FINALLY! A BoA song made it in for a Kpop Music Monday! We loved “Hurricane Venus” and “Copy and Paste,” kinda liked “Only One” and “The Shadow,” and get the chance to talk about BoA’s “Disturbance” at long last! If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is below:


Doesn’t this seem so different compared to most SM stuff? It’s a subtle 90’s R&Bish ballad, and I can’t remember the last time I really heard that from SM. “What is Love” and “Before You Go” are slow ballad-y kinda songs, but they’re still bombastic in that they have big bellowing notes. This song is gentler than those two, and has none of the bombast. Everything else we’re used to in SM, from Sherlock to Mr. Simple to I Got a Boy, are very flashy and ostentatious. I dunno. We’re finding it hard to see where BoA fits here.

We’re not saying that negatively, mind you. We just don’t see this song as embracing any of the trends of Kpop lately. It’s still a really nice song, but it’s so meek and relaxed, while Kpop in just about every other instance is extremely flashy, you know? And it’s not like this song is doing poorly. It’s got more views than any other video in the top 10 on our KpopCharts at the moment, so clearly people are watching and liking it, so what gives? Is it just because BoA has a big fan group? Is it because people are looking for something different in Kpop lately? Or is it attracting a different group of Kpop fans than what we’re used to seeing?

Either way, we really like BoA. Even though her music isn’t our particular favourite artist, we still really like what she’s doing. She’s always displayed a confidence that we’ve admired. She does things on her own, without any other bandmates, and rocks it. In our minds, what Junsu is to sexuality, BoA is to confidence. Does that sound cheesy and vague? I don’t know. We can’t really put our finger on it. We think of it like this: while a lot of Kpop videos have specific techniques to try to win you over, like lip rubbing, or mouths hanging open, or making cute aegyo faces at the camera, BoA doesn’t do any of that. She’s not working the camera and trying to seduce you into falling in love with her. She’s just doing her own damn thing, and you’re fortunate enough to be watching.

Sad side note: we were so happy to be able to talk about our thoughts on BoA this week that we went to the CD shop to try to find BoA’s new CD for a giveaway…buuuuuut we couldn’t find her newest CD. We found lots of her older stuff, but it seems like this song isn’t on CD yet. DARGH! Sorry guise! We haven’t done a giveaway in a while, and we’ll hopefully we able to do one next week for Music Monday!

Also, about the change in the KpopCharts…it was inevitable. Sorry guise. The way we saw it was simply a matter of picking the lesser of two evils. If we didn’t change something about the KpopCharts, girl groups would continue getting no love, and we’d occasionally get stuck reviewing songs we don’t like, which in turn results in us making videos that we just don’t like, and we don’t want to do that. We want to promote things we’re passionate about, you know? The con to our latest system: if we ever do veto first place and pick something different, people will feel screwed over, and accuse us of being unfair. So, it’s either say bad things about a video and piss people off, or don’t say anything about it and piss people off. We feel like not saying anything is better.

We considered other suggestions as well. The suggestion of alternating back and forth week to week from boy band to girl band doesn’t solve the problem of us talking about songs we don’t like. What if the girl band’s video for the week sucks? Same issue. And the idea of making a whole new chart system, just for girl bands, and modifying our current one to make it just for boy bands, is really not feasible at the moment. Coding stuff for the site isn’t cheap, because we can’t code worth a damn ourselves, and so we have to hire a web developer to do it for us. And making TWO Kpop Music Mondays a week: HA! We already put out around 6 videos a week, on top of trying to set up interviews and doing other videos. Our plates are full until we can get faster at editing.

So, hopefully you won’t be too upset about it if your favourite band doesn’t get reviewed one of these weeks. We think it’s for the best, and the only way to get both your voice and our voice in on the picture.

On a less serious note: Martina’s got a boy chicken in this week’s Bloopers:


  1. Came back to watch this again and that Tae-MAN bit still cracks me up. XD

  2. Because maybe the two best dancers in kpop deserve the break from all that rough dancing they have to do to try something new. I don’t think it’s a waste at all because they both are showing a side that they haven’t really gotten to do before, plus boa has already said she was getting tired of all the rough dancing.

  3. Yep I think it’s safe to say that EYK fans > fan groups any week (except for maybe VIPs or GD fans just saying! I am both an EYK fan and VIP so it’s not mutually exclusive :D) Excited to see the changes!!!

