1) B1A4 – Baby I’m Sorry



*ahem* Now that I got that out of my system

B1A4 aka BILASAAAA has returned to conquer not only your heart, not only your kitties, but also your favourite t-shirt collection! OH NOES!!! We’re pleased to see that BILASA is growing as a group and stepping away from their cutey boy image. I’m sure it’s not totally gone, it will probably make a comeback in maybe their next single, but for now let’s revel in their manly (slightly) manly glory. Although, the lead singer (I think he’s the lead) is still waaaaay too cutey boy and I feel like he just can’t pull off the serious in-pain look right now. Anyways, we’re hoping BILASA will make it onto Music Monday so we can talk more in depth about the terrible English one to five girl to guy ratio.

2) 2AM – I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me


Ohhh it’s a new depressing 2AM ballad but Martina actually likes it! Miracle! It’s hard to pick out why Martina likes one ballad and not the next, but I seem to have narrowed it down to lots of changes happening in the song, like a OOOHHHHH OHH OHHH moment or lots of warbling octaves. Whatever, she likes it! Amazing! The video is actually really well done with a rather creepy ending, but not that creepy when you realize it’s kind of imaginary and symbolic. Props to Jinwoon for his WOW, FANTASTIC ACTING. Did you read that in a Big Bang voice? I bet you did! If not, read it again. WOW! Fantastic acting! He was seriously believable and I think we might have a record breaking moment of not one, but two teardrops falling.

3) Nu’est – Face


WHOA. We were so distracted by the female member of this group pretending to be a boy. Seriously, after four years of living in Korea we are used to some men looking more feminine but WHOA. We actually think this might be a Korean drama playing out in reality. See, this guy has a twin sister and after his botched eyelid surgery, his sister took his place during the promotions, but soon they’ll do a switcheroo and put the guy back into the group. Maybe it’s the full bangs or the pouty pink lips or the soft face or the other members looking very manly but GAHHHHHHH totally distracted 1:42 seconds full shot. Besides the girl in the group (ok he’s not really a girl but he’s definitely the most girly looking guy we’ve ever seen), there are also some really high notes being hit at the beginning of the song that are very impresive. It’s not a terrible song, we don’t love it, but we do like the dubstep breakdown. We just wish the whole song could have had a dubstep feel. Also, the English. Oh, the English. On it’s own each sentence is fine, but put it together to form WHHHHaaaatttt??

“This is a story about a dwarf and giant. 
But it`s gonna end just like David and Goliath. Keep up with my pace, it you can, 
Don’t lag wile E.coyote cuz I’m road Runner, fast!”

What the fizzlesnaps is that?

4) 2BiC – I Made Another Girl Cry


This has one of the most confusing story lines we’ve ever seen in a kpop music video. It’s like they jammed everything typical of a Korea storyline into one moment: a new couple, an older couple, lost love, new love, sick and dying girlfriend from a disease, gangsters with poles and guns, the army, the police, a house cleaning, old pictures, a crying girlfriend, a crying boyfriend, a dead boyfriend, a dead girlfriend, oh and single tears. Seriously. All in one video? Oh at least no one got hit by car in SUPER SLOOOW MOTION!!! <–if you didn’t sing that as EXO please go back and do it again. Add a ripito fipito as well.

Anyways, I was so distracted by this video I could barely hear the song, but truthfully, it was the kind of ballad I don’t like so I think I might have blocked it out. On the plus side, the singers have really unique voices that I thought were quite beautiful. Check out this video and see if you can find anymore cliches that I missed!

  1. please can you make a video of sorry sorry on super junior m. if you do thanks a million

  2. 이 사이트 좋은것 같애요 ㅎㅎ
    I like this website

  3. Why the heck do they start puking up fake blood in “Made Yet Another Woman Cry”? What the heck! DISGUSTING!

  4. I don’t know if anybody else noticed this when they first saw Ren in Face (don’t know if anybody else is a crazy anime fan) but he looks like the company might have ripped his ENTIRE LOOK from Sen from Kekkaishi.  Look it up, seriously, I swear they look exactly the same.  To me that’s not a bad thing, and it makes me love Ren even more, but even so….
    I personally thought the rap in Face made sense, but the other Engrish….hmmm…
    And this was the first time I have heard B1A4’s Baby I’m Sorry, because I didn’t know if I wanted to see their big grown up change, but I totally loved it!  I hope Bilasa wins, but it looks like EXO will prevail.

