Oh my god! Y U SO NASTY BIASED? For some strange reason, this awkward band, song, and music video made it into the top three for our KpopCharts. How? Why? What the eff, yo? If you haven’t seen this train wreck of a Music Video, check it out here:


Ok, we were sarcastic enough in the video. I’ll stop ripping into us for this Music Monday. We just thought it’d be funny if we reviewed ourselves, though we didn’t know how to do it right. We have that level of distance between us and Kpop labels, so we can look at what they’re doing and attempt to come to some conclusions about the Kpop industry. Our video, though, isn’t really part of the industry, so we can’t approach it the same way, and come up with any insights. We would need to take this video seriously, which we clearly can’t do. We tried, though!

Anyhow, our real review for Music Monday is coming up. As I write this, we’re about half-way done editing. Wow. I just realized it’s 1:30AM right now. Man, we sure live in some bizarre time zone. We would have just done our Music Monday alone on this, but we know that people would be upset, so we had to do two Music Mondays.

FYI, we weren’t joking when we said that people email us asking for advice on how to become Kpop idols. I’m not sure why we get these emails, let alone why we get them so frequently. Why would people think that we know how to do it? We make YouTube videos, and we sometimes have interviews with Korean groups. That’s not equal to having insider information on becoming a celebrity. Might as well ask us how to be a Canadian celebrity. Also, in the five years we’ve been here, I don’t know any non-Asian Kpop idols (any serious ones, at least). We, as the Eatyourkimchi Crew, definitely don’t count.

Lastly, we joked about this being the second worst song of the year. Don’t try to guess what we think is the first. It’s a trap! We won’t answer that at all EVER. Well, maybe in private over a few drinks, but only after we have a staff of security pat you down to make sure you’re not hiding a video camera on you or something…

Also, no bloopers for this video, because there really weren’t any skits and we didn’t mess up our lines. It was pretty straightforward for us. Our next video, though: whoa that’s got a lot of bloopers to it…

  1. KEKEKEKE Someone trolling Meemers at the back with laserlight! Thanks I really enjoyed this KMM, much more than some reviews of famous groups etc.

    I usually don’t wanna participate in the “fight” between people who actively support S&M and those haters who need to get a life, but I have got to say: Stay classy people. No need to degenerate into name-callers and whatnot. S&M are bringing us so much fun & laughter, which if you can’t appreciate, go away. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.

    They are NOT here to promote YOUR favorite group. They bring PERSONAL reviews that THEY believe in. If you can’t take some things with a pinch of salt, maybe your time will be better spent elsewhere.

    • Exactly which ‘haters’ are you referring to? I just want to caution people again against labeling everyone who does not agree with everything Simon and Martina as ‘ haters’. I certainly sometimes have a different opinion, and I work for them.

      Although I do agree with the fact that if what they do does bother someone to that extent, then your time would be better spent elsewhere.

      • Those as I say: Namecallers. Using insults that are uncalled for.

        • Ah, well yes. I can understand that. However during the last issue that they had spoken about Aka ‘Leehigate’ there was no name calling.

          Actually the only name calling came from people saying that others who posted comments expressing discontent were not ‘ real nasties’ or ‘ haters’. Thus why I questioned it. Usually the comments on this site are really respectfully stated and if they are not, the moderators will do what they can to make sure it is not allowed to continue being disrespectful.

          However I do know that there are name callers and people who are mean about eyk on other forums. Unfortunately we don’t have any control over that. They usually hide behind that anonymity.

          Thanks for the clarification.


        • Crystallised

          Ahhh I see. I came over from youtube just now so well you know, there aren’t moderators over there :/

        • Yes, that was one of the other places I was referring to. I find it depends on the ‘ culture’ of the place. Youtube tends to attract more casual viewers who say whatever they feel like saying because there is anonymity and people are sort of used to there being a lot of mean comments on youtube videos. Almost all videos have some type of really rude comment. Unfortunately the site moderators only work on the website. Other forums like youtube and tumblr, twitter and Facebook are not moderated.

          Thus why I like to use the website. We try to make it nice and comfortable and to create a ‘community’ atmosphere here.

        • Crystallised

          I like that people try to make logical reasoning and keep the nasty comments (if any) in their heads here(: Just because some perceive a veil of anonymity on other sites an intellectual exchange often deteriorates into vilified comments. People who just want to put forth their rationale views often get discouraged from participating, and the situation becomes a case where empty vessels make the loudest noise.

        • Hah! Someone posted this comic a few days ago and I thought it was appropriate.

        • Crystallised

          Yup my thoughts exactly!!

  2. OH MY GOD!!!! Simon does Spudgy’s voice?!?!?! I thought it was Martina!! Always! o.o

  3. I love this parody!! I can’t even express it in words…wait, EATYOURKIMCHILIKEAMAN — that works…
    LOL Saranghae

  4. kawaii_candie

    I actually was less impressed by your “eat your kimchi like a man” parody than your “gangnam style” one… so I think that this KMM is MUCH funnier than the actual video. lol. It’s sooo funny how you’re poking fun at everything that you normally do, along with the few little jabs at your haters, eheh. 2 thumbs up from me! lol.

  5. I love this video. I love al your videos. Thank you very much for another moment laughter. Brilliant

  6. After reading your posts, I realize some of your problem is that we fans are also not to vocal about it.

    I live in Shanghai, China, which is great by the way, but unfortunately YouTube is banned here. This means I survive by reading your comments below every video, even though I am unable to watch the video in all it’s glory. Sure, there is VPN or maybe I am lucky enough to see one video get stripped off of YouTube on to China ‘YouTube’ sites, but both of those are hard processes.

    Why do I do this?

    Because I love you guys. Just solely reading comments makes me happy, because I know these are two genuine people who are happy to entertain us with your hard work but also not afraid to critique and present your view. Of course, being a fan for some Kpop groups, I wish that your views can be the same as mine. But I also know I am biased.