    BTW I like your collective noun for fan girls grouping, “a stormcloud of fangirls” great image! I would also describe them as a gaggle of fangirls, a swarm of fangirls, a rabble of fangirls, creeping saesangs, a wake of netizens…..sorry I couldn’t help it I’m an english lit nerd!! :P

  4. Exactly opportunity wasted!!! It could have been a beautiful romantic dance….WHY?? T-T

  5. FINALLY! I love the new music monday picking idea~

  6. ” …The brick one.. and the other brick one….” I laughed so hard :P you guys are awesome!

    Also, I am actually quite happy you guys are making the change! The videos are always so much more fun when its something you want to review. and i’m sure it will be easier on you to do scripting (i feel bad when you guys are dying from work load).

  7. I’ve honestly loved Taeman’s more MANLY! transformation. He’s been manning it up for a while now and I’ve had to do a few double takes. My first real introduction to him was well the Sherlock teaser photos and I was so uncomfortable looking at them. Then I wasn’t a fan of his goldy locks hair. Uh what I’m trying to say. Taeman, please stay THEMAN! It looks so much hotter on you in my opinion. I can finally start to feel the attraction love for you know. The love for his singing and dancing were there from day one.

  8. Thats EXACTLY what I have been saying – word for word!!!!!

  9. Let me first say that if Simon and Martina are happy with their decision to change the KMM choice, then I am happy.

    However, I am a little disappointed that they didn’t take this opportunity to take back more creative control and time for themselves. They’ve complained before that they have very limited times they can do interviews because Sunday/Monday/Tuesday are always eaten by KMM and yet they didn’t want to pick a video all themselves once in a while (every second week, whatever) to get those days back? (since filming could be done in advance). Frankly, if Wonderful Treasure Find taught them anything, it is that they can talk about pretty much anything and make it entertaining and people will love it. I also think that picking from the top 3 is going to be a temporary solution: 1) voting clicks gets a lot of revenue, if people don’t think pumping their most into the charts is worth it, voting will go down overall, how much, I don’t know….2) now there’s going to be the added fun/frustration of people trying to pump the top 3 instead of just the #1(at least temporarily ’til they get tired), what if none of them suit? and 3) doing all positive reviews is lame. In my personal opinion: EXTREMELY LAME.

    I understand that (especially as Canadians), S+M don’t want to offend anyone and negative reviews could sometimes get in their way of moving forward in the industry. But I would seriously beg them to not always do a positive review. 1) For myself, and I can see from other comments here, that negative reviews can be some of the most entertaining – for example, I couldn’t stand the disfunction of “I Got A Boy” but I really enjoyed the review and it even makes the song more tolerable now. 2) If all your reviews are positive, you start to look like a shill and your opinions are less respected (not necessarily by me). Also then, all the songs you DON’T review from the top 3 (or top 1) automatically get a negative stigma attached to them. I think pretty much everyone would rather have a negative review than to be snubbed entirely as “not worthy”. By (periodically) picking your own song (without the chart), you avoid snubbing anyone. 3) S+M have always been about balance, I can’t really see how this translates into only positive reviews (even if there are some negative points in the review, I’m talking about overall positive). 4) As Eyk’s influence grows (and we can see that happening), I think that the negative reviews may just start to have a positive impact the industry which I think that most people here on the forums want. Maybe even help give us less “room dancing” M/Vs at the very least. It may not be very “Korean” to say negative things about others or their work but I think it’s appreciated for its difference and “allowed” since you are not Korean, and that’s an advantage to take advantage of.

    Back in the day (oh, around 2003), a well-known site called animeondvd.com I used to work for totally changed its policy behind the scenes from fair reviews of everything, to only positive reviews. Sure, they got a little bit more free stuff out of it (they were already getting lots of free stuff from the industry anyways) but they lost a LOT of members and a lot of respect (and I left too – I couldn’t stand to mislead people). I hardly hear of anyone even referencing the site any more while it had more than a million members (and even more lurkers) back in the day (which is saying a lot for back then). And I’m pretty sure there are still the same number of people (if not more) who buy anime dvds.

    I’m just saying. Those members of U-KISS saw your previous negative review of one of their videos and yet still had an interview with you and even helped with another review. That’s respect. Rather than just positive reviews, I think it would be more helpful to review more different groups/artists and this would be far easier if S+M just picked the song themselves. Just my opinion, please reference the first line of this post.

    Cyber_3 – if S+M are not already getting a lot of free stuff from the industry, you need to look into that, it’s fairly easy……look at the sticker machine……..

    • More than about being polite and/or self-serving, I think that the Korean music industry has just come to accept some stuff as quid pro quo over time, like large all girl or all boy bands dancing in boxes. No one complains, so nothing changes. It’s also partially since their target market seems to be the
      tween/teen market which just looooooooves repetition and tends to reject
      radical changes. Does this audience also care for a plot or continuity in their idols’ videos or are they more interested in closeup shots and cool dances unfettered with distractions? Consider also, in a music-generating-machine world, it doesn’t make sense to have your audience focused on one awesome memorable video for too long, you want them moving on to the next thing, buying the next album/swag, ad infinitum.

