You’re not a batgirl! You’re not a catgirl! You’re not a fatgirl! You’re not a…good rhymer. Umm. Ok, so we’ve been singing Boyfriend’s “Janus” – just the chorus, really – and mangling it all week to suit our conversation’s needs. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here:


Woohoo! Our first time talking about Boyfriend for a Kpop Music Monday! See: we talk about other bands, too: not just the most popular ones! To be honest, we were surprised that Boyfriend won this week. It was a close battle with B1A4, who usually destroy everyone on the KpopCharts, but I think Boyfriend posting our KpopChart update on their Facebook page helped a lot. Woot! I think B1A4 will definitely win next week. No? I’ve got no clue. All I know is that we’ve been dying to wear the BILASA Shirts for a Kpop Music Monday and haven’t had the chance to do so yet!

Well, now let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the nastiness of the lyrics. Like, whoa

Your small, trembling shoulders, your small lips
I’m sorry – you collapse before me
You swallow me up hotly

OOOOOH I put that in italic text to make it look sexiers! Anyhow, that’s the English translation. Here’s the Korean:

떨리던 작은 어깨가 그 작은 입술이
미안해 내 앞에서 주저 앉는 너
뜨겁던 나를 삼키고 니 눈물 훔치며

Now, our Korean isn’t good enough to detect the nuances, so we ask those of you who speak Korean: is this as nasty in Korean as it is in English? Please let us know! Also, if you’re not sure why the English is nasty, we refuse to explain it to you, SO DON’T ASK.

Otherwise, we weren’t fond of the video. It’s supposed to be symbolic and all, and to represent something something something which we talked about in our video, but we don’t like it when a movie or any work of art relies on symbolism alone. We like videos to be able to stand up on their own as interesting, and have symbolism supplement the meaning. If a video’s only symbolic, then it kinda fails, in our opinion. This video was all symbolism, and ignores the fact that Boyfriend SUCK AT BEING BOYFRIENDS. Whenever Martina’s cold, I offer her my jacket or sweater or anything. The girl in this video has exposed shoulders and it starts to snow, and Boyfriend doesn’t do anything to help her. Yeah. Not the most gentlemanly behaviour, if you ask me!

Last thing we wanted to mention that we didn’t talk about in the video: we Boyfriend’s fan group name: Bestfriends. It would have seemed sensible to call them Girlfriends, but what if Boyfriend has fans that are boys? That wouldn’t be very representative of those fans, right? So, I’m not sure if Boyfriend’s management considered this or not, but I think that it’s a great name for their fan group. So…yeah!

Anyhow, we’ll stop our rambling here now. We’re giving away a Boyfriend CD to celebrate a couple of things: 1) This is the first time we ever talked about Boyfriend for Music Monday, and 2) We just passed 250,000 subscribers on YouTube. Sweet! We’re dedicating this giveaway to you, YouTube subscribers! (P.S. Click this link if you aren’t subscribed to us on YouTube yet!)

So! To win this giveaway doesn’t require a creative answer at all! It just requires diligence. We put a whole bunch of Batgirls in our Music Monday. First YouTube subscriber to give us the right answer wins! And, no, you can’t leave a million comments with a million different numbers, you potential spamming cheaters, you! You can answer either here or on YouTube. If you answer here, please leave your YouTube name so we can make sure you’ve subscribed, of course!

Lastly, we’re announcing the winners of our Block B Interview Contest in the bloopers, here. So check em out!


  1. So I wasn’t going to comment since I’m over a year late to the show, but Simon’s Lemon Jelly cover just made my day.
    All the ducks are swimmming in the waaaaterrr… val de ral de ral de!
    <3 you guise!

  2. Why I saw batgirl everywhere in the video??

  3. How dare he hold her wrist! I am going to flip if another boy holds a girl’s wrist. It does not happen! *some boy comes to me and holds my wrist* Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Sigh……I have no choice…..I lost my wrist insert some korean words get in slow motion! copyright by Flame London! :D

  4. can anyone tell me , what the meaning of “JANUS” ??

  5. awesome parody of gangnam style done by WCSU Marketing Club


  6. MBLAQ all the way. Except for the fact that they’re not sissi babies…

  7. I love their outfits…and the guy’s bugged eye’s lol

  8. Mblaq Cry :)

  9. MBLAQ Cry

  10. MBLAQ’s Cry definitely has my vote :) Their breakdown was a lot… manlier? nicer? i dunno… I liked the underwater part a lot more and there was water involved ;)

  11. Well I choose MBLAQ… They’re manlier and they can endure their wet socks… XD

  12. To my Korean knowledge, It also can be read to some porn version with my normal inappropriate mind. So, Simon and Martina, it’s not only in English!