    You present your opinions with honesty, humor and kindness (because you actually think about the viewers’ feelings). So even if this KMM is the last one, I’m not a fan of KMM– I’m a fan of Simon and Martina. You guys are worth the hard work I go through every Tuesday (time difference :) ).

  7. Best KKM Ever! I agree with everyone. I watch KKM for S&M, not for the song.

  8. It’s funny; I was curious about what bad remarks have been going around so decided to look through the comments, but can’t even get to them because there’s so much positive reinforcement from all the fellow Nasties! This is actually my second time watching this Music Monday and it still has me laughing. When I was watching it all I could think was “their acting skills are phenomenal” , because I kept watching it like a real Music Monday and laughed so hard I think I broke a rib. Honestly, I’m glad it wasn’t the real one… because that meant I got to watch two new videos in one day.

    If someone, or even a million, say something hurtful, it doesn’t matter. Look at the wall with all the generous Nasty names on it and remember that we are true fans, friends, and family. Some of us were late to the game and some of us were here from the beginning, but regardless, at this very moment we come and stay for Simon and Martina, EYK, and the EYK Crew. So let dogs bark, I’m sure they have their reasons, but it doesn’t mean we have to listen. =D Nasty For Life!

  9. Best K-Pop Music Monday ever!!! I have even more respect for you guys that you were able to make fun of yourselves. You had me rolling on the floor the whole time. Don’t ever change. Love you guys! <3 P.S. your video wasn't that bad. And actually I LOVE your track better than the original!! The rhymes were dope, no joke! Keep up the awesome work you two.

  10. Still want you guise to interview the Eatyourkimchi Crew! I just can’t wait. You got to interview Soo Zee , now interview the rest!

  11. I wouldn’t have minded if this was the only KMM today.

  12. Man that unicorn gets around. Unicorn? More like unislag amirite?!

    But a fun video guise!

  13. I love how you’re bashing yourselves. :) You guys are awesome.

  14. JYJ all the way! Although your parody was awesome!

  15. I didn’t notice Meemers there! I had to watch it again after seeing the comments. So cute!!!

  16. I think Spudgy needs a bath…he looks kinda grey…

  17. it’s such a poop that people are leaving you whiny comments. You guys are fantastic and you’re the very reason i got into K-culture in the first place, which i must say has enriched my life in ways I cannot even explain. So yeah, i have you two to thank for that and i hope others will remember to be grateful for all the effort you put into your work. I’ll be a fan forever. Keep it up!

  18. This is HILARIOUS!! XD Oh lord~ I love you dorks! :D

    p/s: I honestly love every single video you guise post. Don’t lose heart guys! Don’t lose sight of where you came from – being dorks! That’s why we love you!! :D

  19. hahahahaha gotta love spudgy/simon at the end xD

  20. Nasty group hug everyone? :D

  21. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it so so so much! love ya guys!

  22. thisisjustforfunval

    OMG you guys had me rolling with laughter and I was at work! People thought I’d finally officially gone cuckoo. Soozee’s interview, the English is a 2, Ryan is included in “woman with a different wig” montage, Meemer’s chasing the laser light. And I love the showdown between EYK Crew and JYJ!

    An interview with JYJ so has to happen! I really loved this video guys. You can tell you guys had so much funny making this KPMM!

  23. I must say, I feel you were way too hard on this group. They are amazingly irreverent. Everything is incredibly scripted and well edited. I don’t think you are giving them enough credit. The elevetor scene alone made this one of the best videos I have ever seen. And when you have the fortune to have one of the most beautiful women in the world working for you, who is also a talented actress and dancer, you have her play as many roles as possible.

    I hope you do not take the above comment as a negative one. you are awesome! the parody and the review of it are epicly epic. Thank you for making me smile.

  24. Simon and Martina, I’m sorry you had to experience a lot of Assties -pfft!- lately. But just so you know I love your videos because they make me smile. I am happy every time you do a video, because it’s like when I see you guys, I’m seeing a friend again. Some people may not have been here long enough to feel that yet, but whenever I felt depressed or irritated at the world and the fact I’m not in Korea again, when I see you guys, I’m brought to life. It makes me happy to know that there are still people as great as you guys in this world, no matter how depressing things can get. You are my role models, and although you may not know me personally I think of you like a great friend and I’m glad that your taking a lot of time for us (and probably other things) So >////:D FIGHTING!

  25. Martina’s hairstyle today is GORGEOUS.

  26. Thanks S&M!!! It was a good review…. and in a way, thanks for the double shot of laughter!!! (I hope you only do this again only because of you felt like it)…. :)

  27. hahaha~ super hilarious! good job reviewing your video XD

  28. This has to be my favorite music monday ever. Mad props to the EYK crew!

  29. Had to come on here and represent my love for the EYK Crew.

    The fact that Simon and Martina can poke fun at themselves for a parody video that they worked sooooooOOOOOOooooOOOOOO flippin’ hard to put out in the first place, to me, merits true props. They could just as easily have taken pride in their achievement and the fact people voted it into and so high up on the Charts, but no; what did they do? They took the comical route, and had fun with it, as they ALWAYS do.

    This is why I love Simon and Martina, and I love EatYourKimchi, and I will always, always, ALWAYS, be a faithful Nasty.
    EYK Crew represent. xoxo

    P.S. I saw a Meemerz! The EYK Crew is complete. (Kitties with lasers are so adorable.) <3
    P.P.S. SHINee ON THE LAPTOP ERMAHGERDD YESSSSSS Yo haterz – why so serious? XD


  31. YESSSS!! What an awesome KMM!!! I can’t believe you got to interview one of the members of the EYK Crew!! I was so TOTALLY hoping that you guys would be able to give away CDs for this single, but darn! Oh well, maybe next time! Haha Time to go asking the EYK Crew to call ya’ll up to schedule an interview now 8D

  32. Love this KMM!!! Thanks Simon and Martina!

    If this is your real KMM for the week, I am happy with it.
    as a Nasty, I laughed through out the video from the beginning til the end
    I cant believe you 2 reviewed this video XD!
    After you have a new studio, you 2 came up with lots of new ideas, love it!!
    Just ignore those non-nasty comments, we will support you!!
    Lots of love from Australia!!

