Ok, we couldn’t wait any longer. The drama version for “Growl” will come out long after the hype for Growl is there, so we wanted to talk about this video while we still had the chance and weren’t sick of it yet. So check it out! It’s an honestly really cool video regardless if you’re an EXO fan or not:


Why did we pick this video and not VIXX or 2NE1? Because we really realllllly like the one shot camera and we also really like the song, and… well, we like EXO, that’s why! The only song we ever disagreed about was Wolf, which Martina liked and I hated, but besides that we’re definitely EXO fans and I’m pretty sure Martina is Kai biased.

On a related note, I’ve been reading some things online about EXO, and how some people don’t like EXO, not because of anything EXO did wrong, but because some EXO fans, aka EXOTICS, are batshit crazy; so crazy, in fact, that the EXO fan club is banned from Inkigayo. Exo’s getting a bad name not for what they’re doing, but for what their fans are doing. And I tie this in with my own opinions on EXO myself, in that I find myself a bit confused about the huge hype of EXO. I mean, yes, they did make the greatest Kpop song of all time with What is Love


but after that…Wolf sucked so hard and none of you are going to be able to convince me otherwise, but people loved it, LOVED IT.

Which let me to think that I’m feeling concerned that EXO’s diehard fangroup was actually more interested in EXO on a sexual, fangurilla level as cute boys rather than on a musically appreciative level. EXO could publish a cover of “I’m a Little Teapot” and fans would lose their freaking minds at the awesomeness. They could do no wrong. EXO are perfect and everything they do is perfect.

The whole point of these thoughts on EXO’s unimpressive start this year and their ultra dedicated fans is that this song and video right here ease my fears a bit. It’s a great song. It’s fresh. And it’s a dance in the box video that’s exceptionally original. It’s a reason to look at EXO and say “damn, this group is awesome,” while some of their other songs really didn’t support that claim. Yes, a lot of their appeal is produced by the SM marketing hype machine, but if they keep on producing stuff like this and What is Love, I won’t care how crazy their fans are.

Besides the choreography being just balls to the walls awesome, I think the dividing of the group in this video was actually a really brilliant move. Allow me to explain: If any of you, like me, have tried to introduce a large membered kpop group, such as SNSD or Super Junior, to your non-kpop loving friends, the first reaction I always got was:

– Why are there so many of them?
– Why are they wearing the same clothing? Is this a sports team or something?
– If there are so many people, why are they all doing the same dance?
– I can’t tell any of them a part except the one with the _____ coloured hair.

But in this video you have a small dose of 6 members vs 6 members all getting their own camera time and doing different dance moves and only near the end do they all group together. It was SO MUCH MORE accessible for non-kpop obsessed people to digest, and it actually allowed my non-kpop loving friends to sit through the whole video and not make fun of anything. It made for a much more interesting video to watch. At least, I think so.

Last thing, we mentioned in our KMM that we may have noticed a kind of tiny hint at the 1:26 mark to the 1:28 mark revealing that this was shot in two takes. There is a videographers secret to making something look like it’s a seamless shot, where you turn the camera quickly but also get a shot of that same space but now empty. While editing you can bring those two together and it seems like a non-stop pan, but it was done so well (I checked for shadow differences/light changes etc) I couldn’t get any clear sign. Just the feels. Either way, two takes or not, this was a super impressive video.

Let us know what you think! Do you like it more than Wolf? Did you like it more than B.A.P.’s “One Shot,” though?

Also, if you’d like to see Meemers singing EXO’s Growl, you can do so by checking out our bloopers of endless lols.


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  1. You Guys are asses. You don’t know what good music is. So shut the fuck up

  2. Wait, so Exo-M sings in Korean too? Well, I guess since they’re just a subgroup of Exo? Haha. I saw the Shinee “Sherlock” vid!