      I don’t think that it’s only “foreigners” that see some kpop mucic videos as wanting but maybe the foreign kpop audience is a little older, therefore, with different tastes. It could also be that the western mentality towards music is different, for example, if I prefer to get a whole album of new awesome songs rather than a re-release with one new song or 5 forgettable filler songs with one or two “hits”. I also like having a “music video dance party” when I can dance and enjoy the video at the same time. I can’t always get what I want, but I sure try, because (thanks to being old and getting initiated to music through vinyl records), that’s the way I generally listen to my music. And I’m too busy/lazy to keep making playlists……I admit that I am definitely not the target audience for kpop, but I still really enjoy a lot of it…..partially because I love to dance and that segment of the North American music market just seems to have been in a rinse-repeat cycle for the last 10-20 years.

      If you want Simon and Martina’s tl;dr on “how popular is kpop in Korea”, I think it’s obvious that even Korean audiences see kpop as wanting. However, I don’t think that improving it is really a priority for the general populace, they have bigger issues.

      If kpop truly wants to crack the international market, they are smart to start with the US, since it’s often been an easier key to the British Commonwealth and Soviet-type markets in the past. The large kpop entertainment groups will definitely need a paradigm shift to break into this market. Look at PSY, he broke in (and broke it REAL good) but, even from my limited exposure to kpop, I wouldn’t call what he does as “standard” kpop (even if it’s awesome). If they are smart, I think that listening to a “fair” review can only help. I certainly don’t see S+M’s reviews as western-biased, any criticism they give is generally constructive, balanced, and aimed at improvement…..and in all fairness, they make funny skits for songs they like equally as much as those they don’t. As long as they are technically outside the entertainment world, they can be unbiased, which is something that’s just not possible if you make your money directly off the biz.

      Cyber_3 – kinda random, hope it made sense…….

  10. Can you make like, a cut with the Taeman song? I would like to put it on my iPod!

  11. Umm, aren’t those my comment and AnaSara’s before? http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts-update-40/#comment-786440289 I’m sorry but could you please quote ours like what jas24 did here? Thank you. http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts-update-40/#comment-787081543

  12. Amen Nic! Eat Your Kimchi and Simon and Martina (and Spudgy and Meemers) hwaiting! EYK is awesome, and S&M do so much for us fans, and sacrifice so much of their time and energy into blogging and vlogging. It takes a lot of effort and creativity to do what they do, and it’s not like they take long vacations or really any vacations. They have decided to stay in Korea and turn this into something amazing (like interviewing awesome groups like Clazziquai Project) all so we can have a bigger connection to what is going on in Korea. Without their efforts, so many people wouldn’t know anything about K-pop, and Korean culture from a foreign perspective. I think the new change is going to be great, and will allow us to see some really great groups highlighted who weren’t before because they were too small, or not as popular yet as the more well established groups.

    For new voting system.. I don’t necessarily like it but let’s see how it goes ^^ If more unknow groups will now have KMM it’s nice.
    And my vote goes for JYJ’s Heaven cause it’s just that sad ;__;

  14. Could you please next time not tell people to vote for someone in your videos, because I read a comment last time where someone told that CNBLUE has also not been reviewed and was on 1st place, and after what you told, it dropped a plce, and many other great songs are going to take it’s place now, it doesn’t seem possible that cnblue will win next week. Sorry for this comment, but because someone pointed it out last time, it made me think that it was kind of unfair for the other songs.

    I wonder if I will get hate comments now… :D

  15. But it would mean they’d have to vote for EVERY song on the chart! That would be impossible!

    • not really. if neither simon or martina voted then their % would be 0 therefore detracting from the overall total percentage. just like how on music shows if their viewing percentage is lower or 0 then their total would be lower and whatnot. so if they can code that into the voting system then they wouldn’t have to vote for every song. just the ones that they like.

      i agree with this idea. simon and martina! you have a solutiooooonnnn!!!