  13. I just realized that the music video name “Janus” is like the Roman Deity Janus who is the God of beginnings and doorways who has two faces. In the video the guy has two sides; the angry side, and the gentle side….Interesting.

  14. I think there is 13 bat girls. XD

    Youtube username is kckc1289. :D

  15. Holy snaps guise, the skits were hilarious! :)

  16. J…anus? O.o Well, anyways my answer is 3 cuz it’s my favorite number and cuz I’m rebel >=D (Youtube-Chingou333)

  17. Someone’s bound to have said this already, but if not, this video is listed in Boyfriend’s playlist on the StarshipTV youtube channel! 8D

  18. I’m not sure if I post here or not but I think I saw 15 batgirls including the one on the laptop. Even though I disagree with your assessment of Boyfriend I still love you guys and your videos. They make me laugh! Thank you!

  19. 20 batgirls!! :DD

  20. 18 Batgirls o.o!

  21. I prefer MBLAQ’s breakdown.

  22. Do I answer here? Then I put 17, but 18 if you include the female protagonist dressed up.

  23. Still surprised about the stuff you guys didn’t talk about with this video…like costumes & dance…
    I think it would have added to this funny/ honest review~

  24. MBLAQ’s CRY. hand’s down. I loved the whole breakdown scene where they’re like kicking the water and everything like that. I love it ^__^

  25. 20 bat girl! :) i think? Youtube name: Sitti Kanda

  26. There are 20 batgirl in the video~~ C:

    Youtube name : Alicia Huey

  27. The Blaqies appear to be way more convincing in their emotional breakdown in Cry than Boyfriend is in their song. MBLAQ seems more heartbroken and upset, in their choreography they fall to the ground, pound it, and look fairly distressed. Whereas Boyfriend did some awkward gestures (0:29), a girly jump thing (1:13), and looked somewhat sad in the acting portion. MBLAQ = manly, Boyfriend = not so much.

  28. 19 or 20 counting the batgirl on your laptop.

  29. There is a total of 18 BATGIRLS. If including the female cast as a BATGIRL, it will be 19 BATGIRLS

  30. thisisjustforfunval

    Cannot unhear Bat Girl now! Plus I got myself driving and saying random phrases that rhymed as well.

  31. hahahahha no it doesn’t mean anything nasty at all in korean! … unless you have a really nasty mind, but you know..
    but i can die young since you guys finally reviewed boyfriend :’) it’s like a dream come true oh gosh <3

  32. there are 18 batgirls in this video
    Username: Shadowfire821

  33. PunkyPrincess92

    i vote MBLAQ!! not calling them sissies or anything, but i just thought they looked cooler in their breakdowns with all the water and the (get in) slow motion!!
    hahahaha 50 shades of kpop!!!! that was hilarious!!!! oohh that book must be so “ORIGINAL~” and a lot about “baby love crash”
    ooohhh you so nasty!!!

  34. MBLAQ hands down.

  35. Oww… Meemers, the amazing teleportationing kitty.. you are SO adorable!

  36. There are 18 batgirls!!!! Pretty pls let me win!!

  37. I feel like throwing up! I watched your video review on boyfriend about 4 times to make sure I got 17 of them… :S

  38. 17 batgirls I’m a huge fan of boyfriend, I even have a page for them on fb: 436 likes

  39. 18 Batgirls! (Though I’m pretty sure that you’ve already got the right number from someone else, so I only did it for fun.)

    I vote MBLAQ because Boyfriend’s was just silly. MBLAQ’s breakdown was…classier?

    I am really sad that Simon didn’t mentally traumatise all of us by doing the crotch rub. :( That’s one of the reasons I voted for this in the first place!

  40. 15 batgirl!!! I’m a really huge fan of boyfriend. Oh please let me win!!

  41. I do prefer MBLAQ ‘s Cry…… The presentation of their emotion is more better!! :)

  42. I would like to vote for MBLAQ’s Cry since you guys got a point in Boyfriend’s Janus in the part where the over reaction comes
    wish you do a SHINee review ;D THANKS

  43. EYK motivation – I had to do something I didn’t want to really do at work (being a coward and didn’t want to deal with it) so I bribed myself that once it was done I could watch this video, which made me man up and deal with it. Also, I secretly love mishearing lyrics in K pop songs (my all time favourite being Super Junior SPY…Bam bam bam baaam bam, “I got your linen from Norway”) so “You’re not a Bat Girl” has made my day!

  44. 21, that is if you count the bat girl at the end, or the one with “this bat girl” when announcing the question or the on the screen…. cross my fingers! I am already excited that i’m turning 12 on the 12th of Dec (a.k.a 12-12-12, 12yrs & 12th hours = 5 twelves!)