  33. Please dont be sad about the bad comments, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! ♥ ♥

  34. They’re uploading the real KMM if you watched till the end.. you would know that.

  35. Not gonna lie.

    I laughed so hard pee tears came out.

  36. *This is me, laughing so hard. Most excellent*

    Vote: EYK Like a Man. The Aaaayy, gurl! man offered to buy me a drank after he saw me rolling down my sexy windows, but my love of Kimchi won out in the end.

  37. Tbh I wasn’t enthusiastic about reviewing your own video because first of all I was afraid it may lead to a situation similar to that with “Rose” and secondly, I thought “meh, talking about your own parody? doesn’t sound like fun”. But I liked it! I liked the idea of talking about this video like it was made by someone else and you made some points that were really funny :) “the same girl in a bunch of different wigs” *Ryan’s picture included* lol

    P.S Who are these JYJ guys? I like them! Are they rookies? The rapper is almost as good as Simon, I think I should vote for them.

    P.P.S How can I become a Kpop idol?

  38. irritablevowel

    As far as I’m concerned this is the only KMM this week. I hereby do not recognize the existence of a so called “other KMM”. Why would you need another when this one is so clearly superior?

  39. I started watching Simon and Martina for about a year and a half and I just love to watch their videos as they make me laugh :) I still watch them and love how they always try to teach us more about Korea and not just K-Pop, it feels like most people come for the K-Pop only :( It saddens me that Simon and Martina have to go through what most K-Pop idols go through when they themselves are not idols (though even if they were it wouldn’t make it alright). I hope what I am trying to say is coming across. Simon and Martina keep doing what you are doing you have really inspired me. You guys give me hope for my own future. I want to travel and visit Japan one day, but not only that you guys have inspired me to become more confident! this sounds so cheesy, but it’s what I think. I don’t know what to do with my own life right now and feel frustrated with myself, but seeing people like you guys and many others that are the same have inspired me. So thank you guys! I am totally on board with what eatyourkimchi-uh had to say!

  40. I can’t believe that I thought Music Monday wasn’t up yet cause I thought this was last weeks review ha! Memers so distracting, I realised I wasn’t watching or listening to martina and had to replay that bit again, Spudy/simon is hilarious at the end. This was great guys, especially as I wasn’t into any of the top 3, marginally interested in GD’s song, but feels a lot like a mix of what he has already released this year. Glad you did a second one cause of potential haters/trolls, but glad to see comments are almost universally positive. Boy have you guys been busy this week!! Thanks for the hard work.

  41. Super hilarious and awesome video!!! But I bet those people who say “you so biased” will watch this and STILL not understand that it’s a response to that criticism. EVERYBODY gets the same treatment – not even EYK is safe from EYK!! I don’t see why that’s so difficult for some people to grasp.

    And you want me to choose between my two biases, EYK and JYJ?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo!

  42. I’m a folower of the EYK from the beggining, when they had those videos with their friends talking about their favourite noodles :p

    And even at that time I loved it, and I’ll still love ya. So, be strong and believe in yourselves. And don’t forget I’m always waiting to eat your videos like a Nastie, to have a good laugh every week :p, no pressure!

    Kisses and hugs from an real Nastie

    And congratulations for your hard work until now! You guys have an Nastie friend here :)

  43. The Power of Time-Zones….. Tuesday Morning *goes youtube.com* see Kpop-Music Monday JayPark. then realise there was one more for EYK Crew as well :D nice work guys :D There is no real and fake!!!

  44. marbie

    Psymon, I choose you! XD ——-> I mean, I vote for EYK crew :D

  45. Ooo I can’t decide who had a better low budget video can I just say it’s a tie?

  46. Darn… i wanna vote for EYK crew over JYJ xDDD

  47. That was hilarious! XD

  48. unicornsgalaxy

    So I figured that you would probably do a bit of trolling on us and start off the regular KMM with an intro that made it seem like you were going to review the Eat Your Kimchi Like a Man video. Instead we got a whole KMM. That was funny. Especially at the end with the showdown.

    Oh yeah, and don’t think I didn’t notice the forced Meemers bombing with the laser. I’m side-eying you… but grateful for the Meemers video bombs anyway

  49. Absolutely loved this. I was laughing so much that I forgot I was cooking lunch in the other room. I think I was about 2 minutes away from setting off the smoke alarm. Oops!

  50. k, go ahead and unsub. If you don’t like it don’t watch. You won’t be missed, trust me.

  51. EYK wins… nodoubt. thats my vote

  52. I love you guys for being able to make fun of yourselves and not giving a care in the world! Those are the kind of friends I want to be drinking with! Cheers!

  53. “Although one had a CGI budget that kinda ran out mid-filming AND had
    super good-looking people in it who can dance and pull off sexy apron
    shirts, while the other has… JYJ” OMG I ALMOST PEED MYSELF GUISE

  54. Even if this was the only KMM you guys uploaded for the week I would be happy! Why? Well, cause the *&%$** was hilarious!!! Really, I think you guys can make anything funny, I bet you could review the nian nian cat video or those weird pictures of pest in stockings and make it hilarious. Also, props for keeping a straight face throughout the entire thing, that takes mad skills.

    P.S This is for Martina, while delulu haters hate you can watch this for more K-pop English song covers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM8ZeW8nEu4&feature=endscreen&NR=1

  55. I was just wondered Simon called Spudgy a dumpster dog, why wouldn’t
    Spudgy fix the problem by getting a bath.
    I also wanted to say to you all at eat your kimchi studio, you do a beautiful
    job in bringing happiness and making a fun day for my family.

