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Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense – Kpop Music Mondays

October 4, 2011


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FINALLY! Brown Eyed Girls have returned after a painfully long hiatus with Sixth Sense. If you haven’t checked out the video, here it is:

Wow. There was so much that we wanted to say about this song and video that we just didn’t have the time for. See, you saw some of my fanboying in our video, but we didn’t explain it all too well. I was the last between the two of us to be converted to Kpop. I stubbornly resisted it for as long as possible, would use it for classes when necessary (we still think that using Kpop is a great way for teachers to relate to their students), but I wouldn’t actually like it. Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” changed that. It was an awesome song, and awesome video, and that’s what finally brought me over to the dark side. Couple that with Ga-In’s awesome “Irreversible” which we sadly didn’t get a chance to review, and you’ve got a fanboy in the making.

So yeah, I was happy for this video to come out, as was Martina. We’re both Brown Eyed Girls fans. When we first heard the song though, we were a bit disappointed that it didn’t rock our socks off like Abracadabra. It did grow on us, big time, though. Viewed in the Abracadabra light, it might be disappointing, but on it’s own, without any other context, it’s a pretty rocking song and video. Did anyone else think it sounded like Peter Fox’s “Alles Neu”? Tell me it doesn’t have a similar booming orchestra sound to it:

We also mentioned how this video seems to have been inspired by Trent Reznor’s “Art is Resistance” movement. If you check out the site and the stencils, you’ll see that the logo is similar to the one used in the posters here, as well as the same “You Have a Voice”.

Art is Resistance Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense

It does kinda look like Brown Eyed Girls were inspired by Trent Reznor's "Art is Resistance" movement, no?

Stuff like this makes us happy for Kpop videos. Sixth Sense isn’t easily dismissed as superficial fluff. It’s not a masterpiece that people will be studying for millennia, but it has a lot more thought put into it, than, say, Bilasa’s “Beautiful Target”, which doesn’t go much deeper than “OMG look at us we’re cute boyz!”

[incoming Martina rant]

Now the only problem we have with the message of “use your voice” and “rebellion” and “freedom of speech” is that BEG is still underneath a President who runs their label, and while they’re not under the 2 big labels in Korea (YG and SM) they are still not their own free band to act and say what they please. So is this video deeply, deeply ironic, in the sense that we’re praising BEG’s unique voice and call to freedom when this very video is being run by a secret man or women in a gold mask? How much influence do Brown Eyed Girls’ management have in their song and message?

Well regardless of the puppetry behind this video, at least it has a stronger message (or at least a message at all) in comparison to other kpop videos. Which is the other difficult position to deal with. We’ve taken a lot of flack from people who live in Korea and HATE kpop. They feel like they can only support everything which is Indie, and any support of a mainstream band is some kind of devil worship. We firmly disagree with this perspective and the snobby attitude towards kpop and anything mainstream. We, too, listen to many crazy Indie bands that are loved by a small groups of elite fans (do we announce that fact as if it’s some proud badge to be worn? No) but we also really love and respect kpop.

How can we come to grips with these two extreme positions regarding music and culture? To us, it’s the talent and passion of the members of the band that matter. Not everyone in the world can play an instrument, or sing, or dance, or write music. If you grow up playing the guitar and you form a rock band in your garage and fail for 10 years and make it in the 11th, we’re happy for you, but does that mean a kpop idol who trained to sing and dance for 10 years is any different? Yes, they have a label supporting them with money to get their names out there, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that kpop idols ARE talented. Opera singers don’t write their own music and are usually discovered only after appearing in many musicals backed by companies, but does that mean they’re not talented because they weren’t found singing Opera in a tiny university bar? Absolutely not. The same goes for many talented singers throughout the decades (even Elvis Presley).

I listen to bands that don't even exist yet

You saw Simon wear this shirt before. Ironic much?

The point of this long rant is that even though we can acknowledge that BEG and other kpop groups have big wig companies backing them, I’m tired of people immediately writing off kpop (and pop in general) because of that fact. I think the deepest irony in this whole situation is the very musician wants to be in the position of popularity that kpop bands have, but once they reach it (by their own means or via a record label) many fans will desert them, saying that they “sold out”. What you want to say is, “I’m jealous my special band no one knew is now know by many people. I’m sad they’re making money and supporting themselves.” So what do you guys think? Have you come across these kinds of people before, or do you hold a similar or differing opinion? I’d love to know!

