FINALLY! A BoA song made it in for a Kpop Music Monday! We loved “Hurricane Venus” and “Copy and Paste,” kinda liked “Only One” and “The Shadow,” and get the chance to talk about BoA’s “Disturbance” at long last! If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is below:


Doesn’t this seem so different compared to most SM stuff? It’s a subtle 90′s R&Bish ballad, and I can’t remember the last time I really heard that from SM. “What is Love” and “Before You Go” are slow ballad-y kinda songs, but they’re still bombastic in that they have big bellowing notes. This song is gentler than those two, and has none of the bombast. Everything else we’re used to in SM, from Sherlock to Mr. Simple to I Got a Boy, are very flashy and ostentatious. I dunno. We’re finding it hard to see where BoA fits here.

We’re not saying that negatively, mind you. We just don’t see this song as embracing any of the trends of Kpop lately. It’s still a really nice song, but it’s so meek and relaxed, while Kpop in just about every other instance is extremely flashy, you know? And it’s not like this song is doing poorly. It’s got more views than any other video in the top 10 on our KpopCharts at the moment, so clearly people are watching and liking it, so what gives? Is it just because BoA has a big fan group? Is it because people are looking for something different in Kpop lately? Or is it attracting a different group of Kpop fans than what we’re used to seeing?

Either way, we really like BoA. Even though her music isn’t our particular favourite artist, we still really like what she’s doing. She’s always displayed a confidence that we’ve admired. She does things on her own, without any other bandmates, and rocks it. In our minds, what Junsu is to sexuality, BoA is to confidence. Does that sound cheesy and vague? I don’t know. We can’t really put our finger on it. We think of it like this: while a lot of Kpop videos have specific techniques to try to win you over, like lip rubbing, or mouths hanging open, or making cute aegyo faces at the camera, BoA doesn’t do any of that. She’s not working the camera and trying to seduce you into falling in love with her. She’s just doing her own damn thing, and you’re fortunate enough to be watching.

Sad side note: we were so happy to be able to talk about our thoughts on BoA this week that we went to the CD shop to try to find BoA’s new CD for a giveaway…buuuuuut we couldn’t find her newest CD. We found lots of her older stuff, but it seems like this song isn’t on CD yet. DARGH! Sorry guise! We haven’t done a giveaway in a while, and we’ll hopefully we able to do one next week for Music Monday!

Also, about the change in the KpopCharts…it was inevitable. Sorry guise. The way we saw it was simply a matter of picking the lesser of two evils. If we didn’t change something about the KpopCharts, girl groups would continue getting no love, and we’d occasionally get stuck reviewing songs we don’t like, which in turn results in us making videos that we just don’t like, and we don’t want to do that. We want to promote things we’re passionate about, you know? The con to our latest system: if we ever do veto first place and pick something different, people will feel screwed over, and accuse us of being unfair. So, it’s either say bad things about a video and piss people off, or don’t say anything about it and piss people off. We feel like not saying anything is better.

We considered other suggestions as well. The suggestion of alternating back and forth week to week from boy band to girl band doesn’t solve the problem of us talking about songs we don’t like. What if the girl band’s video for the week sucks? Same issue. And the idea of making a whole new chart system, just for girl bands, and modifying our current one to make it just for boy bands, is really not feasible at the moment. Coding stuff for the site isn’t cheap, because we can’t code worth a damn ourselves, and so we have to hire a web developer to do it for us. And making TWO Kpop Music Mondays a week: HA! We already put out around 6 videos a week, on top of trying to set up interviews and doing other videos. Our plates are full until we can get faster at editing.

So, hopefully you won’t be too upset about it if your favourite band doesn’t get reviewed one of these weeks. We think it’s for the best, and the only way to get both your voice and our voice in on the picture.

On a less serious note: Martina’s got a boy chicken in this week’s Bloopers:


  1. LongClawTiger

    Came back to watch this again and that Tae-MAN bit still cracks me up. XD

  2. lol should come out with the Taeman song, sounds good.

  3. I like the music monday changes, but I fear that you will be flooded by imature fangirl rage in case you didn’t pick their oppa’s video that had the most votes.

  4. I was all giggly and happy because a BoA video got reviewed and then on top of that I laughed so much at the manatee part and Taeman song XD Great job guys :D

  5. JYJ Heaven.
    And yeah, BoA is totally like Janet Jackson-high soprano, soulful runs, lots of black leather, independent, kick-ass style.

  6. great job cant wait 4 next week! Drunken Tiger fighting!

  7. LOLing at Simon’s “..both… Korean.” Wahahahahaha! and oh, Martina, I never knew BoA was part of SM either, I only found out 3 years after I’ve been totally exposed to Kpop. I knew about BoA but never knew she was Korean either, hahaha. :P

  8. Dang it. I keep coming back to this. That damn TaeMAN song.

  9. taemaaaaaan

  10. This video is exactly why I’m glad you guys are getting a little more control over picking mvs for music monday, I didn’t vote for Boa at first because I really didn’t like the song and didn’t see the potential in the video that you guys obviously did. I actually only started voting for it because you guys told us to in the kpop chart update. But I’m glad you reviewed this mv because this kmm is freaking hilarious! I feel like you guys generally know better than us which mvs you can make the most entertaining kpop music mondays out of. And I think what we enjoy most about kmm is you guys and all the commentary and jokes you make, not really the groups you discuss. So I support your decision! :)

  11. You guys should make a “nasty” album and sell it online!!! I wil definitely buy it ^^

  12. Boa! Wow, she’s a blast from the past. The last time I listened to her was her big USA invasion song. She had all the assets to break into the US market but her handlers just didn’t know quite how to do it. She rivals any pop starlet today.

  13. OMG that Taeman song! I was almost worried what you were going to talk about for this video since it was a more mild song than what you guys usually do but I was so surprised! The Taeman song is epic! I was singing it in school today xD


  14. Taemanliness!!! Haha I will be learning that Taeman song. You guise are awesome. I really like this song I never knew about BoA I am excited to see what you guise are going to do with music mondays. Keep it classy Simon and Martina ;)

  15. Can I have this song for my cellphone!? LOOL TaeMaaan~

  16. The Taemin song is awesome!!! I listen to it in the morning to put myself in a good mood. :)

  17. FINALLY! I love the new music monday picking idea~

  18. Like the new kpop charts idea :D Vote for BoA Disturbance
    Taemann <3 hahahaha

  19. The Tae-MAN song.

    My existence is complete.

  20. I’m totally VIP but I think you should talk to YG Papa and ask him if
    there’s a chance GD Taeyang and Daesung maybe just maybe do not release
    songs in the same month? I can totally see the top 3 of the new system
    ruined jejeje TT (should I laugh or cry¿?¿?)

  21. Dude. There should be “TaeMAN For President of the Galaxy” T-Shirts.
    I would by one.
    So would most of my fellow Shawols.
    This should happen. Please make this happen.

  22. The TaeMan part had me cracking up, it was allmost too funny! You guys are crazy :D
    But when explaining the new system for Music Mondays, I felt like you were appologizing too much for changing the system… Please don’t feel that way! I’m sure no one minds, and if they do, too bad for them :) Your videos will be better if you get to talk about something that you feel comfortable talking about. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Good luck with it, and don’t feel sorry!

  23. Simon and Martina, don’t worry guise! I highly doubt real Nasties will be upset with your decision, otherwise they’re not true and dedicated Nasties :P You should do what you think will be best and most comfortable for you and no one else. The Nasties will support you no matter what! :D

  24. KATHyphenTUN

    ” …The brick one.. and the other brick one….” I laughed so hard :P you guys are awesome!

    Also, I am actually quite happy you guys are making the change! The videos are always so much more fun when its something you want to review. and i’m sure it will be easier on you to do scripting (i feel bad when you guys are dying from work load).

  25. thisisjustforfunval

    I’ve honestly loved Taeman’s more MANLY! transformation. He’s been manning it up for a while now and I’ve had to do a few double takes. My first real introduction to him was well the Sherlock teaser photos and I was so uncomfortable looking at them. Then I wasn’t a fan of his goldy locks hair. Uh what I’m trying to say. Taeman, please stay THEMAN! It looks so much hotter on you in my opinion. I can finally start to feel the attraction love for you know. The love for his singing and dancing were there from day one.

  26. For the LONGEST time, I thought BoA was Japanese, because that’s how I got introduced to her (I started in J-Rock/Pop then came to K-Pop). And then came my shock when I found out she was in SM…

  27. I was so disappointed when you didn’t get to review Secret’s Poison last year. The song is good and the video’s even better; with its interesting story line. After School is one of my favorite, but I think they have yet to release an interesting video like Secret; most of their videos are just them dancing and posing. Nevertheless, I think the decision is for the best; and I’m sure it’ll be more interesting to watch videos in which you guys really want to make a review of.

  28. I applaud your decision to review the videos you want from the top 3! I would think top 5 would have been better – but you are the bosses :P Lets get more variety into Music Mondays! <3 <3 <3

  29. I love me some BoA as well (Every Heart was my very first KPop song; I looked it up after hearing the Japanese version on Inuyasha’s closing credits), but I wasn’t really wild about this song. I’m glad BoA finally got some love, though :). Of course, I still think I’m Sorry would have made for a WAY better review than Rain Sounds.

    Ya’ll can’t satisfy everyone (esp. on the ‘nets) and I think what you came up with for the charts is fair. This is YOUR show and you are the ones who ultimately have to put your face on the screen. I don’t think we have to worry that a video with a loathsome message (Imma looking at you, Teen Top) will be passed over. The NPOY video was worthy of being mocked and reviewed because the message was SOOOOO awful, the rant was worth it.

    Ok, what’s more manly. . . .kitten or Jigglypuff? Answer: trick question, BOTH CAN KILL YOU!!!