  56. Hahah this is AWESOME. EYK, I LOVE YOU!!!!! :D

  57. Gotta watch this again and make sure I concentrate on what Martina is saying and not watching Meemrs play.. But guise, you’ve made me laugh again! I love you so much for this. Try to not mind those haters, they are immature and they aren’t Nasties. We love you for you! (And for your animals… :D)

  58. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all. A bunny learned that, why can’t we?

  59. Best KMM evar!
    A second MM today isn’t even necessary. This is beautiful. :’3

  60. why can’t we all just sit back,relax,and enjoy the amazingness that is the EYK crew.

    imma imma eat your kimchi like a man!!…even though im a female.

  61. Haha, this was a great KMM again! I was expecting a somehow biased review but you were so serious and critical about this MV – great job :)
    But the moment Meemers appeared I was totally distracted xD
    As for the MV itself I thought I was imagining things but now that you said the “girl from the video” was always the same with a different wig (lol, Ryan’s picture was on the screen) I feel reassured ;)

    The showdown question is a hard one but since I’m a girl who is into hot Korean guys, I vote for JYJ :P

  62. This was brilliance!!! I loved it!
    Poor Soo Zee makes me want to give her *hug*

    And Martina. Is there a bow in your hair??? I think I see one but you never actually turn soo I can’t really see it….

    I love how you matched your eyeshadow with you earring. (sneaky)
    And that there was a picture of Ryan shown during the “I’m sure that’s one girl with a bunch of different wigs” part LOL

  63. I love that I’m able to laugh when I watch K-pop Music Mondays and that they never take themselves seriously. LOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!

  64. of all the songs why psy for 2 teeks? S&M you say you want to balance KMM with girls and boys and stars that repeat for a fer KMMs and you make THIS?! Explain why you do this!

  65. To Simon and Martina and fellow Nasties:
    I just saw these posts about what is happening. I felt really sad that there are Nasties that write hate comments and some that aren’t really true Nasties. I’ve known EatYourKimichi for more than year already, even though this is sad it’s reality. I just want fellow Nasties and Simon and Martina is that even though there might be haties out there,untrue fans and bad things going ’round, you guys will always have a bunch of people by your side. No matter what we will try to be there with you.
    Keep running towards your horizon! <3

  66. You guys obviously know nothing. Simon oppa has one of the best voices in kpop. Martina unnie has been a backup dancer to JYP, BoA, and Lee Hyori prior to debut and she’s one of the best dancers the world has seen. Ryan, Leigh, and Soozee are also very amazing and talented. And I say mang all the time. You guys are so biased. Leave my oppas and unnies alone. >:(

  67. Luv ya guise!!! don’t let the haters get you done. I’ll tell you right now that because of you guys I’m working with Korvia to start teaching in Korea this August. So, much much love!!!

  68. I still enjoyed it even though it wasn’t the real KMM. I don’t think I would’ve been disappointed at all this week. I love the crazyness you guise put into your videos for us. Thank you.

  69. (Not that I’m complaining) But I really thought this was the *legit” KMM for the week, seeing as you guise have to put in so much work into them. Oh. My. Gosh. Two KMM this week, you guise are tank. Hope you sleep and rest for a really really really long time afterwards. Thanks so much for working so hard for us, LUB YOU ♥♥♥♥

  70. oh stop it..
    i don’t like k-pop. i ‘ve never watched kpop related videos of them. but i love this channel for this kind of things. so stop complaining. you are not the center of the world.

  71. I want to vote! I vote for eyk crew!!

  72. If you watched the video and read the blog post you’d know the real KMM is being released later today, and come on it’s not lame I found it highly amusing watching this as they ripped into themselves. I especially loved the part where they “interviewed” Soo Zee. It’s nice to see them not take themselves seriously and continue to have fun and remain humble through everything.

  73. oh my goodness, please never stop having fun with your videos like this. so happy~ ;A; (haters be hatin’. seriously. don’t stop having fun. do what you want, and don’t listen to what anyone else says. I’ll still like you at least).

  74. Yes they do, instead of just starting to complain. They should be thankful that EYK is taking the time to do 2 KMM, just because they know there are going to be people who complain. I would have been perfectly happy if this was the only one they did. Honestly, fans could have kept GD, Jay Park, or BTOB in the top three until next week if they really wanted to try

    • Exactly ! However I admit I would have been disappointed if Joah wasn’t reviewed, it would have been unfair to all the people who voted for it lol

      • Yeah, I understand that. I would prefer seeing Joah reviewed, but I’m pretty sure they are going to do GD. Oh well, I really want C Clown to be reviewed, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for next week

  75. Oh my gosh. You guys!!! lol, you totally got me! I thought for certain that this was the actual Kpop Music Monday (and I would have been totally fine with that) So when you announced that it wasn’t, I was just in total shock and feel like Christmas just came early ^___^ Two Kpop Music Mondays in one day?! ^___^ Yay! But, please try to get rest. You guys work too hard. I worry about you, you know?

    Anyway, as a professor of sarcasm, I thoroughly enjoyed this review. A lot of people I know don’t operate on the same level of sarcasm that I do, so I have to tune it down or I seem really rude. So I love watching your videos. Seriously. Like, this completely turned around my day. My day kind of needed turning around… I help teach some homeschooled students in my area and, well, one of them likes pointing out to me how pointless learning is and how stupid everything I teach him is… It was a bit much to take today. So, yeah, I’m super super happy to see this video!! Thanks Simon and Martina! <3 you guise. You do so much and I want you to know that I am sincerely grateful for it.

  76. I’m kind of confused to why people would be getting angry at S&M when they said they could choose what video is in the top 3. Seriously, how many times is a EYK crew video going to be made into a music Monday. Even at the end and in the blog S&M said this wasn’t the real Music Monday. I was super grateful and super happy with this music Monday.
    Simon, Martina, and the whole EYK crew…you…guise..ARE AWESOME!!!!