  5. Bilasa had a really good song, I like the sound of the music and the chorus is all tough sounding. But I have no clue what the dance party time has to do with anything…And I tried to really listen to the English in it. At first I thought they were saying, “Baby I’m sorry we got the bad end” which is fine by me. But then it started to not sound like that to me. What do they say? At least the boys look good! haha

    I love 2am! And I love Jinwoon! In terms of his acting, his presence is what keeps me watching Dream High 2 (I’m not really feeling the storyline. And that get hit by a car thing? For real? Total cheese.). I like the video a lot as well, especially when they disintegrate into bits of paper. It looks really cool. 

    I really liked the song by Nu’est. Judging from the video, the fight like choreography and some of the lines of English I caught (I heard ‘friendship’ ‘whats up loser’ and the part at the end says something like ‘this is a story about a boy blahblahblah but its gonna end blahblahblah’..i think the blahs are in Korean..) I get this feeling that this song relates to bullying. No idea if that is true or not. 
    As for the girly member, I had a hard time believing he was a he. I think its the hair. But the one with the spiky pink glove was very good looking (although I don’t think I care for his rapping style)

    2BiC’s song was good as well. The video I could follow the storyline, but I don’t get what it had to do with anything really. Why combine those past and future timelines? Each seemed like they belonged to two different videos. And actually, the more interesting thing to me about this was the little band symbol thing. Its two babies with umbilical cords attached to a set of headphones…its just a bit weird. 

    Anyways, I love the kpop charts, they’ve introduced me to many songs that I’d never hear if you only did Music Mondays. Thanks for adding this segment!

  6. PLEASE design and sell BILASAraptor t-shirts?!  i would buy one.  in pink.  but it has to be epic to balance the pink.  oh and i’d get one in black, too.

  7. HOLLY ….. i thought it was a co-ed group!!!

  8. BILASA!!! Hey, I voted so I am a faithful Bilasa-raptor! ><
    I hope you guys crown them with the WTF award for engrish! I'm so excited!!! XD

  9. I just realized Jo Kwon has pretty big ears in my opinion

  10. New found fave- Nu’est, similar vibes with Infinite and B.A.P then. Totally indescribable, you know one when you see one.       

  11. HAHAHHA This article is hilarious. “Props to Jinwoon for his WOW, FANTASTIC ACTING. Did you read that in a Big Bang voice? I bet you did! If not, read it again. WOW! Fantastic acting!” YES I did read it in that voice

    And I love the english in Face. EPIC.

  12. Wow. He (are you SURE ???) really looks like a girl. Make-up and pink cute clothe don’t help. I like the song though.

  13. NU’EST is pretty amazing for a rookie group and by far a stand out debut. An original song about standing up for oneself and the rap makes sense with what the song means. Most raps are metaphors and not complete sentences.
    Love them!

  14. I’ll be honest…

    I voted for EXO solely because of the absolutely hilarious “Shaking the Ants from their Pants” dance move…

  15. Ok, my internet is being frustrating and I can’t get the videos to load. Boo! (I’ll just have to try again tomorrow)

    So, this isn’t important or kpop related at all, but I felt the need to comment just because of the ad at the top of the page. It is an ad for the University of Cincinnati.. that’s where I go to school!!!!!!!!! I got so excited because normally the ads are like those basic text ones that look like they’re from a google search, and they usually relate to fasion or food or something of that sort. So I was totally shocked to see an ad for UC. LET’S GO BEARCATS!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I loved the 2Bic video. I was immediately excited that I recognized the two male actors, and the acting and the song were beautiful.  True, i wasn’t sure what was going on, but maybe if i understood korean, i could have gotten the idea from the lyrics.
    Nu’Est song, i totally love.  The guy that looks like a girl i had figured  looked like that because they seem to be talking about bulling, and he was representing someone that could be bullied for his looks. That’s what i thought, but who knows, maybe he just looks like that. 
    B1A4, I adore those boys. They haven’t dissapointed me with any of their songs yet.
    2AM, they just have beautiful voices, well done.