  30. OMG! Taeman song! I love it! I would instantly download that and put it in my iPod! People would ask me “Oh! What song are you listening too?” and I would reply “The TaeMAN song!” (emphasis on the man lol)
    On a side note I literally laughed out loud when Simon said Manatee! It was just so random! I loved it! It’s a good thing I was alone at work or else I would have had a hard/awkward time explaining lol
    I can also picture my dad saying “ManTea! Delicious! It tastes like beer!” lol

  31. OMG LOOOOL! The TaeMan song is hilarious!!! The most epic anthem ever

  32. I feel the same thing when I saw teamin as a man, I really really man!

  33. Lol. Taeman. You guys are just too funny!

    Definitely sad song, JYJ’s In Heaven. It’s such an awesome song but sad video and sad song.

  34. I just want to hear your opinions, if my favorite song or band isn’t reviewed I personally don’t care, cuz I will still like that song or band even if you don’t talk about it. :)

  35. Probably one of my favorite KMM yet… sooo funny

  36. I almost embarrassed myself at work because of that darn TaeMAN song! I near literally burst out laughing at my desk when the song started & only just barely contained myself! xD

    As for the ending I’m pretty sure both take place in the present. There’s a part in the MV where BoA is in a taxi calling Taemin (for sure) but he doesn’t answer (he places the phone face down) also the clothes they wear at the bridge in the ending & the ones throughout the flashbacks in the MV are different. In “Go back to the past” Taemin decides to respond to BoA’s call & meets her on the brdige (which I figure is the couples favorite spot hence “go back to the past” aka “happier times”) & they make up. In “Let time go by” he doesn’t meet go to meet BoA & she goes to the house later but doesn’t enter instead she walks away dejected & the relationship ends.

  37. Cyber_3

    Let me first say that if Simon and Martina are happy with their decision to change the KMM choice, then I am happy.

    However, I am a little disappointed that they didn’t take this opportunity to take back more creative control and time for themselves. They’ve complained before that they have very limited times they can do interviews because Sunday/Monday/Tuesday are always eaten by KMM and yet they didn’t want to pick a video all themselves once in a while (every second week, whatever) to get those days back? (since filming could be done in advance). Frankly, if Wonderful Treasure Find taught them anything, it is that they can talk about pretty much anything and make it entertaining and people will love it. I also think that picking from the top 3 is going to be a temporary solution: 1) voting clicks gets a lot of revenue, if people don’t think pumping their most into the charts is worth it, voting will go down overall, how much, I don’t know….2) now there’s going to be the added fun/frustration of people trying to pump the top 3 instead of just the #1(at least temporarily ’til they get tired), what if none of them suit? and 3) doing all positive reviews is lame. In my personal opinion: EXTREMELY LAME.

    I understand that (especially as Canadians), S+M don’t want to offend anyone and negative reviews could sometimes get in their way of moving forward in the industry. But I would seriously beg them to not always do a positive review. 1) For myself, and I can see from other comments here, that negative reviews can be some of the most entertaining – for example, I couldn’t stand the disfunction of “I Got A Boy” but I really enjoyed the review and it even makes the song more tolerable now. 2) If all your reviews are positive, you start to look like a shill and your opinions are less respected (not necessarily by me). Also then, all the songs you DON’T review from the top 3 (or top 1) automatically get a negative stigma attached to them. I think pretty much everyone would rather have a negative review than to be snubbed entirely as “not worthy”. By (periodically) picking your own song (without the chart), you avoid snubbing anyone. 3) S+M have always been about balance, I can’t really see how this translates into only positive reviews (even if there are some negative points in the review, I’m talking about overall positive). 4) As Eyk’s influence grows (and we can see that happening), I think that the negative reviews may just start to have a positive impact the industry which I think that most people here on the forums want. Maybe even help give us less “room dancing” M/Vs at the very least. It may not be very “Korean” to say negative things about others or their work but I think it’s appreciated for its difference and “allowed” since you are not Korean, and that’s an advantage to take advantage of.

    Back in the day (oh, around 2003), a well-known site called animeondvd.com I used to work for totally changed its policy behind the scenes from fair reviews of everything, to only positive reviews. Sure, they got a little bit more free stuff out of it (they were already getting lots of free stuff from the industry anyways) but they lost a LOT of members and a lot of respect (and I left too – I couldn’t stand to mislead people). I hardly hear of anyone even referencing the site any more while it had more than a million members (and even more lurkers) back in the day (which is saying a lot for back then). And I’m pretty sure there are still the same number of people (if not more) who buy anime dvds.

    I’m just saying. Those members of U-KISS saw your previous negative review of one of their videos and yet still had an interview with you and even helped with another review. That’s respect. Rather than just positive reviews, I think it would be more helpful to review more different groups/artists and this would be far easier if S+M just picked the song themselves. Just my opinion, please reference the first line of this post.

    Cyber_3 – if S+M are not already getting a lot of free stuff from the industry, you need to look into that, it’s fairly easy……look at the sticker machine……..

    • nvm <_< i dumb

    • well, I think fair review will someday get into the business as “what foreign likes and dislikes about our production” since the kpop is growing worldwide and they have to somehow step up their game by gaining the trust from those outside Korea to be a loyal fan who will love their songs but also able to praise/criticized the song the way it is.

      • Cyber_3

        More than about being polite and/or self-serving, I think that the Korean music industry has just come to accept some stuff as quid pro quo over time, like large all girl or all boy bands dancing in boxes. No one complains, so nothing changes. It’s also partially since their target market seems to be the
        tween/teen market which just looooooooves repetition and tends to reject
        radical changes. Does this audience also care for a plot or continuity in their idols’ videos or are they more interested in closeup shots and cool dances unfettered with distractions? Consider also, in a music-generating-machine world, it doesn’t make sense to have your audience focused on one awesome memorable video for too long, you want them moving on to the next thing, buying the next album/swag, ad infinitum.

        I don’t think that it’s only “foreigners” that see some kpop mucic videos as wanting but maybe the foreign kpop audience is a little older, therefore, with different tastes. It could also be that the western mentality towards music is different, for example, if I prefer to get a whole album of new awesome songs rather than a re-release with one new song or 5 forgettable filler songs with one or two “hits”. I also like having a “music video dance party” when I can dance and enjoy the video at the same time. I can’t always get what I want, but I sure try, because (thanks to being old and getting initiated to music through vinyl records), that’s the way I generally listen to my music. And I’m too busy/lazy to keep making playlists……I admit that I am definitely not the target audience for kpop, but I still really enjoy a lot of it…..partially because I love to dance and that segment of the North American music market just seems to have been in a rinse-repeat cycle for the last 10-20 years.

        If you want Simon and Martina’s tl;dr on “how popular is kpop in Korea”, I think it’s obvious that even Korean audiences see kpop as wanting. However, I don’t think that improving it is really a priority for the general populace, they have bigger issues.

        If kpop truly wants to crack the international market, they are smart to start with the US, since it’s often been an easier key to the British Commonwealth and Soviet-type markets in the past. The large kpop entertainment groups will definitely need a paradigm shift to break into this market. Look at PSY, he broke in (and broke it REAL good) but, even from my limited exposure to kpop, I wouldn’t call what he does as “standard” kpop (even if it’s awesome). If they are smart, I think that listening to a “fair” review can only help. I certainly don’t see S+M’s reviews as western-biased, any criticism they give is generally constructive, balanced, and aimed at improvement…..and in all fairness, they make funny skits for songs they like equally as much as those they don’t. As long as they are technically outside the entertainment world, they can be unbiased, which is something that’s just not possible if you make your money directly off the biz.

        Cyber_3 – kinda random, hope it made sense…….

  38. Very glad this new system is being out into place, just wish it would have happened sooner. I mean, if it had been implemented this summer, we would have had an “Ice Cream” KMM?! I can’t help but to think that the world is lesser place without it…

  39. Can you make like, a cut with the Taeman song? I would like to put it on my iPod!

  40. I like how you write which country he still ilegal to drink (booze) Awesome!!!!

  41. Of course I’m going to take JYJ’s In Heaven! You know why? Because of JUNSU’S BUTT!
    Anyways, great review, guise! I shall give my big greasy hearts to you~

  42. I’m glad this song got a KMM. It’s on replay on my iTunes since it was released. Not a huge fan of BoA, just generally like her since I heard “Hurricane Venus”. One of my favorite KMM so far, especially with the TAEMAN song. I’m having the sudden urge to download it lol :D

  43. I think picking the song out of the top 3 is a great idea. I don’t want you guys reviewing a music video you don’t want to review, and it’s your show after all. I’m all for the change.

  44. I think that it doesn’t matter wich song you review, because i rather laugh with your comments that see a video’s review from a huge fanbase eventought their videos doesn’t have any to make a joke. I totally understand S&M you should review for anything you feel like doing it. The creative work always is better when you are passionate about it than if you made something because you have to do it. Yeii for you guys.!!! the Nasties we’ll be agreed with you!!!

  45. JYJ because the song and mv was so sad and it made me cry and i bet most of the people who choose boa have only one reson and that is becuse they are tae-man(Tae-min) fans

  46. I’m just happy to have a Kpop Music Monday and I don’t care who’s reviewed as long as it’s not YG all the time, sooo :P …

  47. I vote JYJ~

    Also, I have no problem with changing the charts, however, I feel the change should be announced more officially (or stated on the kpop charts page) and not at the end of a KMM. That would eliminate some confusion and unnecessary complaining.

  48. Blueberries

    For new voting system.. I don’t necessarily like it but let’s see how it goes ^^ If more unknow groups will now have KMM it’s nice.
    And my vote goes for JYJ’s Heaven cause it’s just that sad ;__;

  49. Quick trivia- BoA did the opening song (Duvet) to the mind scrambling classic anime Serial Experiments Lain.

  50. JYJ of course! In Heaven is “my cup of tea”.

  51. I vote for the Manatee!! Oh wait…that wasn’t an option =.=
    JYJ – In heaven ^^

  52. Could you please next time not tell people to vote for someone in your videos, because I read a comment last time where someone told that CNBLUE has also not been reviewed and was on 1st place, and after what you told, it dropped a plce, and many other great songs are going to take it’s place now, it doesn’t seem possible that cnblue will win next week. Sorry for this comment, but because someone pointed it out last time, it made me think that it was kind of unfair for the other songs.

