Ok, we couldn’t wait any longer. The drama version for “Growl” will come out long after the hype for Growl is there, so we wanted to talk about this video while we still had the chance and weren’t sick of it yet. So check it out! It’s an honestly really cool video regardless if you’re an EXO fan or not:


Why did we pick this video and not VIXX or 2NE1? Because we really realllllly like the one shot camera and we also really like the song, and… well, we like EXO, that’s why! The only song we ever disagreed about was Wolf, which Martina liked and I hated, but besides that we’re definitely EXO fans and I’m pretty sure Martina is Kai biased.

On a related note, I’ve been reading some things online about EXO, and how some people don’t like EXO, not because of anything EXO did wrong, but because some EXO fans, aka EXOTICS, are batshit crazy; so crazy, in fact, that the EXO fan club is banned from Inkigayo. Exo’s getting a bad name not for what they’re doing, but for what their fans are doing. And I tie this in with my own opinions on EXO myself, in that I find myself a bit confused about the huge hype of EXO. I mean, yes, they did make the greatest Kpop song of all time with What is Love


but after that…Wolf sucked so hard and none of you are going to be able to convince me otherwise, but people loved it, LOVED IT.

Which let me to think that I’m feeling concerned that EXO’s diehard fangroup was actually more interested in EXO on a sexual, fangurilla level as cute boys rather than on a musically appreciative level. EXO could publish a cover of “I’m a Little Teapot” and fans would lose their freaking minds at the awesomeness. They could do no wrong. EXO are perfect and everything they do is perfect.

The whole point of these thoughts on EXO’s unimpressive start this year and their ultra dedicated fans is that this song and video right here ease my fears a bit. It’s a great song. It’s fresh. And it’s a dance in the box video that’s exceptionally original. It’s a reason to look at EXO and say “damn, this group is awesome,” while some of their other songs really didn’t support that claim. Yes, a lot of their appeal is produced by the SM marketing hype machine, but if they keep on producing stuff like this and What is Love, I won’t care how crazy their fans are.

Besides the choreography being just balls to the walls awesome, I think the dividing of the group in this video was actually a really brilliant move. Allow me to explain: If any of you, like me, have tried to introduce a large membered kpop group, such as SNSD or Super Junior, to your non-kpop loving friends, the first reaction I always got was:

- Why are there so many of them?
- Why are they wearing the same clothing? Is this a sports team or something?
- If there are so many people, why are they all doing the same dance?
- I can’t tell any of them a part except the one with the _____ coloured hair.

But in this video you have a small dose of 6 members vs 6 members all getting their own camera time and doing different dance moves and only near the end do they all group together. It was SO MUCH MORE accessible for non-kpop obsessed people to digest, and it actually allowed my non-kpop loving friends to sit through the whole video and not make fun of anything. It made for a much more interesting video to watch. At least, I think so.

Last thing, we mentioned in our KMM that we may have noticed a kind of tiny hint at the 1:26 mark to the 1:28 mark revealing that this was shot in two takes. There is a videographers secret to making something look like it’s a seamless shot, where you turn the camera quickly but also get a shot of that same space but now empty. While editing you can bring those two together and it seems like a non-stop pan, but it was done so well (I checked for shadow differences/light changes etc) I couldn’t get any clear sign. Just the feels. Either way, two takes or not, this was a super impressive video.

Let us know what you think! Do you like it more than Wolf? Did you like it more than B.A.P.’s “One Shot,” though?

Also, if you’d like to see Meemers singing EXO’s Growl, you can do so by checking out our bloopers of endless lols.


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  1. You Guys are asses. You don’t know what good music is. So shut the fuck up

  2. itikky2

    Wait, so Exo-M sings in Korean too? Well, I guess since they’re just a subgroup of Exo? Haha. I saw the Shinee “Sherlock” vid!

  3. I like f(x) RUM PUM PUM pls reveal it. PLS

  4. YAY!!…this song is so cOoOL!..thanks for sharing it here…EXO-k will be performing here tonight!….

  5. Aniyong!!! My family and boyfriened can’t wait to meet you guys in Amsterdam this october, u guys are awesome! XD we learned so much about lifestyle in korea ’cause of your vids. Sure you guys will have fun being in Europe. I’m looking forward for u guys to make a music mondays about g-dragons awesome masterpiece ‘coup d’etat’ XD grtz from Belgium

  6. Years later, I’m going to look back on this day when I learned that EXO has more than 5 members.
    Seriously, I didn’t know. I thought those were different takes and they simply had different clothes on when the camera turned, but then I thought how weird it was to dye one of the guy’s hair twice and then both groups came together and it blew my mind.

  7. Exotics are like Cassiopeia version 2 :)

  8. While yes, they are all kind of hot physically… I feel super weird being in my mid twenties and swooning over these men who look underage. *derpppp* I didn’t get into EXO until after the hype for MAMA died down. I randomly downloaded their album one day and was immediately drawn to the catchiness of the music (especially Machine). Extra points for them having a Mandarin group. It wasn’t until Growl that I actually saw one of their music videos (I think?), and I only watched their debut teasers yesterday. They are pretty amazing dancers and deserve the hype they get. Growl is sooooo well done. So simple, and yet, it keeps my attention and I find new things to look at each time I watch. That’s pretty impressive for the basic SM dance box videos. Growl somehow sounds much smoother in Chinese, which has sparked my interest in learning which of these songs were originally written in Korean vs Chinese.

    That said, reading comments on their YouTube videos is slightly disturbing. I just heard of some EXO fanfic that’s apparently super popular. Yeeeeah, some of these fans are batsh!t crazy and need to go out and get some sunshine and stop dreaming about their ‘oppas’ being gay and in love with their bandmates. AWKWARD >__>

  9. Couldn’t agree more. What is love is the best song ever! And growl is an amazing second. Wolf is easily one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard! Agree agree agree!

  10. Did you guise find out about the ghost or was it something that you read from somewhere? Because if you guise did then it’s awesome, I was watching the StarCast episode with EXO and at 0:44:01 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFk_FuKuMac) they actually mentioned about the ghost thing. :D

  11. Emeralds kind of rhymes with genitals, *hint* listen to Plan B – Charmaine to see the spin he puts on it

  12. Am I the only one sitting here wondering what the hell happened to the “EXO Planet,” “alien boys with superpowers” “MAMA, what’s going on with the Earth?” concept EXO had going on for their debut? Because that was frikkin’ awesome and different and what attracted me to EXO and hey SM, I WANT IT BACK.

  13. Wolf will be one of the worst song i have ever heard.. cringe-worthy..
    But i really like Growl, i love the dance and the song.. the song is nice and simple

  14. I didnt like Wolf I found that song Horribleee, but my friends say its awesome XD but a really like Growl it was simple chick, and the engrish wastn thattt baddd XD i THINK xD

  15. i vote for b.a.p ^^

  16. I’m new to eyk scene(I’m barely a week old) but I think I’ve made up for some of that by watching a lot of TL;DR, WANK, FAPAP and kpop Mondays crammed into that few days. Still a newb is a newb, however I was going try throwing in my two cents worth for suggesting reviews anyway but then this is what happened. -I was going to ask about EXO’s two moons but they don’t seem to have a video out for that, so then I was going to ask about BAPs tell them (though don’t know how old that is) but then I read the comments and it seems that BAP and EXO have been saturating the comment board (cause they rock) and also I’m not even sure where to place the suggestions cause I’m suffering from information overload…so now I’m not sure what I should do. How new do the song/videos have to be to suggest them? Is this even the right place to suggest them? How does it work? Pointeth me in the right direction..eth. Thanks

  17. *Sigh* When others say the Album of EXO “Wolf” they IMMEDIATELY think of the main song… =__= Guys why don’t we look at the OTHER songs IN the album! Such as Peter Pan, 365, Black Pearl, Heart attack, etc. Most of the songs IN the album are pretty good from my point of view… Well Wolf disappointed me a teeny tiny bit… But don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of EXO since MAMA era ^__^

  18. I’m an Exo fan and I do agree that other Exo fans are really really crazy. But the banning from Inkigayo is made by Korean Fans. NOT, I REPEAT, NOT ALL KOREAN FANS ARE LIKE THIS. I’m just saying some or a little more than some Korean Fans are those who turn sasaeng and go do some crazy shit just for Exo and I feel like this is because of their appearance and not honestly because of their music. This probably stems from the fact that the first aspect Korean Fans look at in a group is beauty and appearance. And you’ve got to admit, everyone in Exo is handsome. But I wish they’d see that talent is more valuable than looks then they’d realize the hard work Exo does and not do crazy shit anymore.

  19. “EXO could publish a cover of ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ and fans would lose their freaking minds at the awesomeness.”

    I’d buy that song if *any* K-pop group did it, especially if there was a PV featuring the traditional choreography. How fun would that be? XD

  20. Tasty – Mamama
    Tasty – You Know Me

  21. So… the actual review of the MV was from 0:28 – 3:00 ( in a way )…It felt really short.
    Maybe it had nothing else to say since it is a dance video but I think the drama version could have more to talk about than a dance video.
    I know you try to not make it too long but the 6-7 min time for a KMM seemed decent.

  22. Brittainy

    Apparently unlike a lot of other commenters, I enjoyed this review the same as usual! I love your longer videos but I definitely understand the need to cut down, especially if it means you guys have more energy/inspiration left for other random videos and life in general :).

    I would say I’m not quite as impressed with the video for Growl as some people are – but I suppose that’s just about personal preference when it comes to music videos. I see the performances every week on music shows (with the same camerawork even for Growl), so when it comes to the MV itself I’m more interested in plot and scenery, of which there was none. BUT THANK GOD THE ADS ARE GONE!! Fingers crossed that they’re gone for good (and for all SM groups) and it’s not just special consideration for SM’s new money machine.

    Like every other Starlight, I have to admit I’m a little bummed that Vixx got skipped over for EXO’s dance version yet again. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that Starlights literally broke the comment section with their much smaller fandom… but that’s just how it goes. Someone will always be disappointed no matter what – at the end of the day you just have to sit back and remember that KMM is just a 6 minute review on youtube and it won’t make or break your group even if they DO get chosen. Thankfully I enjoy hearing what S&M have to say no matter which group they’re talking about.

    Just don’t judge me for my juju altar as I chant to ward off the nu’est curse…

    • Ads gone, you say? SM laughs at you! We’re talking about the company that deleted EXO-M’s drama version for Wolf with its millions of views only to re-upload it simply because they forgot to insert their precious Genie/everysing ads! LOL

      We can only wish. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the only reason SM didn’t place ads in the one-take version of Growl is because the ad would obstruct the boys’ choreography (when they’re down on the ground) and thus, they couldn’t possibly include it due to the obnoxious frame size. :D

      If you happened to miss the ads though – which I’m sure none of us did – not to fear!
      They’re back for the new version of Growl SM just uploaded yesterday. ^^;

      On the subject of VIXX, I’m really gosh darn impressed with ST☆RLIGHTs. Crashing the comment thread? Well done. xD I, too, wait for the day when VIXX will get the review from S&M they deserve (I really held out for hyde myself) but I’m sure when VIXX releases their next single/mini, it’ll be so fantastic Simon and Martina won’t be able to stay away. (And no one begrudges you your juju altar, I’m sure. Juju away, fellow ST☆RLIGHT. Juju away~)

  23. Exo should do gwiyomi song and a different member should pop up and do a number

  24. K a r i n a 카 리 나

    I vote EXO for the best ONE SHOT video :)

  25. That smell your bum song had me rolling on the floor dying omg :’D

  26. Today’s review was too short. I wanted more funnies :D

  27. lol i really apriciated the mexican growl dance at the end.

  28. Cyber_3

    What happened guise? There was some comedy gold here (butt sniffing! sombreros?! Meemers! Props Spudgy! bloopers!) but it was so short that I found myself asking “Wait, what? It’s over already?” What happened to the magical 7 minutes that you keep quoting? Also, I think it would have been better to place the butt sniffing, genital licking with some separation (i.e. perhaps an over arching “video idea guy” type theme) or perhaps put the genital licking in the bloopers because it just tipped over the edge of the line from LMFAO funny to crass and awkward at the end there.

    Cyber_3 – now I can’t get your version of the song out of my head! ARGH! ;)

    • The magical 7 minutes is the maximum length that people watch, but not the average length that people watch. I know that some people watch the whole thing through, even if we do 16 minutes worth of KMM, but the majority doesn’t, it seems…

      • Cyber_3

        Hmmm….. I don’t think it’s necessarily a hard core fan vs. casual fan kind of thing of why people tune out after a certain point, I think that there must be other reasons. Maybe there are youtube buffer limitations? Maybe people are watching during tv commercials? Moms always walk in after 4 minutes? Maybe there is something triggerring people to think that you’re signing off before you actually are? Who knows? I can’t imagine that your stats are magical enough to determine the reasons for tuning out (that would be awesome, wouldn’t it?) but since you’ve started polling on the blog, why not ask the Nasty community? Getting more direct feedback from your audience can only help you customize better. Even Nasties do tune out from time to time but we usually leave the video playing the background so it doesn’t always show up in stats…..

        For myself, I feel really bad about tuning out occasionally….sigh…sometimes the KMM for a ballad can’t possibly be funny enough to make up for the fact that I am bored with the song and I don’t follow kpop artists enough to get any industry “in” jokes……There are just some subjects that even the best comedians can’t make funny……….P.S. I think you do best on ballads when you divert from the song content and focus on something from the video you can make funny on its own without relying on the reference.

      • Cyber_3

        Hey, I had an idea. You’ll have to be the judge if it’s a good one or that I’m just up too late here. I was thinking that when you do “The Showdown” for KMM, it really signals that the end of the video is nigh, so people might be tempted to tune out at this point, especially since the results of the poll are on the blog now anyways and well, Spudgy is cute but his bit is getting a somewhat stale with no good dances lately. Is there some magical reason why the showdown has to be about the song you reviewed for KMM? Why not pick 2 songs much further down on the kpop charts and have a showdown for them instead? (link to them) There are tons of great songs that never even make it to the first page – you should totally encourage people to check out the charts to peruse other songs rather than just for voting – they are a great resource for finding new kpop to like. Have you seen the discrepancy in comments between page 1 and 2? It’s like in the thousands? More people need to get in to this, not just the avid voters. Think of the kpop chart as an added service that you were already providing that most people didn’t realize: kpop song suggestions! This might also help (a teeny bit) with all the complaints about no kpop chart update….and this way it is something new for viewers to see so they are less tempted to tune out. I think that the sombrero thingy was a good start, but if not enough people make it that far in the video, it won’t help. Off to bed with me. v_v

        Cyber_3 – how is everyone not dancing to Bigstar’s “Run & Run”? Chicka Chika Bom Bom!

  29. lady_kire

    When EXO came out, I will admit they came out as really attractive guys and their song MAMA was amazing. Fast Forward when their comeback occured. Wolf was mediocre. I thought to myself, “I waited this long for this?” Now that Growl is out I’ve pretty much lost what attracted me to EXO almost. Growl is a decent song, but the dance mv is boring. I honestly don’t care if it’s done in one shot, it’s just them dancing. I can’t find anything cool about it.

    I have an EXO ring that is similar to the one Kai wears in the MAMA mv.(The two finger one that says EXO) When I bought it, it was because I liked EXO. Ow, I’m sad to say I wear it because people think it looks like brass knuckles and it helps to protect me from weirdos.

    I kinda think KMM was wasted for Growl. I’m not a fan of VIXX, but I think they deserved to have their mv discussed. It would have had something extremly interesting to talk about and I don’t think they’ve ever been on a KMM. The system should get updated again. As much as I love BAP, I am not interested in having ALL their mvs reviewed. Let’s be honest, they released like 5 mvs already this year. Something that allows bands/singers that havent been reviewed since forever, or ones that havent been reviewed before.

    • That is exactly what happened to me with EXO. Except I like Wolf because it’s a running joke with my brother (:
      Thank you for your kind words towards VIXX, here is a very thankful Starlight :D

  30. Wow I thought Exotic’s votes would be trampling the Babyz but it’s actually a pretty close race so far XD
    I definitely loved this video/song more than Wolf, BUT WOLF WAS STILL AMAZING SIMON! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE A SEXY BOY GROUP HOWLING LIKE WOLVES?! ZOMG. I think Exo’s comeback is actually reallllly good for a rookie group! Now if only I had the brain capacity to actually remember all their names and faces -.- (I finally learned Infinite’s names/personalities/faces last week, I need a break D:) I don’t usually bother with supporting new idol groups cause I feel like they would all be shit compared to legends like DBSK, Big Bang, SJ, Shinee, etc…but Infinite and Exo just stole my heart *_* (Haha I dont know why Im fangirling over Infinite in the Exo video’s comments hehe) ANYWAYS, Exo and Exotics fighting :D


  32. Lol Simon, don’t you know that capital reminds with genital?


  34. I just wish that they would do a new group that they have never reviewed before. Cause I thought that was the purpose of the new system?? Instead the same ones are done over and over and over again.

    Can you PLEASE change it up and do someone new for once? Otherwise I think you should just get rid of the voting altogether and do whatever video you want to do since that seems to be what you all are doing anyway.

  35. I don’t get the hype around EXO. They’re talented and they make awesome songs, but they’re not the best Kpop group by any stretch.

  36. I personally do comment on EXOs charm and attractiveness going oh their so hot and sexy omfg etc, but to me that’s just to past time since I for one is an international fan, I hate to stream live cause it’ll be pointless since I wont understand a thing so I have to wait for eng subs. So like other fans out there, we just comment on their exterior look more since of the pictures we’re given by fans who’s capable of taking their pics. It’s like a past time and something to humor between ourselves.

    But I do understand how some fans actually go to such extents and not even appreciate their vocals and dancing skills. I for one love chen due to his thin and soothing voice e.g. when he sang “please love her” i was literally melting and so was my non k-pop friend, i just love his voice! ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGEKZA_4mgs ), I am an absolute Kris fan, I admit I go oh sexy ass etc and swear but that’s because I don’t hear Kris as much although I really wish for him to sing “Atleast I have you” full studio version cause his voice has improve so massively and his singing voice is just… woah to me.

    Honestly, I feel like Xiumin and Chen should have more fans than they have. Yes they choose to be in the M unit however they should be given kuddos for having to learn the language much quicker and advance rate than the other 6 korean members. And that part where they have to sing -in case of xiumin scream as well. I just adore their courage and guts to be in another country promoting as newbies to the industry. Being an more m biased, (out of topic) I actually do feel, maybe sm should also concentrate on M members aswell not just pin pointing with K members no offence, I noticed how during wolf where chen and baekhyun would have a high note dual, the camera would concentrate more of Baek rather than zooming out. So uncool. And for one, maybe also promote kris as a leader. I know they’re in Korea and Suho is K leader, but theyre practically never in China as one. Kris is also a leader yah know, promote them together as leaders. Suho was choosen cause he trained the longest and he’s K oldest member right? but kris was chosen due to his natural leadership.

    Some fans are just sick and immature, so they don’t know whats up and whats not. But eventually they’ll learn their lesson. International fans are more calm about this since we learn from what we see, we criticize them and so we dont want to contradict what we say, we act on it e.g. what russians and americans fans did. However, Korean fans has that interaction giving them that wanting more addiction with their idols since the idols are in the country 24/7 they would take advantage of it. (yah know what i mean?) Chinese fans on the other hand, they’re just like some newbies, Kpop is finally being released to them first hand and they don’t yet have the grip of rules and what is good or bad, they’ll learn. hopefully.

    Other than that, I miss your long kpop mondays ;~; I enjoy them so much!

  37. This is a comment from youtube by hatsuharu333 and i think this person put this the best “A few months ago EYK stated that they would pick one of the top 3 in the votes for Kpop Music Monday instead of always just picking the group with the most votes. The purpose for this new rule was so they could “avoid reviewing the same groups over and over when there wasn’t anything to talk about” or “give newer groups a chance”. YET instead of picking the group that they 1) Have NEVER reviewed before 2) Reviewing a lesser known group, they review EXO… AGAIN. :(“

    • During Rose this was a valid argument, right now it just seems petty.

    • “When there wasn’t anything to talk about” is the key point you should take away from this. I am not at all a fan of EXO but this was a cool video which ertainly had something in it to be talked about. In any case, choosing from the top three means they DO certainly take fan’s opinions into consideration, while also getting to review something they themselves like best out of those. It’s a good balance, in my opinion, and makes Music Mondays less predictable.

  38. First off…OMG! The ‘future’ EXO songs cracked me up! Soda burns when snarfed I tell you! Fracking awesome!
    Second….the ‘ghost’ close up of Fangurilla almost killed me,lol. BTW…are there plans for a “I’m not Ugly I’m EXOTIC” shirt? Or would the ‘crazy’ Exotic fans attack the studio en mass…
    Third….Meemers is toooo cute!

    Back to the video & talent vs looks discussion…

    I look at music/videos differently than most, based on how I was raised. My Grandfather was President of the US Musicians Union,a songwriter, and a performer. All my Aunts & Uncles were musical; from being in bands, touring with Band of America, or teaching music. I learned to appreciate music/Artists long before videos were popular. Looks didn’t mean much to the general public when I was young, only as I grew up did ‘teen’ magazines and MTV make looks almost more important than talent. I think EXO are cuties, but they are also talented,sweet, funny guys who despite being famous,seem pretty down to earth. The same can’t be said for many who make it big in the US.

    When I hear an international song, I break it down into 3 categories: ‘sound’ , ‘vocals’ , ‘lyrics.’ Sound is sorta obvious. Vocals are how a song sounds; repetitiveness, too many refrains, sudden awkward rapping/yelling, tempo yo-yoing, etc. If the tempo & vocals blend, stand out, or if too repetitive/awkward in places (without putting lyrics into context.) Lyrics are more important if they are in a language you speak/understand because your brain,at least mine, tries to work out the ‘story’ the lyrics are telling. Therefore odd lyrics,slang,or new word mash-ups tend to stand out because the story stops making sense.