[rant end…Martina gasps for air…]

Anyhow, since we do honestly dig this song and video, we decided to do another giveaway to show our support. Woot! We’re bought two copies of the new Brown Eyed Girls album. For our lovely YouTube subscribers (YOU GUISE ARE AWESOME!) all you gotta do is tell us what was your favourite part of the Sixth Sense music video. Oh, and since we love our blog readers as well, you can answer here, too :D. Just leave your YouTube username so that, in case we do pick you, we can make sure you’re a subscriber, of course!

Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense Album

Pick up the Brown Eyed Girls Album

If you don’t win the album, you definitely should still pick it up, because it rocks. Click on the picture to the right to get your copy. Get two copies. Get seven. And, as for the bloopers, you can see Spudgy’s terrible running skills when he encounters Simon’s raunchy kitty, as well as some terrible Snape impersonations. Poor Spudgy! His legs, as some of you may know, are pretty gimpy, so whenever he runs he moves faster than his legs can carry him, so he often falls over. What a dumb but sweet dog! Also, Martina’s a fan of the Tea Party. Not the American political movement thingy Tea Party, though. The dude with the pedophile moustache Tea Party. Yeah!



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Kpop Music Mondays


Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense – Kpop Music Mondays


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  1. 2NE1 I AM THE BEST!!!!

    9 years ago
  2. BEG beats 2ne1 hands down. They are more badass and have always had a cool mature side that beats outs 2ne1’s just trying to be a different kinda girl group vibe. I vote BEG!

    9 years ago
  3. First of all I vote 2ne1 in I am the best!!! I have to say guys I think this is one of the BEST music mondays you have done in terms of humour, I was on the floor laughing. I am afraid like you I hated the song on the first listen and it has not grown on me. But I actually like the video a lot and the ladies have amazing voices :)

    9 years ago
  4. I’m somewhat like this. I liked a youtube boy once (aka J.B– yes Justin). I really liked him to the point that I almost forgot kpop but then he suddenly got famous and I lost interest. -.-‘ I I just want to have those non mainstream artists–hmmm I think that was the reason that I didn’t support him anymore. Well I’ve changed now, I guess. I’m a fan of Betooost and I still LOVE them even if they have gazillion(exaggerated) fans! Holla to all B2utys! ♥

    LOL TBH i was so conscious that my brother would go into my room while I watch Sixth Sense — felt like I was watching porn. Blame it all on Narsha with her ‘meow’ HAHAHA 

    What really go my attention in this MV was 3 notes. People were telling me that BEG has low quality vocals and they are not really good singers. Well this should really prove them wrong. I love how the pitch escalates from one person to another. Gotta love the live performances too. It was something new to me plus the MV itself was really fresh and I bet only BEG can pull it off with all their sexiness and badass confidence. — it was really my favorite part of the video :)

    9 years ago
  5. Brown Eyed Girls for sure. They are in a class all of their own, and I’m not putting down any other idol groups by saying that, and that’s coz these girls are artistes not idols. I honestly thought they could not top Abracadabra and wasn’t expecting too much from their new ablum, but these four ladies just proved me so wrong. They are absolutely the BEST. And if they don’t win any awards, or even the triple crown, then we can be sure something is seriously and terminally wrong with the Kpop industry.

    9 years ago
  6. Ent. companies just want the money. Kpop idols want fame and recognition(most of them). So it’s a win-win solution (Y)

    9 years ago
  7. BEG! I love 2ne1, but I think BEG are more mature about it XD

    9 years ago
  8. I even don’t know if this comment will go un-noticed (very most probably will but I’m still writing it as I don’t know an option of contacting you guys (yeah, to Simon and Martina)… anyway) I don’t know if you’ll do anything about this but your little video that’s the “already decided choice” for next week’s K-pop music mondays (the heart2heart video) has turned into a battlefield youtube page between k-pop antis and fans because a lot of k-pop fans got to know about it from you people and antis are fans of them… I ain’t complaining or anything, just letting you know…

    9 years ago
    • Sad but true, i know its getting crazy! Im sure they will see it soon enough.

      9 years ago
      • thank you for noticing… I hope it finished already… Last night I was very sad and hurt seeing such an awkward situation

        9 years ago
  9. Saw BEG on MBC Music Core Sep. 24, and thought to myself, “Simon and Martina should review this”. Sistar has had a great summer, but BEG are really coming on strong with Sixth Sense. In a  league of their own.

    9 years ago
  10. Combine this with C.N. Blue’s “Intuition” and I feel like there’s a lot of “rebellion” coming into music.

    9 years ago
  11. what is that intro song that Simon was dancing into?

