1) B1A4 – Baby I’m Sorry



*ahem* Now that I got that out of my system

B1A4 aka BILASAAAA has returned to conquer not only your heart, not only your kitties, but also your favourite t-shirt collection! OH NOES!!! We’re pleased to see that BILASA is growing as a group and stepping away from their cutey boy image. I’m sure it’s not totally gone, it will probably make a comeback in maybe their next single, but for now let’s revel in their manly (slightly) manly glory. Although, the lead singer (I think he’s the lead) is still waaaaay too cutey boy and I feel like he just can’t pull off the serious in-pain look right now. Anyways, we’re hoping BILASA will make it onto Music Monday so we can talk more in depth about the terrible English one to five girl to guy ratio.

2) 2AM – I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me


Ohhh it’s a new depressing 2AM ballad but Martina actually likes it! Miracle! It’s hard to pick out why Martina likes one ballad and not the next, but I seem to have narrowed it down to lots of changes happening in the song, like a OOOHHHHH OHH OHHH moment or lots of warbling octaves. Whatever, she likes it! Amazing! The video is actually really well done with a rather creepy ending, but not that creepy when you realize it’s kind of imaginary and symbolic. Props to Jinwoon for his WOW, FANTASTIC ACTING. Did you read that in a Big Bang voice? I bet you did! If not, read it again. WOW! Fantastic acting! He was seriously believable and I think we might have a record breaking moment of not one, but two teardrops falling.

3) Nu’est – Face


WHOA. We were so distracted by the female member of this group pretending to be a boy. Seriously, after four years of living in Korea we are used to some men looking more feminine but WHOA. We actually think this might be a Korean drama playing out in reality. See, this guy has a twin sister and after his botched eyelid surgery, his sister took his place during the promotions, but soon they’ll do a switcheroo and put the guy back into the group. Maybe it’s the full bangs or the pouty pink lips or the soft face or the other members looking very manly but GAHHHHHHH totally distracted 1:42 seconds full shot. Besides the girl in the group (ok he’s not really a girl but he’s definitely the most girly looking guy we’ve ever seen), there are also some really high notes being hit at the beginning of the song that are very impresive. It’s not a terrible song, we don’t love it, but we do like the dubstep breakdown. We just wish the whole song could have had a dubstep feel. Also, the English. Oh, the English. On it’s own each sentence is fine, but put it together to form WHHHHaaaatttt??

“This is a story about a dwarf and giant. 
But it`s gonna end just like David and Goliath. Keep up with my pace, it you can, 
Don’t lag wile E.coyote cuz I’m road Runner, fast!”

What the fizzlesnaps is that?

4) 2BiC – I Made Another Girl Cry


This has one of the most confusing story lines we’ve ever seen in a kpop music video. It’s like they jammed everything typical of a Korea storyline into one moment: a new couple, an older couple, lost love, new love, sick and dying girlfriend from a disease, gangsters with poles and guns, the army, the police, a house cleaning, old pictures, a crying girlfriend, a crying boyfriend, a dead boyfriend, a dead girlfriend, oh and single tears. Seriously. All in one video? Oh at least no one got hit by car in SUPER SLOOOW MOTION!!! <–if you didn’t sing that as EXO please go back and do it again. Add a ripito fipito as well.

Anyways, I was so distracted by this video I could barely hear the song, but truthfully, it was the kind of ballad I don’t like so I think I might have blocked it out. On the plus side, the singers have really unique voices that I thought were quite beautiful. Check out this video and see if you can find anymore cliches that I missed!

  1. please can you make a video of sorry sorry on super junior m. if you do thanks a million

  2. ….I’ve been pronouncing NU’EST = Newest….like they are the newest band…or something….New East? hm….

    And I love Ren, he said in an interview he thinks dressing more feminine is really interesting…totally adorable….

  3. 이 사이트 좋은것 같애요 ㅎㅎ
    I like this website

  4. Unfortunately, “consumption” is still very much with us. It just goes by the name tuberculosis now, and is the world’s second leading cause of death among infectious diseases. Not to mention that totally drug-resistant strains of TB have been identified in three countries.