  45. 18 bat girls and I’m cherie88cc92 on YouTube!:) Love the videos u guys do and keep up the good work!:D ps since the lyrics are so *ahemnastyahem* LOL isn’t it perfect for you guys and us nasties too of course haha^^

  46. 떨리던 작은 어깨가 그 작은 입술이
    미안해 내 앞에서 주저 앉는 너
    뜨겁던 나를 삼키고 니 눈물 훔치며

    hello simon, i think the translation you found is not the best… lol
    the words are translated too literally. i mean it is kind of right but the meaning in the song is quite different.
    but the translated 3rd line is way off.. “You swallow me up hotly”??? “뜨겁던” describes the first person ( “나”), not the way he is being swallowed (“삼키고”).. and literally “뜨겁다” is referring to something being “hot”. But in the song, it’s not describing the person being literally hot, rather the person is very overwhelmed by this stressful situation. and “삼키고” would be best described as “overcoming” something instead of “swallowing”.

    If I were to translate this part of the lyrics…

    Those small, trembling shoulders, those small lips
    I am sorry, (to) you who kneels before me
    I overcome/defeat my distressed self and steal your tears…

    well at least that’s how I see the lyrics lol
    and they don’t sound weird in korean at all. a lot of times it’s really hard to translate because one word can mean many different things, depending on how and when it’s used.

  47. ursername: urmy0asis (0 is a zero lol)

    i found a total of 23 batgirls in the vid!
    I watched this video at least six times… T.T my eyesss. LOL:)
    its was fun but soooo challenging!!

  48. The most hilarious crybabies are in Janus, but I agree the prettier and manlier crybabies are in MBLAQ’s video

  49. I’m probably REALLY late but i counted 14 of those Batgirls!

    I also think MBLAQ’s breakdown was more fantastic! ahahahaha

  50. In hangul, it’s spelled 야누스. So Yanus, not Janus….right?

  51. I have to say MBLAQ in Cry the first time and even still when I hear the song or watch the video makes me all emotional!

  52. MBLAQ’s Cry. All 5 of them had a break down :) or should I have a sad face…. :) :(

  53. Oh no… you are lost in translation! The core story of this song is
    farewell really. The guy in the story loves the girl and do not want to
    lose her but he had to let her go cause she was not happy or so.

    떨리던 작은 어깨가 그 작은 입술이

    her trembling shoulders and her small lips

    미안해 내 앞에서 주저 앉는 너

    I am sorry, she couldn’t stand in front of me.

    뜨겁던 나를 삼키고 니 눈물 훔치며

    I had to hide my burning anger, I swiped her tears.

    is my interpretation. her shoulders were trembling because she wanted
    to say good-bye, her lips were small because she couldn’t say aloud. she
    says ‘i am sorry’ and she could barely stand perhaps she cheated? or
    she was simply saying good-bye to him?

    The guy was actually upset
    and angry (perhaps she cheated?) but instead of expressing his true
    emotion, he decided to understand her and let her go.

    psychoanalysts argues that we use sexual codes everyday so I won’t deny
    any underlying meanings behind the lyrics. however, even if it carries
    some underlying sexual codes somewhere, the quoted part of lyric itself
    does not have any direct expression. my interpretation is more consistent with the rest of the song and the title: Janus, the one who has two

  54. Oh no… you are lost in translation! The core story of this song is farewell really. The guy in the story loves the girl and do not want to lose her but he had to let her go cause she was not happy or so.

    떨리던 작은 어깨가 그 작은 입술이

    her trembling shoulders and her small lips

    미안해 내 앞에서 주저 앉는 너

    I am sorry, she couldn’t stand in front of me.

    뜨겁던 나를 삼키고 니 눈물 훔치며

    I had to hide my burning anger, I swiped her tears.

    soooo…..this is my interpretation. her shoulders were trembling because she wanted to say good-bye, her lips were small because she couldn’t say aloud. she says ‘i am sorry’ and she could barely stand perhaps she cheated? or she was simply saying good-bye to him?

    The guy was actually upset and angry (perhaps she cheated?) but instead of expressing his true emotion, he decided to understand her and let her go.

    Well, psychoanalysts argues that we use sexual codes everyday so I won’t deny any underlying meanings behind the lyrics. however, even if it carries some underlying sexual codes somewhere, the quoted part of lyric itself does not have any direct expression. my interpretation is more consistent to the rest of the song and the title: Janus, the one who has two faces.

  55. 20 Batgirls.

  56. @APXIII2 on youtube :)

    I should’ve watched this right when it came out… but I was writing my paper :(

    21! Not sure if the actress having the eyes drawn on her counts(after 6:20, before 6:42)… cause if it does then the answer would be 22 =0



  57. I vote for BOYFRIEND, Kwangmin did very well in facial expressions..

  58. LMAO I’m going to be a crazy cat lady someday because the first thing I noticed was the kitty cat watching Simon in bemusement. And woot! Boyfriend and/or whoever’s running their FB page loved your review XD

  59. MBLAQ-Cry They’re not afraid to cry about it (or rather have rain run down their face)! They let their cry outside of their mind!