    I wonder if I will get hate comments now… :D

    • I agree, whenever they tell us to vote for a song, we generally get that song into first place (ex: Gangnam Style, Disturbance, etc) and then CN Blue is so close to getting reviewed and they do it again and they get screwed over. :/ I completely agree with you. I probably just won’t vote that often anymore since they have the new system, unless its a group I truly love.

  53. The TaeMan song was hilarious lol. KMM will be more interesting now :)

  54. Finally a change in the Kpop Music Charts!!!! yay! i hope those girl groups they listed gets reviewed for once!!!! Thanks Simon And Martina, i’m satisfied now ^^ @simonandmartina:disqus

  55. Finally a change in the Kpop Music Charts!!!! yay! i hope those girl groups they listed gets reviewed for once!!!! Thanks Simon And Martina, i’m satisfied now ^^ @SimonAndMartina

  56. So funny, I had stomach for this vid

  57. I did nearly get the ppl who live under me to bang on the cieling to shut me up after I watched this though!!! You both are so funny!!!

  58. You may never see this comment ever, but I just thought that both of you might like this song. I now you aren’t really into ballads, but it’s really good!! Vodka Rain – 그 어떤 말로도 (Feat. 장윤주)

  59. Omfg rofl.
    I’m dead.
    I can’t.

  60. A great Kpop Music Mondays! Those Manties looked incredibly comfortable, warm, and I want to know where I can find them in my size… Though, I am wondering about the fit under certain types of clothing, like jeggings or shorts, but clearly minor details to be worked out.

    On a side note, I have read a lot of the comments about the changes to the KMM song selection and I think it is great that everyone is expressing their feelings and opinions. If Simon and Martina have taught us anything, it is that we should not blindly accept something no matter how much we love or idolize a person, group, company, etc. It is always good to step back and look at the whole picture.

    That being said, I will say that I am completely for the new system of S&M picking from the top three on the KpopCharts. And here is why:

    1) Just because the song you voted for was not reviewed by S&M, does that take away from the song in anyway? Does it make it any less awesome in your eyes? I don’t think a song not winning KMM should be the end of the world. Sure, it is awesome to have S&M review the song and point out all of the hilarity/mindblowningness that the song/dance/video encompasses and be able to share that with other kpop fans. But just having your song make it to the top 10 is going to get that song a lot of views and comments, even if it doesn’t win KMM. Therefore, you are still going to be able to discuss that song with other people who also enjoyed it. So why do you want your group’s song reviewed so much? At the cost of S&M having to talk about a song/video that they don’t like or have much to say about?

    2) Bring me to my next point, I have seen so many comments of people saying that the KMMs that they enjoyed the most are the ones where S&M liked and had fun with the song/video. Forcing them to review a song that they have blatantly said that they don’t like or will not have good things to say about, seems strange to me. I don’t think anyone is going to be happy with that case or walk away with a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s like asking your parent’s to watch “Thrift Shop” By Macklemore knowing they wouldn’t getting it, but hoping against hope that some magic would happen and it would somehow win them over, against all odds. Then realizing from their blank stares that you have made a horrible mistake and they, indeed, did not get it. So even if it is not a song I love, for example Hyuna’s Ice Cream, I still think S&M could do a pretty amazing ‘oh you so nasty’ review of it because they WANT to review it.

    3) Finally, S&M have created an incredible site for discussing kpop. They are not telling you which idols or groups you should like, who you shouldn’t like, and they are not promoting anyone over another. They have produced a platform where they can express their opinions and you can express yours. How many other sites can you think of that you can interact with the creators and stars of the site? A place where your opinions really mean something to them? Because I can’t really think of any, at least not on the scale that S&M are at now. I am just so grateful for all that they have given me and if they would like to try something new, I am going to trust them and support them. Even if they try something that doesn’t work out, like a certain live chat site that shall remain nameless, I respect them for trying something new and I would not punish them for it. While the usual is great and fulfilling, I think it would be pretty boring if nothing ever changed. They know when something is working or when it is not and are not afraid to make adjustments.

    Like S&M have said countless times, the fans are the ones who have helped them reach where they are now, but it was still their mad skills, great personalities, and overall epicness that got them so many fans in the first place. So as a fan, I think it is also our job to really think about where they are coming from and have confidence in their talent. Then jump into some onesie pajamas, grab some Doritos, and enjoy the amazing show that is KMM!

    • Great comment. I agree… too many people focus on trying to get a video reviewed and act like it’s the end of the world when it’s not. People need to not take it so seriously. I love BigBang and G-Dragon, and I’ll vote once or twice for them but I don’t really care if they are reviewed or not because I watch Simon and Martina no matter what they are doing. It’s like they can’t win either way, if they don’t review a video then people get bitchy and complain, if they do review it and don’t say exactly what the fans of that group want them to say…. then they get criticised too.

      And now with the new voting system, it’s a difficult situation and they did what they could. If they kept the old system people complain, if they make a new one people complain. I don’t envy being in that position of having to make decisions.

      And exactly what you said- what other site is there like this? We are being given something really great, something they put so much effort into but people are so narrowed minded that they think Simon and Martina should do exactly what whatever their personal opinion is.

      The reason why Simon and Martina have so many fans is because of their hard work so I wish fans would stop acting like they owe them something. I have seen comments that could almost be called blackmail- people saying that it’s girls who have been watching Eat Your Kimchi fans because of all the boy groups and if they change that then they are betraying the fans blah blah blah. I’ve seen people say that that people will stop watching Music Monday if they change it and then they won’t be able to do it any more and they’ll have to go back to Canada to teach…………yup. Firstly now that Eat Your Kimchi is business there are so many things they can do now. If a lot of people stop watching videos…. I’m pretty sure Simon and Martina still have things worked out. Saying things about how they’ll have to go back to teaching if they don’t do what fans want is immature and insulting.

      • Thanks, Nic! You brought up some excellent points, as well. Especially about people threatening to stop watching if they change the voting system or, like you said, that Simon and Martina owe us something. They have clearly worked really hard and have given up a lot, including a normal sleep pattern, to do what they do. Not that they haven’t gotten other things in return, but I don’t feel like they have to feel so indebted to their fans that they can’t try something new or explore a new direction of their choosing. I completely agree, now that they have their company, the possibilities are huge!

        But you are right, it is a difficult situation. No matter what they do, it is not likely that everyone will be happy. I guess they will just have to try it out and see what happens. I just hope more people warm up to the idea, like us, of watching and enjoying KMM for the entertainment rather than just because their group/idol got voted in.

      • Amen Nic! Eat Your Kimchi and Simon and Martina (and Spudgy and Meemers) hwaiting! EYK is awesome, and S&M do so much for us fans, and sacrifice so much of their time and energy into blogging and vlogging. It takes a lot of effort and creativity to do what they do, and it’s not like they take long vacations or really any vacations. They have decided to stay in Korea and turn this into something amazing (like interviewing awesome groups like Clazziquai Project) all so we can have a bigger connection to what is going on in Korea. Without their efforts, so many people wouldn’t know anything about K-pop, and Korean culture from a foreign perspective. I think the new change is going to be great, and will allow us to see some really great groups highlighted who weren’t before because they were too small, or not as popular yet as the more well established groups.

    • S&M. . .ooh, you so nasty!

      • Lol. Actually, the first time I saw someone use “S&M” on here, I was really taken aback and was very confused for a moment until I realized that they meant Simon & Martina and not…something else… Anywho, that seems to happen to me a lot, like when I watched the Block B interview and they kept saying BBC, I thought “wow, these guys must be really big fans of British television.” So glad I didn’t leave a comment saying, I love British shows too, especially Doctor Who and Luther! Things could have gotten weird. :P

  61. Dang, My idea was rejected :( I love all the mainstream bands out there but was really hoping we would get a chance to hear reviews for older or less mainstream artists. Some of my favorite videos will never be reviewed because they don’t have the fandom of Bigbang and Super Junior and such. (Sorry BOOM. I tried)

  62. I really liked the new ‘system’. It gives a chance for girlgroups and nugugroups. :c AND I’M SO HAPPY YOU GUYS REVIEWED A BOA’S VIDEO ;__; Thank you, Shawols. LOL

  63. I too believe that the change is the lesser of two evils. I wish this change had happend back when Miss A – Touch managed to rank really high in the Kpopcharts but never got reviewed. I’m not a Miss A fan, but that song, that video, that weird but cool intro, everything about it was soooo good.

  64. I don’t know if it’s feasible coding-wise for you at the moment, but I like the idea I saw proposed about hiding the exact ranking of the top three videos. I think it’ll help with preventing anger against the top song not being picked because people won’t know who it was. I mean they can still guess, especially if it’s a super popular group, but it won’t be known for sure.

  65. Tae-man song was so epic, that I did fall out of my chair from laughing to much!! Ow, guys, ow! Manatee. *snort* ^^

  66. Anyone else enjoy the dancing plant behind Simon and Martina?

  67. Guys, Just wanted to voice my support of the decision to pick from the top 3 vote getters. It’s the right decision. It’s not going to make some folks happy, but like any compromise, it’s the best choice to restore balance to KMM. Viewing week after week of boy bands like what happened during the late summer and through autumn last year was a case in point. Until Lee Hi’s 1,2,3,4 was reviewed, it was almost a 4 month stretch of nothing but boy bands while great songs like Secret’s Poison, T-ara’s Sexy Love or Hyuna’s Ice Cream (all which were practically made for a KMM review) were passed over.

    Two Thumbs Up on picking from the top 3!

  68. at 5:34 simon said “JYP” instead of “JYJ” and i was like… hmmm… wuat???