    9 years ago
  12. poooooooooor spudgy!! lol but it was so f’n funny lol

    9 years ago
  13. And all i see is your laptop’s desktop. How do you find Ikemen desu ne ? After You’re beautiful i still can’t decide myself to watch it…!

    and also,

    9 years ago
  14. YouTube ID: ChriGod8

    First off……. BEST VIDEO YET! Simon’s dancing = Amazingness. Fabio’s Poetry = Amazingness. Martina’s Nighttime Terrors = Amazingness. The chemistry between you two is quite like… unlike other married couples I know. It totally shows in your work. Simon’s fake sultriness is arousing and hilarious all at the same time. It leaves me feeling a frisky and weirded out at the same time…  Imma jus sayyyy..  Keep it UP!

    My favorite part of the video is what I think sounds like the fun, trippy 70’s background music in the video. Makes me want to do a Simon move and whip out some disco moves.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the fun and dare I say… educational videos! 

    9 years ago
  15. I just realize simon looked like severus snape when he wears that long wig :S

    9 years ago

    I was the same when I first heard Six Sense; I didn’t like it, but it grew on me. The same for one of my friends, it’s that kind of song. Pretty much, I agree on everything you guys said really …

    AND OMG. YOU MADE ME ANSWER SUCH A HARD QUESTION. I literally had 0 words left on the word limit on YouTube. xD And I didn’t even say everything I wanted to. Either way, as much as I wanted for you to do JYJ’s Get Out, I did want you guys to review this video, as well as A-cha, so I wasn’t too bothered. This MV is by far one of the most powerful one I’ve ever seen. I did thoroughly enjoy it, especially once I understood it all.

    9 years ago
  17. 2NE1 is the best ^^

    9 years ago
  18. That’s true if you expected somethings techno and catchy like Abracadabra, Sixth Sense will not satisfy you. But after listened to it several time it really grew on me so quickly….the power and message of Sixth Sense come out really really strong .The string orchestra music are simply breathe taking, Personally really like the bridging part as Miryo rapping with the sound of percussion and strings keep on coming up and up!!

    This MV is not like those typical” K-Pop dancing and singing with cutie post” …but probably it have so much to show that have to give up some scenes of dance move!
    I’ve read some interview of BEG and the girls did mention they have input quite a lot for this song…I sincerely hope that BEG can make more awesome music as they are an mature music group with their own vision!

    Finally a Million thanks for Simon & Martina reviews on Sixth Sense, you guys really make my day!!

    9 years ago
  19. Hi! How are you? I love the end. Really love the end.  I like the video as a whole: art, make up, photography. Reminds me “Pretender” of Foo Fighters + The Great Dictator of Chaplin + some Beyonce’s inspiration too jaja. I repeat, I like the video! Byeee
    Ahh I’m lolenenalinda =)

    9 years ago
  20.   My favorite part is when Ga-in breaks it down in the very beginning with that nay-stay ‘touch mai
    bod-ay’ maneuver. (My friends and I now call it the “keys, keys, keys” dance.) I think that became a instant favorite  for me because I find myself breaking out in this song/dance combo and saying, “beach, beach” and the first time I watched the MV and saw that specific part all I could think about was Simon’s take on it would be.

    I was not disappointed Simon :)
    Username: jinglesthejiggler

    9 years ago
  21. Tbh, I wouldn’t necessarily assume that there’s more thought put into Sixth Sense than Beautiful Target.
    Making a (somewhat) coherent “cute” video without being over-the-top / annoying is probably as difficult as making some artsy-fartsy stuff like this.

    I do love the song though, and was pretty amazed that they can pull it off live as well.

    9 years ago
  22. Hi Martina, your long rant is so true. I encounter that kind of people before in internet :)

    In BEG MV, my favorite part is when GaIn sing, “Better than the love motion.” She looks so badass, so cool there. When I watched that part, I felt that there’s an arrow shot to my heart & I got love struck. I immediately had girl crushed towards her. The way she sing that line combined with her attitude when she said it are so perfect. I’m better stop here since I’m afraid of giving goosebumps to every one who read my comment =P

    Anyway, joking aside, I really like that parts (both at first chorus & the last chorus). The way she sings, the expression, & the head movement are perfect. I immediately think that she is so cool.

    My youtube account is cherrykotori.
    I found your youtube account just few days ago & I immediately watched your Kpop Music Monday series + Kpop Crunch in marathon. Those were so funny. My favorite is FT Island Hello Hello. I couldn’t stop laughing at those “how to save people from burning building” step until I had stomach ache =D
    After I watched those Kpop Music Monday, I seriously call B1A4 =Bilasa, B2ST = Batoost. To be honest, I never know that F.Cuz = Focus until I watched your video. I still found the abbreviation unbelievable.