  60. There are 21 bat girls! Do i get something for noticing that red object disappear and reappear in your sink in between shots? Something that i thought was interesting and funny since my hawk eyes were on high alert!

  61. There are 21 bar girls! Do i get something extra for noticing that red object disappear and reappear in your sink when you guys switch positions? Thought it was an interesting and funny thing since my hawk eyes were in high alert!

  62. MBLAQ ! For sure ! First time I saw it, I cried…Like a baby.
    I’m a bit ashamed now XD

  63. I saw that Batgirl flippin 14 times! I started guessing after I noticed her twice at the beginning of the vid ^^

  64. I am their fan and enjoy their songs, but yes, I do admit they are a little to cutesy for me, but my niece on the other hand loves that. She thinks Youngmin with his blonde hair looks like an anime character.

    Janus, by far, is my most favorite song from them. I liked it instantly while their other songs takes me 2 or more listenings to like. I like how they used the twins to their advantage, with the two contrasting character/feelings. I get that a building can catch on fire, but what was up with that snow inside, I know it’s supposed to show that his heart is ‘cold’ now that she’s leaving, but eh.

    I was wondering what the red thing/bowl people were talking about so I went back to watch it and finally realized that it kept appearing and disappearing in the sink between the scenes haha.

    I counted 21 Batgirls, plus the one on the laptop screen and the one you drew on the female lead, so 23 total.

    youtube: wishinggrl209

  65. Okay! Korean clarification, here we go!

    Your small, trembling shoulders, your small lips
    I’m sorry – you collapse before me
    You swallow me up hotly

    떨리던 작은 어깨가 그 작은 입술이
    미안해 내 앞에서 주저 앉는 너
    뜨겁던 나를 삼키고 니 눈물 훔치며
    (plus the next line:
    미안해 온 힘을 다해 안는 나) [the sentence is unfinished without the next line)


    The first line is fine, however, the second line is where we run into problems. Instead of 'collapse' perhaps a better phrase would be "I'm sorry; [the image of] you hesitantly sitting in front of me”

    And the third line was just completely off base. Haha

    Including the fourth line, I think a better translation would be “I swallowed my hot pride and stole your tears; I’m sorry for not giving it my all”

    The song overall is not nasty….it’s about the guy leaving her for her own good but she’s obviously torn up about it and he’s consoling her in the chorus – “you’re not a bad girl; stop the tears you’re crying over me” then he reassures himself of his decision “She’ll be hurt because of me, so that’s why you have to go through with it”

    If you guys need translation help, ask me next time! lol

    • The third line is somewhat bizarre even in Korean, because of the use of the word “나”, which means ‘me’ as a person, so that “뜨겁던 나를 삼키고” really does mean swallowing (삼키고) burning/hot (뜨겁던) me/myself (나를), which makes little literary sense, all the while insinuating something nasty.. I think that it should have been 뜨겁던 “내 눈물” 삼키고, which would mean swallowing my (내) burning tears (눈물). This also fits with the next phrase 니 눈물 훔치며, which means wiping your tears.

      • I figured the male character in the song would swallow his pride/own ambitions (of wanting to stay with her) and leave her because that’s what is better for her (which is what’s reflected later in the chorus)
        As for the 니 눈물 훔치며, I wrote stole because he did, in a way, steal them since he was the cause of her crying in the first place. The meaning of the phrase would more be like “and made you cry” but I don’t think it would be wiping her tears.

  66. I was really distracted by how they stress the word BAD but I didn’t think about “You’re not a BATGIRL” at all before this, now I can’t listen to this song at all because I’ll keep imagining batgirls being here and there in my apartment >.<

    I see SungKyu in the laptop! OMG this is so surprising ^^

    • I know, now I’m going to see the image of the Batgirl every time I hear the song, this happened with 2NE1′s I Love You, I keep on singing bull-o-jerky haha. Simon and Martina has invaded our brains!

  67. I’ve counted 22 batgirls if you include the lady in the music video and the one in the thumbnail ! ^^ (Youtube name: lovesxxjj / Yuxin Lim)

  68. How did i know it would be Boyfriend vs. MBLAQ?

  69. MBLAQ!!! They make their emotions seem real, manly, and not sugar glider-y…

  70. 17 bat girls!
    Youtube name: 13elf15

  71. ….I only counted 15 batgirls….. O_O
    Is my mathmatical skills decreasing?! *Cue dramatic music*
    And I notice you didn’t talk about the dance in this MV….Why? :C
    YT Username: TaebinSe7en

  72. Like the name you guys gave their fans but i think they should be named the shorter verison-BBFs-meaning: Boyfriend’s Fans Forever
    i don’t know if they already have a fangroup name since you guys gave one but’s its my opinion :)

  73. there’s 18 batgirls ^^ lol I had to re-watch it carefully XD my youtube account is koreaforeva13 ^^

  74. I’ve just noticed… but why didn’t you talk about the dance??

  75. So… nobody has mentioned Janus the Roman god of beginnings, transitions and transformation yet. That’s what I thought the multiple personalities of the MV was about.