  16. Wrong pokemon you went on evolution to far it was Jigglypuff and Jigglypuff (common theme now in EYK Vids) evolves into Wigglypuff

  17. Martina!! You’re wearing the earrings I sent you!! I’m so happy :D :D <3 <3

    I loved this review, how you indirectly poked fun at all of kpop/SM’s typical songs and videos. Poor Kwon Bro. Hah :p

    As for the new kpopchart system, I’m just glad you’ve decided to do SOMETHING – and see if it works. We’ve had suggestion upon suggestion upon suggestion, and this is as good as any, so give it a shot. If it doesn’t turn out well, then we’ll try something else. Easy :p

  18. You raise a good point. I’ll bring it to their attention. ^^b

    • Umm no, if they don’t mention the groups, then the ones they mentioned they wanted to review at the end of this will nvr be. They don’t get into the top 3 w/o them mentioning it.

      • I was thinking about the times that they strongly encourage people to vote. I’m sure left to their own devices, fans can be objective enough to get at least ONE interesting video in the top 3 (or at least I hope so). So I don’t think S&M will need to strongly encourage people to vote for any video in particular.

        Whether they continue to introduce the latest additions to the charts, either through an Update or a Cocktail, is something that can be decided later.

        Anyway, we’ll see how it works out. We need a good balance between S&M’s choice, and the fans’ preference. Whether or not that will reflect the quality of the MV or the KMM, I still can’t say. It’s not going to be easy, but let’s just wait and see.

      • That’s simply not true. G-Dragon, Big Bang, FT Island, UKISS, SNSD, 2NE1, Super Junior, SHINee, etc. don’t need to be mentioned on the kpop update — much less have S&M even hint that they want them to be voted in — in order to get to the number one spot on the charts. There are LOADS of groups that have enough EYK fans (even without being a top group in Korea) that can get to and maintain a number one spot with ease.

        And there are other groups/songs that didn’t even come close to the top three, even though S&M spent the entire portion of their update dedicated to begging people to review the song (I don’t think Hyuna’s Ice Cream broke the top three, nor did Orange Caramel’s Lipstick).

        I do agree with flukkie that they obviously have some influence — hence the sudden interest in Sistar19 when they were struggling to even break into the top ten before and now they’re number one — and since they’re going to exercise even more influence by picking the top three, then perhaps they shouldn’t be begging for what gets placed there. Thanks for agreeing to say something to them about it, fuuko! c:

        • Clearly you didn’t read what I said or atleast misunderstood it. I said After School, Orange Caramel and the artists mentioned at the end have no chance unless S&M mention how much they like them. Even then they couldn’t win. You pretty much proved my point. Ice Cream was mentioned many times n still couldn’t win.

  19. I loved this Music Monday! I love S&M and would watch anything by them, even just a video of Spudgy being his cute little self. However, I don’t think this new system of choosing from the top 3 will sit well with a lot of fans. There’s a lot less motivation to vote when it runs the risk of never being reviewed. Why not have the system a lot of people mentioned in the Kpop Chart Updates? Every other week, S&M get to choose whatever video they want (regardless of standing) and the next week is the top voted video. That way, fans still have a direct 100% controlled way of getting what they want, particularly the most fervent who vote a video into 1st place. I know it’s not perfect, but I feel like both sides get more say, just in alternating weeks.

  20. I support the idea of KPOP Classic Monday somebody(Gracie?)
    mentioned. I also like the idea of bringing back K-crunchy Cocktail. I
    understand that it’s more work, but the thing is these segments can be
    recorded when you have spare time(I assume there is more possibility of
    that since there is a hire and an intern), and released when KMM cannot
    be recorded, like when you are traveling/vacationing etc.

    I am not sure pick1-from-top3 would
    solve the sausage parade problem. Because of overwhelming number of
    female demographics of this site, top3 would still be all boy groups
    most of the time. It will however give better chance to lesser known
    group for KMM treatment.

  21. i LOVE this idea, it gives s and m a pseudo veto vote thats not really pseudo cos 50percent would definitely be enough for them to swing a certain song their way but pseudo cos it still gives fans the chance to see in real time where their votes are going and their chances of making the song they want get to the top, instead of fans voting and voting through the week/s and then suddenly getting the rug pulled out from under them.

    to be honest i dont vote often on kpmm cos im not interested in like 80 percent of the videos/groups that end up getting reviewed, i only watch every week because s n m are interesting, the best thing is when s n m really love a video, its loved enough to get to the top and i end becoming obsessed with a new song/band i had no interest in before, case in point nillili mambo :) so for me its definitely good news that were going to be hearing more about ones they actually like too

    but the rest of the time, whenever im really interested or even already in love with a video and can see a great kpmm coming out of it AND s n m have expressed interest in reviewing it, chances are good it never gets to the top, like ga ins bloom, argh that one really pissed me off, it was second place and then suddenly got booted off even that when it came near to the end, i feel like this system youve proposed would have a good chance at fixing all that, at least more so than the current system does anyway

  22. Did anyone else notice there was kinda.. way too many cuts during Simon’s monologues? Like the dialogue was spliced a lot more than usual?