  69. i love you guise XD omf the tae-MAN song made my stomach hurt! i’m crying because it was so funny <3
    you just made my day <3

  70. I really like this idea. Because now there are other songs that will get a chance. Like Hello Venus or After school groups. Maybe even some rookies will get a chance. I really like this because it’s only far. I did love the Taeman song also amazing.

  71. I vote for JYJ’s In Heaven

  72. Voting for JYJ’s In Heaven. JYJ have long been legal. ^^

    Also, huzzah! The kpop charts shall be freed from the tyranny of pre-adolescent fan girls!! :)

  73. OK, I rolled over laughing and my eyes are full of tears because you guys killed me with all this Taemin VS Taeman bit!
    If he’s still a Dorito, I want a full bag of him! :P (My ultimate bias is still So Ji Sub-oppa, though, followed closely by Park Shihoo)

    I’m voting for JYP, just because I liked his song more…

  74. TaeMan!!!! That chant is forever locked in the crevices of my mind…TaeMan for president of the Universe XD…I’m glad you guys will now have a say in what to review….and that’s it XD

  75. LOL..!! Luurrvvee the Taeman part!! Anyone who knows Taemin personally should make him watch this..! And the discussion between the “boss” and the MV director was soo accurate, cynical huh? But soo true..!! Hahaha!

  76. I’m in favor of the new voting system, because Yay Orange Caramel is possible!

  77. lol I totally agreed with Martina on the new look Taemin showed in this video! So freaking adult like that me and my sis were like holy shit is that Taemin! But I’m really happy that Simon and Martina will make Music Mondays more fair now and allow female artist to be reviewed because honestly I have been waiting for a review on Boa and Orange Caramel for a while now =) But sorry to say it I still prefer boy bands and not to mention 2PM will have two awesome full length albums come out, one in Japanese and the other in Korean! So sorry guys but I might b a lil biased during that time on my voting…..but still looking forward to girl bands being reviewed

  78. Simon, you look like kwangsoo from running man with that hair and knitted shirt for the third taeman underwear one.

    and i understand the cheap hot chocolate at the skate rink. it is so tempting to get the cheap one instead of the nicer one. but sometimes i find that it’s more enjoyable to be tasting cheap hot chocolate once in a while.

  79. I LOLed at the boy porn reference!

    For the showdown, I pick JYJ’s in Heaven. (as if anyone looking at my icon would be surprised by that.) ;)

  80. The Taeman’s part is my fave part of this KMM, hahaha!

  81. I support your decision! Whatever’s most comfortable with you guys works :) eyk fans appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into each video.

  82. I love the new idea :) most the kpop groups I listen to, I’ve learned from on kpop music mondays so it’d be nice to have new ones

  83. YES!! So happy that you guys implemented the top three system!!! KMM has some spice again!! Good choice guys :D

  84. Martina!! You’re wearing the earrings I sent you!! I’m so happy :D :D <3 <3

    I loved this review, how you indirectly poked fun at all of kpop/SM’s typical songs and videos. Poor Kwon Bro. Hah :p

    As for the new kpopchart system, I’m just glad you’ve decided to do SOMETHING – and see if it works. We’ve had suggestion upon suggestion upon suggestion, and this is as good as any, so give it a shot. If it doesn’t turn out well, then we’ll try something else. Easy :p

  85. About the change… To be perfectly honest, I don’t care if reviewed artists are male or female, thus I didn’t have anything against the sausage fest. What bugged me was that sometimes Kpop charts were too predictable. I’m not really sure if the change will help less famous artists though, because sometimes even making it to the top 3 is impossible for them. Still I’m rather enthusiastic about the idea because:
    1) I like surprises :) I know it’s not going to be completely unpredictable, but I guess coming back to requests is not an option.
    2) Even if a video that I voted for very intensely (which doesn’t happen often) doesn’t win, I’m not that upset if it’s beaten by another video that makes a good review. Music Mondays are made for our entertainment and I’m not going to flip tables because of something like that. I have worse problems than a video I like not being reviewed.
    But most importantly, I hope that the main criterium for choosing the video will be “which video will provide the most fun/ interesting review” rather than “which video is the best” because what made me love Music Mondays was making fun of music videos, not praising them to high heaven.

  86. I loved this Music Monday! I love S&M and would watch anything by them, even just a video of Spudgy being his cute little self. However, I don’t think this new system of choosing from the top 3 will sit well with a lot of fans. There’s a lot less motivation to vote when it runs the risk of never being reviewed. Why not have the system a lot of people mentioned in the Kpop Chart Updates? Every other week, S&M get to choose whatever video they want (regardless of standing) and the next week is the top voted video. That way, fans still have a direct 100% controlled way of getting what they want, particularly the most fervent who vote a video into 1st place. I know it’s not perfect, but I feel like both sides get more say, just in alternating weeks.

  87. I support the idea of KPOP Classic Monday somebody(Gracie?)
    mentioned. I also like the idea of bringing back K-crunchy Cocktail. I
    understand that it’s more work, but the thing is these segments can be
    recorded when you have spare time(I assume there is more possibility of
    that since there is a hire and an intern), and released when KMM cannot
    be recorded, like when you are traveling/vacationing etc.

    I am not sure pick1-from-top3 would
    solve the sausage parade problem. Because of overwhelming number of
    female demographics of this site, top3 would still be all boy groups
    most of the time. It will however give better chance to lesser known
    group for KMM treatment.

  88. Did anyone else notice there was kinda.. way too many cuts during Simon’s monologues? Like the dialogue was spliced a lot more than usual?

  89. Gracias por criticar esta canción. Siempre quise que comentaran algun tema de BoA y aunque pense que nunca lo harían FINALMENTE ESE DÍA LLEGO MUAJAJA ^^. Siempre comentan video de grupos de chicas o chicos pero realmente fue una grata sorpresa que BoA, mi cantante femenina favorita, tuvo un espacio. Chicos son increíbles de verdad. Desde Chile les envío un caluroso abrazo ^^

  90. Wow you over-ruled fan votes for Taemin?!! You get Shawol loves – here, here! take, take!!!

  91. i think i would really like this change if it also meant that you guys would stop asking people to vote for a video you want on the weekend updates. You guys have a lot of sway because a lot of the people who come on to eyk are nasties. If you get to pick which music video is in the top three and also choose to use your fans to influence who ends up in the top three, I think that would be going to far.

    I am not a hater, I am saying this because I care. I doubt you’ll see this though.

    PS. Loved the taeman song!

    • Now that you mentioned it, I think of replacing Kpop chart updates with Kcrunch cocktail. I guess that would be cool. I miss that segment!

    • You raise a good point. I’ll bring it to their attention. ^^b

      • Umm no, if they don’t mention the groups, then the ones they mentioned they wanted to review at the end of this will nvr be. They don’t get into the top 3 w/o them mentioning it.

        • That’s simply not true. G-Dragon, Big Bang, FT Island, UKISS, SNSD, 2NE1, Super Junior, SHINee, etc. don’t need to be mentioned on the kpop update — much less have S&M even hint that they want them to be voted in — in order to get to the number one spot on the charts. There are LOADS of groups that have enough EYK fans (even without being a top group in Korea) that can get to and maintain a number one spot with ease.

          And there are other groups/songs that didn’t even come close to the top three, even though S&M spent the entire portion of their update dedicated to begging people to review the song (I don’t think Hyuna’s Ice Cream broke the top three, nor did Orange Caramel’s Lipstick).

          I do agree with flukkie that they obviously have some influence — hence the sudden interest in Sistar19 when they were struggling to even break into the top ten before and now they’re number one — and since they’re going to exercise even more influence by picking the top three, then perhaps they shouldn’t be begging for what gets placed there. Thanks for agreeing to say something to them about it, fuuko! c:

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Clearly you didn’t read what I said or atleast misunderstood it. I said After School, Orange Caramel and the artists mentioned at the end have no chance unless S&M mention how much they like them. Even then they couldn’t win. You pretty much proved my point. Ice Cream was mentioned many times n still couldn’t win.

        • I was thinking about the times that they strongly encourage people to vote. I’m sure left to their own devices, fans can be objective enough to get at least ONE interesting video in the top 3 (or at least I hope so). So I don’t think S&M will need to strongly encourage people to vote for any video in particular.

          Whether they continue to introduce the latest additions to the charts, either through an Update or a Cocktail, is something that can be decided later.

          Anyway, we’ll see how it works out. We need a good balance between S&M’s choice, and the fans’ preference. Whether or not that will reflect the quality of the MV or the KMM, I still can’t say. It’s not going to be easy, but let’s just wait and see.

  92. Manties: they go oh so well with U-Kiss’s Man Man Panties. Could there be a rivalry between Taeman and U-Kiss now? XD

  93. TaeMMAANNNN.
    I would like this made into an MP3 so it can be my new ringtone? kkthx. ^^

    Also. I like the new system. YAAY NEW SYSTEM! I want y’all to be making videos y’all want to make. ^^ That’s the most important thing! so. yeah. woo. kjadf;alkjer;akj ALL RIGHT.

  94. “In our minds, what Junsu is to sexuality, BoA is to confidence. Does that sound cheesy and vague?” Uhm no :D

    “And making TWO Kpop Music Mondays a week: HA! We already put out around 6 videos a week, on top of trying to set up interviews and doing other videos. Our plates are full until we can get faster at editing.” You’re busy enough as it is! Out of the question!! > . . < *

    Actually I would picture Martina singing: " I got a couch in the chin… I got a couch chicken" (for the time when you got your new couch :)) )

    Love the review and the blog post! :D

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Ps: for the Showdown: JYJ

  95. Does this mean no more super junior???? or boring homin??? finally, so excited! I’m not scared of you people, I express my opinion!

    As for Disturbance, I think the song is nice but I wasn’t into the video that much. Probably because I’m not super obsessed with Taemin like everyone else. And I still think the age difference looked awkward but it’s nothing I really care about. What I did find funny though was Taemin’s acting. That’s right, I find flaw in Taemin! I’m not afraind of you people! *runs away*

    I think Boa’s cool and I’m glad she finally got reviewed.