  76. I thought the contrasting scenes in the m/v had to do with the theme Janus – the two-faced god (I know that from watching Sherlock – awesome show.); with a ‘good’ scene contrasting with a ‘bad’ scene – the girl goes from innocent to dominating and evil – complete with a reverse wrist-grab towards the beginning (girl grabbing boy’s wrist).

  77. Wow! I can’t believe I watched that the first time without seeing all the bat girl ninjas! XD she was everywhere…o3o Alright … Including the picture of the girlfriend with the mask on i counted 21 times I saw an appearance of bat girl. I’m a tad confused though..if that girl wasnt to be counted then 20 times! Sorry for the double answer xppp that was tough haha you guys did a really good job hiding her.:)) And my sissy vote goes to MBLAQ’s cry! As much as I love both groups i thought cry was more emotional..hence they did more real crying and tear swimming <3 thanks simon and martina! Youtube : ciellepuff

  78. 18 Batgirls!! :D Youtube: cherryluvsux3
    I usually don’t look up kpop lyrics.. guess I should start doing that before I randomly sing it in front of a Korean and they think I’m…. …… don’t wanna think about that.

  79. The first time I saw the video I totally thought they were saying “your not a fat girl” and was like, wha?! But I can also see batgirl XD and its not as insulting lol

  80. Either I blanked out during the video or my server doesn’t like me but….
    Did anyone else noticed that they didn’t talk about the EPIC dance in this music monday??? GASPPSSS.

    The dance was SO epic for boyfriend’s new song and some parts i wouldve loved to see simon do. *laughs*

  81. 19 Bat Girls! Youtube: PostalMayhem.

  82. I wanted to laugh troughout the video but my roommate is already asleep, so I just giggled like crazy :] It was one of my favorie Music Mondays. So hilarious! And to complete my fangirling day you have Sunggyu on your laptop.
    I choose MBLAQ, angry puddle kicking ftw!

  83. I’m pretty sure there were 22 bat girls
    youtube name: colorguard1218

  84. I miss the dance segments. Twas my favourite part. :(

    I never vote, but if it’s for manliness then I’ll go with MBLAQ. They just do it better.

  85. HAHAHAHHAHA!! I love the bloopers this week! XD

  86. god that one main guy of the mv has the creepiest eyes!!! what the heck! lol did he have some sort of eyelid surgery to make his eyes look larger or something??!!

  87. I’m Korean and personally I find the Korean giving me a more dirty image…the English translation isn’t too far off..though if I was to translate the second line even more literally, it would be “I’m sorry, you are kneeling in front of me” and the third line is “you swallow my hot…self…?” ….awkward….

    • I’m a bit confused by that last line because the first part is “You swallow my hot self” (which isn’t nasty at all, lol), but then the second part is “You(?) wipe away your tears”? Am I translating that correctly? Is it the girl who is doing both the swallowing and the wiping? Okay, now that sounds really wrong XD

      • I am hoping the intent was in the sense that she consumes his heart or soul or something, and that he wasn’t good enough for her and let her go for her sake, hence the calm face, but inwardly is heart broken. Thats the meaning I got off of it at least. I thought the symbolism was accurate. They were happy, but something wasn’t right, he broke up with her for her sake, she leaves, he gives in to his pain of losing her once shes gone. The self sacrificial stuff. Maybe I am trying too hard cause I am a fan lol.

  88. I’m confused, are you suggesting a name for Boyfriend’s fanclub, or saying that they chose a good one?
    It sounds like you are suggesting but their fanclub name is Bestfriends.

    I counted 20 Batgirls :D
    Youtube: TanteLovesYou17

  89. I think MOGEF/Ministry of Fun Banishment definitely has a weird bias for young boys – first Teen Top and now BF get away with some mega-nastiness, while the likes of Hyuna and Junsu are banned almost automatically. So that’s a bit….disturbing.

  90. KATHyphenTUN

    Ok here goes my shot at the batgirl! I found 19 bat girls that pop up…. include the batgirl in the desktop picture you get 20 and if you count the female actor with her batgirl mask on 21….. Also love at around 7:46 a red dish appears in your sink XD someone finished a snack? i flinched thinking it was a batgirl hahaha
    Youtube: Puppichu

  91. My sissy baby vote goes for that sissy baby anthem “Cry” by that sissy baby band, MBLAQ.

    Also, point of contention: GTFO out of there? Get The Flippito Out out of there? *brainmelt* o.O


  92. I saw 13 Batgirls ^^

    Loved the book: 50 shades of KPOP!!!!

