Ok, we couldn’t wait any longer. The drama version for “Growl” will come out long after the hype for Growl is there, so we wanted to talk about this video while we still had the chance and weren’t sick of it yet. So check it out! It’s an honestly really cool video regardless if you’re an EXO fan or not:


Why did we pick this video and not VIXX or 2NE1? Because we really realllllly like the one shot camera and we also really like the song, and… well, we like EXO, that’s why! The only song we ever disagreed about was Wolf, which Martina liked and I hated, but besides that we’re definitely EXO fans and I’m pretty sure Martina is Kai biased.

On a related note, I’ve been reading some things online about EXO, and how some people don’t like EXO, not because of anything EXO did wrong, but because some EXO fans, aka EXOTICS, are batshit crazy; so crazy, in fact, that the EXO fan club is banned from Inkigayo. Exo’s getting a bad name not for what they’re doing, but for what their fans are doing. And I tie this in with my own opinions on EXO myself, in that I find myself a bit confused about the huge hype of EXO. I mean, yes, they did make the greatest Kpop song of all time with What is Love


but after that…Wolf sucked so hard and none of you are going to be able to convince me otherwise, but people loved it, LOVED IT.

Which let me to think that I’m feeling concerned that EXO’s diehard fangroup was actually more interested in EXO on a sexual, fangurilla level as cute boys rather than on a musically appreciative level. EXO could publish a cover of “I’m a Little Teapot” and fans would lose their freaking minds at the awesomeness. They could do no wrong. EXO are perfect and everything they do is perfect.

The whole point of these thoughts on EXO’s unimpressive start this year and their ultra dedicated fans is that this song and video right here ease my fears a bit. It’s a great song. It’s fresh. And it’s a dance in the box video that’s exceptionally original. It’s a reason to look at EXO and say “damn, this group is awesome,” while some of their other songs really didn’t support that claim. Yes, a lot of their appeal is produced by the SM marketing hype machine, but if they keep on producing stuff like this and What is Love, I won’t care how crazy their fans are.

Besides the choreography being just balls to the walls awesome, I think the dividing of the group in this video was actually a really brilliant move. Allow me to explain: If any of you, like me, have tried to introduce a large membered kpop group, such as SNSD or Super Junior, to your non-kpop loving friends, the first reaction I always got was:

– Why are there so many of them?
– Why are they wearing the same clothing? Is this a sports team or something?
– If there are so many people, why are they all doing the same dance?
– I can’t tell any of them a part except the one with the _____ coloured hair.

But in this video you have a small dose of 6 members vs 6 members all getting their own camera time and doing different dance moves and only near the end do they all group together. It was SO MUCH MORE accessible for non-kpop obsessed people to digest, and it actually allowed my non-kpop loving friends to sit through the whole video and not make fun of anything. It made for a much more interesting video to watch. At least, I think so.

Last thing, we mentioned in our KMM that we may have noticed a kind of tiny hint at the 1:26 mark to the 1:28 mark revealing that this was shot in two takes. There is a videographers secret to making something look like it’s a seamless shot, where you turn the camera quickly but also get a shot of that same space but now empty. While editing you can bring those two together and it seems like a non-stop pan, but it was done so well (I checked for shadow differences/light changes etc) I couldn’t get any clear sign. Just the feels. Either way, two takes or not, this was a super impressive video.

Let us know what you think! Do you like it more than Wolf? Did you like it more than B.A.P.’s “One Shot,” though?

Also, if you’d like to see Meemers singing EXO’s Growl, you can do so by checking out our bloopers of endless lols.


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  1. Wait, so Exo-M sings in Korean too? Well, I guess since they’re just a subgroup of Exo? Haha. I saw the Shinee “Sherlock” vid!

  2. While yes, they are all kind of hot physically… I feel super weird being in my mid twenties and swooning over these men who look underage. *derpppp* I didn’t get into EXO until after the hype for MAMA died down. I randomly downloaded their album one day and was immediately drawn to the catchiness of the music (especially Machine). Extra points for them having a Mandarin group. It wasn’t until Growl that I actually saw one of their music videos (I think?), and I only watched their debut teasers yesterday. They are pretty amazing dancers and deserve the hype they get. Growl is sooooo well done. So simple, and yet, it keeps my attention and I find new things to look at each time I watch. That’s pretty impressive for the basic SM dance box videos. Growl somehow sounds much smoother in Chinese, which has sparked my interest in learning which of these songs were originally written in Korean vs Chinese.

