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Kpop Music Monday: Exo “Growl”

August 13, 2013


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Ok, we couldn’t wait any longer. The drama version for “Growl” will come out long after the hype for Growl is there, so we wanted to talk about this video while we still had the chance and weren’t sick of it yet. So check it out! It’s an honestly really cool video regardless if you’re an EXO fan or not:

Why did we pick this video and not VIXX or 2NE1? Because we really realllllly like the one shot camera and we also really like the song, and… well, we like EXO, that’s why! The only song we ever disagreed about was Wolf, which Martina liked and I hated, but besides that we’re definitely EXO fans and I’m pretty sure Martina is Kai biased.

On a related note, I’ve been reading some things online about EXO, and how some people don’t like EXO, not because of anything EXO did wrong, but because some EXO fans, aka EXOTICS, are batshit crazy; so crazy, in fact, that the EXO fan club is banned from Inkigayo. Exo’s getting a bad name not for what they’re doing, but for what their fans are doing. And I tie this in with my own opinions on EXO myself, in that I find myself a bit confused about the huge hype of EXO. I mean, yes, they did make the greatest Kpop song of all time with What is Love


but after that…Wolf sucked so hard and none of you are going to be able to convince me otherwise, but people loved it, LOVED IT.

Which let me to think that I’m feeling concerned that EXO’s diehard fangroup was actually more interested in EXO on a sexual, fangurilla level as cute boys rather than on a musically appreciative level. EXO could publish a cover of “I’m a Little Teapot” and fans would lose their freaking minds at the awesomeness. They could do no wrong. EXO are perfect and everything they do is perfect.

The whole point of these thoughts on EXO’s unimpressive start this year and their ultra dedicated fans is that this song and video right here ease my fears a bit. It’s a great song. It’s fresh. And it’s a dance in the box video that’s exceptionally original. It’s a reason to look at EXO and say “damn, this group is awesome,” while some of their other songs really didn’t support that claim. Yes, a lot of their appeal is produced by the SM marketing hype machine, but if they keep on producing stuff like this and What is Love, I won’t care how crazy their fans are.

Besides the choreography being just balls to the walls awesome, I think the dividing of the group in this video was actually a really brilliant move. Allow me to explain: If any of you, like me, have tried to introduce a large membered kpop group, such as SNSD or Super Junior, to your non-kpop loving friends, the first reaction I always got was:

– Why are there so many of them?
– Why are they wearing the same clothing? Is this a sports team or something?
– If there are so many people, why are they all doing the same dance?
– I can’t tell any of them a part except the one with the _____ coloured hair.

But in this video you have a small dose of 6 members vs 6 members all getting their own camera time and doing different dance moves and only near the end do they all group together. It was SO MUCH MORE accessible for non-kpop obsessed people to digest, and it actually allowed my non-kpop loving friends to sit through the whole video and not make fun of anything. It made for a much more interesting video to watch. At least, I think so.

Last thing, we mentioned in our KMM that we may have noticed a kind of tiny hint at the 1:26 mark to the 1:28 mark revealing that this was shot in two takes. There is a videographers secret to making something look like it’s a seamless shot, where you turn the camera quickly but also get a shot of that same space but now empty. While editing you can bring those two together and it seems like a non-stop pan, but it was done so well (I checked for shadow differences/light changes etc) I couldn’t get any clear sign. Just the feels. Either way, two takes or not, this was a super impressive video.

Let us know what you think! Do you like it more than Wolf? Did you like it more than B.A.P.’s “One Shot,” though?

Also, if you’d like to see Meemers singing EXO’s Growl, you can do so by checking out our bloopers of endless lols.

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