  96. I think your new plan for the Kpop Charts is awesome. You guys should be able to have the right to pick what you want to review, since after all, this is YOUR website. Nasties are just here to give you a push at what you SHOULD review though xD

  97. TaeMAN song cracked me up so bad ;D I really loved the transition in his image and I hope they’ll keep it for Shinee’s promotions. Also liked the idea of alternative endings (in BoA’s MV, not in Music Mondays). I never really got into her music, but there’s something about BoA that makes me appreciate her work. I really liked the video. But as for the showdown, I vote for JYJ. Nothing can beat Junsu’s butt *cough* pickles. I mean, I like “In Heaven” a lot more.
    EDIT: how do you cross out the words in comments? I feel like such an idiot for not knowing how to do it :(

  98. Taeman song. LOL!!! XD
    My vote goes for BoA!!

  99. TaeMAN!!! LOL I love it! I was dying when the song came on. And I’m so glad there’s gonna be some sort of element of surprise when it comes time for a Music Monday.

  100. bigbangfosho

    LOVE THIS IDEA! It’s outrageous that the owners and creators of the site have no say in which songs they review.

  101. thumbs up for TaeeeeeMaaaaaaan

  102. TaeMan! That theme song is 대박! Like gold, I am serious! And YAY for the K-pop chart change!

  103. It sounded like they had made up their mind, so this result doesn’t surprise me. But I’m disappointed that we’re only going to have happy reviews from now on. IDK. Happy isn’t always the most interesting or entertaining to watch.

  104. I… kind of want the Tae-MAN song as my ringtone. xD
    I actually think BoA’s sound fits some of the recent KPop trends. I heard SO MANY songs that are heavily influenced by New Jack Swing, which, like BoA’s recent songs, is a major 90s sound. As a child of the 90s, I approve! :D

    I think your new voting system is fair. For all everyone knows, you may still end up reviewing a song that made it in the top 3 one week because, depending on popularity, it ends up in next week’s. There will be plenty of chances for everyone to be happy instead of whiny sissy babies for a brief moment. Don’t worry, I still love you whiny sissy babies out there~♥

  105. Well, as disappointed i am about BIGBANG’s onslaught of future videos not making it week after week *weeps in corner I shall stand by your decision, because I think its a good idea! :D I loved the TaeMAN song! I love that this video made it to #1, I have been a hardcore Jumping BoA since…I heard of K-Pop…through BoA :D thanks for the great review guys, have a nice day!

  106. I would love Bigbang mounth…

  107. i think the whole reason this video is getting a lot of reviews, if not the main reason, is because Taemin is in it. Im not saying it because I particularly like him because I don’t, but why this one, and not her other songs which in my opinion are better?

  108. I think this is one of the best KMM’s EVER! The extra things that you guys can do because of your studio is defiantly starting to make a difference. Not that they weren’t awesome before, but now you can do SO many more things. That’s super exciting. :)

  109. At first listen and first watch, it’s a really nice step away from the flashy kpop trends like you guys said *ahem*igotaboy*ahem*. While I still feel like I Got a Boy is (unfortunately) going to be the rising trend in kpop intent on inducing musical epilepsy, this is a nice, smooth ballad with a discernible plot, kinda like what K.will’s Please Don’t did for me.

    Also, I agree with the kpopchart sausagefest. You do what you gotta do to level the playing field!

    PS: love the star wars death star reference, and the biking background for TaeMan. Dothraki Man Warrior-in-training FTW!?

  110. Taemin certainly’ become TAEMANNNNNNN..Lol
    My vote-JYJ,In heaven

  111. I think changing the MM system is a great idea and a long time coming. Hopefully you won’t get a lot of hate from disgruntled fans. Just ignore it if you do, you guys are doing the right thing. It’s the most logical and efficient solution. I fully support you guys! :)

  112. I am loving TaeMAN!! ^^ loll the Taeman song made my laugh so hard !! Dieing over here XD
    Ohhh yeah ! And I like Jyj – In heaven ^^ …. I also like TaeMAN… buuut thats not the point ^^

  113. Lol, the TaeMan song!!! I died laughing! You guise are awesome. :)

  114. JYJ ” Heaven ” The best sad song and MV ever!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  115. MANti TaeMAN and his imaginary girlfriend… this seems familiar somehow…

  116. When I first saw the teaser, I thought BoA was cuddling with Minho or Yunho. As the camera gets closer I realize it was Taemin!
    I was like “What happened to his hair and his WHOLE BODY!??????”

  117. Wigglypuff and Kittens are manly indeed

  118. My vote: JYJ In Heaven

    Taeman ♫ Taeman ♪ that’s is going to stuck in my head forever!! hahahahahahaha

  119. For the fans suggesting to have a new voting system with proportions, you are really well done!! Simon and Martina, you can consider of that!!! :D

    • I believe the reason this idea was not taken into consideration is because of the same reason a separate chart for males and females was not done: it would mean having to recode the entire chart, something that is time consuming and expensive.

  120. My vote goes to Boa. While JYJ’s In Heaven was great I really love the composition and almost funky under lying beat in Boa’s Disturbance.

  121. Simon and Martina, kids…, let me explain why BOA’s MV has so many views: TAEMIN/Taeman. She’s absolutely lovely and her music awesome, don’t get me wrong, and it’s a smart move to attract fans from other artists, nothing wrong with that. :)

  122. Vote: In heaven.

    I’ll admit I wasn’t thrilled at Boa winning, but that Tae-Man song totally made it worth it. Hehe. Since I don’t follow Shinee I would never have recognized that as Taemin if you hadn’t have pointed it out. He’s certainly grown up.

  123. Taemin is only 20?!
    Kpop idols make me feel like an old fart who hasn’t accomplished anything with my life.

  124. I am so pleased with this new voting system. Really guys, a fantastic decision that will breathe new life into Music Mondays. And I know that you guys are definitely going to get a lot of hate over this, and this hate will resurrect itself every time you don’t pick a song that a massive storm cloud of fan girls wanted. But just remember, the Nasties love you. If we wanted to hear about just K-Pop we could go anywhere. We come to Eat Your Kimchi because of YOU. We want to hear about Simon and Martina and Spudgy and Meemersworth. There are more with you than against you. :)

    • Totally agree with you! S&M are what make EYK special. :D

    • Yep I think it’s safe to say that EYK fans > fan groups any week (except for maybe VIPs or GD fans just saying! I am both an EYK fan and VIP so it’s not mutually exclusive :D) Excited to see the changes!!!

      BTW I like your collective noun for fan girls grouping, “a stormcloud of fangirls” great image! I would also describe them as a gaggle of fangirls, a swarm of fangirls, a rabble of fangirls, creeping saesangs, a wake of netizens…..sorry I couldn’t help it I’m an english lit nerd!! :P

  125. I appreciate that Simon and Martina noticed that the voting system didn’t really satisfy them AND their audience, but I don’t know if this is the best solution. I foresee tons of angry fans who voted their favourite group to the top and the video still might not be reviewed… I think there will be some people who will be really upset, I mean there are people who don’t like that not the vote count itself counts but also the time the song is on the chart.

    And I admit that I also liked that fans were able to decide which song got reviewed, now I might spend time on here, voting for my fave song, get it to the top and it still loses against someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I love being here (most of the time) but it’s kinda different if you can’t be sure if “your” video will be reviewed even if you get it to the top.. You know what I mean?

    I get that the content of the videos will probably upset less fans because Simon and Martina decide in the end and will probably choose a song they like, but yeah what I said before. I don’t know if a lot of people will enjoy this change.

    I’m also upset that so many groups don’t get reviewed, especially girl groups, but I thought that Simon and Martina would have more time once they set up the studio and have employees. Wouldn’t it be possible to have two different kpop Review shows? Like one especially for girl groups? :D I know this is probably too much, but one can dream, right? Or one for rookie groups? I’m talking debuts here.

    Anyways I’m excited how this will work :)

    For this review:

    I so, so, so like you two together the best. While I didn’t find the sketch toooo funny, I totally loved the Man-Taes bit :D That made me laugh. I liked that you actually researched lyrics and “staff” and such this time again, and that it wasn’t only a rant.

  126. Hooray! seeing as I listen to mostly girl groups (although I do like some boy groups)
    I like this change VERY MUCH! and look forwards to seeing Secret, Dal Shabet, Orange Caramel, Sunny Hill ect ect ect!
    I sometimes vote for female groups on the music monday charts but often a really cool and interesting video will miss out on the top place because everyone’s favorite boy idol group happened to release a video that week (*cough* even if it’s really boring).

  127. Hmmm I am not even sure Dalshabet, Orange Caramel and such can make the
    top 3. I still say that once a month you should do a Simon and Martina
    pick and just review the song you like. It could get some extra views
    for those underappreciated groups. And ensures that you still aren’t stuck with just boybands in the top 3.
    Plus I think a lot of people would like to see what you two like or what is really huge in Korea.

    • If they made this idea last year we could of had Orange Caramel reviews a super awesome Sexy Lovey Review of T-ara (With/Without Hwayoung) so I see this idea as a good thing there are awesome songs out there but they might not have a big fan group to vote them into 1st so the 1st 2nd and 3rd are the ones cared. So fans vote for your favs to be in the top 3 and stop aruging

  128. JYJ- In Heaven for my vote, although I did really like this video. Junsu just pulled off the angst better for me.

  129. You guys should have a Music Mondays for Guys and a Music Sundays for girls. But,you guys are always busy :P

    I’m afraid of what Taeman will do to me now.. TT TT

  130. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…DO IT!!! I’ve always wanted to say that and I like your idea, it’s brilliant and unique. It’s time for an EYK change and I love changes. Oh and BoA for this week’s showdown

  131. Though it is their vlog, and they have every right to decide which video to review, I disagree that them only reviewing songs they like is a good idea. Take, for instance Teen Top’s “No Perfume on You.” They clearly did not like the song, but to me it is one of their most powerful, poignant, and best KMM. It was even mentioned in a recent article they tweeted. I love that they took a stand and said this is not right. Think if they would have had this system in place then? We would miss out on this awesome message. While I love to watch and laugh at their fun reviews, sometimes when they have to tackle grown up issues, even if it is something they don’t like, it makes the best viewing.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I have a feeling that we won’t see the end of them being honest and pointing out ‘wrongs’ that they see in Music videos like in Teen Top’s video. I have faith that they will still pick the video that they feel passionate about whether they liked the song or not. In Teen Top’s case they didn’t like the song but they spotlighted the wrongness of it and the video. I think that they will still do this.