    If an alien arrived on Earth, and didn’t understand any of our languages. They could still appreciate a song for its music and/or its vocals, without knowing what the lyrics mean. For example, some songs just have a beat that makes you want to exercise or dance, some are mellow and help you relax or sleep, some put you in a good mood.

    I think, a lot of non-Korean/Japanese/Mandarin speakers like Asian Pop/Rock without bothering to ever look at translated lyrics. For example; I was an exchange student in Italy and the girl I stayed with listened to all sorts of music from Germany, Poland, even Mexico just because she liked the sound. Though I didn’t understand the words, I found groups I loved and got copies of, and found some I hated for one reason or another. The 1st KPop song I ever heard was Shinee’s ‘Hello” and though it was a cute,fun song probably about falling or being in love. Next was G Dragon’s Heartbreaker. I was hooked. Later after watching You’re Beautiful, I got Lee Hong Ki mixed up with GDragon after the video for Blue. Thankfully that led me to BigBang, CNBlue, FTIsland, and Jang Geun Suk.

    Anyway, when all 3 parts are in harmony, it comes together and pulls at your heart making one of those ‘fave’ songs you start singing for no reason other than its awesomeness and just because you can. There are no ‘cheese’ comments ruining a good song. I will admit, I do get a kick out of bad engrish songs, they make me laugh. If I see a loofah at the store I grin and start the whole ‘loof is on fire-ah!

  39. Thomas KingoKpopdemos Lingard

    For the one shot video challenge it would have been fun to see EXO’s Growl against Big Bang’s Love Song. Yes, if you watch the “making of” video of Love Song you know it is not one shot but the way it is edited it really looks like it. I know it is an older song but, to me, it is one of Big Bang’s best songs and I am curious how the final results would have turned out.

  40. B.A.P’s One Shot!

  41. marbie

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m watching KMM because of S&M, not because of singers/groups… It doesn’t matter for me if the song they choose is a song that I like or not, because I always watch the MVs before i watch KMM and sometimes i hook up on the song, sometimes i don’t! People have different music taste, deal with it!!!
    When they started the new counting system they told that they wanted to avoid sausage parties for weeks (yeah, i meant
    the boybands….) or things like Bigbang marathon for 3 weeks.
    That’s the reason they choose from top3, to have more freedom and to put more fun into the videos. There won’t be anytime when everybody agrees on a song they pick, because there are always people who feels offensive!!!!
    I was sad when they couldn’t have the chance on 2pm’s A.D.T.O.Y., but i didn’t complain about it, because the song they chose was still good enough and funny; and guess what??!! I’m still alive.

    On this KMM: At first i could’t have the energy to listen it, but when Martina mentioned it on the livechat, i listened it fully and now i listen it everyday. I’m just happy that they had fun when they worked on KMM and you can feel their love for this song through the screen. Good job guys! I love every single one of you! EYK crew forever <3

  42. Exotic sasaengs piss me off. They are ruining it for all of the normal fans, and even hurting the members physically and emotionally.
    I am an Exo fan, and to be honest, I do not think that Wolf was very good. They take themselves too seriously when explaining their “sexy” concepts, but, in reality you can tell that they are just repeating what management told them to say.
    I felt like EXO was really heading in the right direction during the Mama era, they spoke of real issues in the lyrics, and brought in a new “rock” type concept. Now they’re moving back to what all other bands do, lyrics of “protecting” and “possessing” their girlfriends. When will SM let EXO be themselves? It took them 5 years for SHINee, and Super Junior still has none, really. I can feel a TVXQ! situation coming on.

  43. “besides that we’re defiantly EXO fans and I’m pretty sure Martina is Kai biased.”

    I think you potentially meant to use the word definitely instead of defiantly ^^;

  44. Lee Unđerground Manson
    Lee Unđerground Manson

    man…theres some really heavy discusing air around here…and all o wanna say is that i never like exo…until wolf a lil…but then when i first watched Growl, all i could do was klick on replay :D

  45. Hey, I know this is a long comment, but please don’t just scroll past it. I apologize if I come off as nagging and overly concerned over nothing, but please hear me out.

    Hey, Simon and Martina, what you were saying about some of the diehard EXO fans in this post do you think that maybe you guys could do a video about it. I know you guys are busy but i think it’s an issue that should have more attention brought to it. I mean i’m a huge fan of EXO, but I would never want to hurt them. I’m really concerned about it and I think that things aren’t really being done to stop them and I feel that things might get worse if it continues. Not just with EXO, I know that other k-pop groups and idols have to deal with those kinds of fans too, but something really needs to be done about it. I don’t think anyone is as concerned about it as they should be, and if they are they are just shutting their eyes and acting like it’s not a problem. I don’t know, maybe i’m just thinking about it to much but to be honest I think it’s a little hard not to think about once you’ve heard about these kinds of fans and found out what some of them have done and it’s kinda scary to think about. I know i’m probably nagging but this is something i’m really concerned about and I really want people to do something about it.

    • There are a lot of international fans that are up in arms about this thing (the rational ones who know what boundaries are, I mean), but there isn’t a lot we can do. We can raise hell about it on the Internet, but that’s about all we *can* do (besides being ninja protectors, and that’s just as creepy as the diehard saesang fans, imo). I agree that more awareness about this needs to matter, but it’s going to have to come from the idol’s mouths themselves. EXO just recently gave a PR friendly reminder that they are humans and that this kind of thing is not enjoyable (reference – http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/11611910.html), but I feel like SM isn’t going to really step up and do something about unless the boys are seriously harmed.

      • Well I guess you’re right, not much can be done. But you can’t blame a girl for showing some concern for EXO and other k-pop idols and groups. I just wish we could do something about it. I don’t know, but if we can get more awareness about it, I feel that that would be a good place to start.

        • Josh Chinnery

          Honey, I don’t blame you. At all!! I feel the same way at times, and I be raging like a mofo on Tumblr when I see cray cray saesangs thinking it’s cute and all to ambush these idols at the airport, at their hotels, on the street, anywhere. They’re people, not play things. While I don’t agree with or condone JYJ assaulting saesangs (Reference – http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/8655735.html Not for the faint of heart; I warned you), I can’t blame them. I’d raise some serious hell if I had to deal with it, especially if they were endangering the people around me. I just I cannot with how bad EXO’s fans are; some people are coming to their defense with the “every fandom has crazy fans” remark, but these guys are taking it to a whole ‘nother level.

        • Jomayra Melero

          I know, and it pisses me off that they are ruining everything for the normal fans that actually try to support EXO like me and my friends, I can’t go to a k-pop concert and feel safe because I know that they hurt other fans too. They need to understand that EXO aren’t any different than everyone else and that there is no need to hurt them or anyone else . They are talented, but that doesn’t make them any less human. I just wish that the companies would at least try to do something so that no one gets seriously hurt.

        • Josh Chinnery

          That’s the worst part to me; normal fans that are respectful to other fandoms are getting hit with the saesangs’ punishments. I feel bad for those few rational EXOtics out there (like seriously, almost every time I’ve seen EXOtics on Tumblr, they were acting like a damn fool). EXO is extremely talented (it annoys me when people say that a group isn’t talented just because they don’t like their music or think a few members are inadequate) and they deserve to be recognized and respected for all the hard work they’ve put into their craft (say what you want about Mama or Wolf, but that choreography is a beast and while I fancy myself a fairly competent dancer, I know that I’d never be able to pull it off with the grace and power that EXO have), but there are tons of idol groups just like them; diehard EXOtics need to realize that EXO’s contemporaries and colleagues work just as hard as they do and have a measure of talent that is comparable to EXO’s. They also need to realize that they are affecting “lesser” (fanatic logic; the lessers aren’t as dedicated as they are, so they aren’t “true” fans) and casual fans’ ability to support EXO. EXO said that SM is preparing to officially recognize EXO’s fandom later this year (in the link I posted in my first comment), so hopefully that helps but Lord knows that SM isn’t going to stop this; they actively encourage the crazy behavior. They know that the diehard crazy fans are the ones that buy the most, so why are they going to try and stop it?

  46. how can you assume that I will be able to choose between One Shot and Growl!!!

    Sorry Simon, but I really don’t get how you Can Not LUV Wolf! In my opinion that’s the best EXO song out there! Even if i totally love all of the songs I’ve heard from them yet! Instant love with Wolf! Im surprised that i didn’t start screaming “What’s a Ulf! It’s a Ulf! AWOOO, Ah Sa rang hae yo!” in class when i watched the comeback at M!Countdown!
    and with Wolf I’ve manipulated many friends into starting to like Kpop, or just manipulating them to go around and sing it all the time :3
    oh well! everyone has their own opinion and that’s awesome :3

  47. OMG for the EXO going Jon Lajoie… LOL

    I vote for BAP on this one because their song was meaningful and it’s also more fun to listen to to me…

  48. Thanks for the review S&M~^^ I enjoyed this week’s KMM! Thanks for all you do. I can’t imagine the time and energy and effort that it takes to produce a KMM most every week. Love what you do as always! Even when you make fun of some of my favorite Kpop groups, I never take offense. It’s all good~ and funny! <3 <3 <3 <3 S&M fighting!!

  49. I LOVE this song and dance! And it does worry me, but I am growing to be quite fond of Fangurilla <3 Nice review as always!

  50. Sneaky, sneaky poll war. Haha.
    Should have put Growl against Junsu’s “11AM”. That video was also done in one-shot. One take. Acapella too (bonus!) ^^

  51. In relation to the comment about fans just liking Exo for their looks, I actually liked Wolf! I liked the energy, the (horribly/wonderfully) lame howling, the faux (I mean real, totally real) badass-ness, the edge of aggro to it… sure it was far from a perfect song but I genuinely liked it and I’m not a huge fan of “I lost my pants”. (Seriously, I can’t even remember the title. The only words I know are “I lost my pants” and I choose to believe those are the original, correct lyrics.) And the Exo tree is a really cool move.
    This may scream “I have no taste in music” but I’m not just in it for their most-likely-way-too-young-for-me looks! Although to be fair, I have a love-hate relationship with Kai’s “Wolf” braids- I find them simultaneously ridiculous and amazing. I feel like this song is a more mature look and sound (and better quality than Wolf), but being fond of kickass lameness, I think I might still prefer Wolf!

    • I’d have to slightly disagree.. It’s true a lot of Exo fans like Exo for their looks, but they keep liking them for their talents and personalities. I absolutely LOVED Wolf, I liked everything about it. I do not believe you have “no taste in music” because others have the same taste.

  52. Oh~! Use are far too nasty with that sneaky poll > <

  53. Ahh, I was uncharacteristically ecstatic after watching this MV. It wasn’t even because the song and dance were amazing, but the fact that I saw more of EXO than I have in any of their MV’s befrore. I completely fangirled over this song, and I’ve never thought of myself as a fangirl for anything music related before.

    Yes, Wolf also had all tweleve boys together, but other than BOTH MV’s being completely crazy/ confusing, I felt the same few guys had the spot light as per usual. But in Growl, I was like, “*Gasp* Tao’s in front… Sehun too? AHH, Lay and Xiumin??” I don’t think I ever watched an EXO MV where Kris and Kai weren’t always in my face… not that that is a bad thing, of course. : P It just made me happy to see those who are equally talented- but for some reason under appreciated- get some face time. I was so impressed with this simple, near perfect MV that I actually went out and bought this, along with a few more EXO songs, on iTunes. I know that doesn’t mean much, but I don’t buy music. I don’t own any CD’s except for the few my friends made me, and I don’t buy Mp3′s because sites like YouTube are a thing. OK, that’s not completely true, I forgot I got a few BigBang and BoA songs, but I digress, I’m overly selective.

    I’ve said this before, but I really hope the next Drama version brings some sort of sense to the story line… and if it’s called, “Growl” maybe adding more than 20 seconds of the title song wouldn’t hurt either… just saying : P

    I had a lot to say about the overly attached fangirls… but I can’t even get into that without writing an essay lmao…

  54. One of the best KMM imo, even if it’s a tad short ;) The dance at the last part was so funny! And the remix ver with the smelling of buttholes and licking of genitals XD

  55. I must really have terrible taste in music because I LOVED….wolf (o.O) I had never even heard of Exo before watching the mv, since I wasn’t really into SM entertainment’s music (being more of a YG fan!). Also, I really didn’t get the huge groups that SM put together – I was of the opinion that half the members were just pretty faces. But then I read about the new Exo video somewhere, checked it out, wanted to hate them for the sheer size of the group but was blown away by the video (the song & the dance).
    Actually I realized that its actually quite impressive of the group’s members to have the dance look flawless & interact just generally on and off stage & that they must work really hard! Of course I checked out their album before deciding whether I was fan (because SM tends to produce one or two amazing videos & songs, then the rest of the album is rubbish – I’m looking at you Shinee…btw I genuinely love shinee for their amazing couple of songs so please don’t attack me shinee fans!). And basically every song on that album (XOXO) was fantastic!! And so are the 3 newly released songs. But you shouldn’t trust me on that, because as I wrote above, I loved Wolf. Also, I loved ‘I got a boy’ (and have disliked all of SNSDs other songs)
    Anyways, simon & martina – you guys are seriously the funniest, smartest, most entertaining people on YouTube – and I have seen a LOT of youtube videos & 90% of the time, just don’t “get” them. Love you guise so, so much!!

    • If you have horrible taste in music, then so do I lmao. Although, with Wolf, the first time I saw/listened to it, I was like, “WTF is this nonsense??” But after giving it a few times to sink it, I actually like the craziness lol. Black Pearl is my favorite song from XOXO, but I -for the most part- like all of them. But as for SHINee and SNSD, I totally agree. I only liked two songs from SHINee… Those being Lucifer and Sherlock. And I got a Boy was the only song I could listen to on a constant basis. The Boys wasn’t bad either… but yeah. : P

    • I actually think SHINee’s 2013 release is one of their best releases ever! All the songs are different and not too many boring ballads (only the repackage has like 2 more boring songs). And Jonghyun even wrote the lyrics to several songs on the album. What are your thoughts on ‘The Misconception of us’?

  56. pretty pretty please use your veto power and review vixx for next week’s music monday before it disappears completely off the charts!!!!!! i was really sad when you guys didn’t review hyde even though that was an amazing video. please consider it. i mean, 2ne1 and BAP are already so popular they’d be able to stay on the charts even if you review vixx first… please???

  57. Well, this was a short KMM but based on the type of MV I don’t have anything against it.
    And yes , that person in the window freaked me out >.< .
    But S&M's versions of the next song are funny *lol* .

    And my vote goes to ~~ Busker Busker…!

  58. Valerie Blaze Chompre


  59. Definitely loved this song more than Wolf. The smooth vocals by D.O and Baekyung are flipping amazing and I honestly feel it’s their vocals that really stand out to me and give them that EXO sound (similar to how Jonghyun and Onew are the voices of SHINee to me). I absolutely LOVE the dance choreography for this and I completely agree with how fantastic(BABY) the videography is. If you watch the practice dance vids (which they just released) for both the KR and CN versions, they continue to keep that same filming style. Also impressed that when you do watch both versions, they have different sets of choreography as the members were rotated for the Chinese version. SM finally did something right with both the song, the dance and the MV :D

  60. I follow your posts with my RSS feed, and at the bottom it always says “For the original post on Kpop Music Monday: Exo “Growl”, or for our kpop and Korean Food videos, check out our Korea blog!”, and the Korean Food link is broken :3 I thought I’d let you know

  61. woah….totally didnt expect that ghost part. XD scared me for a few seconds.

  62. I’ve been a huge fan of EYK for years now, but I never actually took part in the votings because I always just looked forward to seeing who or which group had the coolest music video these days. However, since I recently got into VIXX, I’ve realized that I just really wanted these guys to get some more spotlight and recognition for their hard work. Yes, the video was taken in one shot. Yes, the whole thing was shot with them singing backwards… and yes, they always have all these amazing concepts and lyrics. But it’s not just that, N (the leader) of the group, even created the dance for this song. Now it’s not like I don’t know that other groups don’t create lyrics or dance moves for their songs, it’s just I really felt like these guys worked so, so hard and deserved just as much attention as EXO.

    Personally, I love EXO and VIXX equally, and I’m batshit crazy about their song “growl” because it’s so amazing. But I find it so unfair that EXO gets so much more spotlight simply because they are under SM, a much more well known company than Jellyfish. I’ve been spreading word for people to vote for VIXX on KMM on youtube, on tumblr, etc etc because I thought that S&M could really make a kick-ass review about them. I thought it was SO impressive of my fellow starlights to even have VIXX be number two on the charts… so I was really banking on the fact that G.R.8.U would get reviewed. S&M even mentioned them on twitter twice, which made my hopes go up even more. So all in all… yes, I am disappointed that VIXX didn’t get a review this time. We, the fans, think this about all our favorite groups, but I personally really believed that VIXX deserved this week’s spotlight.

  63. i LOVED LOVED LOVED the last KMM but i feel like crying after seeing this one… first i’m not a fan of any of the groups in top 3 so this is not a comm about why u choose x over z,but a 4 minutes KMM of a dancing in a box mv is kinda a let down, especially when u guys had other options…And u choose this for being filmed in one shot.That is not even a novelty(i can think of other examples when that camera was used). Where i’m getting at is the this review kinda lacks the feel and elements i used to love in a review.I get what u guys are trying to do but i fell that KMM is loosing it’s colors.
    As i said i loved the previous one and i’m still anticipating the next one

  64. I was hoping for a bit more discussion on the actual SONG, which I thought was really good. Also, while ‘Wolf’ wasn’t a great song, the entire rest of the album was actually pretty good- so I don’t know if that was entirely unimpressive.

  65. why does Music Mondays always feature the same groups being reviewed? Wasn’t EXO done last month or something? It makes voting pointless if the really good Music Videos are never reviewed. Im guessing next week 2NE1 will be reviewed then B.A.P after that, then some other dull MV. Wasnt the change in the Top 3 format supposed to help less exposed MV’s get reviewed.


  66. Hey guise!

    “Which let me to think that I’m feeling conceded that EXO’s diehard fangroup was actually more interested in EXO on a sexual, fangurilla level as cute boys rather than on a musically appreciative level.” You’re not the only one thinking that way Simon… unfortunatelly there are many idols that have those kind of “fans”… and what’s even worse.. the company isn’t helping at all *points at the choreography in the beginning*

    “Yes, a lot of their appeal is produced by the SM marketing hype machine, but if they keep on producing stuff like this and What is Love, I won’t care how crazy their fans are.” I agree with you … the dance routine is well put together… and the song is catchy… not to mention their undeniable strong vocals… You might not care Simon but their “power engine” sooner or later will stop… if they’ll stop believing in their fans(the ones that enjoy their music more than their appearance) they won’t be any different from entertainment machines…

    I don’t think that the showdown is appropriate… Exo’s “Growl” is basically the extension of “Wolf” ….while B.A.P’s “One Shot” it’s about a serious real life matter… my choice is valid.

  67. I am a bit upset, because I wait a loooong week for MM to come out but it’s quite short. Nevertheless those four minutes seemed long. I think that ‘Growl’ was better than ‘Wolf’ but both dances were awesome and when I watched the video it reminded me of ‘Love song’ by BigBang. Songs doesn’t have anything in common but shooting does. Still I vote for B.A.P because there was unexpected end, amusing chlothing and this song is much longer in my ipod. ‘Growl’ fans should watch this -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMBjeFf1wYM#at=86

  68. AHAHHAHA!!! UR SO FUNNY SIMON AND MARTINA!! lick my bum lick my bumhole! AHHA u make me laugh every time!!

  69. wtf, why so short. i was just starting to laugh when !BUM¡ it ended. Guys pls do it like past when the videos were shorter.

  70. What I don’t understand is that many people complain that k-pop sounds the same and they want something different. When SM tries to do something different (MAMA), people bash the song without giving it a chance. MAMA was definitely more of a choir/musical song than a k-pop song but it was exceptionally well done, from the lyrics to the music to the video. People didn’t like it because it was definitely different from standard kpop. I didn’t immediately LIKE MAMA,but I acknowledged that the song was good on my first listen (I wasn’t a fan, I was just curious), and eventually I came to really like it. (I like to give songs 2-3 listens before I judge it, that’s how I got into K-pop). I won’t say anything about Wolf, because although I liked the song (on the first listen, wow),I thought SM took it too far with that one. Growl was definitely a good balance between fresh and radio-friendly. Love the old-school hip-hop, urban feel.

  71. OMG you can’t do this to meeeeeee haha I have to say I enjoyed Growl better though

  72. Also, what you did at the end of the KMM was freaking hilarious. Was not prepared for that!

  73. Okay, I am a little disappointed because this was too short! and you guys didn’t even say much of anything about their song or dancing. Well, Thank you for the review anyways though. :)

  74. There’s a lot of long paragraph-y comments. I assume they’re all about “serious business”. Instead, I’m here to just accept that fact that I like this song and the dance is so overly awesome (K idols try so hard!). That is all :)

  75. KPOP Monday! I always look forward to your guys’ videos! :)

  76. Was I the only one who anticipated this review a ton? Because Exo is my second favorite group (to SHINee), and I absolutely loved the dance. In music videos, if I like the song, I always analyze the dance haha. I think they handled a couple mistakes pretty flawlessly (as Simon mentioned with Kai.. there was a couple other ones i think) and it was well choreographed. I think it was a one shot take to show Exo’s skills. I just wish people realize the skill and effort Exo put into this. Not just focus on how or where the music video was shot or if there happens to be a person randomly in the back..

  77. I thought the showdown would of been between EXO’s Growl & Big Bang’s Love Song since they both were filmed in one take.

  78. First Time I’ve ever had a hard time choosing who to vote for between bap and exo.

  79. I personally think it was a “one shot take” because they do it just as well live, so why go through the trouble to edit so much?

