude

    for Zico :
    how did it feel when you had to shave your head in remorse considering that hair is a serious buisness for an idol ?

  116. Zico~ so I noticed you write using your right hand but draw and eat using your left hand. Are you left-handed or right-handed? O.o -Nurul Nabilah, Brunei Darussalam.

  117. This is for all of the members: looking back at your debut days and
    seeing how far you’ve come and matured since then, how does it make you
    feel? and where do you see block b going in the future?
    Rayona from Philadelphia USA

  118. Hi! I’m Amira from Malaysia.. This is my second question.. I just keep think about it and can’t sleep.. I’m really curious bout it.. My question is, do B-bomb really got dumped by someone he like and cry a lot? Thank you.. ^^ Now i can sleep peacefully and prepare for school tomorrow…. ^^

  119. a.sharp

    My question:
    I want to ask Zico (and also Kyung) why did you choose the idol group

    instead of underground rap? And how would it be, if you were underground rapper?
    …please, can you do me a favor? All Block B group say: AHOJ! That is hello in my language…. :)

    Monika from Czech republic

  120. My question to P.O: are you and T.O.P. from BigBang related? Are you guys secretly brothers or cousins?

    Wei, Singapore relocated to Hong Kong

  121. In a children’s movie, who would be the hero, the damsel-in-distress, the valiant steed, the funny sidekick, the fairy godmother, the villain, and the evil minion? (Roxanne, US)

  122. My questions <3
    -What are your favourite films or type of films?
    -What is your funniest moment with the group?
    -What advice would you give to somebody who wants to pursue music?
    -If you could travel to anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
    Also as a little message to them I would say continue being yourselves and making such amazing and enjoyable music ^^
    From Beth in England~

  123. 레이첼

    My question for Block B is: What are your biggest fears? (being it nightmares (irl), phobias, etc)?
    PS. Do you guys like chocolate?
    Greetings from Rachel from Amsterdam!
    xx :P
    (this will so not get picked ^^;)

  124. Lourdes Razuri

    I really want to know:
    1. When they were younger which idol or artists they admired?
    2. Did they ever think they were going to be k-pop idols?
    That’s it, from Peru ♥

  125. question for Yukwon

    is there anything that you wanted to do till now,and never done it? kisses

    Mary from Romania

  126. Do you like the relationship you have with BBCs, where they troll you like you troll others? Do they make you laugh like you make them laugh?
    Pamela – Mexico

  127. DreamHightYoon~

    This question if for U- Know
    Question : What does he think about to have more dance battles with B-bomb or another idols?
    From : Mishel Laor (Israel)

  128. Heres my question:What is your future would you come to Europe for a
    concert, for example Germany? And what would you do if the world would
    be destroyed in 2 minutes?
    Celine, from Germany ^^

  129. Another question for Block B:
    You talk about teens and twenties’ “mental breakers”.
    What are the members’ “mental breakers”, your youth crises and so these days? Do you feel more as kids or adults?

    Lulú. Hungary.

  130. What county would they like to travel some day and why? or you could ask that do they like meeting their fans?
    ~Orvokki, Finland

  131. 1. what are the members’ habits and which member has the MOST NORMAL sleeping habit? :D
    2. What was the weirdest thing you ever had to do, wear or sing in your music videos or live performances?
    (Celyne – Bahrain)

  132. My question is: Do you ever think to make a tour to different countries?

    Andy Ravell. Greetings from Mexico. <3

  133. Have you ever been dumped by your girlfriend?
    Yana, Russia ^.^

  134. I heard that they watched a lot of pirate movies to get the inspiration for this song so what is their favorite pirate movie? Ayse from Texas, USA :)

  135. My question goes to Kyung and Zico: Why did you two decided to become
    members of a kpop group instead of continuing being (awesome)
    underground rapper and are you still in contact with other underground
    ~Luise, Germany

    PS: Zico, 사랑해요!

  136. My question goes to Kyung and Zico: Why did you two decided to become
    members of a kpop group instead of continuing being (awesome)
    underground rapper and are you still in contact with other underground

    ~Luise, Germany

    P.S: Zico, 사랑해요!

  137. Have you ever had serious fights with each other? and how do you smooth over conflicts between members?
    Tanya, Russia

  138. Hi! I’m Amira from Malaysia.. My question is where did the diamond go? How come it’s missing.. the diamond missing when P.O pass the briefcase to Kyung.. Is the Kyung’s chickem eat the diamond?

  139. What do you like the best about being kpop idol and who is your favourite singer and actor?

  140. question to zico: when will ‘zico on the block 1.5′ be finally and fully out? how many songs are there?

  141. loved the review EYK!
    I’ve got two questions:
    the first one is for Taeil and I was wondering if he could show us how he warms up his voice before a performance/ if he had any habits or rituals that he does before performing –Lilian, USA
    S&M, I hope you guys get better soon!

  142. What kind of concept do each of the members want next? -Elle, Singapore

  143. What are the members favourite track on the album and why? -Elle, Singapore

  144. I would like them to sing an english song, may in the form of a new song or the cover version. Can they do this for the international BBCs? Purleaseeee ;A;

    This is Sandara, from Malaysia.

  145. Which parts of the music video is each of the member’s favourites scene? -Elle, Singapore

  146. What motivates Block B to keep moving on?

  147. How did the members feel about their individual teasers?

  148. Do you watch dance/song covers of your songs? Which are your favourites? Jack Yi from Sinagpore

  149. disqus_BSE2EdALBl

    I just want to say that their BBC’s will always be there for them!
    My question is, Will they ever visit Europe,would they like to visit it and would any of the members date a foreign girl (look at zico while asking) :P

  150. Hi! I’m Amira from Malaysia.. My question is why Jaehyo don’t erase his tatoo on his arm.. My friend said that tatoo can be erase.. Is he still love his girlfriend? That all.. Thank You.. You guys are the best married couple in the world! (^o^)

  151. tiensky

    Anything you would like to add that wasn’t asked?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  152. tiensky

    You guys have a pretty unique style, who/what is your inspiration?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  153. tiensky

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  154. tiensky

    If you didn’t become an idol, what do you think you would be doing now?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  155. Have you thought about doing a tour in Europe?
    Iulika from Romania

  156. tiensky

    Who is the prankster of the group?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  157. tiensky

    How are you feeling RIGHT now?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  158. tiensky

    What do you think of fanfiction?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  159. tiensky

    What other languages would you like to be fluent in?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  160. tiensky

    What’s the worst grade you got on a test?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  161. Hi Guys!!
    My questions are:
    1- What are the good things that came out from the whole “scandal”? We’ve heard about the hard times, but there must be something good that came out from it too?

    2- Who came out with the whole concept for the Nillili Mambo MV? how did you guys manage to pick Vietnam as the location for the MV?

    Thank you!!
    Hana, Malaysia

  162. tiensky

    Which member is the most experimental with food?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  163. tiensky

    Favorite song from the BLOCKBUSTER album.

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  164. tiensky

    Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  165. - At the very beginning of your career you said in one of interviews “We don’t want to be idols, we want to be musicians”. Do you think you reached that goal or are you still on the way?

    Amtazy, Russia

  166. tiensky

    Who would most likely date a fan?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  167. tiensky

    Who came up with the concept of this comeback?

    -Rahil, Malaysia

  168. tiensky

    The member whose image now is the most different from his first impression?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  169. tiensky

    If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, dead or alive, who would it be? and what would you do?

    - Rahil, Malaysia

  170. How different are you now compared to how you were pre-debut days?

    Courtney from Texas, USA

  171. What were your childhood dreams? Or did you always know that you wanted to be a star?

    Courtney from Texas, USA

  172. Does Yukwon still like tall girls who look good with short hair~? ..because I’m a bit above average height, and I think my short hair looks good… ehe

    Courtney from Texas. USA

  173. Biogirl364

    Once I started thinking of questions for Block B, I had a lot. ^_^

    Question 1: I’m a new fan, and I’m trying to learn each member’s personality. Describe each other in a few words.

    • Biogirl364

      Question 2: I’m curious why so many Kpop artists choose stage names. Your stage names are really cool, but since you still get called by your real names, it make it hard to learn all of the names. So why did you decide to take a stage name?

  174. My question is, which member totally changes his behavior behind the cameras? for example, from Nice looking boy to the Most annoying person you’ve ever known
    Skye, Singapore :)

  175. Hello Block B, This is narichun from USA. I’m a Vietnamese BBC studying in USA and I’m super happy that you chose Vietnam to film your MV.
    1. What is/are the reasons that you chose this country to film the MV and all your teasers?
    2. What is your most favorite thing in Vietnam?
    3. Please give a shoutout to all the Vietnamese BBC :D

  176. Bonnie Zabytko

    Where was Nillili Mambo filmed? It looks and sounds like Vietnam.

    Bonnie (Tampa, FL – USA)

  177. are you guys (block b) planning to do another repackage album soon?
    miz from brunei :)

  178. My question to block b is : Are you planning to make a world tour or asia tour concert in Singapore?
    Amira, Singapore :D

  179. Zico has released his second mixtape and it is Awesome.
    I want to know how long took him to finish it. And how many songs there in the second mixtape? Did he finish the mixtape before finishing the full album?

    Sophia from Saudi Arabia

  180. Are there times you feel like giving up? And what is your motivation and inspiration that makes you keep going?

    I’m personally impressed by your personalities and i’m so happy for this strong Comback. Block b fighting. BBC4life.

    Sophia from Saudi Arabia.

  181. CeLiNe96

    My question to block b is it possible to get 2 tickets to kpop storm Malaysia concert??? From block b themselves ??? I really want to go but i don’t have enough money to go… Vip is so expensive is RM600+ and block b is coming here the second time.. I miss them the first they come… So if is possible please tell me…

    From: Malaysia

  182. When you feel down, what makes you cheer up?
    Sophia from Saudi Arabia.

  183. this question is for Zico. why did you choose to go by the name Z-I-C-O. and is there a meaning behind. Belinda from the US.

  184. LucieFierre

    What was your biggest and weirdest childhood dream?
    ~ Martyna, Poland

  185. Hi ^^
    My question is for BBomb. Is he really close to Infinite last time or even right now ? Some fans says he was trained in Woollim . Thank You.
    Jazilina from Singapore

  186. TLDR Question – Do they celebrate Halloween in Korea? If so, do they share the same traditions or have ones of their own? Do the kids trick or treat? Do adults dress up and go to parties or even go to work in costume? Do they have haunted houses?

    Hope you guys are feeling better!

    PS – Martina, I’m soooo excited that you’ll be adding a drama segment once you move into the new studio. I am addicted to KDramas and can only imagine how hilarious your skits will be!

  187. My question would be: Which was every member’s favorite scene out of their new MV for Nillili Mambo and why?
    Cleopatra from Greece :DD

  188. Martina’s version of Nilllili Mambo is stuck in my head. LOL. XD

  189. My question is: can u pls do “paper kissing game?” … if yes then pls make couples like:
    U-kwon and B-bomb ; Kyung and Zico ; Taeil, Po and Jaehyo! ^__^
    Meg, Italy

  190. Which stage costume for any of your promotions was your least favorite and why? Also, who likes changing their hairstyles the most and who likes it the least?
    -Kristina, from the USA

  191. minhyuklikesyourdimples

    To B-Bomb: Previously you said that you like girls with dimples, how do you feel about that now?
    To everyone: How do you feel about ships?
    Also what are everyone’s favourite pickup line(s)? I know y’all get greasy with the ladies B)Davina, Australia

  192. BBC의 것을 어떻게 생각합니까?

  193. My question is to Zico, how do you write your lyrics? Are they mostly about your own experiences? (mention dating experiences ^^)

  194. 지호 오빠. 작사를 할 때, 무엇을 생각하면서 쓰고 있습니까?

  195. Q. What would you do if the world ends? Lool
    Q. Who matches this concept(pirate) most?

    -Daun Kim from California, US

    And I vote for BLOCK B♥

  196. 1) What is the most amusing mistake/thing a member has done in a stage performance?
    2) Will you perform a cover version of Martina’s version of Nillili Mambo and Nalina?
    Angela, Adelaide, Australia

  197. LainyLu92

    (Alaina from Jacksonvilke FL)
    1.) for Zico: Can you ask Zico if the Jamaican beggar is back? Hahabecause last time he had dreads he would call himself the Jamaican beggar.
    2.)And last do they plan on busting into the Japanese industry soon?

  198. why does zico likes to imitate the 2ne1 members? XDD
    btw zico, ur park bom imitation was an epic fail LOL i prefer your minzy hallway dance hahaha

    Jazzmin, Philippines :3

  199. Those who are closest to each other?

  200. when will do u want to get married??what kind of marriage do u like??

  201. fuuko4869

    Well, my family thoroughly enjoyed the MV :) They especially loved how it was set in Vietnam. Heheheheh so predictable.

    We also liked your skit where the diarrhoea-suffering dude handed the suitcase to the dodgy pirate, with the wanted sign right beside his face, lol :p

    And lastly……ahem. *cough*

    Epik High.

  202. With what member of your company would like to do a collaboration?

  203. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
    Chiara, Melbourne, Australia.

  204. Well guys, I’ve been waiting for you so much!! I wanted to know, Zico, are you going to release a better version of your new mixtape’s songs? And, what is the meaning of them? By the way, Kyung, did you finally eat the chicken?
    Tricia, Barcelona, Spain.

  205. If you could change something about your past. what would it be?

  206. Is there a time in which you regret and would want to go back in time to fix it? – Sunny & Ikra – England

  207. With each new concept change, what would you like your fans both Korean and international and also non fans to identify you as..or rather remember you by?
    Aya from Minnesota, USA

  208. Diffa Trie

    Diffa Trie, Indonesia – What do you guys feel for comeback this year? Wish you guys #1

  209. Karin Febrilia
    Q: as long as you are in the training and practice dance how many pairs of shoes were broken because of dance practice up to now? try to remember hahaha:D
    karin from Jakarta, Indonesia.

  210. Almira from Germany here (I posted a comment on the YouTube video but well here I go again, because I HAVE to ask this) and my question(s) is (are):
    Do the members fight often? And if they fight, why? And who’s the one to give in first?
    Yup, I’d like to know that :D

    And for the showdown I vote for Block B of course!!! :DD

  211. Indriana

    What happened next with the chicken in the mv? :DDD

  212. “Mental Braker” is a huge hit. Zico, what was your inspiration when you compose that song?