      I think that if another video/song like that comes out and gets voted to #1 or even in the top 3, if it has a message that they are totally against, I think they will review it even if they don’t like the song in order to state what a horrible message the song is portraying. The same could be said if the song has a really good message they want to spotlight. They just want to be able to feel passionate about all the KMMs they do.

      • I completely agree that Simon and Martina will do what is best for their fans. I hope it didn’t come across any other way. I was simply pointing out that sometimes we shine the brightest when we have to do what we would rather not. It forces is outside our comfort zone and to challenge ourselves. Some of the most character building, informative, and beneficial events in my past are things that if I had been given the choice, I would rather not have had to do.

    • I think that they would still be willing to review those types of videos, since they have something really interesting to say about it. It makes more sense when you think about the big bang situation, or just a boring music video with not much to talk about. Sometimes it seems like they just don’t have enough material to talk about a song for KMM (since they’re not fan boy/girl-ing).

    • I think that it will also lend to KMMs becoming more and more enjoyable, because S and M can pick MVs that they can…you know, actually talk about (–or come up with jokes about?) For example, Box Mvs..(ahem…SM MVs) are hard to review because Nothing. Actually. Happens. Unless however, there is an iconic joke that comes out of it, like “Max Time” or “Batoost/Bilasa” or even “Rolling down my sexy windows,” which show up time and time again in KMM. This way, we’re pretty much guaranteed to have a awesomely entertaining/thoughtful video from S and M every time (not that they don’t do so already.)

      What would be really nice is if they can do “Indie/Artsy” video reviews as well, or give them more attention, than just the Indie roundup of the week. (I know they do a lot already.)

      • Please understand that I am in no way disrespecting Simon, Martina, or you by what I am about to say. However, you are kinda helping me prove my point that sometimes videos that they don’t like and seem like they have nothing to give Simon and Martina force them to be insanely creative and create masterpieces. Take “Sexy, Free, and Single”. It is definitely a box video, but Simon will point blank say it was his favorite KMM to shoot. Another SuJu video, “Spy” was a boring box video and they created that awesome skit about idols with super powers that stays with me as some of the funniest KMM moments. Conversely, other videos, like “Crayon,” just have too much to talk about. This does not mean those reviews are bad in any way, just not necessarily as creative.

        • Haibara Christie

          I think that we’re actually on the same page here. I think that some of their best KMMs are for songs that people would normally think that there’s absolutely nothing to talk about, which shows how great Simon and Martina are at what they do. I was pointing out that since Simon and Martina now have the ability to chose from the top 3, (or whatever the new system may be,) they can pick the MV that they can have the most fun with, and truly entertain people, as well as give diversity to the kind of videos they talk about (i.e. having a better Girl Group to Boy Group ratio.) I brought up the box MV issue because those in particular end up really interesting like the aforementioned “SPY” video, or kind of fall flat like “IGAB,” which I personally felt to be a bit uninspired.

    • I agree i think sometimes the number 1 videos are voted in because S &M have flagged that they have lots to say about it or nasties want to get their opinion on it especially when S & M hate it or even EYK fans have noted dodginess :) Dodgy videos and songs are my fave KMMs!! That’s screwed up yeah?? Having said that I did love Kimchi style and all of the Big Bang reviews last year, consequently I’m now a VIP :D All in all excited for the changes!

  132. Sarah D

    I really like the idea of the top 3! I think it’s a nice change and I’d love to see more reviews on different bands and not the same 5 bands over and over again. I’m really looking forward to the new KMM!

    P.S don’t listen to the haters. No one likes change, but they’ll soon get over it!

    EYK Fighting!!!!

    • We’re not haters. Please choose your words carefully and be respectful of the other fans here. We disapprove of the change simply because S&M has basically said that “Even though all of you bust your collective humps to get a song to number one we’re not going to always take your votes into consideration” That in of itself is insulting. And May I add just because we disagree with S&M decision doesnt mean we are haters or anti’s.

      • I agree. You should be able to disagree respectfully without being labelled a hater. The key is to not take it so personally that you are offended by their choice.

      • Sarah D

        I think I’ll stay with the words a chose. You should have more of an open mind. How can you hate something that hasn’t even begun? I think people are being a little selfish. You can start hating the idea after they’ve done it. Not before.

        Like they said, people are going to hate it whether they have the top 3 or they give a bad review to your favorite group. Just let them do what they want. It’s their site and if you don’t like what their doing you can always stop watching, Because there’s a lot of people that support their decision.

  133. Uhm. May I rip off the TaeMAN song? … X’DDDDD I replayed it like.. 90324893 times LOL It’s addictive XD

  134. I respect BoA as an artist , she is different than idols out there. And when I first saw her, I didn’t know she was from SM xD I thought she was from some company in Korea…*lol* so didn’t have that SM feel to her songs and performances…

    This is was ok for me…I am not really a fan of ballads and when I like ballads they really touch me …this song was nice…
    I like her “hurricane venus ” and “copy&paste ” alot more ^-^ ( obviously, because they are up-beat songs xD )

  135. NOOOO!!! The songs u don’t like are my fav reviews! If it was solely off of wanting to help female groups then u could just give female groups x1.25 as many points as males or somethin like that. I have a feeling this could really decrease activity here (not really talking about myself much, but yeah).

    OK Simon mentioned After School and Orange Caramel, now I don’t even give a crap.

  136. “and I can’t remember the last time I really heard that from SM.”… let me freshen your mind, 2008, Kangta’s “Eternity” mini that despite horrible “7989″ was perfect. Oh, but he’s not idol and he does what he wants above trends, sure.

  137. lol I didnt even notice him.. He was so hot and man did it give me some chills

  138. TaeMAN!!!! TaeMAN!!!!!!! I shall make this my ringtone forever.

  139. I loved that TaeMAN thing and I totally agree! He has suddenly grown up so much, I don’t know how it’s even possible o_O

    As for the change in the KMM ranking system, I think it’s good for you to have more freedom with it BUT if your fans prefer boy bands, as the first place winners seem to suggest, I don’t think you should balance it out too much. It’s okay to balance it out a little though, and I definitely agree about not making a KMM about Big Bang MVs for a month in a row, no matter how much I like them. Also as a plus side, it’s a good thing that you can choose the videos you have something to say about and make the KMMs more interesting ^^

  140. Just wanna give you guys support on your decision about a new voting system in MM :) I think it’s a good idea cos I’m getting bored of sausage feast as well. Plus, some of the winner from MM doesn’t even have an interesting MV. I agree that too often, the interesting MV didn’t get to the first place just because of smaller fanbase. So yeah, hope it will bring more fun to the making of MM, because there will be times that you don’t feel like talking about a particular video and once you forced yourself to do it then it kinda shows through the video isn’t it. I’m excited to see more girl groups on MM now! ;) All the best guys!

  141. This weeks KMM was so fun
    Don’t know when was the last time a KMM made me laugh so much my stomach hurts :DD
    The TaeMAN part was just hilarious X”D
    I hope that the change in the kpopcharts will help you to review more interesting videos and songs you like because I really want more awesome KMM like this one and not only reviews about a bunch of guise dancing in a box :)

  142. Damn, I was really torn for this week. I am eternally biased towards CN Blue since seeing their London concert, but I wanted Boa to be reviewed as well xD Well it had to be one of them and I loved the KMM as always ^u^ I hope that this change will give you the flexibility you need!

  143. will the TaeMan song be available on soundcloud?

  144. Taeman makes me sad. I miss Taemini. *sigh* They grow so fast~
    My vote for JYJ. I love both the song and mv (much) better. I have nothing against BoA but this gotta be one of the song/mv i’m liking the least of her lately. Guessing she made it thanks to Taemin/Shinee fans.
    Well you know (or you don’t) that i’m still kinda doubtful about the new voting system, but since eveybody seems to be pretty ok and cool with it (that surprises me btw i was sure people would be upset) let’s just see how it’ll turn and work out. (i’m still kinda sad to know you probably won’t be reviewing songs/mv you don’t like. cause, i don’t know if it’s weird, but yes i like hearing some rants and bad reviews times to times ! I hated with my whole heart and soul and body B.A.P’s Stop It, both the song and mv and all i wanted was to hear someone else than me ranting about it. Bigbang’s Monster’s mv didn’t do it at all for me and i was so happy to know that it was the same for you. Yeah when i’m disappointed with a song/mv i like to hear other ppl complaining and so feel that i’m not alone i guess ^^’)
    aaaanyway~! Now i’m curious to know how the upcoming KMM will be like !

  145. Yay!! A BoA review! I have been waiting for this! Haha Good to know your opinions about this song and music video. I agree with most of what you said! :)
    As for your CD search, I read in some comments on the music video that this song was made for BoA’s solo concert so I guess the song is/will be part of BoA’s solo concert DVD/CD? I’m not really sure.. I was really sad when I read about this because I was looking forward to a BoA comeback stage with this song :(
    As for the change, I think you have every right to be able to choose what video you should review. So I support you with this! Anyway, we are watching your videos for your opinions, so why not have the videos your choice. :) Looking forward to your next Kpop Music Monday post~ ^-^

  146. So much I agree with about the video…especially the shoes being on while they are “inside.” Martina, those earrings are the bomb but I think they would look a lot better with something a little more summer themed as the feathers are mostly for that kind of look. OR for a evening gown type attire. I’M SORRY!!! I don’t mean to rip you on this one, but the color of them kinda made them stand out to such a degree. With a sweatshirt? Seriously? I showed this to many, including my fashion/makeup stylist daughter and everyone agreed. Those that love you (as I do) also said that they think you’re going through a “phase”…come on!!!! You are so cute and very attractive and can pull things off better than this. If you’re going for the casual look, stick with that on the accessories. Otherwise, you’re statement is CONFUSING. Don’t hate me, I love you guys. I want the very best look to come across too when I show your videos to others. This one, I won’t show.