  3. I like f(x) RUM PUM PUM pls reveal it. PLS

  4. YAY!!…this song is so cOoOL!..thanks for sharing it here…EXO-k will be performing here tonight!….

  5. Aniyong!!! My family and boyfriened can’t wait to meet you guys in Amsterdam this october, u guys are awesome! XD we learned so much about lifestyle in korea ’cause of your vids. Sure you guys will have fun being in Europe. I’m looking forward for u guys to make a music mondays about g-dragons awesome masterpiece ‘coup d’etat’ XD grtz from Belgium

  6. Years later, I’m going to look back on this day when I learned that EXO has more than 5 members.
    Seriously, I didn’t know. I thought those were different takes and they simply had different clothes on when the camera turned, but then I thought how weird it was to dye one of the guy’s hair twice and then both groups came together and it blew my mind.

  7. Exotics are like Cassiopeia version 2 :)

  8. While yes, they are all kind of hot physically… I feel super weird being in my mid twenties and swooning over these men who look underage. *derpppp* I didn’t get into EXO until after the hype for MAMA died down. I randomly downloaded their album one day and was immediately drawn to the catchiness of the music (especially Machine). Extra points for them having a Mandarin group. It wasn’t until Growl that I actually saw one of their music videos (I think?), and I only watched their debut teasers yesterday. They are pretty amazing dancers and deserve the hype they get. Growl is sooooo well done. So simple, and yet, it keeps my attention and I find new things to look at each time I watch. That’s pretty impressive for the basic SM dance box videos. Growl somehow sounds much smoother in Chinese, which has sparked my interest in learning which of these songs were originally written in Korean vs Chinese.

    That said, reading comments on their YouTube videos is slightly disturbing. I just heard of some EXO fanfic that’s apparently super popular. Yeeeeah, some of these fans are batsh!t crazy and need to go out and get some sunshine and stop dreaming about their ‘oppas’ being gay and in love with their bandmates. AWKWARD >__>

  9. Couldn’t agree more. What is love is the best song ever! And growl is an amazing second. Wolf is easily one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard! Agree agree agree!

  10. Did you guise find out about the ghost or was it something that you read from somewhere? Because if you guise did then it’s awesome, I was watching the StarCast episode with EXO and at 0:44:01 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFk_FuKuMac) they actually mentioned about the ghost thing. :D

  11. Emeralds kind of rhymes with genitals, *hint* listen to Plan B – Charmaine to see the spin he puts on it

  12. Am I the only one sitting here wondering what the hell happened to the “EXO Planet,” “alien boys with superpowers” “MAMA, what’s going on with the Earth?” concept EXO had going on for their debut? Because that was frikkin’ awesome and different and what attracted me to EXO and hey SM, I WANT IT BACK.

  13. Wolf will be one of the worst song i have ever heard.. cringe-worthy..
    But i really like Growl, i love the dance and the song.. the song is nice and simple

  14. I didnt like Wolf I found that song Horribleee, but my friends say its awesome XD but a really like Growl it was simple chick, and the engrish wastn thattt baddd XD i THINK xD

  15. I’m new to eyk scene(I’m barely a week old) but I think I’ve made up for some of that by watching a lot of TL;DR, WANK, FAPAP and kpop Mondays crammed into that few days. Still a newb is a newb, however I was going try throwing in my two cents worth for suggesting reviews anyway but then this is what happened. -I was going to ask about EXO’s two moons but they don’t seem to have a video out for that, so then I was going to ask about BAPs tell them (though don’t know how old that is) but then I read the comments and it seems that BAP and EXO have been saturating the comment board (cause they rock) and also I’m not even sure where to place the suggestions cause I’m suffering from information overload…so now I’m not sure what I should do. How new do the song/videos have to be to suggest them? Is this even the right place to suggest them? How does it work? Pointeth me in the right direction..eth. Thanks

  16. *Sigh* When others say the Album of EXO “Wolf” they IMMEDIATELY think of the main song… =__= Guys why don’t we look at the OTHER songs IN the album! Such as Peter Pan, 365, Black Pearl, Heart attack, etc. Most of the songs IN the album are pretty good from my point of view… Well Wolf disappointed me a teeny tiny bit… But don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of EXO since MAMA era ^__^

