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Kpop Music Mondays: Dalmatian “That Man Opposed”

February 28, 2011


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For this week’s Kpop Music Monday we review Dalmatian’s “That Man Opposed” and try to deal with their bad dalmatian. Man, that’s a really bad dog they’ve got there. Dalmatian needs to take control of their…dalmatian.

Ok, we’ll stop killing that joke now. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, watch the music video. The guy in the purple at the end has a Dalmatian on a leash, and the dog is totally dominating him in a way that would make Cesar Milan cringe. He’s tugging at the leash, which is a really bad sign for dogs, and totally not doing what a dog should do in a video: sit still and look pretty. Ha! Easier said than done!

We know from experience: we make videos with Spudgy all the time. The scene that we filmed here was really freaking difficult, but not because he’s defiant. That scene in which we present him with a bowl of food was sooooo difficult to plan. The idea behind that scene was to get Spudgy to not eat the food. Little does everyone know, though, that Spudgy will freaking eat everything. We put him on a diet recently, because he’s not supposed to put a lot of weight on his bad hips. As a result, he’s starving, and he’s smelling around the house always trying to find some random noms. The bowl that we present him with in the video doesn’t actually have any food in it. It’s just cut up cardboard. And…Spudgy still tried to eat it. Noooooo!

Back to the Dalmatian video, we liked it a lot more than their other video, Lover Cop. This one was a lot more fun. Lover Cop was really surprising, because we first had it playing on mute, and the video looked totally badass at first, similar to MBLAQ’s “Cry.” We turned on the volume, though, and were totally shocked. Cute song, but it doesn’t suit the video. So we sided with “That Man Opposed” which we thought was an uncommon example of a Kpop video that suits its song quite well.

And, yes, I know we mentioned we’d be doing Big Bang this week, but we didn’t have enough time. Their video didn’t come out when we had to start filming. Sorry! It seems like the video came out today, though, because our Music Monday Request Form explodinated with requests for Big Bang. So hopefully we’ll do it next week? Depends on the votes! Anyhow, this is about Dalmatian, so if you liked “That Man Opposed,” Get the Dalmatian Album here! And, as always, big thanks to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitles. Yeah! This is our 25th Kpop Music Monday now, and they’ve translated each and every one of them. Thanks so much!



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