  77. I’m confused, this keeps popping up as a new comment… It feels as if someone is spamming this comment. :// Is this happening to anyone else or just me?

  78. WHY YOU GUISE BEING SO MEAN AND MAKING FUN OF EYK!!!!1111 I’M TOTALY LEIGH BIASED!!!!111 But seriously guys, I laughed so much. Thanks! :)

  79. Meemers! Lol. I loved this, I’m so glad you guys decided to review this, even if it’s not the real one. This is what EYK is really about, having a good time, laughing, and… trolling Meemers with a laser pointer. Lol.

  80. what are you on about?

    • Using the edit button to change your troll post doesn’t make you cool. You could’ve just admitted that you neither watched till the end of the video or read to the end of the blog before you commented instead of trying to make me seem like the idiot, which failed considering S&M replied to you before you edited it. Helpful tip for the future; It’s okay to admit when you are wrong.

  81. “Eat your kimchi like a man” is the best song of 2013! The band don’t have much experience but I think they will get better and better. EYK rules and don’t you dare to argue with me!

  82. thanks a bunch for you hard work :) Simon keep working those hips.. your hips dont lie lol Martina you so adorable keep it up…honestly after i’ve watched so many eyk .. i have started talking all spudy like and meems like lol ….. am i the only one lol anyhow LOVE THE EYK CREW!

  83. I actually love you guys ^^ You put in so much work for us Nasties, and I know Simon had an awful migraine yesterday (hope you feel better btw). Not one but TWO Music Mondays! Ah you spoil us too much <3

  84. PunkyPrincess92

    urgh this is totally when fans abusing the votes suck!! like that one user who spammed Simon Oppa!!!
    ahahahaha who’da thought English teachers would give themsleves a 2/5 in English!!!

    man this was an awesome one!!! *hugs you guys for your awesomeness*

  85. And this is why we love you!!! Seriously, this was BRILLIANT!!! Martina, I think you should rate yourself higher for the dancing – you can definitely swing those hips.

  86. Someone’s trolling Meemers with a lazer pointer. XD

  87. Is Ryan the Spudgy dog guy?

  88. LOL i just had to show this to my best friend (who is a non kpoper) and she couldnt stop giggling XD

  89. I have to vote for the EYK video this week. Normally I would vote for JYJ, but the EYK video just has so much elegance and class.

  90. “I’m sorry mom I love you” hahahahaha

  91. I vote for the EYK Crew. I can’t get enough of Eat Your Kimchi Like A Man, while AYYY GUUUUUUUURL… Meh.
    But what if the showdown had been this review against the AYYY GUUUUUUUUURL review? Cuz both are hilarious… It would have been even more INCEPTIONal!

  92. Martina, your hair looked awesome in this video! On your Draw my life, will you tell us how you decided to get pink locks?:)

  93. two KMMs in one week? whoooooa….. O.o but thank you so much for your hard work guys! :D

  94. I for one welcome our new Kpop Overlords.

    EYK Crew!

  95. I call TROLL! you don’t even have the guts to sign in to comment.

  96. This video wasn’t the real one? There will be another one tonight? Best Monday EVVAAAAAR!:D

  97. I can’t believe you guys actually reviewed it licks a legit music Monday. You guys are such good sports.

  98. “…One had a CGI budget that kinda ran out mid filming, and had super good looking people in it who are awesome dancers, and can pull off sexy apron shirts. While the other video has… JYJ.”

  99. I like how you responded to yourself so excitedly! Hahaha! Seriously cute! ^^

  100. I for sure thought you were going to point out the woman at 1:55 that was staring like “did she just take kimchi out of her bra??”

  101. This KMM has made me think… about your first worst song of the year… and I THINK I KNOW WHO IT IS!! O_O

    Anyway loved your review! :D and Meems and Spudgyyy (he was hilarious :)) )

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  102. People in this comment thread take themselves way too seriously. Real nasties love EYK and S&M because they’re themselves and hilarious at that. Why are who they chose for KMM so important to you? Seriously? KMM are a great online video segment of S&M giving their opinions on a music video with some funny skits thrown in. They won’t change the world of KPOP. If they pick one video over another doesn’t change how the fans of the groups look at their groups. You guys complain so much about who they pick instead of just enjoying the funny videos the EYK crew work so hard to make. I’m glad you guys are doing two KMM this week because that gives us TWO awesome videos to watch, and for no other reason. I would have been happy with just this one because I laughed out loud. Keep doing what you’re doing guys. Those of us that really care will stick around forever ;) <3 a devoted Nasty

  103. SOOO NOT FAIRE! i was all like……… FML….. Simon and Martina got me ……again…


    You know where my vote lies :3 Anyway… Why is some of y’all so mad? This ish was supah funneh!!! Even if this was the real KMM, I’d still applaud it :3 I’m a nasteh over any other fangroup I claim as my own :P

  105. I thought this was the actual MM episode x3.
    And even if it was, I would be happy with it ^^. This was so funny to watch x3.

  106. haahah that was hilarious i burst into laughter at the showdown part it was so funny hahah you are the best :D

  107. Hey everyone, I’ve been a Nasty for a long time now (before we even had the name Nasties). I’ve never posted on the site before because I have this irrational fear of communicating with people on the internet- my parents were super paranoid and pretty much beat it into me haha. But anyway, after reading the first few comments here, I felt compelled to say something.

    Guise. We need to take a few steps back here. I don’t know when we Nasties started developing this terrible attitude but lately it’s gotten worse and worse. Simon and Martina are two wonderful people who pour all of their time and effort into creating amazing videos for us. And we get to watch them for free! I’ve watched them build their business from the ground up and now they have their own studio and they’re interviewing Korean celebrities and being invited to YouTube events and it just makes me so proud.

