Eric Nam is back with another song after having gone SO LONG without one. It just came out today. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it yet:


And now with this Music Monday, Woohoo! Here’s something we’ve always wanted to do with a Kpop Music Monday! Ideally, we’d love to have different artists and bands come on for the show, and talk and joke about their songs and videos with us. uBeat did it with us a while ago, but it was a bit rushed. This here, though: this had a lot more planning in it. We hope you like it, because we’re totally chuffed about it.

It’s a little bit difficult to do these videos, though. Usually, when we do a Music Monday, we can watch the video over the weekend and plan out what we’re going to say. In this case, though, we started planning it long before we saw the actual video. When we were speaking with Eric, he hadn’t seen the final product, either. We had to base what we were saying just off the teasers.

We were, however, able to watch the video by the end of our shooting with Eric, as it had been emailed to him at that time. He signed in on our computer and downloaded the video, which – by the way – look at how honourable we are! We didn’t upload it and share it with the world beforehand!
Eric did, however, forget to sign out of our computer before we left, so we signed him up for all the pornoz sites we could think of. Ha! Just joking, Eric! You were already signed up by the time we got there. HA DOUBLE JOKING FOR REALS!

We asked him about the cologne scene, though. For real: who sprays their face with cologne? It’s just a bad angle, though. The camera’s perspective looks like he’s blinding himself with cologne, but it’s really just him spraying his chest.

Interestingly, you noticed the Brohoho brick room, of course, didn’t you? The same brick room that tons of kpop videos are shot in? Well, Eric told us where this was shot. We now have the address. Expect a news report about a freak fire accident soon. NO MORE BROHOHO ROOMS! This is what we bring to the Kpop world. No but for reals we won’t set anything on fire. I feel like Eric’s management might be reading this and not getting our humour and thinking “did we just send our artist to arsonist pornographers?” Ha!

Anyhow, as you saw in the video, we’re giving away a few Eric Nam signed CDs. They’re limited edition, can’t be bought in stores, and they’re signed as well, and we’ve got a bunch for you! If you want one, here’s what you gotta do!


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And just leave us your thoughts on Eric’s video. He suggested outfits, if that’s your thing, but we’re open to anything. Let us know what you liked! Eric’ll love to hear it, and we’ll love to give you a signed CD for your efforts :D


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We’ll pick one winner for each category, and announce the winners next week in our Kpop Music Monday bloopers! Speaking of bloopers, of course we’ve got some from our shoot with Eric, including a scene of how we trolled him off camera (but really on camera!):


  1. omg! this made me cry in a fit of laughter! best KMM i have seen in a while. loved it! you guys must do another!!! <3
    "you betrayed me" XD
    "omg a eric tied me up" *dies in laughter*
    you guys made my day

  2. I came back here to watch Eric eat those Mountain Dew chips again. Guy’s I hope you have many opportunities to do this with idols again because this is definitely one of the best KMM’s.

  3. I loved how at the beginning Eric’s like:
    And I’m all here going like:
    ; ^ ;
    I guess not.

  4. I really love the Camouflage suit he was wearing. It really brought out his features and made him loook soo much cuter if thats possible

  5. LOL omg this was hilarious xD I can’t believe I’m mad late with this otl. Eric I love youuuu!!

  6. So I missed the giveaway and may cry forever over that (haha just kidding, but I am a little sad. just a leeeeetle bit.) but I felt like saying stuff on the MV anyway because THIS IS THE COMMENTS SECTION AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT. MOSTLY. WHEEEEEE


    Oh Eric Nam. How I love thee. and not even in a creepy way, in a “be my friend!” sort of way. (Also, weird thing – I feel like I saw a video of him singing I Won’t Give Up a few million years back and was all “hey, this dude is good. also good-lookin'” aaaaand then I more-or-less forgot about him. dammit. MAN I need to actually keep up on people.) However, I do have a few things to say about this video. Nothin’ personal. (alternatively, if I’m complimenting him, it can be personal. whatever you’d like.)

    1) I was definitely not expecting that first part, haha. I bet that was awkward to film. SERIOUSLY ERIC GET SOME PANTS THAT FIT. Was it born of a time where Eric was actually supposed to wear oddly tight pants and then his manager or someone was absolutely positive that “GUYS, THIS NEEDS TO BE IN HIS NEXT VIDEO.” ? The world may never know. fanservice gets sort of weird sometimes. also, lensless glasses are sort of weird but I’m always surprised at anyone who can pull off the super-round look. I think my brother had similar glasses when he was 5. moving on…

    2) Those sparkly champagne windows-movie-maker effects were cheesy as anything. (perhaps, even cheese. spray cheese, from a can.)

    3) I know Eric says he can’t dance, but aside from the ok-sign-hands and the “exactly how many people are inside of eric nam?” parts I think it was just awkward choreography. mostly, at least. I’ve never seen him attempt to dance.