    I can’t wait for next episode. You are great. I’m sorry for long essay.

    Fyi, http://www.allkpop.com/2011/10/lyricist-kim-eana-explains-the-symbolism-behind-brown-eyed-girls-sixth-sense-mv

    9 years ago
  23. My favorite part of the video would be the ending. The whole video builds up to a point where you cheer for the girls as they finally overthrow the oppressive regime, only to find out that it was all wishful thinking, as the entire force descends upon them with their batons drawn. This is what the real world is; you yearn for freedom but everywhere you are bound by rules and more rules, many of which were conceived during the Stone Ages but havent been changed because of “tradition” or some other explanation. 
    (Youtube ID is TheRPGJunkie)

    9 years ago
  24. I think a lot of it is that people don’t want to seem like they are trying. They want to feel organically tied to whichever music, fashion, and tastes they like. I feel like living in a commercial culture, where every part of our lives is designed to get us to buy this or that you want to feel like you have free will, and you want to feel like there is something more to you than a consumer. When a band, or a scene makes it big suddenly you realize there are a bunch of people that like them, and you realize this intimate bond you have is being exploited by corporate interests to make money off of you, and it makes it feel really artificial. It feels shitty when you realize you have become a demographic and suddenly the things you were ‘organically’ tied to are the parameters for a new market. What makes it worse is when you realize that unwittingly you have become part of this thing, you are part of a scene without ever having made the conscious decision to join it, and so rather than admit that you have been subliminally drawn to whatever it is, you instead lash out at others because they must be the un-natural ones, they are the ones being manipulated, you are the one who liked it before it was cool. 

    That is how I feel anyway. I try really hard not to fall into the ‘I liked it before it was cool’ trap because I have come to realize that  it doesn’t really matter who liked it first or why they like it, because even in your own tastes there is a lot more at work than just personal feelings. Worrying about that will just make you bitter and jaded, and if you are going to be part of the system you might as well use your power as a consumer to your advantage to support the stuff you like. 

    9 years ago
  25. Aww man… I voted for a review on the “rollin’ on ma sexy window” trio… JYJ! But I guess this is also good enough for me!

    9 years ago
  26. Oh yeah .. I vote for BEG .. honestly dont know how that slipped my mind

    9 years ago
  27. 2NE1 !

    9 years ago
  28. As for Martina’s rant:
    I have come across such people not only in the field of music, but also when it comes to literature. There are people who think it is “cool” to look down upon what others are listening to. My guess is that they like to feel exclusive. I know a guy who calls Beethoven “overhyped shit” while sneering at Metallica, Maiden, Priest and the other bands. He keels telling us that we don’t know what “real music” is all about.
    I can understand not liking a genre,(I have a friend who listens only to classical music) but disliking a band just because 20 million people out there like it??

    Simon, you look more like a Fine Arts Gradate than Snape. Not even Spudgy would be scared of you. 

    9 years ago
  29. youtube ID- jdawg3771556
    ^i know my SN is really lame but i’ve had it since 4th grade when the word dawg wasn’t gay
    my favorite part of the video was probably gain’s attitude throughout the entire thing. her facial expressions actually surprised me because of the fact that she could act tough without an ugly scowl *cough 2ne1 (all fo them) cough* they made something other than a superficial rebellion video where they go around with crazy hair and break stuff which also fit their image and got a message across. I LOVE BEG <3 they're seriously one of the most respectable kpop girl groups out there and deserve even more recognition than they already have. 

    there was a million other things i was planning on choosing but i decided on that one -__-
    i totally agree with you on the rant. on one side i wish they people in korea could get famous without having to know someone or be under somebody but lets be honest, even in america that not as true as we all hope it'd be. talentless people in the industry got into it because they know somebody or are under somebody. they don't focus on quality at all, they just make what they think the people want to see (i'm talking to you justin bieber and every other wannabe badass rapper on the radio whom i'm sick of hearing against my will at work) people are even famous for being horrible (rebecca black) it not an anomaly for someone to know you for something stupid you did rather than who you are as an artist (chris brown) but they do somehow get popular.
    now on the other spectrum of things i can totally see what you're getting at the the t-shirt thing. i know someone that listens to that underground stuff and she takes so much pride in it that if they get popular she'll just say "i liked them before they were popular. now they suck" and she'd just throw them away completely. 
    as you can tell i don't really like american music so i feel like i'm getting off topic. i'll end it here.

    PS. do they play american TV shows in korea? like is there an ABC, FOX, and CBS TV station? if there is, DID U SEE THE SEASON 8 PREMIER OF HOUSE MD!?!? i died. kbai :)

    9 years ago
  30. I vote for 2NE1!!