  80. Michelle Turrubiates-Park

    As an exotic(a very dedicated one) I am very disgusted by some fans and their behavior. I admit that sometimes I am ashamed of them, but knowing that I’m not like that and the other fans I know personally aren’t like that gives me hope. I love exo and I’m a diehard fan. I have to admit that we are pretty perverted but a lot of fandoms are. Music industry uses the face and body to promote quite a bit. Especially in kpop(in my opinion) and in other areas as well. It’s just the industry and the entertainment company’s. I love exo not only because of their looks and charm, but because of their talent, musicality, and personalities. In my opinion they’re the best rookie group I’ve seen in a while. B.A.P is darn amazing too, but exo stole my heart. I wish you’d do the choreography and English bit to this but I understand you are busy and also want to change things up. Thank you for sharing your views!

  81. EXO! I’m diagnosed with chronic EXO fever! I ain’t even a fan before but EXO’s the kind of group that grows on you. They are indeed talented and it doesn’t hurt that they’re good looking too. Whether you hate WOLF or not, you can’t deny that WOLF is different, unique and fresh. It may not be ear-friendly to some but it is DIFFERENT and that’s what I love about EXO. They are different regardless of them debuting in SM. They aren’t cookie-cutters.

  82. Rhymezone.com simon. it is God’s gift to song writers

  83. I really liked Growl and the music video. Really well done, but i also want to see the other versions of the song. It looked like there would be other types of typical SM videos to come from the BTS videos.
    I also agree with Simon when I say I did not like WOLF…..at all. I did hear the leaked version and I will say that the studio version is better, but still not good. I love all the other songs from their album like Heart attack, Let out the Beast, Black Pearl, etc. But whenever Wolf comes on I immediately skip it.

  84. Simon and Martina, how about you review what you want to review every week? Cut the voting out because obviously people are getting worked up over which groups are having their video reviewed. Even though you guise changed the system for how you select which video is reviewed, it would help to have some variety. It seems the fandoms come in and out-vote other artists who may have better videos (I’m not alluding to EXO because I love this video). I imagine that there are videos you love and want to review because you can get more comedic material from reviewing them. I say, DO YOU, this is your site. I know it’s a huge gamble to take because it will anger the fangurillas of the world, but maybe reviewing what you want will make your videos funnier and more interesting and help expand your fan base.

  85. You didn’t review 2NE1 or Vixx because EXO’s video was taped in one shot? Because you really liked them? I don’t exactly see those reasons as great reasons. If you didn’t know, VIXX’s video was taped in one shot, and they had to rehearse they’re lyrics backwards in order to make this MV. Though I do admit the dancing in Growl is impressive and all, you would have been able to talk more with VIXX’s MV. This KMM was rather disappointing, the fact that I had high hopes for VIXX’s video would be reviewed, also that this music monday didn’t really fully review Growl. It was just a skit, talking about genitals and butt-smelling, and that ghost thing. There was no rating the english, or talking about the dance really. EXO has been reviewed so many times before in KMM’s, and KMM actually helps other people discover new music videos. It would have been nice to shine some light on a different group since EXO has already a huge fanbase. And the fact that Starlights were able to keep VIXX in the top 3 for the whole week. Now I know I’m only talking about VIXX and not like 2NE1 or Bap. Because they’ve been reviewed before, not VIXX, even once. Even though Hyde was such an amazing video. Their concept is fresh and new and amazing. The lyrics tie in all together. The music videos are just so unique also. I’m just really sad because I had such high hopes for VIXX getting reviewed. But hey, these are just my personal opinions.

  86. KATHyphenTUN

    REALLY?!?! now i can’t sleep…. that ghost scene was terrifying ><

  87. aaaaa i cant desied !!!!!!!!!!! p.s i ghost in the back round is FRICKING cool!!!!!

  88. I was really disappointed in this week’s review. The video portion was fine. It was a bit short and I was frustrated that for a dance MV there was really no mention of the dance. What really bothered me was the written portion. I know I won’t always agree with your opinions, but I didn’t expect to feel so offended this afternoon when I read the new KMM review.

    First, I feel like I have to say this. Wolf was the song that got me into K-pop. In the last few months I had heard a lot of K-pop songs, but none of them really stood out. I was ready to move on when I heard Wolf. I didn’t know who anyone in EXO was. I actually think some of them look kinda weird in that MV. I just really loved the song. I’ve listened to it hundreds of times. In fact I like it a lot more than Growl. Guess that makes me a batshit crazy fangurilla? You’re welcome to you’re you’re own opinion, but please don’t assume just because someone likes a song you don’t that they must like it for something other than the music. There is something called difference of opinion and it doesn’t mean I’m a horny fan girl who only cares about looks.

    Next, this is a review of Growl not Exotics.

    Yes, there have been some pretty inappropriate EXO fans out there lately, but is that really relevant to this video? It seems like everyone is so eager to jump on the Anti-Exotic bus lately. Why does everyone fixate on Exotics? This seem like a bit of a double standard. It’s not like every K-pop group doesn’t get their share of bad fan behavior. I really don’t get why EXO’s fans are getting so much more attention, and it really frustrates me because the internet is how most people discover K-pop. If everyone is constantly spreading around how crazy Exotics are you’ll just drive off potential fans. They’ll miss out on some really great songs and that’s a shame.

    This brings me to something that’s really been bothering me. Do you guys realize you’re insulting your subscribers? I’m really not trying to be mean here. You shouldn’t have to second guess everything you say or write, but I’m honestly wondering if you realize how you come across sometimes. EXO consistently seems to jump up the charts on EYK. Why? Because of the fans. The fans you basically just called sex-crazed and nuts. As an Exotic who does enjoy K-pop for more than just the looks I’m a bit insulted. I’m hoping you didn’t intend to call ALL Exotics crazy, but that’s the feel I got from this review.

    Long story short, some of your comments ruined what could have been a good review. I subscribe to EYK to be informed and entertained, not insulted. I was really shocked and surprised you’d say something like this.

    • While yes, this is a music video review, it is also a personal blog: they can write whatever they want. Also, I recall reading that Simon wrote “some EXO fans” to mention the “diehard” fans who have “LED [him] to think” that they (some diehard fans) are only interested in EXO on a sexual level. If you’re not one of these fans, why get offended?

      P.S. — Martina likes Wolf. Simon doesn’t.
      P.P.S. — I’m not into k-pop at all. I only watch because of S&M, who have introduced me to K-culture. Seeing people taking things like this so seriously is a real turn-off for me, thus why I don’t bother with the k-pop hype.

      • Like I said this was just the feel I got from the review. Didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers. Yeah it is just a personal opinion blog, but it just caught me off guard and kept me from enjoying reading the rest of the review. Music (not just K-pop) is a big part of my life and I like hearing what people think of the songs. I like music for the music, but it seems like every review of an EXO song the fans come up more than the song which is too bad. Simon even mentioned that “I’ve been reading some things online about EXO, and how some people don’t like EXO, not because of anything EXO did wrong, but because some EXO fans.” I just wish I could read about EXO without someone bringing it up.

        I am really glad everyone’s reactions to Growl have been much better than Wolf this time around. I think they’re both great songs, but Growl is defiantly a much more “public friendly song.” Hopefully this will steer people away from focusing so much on the way the fans have been acting and get back the the music.

    • simon used the word SOME. he did not use the word ALL.
      normal people are not put off music by the fans of that music. TVXQ, JYJ and super junior have insane stalker fans that get talked about all the time. if someone stumbles across wolf on youtube and they like it they arent going to scroll down read the comments and say “nope i dont like what these fans have to say, so i’m not going to listen to this any more”
      it seems to me lots (notice i am not using the word ‘all’) of kpop fans are overly sensitive. i understand that music can be a deeply personal thing, but i dont get personally offended when someone doesnt like the music i like or says that other people who like the same music i do have done something unacceptable.
      why do you care what (if anything) a couple of colorfully dressed canadians think about you? for the sake of argument lets say S&M did have a poor opinion of you simply b/c your an EXOTIC (which i seriously seriously SERIOUSLY doubt). does that some how impact your daily happiness?

      • Yes your right I shouldn’t let other opinions affect me so much, but I do usually enjoy KMM reviews and this one really surprised me. I had no problem when they reviewed Wolf because it was about the song. Like I said I love Wolf and Growl (and pretty much all EXO songs). It’s not the fans that bother me, it’s that the fans are mentioned more than the songs. This seems to be a common trend lately. Maybe I am being overly sensitive, but when I like a song I want it to be appreciated (or not) based on the song not the fan groups.

    • I definitely understand your point. I’m a die-hard exotic and shawol, and I watch their newest videos whenever I get the chance. I do get slightly off-put when people mindlessly bash k-pop fans, but S&M are reviewing to share their thoughts in a humorous way.. I believe they don’t mean harm, but I agree with the fact that they should stick to more “friendly” themes instead of “horny fan girl”s.
      On a second note, I really loved “Wolf” (Like no joke i sing it and my family hates it lol), and I find it disappointing that S&M don’t think the same way (but it’s their taste). I really wished they’d talk about the amazing dance though. I mean, that’s one of the main reasons for a “one shot take”.
      I really respect S&M for putting so much effort into their videos, but I wish that they’d be cautious of what they say and the sometimes bad consequences of it.
      Oh, and it’s not like the boys chose to grab their pants.. Lay said that there was a lot of pants grabbing and he didn’t know why at Boom’s Youngstreet Radio..lol
      If you read all of this, then thanks. ^^

      • Yes can we just talk about that dance! It was really amazing. I always want to be able to learn to do some K-pop dances, but this is one that I don’t think I’d ever be able to do.

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes Wolf. I always listen to it at work and am afraid one of these days I’m going to go “Awoooo” along with the song without realizing it.

        • Same here. I really can’t dance lol! I’ve always thought of SHINee of having the best dancers. (I’m not that exposed to groups outside of SM, JYP, Woolliment, or YG) BUT.. I think EXO is really great at dancing. xD

        • Yes, I always though of SHINee and Infinite as some of the best dancers, but after this EXO is defiantly going on the list.

        • Thank you! *sniff* I never found someone on here that I agree with more! xD

  89. What I want to know is “what hype”?

    No but in all seriousness. Right off the bat we could talk about a niche group of rabid fans drooling at the admittedly really good looking guys. But right off the bat there was also people that were really turned off about either the tons of teasers, and/or the reaction of this niche group of rabid fangirls. The hype was only clustered to that small but considerably vocal community of super fans. I mean it’s like the usual comment thread where everyone is talking about the haters/trolls, telling them to stop bashing/being mean/trolling but when you actually find those comments, they end up being three measly comments down in the comments thread. It’s the same with EXO, everyone is talking about some supposed undeserved hype but the hype was only coming from the fandom itself, which wasn’t that big or impressive as people liked to think (from the beginning). Then more fans started coming because of genuine curiosity. There doesn’t go a day I don’t hear people talking about how much they used to hate/dislike EXO until they bothered to see some of their other stuff. So really, was it hype? People discovered that behind the overwhelming, annoying, stupid young fans there were composers and musicians and talented dancers and humble kids that were shy but eager. You don’t take away the merit of a personality and the power it has to grow empathy from the masses. In the idol industry, music is just one percentage of the whole package.

    And while some might disagree, I don’t think it would be fair to say their fame was undeserved. Fans might have come for the wrong reasons, but they stayed for the right ones. Turns out that cute guy has an amazing personality and a great voice. I’m sure most fans that started out liking them solely because of their looks stayed because there is just so much you can do just looking at them as pretty people. People just kind of started listening to their songs, because you can’t deny it, MAMA and Wolf were not radio friendly, not even much of the usual kpop fanfare. I thought Wolf was just terrible, but I saw merit in the song and what it represented for EXO as a group. People might haven’t liked the song, but they still recognised it gave them an unique tone because EXO is not your usual teen pop. Those songs were too experimental, but their albums have been really solid and the music is really good (IMHO). I mean you can’t just ignore the rest of their music because of the title tracks.

    “It’s fresh. And it’s a dance in the box video that’s exceptionally original. It’s a reason to look at EXO and say “damn, this group is awesome,” while some of their other songs really didn’t support that claim.” Songs meaning just Wolf right? Because MAMA got mixed reviews because it was not easy to listen to, but the production was really neat and the lyrics are actually meaningful.

    • *Claps* You deserve an award.

    • I totally agree, but I totally LOVED Wolf and Mama. I actually like every single song on their repackaged album, but i’m kind of broke so I can’t buy all of them. xD

    • You are AWESOME! Totally agree! First, I was totally not on board with the whole Exo debut, but once I checked out their music, boy, I was impressed! Of course, they are good looking, but it’s their music that made me stay hooked. Looks can only go so far, people are not going keep liking a group just because of their looks, they have to have some kind of likability and credibility through their music. and Exo definitely delivers in the musical area, I love their unique and experimental musical style.

      • This exactly! I won’t try to argue that they’re not good looking, but it’s the music that keeps people interested. I love how EXO is playing around with different styles. Always something different to look forward to.

  90. Although I did enjoy Growl immensely, I am disappointed you didn’t chose VIXX. (It’s not like they didn’t do a one shot too or like lip-synch backward or anything). I just have to ask why is there a chart anymore? Nasties know which groups you like and vote them into the top 3 anyway, and you pick your favorite group out of them. So what’s the use of the chart? Couldn’t you just pick your fav song of the week for KMM’s? Because I don’t see any difference between what’s in the top 3 and your bias groups.

    • Agreed. If they are just gonna pick whatever video they want what really is the point of the chart?

    • i didn’t know gr8u was shot in one shot! (maybe because the comments section for vixx was taken down or because i’m oblivious haha) growl is one of the songs i like from exo and it’s cool they did it in one shot but i didn’t think it was as interesting an mv as vixx’s was. i feel like vixx is just a very underrated group…plus in this kmm they said they were going to review someone else but changed last minute! i wonder who they were going to review…but everyone will always be a little biased in their groups and pick favorites.

      • Brittainy

        Honestly I wouldn’t say Vixx is underrated, not like some other groups. They’re gaining fans internationally as well as in Korea very rapidly (they started gaining recognition with On & On). They’re nowhere near the popularity of say Infinite or B2ST, but for a rookie group who isn’t BAP or EXO they’re doing extremely well. They haven’t been reviewed here yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. Jellyfish Ent is clearly putting a lot of time & effort into developing the concepts for each new comeback and I’m sure their next album will have a great music video as well. It just so happens that the timing for Hyde & Jekyll wasn’t the best in terms of a KMM.

        That aside, the portion of GR8U that was shown in reverse (where they trash the house) was filmed in one take! They memorized their lines backwards so that when the video was flipped their lip movements would match the song.

        From a Naver Music article for their comeback (trans cr: fyeah-vixx):
        “In order to take the scene in one take without stopping, we practiced for three hours and went through it more than 20 times~! After a perfect rehearsal, we went into filming~! It was a situation where we couldn’t get an NG so everyone was nervous, this is the scene where we poured our heart and soul.”

        If you want to know more about how they filmed it here’s the full translation —

        • Aminah Henne

          I just don’t hear about them as much like bap and exo which makes me a little sad. most people who i know who like newer groups usually say exo and never vixx. :( I know that their popularity is increasing (is that the right word? haha) but it’s just a lot of groups keep having bad timing for these recently! ugh haha
          I knew they had to memorize it backwards but I definitely am super surprised that whole part was one shot! that’s craziness! i can’t even haha and thanks for the translation :)

  91. I’m upset that they didn’t review VIXX….they have reviewed EXO before. Why not give some other groups some love????

  92. This was pretty great, but I like BAP’s One Shot WAY better. I mean, that was just epic. I think I’m a sucker for plot-driven music videos. And if they can mix the dancing and plot, all the better!

    • I totally agree with you! I absolutely LOVE mv’s that tell a story. The first one in my list is Please Don’t by K.Will, followed by BAP One Shot, and then some others that make me cry or laugh. But this showdown, BAP +645978765000 :D hahaha

  93. Super Junior did a (drama version) music video in one shot (and it was in the actual outside!!!!!!! Like not a set made to look outside, but the real thing!!)The song is It’s You/너라고. (It was also the last music video featuring all 13 members btw)

  94. Man this song really just gives me the feels all over. It’s been so long that a song, video and the dance all make me happy I was starting to lose hope in Kpop. My hope is revived with this song though. I’ve never been a big fan of EXO except for what is love. I absolutely hated Wolf for like two weeks before it rubbed off on me and became just decent in my books. This song makes me think that EXO has some really great potential though. :)

  95. oh my, i was really laughing hard in your predictions about what will EXO do next… especially the last part where the mexican hats appeared… I guess SM really love Mexican hats, first it’s taemin and now it’s EXO…

    On the side note, I think the reason why this KMM is short is because it is at the last minute that they changed their minds.. And there’s really nothing to talk about the video. It’s a dance video.

    Honestly, I like Growl more than Wolf.. I wanna dance to it even though I don’t know how to dance.. T_T

  96. thisisjustforfunval

    Since so many people appear to be trying to hug you in this manner:

    I thought I’d send you a hug in this manner:

    For all the hard work you do and all the BS you deal with.

  97. Katrina Vineles Wilchez

    sorry…..but i really wanted you guys to do 2ne1…..ill get over it a guess…..

  98. So this is totally random, but I looove Simon’s cap O:

  99. To be honest, I really like Wolf. I mean, I know it’s a really weird song, but I really honestly liked it.
    As for being a fan of EXO, I am a fan of EXO, but not because they are handsome. I mean, why buy a song if you don’t like listening to it? I’m so cheap I only buy songs if I honestly like it, not because of their faces. I mean, you don’t listen to their faces?
    As for their fans, I think EXO has always been in a precarious place because of those thousand teasers. EXO fandom already had a bad name before they even debuted! I think all groups have their immature fans. As for me, I kind of stay away from that, maybe because I am so old? But I feel like the fandom is so crazy because it’s so large. I feel like people get pulled into large fandoms. Three of my favorite groups are small (VIXX, Crayon Pop and Sunny Hill), so it’s hard to find info about them. But since EXO is large, you get a lot of info about them, which leads to you spending more time in the fandom, which leads to it getting larger, if that makes sense. EXO fandom is large and like a family, so I think people get attached to the fandom outside of being attached to the group.

  100. When will people stop looking down upon the fandom based on the actions of a few fans?

    My friend went to the “disorderly” Inkigayo stage. It wasn’t chaotic at all. Inkigayo just couldn’t handle the numbers that turned up.

    And yes, there probably are fans who didn’t listen to the rules. But then again, those fans exist in every fandom. The EXO fandom has been constantly getting shit since the beginning, and half the things we supposedly did weren’t even true.

    And I like Wolf. Yes they are one of my top bias groups, but I still have my own musical opinions. Since when did being a fan of a group means you have to like ALL their music? My love towards the 12 boys have no effect on my musical taste.

    You might think Wolf is a horrible song, but it served its purpose as a title track – to be addictive/memorable. How many of you walked away form the video with the chorus stuck in your head? The rest of the album was even better, but I’m not sure how many non “crazy EXO fangirls” bothered to give the album a go. Growl is a lot easier on the ears.

    Can the rest of the Kpop fandoms stop seeing the EXO fandom as the “crazy fans”? You all have over obsessive fans in your own fandom. We’re not the only fandom that has saesang fans.

    Angry and sad while reading the comments.

  101. exo or b.a.p. oh my.

  102. I was a bit disappointed to see this KMM was only about 4 minutes long, and you guys didn’t do any reviewing in the video. Nowdays, the blog post is where I go to read the actual review.

  103. sorry guise, I just can’t vote.. I spend 5 minutes trying to decide in which one to vote.. I couldn’t! I’M SORRY GUISE! IS TOO HARD FOR ME TO CHOOSE! I AM SORRYYYYYY *cry* D:

  104. SIMON THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!! (about rhyming) I managed to find a site with rhymes with genitals…

    tentacles, sentinels, professionals, festivals, spectacles, pedestals, parables, homosexuals, resembles…but it took a while and i’m not sure how you would put that together…

  105. Guise, I just realized something! That wasn’t a ghost at 1:10. That was Max hiding there and using his Max Time power to turn the light on/off throughout the video! Seriosly, Max, grow up already.

  106. One the shortest KMM I’ve ever watched.. anyway..
    I like Growl more than Wolf.. I just heard Wolf once..
    I was also amazed by that One shot style MV.. and the dance!

    Hope you will review 2NE1 next week! so excited about that!

  107. This KMM was super short. O.O I wasn’t really into Growl, but that was a really short KMM.
    I kinda want to know which video was ALMOST reviewed, (openly hoping it was VIXX’s.)

    Also, hey STARLIGHTS, let us calm dowm.

    Simon and Martina are free to review whatever song they want, because it’s their show, their channel and their personal taste in music. Granted they have their biases, which all so happen to be big name groups with giganormous fanbase, but hey! I think their new voting system has given us HOPE.
    I know VIXX is fairly new, I’m a starlight too, and the fanbase is not that big -though it keeps growing, yay!-, but we did manage to get VIXX to second place!! it’s the second song we manage to get into the top three, in the course of little time, and with STARLIGHTS not being so many as the exotics, well, I think we really outdid ourselves. (:
    I know you are upset, I am too. But we gave our best as fans, we even broke the comment section, for god’s sake.

    So let’s keep our spirits up for their next song. I’m pretty sure Martina is becoming more and more aware of VIXX, am I right? (:
    VIXX hwaiting! ……….*but nontheless starts a chant to repel the NU’EST curse* O_O

    • So nice to see a comment like this! l like VIXX, more in a casual listener way and I’ve always thought that they should be reviewed. But then looking through the comments and seeing people acting like it’s the end of the world because they weren’t reviewed and calling Simon and Martina names… well not sure I want any part of that fan base. So thank you for showing that there are reasonable and mature fans.