    4) Thanks for clearing up that cologne-spraying thing. I thought he was trying to (or at the very least, was about to) recreate that scene from Elf or something. (anyone know what I’m talking about? n-no?) (that would have been amazing though.)

    And now for the things that I thought were cool –

    5) I like those dark-room (……public bathroom? sorry I just saw tiled walls) shots of him doing the dance alone. THAT LIGHTING. twas beau. (I occasionally break out into butchered french I’m so sorry.)

    6) I also enjoyed the shots of everyone being silly, and the…editing shots (I guess you’d call them? Like the shot of the horns on the camera, the editor working on the video, that kind of stuff. Now that was a cool idea.) were really really neat.

    aaand back to more random things..

    7) I feel like the concept for this is all over the place. Crazy but cool but jazzy (how I love me some jazz) but silly but weird-sexy but there are also puffed-cheek adorable shots and I don’t know what to say. That or there just isn’t a concept. That’s probably more like it.

    8) and finally, the question I’ve been asking myself this entire time – was this video half filmed in a strip club? What was up with that “pleasure need love” sign?

  7. best outfit for me was the mickey mouse boxers. o_o; sorry, but that was the *only* outfit that really stuck out to me from the whole mv. XDDD ITS MICKEY MOUSE.

  8. I love his sense of humor! he should have a section in EYK..love you guys and thanks for make me laughing and happier :D
    …ah, and I love the mickey mouse underwear in the video (and the scene of course xd) a new style of fashion!

  9. My favorite outfit was probably the hounds tooth suit at 1:29 that they only showed for like .5 seconds whuut? Hounds tooth is awesome and it was the best outfit… why show it for .5 seconds… T.T ??? But if he had dressed like fangurilla in the M/V that would have been, hands down, the best outfit. I mean really? It probably would have been the number one M/V of the year~ Holla’

  10. I know I’m late but I’m still gonna say my fav outfit of Eric’s. it was definitely the black and white checkered suit with the shirt with splatter paint on the collar. It matched his shoes and socks and I think he looked looked really dapper (yes dapper) in it <3

  11. Eric Nam snapped 21 times. I think. I tried. Also my favorite outfit was the red blazer and white pants. Something about it just screams sophistication.

  12. My favorite outfit was…..YOUR UNDERWEAR ERIC!!

  13. first of all…i don’t know what it is about the pants above the ankles…but i LOVE them…they could be the ugliest pants in the world but if they’re above the ankle…swoon…
    i’m new to the kpop world (only been a obsessed…i mean a fan…for a few months) and i love me some Eric Nam
    love the good dance vibe from this song and i wish there was a dance version because his little dancing behind Hoya is adorable…i think i’ve watched this video at least 7 times just today!
    and Eric trying to put his pants on in the beginning is me just about every morning…

  14. Did they announce who won the CDs?

  15. the outfit i like more in the video is the blue with the mickey ears because you look so cute and beautiful like a little kid <3

  16. i love it :3 jajaj so funny video guys,i love when he transform in erica fangurilla hahahahahah

  17. i love the beginning outfit where he is pulling up his pants and you see his bellybutton. He just looks so cute. i just wanna hug him and kiss him and never let him go

  18. My favorite part of the video is definitely the 1:07 to 1:11 mark. I love that little dance they do in the line, for some reason.

  19. I love the first part because it shows that girls aren’t the only ones who struggle to get into their skinny jeans. :)

  20. erica, simon, and martina, I hope you can read my comment aka common fangirling XD.
    I’ve been watching Eric since 위대한 탄생 and YOU ARE AMAZINGGGG
    I know I sound like creeper but still I love you~~~~ <3 and Simon and Martina
    I think I've been re-watching all the videos on your channel. #addicted #ericoohoohrock
    My favorite outfit was the first scene when I almost saw your abs ;) teehee

  21. nooo I hope I’m not too late!! My favorite outfit had to be the blue blazer with the mickey mouse hat! It’s really nice to see a kpop star who can communicate with his fans like Eric does! I been a fan of his since day one and it would be awesome if I could win those cds! Also, you guys (Simon and Martina) are so hilarious! I look forward to watching your videos every week and honestly I really want one of the ron burgundy rice thingies because i just finished watching anchorman 2! I really appreciate what you guys are doing because you are making korean culture fun and interesting for non korean viewers! Thank you for your hard work!