  213. dear P.O: can you sing in falsetto to taeil’s part? especially i want to hear Mental Breaker? ;))

  214. Simon and Martina,GET WELL SOON GUYS!

  215. my question is to P.O! There are some photos of Sulli at their blockbuster showcase. Since she’s p.o’s ideal type, did he know she was there or did he invite her? what was his reaction when she came! :> from fazillah from Singapore

  216. Q: At what age do you plan to get married? / Would you marry a fan?
    (Zoe, Singapore)

  217. To all members: what’s your favourite foreign band or singer?
    Simona, Lithuania

  218. YEN_THEAwesome

    My question is for everyone.What are some of the things that fans do, that you really hate?
    From: YEN_THEAwesome, Singapore
    P.S. Taeil oppa I gave you a lollipop during your performance! ^^

  219. For Kyung~ What was your favourtie and least favourite thing about when you lived in New Zealand and would you ever come back here – Hannah, New Zealand c:

  220. question from Nordic Kpop TV:
    1. Who are the most gangster off-stage?
    2. P.O, you have almost the same voice as TOP.. can you imitate his rap?
    3. If you could come to any European country, whicth would it be?
    4. Are there any other kpop groups/artists you look up too or like?
    5. If you could be any female kpop idol, who would you choose?
    6. would you do an interview with nordic kpop tv(me), if you won a price at ” nordic kpop tv awards 2012″ ?? :)

    From Nordic Kpop TV CEO: Jessica, Norway

  221. My question is:
    1. Is there any K-Pop group/artist they would most like to collaborate with and why? Because BBC’s would like to see collaboration of Block B with other company’s group such as, BIGBANG etc.
    2. For Jaehyo: In Nillili Mambo’s mv, fans were surprised to see his abs. Did he start working out for this come back or it’s always been there? Lmao
    3. For Jaehyo: Fans have been saying you look like a girl, does he dislike it or has he ever tried to man himself up by working out ?

    - Puyol, Malaysia.

  222. and I still very curious with y’all underwear size kkk

  223. Please ask them if One Piece gave them inspiration to include a cook to the pirate group. I love the song, its groovy groovy!! :D An, Germany

  224. My question: In the end of NILLILI MAMO, why do they open the suitcase kyung got from p.o and b-bomb, zico and taeil clearly gave the stones to Jaehyo!! xD Lots of love from An, Germany

  225. Dear Block B! I remember that time when you relased the first teaser and I was thinking ,,This will be totaly epic”. And as time passed by I was getting more and more curious. Finally, when you showed teaser for ,,Nillili Mambo” I was an emotional wreck. I was so happy and proud of you that I decided to show it to one of my friends and when I saw her… I fell down the stairs in my school T^T Fortunatelly it was only 2 last steps but this situation associate with my question: Who is the most clumsy member or who always slips, spills something or gets hurt?
    And the second: We already know that U-Kwon is a big fan of One Piece. But could you tell me what kind of books do you like (mystery, fantasy, sci-fi…)?
    Martyna Nino Nawrocka (Poznań, POLAND)

  226. if you were to choose a pairing for fanfiction, what is your favourite OTP??
    my fav is zikyung and zihyo LOL

  227. Ooo. How about this question

    For all the members: If you never became a Singer where would you be now?

    Amy – Canada,alberta

  228. Do you have any plans go to the Europe??? If you would like to go, which coutry you want to visit.
    Michaela, Czech Republic

  229. Wondering if they’ll ever come to North America, like Vancouver for example….*winks* I’m sad none of my fav groups come here besides Jyj which I didn’t go see and regret it for life now….. Gyah!!! We need more kpop groups to come here before I cry a river~

  230. A Question for all the members

    If you were a girl what member out of Block.B would you date and why?

    Amy – Canada,alberta

  231. BBomb once sexy danced in a hotel room and asked fans not to gif, but
    the fans did anyways. what are some fan created graphics that block b
    have seen that they wished they had not? -paigex, ca.

  232. Hi ^^
    My question is for BBomb. Is he really close to Infinite last time or even right now ? Some fans says he was trained in Woollim . Thank You.
    Jazilina from Singapore

  233. himchansdick

    First off I want to say how PROUD I am of you guys, you are the definition of “diamonds in the rough”. My question is, what are your guilty pleasures? Not of the dirty kind! HA! Unless you want to answer that.. I’m sure no one will mind~

    Ashlea – Melbourne, Australia.

  234. Christina

    Have any of the members read fanfics about themselves?

  235. Christina

    Is Jaehyo a pirate or a musketeer in Nillili Mambo MV?

  236. What was it like filming the MV in Vietnam? If given the chance, where would you like to film the next one?
    California, USA

  237. I really want to know what is the favourite song of the album for each member? or if they can promote another song which one would it be?

    Cintia, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  238. deadleaves

    Hmm..okay. So here are my questions for them. Questions I’ve been meaning to ask.
    Since all of you aware of your pairings by fans, Zico and Kyung, P.O and Taeil, U-Kwon and B-Bomb.. (leaving Jaehyo to be forever alone), did you get any closer to your pairings or did you go start making your own pairings with the other members?
    Secondly, if you were given to choose between your career or BBCs, which would you choose? [BBcs..duh, right..? right?]
    Lastly, if your mom and dad has suddenly decided to adopt a baby as their child, would you accept their decision? And why?

    Okay, that’s 1/5 questions I have in my head so..heh ^^;

    BBC love from Malaysia.

  239. Simon and Martina, can you ask Zico oppa, will he back with his “Jamaican Beggar” image again? I’m really like that image, really match with Zico oppa~ Kkkkkkkk~ :P



  241. What does each member like to do to relieve their stress?
    California, USA

  242. JasmineAnastasia

    When you write songs what tends to inspire you?
    What other musicians international and Korean do you look up to?
    Jasmine from Missouri

  243. Q for each member: What is your most memorable moment with Block B members?
    wani, Malaysia

  244. Who was the biggest ‘troublemaker’ as a child? from CA

  245. Do the members have any ‘guilty pleasures’, such as junk food, tv shows, etc.? from CA

  246. the question: among all the derp faces, who is the ugliest? simple. :)

    Syima. Malaysia


    what is your underwear size???? IT’S VERY IMPORTANT

  248. What inspired Block B into becoming an Idol? I also would like to know if they ever felt like giving up, and what motivated them to keep on going?

    Chiara, Melbourne, Australia.

  249. Question :
    What do you guys think about fans writing fanfics about you?
    Valerie, United Statese~

  250. How did you all treat your magnae so well so he is so perfect now?? >.<

  251. TurnUptheAC

    Currently I am studying hardcore for the GRE’s and memorizing tons of vocab words I never knew before. I want to give Simon mad props for his vocab for this video..”Surreptitious” which means “obtained or done by stealth.” Oh yeah..I caught that GRE Professor lingo…and suddenly my GRE Robot study mode went on and I started to recite the definition based on the context of your sentence in my GRE robot voice…lol. Thanks for helping me study for the GRE’s Simon!

  252. Since they get questioned all the time, do they have a question for us(the fans)?
    That’s my question. :D

  253. Anyone who is Vietnamese, is it just me was it a vietnamese song being played at the beginning of Block B’s song? =O

  254. What inspired Block B into becoming an Idol?? I would also like to know what kept them motivated during their trainee years.
    Chiara, Melbourne, Australia.

  255. my question: Do the members use tumblr? and if so, how do they feel about fans avid support of them using the website?
    new york

  256. What would you say to your past-self?
    Heta, Finland

  257. huulieth

    My question is for Zico and P.O: You guys are considered the best rappers of Kpop, knowing that ,to you guys feel more pressure to write good raps or feel more inspired to write better raps?
    Julieth, Venezuela ^^

  258. What would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse?
    -Heta, Finland

  259. Nicole from Australia;
    How did you feel about chasing the chicken around with the pan?
    Who takes the longest to get up in the morning?
    Did anyone design their own tattoos for the MV and/or have plans to get any of their own?
    If you were a girl, which member would you date?
    (I think someone else already asked this question but….) Do any of the members read fanfictions? If so, what are you thoughts?
    LOVE YOU S&M (I always feel weird typing that out because I have a gutter mind : hahaha THANKYOU SOOOOOOO SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR VIDEOS! Much love from down under ^^

  260. What do you think about marrying an european girl?

    -Sissy, Bulgaria- ^_^

  261. Zico can you show your tattoo to BB.C and could you tell us about what does the tattoo means for you?
    -Anne from Hong Kong-

  262. Could Block.B each members tell BB.C about which song do they love the most in ‘Blockbuster’ album ?
    -Anne from Hong Kong-

  263. Jude Bruh

    Are you going to include at least one of your mixtape songs to Block B’s future album? ^-^v
    Judea, Philippines

  264. Zico, do you like coffee? Can you recommend some brand of coffee to BBC?
    Ye Zi from China

  265. What are your hidden talents?
    - Jasmin from Australia

  266. Which one of you spends most time on the internet?
    -Heta from Finland

  267. For Kyung: Can you blow us a kiss? ~
    -Heta from Finland

  268. nightsshade

    Do you guys sometimes regret not being able to go to school like people your age?
    Sarah McPherson, USA

  269. 1) Would you ever consider a flower boy style music video? (Costumes, looks, dance, etc)

    2) Do you all have a dream for the future of Block B? What is it?

    - Jasmin from Australia

  270. Since Nillili Mambo is about pirates, If you were stranded on an island and is allowed to bring one person and one item, who and what would you bring?

    Another one: Since block B has such a rough image, have the boys ever considered what it would be like if they have a cutesy/boy next door themed album or is that something that will never happen?

    from Felicia in Canada

  271. Question for all of them:
    Have you heard of OTPs? Like ZiKyung, UBomb etc.
    If so, which is the pairing you find the most accurate, and which is the most ridiculous? Hehe.

    Samiare (Samayra, hurhur) from Singapore.

  272. SkittlezBear

    My question for Block B: When you have a moment of free time, what do you like to do? Any hobbies you want to share with BBC??
    Love Block B and EYK!!!!! <3
    Brittany from Virginia U.S.A

  273. Question 1: What have you cherished the most in your time as a group?
    Question 2: How have you grown since your debut and where do you see Block B going in the future?
    Question 3: If you could hold a concert any where in the world, where would you most like to go?
    -Meghann from San Diego, CA

  274. What embarrassing songs might someone find on your MP3 player?
    ~Kismet, NYC

  275. My question : What are your thoughts of ur international fans??
    from iera, Malaysia

  276. seriously now whats the story with the chicken on Nillili Mambo videoclip ?
    Anna Jo, New Delhi – India

  277. First of all, Block B is under STARDOM instead of Brand New Stardom. Make sure you got it right when interviewing Block B :) Btw, I have 3 questions :/
    1) Would they filming for RunningMan? (I really hope that they can join!!)
    2) Would they attempt in others field such as filming drama all together?
    3) Would they make a world tour concert in the future? If yes, when is that going to be happened?

    Block B jjang! This is Sandara from Malaysia! :)

  278. Tirahmisu

    I have 2 questions! :D

    1.) Do you guys listen to any k-pop groups, and if so who? This excludes
    yourselves of course, hahaha.

    2.) If you weren’t idols, what kind of occupation do you think you’d have?

    - Marina from Australia~

  279. tess ward

    Tess from Las Vegas:

    if you could be any animal, what would you be?

  280. Sion Richards

    Which member would make the cutest girl?
    Sion- Missouri, USA

  281. tess ward

    My question: will you be my best friend?

    Las Vegas

  282. Let Block B play with Meemersworth! Okay so for the questions… How do they feel now that they’ve come back after the scandal of the interview? Also who in the group do they think would be most prone do date a foreigner? As well, did Zico, Kyung, and Yongguk from B.A.P know each other since they were all underground rappers to start with? Gabby from Taiwan but originally from France :))

  283. My question is: Where did the “pirate” image come from? It is very unique and I don’t believe anyone has done that concept before. Also were you inspired by a movie or story when portraying your actions in the music video?
    -Shelby Wooten, Texas, USA

  284. LainyLu92

    1.) Question for Zico: Can you ask Zico if the Jamaican beggar is back? Haha because last time he had dreads he would call himself the Jamaican beggar.
    2.)And last do they plan on busting into the Japanese industry soon?

  285. Ask to the member what do they think makes Block B so different from the never ending flood of other idol groups. What makes them unique and will keep them in the business.

    Alex, Québec

  286. Two questions…
    what were you guys thinking when you decided on the pirate theme? Not that its bad its awesome!
    What are some of inner conflicts have you guys had to overcome through these past months? :D
    Vane, California!

  287. And my question : Taeil hyung, if you had a chance, do you consider of making a solo album? Your voice in the song “where are you” is so awesome!!!

  288. 1. To Zico and Kyung, are there any rituals the both of you
    have in regards to your songwriting processes? In the group, who are the
    people you’d show the music and lyrics to first?

    2. From your predebut days to today, how have your group
    dynamics changed? Are there members that you regularly hang out with?

    3. Were there any weird foods you got to try, any funny
    fans, or cultural differences that came as a shock to you when promoting
    outside of Korea?

    -Samantha Q from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  289. Hello! My question for them is, well:
    I know that they were all trained to write music as trainees (news said Cho PD had them write 100 songs before debut?) – for now, Zico is the most involved with producing Block B’s songs right? But if he were to appoint someone to take over producing their next album, which member would he choose? Which member would the others choose and why? :)

    Samiare (Samayra, lol) from Singapore.

  290. How was your life after the incident? in a sense like how did you spend your time on and what did your do as a group like bonding time? and why is zico’s mixtape so sad
    kerryn from singapore

  291. U-Kwon, do you know that many fans are going crazy over you smirk in the MV? That looks manly and sexy at the same time!

    Fhafa, Australia.

  292. Who has the biggest foot size?

    Fhafa, Australia.

  293. I really want have your signed CDs or polaroids or pictures or anything signed by you guys. Can you guys sort of ask S&M to give me the signed giveaways? Pleaseeeeeee~~

    Fhafa, Australia.

  294. My question: Why doesnt U-Bomb acknowledge each other anymore? I mean, we rarely see Yukwon talking to B-Bomb nowadays and I was just wondering why is that because well U-Bomb is my ULTIMATE OTP. Thank you in advance. You guys are the best! (/^_^)/~~~*

  295. To everyone: At what age do you want to get married? / Would you date a fan?

  296. Do you guys like kids? I hope to see you guys participating in some shows that involve kids so that I can see your fatherly side. Huhu~

    Fhafa, Australia.

  297. Who always cooks in your dorm? What is the best dish that you guys made by that person?

    Fhafa, Australia.

  298. I plan to visit South Korea somewhere around next year. Well I honestly hope that I can meet you guys, anywhere on the streets of Seoul. Is there any interesting place you guys can suggest for me to visit? Well I think I wanna drop by a while at Han river and I wish that I might see you guys there. You know, just like a movie scene. Mwahahaaa~~

    Fhafa, Australia.

  299. Amyaco

    Here’s my question: What is your favorite part of Nillili Mambo? The chorus? The intro? It’s all so good! ^^

    –Amanda from Seattle, Washington

  300. what makes BLOCK B different from other K-pop groups?

  301. Ask Zico to send us his Nillili mambo kiss during the interview

  302. My question is: What other bands/ groups inspire you the most?
    Kai, Chicago <3

  303. If you could be any character from any movie, what character would you like to be? I think Zico sort of fits the Jack Sparrow character. =D

    Fhafa, Australia.

  304. What does “love” mean to you?

    Fhafa, Australia.

  305. Who pays a particular attention to his outfits and who’s the fashion terrorist? =D

    Fhafa, Australia.

  306. My question(s) are:
    Does anyone have a song on their Ipod/laptop/phone that they are embarrassed to tell the other members about, but just can’t seem to get rid of?


    Since Halloween is around the corner, what type of scary movies have you been watching? Do you think you could survive the plotline of the movie if you were put into one?

    or (lastly)

    Jovana, Texas!

  307. My questions
    To Block B: Which member do you think will get married first and why?
    To Taeil: May you sing a bit of your new solo song, “Where Are You” for me please, please, please?!
    - Lilian, Australia.