  5. NU’est: i think it’s just his bangs and his eyeliner, they gave him girl bangs and girl eyeliner, take it all off and give him male hair and i think he’ll look like a normal guy, his face structure in itself has nothing girly

    2BIC: here’s the story line – guy takes off with money from a gang, runs away and hides in old house with gf, as they’re cleaning, they uncover the history of the story which includes a bf with his sick gf, and then it becomes a replay of history where someone dies in the house, but in both stories girls cry, which i think is the point of the song?  but you’re right, MV’s too engrossing to bother with the song

  6. Thank you~ I’m not a fan of any of these groups but…. 
    1) I love BILASAAA’s song~ It made me jump up and down while listening. :)))
    2) Nu’est is cute for a rookie group. Well done Nu’est :D
    Though I really don’t think Kpop needs ANOTHER girl who looks like… oh sorry, BOY who looks like a girl. I mean how many do we have now? Heechul, Taemin, Sungjong, Jaejoong? Is it like the thing to have one of those in your group now?
    3) 2 AM~ Not really a fan, but I loved the MV – though I’m still REALLY confused by it – THE CLOSET PART~ OMG~ – but I would love to hear you guys explain it. :P
    And the MV is really well done! The ending where they filmed the piano music box and the door was closing and light was fading gave me shivers~! TO all these groups- FIGHTING~

  7. Why the heck do they start puking up fake blood in “Made Yet Another Woman Cry”? What the heck! DISGUSTING!

  8. RE: 
    Was that a girl I saw? It’s hard to tell when guys wear pink, long hair and/or bleach their hair blond. I never heard any voice that was distinctly a girl’s voice. Kpop guys sing too softly and high pitch.

    • Oh, I forgot to mention that the one blonde person has eye shadow and…I’m going to regret saying this…, but the same eyes as Minzy from 2NE1. 
      Minzy has sexy, gorgeous eyes. Oh, so cute…I’m off track. That person in Nu’est is confusing me, b/c I thought it was a gay band….I mean guy band. Sorry. 

  9. @2:00 I love that Skrillex type of sound in Nu’est/Face. I never expected to hear Dub Step in Korean music. The MV was well done at 2:00 also.

  10. I don’t know if anybody else noticed this when they first saw Ren in Face (don’t know if anybody else is a crazy anime fan) but he looks like the company might have ripped his ENTIRE LOOK from Sen from Kekkaishi.  Look it up, seriously, I swear they look exactly the same.  To me that’s not a bad thing, and it makes me love Ren even more, but even so….
    I personally thought the rap in Face made sense, but the other Engrish….hmmm…
    And this was the first time I have heard B1A4’s Baby I’m Sorry, because I didn’t know if I wanted to see their big grown up change, but I totally loved it!  I hope Bilasa wins, but it looks like EXO will prevail.

  11. Okay.  I have never heard of B1A4 before this, and now I am OBSESSED.  This song has a pretty fun beat, and (after listening to it about 5 times in a row) I listened to some of their other songs and completely fell in love with “Beautiful Target”.  xO  I really liked the fun, uppity-beat (and I loved how the music video had like a little mini town setting. xDD And were they doing the Caramell Dansen dance in the court room? What? lol).

    But really, what are they saying in “Baby, I’m Sorry”.  Is it English mixed with Korean in the chorus, or is it just bad English? o_o

    But either way, I love the song, and now I love the band. x]

    And I just have to say, I first thought the blonde guy in “Face” was a girl. xD

    Oh yeah, one more thing: why is B1A4 also called Bilasa and what does it mean? o_0

  12. Ok, I don’t know if you guys were sarcastic or not, but seriously? Their little english rap at the end makes the most sense out of ANY English rap I’ve heard in Kpop. 

    “This is a story about a dwarf and a giant, but it’s gonna end just like David and Goliath.”

    David and Goliath is a mythical story about Goliath, a great warrior who was known for his size, and his defeat at the hands of David, the future king of Israel. David is the dwarf, and Goliath is the giant – they’re saying that size doesn’t necessarily dictate a winner, and that although they’re smaller, they’ll win the battle.