  17. I’m an Exo fan and I do agree that other Exo fans are really really crazy. But the banning from Inkigayo is made by Korean Fans. NOT, I REPEAT, NOT ALL KOREAN FANS ARE LIKE THIS. I’m just saying some or a little more than some Korean Fans are those who turn sasaeng and go do some crazy shit just for Exo and I feel like this is because of their appearance and not honestly because of their music. This probably stems from the fact that the first aspect Korean Fans look at in a group is beauty and appearance. And you’ve got to admit, everyone in Exo is handsome. But I wish they’d see that talent is more valuable than looks then they’d realize the hard work Exo does and not do crazy shit anymore.

  18. “EXO could publish a cover of ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ and fans would lose their freaking minds at the awesomeness.”

    I’d buy that song if *any* K-pop group did it, especially if there was a PV featuring the traditional choreography. How fun would that be? XD

  19. Tasty – Mamama
    Tasty – You Know Me

  20. So… the actual review of the MV was from 0:28 – 3:00 ( in a way )…It felt really short.
    Maybe it had nothing else to say since it is a dance video but I think the drama version could have more to talk about than a dance video.
    I know you try to not make it too long but the 6-7 min time for a KMM seemed decent.

  21. Apparently unlike a lot of other commenters, I enjoyed this review the same as usual! I love your longer videos but I definitely understand the need to cut down, especially if it means you guys have more energy/inspiration left for other random videos and life in general :).

    I would say I’m not quite as impressed with the video for Growl as some people are – but I suppose that’s just about personal preference when it comes to music videos. I see the performances every week on music shows (with the same camerawork even for Growl), so when it comes to the MV itself I’m more interested in plot and scenery, of which there was none. BUT THANK GOD THE ADS ARE GONE!! Fingers crossed that they’re gone for good (and for all SM groups) and it’s not just special consideration for SM’s new money machine.

    Like every other Starlight, I have to admit I’m a little bummed that Vixx got skipped over for EXO’s dance version yet again. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that Starlights literally broke the comment section with their much smaller fandom… but that’s just how it goes. Someone will always be disappointed no matter what – at the end of the day you just have to sit back and remember that KMM is just a 6 minute review on youtube and it won’t make or break your group even if they DO get chosen. Thankfully I enjoy hearing what S&M have to say no matter which group they’re talking about.

    Just don’t judge me for my juju altar as I chant to ward off the nu’est curse…

    • Ads gone, you say? SM laughs at you! We’re talking about the company that deleted EXO-M’s drama version for Wolf with its millions of views only to re-upload it simply because they forgot to insert their precious Genie/everysing ads! LOL

      We can only wish. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the only reason SM didn’t place ads in the one-take version of Growl is because the ad would obstruct the boys’ choreography (when they’re down on the ground) and thus, they couldn’t possibly include it due to the obnoxious frame size. :D

      If you happened to miss the ads though – which I’m sure none of us did – not to fear!
      They’re back for the new version of Growl SM just uploaded yesterday. ^^;

      On the subject of VIXX, I’m really gosh darn impressed with ST☆RLIGHTs. Crashing the comment thread? Well done. xD I, too, wait for the day when VIXX will get the review from S&M they deserve (I really held out for hyde myself) but I’m sure when VIXX releases their next single/mini, it’ll be so fantastic Simon and Martina won’t be able to stay away. (And no one begrudges you your juju altar, I’m sure. Juju away, fellow ST☆RLIGHT. Juju away~)

  22. Exo should do gwiyomi song and a different member should pop up and do a number

  23. I vote EXO for the best ONE SHOT video :)

  24. That smell your bum song had me rolling on the floor dying omg :’D

  25. Today’s review was too short. I wanted more funnies :D

  26. lol i really apriciated the mexican growl dance at the end.

