Woohoo! We’re finally back to doing Music Mondays after our trip to Mexico and California, and the first Music Monday when we’re back is…BLOCK B! If you haven’t seen the awesomeness of Nillili Mambo, check it out here:


Ok, for starters: sorry about wearing sunglasses for the video. I know it’s weird and alienating, but we had no choice. Our eyes have gotten a lot worse. The pink eye has spread to our corneas and we’re extremely light sensitive and half blind now. So, filming in front of the lights was realllllly difficult. Editing the video as well was crazy difficult. So, please forgive us if we’re not on our A game this week for editing. Also, we’re tying this blog post with our eyes closed, so forgiveness, please, if we’ve got lots of spelling errors here. We’ll be back to normal soon!

Back to the video itself, there were so many more things we wanted to do but simply couldn’t: that whole make-out scene was hilarious! For starters, they’re so clearly far apart that you could have put a beach ball between their mouths. Ha! And, more importantly, pause at the 3:02 mark and go forward frame by frame, right when Zico interrupts their fake make out session. THE GIRL IS HOWLING WITH LAUGHTER! Seriously: how demasculinating! “AYY GURL WE GON MAKE OUT NOW!” and she laughs in his face. HA! There was great potential there for another skit.

Also, maybe this isn’t skit worthy, but pause at the 2:05 mark. What is it that PO throws out of the window? It’s not a gun. It’s too small for that. It’s small and white. I have no clue what it is. My guess is it’s a leftover sandwich. Anyone got any other ideas?

Ah! This song and video was just so much fun, and we were really happy to review them. Awesome! Also, we’re really lucky that Block B’s management, Brand New Stardom, reached out to us to do an interview with Block B. Woot! We’ve been talking about it back and forth with them for a while, and OOOOH we were holding back on announcing it for so long! The timing was a bit difficult for us, since we were in California at the time that we originally wanted to do the interview, but we’re still super stoked that our schedules finally matched up!

So, we’re gonna be asking Block B a bunch of your questions, SO START ASKING! Leave your questions in the comment section below, along with your name and location, of course, and we’ll do our best to ask as many questions as possible. Make sure to thumb up any good questions if you see them, as well. Woot! This Wednesday we’ll be meeting Block B, and we’ll be posting the video as soon as possible afterwards, once we edit it all, sub it in English, and get approvable to publish it. We’re hoping it’ll be up by Sunday, fingers crossed!

Oh, and – if I were you – I’d make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook. We might get some good stuff from this interview and might give it out to you awesome Nasties – you awesome subscribing, following, and liking Nasties, that is :D

Anyhow, if you like the song as much as we do (and you should, because it ROCKS!) make sure to pick it up on YesAsia and iTunes. And lastly, of course, since we’re sooooo off our game today, we have more bloopers than usual. Martina was especially off today, and was making up words that don’t even exist. Ha!


  1. Isn’t the white bit a Majong piece?

  2. Did anybody notice that Dr. Meemersworth was trying 2 type on the computer?

  3. That little white thing is a majhong piece, if you remember, they were playing majhong.

  4. Simon sang Circle of Life ^^ Awesome. Amazing. Perfect.

  5. I’ve heard that Zico and Kyung are composers and I’d like to know HOW MUCH of their music they write and compose. :)

    Also, which style do the guy like best considering how much the group’s style has changed since debut?

  6. OH SNAP! The beginning bit of the song is from a video of two blind women playing street songs in Vietnam. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBi6hBrpgqQ I was listening to it a bit ago and then saw this music video and nearly flew out of my pants. This is the first time I’ve heard a Block B song so whoAAaaA

  7. please someone tell me how to vote between T-ara and block b.

  8. ^^if you had the chance which place you would like to visit?(to all the members :) )
    Hara from Greece~!!<3

  9. my question: what inspired the strange but catchy names of your title songs (nalina and nillili mambo)? is there a story behind these titles?
    thanx, MAYA of AUSTRALIA.

  10. i know Block B composes and write the lyrics to most, if not all, your songs.. where do you guys get your inspiration? what is it that got you guys into music and join the music industry? was it hard to compose when you first started?
    Jenny from Toronto, Canada (;

  11. Who is the member better at drinking? Yo Ho Ho, and a bottle of Rum!
    Juliana, Brazil

  12. MY QUESTION: P.O. on the internet you are compared quite often to deep voices such as TOP and Bang Yong Guk? Do you feel honored or burdened?