    When did we lose sight of what EatYourKimchi actually is: two dorky goofs making silly videos about Kpop, the one thing that brought us all here and keeps us together.

    Seriously now, this hate needs to stop. I’m just happy coming to this sight and watching whatever they put out, because I love EatYourKimchi and I love Simon and Martina. Even if this *was* the only video they put out today, I thought it was hilarious, it made me laugh, and that would be enough for me. But they’re actually filming a second Music Monday (which is crazy, considering how much effort goes into just one) in anticipation of the hate that this video will receive, and that makes me extremeley sad.

    Come on Nasties. We need to straighten up and start being the respectful and intelligent fan base that Simon and Martina expect us to be. I know we can do it.

    • Respect agree with every word

    • *Martina tackle hug* I really really really appreciate that you wrote this comment even though you felt uncomfortable doing it. I’ve felt really down lately and this really lifts me up. :`D

      • This comment above is so full of win it’s not even funny.

        You guys are AWESOME, the team as a whole is AWESOME, and whether peeps watch you because you’re popular or because they’re fans shouldn’t matter if they’re intelligent about it… I’ll stay on the good side and make the most of everything you do, because as much as you might say “We lack this talent, this and that” , you sure as heck can make people laugh AND you are some of the best people I feel lucky to be able to watch!

      • take heart, :) i worked customer service for 15 years. you will always hear from the erm… lets call them grumpy.. people, especially on the internet. But if you were to have a vote, you’d see that the “grumpy” people are only a small fraction of the whole. :) it’s just that “grumpy” people tend to be more vocal.

        I wasn’t going to post at all, but.. for the record.. the EYK video review made me laugh. and if that had been the final KMM I’d have been totally happy. ^_^ I feel spoiled since there are two this week! :D

        • Cyber_3

          Saw this the other day – totally relevant:

          I totally loved this KMM, I even voted for it….but not seriously. Mind
          you, I did see a shoutout on the EYK twitter to vote for it so……..
          it’s more like the power of Simon and Martina that got it to the top
          three, or well, I guess that indirectly that IS the power of Nasties,
          but then again what if unicorns were secretly wearing helmets all this

          Cyber_3 – is typing this with a cat on my lap

        • Bwuahahah that cartoon is so true, and also so relevant.


          … You aren’t stroking its fur with a pinky up like Dr. evil are you?

        • Cyber_3

          I’ll never tell ;)

          “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal” is a great webstrip, about sex, math, physics, kids, and the universe. Hell, the name alone is too awesome to not look at it.

        • Kristen Richardson

          Great cartoon. Very appropriate! That’s EXACTLY why I’ve stayed away from forums for so many years.

          I love Simon & Martina! They are why I watch these videos. Their humor is just my kind of zaniness! Kind of makes me wonder if they grew up watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, especially after Simon mentioned Martina’s love of “obscure” movies! If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t know about all these great bands my daughter likes to listen to. I’ve even introduced her to some because of Simon and Martina’s video reviews!

          S&M are still teachers, after all. The classroom just grew more than anticipated! Hwaiting!!

        • Cyber_3

          Me too! – on pretty much everything you said….except I have a son ;) I also wanted to say that I think they do take constructive criticism well, just not screaming biatches, and let’s face it, we all hate those. Getting so seriously caught up in the voting is a trap.

          I have happily noticed that the last week’s videos have had more S&M interaction in them rather than just one or the other on screen at a time and it has certainly put a cherry on my enjoyment of them, so thanks S&M.

        • MST 3000! awesome show :D

        • exactly! that was exactly what I meant :D

          and I loved the review too, (i still haven’t watched the ‘real’ KMM, but i will soon)

          I think the reason the video spoof got to the top 3, was because we all wanted to see how Simon and Martina would review it, because we all knew it would be funny.
          And I’m sure the reaction to it was just like the cartoon implied too. :)

      • Martina wasn’t that your friend Ryan in the black wig?…Don’t think I didn’t catch that…cuz i saw it O.O

      • I think that the people who say stuff don’t matter. Isn’t there a saying (I’m really mushy) “those who mind don’t matter, and those who don’t mind matter”? You guys are awesome (NASTY) and I think that you shouldn’t let these haters bring you down. Because they don’t matter. 你們最好(^_−)−☆我愛你們。

        I’ll watch your videos no matter what. Don’t let them get to you; they’re too cowardly to say it in person, and they are just pessimistic. They’re bullies o_O. Stay strong guys ^^~~~.

        Much love from Ireland!!!

      • It’s true, there are so many of us here that really appreciate your things, and many of us have been with you since before we got the name “Nasties”! A lot of us don’t comment as much as the complainers, but every single video you make is thoroughly enjoyed by so many of us :))) I love everything you do! The fact that you made two KMMs is craaaaazy considering the amount of work that goes into just one, but it was also awesome to be able to watch two in one sitting :))) So don’t feel down about the complainers, and maybe I’ll make it a habit to comment on everything just to let you know how much I enjoyed it. *hugs*

    • Agreed! Oh and btw another nastie her called the mean ungrateful selfish nasties: Assties

    • So much yes

    • Thank you for saying this!!! S&M are AMAZING and HILARIOUS!!! And do so much for the K-pop world. I totally agree that if this were the only KMM I would be totally happy. And that would mean that S&M and the EYK Crew could actually get some sleep. EYK Crew and Simon & Martina hwaiting!!!

    • I totally agree. Just reading some of these comments makes me want to scream at my computer, even though that would do nothing. If these “Nasties” are so disappointed with Simon and Martina’s videos, why do they watch them? I love that Eatyourkimchi has so many subscribers and I love their work, but everyone’s getting so complainy and it’s REALLY getting on my nerves. It’s their videos which they started making by themselves, they didn’t make them for all the fans, and if you have a different opinion, then deal with it, there’s no need to send hate comments! Seriously, I wish we could all just be a happy nasty family! Guise?