  308. Have you guys ever fallen in love with your fans or anything that your fans have done that makes your heart flutter? =D

    Fhafa, Australia.

  309. I would like to know…if block b were to go to any Caribbean island of their choice for vacation. Which will it be?
    Nikolae, Jamaica.

  310. Have you guys learnt any other words or sentences for your visit to Malaysia? Why don’t you guys practice saying “Saya sayang kamu” which means “I love you” in English.

    And why don’t you guys practice it first with me? Alrite, I’m waiting. Mwahahaaa~~

    Fhafa, Australia.

  311. Cindy Luna from New Jersey…
    can you guys explain what exactly happens in music video for Nallili Mambo and what is the reason you guys decided to go with the pirate/mafia concept?

    Block B saranghae!

  312. Georgia Row

    How do you like to eat your toast? golden, crispy perhaps? maybe even BURNT! or do you even eat toast? – Georgia, AUSTRALIA!!

  313. Who else has abs besides Jaehyo? Show us show us! Mwahahaaaa~

    Fhafa, Australia.

  314. Who other Kpop idols that you guys are friends with?

    Fhafa, Australia.

  315. Because it’s October, what costume would each member want to be for Halloween (besides a pirate)? and why? – Nova Scotia, Canada

  316. Do you guys watch S&M’s review on your Nillili Mambo MV? What do you think? =D

    Fhafa, Australia.

  317. How did you guys come up with the idea of Nillili Mambo?
    -Whitney, Georgia(USA)

  318. I wonder what makes you guys accept S&M’s proposal to interview you guys. Any specific reason? >.<

    Fhafa, Australia.

  319. My name is Dina, I’m from San Diego CA, and my question for Block B is:
    If you(Block B members) were given an opportunity to have a 2-week vacation/break, where would it be? And why?

  320. How long do you guys plan to stay forever? Is it going to be like Shinhwa, staying together until now or at some point, you guys want to separate and move on with your own life? I hope you don’t cos all of you is what makes up Block B. Fighting! =D

    Fhafa, Australia.

  321. Cindy Luna from New Jersey…

    what made each and every one of you decide to be an idol?can you tell us your story how you got into Stardom entertainment?

    Love you guys~~ good luck and be healthy~!

  322. ONLY QUESTION~ !!!!!
    -WHY DO YOU GUYS MAKE AWESOME BABY MAKING MUSIC? (BY “Baby Making Music”, i mean the words in your songs from Nanlina and Nillili Mambo.)

    -I Am Keali’i Sanchez from Lahaina, Hawai’i

  323. Zico, the moment I saw you in the MV, I noticed you first then your long pretty coat. Your coat is the second thing I’ve been going crazy for after your awesome MV! Can you tell me where can I get it? I LOVE it so much! Huhu~

    Fhafa, Australia.

  324. Cindy Luna from New Jersey…

    To all Block B members…congratulations on your comeback~~ question: tell us your favorite girl group member?

  325. I have something to confess. I didn’t really pay much attention to B-Bomb before this but the moment I watched his teaser, my heart fluttered. He’s so freaking sexy and there’s this sexy side of him that I’ve never seen. B-Bomb shi, mianhae. I’ll pay more attention to you from now on. Fighting! =D

    Fhafa, Australia.

  326. Question: Everyone loves you from America! Are you guys planning on coming to at America & perform any time soon?

    From: Eunmi
    CA, USA

  327. Soomin Kim
    1) ZICO: Is there a special place of yours, where you can write music more efficient and think better?
    2) Which member has the strangest habit(s)?
    3) At what age do you want to get married and how many children do you want to have?
    4) When do you find a girl most attractive?
    5) Best childhood tv shows?
    6) What would you be doing right now, if you were not in the music industry today?
    7) What is one thing that you do not understand about your members?
    8) Whose music are you currently into? (can be Korean or foreign of course!)
    9) (this is not really a question, but) We BBCs love you SOOOO much, can each of you blow us a kiss or heart with your own style?? <3( pleasepleasepleaseee)
    10) What are you into these days? (exercise? hobby?)
    11) What kinds of movie do you like? (comedy, romance, horror..) And what has been your favorite movie so far?

  328. I just have a simple message to P.O. You’re a sexy namja now! I still remember this cute innocent P.O fooling around with his hyungs, and with your new style (long hair, manlier image), I’m amazed! I mean, there’s this manly side of you as well! Rawr!

    Fhafa, Australia.

  329. Question: Who does the best aegyo in the group? And can you show us!^^

    From: Eunmi
    CA, USA

  330. Block B, your new songs are jjang! I luv your new styles too! Can you guys say “Fhafa, saranghae!”? That’ll be the happiest moment of my life if you guys do so. S&M, pls ask them to say this! =D

  331. Anyeong! Can u ask Block B who’s likely to get married first? And why? I bet on Taeil. He looks like a guy who’ll settle down early. I don’t mean to be nasty but the others have this nappeun namja vibe. And i think Zico won’t settle down early as work/career might be the issue. In 8-10 years time and any of you guys is still single, just marry me. I’ll wait for you! =D

    Fhafa, Australia.

  332. A question to all members; since Block B are derp kings, please show us your best/favorite derp face. – Annie, Canadian BBC <3

  333. Question: To Zico, how much did you miss your dreadlocks?
    From Jessica, Winnipeg.

  334. Anyeong Block B! I just read somewhere that you guys will be coming to Malaysia for an event. Ah that is my home country! I feel a bit disappointed that I can’t attend the event as I’m still in Australia! Don’t forget to enjoy Malaysian food as much as you can! Do try nasi lemak! It’s jjang! Block B, fighting and saranghae! =D

  335. I would like to hear an impromptu rap on proposing to ur future gf (for the moment, just assume that she’s me). Leave the normal proposal, and this time I wanna hear some good raps. Anyone in Block B? =D

  336. Do any of the other members besides our awesome leader Zico have plans to contribute lyrics or songs to future Block B albums?

  337. 1)Name 7 things that is really important in your dorm.
    2)What is the most you like about BBC?

  338. This isn’t exactly a question.. but could you tell the boys that I think that they are truly amazing? They are such an inspiration to me, and I really admire everything about them.. especially Yukwon ^^~ I really really admire Yukwon~

    Courtney from Texas, USA

  339. Ohwaegeulae, Vietnam
    My question is: Block B, since you recorded Nillili Mambo in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, what do you think about that place? Did you all enjoy staying there? And if you guys have the chance, please come to Vietnam again, especially Ha Noi because OMG i live in Ha Noi, not Ho Chi Minh City OMFG /dead/ anyway, we BBCs always support you guys. LEE MIN HYUK and KIM YU KWON i love youuuuuuu. Teehee

  340. My question is for all member : who got tattoo,where the tattoo,and what the meaning of tattoo, then can please show us yrs tattoo ?

  341. Can you guys tell us anything about your songwriting process? What are your favorite instruments/software to use?

  342. How exactly did Block B’s specific style come to be? How did you go about making sure that your style was unique and completely different from what kpop normally is? (not worded that well uhu)

    Courtney from Texas, USA

  343. I have 2 questions but you can choose one :D

    Block B, What inspired you to create this music video?
    And what is the difference between this music video & Nalina?

    Lily, Australia

  344. Hey guys. Still not very creative today, but I really want to have input in question asking. XD It makes me feel included.

    So, my question for Block B is:

    If you guys could be pirates, would you want to? If so, what sort of dastardly mayhem would you commit/cause, aside from stealing diamonds, gambling, and chasing chickens around with frying pans? (As an owner of chickens, I totally know that feels. ;D Sometimes you just gotta chase ‘em.)

    Thanks guys. Hope your eyes get to feeling better! :c *showers S&M with love and Visine*

    - Owl, Texas

  345. Ask Zico to give a sample of his ‘JAMAICAN BEGGAR’ freestyle because his cornrows are back. I’m sure he missed his friends. And, when will Block B have an International showcase? I’m excited to see them here again! – Cami, Philippines

  346. How is it living together and touring together, giving that you guys are a relatively new idol group? Has it been difficult, and if it has, how has it been difficult for each of you?

    Leanna from Mississippi, United States

  347. Jessica Le

    I LURVE BLOCCCCCKK B SAAAAAAAOOO MUCH. BEEN WITH THEM SINCE DEBUT ajfhjhgahljsdhgdsjdshjdsjdsgjk­dhjdhjsdgkhjk

    Q1. Who is the best at english and can that person have a full on-going conversation in english..?
    Q.2 Have you read any fanfictions made from your fans..? (To be honest I wrote one)
    Q.3 In your opinion who do you think is the best looking member..? And could you please rate yourselves too..?
    Q.4 Would you ever visit Vietnam ever again..? (My nationality place thingy ^^)
    Q.5 Would you ever visit Canada..? As in like Calgary. BECAUSE I’M DYING HERE I CAN’T GO TO ANY KPOP CONCERT WHATSOEVER. hjfsghkgfasafafjkasfjkg
    Q.6 My friends birthday is coming up and she is like the biggest BBC in the whole entire world. She was with you guys since debut. Her and I also dance to your songs in class. She honestly loves you guys. Could you guys be kind enough to give her a great early birthday present..? That would be great and I would be truly grateful. She my best friend. Please and thank you, her name is Ronalyn. ^^

    Jessica Le from Calgary Canada (:

  348. What is the best experience you have had on stage?

    Courtney from Texas, USA ^^~

  349. What do you guys do during your free time~? What exactly is dorm life like for y’all?

    Courtney from Texas, USA

  350. Question for Block B, Are there any idol stars or groups that you would like to collaborate with? and Who? Mary Yang from Madison, WI :)

  351. How did you guys come up with the idea of Nillili Mambo?
    -Whitney, Georgia(USA)

  352. To Block B.. do you guys have any plans to hold a showcase in Indonesia since Indonesia always be skipped or somehow forgotten by K-Pop groups? ugh because I do love Block B! thx. – Asty, Indonesia.

  353. Rohi Zazi from Canada n this is a question im sure ALOT of Block B fans are willing to ask as well!
    Q: Would any of you ever marry a foreigner? Why or why not?
    I REALLYYYYY wanna know the answer to this!
    And I know ALOT of you guys wanna know as well!!
    So we can raise or maybe even lower our hopes
    It’d be the HAPPIEST day for all BBC’s!!
    And also, if they say yes, then we all know that each ONE of us has a chance! how freaking awesome is THAT!!!

    • kiimmiieee

      Lol of course they’re going to say yes. If they said no that would be such a turn off for international fans. Even if they said yes, the chance of them marrying a foreigner would be very small. Goes for all idols to be honest. So don’t get your hopes up too high ladies lmao.

  354. Douchey G …. from Canada.. no simon n martina.. i DARE u to say that name on korean national television and watch u 2 get banned from interviews MWAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!
    .. but unfortuantely.. my plan’s a big fail.. korea doesnt even wat it means.. maybe they’ll look bak on it 100 yrs later, when they know more english, and ban it then
    but ANYWAYS!
    Rohi Zazi – Canada
    Q: If each of the members were 2 b women,which kpop female idols would they b?
    another Q: Would Block B ever marry a foreigner?

  355. What groups/bands are really influential to you? C:

    Courtney, USA

  356. Dearest Block B, What does it feel like to be on stage and see how far you’ve come since struggling in the trainee era? BBC’s will always love and support Block B! – Allie Hendrix from Illinois, USA

  357. this is so random but I have a question for my love Yukwon: Can you speak any Chinese? If not.. or if you can.. can you say something in Chinese?
    ..I just imagine him sounding really sexy speaking Chinese

    Courtney, USA

  358. 1. Is there a member in the group who worries the most over their appearance?
    2. Who has changed the most since their debut?
    3.What is your most attractive body part, in your opinion? -Giselle from California, USA

  359. Block B~
    There are SO many new kpop groups debuting this year; do you have any advice for them?
    Also, if you were an ice cream, WHAT FLAVOUR WOULD YOU BE?
    ..Thanks ^-^
    BBC 4 Life <3
    - Namrah

  360. GDaeLuv

    im super mad right now!!!!!!!!! how come simon doesnt have a mullet dreadlock wig!!!! i was sooo looking forward to it.. lol

    • I KNOWWWWW RIGHT!!!! Holy crap I was thinking the EXACT same THING!
      he better have one for the interview and THEN ask them if he’d be able to become a Block B member
      n IM MAD TOO!!
      ppl! add on to this chain.. yeeessssss! i know u ALLL agree!

  361. Block B!!~ Is there any possibility of you performing in America soon? Us American fans reeeeally want to see you!~

    Courtney, USA

  362. My question: Was U-Kwon’s love of One Piece a big inspiration for Nillili Mambo?

    Angie, USA

  363. Haley Pie

    Have you ever thought of travelling or doing a international tour like in Canada like Canada like all of Canada or al least the main cities? (Seriously if think there is no fans for you or not enough i will track em all down and bring them to you and i will show people your music and put on elaborate powerpoint don’t worry i have the skills!)
    Haley / Han -Canada

  364. Hi I’m Kristy from FRANCE
    I want ask to all members, If they happy to be back and if they think one day they can come in France for a concert? French BBC wait you guy’s! we love you!

  365. ooh ohh! My question is… Does anyone in Block B have any weird sleeping habits or any weird habits at all? -Bobo Omar from Canada

  366. Phelinia

    Voting for Block B!

    Thank you for filming even with the viral pink eye! You two are the Ninja warriors of YouTube. Stealthy but strong, persevering and conquering any obstacle to filming.

    Dr. Meemersworth stalking your laptop… The laptop survived!

  367. Which of you is the most creative and charismatic?
    Chalaina, United States

  368. 1) Where did the pirate concept come from? 2) Who are each of your main inspirations for your rap/singing style? 3) Zico: what made you want to sing more for the new album 4)When did each of you know you wanted to get into the KPOP business? Why? :D 5) What do you do in your spare time? 6) Do any of them play video games, if so, which ones? 7) When are you guys going to come to Canada?!

    Hope some of these are decent!

    These boys have taken so long to make a comeback. I’m SO glad they’re back! Missed them dearly! One of my favorite groups! <3

    Tammie from Canada.

  369. thePrancingCupcake

    To all the members of BlockB: Out of all the music videos you’ve done, which one was your favorite and why?

  370. kiimmiieee

    1. What is the process for distributing the lines. The fans would love to hear more B-Bomb & Jaehyo!

    2. It was rumored that Jaehyo trained with Beast & B-Bomb trained with Infinite. Is this true & do you still keep in touch with them?

    3. Will there be another BBC World Camp? Especially one that includes North American fans?

    4. Do you think the inside jokes within the fandom have gone too far? For example Kyungcumber. I’m sure if the fans knew if the jokes were hurtful they would definitely stop.

    5. B.A.P/Block B or Evol/Block B Collab!

    6. (I had to add one more!) Any member plan on getting tattoos? Or in the case of those who already have tattoos, adding more?