    That said, reading comments on their YouTube videos is slightly disturbing. I just heard of some EXO fanfic that’s apparently super popular. Yeeeeah, some of these fans are batsh!t crazy and need to go out and get some sunshine and stop dreaming about their ‘oppas’ being gay and in love with their bandmates. AWKWARD >__>

  3. So… the actual review of the MV was from 0:28 – 3:00 ( in a way )…It felt really short.
    Maybe it had nothing else to say since it is a dance video but I think the drama version could have more to talk about than a dance video.
    I know you try to not make it too long but the 6-7 min time for a KMM seemed decent.

  4. Apparently unlike a lot of other commenters, I enjoyed this review the same as usual! I love your longer videos but I definitely understand the need to cut down, especially if it means you guys have more energy/inspiration left for other random videos and life in general :).

    I would say I’m not quite as impressed with the video for Growl as some people are – but I suppose that’s just about personal preference when it comes to music videos. I see the performances every week on music shows (with the same camerawork even for Growl), so when it comes to the MV itself I’m more interested in plot and scenery, of which there was none. BUT THANK GOD THE ADS ARE GONE!! Fingers crossed that they’re gone for good (and for all SM groups) and it’s not just special consideration for SM’s new money machine.

    Like every other Starlight, I have to admit I’m a little bummed that Vixx got skipped over for EXO’s dance version yet again. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that Starlights literally broke the comment section with their much smaller fandom… but that’s just how it goes. Someone will always be disappointed no matter what – at the end of the day you just have to sit back and remember that KMM is just a 6 minute review on youtube and it won’t make or break your group even if they DO get chosen. Thankfully I enjoy hearing what S&M have to say no matter which group they’re talking about.

    Just don’t judge me for my juju altar as I chant to ward off the nu’est curse…

  5. Exo should do gwiyomi song and a different member should pop up and do a number

  6. That smell your bum song had me rolling on the floor dying omg :’D

  7. What happened guise? There was some comedy gold here (butt sniffing! sombreros?! Meemers! Props Spudgy! bloopers!) but it was so short that I found myself asking “Wait, what? It’s over already?” What happened to the magical 7 minutes that you keep quoting? Also, I think it would have been better to place the butt sniffing, genital licking with some separation (i.e. perhaps an over arching “video idea guy” type theme) or perhaps put the genital licking in the bloopers because it just tipped over the edge of the line from LMFAO funny to crass and awkward at the end there.

    Cyber_3 – now I can’t get your version of the song out of my head! ARGH! ;)

    • Hey, I had an idea. You’ll have to be the judge if it’s a good one or that I’m just up too late here. I was thinking that when you do “The Showdown” for KMM, it really signals that the end of the video is nigh, so people might be tempted to tune out at this point, especially since the results of the poll are on the blog now anyways and well, Spudgy is cute but his bit is getting a somewhat stale with no good dances lately. Is there some magical reason why the showdown has to be about the song you reviewed for KMM? Why not pick 2 songs much further down on the kpop charts and have a showdown for them instead? (link to them) There are tons of great songs that never even make it to the first page – you should totally encourage people to check out the charts to peruse other songs rather than just for voting – they are a great resource for finding new kpop to like. Have you seen the discrepancy in comments between page 1 and 2? It’s like in the thousands? More people need to get in to this, not just the avid voters. Think of the kpop chart as an added service that you were already providing that most people didn’t realize: kpop song suggestions! This might also help (a teeny bit) with all the complaints about no kpop chart update….and this way it is something new for viewers to see so they are less tempted to tune out. I think that the sombrero thingy was a good start, but if not enough people make it that far in the video, it won’t help. Off to bed with me. v_v

      Cyber_3 – how is everyone not dancing to Bigstar’s “Run & Run”? Chicka Chika Bom Bom!

    • Hmmm….. I don’t think it’s necessarily a hard core fan vs. casual fan kind of thing of why people tune out after a certain point, I think that there must be other reasons. Maybe there are youtube buffer limitations? Maybe people are watching during tv commercials? Moms always walk in after 4 minutes? Maybe there is something triggerring people to think that you’re signing off before you actually are? Who knows? I can’t imagine that your stats are magical enough to determine the reasons for tuning out (that would be awesome, wouldn’t it?) but since you’ve started polling on the blog, why not ask the Nasty community? Getting more direct feedback from your audience can only help you customize better. Even Nasties do tune out from time to time but we usually leave the video playing the background so it doesn’t always show up in stats…..