      • One of the issues that we’re facing is that people are starting to watch us not because they like us or our videos, but because our videos are somewhat popular, so they view us as a promotional tool for their favorite bands. Not EVERYONE is like this, mind you, but it’s definitely becoming an issue.

        • I guess that the more popular you get, the more of this sort of issue you have to face…. but I still feel like you’re working yourselves too hard, especially putting out two KMMs in a day. I know that you’ve said that you’d like to make even more videos, and that you have tons of ideas but not enough time, and I get that (it happens to me with stuff too :P) but I hope/wish you’ll still find enough time to rest up! Don’t overwork yourselves just to make more videos, I think the videos you put out already are great! Hwaiting!

        • I just want to say I’m really really sorry that those people exist. Rabid, overzealous fans are kind of a curse to the whole kpop industry :(

        • Magicimpact

          And that’s why they deserve an even worser (?) Name than assties, any ideas?

        • Bad, worse, worst. “Even worse” would be correct. :3

          I like “Assties”, it’s hilarious.

        • blackcatamaran

          Weird, I’ve been researching fandoms for a project for the past month. And that exact issue is something that is discussed a lot in the literature.

    • Could not have put it better myself. Thank you so much for posting this! Even as viewer, it’s been really disheartening to see the amount of negativity directed at them when they do so much amazing work and never fail to bring a smile to my face. I don’t know when some Nasties became so ungrateful for all the hard work and energy S&M (and SooZee and Leigh!) put into these videos and I would hate to see S&M stop making these awesome videos as a result. Their videos literally make my weeks better and, up until recently, it’s been so uplifting to be involved in the Nasty community and share in a love of Korean culture and Kpop with other people. Hopefully, we can get back to that same sense of community. I just really wanted to thank you for posting such an eloquent message (despite feeling uncomfortable) and send some love to you, Simon&Martina, and all the other Nasties that have been feeling the same way.

    • Nicely say ! I miss people as respectful and mature as you seems to be.
      I agree with you at 600%

    • Nicely put. C’mon Nasties, YOU voted it into the Top 3, so how could they not poke fun at themselves with a Kimception video?!

    • Perfectly put! It saddens me that so many people are getting upset over something that was done for fun. I think I started watching EYK videos about 2 years ago? But I had gone back and watched every video because I was intrigued by S&M and it helped introduce me to more Kpop music that I had just started getting into more seriously. Come on guise why so serious? EYK is all about fun and exploring Kpop and Korea!

      • I know.what you mean. I found out about them threw my friend, while we were going and looking for puppy videos. She stumbled onto EYK and I loved them.ever since. I have only known them since last summer. But I feel like I am part of family. A silly fun crazy.Awesome family

    • Ohhh gosh I know how you feel! i was SUUUPER paranoid about posting stuff on the internet and getting an e-mail account too, then I started watching EYK and I was like “holy crap i want to post something on here!…but I don’t have an e-mail account…” so i decided to face my fears and make one (with my friends help) and the first time i posted something it was on the EYK website about those ads that NEVER GO AWAY lol ^^

      I also agree COMPLETELY on what you just said! You took the words right out of my mouth! It could not have been said any better way :D

      “Good bros think alike” :P
      (i think that saying is from the KMM review of MAMA by EXO-K if i’m not mistaken :])
      {No idea…it just popped into my mind :P}

    • Thankyou for saying what we all feel =] The hate is unprecedented and needs to stop. People don’t have to like everything but their lack of respect is appalling. Simon and Martina seem like such awesome people and it’s clear that they and their interns work hard making such awesome videos for us nasties. I appreciate you guys for all that you do <3 and for the one who wrote this comment, you are awesome and completely right =] We should unite as nasties and support our nasty leaders <3….um if that makes sense?

    • Wonderfully said. I loved this KMM, it was so funny, I watched it three times!

    • Maybe I don’t read the comments enough, but I haven’t seen much in the way of complaints or anything like that. >: I agree with you though, they’re just here to make videos about kpop and Korean culture from a foreigner’s view. And they do a great job at it!

    • I just want to extend my sincere gratitude to you for stepping up and posting this articulate and reasonable comment. Thank you for being a Nasty, you make Simon and Martina and the rest of us very proud. :) xo

    • wait. there were hate comments?! i guess i didnt read enough comments to see the haters. i thought the community (nasties) here are pretty nice.

      • It wasn’t exactly hate. It was more like people being ‘ disappointed’ in the video they chose to review. Then the whole thing got really angsty when ‘ someone’ posted on an EYK tumblr that they were unsubscribing because of the way the whole thing was dealt with.

        Honestly, the people who were complaining were not even necessarily the fans of the group that was not reviewed. They were just ‘ confused’ as to why Lee hi was picked over the others. However, it created a combative atmosphere on the website for a while.

        • thanks for the explanation. i dont visit their tumblr page, maybe that’s y i dont know what was going on. but seriously, i dont care which video they review, i will still watch it. i dont even vote on the kpopcharts (except for this video of course) knowing that the videos i like usually dont even get close to the 1st page, let alone the top 3 LOL.

          i watch eyk videos becos of eyk, i’m not into kpop to begin with. it was eyk that got me to listen to some of the kpop songs. i really hope they do jpop in the future as i prefer jpop music but have been lost touch for many years due to work (and laziness) =p


    • This is a wonderful comment, and I couldn’t agree with you more. So many people have lost sight of what EYK is really about. This elitist kind of attitude has developed. People take things too seriously, and it’ seems like they’ve forgotten how to just have fun and laugh. And that’s really unfortunate. But thanks to you, and all the rest of us nasties who support them, they’ll know that we love them, and that we respect their opinions even if we disagree.

