You’re not a batgirl! You’re not a catgirl! You’re not a fatgirl! You’re not a…good rhymer. Umm. Ok, so we’ve been singing Boyfriend’s “Janus” – just the chorus, really – and mangling it all week to suit our conversation’s needs. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here:


Woohoo! Our first time talking about Boyfriend for a Kpop Music Monday! See: we talk about other bands, too: not just the most popular ones! To be honest, we were surprised that Boyfriend won this week. It was a close battle with B1A4, who usually destroy everyone on the KpopCharts, but I think Boyfriend posting our KpopChart update on their Facebook page helped a lot. Woot! I think B1A4 will definitely win next week. No? I’ve got no clue. All I know is that we’ve been dying to wear the BILASA Shirts for a Kpop Music Monday and haven’t had the chance to do so yet!

Well, now let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the nastiness of the lyrics. Like, whoa

Your small, trembling shoulders, your small lips
I’m sorry – you collapse before me
You swallow me up hotly

OOOOOH I put that in italic text to make it look sexiers! Anyhow, that’s the English translation. Here’s the Korean:

떨리던 작은 어깨가 그 작은 입술이
미안해 내 앞에서 주저 앉는 너
뜨겁던 나를 삼키고 니 눈물 훔치며

Now, our Korean isn’t good enough to detect the nuances, so we ask those of you who speak Korean: is this as nasty in Korean as it is in English? Please let us know! Also, if you’re not sure why the English is nasty, we refuse to explain it to you, SO DON’T ASK.

Otherwise, we weren’t fond of the video. It’s supposed to be symbolic and all, and to represent something something something which we talked about in our video, but we don’t like it when a movie or any work of art relies on symbolism alone. We like videos to be able to stand up on their own as interesting, and have symbolism supplement the meaning. If a video’s only symbolic, then it kinda fails, in our opinion. This video was all symbolism, and ignores the fact that Boyfriend SUCK AT BEING BOYFRIENDS. Whenever Martina’s cold, I offer her my jacket or sweater or anything. The girl in this video has exposed shoulders and it starts to snow, and Boyfriend doesn’t do anything to help her. Yeah. Not the most gentlemanly behaviour, if you ask me!

Last thing we wanted to mention that we didn’t talk about in the video: we Boyfriend’s fan group name: Bestfriends. It would have seemed sensible to call them Girlfriends, but what if Boyfriend has fans that are boys? That wouldn’t be very representative of those fans, right? So, I’m not sure if Boyfriend’s management considered this or not, but I think that it’s a great name for their fan group. So…yeah!

Anyhow, we’ll stop our rambling here now. We’re giving away a Boyfriend CD to celebrate a couple of things: 1) This is the first time we ever talked about Boyfriend for Music Monday, and 2) We just passed 250,000 subscribers on YouTube. Sweet! We’re dedicating this giveaway to you, YouTube subscribers! (P.S. Click this link if you aren’t subscribed to us on YouTube yet!)

So! To win this giveaway doesn’t require a creative answer at all! It just requires diligence. We put a whole bunch of Batgirls in our Music Monday. First YouTube subscriber to give us the right answer wins! And, no, you can’t leave a million comments with a million different numbers, you potential spamming cheaters, you! You can answer either here or on YouTube. If you answer here, please leave your YouTube name so we can make sure you’ve subscribed, of course!

Lastly, we’re announcing the winners of our Block B Interview Contest in the bloopers, here. So check em out!


  1. So I wasn’t going to comment since I’m over a year late to the show, but Simon’s Lemon Jelly cover just made my day.
    All the ducks are swimmming in the waaaaterrr… val de ral de ral de!
    <3 you guise!

  2. Why I saw batgirl everywhere in the video??

  3. How dare he hold her wrist! I am going to flip if another boy holds a girl’s wrist. It does not happen! *some boy comes to me and holds my wrist* Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Sigh……I have no choice…..I lost my wrist insert some korean words get in slow motion! copyright by Flame London! :D

  4. can anyone tell me , what the meaning of “JANUS” ??

  5. MBLAQ all the way. Except for the fact that they’re not sissi babies…

  6. I love their outfits…and the guy’s bugged eye’s lol

  7. MBLAQ’s Cry definitely has my vote :) Their breakdown was a lot… manlier? nicer? i dunno… I liked the underwater part a lot more and there was water involved ;)

  8. Well I choose MBLAQ… They’re manlier and they can endure their wet socks… XD

  9. To my Korean knowledge, It also can be read to some porn version with my normal inappropriate mind. So, Simon and Martina, it’s not only in English!

  10. I just realized that the music video name “Janus” is like the Roman Deity Janus who is the God of beginnings and doorways who has two faces. In the video the guy has two sides; the angry side, and the gentle side….Interesting.

  11. I think there is 13 bat girls. XD

    Youtube username is kckc1289. :D

  12. Holy snaps guise, the skits were hilarious! :)

  13. J…anus? O.o Well, anyways my answer is 3 cuz it’s my favorite number and cuz I’m rebel >=D (Youtube-Chingou333)

  14. Someone’s bound to have said this already, but if not, this video is listed in Boyfriend’s playlist on the StarshipTV youtube channel! 8D

  15. I’m not sure if I post here or not but I think I saw 15 batgirls including the one on the laptop. Even though I disagree with your assessment of Boyfriend I still love you guys and your videos. They make me laugh! Thank you!

  16. I prefer MBLAQ’s breakdown.

  17. Do I answer here? Then I put 17, but 18 if you include the female protagonist dressed up.

  18. Still surprised about the stuff you guys didn’t talk about with this video…like costumes & dance…
    I think it would have added to this funny/ honest review~

  19. MBLAQ’s CRY. hand’s down. I loved the whole breakdown scene where they’re like kicking the water and everything like that. I love it ^__^

  20. 20 bat girl! :) i think? Youtube name: Sitti Kanda

  21. There are 20 batgirl in the video~~ C:

    Youtube name : Alicia Huey

  22. The Blaqies appear to be way more convincing in their emotional breakdown in Cry than Boyfriend is in their song. MBLAQ seems more heartbroken and upset, in their choreography they fall to the ground, pound it, and look fairly distressed. Whereas Boyfriend did some awkward gestures (0:29), a girly jump thing (1:13), and looked somewhat sad in the acting portion. MBLAQ = manly, Boyfriend = not so much.

  23. 19 or 20 counting the batgirl on your laptop.

  24. There is a total of 18 BATGIRLS. If including the female cast as a BATGIRL, it will be 19 BATGIRLS

  25. Cannot unhear Bat Girl now! Plus I got myself driving and saying random phrases that rhymed as well.

  26. hahahahha no it doesn’t mean anything nasty at all in korean! … unless you have a really nasty mind, but you know..
    but i can die young since you guys finally reviewed boyfriend :’) it’s like a dream come true oh gosh <3

  27. there are 18 batgirls in this video
    Username: Shadowfire821

  28. i vote MBLAQ!! not calling them sissies or anything, but i just thought they looked cooler in their breakdowns with all the water and the (get in) slow motion!!
    hahahaha 50 shades of kpop!!!! that was hilarious!!!! oohh that book must be so “ORIGINAL~” and a lot about “baby love crash”
    ooohhh you so nasty!!!

  29. Oww… Meemers, the amazing teleportationing kitty.. you are SO adorable!

  30. There are 18 batgirls!!!! Pretty pls let me win!!

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