    “Keep up with my pace, if you can; don’t lag, Wile E. Coyote, ’cause I’m Roadrunner fast.”

    I think the keep up with my pace part is pretty self explanatory; Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner are a cartoon pair from Looney Tunes; their segment centers around Wile E. Coyote using elaborate tricks and schemes to try and catch Roadrunner *coughfordinnercough* but he always fails because Roadrunner is too quick for him both physically and mentally.

    Did I miss something? Am I examining this all wrong xD?

    • I think your examination is just right, but the fact that the rap needs this much examination is kind of…ahhh….like putting geometry in lyrics, it’s too much. 

      • I suppose, but I don’t think it needed much examining (no offense to anyone intended). I mean, the grammar was perfect, and people usually watch it with English subs, so they know what they’re saying, so ie. “This is a story about this, and it’s gonna end up like this story” ._. But it’s probably just a case of knowledge of who the characters mentioned were. Since I already knew who they were, I guess it was easier for me to make the connection.

        • I know the characters of the story as well. I guess I just carry that opinion that raps should aim to say a lot using very little rather than saying a lot by literally saying a lot. I think their intro rap fits this description better. “Look at NU’EST quite the sight like Mohammad Ali in a fight.” I’d say no examination needed, but there may be a few people out there who don’t know Mohammed Ali.

        • Ah, okay, then it seems like we were just talking about different things o: I was just wondering why it seemed like everyone was treating it like gibberish when they are complete sentences that seem to make sense xD;

        • Well, the sentences make grammatical sense and to some degree they even make contextual sense. I think the Engrish treatment comes from the obscure biblical and WB references. Maybe it is just a matter of flow. You know, there was an article on the New York Times on the neurological effects of reading fiction. The use of metaphors and similes activate certain parts of the brain more than equivalent literal statements. I think that effect can become impaired if the references are too obscure or if there are just too many. That’s why I’d find Mohammed Ali more effective than Wile E or David & Goliath.

        • Yea, I could understand that; I, for one, know almost nothing about Mohammed Ali, but I can still understand your example. I guess I just found it so creative that I didn’t realize the troubles people might have with understanding the comparisons due to the characters involved. My mistake o:

          Nice discussion :)

  13. LOL, I guess the guy responsible for Bilasa’s youtube account really did get fired, they took down the .wmv…..

  14. I really liked the song from NU’EST – it’s been so long since any group (even the veterans, not to speak about debuting ones!) had my attention from the get go of their single promotion. The management of NU’EST did it perfectly IMO:
    + not in-your-face teasers x10000 at a day, but tastefully paced and fed to the public. The teasers (both the pictures, group vid and the individual vids) were eye-catching and made me want to see and know more about the group/debut song – nicely done!
    + the teasers were actually related (!!!) to their concept OMG!!! which was SO refreshing to see. SM and JYP, please take notes – THIS is what you call a TEASER.
    + catchy song (it really IS catchy omg. It just sneaks up on you out of nowhere. After you’ve had it on repeat for a while you actually realize that… it’s been on repeat. For, like, ages. And you’ve kinda started to memorize the refrain. what???!)
    + surprisingly meaningful and relevant lyrics for a kpop group, especially for a debuting one. In awe, seriously.
    + nice music video. The MV concept mirrors the lyrics!!!! I actually really liked the camera angles. :) Also, the choreography is really, REALLY good – fast, tight but smooth, many moves reflect and play into the lyrics wonderfully. I was floored by how much care and detail (arm movements, timing of locking moves, pacing, how they used the available space to 100% to move around in formations, and of course the fight imitations) went into it as a whole. In most cases groups do a) catchy dancing with no relation to the song b) awesome dancing with no relation to the song. This was in the mostly empty category of c) awesome dancing with relation to the song. YEAH. The members are also terrific dancers and could pull of the moves perfectly and in sync – I know, coming from PLEDIS that’s kind of expected by default, but still. Impressed! Whoever was their choreographer, props and respect and hope they have made a contract for their next five singles at least.
    + … I can tell the members apart lol. Appreciating the easy recognition due to their different hair styles, thanks PLEDIS! And Ren is pretty, true – his soft features are emphasized thanks to the styling and make up – but if I look at the whole picture, I wouldn’t mistake him for a girl. IMO Taemin during their Lucifer promotion looked more girly, and longhair!Heechul could easily give Ren a run for his money… and win. TBH Ren actually reminds me of Kevin from U-KISS from their Man Man Ha Ni days. Kevin is older by a few years so his features (especially jawline and cheekbones) were more defined, thus he appeared more ~manly~ but… idk. If Ren’s hair was styled a bit differently, I think most would just label him pretty, not OMG!pretty. I guess he is to NU’EST what Amber is to f(x).

