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BoA – Disturbance: Kpop Music Monday

February 5, 2013


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FINALLY! A BoA song made it in for a Kpop Music Monday! We loved “Hurricane Venus” and “Copy and Paste,” kinda liked “Only One” and “The Shadow,” and get the chance to talk about BoA’s “Disturbance” at long last! If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is below:

Doesn’t this seem so different compared to most SM stuff? It’s a subtle 90’s R&Bish ballad, and I can’t remember the last time I really heard that from SM. “What is Love” and “Before You Go” are slow ballad-y kinda songs, but they’re still bombastic in that they have big bellowing notes. This song is gentler than those two, and has none of the bombast. Everything else we’re used to in SM, from Sherlock to Mr. Simple to I Got a Boy, are very flashy and ostentatious. I dunno. We’re finding it hard to see where BoA fits here.

We’re not saying that negatively, mind you. We just don’t see this song as embracing any of the trends of Kpop lately. It’s still a really nice song, but it’s so meek and relaxed, while Kpop in just about every other instance is extremely flashy, you know? And it’s not like this song is doing poorly. It’s got more views than any other video in the top 10 on our KpopCharts at the moment, so clearly people are watching and liking it, so what gives? Is it just because BoA has a big fan group? Is it because people are looking for something different in Kpop lately? Or is it attracting a different group of Kpop fans than what we’re used to seeing?

Either way, we really like BoA. Even though her music isn’t our particular favourite artist, we still really like what she’s doing. She’s always displayed a confidence that we’ve admired. She does things on her own, without any other bandmates, and rocks it. In our minds, what Junsu is to sexuality, BoA is to confidence. Does that sound cheesy and vague? I don’t know. We can’t really put our finger on it. We think of it like this: while a lot of Kpop videos have specific techniques to try to win you over, like lip rubbing, or mouths hanging open, or making cute aegyo faces at the camera, BoA doesn’t do any of that. She’s not working the camera and trying to seduce you into falling in love with her. She’s just doing her own damn thing, and you’re fortunate enough to be watching.

Sad side note: we were so happy to be able to talk about our thoughts on BoA this week that we went to the CD shop to try to find BoA’s new CD for a giveaway…buuuuuut we couldn’t find her newest CD. We found lots of her older stuff, but it seems like this song isn’t on CD yet. DARGH! Sorry guise! We haven’t done a giveaway in a while, and we’ll hopefully we able to do one next week for Music Monday!

Also, about the change in the KpopCharts…it was inevitable. Sorry guise. The way we saw it was simply a matter of picking the lesser of two evils. If we didn’t change something about the KpopCharts, girl groups would continue getting no love, and we’d occasionally get stuck reviewing songs we don’t like, which in turn results in us making videos that we just don’t like, and we don’t want to do that. We want to promote things we’re passionate about, you know? The con to our latest system: if we ever do veto first place and pick something different, people will feel screwed over, and accuse us of being unfair. So, it’s either say bad things about a video and piss people off, or don’t say anything about it and piss people off. We feel like not saying anything is better.

We considered other suggestions as well. The suggestion of alternating back and forth week to week from boy band to girl band doesn’t solve the problem of us talking about songs we don’t like. What if the girl band’s video for the week sucks? Same issue. And the idea of making a whole new chart system, just for girl bands, and modifying our current one to make it just for boy bands, is really not feasible at the moment. Coding stuff for the site isn’t cheap, because we can’t code worth a damn ourselves, and so we have to hire a web developer to do it for us. And making TWO Kpop Music Mondays a week: HA! We already put out around 6 videos a week, on top of trying to set up interviews and doing other videos. Our plates are full until we can get faster at editing.

So, hopefully you won’t be too upset about it if your favourite band doesn’t get reviewed one of these weeks. We think it’s for the best, and the only way to get both your voice and our voice in on the picture.

On a less serious note: Martina’s got a boy chicken in this week’s Bloopers:



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