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Kpop Music Monday: The Eric Nam Takeover

April 8, 2014


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Eric Nam is back with another song after having gone SO LONG without one. It just came out today. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it yet:

And now with this Music Monday, Woohoo! Here’s something we’ve always wanted to do with a Kpop Music Monday! Ideally, we’d love to have different artists and bands come on for the show, and talk and joke about their songs and videos with us. uBeat did it with us a while ago, but it was a bit rushed. This here, though: this had a lot more planning in it. We hope you like it, because we’re totally chuffed about it.

It’s a little bit difficult to do these videos, though. Usually, when we do a Music Monday, we can watch the video over the weekend and plan out what we’re going to say. In this case, though, we started planning it long before we saw the actual video. When we were speaking with Eric, he hadn’t seen the final product, either. We had to base what we were saying just off the teasers.

We were, however, able to watch the video by the end of our shooting with Eric, as it had been emailed to him at that time. He signed in on our computer and downloaded the video, which – by the way – look at how honourable we are! We didn’t upload it and share it with the world beforehand!
Eric did, however, forget to sign out of our computer before we left, so we signed him up for all the pornoz sites we could think of. Ha! Just joking, Eric! You were already signed up by the time we got there. HA DOUBLE JOKING FOR REALS!

We asked him about the cologne scene, though. For real: who sprays their face with cologne? It’s just a bad angle, though. The camera’s perspective looks like he’s blinding himself with cologne, but it’s really just him spraying his chest.

Interestingly, you noticed the Brohoho brick room, of course, didn’t you? The same brick room that tons of kpop videos are shot in? Well, Eric told us where this was shot. We now have the address. Expect a news report about a freak fire accident soon. NO MORE BROHOHO ROOMS! This is what we bring to the Kpop world. No but for reals we won’t set anything on fire. I feel like Eric’s management might be reading this and not getting our humour and thinking “did we just send our artist to arsonist pornographers?” Ha!

Anyhow, as you saw in the video, we’re giving away a few Eric Nam signed CDs. They’re limited edition, can’t be bought in stores, and they’re signed as well, and we’ve got a bunch for you! If you want one, here’s what you gotta do!


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And just leave us your thoughts on Eric’s video. He suggested outfits, if that’s your thing, but we’re open to anything. Let us know what you liked! Eric’ll love to hear it, and we’ll love to give you a signed CD for your efforts :D


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We’ll pick one winner for each category, and announce the winners next week in our Kpop Music Monday bloopers! Speaking of bloopers, of course we’ve got some from our shoot with Eric, including a scene of how we trolled him off camera (but really on camera!):



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