  93. whats with the random bat man thing at 0:54 in the backround in there kitchen?

  94. Just a side note- you pronounce Janus as 야누스 in Korean, as in Yah-Nus.

  95. ” I said I was a boyfriend. I never said I was a gentleman.” Hahaha! Love that line.

    I vote for MBLAQ’s Cry. Echoing the words of another commenter, their breakdown is both prettier and manlier, with the rain streaming down their perfectly made-up faces as they attack the puddles in manly rage. There’s more pathos and no awkward acting.

  96. Great video guise!! :D for the showdown I vote for MBLAQ!

  97. Is it just me, or were this week’s skits extra hilarious? The look on Martina’s face while she was getting out 50 Shades of KPop had me rotflmao. Good job guise. I applaud you :D

  98. 19 bat girls? Good review! ^_^ batgirl!

  99. there were 9 bat girls

  100. LOL at 50 shades of Kpop :P Simon you made me laugh! <3

  101. There are 20 batgirls!!yt username: Beyah06

  102. I saw 18 batgirls, unless the one at 6:22 counted, where you drew the mask on the girl, in that case, 19! Loved this video, especially the part where you ate nutella off the spoon, because that’s totally me after a breakup… Or a date… Or anytime, really.

    …it’s a wonder I don’t weigh 500 lbs yet

    Youtube username: MichelleeeLi

  103. 24 batgirls! Unless the one at 6:22 counted, where you drew on the girl’s face, then 25! Loved this video, especially the nutella ;D

    Youtube username: MichelleeeLi

  104. Yay, I actually like boyfriend, and their clothes were awesome here! <3 But how come you didn't review he dance, especially the one where they jumped in the air?

  105. I counted 19 batgirls.
    Youtube username: Blondesaxplayer.

  106. I just want to say that I had so much fun doing this, and that I never want to scrutinize your videos again cause now I’m bugged by the fact that something red randomly shows up in your sink around 5:19…. Also, I did this for fun, and I do not want to be included in the contest cause I just…don’t…like….their music……..*cough*

    1: In Music Monday logo 0:05

    2: On Laptop in various scenes

    3: Randomly shows up for breakfast at 0:39

    4: Maegeo Batgirl in the last O at 0:48

    5: Stalker Batgirl through doorway at 0:54

    6: Lucky Batgirl in Simon’s hand at 1:22

    7: Bat-Batgirl in the shot at 1:31

    8: Bani-shed!! Batgirl at 2:15

    9: Flasher Batgirl (oh my) at 3:32

    10: Rocking the Frame at 3:38

    11: I’m watchin you cry at 4:16

    12: Creepy-ass museum Batgirl at 4:51

    13: Love thy Engrish at 5:59

    14: Love thy Boyfriend at 6:15, 6:18,

    15: Yay I’m a Batgirl! At 6:20

    16: Giveaway Batgirl in the first O at 7:08

    17: Explain the contest Batgirl at 7:30

    18: Revenge of the Batgirl at 8:13

  107. I counted 20 bat girls! :D
    youtube: rukia1335isaw3som3

  108. 19 batgirls :)
    youtube name: kanamelover226 (that’s right, it’s from vampire knight but that was when i LOVED the series. now i don’t :P)

  109. I vote for MBLAQ, and I think there were 18 batgirls….maybe? :D

  110. 22 batgirls ^^

    Youtube name: TheOokamiGirl

  111. i believe there was 16, that’s including the one on your computer screen, the one that popped up at the end, and the one you used as an example, ps i loved you 50 shades of Kpop skit, that was GENIUS!

  112. 18 batgirls? Lol Youtube: Lifesimplified41

  113. 17 batgirls :)

    Youtube name: Himeko1313

  114. Omg Maegyeo XD…whoa those English lyrics…wow ….yep that’s all I can say about that….Martina I love your hat!!!….and sadly I did not count the batgirls….this was a great KMM…and finally Boyfriend debuted on it…cheers!!

  115. Youtube username: Thao Bui
    20 batgirls ^~^

  116. There was either 19 or 20 of the batgirls

  117. Oh my, those Korean lyrics are making me blush to say the least. I’m really curious whether those lines really mean in Korean what we think it means in English. Because if they do, then…WOW…umm….are they old enough to be singing this? o__o

  118. 0:05

    0:09 (on computer screen being repeated in throughout the video)















    6:20 (2 of them!)