      For myself, I feel really bad about tuning out occasionally….sigh…sometimes the KMM for a ballad can’t possibly be funny enough to make up for the fact that I am bored with the song and I don’t follow kpop artists enough to get any industry “in” jokes……There are just some subjects that even the best comedians can’t make funny……….P.S. I think you do best on ballads when you divert from the song content and focus on something from the video you can make funny on its own without relying on the reference.

  8. When EXO came out, I will admit they came out as really attractive guys and their song MAMA was amazing. Fast Forward when their comeback occured. Wolf was mediocre. I thought to myself, “I waited this long for this?” Now that Growl is out I’ve pretty much lost what attracted me to EXO almost. Growl is a decent song, but the dance mv is boring. I honestly don’t care if it’s done in one shot, it’s just them dancing. I can’t find anything cool about it.

    I have an EXO ring that is similar to the one Kai wears in the MAMA mv.(The two finger one that says EXO) When I bought it, it was because I liked EXO. Ow, I’m sad to say I wear it because people think it looks like brass knuckles and it helps to protect me from weirdos.

    I kinda think KMM was wasted for Growl. I’m not a fan of VIXX, but I think they deserved to have their mv discussed. It would have had something extremly interesting to talk about and I don’t think they’ve ever been on a KMM. The system should get updated again. As much as I love BAP, I am not interested in having ALL their mvs reviewed. Let’s be honest, they released like 5 mvs already this year. Something that allows bands/singers that havent been reviewed since forever, or ones that havent been reviewed before.

  9. I actually liked the song Chen sang so much that i downloaded the original. xD

  10. They don’t have to be the best for anyone to love them. I love them not only for their music, but also their personalities, great performances, and great skills.

  11. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m watching KMM because of S&M, not because of singers/groups… It doesn’t matter for me if the song they choose is a song that I like or not, because I always watch the MVs before i watch KMM and sometimes i hook up on the song, sometimes i don’t! People have different music taste, deal with it!!!
    When they started the new counting system they told that they wanted to avoid sausage parties for weeks (yeah, i meant
    the boybands….) or things like Bigbang marathon for 3 weeks.
    That’s the reason they choose from top3, to have more freedom and to put more fun into the videos. There won’t be anytime when everybody agrees on a song they pick, because there are always people who feels offensive!!!!
    I was sad when they couldn’t have the chance on 2pm’s A.D.T.O.Y., but i didn’t complain about it, because the song they chose was still good enough and funny; and guess what??!! I’m still alive.

    On this KMM: At first i could’t have the energy to listen it, but when Martina mentioned it on the livechat, i listened it fully and now i listen it everyday. I’m just happy that they had fun when they worked on KMM and you can feel their love for this song through the screen. Good job guys! I love every single one of you! EYK crew forever <3

  12. Exotic sasaengs piss me off. They are ruining it for all of the normal fans, and even hurting the members physically and emotionally.
    I am an Exo fan, and to be honest, I do not think that Wolf was very good. They take themselves too seriously when explaining their “sexy” concepts, but, in reality you can tell that they are just repeating what management told them to say.
    I felt like EXO was really heading in the right direction during the Mama era, they spoke of real issues in the lyrics, and brought in a new “rock” type concept. Now they’re moving back to what all other bands do, lyrics of “protecting” and “possessing” their girlfriends. When will SM let EXO be themselves? It took them 5 years for SHINee, and Super Junior still has none, really. I can feel a TVXQ! situation coming on.

  13. man…theres some really heavy discusing air around here…and all o wanna say is that i never like exo…until wolf a lil…but then when i first watched Growl, all i could do was klick on replay :D

  14. how can you assume that I will be able to choose between One Shot and Growl!!!