  22. 1:50 when he eats the mountain dew chips~ So funny i love simon anf martina they always have so many cool things to show us!(feed us) hahah i love eric nam too his pink outfit was the hottest tho. Cuz every guy looks the most manly in pink♥♥♥♥

  23. My favorite outfit when he was in his SHINee (see what I did there :) ) suit shaking his booty!!!

  24. My favorite outfit was when Eric was trying to dress himself in his bed
    at the beginning of the music video. I have may guy friends and i have a
    older brother and I never seen any of them dress like that. I thought
    it was hilarious. Then the camera shows his Mickey Mouse underwear, in
    my whole life I’ve never seen a guy wear Mickey on their butt. Eric must
    love Mikey in order to wear him. He is one of a kind. :) Speaking of
    one of a kind, Eric must be a wizard too. On the very second of the
    music video, he snaps his fingers and music starts playing. Then he
    shows his love for Mickey with his underwear and buttons his shirt.
    After showing him spray cologne on himself, he walks out of the room
    barely dressed without shoes and There! he’s in a different outfit. What
    kind of sorcery is this? Eric is seriously one of a kind.

  25. I like the first outfit, not only because you get a nice look of his stomach, definitly not only because of that… (do you think Fangurilla is in need of an intern?)

  26. I LOVED THIS MUSIC MONDAY! It was so funny ^^
    Eric’s song, Ooh Ooh is so good I LOVED IT!!! The vocals were really good, especially during the chorus! I thought it was perfect. I also really loved all the outfits he wore in the video, they looked really good on him ^^ My favourite though was the navy-ish? and white striped shirt with dark blue blazer and white pants and shoes with the mickey ears <3

  27. Omfg XD when he came out as “Erica” LOOOL I just couldn’t!! Omg hahaha and now I just wanna send him Mountain Dew chips as fan mail so he could be reminded of the mtn dew chips when he was at eyk studio (as cruel as it sounds >:D) I just love…LOVE the outfit in the beginning where he was wearing his Micky mouse underwear, that’s ma style (Exo kris mode) . Lol but of course I loved every one of the outfits because eric(a) can pull anything off. I really loved ‘ooh ooh’ mv, he is like the Korean “Bruno Mars” to me :) loved this week’s music Monday!!!thank yeww

  28. My favourite outfit was the first with his Mickey Mouse underwear XD

  29. Omfg XD when he came out as “Erica” LOOOL I just couldn’t!! Omg hahaha and now I just wanna send him Mountain Dew chips as fan mail so he could be reminded of eyk days (as cruel as it sounds >:D) I just love…LOVE the outfit in the beginning where he was wearing his Micky mouse underwear, that’s ma style (Exo kris mode) . Lol but of course I loved every one of the outfits because eric(a) can pull anything off ;) I love this week’s music Monday!!!

  30. My favourite outfit has got to be the black and white checkered suit with a white shirt!! He gets to show off his dance skills which is something I know he wanted to try when you last interviewed him!! The song is amazing as he puts you in a good mood straight away and everything fits so perfectly that I could have it on loop and not even notice!! I’ve love Eric Nam since his debut and even though he took a break from song making he has yet to disappoint me!! His work with After School Club made me fall for his up beat personality as well as his voice!! Eric Nam has never failed to make me happy with his quirky, childish character that you can help fall in love with!! He manages to make a song and MV that should be just Jazzy sophistication yet he still managed to keep the fun loving personality that always makes my day!! Keep up the good work Eric and thank you for always making me laugh!! Best Kpop Music Monday so far!! xxx :)

  31. The best outfit was definitely Fangurilla’s. What? She wasn’t in the actual MV? Pshh details~ This is one of the awesomest Music Mondays ever (and I happened to watch it in the middle of the night, which made it hard to laugh. But I did anyway. A lot.).Great job, guys <3

  32. Definitely my favorite Eric Nam outfit. Even though it only showed up for 5 seconds. I had to pause so many times to get this screen shot. I feel it’s sophisticated print and the skinny tie make it classy and it captures the feel and theme of the music video really well.

  33. I would love to see a collaboration between Eric Nam and IU, but since they are in different companies this might not ever happen :( .

  34. I couldn’t breathe when I saw Eric Nam with that Fangurilla wig– I swear I could die on the spot XDD
    The underwear made him look like a panda~ so cute <3
    I think the first outfit in his music video was the best, the blue shirt, normal jeans, mickey mouse butt- I mean underwear..

  35. Aawwweeeee sawubona EYK all the way from sunny South Africa! Yes we have internet here too…not uncapped but we are getting there

  36. The whole video is great. ‘Ooh Ooh’ is officially my new favorite song. Glad that you guys got me into his music! The song is amazing, his outfits are awesome, and he’s adorable and hilarious. Definitely my favorite outfit is the black and white box-checkered outfit that he’s wearing during most of the video (in the dancing parts). Eric Nam, forever changing my opinions on clothes (and making me die laughing in the process).

  37. I love everythiiiiiiiiiiing! But i really love how you said “shamone” I don’t know if it was supoesed to sound like MIchael Jackson but I loooooved it! the song is amazing, i sing it all the time now :D

  38. What a fun KMM! Eric is so cuuute :3 and such a natural in front of the camera hahahah
    LOL “I forgot the voice!!” Yes… fangurilling is an art… >:)

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