      • Thank you (: I try to keep my reasonable side during the KMM over my fan feelings (this time the “Starlight” feels, lol) because:
        1) S&M do these reviews for us, Nasties, and for that we should be very very thankful, and
        2) I have always thought the KMMs are more about the music VIDEO and Song (in that order).
        There have been times when I vote my fav vid to be reviewed OVER my fav artist (currently in the charts), because the MVs are not that interesting, and Kpop Music Mondays are here for our entertainment!
        Though I accept this time I was a little let down, since I didn’t consider Growl impressive. I would have prefered BAP :D

    • This comment deserves a love <3333333 trying so hard not to feel upset that they didn't review vixx lol

      • Thank you!!! :D <3 (: I do feel a little sore as a Starlight haha but I've learnt to deal with it. If I must be honest, I liked Hyde MV more than GR8U -which was still awesome-, because it had more story-like feeling and was really strong in concept, therefore I felt it had a lot more 'material' to talk about.

    • You’re right there…
      And since they pick from top 3 and when a big name group with a big fanbase gets into top 3 or all 3 places end up being big named groups, the less known ones suffer every time.
      ( not to mention when such groups release more than one MV –like one every month or more than one a month — )

      I don’t feel the same as the actual fans since I vote ( few times ) for the song I like and don’t care about the group (sometmes,not even when it comes to b2st thou I always end up voting for them xD ) itself.
      So…I guess one day maybe they and other ignored groups will get a KMM…for the sake of everyone…

  108. People are writing essays and whatnots there xD I just wish the review was longer and more substantial. I liked when you guys used to analyze the video like English teachers analyze poems, and find hidden meanings…that mostly aren’t there xD

  109. I can tell you right now why everyone liked Wolf; y’know, besides the die hard crazy fangirls, of which I am thankfully not.
    It was the year long wait that made Wolf so much more well received then anything else; y__y I mean I loved Mama, but when its a year and you’re getting very tired of the same songs over and over but you’re absolutely dying for more of Exo’s lovely voices what are you to do about it?
    Regardless, Wolf is probably my least favorite song off of XOXO, but It’s definitely grown on me since the beginning. XOXO overall was very impressive to me, I love it a lot even if Wolf isn’t the greatest. The repackaged songs just make it even better!

    • At least Wolf wasn’t a digital single… *cough cough* #BlackjacksHadItHarder XD Jk

      Relentless baiting aside, I see your point. I kind of liked Wolf (it was fun to sing a long too and a tad bit to poke fun at), but that ain’t something you return with after a year.

  110. Kinda confused how you guys could review a video that is basically just a dance MV and not talk about the actual dance…

  111. thisisjustforfunval

    When I first saw the how short the video was I was surprised but after watching it I think you guys did a magnificent job talking about a MV that had not much to talk about. It’s a dance video. Seriously I hadn’t seen crazy Seungrina in the background stalk after all the guys. You guys did an awesome job putting together, not one but two Growl cover songs. For this video the short review was perfect. You covered all the basis, had skits, gave us your opinion and dude serious as if those were funny enough, but then you included the ending and I completely lost it my work desk. Guys great job.

    • Oh god, I almost died at that part. I was about to skip to the bloopers, but something told me to stay on. Glad I did, it made me laugh SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD!!!! I agree with your assessment, btw; the review short, but it sweet. Too bad we didn’t get an official Fanguirilla skit, though; just her creeping on EXO :/

  112. I severely loved this song and MV. I’m not really much of an Exotic but I can’t get enough of the song, the dance, and that camera work was crazy good.

    Also, there were two main impressions I got from watching the crazy amount of teaser vids for the band. 1. These boys can DANCE! 2. Kai SERIOUSLY loves his crotch. I am in no way surprised by the love given in Growl.

    And lastly, the last few seconds of the KMM seriously cracked me up. I hope someone GIFs that at some point really soon lol.

    • “2. Kai SERIOUSLY loves his crotch”

      You could say that he was *feelin’* himself!!! *almost chokes on air laughing at his joke*

  113. “I’m going to touch you in your sleep!! I’m so gross.” XD Oh Fangurilla how you make me burst with laughter

  114. Tbh i listened to the leaked Wolf before but for merely 20 seconds and I was like are they seriously going to release the song?But then when the song is out,yeah it quiet ok.I prefer Growl…So yeah I like Wolf but I freaking love Growl…

  115. I already knew you guys really liked EXO’s Growl (I DO TOO!) from your live chat so I guess that’s what made me think VIXX’s G.R.8.U was going to get reviewed. I probably built on too much expectation so I don’t necessarily blame you guys. I would have liked to hear a bit more on the actual song than the music video but it’s whatever now. I felt VIXX’s video could have provided great inspiration and they also did their video in one-shot while singing in reverse…

    Oh well…

  116. OMG, I nearly spit out my drink when the Mexican sombreros came out!! ROFL!!

  117. The only song that i haven’t really liked from EXO is ‘Wolf’ of all of their 19 songs it’s the one i will press skip on every time now. (unless i really want to annoy the ever living crap out of one of my family members. i got it stuck in my older brother’s head…hehehe he threw a pillow at me when i caught him humming it.) I did not buy the ‘XOXO’ album because of ‘Wolf’ (and i honestly doubt anyone did)

    When SM decided to put Jongin (Kai) dancing with Kyungsoo (D.O) singing in the first teaser i was curious. But when i heard the teaser with ‘Angel’ or ‘Into Your World’ was what really made me say that this group is worth the wait and worth the time following and learning about. And then ‘What is Love’ happened and i was done, hook line and sinker. SM opened a direct line to my bank account.

    The crazy fans give EXO a bad name, but they are actually very talented young men and it is upsetting that people put them down for no other reason then because they are under SM and they are good looking. (SIDENOTE:Also lip-syncing happens. The amount of times idol groups have to perform in a week still amazes me. People always separate Singers from Idols and yet they get their panties in a twist when Idols focus more on the dance rather than the singing on some live stages.)

    ‘Growl’ is my favorite out of the 3 promoted tracks so far. Even my dad will sit with me and watch the ‘Growl’ MVs and practice/performance videos with me and comment positively on the song, dance, and members. My mom knows all their names and instruments they play ect ect. She still likes SHINee more out of the SM groups.

    OH! Baekhyun and Chen are going to be the first on Immortal Song 2 and i’m really looking forward to it. Other members will follow on later episodes.

    • i have wolf on my ipod i don’t listen to it at all

      • my itunes counter is telling me that i’ve never listen to ‘Wolf’ on itunes.

        • well I bought the albums, and I don’t mind Wolf at all. both Chinese and Korean versions are in my top 25 most played songs. just because you don’t like the song, please don’t define the entire fandom based on your own opinions. all SM artists lipsync during the first week of comeback, and after that all the stages are live. they only lipsync if it’s performances for events.

  118. I died laughing during your “prediction for the next EXO song” XD I’m glad you reviewed this version of Growl because I agree with you that the video was really interesting and well done even though it was just a box video. The song was awesome and the dance was awesome. Hopefully you guys aren’t too discouraged by some of the comments on here. I enjoy everything you guys put out and watch your music mondays more for you guys than who you review.

  119. This is a very very cool video and a good song. Still it was no where near as epic to me as B.A.P’s ONE.SHOT. That video gave me so many feels and was exciting to the very last shot. ;) and my gawd it’s my jam!

    Still, I can appreciate EXO for this much more entertaining to watch video (than usual). Oh and catchy song yo!

  120. I wanted to see VIXX,because i feel like i can wait a little longer for the drama version of Growl,i mean so much stuff was going on in VIXX’s video,they sung backwards for Christ sakes.i love exo but i felt like VIXX deserved the win this week.*EDITED* I don’t want the Nu’est Curse on VIXX just no

  121. Akira Miyashi

    HAHAHAHHA! Fangurrilla at the set! XD That was hilarious!

  122. Hmm I don’t understand why you are comparing this to One Shot

  123. Noel

    I’m surprised you didn’t make note of the fact that SM is clearly too cheap to buy all the members they’re own hat, they had to resort to stealing the 2 caps they were given off each other’s heads!

    • EXO’s video: one hat for two or three guys. Jay Park’s video: seven hats for one guy. There’s no equality in this world *sigh*
      No but seriously, I liked that addition to the dance. I like it when a choreography incorporates clothes / accesories like hats, jackets, suspenders etc.

  124. I’m not sure if anyone’s already mentioned this, but “genitals” kind of rhymes with “animals”…

  125. Spelling error here: “but besides that we’re defiantly EXO fans and I’m pretty sure Martina is Kai biased.”
    I don’t know if you care about knowing if you spelled things wrong but there you go if you did haha.

    I kinda agree with you on your opinion on EXO. I personally LOVE a lot of their music and I find them extremely talented and hardworking (very great vocal line and I’m super impressed with Lay being a main dancer even with his illness). Plus a lot of them seem like such genuinely good people. But, some of the EXO fans that I have come across (NOT ALL OF THEM–just making that clear) seem so superficial with their love of them and don’t seem to appreciate how truly talented they are… :/

  126. Hey, I don’t think I’ve ever fangirled over EXO and I like Wolf. It has some awful parts but the good ones saved the song for me and it’s one of these songs that I can’t take seriously even though they weren’t meant to be funny.
    I enjoyed this KMM but it felt kind of lacking, you know? I’d like to see more of your opinions as well. I know you’re trying to keep Music Mondays under 7 minutes but 4:24 makes me suppose that your “last minute” change of decision was really late. Idk, the blog post used to be the place for some of your opinions that didn’t make it to the video, nowadays it sometimes feels like the only place where we can find your opinions (more elaborated than “we like it” / “we don’t like it”).

    • I have to say it, I thought that butt smelling thing and all that was kind of, maybe, a little too crass.

      Martina shaking it was hilarious though.

  127. I am so glad that KMMs are becoming shorter… to the point without any fluff. perfection. (:

  128. Excuuuuusssse me,(LOL!) I really liked Wolf and didn’t really care for the looks of the members, nor did I really know EXO,.So everyone who liked Wolf was a delulu fangirl. I was actually most impressed with their stages (in particular their live stages) of Wolf. But yeah, the fans are crazy. Can I say though, in Growl I fully realized how good-looking they were. Also, I don’t judge SM for building hype around them. In today’s world where 1 in 5 South Koreans are part of an idol group, it is necessary. Personally, I respect Exo’s talents, performace skills, attitude and music more than their looks. And their mini albums and full length albums were amazing! (Which is basically the reason they won #1). I also think it is wrong to miss out on good music because of something as trivial as a fandom. The fandom had nothing to do with the production, talent and selection of members. So I don;t understand why people pass that off as a legitimate argument. I’m not gonna lie here, I think a lot of the hate comes from fans who are paranoid that EXO MIGHT take attention away from the rest of SMTOWN. (really paranoid fans).I’ve seen tons of evidence of that. Oh, and the fact they’re from SM. Regardless of which SM group they support, people feel they have it too east sooo…

  129. the episode’s too short!! I want longer music Mondays!!

  130. NO WHY NOT VIXX???? TT_____TT my babies~
    i dont care my comment gets thumps-downs, but i have to say this.
    EXO GOT already other 4 videos or how much!!!!!!! but you picked again an exo one, when VIXX had the chance for the review…its just so unfair with those groups, who dont have grand fanbase and famous label. oh and this review is just 4 minutes…really LOL!!!
    s&m, im really disappointed in you…….dont promise if you dont keep it!!!!
    i think i will leave you again…YES AGAIN!!!! and i came bcuz of junsu’s comeback. After Catch Me incident, that time i was disappointed in you for the first time, BCUZ that time you picked gd, when you did other 2 mvs from him (+ 3 bigbang mvs lol) and tvxq made comeback again after almost 2 years. i know that time the new system didnt work yet, but then…imo you had the choice. AND NOW??? when the new one works??? …..actually….nothing changed in the system.

  131. Nasties, I need your help!
    I’m going on holiday on wednesday and desperately need some new kpop songs for travelling. I’m pretty new to kpop but I need some suggestions. I set up a post that explains more what I’m looking for at teachmekpop . wordpress . com. Can anyone help me out? I know Nasties have awesome taste and I don’t want to just listen to the same few groups.

    As far as Exo/SM go – They need to release those drama versions earlier. The dance versions are fine but I want to see them get a really great EYK review for whatever wacky drama version they come up with

  132. ::Sarcasm Alert:: Wow you reviewed EXO again!! Color me surprised. -_- ::Sarcasm over::

    I know that you all work hard and everything, but seriously?!?! You haven’t done a ‘new’ group for KMM since either Eric Nam or K. Will don’t know which was done last and I am just not in the mood to go look. I mean really you’ve never done a Nu’est or VIXX review no matter how many times or how long they’ve either been number one or in the top three at least.

    Truthfully at this point I am starting to lose faith in the KMM’s. Cause it is really starting to feel like you guys are just going for the most views or you are in reality tired of doing them. Which if you are tired of doing it than just move on to something else, but seriuously at this point I’m done with the KMM’s. I will still watch your WANKS, FAP FAP’s, TL;DR, etc. But at this point KMM’s are just getting me down and aggravating.

    I know people will give this a thumbs down or whatever, I don’t care. I’ve said my piece and now I’m done.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day. :)

    • :: Sarcasm Alert:: Yeah, Simon and Martina are actively trying to NOT review VIXX and NU’EST and whoever else because they just don’t wanna -_- ::Sarcasm over::

      Seriously though, why do you think Simon and Martina are against reviewing your preferred group for KMM? (I’m not trying to be mean or anything, I’m genuinely curious why?) Lots of people vote on the charts, but “there can be only one” each week. Simon and Martina (Simon in particular) have mentioned that there are lots of videos they don’t get to talk about even though they really want to. Why do you think that VIXX or NU’EST deserve to be reviewed over any other group?

      On a side note, I totally respect your desire to get ‘new’ groups reviewed in the KMMs =)

      • Actually my issue is that even with the new system they still only do the groups that they did before. The only ‘new’ ones they have done were K.Will and Eric Nam almost every other review they have done (that I can remember) have been of groups done previously, sub-groups or individual person from groups of previous reviews.

        And no sarcasm here thank you for your respect for my opinion.

        • I don’t personally have a problem with the KMMs being about groups they have reviewed before, but the scope and variety of music/groups featured on KMMs IS limited and I agree that it would be nice to see new groups/soloists featured more.

          To be honest, I like the KMMs as they are, but I would LOVE a new music segment dedicated primarily to new(-ish) or upcoming groups :)

        • KimchiDragon

          Yeah that is an awesome idea. In fact I think it would be cool if Leigh and or Soozee did their own, I would love to know their take on stuff.

      • I guess it’s a ” problem ” which will never be solved. . . Even if they are a fan or not, someone always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to being in the top 3 to get a chance at reviewing.
        Not to mention those who get to #4 or #5 and then start to fall down the hill of Mv’s due to being old…
        So, I don’t think they think S&M do not want to review them on purpose. . .it’s just how the whole chart works…

        Or maybe the person meant that even if a smaller group in popularity manages to grasp top 3 for a short moment, a more pouplar group gets reviewed and the other group goes to the hell part of the chart with no return.

        • I agree with you. The KMM chart isn’t a perfect system, and there will always be some that are disappointed with the results. What confounds me (and annoys me somewhat) is how many seem to NOT get that, and express a lot of discontentment with Simon and Martina, because THEY fell that THEIR group should have been reviewed THIS week.

          (That being said, I think constructive criticism is good, which is why I got interested in KimchiDragon’s comment in the first place)

        • Ah yes. . . Sadly, that stuff will never go away aswell…
          And I have to say such comments annoy me sometimes ( the one you mentioned ) aswell but I try to ignore them.
          I think alot of people who post that don’t even care to check the facts before posting comments in that manner. I once tried to say to someone ( out there , don’t remember where ) that there are others who got screwed the same way but it seemed to just add to the heat so I just started to ignore them.

    • To everything you said: yes.
      But I would still watch the KMMs, because they are what got me into EYK and I hold this section dearly in my heart, even if I get dissappointed (more times than it should be healthy) that my fav songs are not reviewed, TuT

  133. Chookristine

    Y’all wrote ‘defiantly’ instead of ‘definitely’
    Unless… you wanted to be defiant EXO fans. I’m not here to judge ye!
    *frolics off into the sunset*

    • Chookristine

      And is this, “Which let me to think that…”, meant to be “Which led me to think that…”?
      I have my editing pants on, I can’t stop myself.

    • Defiantly is what you get when you misspell definitely and use the only spell-check option.

      • My phone has learned every single misspelling of definitely that I’ve used and gives me those as auto-correct options, but never the correct spelling. However, I’ve finally learned to spell it correctly.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        My phone has learned every single misspelling of definitely that I’ve used and gives me those as auto-correct options, but never the correct spelling. However, I’ve finally learned to spell it correctly.

  134. Growl is by far my favourite exo song/video, i think. i like exo but as mentioned in the text post i’ve always had a problem with the fandom/fans (and not (only) the korean ones) that somehow always stopped me from fully appreciate the group. i’ve never really understood the whole hype and craze that’ve been over/around them. i mean, yeah sure they’re cool but i didn’t get what was so different and special about them. (like they litteraly had released their very first mv for barely 20 min and ppl were already changing their tumblr url name to an exo related one i swear @_@ wth). i hope you don’t get me wrong. i have nothing against the boys. i even bought their mini last year and xoxo album is a really nice album too. but gdi Wolf. this song was more or less the proof for me that sm could release an alphabet song fans will still blindly stan it. i guess this is the nature of being a fangirl, right… (altho i’m actually pretty much the opposite ? i’m a big b.a.p fan but i swear i’ve never been so critical and severe/harsh with their releases and them that i’ve ever been with any other kpop groups. “Spare the rod and spoil the child ” i guess uh ?).
    and… so… i… lost my point actually… … great.

    anyway. great song and great mv ! really ! not a stan. not an anti. as a neutral casually appreciator of exo, i think this is pretty awesome. it could make it in my top fav of the year maybe. videos filmed in a box isn’t a problem, it’s HOW they are filmed that matters, and the original ideas that’s behind it. (Dream Girl was an awesome mv too). (i swear some videos can be filmed outside, at natural daylight, overseas, with a blockbuster budget, even with a plot and story line with a drama version or whatever, yet sometimes it won’t be enough, some videos still won’t worth it or make it to my heart.)
    i don’t even know why i talked so much to say in the end so little interesting thing. sorry.

    my vote for Growl. I’m a Baby (damn i hate that fandom name i swear) but honestly, video wise, i loved Growl better. (yeah sorry my lil’ rice boys). (Could i even say song wise too… hmm… not sure, yet. One Shot was cool but not my fav of b.a.p either…)

  135. Ray

    The ghost been fangurilla was genius…i laughed so much

  136. Martina, you make a really cute tomboy ;)


  138. Hey Simon and Martina, i just wanted you guys to know I enjoyed this KMM though it was short. I know Starlights are upset Vixx didnt get reviewed but there’s always next time. Maybe if you guys keep them in the top 3, Simon and Martina will review it, you never know. Also I know Nasty’s miss Kpop Chart Updates, i do too but I enjoy that they are doin new videos.Hopefully S&M will come up with something that will appease us.

  139. You guys were so impressed that they shot this in one shot?

    Thats nothing compared to how Vixx shot half of their video in one shot after memorizing their song backwards…so yeah, not impressed by EXO that much.

    Aside from that, is it just me or is KMM essentially becoming S&M fangirling/fanboying their way through a review? What happened to the other parts you guys used to review? Like the English and the Dance?

    Since this was such a short KMM, this was perfect opportunity for a 2-in-1 kind of KMM.

    (and where is the Busker Busker option? We all know Busker Busker is going to win this one)

    • Nothing?! You could say “That’s just half compared….” But saying NOTHING!? That is unacceptable!! But when you said memorize backward, I was like: OMG!! That’s Rad!! XD

  140. Marzia Matalone

    Ok…here I am an EXO and BAP fan…I liked both the songs but I’ve nothing to say about S&M’s choice…I think exo’s video was somehow really fresh and worth it…about ViXX, I also started to listen to their songs, but I sincerly like Hyde more than the new one, even if this video is indeed original…but, well, we can’t have all we want! I also hoped for Kim Hyun joong’s video to get reviewed last week but it didn’t happen! Though It’s not something to get so worked up about…let’s watch the show and take it easy guys… Don’t transform everything in a stress cause…life’s too short!

  141. Mio Mio

    Of course Busker Busker will win the showdown.

  142. You do know that Busker Busker is gonna win the showdown this week right?

  143. Mio Mio

    The KMM seemed a bit rushed? Otherwise great job guys, also the lols at the post. I need that I lost my pats shirt.
    Also am I the only one that shreeked no Kris no when he put on the cap? Like Kris pls sthap.

  144. twinkle

    I’m not an Exo fan at all, but this song is just too awesome. I don’t know if you noticed it (I’m sure you did, though), but something I find really cool as well is what they’re doing with the caps, trading them around each other

  145. I really agree with my fellow nasties. This video was not a over-the-top,stuffed, too -flashy… (uhm yeah) kind of video. The setting was kept simple (–>a box) so the focus was all directed on EXO. Even the song was refreshing.
    On a side note: I think it´s SOOOO IMPRESSIVE that you guys watched the whole music video frame by frame. It must have taken really long to scratch together the hilarious stuff you said,well because it was only a freaking dance video, with no plot,.no… you know K-POP thingies… Great job. And I don´t care that this KMM was shorter than the previous ones, it was still SUPER AMAZING. Thanks for the effort. Keep it up :)

  146. sometimes i feel like exo fans are the beliebers of k-pop
    there are some that are really nice and quiet and awesome but you always only hear about the crazy ones (unless you are friends with the sane ones)
    i myself was ‘scared’ away from exo and b.a.p both in the beginning because the fans just weirded me out. i would only listen to their songs when they had their goodbye stages so i could really form my own opinion and not get killed by people on twitter

  147. Actually, having seen so much hating comments from Vixx fans, I think your dialog with Fangurilla (Y U NO REVIEW ______ ??’ Go vote!) should be reminded weekly. Probably then people will learn how to use the button “vote”.

    Guys, thank you so much for reviewing Growl in the end. I don’t care if someone is complaining that “it’s a dance video and not worth reviewing” – that’s ridiculous, especially considering that half of kpop Mvs ~are~ dance videos.