  27. What happened guise? There was some comedy gold here (butt sniffing! sombreros?! Meemers! Props Spudgy! bloopers!) but it was so short that I found myself asking “Wait, what? It’s over already?” What happened to the magical 7 minutes that you keep quoting? Also, I think it would have been better to place the butt sniffing, genital licking with some separation (i.e. perhaps an over arching “video idea guy” type theme) or perhaps put the genital licking in the bloopers because it just tipped over the edge of the line from LMFAO funny to crass and awkward at the end there.

    Cyber_3 – now I can’t get your version of the song out of my head! ARGH! ;)

    • The magical 7 minutes is the maximum length that people watch, but not the average length that people watch. I know that some people watch the whole thing through, even if we do 16 minutes worth of KMM, but the majority doesn’t, it seems…

      • Hey, I had an idea. You’ll have to be the judge if it’s a good one or that I’m just up too late here. I was thinking that when you do “The Showdown” for KMM, it really signals that the end of the video is nigh, so people might be tempted to tune out at this point, especially since the results of the poll are on the blog now anyways and well, Spudgy is cute but his bit is getting a somewhat stale with no good dances lately. Is there some magical reason why the showdown has to be about the song you reviewed for KMM? Why not pick 2 songs much further down on the kpop charts and have a showdown for them instead? (link to them) There are tons of great songs that never even make it to the first page – you should totally encourage people to check out the charts to peruse other songs rather than just for voting – they are a great resource for finding new kpop to like. Have you seen the discrepancy in comments between page 1 and 2? It’s like in the thousands? More people need to get in to this, not just the avid voters. Think of the kpop chart as an added service that you were already providing that most people didn’t realize: kpop song suggestions! This might also help (a teeny bit) with all the complaints about no kpop chart update….and this way it is something new for viewers to see so they are less tempted to tune out. I think that the sombrero thingy was a good start, but if not enough people make it that far in the video, it won’t help. Off to bed with me. v_v

        Cyber_3 – how is everyone not dancing to Bigstar’s “Run & Run”? Chicka Chika Bom Bom!

      • Hmmm….. I don’t think it’s necessarily a hard core fan vs. casual fan kind of thing of why people tune out after a certain point, I think that there must be other reasons. Maybe there are youtube buffer limitations? Maybe people are watching during tv commercials? Moms always walk in after 4 minutes? Maybe there is something triggerring people to think that you’re signing off before you actually are? Who knows? I can’t imagine that your stats are magical enough to determine the reasons for tuning out (that would be awesome, wouldn’t it?) but since you’ve started polling on the blog, why not ask the Nasty community? Getting more direct feedback from your audience can only help you customize better. Even Nasties do tune out from time to time but we usually leave the video playing the background so it doesn’t always show up in stats…..

        For myself, I feel really bad about tuning out occasionally….sigh…sometimes the KMM for a ballad can’t possibly be funny enough to make up for the fact that I am bored with the song and I don’t follow kpop artists enough to get any industry “in” jokes……There are just some subjects that even the best comedians can’t make funny……….P.S. I think you do best on ballads when you divert from the song content and focus on something from the video you can make funny on its own without relying on the reference.

  28. When EXO came out, I will admit they came out as really attractive guys and their song MAMA was amazing. Fast Forward when their comeback occured. Wolf was mediocre. I thought to myself, “I waited this long for this?” Now that Growl is out I’ve pretty much lost what attracted me to EXO almost. Growl is a decent song, but the dance mv is boring. I honestly don’t care if it’s done in one shot, it’s just them dancing. I can’t find anything cool about it.

    I have an EXO ring that is similar to the one Kai wears in the MAMA mv.(The two finger one that says EXO) When I bought it, it was because I liked EXO. Ow, I’m sad to say I wear it because people think it looks like brass knuckles and it helps to protect me from weirdos.

    I kinda think KMM was wasted for Growl. I’m not a fan of VIXX, but I think they deserved to have their mv discussed. It would have had something extremly interesting to talk about and I don’t think they’ve ever been on a KMM. The system should get updated again. As much as I love BAP, I am not interested in having ALL their mvs reviewed. Let’s be honest, they released like 5 mvs already this year. Something that allows bands/singers that havent been reviewed since forever, or ones that havent been reviewed before.