    Sorry Simon, but I really don’t get how you Can Not LUV Wolf! In my opinion that’s the best EXO song out there! Even if i totally love all of the songs I’ve heard from them yet! Instant love with Wolf! Im surprised that i didn’t start screaming “What’s a Ulf! It’s a Ulf! AWOOO, Ah Sa rang hae yo!” in class when i watched the comeback at M!Countdown!
    and with Wolf I’ve manipulated many friends into starting to like Kpop, or just manipulating them to go around and sing it all the time :3
    oh well! everyone has their own opinion and that’s awesome :3

  15. Thanks for the review S&M~^^ I enjoyed this week’s KMM! Thanks for all you do. I can’t imagine the time and energy and effort that it takes to produce a KMM most every week. Love what you do as always! Even when you make fun of some of my favorite Kpop groups, I never take offense. It’s all good~ and funny! <3 <3 <3 <3 S&M fighting!!

  16. I LOVE this song and dance! And it does worry me, but I am growing to be quite fond of Fangurilla <3 Nice review as always!

  17. I’d have to slightly disagree.. It’s true a lot of Exo fans like Exo for their looks, but they keep liking them for their talents and personalities. I absolutely LOVED Wolf, I liked everything about it. I do not believe you have “no taste in music” because others have the same taste.

  18. Sneaky, sneaky poll war. Haha.
    Should have put Growl against Junsu’s “11AM”. That video was also done in one-shot. One take. Acapella too (bonus!) ^^

  19. Oh~! Use are far too nasty with that sneaky poll > <

  20. Ahh, I was uncharacteristically ecstatic after watching this MV. It wasn’t even because the song and dance were amazing, but the fact that I saw more of EXO than I have in any of their MV’s befrore. I completely fangirled over this song, and I’ve never thought of myself as a fangirl for anything music related before.

    Yes, Wolf also had all tweleve boys together, but other than BOTH MV’s being completely crazy/ confusing, I felt the same few guys had the spot light as per usual. But in Growl, I was like, “*Gasp* Tao’s in front… Sehun too? AHH, Lay and Xiumin??” I don’t think I ever watched an EXO MV where Kris and Kai weren’t always in my face… not that that is a bad thing, of course. : P It just made me happy to see those who are equally talented- but for some reason under appreciated- get some face time. I was so impressed with this simple, near perfect MV that I actually went out and bought this, along with a few more EXO songs, on iTunes. I know that doesn’t mean much, but I don’t buy music. I don’t own any CD’s except for the few my friends made me, and I don’t buy Mp3’s because sites like YouTube are a thing. OK, that’s not completely true, I forgot I got a few BigBang and BoA songs, but I digress, I’m overly selective.

    I’ve said this before, but I really hope the next Drama version brings some sort of sense to the story line… and if it’s called, “Growl” maybe adding more than 20 seconds of the title song wouldn’t hurt either… just saying : P

    I had a lot to say about the overly attached fangirls… but I can’t even get into that without writing an essay lmao…

  21. I must really have terrible taste in music because I LOVED….wolf (o.O) I had never even heard of Exo before watching the mv, since I wasn’t really into SM entertainment’s music (being more of a YG fan!). Also, I really didn’t get the huge groups that SM put together – I was of the opinion that half the members were just pretty faces. But then I read about the new Exo video somewhere, checked it out, wanted to hate them for the sheer size of the group but was blown away by the video (the song & the dance).
    Actually I realized that its actually quite impressive of the group’s members to have the dance look flawless & interact just generally on and off stage & that they must work really hard! Of course I checked out their album before deciding whether I was fan (because SM tends to produce one or two amazing videos & songs, then the rest of the album is rubbish – I’m looking at you Shinee…btw I genuinely love shinee for their amazing couple of songs so please don’t attack me shinee fans!). And basically every song on that album (XOXO) was fantastic!! And so are the 3 newly released songs. But you shouldn’t trust me on that, because as I wrote above, I loved Wolf. Also, I loved ‘I got a boy’ (and have disliked all of SNSDs other songs)
    Anyways, simon & martina – you guys are seriously the funniest, smartest, most entertaining people on YouTube – and I have seen a LOT of youtube videos & 90% of the time, just don’t “get” them. Love you guise so, so much!!

    • I actually think SHINee’s 2013 release is one of their best releases ever! All the songs are different and not too many boring ballads (only the repackage has like 2 more boring songs). And Jonghyun even wrote the lyrics to several songs on the album. What are your thoughts on ‘The Misconception of us’?

  22. Well, this was a short KMM but based on the type of MV I don’t have anything against it.
    And yes , that person in the window freaked me out >.< .
    But S&M's versions of the next song are funny *lol* .

    And my vote goes to ~~ Busker Busker…!