    • irrational fear of communicating with people on the internet? Ohh how well i know this!

      we are in the same boat buddy.
      for the longest time i belived that when i post a comment somehwere on the internet gangsters would come to my house steal my money and kill me in my sleep :/ to my parents the internet is still a realy bizzar thing as well.

      other than that i total agree with everything else that you said!!! i’m a pretty new nasty but i’ve watched pretty much all their videos in a rush. I’m sick at the moment and they keep me greatly entertainted :) they are my favourite youtubers now!

      Simon and Martina hwaiting!
      (sorry I just had to :P)

    • Haha we’re the same. I don’t post comments all the time and this is actually my second time posting a comment here. I’ve been watching S&M’s videos and an avid fan of Eat Your Kimchi since 2009(?), I think because I remember watching their videos because they reviewed GD&TOP’s songs and I’ve been watching ever since. I actually never thought I would be watching Spudgy videos and Meemer vids and I never thought I would be teary-eyed when I watched their tour of the studio. But it’s not like my parents told me not to comment like your situation, mine is because I watch the videos very late, videos posted about a couple of days already, so I think my comment is already unimportant like no one’s going to read anyway so why comment.

      Well, I think everyone just need to chill whenever S&M are not doing whatever they want and expect them to do. Why can’t we all be patient and/or appreciate whatever they bring to the table? As long as it is either funny or insightful or both, it’s good to go and we should appreciate it because they really put a lot of effort in it, it’s why I came here in the first place and I know it’s for others, too. And we should just learn from them. It’s because of them why I am very critical in listening new songs, though not so much with music videos my eyes aren’t very keen with MV’s yet.

    • Yes Yes Yes.

  108. So much meta. Mind has been blown (wip-pip-pew… how do you spell that?!). As for choosing between EYK and JYJ… omg, choose between my ultimate biases?!! Sorry, guise, not happening.

  109. First of all, they only reviewed this because it got second place on the Kpop charts. Second, don’t you read? This is just a joke KMM, they’re coming out with the real one later today. (Or tomorrow, depending on where you live.) So, dude. CHILL.

  110. Oh, what a relief that this wasnt the real KMM, really. I was getting concerned that EYK was too much jokes and none review.
    Anyways, I vote for EY- lol no, I vote for JYJ.

  111. HAHAHAHAHAHA people hating the fake KMM is sooooo hilarious. like seriously? wtf is wrong with you guiseee. PLEASE DO READ THE BLOG OR JUST WATCH THE VIDEO. (capslock to be intense)

  112. I fell for the 1st April thing with Milkshake

  113. Noo,I really thought that this is your real KMM! Fooled me ^_^
    That was so amazingly done!
    2:05 Lol Meemers trying to catch the red dot XD

    Uhm..Now I really want to know the worst K-Pop song of 2013….-__-

  114. They probably didn’t watch the video till the end. Anyway great job, I laughed a lot XD

  115. How the heck did you guys manage to film this without bursting into laughter? I would have laughed my head off if I had to do something like this. Mad props to you guys.

    (Also, I wonder who they’re REALLY going to review… ;)

  116. lol BEST KMM EVARR! I know i said that with one of the last ones, but they just keep getting better and better! XD

  117. OMG. I definitely thought this was the real KMM until the end. I was actually fine with it too! I thought it was hilarious, but I was afraid of the backlash you guys were going to receive from the crazy fans upset that G-Dragon wasn’t selected. Or insert-other-idol-here.

    I was planning on avoiding the comment section for a while… because some people are cray-cray.

    Anyway, back to the vid… How can you be so harsh on the EYK band? Like for serious. Don’t you know how hard they work? They clearly are worked to the bone by their management company. And the low budget feel? Totally an artistic expression that you just didn’t understand. Ugh, totally going to rage about this on the various KPop forums on the interwebs.


  118. “Although one had a CGI budget that kinda ran out mid-filming AND had super good-looking people in it who can dance and pull off sexy apron shirts, while the other has… JYJ”. I laughed so much at that xD I really love JYJ but watching Ayy Girl always makes me cringe….

    Anyway, huge thumbs up for this video and especially the fact that you’re doing two KMMs! I know it’s a lot of hard work and I for one really appreciate it :)

  119. Aaa, you guise were too strict with this group. They have passion, don’t they! And nasty kimchi breath to match their fans the Nasties! Eat Your Kimchi crew, I shall always love youuuu!

  120. So I was cracking up the entire time. Best KMM yet :D

  121. i hope EYK crew will have a concert soon. OHHWHYYOUSONASTY?!

  122. Hahahahaha! Never tried that yet :D

  123. FranFOD

    I SPOT SHINee ON YOUR LAPTOP!!!! yay!! You guys watched their “Why So Serious?” teaser. I hope the video gets reviewed.

  124. i hope the EYK crew will have a concert soon. OHHHYOUSOONASTY!!!

  125. WOW Martina, you’re so YG biased that it makes you hate EYK Crew that much? -_-

  126. They don’t even have to read! They can just watch to the end of the video! :P

    But seriously, this is ridiculous. S&M are putting out 2 KMMs, one as a fun joke because Nasty’s voted them into the top 3, and one legitimate one. I don’t understand why people are so ungrateful for all the hard work they do for Nasties…

  127. FranFOD

    So you’re one of those trolls who didn’t watch the video until the end to find out that the REAL MM will be uploaded later today. Seriously, if you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t call yourself a Nasty. S&M don’t need fans like you.

  128. I love you guys and am a die hard Nasty, but…..JYJ ownes me. So, yeah – JYJ.

  129. They wrote in the blog that they’ll have the real KMM (not this one) later today… :X

  130. Dont be too disappointed, this isnt the real KMM for today – they said they are editing that one right now :)

  131. this time u got me…I thought it was the real one LOL

    either way wanna sign with your label :P

  132. Oh my gawd Martina you’re just jealous that the girl with the wigs is hotter than you! Leave EYK Crew alone, they are the best!

  133. Not only didn’t watch too the end but didn’t read the blog post either. Is it bad I kind of find that funny.

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