    I just wish you could actually talk more about the video / dance / engrish skills a bit more. the fart joke in the end seemed to look gigantic and unappropriate just because the rest of the video looked too short for me. Are you trying the new stardart of making KMMs shorter? I’m not enormously upset about it, I just wish you could discuss more in your videos.

    Thanks for mentioning the crazy exo fans issue, which is getting worse and worse these days. I hope someone would listen to you and realize it’s not the guys doing anything wrong, it is the crazy hyped morons that let down the whole fandom and making everyone sick (including the normal exo fans as well).

    • As explained before, even if VIXX or any other band stayed in the top for weeks, they probably won’t be reviewed if Simon and Martina don’t want to review them. That’s their new system. One of the top three will be reviewed, no the one on top.

      • And why do you think this is unfair? The old system meant that they constantly reviewed Bigbang, 2NE1, and other major groups, even when their mvs/songs didn’t provide Simon and Martina with good material for their KMMs.

        With only one KMM a week, Simon and Martina can’t possibly review every single song that hits the top 3 (let alone hits nr 1) on the charts, so there are lots and lots of fans that don’t get to see their favorite group or mv get reviewed. What makes you think VIXX and their fans deserve to be catered to more than any other group and their fandom?

        • Roshanak Hannani

          I think it’s fair because this is their show and they can do whatever they want.

        • In a sense, it is fair and unfair, as contradictory as that sounds. I was just saying to person above who made it seem as if fans don’t ‘vote’ when voting now isn’t really much, cause there is a huge chance the band you voted won’t be reviewed if they are uninterested. Besides, what’s going on now isn’t really very different, majority of their reviews are still SuJu, EXO or some other popular band.

          So really, even with the change of voting systems, nothing much has really CHANGED. It’s just a matter of which popular band/soloist they want to talk about next. Nothing more.

        • Uhm, don’t quite see your point in regards to the voting system. What exactly was supposed to change?

          The current format of the Kpop charts give each of the top 3 songs a 1-in-3 chance at being reviewed, which makes it possible for a wider range of songs to get reviewed. There was no chance before, just the number one song getting reviewed. Yeah, it’s not a perfect system, but this way both the fans AND Simon and Martina get some control over KMM (which is fair, since it’s their show and their business).

  148. I know I may sound like a pervert right now lol but i just can’ t get enough of you guys! Pleaseee in the name of the wild( homeless) animals do longer KMM. Please. I’ll even adopt a wolf it that’ s possible.

  149. OMJ, did anybody else catch Meembers napping on the couch during the tail end of the video? Nobody? Just me? (I know someone who is more observant than I am saw that XD) Also, I was totally dying from cuteness overdose when Simon picked up Meemers in the blooper reel!! Even though the Meemers was like, “Unhand me now, peasant!!” it was so cute!!! OMJ, I LUFF DER MEEMERS!!!! I even kind of wrote a song for the Meemers :D Don’t ask about it, it’s not finished or recorded XD

    Anyway… I was kind of hoping you guys could double up with this song and f(x)’s Rum Pum Pum Pum, because those are two of my absolute favorites of SM’s releases this year (also, they’re both box set dance videos, even though EXO’s is impressive), but then Rum Pum Pum Pum fell out of the top three (I think you guys should extend this to the top five, just saying *hopeful fanboi is hopeful*) and I got all sad XD But then you guys reviewed this video and I was so happeh :D (I also might have been happeh that you guys didn’t review the drama version of Wolf, because seriously… It sucks XD) I am a little peeved that you guys didn’t talk about the song, but that’s okay because I’m going to do that now. Growl is a predominantly up-tempo R&B/Pop song (I say predominantly because there are times when the BPM drops and who I am assuming are D.O and Luhan start shattering fangurl hearts), and I love every second of it. After Wolf (which was a tryhard mess of dubstep and experimentation), I was not expecting so… typical (not a bad thing in this case). This song isn’t anything new (that guitar/epiano/synth riff sounds like it came straight out of No Diggity by Blackstreet and Dr. Dre), but it’s just what the doctor ordered. Wolf was starting to get on my nerves (the tryhard was strong in that song, which was absolutely no fault of EXO’s), so a smaller pill (so to speak) was necessary to keep them interest in them. Like seriously SM, the phrase “all publicity is good publicity” is only true for Z-list celebrities that everyone but a vocal minority hates. *ahem* I’m glad that SM came to their senses and played more towards EXO’s strengths with this repackage, because I couldn’t take anymore of SM trying to be “creative” (even IGAB is starting to get on my nerves XD).

    Anyway, my vote goes toward EXO’s one shot video. I don’t really enjoy Judas type double agent characters (unless they’re double crossing the antagonists) and that double ending was really unnecessary. It kind of killed the message of the song XD

    EDIT – Just read the blog post, and I hate to break it to you guys, but that videographer’s trick is no secret; I learned that in the “Intro to TV Production” class in high school XD

    • Was it just me, or did you find the DO/Luhan part jarring? As much as I love a good ovary exploding moment, that part disrupted the flow. I still love the song as a whole though.

      • Hmm… Not really. I actually hardly noticed the first few the first time I listened to the song (the ones with just D.O, I mean). Perhaps it was just the fact that I was listening to it on my laptop’s speakers (they suck hardcore) or that I’m used to cray cray beat switches like AJAX’s Insane or SNSD’s IGAB (I listen to a lot of electrohouse and EDM). I’m more focused on why vocals like D.O’s and Luhan’s are being wasted on songs like Wolf #JustSayin’

    • thisisjustforfunval

      When Growl came out I was terrified to push the play button because Wolf just upset the balance of my universe. But I did, because from their songs previous to Wolf I knew they had talent and sang very well. What is Love sealed that fact into my head, so I pressed play and was so over joyed to hear what they had to show us. It is one of my favorite songs of this year and for me I just pretend that Wolf does not exist.

      • Like the shameless fan I was/am/will forever be, I watched the leaked dance practice video. Not only was my poor fanboi heart breaking at how great the dance was (it’s like SHINee got seven new members that are just as good as the original five :D), but I was crying ugly fanboi tears at how great the song was. I’ve been saying this since the day I got EXO’s debut mini that SM needs to have them promote an R&B up-tempo, and here they are doing just that!! Like seriously, after the hot mess that was Wolf (a song that I loved like I love CL’s the Baddest Female), this is exactly what the doctor ordered. SeoulBeats said the song was “good enough”, but I’m honestly glad; SM’s “good enough” comebacks” always seem to be the ones that I like the most >_>

        • thisisjustforfunval

          I’ve only caught one live performance of Growl and the stage felt way too small for them. I need to catch another live performance, that one I know didn’t do the dance justice. Also I kept losing track of Kai. I’m a fan of EXO’s music but don’t know the group minus Kai lol, and with his new blonde hair he kept blending in during that performance to much. Bwhahaha I love your comparison song, I feel the same way.

          BTW lol I’m not Kai biased he just happens to be the only member I know and recognize.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          How can you not know Luhan?!
          You’re going to make a lot of females very upset! lol

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Isn’t that name of a Mortal Kombat character? Wait no, that’s Liu Kang. Never mind :-P

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Watch them on Weekly Idol. I can recognize six of them now, whereas I could only recognize two beforehand.

        • Only six? I think you’re slacking. Tsk tsk. j/k

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          There’s this whole dude and dude group thing which tends to make me not give much of a crap.

        • lumierenoire

          The sorting was hilarious. I love the part where Chen saiid, “My Korean is quite good, isn’t it?” and Tao’s sad attempt to do the same. :D

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I just loved how they got both Kai and Luhan switched.

          The superpowers was probably my favorite part though.

        • lumierenoire

          Pfft each time they finished showing their power, they ran back to the other members in embarrassment.
          Except Lay’s proud “I am a unicorn that can heal.” I.. don’t even know…

        • Hahaha, and then the hosts asked him, “Why is your Korean so good?” Answer: “Because I’m Korean.” XD

          Or how about Kai being asked if he was Japanese? LOL

        • lumierenoire

          I also liked how confident Hyungdon (I think that’s his name..?) was when he chose Kris and Tao because he heard them talking in the bathroom. Oh goodness, that whole segment was hilarious. xD

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Hey, I didn’t know they were coming back on! Apparently today even..

        • lumierenoire

          Mhmm for Growl promotion, right?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah I guess, I watched a little bit that was subbed already but the footage they used was buggy and it was rather annoying.
          Was still pretty funny, but I’ll wait a few days and check back for better subbed footage (and the whole thing).

        • lumierenoire

          I’m fairly surprised Luhan knew the dance to NoNoNo so well.
          It wasn’t as funny, but still relatively funny. Poor Tao and his martial arts. ^_^;;

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I think someone said he had danced to it at an airport or something so maybe that’s why he looked surprised when it came on.
          I saw video of them dancing to Girl’s Day and HyunA, apparently they cut it out.

          I was cracking up at them making Luhan stand in the background.

        • lumierenoire

          Dare I ask why he had to dance to it at an airport…? o.o;;
          Pfft I’m surprised the hosts mentioned the complaints that Luhan wasn’t in the last episode enough. Which other group was it that had a member always behind someone else? I forgot… And this time it seems the complaints are that Kris didn’t get enough air time. :P

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Really the people that got the most airtime this time around where mainly members I still don’t know.

          The six I know still each had a little bit but it seemed like most of it was the members I didn’t (and still don’t) know.

        • lumierenoire

          I feel like if I see all of them, I can figure out who’s who with the process of elimination. Probably…

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          As a straight male my opinion doesn’t really mean much/probably doesn’t align w/ the rest of you but… I don’t understand how Xiumin wasn’t last for their face ranking lol (Then again it wasn’t females who ranked it…). Also I figured Chen would be quite a bit higher. (lol They put him 11th both times didn’t they?)

          And… Kris is overrated! lol Fuuko’s gonna rage if she see this, but I’m just bein fo realz.
          He looks like a fish.

          If some1 tested me and just posted unnamed pics of all the members I MIGHT get like 8. I now know six for sure, I know most of the names (most likely only because they’re fresh in my mind) but don’t have the faces remembered/associated w/ those names. I might possibly remember Chen now since he was in a majority of the episode and POSSIBLY Chanyeol too if I could remember his name lol.
          I really figured out who Luhan was 1st, then I finally could tell Kai apart lol, then the last episode made me remember D.O. and Kris who I kinda sorta knew but hadn’t totally figured out yet, and made me figure out Xiumin and Tao just because they really look nothing like any of the others.

        • lumierenoire

          I remembered Luhan, Kris, and Tao first. I can’t remember Chanyeol very much. He’s one of the people I have to figure out by eliminating everyone else. Pfft, now that you mention it, he does resemble a fish in that image.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          lol So I wasn’t the only one to not learn Kai 1st.

          Yeah since I typed that/rewatched it I can’t even remember what Chanyeol looked like anymore… But maybe if I saw a pic of all the members again I would.

        • lumierenoire

          Kai’s face doesn’t stand out to me as much as the others…

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I’ll admit I was pretty lost/confused when I watched lives and everyone had different hair colors…

        • Puahaha! Yes, because this is the kind of face that screams “Mortal Kombat”. :P

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Oh you guys mean Bambi! Who looks like his 12 but is really one of the oldest members of the group (thank you allkpop for blowing my mind a few days ago with that info). I’ve seen him but tend to forget what group he’s in.

          And come on you know it’s always the innocent looking ones you need to look out for :-P Then again who would feel threatened with this face coming at you. (Seriously, I see no difference)

        • Just imagine he’s older then Kris (even though they only differ a few months), it’s so unreal!!
          And then Xiumin is the oldest!!

        • thisisjustforfunval

          What fountain of youth have these boys been drinking from?! By any chance do you know what this fellas name is? If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it. :)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic


          One of the six I can recognize. Luhan, Kai, D.O., Tao, Xiumin, and Kris.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Thank you Jamie :) Now I know three of them.

        • Hehe, that’s D.O
          I’ve been partial to him from the very beginning because he’s one half of the duo that sings What Is Love, my favorite kpop song of 2012. Don’t you just love his voice?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I was going to tell her “You better learn Kris for fuuko” and “You better learn D.O.” for jas.
          But then I figured my luck you’d shoot that down. lol

        • lol, I just remembered that Fuuko likes Kris.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Idk why, but then again I don’t understand a majority of the dudes she seems to fangirl over lol.

          Hey I’m going to post something in DHM real quick, I’d appreciate if you could help me.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          I’ve decided to call Kris Bambi #2 because him and Luhan look very similar.

        • Really?? Kris has a really strong jawline and just stronger, more intense facial features overall. If all else fails, he is a lot taller than Luhan.

          An easy way to learn more members is to watch both the M and K versions of What Is Love. Hmm, you know both D.O and Luhan now, so maybe it’s not all that helpful after all, haha, but in those videos, Baekhyun is the one standing in the K version, and Chen is the one standing in the M version. EDIT: That probably only made sense in my mind. XD I meant that between the two members in each video that sing, Baekhyun is standing and D.O is sitting, while in the M version, Chen is standing and Luhan is sitting.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          HAHA! Well since I know D.O and Luhan now, it will be easier for me to learn Baekhyun and Chen who are standing in the beginning respectively. Also, I’ve never heard or seen the M version…

          Eventually Kris and Luhan’s similarity will fade for me but when they move so much and so many guys, yeah, it’s kinda a blur to my non-trained EXO eye.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic


        • thisisjustforfunval

          :-O I didn’t realize that! What Is Love is one of my favorite songs, and definitely my favorite Exo song. Must go back and watch video again. I’ve heard the song way more than seen the video.

        • ‘Favorite Kpop Songs of 2012′ was actually the first ‘Favorite’ video that we made, just for fun after the EYKAs. http://youtu.be/RickeZWYrFc
          So normally I wouldn’t actually know exactly what song was my number one favorite, except that we stressed over it (a lot more than was needed, lol) in order to create our own personal rankings. Seriously, it took forever for me to cut my list down to only eight.

        • I think it’s D.O, but I’m absolutely not sure ^^

        • Did you see the one where they are performing on a stage completely surrounded by the audience?

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Now that is the performance I was hoping to see! Much bigger stage that really showcases the awesome dance and they could all work together more fluidly. Woohoo thank you!

        • Josh Chinnery

          I haven’t caught any of the live performances of Growl (no need with the video actually keep track of the dancing), but that sucks. I’ve had to perform on a tiny stage before (there were about five of us, so you can imagine how small it was) and it is not fun >_>

        • thisisjustforfunval

          jas24 sent me to this link. http://youtu.be/2nBz1DaT5rQ WATCH IT lol the stage is huge and the camerman shot it similar to the video. Much better than the one I saw.

        • Josh Chinnery

          Oh god, do I feel bad about Sehun. That red hair is a crime against dye jobs everywhere!! SM, the motherlover where you thinking?!?!?! XD *ahem* That performance was great, but I think the camera man got lost a few times :3

        • thisisjustforfunval

          The cameraman really did get lost, especially after the first time they panned away from the stage. I saw the camera swooping around a few times and I was like “please don’t hit one them.” The fans will riot.

        • Josh Chinnery

          I’m sorry, I just can’t with that hair!! The pink hair, the rainbow hair, the blonde, ANYTHING BUT THAT RED HAIR!!! *shudders* The fasionista in me is dying painfully every time I look at it Y_Y AND K-POP IS ALWAYS SO GOOD WITH THIS DYE JOBS, TOO!!!

        • thisisjustforfunval

          I never said it was good, I just said it stood out XD

          Personally I didn’t even like it when GD did that hair color. It’s to close to clown hair association.

        • Josh Chinnery

          Hmm… So true XD It’s still a bad way to stand out, imo. Also, I knew I wasn’t the only one getting clown vibes from it Y_Y

        • I’m with you. That hair made Sehun look like Ronald McDonald. Thank goodness that color didn’t stick around for long.

          Yeah, the camera operator got a little lost. He was way out above the crowd when D.O’s part started, then had to rush back into the center to find his face. D.O’s part is one of my favorites, so I was a bit disappointed that the camera guy missed half of it.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Every time I watched the video D.O always caught my attention but would forget to find out who he was. There’s so many of them lol it took me a year to learn all of SuJu, I expect it will take longer for Exo.

        • Josh Chinnery

          I doubt that I will ever know who everyone in SuJu is beyond Shindong, Siwon, Eunhyun, and Henry (yes, I consider him a part of SuJu; Only13 can kiss my black ass :P). I kind of know who everyone in EXO is, but then I don’t; it was rather confusing telling SHINee apart from each other, and I know it’ll be a pain to do that with EXO.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Learning SuJu was at first an accident and then became a test of endurance for me lol. During Sexy, Free and Single I would test myself during live performances to name them all XD The only two SuJus I don’t know are the guy who left the group and the other guy from the SuJuM. I know what they look like but don’t know their names.

          And SHINee, I never had any intention of learning their names. I didn’t find them attractive and just wanted to know their music. Yeah…tumblr changed all that. I know all their names and suffer from Onew addiction with a side of Jonghyun affliction.

          Oh and I totally agree, the other day I was thinking they should just make Henry a regular member of SuJu already.

          Edit: Maybe one day I will have the drive to learn all of EXO, but for now I’m good learning D.O XD So that makes my total three members.

        • Josh Chinnery

          The two that left (I’m sorry, the one that left SuJu and the other that’s on “hiatus”) are Kibum and Hangeng, and the two that are in SuJu-M are Henry and Zhou Mi. I too blame Tumblr for knowing all of this; they’ve infected me all their HenMi love, and now I must love/reblog all HenMi posts I see >_< Darn you Tumblr!!!

          *ahem* I too thought that SHINee wasn't too all that great (all I liked was Sherlock), but then their 2013 releases happened and boom, I now know all of them. I'm so going to get flogged for this, but I do not find Taemin attractive what so ever; all my love and huggles go to Onew (with a side bonus of stanning to the fabulously flawless Key diva :3).

          I'm sort of/kind of working on EXO; the more distinct looking members (Kris, Tao, Xiumin, Kai, Sehun, D.O) coupled with all the gifs that appear on my Tumblr dash (like seriously, EXOtics gif EVERYTHING!!) kind of have me subconsciously learning all of them. I actually recently learned Sehun, because of the recent mini-scandal with Tao "accidentally" liking a SeTao fanfic on Weibo (imo, that's no accident; one does not end up on the dark side of the Internet without some effort :3), so… Funny story, everyone :D I'm pretty sure there's going to be a day when I watch an EXO music video or performance and I'll be like, "That's Kris, that's D.O, that's Kai, that's Luhan, that's Sehun" (and so on and so forth). The only thing that throws me off is when fans use their real names. Guys, please stop that. You only know their stage personas (and even when they're not performing, it's still a persona), so please stop addressing them by their actual names like you know them personally. It's kind of creepy, yo.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Funny story, Kibum was the first member I knew of SuJu and I didn’t even know who SuJu was at the time. He would always pop up when I would search for U-KISS Kibum. So when Mr. Simple (my first SuJu comeback) rolled around I kept searching for the one person I knew only to find he was on “hiatus”…yeah he’s never coming back lol. Pics of Key would come up as well, since apparently that’s his real name, and so would KimBum because people spelled his name wrong.

          I only follow one tumblr that really posts pics outside of my favorite groups. But it has been my super Kpop name to face educator. EXO pops up a lot but I’ve never really paid attention. Truthfully SM made me not want to learn their names with all their teasers. So I only focused on the music. Growl is the first time I’ve taken time to really look at them. The video was to awesome not to re-watch multiple times.

          Oh and believe me you will, and if there is one or two you struggle on knowing who they are you will find yourself making sure you learn them XD

        • Josh Chinnery

          I wanna say that I follow four K-Pop blogs, but I’m not sure… Everything just bleeds together nowadays and I honestly don’t care where what is coming from XD *ahem* I have one person who LOVES posting about Super Junior (specifically HenMi, which is why I am so anti-Only13, other than the fact that I hate bullies), so I that’s how I know who the few amount of SuJu members (I swear, by the end of the year, I’ll be able to name them all).

          As for EXO, I came in *after* SM’s grand teaser assault (which honestly sounds terrible XD), so I had no idea who EXO was until l saw What is Love (this is back when I depended on M.Net America for my K-Pop fix) and I was floored by how awesome the song (like seriously, anybody who says that EXO can’t sing needs to check their damn ears because that was some kind of singing going on in that song XD. *ahem* I won’t say that I became an EXOtic (other than the fact that I refuse to identify a fandom, because I like too many groups for all that) because I forgot about them for about a month… Oops :3

  150. Camilla Helen Wickstrøm

    At first i was like… They are howling O___O ……… I kind of liked the rest of the song, but the howling distracted me. I found the dance both cool and somtimes weird. But after a few more times of watching, it grew a lot on me. Still it cannot compair with how much i LOVE Growl <3 I have listened to Growl for probably at least 1 hour every day since it came out. I am HOOKED!

    On a side note. "Wolf" seemes to really appeal to kids. I have a 4 year old daughter whom i showed the mv. That same night i heard her "howling" in the bedroom and singing "kore olf kore olf!" when she was put to bed. And for days after she requested to listen to the "Olf" somg before bed time. I also work in a kindergarten. And i brought my EXO K cd with me. I was singing along to the chours and did the "wolf ear movements". The 2 year olds whom was listening LOVED it! They were smiling and "singing" and trying to do the movements. We listened to the song at least 5 times in a row. It was a funny discovery ;)

  151. i love the skits and jokes and green screen effects but i do kind of wish you’d talk about the song more like you used to :)

  152. Oh boy, guise, calm down! Lol, people get so wound up about who didn’t get reviewed. There are many more important/tragic events going on in this world like starving children, corrupt governments, pollution, whales being purposely killed. Hey if you want to get angry, get angry about that stuff. Just seems to make more sense. But maybe it’s because I’m in my 30′s but fighting over who gets reviewed seems just so ridiculous compared to everything else going on in the world. Just enjoy the videos and laugh!