    9 years ago
  31. Spudgy got a haircut! (?)

    9 years ago
  32. My favorite part was when Miryo and Gain broke their chains and freed themselves. Having them break the chains themselves represents (to me, anyway) that anyone who is trapped by Kpop norms CAN break away from them. It’s their own choice whether they want to or not. It just takes willpower, confidence, and a sense of self, which ALL of BEG possess. 
    Plus it was hot. ;)
    youtube: phaaaaaam

    9 years ago
  33. How come I totally love BEG and I totally don’t like 2NE1? 

    I think the reason for it is similar as the reason for my voting: 2NE1’s “rebellion” seems kinda fake to me, while BEG is giving more mature impression on strength and sexiness. So I vote for BEG.Thanks for the review ^^ I had a huge laugh, again in the middle of the night, so I had to keep quiet – in case of your videos, it’s really hard to accomplish xD Especially Ga In / director convo made me ROTFL – Martina’s expression while “It’ll be GREAT!” was priceless xD One of the best scenes of MM EVERRRRRR~!<3<3<3

    9 years ago
  34. I think I get your point. I love classical music, I love metal, I love k-pop, actually I like every genre in itself. Comparisions between them should never EVER be done. 

    9 years ago
  35. My vote goes to 2NE1 – Im the best

    9 years ago
  36. hi;D YT:MrBuka44
    i come from Poland;dSorry,but i love all the parts on this video;ddI like Ga-in and her wet hair, sexi and predatory image,and really like the scenery behind her.the tunnel looks amazing.Then Jea.She is gorgeous! i love moment when she was in water among branches.it was that they want entwine her.Narsha is sexi cat and “meooooow” is cool xD ow and i like when she turns her hair;d Miryo with gorgeous make-up *.*.i love make-up and clothes in this video.i like when the soldiers walk straight.Sorry for my english xdd i don’t like english tenses xdd it;s hard for me but i will learn this Xd

    9 years ago
  37. I agree with you Martina ! Despite singing and wishing very much to be inedpendent and involve in a revolution against all restraint, BEG – and all bands in Korea at least – are bound by what they can and can’t sing. It may sound like an ignorant generalisation but (and this is your second point) they have to conform to a certain extent to be able to become somebody and support themselves. This is quite different to, say, the Western world – where in artists have “more” freedom to express themselves, like Eminem, although I really don’t listen to all his songs.

    With that said, BEG is pushing the limits, and other artists have voiced their concerns out but not all are regarded as anything more than PR or idols’ talks. The fact that BEG belongs to a smaller company greatly disadvantage their fan groups (top 3 Daum fan cafe in Oct are TVXQ, Big Bang and SNSD), but it’s also a chance for them to show themselves more. They don’t have the cutesy image that the company has to uphold, and they’re tend to be more fluid and experimental with their music, which popular companies can’t – too much are at stakes for them to change.

    If they were to be independent, then they have to weight it up between being indie for a niche market or become popular conformist but being heard by many – so maybe when they really have something to say, they can reach out to more people.

    Anyway, that’s my 5 cents worth of procrastination on a friday night. Keep going guys ~~

    PS: Irreversible next ?  *puppy eyes*

    9 years ago
  38. Youtube Username: tintan121

    I think the part that I liked most in the video is at the end when the soldiers finally realized the oppression of freedom and decided to go rebel against their controlling leader. And they are also tired of being controlled doing the wrong things.

    In many ways, this video did make a great way to deliver a message. I agree with you guys that it’s like a mini movie. I got the whole point of the video (Except for Narsha and the cat). How a lot of people are actually being used, controlled, beaten up and used as a pet??? Sorry. I’m really confused with Narsha.

    Anyway, it’s like showing the facts that, just because I’m a politician/spokeperson I’m already powerful, I’m actually being used for corruption and how much I want to just end it. Or in Ga-In’s case, I maybe pretty and have all the riches in the world but you don’t actually see what behind the world you all wanted.

    This video actually encourages not only the women but men too that we should stopped being controlled. It’s to fight your right. Rebel if it would do you good.

    These are all my insights. Hahaha. Way too long. But I’m really glad I watched this video. I don’t care if I won’t be choosen but I hoped a lot would read my thoughts and you guys too. I hope you got my point.

    9 years ago
  39. Really cool blog (in korean) talking about BEG’s “Sixth Sense”
    Even if you don’t understand korean, there’s A LOT of cool pics of the making of
    Just sharing, not a spam ^^: eanakim.egloos.com/page/2

    9 years ago
  40. you reignited my love for german music with that peter fox reference :)

    9 years ago