    Kim (California, USA)

  371. If block B did hello baby, who would be the best dad? Worst? And who would be the second baby?- Victoria, California

  372. How was your life after the incident? In a sense like how did you spend your time on and what did your guys do as a group.
    And why is Zico’s mix tape all sound so sad
    Kerryn from Singapore 

  373. Shannan Davis

    Question: I would really like to see Ukwon and B-Bomb dance. Could you guys ask them to PLEASE SHOW US!!!! I love the way they dance. It’s so different and creative in comparison to the way other idols dance. I just love the passion they give off while they’re dancing! :) Especially their crumping! Ukwon and B-Bomb’s crumping is DAEBAK!
    ~*~Shannan, USA~*~

  374. My question is: Which member (s) are fluent in English? Will Jaehyo and Kyung plaese do aegyo?

    Marie, From North Carolina, USA

  375. Q: In the video Zico gives the briefcase with the diamonds to Jaehyo and he is still holding it at the end, so what was supposed to be in the empty briefcase Zico opens at the end on the video??? – Marilu, Seattle WA USA

  376. Question :
    many people compare zico with gd and p.o with t.o.p big bang, i dont know why.. they’re totally different.
    but i found many similarities between b-bomb with seungri big bang. born on desember, the last member who join at group, awesome dancer, and else. so, for B-bomb oppa, I just wanna know why I must more love you than him. lol, dont so serious ne. you both my ultimate bias, thanks.. ^^

    Vira, Indonesia

  377. My question is:
    Do you guys miss something about your lives before debuting as Block B?

    I’m Verenize González from Mexico~!


  379. I know they’ve done tv shows before but if they could do another again, what idea would they like to show/demonstrate/perform/etc? For example, like Infinite in Ranking King. When they were performing “The Chaser” they had an episode where they became policemen and chased after each other.

  380. Name: Carolyn
    Country: USA
    Question: What motivated or what got you guys to start doing derp/troll faces? How do you guys feel doing those faces? For example, do you feel embarrassed, or what?

  381. Who and what is the funniest prank you’ve played among the members? Janine Carla from the Philippines :)

  382. My question is how does Block B as a group feel about Evol their new lable mates?
    My name is Clara from New York :)

  383. My question is: Did you guys ever want to be anything other than an idol when you were younger? (like a doctor, teacher, policeman, etc) – Marol from New Jersey, USA

  384. BjorniePie

    and you guise didnt talk about the dance! :[ u really wanted to see your funny interpretation of what they could have been thinking when they came up with it…. i feel cheated :(

  385. BjorniePie

    FIRST OF ALL! simon and martina this is the funniest kpmm you have made in a long time and not just because you guys have been travelling recently. its probably because this video had a lot of material unlike some of the songs that get voted in by groups with big fan bases. but serious i havent laughed outloud like that in a while. now for block beee questions! the only question that matters is, does zico like foreigner girls? and does he likes noonas? because im black and a ’90er who loves him!

  386. I want to know where did Zico get his inspirations to right Nillili Mambo and his mixtapes? I mean his mixtapes are just so deep and awsome i want to know.
    My name is Clara from New York. :)

  387. ok! my question is have any of you ever read any block b fanfitions and if you do so and you read them, what is your favorite one?
    Asia USA!

  388. IsabelKibum

    My question is: What was your favourite part of filming or favourite part of the video and why? ^^ ALSO I LOVE BBOMB HAVE A QUESTION FOR HIM, WILL YOU MARRY ME??? OR WILL BLOCK B EVER COME TO TORONTO???
    and I am Isabel from Toronto, Canada :D

  389. Muncher

    Has anyone smelled a chicken before?
    Muncher, USA

  390. I want to know if any member would marry a fan~

    Sheila, from Lima-Perú
    PS: Zico marry mee~ <3

  391. Nha Dang

    How do you feel about the outfits they give to you to wear?
    Who looks the best without makeup?
    Who cares about their hair the most?
    Who takes the longest to get ready?
    -Dang, (yes. thats my name.) USA . (:

  392. My question is Who would look better dressed as a women?

    Zulima, United States

  393. monstrecharmant92

    I know Zico wrote Nillili Nambo and I want to know if he will continue to create songs for Block B? I also want to know what inspired you to write this awesome song? thank you and fighting Block B. Bruna, From Quito-Ecuador.

  394. Who has the weirdest habit?
    What extreme sport(s) you guys would want to try in the future?
    PS: U-kwon, please marry me! :))
    Aira from CA

  395. What does kyung think of his scene with the chicken?

  396. Is there a song by another group that you wish you you could perform?
    Much love from a Noona BBC, who is very proud that you were able to come back so strong!

    Jennifer from Newfoundland, Canada <3

  397. My first question is for zico, and it goes with the whole Rapping underground. Know that your a Kpop Idol how does it make you feel to be compared to someone like G Dragon? With the music video that was just reliese lots of people can say that your style is like G Dragons in a way. My next question is for B-Bomb “if you weren’t so busy with being a kpop idol what type of girl would you date? Do you like korean girls, Black girls, white girls?” I also want to say B-bomb that Canada loves you and Winnipeg Loves you also. your amazing

  398. LadyXia

    Ahhh~ this reminds me, Kyung should be able to speak English and apparently Zico isn’t that bad either (at least he tries very hard XD). Can you make them say a sentence or so? ^^ Not singing, but talking.

    I feel so selfish now… XD

  399. 1.If you have to choose a place to stay for the rest of your life where and why?
    2.can you please tell us how did you got closer to each other on trainee days?
    Keyla , Puerto Rico(Caribbean BBC FAN) Can you guys say something in spanish for us Latin fans!!!

  400. Brittney

    We know Zico is a music producer for Block B, does he and/or Block B have any input with other aspects of Block B (videos, fashion, etc.)?

    Brittney, oregon USA

  401. Victoria Mronga, Chicago. I was wondering, are you guys anything like the characters you portray in their videos (aka are you guys really all bad asses or are some of you nothing like your characters at all? ;p) And who do you guys thing is most badass of the group?

  402. As k-pop idols, what are some things you have to do that are much harder than you expected them to be?
    -Kayla, United States

  403. Questions
    for block b! I hope at least one gets picked lol I’m curious about so many

    1)Who is
    the “mummy” in the dorm?

    is always charismatic and manly on stage…

    -who is the
    most different off-camera?

    -anyone who
    gets scared easily/ scared of something?


    -does aegyo
    happen in the dorm?

    3)Is there
    a picky eater in the group?


    5)Who is
    in-charge of chores? Do you push everything to the maknae?

    special/hidden talent?

    everyone get along well at first? If not, how did your relationship improve?
    8)How do
    you feel performing on stage/tv again after a long hiatus? Nervous? Was it
    9)How did
    the stage names( B-bomb,Zico) come about? And why is U-kwon’s name stylized
    this way?

  404. Otaku-San

    I’ve got a question :D
    I was wondering, other than singing/rapping/dancing, is there any other unique talents a crew member or members have :)
    -Mariel Abella, Canada, BC <3

  405. Letti Nguyen

    Hi guys~ My name is Letti Nguyen from California, and my questions to Block B are 1) What are some habits each member has? (sleeping habits too lol) 2) How was it like to film in Vietnam 3) What style would you guys want for your next comeback 4) Can you show us some aegyo <333333333 5) can you guys dance to Gangnam Style? Simon, martina, and spudgy, you guys are totally awesome <333333333333333333 (PS I LOVE YOU UKWON!!!) Eatyourkimchi and Block B Hwaiting~~ ^_^

  406. Hi i’m Shawny from Puerto Rico Ho has the strangeness sleeping habits in the group?

  407. Who is the most tsundere and who is the most different around girls?

  408. Where do you expect to be in 20 years? Houston,TX Cinnamon :)

  409. 1. What did you throw out the window?
    2. Why was the chicken in the video?
    3. Do you plan on any style changes(please say no), but since you have interest in experimenting in other genres aside from hiphop, what might they be?
    4. What did you enjoy most about being in Vietnam?
    5. Are any members close to Hanhae even now that he is Phantom? Do you miss him?
    6. What is the most liked song by the members? banned or not, haha
    7. Who is the messiest?
    8. Who is the most sensitive? (curiosity…)
    9. Can you try greeting us in three languages outside of Korean? Because I love the number three :3
    10. Have you seen one of Simon and Martina’s videos about your videos? What’s your opinion on it? If not, please watch one and tweet about it!
    11. Can you tell us something funny about the filming of Nallili Mambo that would have been behind the scenes or blooper worthy?
    12. Collectively, who are your favorite singers? Is that too much to ask? If so individually is fine!
    13. Which members are closest?
    14. Kyung: Why were you so fascinated with the chicken?
    15. Zico: How do you feel about your hair in the video? How happy are you the dreads are back? You were there and may have heard something, why did the gangsters leave the suitcase unattended? Did they actually have to go to the bathroom?
    16. U-kwon: Why were you chosen to get beaten up in the video? Did you lose a bet? haha
    17. Any commentary on the teasers you released? Particularly Kyung’s teaser, and also B bomb’s teaser. (The others are also cool so you can leave that out if you choose it :P)
    18. Any news for us? Anything to say?
    19. Many people believed you wouldn’t come back together as hiphop after your scandal, not me of course, but what do you have to say to them?
    20. Please know BBC will always support you! Stay well rested, we know you’re human!
    <3 Peggy from the USA. — If chosen, please have them say "hello Peggy" to me ;D
    Or at least just B bomb, Kyung and Jaehyo, that's not too much to ask, right? xD

  410. My Questions for Block B:
    if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
    And if you wherent in the music business what would you be doing?
    -Thankyou! (Alia Sargent from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

  411. Teka1991

    Anneyong! My name is Gina, and I’m from Shingle Springs, California. I’d like to ask all of the boys how they felt about producing this album(like were they nervous?), and if they feel differently now? Also, do they think there will be a trip to the USA in the future? Thank you and 사랑합니다 !!

  412. Question for Zico!
    You were an underground rapper & made mixtapes pre-debut. At what age did you start rapping?
    Did you face any hardships that inspired you to write your raps?
    Is there any rapper you idolize and would like to collaborate with?
    Rachita, India! ^^

  413. Letti Nguyen

    My questions are… 1) what are some weird habits that you guys have (lol even when you’re sleeping hahahs) 2) what was it like filming in vietnam 3) what style do you guys want as your next comeback? :D Much <3 from California. (PS UKWON I LOVE YOU!!!) LOL simon and martina and I won't forget spudgy, you guys are totally awesome <33333

  414. Eryfa

    I may be one of the only ones who noticed this, but when Zico held up the diamond to the light at 1:47, I find it so obvious that the diamond is made of glass. Seriously, it doesn’t even sparkle! Did anyone else notice that? …just me?

  415. block b,
    if you had to choose an ice cream flavor to describe yourselves, what would you choose and why ?
    taeil, do you really have a back tat ? will you show it to us ? o u o
    zico/kyung, why did you decide to do mainstream music instead of continuing as underground rappers ?
    kyung, will you be releasing more underground tracks like you did predebut ?
    deedee, california, usa

  416. All I can say is PURELL!!! LOTS of hand sanitizer!!! UGH just watching the video has me washing my hands!! Other than that glad y’all are back at making videos.

  417. My question is to all the Block B members especially U-Kwon, do you guys have any interest in foreigners as in being friends or maybe dating a foreign girl?
    Spanish Town, Jamaica

  418. Vivian imnida

    Yay, the interview is on my birthday! Simon and Martina, if you see this, could you please include this? It would make my birthday most special and memorable!
    Block B, hello! My birthday is today, could you please greet me? It’s the only thing I wished for this year besides your comeback! Thank you so much~ Block B hwating!
    -Your huge BBC from Florida, USA, Vivian Simon<3

  419. Block B, we don’t know if you realize this but you have a lot of international fans who really love you. We love your fun, cool image and have shown your music videos to everyone we know, even our parentsXD. What we want to know is how do you feel about being compared to Big Bang sometimes? After all, P.O. could be T.O.P’s brother because they look so much alike.:D

    -Alexi and Brenda from Modesto, CA, USA

  420. Hi I’m Karen Coronado from Guymon,OK and my question for Block B is : Was it hard to come up with a song for your guys comeback, and are you suprised that it was such a big hit with your fans ?

  421. datnastyvip

    omg meemersworth is so big now :’D


    all my cat feels

  422. michelle gosse

    hmm my question has disapeared, so my question to Taeil, can we see all your tattoos? and for all the guys, do they like girls with tattoos? because I know that some people do not like tattoos on girls

    Michelle from Newfoundland

  423. Park Yunhe

    I wonder what motivates and inspires Zico when it comes to composing and songwriting. I heard that he already composed 100+ songs and it’s amazong that he can still think of new and unique ideas for his songs.
    -Yunhe, South Korea

  424. min6496

    My question is : How do they think about Vietnam when they filmed the MV there? – Nerissa, USA – California

  425. This is for each of them: What is your favorite song from the album and why? Because the album ROCKS.

    Alanna, Utah, USA

  426. I would like to know what the members liked to do when they were kids or during their trainee days ^^
    ~Sierah, Arizona U.S.

  427. Guadalupe

    Would any of the members date foreigners?? Guadalupe, America

  428. Its my birthday on wednesday :) i would love it if u asked my question…
    My name is tina from california… Btw i saw u at kcon….i want to ask… Can u ask block b to say happy birthday tinarpan? pronounced 티날반 They are my fav kpop group and it would be the best birthday present ever… They can even say it in korean :) as long as i hear kyung say my name <3

  429. Is there anyone or a group that u wanna collaborate with? Ozzmosys from Singapore

  430. Jessica Le


    I want to ask, any member of block b to please do some derp faces. Just Kidding.
    Who is the best at english and can that person have a full on-going conversation in english..?

    Jessica Le from Canada ^^

  431. Do you guys have any plans on coming to the states or any where in the Western Hemisphere? If so could you give us BBC’s a possible date? I’m sure many of us would love to see you in concert over here!
    -Vianna from Texas

  432. Jessica-Robyn

    This video is my introduction to Block B, so I have to ask can someone please explain to me the “controversy” that people keep mentioning? I feel ridiculously out of the loop.

    • About 8 months ago they made a careless remark about the floods in Thailand. I’m sure someone has a video link, but basically when asked about donating to the flood victims (Their showcase there donated the entire proceedings to the victims) Zico said something like “I have no money to give” in a joking way but a lot of the flood victims felt it was offensive.

      Then Nickhun reprimanded them on twitter (which..he DOES have a right to cause he IS Thai and a senior singer to them) But BBCs picked on his DUI which happened around the same time.

      BBCs and Hottests made the whole issue ridiculous though. Cause they started coming for each other and blew it up and to this day Zico still apologizes about it.

      • Jessica-Robyn

        Thanks for the update! I can understand why there was some fuss over the comment because of heightened tensions after a disaster, but I’m so used to hearing English artists say incredibly offensive things and go about their day without heed that it does seem like a little much for a one off comment. It’s good they at least apologized for it. Whenever I hear about scandal in K-pop it’s never as juicy as I think it’s going to be.

  433. 3inthemorning

    If you could collaborate with anyone, in and outside of K-pop, who would it be? This can be answered individually or as a group.
    -Cori from Washington (not DC) :)

  434. I’ve asked this on twitter but I’ll put it down again here

    1: (In Nilili Mambo) What chicken dish was Kyung going to make if the robbing team didn’t come and cockblock him? Dothraki Warrior ‘Revel’: use the word “cockblock”

    2: (Each individual member) If they had to choose one singer and one rapper to collaborate with on a new song, who among the currently active singers (seniors and juniors, idol or otherwise, not among block b) would he choose and why?