    Callie, California …yes my name is Callie and I live in California……

  13. Question: Alyssa from New jersey , Which one of you is the most sensitive (or girlish)

    .And whom of you is the least .Please explain ^-^

  14. I’m a die-hard BBC!!! Block B has a a lot of foreign female fans, especially around my neighborhood and ESPECIALLY Zico. So we all want to know if Block B ever thinks they could seriously end up with a foreigner of a different ethnicity for a life partner… especially Zico?

    Bunka from Grand Bahama Island, BAHAMAS

  15. What is it about music that draws you in? Why do you continue to put yourself through so many hard times for it? Why is it your passion?

  16. Which member(s) would be more likely to be friendly towards strangers?

    -Tiara, NYC

  17. Which member(s) would be the most friendly towards strangers?
    -Vicky, NYC

  18. The Brazilian Official FB Block B (Millene): Please come to Brazil!

  19. My question is for all of them.

    The Brazilian Official FB Block B (Millene): You’ve Come to think in Brazil Doing some projects or Show? Please come and visit us!

  20. My question is for all of them.

    The Brazilian Official FB Block B (Millene): You’ve Come to think in Brazil Doing some projects or Show? Please come and visit us!

  21. Question for each member:☆〜(ゝ。∂)thought your style of music and looks what would your message be for your audience? & how would you be bringing it to the U.S.?

  22. I wonder if any of them are interested in Western women? Why?
    Val Lopes Brazil. ^^

  23. WHEN ARE YOU POSTING THE INTERVIEW???????????????????????

  24. Name: Namie, from New York City ~ Do you guys listen to J-Rock at all? Zico reminded me of Ruki from the GazettE in Nillili Mambo because of his dreads and contact lens; compared to Filith in the Beauty by the GazettE. Also I suggest Visual Kei would be awesome if you tried it. Stay healthy and awesome. = =v

  25. My question is for all Block B: Many idols says that they wants to arrive to all of their fans around the world. You have the same view about this?
    Mary, Poland

  26. Can Kyung really speak English? If so, say a word to your international fans. C:
    From Hugo Samuel, Mexico

  27. T.T darnit… I knew about this but didn’t think of a question til now… much too late… so in case you guys ever get to hang out with block b again here it is:

    to Zico and/or Kyung– please rap freestyle using the following words:
    -Simon and Martina
    -Oooh you so nasty
    -AYEE gurl
    -*applies pseudorandom algorithm to SAT vocab list* redolent, meaning: suggestive or reminiscent of something / with a particular scent or odor
    -Crustulum (don’t have to… just for personal pleasure since it’s my nickname hehe means cookie in latin :D)

    From: Crustulum, Pennsylvania USA

    I wonder if you guys asked them to freestyle on your own (or if someone else asked a similar question) Can’t wait to see the interview! Love you guys!

  28. Wow, these questions are so innocent! Let me ask the question that all the women are really thinking…. “Hey…Zico…can I and lick your fine ass self like a lollipop?” Hey just asking…

  29. Love this. And kind of random, but is it just me or does the red-haired guy look suspiciously familiar…

    RU-FI-O! RU-FI-O!

  30. I know it’s a pretty old music video…. but something I’d love to see on Kpop Music Monday would be BIG BANG HARU HARU!! :) Please?

  31. For all of Block B: Do any of know the origin of music and dancing?

  32. What is your ideal type of girl from America?

  33. my question for BLOCK B: what is their one favorite song from all their songs, from their 1st mini album up to the latest. thanks!!!
    Margot from the Philippines!! :)

  34. oh yeah. . . . . great review guys!!! BATMAN IS ALREADY GONE!!!!!

  35. Melissa Flores South carolina USA – if the world were to end tomorrow what would you take with you ?

  36. Questions:
    What direction will they go with their music from here?
    Will they continue their pirate theme? Because that was actually really well done and creative!
    Lise – Norway

  37. Hahahah Martina you said N i lli li LI Mambo in the beginning of the video… it’s an syllable too much :D

  38. Hope you both feel better soon!

  39. Would you guys date or marry a foreigner? If yes who’s the mostly to date or marry one?

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