  17. BILASAAAAA~~ *ahem* i mean, B1A4.
    we Bilasa-raptors, I mean, BANAS. hahaha.
    are voting~ FIGHTING~!!

  18. I think he only looks girly because of the way his hair is styled and how they did his make up.

  19. I think every flower boy has the potential to look super girly — it’s all in they styling and make-up. In Ren’s case… Pledis really played up his flower boy-ness (feminine side more like it) to the extreme. I’m not really sure what they were going for. Even people in Korea are questioning whether he’s a boy or girl.

  20. There are some happy or non-tragic ballads in English, eg. Always on Your Side, You Raise Me Up, and I guess Sun Shi Kyung’s You Are My Spring could be considered a ballad – it’s not super happy, but not too sad either, I think.

  21. I was stupid enough to start eating a bagel in the middle of that 2BiC video. Y u no use less blood in video, 2Bic?  Y u no be bagel-eating-people-friendly, 2BiC? The Nu’Est song is very catchy, but the melody sounds familiar. Help, anyone?..

  22. I totally read those lines in Big Bang and EXO voices! And I have to agree with Simon, that guy from Nu’est is unbelievably feminine. I think his stylist watched Shut Up: Flower Boy Band and decided to copy Kim Ye Rim’s hairstyle.

  23. i agree with simon about the girly guy from NU’ EST

  24. to martina: when i saw jinwoon open the closet and the girl was in there i was holy shit he stuffed her and kept her in there! that was creepy but i still love 2AM <3

    to simon: when i first saw that guy with blond hair in NU'EST i was oh my god! they have a girl in the group!!! :D i was happy when you mentioned that!!

  25. Coudn’t agree more. I would say that that blond guy from Nu’est is holding a record of being the girliest guy in Kpop. Sungjong from Infinite or Taemin from Shinee or Jang Geumsuk are wolverines compared to him lollllll

    Sorry I just…. that song.. its good but the MV….

  27. O-M-G. That blonde guy in Nu’est is DEFINITELY the girliest guy I’ve ever seen. Simon’s not exaggerating. OMG. I still can’t get over it. I SWEAR HE’S A SHE.

  28. YAY! No Big Bang! Uhm what I mean is there was a lot of new videos to review this week. (Big Bang’s Alive is on infinite loop on my ipod, iphone, mac at home, mac at work, but especially in my head. But I digress).

    It’s so nice to see BILASA not being so cutesy and being allowed to expand musically. 2am can sing sad ballads to me any time, their voices are stunning. The effects were masterfully done, Jinwoon’s acting was wonderful (as is his perfectly round head, I never notice what a beautiful shape it was) and the girl in the closet…creepy. Nu’est song is very catchy, and I can’t help but compare the dubstep breakdown to U-Kiss’s dupstep breakdown in Forbidden Love, except (and I’m a huge U-Kiss fan) I think Nu’est has the dupstep moves down way better.  2Bic Martin and Simon say everything about this video best. I have one huge question seriously on my mind…who did the wife get a text from that she felt the need to hide the phone from her husband. I honestly think it was the mobsters.

  29. I’ve spent half of St. Patrick’s Day watching kdramas and listening to kpop.  Time for the Pogues and Dropkick Murphys.

  30. Nu’ests video: “that blonde haired dude with the long hair is the girliest looking korean guy i have ever seen in my entire life.” OMG. CANNOT AGREE MORE. i saw the teasers and i was like “…is that another taemin-esque guy? crap….” im not hating at all – i think face is really catchy – but wow. i feel like he makes a better girl than i do.

  31.  Also, the blond girly guy is Princess Ren, and he is awesome. :D

  32. I really want you to review Bilasa or Nu’est, but i know that EXO’ll win so… meh. 

  33. Had it not been for Ren’s voice I would still be questioning if he was a boy or a girl. 

  34. So, lots of angst this week,, eh? 2Bic……umm, yeah wth? Maybe they made the video so dramatic because the song is….boring. (Not a huge fan of ballads either, except for the ripito fipito kind.) 

  35. that guy needs to cut or die his hair or something.. SERIOUSLY!!! its bugging the crap out of me… haha xD he’s prettier than i am… lol i would rather walk around with Taemin than whats his face hahah lmao

  36. They must be trying really hard to make that guy look like a girl…I don’t know why you would ever put that hairstyle on a guy..lol I know they try to give each member a distinct hairstyle and what not but…why that style? I don’t get it haha

  37. Why isn’t EXO included in the list?

  38. “JJ looks like Wolverine compared to this guy” — that one really cracked me up!  Thanks for being a constant source of laughter.

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