  435. Ask them what is their inspiration for their comeback concepts! -Singapore

  436. To all the members: Which one of the members would be more likely to date someone that isn’t korean/a foreigner? Many international fangirls are probably dying to know this haha. From Alberta, Canada! CANADA REP HAHA :)

  437. Speckleddots

    Question from Nyasha Devonish,Christ Church Barbados. Who was your inspiration from your childhood and why?

  438. Ummmm Your album blockbuster is a massive success with every track being so delightful and fun. Are all of them composed by Zico? Is it true that P.O wrote the song “ROmantically”? I love the music and the words of the song. Can you tell me who did the scatting around the end of the song after Zico asks, “Shall we go to movies?” THat part is epic!
    Aditi, UK!

  439. (Courtney Faiella from Florida, USA) Which one of the members is most open to dating a foreigner? Or have any of them datted one befor?

  440. My question:
    Which member in the group has the most aegyo and can you please show us ? ^^

    Ashley A – Australia <3

  441. You should let Block B play with Meemersworth! Also, how did they feel about their comeback after the interview incident? And who in the band would be most likely to date a foreigner? -Gabby from Taiwan ^-^

  442. Daniela Cardoso

    My question isn’t actually a question but a request.
    Could they dance Martina’s version of Nillili Mambo??
    Daniela, Portugal

  443. heyamanda

    What was the funniest moment you had together?
    - Amanda from Texas :)

  444. I’M soooo happy that your back BLOCK B. Keep Up the Great work! You guys are a fun and easy going band who loves playing ranks on one another. My question to you is: What was the best and memorable prank you guys have ever done to each other? From Farihah Toronto

  445. You and your members are sailing on a pirate ship for vacation. Suddenly, other pirates come onto your ship and there is only one boat left to save you and someone else. Who would you choose and why? Keeping in mind that if you become stranded on an island, they would be your only accompaniment until you get saved. :) Farihah From TORONTO!

  446. michelle gosse

    Ask Taeil about his tattoos! Is it true that he has one on his back as well?-Michelle from Newfoundland

  447. Question for block b:
    Which one of you will most likely date a foreigner?
    From Khadeza from NYC.

  448. Cecilia Melendez

    Cecilia from Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    Q: College is becoming really stressful for me right now. Can you encourage the students and share some things that got you through difficult times as a trainee? Thank You! Always smile~

  449. For Zico: At first Movie´s Over it wasn’t a song for Block B, it was thought for a female solo…In whom thought at first to interpret this song?

    Eva. Spain

  450. oh! I have a question! :D Which member does Block B feel embarrassed by most often and why? – Allana Q., California :) oh i hope my question gets picked! ;v;

  451. kpopfan123

    Oh guys what a great review X”DD if only you weren’t sick! T___T *Go away cold!!!*

  452. My question for Block B is that I’ve noticed a growing contribution from the members to the songs and the albums, as we saw in “Welcome to the Block”, and I was wondering how the group contributed to “Blockbuster” and what future plans you guys have for new songs and if there will be a point where you guys create the albums entirely by yourselves.
    Martha from Illinois

  453. Lacy Ontario, Canada,
    My question is for Zico I read you like American comedies I wanted to know what was your favourite shows?

  454. My name is Elizabeth from USA and I have a crap load of questions cause I’m a very curious person lol.
    Which members have tattoos, and can you guys explain them?
    Who is the funniest member, and what was the funniest thing he has ever done?
    What was the biggest fight you guys have ever gotten in?
    What is your favorite Block B track, and what is your favorite off of your recent album?
    Is Park Kyung or P.O. going to release a mixtape anytime soon?
    What is your favorite pre-debut song from any Block B member?
    Are there going to be any ventures out into the acting field?
    What were your thoughts on the BBC World Camp? Is there going to be another one? And how was it filming the World Camp teasers?
    Who would you want to be paired up with on We Got Married?
    What is up with that one door in your dorm with the pictures of half-naked females?
    Are there going to be any unit/solo activities in the future?
    How would Zico grade himself on his vocal performance in the album? Is any of the vocal line going to try out rapping? Taeil, I’m looking at you.
    What is the game, Blue Marble, to Block B/Kyung?
    Are any of the other members working on composing and/or lyric writing?
    What is your favorite era of Block B?
    What are your thoughts on your and the other members’ individual teasers?

  455. What are each members’ favorite song from the new album?
    California, USA

  456. NaterasMaria

    Okay, my question is…
    Does Block B or separate members have friendships with other kpop groups? Also have members of BAP become friends with Block B as a whole?
    -Maria from Aurora, Colorado

  457. kpopfan123

    ‘Our eyes have gotten a lot worse’ T____T what is that doctor of yours prescribing you guise? fire him! > . . <

    I liked Block B's song. It's pretty catchy but I can't say I like it to the point of addiction. (To me there always have to be a certain addiction to a song :)) ).. but I'm excited for you guys! :)

  458. Which member has the most awkward/ weirdest habits? – Karyna from Singapore :D

  459. I read about it somewhere but is it true that Zico makes everyone in the group sing the whole song before giving each of them their particular part in the song? If it is than damn Zico you are one awesome leader! If not, then you still are!
    Oh and Zico, are you going to do some more singing after showing us your vocal skill in “Movie’s over”?????

  460. My questions are for the group…
    Serious Question: As you grow as an music artist, where do draw your inspirations from? Do you still have the same inspirations as you did when you were starting out and/or what has changed about them?

    Silly Question: In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, who would most likely survive and why?

    Tyler Chase from Las Vegas, NV USA.

  461. Mikalai

    Zico is your mixtape available to buy on itunes? Or in America? How can we buy your mixtape.

  462. Sunny Shine

    Hi Simon and Martina!! Best wishes from Lithuania! :}}
    Question for Block B: What is your relationship with EvoL? Do you give them any tips or lessons, do you practice together? Or maybe you’re planning to do a collaboration one day? – BBC Sunny from Lithuania :}

  463. My question is to all of Blcok B – What is your favorite brand of clothing?
    Leah Shaw from Alberta Canada

  464. Hi, Asra here ;) my question is: if u would be able to start your life anew again would you still choose this path (being kpop idols) or would you consider otherwise (since you’ve probably seen both the good AND the bad side of it). If not, what would your option be?
    Greetz from Amsterdam, The Netherlands :)

  465. Every K-pop group goes through hardships sometime or another, what is your secret to fighting through them and continuing on to follow your dreams?
    -Stephanie Montague from Chicago, Illinois

  466. QUESTION!!! My names Kristi from New Jersey, USA! With the recent influx of Kpop artists performing over here, would Block B ever consider performing in Jersey or New York?!!?! and of course because Martina said it…my Just Kidding Question – When will you marry me Zico?! hahahaha

  467. 1. If Block B were indeed pirates, what would they steal and why?
    2. What is the most bizarre thing each member remembers about being in the group?
    3. If they could be anyone in the world for a week, who would it be and why?
    -Lauren, New Jersey, USA

  468. angelaelizabeth

    In their interviews it is always pointed out that PO is the most….gaseous….member. I would like to know what he normally eats to make him so much more….gaseous….than the others.

    They seem really playful and fun loving, and so are EYK peeps! So I hope you guys have a lot of fun with them in the interview.

    Oh, and I’m from BC. You guys need to do some kind of event in Van.

  469. I hope you guys get better soon :( I have 2 questions so my first question is for P.O: a lot of people have been comparing you to T.O.P you know with the voice and the looks! What do you think about that? My second question: did you guys know that a lot of people on youtube make MV reactions of your music videos ,have guys took the time to check some out and what do you think of them so far? -Sarah From Saudi Arabia

  470. I have a Question for all of them: Do you get to pick your hairstyle for MV? Or is it chosen for ya???
    PS Digging Zico’s hair!!!
    Brianna, California

  471. Fantastic job as always :D

    My question is: Have you ever seen any dance or vocal cover of your songs in youtube? What did you think about it? (Lucía from Spain)


  472. If you were to be another member of Block B, which one would you like to be and why? And if you were in a girl group?

    Iolanda, from Barcelona (Spain) (my name’s initial is an ‘i’, just in case =P)

  473. I want to know:
    1. ‘do Block B like to do aegyo?’ It seems to me like they do, especially P.O and Zico haha xD2. As Kyung and Zico have studied abroad, can they tell us a little about their experience or advice to those studying abroad?
    Gemma, England (currently studying in China)

  474. chochii

    Simon and Martina please take care! feel better soon ;)

  475. chochii

    Xochitl from Argentina (I really want to hear them try and pronounce my name :D)
    My questions are:
    -Which one of the songs you have performed live is your favorite and why?
    -Do you ever read the comments in your youtube videos, any fun ones?

  476. Question: If you could have any celebrity, Korean or other wise, as a parent, who would it be?

  477. I want to know ‘do Block B like to do aegyo?’ It seems to me like they do, especially P.O and Zico haha xD

  478. (Kirsty, Australia) Are you all excited to be coming Australia next year? What would you most like to do when you come here? Thank you! :D

  479. My question is: Would doing a international tour (*cough cough* to the US) be a goal for the group?

    Ariana, New York

  480. OMFG!!!!!!!!! AH SCREAM SPAZZ DIE!!!!!<333333333333333

  481. Bowtied Penguin

    Any sleeping habits among the members ? :D
    do you sleep with each other ? x3

    Britney , Georgia c:

  482. What is your favorite international fan interaction? What about it that made it memorable to you?
    Haeriot – Chicago Illinois USA

  483. By: Sara
    From: Morocco
    well first of all WOW THAT ALBUM IS WOW no word can describe it, u never dissapoint us *Proud BBC* so my question is … which are the countries that you would like to visit, countries you have never been to ( secretly hoping they will say my country so i can start planning how to stalk them when they come), Moroccan BBC’s loves u so much and i hope uwill get to knowledge us more <3 Block B FIGHTING <3

  484. Gabriela Benitez

    How has becoming idols change your life? And what’s the best of being idols?
    -Gabriela from Florida U.S.A

  485. 1. Zico, will you be my best friend for life? ♥
    2. Zico just released a song (Battle Royale) from his new mixtape, can we expect the other members to release their own songs as well?Shriya (pronounced shree-yah), Canada :3

  486. This is Veronica from US:How do they handle stress?

  487. Emily Brand

    Are any of you bilingual (speak other languages)? And if you can, what can you say?

    Emily from Sydney, Australia.

  488. Since you have done a street gang concept and now a pirate concept, what is a concept you would like to do in the future?
    Jai, USA

  489. i was just curious…….(im so curious ya!!!!…..ehem…) if each member was a different fictional character, who would they be? – Rachel, Canada

  490. Nevaeh Tail

    What inspired your pirate concept for Nillili Mambo?

    what’s your favorite song on your new album?

    Laura, USA

  491. My question for Zico: why do you like dreadlocks so much?
    Josephine from Vancouver, Canada.

  492. To P.O.: What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

  493. To B-Bomb: Do you have a sexual fantasy no one else knows about?

  494. To U-Kwon: If you suddenly found yourself turned into a woman, how would you spend your day?

  495. To Jaehyo: What’s the worst lie you ever told? Did you get caught?

  496. To Zico: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

  497. To Kyung: What made you laugh the hardest in your entire life?

  498. To Taeil: If you could have a meeting with three people from any time, fictional or non-fictional, who would they? Why?

  499. Lisa Kornelsen

    How do you (the members) individually deal with all the stress that comes along with being an idol? Lisa from MB, Canada

  500. CherryLips

    Amira, Spain: You have debuted last year as the first kpop group doing hip-hop music. Would you like to continue like that or would you want to try something new?

    Awesome kpop music monday! (as always :)) Hope you guys get better soon! Lots of love from Spain!

  501. leechanhee

    Q. For your concert Next year in Sydney, what would you like to do while your there? Aussie BBC’s are really looking forward to your performance! ~From Lisa, Australia

  502. my question is: do you have any special expectations for this comeback? and what has changed from debut till now?
    adi, Israel

  503. Jocelyne from Canada

    What is something you guys always have in your bags (something you can’t leave the dorm without)?

  504. oh my, so many questions from Poland o_O let me add one more ^^

    If you were able to meet & talk to anyone you wanted [dead or alive] ~ who would it be?

    Michalina, Poland

  505. Which member is the neatest and which is the messiest? and Will the group ever have concert in the US? – Silena, Pennsylvania, USA

  506. Sophie

    1. Which member is the easiest to get along with and which member is the hardest to get along with?
    2. Which member has the most awkward habits?
    3. When someone thinks of block b what do you want them to think?
    And little side note to Kyung: Would you wink at the camera for us? ^_^
    – Sophie from USA

  507. If you could choose to have a superpower, which would it be and why?
    California, USA

  508. What do each of you see yourself doing 10 years from now? What dreams or goals do you hope to accomplish by yourself/with your members in that time span?

    And Zico: Are you still obsessed with Hello Kitty just like in your debut days?

    ~ Christy Ni, Pennsylvania, PA :)

  509. Patricia from Portugal
    - Ask them to tell you one thing that they like or that they usually do that other people wouldn’t think of (this should get some interesting answers out of those jokers).
    - Which are their favorite sports?
    - what is their best and worse personality trait?
    - Also, I wanna know if any of them listens to rock or metal music. I’m still waiting for the day a K-pop idol goes like “I listen to Machine Head sometimes” (which is my favourite band), I’d also like to advise Zico to listen to some Korn, I think he could get some interesting ideas out of it and do his magic.
    Ask them to tell you one thing that they like or that they usually do that other people wouldn’t think of.

  510. All the teasers we so unique, what input did you guys have in them?
    Missy Canada

  511. Jaehyo: How do the members hack your twitter so easily??
    California, USA

  512. kiimmiieee

    1. What is the process for distributing the lines. The fans would love to hear more B-Bomb & Jaehyo!

    2. It was rumored that Jaehyo trained with Beast & B-Bomb trained with Infinite. Is this true & do you still keep in touch with them?

    3. Will there be another BBC World Camp? Especially one that includes North American fans?

    4. Do you think the inside jokes within the fandom have gone too far? For example Kyungcumber. Fans don’t want to hurt you.

    5. B.A.P/Block B Collab!

    Kim California, USA

  513. You guise, I was so counting on your take on the make-out scene!

    1. You experimented with a lot of genres so far; any plans to do a rock song in the future?
    2. For Kyung: Will you release a mixtape as well?
    3. For Zico: You studied art in Japan. How good are you at it? Will we ever see your works?
    Maja from Poland

  514. Nicole Garcia

    Nicole from Australia
    For Zico: Since the success of your singing in Movie’s Over, is there a chance you’ll sing more often? Maybe the rapper line and the vocal line can swap roles? :-)

  515. Sai from Canada
    In a group of your size there must be times when arguments or little fights break out; if someone drank the last cup of juice, doesn’t clean up after themselves etc. So how do you guys solve these issues? Also, what was the last, little or big, argument you guys had? OR who has the worst annoying habits?

  516. I love the pirate references: Zico as Jack Sparrow with blonde dreads, slightly crazy yet with clever devious plans to steal, is clearly the leader. The One Piece poster with instead of Sanji but of Zico with the same bounty on his head: 77 000 000. The old-style pistols (that likely no one would actually use these days). The BlockB pirate flag posted at various places. The strings/ orchestra deep sounds at the beginning and ending, sounding just like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Po’s eyepatch. Also parts of the songs like Zico’s opening part referencing ‘Entry of the Gladiators by Julius Fucik, aka the Circus theme song). There’s probably so many layers I’m missing here, but that’s what I love about artists like BlockB whose music and MVs are so inter textual and referential and just so deep.