    *at 6:23 the main girl has a batgirl mask but I won’t count it

    *interesting side note, at 0:36 the red cup in the sink it gone but then reappears when simon is talking. :D

    So, in total, there is 21 Batgirls. I really want that CD! lol

  119. I’m not a fan of Boyfriend but it was definitely one your best Kpop Music Mondays! But you didn’t review the dance… :

  120. YouTube name: veronica mejia
    I saw 12 Batgirls!

  121. Loved your new term Maegyeo! Hahahahahah

  122. I am going to say 17 Batgirls.

  123. Though B1A4′s video was one I was really excited to have you guys review, I’m super happy that Boyfriend finally won on Music Monday in the end! (i also choose them for being the ultimate sissy baby)
    As for the bat girls, I spotted 20, 21 if the bat girl at 7:30 counts ^^
    (my account name on youtube is thatsmytoqueeh ~)

  124. I’m sure someone else probably already got the right answer but i found 15 lol probably total fail ^_^ user name azure shade

  125. *cough* *cough* *cough* . . .Note to self: never eat while watching Simon and Martina’s shows . . . too much laughing . . . *cough* *cough* Ahem… any who i shall pick MBLAQ ^^

  126. thank you again for this video ! I really like the batgirl things

    You didn’t actually talk about the dancing part, Where you too focus on the
    beautiful sad story that was happening to our dear little boy ?

    ps :I really like your blue dress martina ! Where did you buy it ?
    by the way I would say there is 20 batgirls and i think the MBLAQ MV was much better
    yt : yiayiane

  127. username: lazypea93
    19 batgirls

  128. pierrotinlove

    I saw 21 batgirls~ (I hope that’s right >w<) yt: pierrotinlovee


  130. this music monday made me laugh so hard XD

    there are 18 batgirls, YT name: alternativeked

  131. I was listening to this song last night and I suddenly realised it sounded like they were saying “You’re not a Batgirl” XD I imagined the New 52 saying that to Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown…and it was very sad and funny.

  132. I love the little batgirl thingy that pops up.

  133. i was so sure it’s 18 batgirls but after goin through the comments i’m confused bc so many different answers.
    my vote goes to mblaq

  134. so BAP became Boyfriend and now Boyfriend has become BAP.

  135. Lmao, durinf your intro when you show the video, I had to burst out laughing, it DOES sound like ‘You are not a Batgirl’ hahahahahahaha ohmygawd, gotta love engrish! btw, I found some enghrish in the US!! on this wheat flour snack it says, Low Calory!!! XD I couldnt stop laughing and im regretting not taking a pic to show you all, I will soon when I have to go grocery shopping again XD

  136. youtube username: xochitlBTK
    I got 16 (if you count the one in the laptop too) (15 if not)
    *(loled at the 50 grades of k-pop)

  137. I counted 18 and didn’t include the girl in the video who you put a mask over cause she isn’t the right batgirl. It had to be the batgirl that you pointed an arrow to and said “this batgirl”.

  138. One of my favourite KMMs so far! Seriously funny guise :D

  139. Found 17 batgirls(:
    Must say, one of the most awkward sounding title I’ve encounter xDD

  140. I’m totally voting Boyfriend for the MV Crying! Theirs was on theme – Janus (said Yanus btw) being the god of transition; it was showing how that small moment when one had support from his friends and the other was ridiculed was enough to change the future for that person. Basically they were both possible doorways for Janus to open as the character’s future. One possible future had him get back on his feet and the other had him spiral into depression; even though both of them lost the girl. It’s Janus’s job as a God to make those decisions; open gates and doors to new things, change the ending for something/someone, etc. That’s all Janus! Just thought that might be interesting to you since you said you didn’t get what was happening too well haha!! BUT YES ANYWAY that’s my vote! :D

  141. I vote MBLAQ…..:)

  142. 21 batgirls yt: sumo sakurai rex

  143. just curious, how come you guys stopped talking about the dances in music mondays?

  144. Elanor

    MBLAQ – Cry… Their emotional break down is prettier… and manlier… If you can call emotional break downs manly…:D

  145. 15 batgirls!! :TheFreakygirl27

  146. I vote there are 21 batgirls. Youtube name: AjunebuggybugK

    And MBLAQ were doing more actual crying so…I think I’m gonna vote them. But I quite liked the two ways the twins broke down in this video..Still, I’m gonna stick with MBLAQ.

    EDIT: 20! Damn it..I counted 20 of them not 21 :P

  147. I counted 20 bat girls. You guys are pretty sneak, some only appear for a second. youtube name: yuffiedragon

  148. i cant handle how cute spudgy is at the end ;^;

  149. THERE WERE 18 BATGIRLS! i love you EYK!

  150. For the ministery of banishment:

    - get your drinks up = incitation to drink alcohol, which means that for them “drink” = “alcohol” (soft drinks don’t exist);

    - I got you under my skin = something naughty naughty, which can only mean that they think only about that. All the time.

    That’s why I also imagine MOGEF as a happy crew of alcoholic pervs.