    • Totally agree. We are old T_T

      • Haha yeah. This year I hit 32 and I’m like, I’m way to old to like Kpop. But screw it, I still do. I’m going to be one of those cool auntie types. ;)

        • tweetpandora

          Ha same here, am a little of a closet fan, but happy to be a noona fan.

    • Wow, I feel all warm and fuzzy seeing people over 30! 38 here, and it’s hard to be a K-pop fan sometimes…

      • I got to see B.A.P. in the NY MTVK studios….i’m 32. I am pretty sure I was the oldest one there to see them. Lol the security people were telling me to not rush the talent…I looked and them and was like I am WAY too old for that. Go talk to the screaming teenagers behind me. lol. The boys were awesome btw and Jongup waved at me *fangurling Squeeee**

    • Well I’m not the youngest here either (almost 23)
      But the point of KMM is ENTERTAINMENT, not the discussion of global issues…
      And when the reviewed video has nothing much to talk abt it IS disappointing -__-

    • thisisjustforfunval

      YAY! One another 30 year old, I’m 33 and two because you said exactly how I feel. This is the first time in awhile I’m not enjoying scrolling through the comment section on KMM.

    • Oh yay, thank you for saying that. :) I just turned 35, but only truly “embraced” Kpop only last year. So I feel like such an adjumma hanging out here sometimes. It’d be cool to have some kind of space for “older” Kpop fans to hang out in :p

  153. if you guys want VIXX to be reviewed so much, then go vote for them. I’ll probably go tell my exotics friends to go vote for them too since EXO already got theirs reviewed! ^^

    • They were voted for, though now it seems with the recent charting system, S&M will review any of the songs in the top three depending on which they want to review more. Soooo even if they were voted into the top three for like, what, weeks at a time, if Simon and Martina don’t wanna review it, they probably won’t.

      • Oh… I see now.
        Well, you never know! But if I were their fans, I would still keep on supporting them no matter what. If they stay up in the top three for like months, and eyk still wouldn’t review them, that would seem a little weird, no?

        • Even though that’s literally impossible, the enthusiasm is praiseworthy

        • BLAQ Finiks

          They cannot stay up in charts for months, bcz of the “oldiness” they will disappear (same happened with CNBLUE I’m Sorry for ex)

    • It’s kind of hard to stay in the top 3 when the comment section has been broken. It literally reached the Disqus limit so even wining through votes is hard for a small fandom.

  154. Bleh i’m disappointed…. how can you not have a Busker Busker option on that poll… -_-’ lmao

    and also VIXX… lol but that’s just me xD

  155. “But he pirrouettes it like a BOSS!” may be one of my new favorite quotes.

    On a completely different note I have to ask, what happened to the Kpop Chart Updates? I presume it has been dropped/temporarily shelved and I just missed the announcement?

  156. genitals rhymes with recitals….

  157. Everything is opinion orientated and that can already be told when you said Martina liked WOLF but you disliked it. Yet directly after you seem to make it sound as if people who liked Wolf has sucky taste? And only likes EXO for their looks?

    Alright, fine, EXO is a band with good looking boys and there are several thousands of women out there that want to jump their bones, but there are people out there that REALLY like Wolf, not cause it was sung by EXO, but because they liked the song. Music is a matter of personal opinion, and when it comes to opinion, no one’s is better than another.

    Just cause you did not like WOLF doesn’t mean it was a bad song, it’s just something you personally wouldn’t prefer. So aren’t you being an ass or an opinion shover when you say EXO is only adored cause of their visuals? And that they hit an ‘unimpressive start’?

    • THIS. God, the way he words it makes me feel like one of the crazy fangirls just for disagreeing (and I’m actually a very rational K-pop consumer with diverse tastes). I loved Wolf and would have loved it whoever sang it! So yeah…way to alienate even the non-crazy Exo fans.

      • What both of you said. I don’t appreciate being labeled a horny fangirl because my opinion of Wolf differed from Simon’s. I liked the song. Period. It’s disappointing to see S&M take the ‘if you disagree with my opinion you must delulu’ stance.

  158. So now we’ve found out the harsh way that VIXX is the new NU’EST of the eatyourkimchi charts, but this time it has nothing to do with how hard the fans worked. I’ve always felt like EYK was supposed to be the haven of the underdog groups, especially with the addition of the top-three system, but it seems as though that is not the case. Now that Kpop Chart Updates are gone as well, I feel like there is no chance for rookie groups anymore. I really appreciate all the work you guys have done putting up reviews, but I can’t shake the feeling that this is turning into a place where the opinions of the fans no longer matter. I’m a bit disappointed.

    • I see what you’re saying. I was really excited when the top 3 rule was made, but I haven’t learned about new groups and stuff since the rule was put into place. I wish the underdogs would get reviewed more, since I have found many songs I love through KMM.

      • Yes! I really miss the days when KMM was a place to be exposed to new things that I hadn’t seen before. There are so many rookie groups that I would not listen to now if it wasn’t for Simon and Martina, and now I feel like it doesn’t matter what any of us really want anymore. I wish they’d just take the chart away and spare us getting our hopes up just to be crushed. (I know this is an extremist outlook, but honestly I am beyond caring who disagrees with me at this point)

  159. Amyaco

    Martina you look so cute with that wig! ^^

  160. PunkyPrincess92

    this is a great song!!! and yeah, the camera movements was amazing!!! it was the only thing i was actually paying attention to in the mv!!
    ahahahahahah fangurilla as the ghost!!!!!

  161. I’m sorry, EYK, but I have to add to the disappointment on this KMM… which I barely do. D: There was barely anything talked about in the review. Yes, it was a different take on the “traditional SM box sets.” Yes, “Growl” was a great song and I’m happy you guys liked it as well. However, I think that there were other videos that were more interesting and had more to talk about.

    I still love you guys though~ I’m just sad that the KMMs are getting shorter and shorter recently.

  162. I love your KMMs EYK, but I’ve been noticing that they’ve been getting shorter. I remember a blog post about attention spans on the internet getting too short or something, but still, I think the KMMs should be longer than 5 minutes. If you don’t have much to say about one video, you could always review two. ;) Keep up the good work!

  163. Honestly, I didn’t really like Exo songs. They were out of my taste. Oh yeah, I could resist these undeniably drool-inducing hot guys. However, Growl changed the way I see them. I totally agree that this is probably one of the most interesting box sets I’ve seen, not only from SM, but from the whole KPop industry! Whoa! The dance and song are also out of this planet!

    I was totally impressed with Kai’s recovery. I mean, when I first watched it, I was like he made a mistake! Then, he did it ever so smoothly and perfectly that I began doubting if it was even a mistake or part of the choreography. Kai, I’ll shower my love for you.

    Damn, fangurilla! You were there in the set first! We could share some space next time ;)

  164. I feel like this would have been a good opportunity to do another double KMM with VIXX.

    Partly because Exo gets reviewed a lot relative to the amount of videos they release, but also because they both employed similar techniques to shooting their videos *cough*VIXXdiditinoneshot,too,butbackwards*cough* and because neither music video had much going on to warrant a full length KMM.

    I dunno. It seems like it would be more appeasing to fans, especially the Starlights who kept VIXX afloat all week in spite of much more popular groups releasing at the same time…

    • Bubalooy

      Maybe S&M are scared to try another double review after the comments from last time?

      Hmm that ended up sounding kinda judgy of S&M. Didn’t mean it to be, just meant that I think they’re still trying to figure out a way to please as many people as possible without being keyboard murdered in the process.

      • I think so, too, but in this case I belive that it may have been an interesting compare/contrast rather than just another fangurilla thing..
        I dunno.

        • Bubalooy

          Yeah for sure. I will have to go check out VIXX’s vid as it seems to be pretty interesting. Maybe they will review it next week. Id rather that than the 2NE1 song. Really not liking that at all. lol

        • I doubt VIXX can manage to stay in the top 3 for another week thou. . . -.-
          Somehow, they are one of those groups who just get screwed over again and again. . .

        • Bubalooy

          Well I will do my part and vote for them on a daily basis cus after watching the video and listening to the song I thought the whole thing was awesome! Though not 100% understanding how it was done in “one shot”. Maybe there is another version that I missed? I dunno….

        • I think they meant the part where they are in that room and everything goes backwards and when they filmed that the members also had to lipsync backwards. . .
          Yeah. . . I think it’s that part of the MV . . .

        • Bubalooy

          Yeah I figured that was the part they meant I just dunno if it actually would’ve all been one shot. I dunno anything about video editing though so I dunno. The backwards bit would’ve been hard though!

      • I’m one of those people who are reaallly hesitant about EYK doubling up KMM. Soon, people will be complaining that their group didn’t get a full review and it had to be shared.

        • Bubalooy

          Yeah, I think the trouble is that people always seem to find something to complain about. Video’s too short, didn’t talk enough about this aspect, not enough skits, too many skits, didn’t pick my bias group, made my bias group share a review etc etc. It’s really quite ridiculous. I don’t quite understand why people take it all so seriously. I honestly don’t think anything S&M do at this stage will not get some kind of negativity on it. :(

  165. Simon, I was totally annoyed by Wolf too… THIS is the comeback I was waiting for.

  166. i hope exo gets more songs and amazing dances like they did for growl. i really did not like wolf because it just felt so choppy and the dancing just seemed weird to me. I am in love with this song, both versions of it :) i thought the video was so well done and did not even mind the box set because it just fit so well for the song. whoever choreoraphed this dance for exo was a genius!

  167. Simon, I like wolf because it’s so funny and catchy! xD But I understand why you think that!
    There are many people who don’t like EXO, but I don’t think it is beacause of some crazy fans. EXO do have crazy fans like all groups have but the crazy fans doens’t do anything at all that collide against other fandoms… the Inkigayo thing was just because some fans were taking photos when they couldn’t. Sorry for my english… I’m trying my best… ><

  168. hapagirl

    Seriously, this is already in my top 5 favorite k-pop videos and songs or 2013. It’s a lot of confidence and swagger. You wanna dance to this. Seriously I am very happy you guys did this, even if it was short but you said that it was a last minute thing. I would have never had heard this song. And who’s not gonna vote for Growl, as much as I love One Shot, that damn ending made me hate that video.

  169. I hate to be the stick in the mud here, but, a request: could you please bleep out “goddamned” along with the rest of the swear words? I’ve heard/read it a lot here lately, and it’s really starting to bother me.

    Anywhoo, I loved this song. And if I die in seven days, I’ll be coming after you, Fangurilla!

  170. I totally love that your WTFs are back, but I really miss and love Kpop Chart Updates too. It lets me listen to songs I didn’t want to listen to because I’m not a fan of the group and it’s also like a mini review for MVs that didn’t get chose for KMM. But I guess nothing can be done. >< WHICH GROUP WAS IT GONNA BE?! :x

    But! -pushes all sad things away- Like I said, I like EXO and I love Growl so I'm happy that it got reviewed. And to top it all, this KMM is funny. I love what you did with fangurilla. It's like 5AM here and I thought you were gonna zoom in on the "ghost" that'd scare me(yes I hate horror and everything that goes with it. I find them interesting but I still hate it.) but BAM! FANGURILLA pops out and I had the biggest laugh of the night..or morning.. xD

    Btw is it just me who hears "You shine a lychee" at 2:40 in the Chinese version for Growl? My friends didn't hear it until I pointed it out. And they thought I was crazy for laughing so suddenly at that part xD

  171. At least can you tell me what you thought about VIXX’s “G.R.8.U”? I can never hate you guys but I’m really upset about the fact that EXO gets reviewed so many times, along with 2ne1 and Bap so I was hoping you guys would do VIXX and the video was so short. Couldn’t you guys do a double KMM like the one 2 weeks ago? I’m not hating and I can’t be mad at you guys but I’m just so curious on your thoughts about the video. Please reply back with some quick thoughts.

  172. So you’re making KMM shorter and shorter, but to keep everyone’s attention you put a little bonus at the end, like this sombrero shot? Smart, smart… But I’d be curious to know the actual evolution of your statistics! I wouldn’t be surprised if the average stopping time remained way before the end, because of people who don’t know about the bonus and stop before the showdown, or because of people who have already seen the video and just want to rewatch one part!

    Anyways, I enjoyed this KMM and the butthole dance and the Meemers-focused bloopers. It just lacked a little bit of content.

  173. You guys kill me…..I laugh like a maniac when I watch these things you do. I was not able to find the video of BAP . EXO is good but man I LOVE BAP!! So anyways in my ajumma opinion….BAP WINS HANDS DOWN.,

  174. after seeing you guys “dance” i can only appreciate the graceness of exo’s movements even more lol

    btw. thans for the kai eye candys *.* sorry I’m so naaaasty

  175. Omg, I didn’t know you were part of SME!! If you looknat the right upper corner you can see the label….
    So happy you did Growl, with all these comebacks I was scared it wouldn’t happen,,but I’ll be even more happier when MBLAQ will get their review!
    And now I have been thinking for genitals, what rhymes? Didn’t find anything, but Google exists with a reason! I found congenital and urogenital and a bunch of slang rhymes! http://rhymebrain.com/en/What_rhymes_with_genital.html
    I laughed my ass off with this btw, which isn’t really handy now because my little sister was sleeping next to me, now she woke up!!!
    Very good found of the oneshot camera thing too, now I can finally make my totally non-kpop, almost anti, best friend like something! ^^

  176. Oh, dear goooooooood! Why did you put B.A.P and EXO against each other? ALL THE BIASED FANGIRLS ARE GOING TO COME OUT AND DESTROY YOOOOU!

  177. i vote for busker busker. yay.

  178. Actually my friends of EYK. You made a giant mistake about the One-take stuff. Because VIXX used it too. Even worse they had to sing backwards in order to make the video like that.
    Maybe you guys didn’t even realize but VIXX’s video is for what… 85% in reverse?
    All you guys did in this KMM was talking about Kai’s crotch grabbing, ‘the ghost’ and then some sketches. That wasn’t a real review. There was no break down of the song.
    Ha, now all exotics will look at me and be like “ah butthurt!”
    Sorry I am an Exotic too, but didn’t enjoy it at all.

    Please Eatyourkimchi, don’t make promises when you will break them. I can’t stand liars or people that break promises.
    What will you guys do when in 2 days the drama version will be released suddenly.

    Ugh. I am further so confused. We made a whole team to promote VIXX so you guys would review them but our work is just thrown into a trash can.

    • wow take a chill pill my firend…. Its not the end of the world.

      • She has a right to be upset. If she is upset, your comment probably wouldn’t help much anyway, because telling someone to take a chill pill will rarely make them calm down xD

        • tweetpandora

          Yes, point taken, but is it necessary to call S&M liars, breakers of promises etc…(where is that even coming from?) There is a way of expressing disappointment without name calling etc… I am a 2ne1 diehard fan, would have liked to see that review and am not taking it to heart that they did EXO instead, it actually made me watch the EXO MV which I now realise I like. I wish people would watch KMM more for S&M rather than who they reviwed.

        • S&M promised they would wait for EXO’s drama version and not review Growl until it came out. So, technically, they broke a promise, which is a perfectly good reason to be upset. So even though name-calling is a teensy bit harsh, she was being very serious. Don’t worry about it.

        • Ahem… They did not promise anything.

        • They said in one video somewhere (don’t remember which one) that they won’t do it until the drama version. That sounds like a promise in some way.

        • I see where your disappointment comes from. They said they’re waiting for the drama version to come out because they regret not waiting for the drama ver. of Wolf and because of that people didn’t expect EXO to be reviewed this week. But still that wasn’t a promise. And well, they changed their minds.
          You know, when S&M made the top 3 rule, they mentioned a few factors that determine which video they review but after the KMM for Lee HI’s Rose I’ve learned that the most important one is which video they feel inspired to talk about. Now I don’t care that much about who’s being reviewed… But I can’t tell you not to care as well, the point is: don’t take every S&M’s “we want to…” as “we will do” because their plans seem to change a lot.

        • I have noticed that too…

        • I’m also popping into say that 2NE1 wasn’t even eligible for a review because they didn’t make it into the top three until over 12 hours after voting was closed. Simon and Martina promised to review the drama version of Growl instead of the dance version. /pops out/

    • You have a point there… VIXX did their MV in one shot, too. I forgot about that.

    • Can’t really say much about this comment since it’s pretty correct. As an EXO fan, not much was actually done in this. Hell, they didn’t really talk about their SONG at all. They once started as reviewers but this video is sort of making it seem like…I dunno, something that isn’t a review?

      Though they didn’t review VIXX, I personally don’t think they did much for EXO either.

    • You’re right and I agree 98%
      (1% of disagreeing for calling S&M liars, it’s not very nice, you know, even if you’re upset
      & 1% – I’m not an exotic)
      I was hoping for VIXX KMM cos the MV has SO much to talk about! :(

    • Gave you a thumbs up for the one shot / backwards part.

      ( that was honestly cool to watch in the MV *.* )

  179. Lol at the end with the maracas and the mexican sombreros on their heads while they were dancing was glorious.

  180. Wait! You said you almost did another song! If you don’t mind my asking, what was that other song? And do you have any footage that you ended up scrapping when you changed songs? I’m just curious. *edit* By the way, I really like this blog post. EXO is a great group but I wish they didn’t have so much hype so no one would get kicked out of music shows. -____-

  181. I am totally pedonoona over Kai and a few others (don’t know who is who and am too old to find out!)

  182. I totally agree with everything said! I actually really loved this Kpop monday. I dont see why people are complaining, You say everything you need to say and added a cute little scene here and there. It was an awesome KMM and Simon i agree i didn’t really like Wolf as much as i loved Growl

  183. Oh my god. Simon and Martina you got it really spot on with EXO. At first I hated EXO with a passion that burned brighter than my hatred for Twilight (and that’s saying something). I was like “oh joy, SuJu is going off to the army so SM is just creating a new group to fill the void. HOLY F@CK WHY ARE THERE SO MANY TEASERS!!! WHY ARE THEY ALL FOR THIS KAI KID!! WHAT IS THIS! OH MY GOD THEY AREN’T OUT YET AND THEY ALREADY HAVE SUPERFANS!!!!!?” And being on Tumblr I’ve seen some of the insane stuff the international EXOtics do with photoshop and I’ve seen how the asian fans treat them. It’s frankly disgusting.

    I think you got it right that a lot of the fans are more focused on how sexy and hot the boys are. But seriously, it is a disservice to the band to just focus on their exteriors. Though they don’t get to show it all the time (not veryone sings on every track and most of their live shows are lip synced), they are all fantastic singers. At least three of them are guitarists and many more compose music or lyrics (or both) on a regular basis. Many are talented artists who can draw amazingly. And their personalities, gosh, don’t get me started. EXO has some of the sweetest, most humble members who have gone through such difficulties and give so much of themselves.

    And yet, most people just go “oooohhhhh oppa’s so hot! I’m gonna go rush at him in an airport and edit photos of him so he’s kissing his band mate!”

    I hope at some point the hype (which is so manufactured) will die down, or these fans they have now will grow up or tired of kpop and then maybe EXO will have fans who like them for more than what their stylists put on them.

    Yeah, I was really impressed that this was all done in ‘one take’. Like you guys I’m skeptical that it was one take. But even in two takes this is really impressive, just from the fact that you have a guy with a camera that weights as much as him running about and trying to focus on each member and not get in the way of the choreography. Job well done camera dude! I wasn’t sold on the choreography at first (I’m sorry, some of it looks really hokey) but it’s growing on me. The song however. Perfect. Love love love it.

    Once again Simon and Martina, thanks for reviewing.

    • Love what you wrote! ^^
      And couldn’t help but think of our lovely M leader KRIS <3 when you said 'Many are talented artists who draw amazingly' LOL ;)

      • heey you’re also on here? Hello noona :D

        • Noona's for BB!

          Hi Hipster!! ;) thank you for the welcome….i am new to posting here, and will continue to look for wherever there is love for EXO, BAP, Infinite, SuJu, SHINee, DBSK, U-Kiss,
          and last but certainly not least, my ultimate OT5: BIG BANG! <3

    • Lol, I was the exact same way. While the fans are insane, it doesn’t help that SM just pushes their attractiveness. I feel like all of the craziness is because of SM’s marketing, all they talk about is how pretty Exo is and keeps pushing certain members. For the longest time, I kept wondering why Xiumin was part of Exo until I heard him sing on Weekly Idol. Whoa, that boy has pipes, but why does he never have lines? Grr, hopefully they’ll grow out of the gimmicky promotion and just be promoted on their talents.

      • Dude Xiumin yes. He got into SM cuz of his voice too. And it sucks cuz when he promotes as EXO-M he prolly doesn’t have even more lines since the language is not his own.

        • Chillymilly

          SM definitely can’t have that as an excuse anymore. For this album, they’ve pretty much abandoned the 2 groups promoting at the same time concept, so everyone should have an opportunity to sing on either album. I will say there was an improvement on even distribution, I think Growl is the most I’ve seen Xiumin in the spotlight. I felt the wallflowers were given more of a chance and the “stars” took a backseat in this song.

      • Literally anything I read about EXO its always about how attractive or sexy they are. Or how the clothes they wear show off their sex appeal. Um, I’m sorry, if I wanted just that I’d go stare at a shop window where there are plenty of mannequins. When was the last time someone went “Oh wow, Kai’s pirouette was so well executed.” or “Gosh, Luhan’s high note was flawless, wasn’t it?” Don’t get me wrong, they’re hot and I take notice of that, but my appreciation goes much deeper. I know a lot of kpop is all about the visuals but when you do have a pack of guys who are really talented, why not exploit that?

    • exo fans are the worst fans in kpop!!
      *comic book guy voice* WORST.FANDOM.EVER.

      and i think exo has got to be one of the most overrated groups out there!
      i am sure they are all nice guys and work very hard,
      but so do other groups!

      • I can agree with the fandom. But the other comments? Yes, every group is hard working. But why we say this to EXO is due to the fact they are a rookie group in SM. As you know, SM is probably the most cruelest and grilling agency in Korea.

        And what Mary G was stating, EXO is actually underrated because they are only known for their looks, not their talents.

    • Emily D.