    There is opportunity for improvement, of course (the rap lolol. the singing – would like to hear more of them hold a tune other than Baekho) but overall – LIKE. also, it’s scary that they are only, what, 16 so there WILL be improvement as they get more and more experience. Looking forward to their progress!

    • I don’t think there’s any need to defend Minki’s biological sex, he knows he’s a guy and regardless of what the world views him has, one thing’s for certain – he’s gorgeous! girl or guy. 

      I like NU’EST too I’m very happy with their debut. While I think their current choreo is very fitting with their song and video, I’d really like to see what Rino Nakasone or Shaun Evaristo would make them do. 

      Looking forward to progress as well :)

    • I agree. Heechul and Taemin (in that order) could win over Ren in a beauty contest any day XD

  15. Bilasa had a really good song, I like the sound of the music and the chorus is all tough sounding. But I have no clue what the dance party time has to do with anything…And I tried to really listen to the English in it. At first I thought they were saying, “Baby I’m sorry we got the bad end” which is fine by me. But then it started to not sound like that to me. What do they say? At least the boys look good! haha

    I love 2am! And I love Jinwoon! In terms of his acting, his presence is what keeps me watching Dream High 2 (I’m not really feeling the storyline. And that get hit by a car thing? For real? Total cheese.). I like the video a lot as well, especially when they disintegrate into bits of paper. It looks really cool. 

    I really liked the song by Nu’est. Judging from the video, the fight like choreography and some of the lines of English I caught (I heard ‘friendship’ ‘whats up loser’ and the part at the end says something like ‘this is a story about a boy blahblahblah but its gonna end blahblahblah’..i think the blahs are in Korean..) I get this feeling that this song relates to bullying. No idea if that is true or not. 
    As for the girly member, I had a hard time believing he was a he. I think its the hair. But the one with the spiky pink glove was very good looking (although I don’t think I care for his rapping style)

    2BiC’s song was good as well. The video I could follow the storyline, but I don’t get what it had to do with anything really. Why combine those past and future timelines? Each seemed like they belonged to two different videos. And actually, the more interesting thing to me about this was the little band symbol thing. Its two babies with umbilical cords attached to a set of headphones…its just a bit weird. 

    Anyways, I love the kpop charts, they’ve introduced me to many songs that I’d never hear if you only did Music Mondays. Thanks for adding this segment!

  16. 2BiC – I Made Another Girl Cry

  17. PLEASE design and sell BILASAraptor t-shirts?!  i would buy one.  in pink.  but it has to be epic to balance the pink.  oh and i’d get one in black, too.

  18. HOLLY ….. i thought it was a co-ed group!!!

  19. I think you’re (and many other) exeggerate about how much Ren looks like a girl. If you “study” his face it isn’t that naturally girly, unlike certain other K-Pop stars. It’s mainly the bangs, his lips and the make-up that does it (of course combine dwith a soft face as well but…)  

  20. BILASA!!! Hey, I voted so I am a faithful Bilasa-raptor! ><
    I hope you guys crown them with the WTF award for engrish! I'm so excited!!! XD

  21. I just realized Jo Kwon has pretty big ears in my opinion

  22. I’m pretty sure 2BiC is a vampire. And he made yet another woman cry because the oldy-time him let down his girl by neither chasing after her nor waking up to see her death. And then he probably cloned her because he liked her so much, but then made his clone-girl cry when he was killed by those vampire hunters. Yep. I’m sure that’s it.