  517. Will Block B ever come to America to perform? And where? I would love to see a concert from you guys. Kikay. Delaware. USA

  518. Great review guys! I knew it would be like this!
    The MV itself is so cool but then there are all those awkward details…
    I’m curious about what P.O throw through the window since I saw it on the teaser. And omg the girl laughing in Jaehyo’s face xDDD I laughed really hard when I saw it the other day!
    I hope you all have fun during the interview!
    Oh! For the showdown~ I clearly choose Block B ^^
    Thank you!!

  519. Hi!
    I would like to ask, if you would have a chance to come to a far, very small country, would you still like to go? Since it’s not the usual huge fanbase you have in korea :)
    second, because I’m curious, if you could be an animal, which one would you choose? :P
    Last one! Kyung. in the MV. what were you thinking while chasing the chicken with the Pan? wouldn’t it be better to chase it with your hands, or a knife?

    Lior, from Israel
    BTW, if by any chance one of my question is asked, can you please say hello in hebrew? It’s spelled “Shalom”. (שלום if you’re curious) just that. and that would make me so happy <3
    for Isreali fans too, cause we're here <3

    how do you feel about your hair in the music video?
    ~Trang, from Chicago♥

  521. What was your favorite scene in Nillili Mambo and why? Which one was the funniest and which the hardest?
    Asia from Poland ^ ^
    (Sorry for mistakes, my English sucks)

  522. Anastasia from NYC.

    Question: Why did you made the comments that you made during the Thailand flood? Was it to lighten up the mood by making a joke that you have no money too? or was it a careless remark that just happen to slip out?

    I personally don’t think that Zico was trying to make a fool of the flood incident in Thailand. I think he looked like he wanted to sincerely help Thai people, but just didn’t have money and thus his reply was as such. As we’ve seen in a lot of variety shows, idols doesn’t seem to have much money on them.

  523. Questions~
    1. Could you ask Zico why he chose to leave SM Ent. and go to Brand New Stardom ?
    2. Do they listen to cutsey songs ? ouo
    3. Is there someone in the group with a weird sleeping habit ? (Talking, hugging someone, undressing (owo) etc.)
    4. Would they date their fans ? :D
    5. Are they interested into promoting in other countries ? (Canada, France, US, Spain etc.)
    6. Can they do a gretting in French ? :3
    7. Is there someone in the group who would be interested into acting ?
    8. What do they like the most in being a Kpop Idol ?

    Love from Quebec♥ xxo

    Camélia, Canada~

    Who choreographs the dances? You all seem to have a lot of fun with it and its fun to watch. What are your favourite parts of the dance?
    ~Angela, from Canada

  525. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    So you guys doin that interview in your closet?

  526. Liz from Tacoma Washington USA…..With your comeback are you going to do things that will be more accessible to your international fanbase? What international things are you hoping to do/accomplish?

  527. Question: is there a possibility the band will be coming to england to promote their music? Gangnam Style made it to number one in the chart, it would be nice if korean hip hop made its way here too.
    Sky – england


    Who choreographs the dances? You all seem to have a lot of fun with it and its fun to watch. What are your favourite parst of the dance?

    ~Angela, from Canada

  529. Is there a time in which you regret and would want to go back in time to fix it? – Sunny & Ikra – England

  530. How do you guys feel about this comeback and everything that happened until ‘nillili mambo’?
    Líria from Brazil

  531. Gabriela, from Poland. ( living in uk)
    Ask them what happened to the diamonds. And if they were to keep it, (if the vid was reality) How would they share the money between themselfs.

  532. Zico was supposed to be in SHINee right? what happened to make it so that he went from cutie boy R&B to Hip-Hop? how did he find out about the company he works for now? What was their main diet when they were trainees? by Karen aka MsThugBear, from USA

  533. brenabeast

    Umm ok,
    Is there an artist that really inspires you or a song that really inspires you. Ooh and what songs could we find on your ipod that no one would expect you to listen too? (to everyone)
    Brenagh from England <3

  534. Do you have plans on coming to the US anytime soon? Where would you want to visit if you came to the US?
    California, USA

  535. Simon & Martina, you guys are awesome!!so, my question: How do you feel with this comeback after 8 months? :) you know BBC’s will be always be here for you right? Block B hwaiting! ♥ Inês, Portugal

  536. If you could collaborate with any female K-Pop group, who would it be and why? :D
    From Liam K, UK

  537. What hairstyles do the members want to try out next?
    California, USA

  538. Hi, my name is Elda. I’m from Spain. And my question is for P.O: How do you feel when people compare your voice with TOP’s?

  539. If you’re the sister of a member in block b, will you want to introduced to other member? If yes who it’ll be? ~Indonesia~

  540. Seo Ae Chan

    After releasing this album, how do feel about it? Do you feel that this comeback is better? What improvements do you think you should have done?
    Aleisha from Canada

  541. my question is: after the thai controversial were any of you afraid that your career was over?! that you wouldn’t have any fans? if so, what encouraged you to keep going?
    Kamsamnida. BLOCK B Fighting ^^MCosta, Portugal

  542. How does Kyung feel about BBC’s new pairing: chicken + Kyung (ChicKyung)?
    California, USA

  543. Laura, Spain
    Is the life of an idol what you imagine? Is it more hard than you thought?

  544. My quetion is: Will you have a showcase, your own showcase overseas? -Indonesia-

  545. How much creative control do you, as artists, have? I consider BlockB as artists, as opposed to idols, because I feel that BlockB does not follow the kpop trend and conveys originality, thoughtfulness, and explores topics other than ‘love’. So, how much say do you have in your compositions, the concept looks, and the MVs?
    Jessica, Canada

  546. Jennacjo

    My question is: If you knew it was your last day on earth, how would you spend it and why? Jenna, Canada :)

  547. My burning question (not for interview but for the video) is at the end when they open the briefcase. They open it and nothing is in it…but dude right there is holding another briefcase. Do pirate gangsters normally carry briefcases or does this seem suspicious to anyone else??

  548. My question: We all know that each member of Block B has swag, but which member is the most different when they’re not performing?
    Cara, South Africa :)

  549. How awesome that you get to do an interview and pure awesomeness that you raised that much money! Congrats and go nasties! :))

    My question:What other goals than doing well as an idol group do you have in life? Thanks and I hope you guys win 1st place with Nillili Mambo!

    Lotta from Finland
    (pronounced /’LOT-tah’/ not /’LAA-tah’/ :D)
    (Finland has Santa Claus, xylitol and Angry Birds! ^^)

  550. My question for Block.B:
    if you could go anywhere in the world, with anybody you want to; where and with who would you go?
    Sandra, Denmark

  551. What song was the most fun to make? — Shamitha from U.S.A :)

  552. PunkyPrincess92

    someone should tell Block B pirates sing yoho yoho not okey dokey!!!

  553. Melissa Martin

    1. How did the two diamonds go missing? Martina pointed out at 2:05 that it looks like PO threw one of the diamonds out the window. Is that true? If so, then what happened to the other one?
    2. I 2nd Zochil Moreno question #3 & 4
    Virginia, USA

  554. I hope you guise feel better really soon! <3 <3 <3

  555. How do you feel when all the Thailand thing happened and your fans stayed there for you guys? Love you~
    Naomi, Spain

  556. So BlockB- your name is short for Blockbusters- what are your favourite blockbuster movies and are there any films that have particularly inspired you?
    Jessica, a film student, from Canada
    (btw, I loved the excessive amounts of pop/cultural references in your newest MV- so brilliant!!!!)

  557. laura guerra

    I vote for Block B!!

  558. Who in the group gets scared the easiest?
    ~Meeghan from Pennsylvania

  559. I would like to ask… what is something that their fans did that left an impression on them? Like, presents the fans gave to Block B, things that happened at fansigns, etc…

  560. Keshiea Mirani Thavithu

    My question(s) for the group as whole:

    How close are you with your “sisters” in Evol and what do you think about their debut? Will you be doing any projects together in the future?
    Kesh, Norway

  561. Was the thing PO threw out of the window the diamonds?? jus a guess :D

    • that’s what I was wondering… but here’s the thing, there were 2 suitcases, one with diamonds and one from the mahjong winnings. somehow along the way they got mixed up between the members, cuz PO first had the mahjong winnings’ case and then at the end when Zico took it from him it was supposed to be the diamonds one. We’re just gonna have to watch it a few more bajillion times~ :D

  562. Katie Gilbert

    Do you know where Oklahoma is?
    Katie from Oklahoma
    P.S. Barely anyone here knows of kpop… it is sad :(

  563. Zochil Moreno

    1) Do you plan to have a world tour? If yes what countries would you like to go to?
    2) How was it filming in Vietnam? What was one of the most significant memories you made there??
    3) Do you any of the members have strange habits? while sleeping, eating, etc
    4) Can each of the Block B members show an individual talent?

    Zochi from USA~California, Sorry for so many questions >w<

  564. Heres my question:What is your future would you come to Europe for a concert, for example Germany? And what would you do if the world would be destroyed in 2 minutes?
    Celine, from Germany ^^

  565. Zico can you please rap? But do it super fast! Thank you ^_^ I love you <3
    Francella, Nicaragua

  566. Rebecca/Shimi from America/Taiwan
    1. Can Zico plz continue telling us about kinky kwon hehe
    2. What the members think about international/interracial relationships
    3. What kind of boyfriend are they when they are in a relationship
    4. Who makes the best couple amongst the members and why?(like what do they do with each other off camera)

  567. lildevilx

    Have any of the members thought of doing solo activities? What genres would each member like to do? And which other artists would them members like to collab with?
    –Nita Lee from Minnesota, USA ^^

    • I’m pretty sure Zico has already done some solo albums actually, but I love that you asked about collaborations! Adding to that, Nelly Furtado was saying that she wanted to collaborate with some kpop artists- I’m curious to know if BlockB would collaborate with foreign artists and with who? (Jessica, Canada)

      • lildevilx

        Yeah, I know that Zico has done some solo albums but I kinda wanted to know if the other members have thought of doing solo activities. It would be nice to their talents as an individual. And it’d be awesome if they did do collabs with other artists.

  568. Question: Which artist do you look up to these days? also, what song of the new album do you like more? And what do you think of the choreographies? well, keep the awesome work, BBC will always support you guys! Inês, Portugal ♥

  569. Oh herrow dere~
    1) What pet would would you have if you could have any animal in he world including magical/mythical ones?
    2) What song is playing on your ipod right now?
    3) What is your biggest fear?
    4) If you could meet anyone in life (dead or alive) who would you meet?
    5) What is your favorite word?
    6) If you could choose between having 1 million *inserts currency here* or being able to fly, what would you do?
    7) If you could be a girl for a day, what would you do?
    8) Do you like, want or have piercings?
    9) Who or what inspires you and why?
    10) What was your worst/best memory of high school and why?
    11) Street fighter or Tekken? Marvel or DC?
    12) Zombie Apocalypse?
    13) Would you come to England? *gets on knees* *does puss in boots face* ~you know you want to~

    PS: Zico i love you god, you are so beautiful <3

    PPS: Zico marry me yeah ;)

    PPPS: *plans to kidnap* ^-^~

    Gabriella from a small village in the countryside of England!~

  570. how are you thinking compete against others hip hop groups that have come out?

    Milagros from Peru

  571. Marissa Webb

    My question is for Zico. Were there any artists that you listened to that inspired you to pursue a career in music. If so, who are they. – Marissa from New Jersey

  572. Question for P.O. ” What is the worst and what the best thing about being maknae? ” Sanja from Bosnia

  573. I wanna know wich member is the most awkward with the others. Oh, and just for fun, ask them to do a girl group impersonation, yahaha.
    Lynnette, Canada

  574. My question is on Zico : Why do you look so good , so damn sexy ? xD

  575. The only Kpop mv I saw that actually used guns properly was Secret’s Poison. ^.^

  576. Omg you guys, totally loved this KMM xO, so funny ^^
    Ok, so this September, I started my first year at university and Wednesday, I have my very first exam >< o.O

    from Isabel, Belgium ^^

    btw, totally Block B for this weeks showdown ^^

  577. Who is the most Ganster/Pirate/Bad boy of the band ?
    Typhaine, France !

  578. Block B are definitely the best pirates :) Excited to see your interview!

  579. For Block.B Q: Out of you 7 member’s which one has grown in there raping or vocal ability, and why?
    Nakia, GA

  580. LOL they are derp gangsters but I have a question: up till this comeback which concept did they feel most comfortable with? Nadah from Jordan

  581. My question is for the whole group: Do you have any say in your visual concept(hair, clothes, style etc.) and do you like it so far?
    Kayla, US

  582. Angelika

    Do you guys have any plans on coming to Germany for a concert in the future?
    Angelika from Germany

  583. Zicova Charm ♥

    Question Time ;
    Since they have become idols, what is the most memorable thing that has happened for them? (It could be collaborating with someone, performing at a certain event, etc.)- from Nicole/Nikki in Nova Scotia, Canada ♥

  584. What feelings came out when you finished recording Nillili Mambo?
    Juliana – Brazil

  585. I know that the first reality show Block B did was with B1A4 (bilassa) and I want to know what they think of the kind of cutie boy image in kpop. Since they are obviously on the other end of the spectrum, I really want to know their opinions. (I am a fan of both groups) Lots of love and hope your pink eye gets better!
    Emily Remick From Connecticut USA

  586. Kelly Miszner

    I don’t know if Halloween is big at all in Korea but since it’s coming up soon in North America (and tons of BBCs are from here) what would you dress up as? (This is for all of them).
    Kelly from New York! :)

  587. Jacklin, Brazil
    I wanted to know what “7:30″ means~
    I mean, dunno, i thought it was one of the songs from BLOCKBUSTER but it isn’t, and 7:30 was also in the mv of Narina (in the beginning) ^.^

  588. If you were a girl, which member would you date?

    kora – california, usa

  589. Karen-Texas How involved in the making of this video were they, creatively? Were they able to have much input? Also, how many NGs were there? (I imagine the chicken and Taeil) I hope you guys feel better!

  590. Well…. My question is possibly going to be lost in the fangirlness and proposals…… but hopefully you’ll think of asking the one question I have. ^^

    If you woke up one day as a girl, what would you do? [Asked by Tammy from California, USA] (this question is directed toward all members ^^)
    I don’t know what’s up with my weird fascination with guy’s waking up and finding out that they’re girls, but… I’ve always wondered what they would do if they ended up in that situation. hahahaha
    Also, Simon and Martina, get well soon~!~! L(^0^L) I feel bad that you guys had to edit the video and record it when you guys were like half blind. haha. Thank you for making these videos!!

  591. Mochikoferret


    I was SO looking forward to your commentary on that last scene at the end. I mean, it’s my favorite part of the whole video. it even beats the cockblocking scene, imo. it’s just…soo….random.

    Ah well. I did love the rest of the video. If I hadn’t read the blog post first, I wouldn’t have even known you were having so many issues with eyesight and such. Hope you guys feel better soon–especially hope you’re better by the time you interview Block B!