      I agree completely. I’m a diehard Exo fangirl, but a lot of the other Exo fans freak me out, and I’m not talking about those creepy sasaengs. Basically they love Exo as objects for them to gush over their attractiveness and to pair them with other members (wut in the world?!? why is that a thing?), and it disgusts me. I love everything you said and I acted very similarly with Exo hype…hahaha.

      • You learn to live with it I guess. At first I saw them getting shipping material from under a rock and it was just slightly exasperating, then it became downright annoying, but then you just take it for what it is, something to be taken lightly or ignore. The same with other stuff, they are obviously going to gush over them, so as long as it doesn’t affect me, or it doesn’t affect the integrity of the members and how the are, I really don’t give a fuck.

        There have been instances where I do raise my voice, but I never let that get to me so much. Like… I used to see fans calling Luhan names like cheater and a two timer for hanging out with the members like wooooooow stop there, your shipping fantasies have to reach a limit, and making such careless observations doesn’t sit well with other people. Like you can joke all you want but calm down there insulting the guys you so preach you love. One thing is to joke about it and another is insult the guys for the sake of that joke.

    • someone on my wavelength!
      As a girl who mostly listens to girl groups (don’t ask me why, I’ve always been that way since I was a kid. I think I just prefer the sound of the female voice most of the time) a boy group has to be pretty damn special to make its way onto my ipod.

      I can understand the concept of liking a group because they’re good looking, but I can’t really wrap my head around having such a shallow vision of such talented people! For me no matter how good looking the band are I can’t like them unless they have great talent and stand out from the crowd.

      Exo is a great talented group and I hope they continue to shine brighter than before! But I also hope that people will stop fangirling over them long enough to actually really appreciate them. And also for SM to give each member an opportunity to showcase what they’ve got!
      well that’s my 3 wishes for the day :P

    • Kyribean

      You and Simon both hit the nail right on the head. It really is a disservice to EXO to focus only on their looks and not their music. The reason why I became a fan was because Mama was such an amazing song. If it hadn’t been so good, I wouldn’t have been interested in them at all– because there are plenty of other good-looking artists out there, who make great music to listen to. EXO happened to have both at the time, and they’re still obviously very good-looking guys, but… when they put out something like Wolf and people eat it up, I really have to question why they’re fans in the first place. I guess some people genuinely liked it, but a majority of the fans who love it love it just because it’s EXO.

      Loyalty to your group is great and all, but, there’s nothing wrong with criticizing what you love, either (for instance, me being a diehard SNSD fan but willing to admit IGAB wasn’t as good as a majority of their other comebacks).

      • Criticize Wolf all you like, just don’t suggest that all the fans who actually liked it are insane rabid fangirls who are only after the guys for their sexy bodies and would just as easily eat up “I’m a Little Teapot.” Not gonna lie, that was pretty insulting.

        • Kyribean

          I didn’t mean to generalize, I’m sorry! While a majority of the fans I’ve seen could care less about the quality of music EXO puts out, but I did mention that there are some people who genuinely liked the song (like Martina, for instance)!

          There are both out there– fans who genuinely like the song, and fans who only liked it because it was more of their EXO. Even if I don’t see what there is to like about the song, I won’t question someone who does like it– so long as they don’t flat out tell me: “who cares if it’s bad? If it’s EXO, it’s good.” (Which is something someone actually said to me, once.) I have higher hopes for EXO as artists than that…

          Although let’s be fair, EXO doing I’m a Little Teapot would be great if only for the fact that they’re dorks and would be hilarious doing it.

        • Lol! I agree. No, I meant what Simon wrote in the blog post. I was a bit insulted and I feel crappy for even admitting it. But it’s their blog, and I come here to hear their opinions…so I guess I’ll just deal with cringing every time he mentions Exo from now on! :P

        • ☆Just because...

          I suppose in a way, we’re nice people who look for good things to say about stuff XD Since joining fandoms, I see how fans see those people/characters as their friend, so if my friend decided to do “I’m a little teapot”, I’d probably laugh, but ofc if they sang and danced it well, I’m gonna be like “not bad”

          And yeah… I was kinda insulted, sure they’re handsome, their faces are good to look at, but then their musical talents are good enough for me to constantly listen to their music.

    • I think your grouping of “Asian EXO fans” is a little off. Not to throw them under the bus, but it’s mostly the Chinese fans that see them as objects/cause the problems (It’s not just with EXO’s Chinese fans either. Other groups like SuJu and TVXQ have pretty crazy fans there two. There some big drama at a SMtown (in China) a few years back because of them). The Korean fans are used to dealing with Idol groups and know how to go about being a fan. The Chinese don’t and a lot of them have been flying over to Korea to support them (which I’m pretty sure is why they are banned from Ingikiayo (language difference and not being able to understand the rules/being the craziest fans out there)). The Korean do see them /more/ as people. Like when they were still split, the K-fans were actually pretty bummed that Chen was in M. The little bit that they saw of his great/troll-like personality in all of M’s Chinese variety show appearances made them sad that he could never show his full potential.

      In terms of international fans, EXO fans are a mixture of experienced fans and completely new to k-pop fans. There are tons of younger teens who say that EXO is the reason they got into k-pop, so give them a chance to mature. Regarding tumblr, the fans are just honestly having fun, and they had to keep themselves entertained somehow. Yes, some are batshit crazy, but they do not speak for the group as a whole. When M was at KCON, the fans treated them with respect. When Lay, Luhan and Kris were out shopping, fans knew where they were, but did not go stalk them or bother them. Lay liked coming over here so much he joked around on weibo that he wanted to spend his next birthday in LA. To quote what an exo blogger confessed recently under a read more, “i’m just gonna go out on a limb and say the reason the “”“exotic”“” (because that’s not even an official name) fandom is the most hated is because, at least on tumblr, they’re the most active kpop fandom. i mean, the exo tag was in the top ten used tags on tumblr (2nd next to 1D) or w/e. so the more fans, the more irritating people you’re going to see? it just makes sense. it’s sad to always see people calling the fandom “irritating” or saying things like “85% of exotics are annoying” because in reality i don’t think it’s that bad. I follow over 800 blogs and most of them are exo and i’ve never felt that the exo fandom is any better or worse than any other kpop fandom. i just notice that the exo fandom on tumblr has “taken over” a lot of blogs…maybe that’s where people’s frustrations come from? It’s just sad really because i’ve met some really smart funny and genuinely nice people through being a part of this fandom and though it can be a funny bandwagon to jump on and say “fuck the exo fandom” it just doesn’t seem like it can be justified. and it makes me sorta sad. but then again maybe i’m just taking it too seriously. fandoms are always going to be “irritating” it comes with being a “fanatic” it’s just frustrating i guess???”

      Also after the boys debuted, there activities were never really heard of. Allkpop treated them like shit honestly. They never talked about their radio shows/variety shows causing people to believe they were just being shown as “pretty faces”. EXO’s personality has always been there.

      Regarding the article, it’s not that they sold a lot of CD’s because the fans only see them as man candy, but because we lived off of 6 sings songs for an entire year. To use your example to an extent (“EXO could publish a cover of “I’m a Little Teapot”) and we’d still buy because it was at least something other than MAMA, What Is Love, History, Machine, Two Moons, and Angel. Also, My Lady and Baby Don’t Cry were on the album and that’s all we had ever wanted/waited for.

      • I know what you mean! I don’t want to feel like I’m taking that kind of comment too seriously (lest I prove I actually AM a batshit crazy fangirl), but I thought it was pretty off the mark. I fell in love with Exo for their vocals right from the start, and I know plenty of Exotics who are perfectly sane, clever, lovely people who don’t mob guys in airports. It’s kind of crappy to be dismissive of a group because of the reputation of their fandom. Sorry, guise. Don’t know why I’m letting it get to me so much. :(

        • kekenoodles

          Oh, I’m like that too. I hate reading comments so much. They all get to me and it makes me worried because I don’t usually have a short temper, but I’m just so sick of all the accusations and rumors. I’ve had to block myself from a few sites because of how much they got to me u_u. I hate that it’s popular belief that our fandom is the worst and that people only read what others say instead of get their facts straight. I really love our fandom actually. We’ve have some of the most talented artists and writers I have ever seen and I was so proud of the 20,000 Russian fans that greeted EXO at the airport and then there was that Tao fan group that donated a lot of money and school supplies to a part of China that had recently suffered from a natural disaster and just so many other things we’ve done right. Yeah we’re a bunch of trolls, but only because the boys are too lol. I blame Chen.

      • oh my god…i love you. <3 in a non creepy way. xD this literally sums up how most of the fandom feels, yeah we're active and shit but not all of us are crazy. :/ i love exo not just cause they're handsomebut b/c their personalities are awesome and their talent is amazing. them being handsome is just an added bonus…and i find it sort of annoying how people say our fandom is immature and annoying, but the ones saying we're annoying are immature themselves. instead of focusing on kpop they point fingers and judge other fandoms. smh.

        • kekenoodles

          Thank you^^ I love you too~ I keep thinking about how unfair we’re treated. Everyone always gets pissed at the Chinese fans for the airport incidents, but then SHINee/SuJu/TVXQ completely stop airport traffic in Japan, are surrounded by so many rowdy fans that a SHINee manger ends up hitting one in the face, and allkpop makes an article praising the groups saying, “ONLY TVXQ/SUJU/SHINEE!! BEHOLD THE POWER OF THESE GROUPS.” /sighs I’m just so done with all of this hate.

        • exactly, its so annoying when a kpop fandomer hears exotic they immediately have a negative mindset and when another fandom does something its not as bad as when exo/exo fandom does something. we get extra shit when something happens…OTL

      • Yeah, I understand where you are coming from. Like any fandom, from the outside we all look like nutjobs. For the most part we aren’t, we all have our moments, but as a whole we’re ok. I think that EXO is just so pervasive on the internet (Like I see my non-kpop blogs using EXO gifs and stuff) that it just seems crazier than it really is just by the sheer volume.
        And I totally agree that the one year wait for a new album that promised things that the fans wanted did heighten things (which then in turn fueled the SM marketing machine).

        But yeah, I too have met some nice reasonable people via the EXO fandom. I just am slightly annoyed that some stigma still remains and that there still are some real crazies out there.

        As for my generalization of the asian fans, I couldn’t make a clear distinction between what asian fans did what because I was not 100% about who exactly was involved where. I do know that a lot of the airport rushing events happened in China. But there was also that whole thing with the posters the fans made and banners and I knew it wasn’t international non-asian fans that did that so I didn’t want to say the wrong thing and get backlash. I know not all asian fans are like that and I prolly should have said ‘some asian fans’. Mea Culpa

        Really,at the end of the day, we all love EXO and we need to just temper our feelings (native or positive, towards EXO and towards the other fans) and support them. And I appreciate your response to my post. Thanks ^^

        • kekenoodles

          The banner thing turned out to be false. The accusation was that exo fans ripped down a Donghae banner at a concert, but it turned out to be made up by an anti. The owner of the Donghae banner came out that she was having trouble with the banner and a security guard ended up taking it down for her. She was actually appalled at the whole misconception because she had went to the concert with a good friend that was an exo fan. She said they were all in harmony and all bonded over singing Kris “Happy Birthday” and sang along with him when he sang “As Long As I have You” to the fans. She brought up that she did hear a few snarky comments from each side, but went on to say that every fandom has their bad apples. (Sorry haha, I just still have the post of her coming out about it. I’m just still bitter that the whole “scandal” got thousands and thousands of notes, while her clearing up the mess got less than 500)
          There are crazies in every fandom including the exo one, but I’m just thankful everyday there hasn’t been any car crashes or severe stalkings like with Suju and TVXQ. I dont know what’d I’d do if one of the members had to get a metal rod in there leg like Heechul or if one ended up severely inured and there was only a 10% chance they would live like Kyuhyun u_u

          Thanks for the reply^^

      • Honestly speaking… Why Chinese fans are so crazy is because 60% of the fans are new to kpop and only like EXO because they been on Chinese reality shows. China does not really have an idol pop culture like Japan or Korea, thus EXO attracted a lot of fans because of their Chinese members. It’s like China finally got their ‘idols’. Thus not understanding the ‘rules’ that were obtained since SUJU, TVXQ and Bigbang’s previous horrible experiences with fans (poisoning, crowding, antifans), the new fans just gush and crowd and go ape-shit crazy on them. That’s because they are still stuck in the notion that the best way to support the fan is go where they are, follow them and make shoutouts, while disregarding other people. It’s sad but to change that, it needs time.

      • Yes, even a few days after they were to make a comeback, they had like three music festivals. Everyone thought they were gone, but they really weren’t. They were always traveling back and forth between China and Korea and they attended a ton of music festivals, events. None of which were even covered by all kpop or any other site, which made people believe they weren’t doing anything at all. For anyone that actually stans them and follows their activities, they weren’t gone. EXO-M did proper promotions in China and guested in a bunch of variety shows/interviews right from the start.

        I also follow a shit ton of EXO blogs, and most of them are older fans just chilling there and reblogging their stuff, making edits or writing analysis. So it came as a surprise that people hated the EXO fandom, like hell, I’m in the middle of it but suddenly we are fucking annoying? Where do this people hang out to find such bat shit crazy fans? I also saw many attributing that to the high activity of the EXO blogs. I saw many people complaining about them being everywhere, so really, was it because we were “annoying” or because you couldn’t stand use being there in the first place? Plenty of the things in the EXO tags at Tumblr were either people promoting their own blogs that didn’t have anything to do with EXO, porn (actual porn), selcas from instagram or 1D stuff. Like, who is the one disrupting things really?

        I do know we have some crazy, annoying fans, but what fandom doesn’t? Calling us out for the actions of a few is double standard I say. Crazy, delusional, aggressive fans are going to be everywhere, so I don’t see how EXO having them makes much of a difference. The older fans ignore those crazy, stupid young ones be, so why not other people?

        And I have to disagree on the fans though. The boys have gone through many awful things with the kfandom too, the most gruesome, dangerous things all happened in Korean Airports.

        • Azusena Kathy Orozco

          I felt the same exact way as you when I found out that other people hated EXO fans. I knew about the airport incidents and the times the boys were followed around when they weren’t supposed to but I knew that it was only those people and not the entire fandom. I didn’t find out until my friend was telling me that she was scared of becoming an exo fan because the fans were so crazy. I was so shocked to hear that, because I knew the fandom on a personal level and the hate didn’t fit. Then she told me of a couple articles talking about all the bad things exo fans do. And yes there are some very crazy fans (like any other group. not to say that these fans being a normal thing is good but it’s true. all groups have crazy fans) there is no denying that and no one will deny that (unless that person is the crazy fan) but once you get into the fandom everything is so different from what is said on the outside. Trust me I’ve been here since the beginning (-ish I don’t like to get teased so I didn’t properly watch all the teasers until the mvs came out). Most people are so funny, and talented, and great amazing people who care for each other even if we might fight sometimes like little kids over dumb things we always make up in the end because we’re all there for the same reason.

      • Just to add to this, tons of EXO fans dislike Wolf. The album sold lots because EXO did a lot of fansignings and because it’s a solid album with a lot of solid tracks on it (which are for the most part not anything like Wolf).

        Of all the groups to accuse of putting out stuff of midling-to-bad quality and getting away with it, EXO is actually one of the last I’d pick… I’d look more at established groups with big fanbases. EXO are still breaking into the public consciousness, so SM is still spending a lot of money to produce everything at high quality. They have surprisingly experimental and interesting music for a boygroup.

        • Thumps up! I love their album songs, and I also happen to love their experimental musical style. I think that musical style is what makes them Exo!

        • 一歩一歩

          but wasn’t wolf musical style? XD haha, but musical style can be really good thats right
          for me, i think exo songs have r&b feeling and i hope they can always keep including some r&b elements as a part of their own music style.

        • ☆Just because...

          I thought Wolf was under the “SM Performance” genre XD? I really like their album though. But @shai’s mention of experimental reminds me of how SuJu have been going more experimental, but it’s not really working for me =/ Wolf reminds me of a lot of other SM title songs like Mr Simple, I Got a Boy in that the song kinda has contrasting parts that I think kinda clash… But Wolf has grown more on me than the other songs had.

          Sorry, back to EXO’s music I think they have an R&B and electronic style, like I love Black Pearl, kinda dub-steppy but has a sweet melody and granduer. I like how their songs fit into the album with both the team/wolf pack theme and their previous concept of being out-of-this-world with the effects like in the intro of Heart Attack and echo-y voices in songs. I hope they keep those r&b elements and electronic sounds too, hopefully it won’t sound too out-dated when the trend dies down, but I trust SM will keep up XD

    • Same here lol
      They ARE talented~^^
      Now I actually DO listen to some of their tracks, but I still don’t like them as persons and don’t want to watch any varieties with them whatsoever just because -__-
      (kinda that thing when you look at someone and don’t like him for existence x.x, sorry exotics)

  184. Nathalie Franchesca Tejeda

    In an interview Chen was explaining how they did it in one shot and said that Xiumin made a mistake. When they were doing the V formation, Xiumin admitted he fell.

  185. OMG! I died laughing at Martina licking her genitals.

  186. irritablevowel

    I’m crazy impressed with the choreographer.

  187. Jordan

    “AH #$*&ING DEEHHHKSS!” Seriously I don’t know why but I laughed so hard at this. So hard.

  188. Did Martina do the Jersey Turnpike or did I just imagine the whole thing? LoL!! Check! Another reason why that girl rocks exponentially! KMMs make the start of the week that much better.

  189. One of the things I love about the music video is that I can confidently show it to non-KPOP-lover friends and family members and be sure that they will be impressed by both the video and the song and that it will make them see KPOP in a good light! (Well, Luhan’s hair color will definitely raise some eyebrows but I’m sure non KPOP fans would be able to overlook that because the video and song are still epic)

  190. Cant wait to see this epic performance LIVE at KCON in less than 2 weeks! :)
    KCON wont be the same without Simon & Martina there..you 2 will be missed! :(

  191. Is that really a ghost?????? I am super freaked now lol, Ohhh and is there really going to be a drama version of Growl?

    • LOL I don’t think it’s a ghost, maybe one of the staffs for the MV or something cause I doubt a ghost will stare at something on the wall while wearing a hipster t-shirt, but hey, I could be wrong. As for a Growl drama version, SM might release one to pick up where WOLF’s left off, but they also did mention there will be several MV versions for Growl :D so those are something to look forward too. >w<

    • It’s not a ghost, this is just shot in SM’s basement and the ghost is actually Jino glaring at the group he was supposed to be in.

  192. I agree, I have seen some really crazy EXo fans, but I think every group has some fans like that, but some Exotics take it to the EXtremes.(get it? i made a funny there.)
    I do not understand the appeal of this song. I honestly liked wolf better. I have never been able to watch the entire mv of the dance version because it bored me.
    BAP all the way, Better Luck next time VIXX.

  193. I also noticed that the white hat disappears after 1:27… :O

    • That could also be that they threw it. In the err… leaked practice, one of the moves is for them to throw the hat out of the shot.

  194. Yay for a (hilarious) Growl review! I’m with you Simon, I really just can’t do Wolf. I loved Exo’s debut songs, but Wolf totally threw me off. My love has been reaffirmed, though, with this song. And the video was kickass – I love one-take (or possibly two-take) dance videos, ever since studying Astaire and Rogers movies in college. I can’t imagine how hard they are to do! And how many times they probably had to shoot this.

    And of course, now I have “smell your bum hole” stuck in my head. Gotta be careful not to start singing that out loud :P

  195. I was hoping you were going to do Growl. ^^ I became a fan of EXO because of this video. I backtracked from growl, to wolf, to mama, then what is love and history. I LOST MY PANTSSSS~ XDD I kinda have to disagree by having camera time… I barely saw Xiumin TT^TT Anyhow, SM really did a good job on this. =) SO NASTY~

  196. Can’t believe that you guys did’t talk about how awesome the song itself is? I mean did anyone expect EXO,out of all the hiphop groups we have in kpop including YG groups, to release the best hiphop/r&b song this year? I was so impressed! It even has the whole old-school guitar!

  197. Puffycake

    Y U GUYS SO EVIL making me choose between BAP and EXO >0< asdffgjkkl

  198. Why there weren’t any talking about the english or the dance.. this 100% dance MV and no 1 word about the dance.. or at least Martina trying to dance to this song.. the KMM are soon will be as long as the bloopers :<

  199. I don’t know if this video is taken in one shot, but by looking at the dance versions released today, exo is capable of filming it in one shot. I also agree that the crazy fans are bringing a bad name to exo. Exo is amazing, very talented, and are capable of producing amazing songs and dances. I personally don’t want exo fans to bring down their name.. Your review was amazing, but maybe you could have talked about the song and dance more. Also rate the English.. (even though there were only a few lines) The skit was nice though :) I miss long KMM~~ hehee but I know it is difficult to make, and time consuming.. So I understand :)

  200. I had to watch the Music Monday a second time to actually see the maracas and sombreros.
    Oh Simon and Martina……always showing us things we will never be able to unsee XD

  201. YAY! I’ve been waiting for you guys to talk about this. I also LOVED it.

    The song: Awesome. So jazzy and a definite improvement from Wolf. But um, I couldn’t help think the lyrics are what every crazy, obsessed fan says to themself about their group/bias.

    I loved, loved the camera work, and I was so impressed with the choreography. Dang, it had such an elegant subtlety and interweaving between the two groups. And the fact that it was a 360 dance? Awesome for live shows.

    But what I absolutely loved most about this MV was Exo themselves. Normally, I feel like kpop groups are just playing with a new concept and it feels a bit fake. But Exo just owned this dance and song: full of swagger, confidence, and looked like they were having fun. This is one of the few instances where a kpop group really pulled off the persona (the other one that comes to mind is Mirotic). And I gotta say, Kai was the highlight. He was just so into it, with the whole adorable smirk when he was covering his eyes at the 0:27 mark.