  147. The shatered sandglass makes me think of the last TVXQ Japanese video, ” I know”.
    I also like TaeMin more mature look though I don’t think he was the best choice as a male character for BoA.
    The song is nice, but I prefered Only One to this one.
    Also, I think your new system is a wonderful idea. I am also looking for new K-inspiration.
    I love what you’re doing ^^

  148. I really liked this weeks Music Monday ^^ It was very nicely done. And i also think its nice that there’ll be a change in the k pop charts, it’s better for everyone if Simon and Martina review a song that they like and that inspires them to script Kpop music monday rather than them reviewing a song that they dont like and making the fans angry.

  149. I liked this MM. Whaaa, TaeMan song and all stuff about SM music videos :DDD soy un doritoooos xDD I liked new system idea and it will be interesting to see what you will pick, because now I like all top 3 songs.
    It was quite scary to see Martinas alternative ending :D Yep, I also want to hear some opinion of Special girl. -.-

    I vote for JYJ song Heaven,

  150. You should record all the songs you’ve made so far and release a special CD
    The TaeMan part killed me XD

    JYJ In heaven ^^

  151. TaeMAN song is soooo epic, hahahaha

  152. THANK GOODNESS! I’m so glad you’re making the slight alteration to how you choose your KMM videos. To be completely honest, I think it is MUCH more fair to do it this way. [*cough* no gender bias *cough* rabid fan girls *cough*] Our votes still count but you get to choose what will make the most entertaining of our top three. Great idea, thank you.

  153. I’m excited to see what this change in the KMM chart will bring! Now I can actually be surprised for each KMM, and I’d much rather watch a fun review by you guys, than constantly voting my oppas in. :P

  154. I was really excited to see this BoA song reviewed and then I noticed — Eric Nam on the computer in the background!! Aaaaawww yes! I hope he gets reviewed for a MM sometime soon. His debut song is great!

  155. I really like your idea for KMM and I’d rather you guise have fun with the song/video you review :)

  156. Not particularly a fan, but I watched anyway because you guys can make anything appealing (srsly – I can’t stop watching Intoxication due to you guys).
    As for the voting system, I would have made it so that you could pick from the top 5 vids…

  157. I love how you say BoA is so unique to SM. I remember when she first came out (yes because I have been listening to Kpop for THAT long) a lot of people criticized her for being a puppet for SM. Now I am not saying young BoA had a lot of say in what music she picked, but it does say a lot that as she got older a very different look and sound developed. Perhaps many of the kpop artists we know now will get more artistical say in their sound and image in the future.

    And I can say I love the new system. I really like these videos but it isn’t always as funny as they could be. I think you guys know which videos you can work the best with- and I like the element of surprise!

    • Pretty sure that BoA is first in line to inherit the throne of SM’s kingdom.
      No seriously, she is one of their oldest artists, has stock in the company, represents the company’s public face (kpop star judge position), and LSM already said he wanted her to be the next CEO.

      • BoA says herself that she’s third in the hierarchy, though. Second-in-line is Kangta. ^^

        • Haibara Christie

          Who are we kidding here? BoA has the fame that Kangta, despite his H.O.T. origins, doesn’t really have these days. But do I think that Kangta does have more business end background than BoA does right now, plus I don’t know how well a female CEO is going to do amidst the currently male dominated entertainment industry.

        • I certainly wasn’t thinking about popularity when I said “hierarchy”. What I meant was seniority in the company. And yes, I do think Kangta has more business sense than BoA. Plus he has been involved in a lot of the company production and management already, so I don’t think it’s a big leap to CEO (hypothetically speaking of course).

          Like I said, I was talking about seniority, so I see nothing awkward with Yunho falling behind BoA. The fact is that she debuted earlier than he did, so even with him older age-wise, he’ll be expected to show respect to BoA. (But they’re close friends so they’re really comfortable around each other anyway.)

        • Haibara Christie

          I was talking about seniority as well; Yunho is not that far from CEO (not that it would necessarily happen)…which would be majorly awkward considering the whole DBSK debacle. Nor do I think he would necessarily do a good job. I don’t know much about any of the top three’s business skills, but for a company like SM, I feel like putting any of them at the top spot may not work out so well for the SM vision, but it may cause some major shake-ups in how business is done at SM. The reason that I thought BoA would be a better CEO candidate over Kangta ignoring business background, is image. Kangta has become as elusive as Kim Young Min, and so I feel like SM’s popularity may increase on a social standpoint if BoA took the head honcho spot instead. She’s really become the company’s face in terms of administration and seniority in the company as evidenced by Kpop Star.

  158. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but the reason why there’s no new BoA CD to go along with this song is because this was a digital single to commemorate her first Korean tour or something along those lines. I was a bit ticked off too, because I really love BoA’s work; I don’t know how to put it either, but there’s something about her that just grabs you and makes you want to pay attention to her. She doesn’t do any of the typical K-Pop shtick because she doesn’t have to.

    Anyway, I am SO happy you guys got to review this song!! When I first heard it, I was so surprised at how old school (for lack of a better phrase) it sounded; it didn’t feel like I was listening to K-Pop, it felt like I was listening to a good song that happened to be in Korean (which ain’t a bad thing sometimes). I totally agree with everything y’all said, so there ain’t much for me to say here. I am happy that this new system for KMM is being put into place; it’s a nice middle ground between what we wanna see and what y’all talk about. It’s unfortunate, though; people are gonna storm this place screaming that it ain’t fair that they worked so hard to vote up their favorite video of the week to see that it might not get there. Oh well, can’t win them all XD

    As for the showdown, I pick BoA. I like her more than I like JYJ ^^

  159. Love the TaeMAN part :D One just has to appreciate his manliness in this vid – that’s what amazed me about this video.

    Though I like this song – it gives a nice feeling while listening – I didn’t vote for it, since I liked some other songs and videos on the charts much better. But I’m glad now it got into KMM because I totally missed the fact about the two alternative endings, so thanks a lot for pointing this out :)

    Also, I am happy with your choice for the chart change. I’m sure it will produce even greater outcomings in your video-making in the future.

  160. im not a fan of Boa but I watched the review because im a fan of S&M…….I vote for JYJ “”in heaven””…


  162. FirstNameLastName

    I always love the videos you guys make, but this one has become one of my favourites because of two reasons.
    First one would be the fact that one of BoA’s videos FINALLY got reviewed ( thank you to everybody who voted to make this possible :D ) and the second reason is the Tae-MAN song. I laughed so much, my stomach started to hurt.

    I think the new system of picking a song is great.

  163. OMG ROFLMAO TaeMAN! xD TaeMan! Soo funny! Now poor Taemin(or should I call him TaeMAN) if he were to come to the EYK Studio xD So many bad, of coarse I mean awesome, jokes with him xD Would be soo funny to hear what he think of all this lol xD

  164. On a side note.. you guys got curtains!! Another tour soon?

  165. The TaeMan comment is so true. I didn’t recognize him either O___o I agree with Martina on the song in that it was just meh. I like the idea of how you want to do music mondays now. It should make it more interesting if you guys do videos that interest you and might make for more funny videos ^^

  166. TaeMAAAAAN for President of The Galaxy!!!!! :D

  167. I love this song.. but I am not going to hate on you because you don’t!

  168. Taking the fans say out of MM = Not a good idea.

    • But is it really fair for uber fan-people to dictate what gets reviewed each Monday?
      Plus, if we are all watching Simon and Martina’s videos for their opinions, why wouldn’t we be okay with them choosing who to review? js

      • They built their company on the backs of the fan base, set their system to coincide with the demands of the fans, and now their basically saying that fans dont mean anything now that they have their own official business. It’s insulting to the fans that have not only been here since day one but even more so to the fans that donated above and beyond to help support their business venture. It’s like they got where they wanted to be and now they are going to do it their own way. Or were they just catering to the fans to get where they are now to begin with?. I dont dislike Simon and Martina. Ive been a fan since day one but I really think that taking the “ultimate say” from the fans and their votes will not only decrease their web traffic but will ultimately affect their business in a negative way. Being able to vote and share like crazy to get your favorite group to the top and get reviewed is part of the fun at EYK. Whats the point of doing it anymore if S&M can just “Poo poo” what the fans want?

        • I see what you’re saying about taking the fun out of it. But they’re still picking from the top three, so it isn’t as if all the work is for nothing! But us fans need to remember that this is their blog, and we are fans of it. We should respect their creative minds (I know I do!) and they should be able to take their business to wherever they want! Viva la EYK!!!

        • Right its their blog but they didnt get where they are now on their own. Remember if it wasnt for the fans and those particular fans that go out of their way to see hot groups and songs get reviewed, EYK wouldnt be where they are now. They would still be a random vlog used to keep in touch with family. While some fans will like the new change, many will not. While I do think that there are a lot of great songs that never get reviewed for MM, I disagree with taking out the fans say. Many fans not only follow EYK religiously for the fun and the jokes but also use their videos as a way to give a “soft landing” to new and potential fans of the genre. We’ll have to see if this turns out to be a good idea or a social death. I for one, prefer the original system. If anything I would suggest instead to add at the end of the KMM a short segment on songs that are further down on the list to “advertise” that they (S&M) would really like to do a MM for them or add a banner like they do on the charts that say “reviewed” and instead put a banner that says something like “EYK TOP PICK” instead to influence the fans voting.