  23. Definitely loved this song more than Wolf. The smooth vocals by D.O and Baekyung are flipping amazing and I honestly feel it’s their vocals that really stand out to me and give them that EXO sound (similar to how Jonghyun and Onew are the voices of SHINee to me). I absolutely LOVE the dance choreography for this and I completely agree with how fantastic(BABY) the videography is. If you watch the practice dance vids (which they just released) for both the KR and CN versions, they continue to keep that same filming style. Also impressed that when you do watch both versions, they have different sets of choreography as the members were rotated for the Chinese version. SM finally did something right with both the song, the dance and the MV :D

  24. I follow your posts with my RSS feed, and at the bottom it always says “For the original post on Kpop Music Monday: Exo “Growl”, or for our kpop and Korean Food videos, check out our Korea blog!”, and the Korean Food link is broken :3 I thought I’d let you know

  25. woah….totally didnt expect that ghost part. XD scared me for a few seconds.

  26. I was hoping for a bit more discussion on the actual SONG, which I thought was really good. Also, while ‘Wolf’ wasn’t a great song, the entire rest of the album was actually pretty good- so I don’t know if that was entirely unimpressive.

  27. why does Music Mondays always feature the same groups being reviewed? Wasn’t EXO done last month or something? It makes voting pointless if the really good Music Videos are never reviewed. Im guessing next week 2NE1 will be reviewed then B.A.P after that, then some other dull MV. Wasnt the change in the Top 3 format supposed to help less exposed MV’s get reviewed.


  28. Hey guise!

    “Which let me to think that I’m feeling conceded that EXO’s diehard fangroup was actually more interested in EXO on a sexual, fangurilla level as cute boys rather than on a musically appreciative level.” You’re not the only one thinking that way Simon… unfortunatelly there are many idols that have those kind of “fans”… and what’s even worse.. the company isn’t helping at all *points at the choreography in the beginning*

    “Yes, a lot of their appeal is produced by the SM marketing hype machine, but if they keep on producing stuff like this and What is Love, I won’t care how crazy their fans are.” I agree with you … the dance routine is well put together… and the song is catchy… not to mention their undeniable strong vocals… You might not care Simon but their “power engine” sooner or later will stop… if they’ll stop believing in their fans(the ones that enjoy their music more than their appearance) they won’t be any different from entertainment machines…

    I don’t think that the showdown is appropriate… Exo’s “Growl” is basically the extension of “Wolf” ….while B.A.P’s “One Shot” it’s about a serious real life matter… my choice is valid.

  29. I am a bit upset, because I wait a loooong week for MM to come out but it’s quite short. Nevertheless those four minutes seemed long. I think that ‘Growl’ was better than ‘Wolf’ but both dances were awesome and when I watched the video it reminded me of ‘Love song’ by BigBang. Songs doesn’t have anything in common but shooting does. Still I vote for B.A.P because there was unexpected end, amusing chlothing and this song is much longer in my ipod. ‘Growl’ fans should watch this -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMBjeFf1wYM#at=86

  30. wtf, why so short. i was just starting to laugh when !BUM¡ it ended. Guys pls do it like past when the videos were shorter.

  31. OMG you can’t do this to meeeeeee haha I have to say I enjoyed Growl better though

  32. Also, what you did at the end of the KMM was freaking hilarious. Was not prepared for that!

  33. Okay, I am a little disappointed because this was too short! and you guys didn’t even say much of anything about their song or dancing. Well, Thank you for the review anyways though. :)

  34. There’s a lot of long paragraph-y comments. I assume they’re all about “serious business”. Instead, I’m here to just accept that fact that I like this song and the dance is so overly awesome (K idols try so hard!). That is all :)

  35. KPOP Monday! I always look forward to your guys’ videos! :)

  36. Was I the only one who anticipated this review a ton? Because Exo is my second favorite group (to SHINee), and I absolutely loved the dance. In music videos, if I like the song, I always analyze the dance haha. I think they handled a couple mistakes pretty flawlessly (as Simon mentioned with Kai.. there was a couple other ones i think) and it was well choreographed. I think it was a one shot take to show Exo’s skills. I just wish people realize the skill and effort Exo put into this. Not just focus on how or where the music video was shot or if there happens to be a person randomly in the back..

  37. I personally think it was a “one shot take” because they do it just as well live, so why go through the trouble to edit so much?

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