    Also, now I have to go look up that Trololol song, cuz you guys got it in my head. **accusing stare**

    • Mochikoferret

      I actually thought for a moment at the end there, that you, Simon, would get annoyed with her singing the Trololol song and would turn and chase her in fast-forward like the last scene in the music video. that would’ve been hilarious. XD

  592. What was the most embarassing moment, while you were in Block B ?
    Rahma Abdi, Germany

  593. beloved89

    Hope you two feel better soon!!!

    I’d want to know: If you could have any other Korean singer’s song for yourself, which song would you want to perform on stage?

    T.O., Canada~

  594. hellokaylie

    There are a lot of new groups debuting in 2012 as K-POP is becoming more popular. As a sunbae, are there any new groups that catch your eye (male & female)?

    Also, for Zico! I heard that he has studied in Canada before. What was his experience like there? Any plans to perform as a group there in the future?


  595. Great.. now I will have Martina’s version of Nillini Mambo in my head forever!

  596. Susan Ahlfs

    What was your favorite part in filming for the Nallili Mambo video? What was the most successful part of the video in your eyes and were there any parts that you wish you could have improved on after you were done filming, but couldn’t due to time?
    Thank you! I hope everyone stays healthy and happy.

    Susan from Minnesota, USA

  597. Hi! My question is: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? Alison – UK

  598. This music video was really great, what was your favorite part about shooting it and were there any interesting stories from on set that you could tell us?
    Rose from Washington DC

  599. Hi , my name is Belen and Im from ARGENTINA
    I want to know if members of Block B would marry a woman who is from another country?
    I really love Block B, Fighting~

  600. Where is TVXQ’s Catch me?, they won the last week! GRRRRRR!

  601. Hello Simon and Martina! I have really many questions to BLOCK B! please ask them at least one!^^
    1.to Zico and P.O: your behavior on TV is different from your behavior in life? behavior of whom of members of blockb the most different in this context?
    1.what plans for the future have you block b?
    2.what inspires them when they write songs?
    3.Please ask Zico what does he think about Captain Jack Sparrow? Many fans compare Zico with him in BlockB`s new MV!
    Natasha from Russia

  602. WTF and where is TVXQ catch me?, they win the last week.. GRRRR!

  603. Hi, I am Sandra, from Singapore. A NEW BBC HERE!!! (:
    Just a few questions that I hope you would ask BLOCK B during the interview.
    1) How do they feel when they are being view as ‘hip hop idols’ rather than normal ‘Kpop idols’?
    2) Any idol groups in particular which they want to collaborate with?
    3) How do they get the ideas when they compose the lyrics?
    I am so in love with them because I really adore idols who composed their songs themselves!! -3
    Thanks Simon and Martina! :D

  604. Maryanne

    Few questions for Block B! (Maryanne from USA)

    -Who is a scaredy cat when it comes to watching scary movies? Any screamers?
    -If you had to describe yourself as an animal, what would you be?
    -Who is the most eater in the group?
    -Who is the laziest member in the group?
    -What is your ideal type ;) I know all BBCs want to know that! Haha.
    -What do you guys like to do in free time?
    -Is there any other concepts that you guys would like to do in the future??

  605. Laura from Germany:
    What do the Block B members think about Germany?
    Are they planning to viist it someday or maybe thinking about giving a concert?

    Thanks Simon and Martina for this great chance!
    Good luck on your future plans! :)
    And GET WELL SOON you poor Nasties-Masters!

    Best regards~
    Take care~

  606. How did you feel when you were preparing for your first comeback since Nalina?

    Hannah, London, England

  607. My question is: when you’re at home, do you listen to your own music? – Eline from Sweden ^_^

  608. My question: What the best pranks or dares you’re pulled on each other? How did they turn out?
    Becca, USA

  609. Panda-Bee Williams

    I am so glad that, ‘NILLILI MAMBO’ is being reviewed this week because when I first wacthed it, it was a total “blow your mind” moment, haha. Anyway it’s great to see you guys doing a KPOP MUSIC MONDAYS again, I really do hope you both get better soon though and also thanks for still managing to post videos and stuff despite you both feeling ill, it’s really appreciated (⌒▽⌒).

    Also congratulations on getting an interview with BLOCK B.
    My questions are:
    One – How did you prepare yourselves as a band for this ‘comeback’, were you more nervous, or worried about the response?
    Two – What do you think of the MV, and the style of it, was it fun to film, especially because of the location being outside of Korea?
    Three – To Zico; How did it feel to have dreads again? (Awesome look by the way, can it stay? Haha) ;p.
    Four – Are you all as naturally confident offstage as you appear onstage? Do you have any tips on becoming more confident and/or overcoming insecurities?

    Brontë, from United Kingdom (LOL BBC (⌒▽⌒).
    Sorry for this being so long.
    Thank you, it really means a lot that EYK can provide fans with wonderful opportunities like this, :3.

  610. If you could visit the States, which state would you most like to visit… excluding California and New York (there are 48 other states)? And why?
    Sheree from United States

  611. What do you think about the couples made by fans?
    Mélanie from France

  612. Hello Simon and Martina! I have really many questions to BLOCK B! please ask them at least one!^^
    1.to Zico and P.O: your behavior on TV is different from your behavior in life? behavior of whom of members of blockb the most different in this context?
    1.what plans for the future have you block b?
    2.what inspires them when they write songs?
    3.Please ask Zico what does he think about Captain Jack Sparrow? Many fans compare Zico with him in BlockB`s new MV!
    Natasha from Russia

  613. Oh man I hope your eyes get better soon!! D:

  614. Or you could just ask them:
    “Do you know how proud BBC are of you??”
    Jenna, USA

  615. I am Savanna from the USA. My question is what would the members be if they weren’t idols?

  616. Could you ask them,
    “Do you have any plans to or any desire to connect with international fans again? Perhaps even fans from the Americas?”
    “Do you personally receive the gifts your fans send to Stardom?”
    “Would you date a fan? An International fan??” Haha
    “Which members have real tattoos? What are they??”
    Jenna, USA

  617. hi my name is Zaineb Elboushi from Virginia and i want to know what inspired you to become kpop idols.

  618. Or you could just ask them:
    “Do you know how proud BBC are of you??”
    Jenna, USA

  619. Could you ask them,
    “Do you have any plans to or any desire to connect with international fans again? Perhaps even fans from the Americas?”
    “Do you personally receive the gifts your fans send to Stardom?”
    “Would you date a fan? An International fan??” Haha
    “Which members have real tattoos? What are they??”

  620. Please ask them to do something very nasty since you are interviewing him. XD – Anastasia from Italy

  621. hi my name is zaineb elboushi from Virginia and i want to know what inspired them to become kpop idols.

  622. From Spain. All of you, when you were kids, wanted to be singers? What do you like the most of being singers or rappers?, and Block B have plans on promoting overseas?

  623. Felicity_Dawn

    Felicity – UTAH:

    During pre-debut-era,who was the person, MOST unlike a Idol? Like…. had the worst habits, didn’t LOOK like a star, ect…. (And when the others learned that this person was to be in the group, it was unbelievable that they COULD be a idol?)

  624. Are any of you interested in being in a relationship, or do you want to focus on your music career for now? If you *are* looking, what kind of girls do you like? ;)
    From Kyla, Nova Scotia, Canada

  625. Oooh, question time :D
    I have a question for Zico: Your upcoming mixtape gives a different vibe when being compared to the Block B albums. What’s the message behind it?
    Cause I’m dying to know. I love the songs so so so much, especially Dead Leaves.
    Thank you! Rina, Romania.

  626. P.O, now that you have long swishable hair, could you do me your best shampoo advert hairflick.

  627. -out of all the members who has the creepiest habits?
    Mahnoor from saudi arabia

  628. nananina

    What kind of music does each member listen to? And who are you’re favorite artist? XD
    Darlene Kern; Seattle, WA

  629. What Happened To Music Monday? All I See Is The Music Video and a double posted blooper videos..

  630. Zico Oppa Do you like cheeseburger? Silvia -Switzerland

  631. Eleanor Kirk

    Bit of a random question, but since the theme of Nillili Mambo is pirates, could you ask them which pirate stories are their favourites, or if there are any stories about pirates that they find cool/funny or that might have inspired their MV, and why they decided on pirates as their theme for Nillili Mambo? (I think I detected a Pirates of the Caribbean influence, but I was wondering if there are any others.) Also, are they planning on touring to Europe (specifically to the UK) any time soon?

    Oh, and whose idea was it for Zico to have different coloured eyes, because that was mildly creepy and also frikkin’ awesome.

    Eleanor, the UK.

  632. Which member would you date if you were a girl?

    Anna, Estonia

  633. Hey guys! Could you tell us what inspires you the most during making-music time?
    Is there a certain solo artist or group you wanna do a collaboration with? (as Block B and individually)
    Zico, what is the release date of your new album?

    from Poland

    P.S. Simon, pleeeeeeeease try to convince them to say something in Polish (as we didn’t get any of that during U-KISS interview >o<)

  634. Who has the weirdest seeping habits? ^^ – Elsa, Sweden

  635. First Nalina and now Nillilli mambo…. any particular reason behind the N pattern or just a coincidence? – Elsa, Sweden

  636. (Jennie, Spain)
    Question for all members. The fact that you may be so strong psychologically, I am very surprised.Where do they get the strength and courage to keep going even if many people hate you?

  637. Any words of motivation for BBCs going through stressing/hard times right now? Nana from London ^^

  638. Hi there, my name is Alicia. this question is for all block b members. as kpop idols you change your look, especially hairstyle, quite frequently. was there any time when you wanted to ‘kill’ your hairdresser because you hated what she/he did to your hair? or maybe was it your stylist who made you feel embarrassed because the clothes you had to wear were a little bit… too much? hehe Gracias for answering my question (if martina and simon choose it, of course)
    greetings from Spain, because Spaniards also LOVE kpop. Say Hola to España ;)

  639. What do you think sets you apart from the typical kpop group? Nana from London

  640. LadyXia

    If you had the chance to collaborate with western musicians/groups, who would you choose to work with? – Gabi from Austria

  641. When writing up lyrics, where do you get your inspiration from? BLOCK B FIGHTING WOOOO!! ;DDD Nana from London

  642. Name: Rocio (or Panda)
    From: Texas
    You can pick whichever one you want, I couldn’t just pick one:
    What are the members favorite animals? or
    What are the members views on dating a foreigner? or
    Who eats the most? or
    Who drinks the most? or
    What is each members favorite body part? or
    What would you name the autobiography of your life? or
    What was the last movie you saw that made you cry? or
    What animal do you think represents you the most?
    Sorry for so many questions ^^,

  643. Is Zico’s ideal type still a girl with thighs? Because I got some right here bby o ho ho ho ;DDDD Nana from London

  644. Which member would you take to a deserted island with you?

    Anna, Estonia.

  645. Who’s the dirtiest member around their dorm? And do any members have any weird habits? Nana from London

  646. who will survive in the movie-horror?
    Dasha, Russia

  647. In which country would you like to go for a holiday? In which to speak?
    Dasha, Russia
    P.S. for eatyourkimchi This question has translated by Google and i don`t kwon correctly or not XD

  648. disqus_i6RsHEuUHV

    What has been the most fun experience or event for you guys as K-pop idols? (Livi from the United States)

  649. Katharina

    Q: What has been the most memorable song or performance/concert? Why?
    From Katharina, Norway

  650. Please please please PLEASE ask who is the best at skinship! I have been DYING for you guys to go over skinship in one of your TL;DRs(I know you covered homosexuality in Korea, but skinship I feel is something pretty unique to Korea, or I guess Asia in general, and doesn’t really translate over well in Western pop culture) but I’m pretty sure it’s a lost cause by now, so I’ll settle for you to just ask the question to Block B! :)
    Caitlin, New York, USA
    (Also, I really hope you guys are doing okay. As cute and cuddle-able(?) as he is, you gotta keep Meemersworth away from your pillow and faces…XD)

  651. My question is for all of Block B.

    If you could meet any music/performing artist (alive or deceased) who would it be and why?-Kayla, United States

  652. what do you think about the Latinoamerican BBCs ? *we’re a lot of BBCs here! *
    how are you thinking promote in Latin America properly?
    Milagros from Peru

  653. Question: What makes your music different from any other groups?
    …and Block B 사랑해요!

    From: Eunmi CA, USA

  654. I’d like to ask whole group :3 Did you ever know, that you’ll be so popular in Russia? After your comeback amount of your fans so close to 10 thousands)) I think, that it’s not so small ^^ Kate, Russia

  655. -Would you guys want to travel to Switzetland once?
    -Who has the most fans?
    -Would you guys want to make a Worldtour?
    -Have anybody of you a pet?
    BLOCK B YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!! we BBCs will stay by your side forever~~BLOCK BUSTER HWAITING!!

  656. - If you could give advice to your younger self what would you say?

    - Who would you want on your team during the Zombie Apocalypse? why? (Block B members or other korean idols)

    Margot, Chile.

  657. Do you have some kind of routine before taking the stage, as Nadal or other athletes, to avoid the nerves? if you have what is the strangest? Laura, Spain

  658. I’m Elia from France: Do you have any wierd habits?

  659. Question to all: If you weren’t an idol, what other profession would you see yourself doing? (i.e. acting, being a professional athlete, etc.). – Jenny, California, USA

  660. Who would most likely date a foreigner?
    Much love from Ella, from Sweden ^^

  661. Is Zico still in love with Hello Kitty?

    Henna, England.

  662. my question is if they were not kpop stars what would they be doing or what would they want to do. Hawaii

  663. What was the toughest thing that you guys as a group had to deal with?
    Alexandra Rodriguez from Florida, U.S.

  664. What do Block B think of the nicknames their fans have assigned them?

    Kitty Kwon – Ukwon
    Beggar Co – Zico
    Jaehyo – Derphyo
    Kyung – Cucumber
    BBomb – BBut
    P.O – Pyo
    Taeil – Fishhyyyy

    From Henna in England.

  665. mintytarget

    Here are my questions~
    Of course, you don’t have to choose all of them. :3

    1. Has anyone of you ever cross-dressed? If not, would you ever consider it? I’m sure us fans would love it and get a good laugh.
    2. What would you love to accomplish within 3 years from now?
    3. If Block B was a family, what would your family role be?
    4. Which one of you is the best at imitating Jack Sparrow?
    5. If you could choose any career that doensn’t include singing, dancing or acting of any sort, what would you pick?
    6. Which one of the members is the closest to EvoL?
    7. Did any accidents happen during the filming of the MV?

    - Linn, Norway

  666. Jen from NJ, USA
    What country (other than Korea) are you hoping to perform in the most? Why?

  667. to Ukwon *–* (who i love)
    are you thinking do a full dance cover of any girlgroup?
    I really love when you do it. *^*
    Milagros , Peru

  668. I hope ya’ll get better! Take a week off and sleep guys! Us Nasties want ya’ll to be healthy!

  669. blueivy888

    How does it fells to be a pirate? ahah! :)
    Sarah and Berengere, from France

  670. Zico sang in some of the songs in the Blockbuster album. How was it trying to do vocals this time? (BBCs love your voice, btw)
    Arisa, Philippines

  671. The concept of this new album is freedom…Since you have become celebrities, What do you miss most about living in anonymity?

