I’m very very good! And we’re back with Music Monday! It’s been so long! Look at us talking about Kpop videos again! Whoa. It’s been quite a while, since we’ve been out of the country for most of the month. We were shocked ourselves when we stood in front of the camera. Felt so…nostalgic!

Anyhow, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out Block B’s “Very Good” here:


Holy smokes was that ever fun! Gotta say, we weren’t fond of their first track, “Be the Light.” It was very very meh. I think you guise know our taste in music by now: big, explosive, bombastic, techno, disco, dancey, fun. Give me Mr. Simple. Fantastic Baby. I Am the Best. Roly Poly. Gentleman. Sherlock. Those are the songs that make us love Kpop. For other Kpop songs, we’re not fond of too much singing, nothing resembling ballads, nothing serious, nothing cutesy, and nothing too disjointed. My point is: this song and video are exactly what we want in Kpop. Let me shout along with something. Keep the energy up. Don’t spend all of your time in the video like you’re posing for a magazine. Have fun. Make me laugh. Block B’s great at that, as they were with Nilili Mambo. Block B: I like you guise.

Remember a while ago when we did our interview with them? They were hilarious. A few months later we posted our deleted footage from that interview, in which we saw Block B’s Derp Faces. Why wasn’t that included in the original video? Because their label didn’t want it in. They didn’t like how it portrayed Block B. But that’s how they are! They’re fun and silly! But the label didn’t like it. Now Block B’s not with the label anymore, so we could release the footage. YAY! Hopefully, if we get something set up with Block B again, we could have some more fun with them, and their new label will have more of an understanding of what makes them so fun and charming.

Now, for more matters of other stuff:

I’m Not Ugly, I’m Exotic: The Shirt!

I know people have been asking for this for a while, ever since we opened the store. We’ve been working on a design for so long. SO LONG GUISE! But we finally have one that we’re happy with, that captures the true essence of Fangurilla, we think. Soo Zee designed this. Check it out in the shop and let us know what you think :D

Kpop Music Monday Poll

Time to cast your votes. LEGGO!

Crayon Pop Signed CD winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated. We’re giving away four Crayon Pop CDs. Here are the winners!

Facebook: Sasha Traynor

Twitter: @keuraeyongpop

Google+: Honorata Ciesielska

Youtube: Dahlia Figueroa

If you’re one of them, send us an email over at our Contact Page and we’ll confirm your identity (we’ve had people try to fake identities to steal CDs, you know?), and then we’ll send out your CDs ASAP!

YouTube Music Awards

You might have seen the hype starting to build around the YouTube Music Awards, brought to you by Kia. It’s a 5 country event, and it’s starting off in Seoul! There’s an awesome lineup…AND WE’RE GONNA BE THERE! AYEEE! There’s some more stuff in store as well leading up to the event. Some of those things might interfere with our regular filming schedule, but it’ll be worth it. I’ll just leave this here:

Also, voting for the event is now open. Vote for Girls Generation for Video of the Year, and Psy for Artist of the Year. Let’s make Kpop the most prominent part of the awards. This ain’t gonna be the YouTube Music Awards, but the YouTube Kpop Awards. Let’s put all the other bands to shame. Justin Who? I thought so!


Because they’re always important. Click here to see Martina, yet again, mess up the word “homage” over and over again.



I figured, since we had so many heading for so many different things, why not have one for subscribing? It’s important. Gotta be done!

  1. I always thought exotic was a lame name for us exo fans but dang I want that shirt.

  2. Somebody commented about how Zico’s hair looked like Spudgy, and now I can’t watch the video without thinking about spudgy.

    Granted I always knew Spudge was probably a pretty cool pooch, but if Zico is his human counterpart.. then damn is he cool. :P

  3. Yeah it wasn’t a good idea to watch this weeks Music Mondays during lecture, especially since Seungerina flashed the camera, feel bad for the people behind me who might have been blinded lol. Oh well loved this weeks Music Monday glad you guys are back doing what you love! :D

  4. A question please… Is Shinee’s desktop picture on the laptop a spoiler for the next Music Monday? I remember you once put T-ara N4’s Jeon Won Diary a similar way and it got reviewed later.. thanks

  5. long live fangurilla!!! lol.

    holy shit, this is my first time seeing the mv, but fuck, it’s like each guy is copying a different version of GD!!! it’s a little bit weird… i mean, i really like block b but… i feel like they could be original without being total copycats, you know? well anyhoo… cool song though!