        • I’ve seen that suggestion somewhere else in the comments too, so maybe they will decide to do something similar. Its impossible to make everyone happy though :S

        • In truth, I feel on a personal level, that removing that “ultimate say” from the fans is foolish. Fans go out of their way, by sharing on every social media site they can, in every fanclub/cafe/FBgroup etc. to help raise the votes of a song to number one. This passion that the fans have for their favorite artist is what has brought EYK the fan base it has today. Their drive and determination to get a song reviewed directly coincides with EYK social prowess and popularity. To remove and therefore ultimately discourage that passion is suicidal. There’s no point in going through all that hard work to get a MV voted to the top and then S&M go “oh we really dont want to do that, lets pick something else instead”.

        • Well, they have made the decision so the only thing we can do now is sit back and see how it influences the way the charts work. For all we know, they might never have to pull that card. We are dealing with a lot of what ifs.

          All of the suggestions had pros and cons, I guess this decision had less cons than the others, or the cons were something they were willing to deal with.

        • Well, I don’t see it as taking away the “ultimate say” as you called it. They’ll pick the song from the top 3 so we can still vote. I’ve watched every KMM, and for me it’s disappointing that sometimes fans vote like crazy for boring songs (or songs with boring MVs, to be exact) just because they are sung by their oppas/unnis (no offence anyone) whereas a super funny/crazy/cool video doesn’t have a slight chance to be reviewed. So if I have to choose a great KMM of a song that really interested Simon & Martina or a mediocre video because there was nothing to talk about it, I’ll take the first option.

        • Fans save time by not having to constantly vote to get to the top of the charts and if you really want a song in, just make sure it stays in the top 3 consecutively each week, I doubt Simon and Martina would ignore a song that is in the charts constantly and that is satisfies the voting obsession that some fans seem to have.
          I like this change,you could really see the limits of the original system when there were heaps of BB and 2NE1 videos in a row. Other fans who liked groups at that time might’ve felt cheated too. It also clearly limits their creativity with a good example being the how to dance K-pop that had barely any dancing to it cause of the fans voting in irrelevant videos…
          Finally, this is just like the original, ORIGINAL system except more transparent…They picked the songs out of fan requests then too.

    • They aren’t taking fans out of it, fans still choose what they have to choose from by voting songs into the top 3

      • Aren’t they though? Fans determine who the number one spot belongs to and they’ll chose to do otherwise? There’s now no point to the rankings.

        • Fans do not just determine who is number one. They determine the entire ranking. Therefore, the fans will always have a say, because they can determine who is in the top 3. This system is not equivalent to S&M picking any song they want. The voters limit the set of videos they can choose from.

        • As a fan, you know when I feel cheated? When they have to review a bad song with a bad video and make a bad review video basically just saying it’s a bad song with a bad video. Lots of bads = bad, and I feel like a week of KMM has been wasted. Now that’s gone. Seems like a win all around from where I’m sitting.

  169. For me, the best solution that I read was to include a “Eat Your Kimchi likes it!” factor in the KPop Charts. Like, Simon’s opinion on the video counts for 25%, Martina’s for 25%, and the voter’s for 50%. The 1st video is thus much more likely to be one that you like, but voting still makes sense for us.


      on a side note – sorry about the Jeremy Scott CAPS LOCK attack.

    • That’s a great idea. Each week, Simon picks one song that he’d like to review and that gets a boost and Martina picks one song that she would like to review and that gets a boost. Maybe it could be a votes multiplier in terms of the algorithm.

    • i LOVE this idea, it gives s and m a pseudo veto vote thats not really pseudo cos 50percent would definitely be enough for them to swing a certain song their way but pseudo cos it still gives fans the chance to see in real time where their votes are going and their chances of making the song they want get to the top, instead of fans voting and voting through the week/s and then suddenly getting the rug pulled out from under them.

      to be honest i dont vote often on kpmm cos im not interested in like 80 percent of the videos/groups that end up getting reviewed, i only watch every week because s n m are interesting, the best thing is when s n m really love a video, its loved enough to get to the top and i end becoming obsessed with a new song/band i had no interest in before, case in point nillili mambo :) so for me its definitely good news that were going to be hearing more about ones they actually like too

      but the rest of the time, whenever im really interested or even already in love with a video and can see a great kpmm coming out of it AND s n m have expressed interest in reviewing it, chances are good it never gets to the top, like ga ins bloom, argh that one really pissed me off, it was second place and then suddenly got booted off even that when it came near to the end, i feel like this system youve proposed would have a good chance at fixing all that, at least more so than the current system does anyway

    • But it would mean they’d have to vote for EVERY song on the chart! That would be impossible!

      • not really. if neither simon or martina voted then their % would be 0 therefore detracting from the overall total percentage. just like how on music shows if their viewing percentage is lower or 0 then their total would be lower and whatnot. so if they can code that into the voting system then they wouldn’t have to vote for every song. just the ones that they like.

        i agree with this idea. simon and martina! you have a solutiooooonnnn!!!

    • Umm, aren’t those my comment and AnaSara’s before? http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts-update-40/#comment-786440289 I’m sorry but could you please quote ours like what jas24 did here? Thank you. http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts-update-40/#comment-787081543

      • It is inspired from them indeed! Sorry for not crediting in first place, it’s done now, so Simon and Martina can thank you in person if they do adopt the idea (which I hope). What’s your second link about by the way?

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Alright. Thanks for agreeing with me and AnaSaRa. :) However, S&M are still going to use the new voting system (the Top 3 ) starting from next week.

          The second link is about jas24′s post which quote our idea like yours.

  170. I hope you guys will be able to be a review for After school and orange caramel :) love them.

  171. really awesome to change the system to review the videos, you create this space to talk about the videos that you like, you have fans I know, but no one can tell you that you are doing something wrong because this is something that you need to be very good, you need to enjoy everything Simon and Martina create.

    So I support the new system. keep going! :D have an excellent week, from a Mexico to Corea, un abrazo y animo ;D

  172. I actually liked Only One better than disturbance and the only thing tht kept me watching the MV(listening to the song) was Taemins unbelievably manly appearance, that actually confused me xD

  173. Yeah BOA!!!! One complaint.. the two best dancers in KPOP and they don’t make a dance version of this video…. SIGH

  174. Boa has a huge j-pop/anime/otaku following. I’ve known Boa for over a decade from way before I ever was interested in anything korean and that was because she sang the opening song to my favorite anime ever, Serial Experiment Lain. So maybe that’s why she has no problem doing whatever she likes regardless of what’s going on in the kpop scene. She’s bigger than the kpop scene in the sense of her japanese and otaku fans, and does exactly what she’s great at: making awesome music.

    • In SME loyalty and success are rewarded. She’s been their for over a decade. Hasn’t had scandals and been successful across China, Japan, and Southeast asia. She is literaly The HEAD Female in SME artist roster and Number 2 in all of SME –Kangta is the only one higher than her–. She gets free reign in what she does and decides when and where she will release a song/album.

  175. Yay Boa! Oh mah goodness Martina’sTaeMan song is hilarious! And I agree I hardly recognized him at all not until you guys reviewed the song!

  176. While this isn’t my favourite song of BoA’s I’m still happy she got voted in because I’ve been wanting to hear a proper review for some time!

    I’m excited for the KMM chart change because I – don’t shoot me – don’t particularly like a lot of the songs performed by groups with um, very very large rabid fanbases. I prefer a different sound. I’m just glad we get to see some girl groups and newbies getting reviewed in the future!


    • I totally thought that too, and then I had to remind myself that Taemin is, in fact, an adult now. So there’s nothing illegal about it. It’s just, in my mind he’s still a teenager. Just like how Dongho will always be a little kid in my mind. Their previous images are too hard for me to erase.

  178. I guess a lot of shawols voted for this as well! but one thing, what do you guys think of special girl? a bit sad that it never reached 1st place at the right time -.-

  179. PunkyPrincess92

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY BOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i loved this song!!
    ahahaha oh my god i laughed too much at that TaeMan part and then so much more when the Manatee came up!!!! really wasn’t good for me since i’ve got an empty stomach right now!!!
    *goes off to eat food….and then Dorito’s*

  180. there is something wrong whit the sound. your lips are moving quiter than the sound. Its kind of difiult to watch

  181. aww i was hoping you would talk about the artsy fartsy sparkles in the video…but oh well :) and for the kpop music monday…I think that’s the right decision (:

  182. TaeMan song … is just precious, I really mean it. Such an amazing theme song

    Lol’ing so hard that the policeman is about to get me arrested

    • Oh my… TaeMan.. I lol’d so hard! I was thinking about changing the song to my ringtone, but I’m not sure if that is a good idea since I would be laughing instead of saying “Hello”.

    • The Taeman song is greaat! xD I shouldn’t have watched it at this time! It’s half past 11 pm here and I am holding back my laughter! I’m dying xD

      • It’s almost midnight here in Toronto, and I felt the exact same way, especially by the time Jigglypuff appeared.

        • vaxanne

          Taeman, I spewed hot chocolate all over the pc screen and continued chuckling without cleaning up. This is classic man….Taeman? At certain profile, I see a tinge of Se7en in him, you reckon?

        • vaxanne

          Dear Simon and Martina, may I suggest adding “Best EYK Gag Song” for EYK Awards. You guys are amazingly creative composers with numerous classic pieces. Would be great to review them at the end of the year

        • That’s a great idea! I would add “Best KMM” to the EYK awards too or ” Best skits” :)

        • nguyen_tuanh

          hahaha xD Taemaaaaaan~ Taemaaaaaaan~ xD

    • Cyber_3

      Yes, it was TOTALLY hilarious! I draw pictures of bunnies for my 6-year-old son’s lunch every day and one of them today was “TAE-BUNNY” since he liked the song so much too! LOL!

  183. The first song of BoA I don’t like and you say good stuff about it! Well she desverses it!^^ She is still a great singer..

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