    • “Under my skin” is banned because it’s assumed to be a heroin/other injected drug reference, is my understanding.

      Unless that’s what you meant too, in which case carry on! XD

  151. lol guys their fans are bestfriends xD
    which kind of sucks because its like we’re friend-zoned before even knowing them ;-;

    and as a bestfriend, i congratulate you on a hilarious music monday that i’ve been waiting for FOREVER >:D

    • :O I HAD THE SAME THOUGHT! They open in their little message videos with things like “We are Boyfriend! We are YOUR Boyfriend!” and I was like :D and then they picked the fan name “Best friend” and I was like ;_; friend-zoned by kpop group called Boyfriend= forever alone.

  152. Yay, finally Boyfriend got reviewed and I am very satisfied. ^^ I laughed so hard at several points (don’t want to list them cause I’m lazy) but… I have one tiny complaint: why you not talk about the dance? Anyways, great KMM!

    • same here! i was looking forward to some comments on the dance too, especially since this is the first time Boyfriend has a dance that truly incorporates background dancers, not just people who seem to be for decoration behind a singer’s solo part…

  153. 17 batgirls… I guess, and since I’m not the first guessing this number I know i’m not winning, but it was fun trying to count them… btw, this KMM was hilarious!

  154. I vote for mblaq cry much prettier and less pathetic

  155. I’m not sure if you count the 2 batgirls in which you wrote “THIS BATGIRL” and “I AM BATGIRL.” But not including those two there are 18, and including those two there are 20 batgirlssssssssssss. :DD
    Youtube: IThinkILikeStuff

  156. ” 50 shades of K-pop ” -> made my day xD

  157. I also found 19 batgirls! (youtube name: Noireyume)
    now I have to rewatch the vid because I was so busy counting batgirls that I don’t remember anything you said…

  158. I think that their are 16 batgirls…My username: HalfKoreanBaby99

  159. 19 badgirls 0.o sooo mutch they are every where!!!

  160. YN: Mariposaazul210 For me there where 17 BatGirls… Unless you count the one that is ALWAYS in your Laptop, that would mede them 18 xD

  161. 19 batgirls including the one on the computer screen! :) Youtube id: stereomich

  162. hmm… Martina did you just say terraprying instead of terrifying? =P

  163. the 50 Shades of Kpop had me laughing so hard. Also, how do they know I’m not a Bat girl? They don’t know me.

  164. 50 SHADES OF K-POP. I love you.
    And would totally buy that one. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  165. 14 batman , youtube id: siwonnie27

  166. Your small, trembling shoulders, your small lips
    I’m sorry – you collapse before me
    You swallow me up hotly

    …………….. WAIT, is that……………..BLOW JOB???

  167. I love the 50 shades of Kpop, what a coincidence that our teacher was telling us about the orriginal in school today but I would prefere the Kpop version~

    Do you count the batgirl on the laptop screen as 1 or everytime that it appeares again?

  168. 50 shades of kpop, lol! i liked that the batgirl popped up in random places :P
    and your cat disappears every time martina speaks xD

  169. Isn’t it 13 Batgirls? haha. Good luck for those who enter the competition. And Lol at the 50 Shades of Kpop.

  170. I believe I saw 20 batgrils. Hope this is right. >_<
    Youtube account name: CkimikoS

  171. unicornsgalaxy

    Had to watch the video twice cause the first time I was too busy trying to count the batgirls (which is strange cause I don’t even want the CD… guess it’s cause I’m so used to looking for random things in videos after “Crayon” and “Don’t Hate Me” that I just can’t help myself!).

    Love the 50 Shades of K… pop!

  172. If those are the lyrics hard to imagine it got past the Ministry of No Fun…perhaps they gave them a pass because no one will believe lyrics coming out of such flower boys as supposed to someone as sexy as Hyuna? Also in love with your hat Martina….did you by chance knit that…regardless I now have a new knitting project inspiration, so thank you!!!!

  173. Hahaha love the randomly appearing batgirl at 00:53

  174. is there 6 batgirls? unless you count the time it appeared on the computer, disappeared, then appeared again, its 7?

  175. YT name: emochiiwu
    # of Batgirls: 17?


      My eyes hurt from trying to find all the bat girls…

  176. Their eyes still give me the creeps, too ._. They’re… they’re just unnaturally huge. O.O <— Like that

    XD I like the batgirl popping up everywhere, though.

  177. “Bounce Me, oh oh?” Is that Batoost’s Special that I hear? XD

  178. jajaja love the 50 shades of k-pop! Do you think it will be available in the U.S. soon? you guys are great! keep up the good work this made my Monday!

  179. Is it just me or is Jo Youngmin a spitting image of Sid from the Ice Age movies?

    oh yeah, and congrats to Boyfriend.

  181. yay, boyfriend!!! :D /now to watch it lol xD

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