  23. “In our minds, what Junsu is to sexuality, BoA is to confidence. Does that sound cheesy and vague?” Uhm no :D

    “And making TWO Kpop Music Mondays a week: HA! We already put out around 6 videos a week, on top of trying to set up interviews and doing other videos. Our plates are full until we can get faster at editing.” You’re busy enough as it is! Out of the question!! > . . < *

    Actually I would picture Martina singing: " I got a couch in the chin… I got a couch chicken" (for the time when you got your new couch :)) )

    Love the review and the blog post! :D

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Ps: for the Showdown: JYJ

  24. Does this mean no more super junior???? or boring homin??? finally, so excited! I’m not scared of you people, I express my opinion!

    As for Disturbance, I think the song is nice but I wasn’t into the video that much. Probably because I’m not super obsessed with Taemin like everyone else. And I still think the age difference looked awkward but it’s nothing I really care about. What I did find funny though was Taemin’s acting. That’s right, I find flaw in Taemin! I’m not afraind of you people! *runs away*

    I think Boa’s cool and I’m glad she finally got reviewed.

  25. TaeMAN song cracked me up so bad ;D I really loved the transition in his image and I hope they’ll keep it for Shinee’s promotions. Also liked the idea of alternative endings (in BoA’s MV, not in Music Mondays). I never really got into her music, but there’s something about BoA that makes me appreciate her work. I really liked the video. But as for the showdown, I vote for JYJ. Nothing can beat Junsu’s butt *cough* pickles. I mean, I like “In Heaven” a lot more.
    EDIT: how do you cross out the words in comments? I feel like such an idiot for not knowing how to do it :(

  26. That’s a great idea. Each week, Simon picks one song that he’d like to review and that gets a boost and Martina picks one song that she would like to review and that gets a boost. Maybe it could be a votes multiplier in terms of the algorithm.

  27. LOVE THIS IDEA! It’s outrageous that the owners and creators of the site have no say in which songs they review.

  28. agreed. I like having a KMM where they talk about stuff they didn’t particularly like. Then you know they mean it when they say they do.

  29. TaeMan! That theme song is 대박! Like gold, I am serious! And YAY for the K-pop chart change!

  30. I… kind of want the Tae-MAN song as my ringtone. xD
    I actually think BoA’s sound fits some of the recent KPop trends. I heard SO MANY songs that are heavily influenced by New Jack Swing, which, like BoA’s recent songs, is a major 90s sound. As a child of the 90s, I approve! :D

    I think your new voting system is fair. For all everyone knows, you may still end up reviewing a song that made it in the top 3 one week because, depending on popularity, it ends up in next week’s. There will be plenty of chances for everyone to be happy instead of whiny sissy babies for a brief moment. Don’t worry, I still love you whiny sissy babies out there~♥

  31. Well, as disappointed i am about BIGBANG’s onslaught of future videos not making it week after week *weeps in corner I shall stand by your decision, because I think its a good idea! :D I loved the TaeMAN song! I love that this video made it to #1, I have been a hardcore Jumping BoA since…I heard of K-Pop…through BoA :D thanks for the great review guys, have a nice day!

  32. i think the whole reason this video is getting a lot of reviews, if not the main reason, is because Taemin is in it. Im not saying it because I particularly like him because I don’t, but why this one, and not her other songs which in my opinion are better?

  33. At first listen and first watch, it’s a really nice step away from the flashy kpop trends like you guys said *ahem*igotaboy*ahem*. While I still feel like I Got a Boy is (unfortunately) going to be the rising trend in kpop intent on inducing musical epilepsy, this is a nice, smooth ballad with a discernible plot, kinda like what K.will’s Please Don’t did for me.

    Also, I agree with the kpopchart sausagefest. You do what you gotta do to level the playing field!

    PS: love the star wars death star reference, and the biking background for TaeMan. Dothraki Man Warrior-in-training FTW!?

  34. Totally agree with you! S&M are what make EYK special. :D

  35. Taemin certainly’ become TAEMANNNNNNN..Lol
    My vote-JYJ,In heaven

  36. I think changing the MM system is a great idea and a long time coming. Hopefully you won’t get a lot of hate from disgruntled fans. Just ignore it if you do, you guys are doing the right thing. It’s the most logical and efficient solution. I fully support you guys! :)

  37. Lol, the TaeMan song!!! I died laughing! You guise are awesome. :)

  38. MANti TaeMAN and his imaginary girlfriend… this seems familiar somehow…

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