  29. Wow I thought Exotic’s votes would be trampling the Babyz but it’s actually a pretty close race so far XD
    I definitely loved this video/song more than Wolf, BUT WOLF WAS STILL AMAZING SIMON! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE A SEXY BOY GROUP HOWLING LIKE WOLVES?! ZOMG. I think Exo’s comeback is actually reallllly good for a rookie group! Now if only I had the brain capacity to actually remember all their names and faces -.- (I finally learned Infinite’s names/personalities/faces last week, I need a break D:) I don’t usually bother with supporting new idol groups cause I feel like they would all be shit compared to legends like DBSK, Big Bang, SJ, Shinee, etc…but Infinite and Exo just stole my heart *_* (Haha I dont know why Im fangirling over Infinite in the Exo video’s comments hehe) ANYWAYS, Exo and Exotics fighting :D


  31. Lol Simon, don’t you know that capital reminds with genital?


  33. I just wish that they would do a new group that they have never reviewed before. Cause I thought that was the purpose of the new system?? Instead the same ones are done over and over and over again.

    Can you PLEASE change it up and do someone new for once? Otherwise I think you should just get rid of the voting altogether and do whatever video you want to do since that seems to be what you all are doing anyway.

  34. I don’t get the hype around EXO. They’re talented and they make awesome songs, but they’re not the best Kpop group by any stretch.

  35. I personally do comment on EXOs charm and attractiveness going oh their so hot and sexy omfg etc, but to me that’s just to past time since I for one is an international fan, I hate to stream live cause it’ll be pointless since I wont understand a thing so I have to wait for eng subs. So like other fans out there, we just comment on their exterior look more since of the pictures we’re given by fans who’s capable of taking their pics. It’s like a past time and something to humor between ourselves.

    But I do understand how some fans actually go to such extents and not even appreciate their vocals and dancing skills. I for one love chen due to his thin and soothing voice e.g. when he sang “please love her” i was literally melting and so was my non k-pop friend, i just love his voice! ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGEKZA_4mgs ), I am an absolute Kris fan, I admit I go oh sexy ass etc and swear but that’s because I don’t hear Kris as much although I really wish for him to sing “Atleast I have you” full studio version cause his voice has improve so massively and his singing voice is just… woah to me.

    Honestly, I feel like Xiumin and Chen should have more fans than they have. Yes they choose to be in the M unit however they should be given kuddos for having to learn the language much quicker and advance rate than the other 6 korean members. And that part where they have to sing -in case of xiumin scream as well. I just adore their courage and guts to be in another country promoting as newbies to the industry. Being an more m biased, (out of topic) I actually do feel, maybe sm should also concentrate on M members aswell not just pin pointing with K members no offence, I noticed how during wolf where chen and baekhyun would have a high note dual, the camera would concentrate more of Baek rather than zooming out. So uncool. And for one, maybe also promote kris as a leader. I know they’re in Korea and Suho is K leader, but theyre practically never in China as one. Kris is also a leader yah know, promote them together as leaders. Suho was choosen cause he trained the longest and he’s K oldest member right? but kris was chosen due to his natural leadership.

    Some fans are just sick and immature, so they don’t know whats up and whats not. But eventually they’ll learn their lesson. International fans are more calm about this since we learn from what we see, we criticize them and so we dont want to contradict what we say, we act on it e.g. what russians and americans fans did. However, Korean fans has that interaction giving them that wanting more addiction with their idols since the idols are in the country 24/7 they would take advantage of it. (yah know what i mean?) Chinese fans on the other hand, they’re just like some newbies, Kpop is finally being released to them first hand and they don’t yet have the grip of rules and what is good or bad, they’ll learn. hopefully.

    Other than that, I miss your long kpop mondays ;~; I enjoy them so much!