  6. – homage — … Spudgy! <3

  7. I’m so happy to see Block B reviewed! I’m glad KMM are back, but I did enjoy the traveling videos too. :)

  8. The worse bank robbery was DEFINITELY Dal Shabet’s. At one point in the video one of the girls even points her gun at HER OWN FRIGGIN FACE.

  9. Fangurilla!! i die laughing everytime!
    which means… Im a ghost! kyakyakyakyahhahhaha

  10. Holy crud. The YTMA in Seoul are Nov. 3? That’s my birthday! HELL YES. I was planning on visiting Seoul that weekend anyways! Maybe I’ll see you guys there! =D

  11. I love the use of the Brandy song at the end xD


  13. S&M tricked me as SM ENT would…. that pop up at 0:16 i swear i tried to click it away! D:<

  14. Wait?! Show Luo is going to be at the music awards! He is my absolute favorite! If you every want to be truly entertained by a music video, look up Show Luo, Over the Limit.

  15. I’m so glad to see a new video i cried…like literally…T^T

  16. oh how I missed Fangurilla!! EYK FIGHTING!!^^

  17. I don’t know where my comments is..Duh.. So re-posting again, Anyways, I had fun moments with you guys in Sydney and Melbourne. I truly enjoyed working with you while I work my ex-company last year. Simon, I knew you would mention “How many fake MC Z out there” part already. *Clap Clap* As a Kpopper, I do appreciate what you’ve done for K-pop artists, your video footages never ever made me down not even once. I will look forward to seeing each other again. Also I thank you that you do support Block-B since last year. Eat your Kimchi like a MAN! Cheers, Monica from Australia.

  18. I MISSED YOU GUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. gah > . . . . < ) :D

    P.S: the T-shirt design looks pretty :)


  20. That was a throwback at the end…Brandy and Monica…epic girl duel song…some good ole R&B…definite fangurilla diva material.

  21. What more I can say……… I love you guiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Seriously, the only thing I ever had fun with my work it should be with you last year. Thank you for supporting Block-B and yes, I very enjoyed and Simon, I would know that you must say something about “How many fake MC Z out there part” ahahahahahahah *Clap Clap* Once agian, I really do appreciate your video footages for K-pop artist inculding Block-B. Yay, Eat your Kimchi like a MAN! Love, Monica from Australia.

    Side Note: “Home-age” sounds more right to me also! HAHA MARTINA I UNDERSTAND

  23. I’m so glad you guise did this!

  24. A+ KMM guise! I loved everything about it and it gave me a great homework-break laugh!

  25. I am so happy that you guise are back, i missed kpop mondays!!!

  26. Yayyyy we loved this video too. My hands went instinctively to my eyes to cover them in that flashing scene… haha. ahhhhhhh god noooooooo…

    It would be great if you could interview Block B again! And really great to see a music monday again :)

  27. homage…I always have heard people pronounce it like “image” but with an “ah” instead of an “i”. Emphasis on the ah, not the mage.

  28. hey guys! Is there anyone who does know about the app ‘dodol pop’? It has very cool ringtones and alarm sounds! recently i found out that they added some of Shinee’s voices in it. so cute!! go and check that out!

  29. … I love how Martina said “out” in Canadian xD (“take out money”)

    (edit: …damnit… now I can’t stop hearing the Canadian accent xD)

  30. loved the video! you guys inspired me to come to korea. im a high school student and i signed up for a year long exchange to south korea. i’ve been here since august, over two months now, and the food, language, and people are awesome! even some other exchange students say you inspired them to come to korea, like my friend from sweden. im 16 and im going to an all korean high school, and it really helps with learning the language. i went through Rotary and im here until august 2014. im currently living in busan, but i have a few trips to seoul with all the exchange students, maybe we can meet you guys ;D

  31. Justin who ?? lol that killed me. BTW -i think i am becoming a bit too obsessed with Simon and Martina

  32. This is totally going to age me by saying this, but Fangurilla was singing a Brandy song from the ’90s. Totally remember that!

  33. I remember when I was asked which music video I thought was the best since 2013 I could NOT decide until the last second to go for G-Dragons Crooked or Block B Very Good. Oh man do I love this video. And Martina, I missed you messing up your words. And Spudgyyyy. Even though I got to hug you in Norway I quickly missed your videoes :D

  34. Sauerkraut! Currywurst! Yay, well maybe its a conspiracy or they just recorded this video in Germany, or they just picked a cool car from a german tv advert, cause on the car registration appears a D of Deutschland, and specifically from Berlin. So, yeah, just saying. VERY GOOD night from a spanish teen in germany whoop whoop :33

  35. Psy is not just up for Artist of the Year, Gangnam Style is also nominated in the Phenom category. Make sure you vote for him there as well. :)

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