    Eva. Spain

  672. Jennie, Sweden
    Looking past what your music genre is, what’s your personal, favorite music genre outside of Block B, and what do you enjoy listening to the most? ^^

  673. Who would make the best pirate in real life and why? and who would be the worst?
    Pernille, Norway

  674. disqus_5d1IGcYTSt

    Hey Martina and Simon!!
    I reallly enjoyed the video response for Block-B’s new song!!! It was HILARIOUS!!!! ahahahahahahah
    Anyway, you guys said that if we had questions, to leave them here in the comment box. So, onto my, sort of question. Last summer, I had visited Korea and saw Block-B filming a tv show in the department store, Doota, and after they had finished, I asked them for some pictures! It was quite an exciting experience! Though I knew who they were, I got slightly confused and mixed them up with X-5. Zico had asked me if I had known any one of their songs, and confidently I said, “Ya! I do!” and so i did the dance to X-5′s “The Show Is Over,” and got COMPLETELY embarassed in front of Block-B! They had even told me to erase the pictures we had taken! hahaha

    So, if it’s possible, i would like to request my sincere apologies to Block-B and would like to let them know, that not only am I a fan in my family, so are my MOM and DAD! Also it would be wonderful to be able to attend a concert next year once I have settled and begun my studies in Korea!!!!! :DDDDD
    Their music is amazing!!!!!! BLOCK-B FIGHTING!!~~~~

    Nancy, from Mexico

  675. Q1: If Block B was a girl group, would they still go for this kind of badass concepts or would they like to try to be feminine and cutesy?
    Q2: When choosing outfits for a stage performance, who has the highest priority? Who usually gets to choose the outfit that they like best?
    Q3: When you were on hiatus, what did you miss the most and made you think “This is why I like being a singer!” ?
    Q4: What do you like the most about your fans, the BBCs?

    Thank you! Congratz to Block B for coming back!! We sure missed them!

    From Romania

  676. blueivy888

    this is a question for Kyung and Zico : Where do you find inspiration when you wright a song,(is it from some moments of your life or do you have a subject to sing about before you wright it…)?
    Sarah, France =D

  677. my question is has anyone got a job for an artist?

  678. General question: ever consider doing a unit? (ex. rapper line? ballad line? :)
    Sue, USA

  679. frozen_me

    And ouch!! Viral conjunctivitis doesn’t have like real treatment as in drugs that kill the viruses like the antibacterial drugs either.!! Damn!! Hope you guys get better soon! Take care!!

  680. How long can Zico finish composing a song?
    Arisa, Philippines

  681. [ZICO] How does Zico think
    he has developed as a rapper from Zico on the Block to Zico on the Block

    [Block B] Translate how much you guys love us international fans
    through aegyo please ?

    [KYUNG] Since you write rap (really well ^^) Do you have
    any plans on releasing a mixtape like Zico?

    [BLOCK B] What do you guys do to cheer
    yourselves up?

    - Misha (Houston Texas)
    If you can – Please tell Zico I love his passion for what he does, and that its very inspiring! <3
    Thank you ;_;
    I will try not to spam

  682. Rei77SS

    Question for Zico: Since a lot of people would be happy to see it happen, would you like to do a collaboration with B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk?
    - A proud BBC, Kaya, Poland

  683. Do they read fanfictions? If yes: Do they enjoy it? What do they think about them … (also the.. ‘spicy’ boyxboy one’s if you know what i mean…*winky winks exaggerated*)

    Pia, Germany.

    aka. a freaking BBC since the very beginning and until…. forever >.<

    (I wantTaeil to marry P.O …o.O P.O is such a fanboy of him xD and then.. maybe Yukwon could just marry me on the same day… *looks around inconspicuously*)

    STAY STRONG BLOCK B :3 hwaiting~

  684. Lenka from Czech Republic, question for Minhyuk-ssi.
    -There was a rumor going around that Minhyuk-ssi did train with members of other kpop group, Infinite. Is that true? What memebers did you train with? Do you still keep in touch?

  685. Qs: How are you? If you weren’t an idol, what would you be? What country would you love to have a tour at? What’s your wish XD?
    - Janine, Canada

  686. My question is: when you filmed Nillili Manbo, what was your favorite scene to do?
    Mélissa, France

  687. frozen_me

    Question: Any memorable (funny) incidents that happened during the filming of this MV?
    Hima from India..

  688. Awesome review! I had so much fun as always hehe I’m wondering where the diamonds went… My theory is that the chicken has them (?) lol
    Question: What or who made you interested in music? – Aglaya, Spain

  689. blueivy888

    this is a question for Kyung: Where do you find inspiration when you wright a song,(is it from some moments of your life or do you have a subject to sing about before you wright it…)?
    Sarah, France =D

  690. In line with your pirate concept, what is your most important treasure in life?
    Arisa, Philippines

  691. (Alice / france) Who is the member with the worse habit in daily life. (like being messy, snoring, moody, noisy, exhibitionist)

  692. Is it true that Kyung has been on Tumblr before? Does he check it every now and again? We know Cho PD has a blog (that he never updates ;; ) but do any of the members ever visit Tumblr? -Abbey from the US!

  693. Arianna, Ireland
    My question : If you were not a Kpop Idol. What other job would you want?

  694. Questions from Nina from Finland:

    1. If the band members would be turned into fruit, who would be a banana?
    2. Which member of Block B has the best appetite?
    3. If EYK was an illness, it’d probably be pink eye(sorry Simon and Martina <3). If Block B was an illness/disease, what would it be?
    4. Are there foreign idols/artists you look up to and if so, who are they?
    5. Who is the group's ladies' man?

  695. my question for all of them : what rituals do you guys do before a performance? & when are you guys doing a tour here in the US? I would love to see you guys live ^^ – andrea from Las Vegas, Nevada

  696. i just love how meemers climbed onto the laptop at the beginning hahaahaha

  697. Have Block B ever thought about doing a tour concert in future? Nuri,Sweden.

  698. Hi, guys!

    I want to ask Block B what is the song on the Blockbuster album that they would recommend someone to listen to, except for the title track, Nillili Mambo.

    From Romania

  699. minty_chip

    Name: Erin
    Location: Alabama
    Please ask Zico to sing Ma Boo by IU. haha Just kidding. What I really wanted to ask is: if you could choose only one word to describe yourself what would it be? And, is there any rookie groups from 2012 that have impressed you?

  700. Sophie!

    You know you have many fans in Latin America? Have an interest in learning about Latin America? They must know that we are waiting!
    From Argentina.

  701. Dear Block B,

    What music do you like outside of Korea?

    I <3 you!
    - Michelle Xiong from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  702. We already heard Zico sing, your move Taeil! Rap battle! k

  703. Dear Block B,

    What music do your like outside of Korea?

    I <3 you!
    - Michelle Xiong from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  704. JustDense

    OMGGGGGG I think I know what P.O. threw out the window.
    (It might be, since it had a similar size, but it might not be since they have a different suitcase…)
    Maybe he was getting a diamond when he won the mahjong game, and took it away, but the other gangsters were like “nooooo our boss will kill us if we lose it” so wanted it back, and then while running, P.O. tought he was getting caught and to avoid dying he threw it away so the other gangsters would go look for it.
    And you see that at some point P.O. gives the suitcase to Kyung (which probably was empty, but P.O. forgot about it).
    And maybe at some point the suitcases get switched and P.O. remembers the one he had was empty, so he goes and tell Kyung: “get rid of it, it’s empty” (I should say he doesn’t know the suitcases have been switched) So unknowingly, Kyung throws it away.
    Then at the end when the open the only suitcase they kept, it’s empty.
    *end of crazy theory*

  705. Q for Block B: what would you like to say for those who have been waiting for you for a long time?
    - Owasi , UAE-Dubai

  706. To all Block B members! What is your favorite girl group and favorite member in that group?? :D
    - Crystal, California USA

  707. Q1: Is there stupids nicknames that you’re giving to each other ? And one that you especially don’t like ?

    Q2: Where and how do you see yourself in 15years ? (hope you guys will still in the music industry tho.)

    Q3: Guys.. SINCE WHEN JAEHYO GOT THAT MUCH ABS ?! ㅋㅋ ( i thought it was photoshop)

    Q4: Who’s the most awkard with girls ? and who’s the most “comfortable” with girls ?

    Q5: Wich country would you like to visit the most right now ? (as tourist or for a concert for exemple)

    Q6: Who do you think is the most “manly” of you all ? and the most “girly” ?

    Q7: At the BBC World Camp, Were you surprise to see that BBCs from Europe, America and Singapore came and crossed the whole world just to see you ?

    I think that enought hahaha
    Charlotte (the girl with blue hair at the BBC Worl Camp if you guys remember meㅋㅋ) From PARIS ~
    Thank you

  708. Since the members are always changing their hair colors & style, is there a color they want to try next?
    -Belinda, Texas

  709. Justyna from Poland: do you feel better performing with energetic songs with powerful dances or rather melodious ballad-like ones?

  710. Nina salinas

    what is the most played song on your MP3?- Christina U.S.A

  711. 1) Hey Zico, I just wanna know where did you get that dreads hair extension from? Mind to share it? XD
    2) You you guys aren’t in Block B, what will you guys be at the moment?
    -Nurul Nabilah, Brunei Darussalam.

  712. Where do they get inspiration for their music?
    Tytti from Finland

  713. Ishani Vashi

    Wow, this is exciting!
    Who do you really admire that are from other bands or other artists?
    Thanks you!
    Ishani – India

  714. Nina salinas

    Oh i have one more if you could go back in time to your training days what advice would you give to your? Christina, U.S.A

  715. Sarozaya

    Question: What BBC means for Block B? Are they really important to you?

    Sara, Poland
    I think it would be nice.. hear from them that we all are important for they ;A;

  716. Ishani Vashi

    Wow, this is exciting!
    Who do you really admire that are from other bands or other artists?
    Thanks you!
    Priya – India

  717. What was their favourite scene in the music video? -Elle, Singapore

  718. Emily Howell

    I love the ending so much.

  719. Taeil why did you decided to pierce your eyebrow? I really like the way it looks on you!
    -Belinda, Texas

  720. Ashley from California. Jaehyo, will you marry me? Lol

  721. Nina salinas

    if you could bring only one thing to a deserted island/assuming all your needs such as food, shelter ect.. are going to be met what would you bring it? it can be a person or thing!!-Christina, U.S.A

  722. Q for Block B: Which concept do you prefer more ‘Gorilla concept’ or ‘Pirate concept’ ? Why?
    - Owasi , UAE-Dubai

  723. I just thought of a question :)
    For all of the members, What was your favorite part in the Nillili Mambo MV?- Brittnay, Alabama,USA. :)

  724. Where do you guys get the inspiration from to compose such beautiful and emotional songs?
    Simona, Lithuania

  725. What member would look the best as a girl?
    How much in “Nillili manbo” concept did you took part?
    What have been your favorite concept?
    What is the weirdest fan gift that you have received?
    Where do you find the inspiration to your songs/lyrics?

    - Beatrice from Sweden

  726. What concept or comeback has been your favourite and why?

    Rhiannon, England :D

  727. Hanna from Sweden:

    - If you were to have a younger sister, which member would you introduce your sister to?

  728. To Kyung, did you catch the chicken in the end? Natasha, from England

  729. Law1Amber

    my question is for taeil would there be chance of him being able to have a solo album. or would he like to be on show like immortal song 2 as chance to show off his singing talent more.
    - amber from South Carolina united states

  730. My name is Saara and i’m from FINLAND yay!
    Well, i’m really curious about how do the Block B member see themselves in maybe 15 years? Do they think, they will be married and have kids or will they be a super famous known-around-the-world boy group OR are they maybe planning about solo careers?

  731. What member would look the best as a girl?
    How much in this concept did you took part?
    What have been your favorite concept?
    What is the weirdest fan gift that you have received?
    Where do you find the inspiration to your songs/lyrics?

    - Beatrice from Sweden

  732. 1) Zico~ Where did you get that dreads hair extension? XD
    2) If you guys aren’t in Block B. What will you guys be at the moment?
    -Nabilah, Brunei Darussalam.

  733. Kayla Yeatman

    Kayla here from Canada. This question is for everyone. When someone is having a particularly rough time how does each member offer support for one another?

  734. Shola Lee

    What were the influences and inspiration behind the clothes in Nililili Mambo? They’re the closest thing in kpop to something that I’d actually love to wear out in a while now.

    Shola, Australia

  735. question: what type of girls do you prefer? could you ever consider going out with a nordic girl? :P
    mari from finland

  736. What is like a typical day for you guys? How many hours do you sleep? How many schedules you have? What’s your trick to get all the energy to do it!?

    Chaima, Montreal – Canada

  737. I have two possible questions.

    1. Which of the members is the biggest sleeper?

    2. Which of the members leaves the biggest mess after himself?

  738. What are each member’s motivation to get back on their feet and keep going? -Elle, Singapore

  739. Question;

    How did you guys come up with the song and concept for Nillili Mambo. it’s not a concept you see everyday, which makes it kind of unique.

    Christina from denmark, (europe)

  740. Was there ever a time, you guys felt like giving up? What was the hardest obstacle you had to face as a group?
    Georgina from England

  741. Guadalupe Arenas

    Block B would you ever consider having
    Simon in the group since he pretty
    gangsta himself ??


  742. Question!!!
    Nora Scout, From Fullerton, California
    Zico, where do you get your inspiration for your group/your solo sound? Your music style sounds very unique and inovative for kpop especially.

  743. S&M get well soon, don’t over work yourselves if you’re not feeling well, Nasties will understand <3<3<3
    My questions for Block B:
    what are their favourite girl groups and if there are any members who act different around girl groups?
    Which member has the most celebrity friends? xD
    What do they think of their current concept?
    How long did it take them to film their MV and did they get to explore Vietnam even a little while they were there?
    Final question which I'm sure most of the female BBC's wanna know the answer to, what is their ideal girl like? xP
    Name: Sania
    Country: Ireland
    Waaaah I hope one of my questions gets picked…!!!

  744. how do u know when one of the members is watching porn and who watch it the most lately ? Victoria : Poland (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  745. I want to ask Block Kids about their sleeping habit, like us BBC all knew about Jaehyo doesnt wear pants/trousers when he’s sleeping so I would love to know funny/bad/good sleeping habits of Block B’s members too ^^ Hinna from Vietnam xxx

  746. ZICO!!! I have one good question… Which hairstyle is your favorite… and when did you decide to get dreads ? ;3*btw its sick epic hairstyle you have there bro*

    *failing in being gangsta ish*

    I come with more questions soon:D !
    Tanja From Norway :3

  747. questions for Block B:
    was it fun to film the video for Nillili Mambo?
    what exactly is Kyung’s concept in the video? what’s with the chicken?

    P.S. would you like to visit Romania someday?

  748. Ylianne( 엘 리 온 (roughly what my name sounds like)) , California : Are you ever going to have a concert in the United States preferably in California, because I’m a broke college student and can’t afford airfare?

  749. 1. If you were to hide your most valuable treasure in a briefcase, what would it be?
    2. Can anyone do a Caption Jack Sparrow impression? (since they were pirates in the music video).
    3. In your opinion,which member has the best SWAG!?!

    Jenna- Wisconsin, USA

  750. danielie

    Taeil, you feel your height is a negative point of you?ps. I love you

    Danielie, Perú