  36. This is a comment from youtube by hatsuharu333 and i think this person put this the best “A few months ago EYK stated that they would pick one of the top 3 in the votes for Kpop Music Monday instead of always just picking the group with the most votes. The purpose for this new rule was so they could “avoid reviewing the same groups over and over when there wasn’t anything to talk about” or “give newer groups a chance”. YET instead of picking the group that they 1) Have NEVER reviewed before 2) Reviewing a lesser known group, they review EXO… AGAIN. :(“

    • “When there wasn’t anything to talk about” is the key point you should take away from this. I am not at all a fan of EXO but this was a cool video which ertainly had something in it to be talked about. In any case, choosing from the top three means they DO certainly take fan’s opinions into consideration, while also getting to review something they themselves like best out of those. It’s a good balance, in my opinion, and makes Music Mondays less predictable.

    • During Rose this was a valid argument, right now it just seems petty.

  37. First off…OMG! The ‘future’ EXO songs cracked me up! Soda burns when snarfed I tell you! Fracking awesome!
    Second….the ‘ghost’ close up of Fangurilla almost killed me,lol. BTW…are there plans for a “I’m not Ugly I’m EXOTIC” shirt? Or would the ‘crazy’ Exotic fans attack the studio en mass…
    Third….Meemers is toooo cute!

    Back to the video & talent vs looks discussion…

    I look at music/videos differently than most, based on how I was raised. My Grandfather was President of the US Musicians Union,a songwriter, and a performer. All my Aunts & Uncles were musical; from being in bands, touring with Band of America, or teaching music. I learned to appreciate music/Artists long before videos were popular. Looks didn’t mean much to the general public when I was young, only as I grew up did ‘teen’ magazines and MTV make looks almost more important than talent. I think EXO are cuties, but they are also talented,sweet, funny guys who despite being famous,seem pretty down to earth. The same can’t be said for many who make it big in the US.

    When I hear an international song, I break it down into 3 categories: ‘sound’ , ‘vocals’ , ‘lyrics.’ Sound is sorta obvious. Vocals are how a song sounds; repetitiveness, too many refrains, sudden awkward rapping/yelling, tempo yo-yoing, etc. If the tempo & vocals blend, stand out, or if too repetitive/awkward in places (without putting lyrics into context.) Lyrics are more important if they are in a language you speak/understand because your brain,at least mine, tries to work out the ‘story’ the lyrics are telling. Therefore odd lyrics,slang,or new word mash-ups tend to stand out because the story stops making sense.

    If an alien arrived on Earth, and didn’t understand any of our languages. They could still appreciate a song for its music and/or its vocals, without knowing what the lyrics mean. For example, some songs just have a beat that makes you want to exercise or dance, some are mellow and help you relax or sleep, some put you in a good mood.

    I think, a lot of non-Korean/Japanese/Mandarin speakers like Asian Pop/Rock without bothering to ever look at translated lyrics. For example; I was an exchange student in Italy and the girl I stayed with listened to all sorts of music from Germany, Poland, even Mexico just because she liked the sound. Though I didn’t understand the words, I found groups I loved and got copies of, and found some I hated for one reason or another. The 1st KPop song I ever heard was Shinee’s ‘Hello” and though it was a cute,fun song probably about falling or being in love. Next was G Dragon’s Heartbreaker. I was hooked. Later after watching You’re Beautiful, I got Lee Hong Ki mixed up with GDragon after the video for Blue. Thankfully that led me to BigBang, CNBlue, FTIsland, and Jang Geun Suk.

    Anyway, when all 3 parts are in harmony, it comes together and pulls at your heart making one of those ‘fave’ songs you start singing for no reason other than its awesomeness and just because you can. There are no ‘cheese’ comments ruining a good song. I will admit, I do get a kick out of bad engrish songs, they make me laugh. If I see a loofah at the store I grin and start the whole ‘loof is on fire-ah!

  38. For the one shot video challenge it would have been fun to see EXO’s Growl against Big Bang’s Love Song. Yes, if you watch the “making of” video of Love Song you know it is not one shot but the way it is edited it really looks like it. I know it is an older song but, to me, it is one of Big Bang’s best songs and I am curious how the final results would have turned out.

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