  23. I want to vote for shinee, but its not out yet

  24. My face while watching the 2BiC video..

  25. New found fave- Nu’est, similar vibes with Infinite and B.A.P then. Totally indescribable, you know one when you see one.       

  26. You guys have to do “Baby I’m sorry”

  27. HAHAHHA This article is hilarious. “Props to Jinwoon for his WOW, FANTASTIC ACTING. Did you read that in a Big Bang voice? I bet you did! If not, read it again. WOW! Fantastic acting!” YES I did read it in that voice

    And I love the english in Face. EPIC.

  28. Wow. He (are you SURE ???) really looks like a girl. Make-up and pink cute clothe don’t help. I like the song though.

  29. “Props to Jinwoon for his WOW, FANTASTIC ACTING. Did you read that in a Big Bang voice?” 

    LOL… i sure did.. XDD

  30. All i know is that everyone is going to get over thrown by SHINee next week. soo….

  31. NU’EST is pretty amazing for a rookie group and by far a stand out debut. An original song about standing up for oneself and the rap makes sense with what the song means. Most raps are metaphors and not complete sentences.
    Love them!

  32. The 2AM video kinda makes me think of alzheimer’s Disease.  And I un-creepify the girl in the closet by thinking that is a moment of clarity for him, thus he remembers her.  But since she is nothing but a memory he can’t really interact with her and all.  The end with the disappearing into scattered memories signifies that they are lost to the disease. 
    Of course I don’t really understand Korean, so I doubt my little plot even fits into the MV, but I just thought I would share my visual of it.  

  33. I’ll be honest…

    I voted for EXO solely because of the absolutely hilarious “Shaking the Ants from their Pants” dance move…

  34. Awesome compilation on this week’s Kpopchart-update! :) hahaha~ Oh how I love BILASAAAAA! <3 I like their new image as well~ of course the full album is pretty awesome too and displays their old cutey concept charms in a few of the songs, but they've grown a lot musically and it's good to see/hear them try out new and different styles as well. :) If you guys haven't given the 10 or so songs on their "Ignition" album already, you should. ^^ 

    Do you mean that Sandeul didn't pull off the pained look? Or Jinyoung? (the leader) Actually besides from Gongchan (blonde one) they all have a fairly even amount of singing lines for this album (and the raps go to Baro) I felt that Sandeul pulled off the pained look fairly well? (Considering how he actually is in variety shows (dorky derp duck), he blew me away with his expressions in this mv) and I felt that Jinyoung (red hair) was the one that looked… like he had trouble frowning. I seriously thought he might start cracking up… he really didn't look as upset as the others. Not bagging his acting or anything, I adore him and apparently he's had acting training etc. But I felt that the others out shined Jinyoung in the pained-expressions department this time around. However if you really did mean that Sandeul was the one that couldn't pull it off, well then… I guess he's forever adorable and that won't change anytime soon. :P I guess his amazing vocals make up for it~ he sounds epic singing live and over the top of all this autotune. *_*

  35. AHAHAHA ‘he looks like a cat’ i DIED XD. hes my fave member 2!!!!!! ty 4 the update, stay OSM <3 <3 <3 <3 EYK FIGHTING 

  36. Ok, my internet is being frustrating and I can’t get the videos to load. Boo! (I’ll just have to try again tomorrow)

    So, this isn’t important or kpop related at all, but I felt the need to comment just because of the ad at the top of the page. It is an ad for the University of Cincinnati.. that’s where I go to school!!!!!!!!! I got so excited because normally the ads are like those basic text ones that look like they’re from a google search, and they usually relate to fasion or food or something of that sort. So I was totally shocked to see an ad for UC. LET’S GO BEARCATS!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I have to say, Ren has visibly developing muscles. Something many of the other flower boys did not have when they first debuted. And while I do believe he is very girly looking, I don’t think he looks more girly than any of the others.

  38. ok I was cracking up so much cause I thought the same thing abouth that guy.. omg the wolvearene thing was hilarious i literally lol’ed .. and I am so confused because ive been reading it like “newest” like wow thats the most new..- newest… hahaha IDK… these names are hard.. and I cant every read B14A now I always say Bilasa! 

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