    Loved, loved this. My only gripe was the drab gray colors. I can forgive the set (it’s the same one from Wolf Drama version), but the gray suits made them look like homeless business men. One of their teaser photos had them wearing this ecletic, urban clothing that looked awesome and would have made this video more dynamic. But this is still one of my faves. And for me, this song marks Exo’s first universal success after “official” MVs Mama and Wolf.

  202. Starsania

    This KMM is pretty funny XD I am impressed with the way this video was done but other than the one/two shots it was done in there wasn’t much else going on. (don’t get me wrong I really like the song and video though) The choreo was pretty awesome though. It’d be a cool one to try and learn.

    I hope VIXX has a shot at next week’s KMM. I can’t even get the comment page to load on that video to help with the votes ;_; I really liked the camera/editing techniques in that video as well an hoped to hear your guy’s thought on it.

    I had no idea EXO’s fans were that crazy… I mean I hear some fan girls can fly off the handle sometimes but I never thought people would actually be insane about it. Wow.

    I’m gonna vote for BAP’s one shot this time around. <3 The twist at the end of the video had me going.

    All in all nice KMM this week. I only wish it was longer but I understand there's not much else to talk about for this kind of video.

    • The comment page is broken on VIXX’s video because we overloaded it with comments. Disqus literally broke because it couldnt take more, we were close to 9000.

  203. If you all are interested in quelling the “Why didn’t you review ____?!” reactions once a month you could do a “rapid review” kind of thing where you make one video saying a few words about the songs from the top that didn’t get reviewed or songs that you liked that didn’t make it close to the top, kind of like what you used to do for the chart updates. I’m kind of glad that you did away with the update because I like KMM being a total surprise but I do miss seeing the good songs that stay low on the charts getting a little attention, like Wonder Boyz’s Tarzan.

  204. I am kinda disapointed in this weeks KMM….. It was friggin less than 5 minutes!! You had basically NOTHING to talk about today….It would’ve been more interesting if you chose a different song, like maybe 2ne1 or I don’t know VIXX?! ST★RLIGHTS worked hard to get them into 2nd place T^T Now they’re back down into 4th place T^T *edit* I forgot to add this in, but, I know you’ve worked hard on this video…..And so I thank you…But I’m just a little sad because EXO is way more popular than a lot of groups (They already had like what? 5 KMM?) who I think deserve at least some attention T^T

    • Agreed. I’m also a ST★RLIGHT and it will be hard to keep VIXX on the top 3, since we can’t comment anymore. Vixx don’t have a big fanbase yet, and are from a small company… I like Growl, but I think Vixx deserved a KMM… speacially after On & On and hyde, that were super awesome. Yes, I’m also disapointed, but SUPUDGY WAS SO CUTE ON THE BLOOPERS OH MAI GAD I CAN’T BE SAD ANYMMORE

    • I loved VIXX’s song, too. It’s about time to keep them alive in the charts for two more weeks (I bet it would be 2ne1 next week). But, I’ll still give them support.

      There are a lot of interesting videos in Kpop. It would be hard to choose, regardless of popularity. Exo’s Growl (I think) is worth reviewing. This isn’t coming from an Exotic or a Starlight (though I liked Vixx first). This is coming from a fan of Growl ;)

      • I like Growl a lot too, but the fact that S&M reviewed the DANCE version rather than the plot version makes me sad. I wouldn’t mind having the plot version reviewed^^ But the dance version had basically nothing to talk about except for the one shot take…. They didn’t even mention the dance T^T

        • Chillymilly

          It may be the dance version, but right now it’s the ONLY version. Who knows when, if ever, SM releases the drama version. I think there was stuff to talk about with Growl. But yeah I agree, I felt S&M didn’t really say much about it.

    • I just looked at the charts and VIXX is in the top 3 again because well Growl was just reviewed XD Is there anyone big with a comeback this week? o3o

    • I have to agree too. I like VIXX a lot and I’ve followed them since debut (I make that sound as if they have been here for ten years xD), and their music is honestly really tight and brilliantly produced. It’s has that really dope but sophisticated electro sound to it and I think it’s just a shame that they don’t get even more recognition.

      • Woo hoo!!!! Me too ^^ I personally like VIXX not only for their music, but also because of their personalities :) They always seem so down to earth and they act like they are just normal people rather than famous singers hahaha They also treat their fans well, like by scolding them when they do something wrong hahah

    • I so agree with you. I was really hoping VIXX would be reviewed this week but sadly it didnt. Im so annoyed at the same groups getting reviewed over and over and over again. I cant remember the last time and underated MV was even reviewed by EYK. Im pretty sure Vixx will be ignored again in favour of BAP and 2NE1 so im giving up now

  205. It was a great review and the ending killed me! I will never be able to unsee the maracas and sombreros… XD

  206. This was a really good KMM, and I truly love the song and dance from this EXO video, but I can’t deny the fact that I’m really sad you guys chose to review this song instead of something else. And I’m saying that as a major EXO fan. I’m not upset at you guys, I respect the fact that you’re doing what you want to do with your videos, and I’m glad that you are able to do that, I guess it’s just a general feeling of being sad.
    I doubt VIXX can stay in the top three for another whole week,…..hopefully next time VIXX can get reviewed WITHOUT us Starlights having to literally break Disqus again.

  207. ok, i just wanted to say that it seems this was not filmed ina box set….right know all i remember that that room is part of a school…..and there is a rumor that that school was or is….very violent
    p.s. i know my english isnt good….im sleepy and i dont care about about grammar or speling mistakes this moment and also im not an english speaker


  209. Despite how much I liked ‘Growl’, I had to vote for ‘One Shot.’ That song is so intensely awesome, and I’ve actually watched the video more than twice, which is pretty rare for a K-Pop video. It was very well acted, and i still haven’t gotten bored of it.

  210. Growl MV gave me a headache and made me sick…………….

  211. Simon! I like your “Lost My Pants” shirt. I feel so jelly~ >.<

  212. For the poll, may I vote for Spice Girls “Wannabe”?…. Hahaha, jk… Don’t judge me… please…

  213. As a exotic-baby, it’s quite impossible to vote here…. *depressed sigh*
    I can totally agree that most fans of exo (including me or not…?) are pretty much batshit crazy and if exo would make a mv doing ”I’m a Little Teapot” or something, I’m one of the fans that would LOVE it with all my heart (oh come on, imagine how CUTE that would be!!1!!11!!1!)

  214. I was just wondering but Simon did you hear the full Wolf album? I thought ‘My Lady’ was a great song.

  215. Nicole Dennis

    Yeah wolf wasn’t the best. It was catchy but I didn’t like it. I actually got into EXO right before this song came out and hogod Growl is pretty much why I’m now such a huge fan of theirs. I freaking love the dance and I got someone into EXO with this music video. :D I’m glad you guys reviewed this love it so much!

  216. I totally agree! This is the most interesting oddly-lit-box-set video I have seen from SM ent. in forever! I have to admit that even though EXO is really good I haven’t been particularly interested in them at all, but after listening to this song I think I am definitely going to look forward to their future releases and expect them with anticipation ^3^

  217. Omg the ending with EXO in sombreros :P
    I thought I was just seeing things at first, but then I rewatched it again, and again, and again. Haha

  218. MarVi

    Any one else think of busker busker? When it was contest time?

    • Kyribean

      OMG YES. LOL. Now I’m expecting them to pull a “and the winner is… Busker Busker!” again.

      • I really hope that happens though. I’m almost smelling hell right now from the polls.

        I also hope I’m being paranoid. Thought it would be hilarious if Simon and Martina kind of just go like “So Busker Busker wins!! Lol jk!”

  219. Yes! Those Genie ads were so annoying. -_-

  220. EYK if you don’t know Junsu’s ’11 am’ was filming in one-shot too :P

  221. Hannah

    I looooved this MV, it was so unique! But that’s why I also really loved 2ne1′s new video that just came out, you guys should pleeeaasssseeee review it next week :D

  222. Kyribean

    Also– I really, reeeally miss you guys doing Kpop Chart Updates! See, a lot of the videos and songs I like NEVER see the light of day of a KMM, but your chart updates always gave us a little taste of what your opinion was on the song. I miss that!
    Even if not a video, if you guys just did a blog or something with a quick summary of your thoughts on the song like you used to in your chart updates, it would make us Nasties sooo, soooo happy! We love hearing your thoughts, and we know video editing takes a lot of time an effort, so even if it’s only just a blog post (which hopefully shouldn’t take as long to throw together) we’d be eternally grateful to hear it. C:

    • Or even a monthly K-Crunch like before…

    • So true, they really help when you want a video to be reviewed but it doesn’t happen, then you have at least a minute or something…

    • I miss them coming up with fan names. I know it’s small but they always made me laugh

    • They want to do WTF. S&M said filing those Kpop Chart Updates felt awkward. They shouldn’t do what they don’t like.

    • That’s why I think we should have a forum or something, If S&M can’t review something we, nasties, can bring a group into discussion ^^

      • That would get ugly!!!!

        • That’s what we’re worried about. Forums…do get ugly sometimes. We’d like to find some way for the community to communicate, but we’re not sure how, yet…

        • I think there will always be fan wars no matter how hard people try to stop them. People really like to stand up for what they like and not everyone agrees. Its really sad that we just cannot say “Oh I like both EXO and BAP.” and or “I like all kpop groups its just i dont listen to every song that they have.” What a world that we live in!

        • That is an excellent point! I like tons of kpop, not just songs from one group, and I go through phases of liking different groups at different times, and go on liking them after that phase has passed. I can’t pick biases ever, once I get to know groups well, because they are just so amazing. Both in personality and musical talent.

          I would like to add that I like both EXO and BAP. :D

        • Not always to most popular idea, but what about polls? Best Dance of the month, Best Engrish (is “best” the correct choice here), etc.

        • thats true but it would be better than suffering through endless reviews of B.A.P and EXO cos it feels like those are the only groups you ever review these days.

        • scuttlepants

          It’s a real pity you don’t have the option of switching to something else instead of “suffering”. Wait… wait…

        • i know right, suffering is such a chore…

    • Jack Stachowicz

      Totally agree. I’ve missed the KPop Chart Updates on the weekend just to get a preview of new songs I may have missed.

      Also, gotta admit that picking EXO was sooooo predictable at this point. Sorry guys – Love EYK but it’s really boring when the same groups like EXO, B.A.P, etc. always get their songs reviewed but songs that are actual top of the KPop charts (Sistar’s “Give it to Me” was 3 weeks at #1 in Korea) don’t even rank in the top 5.

      Sadly, KMM is becoming more about fan ballot-box stuffing and less about reviewing cool and noteworthy videos and songs.

      • Isn’t that the whole point of the Kpop Chart and KMM? S&M said before that a song might be super popular in korea but not as popular with international fans and vice versa. S&M love Sistar, and I’m sure if Give it to me was in the top 3 they would have picked it, but Nasties didn’t like that song as much as others. KMM has always (or at least for a very long time) been about what songs international fans want to be reviewed and not what is popular in Korea.

        I have to disagree with your last comment and say that ever since S&M choose among the top 3 it has been more about wich video is fun for KMM then when the #1 on the Kpop chart would be reviewed.

        • Jack Stachowicz
          Jack Stachowicz

          To be fair, KMM is not a true poll of what International Fans want reviewed. It’s more driven by the biases of the Nasties for particular boy bands. And when it comes to girl groups, unless it’s 2NE1 or SNSD, they’re pretty much never going to get voted into the top 3.

        • yeah, but those girl group who not review yet on KMM, maybe because they arent popular as other Kpop group. The voting is done by us fans everywhere around the world to see which video EYK review and Exo happen to be popular worldwide and B.A.P and other group, why complain cause they pick ones that people most like. I don’t get why you say these hurtful things to them. EYK did nothing wrong except express their opinion on the ones THAT WERE VOTE TOP BY US FANS. REPEAT WE THE FANS VOTE WHICH VIDEO WE WANT THEM TO REVIEW ON NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. If you want other girl group to be review then you go on EYK website everyday and vote for them instead of complaining bout it. EYK, both simon and martina work hard on every video, it took them a long time to edit it. We have to take the time and thank them for all their hard work for us because i know you might not like it but other do. They work hard, interviews with kpop artist like Sistar etc… What are you doing right now, staring at the computer all day complaining bout how it not fair that Exo get review and other don’t, if you don’t like it then you go review the kpop girl group that you want EYK to review, because here you are complaining like a little kid cause you didn’t get what you want. Instead if you don’t like it then upload ur own review video and see how hard it is to add all those effect and everything, oh wait you probably too little to understand how to do these things do to how childish ur acting right now

        • To be honest you’re being more childish than he is just by the way you’re coming at him. So what if he complains? He’s just frustrated that girl groups aren’t being shown much. Not everyone can be satisfied with everything and he’s just explaining how he feels. He wasn’t being childish about it or anything but youre showing much immaturity. I mean i understand your frustrations also but there’s a way to go about things in a better way you couldve said what you felt like the first person that replied to him did.

        • Well this is just what i think, my opinion, okay not like I’m telling him to get out of here and never come back. This is what EYK been doing for a long time okay, and complaining bout it doesn’t do anybody any justice. Like yeah i respect ur opinion too but you also need to consider others, but just saying EYK work is boring isn’t the way to express his feeling. He could of said it in a nicer way. he say it a nasty bias poll right well all of us are nasty, EYK did not just recruit B.A.P fans to be nasty. We chosed it ourselves and it a fair vote for anyone. That just my opinion, I’m not mad at his opinion but the way he said it how it boring, it not really something nice to say bout them. You didn’t have to be all mean bout it

        • Jack Stachowicz
          Jack Stachowicz

          Wow…..I’m sorry you seemed to interpret my comments as an attack on Simon and Martina or a lack of appreciation of their efforts. I never said that nor do I feel that way. You are putting words in my mouth I never said.

          My original comment was that it’s boring and predictable when the same groups get voted in every time regardless if there are other songs that are actual KPop hits. You seemed to take that as some assault or insult on EXO and B.A.P. Your fangirl flag for EXO and B.A.P. is flying a little high here…….

          I was also responding to a comment that the KMM charts reflect International fans choices for popularity. Given the voting system in place, that’s not true and you know it. Your comments that “WE THE FANS VOTE WHICH WE WANT THEM TO REVIEW” in all CAPS confirm that. The fact folks can vote multiple times for the same song via the site, Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. day after day make it obvious that ballot box stuffing drives what’s getting into the top 3.

          You really need to calm down and read what was written vs. attacking someone for pointing out an obvious truth.

        • I’m sorry? I was mean? I don’t think I was at all but if that’s how you feel then I apologize. And he didn’t say EYK was boring he said that it’s boring when the same groups always get reviewed and if you read it right he actually said he loves EYK. As I’ve said before we can’t all be pleased, that’s life and there’s not much you can do but try and change their minds or let them be, but if you’re gonna do it then do it in a positive manner. He said it the way he felt and he wasn’t being rude or mean unlike the words you used towards him and how you came at him, he didn’t use name calling or come off in a hostile manner. We all have the right to our opinions and we all have a right to respect others and their opinions also. There are people that have stated way worse about EYK. That’s all I’m saying because when you come off in a way that seems like an attack or use certain words or insult others you only make yourself look bad. And I’m definitely not being mean or even trying to, I promise.

        • Chillymilly

          I’m with Jack on this one. The big reasons for the top 3 change was to feature lesser known bands and more girl groups, but that hasn’t really happened. A while back I actually did a count, and the ratio of boy to girl groups was 2:1. There was a month where there were several girl groups in the top 3 (After School and a few others) but got passed over for male groups. I love EYK, everybody on here is invested in their business and site. Yeah, they can do whatever they want: but they’re running an entertainment business based on whether or not people watch their videos. So they do need to take people’s opinions into account. Idk, I wonder if the pressure of running a business is determining who gets chosen for KMM (based on what would get the most views).

      • Normally I’d agree with you, but this song is awesome. If every EXO title track were this good, they could be reviewed a dozed times and I’d be fine with it.

      • @ Jack-

        Why so negative? Have you heard the saying “You catch more flies with honey”?

        • Jack Stachowicz
          Jack Stachowicz

          I am sorry folks are taking my comments as mean or offensive – they were not intended that way. I was only trying to make a point that “Variety is the spice of life.” I don’t dislike EXO, but they were just reviewed several weeks back for “Wolf” and then get another review for “Growl”. Yet other songs that are just ripe for a KMM-style send up never get a chance.

          Last fall, Simon even pleaded for folks to vote in Hyuna’s “Ice Cream” because it was crying out for a KMM parody. Instead, we got another boy band voted in.

          Don’t get me wrong – I love EYK and KMM. But to keep reviewing the same 4-5 groups multiple times over the course of the year just leads to a certain predictable quality and rut that I would hate to see KMM fall into.

        • scuttlepants

          Fair enough Jack! I see your point :)

        • God, I can’t believe there are other people who shared my opinion. I just wish people would vote other groups as well. I’m not a fan of say, VIXX or NUEST or other less known singers but I do wish I get to see them get reviewed. I’m sure their videos will have a lot of things to talk about. This particular EXO song is interesting because of its “one-shot” thing, but Wolf was a snooze fest. It was just another SM box. I wish people would give other groups a chance. I stopped voting because I feel like there’s no use. I can’t win over large fan base.

      • Cyber_3

        Preach it yo! After that whole Heo Young Saeng’s “Art of Seduction” business last year I realized that I could vote all I wanted by that my vote would never ever matter because I was fighting a “system” of ballot box stuffing….and S&M bias. The top 3 on the charts are totally ruled but a small group of Nasties that work hard to keep control of it. I’m not really seeing it as “fan wars”, more of a domination by the same group, regardless of the artists that end up there. Then on of the top 3 S&M pick the one they want (they are totally entitled to their bias btw) but it’s really rare that either of the other 2 choices that they didn’t pick will ever get picked on another week. Of the choices offered, I actually prefer that they pick because some weeks it’s not much of a choice. There are TONS of great songs/ music videos on page 2-10 of the chart that never see the light of day.

        Now, don’t get me wrong, if you work hard to vote a lot, sure I guess you should get something out of it, but most of us Nasties (?) don’t have that kind of free time so it seems unfair to let the charts get so biased this way. It’s because the kpop charts generate so many hits that they don’t want to change it but I’ve seen the interest by less ardent voters drop off. Frankly, I would prefer that S&M pick their own top 3 and then take a poll for which one is preferred. It would be more fair, satisfy the bias and still generate a lot of hits. It would also guarantee one vote each Nasty (except for multiple acct holders?). The kpop charts are fun on their own because I get to see new music there that’s hard to search for on my own.

        Lately I have seen an increasing number of trollish fans on the EYK site, they TOTALLY misinterpret what you say, especially on the charts because every comment generates a vote for their song. They keep getting banned by they are tenacious. I thought your comment was constructive and respectful, don’t let them get you down! ^_^v

      • I agree that it does get boring when the same groups are getting picked, but what can S&M do? Those groups are in the top and it seems most people want them to be reviewed. We also know girl groups get picked less here, that’s one of the reasons S&M have the top three vote now, but sadly they barely get in the top 5. 4minute’s Whats Your Name review would have been HILARIOUS, way more than Whats Poppin’ was, but people voted for that song instead. Thats why I think S&M should be able to do the videos they want to, we get funnier results when that happens.

    • The blog post is a great idea IMHO. I loved the Chart Updates because we got to hear you’re opinions on some the songs we will probably never see reviewed. I really miss the Kpop Chart Updates, but I get that they are time consuming.

    • We’re thinking about doing something different for Kpop Music Monday from time to time. Not every week has to be a full review of only one song. We can do list videos from time to time, like we did with the Best Songs of 2013 thus far.

      • Kyribean

        I really liked that list, so I think that’s a really great idea! :D Plus it would give you guys a chance to talk about songs you may have liked but that might have gotten washed away in a flood of B.A.Ps and EXOs… which I think was part of the reason for switching to choosing from the top three in the Kpop Charts, as well.

      • You should make a list of your favorite song of the month Indie and K/pop songs

    • I agree, where are the Kpop Chart Updates? I really enjoy those :(

  223. nice

  224. About the video filmed in two shots, lol, you can find small bloopers in both the chinese and korean version, so could it be that sm actually filmed it in one shot?

  225. While I’m kind of sad VIXX didn’t get reviewed (as long as they haven’t got the NU’EST curse too…) this was definitely a fun KMM to watch. I’m glad you guys are making good use of the blue screen! And I’ll agree – Wolf… is far from my favourite song. It’s actually probably one of my least favourite songs ever, but Growl was pretty darn good – made up for Wolf’s suckiness in my opinion.

  226. Elanor

    Drama MVs over Box MVs!! So yeah, BAP xD

  227. EXO as a Mariachi band… I totally could see that.

  228. hellomynameisclaudia

    Oh I agree so much! WOLF SUCKEDDDDDDDDD, or at least to me, it’s my opinion so don’t kill me please :( I actually used to love EXO with my entire soul until fans got too crazy. However, Growl is an amazing song and the dance is just perfect. Their performances are also flawless and I’m kind of proud of them, to be honest. (But Wolf sucked!!!!!!!!!)

  229. Kyribean

    I feel like even if it wasn’t one shot but two, it’s clear the members (and cameramen!) can do the one-shot thing just fine from their dance practice video and their live performances. Just like you, my faith in EXO is restored!

  230. Wow what a great MV. Been so busy and so been out of Kpop these past few weeks, would have missed this if you hadn’t reviewed it. Thanks guys

  231. NO EXO VS B.A.P nooooooooooooooooooooo

  232. since you guise prepared mentally for this……y u no review any other video But this one??? 2ne1s ,or kim hyunjoong unbreakable…#cries…..I love you guise..i just didn’t like this exo MV.

  233. not going to lie, I’m a little bit bitter about this. Awesome or not, it’s a DANCE video… nothing’s happening here…

    But well, I love you guys and I love Exo, so, still good.

  234. Wow that was short…. longer MM please. :) oh, and Thank You guys XX

  235. No F(x) Love? You prolly have little to say on their MV but a lot on the song itself so you could probably include it on another double MV review?

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