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Kpop Music Mondays: Eatyourkimchi LIKE A MAN!

April 23, 2013


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Oh my god! Y U SO NASTY BIASED? For some strange reason, this awkward band, song, and music video made it into the top three for our KpopCharts. How? Why? What the eff, yo? If you haven’t seen this train wreck of a Music Video, check it out here:

Ok, we were sarcastic enough in the video. I’ll stop ripping into us for this Music Monday. We just thought it’d be funny if we reviewed ourselves, though we didn’t know how to do it right. We have that level of distance between us and Kpop labels, so we can look at what they’re doing and attempt to come to some conclusions about the Kpop industry. Our video, though, isn’t really part of the industry, so we can’t approach it the same way, and come up with any insights. We would need to take this video seriously, which we clearly can’t do. We tried, though!

Anyhow, our real review for Music Monday is coming up. As I write this, we’re about half-way done editing. Wow. I just realized it’s 1:30AM right now. Man, we sure live in some bizarre time zone. We would have just done our Music Monday alone on this, but we know that people would be upset, so we had to do two Music Mondays.

FYI, we weren’t joking when we said that people email us asking for advice on how to become Kpop idols. I’m not sure why we get these emails, let alone why we get them so frequently. Why would people think that we know how to do it? We make YouTube videos, and we sometimes have interviews with Korean groups. That’s not equal to having insider information on becoming a celebrity. Might as well ask us how to be a Canadian celebrity. Also, in the five years we’ve been here, I don’t know any non-Asian Kpop idols (any serious ones, at least). We, as the Eatyourkimchi Crew, definitely don’t count.

Lastly, we joked about this being the second worst song of the year. Don’t try to guess what we think is the first. It’s a trap! We won’t answer that at all EVER. Well, maybe in private over a few drinks, but only after we have a staff of security pat you down to make sure you’re not hiding a video camera on you or something…

Also, no bloopers for this video, because there really weren’t any skits and we didn’t mess up our lines. It was pretty straightforward for us. Our next video, though: whoa that’s got a lot of bloopers to it…



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